Devadas (2018) Movie Script

Run fast. Catch him.
Hey stop!
You go there, and you go this way.
Who is that inside?
Nobody is here.
Come out.
I don't come.
You only come in, if you want.
He seems, a crazy boy.
Everyone afraid of darkness,
isn't it?
They afraid of darkness
than the visibility.
Why didn't you entrust me to them?
Because you trusted me.
What about your parents?
- This only.
You work under me?
I don't work under anyone.
I'll work together if you want.
What is your name?
- Deva.
All of you should remember one thing.
All of you have to abide
by one opinion before Dada.
Abide by means not to stand.
It seems, they are going
to feel down on the feet.
Don't forget that you
came up holding my legs only.
What liquor brother?
We came here when Seth called me.
You don't have enough
courage to come to the meeting
and he doesn't have enough
dare to come to the settlement.
Who arranged it?
Perfect Dada.
Now I understood how you
are ruling since thirty years.
Nice to meet you.
What is the work with
us for a businessman?
Nothing Dada,
I'm going to start a new business.
Of course, it is illegal.
I want to start it in Hyderabad.
I heard that I have to
pay fifty percent for that?
There is no problem in taking
ten percent if you want.
These are involved mutual benefits.
Lets it make it cooperate
guys leaving the old style.
All of us decided the same.
Who are you to decide
and who are they to accept?
Then, who will decide?
Didn't you know that
since you knew this much?
Have you ever seen
Deva any one of you?
Have you seen him?
Don't know how appears
and where he lives?
Not even your own son who
left the city ten years ago.
Here he controls us?
I'll give you a deal.
Make your son to sit in the chair.
Not ten.
I'll give you twenty percent.
Have you finished?
The problem is not about percentage?
It's about the work you do.
Deva will not accept it.
All of you leave now.
Okay, call Deva,
I'll talk with him only.
Should Deva comes for you?
You seem a little boy.
Go and do your business.
Then, how will he comes?
Will he come if we kill you?
He is not like him.
He is very crazy than me.
It is better to keep him far.
It will be a great
danger if he will connect.
he will come now.
Is any doctor here?
Is any doctor here sir?
Is any doctor is available here sir?
Is any doctor available here?
- No.
Any doctor is here?
My person is suffering
from severe pains.
Is there any doctor available here?
Is any doctor available here?
Where is the patient?
In red car.
Don't worry.
Sleep backward.
Who are you?
- I'm a doctor.
Why are you forcing me?
- I'll take care.
Sir, it is in this car.
It's a baby girl.
Are you still watching the TV?
Switch off the TV.
Let's go.
Hi, sister-in-law!
Uncle came, uncle came.
Raju, are you?
I thought it is Auto driver?
How are you sister-in-law?
One shouldn't ask 'how
are you?' in the metro city.
You will get the sin if you ask.
- No school today.
I'll hide.
Always wanted to escape
the school with silly reasons?
You will become a
MBBS Doctor like uncle
if you study well going to school.
Otherwise, you would have opened
a medical shop like your father.
I'm a holder of M.S gold medal
too sister-in-law. - Really?
Uncle see, I have a fever.
Sit, don't play such dramas.
You know what your
uncle brought for you?
I played with this doll long ago.
Buy a gun for me uncle.
I'll buy a gun for you when
I receive the first month salary.
Where is brother, sister-in-law?
Dear Dasu, when did you come?
Come here.
You said that you will come
at 4 o' clock early in the morning?
You don't use phone
when I want to call you.
I can't use the phone
which has lot of radiation.
Why the late?
You gave this ointment
when I asked for motion.
What is this the motions are
not suppressed though I applied it?
You gave an ointment?
- I gave it in a hurry.
He should have asked it properly.
I don't know where he has applied it?
Okay, I'll give tablets.
Take it with buttermilk
in your mouth.
Take this.
- You apply it.
Because you did like this only
people sent you here
by cancelling your lisence.
You would have started the other
business instead of medical shop.
This the gift given by our elders.
There is no development even for spoon
except boasting about the history.
Listen to me.
What I'm saying is...
my medical shop will
be existing beside your clinic
if you start a clinic here only like
the tea shop beside the pan shop.
You will send the patients to me.
Both of us will be settled.
- Yes.
I'm going to join a
hospital tomorrow morning.
You know how it would be?
- Hello.
The lift will not come
if you press like that?
- It will come to your hands.
This is staff lift.
The patient's lift is there.
You don't know?
I'm a doctor, new join.
I'm Dr Das, MS, General surgeon.
I'm Dr Kuchipudi, a psychiatrist.
What is this sir, the lift is stayed
at 5th floor for the last 5 minutes?
In fact, it is there only
since half an hour. I'm here only.
Then, let's go in the patient's lift.
As per the legal...
- Let's go sir.
Robotic surgeon.
Our country is a country
which worship the doctors as Gods.
There is only one doctor
available for every 921 persons.
After ten years, we require another
2 million doctor in our country.
He is Doctor Bhardwaj.
The only answer is
Robots to fill the gap.
So now, I'm feeling
very proud to announce
medimax is going to launch
the very first robotic surgery
on coronary heart diseases in India.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me sir.
Yes. - There are some
faults in your lecture sir.
Robotic surgery has
already launched in India
eight months back at Ahmedabad.
They only launched it first.
Yes, yes. I think I forgot that.
That's why, what I'm going to say is
first time we are
launching in Hyderabad, yes.
No sir.
Last time also, you...
You think it is a program of finding
out the faults to get a prize?
Why are you exciting?
Sit here.
Sir, it is a knowledge sharing.
All of the students
will learn about it sir.
Are they students?
- No.
It is a press meet.
Are they press?
Doctor Das, University topper.
I'm a gold medalist too sir.
More than hundred
gold medalists are here.
What a pity, what a pity?
You would have failed if
you have a common sense subject.
Sorry sir, I didn't know
that it was a press meet.
Mr Das, we are doctors.
Without diagnose,
we shouldn't confirm the disease.
Our tongue shouldn't be
slipped without thinking properly.
Okay sir.
Do your duty at least sincerely.
It is your appointment
and you can join tomorrow.
I'll join now only sir.
As you wish.
It is block 'c'.
- Thank you sir.
'C' block, C block.
'C' block.
What happened?
One minute, tell me what happened?
He drank the hot
milk without listening.
He also swallowed
the areca nut with milk.
He became tight like a drumstick.
Hold this paper.
Oh no!
Mr Doctor.
What he is doing?
Sir actual... - Bring the stethoscope
and get the table ready.
Why stethoscope?
- Do what I say.
Someone of you press his neck.
Listen to me once.
One second is enough for going
away the breath. - But...
Doctor, give your
stethoscope for one second.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry
it's too late.
He is dead.
- Enough.
It is three hours
now after his death.
What a doctor are you
telling that he died now.
Three hours now?
If he is alive only, you
have to bring him for the treatment
otherwise, take him to the mortuary.
They brought to the mortuary only.
This is are you saying that
it is mortuary? It's a 'C' block.
'C' block is mortuary only.
Is it mortuary?
You seem, you did lot of operations
soon as you joined in the hospital?
You are in the same flow?
Not ordinarily.
How many patients have consulted you?
- Approximately forty.
That many?
What's their problem?
They don't say anything
opening their mouths.
We cannot understand that.
I'll bring also one for you.
I'm in a bad mood.
I'm going to the beach.
Sit at shore only.
Don't go into the water.
When did the beach
constructed in Hyderabad?
That's true.
I thought it is Vizag.
Go to the Hussain sagar if you want.
It looks nice.
Why going in such a night?
The work pressure will
be like that to the males.
I too feel to flee
to Himalayaa sometimes.
Shall I arrange the bag for that?
Okay, background is okay.
Sir, shoot is going on.
Can you please go out from the frame?
Make it fast.
Lights on, lights on.
- Lights on.
Okay, Okay, background is ready.
- Rolling.
Don't shoot. Catch him.
- Okay sir. Okay sir.
Hey stop.
Stop there.
Catch him.
