Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island (2015) Movie Script

[Showbox / Mediaplex presents]
[a Generation Blue Films production]
[It is 1795, the nineteenth year
of King Jeonjo's reign]
[At this time, Joseon relies entirely
on imports from Japan for silver.]
[At one point, a large amount of
counterfeit silver enters circulation]
[creating a substantial threat
to the economy in Joseon.]
[King Jeonjo secretly commands
his closest ally to investigate.]
[That man is Joseon's first detective
who will search for the truth and justice.]
You filthy rat!
How dare you steal from the master
who has been taking care of you, huh?
- My lord...
- If you stole from me...
Did you think I wouldn't
be able to find you?
My... my lord...
What are you doing?
Hurry up and kill him.
If I pay you good money,
then I want my money's worth.
S-spare me.
If you spare me, I'll double whatever
the lord has promised you.
What are you doing?
Cut his throat, you barbarians!
This barbarians, you'll regret...
I told you.
Life or death depends on
the order payment is received.
Is this the formula
for making counterfeit silver?
So in your attempt
to steal this from your master...
you'll ultimately die in the end, too.
Have you seen the boss?
I heard he's asked for me.
The boss.
He's... over there.
I didn't find him there.
If not there... then perhaps
somewhere over here?
He's not here, is he?
No, he isn't.
If you've come to infiltrate
the enemy's camp
then shouldn't you at least know
what the boss looks like, huh?
Someone has surely put him up to this.
I'll beat a confession out of him.
That's enough, kid.
We'll know when we hang him
whether someone comes for him or not.
You all right, Seo Pil?
I know you're hurt,
but at least you're still alive.
Know that I just saved your life.
And who got me here
in the first place?
You told me to come for you
if you didn't return in a month's time.
That's right.
I underestimated my own sociability.
I never imagined that I'd pull off
my undercover assignment so perfectly.
You bastard!
Tell me! Why have you come?
I've come to contact
an undercover detect...
How could you tell the truth!
The words are just flowing
out of my mouth...
The boss has a secret vault
to store his important items.
It takes him roughly eight minutes
to walk there.
Four minutes each way.
His average stride length is two feet.
Multiply that by 300 strides...
and that's 600 feet.
That's where the clue
to the counterfeit silver lies.
A 20 feet high tree located
600 feet away is roughly one inch.
So, this is it.
The vault must be
around here somewhere...
Nothing here!
How pathetic.
No wonder why you got dumped.
Did you see?
If it weren't for me, it would've
remained a riddle forever.
You're still a pompous trout
even in a dung tub.
Can't see a thing because
it's pitch black in here.
My lord.
These are from Ming Dynasty.
I've never seen anything like them.
How can we take all these with us?
As I had expected, a formula for
manufacturing counterfeit silver
along with our silver
smelting secrets.
If we destroy this, it'll be the end
of the counterfeit silver production.
- What is that?
- It's a 'jipu.'
A little invention of mine,
a portable fire.
The spark created by the flints
light the kerosene-soaked straw.
Or 'jip' as they call it.
Hence, 'jipu.'
What are you doing
to these fine paintings?
Better destroy them before
they're used for dishonorable means.
Let's go.
Oh no.
What do we do now?
We'll either burn
or get beaten to death!
Seal the entrance.
How are we going to escape
if we seal the entrance?
You jerks!
Backdraft. When a compartment fire
is suddenly exposed to air
a backdraft explosion occurs.
Get out of the way.
Get under the covers
and hold your breath.
Let's jump.
Are you insane to jump off of here?
We'll face certain death if we don't.
You go ahead, my lord.
I can't jump.
How can I hope to live
knowing that I had left you to die?
If you die here, then I shall make
this place my grave, too.
Let's jump together then, my lord.
Good thinking.
We jump on three.
- One, two, three!
- One, two, three!
I would happily give my life
to my lord...
That son of a bitch!
What a relief that you're not dead.
Whatever happened to dying together?
Why didn't you jump?
People like me can
calculate 18,000 things
in a blink of an eye.
It occurred to me just as
I was about to jump.
That it could kill me
if things went horribly wrong.
You couldn't tell from a glance?
You had to calculate that?
Seeing as you didn't die,
I guess I was wrong.
I almost became a water ghost.
Right, what happened to the bandits?
You think His Majesty would leave
a treasured asset like me to die?
Don't let anyone get away.
You are free to kill them
if they resist.
In any case, since you solved a big case
the king will reward you
with a high position...
Hold it, when have I ever been
interested in those kinds of things?
[Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island]
[Six months later]
Your Majesty!
What Your Majesty's ministers call
a time of peace is only for the rich.
If there is even one hungry subject
how can one call that
a time of peace?
Your Majesty!
Please be a wise king who
opens his ears to the hungry.
That's Japan in that direction.
And that's the direction of Qing.
How many kings do you serve?
Such a poor sense of direction.
Your Majesty.
This servant will depart this world
before you. Please...
Stay healthy and strong for
your nation and its subjects.
What are you doing?
Trying to poison yourself?
I brought that back
from my trip to Qing.
It's restorative herbal medicine
that I got for you.
Drink it all in one gulp.
How can I take herbal medicine
as a sinner in exile?
I hear it's really good for men.
It's bitter.
All right... dinner is served.
Now that I got to see you,
and made you dinner
it's time for me to get going.
- Why have you come?
- Since you're asking...
Counterfeit silver
is back in circulation.
The real problem here is that
it's virtually impossible to tell
the fakes apart from the authentic ones.
Probably not if scrutinized
under an ordinary eye like yours.
The answer is often closer
than one believes.
Counterfeit silver is usually
mixed with iron or copper
which is almost one-fifths
lighter in its mass.
If you place a real silver bullion
in place of the counterfeit silver
then the water will
naturally spill over...
But it doesn't, does it?
You think I wouldn't have
tested that already?
