Dev (2004) Movie Script

Dev Pratap Singh...
You are accused of
use of excessive force...
against the students of RM College
Do You agree?
- No Sir
I believe, in the situation
I did what I considered right
DCP Dev... the reason
for Your decision to use a firearm?
When I reached the college
with the police partY...
Down with Principal Dixit!
Down with Principal Dixit!
TheY had barricaded the principal
in his office
Long Live Students' Union!
- The police are here!
Stop the Police!
Block their path!
Did You trY to talk to the students
and resolve the situation?
Down! Down!
Down with the police
and the administration!
TheY were not willing
to listen to reason
We'll not budge from here!
Police... go back! Go back!
Did You follow procedure and fire
a warning shot in the air?
Do not take the Law into Your hands!
- What Law?!
We know the Law!
Go back...
and leave the law to our care
We know how to preserve the law
and where to keep it...
Want to see?
This is where we keep
Your precious Law
I felt an immediate and
decisive action was required
Did You know the student
was from the minoritY communitY?
No. For me a man
is guiltY or innocent
His being Muslim or Hindu would have
had no bearing on mY action
Because I believe the uniform
must be respected
A senior Officer cannot be
insulted publiclY in this manner
The AuthoritY of the force
must be upheld at anY cost
Otherwise, a hundred bullets
will not be enough to protect the Law
ReallY? I'm coming
HeY, no crYing
Welcome, mY little prince
Bharati, Dev... manY congrats
and thanks... for gifting me a son
He is in mY arms, so he is mine
You maY have alreadY thought of one,
but I will keep his name
HeY, careful...
think of a good one
It will be one from the heart
Armaan... it's nice
Armaan Pratap Singh...?
So be it
So Mr Armaan...
this tall minaret
before You...
You will call Papa, etc...
but me, You will call Uncle DaddY
What is this Uncle DaddY?
Don't confuse him alreadY.
- He won't be confused
Listen Mr Armaan, mY rank
is a bit higher than this papa
"What good is it
reading the Gita...?"
"What good is it
reading the Koran?"
"It's love..."
"that teaches
us about Him"
"In the hues of the beloved,
let me colour mY scarf"
Where're You coming from?
- From Baroda
Where're You going?
- Mumbai
- Farhaan
Farhaan what?
- Farhaan Ali
AnY luggage?
Check it
BY the waY, what were You doing
in Gujarat... I mean Baroda?
StudYing law
What is this?
- Letter
In Urdu?
Where is it from? Pakistan?
You have friends or relatives there?
The letter's from mY father in Mumbai
What if I did have someone
in Pakistan?
Then Farhaan 'MiYa' we would have
made You our guest...
and looked after You well
Just kidding
"I shall drape You, I shall
wear You, I shall laY You out"
"I shall sing with You
in mY breath"
"I am not going to
stop pursuing You"
FiftY bucks
HurrY up!
How long You take?
Farhaan is here
Take a seat... please
I gave You the trouble
of coming here...
because the issue
is of utmost importance
We suspect...
religious fanaticism is being
perpetrated through Your 'Madarsas'
The students are being instigated
to violence against the countrY
This is a serious accusation
JCP Dev saheb
But what I saY is not unfounded
Don't You have teachers and students
from other countries in Your schools?
Sure we do...
but theY come under
education exchange programmes
Perhaps You are unaware that...
several people come here
on tourist visas...
and then conduct
anti-national propaganda here
Which is a serious offence
under the Foreigners Act
Go on... target us
People of other religions
have the right to do what theY want
But if we teach our children
about our religion...
culture and identitY,
it's a crime, right?
Mr Qureshi, I have before me
the issue of national securitY
Do not give it communal colour
Dev saheb, as a representative
of the minoritY communitY...
I will saY, Your words
reek of communal bias
It is a simple matter, Mr Latif
WhY are You dragging
minoritY politics into it?
I want three things from You.
report to us full details
about anYone from abroad...
who joins Your schools
to teach or learn
Two, send us a full account...
of the funding sources
of Your organizations
Three, inform us at once...
if You come across anYone spreading
terror in the name of Your religion
Ali saheb...?
- Yes...
If that's what the government wants,
I think we should do our dutY
But I'd like to add something
Terrorism has to do with politics,
not with our religion...
or with anY other religion.
- Thank You
Dev saheb, with this attitude...
You have pointed a finger
at our entire communitY
Perhaps You have no idea
of the consequences
- GoodbYe
- I'm here, father
When did You come?
- Around 10. Where were You?
The police summoned us.
- The police?
So now it is believed
that everY Urdu institution...
breeds fierce terrorists...
and everY Muslim is a traitor
to his countrY
What's so surprising
about it, father?
Our people have been
facing this bias for ages
Farhaan, unfortunatelY there
have been some cases like this
Look at the state of the countrY...
militancY at the borders
The air of insecuritY all over
The police have to be alert
TheY are just taking precautions
Is this caution? Or another waY
to disenfranchise Muslims, father?
Son, don't jump to conclusions
Look, You have done Your LLB.
Now start Your law practice soon
I feel I've wasted five Years
studYing law, father
Here the law is trifled with
WhY are You so disillusioned?
Look, You will see the soul
of the nation here...
in Gandhi and Gaffar,
in these books...
in the tenets of non-violence
and brotherhood
Farhaan this is our countrY
Yes, it belongs to the Hindu
as much as it does to the Muslim...
the Sikh, the Christian
and the Parsi
Father, the romanticism of
Hindu-Muslim brotherhood is dead
The philosophY
of Gandhi and Gaffar...
that You have been teaching me
for Years... is meaningless now
Their era has passed
We are being crushed to remind us
who this countrY belongs to
- Father, this is the truth
And You know it
Karim Khan... alias Karim Gunner
Sir, he belongs to Latif's partY
Smuggler of bombs and weapons
Intelligence report has confirmed
he will visit his familY...
at Noor Manzil after midnight...
Get him
And this time, he must not escape
Oh, Farhaan loves You so much
If he had written it himself
then I would believe
Sweetie, don't act priceY.
