Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer (2018) Movie Script

I blinked in a blink of an eye.
It's flying so high...
Ah, give me a look.
I want to see too
This drone can fly for 30 minutes at an altitude of 10,000 meters.
This can be called the world record of drones.
Having said that, how to manipulate such a high height
Use satellite communications
So you can operate it if you are far away.
Uh huh
Although it is a portrait that is passed back from the body.
And latitude and longitude and other information to operate the flight
But must control both direction, speed and camera
Still very difficult
But why do you want to do this drone?
Why do you want to say why?
That is of course the romance of a man.
As long as you have this
Even if you dont climb Mount Everest
I also feel that I have already boarded it, right?
You laugh so badly.
Saying that this thing is a lot of law.
Then CM will broadcast the news of the upcoming Tokyo Summit.
Next week will be at
A comprehensive resort built on the artificial land of Tokyo Bay
"The World of the Sea" International Conference Hall was held
"The End of the Sea" scheduled to open next month
Defined by the coastal city
Consisting of a variety of facilities that are designed to flow into the stream
Casino Tower built on the shell
It will also serve as a lighthouse to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the safety of the sea.
From the tower, you can see the whole picture of "The End of the Sea"
In the shopping center on the side of Cassino Tower
Set up a large waterfall and aerial garden
Bring a quiet break to the visitors
Another design concept for the resort is "and"
The interior decoration of the international conference hall draws on the beauty of the Japanese garden.
There is also a stylish restaurant on the first floor.
Next, please see here.
Surrounded by the periphery of the resort
Monorail with two layers above and below
Truly blending tradition with the future
The sense of wisdom and the city is vividly displayed.
As you can see, "The End of the Sea"
Connected by two bridges
The Metropolitan Police Department, which was responsible for the security mission of the summit on May 1
Will be responsible for investing up to 22,000 people in charge of security
Next, we will broadcast the news of the unmanned probe "White Swan".
Detective Conan "Zero the Enforcer"
Timing by FilmAnime
I am a high school student detective.
Kudo Shinichi
When I went to the amusement park with my childhood friend Ran Mouri.
Witnessing a black man in a suspicious transaction
I am concentrating on the deal.
Not paying attention to another black man companion approaching from behind
I was poisoned by the man.
When I wake up...
My body has shrunk into a child's appearance!
If those guys find that Kudo Shinichi is still alive
Not only will I be stared again at my life
But more people around me will be involved
So I listened to Dr, Agasa suggestion.
Concealing his true identity
When asked by Ran
In a hurry, I blurted out and said that I was calling
Conan Edogawa
In order to collect the intelligence of those guys
I will live in the home of Ran, whose father is a detective.
This is Genta Kojima, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Ayumi Yoshida
Is my current classmate after my body getting smaller
This is Haibara Ai
The real name of the gray original is Miyano Shiho
It was she who developed the poison "APTX4869" that I drank.
The ash that was rebellious against the organization and prepared for self-destructive life also drank the medicine.
The body is also getting smaller
In addition
A member of the black organization that was covered in fog...
Codename - Bourbon
His true identity is the police department that directs the police.
Police officer under the ZERO of the secret agency of the Guard
He is currently studying the handling methods of Mouris detectives.
Working at the "Polo Cafe "
Use this as your own camouflage
Is a mysterious man
The body is getting smaller and the mind is still flexible.
I'm the unbeatable detective!
There is always only one truth!
Unmanned Detector "White Swan" after performing the task of sampling Mars
Will return to Earth on May 1st, Japan time
It will separate the diameter from the body during regression
About four meters of the Earth's return capsule to protrude into the atmosphere
After returning to the cabin, the parachute will be opened.
Expected to land in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan
The body of the detector will burn out when it protrudes into the atmosphere.
A precision induction system equipped with GPS is installed in the sample compartment.
Can control the landing point within a radius of 200 meters
Wait, wait for Yuan Taijun
Let me fly too.
I also want to fly
Or do you still divide the remote control into three separate directions, speed and camera?
I am very sorry to be on the airing of the show.
Latest news
A large-scale explosion just happened in the international conference venue of the Tokyo Summit next week.
Please see the picture taken by the surveillance camera at that time.
this is
The integrated resort Sea of the Sea, which is located at the scene of the explosion, has not yet opened.
No guest access at the scene
However, there is a message that the security of the summit summit is being checked in advance.
Repeat it again, just now
Maybe its a terrorist attack
A large-scale explosion occurred in the integrated resort "Sea of the Sea"...
But isnt the summit next week? Probably an accident.
A large-scale explosion occurred in the integrated resort "Sea of the Sea"...
According to the information released by the Metropolitan Police Department, the number of police officers killed and injured now
And whether the explosion is an accident or an incident is not clear.
Currently under investigation
There are police officers killed and injured... its really worrying
Ah, doctor.
Dr. The picture disappeared.
Oh, I am coming soon.
So, if you strike a terrorist attack before the summit.
The security at the official summit will be more rigorous.
what happened
Monitoring video after the explosion
What did you shoot?
Only for a moment, maybe I was wrong.
That person is... working in Polo
I remember the name is... Amuro?
Mr. Amuro?
According to the identification results, no explosives were found on the spot.
There is a Japanese kiosk on the first floor of the international conference hall. There is a kitchen on the ground floor of the kiosk.
And this is the scene of the explosion.
From there, a lot of gas is detected
According to this, I think it should be judged that it is a gas explosion.
Gas, thats the accident.
That building has just been built.
It's hard to imagine a gas leak.
In fact, this gas pipe is the latest type.
Can switch gas valves through the Internet
So why is there a gas leak?
This system is likely to be faulty from the beginning.
Haven't checked it?
Originally scheduled to be checked today
what happened
The Internet environment of "The End of the Sea"
Adjustments should have been made today
And the reservation is in the morning of the police station
After the security inspection of the Ministry of Public Security, the inspection is carried out.
In this case
This is a very high probability of an accident.
Next day, May 1st, national dignitaries will meet again.
If it is a terrorist attack on the summit
It doesn't make sense to be executed at that time.
About the venue of the summit
Because this event has decided to change the location.
Say your name and name first.
Police Department Public Security Department
About the ignition of the gas explosion...
Still investigating
The criminal department is now investigating electrical installations
The oil will ignite and burn
Such an example is not without
Did you find any omissions in the project?
