Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow (2011) Movie Script

1782, it's 16th year of
King Jeong-jo,
another case of
corruption develops
while the King fights
to establish his power
against the arrogant
conservative faction.
Tax, the basis of the country's
economy started to disappear
due to corruption of
a unmatched scale.
To find the culprit
behind the conspiracy,
King commands his closest ally
to investigate.
He was given the position of
5th Senior Official Detective
who will search for
truth and justice.
Thereby giving rise to
Joseons first detective.
Detective K:
Secret of Virtuous Widow
Good boy.
Over there!
Go up.
Tie him up.
Hold it there!
Landing needs more work.
Is it you again?
But, not too bad
since I apprehended the criminal.
What are you doing?
Tie up the criminal.
No! He is the criminal.
You are hereby arrested for
the murder of Park Bong-dal!
1 and a half hours ago
Scattered rafter dust,
tight rope...
Begging to be seen as suicide
but clearly murder in disguise!
The scar wouldn't be this wide
if he hung himself.
Excretion would flows downwards,
not everywhere in a mess.
Someone hanged his neck
on the snare
and strangled him from
behind the rafters!
The room has been tidied up
after the struggle.
Who could be the criminal?
Hyun-bang with bad knees?
Lee-bang the midget?
Or Gong-bang with the tremor?
It would've been difficult for you.
If that is the case...
Why would I kill one of my own?
This accusation is outrageous!
You're asked to
match up the pair.
Should be a piece of cake
even for a 3-year-old.
Are you afraid because
it belongs to the dead man?
Who's afraid?
There you go.
What's the problem?
Why did you hesitate
over the same color?
Why can't you say it!?
You're a colorblind.
Who can't distinguish
red from green!
Park wanted to report you
for embezzling public imposts.
You had to kill him
to shut him up!
Let's talk about the details later!
Lock him up immediately!
Sir, what should we
do about him?
He is a stranger to this town
and doesn't seem like
a typical dog thief.
Leave it to me and
I'll investigate his crime.
It is no surprise that
people are afraid of the court.
The innocent gets half-crippled
by senseless torture.
I will not accept a confession
obtained by breaking of bones
and shearing of skin.
He's just a dog thief.
Give him a few floggings.
Wait, sir!
What about the speech
about senseless torture!
Please, wait!
It's time to tell the truth.
Who's behind this?
How many times already?
Sudden deaths of officials
accused of embezzlement,
even before the questioning.
Perhaps it is as you say.
Yes, assassins are sent
to shut them up.
Whoever behind this is
someone powerful.
Perfect deception in
the method of killing.
No such thing as a perfect murder.
This was it.
This needle was struck through
the vital pressure point.
How the pin was inserted
all the down to the eye,
it's the work of a professional.
If it wasn't for me...
I think I should go
into this field.
I think we should request
for an official investigation.
There's no one we can trust.
His Majesty commissioned
this secret investigation for a reason.
You report this
to the King in private,
and find out
where the embezzled funds are going.
What about you?
- I'll go to Jeok-seong.
- Jeok-seong?
The rash behind the neck was caused
by pollen of wolfsbane flower.
It probably came from the killer.
Wolfsbane flower is
a speciality of...
Jeok-seong region.
What a skillful...
no, a vicious bastard!
Sir! Sir!
I brought the magistrate
from the neighboring district.
So what happened was...
This needle,
in the vital pressure point...
No, it's not what
it looks like.
It was already lodged
behind the neck. Like this.
Stop, right there! Wait!
Prosecutor here will explain...
Didn't you see my friend?
I told you already.
That is not true!
Let me send a letter
to the capital.
The King will vouch
for my innocence.
Hey, hey!
How about it?
You can't get your hands on it
even with a premium.
It's Court Lady's
Secret Appeal. Book 1
Book 2?
Hey, wait.
Let me see that for a second.
So outdated.
Look here!
What a mess!
How can you sleep
at a time like this?
Aren't you the dog thief?
I told them to let you go
after a flogging.
The flogger went home
for the day.
They said hell come in early tomorrow
to do the flogging.
You steal dogs
because you don't have enough to eat?
