deux orphelines vampires, Les (1997) Movie Script

You say they've been blind since birth?
I don't think so.
They say that they could see
as little girls.
Something inexplicable happened.
They said that the colors
just disappeared one day.
They could no longer distinguish colors?
That's right.
They saw in black and white.
That's impossible.
Has anyone examined them before me?
But of course.
Their blindness is inexplicable.
But who are they?
We don't know.
They are abandoned children.
We know nothing of-
Here they come.
This is Dr. Dennery, my children.
He is a respected eye specialist.
The best perhaps.
Look at me.
Open your eyes wide.
- What is it?
- What are you doing?
You're moving too fast!
I'm scared.
Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.
I am here to help.
You're right. They can't see.
I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
They're our little blind angels, you know.
We try to protect them.
Sister Martha
even neglects the other orphans a bit.
I should scold you, Sister Martha.
We all hope that one day,
a man of means -
a man from a good family-
will adopt them.
A man of science, for example.
A doctor who could look after them
and nurse them
and maybe one day -
With God's help.
Cure them.
A cure?
That would be marvelous!
We would be so happy.
Oh, that is impossible.
It is God's will
that we see nothing at all.
We must accept our fate.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Good night, children.
Good night.
Perhaps you'll soon have
a wonderful surprise.
But hush.
God's will is a mystery.
Good night, little angels.
Dear Lord, I beg of you,
make it so that the good Dr. Dennery
adopts our little martyrs.
They are so dear,
so patient,
so innocent, so gentle.
How good it is to inhale our daytime.
To see, finally.
- See how clear the night is?
- Yes, I see.
I see!
The deserted countryside
beneath the moon.
And over there, in the cemetery,
that poor dog
searching among the graves.
A stray animal, abandoned.
- Shall we join him?
- Sure! Everyone is sleeping.
Sister Martha will be
making her rounds at 2:00.
We'll be back before then.
We came from under there.
Do you think we're dead or alive?
We're both.
And the memories?
Do you remember?
I mean before.
What We were before HOW.
A bit.
Images, with no beginning or end.
But I know that we both existed,
as we are now.
I believe that, before, we had a mishap,
and we died.
And we returned, as always.
The others -
the other deaths from before -
each time, we had a mishap.
Do you remember?
The two orphans we were,
and who died,
I feel like I see them, I hear them.
They're the ones who remember us.
Isn't that why we return each time?
Of course!
Others kill us. They kill us violently.
But we return.
Henriette, I don't believe
that we're only a dream.
Two orphans who incarnate into reality.
They can't understand that,
all those who hunt us down.
If they knew-
You know, Henriette,
if they knew that we're a dream,
they would love and protect us.
Because, that way,
they could dream about us.
That's not how it happens.
They find us out,
we have a mishap,
we are killed
and then we return.
- It's like a game?
- A strange game.
But who decides the rules of the game?
No one.
Everything simply is. That's all.
Nobody is responsible.
It's like that.
It's just the way it is.
Why are you crying?
I'm afraid that
we're going to be killed again.
So we will return again!
But what if we didn't come back?
What if one day things went wrong
and we stayed dead forever?
Oh, well,
if such a thing happened,
they would dream of the two orphan girls
who could be reborn.
You hear it?
Right there.
There's a house with an open window.
Someone is listening to music.
You hear it?
If they see us,
they'll think we're ghosts!
But we are ghosts!
Come, come.
Yes, good dog.
I remember.
It was far away.
There was a bridge, I think.
We were on a bridge.
The night was blue, like all our nights.
We weren't blind
because we could see blue.
It was the hour of the hunt.
What happened after that?
We had a mishap.
But before?
Before we died?
What then?
We drank and quenched our thirst.
Come, let's go.
There's no more music,
and we're alive in today,
not dead in yesterday.
You're right.
Sister Martha will
soon be making rounds.
Besides, in a little while,
we'll have forgotten our last death.
We are alive, and all the others,
it is they who are dead.
And you - do you remember anything?
Anything from before?
Close your eyes.
Do you see?
Trains with voyagers,
with merchandise.
From here to infinity.
Yes, I remember as well.
I can see them too.
We are wanderers,
and our roamings are meetings
with creatures that are as strange as we are.
It was daytime, and we were blind.
We came from away, far away.
