Dettori (2021) Movie Script

Music: "Una furtiva lagrima"
from I'elisir d'amore by romani
Frankie, vo: In my job,
you lose more time than you win.
I'm not afraid of losing
but as long
as /'vs done things night.
You have to become
a psychiatrist of horses.
Get inside their heads.
You've got to bond
with the animal
and be part of one.
So he can pen'orm
at his very best
You get the one
you have to bully
the one that you've
got to give a pat
the one you have to give flowers
the one you have to shout at.
Una furtiva iagrima
It's not like a piece of metal
then you turn the key
and you drive it,
this is a living creature
what feels how you feel.
Irode over 3,000 winners...
And then you stumble to a horse
like enable
emotionally she's taken me
to places
that other horses cou/dn 't
and you know,
it's an amazing journey.
Commentator: And Frankie's
gone for home at the 300
and she finds two lengths
"enable", the queen of Europe!
Frankie, vo: What happens
when that happens, you...
You get touched even more.
You fell in love with them.
I think this time / feel it
more than / ever did.
I will have a city mouth
and my heart will be pumping
but, hey, I can't stop that
the same thing happened
last year
but last year was a myste/y.
Commentator: And it's
"enable" two lengths clear
followed by "sea of class".
He's still coming, "enable".
Wow, "enable" may have
just held on.
"Enable" joins
the pantheon of greats.
The duel arc winner...
But boy, what a finale.
Frankie, vo:
The great thing about enable
it's kept people
watching racing...
And it's given people
something to fol/o w.
You know, she's
a household name.
She's a great champion.
And also you want to push
the boundaries
we 're going to fly
to do something
that no horse ever done
in recent histo/y...
To fly to win three arcs.
And I have a knot in my throat
when I'm talking about it
because it's more for her,
you know.
I want her to be remembered
as one of the alltime greats.
Cielo! Si puo morir!
Frankie, vo: / want to give
the public something
to remember, that's it.
I told you it was chaos!
Di piu non chiedo
non chiedo
ah, cielo!
Si puo, si puo morir
"Good luck?" yes, yes.
Di piu non...
Music stops
reporter: The prix de I'arc
de triomphe, it is
the preeminent endofseason
Reporter 2: Big race on Sunday
we're all talking about
Reporter 3:
The best jockey in the world
the best horse in the world
right now.
Reporter 4: Frankie dettori
will be widely viewed
as one of the best jockeys
of the modern era.
And Frankie now knows "enable"
like the back of his hand
and they've fought
many a battle together.
Reporter 5:
Now if she won a third arc
she would be rightly considered
a racing immortal.
Frankie, vo: Lusually
like to leave quite early...
Even if that means
I'i/ be there at 72:00.
Who cares?
At least arrive there in
a good frame of mind.
I'll probably go
and see the filly...
Talk to the lad...
And then, usually me and John,
about one o 'clock
we walk the track.
By this stage we already...
Have a plan in mind.
I'i/ be honest with you,
it's just
to give us a little bit
of peace and quiet...
And then it's that last hour,
then you...
Once you give the saddle away,
you just...
You know,
minutes are like hours.
That last 20 minutes,
you just think
god! I want to get out.
I want to get out,
I want to get out.
Crowd applauds and cheers
once you get out of the room
it's like a gladiator comes out
in the ring.
Just eve/ything goes away
and you smell the atmosphere,
and live it...
Enjoy it...
And eve/ybody be staring at me.
He laughs
cameras stuck in your face.
Yeah, I'm used to that now.
Listen, / 'd rather it be
like that
than have no one looking at me/
that means
I'm the important one.
The favourite. I'm the one
eve/ybody wants to win.
John: Right, we'd better go
and find the filly, old boy.
Just ride it
the way it comes up.
It's number one for me. Ok?
Off we go,
they're giving me a nudge
to put you up.
I'll see you later.
Indistinct chati'er
Frankie, vo: And then, lsee...
People's faces are more nen/ous
than me/
so, that makes me feel calm...
Because I'm actually
the one doing it.
So why are you guys nen/ous?
Cos I'm the one on it/
that's it and then
eve/ything goes away
once / get on the horse.
Frankie: Hi, hi.
man shouts: Come on Frankie!
Crowd yells and cheers
Frankie, vo:
It's the best feeling, you know.
Eve/ybody's watching you
some people are clapping,
shouting my name and...
Great, and/ fly to take it
all in and enjoy it.
Shouting continues
I'm riding the best horse
in the world.
I'm flying to make histo/y.
Eve/ybody wants
to shoot me down, basically.
You know, whoever beats me
wins, basically.
That's the way they look at it.
And then we go across the track
and we face the grandstand
and there'll be 40,000 people
and it's part
and parcel of the arc.
If you don't enjoy
then what's the point doing it?
Crowd clamours
enable herself,
people get behind her.
She's the horse that eve/ybody
wants to come and see
and that creates pressure.
Of course the trainer
does his best
and the groom
and the stable staff
but at the end of the day
you know, when we get
to the races
and it's 40, 000 people
it's just me and her,
you know...
And that bond is special
because it's a fantastic
pressure to ha ve.
The buzz you get
when they let you go
to go to the start
and eve/ybody's cheering
and enable,
she carts you to the start
like an hovercraft, you think...
Can't get any better than this.
Great, it's amazing,
amazing feeling.
This is the arc.
Ok, let's get it on.
Commentator: Racing away
"soft light" is the slowest
one of them
to break into stride
2400 metres, a mile
and a half in front of them
get to settle down.
"Ghaiyyath" in the blue colours.
He's bit warm beforehand
and he's moved through to show
out in front.
Frankie on "enable", she's about
three off the running now.
So, downhill now
they head down
to the home straight.
They're well strung out,
"enable" is in fourth place
but "ghaiyyath" will lead up
to the home turn.
They have only 600 metres to go
"magical" in second.
"Enable", she's now poised.
She's in second place,
she's two lengths behind.
So "sottsass" now challenges
"waldgeist" behind those.
With 300 metres to go,
"enable" has the lead.
"Sottsass" in the green colours
in second.
"Waldgeist" the red now,
on the outside.
They're coming
to the last furlong now...
And it's "enable" in front.
"Waldgeist" in second place is
closing down the centre.
"Waldgeist" in the red jacket is
getting up, he's won!
Pierrecharles boudot has won
on "waldgeist", beats "enable".
Crowd applauds
indistinct chati'er
indistinct pa announcement
I feel deflated.
He sighs
gonna just ring my dad.
Frankie and step mother
speak Italian
Gianfranco in Italian
Papa, ciao.
Frankie: My grandfather
was a builder after the war.
All the sons in the family
just helped out.
My dad thought
"well, there's more to life
than just mixing cement
with my family for 12 hours".
According to his stories,
he said
he had a big fall out
when he was 18 and uh...
Jumped on the ferry
and went to Rome.
He said he had a pair of jeans
and a tshirt
and a packet of cigarettes.
That's it.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Luca cumani: My father was
a very successful trainer
in Italy and he discovered
Frankie's father, gianfranco.
My father took him to Milan
and very quickly promoted
him to number one rider
for the stable
and that's how it started.
Commentator speaks Italian
Frankie: My dad had to really
work at it, you know.
He didn't come
from a racing family
so he had to do
everything from scratch.
Cumani: Gianfranco was the
best rider of his era in Italy.
He was strong.
He had a good tactical sense.
He had this sort of idea
that life's a struggle
therefore you must work hard
and in order to be seen
to work hard
you must be serious.
Frankie: My dad, one day,
went to the circus
and that's where he met
my mother.
Frankie: My mum comes
from a family circus
which was called circo Russo.
She used to stand on two horses.
She used to do trapeze.
She was a contortionist.
You couldn't put the two
together really, but yeah...
It actually did happen.
He chuckles
probably love at first sight.
My mother only 16 years old,
like a natural flower.
Fell in love...
And they got married.
My sister was the first child
and my dad was getting
more and more successful
and powerful
and that's where I think
it all started to go wrong.
I guess it was just
after I was born
that mum and dad decided
that they couldn't live
together anymore.
Alessandra in Italian
Frankie: My sister and I
lived with my dad
and my stepmother.
It was very difficult.
Alessandra in Italian:
Frankie: Regarding my sister...
The thing didn't really work
from the beginning
with my stepmother.
They used to kind of
argue every day.
Always end up in tears,
my sister and I.
It would make me cry
to see her cry.
And every night we used to
retire to bed
and we used to fall asleep
together crying.
Alessandra in Italian:
Frankie: She always used
to say, "oh, right that's it.
I've had enough,
I'm gonna run away.
I'm gonna go back to mum...
And then sure enough, one day
I came back from school
and my sister has run away.
So my sister left...
And you won't believe it,
I only saw dad...
Maybe the weekends
when he was racing
he never took me to school
and one day, there he was
outside school
with this horse box.
I couldn't believe
my dad picked me up.
And he said, "oh, come here".
So I climbed into the truck
and uh...
And then a got the lecture
about, "oh, you know your sister
she's a bad girl, she's left",
iaia, iaia.
And then we drove 20 minutes
away to this farm
and there were three ponies
in the field
two bays
and a beautiful palomino.
Dad said,
"pick the one you want".
He said, "I'm giving you
a present"...
Because he'd obviously
lost one child
and didn't want me
to follow suit...
And that was it.
That's where the love
of horses came
because I picked this beautiful
palomino pony.
I used to take all my school
mates to watch me ride
and that's how
I got into racing really.
Cumani: I only heard this
that Frankie, he wasn't
particularly interested
in going to school
or pursuing an academic career.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Look, I'll be honest with you.
I was useless.
You know, I had all the gear
and no idea.
Even dad, he didn't have much
time for me
because he was pursuing
his own career, so...
Obviously every once in a while
I rode with him
he kinda looked at me like...
You know,
"what a waste of space"
you know what I mean?
And I felt...
Uh, embarrassed that my dad felt
that I was no good.
Music: "Clair de lune"
by debussy
he was intimidating
and always aggressive
so I was always in my shell.
But you know, I was only a kid.
I wasn't going to give up,
you know...
And he challenged me.
Probably in those three months,
is probably the most
I've learned in my life.