What's happened to you in your exile?
This fake is well-made, indeed.
You haven't grasped
the gravity of the situation.
If counterfeit silver leads to
a currency crisis
then it'll affect international trade and
the price of necessities will skyrocket.
What normally costs one nyang
will cost ten nyangs.
The suffering of the poor
will increase by two, no tenfold.
It's ridiculous that someone as smart as you
are sitting around, just wasting away!
Are you suggesting that I break the law?
This islet is inhabited by Kim Min,
who is six months into his exile.
I got it, so let's just get going.
But we're supposed to keep a close eye
to prevent them from running away.
He's right there.
Over there.
So let's go.
But we should go and check anyway.
What the...
All right. We'll check then.
You're Lord Kim, aren't you?
Yes, I am!
He says it's him.
My lord?
My lord?
My lord!
My lord!
Who's there?
Glow in the dark?
In any case, you're insane enough
doing all these strange things yourself.
Human bones?
Luminous pigments can be obtained
from animal bones.
You shouldn't disturb the graves
lest you want do deal with ghosts.
What are you doing?
You have to do this in order to
prevent getting possessed by a spirit.
Sea water is the same thing as salt.
There's no such thing as ghosts...
How can a man believe
in something like that?
I just had the strangest dream.
Still dreaming, I see.
I had a very restful sleep...
She's not a ghost.
She's human.
She swam across the ocean
in order to meet you.
Such a scaredy-cat.
You crossed the ocean to meet me?
The tide is low at this time,
so it isn't difficult to walk over.
Why did you want to see me?
It's all right, you can tell him.
He's only banished and in exile.
I heard that you were
a famous detective in Hanyang.
Please help me find my little sister.
Your sister?
It's been a fortnight since
she vanished out of the blue.
She's easy to recognize.
She has a big mole here.
Please find her, my lord.
If you'll find her for me...
I have nothing to offer you,
but I'll be your slave...
Go home at once.
But, my lord...
As you can see, I'm a prisoner in exile.
I cannot leave this place
nor can I help you.
You must go back.
That's right.
He's in a bind, after all...
You should report it
to the Magistrate instead.
They won't even listen to
a lowly girl like myself.
My friend's father was flogged
for simply asking for their help.
Send her back.
Come on, little one.
Let's go.
She's like a seal,
such an amazing swimmer.
Couldn't you grant her request?
Do you know what's even more
frightening than filial piety?
It's poverty.
So many children become slaves
or prostitutes by their parents' wishes.
There are citizens who
burn down their own homes
or run away into the mountains
to avoid paying hefty taxes.
If you can save three family members
by sacrificing one
what would you do in that situation?
We cannot even blame the parents.
If there's someone to blame,
then it would be the world.
What are you doing?
I understand how you feel.
Which is why we must go to the mainland
and do something about it.
The more fake silver goes into circulation,
the greater the poorer's sufferings become.
Why did you blow out the light?
I have many more
important things left to say!
- Huh?
- Maybe I need more powder.
Just a little more
and it will be useful.
What? You've done something
to my lips, haven't you?
Have you awoken?
Your breakfast will be served shortly.
Why are you here doing this?
Please go on inside.
It's almost ready.
Why is this child doing this here?
She was so persistent.
And she's a great little cook.
Stop this instant
and leave at once!
Go on!
What's this?
Looks like a fun toy.
Is it for exercise?
Put it down if you want to
keep your hand.
What about my hand?
Have you ever heard of a ghost bomb?
A bomb? It doesn't even go off.
You think I'd be fooled?
A bombshell?
Do you find noblemen laughable?
Don't you know the punishment for acting
in contempt of a nobleman?
You'll be flogged until
your skin is disfigured
or skewered through your fingers
until your hand is crushed.
That's all okay.
If you... If you only find my sister.
You made a girl cry,
you shameless man.
Go fetch some water.
What a lazy bum.
There's a well
right in front of the house.
He couldn't bother
to make a rope for the well?
You need to knot together
at least five feet more.
Is that right?
Don't you think this will be enough?
The well's width is 3.5 feet
and I'm 4.5 feet tall.
I stepped back to here
and looked at the water in the well
and I couldn't see it
after moving back 1.5 feet.
Then that means
the distance to the water...
The well's depth to my height is
the width of the well
and 1.5 feet.
Four-five and three-five is 1715.
Divided by 15 is 10.5 feet.
You'll need 11 feet of rope.
She's right.
You seem to know the multiplication table.
Have you learned arithmetic?
No, sir.
Whenever the villagers have trouble
with making rope for a well...
It's just something that I came up with.
What is your name?
Da Hae, sir.
Da Hae?
As in 'abundant' and 'ocean'?
No, sir.
It means 'the one who does
everything and anything.'
I must do everything
so that I won't starve.
My sister's name is Do Hae.
Does that stand for
'one who does everything too'?
- Yes, sir.
- I see.
They give children
such funny names these days.
I don't know what to do.
One needs to buy something
but when each person chips in
five nyang, we have six nyang left over
but when each pay three nyang,
the group is four nyang short.
How many people are there
and what is the price of the item?
Make one's stand
Make ten's lie down.
five times four...
So, that's five people
and the item costs 19 nyang.
Is there something you want to be
when you grow up?
Could I... grow up to become something?
If you could, then what would you
want to become?
Don't be shy and tell me.
Oh... it's not that I'm shy.
Just that I've never
thought about it before.
I see.
This is my little sister.
Haven't I told you already?
I'm a prisoner in exile.
I know.
If you ever return to Hanyang...
I just thought you could help me
search for her if you were to return.
I don't know when that will be.
Whenever that may be, I must find her.
She's my sister.
It was my fault.
I left her alone to go watch an exorcism.
It's not your fault.
No, it's my fault.
I was supposed to look after her.
Go back before it's too late.
- After I prepare your dinner...
