Detroit Dreams (2022) Movie Script

Party tonight at UBQ.
Ladies free before 11:30.
Come on out and
party with us, baby.
Party tonight at UBQ.
Party tonight at UBQ.
Got the short niggas
be out their mind
Party free before 11:30.
Hey, how are you doing?
Party tonight at UBQ.
Wsup, Dan?
This is how we do it
I thought through
big block and a shoe
Party tonight at UBQ.
Ladies free before 11:30.
Shut the fuck up.
Go around goddamit.
We got to
Fool when I'm
rocking the paint
Low straps gotta blender
hat to match the big Jordans
City that's dressing with us
They best off to me
and impressive enough
This lot is booming, man.
I'm just saying.
You know your girl done passed
out all these flyers, girl.
Make sure your ass is ready
for tonight, for this party,
so that we can stay booked.
Girl, you better pass me
my motherfucking drink.
Thank you, but you know
your girl gonna be like...
Boy, what the is
fuck wrong with you?
If you don't go your ass
over there and gimme a wine
out that cooler.
And where's your daddy at?
BOBBY: When I was a kid,
I didn't care about
nothing but my shoes,
making sure they stayed clean.
feet so I had to grind
Everybody gave it up
Come here, boy.
We all eat together that's
how it's supposed to be
What's wrong with you?
Come here.
What's up with you?
They just some
cheap shoes, Bobby.
Wipe them off and keep it moving.
Listen, let me talk to you.
You see that field out there?
You can play pro
ball or something, man.
Baseball, football or something.
You hear me?
Think big.
It's a big world out here, man.
You gonna be
something, you hear me?
Now, come help me pass
out some of these flyers.
What the hell you
think y'all doing?
I told you I didn't
him in these streets.
He asked me to go.
I don't give a damn.
I told you you can't be
in these damn streets.
Ma, I ain't.
I don't wanna hear shit.
What the fuck wrong you?
Go your ass over there
(INDISTINCT) our son
like I told you to do.
You tripping about nothing.
Get your ass up outta here.
He asked me to go.
I don't give a damn.
BOBBY: My mother, she
was the prettiest evil queen
you could ever meet.
I say that 'cause that's
how my dad treated her.
My dad was one of the
biggest party promoters
on the East Side.
Party tonight at UBQ.
Ladies free before 11:30.
Party tonight at UBQ.
Ladies free before 11:30.
Come on out and fuck with us.
Damn bitch, where
your friends at?
Don't call me no
motherfucking bitch.
Oh, my bad.
Hey, baby.
Take these flyers
with your sexy ass.
Ladies free tonight at UBQ.
Thank you. You're
kinda sexy too.
Thank you. Your toes done now?
Of course my toes is done.
Hey cuz, you don't see
me talking to ol' girl, man?
Who the fuck you
talking to nigga?
Fuck I said, nigga?
Fuck this nigga.
I air this bitch out and
beat your ass, nigga.
Fuck this nigga.
Calm down, calm down.
Come on.
I know this motherfucker.
BOBBY: And that was that.
End of discussion.
That day plays out over
and over in my head.
Detroit, good morning.
It's your boy, Nick Money,
and I'm talking that cash
on What's Real Radio.
Listen, I got your chance to
win these Kodak Black tickets,
May 14th.
Wake up, then call
me. (313) 298-1075.
Until then, man, I got some
of that Lil Baby, (INDISTINCT).
BOBBY: This is Detroit,
the land of the haters,
and have-nots, with the
core fabric of a hustler,
if you're built right.
Call and talk to
me, (313) 298-1075.
Don't forget I got
some of that Lil Baby.
And of course,
Detroit's own, Marsh.
Hey, shout out Bobby, man.
Cooper Street
Records, I see y'all, man.
We are Detroit, man.
What's Real Radio.
BOBBY: They say the only
way to make it out of Detroit
is with a big ass gun,
and a bigger bag of dope.
I didn't graduate from Cass Tech,
or get a scholarship
at Wayne State.
But I always had
the mind of a hustler,
mind of a businessman.
For some, it was drugs.
But for me, it was
parties like my father,
then it came to music.
I've been in this music
game for five years
managing every
little upcoming group.
Y'all better stop
motherfucking playing with me
in this bitch, before I pop
the shit outta one of y'all ass.
What the fuck is y'all
in here doing, man?
I'm working.
This nigga always asleep.
Man, y'all supposed to be
in here making music, man.
Man, these motherfuckers
won't stop fucking with me.
BOBBY: People think being
the manager is easy money,
but it's far from the truth.
You have to be their
parent, their bookkeeper,
even their supplier sometimes.
Look at that drive here,
that's the only
thing I fuck with.
(INDISTINCT), you're
gonna make a hit.
This is all I know.
What is you saying?
Why you keep blowing my phone up?
I'm your fucking
manager, not your daddy.
I'm not gonna be paying
your fucking phone bill.
You a grown ass man.
Go pay your own fucking phone.
What the fuck is you
niggas out here doing?
Damn, Bobby. Where
the fuck you been at nigga?
We ain't see your ass
in damn near six months.
No, for real, 'cause how
the fuck you let them whores
drop before us?
You got us fucked up.
Like we ain't been
recording the recording.
You got this butch ass
DJ not spinning our shit,
you not working our shit.
We supposed to
been drop the record.
And I'm tired as fuck.
How the hell are y'all
supposed to put anything out?
I mean, your ass out the
country every different week
with a different nigga.
I'm watching your
fucking Instagram.
And you keep sitting up
here and getting pregnant.
We still can
release music, nigga.
We still lit.
The fuck.
Well, get y'all little
ass in the studio.
That's what y'all need to do.
Nigga, fuck you.
Make it tenfold, nigga.
BOBBY: Now with
more flyer, more cooler,
and definitely more
stubborn than Flight ass.
One arm in the rap game,
two legs in the streets.
Get on the fucking ground.
POLICE: Put your
hands behind your back.
Put your hands behind your back.
BOBBY: One arm in the
game, two legs in the streets.
Man. Hey, man, listen.
I just told you Keysha
(INDISTINCT) is not available.
I got other artists
(INDISTINCT), Skype and Flight.
And Flight about to
get out just in a minute.
Bobby, I need some adhesive.
This tape ain't working.
Man, make it work, man.
It ain't sticking, man.
We not gonna be able to
cover the whole downtown
in 30 minutes with you
moving like that, man.
I need you to take
care of that shit, man.
Find that shit, make it stick.
Listen bro, I told you I
can't do this shit, man.
What you want me to do?
You want me to send
your deposit back?
They're not available.
No, man. My other
artist just got out,
so we gonna put something
together for you, man.
Just gimme a minute.
But Keysha and (INDISTINCT),
they're not available.
All right, man,
I'ma call you back.
All right.
Look at your calm ass. (LAUGHS)
I guess you ain't the best
drug dealer in the world.
Man, take me to the crib, man.
Man, come on.
I'm gonna take you to
this meeting first of all.
Nigga a meeting, where?
Nigga, I just got
your ass outta jail.
I threw the hood with
And all my niggas my feel me
'Cause we stepping,
you get stepped on
They better know your face
If this ain't the
block you ain't from
Shit just ain't the same
Niggas brothers
getting crept on
Yelling gang gang with
an enemy you slept on
It's fucked up nigga
Me I'm ready, don't
get fucked up nigga
The only way you get one over
If you lock up nigga
BOBBY: One thing I learned
from my father was network,
and how far a secret can go.
You got what I need, Bobby?
All I can get, man.
It's all I can get.
Fucking back killing me.
Doc won't give me shit else.
I would appreciate you
handling this shit for me, Blake.
Let tell you something, Bobby,
I'd rather have your
money than your suck ups.
Shit don't spend well at Mattel.
But anyway, you
do know even if I get
these charges dismissed,
he'll be violated by your PO.
You do know that, right?
Yeah, I know.
They ain't find
shit on me though.
I seen your record.
Three felonies, all drug related.