You have captured a gem
Don't side with him
The fellow comes after six months...
hands over a book and walks off
You call that capture?
He's chosen it for You
Each page has a lovelY thought
- WhY... You don't like the book!
Show me
Oh, that someone wrote this for me
Here, show me.
- I won't! Get lost!
Where is it?
- Now keep searching
Our love
Is a path
I traverse through
to hasten to reach You
You are mY beginning
You are the finale
I see You
and I imagine You
I attain You and
I search for You
You are the dream,
concealed forever...
In the ocean
of Your self
"Even when You weren't here..."
"You were still with me"
"Like mY heart-beat..."
"like the life in mY bodY..."
"mY earth, mY seasons...
You were mY daYs and nights"
"From the blossoms,
I got Your fragrance"
"EverY lovelY evening came
with a spell cast bY You"
"You were the one I met
in the mirror everY daY"
"Like mY heart-beat,
like the life in mY bodY..."
"mY earth, mY seasons,
You were mY daYs and nights"
"Even when You weren't here..."
"You were still with me"
Don't move!
Salma! Open the door
Don't shoot mY husband!
He is innocent!
Don't shoot him!
He is innocent... spare him
I'm reporting from Noor Manzil
where last night...
the police killed Karim Khan
and his familY in an encounter
The people here are furious
with the police
And believe, this incident
is another example...
of the government's
anti-minoritY stance
This is it Ranawat.
The politics of crime!
A criminal's death becomes a sYmbol
of injustice and violence...
against his entire communitY
Karim Gunner was Latif's man
And Latif will definitelY
politicise this incident
Please be seated
Oh God, have mercY on the souls
of the three martYrs
MaY their souls rest in peace
This is a daY of grief
The calamitY that befell
Noor Manzil last night...
at the hands of brutal cops
of this government...
is just another face
of the sYstem that has been seen...
in different guises over the Years
all over the countrY
Sometimes it is a face
of terror for us...
elsewhere it destroYs
our sacred places...
at other times,
it runs rivers of blood
Brothers, this sYstem
has nothing but hatred for us
This sYstem allows the slaughter of
our people like animals. To this daY!
There is a limit to tolerance!
If we staY silent,
theY will be emboldened
And we will continue
to be slain like this
Let us take an oath todaY...
bY the victims of police brutalitY,
the guiltless Salmabi...
her innocent child Bahar...
and the decent Karim Ali, who were
martYred before Your verY eYes
That our voice will ring in the ears
of this deaf and cruel government
We will march in protest
and demand that...
the evil cops be hanged!
The words of the devout
Allah is great!
This attempt to carrY the feelings
of our communitY to the government...
to lead our march...
I think there's none better
than our respected elder Ali saheb
So I request on the behalf
of all of You...
to lead our protest march
Ali saheb...?
- Pardon me sirs...
but I don't agree
The reason for Your refusal, sir?
- MY principles
Look, Mr Latif...
if You want mY involvement
in the march...
then You have
to reassure me that...
there will be no violent step
taken bY our side...
there will be no violence of anY kind
But if the police get violent?
Even then! Under no circumstances will
there be anY violent action from our side
Ali saheb, I assure You...
we will do as You wish
Even if the police use violence,
You saY we must not retaliate?
So then should we keep getting
beaten up bY them... shot at?
TheY target our whole communitY
due to the misdeeds of a few fools...
our homes are torched...
hundreds are burnt alive, thousands
are ruined, rendered homeless...
and still we don't act, father?
We remain passive?
This rage of Yours, Farhaan...
this deep hatred
growing inside You...
I see mYself in it
This furY had risen in me too
Such bitterness had spread
in mY veins too once
We were in Ahmedabad then
In 1969, there was a massive
Hindu-Muslim riot in Ahmedabad
Both sides lost countless lives.
We were brutallY crushed
A vast anger filled mY being
I too picked up a knife
and set out with the others
I don't remember
how manY lives we took
All I remember are those eYes...
The terrified eYes of a Hindu...
that look before the knife
sliced his bodY
I'll never forget
These hands have
taken a life, Farhaan!
The riots kept spreading
ManY people from our area
took refuge in a cellar...
with their families
All night we heard sounds
of slaughter outside... then suddenlY
All of us thought
we would be butchered
Don't panic. We have brought help
As that door broke, the cleft
in mY mind healed, Farhaan
Those people who had the courage
to reach us amidst the slaughter...
TheY were Hindus.
The man I had killed, was also Hindu
One moment of madness...
and a never-ending remorse
in mY heart
What did I gain bY stabbing
that man to death?
Where is the paradise promised
to the one who kills an infidel?
The real battle is not
between Hindus and Muslims
It is between our social wisdom
and communal madness
Come in
Greetings Uncle!
Come on in, AaliYa
Yes, mY child?
- Uncle, I will also...
come to the protest march with You
AaliYa, mY child, I would wish
for You not to come
You alwaYs saY women should
march forward equallY with men?
UndoubtedlY. But mY child,
Leave this march
Ok, as You saY.
- Bless You, mY child
Police brutalitY...
- Unacceptable!
Evil cops!
- Hang them!
Latif hasn't come as Yet...
- As I told You...
his blood pressure shot up
suddenlY this morning
Look, three of Your representatives
can come forward
Give us Your petition
We will forward it
to the Chief Minister
We don't agree
We want to talk to the CM
face to face
That's impossible. You give me
Your petition, Your demands...
and I promise
to send them to the CM
No. If You can't let us go to him,
then call the CM here
Not possible.
- Police autocracY won't do
Police autocracY...
- Won't do!
Ali saheb, what's going on?
What is happening?
Stop all this!
What is happening, brother Fareed?
What's going on, brother Fareed?
Stop them! Stop it!
What's this?
Brother Latif had promised...
TheY are taking out their anger.
- What anger? Stop it!
Please listen to me.
I beg of You! Please stop!
Ranawat, order fire!
Please don't, Dev saheb!
Please don't open fire.
We'll control them
Stop it!
Stop firing!
Take Ali saheb's bodY
into Your custodY
- Don't touch him!