- No.
The wind is growing stronger,
so don't think about coming tomorrow.
It looks like there will be a storm.
Perfect weather for an experiment.
An experiment?
- What sort of an experiment?
- For flying.
Flying... what?
A man.
As of today, human beings
will gain wings to fly.
Almost succeeded.
You call that a success?
It's almost ready, my lord.
You swam through this storm?
Didn't I tell you not to come?
No matter how many times
you come to see me
I cannot find your sister.
Just think of her as being dead,
and go on with your life!
No! I will find her!
What will possibly change
if you found her?
Isn't it better for her if she
doesn't starve wherever she is?
Think carefully about what
will be in her best interest.
My sister... she can't fend
for herself without me.
She's so easily scared that she can't
fall asleep unless I hold her hand.
- I must find her and...
- I won't hear any more of this!
The storm will ride itself out
soon enough.
You are to return home
and never come back!
How many days has it been
since we've seen her...
Wait, wait, wait!
Hold on! Hold on!
Wait there!
- There's a boat.
- I shall go to the mainland.
- I've received word from Taema-do.
- Taema-do?
I sent a man there to investigate
the cross-channel ferry.
If the silver bullion bars aboard
that ship were fakes
then it means the Japanese
are making counterfeit...
They were authentic.
Are you saying that the counterfeits
are being made in Joseon?
I'll need to visit
the Japanese Settlement.
You mean the trading town
in the mainland?
That's also the first stop for
the cross-channel ferry.
We'll start there.
What about the boat?
It's leaving.
Get ready.
What the? A boat I've never
seen before is coming.
It's a call-boat.
It comes when it's called.
A call-boat?
Wow, how convenient.
In exchange, I'll have to pay extra
for calling its services.
- Did you call for me, my lord?
- Who charges calling fees anymore?
Charging for everything nowadays.
Take us to the mainland...
It-it-it's you!
You're Minister Kim's assassin!
Come here, you!
You're still frivolous as ever.
What is the meaning of this, my lord?
Isn't this the same assassin
that's tried to kill you?
That's all in the past.
I asked him for a favor.
Sit still.
Kim Min inhabits this islet, right?
- That must be him, then.
- Of course it must be.
Maybe it isn't him.
Even a quick glance makes it obvious
that it's him.
Don't you think he's gotten smaller?
You think being in exile
is particularly thrilling?
Would he get any taller?
He probably shrunk from defeat.
It's you, Lord Kim, right?
I'm telling you, it's him.
Don't talk to me like a peer.
I'm your supervisor,
and you're all grown up now?
What's wrong?
What happens if you get caught
having left your station of exile?
Death by poison.
Will you be okay?
Counterfeit silver is creating chaos
in this country.
I cannot be afraid for my own safety.
Hey, they're gone.
No harm in being careful.
Is this Da Hae's home?
Da Hae.
Da Hae!
Excuse me.
- Da Hae, is that you?
- You poor thing, really.
She's lost her mind after losing her youngest
and her eldest has gone missing...
What do you mean, 'gone missing'?
Da Hae swam across
the ocean every day
to see some detective from Hanyang.
Maybe she's found a clue or something.
She left saying she knows where her sister
may be, and we haven't seen her since.
I don't know if the mother really
lost them or sold them off.
There's not a single family
in this village
who hasn't sold off their children
as slaves or prostitutes.
Don't you worry.
I'll bring her back wherever she may be.
I'm pretty good at this, aren't I?
What are you doing?
Over there.
My lord.
Oh, come on!
Stop right there!
Why didn't you just act naturally?
Even I admit that I was
acting too awkward.
Isn't this you?
This drawing doesn't do justice
to my doe-like eyes.
Looking at the pompous air
in this drawing, it definitely is you.
Why I ought to...
Do you know what must be done in order
not to forget who your sworn enemy is?
You think of that bastard in your head
as you carve a scar on yourself.
That way, you'll never forget your enemy
whenever you look at the scar.
You haven't forgotten
about me either, have you?
I would love to skin you alive.
Is that okay with you, newbie?
[Magistrate's Court]
- Let's go inside.
- Are you insane?
You know what that place is.
We're surely dead if they catch us.
That way is our only chance at survival.
How do we get inside?
Hit me. If a commoner like you
hits a nobleman...
What the?
This scum hit a nobleman.
Okay, but come back tomorrow.
What do you mean,
come back tomorrow?
There's a very important guest
expected at court today
but having petty criminals around would
make the place look bad
so he sent all of them home.
So just go back home for the day,
and come back tomorrow.
Oh boy.
- We'll have to tell them.
- But my lord...
You could really be sentenced to death.
Let's avoid imminent death first.
I... have escaped from exile.
- Are you perhaps Lord Kim?
- It is I.
Come back tomorrow.
I said I escaped from
the islet I was exiled to!
That must have been difficult.
What are you doing?
What do you think you're doing?
You've got so many layers.
What are they doing?
Arrest them immediately,
and bring them inside!
You rascals!
How dare you harm public morals
with an unspeakable act?
The one on the left said the guy
on the right assaulted him.
But you told us to go away.
He also claims to have
escaped from exile.
You bastard...
Do you know how serious
of a crime that is?
You'll be transferred to Hanyang tomorrow.
- Do as I command!
- Yes, sir!
Throw these men into jail immediately.
E...e...excuse me, Your Honor.
- Magistrate!
- What is it?
Rather than letting us
stay comfortably in jail
shouldn't you torture us
for our crimes instead?
Have you lost your mind?
Never mind that, Your Honor!
We'll be fine in jail.
We have much information
to share with him.
If that is what you wish...
What do you want me to do with you?
Shall I give you a flogging
until you turn beet red?
Or twist your legs?
Or just a good ol' clubbing.
Or crush your kneecaps?
- Get this off me!
- No.
Or shall I brand you
with hot iron, perhaps?
