Deuces (2016) Movie Script

[Deuces] A wise man once told me
when things are going great...
it's only a matter of time
before they go bad.
Because when you're on top,
there's only one way to go.
It's the law of the universe.
How the hell did I get here?
Oh, yeah.
["Thief's Theme" playing]
Don't move.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, Jason Foster.
- Lieutenant.
- Nice to meet you, finally.
- Nice to meet you, also.
- Pleasure.
Please, have a seat.
I was, uh, looking over your resume
and it's quite impressive.
Just doing my job, Lieutenant.
You know, I watched your brother
come up through the academy.
Some years ago. But, uh...
I like to think I was somewhat
of a mentor to him.
Best cop in his class. Hands down.
You remind me of him.
Thank you.
But I'm still not sure
why you brought me here.
I've been given the assignment
to find someone outside of our department
to go undercover because we've been
infiltrated in the past by this crew.
What crew was that?
Here are the elite.
They've been linked to eight homicides.
And a huge portion of the drug action
in and around of downtown LA.
One, Peter Reed.
A.K.A. Pete Papers.
He's the wild card.
We traced his juvi record
back to New York,
New Jersey and now here.
And two, Fidel Coles A.K.A. Face.
He's the muscle and probably
the most dangerous in the fray.
And our ultimate target,
golden boy himself, Stephen Brooks.
A.K.A. Deuces, A.K.A. 22, A.K.A. Two Guns.
He's the leader of this crew.
He's a very calculative man.
Yet at the same time, he seems to have
his hands in everything from high grade
marijuana, meth, cocaine
to extortion and murder.
He is not your average
gang-affiliated banger
with red or blue rags hanging out
of his back pocket.
This guy is a real trafficker.
He runs a bar as a cover.
He seems to be interested in real estate.
Okay? Infiltrating him has been like
trying to catch the clap at a convent.
[man] Fuck.
As far as danger is concerned,
you can stamp these guys
with a skull and crossbones.
[man] Fuck y'all!
I'm asking you to come in
and assist us in this sting operation.
Why me?
We ask you, Foster, why did
you become a police officer?
- To protect and serve the people...
- Spare me the bullshit, just...
talk to straight, why?
I always wanted to be
a part of a brotherhood.
One day I'm gonna leave this earth and...
I just wanna be able to say I was
a part of something meaningful.
Okay. Well, then I believe
this is the perfect opportunity
for you to do just that.
Hey, your brother would be proud of this.
But... if you decide to do this,
it won't be an overnight sensation.
You'll have to be totally
cut off from your old life.
Once you're in, you're
no longer Jason Foster.
No family contact,
no friends, no nothing.
You'll have to tell all your li'l chippies
that you're joining the army or the navy
or the boy scouts, whatever.
But that life is over.
At least until your assignment
is complete.
Is that clear?
[Jason] Understood.
[keyboard clacking]
Girl, what are you doing?
Girl, what is wrong with you?
I'm working.
Something you should be doing.
Oh, whatever. What are you doing tonight?
Probably nothing. A new scandal
comes out, so I'm gonna stay at home.
Oh. Typical, boring.
Not even.
Well, you know, I'll be at
somebody's happy hour,
- from 5:05. You should come.
- Mm-mmm.
One sangria won't kill you.
Hos love sangria?
Uh-uh. For one, I am not a ho.
And two, last time I drank with you,
what happened?
It became 4:00 and
I was sick for two days.
You know that was a year ago.
Yeah, no. I'm gonna pass.
Okay, well, I'll call you later.
You finish slaving away.
- Well, bye.
- [laughs]
Man, where is it?
I told Papers I would give it to him
as soon as I get it. I swear to God.
- You swear to God? You swear to God?
- Swear to God!
God ain't got shit to do
with the fucking money, bitch.
Okay. Okay!
Pick a knee, motherfucker.
On top of the fridge, man.
Ain't that a bitch? Lying on the Lord.
I wasn't even gonna kill your ass.
[Deuces] I never had
much family or a loyal friend.
Where I come from,
loyalty was but a commodity.
- [tires screeching]
- [engine revving]
I knew Papers as
he first came to our 'hood.
He was a wild young dude that used
to get clowned for being so poor.
He used to sell stolen candy
just so he could have lunch money.
Pete Papers...
ain't broke no more.
Hey, next time you try to kill me, nigga,
let me make out a will first, all right?
- Goddamn.
- Learn to steer your bike, bro.
Shit, we could do it again.
You don't want that.
Put somethin' on it.
Oh, well, let me see what I got?
Oh. Wow.
Yeah, pick that shit up. You know you're
two months behind on your child support.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- What up?
Shit, fucking with this weirdo ass nigga.
- Oh, yeah?
- Hey, uh...
- Take care of that thing?
- Of course.
Shit got kinda crazy, though.
I had to take the guy out.
- What?
- Yeah.
Yo, I didn't say you down him for that.
All you had to go do
is discipline him and be out.
Look... Look, man, after I fucked him up,
I turned around to get the cash,
the motherfucker whipped out the burner.
- I wasn't going for the shit, man.
- I don't wanna hear that.
- Did anybody see you?
- No, we good. Trust me.
You wanna bring heat to us?
Come on, man, you gotta think.
You feel me? You gotta think.
[tires screeching]
What the fuck? For real?
Get the fuck out of here.
You almost fucking killed me.
[Face] That homie stay wild in there.
See that shit, big homie.
I almost maybe murt his ass.
What did I tell you about
yankin' a burner out like that?
What did I do?
[Papers laughing]
All right...
See, this is what
I'm talkin' about, this is what...
Yo, man, Papers, hold this
shit down, I'm out.
- Hold what down?
- Hey...