Eat dogs?
Sir, do you eat your own family
when you get hungry?
What are you doing?
I'm going to step out
just for a second.
Step out?
You think this is a lavatory?
Go in and out as you please?
You know that dog... I have to get it
for a customer by today.
Credibility is everything
in my line of business.
You fool.
Think a prison is that lax?
I hold a certain reputation in my field.
You think dogs just dig
for no reason? No.
Foundation work is done.
Recently, I caught a guy trying to sell
my trade secret to the Chinese.
It could have been
a big loss for Joseon.
All finished.
You're practically a dog!
Excuse me?
It's a complement!
Sir, aren't you coming?
Not me.
If I escape like this, it will be
admission of my guilt.
A true Confucius gentleman.
Really not coming?
It would only fit someone
small like you.
It's more than sufficient
for you, sir.
Not me, I said.
Unless you dig this much more.
You have a damn big mouth.
You know the interrogation
will start tomorrow.
You know the drill?
Bone crush, tearing skin.
Have a good time!
I said I couldn't...
I told you!
I should have dug a little further.
Stupid aristocrat!
I said I wasn't coming out.
What a persistent bloke!
Catch them! Get them!
Catch them!
I save your life and
you sneak off on your own?
This is 36th Chapter of
Sun Tzus Art of War? Retreat!
Stop there!
Sir, you're fast on your feet.
It's natural quick reaction.
You're not bad either.
I'm Han Seo-phil.
No-one you need to know.
What do we do now?
Didn't we come in here
for a reason?
You were running this way.
So, I followed you.
Even a small spark can
cause an explosion
when you have fine particles.
Dust explosion!
This place will be
a great power keg
with the explosion
of that sack.
You! Go out and get a spark.
Out? Go out and die?
I'll lure them.
You count to 20 and throw
the spark into the warehouse.
Spark? What for?
No time to explain!
- Go out there! Hurry!
- One!
Wait! Shit.
Sir, sir!
Are you alright?
What happened?
- Sir...
- Be still.
Sir, I thought something happened.
I want you to be still.
Sir, I don't go that direction.
Hold still.
Sir, you're making me nervous.
Jailbreak, explosion,
impersonating royal emissary...
What have you been up to?
Got yourself in a mess.
It's all my fault Your Highness.
Please punish me.
Compose yourself, Councilor.
It's no big deal.
You are hereby dismissed
from your office.
As probation,
you'll report on virtuous widows
to recommend for an award.
Your Highness,
this servant still has unfinished...
It's a quiet place for
I believe that location
is Jeok-seong.
I respectfully take your command,
Your Highness.
And, do something about that beard.
Very impressed
to see you released so fast.
I heard you're very close to the King.
Such an influential figure!
I, Han Seo-phil shall serve you
for the rest of my life here...
- in this capital...
- Quiet!
I need to go down to Jeok-seong,
so hurry up.
Why go down to Jeok-seong
when everything's going on in the capital?
Did you get screwed?
I told you
we got a long way to go!
Did you really get screwed?
Who could this be?
Minister Lim would like
to have a word.
Minister Lim?
And you are?
He is my uncle, sir.
I have no reason to meet him.
I'll arrange a carriage.
Shit! I'm in a hurry.
Who's Minister Lim?
He can't order you around
even though you've been screwed.
Isn't that right?
I mean when you must be upset...
Let's go since you're in a hurry.
To what does a petty scholar
like myself owe this honour?
I heard that you'll be inspecting
virtuous widows.
His Highness let me know.
It's to make me repent.
No matter to talk about.
The King must have been bored.
King was bored so that
he didn't send a lunatic
who escaped from prison in
for questioning?
So when do you start off
to Jeok-seong?
I have a favor to ask.
Actually the virtuous widow
you were assigned to inspect is
my niece-in-law.
If you're trying to buy me off,
I'll be on my way.
Then I guess I'll write up a petition
requesting for you to get investigated.
What was she like?
How can I make such a request
when she caused so many issues?
She threw herself off a cliff after
grieving for her husbands death.
I don't want to stain her pure death.
I want you to make a fair inspection
and rebuild the fundamental principles
of Confucianism
that's been smeared with dirt
by the Christians.