Deva coming to city?
When will he come and how?
Sir, I don't know.
Give me the gun.
Leave me sir.
- Do you know or not?
I don't know anything sir.
You know what report
we have to write.
I shouldn't hear that
'I don't know' next time.
It should be 'I know.'
Sir, we have tightened the security
in Airport and Railway stations.
There is no chance of missing.
Is he a street rowdy
like him to get him that easy?
That Deva is a cold blooded criminal.
He is very smart.
Anyways, he is coming.
Let's see.
Come on, let's go.
Green tea?
Order for brandy or rum also.
You want stuff also along with that?
I'm a psychiatrist.
We both are doctors
in this hospital Mr Das.
I had a temple feeling when
I came here at the first blush.
But, now I have a feeling
of watchman at mortuary.
I cherish the poems
of my grandfather's
at my childhood when
I sit in the mortuary.
Interesting. - Have a duty at
mortuary if you have such interest.
Doctor Kuchipudi.
Please come Mr Murty.
You want green tea?
My wife along with his
brother wants to go airport.
She says her brother will
be upset if he goes in the cab.
she wants to give divorce me.
That's a golden opportunity, grab it.
Can you take care ICU night duty?
I have a risk of losing my job.
I'll stay in the ICU sir.
Are you sure sir?
- I'm sure.
Then, come to ICU in the morning sir.
I'll be there at 5:30 in the morning.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
See, Mr Das. Is not how...
Oh no!
Green tea.
Hello sir.
what is that expression
like a bridegroom
came into the first night room.
This is ICU sir. Patient...
They are alive dear.
Hello Doctor!
- Hello!
Are you Mr Das?
- Yes.
Mr Murthy told about you.
Stop madadm.
Visiting hours are over.
You cannot go inside.
- Security.
You can go.
Hello. As soon as I finished my
duty I'll come to the metro station.
You come there.
Doctor, Doctor.
What problem with the patient?
Severe pain sir.
- Surgery has done to him.
We kept him in observation.
Give him oxygen immediately
and give 2mg clorosicbam.
Check the BP and only
for normal seven balls.
Where are the reports?
What? Why are you following
this prescription after operation?
Mr Bhardwaj told sir.
Mr Murthy also following this only.
After surgery we
have to give low dosage.
Because this is high dosage,
the basic complications are coming.
Go and bring this injections
and medicine immediately.
Do it fast.
Sir, we need
Mr Bhardwaj's permission
to change the prescription.
I'm duty doctor here.
It is my responsibility if
something happened to the patient.
Go and do it, quick.
It's okay, it's okay.
What happened sister?
All of a sudden he
has a breathing problem.
Sir, let's inform to Mr Bhardwagj.
- Get ready the blood immediately.
Sir, the BP is getting down.
Bleeding is diminishing.
Are you frightened?
- Yes.
Because you put the sindhura,
his disease completely suppressed.
His out of danger.
- Thank you doctor.
Such a single minute is enough
for a doctor to get delighted.
'After the God'
'the doctor only has the power
to provide life on the earth.'
Hail to Lord Ganesha!
Hail to Lord Ganesha!
What the hell do
you think of yourself?
How dare you change
my patient's medication?
Mr Murthy,
anything happened to the patient?
No sir, he is in a good condition.
Shut up Murthy, just shut up.
And you Mr Das!
- Sir.
You think you reached to a
position that change the prescription
of a senior doctor within
four days of your joining?
I didn't remember the range
and position at that time sir.
When the patient's
situation is critical...
Shut up!
You know what they write on the
dismissal papers for this behavior?
They write Bad conduct and
very harmful for the patient's care.
Now only,
I report to the medical counsel.
Sir, my career will be spoiled.
Just shut up and get lost.
Give me one chance sir.
I'll make your medical license
be seized if you don't go out.
Are you worrying?
We are panic.
Are you panic?
It is drizzling only.
Don't you know business
people should not be fear?
That Seth only the
powerful person than us.
He killed him among the security
with five hundred persons.
If he knows we all are together...
So, let's kill him.
let's kill him.
Where is Deva?
Thank you Jimmy.
- Welcome sir.
Why you killed Narayana
Seth as soon as you come?
Why you came with
empty hands this time
since you come with sweet box always?
Sweet box? I thought you
will be in a grief of Dada's death.
Grief will be expressed
in different ways by people.
Your expression is you
came without a sweet box.
My expression of grief is I killed
Narayana seth as soon as I come.
I thought you visit
him for your last sight.
I'm not his born and brought up son.
I'm invisible son.
That's why I didn't come.
By the way, where is Ajay?
Have you met him lately?
He always roam around the pubs and he
might have fell down
after boozing with the girls.
I think, it is his expression.
Not good.
Where do I get a good fish fry?
- Ask Ajay to come there.
Don't tell him that I'm coming.
What is this?
- Hospital.
If it that much it
is called as hospital
and if it is this much
it is called as clinic.
It is important to
you to get a job somewhere.
it seems, you will become mad.
For a trouser I charge rupees 200,
for shirt is 400
and for saree and blouse is 500
Two hundred extra for
alteration of trouser.
Mr Mohan is this you?
Henceforth, good days
are coming to your medical shop
that a new doctor
is coming to this place.
Do you know who is that doctor?
- Who knows that?
He is coming means,
half of his life has gone.
Why he is hurt like he is the doctor?
He only that doctor.
Sorry sir.
My name is Jacky...
Jackichan, compounder cum tailor.
There is not even a bouquet
available at this time.
Sir, welcome to the hospital.
There is no blanket to greet you.
I have a blouse which is
stitched fresh. Adjust with this.
What is this doing tailoring here?
- What is the difference in both?
Compounder has to
provide pins and medicine
and the tailor has to
get the thread into the pin.
What a bad comparison?
Something is burning inside.
- No sir, smoking.
- Cigarette.
Don't go that way sir.
Please sir.
Why are you shaky?
- I'm not shaky sir.
What is happening in the room?
- Sir, sir, please don't go.
Listen to me sir, don't go.
They are not an ordinary people sir.
They are useless
fellows in this area.
You! Move aside.
What you blouse fellow... who are you?
Is he your relative?
- What is this?
This is a Kerala Cheap liquor.
It has 62% alcohol and
18% GST with credit card payment.
Hello, you shouldn't smoke inside,
get out. What he is saying?
He is saying don't smoke
and asking us to go outside.
You say to get out
to this Dhulpet Durga?
Excuse me, I'm doctor.
Doctor Das MBBS,
MS with gold medalist.
This is not your hospital,
this is Durga's residence.
If you talk too much, I'll
remove your legs and cut your nerves.
Have you understood?
Let's go.
Why should be disturb them?
Our work is ours and
their work is theirs.
We have our medical
shop in that side.
We have our machine also this side.
Rajan, this is the place
of best fish fry in Hyderbad.
Come on.
I want a nice Masala fish fry.
I don't have enough Masala fish fry.
I have normal fish fry only.
Have you not recognized me?
Are you a Amitab Bachan
to recognize as soon as I saw you.
I'll send the fry.
Go and sit there.
Rajan, the city has
been changed a lot.
It will be like that only
when you come after ten years.
Ajay came.
Didn't you get any
place for our meeting?
No one gets any doubt
if it is here only.
Sir, Ajay met someone now.
Keep watching and inform me.
Who killed?
Why are you asking me?
Did I know before
that they will kill?
That means,
are you there only when Dada killed?
Not only me, the entire
syndicate was present then.
What is syndicate?
- Don't you know what is happening?
All are united by
forming a syndicate.
I cannot say anything now.
I have to talk an
important thing with you.
What I'm talking and
what are you talking?
What you want to talk? - I came
to know that Deva came into the city.
Then what?
- I want your help.
For what?
- Let's kill the Deva.
Are you able to understand
what are you talking?
What is that killing Deva?
I want water.
- What are you talking?
Lakshmi, a nice Masala fish fry.
You think I forgotten you?
It has been lot of years
now hearing your voice.
That's why only I couldn't recognize.
You are Deva, isn't it?