That's it.
Who was chasing us?
I've forgotten.
Then we found ourselves there.
Someone's there.
Who are you?
You don't speak?
Are you hiding too?
I'm from nowhere and everywhere.
If I haunt this train station,
it's because it is silent and solitary.
You know, I'm crazy.
Everyone says so.
Both of you also look a little crazy.
I was in one of their clinics,
but then I escaped.
You're blind, huh?
Not all the time.
Nighttime's coming.
We will see!
At night we see blue.
You think you see me now.
You see the madwoman
of the train station.
My reality is within.
They say I'm crazy
because I'm a she-wolf.
Do you bite too?
Do you transform into a werewolf?
An ordinary she-wolf, alone.
I'm so alone.
When there's a full moon,
the animal in me comes out.
People don't believe.
That's why they lock me up.
But the dogs know. They feel it.
They sniff the wolf,
their enemy, and they attack me.
Often, my stare
keeps them at a distance.
But sometimes
they scratch me with their claws.
That's horrible.
What do you do to escape them?
When there's one or two,
I slit their throats,
strangle them, break their backs.
But if there is a pack,
I find refuge in some place like this,
where they won't come.
You don't believe me. You neither.
You think I'm crazy.
Look what they did to me!
Do you think dogs
would do this normally?
But to a she-wolf,
they're wild dogs.
See the full moon.
Listen now, to the she-wolf.
You'll never forget her.
Her cry of anguish and agony
will resound forever in your heads.
They are -
I hear them.
It's me they want!
My scent attracts them.
We'll have to find
a new book for tomorrow.
I took one from
the mother superior's library.
- What is it?
- History of the Incas.
There are the serpent and bat gods.
Those gods - are they us?
Yes, us. You'll see.
There are human sacrifices.
People sacrifice themselves.
They let their throats be slit
just to please us.
- That would be so nice!
- Yes, it would.
Let's go to sleep.
Be happy, my children.
With God's love and the respect of
your protector, our good Dr. Dennery.
He'll be your father now.
Ah, we'll miss you.
It's sad to see our angels leave.
We love them so much.
They'll be happy with me.
And who knows?
One day I may discover the secret
of their mysterious loss of sight.
Oh, father, you've given us so much.
We're happy just to be with you.
Come, my children.
Paris is waiting.
And here's the entrance.
Here's the living room.
Keep in mind there are three armchairs,
a couch and a coffee table.
You'll learn where each piece
of furniture is placed.
I'll leave you to discover your room.
I'll go to bed early.
In the morning, I'll have an opportunity
to show you where everything is.
Good night, my children.
Good night, Doctor.
You'll have to get used to
calling me father.
But that'll come.
Our day, for us, is blue.
The light, for us, is black.
The other people's sun
has made us blind.
- But when it is hidden -
- Our dream begins.
- They'll never know.
- The two blind orphans can see at night.
- Like the cats.
- Like the tigers. Like the beasts.
- Shall we walk?
- He sleeps like a rock.
- I'm hungry.
- We'll go find one of our true homes.
I can feel one close by.
Take out those fake teeth.
You are just little carnival brats.
- You ate some?
- A big bite, yes.
You're beautiful with her blood.
It's good to be sticky from
the lifeblood of this woman.
Let's go in before he sees.
Just wait.
A game.
Is it dangerous?
You dare me to go in front of the window,
naked, without him seeing me?
I dare!
I adore you.
Smear me with some blood.
You smell of blood.
You're the statue of a goddess.
I still have the taste of
that woman's blood in my mouth.
- We're all covered with it.
- What if the doctor sees?
The blood on your body.
Ah, well, take it off.
You like it?
It's good?
My head's spinning.
It's as if I were drunk.
I have a surprise for you.
What is it?
The book on the Aztecs.
I stole it from the mother superior's library.
it's the goddess Bat Woman!
It's you, Louise. I know it's you.
This head of Murciloago,
the Bat God,
was made in a holy land
and placed on top of a funeral urn.
Oh, Henriette, it's really me.
And you? Where are you?
A picture of Quetzalcoatl emerging
from the mouth of a feathered serpent.
You see, he has teeth like mine.
We're like goddesses
who march through time and space.
One day we'll be able to remember
the time when we were real goddesses.
Even if they are all false memories,
we'll remember them.