The lightest punishment
of all of those, please.
- Flogging sounds good...
- No.
It's inappropriate for a noblemen
to bare his bottom.
Hand down something stronger
but more dignified.
Please ignore him!
He's gone mad with fear.
We'll go with the flogging!
- Attention!
- Yes, sir!
Give them everything so that
they learn their lesson!
May I have a word?
We've been waiting for you.
If you'll let me handle the matter,
then I'll take care of it myself.
Just turn a blind eye this time.
But he has committed a serious crime...
Haven't I said that
I will bear the responsibility?
Do not let anyone in here.
I owe you again, sir.
What are you doing here?
I took care of you like I promised.
But how can you escape
from exile like this?
Good sir, the bandits you arrested
a few months ago...
- The scale of it...
- If they were let go that easily
then I'm sure there's someone
who has their back.
Why did you escape from exile
at a dangerous time like this?
I could get in trouble
for helping you.
Counterfeit silver is starting
its way back into circulation.
It means the counterfeits
are being manufactured in Joseon.
I shall investigate
the Japanese Settlement.
The Japanese Settlement?
I know what youre trying to do,
but the settlement is a bit different.
It's in Joseon, but the land
doesn't belong to Joseon.
How about this?
I'll... look into
the Japanese Settlement myself.
Please just... go back to your islet.
I'll do that.
I'm grateful that you would
listen to me.
Let's have dinner together soon.
Soon when?
Just whenever you're free...
So, when is good for you?
He looks to be a well-educated man
but he's pretty dense.
Has he always been like that?
- Hurry.
- Let's go.
- What's going on?
- Hurry along.
Hold on, ma'am.
What's going on?
It's another corpse.
Another one has washed ashore.
- A corpse?
- It's so creepy.
One by one, bodies of little girls
have been washed ashore lately.
What's going on?
You'll get a good flogging
if you speak of this.
Maybe it's been in the water
for too long.
The corpse is all blue.
It's probably not Da Hae.
She's a clever girl.
Let's go over to
the Magistrate's office.
We must get in there to check the body.
but I can't be caught again.
[Suspicious Lady Kim]
Follow me.
It's not her, right?
Let's go then.
Something isn't right.
There's no sign of foaming at the mouth.
When water suddenly enters the lungs
there's irritation in the mucus membrane of
the airways, which causes the mouth to foam.
This child was already dead
when she was thrown into the water.
It's poison.
The poison seeped through her skin
over a long period of time.
What kind of poison?
Her lips havent lost its color.
Smells like raw almonds.
As expected, it's cyanide.
Unlike other forms of poison,
cyanide doesn't react with blood.
Thus it doesn't discolor the skin.
There are more readily accessible
poisons like aconite.
So why use cyanide?
Cyanide is a solvent
used in smelting silver.
Smelting process?
If that's the case...
This is only a suspicion
but I believe this child was used in
the production of counterfeit silver.
That's how she died, and her body was thrown
in the ocean when to end up here.
What kind of a monster
would do this to a child?
We must hurry.
[Japanese Settlement]
This place doesn't feel like Joseon.
Virtually all trading done with Japan
takes place here.
It used to be that entry access
was strictly controlled
but it appears those laws
have relaxed.
It isn't a small crime ring
we're dealing with.
There's bound to be
a trace here somewhere.
I'll look into it first thing
in the morning.
My lord.
Don't worry. I'll bring back
Da Hae and the other children.
Come on, then.
What is it?
What the heck?
What are you staring at?
- I can never like you people.
- Pardon us.
He's a half-wit.
People throw stones at him
when he passes.
Wow, my lord.
You speak Japanese?
I never studied it exclusively
but I picked up a few words
from my extensive reading.
So you're calling yourself a genius?
Can I get silver bullions from Japan?
Theyre transported directly
to a high-security warehouse.
You said you used to smelt silver?
That was a long time ago.
It's like a mark.
If it appears on your body,
then you'll soon meet the Grim Reaper.
Only those who are used
to the fumes can stand it.
Usually people faint upon
their first exposure to the fumes.
Not to mention the children.
Of course not. The little ones
probably won't even last a week.
Is there a process
that requires only child laborers?
Things only little girls can do,
not fully grown adults.
No such thing.
Can I... help you with anything?
This is very nice.
What's going on here?
Is that a woman?
An unusually large topknot
suggests it's a woman with long hair.
Her narrow strides suggest she wears
a kimono, and therefore, Japanese.
- More importantly...
- Yes?
When I bumped into her...
- Squishy!
- You pervert.
Let's go, pervert.
Silver bullions are sent directly
to a secret warehouse.
Let's investigate the ferry first.
Hurry up! We haven't got all day!
Let's go out for drinks later!
Keep up the good work!
Unload the silver bars!
What's up with this guy?
Piss off!
That's cold.
- Take this.
- Why thank you.
I'm much indebted to you.
Could I treat you to a cup of...
Long time, no see.
You look even more beautiful.
Don't mention it.
You'll stop by later?
Who is she?
I looked everywhere but I didn't find
any place that deals in cyanide
or found any children
around Da Hae's age.
- We must find the bullion.
- What for?
We'll get a fake bullion
and track it back to its origin.
Where do we find one?
In the warehouse where the silver
from the ferry is stored.
We're robbing that place?
The silver from Japan is stored here
until it's transported to Hanyang.
It's the only place
we can obtain the bullion.
What's the plan?
We'll take down the guards and move in.
They're all armed.
With empty barrels!
Do you know how much a bullet costs?
They wouldn't be that wasteful.
Shit, they're shooting at us.
Shouldn't they at least ask
who we are first?
You said they wouldn't shoot
because their barrels were empty.
You don't look so good.
You might want to see a doctor.
I'm fine.
I know my own body.
- I don't think you do.
- What do you know?
- But it's right in my face.
- I said I'm fine...