Sir, Deva is here only.
Deva? I am coming.
Come on, let's go, quick.
How are you?
- I'm fine.
What are the plans you have?
Deva, police.
I'll kill her.
Deva! Deva! Police.
- You move on.
There he is, fire.
Come on boys, move, move. Fast!
Go, go, go.
- Yes, sir.
Who is the doctor here?
Me only, I'm the doctor.
Why are you looking? Come.
Blood! Jocky.
Okay, sir. Okay...
What is this sir? Who fired like this?
Don't worry sir,
I'll take care of everything.
There is a police station
in vicinity. I'll inform them.
No police.
What is that?
Anesthesia. Everything will
be okay if I give this to you.
No anesthesia, remove the bullets.
You'll get lot of pain.
After giving anesthesia, later...
Will you inform to the police?
I don't inform to the promise,
Oh! I promised.
Remove the bullets.
You don't want?
Approximately over.
All the equipment here is
are in bending. Let's do one thing.
There is a big hospital in vicinity.
Let's go to there.
Hey, are you a doctor really?
MBBS! MS, Gold medalist.
Remove it from your hand.
Is it a thorn to
remove with the hand?
It came.
It's okay...
Give me two minutes. It will
take two minutes for stitching.
Are there anyone of your followers?
See, who came? Go and check. Go.
Okay, put the pressure.
How much time you will take, sir?
- You?
Who you thought?
- It seems, it will rain.
Come, let's go. I don't come.
I have a little work here.
What's the work you have here?
Let's go.
What are you hiding?
- It's personal.
What sir, what happened?
- Why should I tell you.
See, the power also gone. Let's go.
You go.
- Sir! Sir!
It took some time
to bring the candle.
I have to lay stitches
immediately if you lay down.
Already the blood has bled a lot.
It will be danger if any delay.
Didn't you call the police?
It is there.
Four days rest is needed
along with the antibiotic high dose.
'Why did he come?'
'After the bullets
in the body also...'
- Sir.
Check out all the
hospitals which are
within the five kilometers radius.
- Sir!
I want the list of patients who were
admitted in the last fifteen hours.
Do it now.
- Sure sir, I'll get it.
Thanks, Michelle.
- You are welcome.
David! Deva came
yesterday to see Ajay.
Police shoot out happened.
They chased him.
Oh! They shoot him?
- Yes.
He might have survived.
Don't know.
Deva! Deva! Deva!
Run Deva...
Deva! Deva!
Where did you go last night?
Tell Deva.
I built it with difficulty.
It has collapsed.
I'm not talking
about the cards Deva.
I'm talking about me.
They formed the syndicate
without my knowledge.
They made me to come
here by killing Dada.
They shoot me with the bullet.
This is happened because of Ajay.
With a fear of killing Dada,
he joined hands with them.
Hey! Rajan,
I want each one of the syndicate.
I don't leave anyone.
That Ajay...
Deva, are you okay?
Okay. I just want Ajay. Go.
Sir, why did the gang
war took place in such place?
For God's sake it's not a gang war,
it's just a street fight.
Next, please.
Dad, buy such a big
machine gun for me.
Are you going to the school
or military training? Sit.
Sir, there is a propaganda
that Deva came to the city
and got injured in the shoot out.
What's your comment?
Which channel?
- N Tv.
N Tv.
For information, it had ten
years now after Deva left the city
Don't know whether
he is alive or not.
Every matter is connect
with this Deva...
Since morning all the news channels
are killing us about this Deva only.
That's what the breaking news means.
He is a gang leader,
not a street rowdy.
What the police are doing while
such violence has been taking place?
We are flying the paper kites.
Why you police are hiding the
truth that Deva came into the city?
That's all for now, thank you.
- Sir...
Uncle, could you buy
such a big machine gun for me?
Keep quiet.
- Promise.
Bullet... where is it?
- Please, uncle...
- Uncle.
Das, where are you
going without the dinner?
Das, don't you understand
when we told you to shut your shop?
Are you crazy?
- I'll go away.
When bullet was
dropped on the floor...
No, I want to take the clothes.
You don't understand
if we tell like this.
If I press the trigger...
- Who are you?
I'm his patient.
Patient? Are patients
are coming to your hospital?
What is that in your hands?
Gun. Don't you this also?
What is the model of the gun?
Is this a vehicle
to tell about the model?
This is a gun.
The breath will not go
away if you fire with that gun
except at point block range.
Are you making fun of me?
Sir, sir. Let it be.
Are you teaching me?
I'll kill you biting your neck.
Oh, God!
Which model, sir?
Point 9mm,
Russian make, 200 meters range.
Mr Doctor, take care of the patient.
It seems,
it is useful for the playing only.
Why did they come?
- What can I say?
Patients are not coming
to my hospital except criminals.
Didn't the people know
that there is a clinic here?
For my fate,
nobody knows except you.
I'm getting pain.
the stitches were unleashed.
You have soda?
You shouldn't drink here.
It is for anesthesia.
What is your name?
- Das.
Are you an RMP holder?
University topper, gold medalist.
We can get lot of gold medals
when you throw a gold biscuit.
Gold medal meals not an ornament,
it is an achievement.
It will not come if you want to buy.
It will come by your dream.
The feeling is different
when you dream.
Same feeling.
- Do you also get dreams?
Yes, it's done, you can go.
Deva, in TV news the
police are searching for you.
Why didn't you tell about me?
That doctor shouldn't deceive
once the patient trust the doctor.
This is your bullet.
You can take it.
I'll come again.
What about this?
Sister-in-law, you brought
me here though I denied to come.
My inside irritation is going high.
Let's go soon sister-in-law.
What will you do going soon
except watching the
cockroaches and insects?
Any patient came?
One patient came.
- He might have missed the way.
He will not come again.
Second time also...
She came.
Mom, I'm hungry.
- Das, take care him.
Do you know this address?
Don't know.
- We know.
Who is this?
Who is this sir?
Who are you sir?
Why did you brought me here?
I think you are confused.
Doctor Das. Dhulpet clinic.
A person came there with
a wound of bullet in the midnight.
He is Deva.
Who is Deva, sir?
I'll give you a flat,
car and hundred millions.
Do a work for me.
Kill Deva taking this.
- No...
You don't want this?
Give him another gun.
Hey, I don't want it.
I never touch the gun in my life
except touching the scissors,
band-aids and injections.
Give him anesthetics and we will
take care of the remaining work.
Why are you bargaining sir?
We'll do one thing.
I'll provide a free treatment
for you in your life for once.
Do you think, I'm a patient?
Tell, do you kill him or not?
- That...
Do you kill him or not?
- Listen to me once, sir.
Do you kill him or not?
- What a life of mine?
Whomever I save,
everything comes unto my life.
Kill me, sir.
I cannot take away
the life which I saved.
Kill me, sir.
He is not accepting to kill
you though he has a fear of us.
So sweet.
Rajan, you said that we
have to kill him as he is strange.
Sir! One minute, sir.
What is happening here sir?
There is a small
test for your honesty.
- You passed it with first class.
He is already topper
and gold medalist.
Are you gold medalist?
Don't grab my cheeks like that.
This is not correct
to bring me here.
It is wrong, sir.
- You said you don't have patients.
What is the relation
between that and this?
Let's make him a doctor.
We can make him
without any hesitation.
What you make me a doctor?
I'm already a doctor,
MBBS, MS, Gold medalist.
Gold, from today
onwards you are M.D.
Sir, I'm not interested in M.D.
- M.D means Doctor for Mafia.
Is that? I thought something else...
Mafia? Doc...
- Yes.
That means,
for all of you, I... Sir.
Look for someone else.
For you murderers, I cannot...
Who are you all?
What is happening, sir?
- How can I know?
My machine.
Hey, Gold!
Nice. Cheers.
My hand is broken. The doctor
stitched it cutting my hand.
Though it was not suppressed.
I went to the hospital
and stabbed the doctor.
Is it wrong?
Wait. Wait.
Who killed Dada?
- Don't know.
You don't know?