Look, bY law we have to take
the bodY into police custodY
Get awaY!
- Please! Let us do our dutY.
Farhaan! What are You doing?
The cops riddled his bodY
with bullets
Now You are burning his soul
WhY Farhaan? WhY?
The CM's car has arrived
Greetings, Mr Bhandarkar.
- Yes, Mangal Rao
You called me?
- Yes
This march Latif organized...
Iooks like he is
plaYing games with us
I don't like his attitude
Look into it.
- Yes
Mangal Rao,
in the last bYe-election...
the CM had contested from our area
I had tried mY utmost and got him
all our communitY's votes
Yes, You had... so?
And You had promised to get me
an MLA ticket for the coming elections
Now I hear You are
considering someone else?
What are You saYing Latif?
You react to a little rumour...
In politics, rumours are a weapon
Like these marches that You organise?
CarrY a small request to the CM
That, if he does not keep his
promise of giving me an MLA seat...
then mY communitY
will be badlY shaken
And in that situation, it will be
tough to control their emotions
Threat, eh?
No. Just a reminder
of Your promise
Good evening, madam.
- Good evening
What's up? How was Your daY?
What a pleasant surprise!
In Mumbai suddenlY?
- WhY? Do You mind?
Not at all! But straight from Nagpur
to Mumbai? How did You swing it?
No swinging... here bY
a special invitation from Your CM
You mean Mr Bhandarkar
got You transferred here himself?
Yes, sir. You forget perhaps that
the Home MinistrY...
is also under the CM.
- So what have You got?
Law and Order.
- Not bad. When do You take charge?
The daY after.
- Tej has come after two Years...
forget celebration, You start
Your interrogation right awaY!
It's an old habit of his.
- Don't get annoYed
BY the waY, turn Your glance this waY
Bravo! Single Malt WhiskeY!
Old habits die hard
I want to eliminate
JCP Dev Pratap Singh
JCP Dev Pratap Singh?
Because Ali saheb...? In the firing...
- Not onlY that
But as a warning
to everY police officer...
who tries to hurt our communitY
Not onlY me, Dev Pratap Singh
has wronged our entire communitY
You have fathomed him well
He is an officer who has nothing but
hatred in his heart for our brethren
do You realise how dangerous
this task can be?
I'm readY to face anY danger
Have You used a gun before?
Ever taken a life?
But I believe in mYself
Welcome, Farhaan.
- Thank You
Fareed, get him prepared
Mr Tejinder Khosla...
one thing is clear
Your Bible and mine are different
MY scripture is the Constitution...
the law of the land.
I don't know about You
Dev, I tell You...
if the countrY exists,
its Constitution exists
If the countrY doesn't exist...
then the Constitution and the Law
don't matter
MY HolY Book is strength Dev
The power to annihilate enemies
of the countrY
Look, sir...
Power does not lie just
with police, armY and weapons
A countrY's real strength lies
in its political structure...
in its economY,
in its judicial sYstem...
in social equalitY
and communal harmonY
And all this
our Constitution provides us
Know what You should have been, Dev?
- What?
The leader of the opposition
in Parliament
I am serious, Mr Khosla... but cheers
What's the matter, Bharati?
C'mon cheers
What do I celebrate? That I silentlY
listen to Your holY talk!
SorrY, Bharati
Arrogant MCPs that we both are...
Tell us...
what's Your scripture?
No, I have no scriptures
Just an idea
What the common citizen aspires to...
a countrY that provides not
just food, clothing and shelter...
but also justice and respect...
the freedom to think and choose
WhY? What happened?
I asked for too much?
You asked for Utopia Bharati
And in these evil times
Utopia is not possible, is that it?
Which means no one should even think
of changing the situation? Right?
No Bharati, that's not what I meant
One should not just think but also
do something to bring about a change
But we should keep in mind
that things won't change...
unless we eliminate the enemies
of the countrY
No. What we must
also remember is that...
before we eliminate them,
we must know for sure...
who the enemY is,
what his correct identitY is...
so that no innocent is killed
instead of the enemY
We know, Dev
We both know who the enemY is
Problem is that we forget
We have forgotten a lot Dev
So much so, we have even forgotten
that there is a debt...
that You and I have to repaY...
Armaan's debt
Our Armaan's debt
And what are we
doing about it? What?
Just forgetting... whY?
Should we wipe out his memorY from
our hearts... like he never lived?
Should we simplY forget our child?
That eight Year old
was identified and killed?
Did that little kid walk around
with an AK 47 in his hand?
BloodY cowards!
TheY kill unarmed innocents in broad
daYlight and crawl into their holes
BloodY rats!
I hate those bastards!
IdentifY them!
Armaan is still with us, Bharati...
he alwaYs will be
Get him to exercise.
Must have strong arms
Here You are, Salim.
This is for You, Farhaan
TrY getting this... trY
Keep an eYe on the target
Note the time and pattern
of his movements
I will get more information
from our police informer
MaY I speak to Dr Bharati Singh?
Bharati, Tej has invited us
to dinner tonight
But I won't be free till 8.30.
Please tell Tej
- Yes
In the name of Allah,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Allah is Great!
Who is it?
HeY, whY so dark in here?
MY mother saYs
it is important...
to open the doors at sunrise
and switch on lights at sunset
Or the Angels of Benevolence
pass over the house
What are You staring at?
It's sweets and bread...
mother has sent it for You
Know what? The cat in mY house...
I got it married to Rehman's tomcat
Now it has four kittens.
I gave them all awaY
One of them was verY cute.
I named it Sonal...
after mY best friend
in the computer class
She saw it and went crazY... she
picked it up and changed its name?
Do You know to what? AaliYa!
I don't know, AaliYa,
what will happen tomorrow
What will happen tomorrow?
Who knows, AaliYa. NobodY knows
What doesn't anYone know?
So next weekend, we meet at our house
To celebrate Tej's new posting
Tejinder Khosla is readY
for a celebration everY daY
No excuse for failure
The important thing is that
we must not lose courage
Remember, our mission
has not been fulfilled
And it has to be done one daY...
that's all
And don't be seen outside
till You are summoned
Where were You all this while?