Are you all right?
You're lucky that the bullet
only grazed you.
It would have been worse
with other people.
They wouldn't have been
able to dodge it.
I'm sure.
Go back to the warehouse
and find out who has access
to the silver bullions.
That pig controls
the entry and exit points.
He's as greedy as he looks.
Maybe he smuggles out bullions, too.
Over there!
He's the watchdog.
He looks like the suspicious type.
What about him?
Oh, that one is in charge of transport.
But he's a typical government official,
so I wouldn't suspect him.
- It's him.
- Sorry?
Find out where he gambles.
Look at his ankles.
There are callous built around the bone.
It means they've been
under pressure for a long time.
He has an interesting habit
when he checks his hand.
He looks like an upright man,
but he is hot-tempered.
There we go.
If we stay close, then we may just be
able to get a sliver bar from him.
Do you know how to gamble, my lord?
Gambling is all about probability.
Get your calculations right,
and you can never lose money.
Wait here.
I'll get the bullion,
so it won't be long.
I'm going to go take a bath.
Just 20 nyang more.
You're cleaned out already?
Just think of it as the cost
of my observation.
In that short a time?
You lost it from
acting too frivolously.
Ill show you what probability
in a game is about.
He's just a little dim.
Hot, hot, hot!
Another 20 nyang.
This is the last time.
I thought you said you were going to
show me what real probability is!
Can't beat the lucky ones.
Here.... help me out.
Leave the game if you're out of money.
Should I deal out the cards?
Mind if I join you?
- You're...
- If you want, we'll start a new round.
Be careful.
She's no ordinary woman.
Don't be distracted...
I see you're not.
All right.
Place your bets if you want to see my hand.
You're out?
Fold if you're shitting your pants.
Let me see that winning hand of yours.
Lay them out.
I think she played
a sleight of hand...
Get the lot.
Thank you for the game.
How did you do that?
What do you mean?
I just got lucky, is all.
This is unbelievable.
We have to be elsewhere.
- Is that all of you?
- What are you doing?
What's going on?
- Destroy it!
- Take it down!
Where did they go?
I think we've lost them.
It's okay now.
Thank you.
I believe you're Japanese,
but your Korean is quite good.
But who are you to help us?
Perhaps there will be a day...
when I tell you everything.
But... I shall get going for now.
Did you do anything?
Anything at all?
You raunchy bastard.
Let's get out of here.
My lord.
We hope you've enjoyed your stay.
Come visit again another time.
This is where the ferry crew
spends their time.
You have the silver bar, right?
Of course.
After all the trouble we went through...
It's gone.
Perhaps there will be a day...
when I tell you everything.
Look at you.
Men are such interesting creatures.
You'd think one would lose their appetite
after making such a crucial mistake.
But you're still hungry.
Have you had enough?
You should have some more, huh?
Good sir.
Have you come to investigate
the fake silver?
I told you I would take care of it.
Please return to your islet.
The Norons are looking for
any excuse to catch you.
You think they'd let you be?
But you have my back.
You want us to go down together?
There seems to be more than one group
involved in the fake silver manufacturing.
I'll go to the gisaeng house
and find out who is involved.
Why go there?
Traders and the crew on
the ferry seem to frequent there.
I'm sure I'll find a clue there.
Im a prisoner in exile.
I cannot come forward
even if I solve this case.
If this case is a success,
you'll take all the credit.
I'll prepare everything
to get you the help you need.
Who is the most beautiful gisaeng here?
I don't understand what you're saying.
- Send in another...
- My lord.
Tell another to come in.
Stop being such a show-off.
There's always one person
who's like this.
Someone who comes in
and speaks in a foreign language.
We came here to acquire clues
about the Japanese.
Where else would we find a gisaeng
who can speak Japanese?
Who is the most beautiful gisaeng here?
The... best? Uhm...
Send in another gisaeng.
Send in another gisaeng.
Send in another gisaeng.
- Send in another gisaeng.
- Send in another gisaeng.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Youve come to the right place.
Im the most beautiful
gisaeng in this house.
- Send in another gisaeng!
- Send in another gisaeng!
I'm Sakura.
About that...
The food is quite delicious.
But is a cook allowed out of the kitchen?
Get back into the kitchen.
Are you planning on rejecting
all the gisaengs of this establishment?
Aren't... you that thief?
Has stealing from me
done you any good?
My name is Hisako.
You startled me.
I quit drinking.
- Let me fill your cup.
- I said I've quit.
Is this where you meant for us
to have our heart-to-heart?
With so many eyes watching us?
We have drinks, but no music.
Can you play something, zither player?
You there.
Yes, you.
The one not making eye contact.
He is blind.
How unfortunate.
Look at you.
You must work out.
I don't exercise.
Im covered with bed sores
from lying around all day.
I need to take a leak.
- I'll come with you.
- My lord!
I've held onto my virginity
just for this moment with you!
You seriously look like
my younger brother.
Ma'am, please!
Do you know what the biggest giveaway is
when one only pretends to be blind?
When a blind man hears a sound
his eyes naturally move towards
the direction of thatsound.
But pretenders refrain from doing that.
Just like you.
It's you, my lord.
I wondered who you might be.
The sound of your fist is amazing.
Cant find your shoes
because you cant see?
Those are your shoes.
Wear them.
My lord... why are you doing this to me?
Why do you pretend to be blind?
It gives off an air of
greater musicality.
Call it... a sense of
mysticism, my lord.
Please, my livelihood depends on it.
- Can't you keep this a secret between us?
- I will keep it a secret.
But will you do for me in return?
But I know nothing.
I haven't even asked you anything yet.
About that woman, Hisako...
I only know that she's from Japan...
Is she so frightening that
she'd make your teeth chatter in fear?
My lord, I really don't know anything.
I just come and play the music
when I'm called.
That's all.
- What are you doing here?
