Devarattam (2019) Movie Script

Morning, Sir
I'd have given you spare change
You gave the begger 100 Rupees
Have you become rich?
- Keep walking, will you?
Or, he'll strip you out on the streets
Look out, he's not a begger
He's the biggest "Sorattai" in Madurai!
- What's that?
- A thug Mapla
- Him?
When he went to burn an effigy,
to raise his stock in the party,
burnt his own companion
Thus he became "Kodumpavi" (Effigy) Ganesan
Every corner of Madurai has seen him,
murder someone
I don't spare the ones who confront me
- Sir, please...
Think your mustache makes you a man?
Then why is he begging, you might ask
All his children died very early
Either they were stillborn
or they die soon after.
For his newborn to stay alive,
he covers himself in spots and goes begging,
hoping to buy a golden stud
Then, he would double exchange the child for bran
This is a belief!
Hey, Wrestler
How fertile is the family chosen for the exchange?
One of the finest in Sellur, Ganesa
His name is Kalyani Thevar
Known for his loyalty
and integrity in the whole of Madurai
Not only is he blessed with Six daughters
His wife and his eldest,
are pregnant now
This is the fertility we need
- Alright Mari, guess we shall...
- Yes we should,
get on with it
Oh Lord Irulappa!
Lo Goddess Ayyinachi Ochayyi!
Here, Ganesa
- He's gonna live long
- Come to me, my Deivam!
Come to me, my lion!
Bless us all, Lord
- Mom!
- What happened?
What is my child, Madam?
It's a boy, Sir
- Mapla! Mapla!
- Mama!
- You have a Machinan now!
- Super Mama!
Oh Goddess Seelakari,
please let this be a normal birth
- What's my child, madam?
- It's a girl, Sir
Mama! Mama!
What Mapla?
- You have a grand daughter now
- Super Mapla
Baby has been crying all day
- Daddy
- Why hasn't he comeback with milk yet?
Why is my brother crying, dad?
Your mother has
breastfeeding issues today
So I have sent someone to buy milk
Dad, what are you saying?
When I'm here,
why does my brother need milk from the outside
Can't I feed him?
Ma, I'll take care of him now
Come here little Sir,
Come to your sister now
Devoid of love, the world never revolves,
True Blood never dissolves
A moment please
I'm in a bit of a mess
- What's the problem?
- I mortgaged my house a while ago
I repaid yet he refuses to return the house
- Who is he?
Hey Ganesa
He claims he has returned the debt
with interest
Why don't you return his documents?
He paid up the interest on the principal,
what about compound interest?
Your demands are unethical
We're all from the same clan
Be generous to your brother
I'm known as dangerous,
not as generous
Danger is commonplace in our neighborhood
Let's not spear each other, Ganesa
Remember you are speaking to your brethren
Speak gently, lest you'll lose your head
The documents should find its way back,
Let's go
Don't worry, Mapla
He was stunned
You'll get your documents back
Who are they chasing? Go check it out
- who's that?
... lose "my" head?
Dance of the Gods
To the sound of thunder
And the rushing kinder
Drums in splendor
Azhagar is on his way
Our Azhagar is on his way
Azhagar is on his way
Our Azhagar is on his way
Mushtaches twirled
Spears pointed
Mushtaches twirled
Spears pointed
On a horse-back to see Vaigai
Welcomed by the horn
Welcomed by the women
Beat the drums
Together as clumps
Rejoice and Revel
Revel in the never ending marvel
Fireworks continue to dazzle
Our city is loud
With a heart that beats loud
Rejoice, Revel
To the sound of thunder, rushing kinder
Drums in splendor
Azhagar is on his way
Our Azhagar is on his way
Hey, pay your bills
We'll settle it in the bar
Never make friends with bartenders
- Rose or Marigold?
- How much is Rose?
Rose 250, Marigold 200 Sir
(Public Toilet)
Number one
Number one or two?
Number one,two
- How much are the grapes?
- 80 rupees per kilo
- One kilo please
- Garden fruits, you can enjoy
Pick the better ones brother
House of Vetri (Victory)
- Yes
Have you got everybody on board?
- Yep
- Let's take a selfie now
- Sure, yeah
Twirl it! Twirl it!
The "Four" Musketeers
Who's that?
Come on, you've ruined our selfie
Where's our brother in your selfie?
Shoot, we forgot him
Where is Mapla?
You there?
- Mama!
- Yeah, Mama!
Why did you hit me?
To intimidate them, Mama
- Shouldn't they fear your Mapla?
Nah... you weren't trying to intimidate them,
You tried to make a grand entry
It's my Swagger!
- I almost landed on a dagger
Cheer up Mama
You should raise me Mama
I'm still growing up
You aren't done yet?
Anyways you asked for my blessings
Here goes, May Lord Sangaiyya
and Lord Pandimuni,
be with you forever
Vetri, Victory will be yours
Go ahead
Smash them Mapla
Move like a champ,
Move like me
What's wrong with your Machinan?
He smashed a coconut right on my son's head
How can he be policing people around?
I'm talking to you
Stop pretending
You keep writing your accounts
Your Machinan is marked
I'm off to Madras for two days
Take charge of stuff
Like Unloading goods... you too
Stop now
I'm warning you, stop
Next time he touches my son,
he'll lose... his hand...
Did I just hear bones breaking?
Who are you to police people?
What's our purpose then?
To take cuts
- Come again?
- Go back to yelling Sir
Have you any idea
of the severity of offences committed here?
Have you?
- Shut the...
- Sorry Sir
This piece of garbage here,
A wedding photographer,
who morphs the women attending weddings
into porn films and sells them
An offense punishable upto 3 years
under Information Technology Act 66A
My assault is punishable upto 7 years
under Indian Penal Code Section 325
That trash over there...
Our fathers don't touch their daughters,
this piece of trash abuses by-standers
He's Punishable under 354C for upto 3 years
The assault is again 7 years of imprisonment,
makes 14 years in total
Punishments wouldn't deter
my intolerance towards injustice
I smash it when I see it
Your witnesses will turn hostile
Certainly, you should be knowing
No way.
My daughter and I will show up for him
You cretin, how dare you go after my daughter?
Where's the due process now?