You're gonna bring heat on us, man.
Summertime in LA, Deuce,
it stay hot out here.
[Henderson] You'll like this kid.
He's got a lot of good things goin' on.
His brother was one
of the best I ever had.
Nice kid. Foster.
I want you to meet some people.
This is detective Solomon Garret.
Detective Sonny Diaz.
They'll be assisting with the case.
Any questions or concerns...
you can rely on them.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Definitely.
Good to meet you guys.
This ain't boot patrol.
You're in the big leagues now.
Yeah, I guess
that's why they got me here.
You two are here for your experience.
Okay? Foster, they've worked
many cases undercover
and I'm confident
they'll provide a big help.
Counting on you to bring Foster
through to the other side.
- Okay?
- With pleasure, Lieutenant.
Take care.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman 1]
So, did you go out with any of them?
- [woman 2] What you got?
- Oh. I'd say it's obvious.
Let me give you a hand with that.
- It's okay, no problem.
- I got it.
- I got it.
- Chivalry isn't dead.
Thank you.
You might wanna go over
those figures again, though.
I'm sorry, I'm Stephen.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
So, do you work in the building?
Yeah, I'm the janitor.
I'm just... taking my lunch break.
Very funny, uh...
Well, I appreciate that.
Prove it.
Excuse me.
Let me take you out.
I mean... you look like you like to eat.
- I mean, not like...
- "Like to eat?"
- Wow!
- I'm saying, hang on.
- I think you've got enough.
- Come here.
Wait, what are you doing?
- Just hold on.
- Uh-huh.
[cell phone chimes, buzzes]
All right, there.
Connected forever.
- Really?
- Can't get rid of me.
- Just make sure you call me.
- Mm-hmm.
[Deuces] After putting in work
over the years in these streets,
you begin to feel like
you're constantly being watched.
- [camera clicking]
- Or listened to.
You start to develop certain instincts
and disciplines.
Some of those things might come off as
over-cautious or even paranoid.
But once you've learned
the rules of the game,
you have to play them
better than anyone else.
Yo, D,
he's got the hair triggers
that we always wanted.
I told you I don't need more guns.
I need more accountants.
Do you know any good ones?
I do.
- [Papers chuckles]
- Always on a hustle.
[cell phone ringing]
Better act serious.
- Yeah.
- Hi, this is, um, Janet.
I'm the woman from the other day.
You helped me with my papers.
- Oh, hey, how're you doing?
- Good. Good. I'm just...
- [gunshot]
- [man yells]
- Shit.
- Hang on a minute. Um...
Is everything okay over there?
Yeah. Yeah, everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
- [indistinct shouting]
- How are you doing?
- [groans]
- What are you up to?
- [man] Shit!
- [Papers laughing]
- Hello?
- So, uh, what are you up to?
Uh, nothing much, I...
was sitting here
and reading a bunch of...
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, listen, let's meet later tonight.
I'm actually at work. I'm in middle
of something right now.
Eight o'clock, you cool with that?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, that's... That's fine.
So, why don't we meet
at this place called Anazio downtown?
Okay, yeah. I know where that is.
- Oh. Sweet.
- Okay, then I will see you then.
And... Okay, bye.
Hey, this is why I don't invite
motherfuckers over here.
You leakin' all up, clean that shit up.
- You, clean it up.
- How are you gon...
Just get doc over here to fix it up, man.
[Deuces] I decided to invite her
down to my place.
When meeting someone, I always showed up
20 minutes early
just to watch them for a while.
Call me paranoid, but where I come from
paranoia is a good characteristic
for survival.
A woman could be
just as dangerous as a dude.
Besides... she was beautiful.
I didn't mind watching her.
Hey, Janet. Janet, wait up.
- Where are you going?
- Oh, now you wanna show up?
- You got nerve.
- Listen, just...
- relax, okay?
- You must think I'm stupid.
I'm not one of these silly, goofy-ass hos
I'm sure you're used to dealing with.
It's not even like that, okay?
I was tied up with some business,
my phone died.
There wasn't a charger in sight.
- That's not my problem.
- Plus,
I don't know any goofy hos.
Okay? If a goofy ho
walked up to me right now,
I wouldn't even know, what is that?
I mean, my goofy ho
radar is non-existent, okay?
And if you really didn't wanna
be here, you wouldn't.
So, why don't we go inside,
have some dinner, talk,
hang out a little bit?
So, the food is good, right?
Does it meet your taste bud approval?
Yeah, but we still have
to see what they have for dessert.
It will make someone happy.
So, where are you from?
Riverside, but I live in Beverly now.
So, what made you move to the city?
Well, I went to USC.
Hmm. You a Trojan.
- Yeah, you got a problem with that?
- No. No.
Not at all. I think it's actually,
uh, kinda cool.
So how come you didn't move back home?
Well, I got a job right after graduation.
And I got comfortable,
so I just went with it.
But my mom still lives there,
so I go back to visit,
and I'm close to her and my brother.
So, you know, we get together a lot.
But I prefer the city, I feel like...
- Am I talking too much?
- No, not at all.
It's good, it's very interesting.
So, your turn.
Me? Oh, no, that's...
I'm not as interesting as you.
- I find that...
- There's not much to know.
- Trust me.
- I find that hard to believe.
Where are you from?
South Central Los Angeles.
But I reside in this area right now.
Mm. And what do you do?
I own a few businesses.
Developing some new properties.
And I'm actually looking to purchase
a commercial building very soon.
Wow, so real estate?
That sounds exciting.
Listen, my birthday is Friday.
And I'm putting together a private party.
- Really?
- Very exclusive.
- Oh.
- I'm handpicking all of my guests.
- Mm-hmm.