- Pardon?
I called him to see if he can
teach me to play the zither.
That's correct.
I should get going then.
Did you know that he isn't blind?
How can you not notice
when his acting is that bad?
Lets go back inside.
I have many questions for you.
I'd love to... but as you see,
I'm rather popular here.
You must make a reservation
for a future date.
Do you by any chance,
pack a hard slap?
A tear-jerker.
Hand, you remembered.
People call me the zither player.
Year of the Monkey.
Do the Japanese ferry crew members
often come to the gisang house?
- Hurry up and answer!
- Geez.
Seeing as they're regulars
many of them stay at the gibang
until the ship sails back to Japan.
Who do they usually meet with?
Gisaengs, if they've come
to a gibang.
Anyone else?
I'll give you a smack!
They spend the most of their time
with the gisaengs
and it's the gisaengs
who know them best.
What I'm asking is,
is there anything suspicious
going on at the gisang house?
Perhaps a secret place
where children make fake silver...
Fake... silver?
You dense fool.
If you speak a word
about having talked to us
then well tell everyone
that youre a fraud.
Seriously, why are you doing this to me?
I'll ask one more question.
Tell me what kind of a woman Hisako is.
She only arrived here
a few months ago.
I'm not sure if she's really Japanese.
But I heard she was
very famous even back in Japan.
No one seems to know
why she came to Joseon.
She's a top gisaeng who only
entertains Japanese guests.
She has a temper of a lioness.
No one messes with her.
But most importantly,
after observing her from up close
she is...
an incredible beauty.
You have a good eye.
Is she seeing anyone?
Like I said, she's got a fiery temper.
- What chance do I have?
- Oh, come on.
You definitely have a chance.
No question about it.
Why must I keep track
of Hisako's movements?
Because she's got something
to do with the fake silver.
That's complete nonsense.
She might have a prickly temperament,
but she's not capable of doing that.
I'm sure that bitch is
capable of anything.
Who she meets,
what they do together
and what she does when she's alone...
Report everything to me
and don't leave anything out.
Good work.
My lord...
My lord.
Who was it?
Who's responsible for this?
I was watching Miss Hisako.
She retired to her room
so I was about to leave myself
when suddenly, someone put
a noose around my neck...
I would have died tonight
if it hadn't been for you.
Did you see anything?
No, not really...
You must have
if they were trying to kill you.
There was nothing like that.
Can I get more pickles?
Are you sure you really almost died?
I need to eat up since
I never know when I'll end up dead.
All right. Eat up then.
It has to be her, doesn't it?
They wouldnt need a horse,
if it was someone stronger.
- We need a new place to stay.
- I'll arrange it.
While we're on the topic,
can I have more rice?
You just had a whole pot
by yourself!
Do you eat a pot a day?
Stand guard around him.
Whoever wanted him dead
will come back.
If it's okay... some more rice?
I might kill him before they get to him.
Come here, you.
Come here.
- The ship has capsized.
- Treasures fell into the water.
- Tons of silk!
- Ginseng, too.
Its the ferry.
It brings in silver bullions
and return with a shipload of fine goods,
including ginseng and textures.
It must have capsized
sailing in stormy waters.
They must've upset
the Dragon King Island.
They had it coming.
Dragon King Island?
Far southeast of here
is a place of very strong
currents that all of us avoid.
The current is that strong there?
Strong enough to destroy a ferry boat?
Ive never been there, so I don't know.
But thats what I heard.
Who told you that?
- You heard the story too, right?
- Of course.
Even the children know about it.
Youve all heard about this island,
but no ones been there?
Who in their right mind
would walk into their own death?
We stay clear of the area.
Move over! That's mine!
Even in death, you can't even get
a small piece of land.
I believe she was used in
the manufacturing of fake silver.
She died, was tossed into the ocean,
and washed up ashore.
Who in their right mind
would walk into their own deaths?
I'm not sure if she
really is even Japanese.
No one seems to know why
she's in Joseon.
Oh my, oh my!
Oh no!
I told him that he couldn't come in.
Our guest seems to be in a hurry.
Leave us.
Tell me what you know.
- Is that a threat?
- I'm asking you.
Your request sounds
rather like a threat.
I'm searching for a young girl.
Then I hope you find her soon.
I found her. Today.
I found her and buried her.
At the foot of a stony mountain.
She shouldnt have died like that.
She didn't deserve to die like that.
What did you do?
If she wasn't supposed
to die that way...
then why did you let that happen to her?
Her name was Da Hae.
She was looking for her sister.
Seeing as she had this on her,
it means she had been here.
Her sister was undoubtedly at
wherever she was headed.
She must have been excited
to see her sister again.
Not knowing that she'd be used
in making of the counterfeit silver.
You stole that bullion from me
to hide the truth.
Likely because I couldn't find out
that the bullion was a fake.
From this moment on,
do not expect any sympathy from me.
What happened?
Before the authentic bullion
from Japan reach Taema-do
they are switched with counterfeits.
Are you saying the switch
is made on the boat?
The boat could sink under
that kind of weight.
Dragon King Island is where
the fake silver is manufactured.
But I heard that no ship
can go near it.
That is what I heard as well.
The place everyone has heard of,
but have never been to.
Young children are dying there.
If that is true...
then this matter is way over your head.
- I'll go first.
- Hold on.
I'll dispatch the soldiers!
It is far too dangerous for you.
But that will be too late.
I made a promise
to her older sister.
I promised her that
I would find her sister.
Would you risk your life
for a lowly slave girl?
All lives are equally precious.
I'll start with the owner
of the gibang.
I gave him a chance to save himself.
But he refuses to listen.
It's been filled up for you,
so you're free to take it.
What are you going to do
about Hisako?
I need to prepare myself since
they'll be on the move, too.
What is with this pressing music?
I'm eating up all your food,
yet not doing anything in return, so...