- Don't know.
You know your problem?
- No.
You don't know how to live.
It's not good to booze here.
I don't come again if
you take this gun from my hand.
It is in your pocket.
- How it will be in my pocket?
Excuse me,
is anyone namely Deva came to you?
Who I Deva?
We didn't get any
information here, sir.
Have a spy on the
surrounding hospitals.
Okay, sir.
- Let's go.
The police are also
started coming here.
I lied with them.
My situation is becoming
worse gradually.
The police and criminals
are surrounded me
since I woke up in the morning.
I'm forgetting that I'm a doctor.
Hey, Gold!
No one has to come here,
is that you want?
No one will come.
It seems, it is an emergency case.
You said our people shouldn't
come to the hospital?
So what?
Increased number
of murders in the city.
How can he is murdering
people such cruelly?
Doesn't he has any humanity?
Move, move. Where did you go?
Stop it.
Tell now.
The God will shower his
immense blessing unto you.
Sir! Please sir...
- Leave it.
Sir, what will be my situation
if you leave this
place at this juncture?
With a courage of your presence here
I have sold out my
tailoring machine also.
Tailor became a compounder.
Bring some driver
and make him as a doctor.
Patients are waiting outside sir.
Tell them I'm not here.
Tell them that I'm died.
What I have to tell them
when they ask how you died?
Send that girl inside.
I mean, send that patient inside.
You asked me to tell
that you are died?
You sold out the machine.
- Okay, sir.
Hello madam,
doctor called you inside.
Come, madam.
- Okay.
Doctor Das, MBBS, MS, gold medalist.
My name is Pooja.
- What the problem is...
What is problem in it? I like it.
Not that sir.
- Call me Das. Das is okay for me.
Don't you call me?
Who are you and why
did you come inside?
- Hey, let's go.
He is my grandfather.
The problem is related to him only.
Problem is withb him?
- Jocky don't you see him?
Grandpa, you come, sit here.
You also sit.
- Thank you.
Get out Jocky.
- I don't go.
Then, stay here.
Tell me, what is the problem?
Water is not coming
in the bathroom, sir.
You tell me, sir.
I have Asthma, High BP, TB,
Sugar, Gastritis, Cancer.
Still you have breath?
It seems, the polio also come to me.
Why polio at this last age?
That's why only I told to you
that all the doctors are useless.
- No one is believing me
that I have all the diseases.
You brought me here saying
that it is a great clinic.
Let's go.
- Grandpa...
I believe that you
have all the diseases.
But, I don't believe.
- Shut your mouth.
I don't shut my mouth.
I'll come back
after informing to
the mortuary people.
Sir, what we have to do now?
Don't worry.
I'll take care of your grandfather.
Keep on bringing your grandfather
to the clinic until one month.
Both of us will get connected.
Who are the two?
- Whoever they may be.
Let's go.
Okay. Thank you, sir.
You want soda or water?
Whatever it may be.
Hey, soda or water?
Dasu, what is the matter?
That is...
Today I'm happy and in happiness...
I don't know how to tell...
Why don't you tell
to me about that happiness?
That is raw.
What is the mistake
in drinking the raw
since you have taken the anesthesia?
I'll drink the raw only.
- Yes, it is raw only.
- Yes, it is raw only.
Like you...
- Today I only will talk.
Okay, go on.
- Only Dasu will speak.
Okay, speak.
Today is a very beautiful
day in my life Deva.
You know what is love means?
Is it love?
- It's love.
How can you know about love?
What is the length of the gun
and how many bullets
will be there in the gun?
You always have the same thinking.
Love is magic Deva.
Are you teaching
the love to the cupid?
Are you a cupid?
You have such angle also?
Once upon a time,
I too used to be in love.
Are you be in alcohol now?
Hey, can you show your lover now?
- No.
I can show.
- How?
Switch on the TV.
- What?
Bulletin time, tv 99.
Come on Ravi, get ready, fast.
- Yes, sir. Get ready.
welcome to the bulletin news.
Co accidentally hifa best
actress goes to Deepika Padukone.
Deepika Padukone?
Not the girl who is in the news,
it is the girl who
is reading the news.
Like this everyone
following the diet...
This girl has been reading
the news from my childhood.
- I mean for the last five years.
Tv 99.
- Her name is...
Your Jahnavi, signing off.
- She says she is Jahnavi.
She is not Janavi, she is Jahnavi.
Have you loved Jahnavi truly, tell?
How did you meet her and love her?
While I'm studying
in the college days...
Is it black and white?
Didn't you see her again?
A rain has fallen.
Everyone's costumes
have been changed
but why my costumes didn't change?
You didn't connect yet.
How it will be connected this early?
Then, let's go.
Gold, you also connected.
- What is that?
Costume change.
That means, from henceforth?
- Is it?
Boys and girls go
back to your positions.
Nobody is watching, sit down.
It has finished.
What happened thereafter?
What will happen thereafter?
She became to know about me.
Break up.
Why two coffees are needed for me?
You brought someone last night.
Who is he?
- Deva... Doctor Devashis Mohanati.
- He is my friend.
Hey, it seems you
drunk a lot last night?
He is telling that
I drunk lot of teas.
Have you changed the
colors again to the clinic?
Devashis Mohanati, this is
my home and she is my sister-in-law.
What is happening here?
Alcohol causes to side affects.
I'll set it right.
Kalavathi, where is the new clothes?
Take the coffee first.
Who is he?
He is the friend
of Das namely Devashis.
You stay alone in the clinic.
He is the friend while
I was working in the medimax.
In medimax?
- Yes.
Nice meeting with
you Doctor Devashis.
Yes. Any speciality?
Kindly understand the situation
of mine which I cannot convey you.
You have to convey it
when it is not conveyable.
What it means?
Sex doctor.
But, I didn't see you in
a TV show after eleven thirty.
He stays continuously
in the news throughout the day.
we have to go to clinic urgently.
Why going?
We both have to talk each other.
- What are you going to talk?
We elders will talk about something.
You are a little one
and you'll be spoiled. Go to clinic.
I'll come back after sending
him and you just wait here.
Within two minutes I'll
come back after taking a bath.
You only have to manage.
- Okay, I'll manage.
You go. Go. Come on.
Come, have a seat.
Have a seat.
I'll give you coffee afresh.
Seven years before
this boy got birth.
Very healthy boy.
I didn't think about
children after three years.
It is not going to workout
though I try a lot.
Use the tablets.
I know that you will
prefer this only as an expert.
What can we do apart from that?
- That means, exercise.
Which type of exercises?
- Savasana...
- Suvasana.
- Kamalasana.
What are you talking?
- He told everything.
What did you tell?
Why do you need it when
we the elders are talking?
Doctor Devashish,
it's enough now, let's go now.
What he will think about us
when he comes at the festival day?
What he will think about is...
- Nothing he will think about it.
Let's go, doctor. He left.
- He is inside. Come.
Now, the kamalasana and...
Sister-in-law give some food
and we will go after having it.
Das, why idlys when
I prepared this much like
Garelu, Boorelu, Chakkarapongala,
Lemon rice for today is a festival.
Have it.
Doesn't he move from here
until we eat all these items?
Get the lemon rice.
It is good.
I never thought that the
home food is such delicious.
Don't you have a family?
Is our family is not your family?
Have this ginger pickle.
- Yes.
Dasu, the food I had
these days are cancelled.
I thought I had taken
the food first time.
Then, take a bath so that you get
a feeling of taking bath first time.
You come, we don't have enough time.
- Doctor Devashis.
When do we sit for exercises?
Doctor, what about the exercises?
[indistinct chatter continnue]
CC TV cameras also switched off sir.
There is no footage for that.
It definitely looks
like an attack on Deva.
Excuse me, who are you?
I came to the restaurant.
Is there any problem?
No problem, you carry on please.
Just a minute,
I feel like I have
seen you somewhere before.
What is your name?
- Deva, sir.
Sir, Deva's people have
occupied the entire fifth floor
giving wrong credentials
that they belongs to music brand.
Deva the musician, good to hear.