Sir, do you know what it was like
when I first saw you?
You were giving off this dazzling luster.
And I thought, wow!
You live long enough and
you meet such a character.
Wise, courageous, ethical and strong...
I was moved.
But you need to go through experience
to really know a person.
After all that fiasco last night...
Doing this and doing that...
light as a feather,
no honor, cowardly, petty...
and arrogant.
It's Seo-phil, sir.
- Yes, Seo-phil.
- What?
Why are you following me?
What? I thought we had
a long way to go.
Yes, there is a long way to go.
Were almost at Jeok-seong
so you should be on your way.
We're far from the capital now.
I lost all my money and customers
because of you.
And, you want me to go back?
Men and women alike
just won't leave me alone.
Sir, even animals will
pull out all their fur
to repay for gratitude.
Make yourself a coat.
This so-called aristocrat...
You deserve a good beating.
I called an aristocrat an aristocrat.
What's wrong with that?
I guess you're right.
But I'm still angered.
Sir, just between us,
you're a funny aristocrat.
You bastard!
Is this the wolfsbane flower plantation?
Yes, sir.
Sorry. I'm not going to ask
anymore so finish eating.
News travels fast.
They ignore you because they heard
you've been screwed.
You bastard!
What's that?
A shooting star?
What? In the middle of the day?
A bird?
- It's an arrow.
- It's an arrow.
You're useful sometimes.
No. It's nothing.
What? Tell me.
I've got good intuition.
What is it?
It might be better not to know.
Fine. I'm going!
Happy now?
No, it's not that...
But you...
Hurry up...
Bong-phil, Bong-phil!
Bong-phil, Bong-phil!
Sir, again...
It's Seo-phil.
Now it's okay.
I got so worried about you.
I couldn't swallow a drop of water.
Please just swallow that food
in your mouth.
Say hello.
He saved your life.
We wish to stay
for a couple of days.
I'll pay a proper amount.
No need sir.
I was getting lonely.
Please stay as long as you want.
There should have been
no reason to target him.
He's done a proper diagnosis.
Make some noise.
I thought you were a ghost.
You must be begging for death.
You can die from this flower.
Is that wolfsbane flower?
Yes, sir.
I hear it's difficult to handle
because of its poison.
You have good skills.
You can't survive in this town
if you can't handle these flowers.
- This is nothing.
- Is that right?
Where did you get this?
I'm here because I want the answer
to that question.
Iron or man gets stronger
with more beatings.
This cast iron has been struck
thousands of times.
Can you hold this?
What are you doing?
It's not from this land.
To make a monster like this,
it must have taken
a dozen blacksmiths.
Not from this country?
No, it's from China.
That's right.
There's only one person
who could have imported this product,
The trade magnate, Master Han.
Master Han.
Peanuts for sale.
Peanuts for sale.
What is with that look?
A disguise.
I'm perfect at everything that I do.
This level of undercover
disguise is necessary.
You should've made a little more effort.
Your intuition was right.
Embezzled funds go
through here, right?
You knew?
I nearly got assassinated
on my first day.
They're more aggressive than I thought.
Be careful.
I don't understand
how they handle goods of that size.
Outside the capital.
Nothing that a trade magnate can't handle.
It's too easy.
If they converted so many
products into cash,
such amount would be tremendous.
Won't be easy.
Can you trace the ministers
of the royal court?
Pry into the court?
If they embezzle such funds,
someone had to benefit...
either in property or by position.
Minister Lim, too.
It must have required a lot of money
to become a big shot of the royal court.
I understand.
And I need to find out
about this Master Han.
Can I have some peanuts?
It's not for sale.
Who's there?
Is Master Han present?
The Master is out.
Then I'll wait inside.
Didn't you hear that
the Master is out?
Take this.
Don't get on my nerves
and be on your way.
Yes, I'm on my way.
You're not worth
the mole on your face.
Master Han bastard has
beautiful ladies around.
Minister Lim sends another guest.
What a persistent man!
If you look that hard,
she'll talk back?
Pathetic bastard!
Who knows?
They say faith will move a mountain.
