Devi 2 (2019) Movie Script

'All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance'
Hey! Ghost!!
- Sign
- I am doing it!
You've signed a contract
She's pregnant
'If I see her shed
even a single teardrop-'
There was a board
on that wall
Oh that? It had
fallen down this morning
'I threw it away
thinking it was trash'
Go to work, dear
'Thank God'
'Krishna had a doubt
whether Ruby had really left'
'Supposing Ruby possesses me?'
'He asked Devi to drag him in
and tested to know for sure'
'Thinking Ruby was back
he got stressed'
'Our Krishna who used his brains smartly'
'...chose to work from home and
door delivery, playing it safe'
'But Devi wanted to admit
their daughter Pooja into pre-school'
'She asked Krishna if she could step out'
'Krishna refused
Devi glared daggers at him'
'Krishna made peace in their world war 3'
'When Devi went out to drop Pooja'
'...many mistook her
to be heroine Ruby'
'Devi was baffled'
'Krishna covered it up
with hmmm...huh...hahahaha'
'Wanting to solve this somehow
Krishna called up an astrologer'
'He planned and plotted,
rolled out his dice and cowrie shells'
'Emptied Krishna's wallet too and
came up with the lamest idea ever'
'India is surrounded
by water only on 3 sides'
'That is why evil forces from China
and Pakistan infiltrate our nation'
'Krishna asked for a solution
to escape this evil force'
'If you live on a proper island'
'No spirit, banshee or Ruby
you mentioned can hassle you'
'The astrologer swore
and Krishna got a notification'
'Rs 10,000 paid to Mr Saffron Robe!'
'Krishna bid bad riddance
to his money and Ruby'
'He hunted for
his office branch in an island'
'Selected Mauritius
and pestered his manager'
'Aiyo! Hell bent on shifting'
'Promising to take Pooja back in 3 months'
'Devi sent their child to
her parents in Muthampatti'
'Krishna landed with Devi
heaving a sigh of relief-'
- Hello
- 'Vanakkam', sir
Welcome to Mauritius
Your keys
This has been allotted by your office
'Vanakkam', madam
Oh wow!
'Such a spacious house
for just the 2 of us?'
Not just transfer
Promotion, my dear
- What is it, dear?
- I'm floating on cloud 9, darling
Hey! Come on
Try and get me here, Ruby
'Come on, I'll take you head on'
'I'm here'
'Come on'
Cross the border, Ruby
"Come and try to get me"
'Listen, dear'
- Whom are you calling?
- No one
You go and chill, baby
Trying to act smart with me!
Wait, my dear
"The king was visiting the forest, behold!
Along with his queen, so they were told"
"The king was coming to the woodland
They heard, with his queen hand-in-hand"
"The king was visiting the forest
They heard, with his queen dearest"
"The king was visiting the forest, behold!
Along with his queen, so they were told"
"Be prepared; get ready
The king is on his way already"
"Roll the red carpet out on display
for the royal couple are on their way"
"The king was coming to the jungle"
- Hi, I am Krishna
- Welcome
Everybody, this is Krishna from India
"The king was visiting the forest, behold!
Along with his queen, so they were told"
"The king was coming to the woodland"
Bless me, Lord Muruga
- Hi
- Hello
Are you single?
"The king was visiting the forest"
"They heard, with his queen dearest"
"The king was visiting the jungle, behold!
With his queen, so they were told"
These girls have no sense at all
You know modern dress
will look so good on you?
Me and modern dress?
- When did you see me?
- I saw
I saw you in my mind's eye
Not a good idea, no?
You in a modern dress?!
My precious princess
Only 3 more months, dear
Amma will bring you here
Okay, my pet?
My princess is good as gold, right?
You shouldn't pester
your grandpa and grandma, okay?
Go back in 3 months?
Why not after 10 months?
She'll have company too!
We haven't even brought Pooja here
And you want 1 more
We'll think of Pooju later
Let us play now!
'Don't touch'
'Hello, madam
Tamilian, huh?'