They don't need to find
it up your ass, do they?
Shit, yeah.
Look at this nigga.
MAGGIE: You like
(INDISTINCT) coffee?
Yes please, Maggie.
Thank you baby.
No problem. You
guys want anything?
I'm good.
I got another
question for you though.
What's that?
Can you get that court
date pushed back for me?
I got a picture
coming up, August 7th.
Plus, this shit just
started moving.
What the fuck are you
talking about, Bobby?
Flight rap.
This motherfucker right here?
Another one of
your acts, huh, Bobby?
Listen here, Bobby.
Detroit music ain't been shit
since (INDISTINCT) packed up
and left this motherfucker
30 years ago.
All right?
You wanna go to
the record industry?
You gotta go where
the record industry is.
LA, Atlanta, New York.
This shit comes back around.
You need to invest with me.
You need to invest in my
label, Cooper Street Records.
Bobby, I called you
down here to tell you
your fucking retainer is over.
That was my last.
But Blake...
No, no, no, no, no, Bobby.
I help you out because
I knew your father,
but now you got me helping
out your drug head friend.
I'm sorry, young man.
But lemme tell you something,
if you ain't got no money,
and this fool right
here ain't got no money,
you two motherfuckers
gonna need a new lawyer.
Listen man, listen, man, listen.
Just invest with me.
You gimme 50 grand,
in 12 months I give you your
50 and extra right on there.
Do I look like I
got a Chase Bank
written on my
motherfucking forehead?
Come on, man. It don't.
Check please, Maggie.
Bobby, listen to me.
I need you to take a moment,
and figure out what it is
you want to do with your life.
You wanna be a
big music executive,
break Detroit records?
Hell yeah.
But you ain't gonna do it
on my motherfucking dime.
I'm sure you'll come up
with something clever.
Ain't shit to do in Detroit
but to sell some dope.
Now you sound like a boss, boy.
That's what the
fuck I'm talking about.
Boss up and get this money nigga.
You fellas do me a
favor, reach in your pocket
and pay that
motherfucking bill, all right?
Have a blessed day.
BOBBY: Like every other
urban city across the country,
(INDISTINCT) club been
played out, a couple years back.
The money, the deals, the records
get broken in a titty bar.
IDs out, everybody.
Tell homie to bring
some more water, man.
the singles, man.
(INDISTINCT) some more
water in this bitch, man.
I done run outta
shit, man. Come on.
BOBBY: After many arguments,
like security and door
runners, about knowing DJs,
I finally convinced
them all, let me in free,
east, west,
downtown, you name it.
Most times, I just
tip out of respect.
Wsup, y'all need a bottle?
Section, what's up?
Yeah, I might.
Okay. Let me know if y'all do.
Damn, hold on.
What's your name?
I'm Easter.
Where are you from?
Newark. You're new around here.
Yeah, something like that.
I ain't seen you.
Look, you wasting my time.
Let me know when y'all ready.
BOBBY: The industry
say we too hard,
too serious, too emotional.
We just say we Detroit.
What's up, Bobby?
I need you to throw
a party in here, man,
and tear this bitch up.
You hear me, Bobby?
For sure.
BOBBY: This is Detroit,
home of the ghetto superstars.
We never had a voice
outside of what we created.
Bitch, get the fuck out my way.
Yo Bobby, man, what's up nigga.
Everything good, bro?
Man, why you ain't
been down to the shop
to holler at me, man?
Hey, you know I'm fucking
with the nigga Mont, right?
Who that?
Mont. Man, stop fucking
playing with me nigga. Mont.
You still fucking with the
music (INDISTINCT), right?
I got somebody I
want you to meet nigga.
Hey, hey, Mont.
This is Bobby, man.
The nigga who popping out the
music I was telling you about.
He got these hot
artists and everything.
Look, I want y'all niggas
to exchange numbers, man.
Nigga, Mont can help you
with your artist, your bag,
all that shit, man.
For real?
Look, man. This the nigga you
wanna be fucking with, homie.
For real.
So what?
You get with (INDISTINCT),
soon as this shit go down,
you look out for me.
BOBBY: You can't leave nothing
of value worth working for
without it being taken
by the dope boys.
They always gonna
find their way to get
in your legit
business, regardless.
So this booth right here is $500
with a minimum of two bottles.
That ain't a problem.
You come with it?
(LAUGHS) Never.
Well, what's up with you?
BOBBY: Now Easter,
I'd met a whole bunch of
beautiful women in my life,
but her, I could tell it
was something different.
I had to learn a
little more about her.
Make sure a nigga dead
Then I shoot him in his face
We get the drop
so that we spending
Boy I don't try and wait
Every time we hit that block
I'm the one busting the Drake
Out here looking
for my cousin
Trying to put
him in his place
Niggas bitches really whores
I mean they
just be in the way
Trying to rob
me you're a damn
Bobby, you listened
to the record I sent you?
Yeah, I'ma get to it.
What you mean
you gonna get to it?
You supposed to been to it.
Why don't y'all fuck
with me though, bro?
Man, you know I fuck with y'all.
No, bro.
You ain't fucking with us.
You too busy fucking
with all these weak ass
niggas and shit.
of shit you on, man.
I'll listen.
motherfucking industry.
I'm the industry.
We're from the same neighborhood.
Now I'm acting funny?
You know you acting
funny though, boy.
I got the plug in the city
Mama who else makes money
Nobody like daddy
Cash money nigga
Ay, look, I want
more than I got
I'm talking hella riches
Real niggas over
here with 100 bitches
Whole squad doing numbers
but we from the trenches
So we appreciate the money
Hey, man, get out that
motherfucking window, man.
I can't see shit.
Shut your bitch ass up.
What that shit hitting on?
No, Flight.
This ain't shit
like the last time.
I just told you that last night.
Shit ain't hitting on nothing.
Jimmy probably been smoking
dope all fucking night, bro.
Man, that don't mean shit.
This dumb ass.
Man, I been doing
this shit for 30 years.
I know what it is.
Y'all cutting a little
dope too hard, man.
This ain't been the same
since you got outta jail, man.
Flight, what up though?
Yo, what's the deal?
(INDISTINCT), what you got?
Yeah, I got a little something.
Hey, I've been fucking
with that song over here.
(INDISTINCT) pushing
that bitch (INDISTINCT).
My cousin just got out.
I want you to do a
couple songs with him.
I'm about to bank
roll his whole shit.
You know I got to you.
Just make sure that
ticket right for me.
I think he about
to get you on
What's Real Radio,
Nick Money in the building
talking that cash.
And listen, I still
got your chance
to win those Kodak Black tickets.
Call me right now,
(313) 298-1075.
But as you know, it's
new music Monday
and I got one of the
hottest artists in the streets
in the building, man.
My dawg, Skype.
And you know where he
coming from, around that way.
Cooper Street Records, man.
Skype, talk to me.
Tell me something good, man.
I'm just blessed
to be here, man.
You know what I'm saying?
It's been a long time coming.
Hey, listen. We're
here now, man.
Who is Skype?
And tell me, man, tell
me about this new music.
Well, Skype.
Skype for the people
don't know who he is,
Skype is an artist from
the east side of Detroit.
He's a new artist.
I've been rapping for about.
Let's go, baby.
Let's go. We moving.
We moving. Let's go.
What you doing over here, man?
I need some pressure, pressure.
Get up, power up.
Let's go. Power up.
Sound like your artist, Skype.
Fuck that, back to work.
Let's go, move.
I remember I was
13 I'm pouring codeine
I've been hustling, I've
been hustling since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
I say, surface, working
Remember I was 13
I'm pouring codeine
I've been hustling, I've
been hustling since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
Now, that's how
you move a new artist.
Now Bobby, you my mans.
But them higher reps up,
they ain't trying
to hear that shit.
They wanna see numbers.
And this shit you
brought me today,
this ain't gonna cut it.
We need mix show, we
need heavy mix show.
You gotta do more.
Like what?
You hear us on the radio.
and Flight killing shows.