You just pay attention to reporting
on the virtuous widow.
Yes, honey?
I know, honey.
No wonder you get hit by arrows.
So let's quickly wrap this up
and go back to the capital.
I don't want to die here.
Virtuous widow inspection
is not important now.
Sir, are you in?
I got worried as you didn't come
to inquire about my sister-in-law.
He says that business is not important.
I was just on my way.
Then I'll lead the way, sir.
Sir, I think we're the same age.
I was born in 1762.
I was born in early 1762.
Let's go.
I'm 12 years older than you fellows.
We're servants flogged?
Lowly creatures,
There's nothing like
beating to keep them in line.
I guess there are many reasons for beating.
This was her room.
I know it's difficult
but it's standard procedure.
Can you tell me about
your daughter-in-law?
I first saw her 5 years ago.
They brought her suddenly saying
she was to be married to my son.
I am Kim Ah-young.
My son fell sick as soon
after the wedding.
She kept by his side taking care of him.
But, our son finally left our side.
And one day, my daughter-in-law
brought a wolfsbane flower.
She worked hard to forget her sadness.
I was proud but felt sorry
for her at the same time.
I thought she was calming herself
but that wasn't the case...
It was concerns for me
that kept her going.
When the plantation became decent...
I still can't believe it.
It's my fault that I had no idea
what she was going through.
I'm sorry to have caused you pain.
I'll be on my way now.
Must have recently built
the ancestor shrine?
There was a fire 3 years ago.
Cause is still unknown.
Ancestor shrine on fire.
How odd!
Perhaps the ancestors were angry.
My brother got sick again
and his wife, too...
This was being hidden.
It's not the capital and
you were able to get your hands on it.
The 2nd book!
There's nothing special about
the deceased Mrs. Kim.
Her husband, Minister Lims eldest son,
was suffering from lung disease.
And, he was still able to get married?
He got much better in Jinju
where he went for recuperation.
He met his wife there and
decided to get married.
But, why all of sudden?
There was a fire to the ancestor shrine.
The ancestors must have gotten angry.
His sickness got worse and died.
Going back to our topic...
Yes, back to topic.
The trade magnate here...
The trade magnate?
The trade house seems
much bigger than the others.
Because of their size,
they can unload many products.
What do you mean?
How large is the scale?
The goods that come through this tradehouse?
That is...
How were you able to
get this position?
Having no knowledge about
the situation of your jurisdiction.
Let me see the books
on the tradehouse.
Ah... Yes.
I'm afraid that's outside my authority.
Said Master Han?
No way.
I haven't even met the person.
Haven't met him?
Other than for the fact
that the name is Han...
Never shows himself.
Never shows...
I guess he's concerned about
security given the size of the business.
I'm here to see Master Han.
The Master is not in.
So, you must have had
a fight or two...
You low servant class...
Can't you hear that this noble man
is here to see Master Han?
I can't.
Sir, he didn't hear.
I thought your voice was a bit soft.
I know he's inside.
Out of the way!
Asking for a beating, aren't you?
Bring them inside.
That's fine.
Please come inside.
Surprised that I'm a woman?
Gosh, you're stunning...
I mean...
Because of that before.
I have a black dog.
Won't eat unless I feed it.
To eat what you were preparing
the size of the dog must be.
Big as a bull.
Can I take a look?
You came here to see a dog?
Do you know what this is?
It's used by assassins of China.
Stuck in the back of the head
through the vital organ,
will cause instant death
without a trace.
How do you know this so well?
I'm a businesswoman.
I need to know about everything
that can bring a profit.
You mean this can also be traded?
There was no one who asked for it.
Can do anything
that could be profitable. Then...
How can this have anything to do
with reporting on the virtuous widow?
That should be enough for now.
What an embarrassment!
What? No way I could have gotten
an answer from her.
Got intimidated by a woman.
I told you she's not someone
to be reckoned with.
Reading pornographic books
won't help?
Won't substitute talking
to a real woman?
Just looking at women in porn books.
Stunning? Ha!
Get away from me!
It's so hot and you gotta be
standing right next to me.
What's the point?
Makes you more hot.
