Deulgae (2013) Movie Script

What did you just say?
You think you know everything?
No, sir.
I didn't say that.
Get up.
I still believe I'm correct.
If you think you're so smart,
why don't you be the teacher?
You little shit.
But Mr. Yoo,
I'm still right, aren't I?
What the hell is the matter with you?
You piece of shit!
What do you take me for?
You think I'm an idiot?
You little shit.
Are you okay?
Hey, he's coming out.
Fuck, that's big.
Let's go.
It's not the strongest that survive,
but those who survive are strong.
I try my best to live every moment
to survive the world of endless competition.
Mr. Park Jung-gu?
My motto is be the owner of one's mind.
I believe controlling one's mind
is the start of everything.
Mr. Park...
Do you watch pornography often?
What? No.
What about you, Miss Lee?
What? Pornography?
No. What's your motto in life?
Traffic citation and tow warning notice.
Will you really send a bomb?
I saw your internet ad.
Do you really give away free bombs?
You're home.
You need to move out.
Don't you have anything better to do?
You're still doing it.
Aren't you?
What are you talking about?
I don't want to bust my butt
to support a piece of trash like you.
You can't do this me.
You still think
you got caught because of me?
It was a crazy thing to begin with.
Even if I didn't make a mistake,
you still would've been caught.
No fucking way.
You're a loser.
You haven't changed a bit.
Fuck you!
When will you come to your senses?
I'm sick of getting
tangled up in your mess.
Place the package.
Recipient: Das.
Sender: Producer.
Free homemade bombs:
dada999@gmx. net
Contact me, only if you'll use it
This post will terminate shortly.
Hey, Jung-gu.
Do you know what time it is?
I'm sorry.
What do you think of this place?
Where's this?
It's beautiful.
Somewhere in the Alps.
It's great.
Is this from your last seminar?
Prof. Baek will you please take me
to the next seminar?
What do you think?
It's great.
Jung-gu, do you know why I picked you out
of all the grad school applicants?
I'm not sure
You don't know?
It's because desperate people like you
are very obedient.
Mr. Kim.
I'm fine. How are you?
"It's the job applying season.
I bet our listeners are distressed these days..."
Our department is completely different
from your former Chemistry department.
Yes, sir.
We don't just sit still
and play with numbers.
If you want to survive here,
you have to adjust to us, not vice versa.
Whew. That's better.
Hey! What are you doing?
You just vandalized a school property.
You see, there's no off switch for this,
and it was so loud.
What's with this guy?
Give me your name
and your student ID number.
I'm Prof. Yoo Jun-yong.
I just started this semester.
What? Professor?
Yes. Prof. Yoo Jun-yong.
I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you.
I'm Han Kyu-nam, an assistant for Prof. Baek.
Mind your own business from now on.
What's with this guy?
That fucker.
Why? Is he not a professor?
This is the picture of Prof. Yoo.
I heard Prof. Yoo is young,
but I'm a fool for believing the bastard.
Who was that guy?
Kyu-nam. I have to be somewhere,
so I have to leave early.
For what?
Tell Prof. Baek when he gets back.
I'm in a hurry.
Can you tell him for me?
You're back.
Where will we be
if it wasn't for Mr. Kim?
Is that a project from
Daesung Corporation?
Why do they always want market research
and demand forecasting?
I don't even know my own future.
How would I know the future of others?
Ministry of Knowledge Economy
is also involved in this project.
Where are you going?
I have a doctor's appointment,
so I have to leave early.
What for?
My back hurts.
While you're there, why don't you ask
the doctor to check your brain?
Excuse me?
You know you're a bit weird.
Hurry and go.
The bottle cap.
Thank you.
Jung So-yeon.
Jang Hyun-soo.
Choi Hyuk-jin.
Lee Hyo-min
"F" The writer's mental health is questionable.
Lee Hyo-min?
Marketing and Image.
In modern society, the consumers
are buying more than just goods.
People buy the image and illusion
associated with the goods.
Why are there auto showgirls
at auto shows?
The sellers are secretly combining
sexy girls with cars to create fantasy.