You see that shit.
Nigga, that's Detroit.
Outside this bitch, no.
Let me ask you this.
DJ Henny, when his birthday?
Exactly what I thought
you was gonna say.
You gotta build a
relationship with these DJs.
8:30, be at the club,
help them load in.
10 o'clock, get them a drink.
12 o'clock is prime time,
they're playing a record.
1:30 is time to go, "Hey,
take this equipment to the car."
That's how you gonna win.
So basically you want
me to kiss their ass, huh?
I'm saying build G
relationships with them.
Make them part of the movement.
The movement been made.
You just not paying
attention to the movement.
But it's your job to get these
labels to see how we coming.
Our time is coming,
I'm telling you.
And when it do, nigga, it's up.
Hey, man, you always
trying to pull VIP shit, bro.
I got somebody (INDISTINCT).
Look, you can get up for 20
minutes and do your rehearsal.
I ain't want no
motherfucking Morris, nigga.
Since the Oracle was open.
So light, them bitches is dead.
You sound crazy
than a motherfucker.
They said (INDISTINCT)
was gonna die,
and those bitches
are still alive.
Is Morris still alive, nigga?
What the fuck is this
man talking about, man?
What's next nigga, Kris Kross?
Man, my baby.
What's going with you, man?
What's going on, Ruf?
Nigga, ay, Bobby, I bet you took
them weak ass
(INDISTINCT), didn't you?
You know I took
I told you.
I told you, I told you.
Where Mont at?
Shit, man.
He in the back, man.
I'll be there in
that second, man.
Look, you need to be fucking
with dawg on that music, man.
He a little rough
around the edges but...
What you mean by that?
You know, he a good nigga.
Look, man, let me just take
you in the back and find bro.
Come on, man. Follow me.
I'm the realest
Biggest hoop
Head shots what
I say head shots
Me and brody in the
foreign smoking dead ops
Turn around
with a freak bitch
Aint no rules bitch
we make the rules
That's how my niggas play
Hit a town
bitches turn around
I ain't never stan
Listen close I'm break it
down if you don't understand
Hey Mont, man, look
who came to see us, man.
Now drop the money.
Yo, what up?
I'm a winner, I never lose.
Sometimes I act like
Hey, Rufus been
beating my line up
about you talking
about some rap shit.
What's up with that?
I feel like you're just
the perfect person.
I got a business
proposition for you.
What's that?
I got a record label
right now, hot artists.
Hold on.
I kill niggas for money.
You're sure I'm the type
of nigga you wanna go
in business with?
See all this shit right here?
I running this shit.
This is my shit.
You know we kind of
men are about our paper.
I ain't the nigga
you wanna play with.
You know what I'm saying?
BOBBY: I knew what I
was getting myself into.
Just didn't know how
deep this shit would go.
Mont control 80% of the
heroin that's getting served
on the east side.
But at the same time, he
was a dangerous motherfucker.
Bobby, what's the deal?
Get your ass up, boy.
Hey, it's time to turn up, baby.
Stop laying with all
these whores, man.
It's time to get some work done.
Nigga I was
already up. What's up?
The bag just touched down.
I'm about to be on
my way in a minute.
All right.
Yeah all we do
is flip and sell
Taking chances, praying
we don't end up in a cell
I'm the type to call a
plug like damn is it Mill
You the type to get caught
with them drugs and go tell
Get killed, oh well
(INDISTINCT) gave me
a bond, I made the bail
If I don't make 100 Ms
out this shit then I failed
Niggas are telling
on they mama
Man, they
scared to go to jail
Before I go out like
a H-O-E, gimme an L
We in there getting money
We in there rocking Carties
I'm moving shit on Davidson
But never drove a Harley
We drop seals like the Navy
Move like the army
Make plays before school
I was always tardy
Surface, working
Remember I was 13,
I'm pouring codeine
I've been hustling, I've
been hustling this since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
I say, surface, working
Remember I was 13,
I'm pouring codeine
I've been hustling, I've
been hustling since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
The music going crazy, man.
Where the fuck you been at, man?
I need another drop, man.
This nigga Flight
music going crazy, man.
I'm telling you.
Welcome to the DJ's
music conference Detroit.
Every year we got our own
(INDISTINCT) conferences
with the top DJs in Detroit.
Ay, did you even
listen to the record yet?
Yes, I listened and
I recorded a verse.
All my friends, they like,
"Oh, you did so good."
But this is really
only my second time,
so I was kind of
insecure about it.
I knew you was
gonna like it soon as I got
to fucking with it.
We was just taking
our day with the verse.
It's because of Bobby.
You know, him, his artists
busy, studio sessions,
(INDISTINCT), Flight, everybody.
So, I'ma get right
into it right now DJs,
tell me something.
How can we get our music playing?
First of all, niggas
gotta get up into the club
in order to get
their record played.
That's number one.
Number two, when
you get off to the club,
you're ready to get
your record played,
come with your bank roll.
(INDISTINCT), homie.
A little bit money going,
we the fuck on with it.
Yeah, just come early.
Come early and get your
together, introduce yourself.
At the end of the day,
what they all saying is,
learn how to do business.
(INDISTINCT) sometime he
forget about me and my sessions.
Yo, what we waiting on?
Flight, as usual.
You know how this
nigga always late.
Everything okay, baby?
You sure?
Yeah, everything's straight.
Flight better be here
in 10 more minutes.
Yeah, 'cause my feet hurt, bad.
I don't need you looking high,
man, while we in here talking
to these DJs, man.
Get your shit together, man.
Damn, man, what the fuck
was your ass out here doing?
You still out here selling dope?
This shit don't stop, man.
You know what's going on, bro.
Man, I don't even
know why you tripping.
You know I gotta get to this bag,
unless you gonna give it to me.
What the fuck is this?
Put this shit on, man.
Let's go ahead and make
this shit happen, man.
This is a jacket.
(INDISTINCT). Let's go.
Now Bobby, bro.
We about to go in here
in front of all these guys
and you got me with
this big ass jacket on.
You know I like my shit to fit.
Man, you straight nigga.
Stop complaining
all the fucking time.
Let's go.
First and foremost,
man, build relationships.
Y'all really need
to follow what Bobby
and this team is doing.
They really hitting the market.
They really hitting the streets.
They hitting the real grind.
They really touching people.
Y'all give some round
of applause for Bobby.
And we got Flight
in the building.
Flight got the number one
record right now in Detroit.
You feel me?
Yeah, Detroit Dreams,
the record going crazy.
Yo Bobby, you got
something to say, dawg?
'Cause y'all are
going crazy right now.
Yeah, I got something to say.
I'm an ambassador for the city.
And I think Detroit
deserves this recognition
that we getting now.
I've been trying to
put on for the city,
and do the things that we
supposed to been doing.
But we appreciate all the
love we've been getting
around the city.
Let's keep turning up.
Let's go, Flight.
I see you working.
That's what I be
talking about, Bobby.
I'm trying, but I can't
remember everybody birthdays,
but that shit coming
through though.
Now, listen.
I may have a way we can
scratch each other back.
The label trying to
sign a dude from Detroit.
I'm thinking about
pitching Boyz ENT.
Oh yeah?
That's major.
So they gave me a
big bag to work with,
but this shit for real.
But Boyz got the record.
Put flight on it, it's a
win-win for both of us.
I don't know though.
They're sound don't really mix.
Check this out.
I guarantee you, if you
get Flight on that remix,
he'll be the headliner opener
for the Kodak black show
next month, guarantee you.
I been reaching out to
the promoters like crazy.
Boyz been in my pocket.
Boyz ENT, man, they're
like my people too, for real.
You gotta make
that shit make sense.
You make it make sense.
Mont, man, I need
that money, man.
I don't even know why Rufus
plugged me and you together,
man, if you was gonna be
on some shit like this, man.
I need the other part
of that money, man.
You don't see what's going on?
You ain't listening
to the radio station,
our music everywhere.
I need the other part
of that money, man.
Get back with me ASAP.