- And, uh... I'm picking you.
Me? Like, as in your date?
Yeah, like as my date.
So, are you gonna join me or what?
- Mmm. Let me think about it.
- Wow.
So, you wanna think about it, okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'll come.
But I have something
to do earlier that evening.
So, it'll have to be later.
It's no problem. So, I could
pick you up around ten?
Well, just make sure your little jealous
girlfriends aren't there
trying to fight me.
You mean my goofy hos?
[chuckles] Yeah, them too.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay, thank you.
Everything is set.
Jason Foster is no more.
- You're now Reese.
- Just Reese?
And remember, we're gonna hear
everything through the wire
so you need to make sure you
keep that on at all times.
[Jason] Yeah, I thought about it.
I'm not wearing that thing.
What do you mean you're not wearing it?
It's to assure your safety and keeps us
abreast of every part of situation.
Look, I'm not wearing it, I'm in more
trouble with that thing on.
Well, look at big man making
important decisions.
I hope you notice it's the real deal.
And you don't have big brother
around to hold your hand now, do you?
Bang bang.
You need to chill the fuck out.
[door slams shut]
Now you see exactly why this
should be one of my guys?
No, that's the problem.
One of your guys went to work this time.
Well, I hope you know what
you're doing, Lieutenant.
[softly] Yes.
[knocking at door]
I missed my brother.
I miss you too, sis.
I feel like you don't even
love me anymore.
Stop it, you know you come first
before anybody.
Whatever. So what chick is
keeping up your time nowadays.
- I wish.
- So, how long you up here for?
Uh... I'm not sure yet.
Um, I made your favorite...
- Lasagna.
- Oh, wow. Uh...
I can't even stay to eat.
Why not?
I just came to talk to you about
something really important.
What's going on?
I got an opportunity for my job,
to do something really big.
Okay, like?
I can't discuss it.
Look, I know we talk about everything
and we never keep secrets,
but this is something I have to do.
I would say okay,
but now you're scaring me.
That's one thing I don't need you
to do, is worry about me.
I'll be okay.
You may not see me for a little while,
but you can always
pick up the phone and call.
Wait, what. Jason, I don't understand
what you're saying.
It's just something I have to do.
Something for me.
I'll explain it to you another time.
- I don't...
- No, just trust me on this.
It will all make sense
in the end, I promise.
[Janet sighs]
[Janet] God, please,
I already lost one brother.
[cell phone chimes, buzzes]
[r&b song playing]
Happy birthday!
[indistinct chatter]
[doorbell rings]
- [Deuces] Hey, you.
- [Janet] Hey.
[Deuces] Come on in.
[Janet] Sorry, I'm not interrupting
anything, am I?
'Course not. Mi casa es Su casa.
- Come on in.
- I was in the neighborhood,
so I got you some breakfast.
Figured you'd be hungry.
Your intuition is spot on.
I'm gonna teach you how to cook.
Good luck with that.
You know what, why don't you
grab some plates and we, uh...
can get our grub on right in here.
You know, J, I wanted to tell you that...
you make me see life from
a different point of view.
And, uh, I really appreciate
our friendship.
[Janet] Oh. Me too.
Yeah, you know, I never thought I could
actually be friends with just,
you know, a friend that you actually like.
But I guess it's important to, uh,
have friends that don't
expect anything out of you.
Well, I'm glad you weren't
expecting anything from me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[r&b song playing]
All right.
What have we got in here?
Nice of you to join us, Miss Foster.
Don't be clocking me.
- I got this.
- Oh! Clocking you, huh?
Yeah, clocking me.
You need to get it together, girl.
Stop bitchin', I got this.
I'm almost done with
the scout reports, so just
let me get back to it, boss.
That was due this morning,
seriously though.
Oh, my God. Are you serious?
Hmm. Oh, my God is right.
Now I can't even find it.
That's why I finished it for you.
- What would I do without you, Tanya?
- Mm-hmm.
[Tanya chuckles]
[Tanya exclaims]
Yeah, Mr. GQ got your mind boggled.
[r&b song playing]
[Papers] Nigga's making me money.
Nigga... crazy.
It was so easy too, I just...
So, I get up on my seat,
you know, to see what the fuck's going on.
- You know this nigga was mad.
- Stop lying.
- I was Gucci.
- [women laughing]
Face, was he mad or not?
- He was chilling, bro.
- Oh, you a sucka.
- He was chilling, bro.
- You would take his side.
Listen, anyway, doesn't matter.
So, you know, I'm excited,
you know what I'm saying.
- I'm finally in the game...
- Tell the truth. You were selling candy.
Real candy.
- Skittles, Almond Joys.
- [Papers] Yeah.
Yeah, it was making me money.
Fuck you, all right, anyway, right?
So, you know, I walk over
like, "Yo, is y'all niggas cool?"
'Cause you know me, it's nothing to worry,
both big bongs come out,
and I handle mine, right?
I look at Deuces.
Deuces looks at me.
Next thing you know, I see the nigga
winching. What?
So, then I lay the nigga the fuck out,
you know what I'm sayin',
before he got to his piece.
And then, you know, next thing you know
I'm macking this bitch. I'm not bragging.
This is not bragging.
Listen, I'm not with her no more, okay?
Hey, Guns.
Holla at you, homie. Cool?
Yeah. He's good.
Hey, you hear anything
on that situation with Bee?
[man] Your homie said that the last time
they'd seen him, he was comin' for you.
He ain't get with us.
Well, fuck that. I'm ready to work.
You said when a position opened up,
that you would look out for me, what's up?
What else I say?
You said the homies would
get at me when the time was right.
Guess that settles that.
I'm busy, brah.
Got it.
Hey, you good?