Then it's all a scam.
Not really. They never said about
giving out girls if you buy the car.
It's an illusion associated
with automobiles.
An illusion means nonexistent things.
You think selling nonexistent things
is not a scam?
In modern age, do goods
without images mean anything?
It's true that every substance is becoming
substituted with symbols and images.
But those manipulated images distort truth
and confine the principal agent in virtual reality.
It contributes to the exploitation
mechanism of ruling class.
I'm sure you know that.
Lee Hyo-min.
Baudrillard warned that when representation
of reality replaces reality itself, it'll be the end.
So ultimately, you're teaching the end
of the world and humanity. Aren't you?
Did you write that weird essay?
It's a great world to live in.
Back in the day, I wouldn't have imagined...
Seeing you on the podium,
the world could get better.
Anyway, you don't have to
come to my class anymore.
Because you already failed.
I'll stop by if I get bored.
See you later.
Does anyone know him?
Direct him to the counseling center.
Warn him that his pomposity
will catch up with him someday.
Where were we?
The Consumer Society.
What do you want?
Is it mine?
It is mine.
No, thanks.
Take it. We're your parents,
but we don't even have your number.
You got my email.
Aren't you going to apologize
to your father?
We're not kids.
Apology is nonsense.
Everything is impossible.
Bomb Instruction.
What's this?
For which club?
I didn't come for a nightclub.
You can't park here.
Please move your car.
This is just an alley.
We manage parking here.
Please hurry and move your car.
Hurry and move.
I crossed at the yellow light.
I need your driver's license.
It's a felony to drive
without license plates.
I'm missing license plates?
Hold on.
Your driver's license please.
- Your driver's license please.
- Shit.
I honestly didn't know.
Where did they go?
If you don't comply,
I'm taking you to the station.
Your outstanding vehicle tax
and traffic fines amount to $1,067.84.
Which is why your plates
were confiscated.
I had no idea.
Can you let it slide just this once?
The date of the confiscation is...
Please, just this once?
I'll let you go today but pay your fine
and get your license plates back.
Thank you.
If you get caught driving without
license plates, the fine is $1,000.
Breaking News:
Oksu-dong Delivery Truck Exploded.
To Oksu-dong, please.
You can't take pictures here.
Please go.
Your name?
Lee Hyo-min
Where were you headed?
To the comic bookstore.
You live in Samseong-dong.
Why did you come all the way here?
I just like wandering off to places.
When will the others arrive?
They're almost here.
It's freezing.
Sir, why did this explode?
I don't know. Maybe there was something
explosive in the package.
Will the delivery company pay
for the damage?
Why? Are you hurt?
I hear ringing in my ears
and have a headache.
I think it's from the explosion.
If you feel bad, go to the hospital.
The insurance company
will reimburse you.
What's wrong with me telling
my parents about your stance?
That was between you and me.
What would they think of me now?
That's so weird.
Let me see it again.
What is your expert opinion?
Never mind. Go on.
It's nice and warm.
Park Jung-gu.
Yes, Mr. Kim.
Where are you?
Yes, sir.
We're already here.
Go park my car.
The guy you saw is the vice-minister
of Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
I remember now.
Fill Mr. Kim's glass.
Mr. Kim.
Si-won, you're getting prettier.
Thank you.
Let's celebrate this occasion.
Hand me the beer.
Ugh, you still do this?
First, wear this.
Yuck. Professor.
Si-won, you want a sock shot too?
Stand up, introduce yourself
to Mr. Kim and drink up.
Introduce myself?
I'm Park Jung-gu.
Nice to meet you.
Wow, he's on fire!
From Producer: Midnight tonight
At 16 Seowon-gil entrance. Must bring car.
MOM: Lee Hyo-min, when did you take my car?
Bring it back.
Can I help you?
- No, I just need to be here.
- Oh, you came to Boss?
No, I need to be at this alley.
If you aren't here for the club,
you can't park here.
Why not?
Because we manage parking here.
Move your car, please.
Oh my...
I'm sorry.
I can be so clumsy.