Cops make others run to court for years
Brandishing a gun without collector's approval,
at a suspect brought in for enquiry,
is punishable under IPC 506/2
for 7 years of imprisonment Sir
How do you know these stuff?
Is it becoming of a lawyer to
fight on the streets?
A lawyer would make a perfect fighter
He knows his way around laws, of course
The men decorating your walls,
are they not fighters against injustice?
Applies to us too
Stand for the Right, Fight for the Right
I'm finished, please Sister no
One more, brother?
Why do we have to meddle in these?
If not us, then who ?
Leave it to the cops
Police? Exhibit A - WhatsApp video
Lord have mercy on us
What is this monstrosity?
The police have crossed over the line
they were meant to keep
Public resents them for it
- Why do we have courts then, Vetri?
- For pretense
Police needs to make an arrest in the first place
Get me a double-omlette
and some pancakes
I'll throw the pan at you...
She might throw it for real now
- Sister
- Listening...
Mundane is not for me, sister
I should
give something back to the community
We shouldn't be indifferent to our existence
Our existence should be a crusade
Have an existential purpose, Sister
Look at the terrified women in the streets
We can spare the men who stake our land,
but never our women
Mapla is gonna get us all into prison
Have you made any use of your freedom?
We visit temples as a family
Now, we'll go to prisons as a family
Go use the flush first
Embarrassing for an "educated"...
Who's the "educated"...
Then listen to the educated
When we get buried,
there shouldn't be grass sprouting
Revolutions must germinate
Sagalai Where do we get those coffins?
That's easy to find out
Let's get you killed first
Break it up
Pechi, there's no need to make any accusations
This attitude, right here, is aggravating him
The day you put up Netaji
and Nallakannu ayya photos
His attitude has changed since then
Your affection will make him an outcast
The way our leaders are...
...with pride
Back to square one
Are we going to the temple or not?
The Lord's wine is missing
This is unacceptable
I can't stand these accusatory looks
I did not touch it
The one in the attic, that is
How did you know it was in the attic?
Your face betrays you
Should have diluted your mix
Drop it, let's go buy another one
Thank you
Shutters down Shutters down
TASMAC Shutters down
Shutters down Shutters down
TASMAC Shutters down
Shutters down Shutters down
TASMAC Shutters down
People want to be in high spirits,
then reject the spirits that lift them up
People are strange
We have reached
Shutters up Shutters up
TASMAC Shutters up
Shutters up Shutters up
TASMAC Shutters up
TASMAC Shutters Up
TASMAC Shutters down
TASMAC Shutters Up
TASMAC Shutters down
Stop it, Mama
Half measure , brother
- Is it enough, Sir?
- You forgot my share
Two half-measures
Shutters down Shutters down
Shutters Up Shutters Up
TASMAC Shutters up
Every Tom, Dick and Harry
is a rebel these days
Can't go home now
Now women have started too
Mind the drink, constable
Or,somebody may find out
Sir with Soda or Water?
With Soda, Yes
Look at this farce
There are the lawyers rebelling,
Here's the law enforcement partying
Dissenting is anti-nationalistic, they say
Their shouts fall on deaf ears
- Wait Mama
- What Mapla?
Mapla we got a flat tyre
- Oh no
It didn't get punctured. I flattened it
Are you out of your mind?
Aren't you educated?
Insulting all the women here,
You walk right past us to buy liquor
Can't you be mindful?
Punctured it to embarass you
How many times have you protested here?
- Ten times
- Ten!?
So you are stuck in a dumb loop of
blunt protests?
Bang on
Are you mindful of what's going on here?
Now let's get heard
Watch this
Good throw, Mapla
Guess they heard you
Shame on you, lawyer
Are you trying to incite riots here?
Hello Sir,
I was the one who hurled the stone
You say this to a cop?
Yes, to this cop
Dumb cops and smartphones
better love story than twilight
Let's not get stirred up now
Alright, I'm excusing you all
Get lost
We excuse you too. Peace
Baldy, Sir
Pay your fines
Who do you think you are?
You wanna find out on the Internet?
Damn you
Good Lord,
this ain't coming off your pocket is it?
A nickel from your bribe kitty
Bless you Sir
Policemen, Get these these people out of here
The powers that be have grown
rotten around us
The powers are deaf
If you seek justice
you have to be direct with blunt force
I know what you are thinking
Bit rich coming from an early drinker huh?
A drink can be many things
Hey, There's the aroma
Hey, Here's the aroma
Hey, There's the aroma
Hey, Here's the aroma
There's the aroma Here's the aroma
Tap it
Drum it
Patter it
Get in Get Loose
Put your hands together
In comes the gust
Doors go bust
Thunders join in, Crackers pour in
Move to the whistles
All hail Karupanna Saamy
This is the land of self-respect, be wary
Crackers, light 'em up
Egos, light 'em up
Crackers, light 'em up
Esteem, get 'em up
Dance to the beats
Dance to the sway
Dance to the roar
This is the Dance of the Gods
Madurai glitters, In
Jasmine fragrance
Eyes like dollar bills,
Bites like winter chills
Eyes like dollar bills,
Bites like winter chills
Teeth like camphor
Reckless valour
Madurai glitters, In
Jasmine fragrance
Hey, There's the aroma
Hey, Here's the aroma
Dot the town in flex banners
Societies grow in all manners
Pull in their might
Looking for a slight
To pick a damn fight
Do they think it out?
Or do they out-think them?
Time for the fireworks
made by our hands
Do they think it out?
Or do they out-think them?
Hey Pechi look here,
come see our Vetri
Your brother is on fire!
We plant paddy with crabs
Plant cane with canines
Sustain through plantain
Flourish with coconuts
Roll on
Rock on
Set it on fire
We don't tire
Pull up
Push up
Fire up
The dance tonight
The carnival begins
and we don't stop
The stags are here,
friends in spear
Hey, this is just the beginning
now don't bail out panting
Hey Black Romeo
Hey Chic Juliet
Hey Black Black
Hey Chic Chic
Hey Black
Hey Chic
A young maiden
fried some bean
ran out of oil,
walked to the store steady
got it bagged and ready
didn't have enough money
What will she do, the young Miss?