What the fuck he want, man?
What do you think?
I mean, he's saying things like, crazy,
talking about that shit?
We good.
All right.
Go back and have drink
with your people, man.
All right, all right, bitches.
[Papers] So let me get this straight,
y'all are roommates?
[indistinct chatter]
[bluesy song playing]
I'll tell you that's my shit.
Glad somebody finally played it.
Yeah, I like them old joints better.
Dream as if you'll live forever.
Live as if you'll die tomorrow.
True. True.
But I intend to keep living.
Chase that dream.
They played this song
in a movie. Uh, Shaft.
Jackie Brown.
Oh yeah, you're right.
[Jason] City of God.
When Z killed Benny in the club.
[Jason chuckles]
Y'all stay up.
What's up with dude?
Who, Reese? Hustling.
Trying to get it like everybody else.
Doesn't never really stay.
And he good. Got people to check him up.
Stays about in slums, something like that.
Find out for sure.
Say no more.
[indistinct chatter]
[Papers] Hey.
I just copped us some good seats
for that Mayweather fight.
While I was on the strip,
I just had to get those.
- Good man, yeah.
- Yeah.
Girl for a nice little vaca?
Hey, man, the PJ is ready when you are.
Man, a G5, spit the fuel, we can do it.
- I know I got it.
- You got it?
- We good. Don't worry about that.
- All right.
Let me ask you something, brah.
Where do you see yourself
in the next five years?
I just told you we're going to the fight.
We're going to Vegas.
Are you giving me a survey?
No, man, for real.
I mean, you think...
honestly think we're gonna
do this for rest of our lives?
Can't really think about not doing
something I've been doing my whole life.
Look, man, I'm on some other shit.
I'm about to buy me a building.
You already got a building,
what are you talking about?
Buying a restaurant is cool,
but I'm talking about some
big boy stuff, you know, like,
building downtown. Commercial.
Yeah, I don't know much about that, but...
what I do know is that, uh...
I ran into Santiago yesterday
and he was asking about you.
You ran into Santiago?
He didn't find you?
I ran into him while I was in Vegas
at the back of Red Tape.
So what?
I'm settled up with him,
I don't owe him shit.
No, he was just saying that, you know,
he had this thing coming up,
it was big.
And he was looking for a partner.
[camera clicks]
[engine revving]
[Papers clears throat]
So that's me, I'm the partner?
Pape, I kinda like
the way things are, man.
- I'm my own boss.
- He has an opportunity
to score huge load coming
across the border.
That could bring in
at least 20 million dollars.
Bro, that's a 100 percent markup
than what we've been doing right now.
So, what's this play?
All right, he needs five million in cash
to make it real.
Now, he has 2.5, but he's looking
for a partner to bring in the other half.
Now, I got 500 stacks
I can put in myself, OG, all right?
Shit, this is the type of score
that we've been waiting on our whole life.
I mean, he's inviting us to the table.
It's time for us to eat.
That, Pape, he's my plug.
Never considered being a partner with him.
What's the big deal?
Really, I mean, what is the big deal?
You over here talking about
skyscrapers and shit.
We do this deal right, you can buy
yourself the fucking Staples Center.
I told you I got my money in real estate.
I'm going big with real estate.
Okay, all right, look.
All right. We can make it back quick.
I put these motherfuckers to work
we give him the paper,
we move this shit in a month.
All right.
I'll put up with him but that's all.
- Set it up.
- You got it.
[r&b song playing]
[engine humming]
- [engine turns off]
- [song stops]
What's that? Caddie DeVille?
Six-speed chain transmission. Shit.
You already know.
Fastest bike on the street.
Yeah, I'm Reese, man.
Hey, you's a real estate?
Amongst other things, but yeah,
that's my go too.
I'm in the process of getting myself
some commercial property.
Been on that for a while.
Yeah, it's a good thing
you didn't couple of years ago.
The way the economy was crashing,
shit was all fucked up.
What about now?
Now is a good time to go after it.
You know, the economy
is not as messed up plus
property value is so low,
niggas get to fuck with it.
But I got you. If you want me to, I can
put you on with some folks I fuck with.
Look, man, I ain't talking about
ain't no bullshit apartment.
I want the big boy stuff, you know.
Donald Trump shit, you feel me?
Deuces, let me holla at you
about that business?
I told you I'll get at you
when it's time, man.
When the time is right. When I say so.
Right now ain't the fucking time, man.
I'm not feeling that, homie.
As a matter of fact, what happened
with the li'l homie Bee, motherfucker?
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
Niggas don't listen.
Man, you didn't have to do all that, brah.
No, I'm trying to have
an intelligent conversation
and that motherfucker was begging for it.
"He was begging for it." Yeah, he was.
Hey look, uh, you got a minute to hang,
you know, chop it about that real estate?
- Yeah, man...
- Yeah.
Calm down, bro.
Cool. You cool?
I? No, you cool.
You see, you got some balls on you, boy.
Busted my fucking knuckle.
I'm good, though.
All right.
Yeah, man, like I was saying,
I got no problem putting you on
with my people in real estate.
But you gotta put me on
to your situation.
I don't know what you're talking about.
[chuckles] Yeah, all right.
Where you from, man?
- Oakland.
- Oh.
Block would do 20 a week.
No, I'm good. I don't smoke.
Yeah, but them days are long gone.
I used to be able to cut class
and make five bands before lunch.
Mom tried to put me
in a Catholic school shit, but...
a simple life won't excite me.
You know what I don't get? [sighs]
I don't understand why
people want that street life.
Like somehow it's gonna
create opportunities.
I'm just like, "Wow."
Yeah, I mean, I'd have went crazy in
a professor's class,
man, at a desk for 30 years?