Come on, Mont.
What's up, Rufus?
You fuck with the spread today?
Nah, nah, not today, man.
I wasn't even feeling it.
You ain't talked
to your man's Mont?
You ain't seen him.
I ain't seen him
in a minute, Bobby.
Well, I need you to holler
at him about that deal we did.
Can't just be walking out
on the middle of the play.
Hey, Bo, do me a favor, man.
Go on the back and
gamble just for a second.
All right.
One second, man. One second.
Nigga just walking
out on the play like that.
Listen Bobby, man.
I'm sorry I got you tied
up in this bullshit with Mont.
But I suggest whatever
you got going on bro,
just leave the shit alone, man.
When I signed the
contract with this nigga,
I gave him 50% of my company.
That ain't how business work.
Bobby, Mont ain't business.
The nigga street.
And right now they coming
down on him harder than ever.
All I'm saying is, whatever
you was doing before you met
the nigga, just go
back to doing that shit.
Can't do that, not with
him owning 50% of my label.
We're gonna have to
go to court about that shit.
What the fuck is you...
Listen, somebody
telling on Mont, man.
That's why he been out the way.
Look, whatever you do,
do not mention court
around this nigga, man.
He a old school nigga, he gets
spooked about shit like that.
Man, I don't give a fuck.
That ain't my concern.
That shit ain't got
nothing to do with me.
We had an agreement.
That's your mans.
Nigga I'ma do what
the fuck I gotta do nigga.
Bobby, this ain't music.
From the East side a
little heavy on the West too
(INDISTINCT) on my wrist
I got a dollar on my neck too
Turned to rap yeah I
need my own membership
Hit the new line at
your car dealership
stand up two feet
Fuck niggas I
put 40s on my 650
Top down downtown
I hold my wrist up
Niggas walk in the
club put your bitch up
True collection looking
Slide with this nigga whore
We gotta cool picture
What up, dawg?
What up nigga?
Damn, I been calling
your ass all week.
Where you been at?
Man, there's a lot
of shit going on.
You would never understand.
Feds went in my spot,
and both my houses.
That's fucked up.
But man, that ain't got
nothing to do with me, man.
I ain't got time for this
rap shit right now, Bobby.
What you mean, time
for this rap shit, man?
We gotta figure this
shit out another time.
Listen, Mont.
I got the hottest
records going right now.
Nigga, I got these
deals on the table.
I ain't got time to be
waiting on that second half.
I need that other half
of that paperwork, man.
And I just told you, I'm
dealing with real life situation.
We gotta deal with this
shit another time, dawg.
No nigga, we gonna have
to dissolve that contract, bro.
Man, nigga I'll see
you in court if I have to.
Court? Contract?
Sounds just like
these rat ass niggas
I'm dealing with right now.
Just know, my
money more important
than the paper it's printed on.
Dissolve that contract, bro.
Don't play with me, Bobby.
The B-12s.
My dawg went crazy
off of (INDISTINCT).
niggas made off three deals.
I can't agree with Eminem.
It ain't fucking free road.
I woke up and...
That nigga in that
bitch going hard as fuck.
He's snapping on that
bitch, I ain't gonna lie.
Man, listen, that
nigga weak as fuck.
I don't even know why the
fuck you put his weak ass
on our shit anyway.
He is terrible, ass.
Jay Shine, politics.
Look man, I hate the
shit, but we gotta do it.
How I sound though, it's fire?
That shit weak.
You can't fuck with me.
That shit weak as hell, bro.
He always doing
some extra shit, bro.
We just was talking
about that weak ass shit,
and you act like
you ain't hear it.
Politics, man.
Hey, Bob.
Flight in that
bitch going crazy.
Is y'all niggas fucking
with that shit or what?
Hell no.
Fuck going on?
It's cool though.
Just let them niggas know
they ain't turn us up, man.
We been turnt up, and you
don't forget where you came from,
and what you rap nigga.
This shit ain't about
the East or the West side.
Nigga, this is about
putting on for the city
and getting the
fuck up out the hood.
And y'all niggas
steady on the same shit.
Man, y'all niggas
wasted my fucking time.
Man, y'all need to get
y'all shit together, man.
Y'all need to get like Flight.
NICK MONEY: What up though?
It's Nick Money, and you
already know you're tuned in
to What's Real Radio.
And this is the remix
man, my dawg Boyz ENT,
Detroit Dreams featuring Flight.
serving Detroit fame
Riding in the drop
with my wrist on bling
All my niggas pay the four
Y'all can't fuck with my team
I'm touching the M
Ghetto boys (INDISTINCT)
I put my trust in them
I'm a East Side legend,
heavy on the West too
Prada on my wrist
I got a dollar on my neck too
need my own membership
Need a new lamb
chop call the dealership
Put the cup down
and stacked up 250
Fuck niggas, I
put 40s on my 650
About time, Scott.
What's up man? How we looking?
Who gave you this contract?
Shit, Bobby gave
me the contract.
Man, this some bullshit.
Bullshit, bullshit how?
What you mean?
What you mean, what I mean?
You talking about eight
years in a deal, two year option.
70/30 splits on the pub.
This is crazy.
You won't get a
sandwich till you 60,
and that's if you sell
a million records, man.
Bobby won't do no
bullshit like that, bro.
You sure you read
that shit correctly?
Man, listen. (INDISTINCT).
There's a difference between
a parasite and a protege.
A parasite want
everything you earn,
a protege want what you learn.
I'm getting ready to
get back to work, man.
Some bullshit.
Let yourself out.
Flight, man, I need you to
answer your goddamn phone, man.
I been calling your ass all day.
Answer your phone, man.
Shit taste better
yesterday, Smitty.
Oh yeah? Maybe
should make it tomorrow.
Whatever motherfucker.
And get this piece of
shit rest wrapped together.
Get the fuck outta here.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow, baby.
My dawg, Flight.
How you doing man?
I'm doing good.
You got something for me?
I got some shit for you.
Nice job.
I told you it's gonna cost
you 15,000 to beat this case.
This is only gonna
buy you a few months.
I ain't gonna lie, I damn
near forgot my court date.
Forgot your court date.
I thought Bobby was
handling everything.
You know something?
I only hear from
Bobby when he in need.
Right now, it's you.
It's your life, baby.
I'll be in touch.
What up baby
What's up?
It's your girl Sierra J,
sexiest voice in the streets.
Welcome back to my show, y'all.
Today we got one of the biggest
artists in Detroit, y'all.
His song is all over the radio.
He doing shows, he
doing features, you name it.
Welcome Flight to the show y'all.
How you doing, Sierra?
What up though, Detroit.
Everything is everything.
You over there looking
like a tasty snack.
You too.
But about this
song, Detroit Dreams,
where did it come from?
How did you make that
song move in the city?
Shit, really just
hard work, you know?
Detroit Dreams
really is like a lifestyle.
You feel me?
You damn near gotta be from here
to understand what
Detroit dreams mean.
But, my job is to make
people that's not from here
to understand what
Detroit Dreams is.
I get what you're saying.
'Cause Detroit has
been under the radar
for a very, very long time.
And its artists like
you that are bringing us
back to the forefront.
So tell me, how are
you making that happen?
Honestly, just
hard work, you know?
Not giving up on myself.
You feel me?
Shout out to Bobby.
He kind of pushed
the envelope for me,
damn near for everybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Speaking of talent,
you recently did a song
with Boyz ENT, a remix
to Keeping it Real, right?
Yeah, for sure.
I did a song with
Boyz ENT, they cool.
They're from the East side.
I know y'all got shows lined up.
So tell me, where should we be?
We gonna have to see.
You feel me?
Honestly, right now I came
here 'cause I'm pushing
Detroit Dreams right now.
Them guys, that's
Bobby and them people.
I did that song for Bobby.
Man, the fuck?
That's what I've
been saying, bro.
Wait, this whole time, I
thought you were assigned
to Bobby's label,
Cooper Street Records.
No, Bobby, that's family.