And then at the end
of the winter
I mean, he was shocked.
Obviously he saw something in me
that I couldn't see.
So he started to plot
my career really...
Without telling me, really.
And then the bombshell.
"Oh, uh...
You're going to england."
Said, "I've got my friends here"
"no, no, you're going
to england."
And it was not "yes or no"
but I got a twohour lecture
how I was going to go to england
how I was going to be
champion jockey
how dadadada...
I mean it was like pfft...
So much
and I was heartbroken
My life was there...
Like my friends, the racing,
it was all there.
Why? Why do I have to go
to england?
I don't speak English,
I don't know anyone there
and I was going to...
He was gonna send me on my own!
Alessandra in Italian:
Gianfranco in Italian:
I had a tag round by neck...
With my name.
You know, because I was 14
I was put in a plane
from Milan to luton.
Somebody picked me up
and that was it.
It basically was like
my life changed.
Woman muti'ers
I just... I don't feel
my leg anymore!
Camera clicks
did I leave my jacket there?
Man: No.
Pete burrell: Good evening, hi.
I'm Pete burrell, would you all
please give
the warmest welcome of all time
not only to the greatest jockey
of all time
but probably one of the most
preeminent sportsmen
of our generation.
It's Frankie dettori.
Audience applauds
audience cheers and whistles
Frankie: Never ever in my life
have I ever had a horse that...
When "enable" takes a breath,
she actually...
Moves my legs
cos she's got such big lungs
that she... she's amazing
and you know
look, we came so close last year
to do something impossible,
to win three arcs
in a way, I'm very upset.
I'm very glad that she's...
She's still with us...
Indistinct chati'er
next time you see,
you're probably taller than me!
Crowd laughs
I love you... she laughs
thank you.
When you see "enable"... yep.
Will you please tell her
that we love her?
So, I don't mind at all,
you know.
Oh, and that's my big girl!
He kisses woman chuckles
the big girl, "enable".
"Enable" herself,
she did touch my heart.
You know, when you touch
the warmth, the people...
It's very hard not to show
your emotions.
But I guess
after 30 years, you...
You get...
You never get used to losing,
but you get to accept it.
In my professional world
unfortunately, when you're
out there, you're on your own.
So you have to accept it
on your own.
You can't... of course you can
share with other people
but nobody will ever understand
how you feel.
In general,
I win one in five, so...
The four that you lose...
He chuckles
if you kill yourself for it
every time
then you won't be alive.
So, yeah you...
You put up with it.
Ok, you can lose a lot of races
but there's that winner
what's gonna...
Pull you back up. So uh...
There is always
a little bit of light
at the end of the tunnel.
It's like going on a treadmill
and put it as fast as you can,
and you're on it running.
It doesn't stop.
It's like last year when I rode
unluckily for me, she got beat
and it was the middle of the day
another three races.
I didn't have time to sulk.
I had to just brush myself up
and go on to the next one,
you know.
So it's not till after
the whole event is finished
you can go home and...
And reflect and chew about it
but then...
Back on Monday, you're back
on that fast treadmill.
And this is the story
of my life.
You know, it's been like that
flat out, all the way...
And I'll be honest with you
you know, at my age...
You gotta be focused
because it's relentless.
Mad really, thinking about it
that I did so much in 30 years
that I didn't have time to enjoy
half of it
because it's nonstop.
Man grunts
it is like a drug.
It's an amazing feeling
that you get.
You know, you're riding
this beautiful animal
that does 60k an hour
you race within half an inch
to each other
also with the fear that,
you know...
If you touch the horse in front
you can fall
and break your neck.
The competition,
the adrenaline...
The crowd, the smell...
That's why you do it.
And then, on top of that,
if you win...
The jubilation,
the excitement...
The thrill...
The applause, the stage...
I mean, that's why you do it...
Cos all of that, all of that...
In a package.
Did that make sense? Or just...
He laughs
music: "All the blood
in my heart" by nightgames
Reporter: The governor at
bedford house is Luca cumani.
Cumani's career got a leg up
from his father
Italy's top trainer.
Did you give him one
this morning?
Man: Yeah, he had one
this morning.
Cumani: I can imagine how
difficult it must have been
with him not speaking a word
of English
and there was nobody,
other than myself
in the whole of newmarket
that spoke Italian.
So he didn't, he really had
to make virtue of a...
Of a bad situation for him.
Frankie: When I first came
to england, at first I hated it.
I'm lonely,
I'm in a different country
can't speak the language...
I've got no friends,
I'm getting bullied.
The weather is terrible,
the food is even worse.
I was really homesick.
Reporter: The backbone
of any racing yard
is the men and women they call
"stable lads".
Frankie: The apprentice job
in england consisted of doing
all the dirty jobs
nobody else wanted to do.
You know, we had to sweep
all the yards
and you know, we had to do
all the silly little jobs.
Hello, girl.
Most of the people thought then
I was a kid with a silver spoon
in my mouth
because my dad was
a champion jockey in Italy.
But it was completely
the opposite
so I was treated, I must say...
Like a foreigner.
You know, they used to make fun
about me
and do all sorts of tricks
and uh...
Throw me in the muck heap,
or punch me or...
You know, all those things
you do when you're kids.
I was only allowed
to ring my dad
once a week on a Monday.
It was tears every Monday.
In a sobbing voice:
"I want to come home, ahh!"
My dad was determined
and basically, he just
brainwashed me the whole time.
You know, "you're gonna
become champion."
"One day you're gonna be like
Lester piggott"...
Iaiaia, iaiaia.
How can you push
a young human being
and brainwash him to make him
believe he gonna be champion?
And what about if something bad
would happen?
You could ruin somebody's life.
You know.
I don't...
I don't kind of believe in that.
Anyway, after three months...
Then I started to master
a few words, I...
"What is this?"
High, low, dadada, all that.
The guys that used to bully me,
they became my best friends.
And then now I'm late 14,
coming towards 15
now hormones are kicking in
I'm looking at the girls,
I'm chasing 'em, all that.
And then the time came up.
The six months came up,
then I had to go home.
And then the reverse happened.
I says, "god, I don't want
to go home".
Go back to my parents,
they're so strict.
Tell me...
Always shouting at me.
Where I'm here by myself,
I'm having the time of my life!
"Dad, you know...
You know, do I really
have to go home?
You know, I'm doing so well",
and uh, and then he was made up
that I wanted to stay.
Ray Cochrane:
I was the stable jockey
at Luca cumani's and
I just seen him one morning
said, "do you ever use
that little kid there?
That scrawnylooking kid there
with the green helmet on?"
"That's gianfranco dettori's
son, ray".
He says, "well, he sits nice,
he rides nice
he's a good kid". I said,
"what's he like, Jeffrey?"
"Oh, he's full of it" he said,
"he's full of it!"
Cumani: He was
a difficult kid to handle.
There was no malice in him
But he was exuberant.
You know, he was off
in all directions
and wild and doing all sorts
of things.
Cochrane: He was just, you
know, personality
coming out of his ears.
It was everywhere, you know.
He was a good...
A real good kid.
You could see that he was just
so natural with horses.
Cumani: The first thing that
you notice, horses run for him.
They respond to his commands.
They do what he asks them to do.
Commentator: It's gonna be
a battle for second between...
There's only one possible
champion apprentice this year
and I'm pleased
to welcome him now.
He's Frankie dettori.
He's just ridden his 48th winner
of the season.
Frankie, congratulations,
that was very nice and smooth.
Yeah, it was. It was very nice.
Cochrane: Of course then,
Frankie started to get going.
And I came in one day
and said to my own agent
"I don't think we're gonna be in
this job a long time, you know".
He said, "why's that?"
I said, "this kid is gonna
be very good".
Oh, Italian kid's gonna be good,
Italian owners...
Italian trainer...
I said, "oh, god, I'm not going
to be here a long time.
I know that much."
Newsreader: The lta/ians are
struggling to come to terms
with this new reality.
One senior health official said
there could at some stage be
thousands of cases in the UK.
Woman on TV: My mental health
is deteriorating
because / cannot get
these repeat prescriptions.
I'm... I'm at my wits' end.
I mean, it's beyond a normal
coping situation with me...
And, I just don't know
which way to turn.
Frankie: Well, this doesn't
look great, does it?
Frankie, this is gonna go
further than anyone thinks.
We have never in peacetime
faced an economic fight
like this one.
I think, everyone you read about
who's going under is
like your mother, who's got
an existing problem
you know, that's the...
That's the worry, isn't it?
You know.
So, um...
Have you seen the videos
of Schwarzenegger in his kitchen
with the donkeys? no.
Oh, you've got to see it,
it's on Twitter.
It's hilarious. Yeah.
So what's the plan?
So, the plan is, we're gonna
have a meeting
in the house and then um...
I don't know, lunch
or something, I suppose.
Frankie in Italian:
Christine deti'ori:
Gianfranco in Italian:
Frankie in Italian:
Alessandra in Italian:
Frankie in Italian:
Alessandra in Italian:
Alessandra in Italian:
Frankie in Italian:
Hodges: Yeah.
Hodges, it says on...
It's Pete here, by the way.
How are you? Alright? yep.
It says... it says on the thing
that it's only uae residents
who can't travel out.
But you think that's tourists
coming in as well, yeah?
Hodg es: Yeah, tourists
coming in as well, yeah.
Alright, ok.
That's that then, isn't it?
So that's if...
That... that's us basically...
We're stuck. it's the end
of the discussion, isn't it?
Right, Pete...
Burrell: Good. let's discuss
what we're gonna do
in the next six weeks.
It's a real bastard, isn't it.
Pheasant's shut
scalini's shut.
Zuma will be shut.
Annabelle's is shut.
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
Thank god my sister's here
to cook.
Anyway, the food looks good.
yeah, it's a big question.
She hums a tune
Catherine: Is the emu around?
Catherine: Any emus around
that haven't run off?
Burrell: He's evil, isn't he?
he wants to get the dogs.
Why would you have that?
I'd barbeque it.
Catherine laughs
Catherine: So rude.
Come on!
Burrell: The original one
was nice, though.
So, nice, I know. Do you know,
we shouldn't have had two
should have just
stuck to the one.