I mean, I'm sure you can relate.
Yeah, whatever that means.
- It teaches on, you know.
- Yeah.
Right now I'm just hustling my banker.
I'm sure we could find a way to work.
Any wire?
What the fuck you talking about?
You know who you're fucking...
I ain't who you thinking you got me
fucked up, it's not what you think.
How do you know what I'm thinking?
Hmm. You know what...
blow this motherfucker's head off.
Hey, come on, man. Think about this!
I'm fucking with you.
- [laughs]
- [Deuces chuckles]
You motherfuckers is crazy.
Oh, you have no idea.
[Face] This nigga was scared.
I had to know.
Come on, soldier.
Come on, man,
let's go get something to eat.
[cell phone chiming]
[man] Wake up, rookie.
Huh? Who this?
Two a.m. Umbrella factory.
Blue trash can.
[r&b song playing]
Hmm. Here we go.
Man, this is more serious than I thought.
I know we went on for a lot, but I went
from a ten second phone call
to having a bag full of dope.
Listen, the good news is you're in.
Yeah, but the guy's still hands off.
Now, I'm responsible for moving
a hundred grand in drugs.
You're in the mix now,
there's no faking it, okay?
You need to get him to trust you.
Respect your Hus,
get your credibility up out there.
I wouldn't even know where to start.
Oh, you'll figure it out.
Listen, there's no other way, okay?
Once you get him to deal with you
personally, it's done.
And you're out. Case closed.
Yeah, I'm going to need a buffer to give
me some fake commercial real estate lease.
I got a real in with this guy.
Where are y'all going?
Can I ride with y'all?
Get the fuck outta here.
'Sup, clown?
Just talking to my man. That's all.
So, what's popping?
Why did you fucking get out
of the car so fast for?
- What, you freaking up or something?
- Get the fuck out of here with that shit.
Just fucking with you.
Hey, um, come on out for a minute.
- Leave your phone.
- All right.
So you may have a meeting
with Reese today, huh?
- Is that what we have to do?
- What do you mean?
We had to get shit ready
for Arizona and shit,
but he just told me to go ahead and do it.
This is what the fuck I am talking about.
So, is he doing direct business
with this guy?
No. He's just working, bro.
I don't think he's that deep, really.
You don't think so?
Even you question that shit.
I mean, what, first the secret meetings
and then he's running shit?
How do you know he was meeting with him?
Don't worry about that.
[Papers] Look, just keep
your eyes and ears open.
I ain't about to let this new guy
fuck this shit up for us.
[Face] Come on, do you think
Deuces is really going to let him in?
[Papers] Did he tell you about
taking a meeting with him?
If he takes a meeting, I take a meeting.
And what are they talking about, anyway?
Just keep your eyes and ears open.
I wanna keep my eye on this guy.
Say no more.
["I Need a Dollar" playing]
Hey. Working late?
Not anymore.
Going to bed.
Something wrong?
The fact that you don't even know
what's wrong is what's crazy.
Okay. Let's talk.
You wanna talk?
I mean, you sure you got time?
Say what you gotta say.
- [scoffs]
- [cell phone ringing]
It's that shit right there.
- 'Cause my phone is ringing?
- Yes!
It's fucking 4:00 in the morning...
Is it somebody else? If it is...
- Pape.
- [Papers] What's going on?
Uh, no, just talking to the little lady.
Oh, okay. Tell Janet I say hey.
He says "hey."
- Look, man, let me holla at you tomorrow.
- All right, that work.
You don't even know, do you?
It's only you.
I have a question for you.
I got an answer for you.
There's only two types of people
who are out the same hour as you are,
criminals and police. So...
When I was a kid,
I would come home every day
hoping for two things.
One, my mother was there,
and two, I had something for dinner.
And both of those things rarely happened.
And can you blame an eleven-year-old boy,
who had no support,
for hustling to survive?
I do today what I've always done...
to survive.
I mean, that's all anybody does, right?
We gotta survive.
You know what?
I have everything...
in my life I want, all set up.
Perfect job, perfect car, perfect place.
I'm so past wanting everything
I think I'm supposed to have.
I just don't want anything
bad to happen to you.
I'll be fine.
[cell phone ringing]
It's 12:30. You still asleep?
No, I'm up.
[Henderson] Where the hell you been?
I've been calling you for days.
Get down to the satellite station.
We need a face-to-face.
Okay, yeah, I'll be there. At what time?
I want your ass there
in 30 minutes flat.
- Okay. Okay, okay.
- You understand me?
Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.
So, can we start this meeting,
or we still waiting on some more folks?
- What the hell's gotten into you?
- What you mean?
You seem like you've lost focus
of your purpose on this thing.
You barely check in.
You're late with everything,
including info.
Yeah, I wasn't late for this meeting.
And it's not easy being a drug dealer.
You know what? Let me tell you something.
This cocky bullshit
is gonna be the end of you, all right?
You are way too comfortable here.
We gotta get back to basics,
which means you checking in
when you're supposed to check in,
you answering your phone when we call.
Sometimes, I can't answer my phone
or check in.
This ain't detective training.
This shit is real.
Oh, yeah? Well, then
we're adding a tail to the case.
A tail? That's worse
than wearing a fucking wire.
No. Lieutenant, he knows everything.
So just let him do it his way.
Maybe he'll catch a break
and end up floating in the LA River.
All right, listen.
The stakes are getting higher.
This is gonna assure your safety
as well as sealing the case.
Are y'all trying to get me killed
out here? 'Cause I think you are.
It'll be in your best interests, Foster.
This is our proof
that you've been interacting so closely
- with Deuces and his operation.
- Yeah.
I know what it's for, sweetheart.