Are you hurt?
Fucking bitch.
Are you kidding me?
Isn't a "fucking bitch" a bit much?
I apologized.
Look at this crazy asshole.
- Come here.
- Why?
- Come here.
- No, you'll hit me.
I didn't hit you.
- Come here.
- Be a gentleman.
Hey, man. I'll go to Boss someday.
I really will.
If I catch you, you're dead.
- Wait, wait!
- Get up, bitch.
Wait. Fucking let go of me.
I'm fucking busy.
I left my cell phone in the taxi.
The license plate number is
Seoul 32JA6587.
The importance of design in marketing
is becoming more recognized today.
You need to be quick
and help out more.
Si-won is younger than you,
but you joined us recently so...
This is the police.
- I won't repeat so listen carefully.
- Pardon?
I'm the mastermind of the delivery
truck bombing on Dec. 3rd.
Put $300,000 in the trash can next to
Hongdae station, exit8 at 16:00 today.
If you don't comply, a gas station
in downtown Seoul will explode at 16:05.
If I see a single cop near the gas station,
it'll also explode.
I'm good.
That was fucking awesome.
So it was the teaching assistant.
Who is this?
You came all the way here.
Don't play coy with me.
Mr. Park Jung-gu, the TA for
Prof. Baek's Marketing Theory class.
What are you going to do?
You'll find out soon.
You're listed on the class website
Mr. Devious Producer.
If I haven't done this,
you would've never shown yourself.
Do you see cops all over the place?
Yeah. I see them fine.
But what?
Oh, it's here.
Hey, hang up for a second.
Boom, boom, boom.
Is that all?
Exit to the back alley.
Be careful not to show your face.
It should've rained money everywhere.
Did you purposely give me
a faulty one?
Let's talk later.
Follow me from a distance.
Wow, that's an awesome car
and has no license plates.
What are all these?
Do you live here?
Let's be careful.
If you get caught, I'm through.
You think I'm an idiot?
By the way, where's the stuff?
What stuff?
You know. The stuff.
Where do you make it?
What did you tell Detective Oh
at that time?
You talked to him next to
the delivery truck.
I made a witness statement.
How did you know about that?
So Detective Oh thinks
you're a witness to the incident.
Yeah. I even got the compensation.
Don't talk to me
in public from now on.
Detective Oh must have dirt on you.
If you're done, leave.
The Producer has so many secrets.
All right. I'll leave.
- Do you only make it?
- Shit.
I'm pooped.
What are you doing?
It's cold.
Aren't you leaving?
Why did you send it to me?
Did you think
I'd kill Prof. Baek for you?
What would you know?
Shut up.
Doesn't it fucking suck
to kiss his ass?
What are you doing?
I'm hungry. Let's go eat.
If your plan went accordingly,
it could 've been fun.
Of course.
You just need to do your part.
I'm good to go.
By the way, how do you make it?
Can anyone get hold of the material?
Can you run fast?
Just get in!
What do you want to do for a living?
File my own death certificate.
Why not?
Wouldn't it be cool to report
your own death?
My goal is to erase every trace
of my existence.
Look. I don't even have fingerprints.
Wow, this place is awesome.
We're in a bit of situation.
This research was for Daesung to get
funding from Ministry of Knowledge Economy.
But when the demand forecasting
comes out this way,
should Daesung develop this projector not?
It should not.
If we tell them not to develop this idea,
will Ministry of Knowledge Economy give finding?
Professor, What are you saying to me?
Precision isn't always great.
Think about who this research is for.
You want me to reverse the test results?
That's correct.
You just need to change the condition
and growth rate hypothesis a bit.
Then why didn't we use any date
from the beginning?
Our effort is in vain.
You can't cook something
with seasoning alone.
You add it to give flavor.
Are you not up for it?
It's okay.
You can leave it as it is.
Daesung won't get the funding
and I'll just sever my ties with Mr. Kim.
It's no big deal for me to lose
25 years spent with Mr. Kim,
if our Jung-gu feels his effort is in vain.
Domal, Das, Lee Hyo-min.