I dropped bY manY times
It's verY late... go to bed
Have You eaten?
Get up and eat.
Come on
Shabnam had come bY
She was saYing these daYs Young boYs
have vanished from manY Muslim homes
There's a rumour people
have come from outside
And theY are sending the boYs
for training... someplace abroad
To become Jehadis
Who knows where Shabnam
hears these things
Her wedding's fixed too.
She'll be married this month
I am going with her tomorrow
to shop for the trousseau
I told her we will get silk dresses
with gold embroiderY
You are not involved
in anY such issue, are You?
Meaning, Jehadi, etc...?
Your father would never approve
Dev... the attacker
has been identified
He was Latif's man
It's not possible Mangal Rao.
WhY would I do such a thing?
You and I have a relationship,
a political understanding
You have gone against the spirit
of the relationship, Latif
Mangal Rao, believe me
Let's meet and discuss this.
I will do anYthing to help You people
I think we should clear out the place
The police might raid anYtime
Let them come!
An attack on the life
of a senior police officer
We consider it a terrorist attack
The government has taken
a serious view of this incident
And I have decided that...
we have to eliminate terrorists
from their verY roots
In Your opinion, is it possible
for the police to achieve this?
With Your kind permission sir,
it is possible
It's possible to
defeat terrorists sir
If the government permits us
to formulate a battle plan...
and gives us full authoritY
and freedom...
to carrY out our battle plan...
then it's not impossible to destroY
these people from the roots, sir
The government is committed
to destroYing enemies of the nation
Joint Commissioner
Tejinder Khosla...
I promote You and appoint You
Officer on Special DutY
You design Your battleplan
against terrorist activitY
You have full authoritY
to work the waY You want to
Pick Your team
and report to me directlY
Thank You sir, You have entrusted me
with this responsibilitY
I won't disappoint You
I hope so too
Sir, I am from
the same college as You
In fact when I joined college,
You were a Youth leader
I see
I was verY inspired
bY Your speeches... I still am
We need committed officers
like You in the police
Dev, I am including You in mY team
The CM has give us full freedom to
tackle terrorists the waY we want to
First we have to deal with Latif
- Greetings
All well?
- Yes, we have emptied the place
Farhaan is here.
- What for? You called him?
Fareedbhai... there's going to be
a raid there verY soon
Latifbhai, You leave quicklY.
The cops are coming
Get everYone out of here
Get Farhaan also out of here, quick
Aslam! Moosa! Run!
The cops are coming
No one here.
- Come on
Get him!
Get him! Don't let him get awaY!
Sir, the place has been emptied out
We found nothing here.
EverYone's got awaY
OnlY one guY has been seen
running awaY
Follow him. He must not escape,
at anY cost
theY took Farhaan awaY
TheY took Farhaan awaY? Who?
Police raided Latifbhai's place.
Farhaan was there
Farhaan was arrested
Has he revealed anYthing?
- Nothing as Yet, sir
Take the bastard apart
What were You doing
at Latif's place?
Look Farhaan...
remaining silent
won't do You anY good
Except that the real criminal
will roam free...
and You will rot in jail
Attempt to assassinate
a police officer is akin...
to an attack on the government. It is
a challenge to the power of the State
You have studied law...
You know what charges can be framed
against accomplices of such people
If You don't help the police
in this matter Farhaan...
You will be considered an insurgent
and an anti-national
WhY? WhY should I help the Police?
We are branded traitors the moment
we come out of our mother's womb
So finallY the mask of sYmpathY slips
and Your real attitude shows
Traitors and terrorists!
That's the onlY identitY
likes of You have given us!
You are completelY deluded!
You are so swaYed bY the wrong
propaganda of people like Latif...
that You cannot see theY are
concerned onlY with political power
TheY use even their communitY merelY
as a pawn in their vote bank haggling
Latif will use Your zeal and then
throw You out like a dirtY used rag
What are You trYing to gain
bY projecting Yourself...
as a victim of majoritY politics?
Gain sYmpathY?
Or further break up the countrY?
We want our dignitY. Our rights
That bloodY Farhaan of Yours
is a criminal. That bloodY scum!
We have to get each one
of those bastards
And You talk of releasing him!
Tej, we have no proof against him.
He has no police record
He has not committed
anY act of violence
No charges can he framed against him.
The court will let him go
He is an educated boY
So? The police has nabbed
manY terrorists who are educated
Some even hold doctorates
Whatever guise theY maY take, inside
theY are all the same. BetraYers
TheY spread terrorism in the countrY
and then theY will shout that...
the majoritY communitY
is victimizing them
But it's a cause for concern Tej,
whY even educated, rational people...
are turning into terrorists.
- Dev, this communitY...
has never considered
itself a part of the countrY
TheY came as invaders,
staYed as rulers...
and now theY are
enjoYing freedom as traitors
TheY should be dragged out into
the streets and shot dead like dogs
Hail Hitler!
I saY, finish him off in an encounter
...end of the matter
How manY people will You kill
in encounters?
What do You want to do?
Take them in caravans someplace...
and burY then alive
or burn them all?
You are mocking mY ideologY?
Yes, I have read Hitler...
also Savarkar and Tilak,
Nehru and Gandhi too
The bottomline Dev is that
this countrY belongs to us
And anYone who poses a threat to
the countrY will be blown up
That's whY I have worn this uniform
We'll get those betraYers
I too have donned the uniform
I understand the significance
of national securitY
But to believe that the cause of
all our problems are Muslims...
and that all problems will end
if we destroY them from the roots...
then this thinking is not rational
This is the rhetoric
of pseudo secularists...
don't get fooled bY them
Upholding the law is
Yours and mY responsibilitY
We cannot be partisan
on religious and communal grounds
Look at the state of the countrY.
We walk a razor's edge
There is a realitY
beYond the razor's edge, Dev
The realitY of a father inside
Jt CP Dev Pratap Singh
Can You denY that realitY?
Armaan, come...
Your sandwiches are here
Come on,
Your Uncle DaddY is here too
Dev! Bharati! Down!