However, we found a burnt fingerprint on the door of the high voltage cable box.
In other words, is the fingerprint that was stained before the explosion occurred?
Only engineering personnel who have entered the site
And our Ministry of Public Security for security inspection this morning.
So burnt fingerprints and engineering related personnel
And the police officers fingerprints are compared with the database.
Found to be consistent with the fingerprint of Mouri Kogoro, who was once edited in the Metropolitan Police Department.
How can this be
I have never been to an international conference venue on artificial land.
However, the fingerprint of Mr. Mouri was found on the spot.
Is it impossible?
Dad, are you drunk and sneaking in?
Didn't I say that? I have never been to that place.
It must be wrong.
Even if you check it again, it will take a lot of work.
Count it
Conan kun, what happened?
That Mr. Interpol is hurt on the face. Doesn't it matter?
Ah, Mr. Kazami?
He seems to be at the scene when the explosion happened.
Ah, I went to the bathroom.
Oh, what's wrong, um, oh, your father was suspected by the police.
Um, I think it is wrong.
I know, I will also check it.
what my mobile phone
Ah, doctor
What's new? What happened?
I want to ask you for help.
When are you going to make trouble with these guys?
I can't help it.
My cell phone
Its so funny.
Ah, Genta, the speed is slower.
People are shooting
But its amazing, I can fly so far.
It can be operated within 30 kilometers.
Ah, we just flew over twenty kilometers.
I have already sent something to my old lady living in Saitama.
Grandma is super happy
What time?
But this picture is too small. Dont you think it looks a bit uncomfortable?
Um, because I didnt intend to divide it into three controller.
Dr.... Put my remote control on the screen too.
Ayumi too
Uh, this way.
Ok, lets guess.
Listen, if you guessed it.
I will install a display for each remote control.
Then the problem is coming in the line of hiragana
Which of the following is the biggest one?
The first one(Agio), the second one(Kagio), the third one(Sagio), the fourth one(Tagio)
What is the meaning of big red?
It is a big collection in "Hiragana"
Which is the biggest one in Hiragana?
Change the limp to "" (A I U E O)
Think about it by changing it to " " ( Kakukoko )
... (SA Si SU Se SO) (TA CHI SU TE CHO) ...
Hey, people dont understand it.
Wow, wait a minute.
Ayumi, dont turn the camera.
Then a hint: White Swan
White Swan
Wait, wait, Ai
Speaking of White Swans, that is the lake of White Swans.
Its the meaning of a big lake.
! ! "The way the lake is read is " " ( A Lake )
Tip 2: Return of the White Swan
The White Swans are going home "" (House)
White Swan is still home to the lake.
Go home ()... go home... home ()
I know! The unmanned detector White Swan is coming back from the universe!
So the correct answer is?
It is the first one, limp !!
The text in the middle of the book is " " (U)
That is, " " ( Universe ),
(U) in the middle = (U) = " " = Universe
The size of the universe is bigger than anything!
Well, you answered very well.
Really, Ai gave them too many tips every time.
I said ah doctor
Its dangerous to guess while manipulating the drone.
And now everyones shooting is different from the doctors guess.
Its not a joke
I'm sorry
Although our criminal department, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Security are responsible for on-site inspections.
But the inspection at the time of the explosion happened to be the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security.
Therefore, the criminal police were injured.
He was only slightly injured because he was outside the building.
People still in the building
Well, I read the news that there is also a dead person.
Although this should not be said
But the victim is only the police officer.
Does not involve the general public
This may be a big blessing in misfortune.
If an explosion occurs during the summit
Its going to cause a big riot around the world.
The Metropolitan Police Department, especially the Ministry of Public Security, has been subject to many criticisms.
Although it was because of an explosion accident before the summit
This is no way.
Oh no
According to the situation at the scene
It should have been handled as an accident.
So accidentally
Didn't the fingerprint of Uncle Kogoro be found on the scene?
That was what Mr. Sagami found.
Suddenly raised the possibility of the event
See the criminal police
Thank you, Takagi Interpol
Conan should be careful when going home.
Ran, what happened?
Shinichi, help me.
Dad is going to be arrested.
I said, I don't know.
Found the schedule of the summit from the computer you collected here.
There is also an architectural sketch of the international conference ground that was blown up.
There's no way, Dad can't store that kind of information on the computer.
That's right.
Because Dad is completely computer blind.
That's right, impossible.
In short, let me go to the police station.
Just kidding
I will not assist the police investigation.
Then, the arrest was carried out with the nuisance of official duties.
Just wave your hand, wait, wait.
Dad, uncle
April 28, 4:56 pm
Hello, let me go.
Forced resistance will only increase your suspicion
If Uncle Kogoro is a suspect
What is the motivation for the explosion of the summit venue?
Is that why?
This question will be clarified when making a transcript.
Calm down
Contacting Kudo immediately is
I have contacted, I have contacted.
how come
Why is that person not there at this time...
This is the police officer of the police.
Maybe, I don't know.
The wind sees that Interpol and Mr. Amuros are both injured.
Which mean, Mr. Amuro is also there?
At the scene of the explosion
I don't understand what you are saying.
Are you going to the summit venue to do pre-examination?
You must have noticed the possibility of a terrorist attack at that time.
Can follow the current investigation
The incident will be treated as an explosion
So you made a suspect. Am I right?
Like Mr. Amuro or a police officer like him
Do some hands and feet on the computer
Even if you leave fingerprints on the spot, you can do it.
The police will not respond to the inference without evidence.
Why do you want to do this?
Because I have something to guard against, I have to guard my life.
This time, Mr. Amuro may be an enemy.
Why? Why not mom defense dad as a lawyer?
Do you really think that your uncle has blown up the venue?
That talent can't do this kind of thing
Then why?
Lawyers are not defending relatives
Because the judge will think that the lawyers defense lacks objectivity.
That is, if I come to defend that person,
Instead, it will be a disadvantage to him.
How could this be
It's ok
I will soon find a good lawyer.
Its a pity that things are the same as Mr.
If we can find out earlier, our police companions will not
I did not expect to explode before the summit.
Currently we are on the list of public security
Troubleshoot domestic radicals and international terrorist organizations
Mr. Furuya Valley over there...
I am investigating the communication of gas plugs connected to the explosion site.
Seems to be using a very special system
What is the system?