Frankie: I can chase her...
Catherine: She doesn't want
to be chased!
She does!
Catherine: She d oh!
You're not gonna help get her
over here
by chasing her. ok.
Come on!
Those emus are terrifying.
I can't go near.
I know they hate me
and they want
to peck me to death. oh, no!
She chuckles
Frankie: What I'm gonna be
like in a month's time
I don't know,
or maybe two weeks' time.
You know, we'll like, go nuts.
We don't know the end of it.
I mean, I can cope
with two months
but if it becomes three,
five or six months, I mean...
That's quite scary, isn't it?
Reporter: Italian jockey,
lanfranco dettori
is being tipped
for a bright future
forty wins as
an apprentice is enough
to persuade Luca cumani
to put his faith in him.
The 18yearold is taking over
from ray Cochrane
at cumani's newmarket stable.
Uh, it was a very big surprise,
I mean...
It's a very big task
to replace ray Cochrane.
He's a great jockey
and I didn't expect to get
the job so soon in my career.
Cumani: Then he started
winning races straight away
and we never looked back.
First, number 10, "shamshir"
trained by Luca cumani,
ridden by Frankie dettori.
"Charmer" goes away to give
Frankie dettori a double.
Reporter: Frankie dettori is
probably the best
young jockey in eur0pe
at the moment.
Frankie: Starting the parade,
I felt a little bit...
My heart going, in a way.
You know, because I realised how
much that meant for everybody.
Frankie, vo: A few races,
they are printed in my mind
I guess for life
was my first group one
on mark of distinction
at ascot
and / remember crossing
the line.
It was my first experience
of a big race
and eve/ything went dark.
You just get this sensation
of floating off ..
Of time slowing down.
It feels like you 're
not in this world
like eve/ybody stops and like
you're the only one moving.
It's very hard to explain,
it sounds a bit weird.
He's made a remarkable success
in such a short time
but there's no doubt
that with experience, uh...
He will learn more and more...
And one just hopes
that he carries on
getting to the top of the tree
and staying there for many,
many years to come.
When I get back to newmarket,
I'm going to get changed
put my jeans on... he laughs
open the fridge and I know
I've got a nice bottle
of champagne waiting for me.
I'll have a little glass before
I go out. I go see my friends
have something to eat...
And I don't know after that.
After that, it's a surprise.
He laughs
I'll probably be arrested!
Aeroplane engine roars
I wasn't satisfied with just
being a good jockey
I wanted more.
Maybe because I was
a foreigner...
Maybe because I was a young man
with no guidance
and I thought, "maybe there is
something more up there"
you know, then I wanted to see.
I wanted to be famous.
I wanted to be with the...
The aiisters. I wanted
to go to their parties.
Maybe I was intrigued.
I wanted to see
what it was like.
I kind of used my job
to propel me to that world.
But maybe it was
a good incentive
because it made me ride good
because I wanted to be famous.
He passed his driving test
so of course,
the first car he bought
was this flash Mercedes.
With a sort of spoiler
on the back
loudest stereo in town.
Frankie: I used to go out a lot.
No different
to any 18yearold boy.
I was never close enough
to become champion jockey
because you need to put
that work into it.
I couldn't wait
for the weekend to come
so I could go out and party.
Basically, racing became
a secondary job.
I kind of got this fee!
Of excitement
because I was getting
Do you know? I felt great.
I could go anywhere.
I would say that too much money
and success came
too quick and too easily
and it just all got to my head.
Burrell: At that point
Frankie made
this extraordinary move.
He went to have a short stint
in Hong Kong.
In those days it was quite
for the jockeys here
to go out there
for a month or so in the winter
Cochrane: He loved
the lifestyle of Hong Kong
he lived next to
the racecourse...
Walk across, ride a horse,
come back, go back to bed
out all day partying,
fiddling about...
Playing golf,
do whatever you want
get well paid,
jockey's paradise.
Jockey's paradise.
Burrell: And he rang and he
said, "it's fantastic out here
I think I'm going to stay".
And I said, "oh, that's great".
I said, "what about Luca?"
"Oh, well,
well, I'm gonna tell him."
I thought,
"good luck with that!"
All of a sudden, Frankie appears
back in newmarket
and pretty bluntly,
he said to me...
"I'm gonna ride in Hong Kong
next year".
I started trying
to talk him out of it. I said
"look, Frankie,
this is a bad idea."
It was all jockeys that were
sort of beginning to be
on the way down in england,
they were going to Hong Kong
to just make the last buck
before they retired.
I said, "it's not for you, it's
not what you should be doing
at this stage of your career.
Frankie: I arrived back
with my new shiny suit
my new shoes and my gold watch.
He looked at me and I thought
"Luca, Luca, he's gone".
We toandfro'd
and in the end he said
"you won't change my mind,
I'm going"
and then I lost my cool.
I said, "this is the stupidest
thing anybody could do
I didn't expect this from you.
What we've done together,
what your future
and our future is together
and if you're determined
to do that
I will never speak
to you again...
And uh, he walked out
and that was it.
I wasn't happy there anymore.
I don't know why, perhaps, um...
Because Luca was looking at me
like I was still a little boy,
I don't know.
Cumani: He was still young.
He hadn't had it that easy
in his life
he lived without a mother
and his father was hard on him.
I probably wasn't a very easy
surrogate father to him
because I wanted
the best for him
so I kept the pressure on him.
Frankie: He was devastated.
And you know, I thought,
you know
he used to look at me as though,
"look at this idiot!
What is he doing?
He's wrecking his life".
You know, and I was
having none of it.
That was Frankie's first
great downfall.
I mean, if you said, "where can
it possibly go wrong?"
It went wrong everywhere
in every direction.
I was with some friends.
We drank a case of beer.
I went to a nightclub...
I bought some drugs
from this guy...
I came out of the club...
The police stopped me,
I got searched...
I was taken
to the police station
because of a very,
very small amount of drugs.
I got away with a caution.
At the time, I was riding some
of the horses for the queen
so that made this
an even bigger story.
So, that was reputation
totally trashed.
I was embarrassed
because I kind of, I was
the golden child, wasn't I?
I lost the job in Hong Kong
because of rumours
and plus I lost the job
with Luca
because I told him I was going
to Hong Kong.
So all of a sudden,
I was left with nothing.
I mean, the world came
to an end.
At that moment in time,
I feel low
and down, you know...
Because I'm not doing
what I'm supposed to do.
The best thing happens to me,
I go to work in the mornings
four times a week,
gets me out of the house
I ride some nice horses...
I enjoy it, at least
I get the chance
to talk to other people
I'd have a chat with John.
I got it.
John gosden:
At least you can sit down
and talk to a footballer
and say, "look,
we're not gonna play"
but you've got these horses
all ready to run races.
They're psychologically
in the zone to go
and then you've got to back
right away again, but these...
These horses need to be
exercised, they're racehorses.
They're athletes, they're not
just old gentle gliding horses.
They're very different
You know, they've got
a great deal of nervous energy.
Happy with him?
yeah, loved that.
Loved that bit of rain, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
In my job, we do everything
a million miles an hour...
And then we come
to a standstill.
So then, it's very hard
to channel your energy
that you always have.
You know, to do nothing.
I do have good days
and bad days.
Like today, I had a bad day,
I woke up
I was lethargic...
Catherine: Golly, yes.
Too much time on his hands.
That's lethal.
Frankie: I feel I don't want
to talk to anyone.
You picked a good day,
didn't you!
He laughs
Catherine: So, at the moment,
he's down the gym.
There's nothing else to do
apart from watch television
and annoy all of us.
Frankie: You know, I think
everybody's scared a bit...
Tense, frustrated, we all shout
at each other.
No different
to any other family.
Catherine: And I don't think
he even knows...
Particularly that he's doing it
but he wants that adrenaline,
wants that buzz
and just gets restless.
Yeah, but to me, it's been
a mini reminder
what am I gonna do when I...
You know, when I retire?
And now that I experienced this
the last two months
shit, I'm not gonna retire...
He laughs
not in the near future!
Yeah, it makes you think
it is even more important,
the time you have
because of these things
that are happening now.
I think because, it's...
It's all the... it's the running
out of time thing, you know.
You know,
I can't do this forever
don't know how long
I can keep going
the horses,
physically and all of this
so I think that just resonates
in my head.
You know, when I was 20,
time was just not an issue
everything was there forever.
But I just don't... I think it
must be an age 40 thing.
It's a middleage thing,
isn't it?
You hit 40 and you think,
"golly, it's not forever".
Nothing's forever,
look how 20 years have gone.
Just in a blink of an eye.
Reporter: It's been quite
a year for dettori
who's still only 22.
He had an application to ride
in Hong Kong turned down
soon after he'd been
cautioned by police
for possession of a small amount
of cocaine.
Burrell: The world of racing
at that time
would have reacted pretty badly.
And a lot of people,
when you're kind of flash
highflying personality,
they quite enjoy seeing
you come down that slippery pole
and you come down it fast.
My parents, they came over
to give me support.
When they went
to the supermarket
they were like,
"that's the parents
of that guy who'd been done
for the drugs".
Gianfranco in Italian:
Gosden: Frankie was then
a little bit in a situation
where he'd burned his boats
and that is when he first
probably came into my life.
And obviously,
I'd seen him as a kid
you know, I'd seen him ride
but I hadn't sat down
and had a conversation with him.
So he came round and sat down.
John is a six foot six man
very knowledgeable...
He was quick, sharp, his eyes...
I just noticed
he's really intelligent.
Frankie: He's very well spoken.
He's very professional.
You know, I used my uh...
Mediterranean charm and so...
We kind of hit it off,
from the beginning.
I think, when you saw him ride
straight away you saw
he was a natural.
He becomes part of the horse.
You take how the horse moves,
its shoulder and everything
he just seems to flow
with the horse
but if you consider
the parentage
his father, a champion jockey...
And his mother
from a great circus family
he was bred to have athleticism
and phenomenal sense of balance.
The work ethic was there...
And he was determined
to put it right
and I said,
"well, I'll see what I can do".
I'm gonna hold you like a son.
Bloody don't! Frankie laughs
they'll think we're having
an affair.