Don't bring up Armaan's memorY...
to fill us with feelings of hate
and vengeance Tej, please
It has taken Bharati and me
manY Years...
to come to the decision that
we will not take it personallY
We will treat it with love
and compassion
I am not part
of this decision of Yours
I hate these bastards
I have seen death in the eYes
of Young boYs like Farhaan, Tej
The death of their aspirations,
their dreams...
the death of their trust in us
On one hand You talk of
national securitY...
on the other, You look at them
with hate and suspicion
What are You doing, Tej?
You are making them insecure
You will drive them
into the arms of the enemY
You see this realitY?
The truth is that
You are nurturing a snake
And no matter how well
You feed the snake, it will bite You
Give Your hand
It's strange, Bharati.
Just now on seeing our Armaan...
there's no logic,
no reason to it...
but I don't know whY
that boY Farhaan came to mind
Farhaan? Who?
He was caught escaping from
Latif's place during the raid
He is an educated,
well brought up boY
Then? Has he done something?
I can't make out.
His father was a Gandhian...
but this boY has taken to his heart
that all of us, the government...
the police, etc
are against Muslims
But Armaan's photo and...?
- No connection
Strange, isn't it?
The passion You have in Your heart...
for getting dignitY and justice
for Your communitY... I appreciate it
But in the process,
don't forget that...
You are a son of this soil
BetraYing this countrY is like
betraYing Your mother
You are free... You can go
if there is anYthing,
contact me directlY
AaliYa, theY saY Farhaan
is coming back
Farhaan is coming back
"You are mY aspiration..."
"You are mY desire"
"You are mY veil..."
"You are the one who
sees me up close"
"Through the journeY
mY soul embarks on..."
"You are the onlY one
who walks with me"
"EverY place I live..."
"is the abode that is You"
A lot has changed AaliYa...
circumstances have changed
Nothing has changed Farhaan!
It has changed AaliYa...
You have no idea
That JCP Dev! Unless I...
Will killing someone bring
Your father back Farhaan?
Don't think like that, Farhaan
Killing is not in Your nature,
not Your destinY
AaliYa, You are too naive
Yes, I am naive. I know what
the HolY Koran saYs...
killing one person is akin
to killing all of humanitY
Don't burn Yourself
in the fires of hatred, Farhaan
Farhaan, come back.
Come back to me
There's so much between us, Farhaan
Did JCP Dev question You himself?
What did he ask?
MostlY about me, about You
I didn't saY anYthing
You don't believe me?
Farhaan, this is a police matter
We have to be careful
TrY to remember... did anYthing
slip out of Your lips?
I was completelY silent
Did theY want anYthing in return
for Your release?
Did You promise anYthing?
OkaY Farhaan, You maY go
- God Bless
I don't fullY believe Farhaan
I think he is hiding something
Dev is a verY shrewd officer
There must be a purpose
behind releasing Farhaan
And before he starts
another campaign against us...
we must divert the attention
of Dev and the government
How much material do we have?
About ten kilogrammes.
- Sufficient
Fill it into a motorbike
Motorbike? In this atmosphere?
It's important right now that their
attention is diverted awaY from us
To control what happens next,
theY will need our help
Then we can negotiate
a profitable deal
We'll need two boYs. If something
goes wrong... if theY are caught?
TheY will be caught onlY
if theY survive, no Fareed?
Send Farhaan
How are You, Farhaan?
- Fine
This packet has to be delivered
Park Your motorbike outside
the Ganpati temple and wait there
A middle-aged man, Mr Kulkarni,
will come to You
He has the number of Your bike.
Give him this packet and come back
"O Auspicious Lord Ganesha..."
"O Lord Ganesha..."
"O Lord Ganesha, Thou art
the God of everYthing auspicious"
HeY Farhaan. Want to eat sweets?
- There are hot savouries as well
You park, I will get some
Enemies of the countrY...
- Will be wiped out!
Enemies of the countrY...
- We will smash them!
Latifbhai, we request You...
to release a public statement
on behalf of the communitY...
that we stronglY oppose
such violent acts...
we condemn it.
We empathise with our Hindu brothers
MY Years of
political experience saYs that...
such a statement will be dismissed
as crocodile tears
It will make no difference.
- It will
It will certainlY
make a difference
At least the whole communitY
will not be held responsible
All right, Altaf bhai, if that is
Your wish, I will certainlY trY
What does Your report saY?
How manY dead in the blast?
There was a crowd at the temple
due to the festival
Hospital reports saY thirtY dead...
seventY injured.
Five of them critical
- The citY is tense, sir
Communal riots maY break out
We have to tighten securitY at once.
- Yes, indeed
Go and make arrangements
to handle the situation
You wait
The situation should be controlled,
that's crucial
Peace is essential
The blast has inflamed passions
This rage cannot be suppressed
beYond a point
If in our own countrY, such attacks
take place at our places of worship...
it's natural for the emotions
of the people to be inflamed
These feelings should be respected
TheY must be allowed an expression
Let's not forget this.
EspeciallY You
As an officer on special dutY, You
must give this special consideration
Har Har Mahadev
(Hindu Battle CrY)
No, Farhaan, not at all
How can You even think that
we'll trY to kill You?
You are mistaken, Farhaan
Wait... listen...
The blast was not
from our motorbike...
but from a car next to it.
- Fareedbhai, I saw with mY own eYes!
No! No, Farhaan
You saw nothing.
Nothing, You understand?
I want to meet Latifbhai.
- What for?
Yes, bhai?
We're on our waY
It was Latifbhai. Those people
have attacked the market
Riots have started
(Muslim battle crY)
Mangal Rao...?
Yes, it's Mangal Rao! Run
Auntie, has AaliYa come back?
- No, son
Where is she?
- She and Shabnam...
- To her house. Mehtab Manzil
Don't let anYone escape!
Hack everYone!
You will not take anY action.
- What?
If we don't take action now,
the situation will go out of control
I will tell You when to proceed
Tej, You've no idea to what extent
the riots have spread
Dev, I know
This is a sensitive communal issue
Police intervention
can worsen matters. I am in control
What control? Before mY eYes,
there is a massacre going on
I know what the police must
do and when
Wait for mY orders
Where do You have to go?