- Yes, sir.
What's your profession?
I'm a doctor.
Is it a private
practice or hospital?
Medimax! Mumbai branch.
I came to Hyderabad on a work.
Sorry, don't mind me,
it's a part of my job, carry on.
Sir, Deva might have
included among in died people.
No chance like that.
Excuse me, doctor.
On security reasons,
can you please go from this way?
Sir, we got seven cell phones
and eighteen guns from their room.
The wind shouldn't go into the ears.
I have to talk with you
personally before grandma.
How many days he is going to live?
Your grandfather doesn't
have any diseases.
He has only disease of hypocandiac
which he feels that
he has all diseases.
You asked for one month treatment?
Not for your grandfather,
it is for you.
For me?
Something happened in my heart
when I saw you first time.
Phone is ringing.
No, that is a different sound.
No, the phone is ringing.
- Gold.
You called me in the correct
time when I'm trying to tell.
At what places we
roam around last night?
Only half I remember.
Why are you asking now?
My gun is missing.
Search it otherwise buy a new one.
- May be I have left it in your home.
At my home?
I have an urgent work.
I'll come back later.
Hey, what are you doing?
- He is killing me.
did you clean my room?
Yes. You want it?
Have you find out a thing
which has a measure of half
kilo with golden metallic color?
I only took that.
- Why did you took that?
I thought I give it
after complete the work.
What are you going to do with that?
- Shooting?
Not suiting, it is shaving only.
You are asking about
the trimmer only no?
Not about trimmer brother.
Hey, hands-up.
- You calm down.
Who has given it to you?
- Uncle gave it.
Hey Chintu, give it to me.
I'll shoot you if you come nearer.
Why he overreacting?
Do one thing.
Shoot your mother.
She is lazying since morning.
Shoot him only. I am fed
up of him and his medical shop.
Say anything about me but don't
say a word about my medical shop.
Why did you drag me into this then?
Will you keep quiet if
I speak about other women?
You should never speak ill of me.
Dad, I will shoot you.
- Hey!
Uncle, I will shoot you.
That's best.
Shoot your uncle. I have work to do.
I will shoot you.
No, please. Don't shoot me.
Give the gun to me.
No, I won't. I will shoot.
Then shoot! If one Sitaramaraju
dies, there will be many.
that will be born to revolt
against your British empire.
It is true.
I will shoot.
Don't do it.
I will die if you shoot.
I am not Sitaramaraju anyway.
Just a tailor.
- Still I will shoot.
Had that bullet hit someone,
they would have died.
It is dangerous to
be with such people.
Listen to me and inform the police.
Why do you worry?
He is my friend.
Yes, I don't know how and
when but he became my friend, sir.
Everyone sees a
dangerous man in Deva
but I see the normal man in him.
We must change him somehow.
Change? How?
Good evening!
Welcome to 99wars news bulletin!
City is terrorised with gang wars.
Excuse me!
- Yes?
Who is Jahnavi here?
- Jahnavi... she will be there.
On completion of
thousand episode telecast
the serial unit is going
to every house without invitation...
Is this news?
Madam! We are online...
Who is she, sir?
His lover. Ex-lover!
If we want him to change his focus
we have to bring them together.
Enough, sir.
I cannot read these garbage news.
Five years!
I am asking you since five years
that I like crime investigations.
I gave you two chances.
What did you do?
News about pickpocket in
a bus and slippers thief at temple.
Is there anything sensational
in that? Try for a sensational news.
We should talk about it later.
Finish the news first.
You do it yourself.
- Jahnavi!
No one really understand my...
Excuse me! I am Dr Das,
MBBS, MS, Gold medalist!
He is Dr Kuchipudi!
Just psychiatrist.
I am Jahnavi, TV artist. So what?
Even in anger I think
it is not proper to just
walk away in the middle like that.
It's my job and I will do what
I want. Who are you to question me?
Job?! I was talking
about love matter.
Love matter?! My love matter?!
I mean, it is common
to make mistakes in life.
We should just compromise sometimes.
Adjustments are common in life.
I don't understand.
What are you talking about?
Who made you read news
papers when you were young?
My friend.
- A friend then...
Later a boyfriend.
Then lover.
- After marriage a husband.
After that a father to your kids.
- That is too far in future.
Listen! It seems you are
mistaking me for someone else.
I am already irritated. Now move!
It seems we have
no option but to sing.
Song? Okay.
Is it not possible
that his love story too
is fake like all other things?
It may be, sir. But not entirely.
Every time he spoke about
Jahnavi I saw a shine in his eyes.
That means half
of his story is true.
We have to make the
other half also true.
They are mafia, sir.
One shouldn't mess with them.
We are doctors, sir.
People shouldn't lie to us.
What will you do now?
Since one month every paper
is filled with news about Deva.
With a question about
what the police are doing.
He committed eight
murders till now and
we couldn't find even a single clue.
What's happening, Sharma?
What do you want me to say, sir?
He is escaping the
law since 25years.
How do you expect us
to catch him in a month?
Give us some time, sir.
We will trap him.
He is erasing his
foot steps very smartly.
We too should act
smartly to trap him.
What do you mean?
Sir, we are running
few undercover operations.
But one we are very close to.
Sir, this is Puja! The
undercover officer I spoke about.
- Sir!
We have a clue that Deva
took treatment in a
small clinic in Dhulpet.
We went there as patients.
It seems the doctor
and Deva are close.
If we have some time we
will definitely catch Deva, sir.
Hey, move!
He is my son.
This is Das speaking.
I met your Jahnavi just now.
She was excited when
I told her about you.
You should have been here.
Hey, what are you talking about?
I want you to talk to her directly.
She said she will meet
you at 5pm tomorrow at park.
You said she likes blue colour.
So she asked you to wear blue shirt.
Hey, listen.
Now Deva and Jahnavi set .
And everything for Das is also set.
I don't have to fear anything.
Just tyre!
Let us get out.
They will kill us.
Deva's men.
There will be some person
that is dear to him too.
I need to find him.
Hey! Who are you?
Hey, I am telling
you this is not right.
What will you do?
That day...
Why did you do that?
- What did you do?
You keep quiet.
Why did you do that?
What's so funny?
What's with this formal getup?
Do you know how you look?
- Hey!
Do you know what you did?
Who painted this?
MF Hussain or Ravi Varma?
Sharma of our neighbourhood.
Madam is calling you, sir.
- Hi, sir!
I am TV reporter Jahnavi.
Yeah! Yeah, I remember.
Jahnavi! I am...
Vikram Kumar! CBI agent, right?
You called me yesterday.
Did I call you?!
'Hello! Is this miss Jahnavi?'
Yes, this is Jahnavi here.
Who is this?
I am from CBI.
How many times should
I tell you guys
that I don't want any
loans or credit cards?
Madam, I said CBI not SBI.
Sorry, sir. You are...
I am... Vikram. Vikram Kumar!
We are going to start a
big undercover operation soon.
For that we need a
talented reporter like you.
Yes. Shall we meet at
park hotel at 5pm tomorrow.
Sure sir.
- I will be wearing blue.
You wear white.
It looks nice to see.
What happened, sir? You look tensed.
Actually this meeting...
I will not speak to anyone about it.
Madam, order?
One chocolate milkshake.
What do you have?
Wisky! No, rum! Coffee!
- Okay, sir.
If you contacted me earlier
we would have sent that
criminal to jail by now.
Not too late,
we can catch that fellow very soon.
Can you clarify something?
You have been cursing
him a lot but what is his name?
He might die just by
hearing you cursing him.
Who else, sir?
I am talking about that
horrible criminal Deva.
Yes, that is what you said.
I said so.
Why did you tell her
my name as the criminal?
How am I supposed to
know a criminal name suddenly?
I am not some jail warden
to know criminal names.
So you want me to work
with her to get captured?
Why did you lie to
her in the first place?
Why did you lie to
me about your love story?
I thought it was true. Went
to speak to her and got slapped.
Then I won't meet
her or speak to her.
I won't even answer her phone calls.