I'm just saying, Lieutenant,
are you sure that tail is for them?
What's that supposed to mean?
Jason, look, you're a good cop.
- A cop, a cop?
- You need to...
Is that what I am?
'Cause I sure in the hell
can't fucking tell no more!
Fucking cop.
[crowd cheering]
[Deuces] It's rare to be able to say
that you've got most of everything
you wanted out of life.
I must admit, I'm fortunate.
[crowd] Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one!
[all cheering]
[rap song playing]
Yeah. Happy New Year, brother.
Same to you, man.
It's been a hell of a year.
To many more.
To brotherhood.
[Jason exclaims]
[Deuces] Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
- My brother.
- Yeah.
- Happy New Year.
- Thank you.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year to you, bro.
You good?
Yeah. You good?
Yeah, I'm straight.
Um, you seen Jane?
Nah, I haven't seen her,
but, um, I'm gonna be over here.
Hey... Shit.
Hey, my lady should've been here already.
I had never known you had a girl.
I don't. I've a woman.
And she'd be late
for her own damn funeral.
Hey, who in the hell is that?
I seen her before.
But I don't really know her like that.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna fall back, man.
You need to go handle that.
Oh, yeah. I got it.
Hey, uh, I'm gonna go back to my VIP room.
- Let's go.
- No.
You good here.
- You sure?
- Yeah. I'm cool.
I'm cool. Enjoy.
Have fun.
[r&b song playing]
[indistinct chatter]
I can't believe we missed the countdown
messing with you.
You weren't complaining
when we were throwing back
all those shots in the car.
Where is Stephen?
Oh, okay. He's in his private area.
Come on.
He's nice.
- Really?
- [Janet] Girl, come on.
No. Don't be silly.
- I got that.
- Are you sure?
- What's your name?
- Tara.
Tara. I never seen you around here, Tara.
You see me.
You just never paid attention to me.
But I paid attention to you, though.
Oh, really?
[door opens]
- [Deuces] Hey.
- Hey.
- [Deuces] Happy New Year.
- [Janet] Mmm. Happy New Year.
- You missed the countdown.
- I know, right.
Hey, shit happens.
Babe, this is Tanya.
- Tanya, this is Stephen.
- Hi.
So, this is the boo
I've been hearing about.
This is my baby.
Y'all just missed my man Reese.
I wanted to introduce y'all.
He's coming back, right?
Yeah, he's definitely coming back,
but, in the meantime,
get something to drink,
relax, enjoy yourself.
Hi. What can I get you?
- I'll have a sex on the beach.
- Oh.
- Oh. All right.
- [chuckles]
- You look great.
- Thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
[r&b song playing]
[Deuces] Nothing in life
is ever what it appears to be,
or people.
But if you happen to find that someone
who actually is,
never let 'em go.
Bro, what's wrong with you?
How you just gonna sit here
when shit's rocking out there?
[Face chuckles]
Oh, okay. You're on lockdown...
- There you go.
- Look, I'm not judging you.
Just look. Have a drink with your fam.
Come on, man. You know how I get down.
I don't pop bottles, I sell 'em.
[Face] But it's New Year's Eve, brah.
One drink ain't gonna hurt you, man.
Don't you get tired of turning up?
Hell, no. Nigga, we in our prime.
What do you mean "tired"?
These parties, man, just...
They're just not my thing anymore.
I see what Pape was talking about now.
What'd he say?
Nothing, man.
Just that you was switching up your shit,
acting like a square.
Where Pape at?
He left.
And your boy just took a girl
to the bathroom.
Good for him.
Back to these hos.
[Tara moaning]
Oh, God.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey ya, Diggs.
- You good?
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, where Face at?
Oh, you know, he's running around here,
messing around with some thots.
- What's up?
- Listen.
I been getting word that dude been popping
some reckless shit about you.
Well, you can't listen
to everything you hear.
Deuce, I'm serious.
This ain't the first time I heard this.
Saying how you and Pape
are the ones making all the money,
and he getting pennies.
How you wouldn't be shit
if it wasn't for him.
Look, people talk
because they want his spot.
- Deuce, look...
- Relax, okay?
Get yourself a drink,
whatever it is you do.
- Have a good time.
- All right...
- You feel me?
- For sure. Got it.
[Tara] Call me.
[door closes]
I see y'all having a moment.
I mean, should I come back?
No. Don't come back...
Come right now.
- Sit down.
- You sure?
Enjoy some time with me.
He ain't my type, but your friend is.
- Uh, Tanya...
- [Tanya] Yes?
- This is Diggs.
- Hi.
We're friends, yeah.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking indistinctly]
[Deuces] You know those survival instincts
in us that you might ignore?
Well, I rely on those instincts...
'cause they're always right.
Hey, uh... go find Face and holla at me.
You know, I'm thinking
we should get out of here.
Y'all hungry?
- Pancakes?
- Pancakes.
- Y'all doing breakfast already? Okay.
- Yes.
- After you.
- Yes.
Have some pancakes.
- And me.
- Okay.
[both grunting]
- [gunshot]
- [groans]
[Jason panting]
[Deuces] Clean this up.
Reese, let's go.
[man] Hey.
What's good?
What the fuck?
I knew I saw that fat fucker in there.
And I know that bitch
has something to do with this shit.
Damn, this is bullshit!
- [Deuces] Where the fuck you been?
- [Face] I was taking care of that thing.
- What about the surveillance tapes?
- Gone.
We're not fucking around
with that club no more.
It's way too hot, a'ight?
Another thing, nobody gonna be working
at the bar no more.
[Papers] What? What's going on?
There's too much heat over there,
until I say otherwise.
What happened?
He had to knock down Grip.