Shit! Don't even feel like working.
The fate of a servant?
You do as ordered.
Work our asses off and
all we get is a beating.
How could our lady abandon us?
Watch your mouth!
Abandon us?
Our lady would never do such a thing.
You crazy?
What if someone over hears us?
I'm so hungry...
Won't someone feed me?
He's a retard.
Hey, do we have some rice balls left?
I'm hungry!
Let's go before someone sees us.
Tell the truth!
We just fed him rice balls
because he said he was hungry.
What secret did you have
that led you to kill him?
I'll decide after I hear your response.
This looks like a rake.
This a shovel, even a scythe?
I haven't seen these tools before.
The lady made it for us.
Lady? The lady made
these farming tools?
For you servants?
The rash on your forehead is
from the wolfsbane flowers?
No sir! Not us.
We just couldn't believe
that the lady took her own life.
She just wasn't someone
who would do such a thing.
The world will come
that has no classes.
In the beginning there were
no aristocrats or servants.
Don't believe only the things you see.
Somethings, you can only see
after you believe.
Those who sow in tears...
will reap with songs of joy.
Must have recently built
the ancestor shrine.
There was a fire 3 years ago.
Cause is still unknown.
It was a few days
before the lady left us.
Take this.
What's this maam?
We already got our wages.
It's your servant documents.
And not too long afterwards,
we heard the lady died.
What happened to that servant document?
Master Lim took it.
Then who took over the plantation?
After the lady died,
the plantation went over to Master Han.
To Master Han?
An equal world?
What a courageous person.
I'm still moved...
You were doing great things.
Creating a world that
we were only dreaming of
you were making it as a woman.
Sir? Sir!
The tool that we saw.
I've never seen it before.
She must have gone through
series of trial and error.
A person about to commit suicide
wouldn't bother inventing a farming tool.
Must have been a thorn on his side.
Christian son who burns down
the ancestor shrine,
Daughter-in-law who goes
against the gentry.
It was the Christian son,
who set fire to the shrine.
For that reason
the Lim family put him on trial
and exterminated the wife,
making her a virtuous widow.
How could they try to pass
a Christian as a virtuous widow?
It's obvious
they would be found out.
It's no crime these days to get rid of
one or two Christians.
What are you going to do?
She is a virtuous widow after all.
Did you have a chance to investigate?
After the embezzlement scandal
there was no one with obvious changes
to property or position.
I checked Minister Lim's
real estate holdings as well.
Wolfsbane is worth a lot
as medicinal or weapon material.
Minister Lim had no reason to get
his hands dirty on embezzled funds?
Then it must be Master Han.
No! Minister Lim killed
his niece-in-law
and handed over the plantation to Han.
They're either partners or enemies.
Kim Ah-young wasn't killed
just because she's was a Christian.
Her death has to do with
Minister Lim and Master Han.
The root of embezzlement and
virtuous widow is the same.
I need to grill the magistrate
to pull at the roots...
...of Master Han!
It's all part of my disguise.
A careless woman...
Here. The servant documents.
I gave you all that you've asked for.
Now, the accounting books.
Cause of death unknown.
Looks like a sudden death.
Saw a ghost...
Stuck in the back of the head
through the vital organ,
will cause instant death
without a trace.
You gotta let me know
where were going.
Dragging me by the nose
as if I was a dog.
Where are we going now?
Trade magnate...
All the questions lead
to Master Han.
What's the entertainment?
Plantation servants are being
punished at the trade house.
What the!
What brings you here?
Stop immediately!
These servants are under my authority.
They need to know
they have a strict master.
Even so, human beings should not be
treated that way!
Are you objecting against
the basic social system of this country?
Rather than your worthless sympathy,
would you take the beating
in place of those servants?
If I do that, would you stop this madness?
Show him out.
They're coming again.
Mixed grain.
That looks tricky.
Those bastards won't move a step.
Sir! Finally you remember my name.
I thought of you only as a thief.
But now if think you're like
my own limbs.
How could I have lived
so long without you?
I will never forget about you.
You're giving me goosebumps.
Stop right there!
I have no accomplice!
I work alone!