Jahnavi! Hello!
I am waiting for your phone call.
Ten o'clock?
Ok, I'll come. No problem at all.
Okay? Bye!
I won't talk to her at all?
It's working.
- Deva, Russia deal...
Not about that deal.
I want all the information about
Deva's dealings and activities.
What for?
- For publicity.
Deva! Deva!
You should say 'narayana'
before you die not Deva.
What? Who is doing all this?
Hi! Happy friendship Day.
Same to you.
- She is my friend Deepti.
Did you not bring
any of your friends?
The only friend I have is d...
I don't have any friends.
Please let us sit down
It's raining heavily.
Yes. I take my leave now.
How are you going to go?
Roads will be blocked now.
It's okay.
- Come inside. Please come.
Isn't it very cold?
- I am fine.
Okay, I'll go and change.
- Please!
What do you think of my house?
You are beautiful.
I mean your house is beautiful.
It's really beautiful.
- Thank you.
Sorry! Sorry! Here, dry yourself.
- Thank you.
What is that?
- What?
Sit! I will do it.
No! It's okay.
- It's alright.
Do you have something to say?
I will go prepare the food.
Madam! Das got a call
from some new number.
Okay, connect.
- Hello.
Das! It's me.
How should I know without
you telling the name?
Hello, Mr Vikram!
- Vikram Kumar.
Vikram Kumar sir! Is that you?
It has been long since I saw you.
One minute!
- Is potato fry and dal okay?
- Okay.
Potato fry and dal?
Yes, she is making it.
Why don't you make some lemon rice.
Then is this what you do
when a girl invites you home?
Be romantic, man.
That's all regular.
She is special.
I want to kiss her and
I don't know how to proceed.
Even though it is wrong time,
you called the right person.
I have a lot of
experience in such things.
Did you kiss anyone?
- Yes?
You should ask what kind
os kisses I expertise in.
Starting from peck, smooch, French,
Chinese and Japan, I know all kinds.
They are just different languages.
If you disturb my
flow I will cut the call.
Hey, sorry! Sorry! Tell me.
Recently Puja came to
my house and into my room.
There was a strange
silence between us.
We were staring into each other's
eyes moving closer little by little.
Hey tell me what happened next?
Hey, wake up! How many times should
I tell you not to sleep in hospital?
You will get nightmares.
Go to your home.
Sorry, sir!
Where was I?
Yeah, looking into the eyes...
After that?
I put a hand one her
wrist and another on her
shoulder and pulled her closer...
What is this nonsense?
Dal and fry!
Is that all?
- Yes. Proceed!
Das! So should I kiss her?
Yes, do it.
- Okay, I'll. Okay. Cut the call.
- Okay.
He cut the call.
Seeing your condition
breaks my heart, sir.
Hey! Jakie! It's not like that.
- Hi!
Am I still in dream?
Why did you come?
She is talking without manners.
Didn't you inform
her about marriage talks?
Marriage talks?!
I wanted to surprise you.
Puja! Who is that?
Daddy! My friend's family.
Why did you keep them out then?
Ask them to come in.
Please come.
Please come, have a seat.
I will bring coffee.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
Sit here.
So, you too are in the
same department as my daughter?
I am Doctor, sir. Gold medalist.
How do you know my daughter then?
Your daughter always comes
to his clinic with her grandpa.
Dad! I took Tatarao to
the clinic when he was sick.
Where is your grandpa now?
Not grandpa, his name is Tatarao.
How can he talk so rudely about
his father? Seems mannerless people.
I don't think we should interfere.
- Yes.
The vegetables rates
are very high these days.
We were talking about you just now,
sir. Please give them to me.
Greetings, sir.
- Greeting.
Why is he behaving like that?
Please make your
son and daughter-in-law
agree to our marriage.
- Is there a reason for your visit?
I think your daughter
might have told you.
My brother is very innocent person
when he saw your
daughter first time...
I heard the vegetable prices
in your area are less, is it true?
Shut up! You don't
know when to speak what!
Sir! Is this any way
to speak to your father?
My father?
Who are you talking about?
Your father.
- My father died a long time ago.
My son too died.
I won't stay in this house.
No, grandfather!
Deal with your issues later.
My marriage...
Stop this now. Whose marriage?
Me and...
My God!
- My heart!
That will be on the other side.
He suddenly fell.
I am sorry, sir.
Sorry for what?
- Oh, it's a miracle, sir.
Das, my child!
Please save me. I beg you.
Don't worry. You will be alright.
Yes, grandpa.
- You please be silent.
This is all because of you.
- Everything was fine.
Everything was fine.
Why did you get a stroke?
Happy! It was overwhelming
to cover so many people.
- About our marriage...
I don't understand...
Can you read?
It will be a surprise if
you can understand your writing.
You take blood samples meanwhile.
These doctors have high
study but lack common sense.
Just have patience for two days.
I will definitely catch Deva.
It seems my going to heavens
will happen before that.
Hi, Deva!
O God!
What are you doing here?
Hey, why are you scared? Come here!
Who is here to watch? Come here.
Come here! Come!
Last night Jahnavi almost...
Puja, not Jahnavi.
Jahnavi, not Puja.
I am saying Puja is inside.
Is she? I will speak
to her once then.
Do you want to speak with her?!
Are you drunk?
I finished half the bottle
on the way. Now let us finish it.
Come on, sit down.
I am begging you.
Please be a good guy.
It would be a problem
if Puja sees you. Please!
We are talking and drinking
together. That's fixed.
Lower your voice!
Let us drink together tomorrow.
How many bottles as you wish to.
Please say okay.
Where are the glasses?
O God!
Why are you calling God?
We are doing all this
to keep you down here.
What are you doing?
I can thread a needle nicely
but cannot find the nerve properly.
Are you a tailor?
What is that? Sir, catch this.
Hey, have it.
Okay, Chee...
Okay? Can I go now?
Why didn't you wait for cheers?!
No problem.
Let me fill your glass again.
Madam! Madam! Madam!
You shouldn't go into that
room now. - Why is that?
It seems it started early today.
Doors are shut by seven.
Return to your grandfather's side.
- Who is in there?
Why don't you understand?
Sir will not meet you now.
I have to stitch so many
clothes to get this much money.
Don't tell him that I told you this.
I don't know whether same girl
comes everyday or different girls.
Doors will be closed
by this time everyday.
We can hear laughing
and other sounds.
He will come out
in the morning tired.
Come on, have one more peg.
You are my dear gold. Please!
Food was wonderful. It was tastier
than the one made at your home.
Jahnavi made it. Jahnavi.
Hey, Das!
Das! I used to like it
when people were afraid of me.
But I like it more
when people don't fear me.
I found that after seeing you.
Not me. Jahnavi! I know your secret.
I don't know why but I am scared.
O my God! Are you scared?
So even Deva came
to know what fear is.
Generally people fear
for only one thing, Deva.
That is about death.
But the fear of losing
someone who we love is greatest.
Change yourself, Deva!
Change back into a good person.
You don't need money
or power to live among people.
A bit of smiles and
a bit of love are enough.
Life will become beautiful for you.
It would have been nice if someone
told me this twenty years back.
It's late. I have to go now.
What if Jahnavi knows
the truth someday?
She will leave me.
Why would she?
Did I leave you?
Telling truth might be good.
But continuing the
lie might ruin your future.
Tell her the truth, Deva.
Why did you bring me here?
How long will you hide?
I will die if I come out.
Deva knows I too am
involved in the murder.
If he knows I am in the city,
he will surely kill me.
That is what I want.
- My death?
No! He coming out for you.
I just missed my death that
time because of plan like this.
I didn't know he would come then.
But now I know.
Instead of living in fear of him
we can kill him once and for all.
Be brave for one day and
I will take care of the rest.
You will take care of me?!
He killed your brother terribly
that day. What could you do?
Do what I say otherwise I will
kill you before he has a chance.
Do you understand?
My head is hurting a lot.
Bring my glasses.
Sir! You should reduce
your night programs.
Give some gap in between, sir.