The others who received the package.
What did they do?
I don't know.
Some might've gone
to the police or just ignored.
Don't we need to retrieve them?
I can just make new ones.
I got a funny feeling about this.
Let's finish what we started yesterday.
Don't your parents worry?
No. They don't even know I live here
because I didn't register my address.
What are these VHS tapes for?
Oh, that? Step back.
This is.
Try it.
Try it. It's fun.
All right then.
You know what?
Try it.
This is freaking awesome.
Hey, let's hit a big one.
How big?
Like that building.
Can't you blow up something like that?
Of course I can't.
Why not?
I'll get you 100 bags of fertilizer.
I'll get caught for sure.
Besides, I don't have such equipment.
- Do you want to get caught?
- You're such a chicken.
Park Jung-gu.
Where did you go yesterday
without telling me?
I'm sorry.
I told you to report everything.
Your whereabouts and time of return.
For the lab to operate properly,
don't you agree I need to know these?
Get your act together. Okay?
I'm sorry.
Please come in.
- So this is where you work.
- Hey!
Crazy asshole, why are you here?
I was really bored.
- I want to see how everyone works.
- Leave.
You have plants.
This is not the professor's office.
I'll take you there.
Are you insane?
I told you not to acknowledge me in school.
It doesn't suit you.
You think you know me?
Why? Is there something else
I need to know?
Where are you going?
Hey, Park Jung-gu.
Long time no see.
Comic bookstore.
You two know each other?
What brings you here?
Nice car.
Can we have a quick chat?
Why did you do it again?
What do you mean?
Since last year, someone started
sending these packages.
You probably saw the news about
the delivery truck explosion.
I don't know
and I'm not interested.
If you see this, the producer of the bomb
and the bomber can be two different people.
Is this me?
Where's this?
Why would you act like that here?
I'm not sure.
I don't recall.
A few seconds after you did this,
smoke came out from a faulty bomb.
What do you think that means?
I don't know.
I probably sneezed
or slipped on something.
If you don't have anything else,
please go.
You're still the same.
I understand.
Then I'll just ask around your friends.
Friend who?
Oh, I don't know.
Have you got many friends?
Don't harass an innocent person.
Do you have proof?
We'll see about that.
Catch you later.
What did detective Oh say?
Detective Oh never came to me.
He doesn't even know my number.
He said he's going to you.
He knew everything.
He'd better not see
our call history of that day.
This is an unregistered cell phone.
He can't get call history.
Crazy asshole.
He asked me if he goes out
of the office often.
Who is this dude?
I'm back.
- Park Jung-gu.
- Yes.
I don't care that your work sucks.
But the least you can do is
not to cause problems for the lab.
What do you mean by causing problems?
A cop came here and poked around.
What happened?
A cop?
What are you talking about?
I also met him.
He was mistaken about something.
We had a cop visit us?
Yes. He asked me and Si-won
about things.
It's probably because of
the recent explosion incident.
What about the incident?
In high school, Jung-gu made
a homemade bomb
and went to juvenile hall for it.
A bomb?
A bomb?
I was experimenting different things
in high school.
You all didn't know?
That's why Jung-gu couldn't go
to grad school for chemistry.
He can't access hazardous material.
He's a scary fellow.
Horrendous scene of suicide bomb.
That hurts.
Who cares if people know
about your past?
I just don't get you.
Stop denying your true self.
That fucking asshole.
Let's blow up fucking Professor Baek.
You need to get your act together first.
That really hurts.
Stop acting so reckless
or you'll die.
It's more important to not get caught
than do something well.
You're such a wimp.
What about you?
You despise your job,
but you're still go.
What would you fucking know?
You see?
You can't even answer me.
Where's the stuff?
I'll blow him up for you.
Shut up.
Where is it?
I'll blow him up.
Hey, Kyu-nam.
Are you going to the lab?
Let me help you.
No, thanks.
- Why? I'm going to the lab too.
- I'm not going to the lab.
Well, take care and see you again.
Park Jung-gu (Dept. of Business) made homemade bombs
in high school to injure his teacher and has a juvenile record for it.