Priceless painting of Danwon.
How much could
all their products be worth?
It would be possible with paintings.
Precious paintings would be
perfect for bribery.
This place is crawling with rats.
So, extra care is needed.
How is that bruise?
Good to hear you're fine.
I should've followed this lunatic.
I'm not afraid to say anything
since we're facing death.
You little young brat!
Not showing me any respect.
- You crazy?
- I am crazy!
You! What's my name?
- Bong-pil?
- Son of a!
Wait! You'll get us both killed.
Hold still! Still!
Hold still! Still!
Frightened little brat!
According to the Art of War,
Art of War?
Have you even read it?
Of course. Art of War is
the oldest of the Seven Books,
and it can be applied
to many areas of life.
It's like a gem of strategy.
Then, what should we do now?
How much do you weigh?
My weight?
Perhaps around 60 kilograms.
Why do you ask?
- Just curious.
- What a screw up!
I bet you only read the intro to the Art of War.
Good thing you're curious
about so many things, you idiot!
Who, me?
I'm a little brat.
I'm sorry.
Please spare my life.
Don't you think that was too much?
This fool... Ah...
One two three...
This fool, this fool...
Don't listen to this fool!
Forgive me if I went overboard.
We're serious when it comes to thieves
since there's so much as stake.
It was a mistake on our part.
You're stepping over the line.
Go outside.
What are you doing here
at such an hour?
I guess you'll talk at the district office.
There's another thief.
Not surprised?
Not the first time?
Minister Lim gave you the plantation
as well as the servants.
So why would he send
another thief?
Yes. Even the great trade magnate,
couldn't get that plantation for nothing.
There had to be consideration.
But you didn't give it yet.
What could it be?
Something you have that
Minister Lim doesn't.
You'll do anything for a profit...
but what changed your mind?
Do think I profited
from the death of the lady?
Who wouldn't think so?
Since you got the plantation
after Mrs. Kim's timely death.
The lady first came to me 3 years ago
right after her husband's death.
Her first words were unexpected.
Please allow me to work here.
She was very capable.
We were able to avoid
a big loss because of her.
Have you heard of Chi-ong?
Kim Myung-kuk,
the master of donkey paintings?
Then you'll be able to
distinguish the original?
May I look at the painting?
The paper is from China.
The person who gave the paper
to Kim Myung-kuk
must have been a person of influence.
And the painting would have
been impressed with a seal.
Kim Myung-kuk was poor.
Perhaps he had no seal?
Then the wealthy buyer
would have put his seal.
To get a decent price
for the painting afterwards.
Then this coarse painting is authentic?
The painter couldn't survive
without alcohol.
He would paint
for a cup of wine.
But, there is no way to prove this.
So, listen to this hypothetical situation.
One night Chi-ong got
an opportunity
to paint with gisaeng
pouring him drinks.
When he was getting tipsy
he picked up the brush.
One drink after the forrest,
One drink after drawing a student.
One drink after the donkey.
He passed out on the gisaengs lap
after drawing the back.
Chi-ong dies and his painting
jumps 10 times in value.
The gisaeng decides to
put the painting up for sale.
But without the hindlegs and buttocks,
she realizes that
she can't get a full price.
So she gets another painter
to paint the missing parts.
What a shame!
Unfinished work would have been
worth more money.
Afterwards the lady helped me
distinguish the authentic paintings.
So the symbol below was
by Mrs. Kim...
You're bound to run into
imitations when dealing in art.
If you were to lose
so much for one mistake,
would you have the lady killed
if you were me?
Then Minister Lim had a motive
for murder.
Mrs. Kim knew that embezzled funds
were turning into painting
from the start.
This flower resembles the lady.
The coy look like a doll bride
but the head wears a helmet
like a warrior.
Lethal venom hidden
behind the beautiful flower.
The lady found hope inside.
I have a black dog.
Didn't wash the dirty laundry.
Won't eat unless I feed it.
The one feeding wasn't
the real owner?
Embroidery in the room...
How about it?
Giving me what Minister Lim wants.
I don't do business with
someone with a weakness.
I hear the country's in an uproar
to find the list of Christians.