Bartered in kiss
A young maiden took a stroll
A man on the way started to drool
On the moonless night, she moved in tight
The fool in fear, sweating unclear
She reached out
The lights went out
She wasn't foolish
Cursed by a buffoon
I sway to be lampooned
Tricked by a dullard
I sing this ballad
Lassie on the balcony
Popsy on the canopy
Memories are fuzzy
of the same story
Kick the buffoon
Cursed by a buffoon
I sway to be lampooned
Tricked by a dullard
I sing this ballad
Madurai glitters, In
Jasmine fragrance
I, Vetri,
hereby declare that I register as an advocate
with the TamilNadu Bar Council
and carry the duties of an advocate
within the purview of Indian Constitution
K. Vetri BA.BL.
Madani, Don't sweep for the neighborhood
What took you so long? Come here
Ask daddy, mom
He had a long chat with the teacher
Little Rascal,
all the candies I bribed you with...
Ma, Daddy wants me to call my teacher as mom
Oi, go get on with your homework
Care to explain
Her husband went for a break
It was just a chat
Had he gone for lunch?
We could have had lunch
Today's gonna be the end of you
I meant lunch with him
Mama, what's up?
Playing hide and seek?
Is that tea or coffee?
Coffee, Mama want some?
- Son, who got you these?
- Teacher-Mom, ma
What the hell is a Teacher-Mom?
Mapla, what do you wanna do,
now that your graduation is over?
How about being a mason?
Ha ha ... Not funny
I meant who is he planning to practice under?
Stop bending over
For all our clan around Karumathur, Kamuthi and Kaalaiyar Koil,
He'll be the criminal lawyer
Criminal lawyer, you say?
- Yes
- Not a chance. No way
We sisters didn't make him a lawyer for the clan
What's he gonna do then?
He'll be far removed from the world of criminals,
practicing under the best civil lawyer in Madurai
M. Bojarajan MA.ML.
Civil Advocate
Amazing... Looks like a wedding ceremony
It's a mark of our respect, Sir
We would love to see our brother
become the best under your tutelage
Please don't mistake him for a ruffian Sir
His unkempt hair is a penance for our diety
I believe plain-speaking people like you
raise good children
Don't worry, Madam
All your love will make him a fine lawyer,
better than me
Thank you, Sir
- You know my chamber number, right?
- Yes Sir
- I'll see you in court today
Strictly no lies in profession, okay?
Integrity is everything
Madhu, listen to my partner...
From a clan used to being
plaintiffs and defendants,
One of us has become a lawyer
I'm so happy today
Sagalai, I'd look great in that coat and gown
Yes, a gown would suit you
Quiet now
- Follow Senior's instructions
- Sure Sir, I'll follow
Is she checking him out?
Will you make forty thousand monthly?
- Not even close
Kill him
Back out, back out
Watch out, Vetri
Mama, catch my brother
Finish him
Let me go
Deivam, Sir
I had no idea that you would here
or, that you were planning to buy this property
I swear
I wish to have no conflicts between us
My partner and I,
will sign wherever you want us to
Don't tell your father
of this conversation please
Hey Kid
Go tell your father
Tell him Town Secretary Veeran was here
Pandi can be your stooge
I won't sign it
Neither will I allow my partner to
Every arbitration in Madurai has your interference
You and your father sniff conflicts like dogs
But you expect others to keep away
Alone you feast on political clout
and kangaroo courts
Enough with your posturing
Cut the crap
I have the strength
and the courage to confront you
Get lost, loser
You can't intimidate me
Save your glares for others
Or, your men will find you in gutters
Careful now,
Your father might end up cremating you
I'd kill for even confronting my son
You had the gall to warn him
Choose your enemy
before you choose your words
Son of death, the enemy you chose
Curse him
Stained my brother's first day with blood
Damn him to hell
Let the termites eat his hand away
What do we do, when murders happen in courts?
Take a vacation and check in later
You made me watch a man die
Why did you restrain me?
Had you let me go, I would have...
Cut it, Mapla
Your sisters have toiled hard
to see you prosper
Not to visit you in prison
Mapla, it was fight between two thugs
There were no good guys in that fight
There's no honor among thieves
Walk away from this nonsense, Mapla
- To find another conflict?
- Bro, I'm serious here
Doesn't look that way
So I should just be a by-stander?
Get it through your thick head
In this part of the world,
indifference is the mark of the educated
In the eyes of the town, don't be a ruffian
Be the educated one
Listen your outrage is justified
We don't deny it
But please be pragmatic
You can't fix a rotten system
This sense of righteousness
killed your father
Grief took your mother
Without the parents to look after,
Your sister stood helpless with
six young children
She fears you the same fate as your father
Men who have families,
shouldn't have ideologies
Men who have ideologies
shouldn't have families
Afraid that you would seek trouble,
We kept your father's tragedy unknown to you
No country for good men
Be pragmatic
Also, the man who murdered in court,
Ganesan, is
the most dreaded thug in Madurai,
for the past 40 years
Brother, we made you District Secratary
despite being a thug
But you killed our own party man
A Town Secratary no less
Town shouldn't take on District
Hey Ganesa, his conflict was with your son,
not you
Exactly. I may spare my enemies,
But I never spare my son's enemies
Look Zonal Secratary,
my son should know no competitors in Madurai
Not even you
Are you saying your son's affairs,
are more important than the party's?
You got that right
(TV - Kodumpavi Ganesan resigns as
MM Party's Madurai District Secretary
He held that posting for more than 30 years)
Ganesa, I feel you may have rushed
into that decision
He asked me to choose
between my son and the party
Unlike you my son is everything to me
Remember, I begged to keep him alive
I lost my dignity for him. What could be dearer?
We let go of the party.
Not Madurai
Madurai is our identity
We are Madurai's identity
Madurai will always be in our pockets
Do you know who gave me this scar?
My mother hit me with a cup
when I asked for a quarter
I learnt money's value
The hardships I endured
should never be experienced by my son
I'll continue with my ways forever
Brother, your murder track record
is getting indefensible
There's the threat of Goondas Act
And you have no plans of slowing down
Take a vacation to Kodaikanal Mama
till we get anticipatory bail
Partymen are furious at you
Let's get Deivam engaged first
Check up on Inspector Maalai Rajan
Hello Kaalaiya
In that Veeran murder case,
Lawyer says we won't get anticipatory bail
So, uncle and I will be absconding
at kodaikanal
Good idea, Kaalaiya
I was going to suggest the same
Enjoy the debauchery
I will keep you guys posted
- Ok?