- Yes, anna
- What do you want to buy?
- How much is 1/4 kilo tomatoes?
- Rs 50
- Give me for 40
- New to this place?
This time okay
Next time don't bargain
Okay, bro
40 rupees means-
Here you go
- Why have you given me Rs 20?
- In our currency it is 40
I meant Mauritian rupee
- I meant our Indian rupee
- Hey! Wait, madam
You look innocent
You'll sell Mauritius in one go
- Pay the balance
- Don't cheat, bro
'Hey! Let go of her'
As per the women protection law
Section # 901
- Women harassment
- That means?
Humiliating women
Attempt to rape
Aiyo! Lawyer madam
I didn't do anything to her
- What happened, dear?
- I bargained and bought tomatoes
Now he wants extra money
This girl claims she meant
Indian rupee instead of Mauritian rupee
As per the Consumer Protection Law
Section # 304
Cheating case
Do you know, you have to
count bars for many years?
I'm not to blame, madam
Did she pay you or not?
- She gave, madam
- That's all
Case dismissed
A Tamilian should not cheat
another Tamilian
Come, dear
You should not cheat
Are you new to this place?
Yes, akka
My husband just got transferred
New surroundings
That's why I feel kind of lost
- Which is your hometown?
- Muthampatti, near Madurai
I hail from Arasampatti
Just 9 km away from your village
- Are you from Arasampatti?
- Yes
My mother's sister's husband
is from your village
You even remind me of my aunt
Don't end up calling me 'chithi'
I am not middle aged like your aunt
Just call me 'akka'
Okay, sister
Lawyer akka
[sound of the wind]
[sound of the wind again]
Pooju darling
I miss you very much
Don't drink whatever your grandpa gives
Maintain your distance
My father is no longer an alcoholic
Pooju princess
- Come
- Where to?
I want to pee
You want to come?
Hey Maria, hi
Hi Krishna
'How are you?
Oh! So good to see you'
'You're looking good'
Yeah, I know
'Come and have coffee with me?'
Okay, thanks
'But this lion is no longer single dear'
- Who is that girl?
- Which girl?
You claimed you were going to the loo
And then I saw you coochey cooing
with some random female
Maria, dear
My colleague
If she is your colleague
why send me away and talk to her alone?
You can talk in front of me
'Interjuice' her to me
- What 'juice'?
- Interjuice!
Not worth it, dear
I'm not worth it, huh?
I meant her
You are soooo beautiful
How can you compare her with you?
You've started lying
after coming here
I'm not lying, dear
You are truly beauuutiful!
Don't change the topic
If you aren't lying-
Swear on our daughter Pooja
Are you mad or what?
Asking me to swear on our baby!
Hugging and all that
is very common here
'And all that' means?
I meant just hugging, period
Go to bed
'Didn't let me eat the yummy dosa'
I understand how you feel
Hugging isn't considered a crime
to file a case, dear
Who hugged whom?
Where, when, why?
Reason is what counts
- I don't know, akka
- Who hugged whom?
- One girl
- Whom did she hug?
My husband
Your husband? this?
Or real tight like this?
Tiiiight like this, akka
Then that's mutual case
Yours is divorce case
Tell me
I'll file it
Akka, what do you mean?
How can I do that?
Then learn to live with her
under the same roof
'Wonder where he is with that girl now!'
"Love! Love me"
"Love! Miss me"
"Love, hit me"
"Follow me to eternity
Come, my beauty"
"Love! Love me"
"Love! Miss me"
"Love, hit me"
"Follow me like crazy"
"Come, Miss World missy"
Note my phone #!
"Permit me just once please
to enter with ease"
"Can I waltz in via your doe-eye
Or your lovely lips, sweety-pie?"
"If you threaten or chase me
I'll get the scare of my life, baby"
"I'll profess my love so true
soulfully and sincerely to you"
"I feel warm fuzzies, my head so dizzy
My love explodes within me, missy"
"Adrenalin rush sizzling in me, lassie"
Note my phone #!