You feel me?
Cooper Street
Records, that's his shit.
I got my own label,
AFL Music Group.
Okay, period. I see you.
All right. So, that Koda
Black concert is this weekend.
Tell me what can
we expect from you?
We're just gonna
light that bitch up.
You know what I'm saying?
We gonna do what
we gonna do, for sure.
Make sure everybody
that's in Detroit
come out to the Kodak Black show.
All right, y'all
heard it here first.
It's your girl Sierra Jay,
sexiest voice in the streets.
We gonna do it
same time next week.
See y'all then.
BOBBY: See Boyz ENT,
they already changed
the name of their record.
You gonna see one day.
BOBBY: From Keeping
it Real, to Detroit Dreams.
Now Flight, he don't even
want support the record no more.
Ain't this some shit?
Now Mont, he ain't even
answer the phone no more.
Even with a 30K investment.
Sure I'm the type of nigga
you wanna go in business with?
BOBBY: But ain't
came with the other half.
And just when you think
things ain't get no worse,
it just did.
My G.
Whats good? You all right?
Man, I feel good.
Man, how you feeling?
Man, I'm feeling good, bro.
But I ain't see you, I
ain't heard from you.
I been messing with you
since you was an intern.
Yeah. When your ass
was calling for the damn
Biggie tickets, boy.
That's how we met, man.
I was giving my number
out all on your radio show.
You was letting me get off.
And you was about
to give me fired too.
Hold on, we about to go back up.
Nick Money talking that cash.
What's Real Radio
in the building.
And listen, I got your
chance to take home $1000.
All you gotta do is call me
right now, (313) 298-1075.
I got two special
guests in the building.
Briscoe, Mobey, the
whole family is in here, man.
What up though?
What's good, Detroit.
What up though, Detroit.
Man, we just really trying
to put on for the city, man.
Letting niggas know how it
started, where it started from.
Niggas coming here stealing
our sauce, stealing our swag.
And we tired of going for that.
We ain't having
none of that no more.
We finna put all
that on the floor.
So y'all got this new single,
Stay Real featuring
my dawg Flight, man.
Let's talk a little
bit more about that.
We're ain't here to talk
about that bitch ass nigga.
Hey man, you can't be
saying that on radio, bro.
My bad.
Hey, what happened?
He just ain't with
the game plan.
He ain't answering the phone,
he don't want to shoot the video.
We ain't with that.
We ain't need him for real.
Not Boyz ENT.
But y'all gotta come
together for the city, man.
It's the positive way, man.
Man, fuck all that, man.
Y'all not gonna throw my
man's Bobby under the bus
like he ain't put in that
work for the city, man
when it comes to
this Detroit music.
Yeah you right, but
it ain't going nowhere.
Flight from the West Side.
We run Detroit.
We let him come to
the east side for real.
And I'm Detroit, period.
Flight the fuck.
Ay, hold on, man.
This is just too much, cut.
We gonna be right back after
this commercial break, man.
What's Real Radio, Nick Money.
Man, I'm trying
to tell you dawg.
Fuck Flight, fuck the
fucking West Side.
They think they
don't gotta do shit.
Why the fuck did they
even jump on this shit
if they weren't gonna do it?
With my wrist on bling
All my niggas paid the four
Y'all can't fuck with my team
Lame ass whore.
Nah nigga, it's a new bitch.
That's what happened?
East side keep that shit 100,
and that's what the fuck it is.
We would never do no
weak ass shit like Flight doing.
We wouldn't get on no shit
and not fucking do the video.
I thought Briscoe
was your people, bro.
Nigga down there dissing
you nigga on some cold shit.
And all type of
wild shit about...
Fuck Briscoe.
He needed our West side plug.
He gonna be Hollywood.
Man, we all from the same hood.
Man, what we doing?
Keep that shit 100.
This is why I
don't fuck with them.
Never have, never
motherfucking will.
You fuck with me though.
I mean you
different though, baby.
Shoulda have never
fucked with them niggas
in the first place, dawg.
BRISCOE: We ain't
need him, for real.
Not Boyz ENT.
got to come together.
For sure, you gotta
jump on that though.
boss though my nigga.
Bitch you just mad that
me and bro fucked you
And you let wet fuck,
I can never cuff you
He's getting made,
I'ma get my wrist
Y'all ain't at the
house right now?
and Flight (INDISTINCT).
Giving off bad energy and shit.
I got these new artists
I been dealing with.
New kid, man.
Baby Face Ray, he tight.
I fuck with him.
No, I'm telling you.
Wait till you seem him.
As soon as I can shake
loose, man, I'll be your way.
T, my guy.
What's going on?
What's going on with you?
You already know.
I see you still living great.
Yes, sir.
Hey, we about to go in here.
I got a couple
guys, family in here.
I got Flight in here too though.
You got Flight in there?
Appreciate the
invite T, I appreciate it.
I need to y'all to
iron y'all situation.
Y'all my brothers.
I appreciate it.
No, we about to go in here.
You gotta talk to him, man.
Come on, come on.
All right, you want me to go in?
You really want me to go in?
I don't fuck with that nigga.
You know that, man.
Don't fuck this up, bro.
Come on.
I don't fuck with
that nigga, man.
You know that.
Bobby, don't fuck this up, man.
All right, come on.
I'm gonna go on your behalf only.
Damn, nigga.
So you really gonna go in
there and say you signed
a new deal?
What type of fucked
up is that, Flight?
Bobby, the kids
are upstairs, man.
Listen, you so gone off some
pussy and these other niggas,
that you ain't realize that
my court date was coming up.
Nigga, you could have called me.
I would've handled that shit
just like I do everything else.
And say what?
You think I don't see you
around this bitch scrambling?
Trying to make shit look good.
I know you really don't
got no money, Bobby.
'Cause if you did, you
wouldn't try to make me
sign that dumb ass contract.
Nigga, you know I
ain't know what the fuck
was on that paper.
draw some shit up for us
to get the money.
The paper.
Like the paper you
already got, right?
Nigga, how much you get?
I got a little bit of money.
How much?
I got 30 racks.
I had plans for him and that
weak ass Casey (INDISTINCT)
in his pockets.
You had planes.
(SCOFFS) I bet you did.
What the fuck is
wrong with you, Bobby?
I did a two album
deal with my real plug.
And nigga why the fuck
would you do something like that?
Nigga what the fuck
you mean why nigga?
This nigga gave me
25 racks to run his shit.
I shouldn't be around
this bitch having to do
$1000 verses for niggas, dawg.
But if you had me and
your business in order,
we wouldn't even be having
this conversation right now, bro.
Nigga, I went against
my people for you.
Man, listen to me dawg.
Fuck Briscoe, fuck Boyz ENand fuck all them niggas dawg.
All I'm trying to do is get
this motherfucking money
and get out this bitch.
I'm gonna deal with the
extra hating shit as they come.
Is that right?
Streets don't love you nigga.
They just love
what's in front of them.
Stupid ass.
Nigga, why?
I put all this shit on the line,
then for him to go sign
a deal behind my back.
Nigga that's some fucked up shit.
You put everything
on the line for who?
I got the case to fight.
I'm beefing with the
niggas from your hood.
All I tried to do was help.
Yo, y'all niggas
chill the fuck out.
You know I got
the show coming up.
Nigga I don't give a fuck
about none of that shit nigga.
Man, fuck that nigga.
I'm gone.
Straight up.
Appreciate it, T.
See you there.
I was just trying to help you.
I'm gonna have
to kill that nigga.
Your ass be tripping.
What's up.
It's your girl Sierra J,
sexiest voice in the streets.
Welcome back to my show y'all.
Today we got a really, really
special guest in the building.
Somebody we all love to
hate, Felix scamming ass.
Now you know they
looking for you, right?
Everybody in the city, Felix.
I ain't scared.
This don't make no sense.
You know you can't go
around scamming people
with these bottle tops like that.
I already told you
woman, this is not no scam.
This is a business.
You pay taxes on that money?