- Ok
Tell him I wish him well, Kaalaiya
Look Constable...
Among men like Ganesan who
kill for their son's tantrums
This man is civil even
when you have slapped his son
But look how kind this man is
Sir he maybe civil
but his son hit me
Catch me now
Sir, his son filmed a girl bathing
How can he go unpunished?
I regret not being severe with him
Calm down
That's why he's compensating
50 thousand per hit
If it was me, I'd ask him for ten more blows
Don't be pedantic
Sir, I can't speak for you
The uniform has its own dignity
I'll honour it
Bye, Sir
Why is he making this personal?
Forget about the loser, Sir
We, superiors, will settle this
Please ask your son to be careful though
Where is he now?
Boy, we are in for a show tonight!
Let me see
- Lots of collections here, right?
- That's why insisted
Hey how was my outfit?
- You were the coolest cat in the campus
Hottest cat too
Say what?
You heard me
What's your size?
You heard me
Don't get all blushed now.
30 isn't it?
I can show you
Ooh... She wants to get in.
Ok then you show me
Sample this
You shouldn't dare...
- Hey! Stop
- Try this you piece of sh...
(TV) A video of a college girl
thrashing Munna from Paravai
who allegedly harassed her friend
in a mall in Madurai KK Nagar,
is going viral on Whatsapp and
is trending across India
The student seen in the video
is reportedly missing
Her parents are filing a complaint with
Anna Nagar Police Station Inspector Vallalar
A Special Police Squad is investigating
at the behest of Inspector Vallalar
Your trending slap video, humiliated me
Soon you'll be trending too
Is this how the educated behave with women?
We want our daughters to get educated
unlike the women of our generation.
These brutes ruin our dreams
Rot in hell
Wonder what Vetri will do,
when he knows Thamizh was harassed
I can barely imagine...
We know he is brutal with offenders
He definitely won't spare if his niece is involved
- Listen
Why don't we wed Thamizh to Vetri?
She'll be safe
I agree
That's an elegant way to keep them both safe
Great idea!
Marry who?
Are you serious?
You fed me the way you fed Thamizh,
like only a mother can
I see her as my little sister
How can I marry her?
Do I see you as my Sister?
I see you as my Mother
- Huh?
Did I over-step?
No, you definitely didn't
They did
I was worried about how to handle this
without hurting them
But you cut to the bones, Mapla
That you aren't Machan
to your Mama but a son
Are you having stomach ache?
Do you wanna use the toilet?
We are so proud to have raised you
Easy now
Shut it
In this wonderful moment...
I want to propose...
wedding him to my sister sandhanam
That'll be the end of him
Why not?
She's a perfect match for him
She's the mix of Natalie and Halle
Lying through his teeth
She's a real sandal beauty
Even her name is fragrant
Keep you fragrance to you,
why are trying to smear him?
Brother, I'm serious
You are hilarious
- Let's see how it goes
- Why should we?
He's trying to be sneaky
Don't you see it?
Ignore this clown, Madani
Please ask Mapla to visit my sister
Sorry partner
- Vetri?
- Sister?
Go meet that girl
If you like her, we'll fix it up
Mapla, don't get influenced by your sister
Don't think she'd be a match for you
what do we tell them then?
Say you didn't like her
How can I? We haven't met her
It won't make a difference
- At least...
- No arguments
I have found the right girl for you
- Who?
She was checking you out in court
- Who?
The girl who gave us a flat tyre in TASMAC
She's the One
Where do we go find her?
Simple, go find a TASMAC
She'll be there protesting
Mapla found her!
Look to your right
Madhu, nobody is volunteering
Slow down
Brother, can you please volunteer
for our blood donation drive?
Are you kidding me?
For a drop of blood to materialise,
one needs to rest up for a month
My granny's wisdom
No way this fool will volunteer
I'm pissed that the fuel's run out
A butcher might help you
Poor thing
Where did he go?
Mapla, I'm here
A moment please...
- Blood Donation... and...
- Can you please volunteer?
...Black donation
Come on, yea
Bang on
- One more no
- Hello
Not a single volunteer since morning
Your choice of volunteers are quite poor
Choose somebody like him
He'd volunteer anything for you
You know give up intestines, lungs,
anything and everything
Cut it now
Where do you want us to sign up?
Hello, Did I approach you?
- No, but...
- Why are you so eager?
I don't think volunteering
for your drive is a mistake
Madam, you are pleading with unwilling men,
and turning away genuine volunteers
You must be out of your mind
Sir, please come in
Yes, Sir
Mapla come in
They'll come in too
I'll make sure of it
Come on,
He's already inside
Are we at the right place?
Where is Mapla?
Hey, we have so many here,
out of the blue
Doesn't make sense
You are Madhu right?
- Yeah
My brother Vetri asked us
to volunteer with you
Where do we need to donate?
- Vetri?
- Sister?
Your sisters have dressed up for a blood donation
All of you are here, Sister?
- Yea
Vetri, is she the girl you told us about?
- Yea
- She's a keeper
Tell us if you like her
We'll fix it
Madani, firstly donate some blood
- Did you?
- I married a vampire
Always with his jokes, come Sister
Hello Nurse, my family wants to donate blood
You can fetch the buckets
She's not going anywhere
You need rest now, come
he has ruined my plans
Oh, I think I ruined his plans
- Let's settle this
- Let's get out of here
The meeting will happen
Thinks he's John Wayne,
So you didn't meet my sister?
Sagalai, I wasn't talking to you
Mapla, I'm asking you
How is my sister a lesser match for you,
than her?
Tell me
You should have seen my sister in person
The horror
Again, I wasn't talking to you
Mapla, Don't judge my sister by knowing me
Sagalai, the apple doesn't fall from the tree
Don't you know?
- Apple?
- He's rattled
Highly likely your sister is like you
So i made him avoid her, decently
Sagalai, you are messing it up
God! Sagalai
Don't you think their personalities
should match?
Mic drop
- Mic?