What did I ask you and
what are you speaking? Go now.
Mr Das!
Mr Das!
Hi! Can you please message my head?
If you tell me the bill amount,
I will pay and leave.
Why would I charge you? Your
grandfather is like my grandfather.
Don't try to be smart.
Let's be professional.
Tell me how much I have to pay.
- I understood now.
You are mad that I
left without telling you.
Sorry, Puja.
You are lying.
Someone came for you last night.
You have someone who is
important than me in your life.
That is why you left me like that.
You close the door by eight
every night. Isn't that true?
By the way is it the same
girl or different girl every night?
How could you believe
that nonsense that he sprouts?
Don't you know about me?
Will you answer me truthfully
if I ask something?
Of course!
- With whom did you go out yesterday?
Puja! Puja!
Puja! Please wait!
The person I meet daily and
go out is a male and not a female.
Who is that?
Secret friend!
I want to know his name.
Puja! I told you it is secret.
Try to understand.
We are not correct for each other.
Keep your secrets with you.
Is it okay if I bring
him to meet you today evening?
Okay, at Aawasa hotel
eight o'clock tonight.
Call me when you reach there.
- Hey, Jakie! Come here!
I really didn't say
anything to her, sir.
Forget it. Get my phone...
no give me your phone.
'The number your are
calling is switched off.'
Swich off.
- Hello, miss Jahnavi!
This is undercover constable
Kantarao speaking.
Is Vikram sir there?
Does constables go undercover too?
- Hello, Deva!
This is Kantarao...
no Das speaking. Where are you?
I am eating ice cream with Jahnavi.
Ice cream?! Your love story
is cool but mine caught fire.
How? What happened?
Puja thinks I am meeting
some girl every night.
But you were meeting me.
That is why I told
her that I will bring you.
Did you tell her about Deva?
No, I told her you are a friend.
What about Deva?
- We caught Deva's friend.
Deva's friend? That's me.
I am speaking with Jahnavi.
I am speaking with Kantarao.
One minute!
Now start your story.
If you don't meet her,
Puja will break-up with me.
Are you going to come or not?
- No!
Then I will talk to Jahnavi.
- I will come. Where to?
Aawasa hotel, at eight tonight.
- See you.
Telling Jahnavi! I will
never tell her about Jahnavi, sir.
'Is he coming?'
- Yes, sir. He is one the way.
That's good.
As soon as he enters, all the
entries and exists will be closed.
You handle Das. Be on alert.
Hey, drive quickly.
I am getting late for the meeting.
Everyone is on alert.
Everything is set.
You just has to follow through.
That's it. Nothing will happen.
It's not good. It will not work out.
Plan is not good.
Ajay! My men are all around the
place. Don't get tensed. Just wait.
Where are you going?
- Washroom!
Do you have permission? - Hey,
I don't need permission for that.
Are you drunk?
- Move.
Hey, move!
What are you doing?
Hello! Answer me.
Sir! Please go slow!
Speed is high! Sir!
Sir! If you stop by that side,
I will get down.
Hey! Shut up!
Watch the road, sir.
Who are they, sir?
It is okay! It's okay!
I am a doctor. Get up.
It seems someone is coming.
Help! Help!
Please, help!
We will get help.
Come fast, please!
Come and help.
Come and help.
Leave him.
- Come fast.
Come on, get into the car.
You killed him!
You killed him!
You will not understand
even if I explain.
It is a life, Deva!
He pleaded to me to save him.
What is the use?
You killed him in an instant.
Why did you kill him?
There is no need to keep
everyone alive in this world.
He does not have the right to live.
Do you have that right?
Do you have it?!
Who are you to decide
who should live or die?
Are you God?!
Had I assumed that
our few months ago,
what would have happened to you?
I am different and he is different.
Hey, Dasu!
If this was done by someone else,
what would have happened?
You would have killed him,
is that all?
What more can you do?
You being a killer
have so much ego,
how much should I
have for saving you?!
I live in a Jungle
and surrounded by beasts.
Do you know how many have
to die for a lion to live?
It must kill and keep killing!
I don't know to live in fear.
Don't you know what fear is?
You live in fear every moment.
You live in fear 24 hours that
someone will come to know about you.
What is the use of such a life?
Can you make him alive?
Bring his life back!
Dasu! Don't forget
who you are talking to.
Deva it is, right?
I announced my name and
status to a million people.
Can you tell even to
one person that you are Deva?
Forget about others.
Can you say it to the girl you love?
What is the use of courage only
to kill those who come in your way?
You need courage
to tell about yourself.
Do you have the courage?
Do you have it?!
After today, you are your
people should not contact me.
You continue your killing spree.
How can there be friendship
between life and death?
That is not possible.
I had a small hope that
you would change someday.
That is why I requested
you to escape and surrender.
But now I tell you.
You will continue to live like
this and have a dastardly death!
That day there will
be none to cry for you.
Sir, just missed it!
Otherwise, I would have stabbed.
What are you saying?
Go away from here! - Sir!
Just go from here!
- Sir!
Why are you sending
them away like that?
They are patients!
- No, they are demons.
If I treat them
and send from here...
They are killing
others and coming back.
It is better to keep
records of corpses
than work for people like them.
So, you said that you
wanted to speak something.
It was a mistake not to
take your permission that day.
It won't happen again, sir.
General ward,
mortuary, anything is okay, sir.
What were you doing
the past 3 months?
There is a clinic in our area.
I worked there.
Your area means that slum?
Let me put it straight, Dr Das.
These corporate hospitals run
more on brand value than service!
So, if I take you back, the hospital
reputation will be tarnished.
I can't take you back!
I will give you an
explanation for what happened.
You may leave the place!
Sir, the chairman is calling you.
The chairman?! Where is he?
He is in that room.
Excuse me, Sir!
Come in!
Sir, me...
What I was 40 years ago!
- I mean that you are
in the same position
where I was 40 years ago.
Dr seetharamaiah...
MBBS, MS, gold medalist.
Come and have a seat.
Das, it is not cancer etc
that kills people from inside.
It is Pride, ego!
That is the great weakness
that Dr Bharadwaj has.
He is a doctor and
the chief of a department.
For me to set him aside and invite
you, you need to prove yourself.
Next week,
our hospital completes 25 years.
25 years, silver jubilee.
On this occasion, we are
planning and organ donation camp.
Every year many people die
due to non availability of organs.
In every year board meeting,
I put this proposal...
But they say that
it is not possible,
and organise some
blood donation camp instead.
They shelve it like that.
What can we do?
I will do it, sir.
I will definitely try.
Can you take me back in my job?
I hope to be able to
save at least one life.
Do you know who is the
main donor of this project?
My driver Raju!
I will do it, sir.
Take this cake and give it to uncle.
Go on!
Happy birthday!
- Thank you!
What is your name?
Don't ask like that, Kaustubh!
My name is Deva!
So you are Deva!
- Yes, its me.
I am scared of my father.
And my father is scared of you.
Can you make anyone scared?
Yes, I can do that.
- Promise?
Tell me who we should scare.
There is a scary man inside me.
He is not coming outside.
Father is also scared.
That is why they cut my hair.
Is there any solution for this?
I get pain also sometimes.
Because of this, there is no school.
I don't go to play.
Can you scare this insider away?
What is this?
Nothing, bro!
What actually happened?
What is the problem?
We came to know only last month.
From when he was born,
they were more white blood cells...
Some condition called leukaemia...
- It is cancer.
We tried chemotherapy etc,
but his body could not handle it.
Why you did not tell me till now?
We could tell you
about small problems.
This is something beyond our reach.
Please forget it, bro.
He should be happy
so long as he lives.
That's why this
birthday party and all.
Can you scare him away?
Deva! Deva!
Rajan, bring the best doctors.
I don't know if you will
request okay threaten them.
The boy should live.
Take it sir.
We should bring many things.
There seems to be a lot of activity.
No one will come here, sir.
The chairman should have
given him some other useful task.
For now we will manage with this.
Please take care of the anaesthesia.
How many online
applications did we receive?
Received 6 till now, sir.