Frankie: Funnily enough,
it was that year, in 1993
that I first met
Catherine Allen.
She was just riding out as...
A university summer holiday.
I was so determined, you know,
just to do my job
that I didn't have time
to look at girls...
And then one day I was a little
bit more relaxed and I saw her
and I said, "oh, how long have
you been here?"
She said, "two months".
I said, "I can't believe it!"
You know, "hello, darling
haven't seen you before".
She laughs
Was it love at first sight?
Was it something like that?
no, not really.
I'd like to say it was
cos that would be really
romantic, sorry...
He was flatout busy
and he needed to put his head
down and work hard.
It was a very slow burn thing.
Burrell: Fortunately,
she agreed to go out with him.
You know, god knows why.
Frankie: She was 19,
she wanted to go out.
I said, "I can't go out,
I've got a bad reputation".
I've just been done
for the drugs
I cannot be seen in any clubs.
So... I took a risk, I said
"listen, why don't you go out
with your friends"
you know, and then I thought,
"well, if she goes out
with her friends, she might meet
somebody else...
But then luckily,
she kept on coming back.
That's, uh... lucky me.
She had that natural look
in her face
and so nice, clever...
I loved her straight away.
Catherine's father could very
easily have looked on in horror
as this little Italian jockey
came towards his house
but I think they were all
very accepting of Frankie
and that was very nice.
Frankie: Once we had
the meeting with John
I listened to my dad's advice
that it is very important
for a jockey to start the season
at your minimum weight.
So I decided to go to Morocco
with him for two weeks.
It was a little bit like
going to prison.
All I did was just walk
the beach
for about three or four miles
every day
and just my dad grilled me
a fish every night.
In ten days I lost a stone.
Gosden: So when the doorbell
rang on January 1st
I opened the front door
and there was this guy
I'd never seen before.
Shavenheaded, I thought...
"He's sent his cousin,
to make an excuse!"
But it was Frankie,
and he was determined
to ride the allweather
and he rode the whole
of January, February and march
and by the time the season began
at the end of march
he'd already clocked 50 wins.
Frankie: I knew at this time
that I had something
to prove to myself
something I had to prove to
all my friends and my parents.
So, I wanted the championship
that much
that I didn't let
any chances slip.
So I gave, not 100%,
I gave more than 100%.
Cumani: Jockeys are under
an immense amount of pressure.
Probably more pressure
on a jockey
than there is on any other
sportsman in the world
because not only do they have to
perform day after day after day
they have a very hard life.
They're up at 5:00
in the morning
they don't go to bed
until midnight at times.
Cochrane: The jockey's life is
going out riding
maybe ten horses,
four or five days a week
and then training, sweating
getting in the car, driving
an average five hours a day
five to seven days a week
and then your life
is just travelling.
Frankie: You wanna keep going
throughout the season
and feel fresh, fly.
We move around like this
especially in the summer
when we do the two meetings.
They eat, sleep, dream it
always thinking about
the next race
"where will that go? Think I'll
be able to get on that ride?"
And all those things.
All consuming, 24/7.
Cumani: And at the same time
they have to watch
their weight all the time.
They're not supposed to eat.
They're not supposed to drink.
Cochrane: You're living on
a constant diet.
Got to organise everything
personally, yourself.
What you're gonna eat,
what you're not gonna eat.
What you're gonna drink,
where you gonna go...
Where you're not gonna go.
You know, I tried
to take laxatives
or try pee pills...
Sweating, everything.
Cochrane: Whole life revolves
around the one thing
making the weight on the scales
every day
maybe seven days a week
for ten or 11 months of the year
to be able to put out
a good performance.
If you can't do the weight
there's always
someone else who can.
Indistinct commentary
"Balanchine" is the winner!
"Wind in her hair", second.
"Hawajiss" third.
Ridden by Frankie dettori...
Who's first English classic
it is
and by gum, the smile is
very much from ear to ear.
Frankie: I was riding seven
days out of seven
I mean, it was nonstop,
Commentator: And ridden by
the champion jockey elect
Frankie dettori, his 222nd
winner of the season.
I was obviously smitten
and so I'd ring up
and wait for him
to call me all the way
back from racing
and he'd just say, "I'm tired,
I'm going to bed".
So, you know every night
I'd be thinking
"we might go out tonight, might
be able to have a meal tonight".
"Tired, I'm going to bed."
Look, I was tunnel vision
because I was concentrating
on getting my...
My racing back on track,
so um...
You carry on with the studies
and just let me focus on this.
Look, we'll meet at the weekends
but just don't bother me,
you know.
I was very harsh on her.
Catherine: And I think obviously
his father had got to him said
"you shouldn't be
doing that, son", you know.
You'll look like you're going
out and having
a good time
when you shouldn't be.
Gianfranco in Italian:
They were living in my house.
You know,
I was never away from it...
You know, if I got three winners
"oh, you should have won
in the fourth one.
You messed up on this..."
Relentless, every day,
every day, every day.
Gianfranco in Italian:
I felt like I went back to
when I was in the shell
as a kid.
Yeah, it was a horrible feeling.
I realised he was playing
a mind game with me.
To make me better.
But his mind game wasn't making
me happy.
It was making him happy,
but not me.
I was tortured inside.
Catherine: I only met 'em
a couple of times
but they were very strict.
If I had a cold, I wasn't
allowed to stay over.
First part of my career was
doing it for him.
It was, I was
trying to please him
and he was never happy.
I was doing something great
and I hated it.
Was just doing it just for him
and eventually... pfff!
You flip.
Dad's record for one year
was 229 wins
only when I passed his total
record and I thought
"that's it" and I got 231
I went to house, "that's it,
I'm not riding anymore".
I said, "I've had enough.
Enough's enough.
What do you want from me?
What do you want? I mean...
How much do you want,
just tell me!"
He said, "you drive me crazy,
you're never happy.
Now beat your own record!"
Basically, I told him to leave.
I said, "listen,
I can't take it anymore"
and that was it.
Gianfranco in Italian
It was the...
The termination time that, you
know, I had to live my own life.
Grater whirs
Christine de'iti'ori in Italian:
Frankie: I arrived at ascot...
Not a Scooby doo what was going
to change my life.
You know, it's a big day.
You know, I'm getting pumped up
and nervous.
As far as I was concerned
I wanted to win the big race.
It was the queen Elizabeth.
First race comes along,
horse called "wall street".
And they're running.
And "wall street"
one of the first to show
well, I got to the front.
I never see another horse.
Commentator: "Wall street"
with Frankie dettori
gonna win the opener.
Started the day really well.
A great start to the afternoon
for Frankie dettori...
Race two, it's a sprint race.
I've got an outside chance.
Commentator: And they're away.
There's a big field
and it was like a chess game,
things fell into place.
One moved, I got this gap.
He couldn't get through.
Here comes "diffident".
It's "leap for joy" ...
I'm lucky, I fell in and I won
by this much.
Commentator: Ooh, it's a photo
between "diffident"
and "lucayan prince"
Frankie: I was happy again
but now I'm concentrating on
race three
that's the queen Elizabeth.
Music: "Chorus of the Hebrew
slaves" from nabucco by verdi
it looks like on paper, it will
be a twohorse race
with this great filly called
"bosra sham"
and my horse called
"Mark of esteem".
I managed to stoke the good
filly all the way
and then the last 200
I pulled him out
and he just flew.
And it's "bosra sham"
the filly who's taken it up
but "Mark of esteem" sprints
and "Mark of esteem"
and Frankie dettori.
He completes a fantastic treble!
Frankie: And I crossed
the line, I punched the air
and I was saluting at the crowd.
Crowd cheers
and I'm on cloud nine
at the moment, right.
I've still got four races to go.
Commentator: There's
running up money on Frankie
because if Frankie rides four
or five winners today
the bookmakers will be
Frankie: So, quick turnaround,
get changed, race four...
Commentator: And they're away.
I thought I had the worst
of the draws.
I thought, to come across
you know, I'm gonna lose
too much ground,
I don't think it's gonna happen.
For an unknown reason,
they all went too fast
they all died in front of me
and I just passed them
at the end.
Commentator: And now coming
down fast is "decorated hero"
under Frankie dettori,
over on the far side
and "decorated hero" has come on
now to take it on
"decorated hero" sprints away!
Well, what an afternoon...
For Frankie dettori.
Frankie: And I could feel
I could feel a bit
of momentum gathering
I could feel, like
the atmosphere was
changing, right...
And then I ride race five...
"Fatefully" and Frankie dettori
bidding for this fantastic
and he look as if he's just
gonna do it.
"Fatefully" just holds!
Audience applauds
burrell: And I remember
someone ringing me to that
he'd won five races,
so I went into newmarket
to the betting shop
to watch the sixth.
Someone said, "oh, the BBC
are going to delay the news".
And I could tell this is
Something not quite right,
it was out of control
I didn't know what was going on.
I had a quick panic.
It came to me that in 350 years
of horse racing
only sir Gordon Richard, Alex
Russell and Willie castle won
six in a row in a day.
I'm one away!
And "lochangel" got away
on the far side,
quickening up now
and "lochangel" bidding for
the Frankie dettori sixtimer
is in the lead.
"Lochangel" from "corsini".
As they run up to the line
"corsini" is putting in
a last effort
but "lochangel" hangs on
for the sixtimer.
"Corsini" is second.
So a fantastic sixtimer for
Frankie dettori.
Crowd applauds and cheers
so we had six, imagine, punched
the air and I came back here
everybody's there clapping me.
And I was having
the time of my life.
"Great! I equalled the record,
I achieved something
that you're really proud of".
Don't touch me cos I'm red hot!
He laughs
one thing's for sure,
I'm definitely gonna do
the lottery tonight,
I'm that lucky today!
But there is also
race seven, right?
And I looked at the horse's odds
in the morning, it was 16 to one
and the horse didn't win
for a year, it was out of form
and I thought, "I'm not going
to let this race spoil the day".
If this horse wins or loses,
I really don't care
I've achieved something amazing.
And the start of race seven was
right in front of the grandstand
and I got a standing ovation.
I was waving at...
I was really milking it...
And I was trying to enjoy
the whole moment.
Two miles to go this time.