We... have to go to Mehtab Manzil.
Which waY is safe?
Your names?
- Shabnam
Go this waY
This waY?
But there was sound of slogans
I am telling You!
Don't be afraid, this is safe
Go on.
- Yes, Yes... go
Upstairs! HurrY!
No Dev, no need for a curfew Yet
No need for
shoot at sight orders either
I am sending reinforcements, and...
AaliYa, it's me. Farhaan
Stop there!
Stop! Stop!
WhY should I stop?
- Where do You think You are going?
Can't You see?
I have to take her to hospital!
Sure, we will help You
Ranawat, rush them to
Gandhi hospital in the Police van
please do something
Come Dev
What's going on, Tej?
WhY were You stopping me
when the riots were spreading...
when arson and killing
was going on? WhY?
It's not wise to stand before
a raging storm
Even You know, no matter how
fierce a riot...
it is never beYond police control.
It can be suppressed
How manY lives could have been saved
I could have quicklY brought
the situation under control Tej
Right, Dev
And You did what I would
have done under the circumstances
Thank You
That is not the answer to mY question
Joint Commissioner Dev Pratap Singh...
when You were told not to
do anYthing, whY did You order fire?
Sir, the situation was
deteriorating rapidlY
Lives and propertY were being harmed.
Things were going out of control
In the situation, sir,
using the powers...
given to me bY the law
I did what I thought was right
Due to these Powers, there are
15 Hindus dead and onlY 3 Muslims
Do You realise the political
implications of these figures?
To look at people breaking them up
into factions...
I consider against mY dutY
The action Joint
Commissioner Dev took, sir...
assessing the situation on the spot
is not against the law
How is she?
- Out of danger...
but still in a state of shock
She is suffering from severe trauma
AnY relatives?
- No one survived
I can take her to
a relief camp or...
I am with her
Look, he is mY husband
Mr Dev Pratap Singh
If You people need help,
anY time, You can contact me
Thanks... thanks a lot
But when help was badlY needed,
You didn't do anYthing
You allowed all that maYhem
to happen before Your eYes...
and now this pretence of help!
What help can You offer with hands
that are covered in our blood?
The cause of this riot,
the blast at the temple...
the hands that planted the bomb...
whose blood are theY tainted with?
This is not the time to argue
but to support each other
The poor boY is verY tense
This is the boY I had mentioned
the other daY. Farhaan
I want to...
- SaY something?
- Go ahead
You helped us
to get here... thanks
Shall we...?
- Go on, I have to be here awhile
The bomb blast was a terrorist strike
It killed so manY innocent
men, women and children
Wounded them.
For what fault of theirs?
Don't theY deserve justice?
We have to adopt extra-ordinarY
measures to combat such situations
To let the maYhem spread is the onlY
extra-ordinarY waY, I guess
Doctor! MY child!
Look what's happened to him
We are responsible.
We are guiltY
We allowed thousands
of innocents to be massacred
You are too emotional, Dev
So much sentimentalitY
is not good
Yes people have died, manY people
have died in this riot...
but that is just collateral damage
Collateral damage
Who are You and I...
to decide who is to die?
Collateral damage!
What do You want, Dev?
People who have been affected
bY these riots should get justice...
and the rioters be punished...
no matter what religion
theY belong to. This is what I want
I want to promise them that
theY will get justice
Can I make this promise, Tej?
Yes, Dev...
You can promise them
Go to sleep
No... no
This devastation
should not have happened, AaliYa
NobodY has the right
to strew corpses like this!
Who knows who is doing all this?
There is a demon out there somewhere
You want to live in this countrY,
in this citY...
You and Your people, don't You?
Where else can we go Mangal Rao?
Then listen to the conditions
One, no man or woman
from Your communitY...
will report anYthing
about the riots to the cops
TheY will not file an FIR
under anY circumstances
Two, none of Your people...
will point a finger...
at anY Hindu seen
during the riots...
theY will not identifY them,
not mention names...
not to the Police, not to anY
inquirY Commission, etc
You will staY absolutelY silent
Long Live Islam!
these riots are a challenge from
this government to our communitY
And we accept the challenge
This government! First theY spark
the flames that burn living humans...
then make a farce of help
to douse the flames...
a show of saving lives
This is the treatment the government
doles out to us
This two-faced government
has been exposed
Nothing theY saY can be believed...
whether it is monetarY relief
or promise of justice
We won't even get a scrap of help
from this government...
Justice is a far off dream
And we don't want justice
given to us in charitY
Because justice is our right!
And we won't be given it.
We will onlY be given humiliation
Some Commission will be appointed,
the enquirY will drag on for Years...
and in the end the report will be
dumped in the trash bin
We don't want this farce of justice,
this hollow sYmpathY. Enough!
For God's sake, enough!
MY request to You, in fact,
consider it our collective decision...
that none of us will report
to the Police
NobodY will file a report...
or testifY against anY Hindu rioter
before the Police or anY Commission
Nothing will be said against
anY Hindu rioter...
because we don't want
to be insulted
We have tolerated enough!
And we know how to deal
with this kind of governance
We will train our brave Youth and
avenge the martYrdom of each victim
We will not beg for justice
before this government or the police
So tell me... is that agreed?
WhY are You afraid?
Speak up loud! Agreed?
Thanks. So then it is decided,
nobodY will lodge a complaint
One last thing. If anYbodY goes
against this decision...
he will be considered a traitor
AnY questions?
Yes, You have something to saY?
What could be worse than
what happened to us?
So whY should we not tell the Police?
Meaning, whY should we not
lodge a complaint?
The decision that we have all
taken here, is absolutelY correct
Rest assured
What's going on inside?
Latifbhai is here,
he is talking inside
To AaliYa?
Stop Farhaan, stop!
With the death of Your parents
in these riots...
You have become verY alone...
and a lone, Young girl needs
protection at everY step...
You understand what I mean?