You're really trying my patience lately.
Turning me into a monster.
My neck! My neck!
When I open the door to leave...
that's one.
When Hisako enters through the doors...
that's two.
And when she changes into
her disguise and then leaves...
The tube will spray luminous paint
on her disguise.
This is a map created by
Japan's feudal government.
They must've upset
the Dragon King Island.
Even the children know about it.
I only know that she's from Japan.
This can really complicate the matter.
My lord.
It's me! Me!
Why are you in there?
This won't do.
Look, I'll put on the paint.
This is me.
- Where are you?
- Right here.
You put it on, too!
I don't know who you are
but you can't just try to take part of
our loot that we've been working on.
Out of the frying pan
and into the fire.
Boys, don't kill him too soon.
Make his death slow, and excruciating.
Get them!
Stop right there!
Where did they go?
Who is it?
How dare you barge
into my room at this hour.
You must have a death wish.
The government officials have arrived.
They're gone.
Thank you.
Who was it that tried to kill you?
Probably the same man
that wants you dead.
So you were investigating
the fake silver, too.
I still haven't figured out
why you're doing all this
but... be careful.
Tonight after midnight...
another ferry boat
will leave for Taema-do.
That was for saving my life.
How did you get
beat up so badly?
Shut up.
I almost died today.
That's a pity.
I could've had hot beef soup
at your funeral.
What, what did you say?
You don't want this?
Forget it, I'm just going to sleep.
I'm turning off the lights.
But I'm still eating.
You can still stuff your face
even in the dark.
If you're going to eat,
you might as well eat in the light.
You will?
So, you've found out.
Found out what?
You've figured it all out, haven't you?
Your quick wits
have gotten you this far.
So I'm sure you've figured it all out.
What are you talking about?
Then... did you figure this out, too?
You should've figured out when
your life was going to end.
Shouldn't you?
Ugh, this tastes like blood.
Shut up!
Dragon King Island...
Used as a Japanese military base
during the war.
But it's hard to access.
Perhaps from higher a ground...
Come on, you little shits!
Move it already!
Over there.
Have you had your period?
Have you had your period?
Your chest is firm
and you have dark circles.
You have started your period.
How dare you lie to me?
Over here.
These are the girls
I'm sending to Japan.
Clean them up so that
I can fetch a good price for them.
Send this lot to the factory.
They didn't need young girls
for fake silver production.
They use the girls who cannot
be sold for sex because of their age
to manufacture fake silver.
- Get her out of here.
- Yes, sir.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Do Hae?
How do you know my name?
Did you hear that?
I'm sure I heard something.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I swear I heard something here.
You sneaky bitch!
How dare you lock yourself in there?
Follow me!
I'm sorry.
I'll be back for you,
so wait just a bit longer.
The zither player!
Did you enjoy your tour
of Dragon King Island?
What have you done
with Seo Pil?
What do you think I've done?
You simply don't bother
people while they're eating.
He wouldn't stop babbling
so I put a hole in his neck.
You sell young girls to
Japan for pedophile sex
and use the others
to produce fake silver?
You son of a bitch!
A nobleman who knows how to swear!
That's right. Now I remember.
Your eyes looked familiar.
Thanks to you, I was sold off to Japan.
I should repay the favor.
Don't move!
Stop what you're doing.
You arrived in such a timely manner.
I'm beyond thrilled to see you.
Prisoner Kim Min!
You escaped from exile
but you collaborated
with a Japanese woman
to produce fake silver and
put this country's economy in jeopardy!
My friend.
It's me.
Why are you doing this?
He's the one heading up
the fake silver production.
The government official
who has this bastard's back...
was you.
Do your job properly.
Considering how much I pay you...
What are you all doing?
Arrest those two immediately!
My name is Hwa Yeon,
a daughter of a slave.
I was the one who gave
that girl that candy.
The girl called Da Hae...
came to see me.
How old are you?
I'm 12 years old.
Why are you here?
To find my little sister.
I heard that I could
find my sister here.
Was she taken away
on a boat, too?
I'm... not sure.
Thank you.
I want to save it and give it
to my sister when I see her.
All right.
Take care, little one.
You're Korean, aren't you?
No, I'm not.
Why didn't you tell me this earlier?
I'm sure you've trimmed
your fingernails before.
What are you talking about?
Children of slaves
never cut their nails.
The nails wear off
before they can even grow.
And the toenails are so bruised
before they can grow.
Do you know how many children
get sold off for debt or hunger?
At first, they blame their parents
for selling them off...
but the moment they taste
white rice in their mouths...
that grudge turns into gratitude.
It's probably the best thing that
my parents have ever done for me.
For a child who was
born as a slave
there is no such thing as
a world that is better or worse.
I was lucky to have been sent to
a Japanese official.
And now, I am investigating the fake
silver case on their children's behalf.
If I had stayed here...
then I would have lived my life never
dreaming of what I could become.
Could I... grow up
to become something?
Don't be shy and tell me.
It's not that I'm shy...
It's just that I've never thought
about that before.
Why did you do it?
I used to look up to you
back in the day.
You would put these poor children
in misery for money?
Just money?
You know as well as I do.
I've gotten passed over
for the minister's position many times.
I have no power
and no strings to pull.
So how else can I possibly
become a minister?
Money is power,
and money pulls strings.
I know your type very well.
Money is all that matters to you.
You spineless scumbags!
Rest easy.
I brought in your old friends
to keep you company.
I can't breathe!
You should rest more.
This is Hell.
I've died and gone to Hell.
No, you haven't died yet.
What happened?
You came to see me
in your bleeding state.
I did?
I was touched that you'd
come see me before you died!
I couldn't die with dignity?
Have you seen my lord?
Just a few more days.
There are children
that needs to be saved.
They're being sold for sex
and dying while making fake silver.
- Such poor souls...
- Look, noble lord.