"I hesitated, waited reluctantly
to get the words out eloquently"
"Swamped by love, my head was in a whirl
when you glare at me, beautiful girl"
"Like a weirdo I stalk you
Don't run away from me, love"
"I'm eager to open your soul
Don't wrap it up and run away, girl"
"Your eyes spark with fury to scorch me
But your lips part to smile, dearie"
"The sky seems to fly within me, my lovely"
Note my phone #!!
"Love! Love me"
"Love! Miss me"
"Love, hit me"
"Follow me till eternity"
"Queen of my heart, honey"
'Listen, dear'
Sitting here, huh?
What are you doing here?
I'm tired, dear
I'm starving
Naturally, why won't you get tired
if you rock and roll like that?!
Rock and roll...who?
You ran behind a girl
and shamelessly danced around
You are married and you have a child
Any problem back home?
Did your father drink again
and create a ruckus with some chicks?
He's old but has no brain-
My father is a drunkard
But not a roadside Romeo!
- Who is that?
- You of course!
- Me?
- Yes
What do you mean?
Running behind a female
so shamelessly!
I was running behind a girl?
- Where?
- Roadside
Saw me on the road
Did you check in my office?
'Tomorrow is my presentation
I was in a board meeting'
Working my butt out
morning till evening
Imagine how tired
if I dozed in the afternoon
What did I see then?
You mistook someone else
for me what can I do?
No, I'm sure it was you
Next time you see him, come over
to my office and meet me also
Only then you'll know
It isn't me!
Swear on Pooja it wasn't you
What's up with you?
Forever asking me to swear on her?
Aiyo! Pooja, my princess
That's just a photo, dear
Dump everyone!
Why are you following that girl?
That's my wife, sir
Oh! Sir has all those desires too, huh?
Not in the beginning
Only now, recently
Too much in love
Love, huh?
Bloody fellow! If you sing and dance
love will blossom, huh?
Sing and dance?
Sir, this is a case
of mistaken identity
No mistake in our identification
You are the one walking into danger zone
without knowing who she is
If I see you once more
besotted by that girl-
You'll find yourself
in a royal soup, understood?
Come on, boys
How dare you!
I'll skin you alive, be careful
'You ran behind a girl
and shamelessly danced around'
'If you sing and dance
love will blossom, huh?'
Hey Krish!
What happened?
[sound of the wind]
[sound of the wind again]
'Happy wedding anniversary, dear
Let me wish my son-in-law'
He is in the shower, pa
- What is Pooja doing?
- 'She's asleep, dear'
I'll call you later
Where's my charger, dear?
Come fast
I'm late for work
Should be fast as lightning
- What is today?
- Why dust this now?
Must be on the sofa
Go, search
Forget everything
Problem is you lack discipline
Here's your charger
- How did you get it now?
- Try asking me anything
- Serve me breakfast
- No, I won't
- Why?
- I forgot!
My dear, your husband can
forget your wedding anniversary
But how can he forget
he is married?
- What do you mean, akka?
- You're too naive
All men are like this
In their newly married phase race horses with blinkers on
they can see only us
After sometime like the horses
you see in Marina beach
...they will trot around,
eat chickpeas salad and pipe down
That too after they have 2 kids
...they will ask us to baby sit
and they will go behind other babes!
Did you face this same fate, akka?
Will I allow it to happen?
Till date reins of my horse
are clutched tight in my hands
- What shall I do?
- Do whatever he likes
He likes drumstick 'sambar'
and roasted potato curry
He likes vermicelli 'payasam' too
- Food as 'feast', huh?
- Yes, akka
Find your way back to
your man's heart via his stomach!
If you appease his hunger in the morning
with a feast fit for a king for lunch
...your husband's tastebuds will become
slave to your culinary skills, understood?
Excuse me
Mr Krishna?
- Krishna from...?
- India
Oh yes, he's not here today
She says he didn't even come
to the office today
Akka, he told me
he was going to work
He has come here
Please go and check, ma'am
See, that's his chair
He's not here today
Let me ask her this, wait
Is Maria there?
Look, this is Maria's chair
She's not here
She's on leave
She hasn't come either?
Is your brain in your butt?
Isha darling
If a girl walks by his side
his brains move to his backside!
- Look at that chap
- Let go of my hands
- Akka!
- Then what?
She's least interested in him
'But he is hot on her heels'
He's a womaniser
Men like him should be locked
behind bars for 8 long years!
- No need, akka
- Why?
Krishna, akka
Darling, I'll give my life for you
Your Krishna?
Then is she Maria?
Who else?
Someone else
'Good twist!'
Then your husband's problem
is something else, my dear'
Where is she?
Why does she spend
on all these candles?
Must have been really expensive
She's unnecessarily
making me lose my temper
"Oh my darling baby!"
"I'm your 'jalebi' treat
A round pretzel sweet"
"Oh my darling baby!
I'm your round sweet jalebi"
"I'm Devi, your true love
You're the wretched fellow"
"I'm your wife, always ready
why take in a mistress, tell me?"
"I'm Devi, your only wife
You're the sinner in my life"
"As your wife I'm always ready
Why another female to go steady?"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
Oh me!
Want another baby?
Hurry up
All done
So tiny?
Top and bottom?
This or this hanky?
You decide
- I'll wear this
- Good choice!
"When you have gold, why go in for tin?
When you got a swan, why owl I'm asking?"
"Why flour, when turmeric is auspicious?
Why bun versus sweet 'pongal' delicious?"
"Look at this beautiful statue
sculpted from a mountain, dude"
"Look at the work of art aglow
perfect from brow to toe"
"Krishna, Krishna, o' my Krishna"
"Krishna, Krishna, my dear Krishna"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
Hello, who is it?
You want Devi, huh?
Don't know if she's at home
She's very much here
Hello, ma, tell me
I had
Head ache?
Where is appa?
Drin...hasn't gone to a bar, right?
Why go into all these details now?
Dress change
"You have the license to order me
Why steal like a thief stealthily?"
"You got the original waiting for your sake
Why go for a Chinese make and fake?"
"My mind, soul and body
for you to make a rhapsody"
"From my head to toe
is all yours you know"
"Krishna, Krishna, o' my Krishna"
"Krishna, Krishna, my dear Krishna"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
"Ready, ready...I'm ready, start"
"Bloody...bloody, I am very hot"
- What happened?
- Ghost...ghost!
She is not a ghost
- Hi, I'm her friend
- Akka, she is my friend
Lawyer akka
Glad to meet you
What is she doing here?
Our wedding anniversary
She helped me dress the way you lik-
I gave her the idea
Your idea sucks!
Get out of my room
How can you hide
in our bedroom?
I was only in the bathroom
Get lost! Look at her stride
Like Jackie Chan's grandma!
- Get out
- I'm going
Akka, wait
- What are you doing?
- What about you?
What did I do?
I thought you were hitting on
only your colleague
I saw you dancing
with another girl on the road
Then you went behind
some other girl at the signal
- So disgusting!
- What are you blabbering?
I told you there is
no other woman in my life
If it isn't you
will it become the truth?
Then what I'm seeing is all a lie?
Is that akka also imagining?
- Sir, even I saw you
- Clear out
Chinese pumpkin
- Get out now
- I'm on my way out
Listen, you have got into
bad company and lost your values
- What have I done wrong?
- Look at your dress
- You like this
- What do I like?
Modern girl
Modern dress
Hey madcap!
That was then
I love Devi
Devi from Muthampatti
I know it's our anniversary
I bought this specially for you
You still don't believe me?
I swear on our daughter Pooja
You are the only one in my life
No one else can take that place
No need, shower first
and then sacred ash
Forgive me
I don't know what is happening around me
Stupid of me to misunderstand you
I'm also to blame
I was too stressed at work
I should spend time
with you, right?
Let's forget it as a bad dream
Someone cast an evil eye on us
I hurt you, that too on
our wedding anniversary
Tell me today's menu
I'll make it for you right now
No need to cook
Not just for me
Hereafter Sundays are off for you too
'Pah! Wow!!'
'No one can beat me in framing
a picture in this world!'
Slowly...turn now
That's it, perfect
This is how you take a video
Come closer
Why are you crying, dear?
How could I misunderstand you!
Past is past
Forget it
Okay, you sit in that corner
and go all senty about us
Keep clicking snaps
I'll be back
'Hey Sara!'
'Hey, what are you doing?'
'Sara, baby
My love!'
How many times to tell you
not to stalk me?
Hey! Don't you recognize me?
Hey! What is this?
- Leave me
- I love you!
- Please understand, sweetheart
- Leave me
- Let go
- Take your hands off
- Won't you do as told?
- What did you say?
Creating a ruckus?
You go, madam
- Who are you, man?
- Who are you?
'Who are you', huh?
We warned you the other day
Have you forgotten?
What the hell! I need to tell him
like teaching a parrot!
Didn't I warn you if you stalk that girl
you'll be inviting trouble?
Just a sec
Hey Sara
'Indecent bugger!'
- Better clear out
- What happened?
Thank you
Why are you hitting him?
He is innocent
- Who are you now?
- Please let him go
- Listen to me, bro
- Get lost!
Dai! Go and check
Isha darling
- 'How are you, dear?'
- What are you doing here?
- Wretched man!
- Accept my love
Hey! What is wrong with you?
'Are you angry with me, dear?'
Drink this coffee
'- Just a sip
- Oh gawd!'
'- How can I deal with this?
- Drink a little'
Please taste this coffee
'You don't want?'
'- For heaven's sake, let me go
- Why are you angry?'
'Darling...hey darling!'
Come here dear!
Let go of my hand
What is it?
Where did you go?
- Who is she?
- What are you up to?
Son of a gun!
How dare you grab my collar!
My dear-
Listen, dear
Get out of my way
Listen to me, dear
You son of a gun!
You'll be dead meat
'Listen to me'
- I'll kill you...hey!
- Listen, dear!
- It's me, dear
- You went that side
I told you to wait there
Why are you standing here?
No, I saw you there
What are you looking at?
No, dear, you were there
and suddenly you are here now
I told you I was getting icecream for us
Give me your hand, sir
Poor man! I think he slipped
No, it's alright
He left his shoe behind?
His is a size 8
Can't even use it
Let's go
- Mad moron!
- How?
Who is he?
Don't know, sir
1st he stalked Sara
and even sang a song
When I warned him
now he denies knowing Sara
But today we see him targeting Isha
besides stalking Sara
Even goes on his bended knees
When I questioned him
he bashed me up, sir
It is really puzzling
Find out more about him
I want to meet him
'You are the only one in my life'
'No one else can take that place'
- Who is it?
- Can I meet Isha?
Isha isn't here
Who are you?
Can I talk to you if you don't mind?
What are you saying?
Your husband...I don't get it
Your daughter knows
If he visits her please tell her
not to entertain him
Because he has-
A family of his own
and a daughter
Sorry, no way you can be right
Just like this, a man called
Ranga Reddy stalked my daughter
And told me if he ever got married
only Isha will be his wife
Poor man!
Died in an accident
Isha...hasn't come out of that shock
'This is some kind of misunderstanding
Only you must look into it'
Mr Krishna
Some people have come to meet you
Hello, sir
We saw you dance in the mall the other day
And song, very impressive
We would like you to
perform in our band
No, sir, I think you have
mistaken me for someone else
No, sir, we saw you that day
We don't mind even paying you $1000 weekly
'Please try and consider'
No, some confusion
Okay sir, then I'll give you my card
If in case you change your mind
you please call us
- Okay
- Thank you
We will rock for sure
We are going to sound great
'Falcons is in good form you know'
'- See you tomorrow
- I'll head home'
- Okay, bye
- Bye bye
- See you tomorrow
- See you
Bro, will you follow that car?
'Vanakkam', madam
Who is she?
Why is she paying homage with flowers?
She is a singer
in a music band
Her band member by name Alex
died in an accident 3 months ago
Poor thing! She places flowers
in his grave every week
'I thought you were hitting on
only your colleague'
'I saw you dancing
with another girl on the road'
'If it isn't you
will it become the truth?'
'Then what I'm seeing is a lie?'
[sound of wind]
[sound of wind again]
- What, dear?
- Huh?
Why are you standing here
at this time of the night?
What happened?
What happened?
What's the matter?
Why did you call me?
Ranga Reddy?
Hey! Bloody moron!
Why did you call me?
Why am I feeling so tired?
Oh my dear! Devi
What happened to you?
Why are you standing here
at this time of the night?
Wait, I'll get you
a glass of water
'Hey, ma'am'
Son of a gun!
'I have come!'
'I'm Devi speaking'
Yes, dear
My husband is possessed
Not just 1 spirit, akka
2 spirits are within him
Akka, I'm terrified
Come immediately
Why did you call me and
then not even saying a word?
- Akka?
- 'Hello?'
Akka, can't you hear me?
I can hear you
only if you speak!
Akka, my husband is possess-
Whom are you talking to, dear?
- From home
- What is it?
My mother...amma
She's ill, serious
We must leave immediately
- Let's leave right now
- Who is sick?
- My mother
- She herself spoke to you?
How can we leave all of a sudden?
I must book our tickets
and inform my office too
We have to go
We have to go
Wait, let me lock the front door
- No need to worry in this place
- I'll lock and come
- Amma! I have to go
- Aiyo! Okay
We haven't packed anything
Is this bag enough?
- Please I must see my mother
- Okay...okay
Get inside, sit
What a turn of events
- I'm coming, you sit
'You can cry when you get there!'
What are you doing, dear?
- Hurry up
- I'm coming
Get the ticket there?
Queue, dear
Come fast
- Madam
- Hello...hello
Where are you going?
- To buy our tickets, bro
- Is this your local bus?
I have to see my mother
- Stand in the queue
- You come with me
Can't you hear me?
Your ticket, sir
Give it...go
2 tickets to Chennai, ma'am
Madam, this isn't the ticket counter
- Boarding gate
- Excuse me, I've got the tickets
You bought?
Passports please
- Well planned indeed!
- Here, ma'am
Thank you
Come soon
I'll come, let go of my hand
Thank you
Sit here
What are you do-
[In-flight announcement]
Excuse me, ma'am
Please put your seat belt
We are landing
We are landing
'Seat belt, ma'am'
Seat belt, sir
Bro, didn't we leave Mauritius just now?
What are you blabbering?
We left India and we are
landing in Mauritius now
- Didn't we take off from Mauritius?
- No, ma'am
Bloody baldie! How can you
lie through your teeth!
All of them are coming back
No one around
Wretched fellows!
'All of them are going back'
Bro...listen, bro
- Madam, hello
- Where are you going?
Go back to the queue
You came in the flight with me-
When did I travel with you?
We've just now patched up!
Go and stand in the queue
- Go
- Madam, go back
- Go back
- Hurry up!
Can't you see the queue?
'Your ticket, sir'
Akka, didn't you give us
the boarding pass?
They made us disembark
Do something and get us into the plane
Madam, is something wrong with you?
Passports please
God help me!
- She asked
- 'Thank you'
Good morning, sir
Excuse me, madam
Isn't he your husband?
Then why aren't you sitting next to him?
Because he isn't my husband!
Akka, this flight is going to India, right?
'Yes, ma'am
We are going to India'
Bro, did you see my husband
who was seated here?
No one was here
Empty seat
Yov! You keep lying all the time
Are you blind
if you're with a girl?
You saw him with me
He's missing now
Where did he go?
Tell me
You saw him too
Why are you quiet?
Madam, what's the problem?
My husband was sitting right here
He came with me
and he's missing now
Please calm down, ma'am
What's his name?
- Tell me
- No, ma'am
His name is not there
How can you say that?
He was right here
Everyone saw him
Please move
- Didn't you see him?
- No
How can you-
You saw him twice
I know you saw him
- No
- He's lying again
Sir...sir, this is my house
- Go inside
- My husband, sir
No, you go inside
Where did you trot off to
early in the morning with a bag?
- There
- A policeman calls me
He wants to know my address
Haven't I bought you a phone?
I called you twice
Why was your phone switched off?
Yes, your mother called
I told her you went out shopping
Will you call and talk to her?
Did I scare you?
I know you got scared
Accept you got scared
Let's go into the shower together
Meditation in the midst of candles, huh?
Er...hello, Devi had called me
So I came over
'She called me to tell me
something this morning'
'Then she never spoke'
'Where are you?'
Excuse me
Devi called me
- That's why I dropped by
- 'Akka'
I can hear her
but can't see her
- 'Here'
- Devi, where are you?
'Up here!'
Why are you perched up there?
- Ghost!
- Whaaat?
Ghost it seems
Aiyo! God save me
What has happened to her?
Possessed by a spirit?
'She didn't possess the spirit
The spirit has possessed her'
Is that so?
Open the door
Let go of the handle
Your hand...good lord!
His hand stretches for a mile!
What to do now?
Which way will I run?
I'm escaping this way
God save me
My back is broken!
I am back here...oh gawd!
'What will I do?'
Bello, I am Lalitha
BA.BL, FRCS speaking
Someone please save m-
Aiyo! Phone is down
I'll escape now
My skull has cracked!
I am back to square one!
Come down, my dear
Come down
Please come, my dear
Come...come, good girl
Thank God
I'm so glad
I didn't come down, akka
You've climbed up!
Am I up there?
We can't escape, akka
I'm hanging here
after trying everything
Thanks a ton, 'ka
I was scared of hanging here all alone
You wretched female!
You used to bug me for a whole hour
asking me how to make 'vaththa kuzhambu'
If you had told me in one word
your husband was possessed
I would have vanished into thin air!
Now tell me
Which spirit has got into him?
Not spirit, akka
- SpiritS!
- Plural, huh?
- Two of them
- Double trouble, huh?
I'm Alex
I'm Ranga Reddy, I say
You'll fly out of the window
with the slightest puff
Double action
in this scarecrow body?
So many people in this world
Why did you choose my husband?
Ruby's contact
Ma'am, Ruby told us
Krishna is a good fellow
He's a good soul
'Heart of gold!'
Ruby, huh?
We haven't added her
in my list, dear
Who is Ruby?
You don't know, madam
Your husband knows
We are good friends
You know?
Friends, huh?
For dead souls like us who suddenly
left this earth with a yearning
...we need souls like Krishna
to execute our unfulfilled desires
He can understand our feelings
Feelings, huh?
What is so great
about your feelings?
Listen, madam
Maaad love!
I love Isha
Yes, I love Sara
When Sara and I,
Ranga and Isha spent time
...when we wanted to profess our love
Ranga and I died
But our love is immortal
That's exactly why we are back
We've come back as spirits
to hear them profess their love to us
Should they profess their love for you?
He's my husband
You are ruining our lives
for your desires to be fulfilled
Ruby gave us prior warning
you'll say this
That's why we are here
with a contract
Read it and then sign
What is this contract?
Ghost contract
Whatever happens, fine
We won't accept this
Hello, sisters
Yes, brothers
We don't want your permission
This is just for your information
We won't disturb Krishna
when he's in his house
If you disturb us
when he steps outside
You can't even if you want to
You can't tell anyone either
'Do you understand?'
Sign the contract now
- Sign it, dear
- You too
Why do you drag me
in your family affairs!
As witness
Are you dragging
the lawyer as witness?
Just follow my orders!