Frankie dettori on the right
of the picture
on the wide outside, he was
drawn one here
and he's up
with the leaders too.
Frankie: And then the race
itself, "fujiyama crest"
he was a front runner
so I managed to get him
to the front...
"Fujiyama crest" just the leader
from "meant to be", a roar goes
up from the crowd
as Frankie leads them out
ahead of "meant to be"
and on the inside, pat eddery
is on "northern fleet".
So, I come
into the straight and...
Wow, you could hear the roar.
Commentator: Two furlongs out
another roar from the crowd.
Frankie dettori's out in front
"northern fleet" is in pursuit.
He was getting tired
and I was slowing down and could
hear the others coming.
The winning post was like
oasis away
it wasn't getting any closer.
Commentator: "Fujiyama crest"
and Frankie dettori...
It's a desperate finish
as they run up to the line!
"Fujiyama crest" finding
a bit more
and it's seven for Frankie!
"Fujiyama crest" holds on.
Crowd cheers
Crowd applauds and cheers
I came back here and you imagine
a sea of people...
they were on lamp posts.
They were on railings.
I was still in shock.
I was still in shock
from race three
never mind I won seven in a row!
They cheer
So, emotionally,
I couldn't handle it.
I think the adrenaline,
the crowd...
They just lifted me
and got me there.
Perhaps I should have
enjoyed it a bit more.
It happened in a flash.
Man: Ready? Yeah, five seconds.
Indistinct chati'er
Frankie, it's a day that
many, many people
are always gonna remember.
A 25,000 to one seventimer.
The bookmakers genuinely
can't pay out.
It's just been an amazing day.
How could you believe
that this could happen?
I can't believe it,
after the second...
Thank the lord, too.
Give me this gift and just...
Give me the pleasure to enjoy
such a great sport.
After the racing was over
I had a felttipped pen
and I made the note
and put the date up
"Frankie dettori sat here
amongst mere mortal jockeys
and won all the races.
He laughs
Frankie: Ray did that!
I had to cancel this bit off,
it was "wanker"
you know? they laugh
anyway, woke up in the morning,
I felt like king Kong.
I opened the door...
I had my tshirt
and my underpants
to get the papers outside
my front door...
There was about three tiers
of paperazzi
two TV cameras...
I shut the door with the papers
I rang Pete, my manager
said, "Pete, they're camping
outside my house".
And basically,
the poop hit the fan about...
Life in general.
Quite simply the best jockey
in the world today,
Frankie dettori!
Frankie: I was on every front
page in every magazine
and every newspaper.
Frankie dettori. I was doing
morning TV chat shows,
it was absolutely mad.
Commentator: "Shantou" is
getting there, at the post.
"dushyantor" in second.
Commentator 2: Bit of
a character. There he goes!
Frankie: Now, even people
who knew nothing about racing
became interested.
It's Frankie dettori!
Burrell: And he does have
that showmanship.
He enjoys it.
The great thing for racing was
that it had happened to him.
He became a oneman
marketing operation
to the general public for
horse racing in this country.
Man: Frankie dettori.
Gosden: I think it's a great
thing to have happened.
I don't think it propelled him
to being any more full
of himself than he already was!
He laughs
and I think when you ride
at his level
you walk in there
with a little bit of a swagger.
Commentator: Frankie dettori
goes for his 1000th winner!
It's "classic cliche",
he's read the script
racing up towards the line,
1000 in the locker
classic cliche, Frankie dettori
the winner.
Reporter: The man who made it
to the record books
at ascot last year,
looked calm and relaxed
as he arrived at newmarket's
Roman catholic church.
Woman yells: Frankie!
Indistinct chati'er and laughter
When I got to the church
there was all these people
waiting outside.
It's like, "what?".
Again, another name?
"I thought, that's so lovely,
people are".
We were excited
cos his family were coming over.
His mother is the super nicest
loveliest, kindest, sweetest
person in the world
who doesn't worry about anything
she just wants
to love everybody...
Everyone be happy and wishes
everyone the best in life.
And then you've got his father
who's the other extreme.
I think there was an issue
at the wedding
if I remember rightly.
Luckily, it was all in Italian.
I don't know...
About which row they were in
or who they were
standing next to
for once, again, Frankie did
stand up to his father
and say, "stop complaining".
My stepmother was kicking off.
My dad was kicking off.
I thought,
"just leave me out of it.
It's my day,
and I want to enjoy it".
So I think they stropped off.
Frankie: Oh, my dad is stubborn.
He hasn't spoken to my sister
in 40 years.
My dad always throw things
and say
"I told you, you shouldn't be
doing this...
It should have been
done there...
You shouldn't have run away
from dadadada...
And my sister, "no, I do what
the hell I want", iaiaia
so... and nobody wants to get in
and I tried to get them
together, no chance.
It's heartbreaking
because I hate to see
my sister not treated
the same as me.
So, because I was taking my
sister's side
we argued like cat and dogs.
And there was a... I didn't
speak to him for three years.
It wasn't pretty.
It wasn't pretty...
And I'll be honest, that's it.
Alessandra speaks Italian
Alessandra in Italian:
They kiss
Frankie in Italian:
Commentator: We 're getting
ready for the first race
fol/o wing resumption of racing.
We 're all delighted to be
watching this one o 'clock
at newcastle in the company
of our racecourse commentator
Darren Owen.
That's the start!
We started!
He laughs
Darren Owen: They're offl
going over the straight mile
my boy Lewis
a little bit slow to go...
Getting excited
over a class six race
probably the worst horses
we got in england.
Anyways... sorry...
Dog toy soueaks
so, it's good, yeah.
I mean, look...
Seventysix days
without racing is...
Yeah. Too long.
Been driving you nuts?
Driving me nuts.
Driving them nuts as well.
No, it's good, like I said,
I'm really, really excited.
Yeah, feel like...
A kid on Christmas day,
you know?
Catherine: I'm delighted.
There's much more spring
in his step.
Buying the newspaper,
much more purposeful.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, all good.
All good for now.
Till the horses go and get beat,
but yeah.
Definitely less snappy
when he's got
things to think about.
When he hasn't got
things to think about
he can get upset like a racing
pigeon that happened
to stop off in our garden,
you know.
I got the pigeon in the kitchen
and I chucked a towel
and I caught it, brilliant.
There, put him in the box.
A friend of a friend has got
some racing pigeons
so I thought I'd just
send it to him.
I went upstairs to get changed
Ella told tallulah that I was
going to kill it
so she let the pigeon
out of the box
so I went absolutely berserk,
it took me hours to catch it.
It went back upstairs,
shitting everywhere
over the windowsills
and everything, anyway...
I was in the pool and it just
went there for a drink
and I got it.
So I put it back in the box
drove it down to newmarket.
I give it to a friend of mine...
And that's the story
of the pigeon finished.
I don't think he needs extra
dramatics round him
I think he probably creates
quite a lot himself.
Yeah, overreacts to everything.
Girl: Guess what's outside!
the pigeon's uh... no!
Fucking pigeon has come back!
Girl: Why did it come back.
why are you feeding it?
I'm really upset.
I was happy the racing started,
now I'm really upset.
Come... come...
It took me three days
to catch him.
Right, bye.
You catch the pigeon.
Do me a favour, do something!
Burrell: Yeah, we're on a roll
at this stage.
He's unavoidable.
He's riding fantastically.
You know, he's broken records.
He's fulfilled the expectations
of his apprenticeship.
Frankie: The stable of godolphin
owned by sheikh Mohammed
and his brothers was created
in the early '90s.
From being at John's, I was
selected to be first jockey...
and we had tremendous success
from the start...
And then the empire was so big
the mares, the stallions they
produced nonstop.
Then what races
I hadn't won for them?
Burrell: The relevance of Dubai
as it was coming up in the world
at the same moment,
they suited each other.
They were building those huge
towers on sheikh zayed road
and the burj al arab hotel
because if racing were to be
the main sport to headline...
The uae, then Frankie went
hand in glove with that.
Catherine: I know we always
go on about the "good old days"
but it just had this lovely
special feel in Dubai.
It was something new
and exciting.
I used to really enjoy it.
It was lovely.
Traditional music plays
Frankie: You know,
I had a great job
I was riding good horses.
I travelled the world
all my life
but even more so then, you know
because we target
a lot of international races.
Commentator speaks
foreign language
Every Sunday, I think he rode
something like
14 winners abroad.
Group one winners abroad.
It's unbelievable!
Indistinct commentary
commentator: Here we go
in the Dubai world cup
he's annihilating them!
This is the wonder horse.
"Dubai millennium" is coming
home well clear.
What a performance!
"Dubai millennium" wins it.
Catherine: Everything was new,
everything was exciting.
Look where... look where
it's got us, you know
look how well Frankie's done.
He's got the top job.
Uh, we're getting treated like
kings and queens out in Dubai.
Are you ready?
They cheer
a world away from sitting
in newmarket for Frankie.
He whoops
and young and we've got
everything in front of us
you know, there's no panic
about time.
So, yeah, it was a golden era.
Now we're in 2000, everything...
Going absolutely
hunkydory, fantastic
to go back to england...
And that basically,
1st June 2000.
Catherine: Leo's declined.
Oh, I don't know,
they're all being difficult.
Just the three of us then.
Frankie: Does it not look good?
Cochrane: Yeah, oh yeah, yeah,
it looks well, looks well.
Hope this is cold.
It is, it's been in the fridge.
Frankie: For two months.
I can't get the thing out.
Well, who gave you that?
Frankie: You sort it out!
Frankie giggles
hold that for now.
I'll tell you what...
would you like...
Nobody's gonna run off with it!
They laugh
oh, my god. Who gave you this?
For my birthday, somebody
oh, yeah, yeah.
Are we two metres apart?
Sorry. excuse me!
God, sorry!
Next thing, we'll be
all over the news
and everything, so it will be!
they laugh
yeah, but you're like part
of the family, ray.
Cochrane chuckles I know that.
There you go. well, toast...
For a twenty alive
and to health. cheers.
Good health.
Poor Patrick...
Yeah, poor Patrick, good lad.
Good lad, sorely missed.
Twenty years.
She laughs cor!
That is good stuff.