Aren't you a baptized Christian?
I'll get him.
Until then be safe and wait for me.
You need to get to a safe place.
Find Master Han!
It was Minister Lim...
Quickly, back to the capital.
Hey, hey!
Get out of here!
You're late.
Why would you want him dead?
Perhaps it was for this.
List of the Christians.
Your name's also here.
That's enough of a reason to kill.
You devil!
You'll pay for your sins.
Pay for my sins?
Would Han do as price?
You killed your fellow student
and childhood friend.
You are a vicious fellow.
Is that him?
Yes! He came with that needle
and asked where
he could purchase it.
You were behind the murders
of the magistrates?
What is the poison you held?
Poison to kill Minister Lim...
Lim embezzled the funds
to get the paintings
then, used the painting
to launder money.
And, Han recorded everything
in her accounting book.
Poison to kill Minister Lim...
The ledger.
Why are you doing this?
Out of the way!
I'm sorry.
The wheel fell out.
Out of the way!
This waterway goes
through the tradehouse.
Take them out!
Why for me?
Only you and the lady treated us
like human beings.
We're sold for half the price
of four-legged animals.
Even so, how can we
not know love and care?
The lady told us
of another world to come.
I couldn't protect her.
But, I'll protect you.
Go, now!
What happened?
Scratched by a cat?
You look worse.
That fool Minister Lim got me this time.
Cramping my style, damn it.
It's dangerous here.
Let's get out of here.
I still need to find something.
Go! Quickly!
Get yourself to a safe place.
Look for what?
You think you look cool
or something?
You little rascal!
Can't do it.
Don't you know?
I'm not good at taking directions.
Easy, easy.
What are you looking for this time?
A book full of names and numbers.
Names and numbers?
Record of painting transactions.
Embezzled funds turned into paintings.
Minister Lim bought people off
with those paintings.
Where could they be?
Where I haven't been, didn't see.
Look for vinegar!
You wait here!
Come on!
What's there to life?
Wow... it's big.
This was it.
That Lim bastard!
Shit! I thought
there was only one.
Sir! Are you alright?
No! Don't come down!
Are you alright?
They're just two dogs...
Big or small... they're just dogs
Leave it to me and go!
But still...
Go, you rascal!
You haven't learned this yet.
Good job. I knew you were
smart enough to find it.
This will be enough to frame Han
for the embezzlement.
Very detailed.
Vile Christian bitch.
How dare she turn against me?
I knew you were full of flaws
but you're a complete idiot.
Had people killed
just because of public imposts?
This country won't make progress
because of idiots like you!
You think I'm capable of
only so much?
Who's stopping the progress
of this country?
With reformation as an excuse,
they protect fools with no heritage...
When we have Seoul...
Talk of moving the capital?
Because of such stupid governance
the Christians are having a day at the park...
Christians are sons of traitors
who should be killed.
Son of a bitch!
You go first and
the King will soon follow.
This Joseon needs no reformation!
Where are you?
Where are you?
Sir, what happened?
Get him!
Come here!
Good dog! Wait... Wait.
Sir! Are you alright?
You're not alright.
Letter from Han.
From Han?
I make this request to the inspector.
I wished to live even after
jumping off a cliff.
But my will was not strong enough
against the greed of Minister Lim.
It is up to you now.
You have to live
to save more people.
When you realize death is
the only option,
then, you find a way to survive.
Tell Han.
The basic principle of Art of War is
to deceive your enemy.
Use 36 chapters from Art of War
to our advantage.
And, buy time to deliver
the letter to Seoul.
The most important passage is
Chapter 33 of Art of War?
Turn your enemy's spy
to your side.
Who's the jerk?
After the hunt,
even the hunting dog gets eaten.
You are...
Who are you?
We're in the same line of business.
Are you trade magnate's man?
You're not a complete idiot.
I was shadowing the aristocrat
under an order from Han.
What do you want from me?
I'm here to save
the poor hunting dog.
Minister Lim wants you dead.
You lunatic!
You're a fool.
Do I have to show you
what your master will do to you?
If this works,
we'll be in a better position.
Do you know what's going on now?
Can you see the light over there?