- Settled now
Mapla Go on
Thanks Madam
These people volunteered for you
I was rude earlier
because of the poor turnout, Sorry
We should colloborate again
- Yes, Sir
- We think the same
Would you like anything else?
What else?
His heart?
- Heart?
He's kidding
I meant you could use our help in the future
So, can I have your number?
We don't need "Kaviya" number,
just get hers
Mama You fool, I asked her in English
-Sorry, he doesn't know English
- Fool?
I had it coming kid
Madhu, why did you give your number?
He couldn't have caught that
9 2 4 5 6 7 8 2
- Double one
- Double one
Mapla, even I couldn't catch that
How did you?
Mama, I can even make sense of her gestures
She spelled it out for me
It struck my heart, got stuck in memory
Amazing memory
Now look at my speed
- What?
- Speak to her
Dialler is on
She's not picking up
She has just given her number
She has to make you yearn for it
Try again
If it didn't go through this time,
I'll find her address for you
I'm your wing man
Mic drop
He caught it!
Now your phone won't stop buzzing
Let him keep buzzing
Say goodbye to your sleep then
I lost my sleep,
the day I met him at TASMAC
You are singing a different tune now
Oh, so you got us to Karumathur Temple
to see him?
Love at first sight?
Love at first sight,
need not be fickle and light
What a thought Mama
"Love at first sight,
need not be fickle and light"
Mapla This is not a drunken rant,
This is our lawyer's chant
Guess these thoughts
are reminding us to each other
Say what?
Dream on
Calm down
I meant her thoughts
So tell me,
am I in your thoughts?
Have they not seen a maid
as pure as a moon?
Have they not seen a blade of grass,
grown slender and tall as a woman
It cannot be denied
After seeing her, it cannot be lied
After seeing her, it cannot be lied
My deceptive damsel, my deceptive damsel
Scooped my heart's swell
Little aspen stick, little aspen stick
that my mind uses to flint
My deceptive damsel, my deceptive damsel
Scooped my heart's swell
Little aspen stick, little aspen stick
that my mind uses to flint
Stonebreaker gaze,
shoves my heart into a blaze
Spright in her fragrance,
nurtures one's conscience
My dearest lily, My dearest lily
My lovely enemy,My lovely enemy
My dearest lily, My dearest lily
My lovely enemy,My lovely enemy
My desired rose
left me in a daze
lying in her wake as dust
into millions I burst
My desired rose
left me in a daze
lying in her wake as dust,
into millions I burst
Oh Rose, Rose, Rose
Row Row Row Row Row Row
Come, I'll keep you safe
in my heart's latch
Sew our shadows together
into a soul patch
Your drape inebriates,
bleary, my pupil dialates
Your drape inebriates,
bleary, my pupil dialates
You are my dearest, Madhu
Without you I'd be all, blue
In longing to call you Honey,
the heart becomes dense like honey
Your eyes in intense focus
are Jasmine in Black and White
Your breath brushes me gently
with your name in the night
Every turn of phrase
are traps of a maze
Every turn of the glance
keeps in deep trance
Your conspicous Bindi,
circuitous goes Indy (500)
Through me it goes boring, that heart loves that pining
Slender mascara, Wider birthmark
Unravels a mania, makes me smirk
Open country, Backstreet gully
Ingress, Egress
Empress , Rasps and Rifflers
Doe eyes, Dipping Dimples
Double whorl, Toddler speak
Bare my heart, Drop of love
What did I say? What do I say? crazy
Fueled by you
I launch into the Galaxy, see, see, see, see, see
Oh Oh Ribabba
Oh Ribabba
My deceptive damsel, my deceptive damsel
splenderous and artful
Little aspen stick, little aspen stick
made the house rat flick
My deceptive damsel, my deceptive damsel
splenderous and artful
Little aspen stick, little aspen stick
made the house rat flick
(Random conversations)
Come here
Get away from me
Get lost
- You, Come hug me
- Hey, who are you?
Go away
We'll sort that out
Hey, Go away
Get lost
My dear!
What happened to you?
- Why do you look ragged?
-You hug me
What happened with you?
Lord have mercy
Hug me
What is this tragedy?
No No!
Have I lived, only to witness this?
-Hug me
-God... No!
Oh No... No
(TV - The Madurai College student
who went missing 15 days ago,
was found in an intoxicated state
in Maatuthavani Bus Station
She was allegedly hugging strangers
and was unaware of her own father,
when he found her
The details of this tragedy are shocking
It is to be reminded that she was also
involved in the harrasment incident,
that was widely condemned
Vanitha, the victim, has accused Munna of abducting her
and forcing her to consume narcotics
The demand for arresting
the rape accused Munna is...)
She made my insult go trending all around
Today her Hug is trending
- (Students are marching...)
How are you gonna tackle this heavy case?
Shut up
My father and I, have a plan
(Cows Mooing)
He's my only child
Doesn't matter what he does,
I have to protect him
In his rage against the shame she gave my son,
he lashed out
We pray your protection, from this case
Remember that Lion Crested Bungalow
in Paravai, you desired ?
He is offering it
Have you told father?
will tell him when I meet him Kodaikanal
- Have you applied for anticipatory bail?
- We didn't get it, Sir
It's alright,
my advocate will take care of it
- My house will be a safehouse for your son
- Ok Sir
Who's the Officer-in-charge?
K. Vallalar BSc
Sir, rich guys slip up once in a while
Such slips are profitable for us
Including you, Sir
I don't need to tell you
These brats usually go mad out of lust
This guy did it out of rage
They are ready to pay anything
to quash this case
How about an apartment in TVS Nagar?
I have a daughter, too
Sir's name is Vallalar, Mapla
Vallalar is a Tamil saint,
who showed sympathy to even plants and crops
he cries for a dried crop,
how can he take this?
On top of it, he is a father to a girl too
Too cruel for him
So should we meet the SP, Uncle?
You are welcome to meet even the DIG
Good day, Sir.
Uncle, get this guy transferred first
- Only then we can finish it
- I'll tell your father in Kodaikanal
What did you want to discuss, Sir?