1st June 2000, basically,
I had to go to goodwood.
At the time I had a pilot
and I had a twinengine cessna.
From here to goodwood can take
you three hours...
It can take you five hours.
I couldn't face the drive
so I rung Frankie up
I said, "Frankie, any chance
I could have a lift down?"
He said, "yeah, no problem".
And it was a horrible grey day.
Windy and grey, it didn't have
a good feel to it.
Cochrane: The pilot,
Patrick, lovely fellow...
Had the plane all lined up.
We were right at the back
of the airfield
and the wind just gusted
from the left.
Set off...
Down the airfield, come out from
behind the trees
and the wind caught it.
It flew away and then bounced.
It was a massive impact.
Ground out the suspension
and the propeller caught
the ground
and then away it went again.
And I just looked
at Frankie and I went...
Yanked up the seatbelt...
And he looked at me
and we didn't even scream.
There was smoke coming out
the engine
and the engine's whining.
And at that point,
then I thought, "I'm dead".
We'd just had a young boy, Leo
who was our first son.
You know that feeling
of disappointment.
A lot of people say, you see
your life flash in front of you.
No, I was just thinking
"no! Why? Why now?
Why take me now?"
It was... there was a great big
bank called "the devil's dyke".
We're heading for the dyke
and the wingtip caught the dyke.
And went like that...
And I just went,
"this is gonna hurt!"
I don't remember another thing.
Plane engine whines
metal crunches
Cochrane: And I woke up.
After maybe... he sighs
thirty seconds,
or something like that there.
Frankie: I thought I was dead.
You know, I thought,
"am I on the other side?"
I could see
the two engines on fire.
I could see Patrick the pilot
with his head on the dashboard.
Then I could see everything
but I couldn't focus
on anything.
Ray gave me a bang.
He said, "get out, get out
cos the plane is full of fuel!"
Cochrane: You just know,
you just... get out.
Frankie: So, as I went
to get out where the door was
the door didn't...
It was like, crushed.
Cochrane: I kicked
the luggage door open
said, "come on Frankie,
get out here".
He was covered in blood,
couldn't see nothing.
So I put him out on the ground
and I was climbing back in
and he couldn't walk.
He started screaming,
his leg was broken.
Ray kicks me up the backside
he drags me away, pfft...
Twenty metres, I don't remember.
I thought, "oh, I'll get him out
the road
and I'll get back in
for Patrick".
But this time the leftside
engine was on fire
of course the wind was making
the flames...
Blow and making it even worse.
I opened the door and
I was knocking the flames back
with my coat
to get Patrick out...
But I mean, it's like
a flamethrower coming at you.
In any minute of that time
the whole thing could have
just blown up.
I remember ray really lost it.
He was going absolutely mad
and he was beating the ground
and kicking himself,
he was screaming.
He felt helpless
that he couldn't go and save
the pilot.
I'd say, no chance...
Absolutely no chance
of getting in there.
Then boom,
the whole plane exploded.
You had to step back...
And um...
And that was it.
Just nothing you could do.
Frankie: Uh, Ray's...
He's very deep, you know,
we never talked about this.
For the last 20 years
it must be...
Burning inside him...
Seeing somebody die
in front of your eyes.
Cochrane: The reason I don't...
Have never talked much about it
is because you feel a little
bit guilty that you're stood
eight foot from someone
and there's nothing
you can do about it.
Frankie: I haven't talked
about this for a long time
it's hard.
I shouldn't be here, that's why.
Cochrane: We were very lucky.
We were very lucky.
If I'd have been say,
knocked out for two minutes...
None of us would be here.
Really happy to be here.
Very much.
I gotta thank him.
But you know when somebody
saves your life...
You have to be grateful.
That's it.
To our poor Patrick.
Yeah, poor Patrick, good lad,
good lad sorely missed.
Twenty years.
And for you, it wasn't even...
You'd been in a plane crash
before Frankie's
two. two?
Two. That was my third one.
Oh, dear me.
and two near misses.
We were very lucky really
because I'd had all that.
Cos you know... knew what to do.
Frankie said he just laid there.
I had a fair idea what to do.
But the thing was that...
I remember you did uh...
The school... yeah.
There's the pigeon.
It's there.
The pigeon that's been stressing
you out.
Yeah, he'll be alright.
He's driving me
he's looking fit, so he is.
Cochrane: Fuckin' hope so!
I'm not sure 20 riding.
I've got the pension for it.
We'd like to last 20 living.
Yeah, you... yeah.
Two of britain's top jockeys,
Frankie dettori and ray Cochrane
are being treated in
a Cambridge hospital tonight
after the plane
they were travelling in
crashed at newmarket racecourse.
The pilot was killed
burrell: I drove
straight to addenbrookes.
I was there by about three
o'clock in the afternoon.
I walked straight past
ray and Frankie
and I think it was
ray who said, "Pete..."
And I looked at these two
and I... I didn't recognise
either of them.
And then I was looking at ray
and he was burned to shreds
and I said, "ray, you don't look
too good, mate"
and he said, "you don't look
too good yourself!"
I had to get my leg operated.
I had to get plastic surgery
on my face.
They put me in a wheelchair,
and then it was time to go home.
You know, I stared death
in the face
for three seconds and...
You know,
obviously it wasn't my time.
It obviously gives me
a completely different
approach to...
To life.
Frankie: My dad came to see me.
You know, we didn't talk
to each other for years
about pushing me too hard,
about fighting with my sister...
All that crap
went out of the window.
Look, I nearly died
and we thought...
What is the point of all this?
What are we arguing for?
And we made up.
But it took that to make it up,
believe it or not
how crazy is that?
It hits everyone very hard
and this idea,
"I'm just rushing through life"
and "I'm a superstar jockey" and
flying here there and everywhere
and round the world, it does...
Something like that
makes you stop and really think.
Frankie: There's a lot
of questions I couldn't answer
you know, "why me?
Why that young?
Why am I not dead?"
Burrell: Yeah, it changed
his whole outlook on life.
You know, they got on
and they had their children.
Got on with houses,
got on with...
Got on with everything.
Frankie: In a way, I started
to appreciate life.
But you know, inside my soul
really I was still a bit...
Under shock and
I'll be honest with you
and many people told me,
I wasn't the same for two years.
Studio audience cheers
oh, let's have a look.
It's number eight!
Frankie: I was doing lots of TV.
I wasn't distracted, but I guess
it's very hard to...
Do one or the other,
I was doing both.
The dettori empire is expanding.
The latest edition, a restaurant
in the centre of London.
Catherine: Now we've got
children it does...
Scare me, you know what I mean,
he falls off horses
falls out of aeroplanes,
you know, I can sort of...
Do without that a bit, you know?
Frankie: I didn't know
if I wanted to be a jockey
or a family man. I didn't know.
Uh, and I was doing
neither good.
Commentator: Well back was
Frankie on "snowridge"
And Catherine changed me a lot.
I was always putting work
before her and that changed
you know, and then I was
enjoying myself a bit more.
I was not bothering
about chasing titles.
TV presenter:
He's actually admitted, you know
that another championship
in britain
which he's won twice before
is an unlikely event.
As a family man, I guess
he's thinking about spending
quality time with the children
and Catherine.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Si, what are you going to do
with your ingredients?
Well, I'm very disappointed
there's no pasta there.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Perhaps I took my eye
off the ball and perhaps...
I said, "whoa, whoa, whoa,
I don't want to get recognised
because I'm doing chat shows
and quizzes.
I want to be remembered as one
of the greatest in my sport...
I thought, "no, I've got
to stop all this".
Stop all this.
And I had this ambition
to be champion again
because I had to prove it
to myself
one more time
that I could do it.
I got my head down
and I went for it.
Day in, day out, back to like
in the early '90s
when my father used to whip me
to go to the races.
To become champion, now I was
doing it in my own terms.
192 winners for Frankie dettori.
Franke dettori's giving
the sport a much needed boost.
The highest profile,
the most charismatic
most popular jockey is ending
the season as champion.
It's as though the sport has
challenged him to show them
that he can still get down
and graft if he has to
that he is not just a man
for the big occasion.
It's not just
about the fast cars
and the international travel
this is what he's brilliant at
day in day out
riding horses better
than everybody else.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Frankie: The epsom derby
is the best race.
It is the pinnacle and my dad
never won the derby
so maybe it was an incentive
for me to win it.
The watch would come out
of the safe
and he would dangle it in front
of my eyes.
"See, son! See, look at that,
look at that, look!"
He said, "one day,
if you win the epson derby
you can have it".
Little things like that,
they inspire you.
Drive you.
If there was something that you
haven't achieved yet
that you'd like to achieve,
what is that?
I'd love to win
the English derby
it's probably the biggest race
in Europe
and I think, once I win that,
I've done the full set.
Look who I've bumped into,
mr dettori!
Huh! Has he given you, you know,
any riding instructions?
Or is it... any hints?
well, he did, yeah.
We had a good chat.
TV presenter in Italian:
Gianfranco in Italian:
That's it, they're racing.
Gianfranco in Italian:
By "soldier of fortune"...
For my dad, it's a big deal.
He was riding with me,
I.. I was like a piece of him.
Commentator: "Soldier of
fortune", "lucarno" giving chase
but it's all "authorized"
and Frankie dettori
at the 15th attempt
lays to rest his derby ghost
as up to the line
"authorized" wins at a canter
by five or six lengths.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Crowd cheers
Well, he's probably too tired
to uh, make it
to the second floor.
There he is with his father,
himself, an outstanding jockey.
In Italy,
one of the great riders
but his status...
Nowhere near approaching
that of his son.
Frankie: You know, dads are dads
you know
even if things are wrong
I've gotta accept it, you know.
I can't...
Live all my life, you know,
arguing with him, you know.
I can't do that anymore, so...
You know, time heals everything,
I've moved on now.
Phone chimes
sue lawley: So, you've got
five children now, Frankie
two sons, three daughters, um...
Any of them going to be jockeys?
Frankie laughs
Frankie: I don't know.
I don't know, I mean
all the girls like...
Sue: Would you like them to?
If they want to do it
I will encourage it.
Burrell: That's lovely.
Thank you very much
that was lovely.