Look at that.
It's the good Dr. Dennery's
two blind orphan girls coming out of mass.
I was there. I saw the doctor
dipping their fingers in the font
and guiding their hands
to make the sign of the cross.
Poor children, so deprived in life.
And they're so sweet and pure.
They're just like two sisters of baby Jesus.
Four, five!
Double five!
Five, four!
Double four!
Four, three!
You're cheating.
I'm certain you're cheating.
No, check.
It seems to be three, two.
You're the cheater!
It's four and three.
Children, tonight I'll be attending
a doctors' conference outside of the city.
I'll spend the night there
and return tomorrow.
You both know the house well now.
Do you mind staying alone,
or should someone come over?
Father, you can go.
- Don't worry. We'll be as good as gold.
- Nothing will happen to us.
Promise... you won't go out?
- We'll stay in the house.
- We'll go to bed as soon as you leave.
Well, then I can leave reassured.
Free for the whole night!
This time,
we're going on a big adventure!
Forget that little cemetery!
- We'll go to the biggest one.
- And even take the subway!
Finally, I see.
- I see blue.
- Me too.
I see perfectly.
It's the biggest house we've ever been in.
A home with a garden to eternity.
And all these statues.
Of marble and bronze.
Look, they're not really blind.
- They're creatures from hell.
- I'll go after them!
Look at that man
running after those girls.
Go help them.
You pervert. They're blind!
Stop it, you idiot.
Look at your girlfriend over there!
- I can't run anymore.
- Me neither.
They're catching up.
We can't let them take us alive. Never!
Let's try killing ourselves!
With all your might!
It's impossible!
Come with me. You'll have security.
Here, no one will find you.
- Who are you?
- Avampire?
I am the midnight lady.
I y above the cemeteries
like a bird of the night.
Like a hawk, I swoop down on my prey.
My vampirical powers
are more accomplished than yours.
I'll hide you tonight,
but while I sleep tomorrow,
you must leave.
The midnight lady is solitary.
Her destiny is to pass over cemeteries
in her own company, alone.
Well, we're the vampire orphans.
We can't fly in the sky,
but we see in the night!
- In blue!
- And we bite!
Like bats!
You'll spend the night
in this casket, which is my bed.
At dawn, your pursuers will be gone,
and you can leave.
But be careful.
In the day I sleep.
Do not wake me.
The sun is rising
Quick, we must leave here.
I'm thirsty.
Oh, I'm so thirsty.
You think we could drink each other?
Yes, Louise. Yes.
Quick, it's daylight.
We have to get home.
Good morning.
May I help you?
We'd like some alcohol, please.
Something strong.
It's a gift.
Do we have enough money?
With this I can sell you
a bottle of brandy.
That's good. Thank you.
Take it.
There is your change.
Thank you, sir.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
You think it's good?
You have to taste it to know.
Someone there?
Come out or I'll shoot!
Henriette, it's bad.
I'll drink your pain.
Henriette, tell me.
Why aren't we like everyone else?
Why are we the orphan vampires?
We and no one else.
I am you, and you are me.
You know that.
Tell me.
Tell me who we are.
I beg you!
Don't die on me.
Not now!
Try to remember...
when we were Aztec goddesses.
I think I remember.
Yes, I'll tell you.
The story of the two goddesses.
You are Quetzalcoatl,
the feathered serpent.
And l -
l am -
You are Murciloago, the bat goddess.
Dear God, what can I do?
You have to regain your strength.
Don't leave me.
Henriette, don't leave me alone.
Drink of life, little bat-girl,
and I'll tell you
the stories of my memories -
of the past times
when we had our magnificence.
The year is 1488.
There were four days
of inauguration festivities taking place
at the Great Temple of Mexico.
Montezuma's chosen successor,
the Emperor Ahuitzotl himself,
standing at the top of the pyramid,
will perform the first sacrifices.
The priests surround him.
For many moons,
the people have been excited.
The city is decorated.
There is nothing but song,
dance and rejoicing.
Some prophets predict that,
contrary to the Aztec calendar,
the return of Quetzalcoatl,
which should have been in 1467,
could take place during
the preparation of these events.
Over there, I can see the long,
unending line of waiting victims.
There is a rumor that there will be
a hundred thousand.