You'll risk your neck for
some slave's daughter?
Tell me something I can believe.
Hey, hey. Would you believe your words
if you were in my shoes?
Those children are
citizens of Joseon, too!
Remember every time
you look at that scar.
Think of all those children who died
because of you!
If you leave out even one nyang
from what you've promised
then I'll break your neck.
You understand?
Every hour counts.
First, I shall go to save the children.
Please take care of the fake silver.
I'll take care of things on my end.
Anyhow, it's impossible to
go near Dragon King Island.
The only way we can ensure
that we don't get caught...
What will you do?
The sun's coming up soon.
We'll take the sky.
Wait, wait, wait!
Didn't this crash into the rocks last time?
This man!
It never once succeeded!
Never failed either.
I definitely saw it crash with my own eyes.
Get me out of this!
I know why it failed,
so it's the same as being a succes.
What a load of nonsense.
Ah, hold on!
How did you figure out
what went wrong?
How did you find out?
- Let's go!
- No, no, no!
Here we go!
Where do we land?
I think somewhere down there!
That's it!
Can you land this thing?
This is the first time I've flown it!
I knew it, you fool!
That wasn't too bad, was it?
What are you talking about?
Let's go.
There's no time.
Let's hurry it up.
This needs to go over there.
Let's go to Joseon!
This is the entrance.
First, place a fuse in a bamboo pipe.
Put it in a bigger pipe, fill it with
gunpowder, and close it.
Its recorded in the books
as Heaven-shattering Thunder.
A time-ticking bomb that's dependent
on the length of its wick.
We'll separate here.
Don't forget...
We only have fifteen minutes
from the time you light the wick.
Looks good, huh?
It's good for you,
so get in line to have some.
I said line up!
Hey you, come here.
Get up. Open your mouth.
Come on.
Open your mouth!
You are an evil monster,
you awful witch.
- Why I ought to...
- Goodness!
My lord.
Please spare me...
I was only doing as I was told.
I can't even hit you
because you're a woman.
- Get out of my sight.
- Thank you, kind sir!
Thank you.
Are you all right?
What about Do Hae?
Where is Do Hae?
It's all right.
We're here to save you.
Do Hae was caught running away
and taken to the factory.
Listen up.
Everyone, follow this man out.
You mustn't lose him.
What are you going to do?
We need a distraction
while we get these children get out.
I'll distract the guards,
and find Do Hae.
Escape with the children
and light the wick.
My lord... can you get out
within fifteen minutes?
- No, I cannot.
- What?
Just do as I say.
Let's go!
Let's go, let's go.
- Over there! Over there!
- Over there.
Hurry! Over there!
Hide behind the rocks.
Be careful. careful.
Hide in there! Hide!
Jeez, you just won't die!
Do you have any idea...
how much damage you've cost me?
Do Hae, shall I tell you
a story that you know?
- There was a well in a village.
- What is this crazy man saying?
The villagers were having
problems with the rope to the well.
But you know a clever girl called Da Hae
calculated the exact length of rope.
Do you know how?
If the rope is too short,
the bucket will dangle.
Kill her!
And it makes it easy to catch!
You're clever like your sister...
Over here!
He's a clever man,
so he must've thought of a way.
Where do you think
you're crawling off to?
Over there!
Don't be scared.
You have to see your mother.
My lord!
- Are you all right?
- No, I'm not.
- You look fine.
- I said I wasn't!
Thank you.
Attend to him.
You don't have to do that.
A gisaeng paid us good money
to save you.
She seemed incredibly worried.
Was she pretty or...
Not really.
Let's go.
Not you.
You have to pay up.
They've already been covered.
Who paid for them?
I did.
Let's go.
Good sir, I'll compensate you generously
if you'd take me with you.
Seo Pil, can't you cover for me?
- Mom!
- Mom!
Do Hae!
But... what became of Hwa Yeon?
She sympathized with the children
who suffered the same fate that she had.
It would have been difficult
to convince the army otherwise
without revealing that she was a spy.
You remind me of a frilled lizard.
This is the trend these days.
What do you think?
It looks uncomfortable.
Hold it!
She is a citizen of Joseon!
She's the king's treasured subject,
so treat her with respect.
Did you see her face?
She's totally swept off her feet.
My voice didn't quiver at the end?
- It wasn't weird, right?
- Well, it wasn't great...
Seeing that you're both alive,
I take it that the children are safe.
Wait, what happened to your friend?
As the detective has advised
we confiscated his wealth
and distributed it to the poor.
It bought back the freedom for many slaves
and I thought we'd be able to feed all
the hungry families for a while, but sadly...
He took his own life.
It was greed that drove him,
so how would he have remained sane?
Losing all that fortune
which must have been worse
than any other punishment.
His Majesty has acknowledged
you as his subject.
Must you leave for Japan?
I wish to go out into the world.
Come back to Joseon whenever you wish.
- When you come back, I...
- Wherever I am...
I will live the rest of my days
as a subject of Joseon.
- Don't.
- It's just...
I won't hear of it.
- She's just not into you.
- Shut up!
She's not!
I thought about what you called a dream.
So, what is it that you want to be?
I want to become a flower.
A flower?
Why a flower?
Don't flowers get treated like royalty
wherever they go?
They don't get pulled out like weeds
or get stepped on like grass.
And they're adored by everyone.
Even if you aren't a flower,
people are precious just the way they are.
[Paju, Gyeonggi Province. Not long after]
What a loss of a beauty.
Doesn't it look like she was
stabbed with a sharp object?
Judging from the depth of these marks,
I don't think it was an object.
Two identical punctures.
An equal distance
between the marks.
That suggests...
That hurts!
Have you lost your mind?
As expected, canine teeth.
Was it a beast then?
Not a beast, but a man.
Can't be. How can a man
create these puncture wounds?
[Kim Myung Min]
[Oh Dal Soo]