Catherine: You're welcome.
People always assume that...
We would all be sort of
pushed into racing.
I didn't really
take much of an interest.
Obviously we watched it
as children, but not...
I didn't really know
what was going on.
I just thought, "dad rides
horses" kind of thing.
But once first lockdown
had worn off
and everyone got
sick of each other, dad was like
"why don't you try riding out?"
I was like, "ok".
Look, the big moment is tomorrow
I'm riding with Ella.
This is like a historic moment
when dad and daughter
ride in the gallop.
Well, it's only because I taught
her to ride so beautifully
that she has the confidence
to ride racehorses.
Burrell: At least
it's one of your children
wants to ride a horse!
I'm going to choose him
a slow horse.
Guests chuckle
Catherine: They will be lucky.
He's not going
to follow the rules.
You're gonna wave at me.
They talk over each other
listen, once we done
all those gallops
it's everyone for themselves,
you know.
Burrell: Shall I tell you what?
Any chance I can have a bet
with chief?
It'll be alright. they laugh
burrell: 4:5 Ella, 5:4 Frankie.
Oh! Hey!
burrell: That'll do nicely.
Ella: I did feel a bit like...
"Oh, am I gonna like,
look worse compared to them?"
I don't know, it's meant to be
like, in my genes.
I don't want to let it down,
I guess.
Man: So this is Frankie.
Frankie far side,
Ella in the middle...
And Hailey nearest us.
I pulled up and I was like,
"that was amazing!"
She chuckles
the more I get older and learn
who I am
the more I sort of realise
that we are quite similar.
You just turn into your parents,
don't you?
Interviewer: What do you think
you'll be like as a coach?
Hopefully, not as strict
as my dad...
But you know, uh...
I will help as much as I can
you know,
that's what fathers do.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Frankie's stepmother:
Godolphin was Frankie's world.
Just, that was his world
he idolised those blue colours
and he loved riding
in those blue colours.
Gosden: And then
when godolphin expanded
there was a little change
of personnel.
A trainer came in
that Frankie did not gel with.
He wasn't really interested
in Frankie's opinion
and it inevitably led
to a couple of rows.
This trainer, he wanted his own
new kid on the block.
Commentator: Mickael
barzalona, trademark salute.
Said bin suroor
and Frankie dettori
have rewritten
the record books for years
but maybe mahmood ai zarooni
and mickael barzalona are
the first inkling that we could
be talking about a new duo
that are going to dominate...
Cumani: Frankie thrives
on being number one
and the moment he feels he's not
considered to be number one
his confidence level comes down.
Uh, Frankie dettori is a great
jockey but we have
horses running right and left,
so therefore we need
more than one jockey.
Frankie: Slowly but surely,
I was not riding all the horses.
I was riding some and I thought,
"this is not right".
Frankie's then thinking, "well,
I'm going to ride on one horse
he'll ride the other horse".
But you know, if you get beat on
that one or the other one wins
is it going to be, "oh, he's not
as good as he was"
or "oh, he's getting older",
you know?
Commentator: The red cap then,
of Frankie dettori
on "prince bishop"
Frankie: It was an insult to me
because I didn't deserve it
and it was not explained to me.
Anxiety, depression,
he was unsure of himself.
We saw the darkness
that he never had
and his weight was really bad,
you know.
Frankie: You feel ashamed,
you feel scared.
You got heart palpitations,
you got anxiety...
The way he came back...
So hungry and so depressed
and then he'd just eat too much
and it's got to go
in the toilet.
He was making himself sick,
I knew it was happening.
Because if you can't do
the weight the next day
you can be taken off the horse.
Bulimia, yeah. Eat too much
and had to throw it up.
Frankie: The thing is
nobody should be ashamed
because you know,
I'm not the only one.
But, yeah, I went through
a period that I did
and really badly, to the point
where I was doing it every day
maybe two or three times a day.
You can say it's probably
selfharming or something
or maybe something
that triggers in your brain.
It's a mental thing, I think,
being bulimic.
You're not happy with yourself.
Really frightening time,
the worst time, I'd say.
But in my professional world
I just kept my mouth shut
until one moment, then you have
to make a decision.
It was a big race in england
called the st leger
and we had a runner
and I was not put on the horse.
And I was stuck without a ride,
so I had to ride for John gosden
in the same race.
Commentator: Franke dettori
and John gosden
both with five successes
in this race previously.
I had to race
against my own stable.
How weird is that?
Commentator: In fifth
is "inca", on the inside
mickael barzalona
and Frankie dettori
on "Michelangelo"...
Furthermore, the godolphin horse
goes and wins.
"Encke" for mickael barzalona
and mahmood al zarooni won
the leger.
Frankie: I said to myself
"look, I'm 42 years old.
I'm not having it!"
I thought, "well, I've still got
a lot more to give".
You know, I'd rather end up
with nothing
than not give it a go...
Than just sit there and just...
Being kicked in the balls
everyday. No.
I wasn't ready for it.
So that was it,
that was the... tsh!
That was the divorce.
At the same moment came
another dip.
The jockey, Frankie dettori is
facing a horseracing enquiry
in Paris today,
after failing a drugs test
while riding in France
in September.
Reporter: Now he could face
a lengthy suspension
for racing's brightest star,
these are dark times.
My job was going titsup
I was low and frustrated
and angry...
And I did fall into the trap
of depression
and I took some cocaine.
You've got the weight
and thinking
"godolphin are definitely
going to be getting rid of me".
He knows
he shouldn't have done that.
A classic selfdestruct.
Frankie: The paparazzi
outside your house...
I felt embarrassed for my kids.
They were going to school.
They were getting slated.
I was suspended for six months.
Jon snow: We are in
the midst of racing's horrifying
perfect storm.
The most brilliant jockey
embroiled in drugs.
But from the ashes
of the sport's reputation
comes the man, Frankie dettori.
His fall was absent
his resurrection still
Gianfranco in Italian:
Frankie: You've no job.
I've still got five kids.
You know, I'm not working
for six months
I need to make some money,
so what do you do?
Housemaids behold!
I'm now your glorious
and supreme leader.
They laugh
the big brother house...
Cumani: It would have
raised quite a few eyebrows
and a lot of turning your eyes
up to the sky...
He laughs ...In racing.
It was a pretty risky thing
to do
but they wanted a star
on the show and...
They paid for it.
Long live
the great Frankie dettori!
They laugh and cheer
hand bashes podium
things happen in my life
then you sometimes do things
you don't want to do, you know,
I always said I'd never do
big brother, but you know what?
When I needed the money
and I was on my backside,
I had to do it! You know.
He has been a silly boy
and hopefully this will
sort him out
and he'll be backjust before
the derby
and royal ascot next year
and he should be back, I hope,
better than ever.
When I thought, great,
you know, I'm back.
You know, it's gonna be easy
peasy, back to what I was.
Boom! Silent.
Nobody would phone.
I couldn't even get a ride.
No rides, nobody...
Frankie: You know, people that
I thought they were my friends
they won't talk to me, drop me.
Drop me like a hot potato, boom!
Catherine: It was just shocking
that all the thousands
of winners he had ridden
and it's like people wouldn't
touch him.
Burrell: Every big organisation
had perfectly decent riders.
Was he going to go back round
pontefract and redcar?
Not really, and that's
when it was really bleak.
Commentator: Down towards
the last furlong and a half
Frankie on "wild desert",
can he get this winner?
He's being challenged
on all sides...
I finished a year with I think
about 16 winners, or something.
How embarrassing!
I remember people going
round saying
"oh, Frankie's had it now".
"He doesn't ride
as well as he used to".
It's all part
of Frankie's psyche, you know
if he's not doing well,
he does worse.
Your confidence is shattered.
I could see my arms
doing things...
My brain wanted to go there,
but my arms were doing that.
They're off and they're racing
in the betvictor. Com handicap.
There's Frankie
towards the rear.
Fortysix rides without a win.
I think he'd dearly love to win
this 4:45 here
at sunny wolverhampton.
I went 51 races without a win.
So out of confidence.
It was like living
in your own nightmare.
He was irrelevant to the sport.
You're looking
at yesterday's man, aren't you?
You know...
Tomorrow's washing up.
And this went on for a while.
I don't really remember.
It was dark days. It was dark.
And now at 44, I'm thinking,
you know, I have to kind of
prepare myself,
cos if this carries on...
Maybe I have to start
thinking of retiring.
Start another life, you know.
Catherine: That was
the lowest point that I'd...
Ever seen him in,
or experienced with him.
We were basically gonna stop.
That was it.
Frankie: It didn't look
like there was a way out.
Catherine was worried,
she was, you know
really concerned for me
and for the family
and uh, she burst into tears
and she freaked out.
She started shouting at me,
"you know...
All your life, you're telling me
that you're good
now that we need you,
show me how good you are!
Show me how good you are.
You've told me all your life
you're good, now...
He sighs
now that we need you,
show me how good you are!"
Strong words.
You know,
"show me how good you are..."
I did genuinely mean it
to stoke him up
and say... and just put a rocket
up his backside.
To hear that from your wife...
He sighs
heavy salad, let me tell you.
Catherine: I know perfectly
well, you're good
but you told me you were good
and now you're doubting yourself
and this is what's happening.
It's not getting
any of us anywhere.
Well, that was
the red rag to the bull.
Frankie: That really hurt me.
Really hurt me inside.
I thought,
"right! I'll show you".
Gosden: There's no doubt
that there was a bit of a...
A gradual slide and decline
and that was sort of
looking like a nearly
careerending moment for him.
But being Frankie, you know...
There's just
too much talent there.
There's just too much ability
and there's too much desire
and love of race riding.
I started in spring again.
I couldn't get going.
Every door I knock is shut.
I come to royal ascot...
And then the manager
of sheikh joaan
from Qatar came to see me.
Anyway, so I took the job.
I had nothing,
so I took the job.
I was spending more time
in France than in england
because most of the horses were
in France
so I was in and out
twice a week.
Reporter: Bebonjour
Frankie: Bonjour.
c'etait une course UN peu...
UN peu bizarre, non?
Oui, on y va...
Doucement ..
Vite, doucement
He then did get a nice contract
not with a whole load of horses
but with enough horses
in england to keep him busy
and get him going.