We have to do something.
Sir, sir.
There is an organ donation camp.
- No! Not interested.
I am sorry. I got delayed
because of Chintu School.
Family is the first
one to support you.
Where is the form for me?
What about me?
I will feel for you, come this side.
Dasu! Dasu!
We gave a lot of time
since morning. - Sir!
Tell him to remove it.
- I will do that, sir.
Remove all these dropdowns
and put a LED screen there.
That empty space over there,
- Okay, sir.
fill it up with chairs.
Please remove all these.
- What is happening here?
Have a seminar to conduct
so you have to vacate.
We were given time till 8.
Leave it, sir.
Because we will have some
dignitaries, keep this area clean.
Stop there, I am telling you.
I am asking you to stop!
Who is Das here?
Take this!
What is that?!
Please be careful.
There will be at least 10,000, sir!
Hello, doctor!
Hope you received the forms.
We know only to kill
but not to give life like you.
We will not live long anyway.
So you will get the organs quickly.
Sir, the donation camp
of Dr Das became a huge success.
We received almost 10,000 forms.
What you said about Das is true.
Dr how is he?
It is 3 hours since surgery.
An expert team of 8
members operated on him.
It is very critical in such cases.
The immune system is very
weak because of his young age.
It's not in our hands.
What do you mean
it's not in our hands?
You are senior doctors.
Do something!
Sometimes, whatever we do...
I don't care about all this.
The boys should live!
Somethings are not in
your control or our control.
We have to accept it.
Please try to understand!
Will you scare the demon away?
'It is a life, Deva.'
'I had a small hope that
you would change someday.'
'What is why I requested
you to escape and surrender.'
'You are the person living in fear!'
What happened to you?
You don't pick the phone or answer.
Tomorrow I am coming
to the TV studio.
Arrange for a live broadcast.
- I have to speak about Deva!
What the hell is happening?
Let's stop this
Undercover nonsense now!
I want that Das.
Arrest him and bring right now!
Sir, he will not tell
anything about Deva.
I know about Das very well.
I know! I know that
you know Das very well.
- I want that Das.
10 minutes is what you have!
It's an order.
'Why he did not come till now?'
He is not to be seen anywhere.
He said that he is waiting outside.
Why did you put your hands forward?
Last time you put them back side.
Will you not change at all?!
If you kidnap once,
I will be scared.
If you do that again and again,
I will get irritated.
Where is the boss? I know that
you are hiding behind some door.
You may come out now.
Hello, now there is something...
I thought that Deva would come.
Who is this person?
David! Some new
character in the script?
Where is Deva?
Is he Dr Das?
Yes I am Dr Das...
MBBS, MS, gold medalist.
I am the person who owns
the clinic as well as the mall.
You will offer me some cash and
apartment, and tell me to kill Deva!
Don't irritate me!
Where is Deva?
- David, Deva is on the TV.
'Very good morning, everyone!'
'Welcome to our live telecast.'
'We don't know how he
looks and where he lives.'
'He lives in the dark and
terrorizes the entire nation.'
'India's most wanted
Mafia Don! Deva!'
'To reveal information about
him we have a senior CBI officer.'
Welcome Mr Vikram Kumar.
Please carry on!
Thank you!
I never spoke before in public.
I did not speak when
so many are watching.
'I don't know if I can say
properly what I want to say.'
Mr Vikram, there is no urgency.
Be comfortable!
My name is not Vikram Kumar
and I am not a CBI officer.
'Did not come here
to speak about Deva.'
'I am Deva!'
What is this, sir?
This is a live show!
Millions are watching this!
Please speak carefully.
Vikram, please don't shoot!
It's live!
- Vikram Kumar is a cheat.
Deva is the truth!
'Till now Deva lived
with arrogance.'
'He thought that money
and power is everything.'
A 4 year-old boy...
He passed away look into my eyes.
He asked me if I
could scare death away.
Can this money and
power scare death?
Can it give life to him?
'Hey gold! You won!'
'There is happiness in sharing'
'with others than
with scaring others.'
'There is joy in saving
one life then killing 10 lives.'
You asked me if I could announce
my name even to one person.
'That is why I came here to announce
my name before the entire world.'
Jahnavi, he suddenly entered
my life, which was running fast.
My life came following him.
When he look into my eyes and talk,
I thought he is a kid.
But I became a small boy.
No one could manage me,
but he conquered me.
I came here also because of him.
He changed me with his goodness.
Dr Das, MBBS MS gold medalist.
'He is a real hero! He is gold!'
Wait a minute!
Bro, I am Das speaking...
Deva, I am David.
How can you surrender so easily?
Your Gold is with me.
Come quickly!
It means you are not Deva's men?
Move aside!
Where did he escape?
Let's go upstairs!
Where is Deva?
Deva will come for you?
There is a tablet for anxiety.
You should take that.
Welcome, Deva! Welcome!
How can you change without
settling our account?
That is why I came.
Let him go!
You kill my brother
and smashed my business.
If I just kill you,
my revenge won't be complete.
David, it was like you.
Killing, take revenge and all that.
I did not know anything else.
All that is a waste.
I have changed!
It's all over.
You also better change.
Why should I change?
I am not Deva.
I am David!
Till now I live in the hangover
of chanting my name Deva.
Now my mind is clear.
Now that you kidnapped him...
Spend a few days with him.
The Hangover of
David will come down.
It's too late!
Ravinder, shoot him!
I am the principal
of the school you studied.
You think I would go alone?
I will take every one of them.
It is time for them to come.
Inspector Pooja!
She is a police officer?
Why did you deceive me?
I did not deceive you.
I did my duty.
But our love is a truth.
I fell in love with one girl and she
turned out to be a police officer.
I am a doctor, what did I do?
There is a gun over there.
Pickup the gun and shoot him!
Dasu, the bullet hit me.
Nothing will happen to you.
You will come to no harm, Deva.
Nothing will happen to you.
Vitals are coming down.
I think it's very difficult.
When the bullet team and it you,
I was afraid.
Now I feel like crying.
I wanted you to change,
but you changed me.
This is the mistake you made.
It is a mistake to challenge death.
Is a greater mistake
to die than to kill.
I don't have anyone, Deva.
You are the only one.
I cannot imagine life without you.
I learnt from you how to live.
Till you come to my life,
I did not know anything.
I did not know how
much soda to add to a peg.
I never knew how many
bullets are there in a pistol.
Gold, now you know everything.
You should not speak, Deva.
Someone said that I
would die a dastardly death.
And that no one would
be there to cry by my side.
Now the same person
is crying for me.
You should not say anything.
Nothing will happen to you.
I want to drink
one last peg with you.
What do you mean one last time?
We have to spend
a lot of time together.
We have to room together
and eat your favourite fish fry.
You should keep smiling
like this always.
Only then life will be beautiful.
Now I can die peacefully!
'Deva got injured in the
shootout between Mafia and police.'
'Doctors determined that
he died while getting treatment.'
'With this operation
Deva is closed.'
"My heart has gone somewhere."
"I became alone."
"O cold breeze, get me the details."
"Find out what happened."
You must only act simply.
Don't do over action.
I will set up everything outside.
Good night!
Mr Kuchipudi! Is everything ready?
Because of a bullet injury,
the left heart artery was affected.
- Supervision.
The right heart artery
was severely damaged.
Within few minutes after
the operation, Deva died.
His body was shifted
to the mortuary.
Mortuary is ready
and the body is ready.
Mr Murthy is ready to do
the postmortem. Are you ready?
Is the police waiting downstairs?
- I thought you are afraid!
Finish the work quickly!
I have to sign, isn't it?
He is the one behind
organ donation, right?
Fill it up properly and I will sign.
Take him.
Dr Das, MBBS, MS, gold medalist.
I think you must have light for
the first time in your profession.
I did not lie. Deva really died.
Human being inside Deva is alive.
It would be good if we have a doctor
who gives life to the
human being inside us.
Like you!
Where are we going next?
Up to you, gold!
The world is ours!
You can decide, Pooja!
Come here.