These four days will remain
the most formidable voluntary holocaust
in the history of the world.
In fact, it's a ritual communion
of flesh and blood.
Blood which will run
without interruption,
flesh of sacrifices to be devoured
by the faithful at the foot of the pyramid.
There are at least
20,000 victims the first day.
When the thousand steps are entirely red,
then Quetzalcoatl can return.
My throat tightens from desire
and moving anguish.
The first captive is at the top.
The priests grab him,
lay him on the stone.
The emperor strikes him,
opening his chest.
He plunges his hands into the rib cage,
pulls out the heart and brandishes it.
It's still beating
above his head,
bedecked with multicolored feathers.
Everyone's in awe.
A huge cry rises from the crowd.
The emperor raises
the dripping trophy to his mouth,
bites, tears, rips it to shreds.
The people raise frantic screams
to heaven at this spectacle.
But already, another man
is stretched on the stone.
The knife is raised, then lowered.
This time,
the priests rip out the beating heart
while servants topple over
the heartless body to replace it with another.
The hearts are thrown
a few flights down,
where nobles and the privileged
grab and devour them.
The bodies are cast
to the bottom of the pyramid.
There, the people dismember them.
Women take the pieces,
and that night they are roasted
or boiled for the cannibalistic meal.
We begin to distinguish
the tiny red strands that,
drop by drop,
stain the highest steps of the temple.
Tonight, by sundown, they'll all be red.
All of them.
More than a thousand.
And at the end of the last day,
the staircase will be nothing
but a carpet of blood
running from the top to the bottom.
Carpet. A carpet flowing
with a sickening odor
that's exciting at the same time.
I won!
I won!
You're alive, Louise.
My blood saved you.
Henriette, don't cry!
Henriette, I love you.
Look, we're still alive!
Both of us!
Do you hear, Henriette?
Alive forever!
We won't have a mishap.
Look, I'm alive.
Don't cry!
The blue light is leaving.
The whole night's passed.
The day's coming
and taking away my sight.
Louise, I can't see you anymore.
- He's sleeping.
- We must get rid of him.
- Regain our freedom.
- He's a constant danger for us.
- If he found out -
- It'd be terrible. He might kill us.
Come, let us have a drink.
It'll help us find a solution.
We could slice him
with the saber in the living room.
He's big, you know.
It'd be better to smother him
with a pillow while he's sleeping.
We're not strong enough.
We need a way that's easy and quick.
We're so stupid!
We only have to bite him
and suck his blood until he dies!
And is he going to let us?
Sabotage his car.
Push it into the Seine.
Not as good as blood.
But it's stronger.
We'll find a solution.
Look at this.
It's beautiful!
The blood running on the walls.
And on the ground.
Blood everywhere!
It's magnificent!
It makes me thirsty.
Very thirsty.
Oh, the blood is so red!
And how it must run.
It's our life
that's painted on these pages.
Our JOY-
Our gluttony.
I'm happy to observe
that your sight's improved
so much that you're able to look at a book
at nearly 2:00 in the morning.
Oh, Father, what a pity
you discovered our secret now.
We were guarding it jealously
until your birthday on the weekend.
It's really extraordinary what's happened.
We began to distinguish
the shape of things,
bit by bit.
Then we knew our sight was returning.
At first we were so afraid
our blindness would return.
My children.
- My poor children.
- It's not true sight yet.
Just a blur.
But tonight, we were so anxious,
we came downstairs to see a book.
It's like a miracle, Father!
I could read! You understand?
And both of us.
It's the same for both of us.
We wanted to be certain
before we told you.
We were going to wait
until your birthday.
If the miracle persisted on that day,
we would have read a poem for you
that we've been secretly composing
by ourselves since last Thursday, as a gift.
A good breakfast
will help us put things right.
Afterwards, I'll examine your eyes.
How could I have doubted you?
Father, may I have
some of the jam in the cupboard?
Of course, my dear.
You found the jam, my sweet angel?
Go on.
He won't be able to get up.
If no organs were cut, he could still live
a long time with the knife stuck in him.
I hit him hard.
He hasn't got much longer.
I don't hear anything.
Maybe he's dead.
He won't bother us anymore
with his damned pity!
There's no pity for vampire orphans.
They'll love us for what we are,
or they'll crush us!