According to the progress of the investigation
I will inform the police department of the results of the Ministry of Public Security.
How is that going?
Yes, I am ready to invest in 2291.
Mr. Furuya
Got it
That is to say, from the computer of Mouri Kogoro
Found traces of gas plugs connected to the site?
It is report which we received from cybercrime measures section
This is not wrong.
Mouri Kogoro sneaked in here
Open this door
Made some means to let the oil in the high voltage cable leak out
In this case, the surveillance camera should be photographed by Mouri.
Ah, no...
The network at the scene of the explosion was opened yesterday.
The camera was not turned on until then.
What did he say when he interrogated?
Mouri Kogoro has been denying
However, even if he denies it, it can be sent for inspection.
If the motives are still unclear, are you going to send them for inspection?
The evidence is complete and can be sent for inspection.
This is a matter of course for the police officer.
Wait, where can't be said, what's wrong?
Do you think that you can let the inspectors do it for you?
This way...
I know
How come... why no one wants to defend?
Is it a big case?
There is also a suspect who is defending a celebrity such as 'Sleeping Mouri Kogoro'
No matter which lawyer will worry about it.
Please enter
excuse me
Officer Shiratori
I think its better to tell you before the news reports.
What happened
Mr. Mouri was sent for inspection.
Is there enough evidence for inspection?
The fingerprint of Mr. Mouri found on the spot, the scene thumbnail found in the computer
And the summit schedule plus the record of access to the firelighter...
Is it enough for inspection?
Why... Dad...
Just wait, I will definitely save the uncle.
Did the doctor find it?
Oh, you are here.
... Indeed it looks a bit like a bomb.
According to your commission
Are we not using drones to take pictures of those scattered explosive fragments?
You can restore the images of these fragments together with the puzzles.
In order to determine the type of bomb
Ai is comparing the images on the Internet
Ok, I found something that fits.
Um, this is...
I called up the details
loT rice cooker?
Say it is the quality of the pressure cooker
That is, the Internet said that things can use the mobile phone to set the pressure, temperature, and time to cook like soup.
In addition to the pressure, there are also scattered dishes such as pans, stockpots and cutlery.
It seems that the explosion site is the kitchen of the restaurant in the facility.
What is it, not a bomb at all?
Are you looking for explosives?
Are you not helping you so hard?
What are you doing? Its not like you.
What happened? What happened?
Uncle Mouri... was sent for inspection.
Who is this?
Hey, what are you talking about?
In other words, please let me, Tachibana Kyouko, defend the sleeping Mouri Kogoro.
This is the event I have handled so far.
Secondary College Universitys Extraordinary Events and Ministry of Industrys Espionage...
There are many cases in public security.
Ah, then its just right and the case is right...
So what is the outcome of my sisters trial?
Hey, Little brother, do you know a lot of difficult words?
All lost
Ah... but the public security incident is very difficult.
As you know, the prosecutions case has a winning rate of more than 90%.
And the public security incident is even higher than this information.
That is impossible to win.
But I am a mobile lawyer so...
Mobile lawyer?
Means not subordinate to the firm
Free lawyer who uses a mobile phone to accept work
Therefore, even if it is an unfavorable trial, it must be answered. I have to accept my fathers defense.
You are looking for a lawyer. I heard from the lawyers association.
Please let me take over the case.
This way...
Wait, wait a minute.
No, mom, the lawyer doesnt want to win at all.
But this seemingly unreliable lawyer
Maybe it will make the prosecution underestimate the enemy...
Can you win this way? Or entrust the country to choose the defender?
That's okay, nothing happened to me.
But if it is this person, I can ask
...even if it is still very uncomfortable
I heard that you have been denying crimes against the police.
Of course, I can't do anything.
But there is so much evidence that you can prove that you are a suspect.
How do I know this, Mr. Prosecutor, someone must want to frame me.
The blasting incident was carried out by the Japanese prosecutor of the Ministry of Public Security.
Oops, that's bad.
Even if I rarely participated in the public security incident, I have heard his name.
Is such a powerful prosecutor?
Like the teacher, he is a very talented prosecutor who has not lost.
Contrary to me
Ah, I know this case.
NAZU invasion incident
Hey, NAZU is the United States engaged in the development of the universe.
That famous...
Ah, last year, a game company employee clamored for the invasion of NAZU.
The prosecutor of that time was also Mr.
That trial also...
Of course lost
Say what of course...
Oi... oi...
This is the result of today's investigation.
But I care very much
The Mouri Kogoro has no motive for the explosion.
Humph... motivation
But the evidence is already full.
Its okay to sue tomorrow.
Yes, but...
For example, the record of accessing the gas plug at the explosion site
There is also the possibility that the suspects computer will be used as a relay point by a third person.
In addition, leave the building sketch and schedule in the suspect's computer.
The possibility of deliberately planting him is also very good...
Director of the day
These are just the reasons for your personal disregard of this evidence.
Iwai general, I think it should be an additional search to the police.
Based on the results, decide whether to sue...
Do not
Please sue Mouri Kogoro
This is the judgment of the Ministry of Public Security.
This Ministry of Public Security is the Ministry of Public Security of our Procuratorate Office.
Or the Ministry of Public Security of the Police Department
I finished, please go out.
Request additional search
Yes, commissioned by the lower prosecutor
According to the search results, Dad may not be sued...
No... additional search is the opinion of the prosecutor in the lower part of the day.
The policeman seems to have decided to sue.
Why can the police intervene in the prosecution?
The police should be in the position of the prosecutions supervision.
In any case, the prosecution is the exclusive permission of the prosecutor...
That's right, as you said
But this is only limited to the prosecutions criminal department or the special search department.
The situation at the Ministry of Public Security is slightly different.
Teacher, you know it too.
Ah, can't you simply say the Ministry of Public Security?
After all, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Police Department and the Procuratorate have their own Ministry of Public Security.
The police transferred the search results to the prosecution
The case is investigated again after the prosecution accepts
In general, do you want to sue the suspect?
It is judged by the prosecutor based on the investigation results of the prosecution.
But only the prosecutions public security department is different.
It is clear that the prosecutions public security is against the polices public security.
No matter the number of searchers or the technical difference
So... on the issue of prosecution
Sometimes it will be affected by the 'public security considerations'.
Public security considerations...
Especially the event such as the explosion of the summit venue.