Miss AaliYa, I give You a piece
of sincere advice...
and that is, don't even dream
of defYing our decision
Good bYe
I promise You...
that You will get justice
Please come forward
without anY fear...
and lodge Your complaint
Whatever You been though...
whatever violence You suffered...
please come forward and record it
So that we can immediatelY
start legal proceedings
I can understand You are afraid
MaYbe You have been threatened...
but I appeal to You
not to fear
Trust the Law
The government and the police
are determined to...
severelY punish the rioters
No matter what religion
or communitY theY belong to
Without Your help...
we will neither be able to identifY
nor arrest the rioters
We won't be able to do anYthing
The people who burnt Your homes...
who killed Your children...
who raped Your daughters...
will walk free.
Is that acceptable to You?
I appeal to You once more.
Strengthen our hands...
come out and lodge complaints
You will be given full protection.
I take personal responsibilitY
Trust me. There will be no delaY
in getting justice
Your name?
- AaliYa
Tell us what happened
You ask us to keep faith in You,
in the law...
when the culprits stand here
bY Your side
ObviouslY You refer to
someone in particular
Are theY present here?
- Yes
Point them out
Go ahead, don't be afraid
What did these two do?
During the riot,
me and mY friend Shabnam...
were trYing to reach Mehtab Manzil
We asked them which is
a safe waY to go...
and theY deliberatelY
sent us into a lane...
where riots were on.
The rioters followed us
Shabnam, her mother...
her pregnant sister
and her son were killed
I fainted. Farhaan saved me
Bhonsle, Yadav... the two of You
are suspended from this moment
Written orders will follow. Ranawat,
prepare a chargesheet against them
AnYthing else?
I saw with mY own eYes,
a leader of the government
Mangal Rao
He was with the rioters,
inciting them
You are sure it was Mangal Rao?
Yes, I have seen his photos
in the papers manY times
AaliYa here saYs that...
she saw Mr Mangal Rao
with the rioters
Did anY of You see him too?
Don't be scared.
I am with You
Whoever saw Mangal Rao,
raise Your hands
You need not come forward
Long live Mangal Rao!
Down with police tYrannY!
Calm down friends!
Dev saheb has given me the honour
of coming personallY to fetch me...
how can I refuse him?
Bhanu, You keep them calm
Long Live Mangal Rao
The CM wants You
to release Mangal Rao
It's not within mY power, sir
LegallY, this decision can be taken
onlY bY a Judicial Magistrate
Witness testimonies, FIRs
have all been filed, sir
You cannot run a government
bY pieces of paper, Dev Pratap Singh
You are an experienced
police officer
You can understand
the exigencies of politics
I cannot agree to do anYthing that
the Constitution does not permit, sir
The Constitution!
Yes sir, the Constitution...
and its ordained judicial sYstem
bY which I stand before You
If You oppose the government,
how far will You be able...
to protect justice
and the law, Mr Dev?
Think about it.
If You support us...
together we can do so much
for the welfare of the people
I cannot support anYone
against the Law
The ruler of the state
decides the law
His voice is
the voice of the majoritY
Pardon me sir, I am not willing
to do anYthing against the law
You picked him for Your team
You are onlY responsible
for his conduct
Mangal Rao will be released, sir
Fareedbhai... it's You!
Latifbhai wants You.
- Is it? OkaY, let's go
No... both.
The girl will come along too
AaliYa is not well.
You know what she's been through
I am waiting downstairs. No tricks.
HurrY up and bring her
WhY should we run in fear?
What right does Latifbhai
have over us?
Where were theY when women
were being burnt and children killed?
I agree, AaliYa.
But these people are merciless
If someone comes in the waY of
their politics...
theY won't tolerate it,
theY will cut them down
TheY will let You go free?
We are in this together
I know them,
I will deal with them
But if theY capture You
theY can do anYthing...
to set an example for the others
EverYbodY's spirit will break, AaliYa
The terror of Latif will get
stronger. NobodY will come forward
Listen to me AaliYa...
You must protect Yourself
to complete what You have started
Constable saheb,
we're sending You tea
You are here for us.
This is a small gesture from us
Thank You, Fareedbhai.
- What for? It's our dutY
Drink up
Bharati... please advice him
He is under a misconception that...
he can take on the government
all alone and shake it to its roots
He knows who and what Mangal Rao is
and Yet he goes and arrests him!
Just because some women
reported against him
Don't You know the politics here?
Don't You know the nexus
between politics and justice?
Please explain to this man, Bharati
When a storm rages
the tree that bends survives...
the one that stands tall,
You will survive, Tej
I'll check
Dr Bharati, I need Your help
Come in
Who's that?
What's going on here, Dev?
He let the girl escape
I'm sorrY to saY...
that You turned out
to be an ingrate, a traitor
I have not betraYed You
I want to quit You
and Your partY
- Think back, Latifbhai
I came to You mYself thinking that
I would join Your mission...
to get justice and rights
for our communitY
But after Your bomb blast...
I am not a terrorist
I won't betraY mY countrY
Fareedbhai, cops!
It's a roadblock
HurrY, reverse
Remove his gag
Who are You?
What's Your name?
- What?
Joint Commissioner Dev
A serious matter
like a bomb blast...
a minoritY leader like Latif...
and just Your statement
as evidence against him...
the word of a man who confesses
that he attacked me...
a senior police officer
Latif and Fareed
are deadlY criminals
TheY are terrorists in the guise
of politicians
I am readY to testifY against them
Believe in me, Dev saheb
Long Live Latifbhai!
We are with You!
Long Live Mangal Rao!
Greetings Mr Bhandarkar
Come Mangal Rao
AnYthing special?
- Noor Manzil
That lowborn girl
and her friends live there
Thought tonight we will...
I have come to take Your blessing
Control Your anger, Mangal Rao
Think before You act.
- As You wish. MY respects
Supervise this Mangal Rao matter
Confirmed information, sir
There is possibilitY of violence
at Ahmedpada tonight
Nearabouts Noor Manzil. ActivitY
has been seen at Mangal Rao's
Har Har Mahadev!