We'll slit their throats.
Let's get out of here now.
We'll set a fire before leaving.
They'll only find one burned body.
They'll say it was a robbery.
We were scared and ran away.
We saw nothing because we're blind!
Go to bed, Sister Martha.
You did your rounds, and it's late.
And yourself, Mother?
I must pray more.
I think I can guess, if I may,
the object of your prayers.
And what do you think it is,
Sister Martha?
You are asking, as I do each night,
for the joy of once more
seeing our little dears.
Your heart has guessed right.
I miss our two little lambs.
But something tells me
we'll see them again.
You and I, Sister Martha.
You and I will both
see them again soon.
May God hear you.
What do we do now?
It'll be day soon.
We'll hide in a grave until tomorrow night
and then go back to the orphanage.
- Do you think our room is still empty?
- Of course!
Our dear mother superior
wouldn't give it to anyone.
In any case, Sister Martha
wouldn't let her do it.
Someone's coming!
- Someone whose throat we can slit?
- Or drink.
- A party girl who's drunk?
- Maybe.
I think it's something else.
She's an outcast.
A creature of the night
like you and me.
- We're unique! Kill her!
- Wait.
We must know.
We're the vampire orphan girls,
and we're in our home.
What are you doing here?
Are you one of us?
I am what I am.
I come and go
in places like this cemetery.
My wanderings are unending.
I seek nourishment.
You -
You drink the blood of humans,
but I,
the beast, the vulture,
the hyena that I am,
I feed on cadavers,
dead of dead flesh.
A ghoul!
We live off the living.
She eats the dead.
Go, poor, unhappy girls.
The dawn's coming.
My nourishment - I get it from the earth.
I don't like to be seen.
Go away!
Good-bye, my little vampires.
When you come back out at dusk,
I won't be here.
The ghoul never comes
to the same place more than once.
But this earth - I feel it!
I can feel that I shall
have my fill of new cadavers.
Another day coming to an end,
and the ritual begins again.
Turn out the lights,
then return to my room and pray.
Around midnight, make my rounds
in this silent orphanage.
Then finally, go to bed.
Perhaps dream.
Before, my last rounds
were for my little angels.
I didn't have to turn out the lights.
Only wish them a good night
and close the door.
Now I walk by their empty room,
and I lose faith
in ever seeing them again.
My little blind girls,
so sweet, so pretty.
What a sad life.
We need a place to sleep tonight.
Sleep well, little Virginia.
I'm going to the chapel
to pray for you to get well.
God bless you.
A new girl!
Poor little thing. She's sick.
- What's your name?
- Virginia.
- Virginia what?
- Just Virginia. I was an orphan child.
Really! We're the two blind orphan girls,
and we're alone too.
But you two aren't blind.
- Because it's nighttime.
- Why'd you come to see me?
You know, we're thirsty.
Well, there's water on the table there.
We don't drink water.
You'll understand.
That can't be!
You just can't be!
Of course not. We don't exist.
You are dreaming. That's all.
- She looks good, doesn't she?
- Let me drink first.
You will be drunk by Aztec goddesses,
who don't exist, naturally.
It's a cult sacrifice.
I'm an offering to the gods.
That's it!
She's so dumb.
I find her innocence touching.
She believes everything we say.
And she's abandoned,
like you and me.
Come on. If we start feeling mercy,
there'll be no end to it.
And we'll die.
Do you think the others
will feel sorry for us?
Sneaking out to smoke,
the little brats.
They'll certainly taste better
than a little sick girl.
- You saw nothing.
- Heard nothing.
- It was a dream.
- We do not exist.
- Are you two smoking?
- If the sister finds out -
- Or Mother Superior.
- Don't tell!
Here, have a drag!
You're new?
- I haven't seen you before.
- What are your names?
- Henriette.
- I'm Louise.
What's that big book
you've got under your arm?
- It's the story of us two.
- Yes, we're magicians.
Yeah, right!
What kind of magicians?
Like in this book.
The girl flying through the hoop -
that's me.
Yes. And here,
Wanda the goddess of mystery,
rising from the flames - that's me.
You don't believe us?
And if I said we're also Aztec goddesses?
Don't you have a good imagination!
Yes, it's rare at this orphanage.
We've got a bottle
stashed in this school bag.
You want to drink?