Well, it was nice
to be wanted again
and I started
doing well again...
And I was winning races again,
I've got my confidence back.
Reporter: You've had
the godolphin split
which seemed to be
like a marriage breakup.
Now you've got this real
new job to look forward to.
Frankie: It's given me
a new lease of life,
I guess, and you know,
I never know
what today has got to offer,
so it's fantastic.
And then, just something
very strange happened.
It became in the end
a sort of fortuitous path
because I had a fabulous
young jockey
William buick, but then
godolphin wanted
another number one jockey.
He was the obvious choice
to go on, but of course,
it's the old story...
It created a vacancy.
And a friend of mine
texted me, said
"did you hear the news?"
I said, "what?"
William buick has left
John gosden
and is going to godolphin.
I thought, "this is strange!"
So I said to Catherine,
"did you see what uh...
What they're saying?"
William told me, he was
next season going to be riding
for godolphin.
My wife said,
"well, let's call Frankie".
And I said, "should I ring John,
see if he wants me back?"
As a joke, right.
And the minute I finished
the sentence
John rings me!
Iihi, John."
He went, iihi, mini".
I said, "what are
you doing next year?"
He said, "I don't know".
He said, "I've got a plan!"
He laughs
I said, "so what's the plan?"
I said, "right, come to me
on march 1st
and don't discuss it
with anybody.
"But I'll have you back
1st march next year.
I'll have you back".
Absolute madness!
My phone rings and it's Frankie.
"Alright mate,
how are you doing?"
"Ok, grand, grand mate",
"have you seen the news?"
He said, "William buick's going
to godolphin"
so I just immediately said
to him, "have you rung John?"
He said, "no".
I said, "you lazy, idle
Italian toerag,
you haven't rung him?
What's the matter with you?
Why did you not ring him?"
III didn't need to...
He rang me!"
I went, "get in there!"
He laughs
I couldn't believe it and from
then on I just knew
from then, the spring was
back in his step.
I couldn't wait for the season
to finish and start the year.
The next year, you know.
I was so excited.
After two years being...
You know, no one, I'm back
and now, it's...
Really overwhelming of warmth.
It's amazing and um...
I loved it.
Well, he's a great friend
secondly, pound for pound
the greatest jockey
I've ever put on a horse
and I've been lucky to put some
wonderful jockeys...
Just leg 'em up on a horse.
Thirdly, for someone
of that class
to see them wander off
into a twilight zone...
It was just not palatable
that that could happen.
And I popped in 1st march
like he said
baba! I'm back.
Like I never left.
Gosden: I said, "come
to our stable", which he did
right to work,
get on the horses.
First horse he put me on
I don't know if he was trying
to make a good impression.
He put me on "golden horn".
I thought, "well, this horse
is not too bad!"
Cochrane: He rang up
when he'd ridden him work.
He said, "ray, we've got
a horse here!
John put me
on a real nice horse".
"Oh, that's good, mate."
Commentator: And they're off.
"Golden horn" and "festive fare"
"desegno" is scampering
after them...
Me and John hit the year running
we were winning everything.
"Peacock" is making a late run
but "golden horn" is
out in front
and it's going to be
Frankie dettori again.
"Golden horn" wins the feilden.
And then "golden horn" stepped
in and off we went.
And even John said, "ray, got
his mojo back. He's away now".
Music: "Jack" by Michael nyman
Frankie: Whoever thought at 45
I'd get a chance
to ride the favourite
in the derby?
Specially for John.
Commentator: Moving forward,
"storm the stars"
along with "golden horn".
That's it.
They're off and racing.
Racing in the investec derby,
"storm the stars" is
one of those to grasp
the nettle early...
As they climb through
the first furlong or so...
"Jack hobbs" breezing along
going well in fifth place
at this stage.
Then behind "Giovanni canaletto"
"golden horn" now being asked
to improve
on the inside of "success days"
"hans holbein" not by so far now
"epicuris" travelling up
in the pink cap
then "elm park" in third.
"Jack hobbs" now being ridden,
just hanging in slightly.
"Golden horn"
with a bit of work to do.
Now "Jack hobbs" finding full
stride, edges to the front
the complexion changes
as "golden horn" now begins
to run at his stable companion.
"Golden horn" and "Jack hobbs"
and "golden horn" looks
like putting it to bed
and it is "golden horn"
driven out
remains unbeaten.
"Golden horn" for the derby.
Franke dettori punches the air.
When I knew I was winning
my body, emotionally,
went like jelly.
I could not feel a thing.
In all the thousands of races,
it was the most emotional race
I have won in my life.
Crowd cheers and applauds
crowd whoops
announcer: And here he is!
The man the crowd
have always warmed to.
Cheers and applause
Mentally it was so important
because for many reasons,
you know.
The ups and downs that I had...
And those words...
He sniffs
"show me how good you are!"
I remember them.
And they were powerful,
you know...
And there was my "here you go".
We done it, so it was uh...
It was an amazing moment.
You know,
I'm crying of happiness
but it was uh...
It was, pfft...
It was a full circle, you know,
it was a full circle and uh...
Yeah, it was powerful.
So that was that.
Music: "Vltava" from ma I/last
by bedrich smetna
Could be about to see
something very special.
ridden by Frankie dettori
looking for a fourth gold cup.
Only the second horse to do that
in a 214year history...
Reporter: And with
the incredible combination
of Frankie dettori
and John gosden
let's make the most of it...
Reporter 2:
At the moment John gosden is
the best trainer in the UK
and Frankie dettori is
the best jockey in the world.
It's a real elite pairing.
We've had a phenomenal run
from 2015 right through to...
The present.
Champion horse, derbies,
prix de I'arc de triomphes.
Frankie: We've been drought
of crowds for 18 months, so...
It's nice to get the buzz back.
You know, I could hear my name
being shouted
and feel at home.
At this stage of my career,
I need an incentive
perhaps cos I'm spoilt.
I need the big occasion,
I need the crowd
I need the fever.
There is "stradivarius"
skipping down to post six
a path he's trodden
many times before
and he looks incredibly happy
with himself there
the 4:5 favourite.
Commentator 2: They're off.
The race, then, for the gold cup
two and a half miles
is their trip.
The mare
"Princess Zoe", the grey...
Christine in Italian:
Gianfranco: Christine:
"Serpentine", "stradivarius"
only had two behind him
into the home straight.
Two furlongs to go...
She exclaims
"subjectivist", Joe fanning
has stolen the race.
Coming into the home
straight, "subjectivist" wins
by a good distance.
"Princess Zoe" in second,
"Spanish mission" was next.
Then "stradivarius".
Phone rings
Frankie in Italian:
Alessandra in Italian:
Alessandra in Italian:
Frankie: You can hate
or love your parents
but it's your life,
this is your parents.
So you gotta look after them.
You know, like me and my mum.
My mum wouldn't know
how many winners I rode
or if I'd been champion or not..
She wouldn't have a clue
she doesn't...
Give two shits
if I won ten races
or one, she just... I'm still
her son, you know what I mean?
With my dad I have
a different relationship
but you know, he's nearly 80.
You know, I know
he's playing games with me
I don't mind. I've nearly
finished my career
what am I, going to try
to impress him?
I won everything, I mean
what does he want, so...
So, but still, you know
I think he's...
He's set in his ways.
You know, I don't think
he means it
but he still rings me,
"you should have done this...
You should have done that.
Why did you do this?"
But I think some things
you can't change
so now I take no notice of it.
Indistinct chati'er
gosden: You could take
your career so far
but he is at the top.
He was just crowned
world champion jockey
yet again...
I mean, I think two of last
three years or something.
Some achievement.
What he's done here now, it's...
Unbelievable. He laughs
indistinct chati'er
burrell: I don't think
that anyone deserves
the amount of luck
that we've had.
It's a lot of luck
and a lot of fun.
We've had an awful lot of fun.
Indistinct chati'er
Now, it's basically,
try to look after myself
and carry on as long as I can.
You know, it's what I love.
It's what I do.
You know.
The chapter's not finished
Let's hope we can make
another film.
I didn't even know
I was doing it!
I'm scared!
I don't want to do it anymore!
I don't like it!
I don't want to do it anymore!
Commentator: There's a few
famous names along here.
None more so
than you see dettori
I have to say I have seen
Frankie dettori this morning
who is an absolute bag of nerves
and not for his own races,
but for his daughter, Ella.
Frankie: My career started
here all those years ago.
It's quite mad that...
My daughter's first race
is here.
He chuckles
Ella: Sometimes dad's being like
"no, you're not,
you're going to uni".
It was sort of back
and forth for a while.
Then I did say,
"I do want to do this".
Everyone's sort of
accepted that now.
Just let it go. one hold.
One hold, like you've been doing
in the morning...
let him run in your hands.
Ok. right, and don't move
until you pass the "two".
And then from the "two"
you can start...
Ella: I like that it's worked
out like this so...
Cos is doesn't feel forced.
I've just found my own path,
I guess.
I think the more you push
someone to do something
the more the sort of pull back.
We had both had discussions
about "don't live
through the children"
cos that's really annoying
for them...
And you've got to let them
live their own lives
and make their own decisions.
Be part of their life
and be there to support them.
Frankie, I think, has learned
from his father
there was too much, you know.
There was something
that was over support.
It was trying to control
and you can't do that
cos they're their own people,
they're individuals.
Alessandra in Italian:
Indistinct cha'iti'er hello.
Frankie: Now, you know, I'm...
I'm just a dad and I want
my daughter to do well.
Gianfranco in Italian:
Ella: People have said
I do ride slightly like my dad
um, which is
obviously a compliment.
I've definitely got
his stubbornness.
I get told that a lot.
Yeah, the dettori name.
That's always going to be
something but...
I don't know, maybe it spurs
me on a little bit...
Makes me try harder, we'll see.
Time will tell.
Frankie: Who knows
what the future holds?
It'd be the third generation,
you know.
It'd be quite funny
or quite bizarre
me riding with my daughter,
wouldn't it?
Music: "Sky's the limit...
Chasing sheep is best left to
Shepherds" by Michael nyman
Mobile phone rings
Gianfranco in Italian: