Devi (1960) Movie Script

Where's dad?
See there!
See there!
Hail Goddess Durga!
Write letters for the
next 12 days. One each day.
What if I don't have
anything to write?
Then write the same.
And what if I forget?
Then you won't be forgiven.
What'll you do?
Dare to forget, first.
What happened?
Why are you leaving?
I have to attend college.
I've an exam.
I've to clear it.
What's the use?
You're doing all this for a job.
And a job means daily wages.
- And daily wages means money.
As if you're falling short of money?
When he was studying in England..
..was Raja Ram Mohan Roy,
short of money?
Do you know?
How intelligent your husband is?
Do you know what the
professors say about me?
As if you can't be
educated without learning English.
Isn't your brother educated?
Yes,, he is. But it's
the same ancient thing.
There's a difference of an
age between me and my brother.
Do you understand?
You didn't understand?
You won't understand.
Suppose, I pass the exams.
And get an opportunity to go abroad.
Then I'll have to go.
Will you come with me
Why won't l? I'll
accompany you wherever you go.
Tell me.
What if father doesn't agree?
He won't be able to live without me.
Assume that I've convinced father.
How'll Khokha stay without me?
Khokha will stay.
Will he be able to?
As if there's only one small boy.
Whatever it is.
I won't call you
as 'mother' anymore.
You've given me, you've helped me.
You're the light of my path.
I won't call you
as 'mother' anymore.
I call out to you repeatedly.. mother. Mother!
Have you remained as a mother?
You've become my eye, guiding me
through, I call out to you repeatedly.. mother! Mother!
Have you remained a mother?
You've become my eye.
Provided me with knowledge.
Mother, listen to
the pleas of your son.
Can a son survive if his
mother dies? I won't call you as..
..'mother' anymore. You've
given me, you've helped me.
You're the light of my path.
I won't call you
as 'mother' anymore.
I'll go from house to
house and beg for food.
I won't come to take
shelter in your arms.
I won't call you
as 'mother' anymore.
You've given me, you've helped me.
You're the guiding light of my path.
I won't call you as 'mother'.
Mother! Give me something.
The load of work
that I've given to you..
..are you unhappy about that, dear?
What else can you do, mother?
This old son..
..can't do anything much for you.
Oh God!
Should I be paying
attention to you all the time?
As if I don't have
anything else to do.
Don't call out to me when
I'm at work. Understood?
Aunt! Aunt!
Won't eat from my hands,
or do anything else.
Close you eyes.
Don't open it.
Open your mouth.
Wait a minute.
Whom will you give it to?
To the postman.
Give it.
Come back straight, after giving it.
Postman uncle!
You don't have to sing anymore.
Go to sleep.
Lie down properly.
Only then will I narrate stories
to you, like every other day.
Now, lie down properly.
What story?
That's a very good story.
You'll like it very much.
Stay there, I'll be back.
Mother! Give me some rest.
Give it.
Does mother appear before you..
..just because you call her name?
Can you tell me how many
people have such a mother?
5 years back.
When I wasn't able to
walk without a stick.
Hadn't mother been there..
..then I wouldn't have been
able to come back to this state.
Do you know what all I did, dear?
I couldn't find peace
of mind in this world.
So I thought..
..that going to the
pilgrimage spot in Tarapore would.. a good idea.
But that wasn't to happen.
You came into this house.
The house was brightened up.
Then the desire died down.
In this old age..
..when I've got a mother like you..
..she of course is
the Mother Goddess.
She can make the impossible,
What do you say?
Do you know what I'm afraid of?
I'm afraid about your husband.
Nowadays, it isn't easy to
handle such a fast paced boy.
You're the only one
who can control him.
He listens to whatever you say.
Does he?
Does he write
letters to you regularly?
Or does he miss that too? What?
Does he?
Does he write letters everyday?
What if I had died of shock?
Then it would've been very nice.
It would've been nice?
Then from where would
you listen to stories?
Mother. - And who would've
applied kohl to your eyes?
And who would've fed you?
Then go and sleep with your mother.
Why've you come here?
Tell me a story.
What story?
What story?
The story of a demoness.
Which demoness?
There're a lot of demonesses.
The one that savors the flesh..
..of small children.
There was a demoness.
One day she..
Why didn't you tell this to
me for so many days, mother?
What are you doing?
Prostrate before her, son.
I was told through a dream that
she's the incarnation of the Goddess.
O Mother Goddess! O
mother of the world!
Bless me!
What happened, mother?
Mother has entered into a state
of Samadhi (spiritual trance).
How are you?
Which house is this, sister?
This is your house from today.
Because God has said so.
It's good for you.
A ground floor house. You
don't have to climb any stairs.
They'll worship you
in the morning and..
..the evening, as
you're an incarnation.
Where's Khokha?
He must be somewhere.
He doesn't come here.
He's terrified by the
antics of father-in-law.
I'm leaving. It's time for
the evening prayers. Ok?
Will you write a letter to him?
I will. Don't worry.
I've committed a mistake, mother.
I've committed a mistake.
Forgive me for my mistake.
Forgive me for my sin.
Dear brother-in-law.
Your wife has been reminded of
you due to an important reason.
I'm not writing much in the letter.
You'll be told
everything once you arrive.
So early in the morning?
Have you readied
everything for the priest?
If the
daughter-in-law is an incarnation..
..then why can't I be a boatman?
Oh God!
Everyone has slept off, today.
Why is every one sleeping quietly?
Blow the conch and yowl (to make
the 'Ooluk' - wolf like sound).
What happened?
Don't you feel ashamed?
You're my wife.
An old man blabbers something,
and you'll listen to him.
Don't you have your own thinking?
Won't I listen to my father?
What's the use of
listening to him? Let me know.
Is it harming you,
or is it harming me?
Khokha is here, or else..
What an act! Incarnation, eh!?
I can't tolerate
this drama, any longer.
You're feeling jealous about that?
Here, I'll bow before you.
What do you want me to do?
Everything belongs to father.
The property.
His deeds.
His land.
And his money.
What do I have?
I have a wife..
..but she doesn't let me near her.
Will I let you? You're
always soaked in alcohol.
Alcohol? Not alcohol, dear.
It's an excuse.
Get up.
Alcohol is just an excuse.
What's your name?
- Gayen Ghosh.
What Ghosh? Dayaram Ghosh?
Dayaram Ghosh or Gayen Ghosh?
Gayen Ghosh.
Cunning! You're cunning!
Your father is cunning.
Your father's father is cunning.
Your whole lineage is cunning.
Your whole clan is cunning.
What are you laughing at?
He's abusing my whole community.
Hey you!
How dare you abuse me?
Don't get angry. Ask me for a proof.
If I'm not able to give one, then
hit me with a slipper. On my head.
Hit my father with a
slipper on his head.
Hit my whole clan with a
slipper on their heads.
This isn't just a pre-exam training.
That's just a formality.
Ultimately, they've to fail.
So instead of failing without writing
exams, they fail after writing it.
You're so serious
about the exam as if..
Then tell me what the matter is.
What can be your problem,
brother? You're so fortunate.
You've completed your B.A.
You'll get a job.
It doesn't matter even if you don't
get one, you've ancestral wealth.
You're the one who
has a lot of that.
Where do I have?
- You don't?
I mean, it won't be there.
- Won't it?
Father will be having it. I won't.
What are you saying?
Total disinheritance.
He has disowned me.
Is it anything about a girl?
Where's the girl?
- That isn't there, too?
She's a widow.
What's so great about her?
Uma, if you see her..
Are you kidding?
Is this what you've known
about me, in all these days?
Ok. See you later.
Are you trying to get rid of me?
Listen. Have you heard me debate?
Will you debate with my father?
I'll try to convince him.
The arguments
regarding a widow are all here.
You just introduce me to him.
With whom? Father?
Both of them. Won't I meet
the one for whom I'm fighting?
- Ok? - Yes. Alright.
Hasn't any other letter arrived?
- No, sir.
Just one?
- Yes. Just one.
When do you wake up in the morning?
I don't know the exact time, sir.
When they wash the roads,
that noise, wakes me up.
When you wake up, tomorrow, wake me
up, too. I've to get up and study.
Mother, I've come to you.
If you've some pity in your heart,
if you've any powers..
..then cure my sick grandson.
What has happened to him?
He's been sick
since the past 8 days.
I did whatever I could.
Today morning, his boy gave away.
That's why I thought that
I should visit her once.
She's an incarnation.
All merciful one!
If she wishes, then
everything's possible.
Come up, Nivaran.
Since last night, he hasn't
opened his eyes, even once.
He's been lying like this.
possible for you, mother.
I've no one other than him.
Show some mercy.
Don't worry.
There's no greater medicine than
the mother's charnamrit (blessing).
Open your eyes, dear.
I'll be left all alone without you.
Open your eyes, dear.
I'll sing your praises
all my life, mother.
Cure him. Cure him, mother.
When did you come, dear?
Do you know, dear? - What's
the meaning of all this, father?
All these years of my penance,
have borne fruits, dear.
The all powerful mother
has come to our.. in the guise
of a daughter-in-law.
What are you saying?
What am I saying? Are
you not able to understand?
No. - The merciful mother
is your wife.
She's the incarnation of
the Goddess. The Goddess!
You've gone mad.
- What did you say?
You've gone mad, father.
I've gone mad?
Definitely. You've lost your mind.
How did you imagine such
an extraordinary thing?
No. Have I lost my mind?
I'm mad.. No!
Will you listen? Will
you listen to something?
When I was of your age.. was written then..
..Iisten about Raguvansha.
Want to listen to more?
Father, how did you know that
she was the Goddess's incarnation?
What evidence did you get?
Has a dream ever been evidence?
Dream? Did you dream?
Is all this the
result of your dream?
You're laughing?
I've been worshipping
her for the past 48 years.
I'm worshipping the
Goddess with such rigor.
I haven't left out on
celebrating any of her festivals.
You know all this.
It isn't that you don't know about
this. Even then, you're laughing?
Whatever you may say,
father. I don't believe you.
Am I lying?
You may have dreamt.
Since you're saying so, you
must've surely dreamt about it.
But Dayamayi is the Goddess.
I can never believe this.
You don't believe in incarnations.
Is this what you want to say?
In these 3 years, you're not
the only one who has known her..
..I've known her, too.
I know that she's human.
I won't let this ritual take place.
Father, let me go. You
won't benefit by stopping me.
I won't let this ritual..
Mother! Mother, have mercy! Mother!
Do you want any other evidence?
A dead boy has come to life.
Is this possible if Dayamayi
isn't the Goddess herself?
Uma, go and prostrate before her.
Hail the all merciful mother!
O merciful mother!
What has happened, sister-in-law?
How do I know, brother-in-law?
I haven't seen such a thing before.
I didn't understand anything.
I hope that you're
able to see reason.
What does brother say?
Father started calling her
mother and fell at her feet.
And he did the same.
What else can he say?
He fell at her feet?
Watch the drama of the
ritual in the evening.
Do you believe?
Tell me, Daya. Do you believe?
Do you believe that you're not..
..human, but the Goddess.
You're an incarnation?
Listen, Daya. You don't
have to tell me anything.
I know that you're tired.
Just nod your head once, and say no.
Do you believe in whatever happened?
And that whatever father
is saying, is the truth?
Just say no. Just say no, once,
Daya. I don't need anything else.
You're afraid, aren't you?
I know that you're afraid.
But I don't believe this.
I know that you don't, too.
You were a child, that's why
you couldn't say anything.
But, I can't leave you.. Iike this..
We'll elope, Daya.
We'll elope now, itself. To Kolkata.
I've made all the arrangements.
There won't be any problem.
The boat is waiting.
You just have to go by the
riverside road, won't you?
C'mon. C'mon, Daya.
What happened?
C'mon, Daya. We'll get late.
What if I'm the Goddess?
What if I'm the Goddess?
Have you, too, gone mad, Daya?
That boy was cured.
He opened his eyes.
So what? So many
people get cured that way.
This isn't right.
What if.. What if..
Had you been a Goddess, then
wouldn't you've known it, yourself?
Can you feel any
change within yourself?
Don't you feel that you're human?
Aren't you my wife?
Suppose our going away like this..
..harms you in some way?
Listen, Daya. You're my wife,
I'm your husband.
This isn't false. We've
married according to traditions.
These 3 years..
Have you forgotten everything, Daya?
I won't be able to
live without you, Daya.
Don't you love me?
Don't you love me?
Listen, Daya.
If you weaken now,
then you'll repent later.
Then I won't be with you.
C'mon, Daya. If
we go away from here..
..then all your worries
will be removed.
C'mon, Daya.
No! Don't ask me to come!
I'm feeling scared!
Don't ask me to come!
I'm feeling scared.
Don't cry, Daya. Don't cry.
Look at me.
Don't cry.
C'mon. I'll take you back.
'This time, I've
recognized you, mother!'
'You're on my lips, O Kali!
You're in my heart, Kali!'
'You're in the core
of my soul, mother Kali!'
'The one who's the
essence of life..'
'..I believe in her
with all my heart.'
'l know in my heart, in my soul..'
'..your grace, O mother!'
'ln a new form, in a
new incarnation..'
'..come and see mother Shyama.'
'The personification of mercy,
the river of love.'
'The personification of mercy,
the river of love.'
'There're no bounds to joy!'
'This time, I've
recognized you, mother.'
'You're on my lips, O Kali!
You're in my heart, Kali!..
'..You're in the core of
my soul, mother Kali!'
Are you made of clay?
Are you made of clay?
Then why don't you talk?
- What happened?
Look at this. This button.
Isn't believing a big
question on your part?
As far as I understand, you..
..and your wife are
facing a controversy.
Whatever the reason is.
You've been denied the
general rights of a husband.
Isn't this your actual tragedy?
I was thinking about myself. -
Don't think. Let me do the thinking.
Does she believe in this?
Why will she believe?
And how can she? Everything
has been forced upon her.
And he isn't giving any
reason for his actions.
But you? What are you doing?
The thing, which you're so
boldly declaring as false.
Don't you have the courage to..
..oppose or falsify it?
A young man, at the age of 1 9..
..I change my religion.
You didn't know my father.
Had you known him, then you would've
known that it wasn't done so easily.
He wasn't a superstitious person.
But, my thinking wasn't
matching his traditions.
Doing something against
tradition means getting injured.
This is the rule.
This has to happen.
But I wouldn't have found peace,
hadn't I been injured.
Your mind, your wisdom,
your conscience..
..if these can't accept
something as the truth..
..then that..
You've to take a decision.
You alone have to make that
decision. That is your test.
I have a question.
- Tell me.
Does master know
that you've sent for me?
Dear, if I tell him once..
My son is sick, take care of him.
What's wrong in that?
You've done that before, too.
Dear, earlier and now..
Now, it's the all
powerful mother, herself.
Your Charnamrita(offering) has..
..cured me of a
dreaded disease, dear.
If I come there and..
..arrange for medicines..
Dear, if I ask him..
What happened, dear?
What happened?
Since the afternoon, not
even a drop of water..
I'll attend to him, dear.
Our medicines aren't false,
dear. We're doctors, too.
But, I would like to
tell you something, dear.
If possible..
..take him to her once, dear.
There isn't anything wrong in
consuming the mother's offering.
This too has happened
from that, and that, too.
Since when?
Does father know?
He should know.
- Why?
What are you saying?
I shall leave.
You won't go from here.
You don't believe, even now?
Leave me!
Give Khokha to her.
Khokha is ill, mother.
Believing in your mercy,
I've brought him to you.
You know everything, mother.
There's nothing that you can't do.
Have mercy and cure him, mother.
Taraprasad, you can go.
Go and arrange for Charnamrita
that's to be fed to Khokha.
I'm leaving him with you, mother.
Will you be able to cure him?
Promise me, dear.
Are you human or God?
Tell me, dear.
This is about life or death.
You've to answer.
Will you take him away?
I don't believe in you.
What can I do? I'm
not able to believe it.
I wouldn't have let
them bring to you.
But even in this fever,
he's calling out to you..
..not once, but again and again,
'aunt!', 'aunt!'.
I don't know about
the truth and the false..
..but will you be able to cure him?
If you don't return him to me, then
I can't snatch him away from you.
Will you be able to?
Let him be with me tonight.
Will you return him, tomorrow?
Don't cry.
You're supposed to
be God. Don't cry.
Mother Tara!
Brahma Mahima!
What's this that
has happened, mother?
What happened?
He's gone.
Mother took him away.
My grandson went away.
The one who cured so many diseases..
..I had handed him over to her.
But she didn't return him.
What wrong had I done, mother?
What for did you punish me, mother?
What for did you punish me?
Your chants.
Your wisdom. Your thoughts..
You have killed Khokha, father.
You've killed Khokha.
Did get him treated by a doctor?
I had handed him over
to the mother, herself.
At her mercy, at her holy feet.
You're the one who has killed him.
You're superstition is the reason.
What are you saying, Uma?
What are you saying?
Do you want to hear
about your mistakes?
By accusing my wife..
..of Godliness..'ve crushed her heart.
Don't say such things, dear!
I don't know what
you've achieved from it.
But her life is in ruins.
Today, I'll save her.
The demoness ate my son.
Have you come?
Put this on me.
Dear, put this on me.
C'mon. Hurry up!
I've to go.
Put it on.
Where do you have to go, Daya?
I've to go away.
..they'll kill me.
Khokha was..
Come soon!
- Where!