I don't know how to begin
Lately, we don't see
even a modicum of justice
All one needs is money,
and one can get off with anything
is the arrogance we see around us
Ganesan's son Deivam
approached me for a deal
These thugs will flex their money,
which will snowball all the way up,
through the political system
After which, it becomes pointless to pursue
On behalf of Deivam,
Ganesan has crushed many of my cases
They have corrupted the whole system,
right down to the public prosecutor
He has the nerve to tell me,
he'll meet my superiors
I might get transferred in an hour
That's their power
Won't my daughter get justice, Sir?
Don't worry, Sir
I know someone who could help you get it
Tell him, Sir
What should I say?
Should I say,
that my College-going girl,
is ridden in hospital
after this monstronsity?
Or should I tell you about that day,
when she hugged me in an unspeakable state,
unaware that I am her father?
What should I tell you, Sir?
We were proud of her bold nature
But it has brought us horror
What was her crime to deserve this?
She stood up to defend her friend,
when she was getting harassed
And for that, she was abducted
For 18 days, they...
Brother, please...
Let me go please, brother...
Brother, please...
- ...injected her with narcotics continously
There were many men... even old men...
My child...
Not one of them saw my child
as a sister, a daughter,
or even a human...
Has our town become so heartless?
Are rich men of this country free to wreck other lives?
I have prayed to every God in this town
They have all abandoned us
You are our final hope
What's his name?
One who raped is Munna
Deivam came in to quash this case for money
Hey, who here is Deivam?
Who is Deivam, here?
Tell me
I said, who here is Deivam?
Here, I am
Everything's up for sale
Has made you think you can sell women's honour
You'll try minting money out of ruined lives
Did you think we will look the other way?
What was that?
Something about brats going mad over lust and anger
So, we the commoners are at the mercy of their madness?
Kangaroo courts are illegal
And you had the cheek to solicit an Inspector
You will make him surrender in the court of law,
or you will surrender to death
...this land belongs to the Sons of Kannagi (a demi-god)
not to the Sons of Kaantha
Who is Kaantha?
You, dear daughter of a harlot!
Go on now
I'm dying here and... are off to see other men.
curse you, Vixen
Shut up
Oh... Kaantha!
Such nerve to insult you... to your face
Yes! How dare he insults you, Sir?
Shut up. He only said it once.
You all keep repeating it.
What do we do now, Deivam?
Your father is not around
Why do we need him?
Can I not kill?
When is coming to the court tomorrow?
Did I not tell you Madani?
Do you know who he has told off?
He's confronted the son of Ganesan
I fear for what might happen next
All your love has spoiled him
Vetri, why should we get into trouble for others?
How can you say that?
This wasn't other's trouble
This was our trouble, Sister
You all feared I might hurt him
for what he did to Thamizh
Now, the brute has messed up her life
Had I knew of this back then,
we could have saved that girl
She got into trouble for our Thamizh, Sister
So callous we don't want to help
the people who tried helping us
Has our education pushed us into indifference?
The men who go along with injustice, or shrink away,
should be rid of this place
A spear held in self-defense is not thuggery, Sister
Men who derive sadistic pleasure,
should be shown pain
Battle injuries are nothing new to us, Sister
When I saw her parents sobbing helplessly,
I thought of...
We get degrees, upgrade our lifestyle,
only to live in insecurity?
I cannot live with such indignity
Spared him, out of respect for you
Let's see whether your Police
and Law can handle this
If, he gets away in court tomorrow,
Madurai will witness unexpected things
Yes, Madhu
Where are you, Vetri?
I have reached the court
I'm waiting for her parents,
will bring them along
- They are here. I'll start now
- Come soon
Where is he?
This is where he asked us to get down
- There! He's calling you.
- Wait there please, I'll come over there.
Sir, we'll meet you there. Wait.
I'm almost there
Please wait we'll...
Hold on Brother...
You'll be fine, brother. Hold On
Somebody call an ambulance please!
Call an ambulance, damn it
Don't spare him, Sir.
Don't let him...
- I'm here for you, brother.
- ...get ...away
"I will surrender to death"?
Now, I'll show you death
- Run over him, Sir
- Die!
Kill him
You have no idea who I am
(Brother, please let go of me...)
No... Don't...
(Don't spare him...)
Don't do this
(Don't spare him...)
Speak Inspector,
Deivam Sir has been...
(Men Pleading)
Hey, Break it up
This is what brought you here
Get in
- Sir,Sir
- What do you want?
My Mapla, Vetri...
The Maatuthavani Case
Oh, that guy!
The FIR has been filed
- You can find him in court
- Oh no
So soon?
Hey Pechi,
Call Madhu
She should already be in court
Excuse me
- Yes, Anni
- Madhu, we came to the police station
Vetri is to be remanded in court
Has he reached there?
No, he's not here yet
He is not there?
I am waiting for Vetri too
He's not here. Neither is he in court
Where have they taken him?
(Men Yelling)
Let the police bring him here,
I'll split him in half
Hack him to pieces today
How dare he touches Ganesan's son?
He's here! He's here!
He is f...inished today
Stop the damn car
Step away from the car
Go back
Get down
Step away
I said step away
Pandi, kill him
Feed him to the dogs
Cut him into pieces
- Get back
- I said, step back
Brother, you are stopping us
He shouldn't be let go
Any man steps out,
I'll burn every single one of you
He's my enemy
Only to me
Nobody touches him
The men who raised my son want to kill you
Can you imagine my rage?
I've killed men who barely confronted my son,
but I'm taking a pause with you
Your death wouldn't just be an incident,
it'll become history in Madurai
The Gods will shudder
Who do you think my son was?
My identity. My authority.
I lost my dignity begging for him
Gave up this district
That's the guy you murdered,
in broad daylight
How should I slaughter you?
All this while,
I was looking at his bloodstained shirt
It wasn't anger,
you killed out of rage
Where you killed my son,
I'll sever your head in the same place
Right on the 16th day
As an offering to my son
Survival is the ultimate stuggle in this world
"Why did I kill Ganesan's son?"
Will be your regret every day
I'll make sure of it
You can leave now
Take him away
Can we file case?
After I've killed him, you can dump it on me
I have nothing to live for
Sir, he's refusing to file case
What do we do now?
Forget that idiot
We showed our loyalty
Can't be listening to him anymore
We'll end up paying for it
Doesn't matter if he is unwilling...