If you know your enemy and yourself,
you can win every battle.
Chapter 14 of the Art of War?
Raise up the dead!
Even the brave Cao Cao will waver.
Get her!
Chapter 20 - Catch the fish
by making the water murky.
Someone will pay for the fire.
Who'll be to blame?
See them coming for you?
Come see Han
when you got it straightened out.
This one ate poison
so I can't even eat it.
Who's there?
You crazy...
Chapter 6 of Art of War.
Lead your enemy
in the wrong direction.
Must buy more time.
Although we're only
at the design stage,
If the crane and the wheel work,
then, there will be nothing
we can't can pull up.
Since we bought some time,
shall we get ready for the final battle?
You bastard! How could you
have let Ah-young live?
I let the lady live who you killed already?
You can't afford to treat me this way.
What will you do if I talk?
Are you threatening me?
I killed your eldest son,
magistrates and even the inspector.
All for you!
How dare you!
How can you do that to me?
Let me teach you a lesson.
You came just at the right time!
How can you?
How does it feel to see her
come back from the dead?
I realized when I stood
on the edge of the cliff
how tortured he must have been
to have no one help him.
You bastard!
How dare you frame an investigator
commissioned by king?
Come forth and confess of your conspiracy
to bribe officials with embezzled funds
and from illicit trading of wolfsbane.
the venom you hid inside
was all burnt.
And your partner magnate is also dead.
So where is the evidence?
Her partner?
Your Highness,
you came at just the right time.
But it was very close.
Minister Lim!
You killed your own family
for your greed
and tried to harm the officials
as well as your King!
I was set up, your Highness.
I heard your own confession
along with my soldiers.
How can you dare tell lies!
Sir, this bastard is a Christian.
So is this woman.
Here is the list of the baptized.
Full of trickery!
Court Lady's Secret Appeal
Your Highness...
Arrest him at once!
Yes! Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
This is for the guru,
this for Lim Yoo-sun,
this for the Mrs. Lim
and this is for the dogs.
Hey! You almost turned me
into a ghost.
You told me to hide under the tree
and save you.
Then, should've done it early.
All you do is whine!
What did you say?
Whining bastard!
Do you not know of your place?
It hurts!
I was teaching him manners.
You have quite a burden,
trade magnate, sir.
Not at all, ma'am.
Trade magnate?
But, I'm...
You need to live to save more lives.
I'll lead the soldiers away
and follow you soon.
You must...
You must!
Let's go...
You too?
I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.
No need to apologize.
I knew anyway.
Is that right?
I'll be on my way.
I have business to take care of.
Han I met and Minister Lim dealt with
was different person after all?
Minister Lim's not too bright, is he?
Minister Lim wasn't deceived
since Andrea is really the trade magnate.
It is actually you who was deceived.
Then, Bong-phil is also baptized?
Anyway, the servants will
have it easy thanks to you.
I'm thinking of going to China.
To China?
The plantation was built by the servants
and it belongs to them.
For them to be owners of the new world,
I need to leave.
Are women all like this?
Can't believe it's the same person.
When I saw you at the trade house...
You looked voluptuous...
I mean,
like the Court Lady...
A person shouldn't be too perfect.
You know that saying,
2% less makes more attractive.
Sir, are you a Christian?
Yes, I think so.
Christians have this gentle,
modest air about them.
The mathematician Choi Suk-jeong
came up with a complicated problem
and there was a competition
between the scholars to solve it.
My sister told me
that there was a western machine
that will solve the computation
and that I will receive it upon baptism.
So I went to the ceremony and there...
In the name of the Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit.
The reason for my baptism...
But you took the last one.
I desired the same...
Rather than blaming me,
blame yourself for being late.
Will you go without saying goodbye?
I got clubbed and shot by an arrow
because of him.
What a relief to think
I won't see him!
What? Over there!
It's too bad...
two of you could have got along well.
We met once,
perhaps we'll meet again.
1 Year Later, China
Get him!
You stole a dog again?
Steal it?
They were going to eat it.
What about you?
Jumping a restaurant bill?
I plan to pay
when I get to Joseon.
What business in China?
I need to see the lady.