You use that money to
take care of them kids.
Right. That's what I thought.
Out the hood.
No, I ain't the hood.
Baby, guess what?
I got my gun license today,
and I'm officially a shooter.
Is that right?
Baby, why do you let that
Flight situation bother you?
Y'all family, right?
I mean, family go through shit.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna work
itself out, I promise.
How could you sit up
and say some like that
when this nigga Flight
went behind my back
and signed a deal?
A deal?
Nigga that is not a deal.
Flight don't even
know the niggas.
And on top of that,
you know Flight.
Knowing Flight, he
probably just using them.
You hear me?
Listen, y'all got the
number one record in the city
and you did that,
not them niggas.
It's gonna be okay, I promise.
Ain't shit authentic
no more, baby.
It's all about the money,
the fame, the clout.
The levels of shit
you gotta go through
just to make it in
this game is crazy.
How I'm ever supposed to make it?
You made it.
You a fucking goat.
And shit, you got Skypes,
little niggas and you got me.
What about me?
I rap. You forgot about me?
I could never forget
about you, my baby.
Tell me something,
what do you love?
Honestly, I don't know yet.
But I would like for it
to be you, if you let me.
Can't prove I'm wrong
if we stay together
Making love
See you been working
like a motherfucker my nigga.
How that shit been going for you?
I been in that bitch turnt,
tripping and everything.
Had it on repeat, bro.
I'm shaking this shit
out, this shit cold yo.
What you got going on and all,
but I still feel like you need
to avoid that nigga Bobby
some type of way.
It's your family my nigga.
Yeah, but I ain't gonna lie,
Bobby on some other
shit right now, bro.
He be tripping sometimes.
(INDISTINCT) can't hear my music.
You should put
some shit together too.
Play that one shit for me.
Let's hear that shit.
I've been getting
money for a minute
Come up off a rock
(INDISTINCT) like Jigga
(INDISTINCT) chambers
in the car though
Caught a fed sentence,
too famous for the cargo
It coming out
his his face crazy
Yeah you know we done
Riddled up get him up
That's what's I
call ladies fuck
Boy you know them dirty clubs
Niggas stay triggered up
Moving like the best friends
It's still a no fly zone
You better check in
I'm like Bugaloo
Big bag new (INDISTINCT)
for all the new recruits
What they know fool
Yeah now this is for the
days I ain't have it what
Picking up money
let's have fun
Hey, Bobby.
What the fuck is you
doing here, Bobby?
Damn, Mobey.
Would you chill out, man.
Let's go get your mans, man.
What you doing here?
Trying to sign a new
artist or something?
What's up with y'all, man?
Hold man, hold
on, hold on, hold on.
Man, y'all chill out.
Man, shut your fat ass up nigga.
What's all with the
disrespect Briscoe, man?
Man, you know
what the we on bro.
I've been getting at
you, at your mans.
He ain't been getting
at us for no songs,
no videos, no nothing.
The is fuck is he on?
Y'all gimme a minute.
All I need is a minute.
(INDISTINCT) with y'all.
You ain't acting like an
East Side nigga no more.
You're acting like
one of them niggas.
I might slap the shit
out your artist myself.
That's right?
He's right there.
We're gonna give
you a pass tonight.
You and your homeboy.
Make that shit right.
All y'all, stop
playing these niggas
What's Real Radio,
today is the day.
Growing up they
used to label me a misfit
'Cause I got
Kodak Black is in Detroit,
got the city in a vibe, man.
Make it out the hood, let
me speak it to existence
Get your car clean,
put your fit on,
and get your money right.
Even Stevie Wonder
nigga knew I had a vision
I was destined
by my blessings
Always gave me my forgiveness
Every step that I take, pray
my moves be the biggest
Somersault with the hustle
So I flip it like
Turning pennies to a dollar
My daily intuition
Gotta walk it
like you talk it
Or people ain't gonna listen
Nowadays you gotta pay
a nigga just to get attention.
Ain't nothing easy
Why you think I'm trying bro
Everything I want man
These niggas
out here dying for
I just want my
Baby, why are we even here?
I'm just coming over
to fuck with my people
for a little bit.
We ain't gonna be here long.
Every time you say
that, we end up being here
way longer than expected.
Ain't gonna be here all day.
Good. Who's that?
I don't know who
the fuck is that.
Should I pull off?
No, keep the car running.
How the fuck you
know my people house?
Contract, contract.
In the house, man.
The house, the house, the house.
What are you talking about?
Open the door, man.
I told you, stupid motherfucker,
about them fucking contracts.
You is a dumb motherfucker, man.
Mentioned the contracts to Mont.
I told you about
that shit, Bobby.
Contract, (INDISTINCT).
A fucking contract?
Wait, he was gonna kill me?
No, you lucky this bitch here.
'Cause I had to
leave that bitch...
What up though?
Say less.
I went solo
I got the record break
it up call me crazy bro
Surface, working
Remember I was 13,
I'm pouring codeine
I been hustling, I
been hustling since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
I say, surface, working
Remember I was 13,
I'm pouring codeine
I been hustling, I
been hustling since 13
I just wanted to be
rich, real Detroit dreams
Appreciate you
rocking this shit too dawg.
I'm a liar, I'm
a straight slider
You don't fuck with me
Why the fuck y'all ain't
bringing the business
with us then?
Nigga fuck all that.
And you see how the crowd
was fucking with you, nigga?
Nigga you had the
concert rocking nigga.
They love you in
this bitch nigga.
This is your city
right now, nigga.
We turnt nigga.
For sure.
But listen, what the fuck is
going on with the food, man?
And we ordered this
shit 30 minutes ago bro.
Man, bro, we aint about
to keep sitting around
in this bitch like
Let's go run in that bitch, bro.
Make sure you roll
your window up, man.
Fake ass Chris Brown, man.
Fuck outta here, man.
Bitch hold on.
There go Flight.
Flight, come here.
Flight, I know you hear me.
How are y'all doing?
How are you?
What you got lil
homie out here so late?
Shit, we thugging.
Y'all thugging?
I fuck with that.
Shit, it's my nigga Flight.
What's up my nigga.
Goddamn dawg. You did good
at that summer jam shit my nigga.
Hey, you looking good
my nigga. Goddamn.
What's that, Gucci?
Oh, you fresh.
Them Diors?
What's up with you man?
Goddamn, Flight.
You look at me like that.
It's cool, man.
It's cool, it's cool, it's cool.
What the fuck y'all
niggas want, man?
Local 4:00 news here.
Nina (INDISTINCT) reporting live
on the east side of Detroit.
I'm currently at a
restaurant where a shooting
has just taken place.
We have one woman dead
and others have fled the scene.
According to sources, I
was told this was due to
after a concert with
Flight, the young rapper,
here in the city of Detroit.
According to sources, I was told.
Ay, yo, yo.
What the fuck, man.
You're in this bitch watching TV?
Can I get my car up in
this bitch for 45 minutes?
Man, fuck your car.
No nigga, fuck
you. I'm outta here.
Man, it's just another
tragedy in the black community.
I came here to get
something to eat.
I seen the little young...
WITNESS: It was a little
altercation going on over here.
Damn. Dumb ass
young niggas, man.
All that damn dope.
(INDISTINCT), mollies and shit.
We don't need no
more of this violence.
It's real unfortunate.
Yes, it is very
unfortunate here today.
This is a horrible scene we have.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you today for
telling us what you've seen.
Again, this is Nina
(INDISTINCT) reporting live.
That way, thank you.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
That way, thank you.
BOBBY: Man, I try to stay
low from all the crazy rumors
and all the shit going
on on Instagram.
But I had to stand up for Flight.
I know he didn't do it.
What's up?
It's your girl Sierra Jay,
the sexiest voice in the city.
In Detroit I got some
piping hot tea for y'all.
Word on the street is,
Flight got into a
little scuffle last night.
Well, I wouldn't
call it a scuffle y'all,
because it was a
downright shootout,
and a young lady got killed.