All we need is a case
MKS has already filed one
We'll produce him in court
Then its their tussle
Under the jurisdiction of
Madurai Anna Nagar Police Station,
with regards to the
Maatuthavani Double Murder Case,
the accused Vetri from Sellur
who is charged under IPC Section 302,
should be in custody in
Madurai Central Jail for 15 days,
should be produced here for
re-investigation on 23rd of next month.
(Court Order Concludes)
Sir, even Ganesan did not file case,
why did you?
We might get into trouble, Sir
He can spare him for any number of days
I cannot
He killed my only son
I can't be patient any longer
I don't care what you would do,
I want him dead in 10 minutes
An eye for an eye
This is why we warned you all the time
Did we make you a lawyer,
to see you soaked in blood?
Our Sellur Ranjith and Zinda are in there
They'll look after you
I have given them dresses for you
Get rid of this shirt first
Devoid of love, the world never revolves,
True Blood never dissolves.
Devoid of love, the world never revolves,
True Blood never dissolves.
The sea never leaves the shore,
Kin clings to you like an endearing lore.
Without light, shadows can't exit,
Without Kin, life can't exist
Blood heals,
like a boon, surreal.
Blood heals,
like a boon, surreal.
Sisters being affectionate is quite common
They are your blood
But their husbands caring for you...
You are lucky
But you have earned the enemity of
men who kill for business,
and the men whose business is killing
It wouldn't go away easily, brother
Be alert here
Why did you send men to kill him?
Why the hell am I here for?
He's slaughtered my son,
how can I be passive?
I cannot
I'll keep sending in men,
till he is killed
I miss my son, brother
I see
You cannot live without him
If you miss him so much,
then go meet him
Oh No... Come see this!
Please some one come here
Someone's stabbed here
- Hubby, come soon
- Pechi, what happened?
Pechi, What's wrong?
What happened brother?
Who is he?
Who is he bleeding here?
Take a closer look
You'll soon need posters for your brother
Madam, because he tried to kill your brother,
you lot have killed MKS overnight,
displaying his body on your doorstep
How dare you?
He tried to kill my brother?
What else did you expect
for murdering his son?
Sir, don't you know who did it?
Of course I know
But what can I do?
Your Machinan has touched the untouchable,
Did the unspeakable
The worst is yet to come
Brace for it
We warned him fearing
exactly these sort of consequences
He did not pay heed
Now we all have lost our peace,
including him
The Police has started to meddle now
Sister, can we all ask Ganesan's forgiveness?
Try to make peace
Why should we meet him?
Yes, I agree brother
We don't need to beg him
Listen brother,
we need to do save Vetri from any harm
This is not the way to do it
This temperament is doing us no good
At least now listen to us
Don't we want Vetri to be free?
Where is his home brother?
I'm not a noble man to forgive
when asked for it
You are here fearing you would lose him
But I have lost my son
Whose pain is greater? Mine or yours?
My son is no more
I couldn't care less for your brother
Oh Lord...
We told you so
To beg this forgiveness from a fiend...
We tried making peace
but he is full of rage
Jail is safer for our brother now
He can't harm him for a while
Look there, idiot
He's out
Why is here, sister?
I'm thinking the same
How did you get out before got bail?
After killing the guy who filed the case,
Kodumbavi Ganesan bailed Vetri
Please listen to us this time, Mapla
He wants revenge for his son
You leave Madurai for a while
My brother is in Kodaikanal,
you can go there
We'll do our best to make peace
So it's for your best that you leave Madurai
Why should I leave, Mama?
The 16 day deadline is for him. Not me.
Say it sister and I'll have his head at your feet
How many can you kill?
How many can you kill?
You'll kill him today
Tomorrow you'll kill his brother
And go on a killing spree?
Is this why we educated you?
They have killed a man on our doorstep,
and warned us off
You are being childish
Mapla, are you more hot-headed than us?
Born in the lineage of warriors,
sporting a mustache,
why do you think I work in a Public Toilet?
I'd visit my father in jail for 15 years,
in my childhood
I don't wish that for my son
But you don't seem to care
Don't you know better?
So you want me to run away?
Not run away
Be tactful
I don't know whether you reciprocate our love,
but think of your sisters who raised you as a son
if you still don't want to heed us,
and go your own way,
then so be it
We are done explaining
Thought I kept hunger away from you,
but seems like I have kept fear away too
Listen to their goodwill
Why don't you leave this place?
What do you think, brother?
Listen to your loved ones
- Kaalai Sir
- Huh?
Knowing that we would kill him,
they have sent him to Kodaikanal
I don't care if he hides in the hills,
He should be back before the 16th day
The heart desires to narrate (to you)
The heart desires to berate (you)
Desire to tell, retell
to the heart's fill
A glance to keep still,
tongue draws a nil
Nights to kill,
Words to distill
where words fail, eyes do refill
(Have you seen him?)
The heart desires to narrate (to you)
The heart desires to berate (you)
What do you want?
- Did Vetri come here?
I'll handle this
Nobody showed up here
- Alright
Impulsively, I walk
In private, I smile
Into the winds, I fly
Into my thoughts, I drift
Into the winds, I blossom
Yarn in -flow, I squirm
Yearning missives, I send
Into hundreds, I shatter
The pinings I've sown,
now stand grown
Driving on a hoop,
I'm caught in a loop
Am I dreaming?
Am I flailing?
Only you fill my soul
The heart desires to narrate (to you)
(We'll handle this somehow
All we care about is your well being)
Desire to tell, retell
to the heart's fill
A glance to keep still,
tongue draws a nil
Nights to kill,
Words to distill
Where words fail, eyes do refill
The heart desires to narrate (to you)
The heart desires to berate (you)
(Kids playing)
You roughed up the wrong guy
You are not gonna see me coming
What does she want now?
Tell me, dear...
Where are you, dear?
Forget it. Why did you call?
Gotta go to school. Come soon
- Why Should I go to school?
- Not you fool
Drop the kids in school
Just kidding
I'm on my way
Be quick or there'll be no lunch for you
Did she just trick me into being useful?
Let's give that a try
Is that a 2000 Rupee note?
Oh yeah
Nobody's around
Maybe its a fake
Fine, let's take care of it
Almost had it
You are not getting past me
Side stand is a nuisance
- What?
- Say what?
- You saw it too?