For what? Why?
For him.
You murt Grip for this motherfucker?
Why? Really?
You been acting real strange lately.
All some shady shit. What's up, man?
I ain't the one with the secret meetings.
I'm doing something
that's gonna elevate us, move us...
- Oh, wait, for us?
- Yes.
For us? You doing this shit for us?
What the fuck are you doing for us?
This shit is all for you. Who you fooling?
Bro, let's get something straight.
I ain't never been a sucker
for somebody to tell me something,
so I'll just take it.
That ain't me.
I've been the one that has been there,
the nigga that's been watching your back
since day one...
- Where the fuck was you at tonight?
- Hey, calm down. Relax.
Nah. You questioning me?
Me, nigga?
I get it.
You know, you got
your real estate business ventures,
and your new little partner.
'Cause it ain't like you was gonna
give me the keys to all this shit.
You're fucking up, bro.
Are you done?
All I know is this shit better not fuck up
the deal with Santiago.
That's all I gotta say.
Come on, Pape.
[engine starts]
- Janet, wait.
- No.
You never answered any of my calls.
I was worried about you.
- Get off me.
- Wait...
- You left me at the club.
- Let me say what I gotta say.
There's nothing to talk about, Stephen.
I don't believe that.
We can't talk now?
Babe, I'm the same person from day one.
And that's what's really scary.
Listen, I know the other night...
I made a lot of things unclear to you.
But the one thing
that's always been consistent is,
I love you.
And I...
I can't lose you.
Did you hurt somebody
the other night at the club?
Are there others?
- Oh, my God.
- Look,
I never go out looking for trouble.
I just handle what comes my way.
Stephen, be real with yourself, like...
- I just...
- I didn't ask for this.
I didn't ask for this.
Come here.
I gotta go.
[r&b song playing]
[Deuces] Hmm.
Hey, give me a minute.
I need to talk in private,
but look over those numbers again,
and make sure that
the profit shares are accurate.
[man] Okay.
[man sighs]
[Jason] How're you feeling?
There's too much going on, man.
Make you wanna lose your mind.
Yeah, man. Shit's crazy.
Let me ask you something.
If a person just one day upped and walked
away from everything that they had
to start something new,
could you be mad at him?
- What you mean?
- Simple question.
I mean, how could somebody be mad
at someone for improving their life?
You'd be surprised
at how people switch up on you
when you evolve
and try to better yourself.
Look... [clears throat]
this is it.
This big situation that's coming up,
after that, I'm out.
Walking away for good.
Yeah, but why not right now?
Why not this second?
I can't bail on a commitment like this.
No, I don't work that way.
Besides, the money I'm getting
is part of my retirement package.
I'm flying.
Listen... [clears throat]
You can't mess up something like this.
It's too important.
And I gotta bring in somebody
that is responsible, focused,
and I can trust 100 percent.
And that's you.
- What about your crew?
- What about 'em?
Everybody's gonna eat.
I'm gonna break bread with everybody.
They're gonna be okay.
Look, man, Pape is just
feeling a certain type of way
because of what we've got.
Deep down...
he's a good dude.
He's gonna get his bread.
Right now, it's me and you, partner.
My guy.
[cell phone ringing]
Face, what it do?
Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on.
Just slow down.
Damn, man.
You try to do something good
for people out here, man.
You do the right thing, you know,
try to bring people up, and this happens.
Yo, yo, yo, what happened?
They knocked down Diggs, man.
Fucking killed her, man. Shit.
These niggas wanna fuck with me
and my crew?
These motherfuckers wanna see me?
A'ight. I'ma find these niggas,
and I'ma handle this myself.
- Now, I'ma get 'em to business.
- No.
No, I'm knocking everybody the fuck down!
- That's what you're not gonna do.
- No, fuck that shit!
- I'm burning niggas down!
- No...
Your hands need to stay clean.
My nigga, I owe you. Let me handle this.
I'll find the motherfuckers.
Keep your hands clean.
I got you.
She was just a little girl.
[Henderson] Which version was this?
Was this the Jason story
or the Reese version?
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Which version was it?
The fucking truthful version.
We were in the club, the shots went off
away from the party.
I saw nothing. I heard the gunshots.
Yeah, where was Brooks?
Like I said, I don't know.
With his girl, I guess.
How am I supposed to keep tabs on him
with everything going on?
I'm sorry, I thought that was your job.
Or did you just sign up
to be in a music video?
I'm doing the job I signed up for.
Nobody's ever gotten this close,
have they?
Like I said,
last time I talked to him
was before everything went down,
and he said he was waiting on his girl.
We got some pictures of a girl
he's been seeing more frequently.
You need to dig deeper into this.
What does knowing his girl
gotta do with anything?
Hey, listen.
Many girlfriends have testified
on their men in the past, okay?
This could be good for us. Look into it.
- Can I get back to work now?
- I don't know. Can you?
Did you know they found a body
by the 8th Street train yard?
What about it?
Well, the Vic frequented the same area
you've been investigating.
It's a dangerous area.
Yeah? It's the same guy
you had the run-in with.
Uh-huh. You didn't think I knew
about that, did you?
Let me ask you something,
are we still on the same team?
Yes, Lieutenant.
By the way, there's a huge transaction
coming up.
It might be what you been waiting for.
Oh, really? When were you gonna
inform me about this?
You got me out here defending my loyalty.
I mean, come on!
Okay. So tell me about it. I'm all ears.
I only got bits and pieces right now.
You give me a couple of hours,
I'll be able to give you the full details.
Great. It's time to put this case to bed.
I really pray you know what you're doing.
[car door opens]
You're here.
You got a sink full of dishes.
You're very observant.
And you cooked. Well, at least you tried.