It is equal to smearing the face of the police
It is conceivable that there will be pressures such as must be sued.
Then Dad, he...
Yes, he will be sued.
how come
This lawyer
Its like expecting Uncle Mouri to be sued...
Now you investigating the computer of Uncle Kogoro.
Is it possible to be manipulated by others?
Well, the prosecutor of the lower part of the day asked us to search for additional information...
Tell me, if you find something
Shinichi said that he wants to help Uncle Kogoro
So what kind of information is good...
What happened to teacher Mouri?
...Did you hear that
I heard what I was just worried about teacher Mouri.
So I brought some condolences from Balo.
Ah, Mouri is no longer here.
If it is sent, in principle, the suspect will be transferred to the detention center.
Mr. Amuro, I wont know it.
Eh? That's it.
Are you still so knowledgeable?
And the detention center cant send condolences.
I know
What does he want to do...
2291 Successful investment
What did he say to Mr. Amuro?
Mr. Interpol
Return the computer that I took from my uncle to me.
I have a game I like.
So, okay, please.
That is the evidence, I cant return it to you.
Hello, Conan, dont be like this.
That is the game that Dr. gave me.
Ah, Conan, I have called you several times.
Have you received it?
Actually I have no electricity.
Can you charge with that?
Thank you.
I dont usually have electricity so soon...
Right, why are you calling me?
The information of the incident is coming soon.
Ran said that he also wants to give Conan Kun a look.
Because Conan Kun will notice some interesting places...
And if there is any situation, maybe it will tell Shinichi...
Um, I will definitely tell Shinichi.
...thank you, Conan Kun
This is evidence submitted by the prosecution
In other words, have you decided to sue your uncle?
There is a liaison in the prosecutors office that will soon be prosecuted.
It doesn't matter, it will definitely save him.
Go there
Mouth record, on-site appraisal book, and forensic photos on site
A lot of volume...
If you dont find some clues... Damn, there is nothing...
Explosion site International conference venue glass piece Mouri Kogoro's carbonized fingerprint High-voltage cable explosion debris
what happened
It's nothing
I just feel like I have seen it, its just an inconspicuous black glass.
After reading this
Even I know the blasting techniques...
The police search data is like the crime operation guide.
Operation guide...
Yes, Tachibana here.
Is the pre-trial meeting?
Why are you telling me what to sue to the defense?
How much do you want me to say a few times?
This is the judgment of the public security police.
Not only want to sue
Even the timing of the prosecution must be heard from them?
just now
The court has contacted
Explain that the day wants the prosecutions defense to go to a pre-trial meeting.
Why do they contact Iwai directly?
I am the prosecutor in charge of this case.
I am sorry to tell you after the pre-trial meeting is over.
No, that big ice cream.
Ah, I went to the store to ask.
Wheat flour and eggs are pleased with Mr. Amuro.
Miss Azusa will become a good wife in the future.
Avoid rash words and deeds
Mr. Amuro's popularity is high among female high school students who come to our store.
There were rumors that I seduce you
Born on the Internet
Now in this era, who knows where the wall has ears?
That's right...
Mr. Furuya
Why are you obsessed with the incident?
If treated as an accident
We can't even get a search warrant.
As a public security officer without a search warrant
Can also be illegally searched
Because of this, we must ensure that there is still a legal means.
Otherwise, you will push yourself to a dead end.
I have to do my own illegal work.
This is the practice of the police.
But whether its legally making the event public
Still illegally deceiving people
It is also our public security to master this decision.
This is of course
Ah, Mr. Amuro
The clerk told me...
Then ask the prosecutor first to explain the facts that are scheduled to be proved in court.
And suggest relevant evidence
Then I will start by submitting the list of evidence.
Ran, calm down
Today is not a trial right now.
Yes, its a pre-trial meeting.
Just confirm the evidence and the point of dispute
Decide on the schedule
Didn't I say that?
Having said that...
Iwai is the whole day.
The pre-trial meeting has just ended.
The evidence presented by the prosecutor at the lower part of the day is
Same as the evidence we got before
This is a list
The date of the court session
Already fixed
Also as expected
Sorry, let's take a look. I went to the bathroom.
Ah, Teacher Kyouko, the bathroom is in the opposite direction.
This was yesterday in the wind and see the criminal police... Is he nearby? seems...
So close
Is it in this court?
Where is it?
This is the phone ringtone of Kyouko teacher.
Ah, I will be back soon.
Why did you hear the voice of the teacher from the criminals of the criminal police...
Is she's nearby the criminal police?
No, its already in the range where you can hear the sound.
Explain that two people should maintain a fairly close distance
This is not accidental...
According to the search results of our Ministry of Public Security, it is now clear
Nor was used for illegal access to the explosion site
Encrypt IP address and access it through several computers
Browser software that makes its source untrackable
Can Nor's anonymity be lifted?
In principle, it cannot be lifted.
Just if the Nor browser has a composition error or a bug
It is possible to lock the user
on the other hand
If we create weaknesses in the prisoner's Nor browser,
Maybe you can track
Now our Ministry of Public Security is exploring
Can I trace the server and lock the user?
Sorry, there is a call....
I will temporarily withdraw
Are you eavesdropping on a search meeting?
Why...what will be here...
As long as it is related to Mouri Kogoro
You will be eager to take care of it.
Or is it for Ran?
It doesn't matter, come out.
Why are you calling me? Mr. Furuya
You are like this when you are in public security.
Sorry about
In the end...who is...
Is the bugter installed by you?
How can such a child be possible...
Mr. Amuro is the ZERO of the police department in charge of the National Public Security Police...
Even in the public security police, I can contact such Mr. Amuro.
There are only a certain range of criminal police
Mr. Kagami is one of them.
...what are you guys?
Edogawa Conan... Detective
The man you said is called Amuro...
Is a murderer
Last year, he pushed the interrogation object to the point of suicide in the detention center.
...sorry, this is not what the child should say.
I dont know why I talked to you about this topic.
You are such a strange child.
As long as the Ministry of Public Security locks the access source according to Nor
Immediately use this as a lawsuit...
excuse me
There is a very bad situation in the city now.
Wow, what is going on?
Mom is not good.
Be careful
Oh, oh
In the end, I have to ask the same number of times...
For the Tokyo Summit held today, the heavily guarded Tokyo Metropolitan Government
In view of the above situation, the current Metropolitan Police Department has not yet officially announced the announcement.
Not only domestic
Many participating countries have expressed their anxiety and criticism to the Japanese government.
Another intelligence display
Both the computer and the electric kettle will suddenly catch fire...
what is going on
Repeat it: in the heavily guarded Tokyo Metropolitan Government for todays Tokyo Summit
Unbelievable phenomena happen one after another...
What is the purpose of the suspect?
Unbelievable phenomena?
Electrical appliances... Unbelievable phenomena happen one after another...
Just set the pressure, temperature, time with your phone
You can make dishes like soup...
That's it
The starting point of this terrorist attack is the explosion of the summit venue.
Everyone has started panic
Sorry Conan, I dont have time to talk with you right now...
Inspector Megure, this must be a loT attack.
loT attack
Suspect uncontrollably make those appliances that can access the network out of control
So just cut off the network connection should stop it.
loT is attacking... this kid is really bad.
The pressure that I found from the scene should also be IoT home appliances.
Suspect operate gas plugs through the network
Fill the scene with gas
Then IoT pressure pot is used as the ignition
Performing blasting at the summit venue
Then, that is to say...
Um, Uncle Kogoro cant do it.
...I just said what Shinichi said, so please.
Conan kun
He is also working hard for my father.
Its not just for your father.
It turns out that if it is true
Then the lawsuit may win.
Because the uncle who was locked up by the prosecution is now unable to access the Internet.
Set the date in advance
Even if you are in a state of detention, you can perform IoT attacks.
After tracking to the server and locking the access source
Mr. Mouris suspicion is decisive
how come
But investigating the server is still very difficult.
Can it be completed before the trial?
It is not difficult to search by the police.
Why do you know that the police are doing this search?
Ah, a pair
About this, little boy
Most of the investigations are public security
Because the police have many helpers
Is the helper a private person who assists the public security criminal police in searching?
In particular, the relevant personnel of the server that is included in the search object according to the communication monitoring method.
There are many helpers of the public security police.
If you find a helper in that area
I can get evidence of Mr. Mouris illegal access.
Ah, of course, I said that because there is evidence.
Forget about that television
Forget it?
I will handed over to the repairman.
What is going on? This kind of violation...
There must be something hidden in her body...
A series of events that continue to cause confusion
The Metropolitan Police Department released a message saying that it is likely to be an IoT attack.
I did not expect it to be an IoT attack.
Really its you?
Can actually find out such criminal methods
Although the person who is identified is not me
But its also a successful event.
So its time to take care of our illegal work.
Let the helper stop
before that
Please tell me the information that ZERO has at this stage.
We disclose this information to cybercrime measures section
Let the criminal department report at the search meeting
...Do you want to give credit to the criminal department?
This should be reported by our Ministry of Public Security.
This is a reward.
Thanks to the Criminal Department
Explosive attack can be eventized
And I have already told The Registrar that the information is provided by ZERO.
... Mr. Furuya is really scary.
Hear that
I know two men who are more terrible than me.
One of them is just a child
I am thinking of the same child now with Mr. Furuya
Report according to cyber crime measures section
I found illegally accessed traces in Mr. Mouris computer.
Sure enough, it is used as a relay point.
Then the trace is
Is accessed from public WiFi using unrecognized mobile phones
Failed to track down
But at the time, Mr. Mouri was being detained by the prosecution.
Impossible to go to the WiFi access point
What's more, this IoT attack is the same as the previous one.
Have used Nor for illegal access
Sure enough, the same suspect...
How is the search progress of the tracking server?
... report according to cyber crime measures section
We made it clear that this tracking system is in the hands of NAZU.
Sorry, I am late
Sorry, Miss Kuriyama
interrupting your vacation
At such a critical moment as the teacher
As a clerk, how can I'm not helping?
Its really a big help.
Then take a quick look at this...
This is the result of the investigation by Tachibana.
What? Its from Kudos...
Eh? Shinichi is pleased with this kind of thing.
Why should I investigate about Tachibana...
After all, it is from Shinichi?
There must be some reason
Lets take a look
I found out that the clerk of Tachibana had committed a case last year.
Tachibana should be nothing without the law of the firm.
She turned off the firm last year.
At that time, the clerk of the hawker 2-3
Invaded the game company and arrested after stealing the console
Its because of this...
And the feather field was sent to the prison and committed suicide in the detention center.
What do you mean?
I just found out that the computer of Mouri Kogoro was manipulated by someone else.
Therefore, the possibility that he is a suspect is very low.....
and so
That's the way it is
How does his fingerprint on the igniter
What is the burnt fingerprint? It is easy to copy.
Is this the conclusion of the police?
Don't sue Mouri Kogoro
Even the judge who does not sue him
Is it also in accordance with the instructions of the police?
You are annoying
Uh uhh?!
Hey, Is the prosecutor of Iwai?
Yes, although there are only some minor burns
But when I was insured, I went to the hospital.
Is that also the IoT attack?
After investigating the phone
Found that it was accessed through Nor as before...
Yes, I am Shiratori...Hey, Please wait.
The prosecution decided not to sue Mr. Mouri.
That's a good news, Ran!
Thank you
I want to thanks Shinichi and Sonoko...
What should I do if I say this?
Prosecutor's transcript of the trial of the 231 of the badminton court...
What, this person...
Isn't this the Iwai prosecutor who burned the phone on fire?
Last year was the chief prosecutor?
Yes, but this year has become the general prosecutor.
Became the boss of the lower prosecutor of the same period
That's right
Iwai prosecutor is very strange
Take the opportunity of the theft of the 231 in the field to make a head start
What is this?
Why investigate me and my original clerk
I want to know about you again.
So please take a look at Miss Kuriyama investigation.
Checked very carefully
You are also a good clerk.
You also
Its like saying that Mr. Haba is also
But that person is not stealing the console game
Is the bad clerk who messed up the office of the teacher?
That is not the fault of February 31
Its me... its useless...
You call him two three one
Calling a name directly to a clerk working in his own office?
You also know what he committed suicide in the detention center.
Oh, yes...
He committed suicide shortly after he was interrogated by the police in the detention center.
Last year, he pushed the interrogation object to the point of suicide in the detention center.
Its hard to be Mr. Amuro...
I have never heard of such a thing.
The suicide of 231 is so doubtful...
That...Made Field 213
Is exempted from judicial qualifications...
Does he want to be a judge?
But he was not hired. He could not be regarded as a judge.
This scene shows - in the closing ceremony, 231 was not hired by the judge, rushed to the stage and asked why he was not hired.
Timing by FilmAnime
Don't say it is a judge...
Even the future of a lawyer is ruined.
The judicial career is over...
Why do you want to accept Mr. Haba as a clerk?
A person has two sides of the watch
What you can see is just one side.
I am listening to your daughter outside.
The prosecution decided not to sue Mr. Mouris words.
Then there is nothing for me.
Then I also have the job of searching...
Is it now investigating the Nor used by the prisoner?
A request for assistance in the search has been submitted to NAZU.
NAZU is the United States
NAZU also had an incident of using Nor to invade last year.
Ah, that is the one defended by the teacher.
NAZU illegal access event
Last year, Japanese illegal access to the NAZU computer
Because of this, NAZU has developed a system that can track Nor users.
I can ask them to help analyze it tomorrow.
Today, NAZU is busy completing the Pacific Water landing mission of White Swan.
Ah, that is the unmanned detector.
Yes, the summit just overlapped with this day.
The Metropolitan Police Department is also in a hurry.
Yes, the summit is also starting today...
Although our criminal department, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Security are responsible for on-site inspections.
But the inspection at the time of the explosion happened to be the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Security.
It is clear that the prosecutions public security is against the polices public security.
So... on the issue of prosecution
Sometimes it will be affected by the 'public security considerations'.
Because the police have many helpers
The man you said is called Amuro... Its a murderer.
And the feather field was sent to the prison and committed suicide in the detention center.
Ah, I know this case.
NAZU invasion incident
loT attack
Prisoners uncontrollably make those appliances that can access the network out of control
The police search data is like the crime operation guide.
Found something that matches
Nothing... just feel like I have seen it...
Wait... It can't be...
Miss Midori
Immediately send the details of the 'NAZU illegal access event' to my mobile phone.
Its what a Shinichi said.
Ah, Conan kun
We are going to the police station to pick up dad.
How can Shinichi not answering my call?
You know I will come.
I felt a sense of disobedience at the beginning.
excuse me
I let the doctor check it out.
Remote operation APP installed
Still the type that does not leave a graphic
Is there evidence that the public security is doing?
No, I really dont mean you.
Its hard to find out why I didnt delete the app.
Because Im going to have a suspect now.
Do you know the suspect who attacked...
Well, there are motivations.
Mr. Amuro, the motivation is you.
The beginning of the incident was NAZU illegal invasion
That happened last year...
Feather field 231...
Mr. Haba committed suicide in a detention center last year.
Its just todays today...
Today last year...
It turned out to be like this... its really incredible.
The revenge of the suspect must not end
loT attack?
Mr. Amuro
Go fast
Here is the National Astronomical Observatory in Nagano Prefecture.
Now watching the White Swan 50,000 kilometers from the earth...
Its been this time.
I will send you home.
Then there will be a White Swan coming back from Mars...
Let's watch the live broadcast.
No, go home and see.
How is this...
Uh, oh, what's wrong?
Ah, right now, the children are watching the live broadcast.
Well, how long does it take to break into the atmosphere?
I think it should be...
Less than an hour
Time is running out
Conan kun is really a suspect who wants to...
Ah, he wants to invade the NAZU and let the detector fall.
But where...?
Don't tell me...
I didnt expect it to come from the universe.
Ah, come, uncle.
Uh oh...
Welcome back
Worried about you
This is great
And... sorry for get you into trouble.
What are you talking about?
Great... Ran
Sonoko...thank you
Yes, take this touching scene and send it to the reasoning house.
Wait, Sonoko
This will definitely be able to contact him. Ok, cheese.
What happened? What happened? Is there a power outage?
Can someone go to open the spare lighting?
Police department emergency power seems to have been destroyed
What is going on...
I just received a report from NAZU
They found that unmanned detectors are being illegally accessed.
what did you say
If you continue to do so, you will not be able to separate the return compartment.
The body of the White Swan will burn out when it breaks into the atmosphere
However, the landing site of the return cabin was in disorder.
After discovering this, NAZU is also in chaos.
Now I will send you the latest landing forecast information.
East longitude 13945'8.405''
The new landing site predicted by NAZU is...
Hey... This is not
Its going to be a big deal...
Conan kun
Sure enough, the goal of the suspect is
Police department
Return cabin to fall in the police hall
How could this be
More than four meters of return cabin will fall here
Loss will be hard to imagine
Prepare a large personnel carrier immediately
Immediately on the radius centered on the Metropolitan Police Department
Evacuation within one kilometer
It doesn't matter, I am here.
Eri, you too
Don't leave me
Ok, ok...
The return compartment separated from the detector will fall like a meteorite
This means that before entering the atmosphere
Only a short time can control its orbit
There are many provincial halls, parks and hotels within one kilometer of the Metropolitan Police Department.
The shelter must be able to accommodate so many people
Candidates and shortest routes outside the range of one kilometer have been sorted out
NAZU reports that it is not possible to correct the stored content
The signal transmitted by the ground control center to the detector is encrypted with a specific password.
If the passwords are inconsistent, the stored content cannot be rewritten.
In other words, did the suspect change the password?
Just when he illegally accesses NAZU to change the detector track
Must ask for that new password
A helper is needed for this.
It was the doctor who invented such a great thing.
What do you want to do
Let the dead resurrect
Its amazing.
I can actually think of such a battle.....
If you can ask for a password like this...
After the improvement, the speed can be faster than before.
Doctor's picture is always dangling
This plan can't be carried out smoothly.
Um... After all, its the first night flight...
Ah, fly the drone at night, I want to try it too.
Only the doctors are too embarrassed to play by yourself.
There are no White Swan on the TV.
Also, can you please?
The doctors operation is too disturbing.
I am looking forward to it...
My control is dismissed...
Give it to the children here.
Let's keep preparing
We are drones flying team
We have arranged about 30,000 people now.
Going to the "Sea of the Sea" refuge on the artificial land of Tokyo Bay
Where is that? I don't know.
That one
Is there a place to be scheduled to open a summit?
We are going to Casino Tower for refuge
Cassino Tower...
Ah, that's the one.
Yes, I have to call Shinichi.
NAZU is still insisting on delivering passwords
But can't always connect to the detector
If you don't ask for your password, please...
This is the information you see from the ground control center of NAZU.
Intimidating criminal
I didnt expect it to be your late prosecutor.
...what are you doing?
I should have discovered it long ago.
When you see the list of evidence you submitted...
That piece of glass is part of the real ignition
No one but the suspect knows
You submitted it as evidence.
At the time, everyone thought that the ignition was a high voltage cable.
The timing is right
This is the opening of the NAZU illegal access incident that occurred last year.
Are you responsible?
The criminal method of that incident was to use Nor to illegally access...
You use your own criminal methods in charge of the case
Launched a network attack
But you are miscalculated
NAZU has developed a system to track suspect
After learning about this situation
You use the bug-prone Nor to access your boss's mobile phone.
This is a bait that specifically guides the police to track the lock.
So the timing of the IoT attack is so strange.
Don't touch my personal belongings casually
Don't want to escape
There is trace of his use of Nor in that phone.
Don't want to escape
Wow, ah
Damn, didn't you succeed?
no problem
Is the motivation for your terrorist attacks really a police officer?
...explode the summit venue and let the American detector fall in Tokyo
The prestige of the public security police will plummet
Why do you hate the police this much?
Your power does not weaken in one day.
Our public security prosecution will never achieve justice.
It doesn't matter if someone is dead for justice?
I have no plans to kill civilians.
So the timing of the blast I chose was only the presence of the police.
The selected IoT attack is not prone to the deceased
Even the place where the return cabin is dropped is selected in that place.
Let the police station power down
Also to make the civilians inside take refuge
That's it
You make IoT attacks on the road leading to here.
Also to prevent people from entering...
Even if there is such a possibility that someone will sacrifice,
There is no way to sacrifice for justice.
That is not justice
My... my helper has also been sacrificed...
Mr. Haba is really your helper
Why, why... you will...
Phone unlock password
Because I rarely see it, I pay attention to it.
You didn't turn off the button to remind yourself to remember.
Remember Hakata 231...
That is the sound of pressing '88231
In order to engrave the vengeance of these guys in the bones
All the helpers of the public security police report to ZERO
Manage by number
However, the public security criminals do not know each others helpers.
Until last year, I didnt even know that even the public prosecutor had a 'helper.
So do you just give up my helper?
Is there any inside story?
The theft committed by Mr. Haba last year...
That is
I am going to the badminton court.
In order to search for the 'NAZU illegal access incident'...
I learned that the access information remains in the game company where the suspect enters and exits.
The feather field wants to steal it... but it was caught by the public security criminal
Public security helpers sometimes have to violate the law to conduct dangerous investigations
Because of this, the relationship between 'police public' and 'helper' is closer than blood relatives.
Absolutely not a relationship that only uses money to maintain
It is a sense of mission that is both united...
Why didnt you say that I was my helper at the time of the trial?
Can't because of my mistakes
Resulting in the deprivation of your public prosecutors identity
Think about yourself now than I am now.
I know better than anyone else.
The bitterness of the identity of justice
Please, consider your life.
Compared to my own life
The lives of many Japanese people are much more important.
You have been saying this all the time.
Your ambition, I also have it.
The feather field is my helper
He will commit the theft and it is me.
Even if you want to sue him
Is it the public security police?
Relax, in order not to let him confide your name.
I will go through the trial very smoothly.
I am not talking about this kind of thing with you.
Hello there
Haba committed suicide
The reason is still unclear
But he is in the detention center.
Accepted the public security police to commit suicide immediately after the trial without a precedent
Forced the field to commit suicide...
Not killing his murderer is the police
So you plan to let the detector fall in the police station...
When I learned that the return day of White Swan was the festival day of the badminton court.
from that time on
loT attack
Originally, I did not plan this
But as a prosecutor, you cant let innocent people be sued.
In order to prove that Mouri Kogoro is not a suspect
Only launched the IoT attack...
The scale of disasters in the blink of an eye is beyond expectations.
You can't sin again.
Tell us the password that was changed after the invasion.
Public security inspection is an expert in guarding justice
I will not lose justice like the feather field.
Say password
Then you arrest me.
Even if I am interrogating, I will only remain silent.
Mr. is it possible?
Why is the badminton court...
This is a live image of the Metropolitan Police Department.
This... what is going on?
Interrogated his police officer in a detention facility
In order to conceal the fact that the public prosecutor used the 'helper
Let him pretend to commit suicide, give up his previous life.
And in order to let the public prosecutor no longer have a 'helper
Also keep this secret to you.
Illegal work
You must be good at yourself and you dont have this ability.
This is the decision of the public security police.
Mr. Habas sense of justice is very strong.
Strong enough that he thinks he is better qualified for the judge.
So when he was removed from judicial practice and had nowhere to go
You made him a helper
Mr. Kusakabe saved me from the bottom of my life.
Although our relationship has only lasted for two years
But Mr. Kusakabe said
Thanks to you, I can fight as a public security prosecutor.
So I am fighting like this now.
Mr. Kusakabe
Please tell me the new password.
Hurry up, say the password
But the power of the police is still as big as it is now...
Really mean
Is this the practice of the police?
White Swan is about to break into the atmosphere.
Is the password still not fixed?
Tell us the password right now!
Mr. Kusakabe, I have no time...
Mr. Kusakabe. Actually...
I always believe in you, is this your justice?
After illegal access to NAZU
The password I changed is
What Black Out
"Black Out" means a short time of about five minutes after entering the atmosphere
Plasma will be generated during this period
It is therefore difficult to maintain communication status
Is it still unclear whether the track can be corrected realistically?
And there is also the possibility of not being able to open a parachute...
How could this be
Feather field... hurry to let the badminton evacuate from there
Have you receive any call from Shinichi?
I have been received a phone message...
Really? What the guy is doing?
Conan kun seems to be shutting down too...
That little devil must be fine.
This is really high.
Come on, let's go.
Go here
Feather field
Where are you
he's not here
But...but the phone is...
What you see is a synthetic image
Synthesize using the picture of the drone aerial photography
It looks like people are really on the tarmac of the police station.
He is now in a safe place
Is that so...
Mr. Amuro
If you can't correct the track,
That landing site is really...
More than four meters of return cabin
Will fall here at a speed of more than ten kilometers per second.
Mr. Amuro's words, can you get explosives right now?
You want to destroy the heat-resistant return cabin...
Is the explosive that turns the track to the Pacific Ocean.
Its really whimsical.
Is there any other way?
See you at the fastest speed
This is the most powerful of the explosives collected by the public security forensics.
Are you sure you will not be found?
Its almost time to go
Just change the record and it's ok.
it is good
The address information provided to you is now transmitted to the predicted orbit data of the return capsule.
Ok, everyone is leaving.
Ok, I understand, good...
Said to let me calculate where the explosion is appropriate...
Its too hard for people to be too strong.
Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, Genta, and Ai
This country is guarded by you...
What... The body is shaking
The doctors goods are too heavy.
Really, throw it over there.
No, no
This cargo is my big baby...
The range of error is approximately controlled at a radius of ten meters
I transferred the picture taken by the drone to your mobile phone.
Timing adjustment is pleased
Ah, I count on you.
But is it really okay?
It doesn't matter, I have been approved by the police.
Although it is a public security police...
What parachute did not pop up
The insulation board seems to be locked
Prime Minister, please order the destruction measures
Please wait
At this high level of words
The damage caused may be even bigger...
Has passed 30,000 meters high
Don't miss it.
Can Mr. Amuro use this decision to detonate the timing?
Close to the return cabin
Handed over to you
I went on like this again.
No, it doesn't matter.
The drone is equipped with objects that can sense proximity
Automatic avoidance system
If you are not close to a point
I can't see the return cabin flying.
Hey... I want to see
Mitsuhiko... Go...
I understand
Kudo kun, dont mess around...
let's go
The picture is gone
Its hard to crash
Isn't there a system that will automatically evade?
Oh, ah... probably its no electricity.
Its said that there is no such system installed...
It seems very smooth.
Its really scaring me.
Who are you...
Its a small detectives helper.
Ah, understand.
We succeed
Mr. Furuya
We are here to arrest and escort the suspect.
Mr. Kusakabe... even if it is now
We are all one heart
Ok, let's go.
Two three one
I didn't expect... you are still alive...
You are such a terrible person...
It turns out that you are also a 'helper'...
And the public security prosecutors
Are you also a 'helper'?
Little brother, have you asked before?
Why do you want to hire two three one?
After he was exempted from the qualifications of judicial practitioners
The policeman thinks he is a person who must pay attention
Just stared at him
They ordered me to hire him to report his actions.
But during the work of 231
I was gradually attracted to him...
I am the same
So things become like this, I really feel sorry.
You are just like helpers like me...
The beginning of everything is the NAZU invasion
The police asked me to let the suspect be found guilty
So I did some research
At this time, he was arrested at the game company where the suspect went in and out.
I don't know why he is doing this kind of thing.
I am desperately asking the police to save him.
He committed suicide
I hate the police
So I closed the office
As a 'helper' waiting for revenge
at this time
You were ordered to defend Uncle Mouri to make him innocent, right?
That's right
Although I don't know why the policeman wants him to be acquitted.
But in this case, I will make him guilty.
Even if people who have nothing to do with
I can't help it either.
did not expect
He was actually under the protection of the police
Live well
If I know, I won't...
231 is now your helper
He is the number
In the back of the public security, we use the number to call us.
I am 2291 right?
Then he is the number
Tachibana Kyouko
You don't have to work as a helper for the police.
Can you see?
Illegal work must be done by myself.
This is the public security.
Haba is here
You are free
If you want to see him, we will not stop it.
Don't be self-righteous
When your helper is my own choice
Betraying you is also my own choice.
Falling in love with him is also my own choice.
Don't think that you have controlled my life.
No matter how resentful
Protect her to the end
Our public security practice
Thanks to you
We can arrest terrorists who despise Japan.
When did you find it was a terrorist attack?
That day... in the inspection of the international conference hall
I found that the gas plug can be connected via the Internet.
I think this may be exploited to carry out an explosion attack.
Just when the instructions for the public security
I was involved in the explosion
But according to the situation at the scene
The explosion may also be treated as an accident.
Then you created a suspect.
The candidate for the suspect is Mouri Kogoro
That's why teacher Kyouko come over as a lawyer.
After the line of the accident was completely denied
Let Uncle Mouri Kogoro regain his freedom
You are so powerful, you have solved all the mysteries.
There is still a mystery left.
Mobile phone
I have been flashing since the beginning.
Ah, Shinichi
I am now taking refuge in the Casino Tower of the "Sea of the Sea"
Give me a call after hearing the message.
What is the return cabin?
Because of an unexplained explosion
The return capsule that continues to fly will fall on the artificial land of Tokyo Bay
One of the artificial land has "The End of the Sea"
30,000 people are taking refuge there
Its impossible to meet
Please go slower
Time is still abundant
Please calm down.
Same as when it came
Police because the information is too messy
Many private cars have also come here to take refuge.
The only two bridges are heavily congested.
This is awful... to cause a big panic.
Damn, I cant contact Ran.
What should I do? No time.
Mr. Amuro, this time you come to be my helper.
Congested road ahead
Is evacuation guidance not smooth?
Is that Casino Tower?
Mr. Furuya
The parachute of the return compartment has fallen off.
and then
NAZU calculated the predicted placement
Its going to go down to Cassino Tower in five minutes.
I will send you the information.
What to do, what to do, I will send you the information.
Damn, what should I do?
Mr. Amuro
Give me a good job
Mr. Amuro, what should I do?
right here
I thought I was going to die.
How can you say that this is too strong?
What should I do next?
Go to the building under construction
it is good
Don't leave it.
Please calm down
Can you catch up?
Considering the height of the building and the distance to Cassino Tower...
If you can accelerate from here after a minute...
I can only listen to my life...
Be sure to catch up... Ran!
The power of love is great.
I wanted to ask before.
Does Mr. Amuro have a girlfriend?
My lover is... this country
Let's do it... Mr. Amuro.
If you can stagger even a centimeter,
It is the plan
Not high enough
Just right
Go ahead
I will deal with it later.
Let's leave now.
There is still a mystery that has not been solved
Why should you take Uncle Kogoro into it?
From my position, I cant investigate the situation
If you get him involved
You will inevitably become a 'helper'
Then I can borrow your real power.
You are lifting me too much.
Timing by FilmAnime