Now, you know how
I feel about that y'all.
I don't like that type of mess.
So, I had to bring my
boy Bobby in the building.
So Bobby, why was Flight
in that alleyway alone?
I don't know.
And where was
his security at Bobby?
And the most important
question, why weren't you there?
How did this happen?
I'm not understanding how
you're putting your artists
in these type of
situations to be alone.
Now we got shootouts,
people getting killed.
Aren't you tired of it?
So why would you
put him in a position,
leaving him out there alone?
No security, like literally
really, no security.
This doesn't any type of sense.
We got babies dying,
we got young ladies dying.
Next, it's gonna be your artist.
Do you want him to pass away?
You want situations like Proof?
You want stuff
like that going on?
I know you're tired,
'cause I'm tired.
I couldn't speak.
I got froze.
That's fucked up, Bobby.
Real fucked up.
Wait, I ain't do that shit, man.
Bobby, if the press
get a hold of this shit,
they control the narrative.
Fuck, man.
Bobby, somebody shot this girl.
And if it was a robbery gone bad,
they don't have no robbers.
They don't have
no suspects, Bobby.
I might even get a
cop on man slaughter.
Push this shit back,
get the press off our ass.
Five to 15.
You can serve four on good time.
How do you do it, Bobby?
To be honest, Blake, I
don't know how to feel, man.
Bobby, what's really going on?
To be honest, man, I
got myself into some shit
I don't know I can't
even get out of.
Such as?
What's up, y'all.
It's your girl Sierra J,
sexiest voice in the city.
As we all heard, baby girl
lost her life this weekend.
We are going to be
holding a special candlelight
and balloon release
for the family.
Come with your donations,
come with your prayers.
Come whatever you can to make
light of the situation y'all.
We have got to stop the violence.
So I need y'all to come together.
Detroit, we gotta do it.
On my way right
now. I got everything.
Yes, let me call
right back though.
Where are you going?
Bobby, I gotta
get outta Detroit.
I gotta go.
I told you I got
this handled, Easter.
I killed a man.
I fucking killed a man.
My God. Come on.
Baby, I'm sorry.
We did what we had to do.
I told you I got rid of the body.
Bobby, please can
you just come with me?
Please just come with
me back to Milwaukee.
I packed everything,
let's just go.
We can start over. We can do it.
I can't go nowhere
unless I can pick the city up
and take it with me.
I ain't leaving.
Typical ass Bobby.
You don't never know
when to fucking fold.
Hold on, old on, hold on.
Don't leave.
Bobby, if you stayed in Detroit,
your ass gonna be in jail.
They're gonna
fucking kill you nigga.
This place is not for music.
It's for killers
and drug dealers.
And I'm leaving.
I fought too hard
for this dream.
Stay in Detroit if you want to.
Carry this city on your back,
do whatever you want to do.
Just don't get
killed while doing it.
I'm out.
Easter, don't leave.
I'm from Detroit city
City of champions
Motor city
I'm from Detroit city
Pittsville, USA
Renaissance city
I'm from Detroit city
City of dreams, you hear me
It's my city
I love my city, you hear me
I'm from Detroit city
Listen though how it
is from my point of view
I was born and
raised East side
Big dawg, let me
see one of them.
Where Bobby due next?
I don't even know, man.
You know, he don't even come
to the studio sessions no more.
Every now and then I get a text
asking if I'm out here promoting.
That's Bobby, he either
hard to find or hard to miss.
Hey, let him know I
got a situation for him.
PROMOTER: No doubt.
I told you he was about to pop.
They warned him.
But they warned him.
Now I know what happened
is messing with you,
but it's your big
break right here.
Flight the hottest
in the city right now.
All the labels, they want him.
You gotta take the deal.
Man, what up nigga?
You good?
What's been going on with you?
Shit, we working man.
What you and Flight working on?
Y'all got something new?
We got some new shit.
Wow, look who
came to work tonight.
I'm paying for it.
But, I heard you been
working on some shit.
This some shit
we working on now.
Yeah. Yeah.
With Pete, Bobby.
You gotta let me know
what we doing, man.
I'm out here going.
Nigga let's turn me up.
Mike Dee been pushing the record.
I got the bitches going
crazy in the club to the shit,
just like you told me.
This nigga got
like 100 new records.
I've been dragging this old
nigga out to the club with me.
Bubba old ass still coming out?
Nigga I ain't asleep.
Man, we gotta get your
head back in the game, coach.
I ain't gonna lie, this
nigga been going crazy lately.
Yeah, man.
Shit. I got to deal
with Flight right now.
I'm working on getting him out.
But, let's get back to business.
Is your mind in the bag?
I know you catching right
now with this Flight situation,
but you gotta
look at it like this.
Flight, the hottest
artist in the city.
You the hottest
executive in the city.
I got records moving,
plus Tate album done.
We got this shit
in the choke hold.
Yeah, you're right.
It's time for me to
get this shit a real run.
Cooper Street (INDISTINCT).
This nigga been going.
If I can get him
to take a plea deal
for involuntary manslaughter,
hell, I can get him
out in three years.
But the boy gonna have to keep
his ass outta trouble, Bobby.
And he'd already turned
this back on you anyway.
Look son, why don't you
take that money you have
and get the fuck out of Detroit?
I can't do that.
It ain't all of
it, but it's a start.
I got niggas in
the state yard
Damn Daniel
I got niggas in the graveyard
I got niggas in
the state yard
Why they had to go away
And I hit my
knees and pray yo
Why they had to
go away though
Why they had to go away
I got niggas in the graveyard
I got niggas in
the state yard
Why they had to go away
This is the savior
of your salvation.
You know what I mean?
Of course, we don't earn
salvation by our service to God.
Such as maintaining...
Such as maintaining
Flight conduct
Are you listening my nigga?
I hear you.
You gotta listen.
These books is where we
gonna get our knowledge from.
This is what's gonna
get us outta here.
Your salvation is in here.
Listen, innate we flame,
send down the truth
against falsehood
so it destroys it.
And behold, it vanished.
I keep a Smith & Wesson
For the niggas
that be testing
My heart stuck on ice
I swear to God that
shit is so depressing
Turned nothing into something
Trying to dodge
a penitentiary
I got niggas in the graveyard
I got niggas in
the state yard
Why they had to go away
And I hit my
knees and pray yo
Why they had to
go away though
Why they had to go away
You can read it all you
want to in all these books,
but really it's all on you.
And those who are near him
are not too proud to worship him,
nor are they weary.
They, the angels, glorify
his praises night and day
and they never slack.
We're gonna get
through this, baby.
Thank you.
I'm about to go in
here and get this award.
I'm a send you a
picture of it for you.
I'm really, really
focused right now.
I'm proud of myself.
My artists, they doing very good.
We gonna pop some Ace.
See, Easter, you
about to miss out.
You gonna miss out
on the celebration, baby.
We did it, Easter.
But we did it though.
You gonna come here soon?
You coming back to me?
Congratulations, Bobby.
You did it, baby.
No, we did it.
Not me, we did it as a team.
Collective, as a group y'all.
Appreciate y'all.
I be chasing cheese
I be having dreams
Baddie on my sleeve
looking Japanese
I invest in me
Ain't no backing me
They call (INDISTINCT)
My boo mad at me
she attacking me
Say I'm always on the
ground no distracting me
About that cat on me
I feel to go a couple rounds
Ain't no fast release
I hit the shower then
I'm outtie so casually
Snatch a soul up out a body
That's a casualty
I holler vamos rapido
That mean rapidly
Looking in the mirror and
my soul looking back at me
Like quite frankly
I ain't really bad
with relations
I just know it's real so
I tell them who the G is
Hey, welcome to the
Detroit hip hop award.
Thank you. Thank
you for having me.
CREW: Bobby.
Appreciate y'all, Detroit.
You're doing a great job.
And we're getting ready
for this and we deserve it.
And I appreciate that.
I want everybody to stay wilding,
and we gonna keep it up.
That's what's up.