(Hindu battle crY)
Har Har Mahadev!
(Hindu battle crY)
Hello Dev. What brings You here?
I was informed that tonight...
Ranawat! Stop them!
Ranawat, stop! NobodY will
do anYthing without mY orders
Tej, what is this?
Can't You see what's going on?
This area is under mY jurisdiction.
I'm responsible for their safetY
I have made them a promise.
- This area will now be under me
The securitY here is mY problem.
You are not needed here, Dev
TheY are openlY preparing
to burn unarmed people
We in uniform should stand and watch?
Arguing about jurisdiction?
Dev, You are forgetting Your dutY
You are helping these vandals.
- I know what I am doing
It's a crime
It's against the law to let
a crime happen in police presence
To hide behind the law is cowardice.
- Is it braverY to kill the unarmed?
Ranawat, call the fire brigade!
I said, nobodY does anYthing
MY orders, Dev!
- To hell with Your orders!
HurrY up!
Cover him!
The stench!
People... burning alive
God! That smell...
of bodies consumed in flames...
flesh... bones... eYes... faces...
the screams...
soul-rending screams...
burning women,
burning children
Small innocent children
writhing in the fire...
and that smell...
Oh, the smell
mY verY eYes
And he let it all happen...
our verY own Tej
I don't know what I will do tomorrow
What will happen to me, to us...
I don't know
AnYthing can happen.
AnYthing, Bharati
Are You with me?
Sir, mY report about
the burning of Noor Manzil
Dev's report is not good, neither
for the government, nor for You
It won't be right to transfer him
at this moment
That will make his accusations
more credible
To me...
having an officer like You
in the force is verY important
However, if Dev does not
withdraw his report...
and if the media gets wind of it...
then even I won't be able to help You
All I can promise is, whatever
action You choose to take...
I shall give You
full support and protection
What happened all of a sudden, Dev?
ThirtY Years of friendship
wiped out in one moment?
At the altar of Your principles?
The place for ideologies is our minds
not our relationship, Dev
Have You no feelings left at all?
Emotions cloud judgement, Tej
We alwaYs had difference
of opinion, Dev...
notwithstanding, we have been friends
through thick and thin for 30 Years
So whY have we become enemies todaY?
You are making a mistake
in recognising friend from foe
I'm not Your enemY, Tej. This is
not about our friendship either
Then? You want to become a messiah?
Who for?
Even now, Dev...
is it not possible that we...?
So You've decided
to go against me
Tej, You did what You
thought was right
I want to do what I think is right
Take care, Dev
You too, Tej
No... nothing
All set for tomorrow, sir?
All set
Do You think the report...
and Your testimonY will make
a difference and You will win?
I mean, considering
todaY's politics...
it seems like it won't
make anY difference
It will make a difference, Farhaan
Our Courts of Law still stand todaY
to defend the truth
You are a law graduate
If Youth like You lose faith
in the law...
Iose courage and become cYnics...
it will be a sad daY
for this countrY
You must start practicing law
As You wish, Dev saheb
But I am worried about You.
- Worried about me?
Those people can do anYthing
to save themselves
You are afraid theY might kill me?
Look Farhaan...
a man reallY dies the daY
he sees injustice...
and still staYs silent
The question is not
whether I maY win or lose
The question is not even whether
I maY live or get killed
The question is whether,
as a police officer...
am I doing mY dutY or not
As a human being, am I fighting
for the truth, for Justice or not
life is a battlefield
Facing victorY or defeat,
a soldier's dutY is to fight
Till his last breath, till
the last drop of his blood, fight
Armaan, the meaning of life...
is to struggle continuouslY
for truth and justice... that's all
You called me Armaan
Who is Armaan?
Our son
TodaY he would have been Your age
will You give these kids
some food or not?
- And I have to leave earlY tomorrow
I will also reach there.
- To see the circus?
Who did it, Tej?
Who murdered Dev?
Politics is the biggest killer
in our countrY
Tej, who killed Dev?
It will take time to get information
I need to be alone, Tej
Please leave
I have to return some
of Dev's things... come home
Tell me something, Dev
I know sometimes
You get carried awaY
You are the emotional kind
But what did You do?
Fell in love with that
treacherous communitY?
Forgot their black deeds
and gave them shelter in Your home?
Embraced them?
You have disgraced the force
You have been unjust
to the memorY of our own Armaan
You have lost Your right Dev.
All rights
The right to wear a uniform,
the right to serve the nation...
the right to be in the police,
the right to Armaan's memorY...
the right to be mY friend.
Yes, the right to be mY friend!
You have lost the right to
friendship with Your Tejinder Khosla
You have lost everYthing, Dev.
You have lost all rights.
You have no right even to sit here
Go... go awaY
You are still here?
Go awaY, Dev.
You are not supposed to be here
I don't know You, Dev.
I don't want to know You either
Get out of mY life
Come in, Farhaan
You called...?
- Yes...
I called You
Come on, have a drink
No, thank You. I don't drink
What was Your relationship with Dev?
MY relationship with Dev saheb?
He was mY spiritual father
You won't understand
You want to take
Armaan's place, do You?
MY Armaan's place?
Dev saheb's Armaan
Dev saheb,
whom You murdered
Farhaan Ali!
- Your friend...
Your closest friend,
whom You shot dead
You think You have this great burden
on Your shoulders...
after Dev's death?
Not death. Murder
He was murdered
You were to give me
Dev saheb's things
Spiritual father, eh?
Dev was Your father?
Farhaan Ali,
I have nothing of Dev's
You maY go
Please go
Farhaan, now this is
Your responsibilitY
It is mY dutY.
- Ours
It is our dutY to carrY on
Dev saheb's belief...
that it makes a difference,
it certainlY does
The question is not
whether I maY win or lose
The question is not even whether
I maY live or get killed
The question is whether,
as a police officer...
am I doing mY dutY or not
As a human being...
am I fighting for the truth,
for Justice or not
Faced with victorY or defeat...
a soldier's dutY is to fight
Till his last breath, till
the last drop of his blood, fight...
for Truth and Justice.
Keep up the struggle