Prof. Baek: Hope you enjoy your popularity. LOL.
Don't come to work from tomorrow.
Prof. Baek.
It's me.
I just heard from Kyu-nam.
Heard there was a little happening
at the school today.
Don't let it get to you.
Be a man.
Don't worry about this.
I'll make sure things quiet down.
It's all in the past.
Kids can be so cruel.
You just heard about the news?
Yeah. I was really busy today.
Anyway, don't worry
and see you tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Prof. Baek: Hope you enjoy your popularity. LOL.
Don't come to work from tomorrow.
Are you playing with my head?
Did you kill him?
Shit, you didn't.
Think this is funny,
you fucking bitch?
Fucking bitch, do you know
what I put up with all these years?
Do you fucking know me?
Fucking bitch.
You don't know me.
Hey, that will fuck you up.
Silly Jung-gu.
What's wrong with you?
Get it together.
You act like their fucking pet dog.
Don't play innocent.
Frankly, it was thrilling, wasn't it?
And reminiscent.
If you can't I'll do it for you.
Where are you going?
Are you not going to see me again?
Don't worry. It'll all workout.
Of course.
Hey, "Suspect".
I ran that date again.
I think the result came out
all right this time.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes.
Read the last page.
Wow, I didn't know it could go this far.
Good job, "Suspect".
- Have a seat.
- Okay.
"Please leave a message after the beep..."
Hello. This is the police.
Did you recently report receiving
a bomb in the mail?
Oh, you already reported.
All right.
Anybody home?
Phew. It stinks.
Did you ask for this
so you can just let it rot here?
You begged me for this.
I'm taking it back.
All right?
I said move.
I talked to Mr. Kim
about the Daesung project.
He was quite satisfied.
Good job, all of you.
About our presentation
at the next conference,
Hyo-min: Come out
or I'll blow up the door.
I think Jung-gu should present.
Hey, Suspect!
What are you doing?
What? I'm sorry.
This conference is about the right size.
Jung-gu will be our presenter.
Hyo-min: 5.
Please come in.
A package for Prof. Baek.
Hello. Here's the package.
Write your name and sign here.
Excuse me.
I need to run to the bathroom.
I won't run away.
- Let's go.
- Fine.
Delete messages?
Deletion in Process.
So where do you really live?
In Samseong-dong.
Stop kidding around.
That's your parents' place.
The government authorities
of this country are so crass.
Can they act this disrespectful to civilians?
I fucking sleep here and there.
- You fucking sleep?
- Yeah.
Fucking hell.
Did your mother, Kim Soo-hee,
hand you a package on Nov. 29th?
Maybe she did.
Or maybe she didn't.
Who sent the package?
By the way, don't you
need to go home?
Stop fucking with me.
Park Jung-gu sent it to you.
It's just that...
If kids grow up in poor environment
like the one you've created.
they're likely to become criminals
later in life.
What, you little shit?
So stop wasting time with me
without any evidence.
Go home to your kids
and spend time with them.
It's a big social problem
to produce potential criminals.
Shut up.
So crass.
But why?
Okay. Bye.
Daesung is interested in you.
Go for an interview.
You want me to
go to a job interview?
We have an exchange program.
You still work for the lab,
but the work takes place at a company.
And the company pays for your salary.
Mr. Kim asked to see you,
so don't be nervous.
Thank you, sir.
Sure. Those who had the taste
of my feet, all turned out great.
Jung Pil-gyun.
What do you want?
What did you do?
Detective Oh came
and searched my house.
What does that have to do with me?
Those fuckers can't decide
what case I can work on.
Yo, yo.
Where's Lee Hyo-min?
Why are you asking me that?
Who else should I ask?
I know you control Lee Hyo-min.
I don't know him that well.
Do you know who Lee Hyo-min is?
You two are different to the bone.
You don't need to protect him.
Spill the beans on Lee
and I'll go easy on you.
I don't know anything.
You know If you get caught again,
you're screwed.
Please, leave me alone.