- Earlier than you
Then move on
After you
I need it, man
So do I
Knight to C4
Rook to F4
This is gonna be long
Time to end this
Quite agile huh?
Its yours
Tough guy
anything for 2000 rupees
Gonna play dirty now
Knock that stick off
The money will be mine
Look into my eyes
Marilyn can't distract me
Let's call a truce
Any more men seeing this is a loss for us
Let's make a deal
How about we take 50-50?
Then who takes the remaining 1900?
Where is he hiding?
Sir, try this halwa
Its so good, so slippery
I'll kill you
I'm pissed that we let him slip out,
Get lost
These kids will be the end of me, I swear
Kids are not blessings
They are just bills you pay forever
What do you want?
- Kinder Joy
You are too young to be on Tinder
Dad, I said Kinder Joy
Its a chocolate
I'm not buying for you
Too eager to tell your mom,
when i speak to your teacher?
Dad, I only mentioned Science teacher
Would you like mom to know English teacher?
Chill, chill
You can have two
What do you kids want?
- Kinder Joy
Okay for everyone
You want it too?
9, 10, 11, including you
Fetch now
Is that home-made?
Do you mind?
Many a slip between the cup and the lip
Have I seen him somewhere?
Yes, dear
Pechi, kids didn't go to school today?
No. They have gone to school
The school has messaged,
saying they are absent
Hold on dear, I'll check
Muthu, where are you?
Sister, The kids haven't gone to school
Where did they go?
God, Where are the kids?
what happened?
Where did my kids go?
Don't cry now
Wait, wait
Let's find out what happened
Don't panic now
Stop crying
Call your husband now
He went to drop the kids right?
- He's not picking the call
- Wait I'll try
Even I tried, Sister
Call ain't going through
Where did they go?
What are you saying?
(Cows Mooing)
Your own father has been swatted around,
here you are enjoying the scoops
Already your men have ripped me apart,
nothing more to do now
Yes, dear
- Would you like a scoop?
Wait sometime kid,
they'll cut cake for you
Super dad
Sir, thanks Sir
I was afraid of not doing homework,
thanks to you, we are safe
Hey. Shut up
Sir, don't yell at me in front of my father
Dad show him what you got
I should have used protection
He's getting angrier by the minute
Please Sir. Let us go
I'll kill you
We want him.
Not these kids
Let him go
Yea tell me
The kids have come back, Sister
But my husband hasn't
What are you saying?
Something's wrong, Sister
Stop crying first
Don't start panicking
We'll go check on him
I'll come along sister
No need
We'll find him
What's wrong?
The kids have returned,
but brother-in law is missing
Ok, let's look around
We've sent the kids back
What do we do with him?
Send him away
Vetri, have some coffee
- Kumar you go there
- Yes, Sir
Chetta... You, Zakir...
Have it, please
- Sir
- Go to suicide...
- Coffee
- Huh
Zakir, please go to the Suicide Point
- Yes, Sir
Those brats in Lake Area...
-Yes, Sir
Do not release them, before I say so
-Ok, Sir
Got it?
Think they they can get away
because they are rich?
Your Daddy
Kodumbavi Ganesan
You Halfwit...
Think you can hide in Inspector's house
And I wouldn't know?
Wherever you are,
I know how to bring you back
Check your Whatsapp
Go on...
(Screaming in fear)
Vetri, what's that?
What's wrong?
Hey, leave her...
Think you can escape?
Get up
Listen to me please
Spare her... please...
Don't kill her... I beg...
I beg your mercy...
Spare her please...
I beg you
She is innocent, please
Step away...
Go away, dear...
Beg your mercy... please...
My dear...
- Let them go, please
My dear...
My dear...
Let them go
Hey... Don't...
How's the pain?
This how my son suffered,
and I suffer
Of your six sisters and husbands,
you couldn't stand losing a single pair
One by one, I'll kill all the pairs,
till you return
You'll gasp for breath,
like a fish on the shore
I didn't intend to kill your Sister-Mama,
You made me do it
Their blood is on your hands
How dare you sneak away?
I gave you an honest deadline,
of 16 days
But you were cunning
Take your own sweet time
It's all good here
Big family like yours,
will have people left,
even if I kill two every hour
Will you be back?
You must
I'll make sure of it
My mother didn't cradle,
nor she saw me waddle
On the shoulders of my father,
never rode farther
My mother didn't cradle,
nor she saw me waddle
On the shoulders of my father,
never rode farther
No mother to share dinner,
No father to put me into slumber,
Took upon me as your sired,
Now I feed you to the fire
Ma in my school days,
meant my sister with her kind gaze
The hen kept its chicks,
in the basket of its palm
The hen is no more,
now the basket is napalm
Your milk clung,
to the back of my tongue
Out came a thunder,
cast us asunder
Lost my kindered,
now I'm stranded
Our blood becomes unfounded,
Now I'm stranded
Took one too many for us,
Your Goodbye left us speechless,
My soul trembles...
The nights you kept awake
to cast the mites away,
The town has come to your wake,
with you asleep far away
Wished to see me,
Bask in public glory
Banished to see you,
bathe for the final journey
Before I'd take you on a victory parade,
why did you leave us all dismayed?
My mother...
Oh my mother...
- You are combative with everyone
But you are unassuming with my sister
Why Mama?
I'll confess, why not?
When my brother was in his 20s,
he lost both his kidneys,
my father pleaded many men,
but they turned him away with disdain
I donated one of mine, to save my brother
Knowing this people were reluctant
to accept me as a groom
But when your sister came to know that,
she was stubborn on marrying me
I'll love her to my grave
You raised us like parents
Now we have families of our own,
but you have left us
Shouldn't spare...
Should not spare him
Who is he to end us?
This time, we'll mark his end
I agree, Mapla
We'll throw his head
into the river tomorrow, Mapla
his head...
Did I not tell you this?
Did any of you listen?
You sent me away like a coward
Now you want to kill him
Go Mama
Get me some water from the fridge,
I'm thirsty
I said, fetch me water
I couldn't send my Sister-Mama,
who raised me as their son,
while he lived
So I ended him
before I came to cremate them
What are you saying?
If only I had did this earlier...
Sister-Mama would have been
with us today
Investigation on Vetri's Case Continues...
Few Months Later...