You see, that didn't work out.
Are you okay?
You know, I can't remember the last time
someone asked that and actually meant it.
I'm gonna tell you this...
because I love you.
Whatever you're doing out there,
you should stop.
What are you talking about?
I don't even know...
but I can feel it.
[Deuces sighs]
For whatever it's worth, babe,
I'm glad you came.
Let me ask you something.
Why did you drag me into this?
Into your world? I was fine.
Look, whatever you're thinking
or whatever you feel...
[cell phone ringing]
tomorrow's a new day, babe.
Trust me. Just...
I promise, okay?
You sound so pathetic.
You sound like every other guy
who has played this game and lost.
[cell phone continues ringing]
You could be successful at anything.
I think I'm doing a pretty good damn job.
Don't bullshit me!
- Look...
- Like, you...
You don't understand.
- Really?
- Yeah. You don't.
There's things that I have to do
to get what I need.
- It's that simple. I just have to do it.
- You already have everything you need.
It's not about me, okay? It's not.
There's other levels to it,
there's other people involved.
- There's my friends.
- You don't owe them shit.
And you don't get it. You don't!
- [beeps]
- You don't get it.
And who the hell is that
blowing your phone up like that?
- It's nobody.
- It's nobody?
Well, "nobody" seems like
they really wanna get in contact with you.
- It's my brother.
- It's your brother,
then pick up the phone and answer it.
Here, give me the phone.
- I'll tell him you're busy.
- Fine, fine.
What's up, Jay?
Janet. Janet, where are you?
I've been trying to reach you.
I'm at a friend's house.
What's going on? Is everything okay?
Your friend?
Is that friend's name Stephen Brooks?
- Yeah, why?
- A.K.A. Deuces or Two Guns?
Listen to me, Janet, baby,
you gotta get out of there.
- Um, I... I don't...
- Is he... Is he right there?
Look, just...
Okay, just, just... Just act calm.
Tell him something came up,
you need to leave.
Go home, and I'll be there
tomorrow morning.
- But...
- Just do it.
What's up, Janet?
- You okay?
- It's family stuff.
- This is too much.
- Look, I...
I just hope that you're here
when I get back.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Jason] What the fuck
we doing up here, man?
[Deuces chuckles]
What, you scared of heights?
We're on top of the world, brah.
So, check it.
I got my travel agent looking
into this villa down at Bodicci.
- [Jason] Oh, yeah? Where's that at?
- [Deuces] Brazil.
The place is fully staffed, a butler,
indoor-outdoor pool,
even got a damn beauty salon
for the women.
Oh, yeah? What's the occasion?
- [clatters]
- [grunts]
A little private getaway for me
and my lady.
Damn, man. That's a lot of paper.
It's all relative.
Look, Deuces, man, listen to me.
I'm about to say something to you
that you're not gonna like.
But it's the only thing I can think of
that can help you.
What you mean?
Help me with what?
Look, Reese...
you got something to say, man, so say it.
You're one of the realest dudes I know.
I'm a cop.
And I'm the president
of the United States.
Man, look,
we ain't got time to be playing.
We're gonna get this money
over to Santiago.
If you follow through with this deal,
you're going to jail for a long time.
Man, just take that money
and get out of here.
Got 'em trapped in the back.
The money's on the side.
I go high, you go low.
[Jason] There you go.
Put your hand there.
- You're gonna be all right. It's nothing.
- [breathing heavily]
Just put pressure on it.
You good.
Just stay here, stay here.
I'll be back.
I'll be back.
You're looking at murder
in the first degree.
You know what that mean?
They're gonna send
your little young ass upstate.
You handle this shit?
We talking about no lawyers, no cases,
no courts, no nothing.
You walk away a free man
with a pocket full of money.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
A'ight, I'll do it.
You gotta handle her too.
Everybody you think you can trust
ain't worth it.
Man, you got me fucked up, bro.
I ain't no rat.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Can't even look at you.
- Hey.
- [Diggs] What's good, Face?
What's good?
[Deuces breathing heavily]
Come on, buddy. Stay with me.
Just hang in there. Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stephen, you can't do this to my sister.
Stay with me.
Stay with me. You gotta fight!
Come on, man.
Stay with me. Shit.
[Deuces] When you make the decision
to turn your life around,
you have to stop
and change it right then and there.
There's just no other way.
[dial tone]
Yeah, it's Reese.
I need you to get here right now.
We're on a roof.
Yeah, we're on a rooftop. Come on.
[female newsreader]
Just in, we have reports
that multiple shots were fired
on the rooftop of the Crimson Lofts
in the downtown section of Los Angeles.
An officer has been gunned down
in what appears to be
a botched drug bust of sorts.
The killing apparently happened
within the hour.
[dial tone]
Fellow officers on the scene
are clearly very upset...
[sobbing] Come on.
[male newsreader]
Again, it is believed the victim
is an undercover detective.
Apparently, another man was also shot.
- Details on...
- Lieutenant, we need to go.
This is messed up.
[r&b song playing]
[knocking at door]
[Janet] Hey.
[Deuces] Like I said, nothing in life
is what it appears to be.
Sometimes, brothers don't always
come in the form of family,
but rather in the form of loyalty.
You know, we can't help who we bond with.
Love is real no matter what.
And when it's all said and done,
it's that love
that'll filter out the hate.
I'm downtown.
I'll be home shortly.
[door opens]
- [gunshot]
- [woman screams]
[people clamoring]
It's done.
You gonna stay up here all day,
or you gonna come down and play with me?
I think I'm gonna come and play.
Come on.
[r&b song playing]
- Don't be trying to get me.
- I got you.
Yes. Something, something.
Thank you.
[r&b song playing]