I'll let you get off on insanity plea,
so think about it.
Mr. Park...
Do you have a motto in life?
This might sound funny.
But my motto is "Nothing in life is free".
What does it mean?
If you want something,
you have to give up something else.
But the moment you get scared
to let go, you could lose both.
Okay. I'll see you again soon
with Prof. Baek.
Yes, sir.
Surprised to see me?
Did you think I was in jail?
What happened to you?
I don't know.
My old man.
- What does your father do?
- Stop asking! Enough is enough.
He bailed me out on a condition.
He fucking applied for my military duty.
How far does your father know?
I didn't tell him about you.
Don't worry.
So are you going to serve
your military duty.
What now?
You should go.
They'll fix you up.
What did you fucking say?
You're not my old man.
If you must go, I heard it's better
to go early than late.
You'll learn how to be a real man.
You should become a real man yourself.
Look how pathetic you are.
I have to go now.
Well then.
See you later.
What the fuck!
You're so fucking hideous.
I so fucking don't want
to be involved with you.
When is your first day of work?
I start next Monday.
Mr. Kim. Don't you think you should
keep him longer as an intern?
It'll be the same work from here on
until he drops dead.
Then let's make our celebratory drink.
That's good enough.
Stop squeezing.
Someone asked me
to give this to you.
Stand up, introduce yourself
to Mr. Kim and drink up.
I'm Kim Seung-hyun.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Wow, he's on fire!
Here, here.
You look great. Come over to my place.
I got something to show you.
Lee Hyo-min.
You fucking lunatic.
- Pleasure to have you, Mr. White Collar Wannabe.
- Where are you?
I thought you went to serve
your military duty.
You made all these?
I did some producing on my own.
It was fun.
What do you fucking want?
Please, I beg you.
Please, I beg you!
Please stop!
I beg you!
Sorry but your fingerprints are all over
the bomb that I just installed.
What would happen,
if the police get hold of it?
Don't mess with me.
I never leave any trace.
Not the one you taped
on the bottom of Prof. Baek's car.
Where could this be now?
I'm Park Jung-gu's bomb.
I simply switched the trigger.
It needs to explode
for you to live.
You need to come
and press the button yourself.
Where are you?
Come to Apgujeong.
Yes. I feel very regretful.
No, someone else made it.
So please, hurry and come.
Who did you talk to?
Fucking Gangnam.
Do you know why all the plastic surgeons
open their offices in Gangnam?
The phenomenon insinuates people's desires
to fix their appearance and live in Gangnam.
Gangnam people don't get
plastic surgeries.
It symbolizes people trying to go up
the ladder through the backdoor.
Let's talk.
I need to talk to you.
When those lights go out at the mall,
press this button, okay?
You have to do it before the police show up.
You don't have much time.
What the fuck happened to you?
You said you went to military duty.
Oh, the military duty.
They told me to go home.
I guess they were nervous
that I might do something crazy.
But I'm not joking about this.
If this doesn't explode,
then we all go to jail.
I'm so sorry.
- Please stop.
- You know what?
Then why did you send me the bomb?
You got me into this first.
I shouldn't have.
I didn't know you were
a fucking lunatic. Satisfied?
Hey, I shouldn't have sent it to you.
You were doing fine, and I showed up in your life.
Hyo-min, I'm so sorry.
Isn't the world too dull?
I hope you don't become dull.
What do you mean by dull?
- I'm really sorry.
- He's here.
I told you.
You can't afford self-doubt.
Fuck you.
Hyo-min, I'm really sorry.
Fucker, what did I do wrong?
I told you.
I don't want you to become dull.
Think about this.
Everybody lives that way. Those people
over there and I live that way.
It's so that you can make your
own place in the society.
How ling do you think you'll last
if you showed your teeth like a mad dog?
Look at that fool.
Hyo-min! Fuck!
Don't think too hard.
Do you know what kind of shit
I put up with all my life?
That's one less pestering jerk.
Let's go.
Do you know what I had to
put up with?
There are people coming.
I told you not to do it.
Jung-gu, wait.
Nothing changes.