Round of applause.
I be chasing cheese
I be having dreams
Baddie on my sleeve
looking Japanese
I invest in me
Ain't no backing me
Always beautiful.
It's always a pleasure to
come to the (INDISTINCT)
and represent for the city.
All right, good to see
you too. Thank you.
I'm finna go a couple rounds
What up, Detroit.
Make some motherfucking noise.
Man, welcome to the
Detroit hip hop awards y'all.
We about to set this
bitch on fire tonight.
But before we do that,
we gonna bring up my
dawg, council man Monroe.
Make some noise for him.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
First, let me say how
proud I am to be here tonight,
and how proud I am to see
how far Detroit has come
in the last few years, especially
districts three and four,
which are my
districts by the way.
I'd like to thank
Cliff, Nate and Angie
for having me here tonight.
Thank you to the
Detroit music awards.
And I'm so proud to see how
far Detroit hip hop has come
over the last few years.
We're finally getting
the recognition
that our city deserves.
I want you to know that
the mayor, the city council
and everyone at Detroit
city county building
is behind you 100%.
So once again, I wanna thank
you for having me here tonight.
And as long as you make music,
remember to keep the peace,
keep the violence down,
keep the music moving
and keep that Detroit love going.
Thank you.
Now time for the
lifetime achievement award
for my man, Bobby.
Cooper Street Records.
Appreciate y'all.
Appreciate y'all.
Appreciate you, Detroit.
For real though, I
really do appreciate this.
And like I said before,
I can't do this without
the man above.
And also, I want to thank my team
And I just wanna let everybody
know anything is possible.
Just remember that.
Anyone can be standing up here.
Always, always stay
focused and never give up.
And I appreciate y'all Detroit.
We got it amazing.
We here, baby, we here.
The name Bobby.
Damn, Bobby. That is right.
You just got the
award, didn't you?
You gotta be thankful
for the city my nigga.
Bless shit up.
I'm trying, I'm trying.
I'm trying brother.
Making everybody proud.
Know what I'm saying?
That's what's up.
He ride down the block
and we be watching
I nod at him but I know
the nigga be plotting
The devil from Detroit
He probably fucking
those same broads as you
Running around in
the same cars as you
The devil from Detroit
He might be on your
right or to your left
Don't fuck around and
be taking your last breath
'Cause from the
devil from Detroit
And I just seen the
devil buy a Chevy
He was wearing
and Michael Mary
This city can't get scary
There's so many
he done buried
100 rounds in that
chopstick that he carry
He be airing
He suited on one knee
Fuck around and
be shooting at police
Yo, this for Mont.
Nigga, I'll see you
in court if I have to.
About the fucking contracts.
MONT: Just know, my
money more important
than the paper it's printed on.
Don't play with me, Bobby.
Don't play with me, Bobby.
How that shit go last night?
Fuck you mean, man?
BILLY: Bobby killed
last night at the show.
That nigga what?
How the fuck y'all
let that happen, man?
BILLY: Yeah.
Stop playing with me bro.
BILLY: He's dead, bro.
Fuck, Billy.
Funerals are not for the
one who has passed on.
Funerals are for
those who are living
after the one who has passed on.
This funeral is not
for our brother, Bobby.
This funeral is for those
of us who are still alive,
that we may learn
from our brother, Bobby.
That we may learn from
the life of our brother, Bobby.
We gotta understand
that we're still here,
and the message he gave us,
we must take into consideration.
And we must live our life
in accord to the message.
The scripture says, "In
the beginning was the word
and the word was with God,
and the word word was God.
And the word became flesh
and dwelled among men."
Will you take the
word into your heart?
Will you take the
word into your life?
Will you live the word?
We gotta understand that
right now we're living in an hour
where you gotta make
your word your bond.
Your word is your bond,
and your bond is your life.
And you should be
willing like brother Bobby
to give your word and give
your life before your word fades.
Our brother Bobby influenced
not only the individuals
in the city of Detroit, from
the West Side, the East Side,
Southwest, North side.
Bobby affected not only Detroit,
but he affected the entire world.
We don't want you just
to simply affect your block.
We want you to affect 57
million, 255,000 square miles
of land on the planet earth.
You gotta understand that
you're living on this planet,
and what effect will
you make on this planet?
Will you take his message,
and become a messenger
of the message?
Will you simply hold it in
your chest, or will you take it
and work it through
your hands and your feet?
We have to do this work.
Not just simply to
please ourselves,
but we should do it in
honor of our brother Bobby.
We're out here in the
world as an example
of what our brother
wanted us to be.
And so if you are
going to do this work,
and you're gonna show him
and have him smile down on you,
then be courageous
and bold in your stance.
The scripture says,
"Be fruitful and multiply."
How long we got? We ready?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Come on, everybody smile.
I got more fan mail for you.
It's piling up every day.
I really don't want this shit.
Just don't feel the same.
That man made y'all nigga stars.
Y'all put on for the city,
and you should be
proud of yourself.
Take these two years and think.
Get back out there
and stake your claim.
Bobby would want that.
And remember this,
you are Detroit Flight.
BOBBY: You know what
I meant when I told you,
"We is doing it for the city."
I want you to
continue doing that.
Detroit is yours.
Carry the name.
And remember, the
dream is to make it out.
FANS: Flight, Flight,
Flight, Flight, Flight, Flight.
You know they say growing
up, it was never easy.
That's why I struggled,
until I made it easy.
Now everything I
believe is felt with music.
It's hard to explain
what I've been through
Have to go hard
when that rent due
I be going hard I
might offend you
But I don't do them
things that you into
150 I'ma show them
what the bands do
If it ain't by my
business, I don't tend to
I know all about the streets
'cause I done been through it
Yeah, I been dropping hits
Nigga I been music
Can't nobody tell me shit
Nigga I been moving
Fucking bitches getting
money what I been doing
Light work to a
boss, I just get into it
You don't know
nothing about my life
Nigga I been through it
Shit, through all my
trials and tribulations
I done been through it all
We done been on the block
But now we all
gonna stand tall
Money on the floor
is my motivation
All it take is hard
work and dedication
I'd getting sick and
tired of niggas hating
Niggas count your pockets
Wonder what you making
Load the magazine
Yeah I'm impatient
I got them mad at me
'cause I'm dream chasing
I'm just trying to
see all this big paper
I do it for my siz
I'm a risk taker
Nigga here we again yeah
I know all I wanna
do is spend yeah
Y'all know these
niggas so fake
Y'all know these
niggas gonna hate
Y'all know what
I been through
Now for all that, you
done seen what I've been
Rewind this track.
Let's play it again.
Ayo Getty
Turn that beat
down just a little bit
Yeah right there
It's plain and simple
You can't change me
'Cause I'ma stay 100 for life
100 for life
It's plain to see
You can't change me nigga
'Cause I'm gonna
stay 100 for life
Yeah, 100 for life
It's plain to see
You can't change me homie
'Cause I'ma stay 100 for life
100 for life
It's plain to see
You can't change me nigga
'Cause I'ma stay 100 for life
Nigga speak of my life
How many snakes
I fed in and they bite
And play victim
when I ask for they life
Don't want shoot out on sight
Sight that don't
keep the energy right
In these rooms I'm
trying to get in a fight
I want a million
and right to rhymes
Niggas gonna fight the crime
Then they gonna testify
claiming they gang inside
But I don't know who is who
Bitches need dicks to ride
Niggas y'all
switching the rule
We don't play Lil Nas
and we don't like 6ix9ine
And if I just offended
you that's fine
No more pretending for
the likes and the fake shine
I fuck her raw
and give her money
Her tubes tied
She tell me Nuke keep
the strap (INDISTINCT)
I cuss her out and give
her money go shopping here
I eat her pussy on a
platter who popping
Here go that Airmax go
and play in Bill Harbor go
I took your and I can't
say that I'm sorry nah
I wrote a check out
to myself for 100 mil
Jim Carey told me manifest it
I'm making it real
I see the journey
come with stress