Yes, that's a good idea.
I agree.
We're thirsty.
Dear God, let this night
be like any other,
with nothing to disturb my rounds,
and that my orphan girls
sleep peacefully.
It's the blind girls' room.
It's been empty since they left.
But it's not possible.
I smell cigarettes.
I hear voices.
Something is going on.
I'll go warn Mother Superior.
Sister Martha.
What time is it?
It's almost midnight.
It's room 36.
Room 36 is empty.
No, they've returned.
But of whom do you speak?
Of our dear little angels - or their ghosts!
You're being foolish, Sister Martha.
You know very well that the two girls
are now the children of Dr. Dennery.
But no, I think
they're smoking in the laundry.
All right, I'll go.
- I hear nothing.
- I tell you there was a noise.
Well, go in.
My God.
It's horrible.
We must call the police.
Now they're going to
end up getting us.
Not alive. I don't want them
to take us alive!
Don't be afraid.
We're the two vampire orphan girls.
They won't get us.
- Henriette.
- Yes?
Who are we?
I mean, for real.
We're two Aztec goddesses.
- There are no more Aztecs.
- Well, then, we're -
I don't know.
Perhaps nothing.
Perhaps we're nothing.
In any case, we'll soon disappear.
You think so?
Yes, they saw us.
They'll chase us sooner or later.
It's you they're looking for, is that it?
You don't look bad.
- They say that you bite -
- We can, if we want.
Will you bite me if I come closer?
No, not you.
You didn't call for help
when you saw us.
My name's Nicole.
Why do you have white canes
like blind people?
We like to twirl them
like Charlie Chaplin in the movies.
We're not really blind.
We see at night.
At night only.
Why is everyone looking for you?
It's on the radio too.
We bit a few people.
But then, we're not like others.
Well, who are you?
We are us!
- How do you bite?
- You see these teeth, here?
They grow by themselves,
at certain times.
- And after?
- They go back.
But then, who are you?
We're Aztec goddesses.
You are real gods?
All gods are real,
because they are imaginary.
You're in a sacred book,
like the gods are?
Take it.
It's our sacred book.
You'll see us as Indians
with feathered headdresses.
Also, as beheaded red devils
holding our heads by the hair.
And Oriental dancers!
You'll see the Dance of the Seven Veils,
the Arab lady levitating,
the Chinese lady
crucified with daggers!
The pretty blonde with wild eyes
in a straitjacket.
Houdini's assistant diving with him
in a tank full of water.
Duga the magician, who's wearing
only pearls and dances in the flames.
The girl in the costume, sawed in half!
All this is us!
One woman locked up with a tiger,
one put to sleep,
one decapitated, one quartered
and one in flames.
One stepped on by an elephant -
that's us!
All the magical girls - they are Henriette
and Louise, the Aztec goddesses.
Oh, the game is over.
We have to go back to the cemetery.
I know a shortcut you can take.
Then guide us!
Daylight is coming.
Our sight is leaving.
Look. it's the two girls from the cemetery.
Quick, get me the gun.
Henriette! Henriette!
She's not going to die
or anything, right, Louise?
She's not dying, right?
Do you know why the Aztec religion
was so different than any other?
I don't know.
Their gods are mortal.
But you'll both come back, right?
You'll return?
So I can be part of your game.
Come, say you'll return...
so I can play with you!
It's we who'll play with you, Nicole.
You are alive.
We are asleep.
You're our dream.
The dead dream about the living,
not the reverse.
Don't go away. Stay!
We are sublime disorder.
We're from before their god.
They made him say Let there be light
to cut our night in half.
But their order is chaos.
Our disorder is mad poetry.
Our existence awakens,
and our night is clarity.
The two orphan girls roar alone
in the night, like flames.
And so, no one can touch them.
All others are puppets for our game!
Henriette, nothing's real.
Don't go!
We will return, Louise.
We will be the wind and the rain.
We will be the elements
that men fear the most.
The thunder, the tempest.
But our bodies -
We can't let them find us.
Do you see a hole to hide in?
Yes, they won't find us.
We're in there.
You won't forget us.
Can't I come with you?
No, don't watch us.
Quick, they're coming!
Where are you?
I'm blind!
- I'm dying!
- No!
I beg you, help me to go.
I can't!
it's very easy.