My hand is signing of its own accord!
What happened to the case, sir?
Sorry, sir
Amongst the 3 heirs
of your grandfather
...only your mother isn't the legal heir
Your grandfather's will
was produced in court
'So our case has become weak'
In another 2 hearings, all the assets
will be inherited by your uncles
Did you deal with this case
all these years just to tell me this?
It's okay
He has come!
Come...come need
- Go and talk to him, akka
- You go
Let us both go together
You go first
Then I'll follow
[muttering incoherently]
- Aren't you Krishna?
- What...?
- I need to talk to Krishna
- What are your blabbering?
What brings you here so early?
Devi said you weren't feeling well
Are you a lawyer or a doctor?
Why are you like a buffoon
in this saint costume?
It's just a common belief
saffron robes can ward off spirits
I want to talk to you in need
Please go ahead
You have a problem
'I am trying to-'
Without crying I'll tell you gently
Will you lend me your ears patiently?
Tell me
You are po...poss
...possessed by spirits!
Not just one
But 2!
Didn't I tell you not to inform Krishna?
You are violating the contract
You violated it as well
You said you won't show yourself
inside the house and you did
You want to inform Krishna
That's it, right?
I'll kill him
And send him to our world
We'll tell him the truth
I'll kill Krishna
What are you doing?
- Please don't
- 'Don't do this'
Ghost brothers, please listen me
'We won't inform him'
- We won't tell him
- 'Don't harm him'
I swear on Krishna
we won't tell him
You wanted to
talk to me in private
Who are you now?
Why do you keep repeating it?
- Tell me
- I already spoke to you alone
Devi, where did you go?
- I wen-
- What happened?
I was cleaning the prayer room
I spilt vermilion on my hand
- I'm leaving for work
- Wait, dear
- Please sit down
- What is it, dear?
Don't go to work
Doctor wants you
to take rest for 10 days
10 days?
I must inform my staff, dear
Doctor will directly mail
the medical certificates to your office
That's the common practice here
You are really over stressed
If you take adequate rest
for 10 days, you will be fine
After that 'they' will
take care of their work
And we can go about our routine
That...where did I
I don't care what the doctor said
You tell me, that will do
Watch your step...slowly
- Hold him
- Where are we going now?
- Where is the bed?
- This way...this way
- We are almost there
- Where?
Right here
Watch your step
Slow and easy
- Hi, ma'am
- Hi...!
- Nice get-up
- Thank you
There's no driver inside!
Where should I go now?
To Sara
To Isha
Take the next left
Yes, boss!
You bloody fool, right!
Bloody female, turn left
Blessed spirit, don't torture me
Look at my plight
Driving for a spirit!
- Right
- Left-u
Aiyo! Akka
Oh gawd! Pillar
- Akka!
- Not me
'What's happening here?'
'I didn't do anything'
You have to pay the fine
You can't break the law
No, I am a lawyer!
Hey, Sara
- Sara...!
- Please wait, dear
My love, hold on
Hey, Sara
Bloody son of a gun! Stop
'Hey, darling! Look here'
Look behind
Just missed, cha!
- Please wait
- Sara
'Amma said she'll pick me up'
May be she got stuck in the traffic
Don't disturb your mom again
I myself will pick up and drop you
Hey, why this unnecessary stress for you?
If we do something for someone
we really like, how can that be stress?
I like to
I would love to do this you know
We've reached our home
Will you please alight?
Whom are you talking to?
Who knows who you are now?
This is Ranga Reddy
Ranga Reddy, let's get down, ready
Why are you taking this tablet now?
If I go inside without
taking this tablet
...Krishna will come in
He will question you
If you don't answer right
Krishna won't step out
My leg
Lift his leg
Don't get tense
Get up
Come, let's go
[banging on door]
Devi, where are you?
The ghosts have started
banging on the door
I'm so scared
Let's take Krishna out
Only if he comes out
you can possess him, right?
Krishna won't come out
Listen, ghosts
Let's make a mutually beneficial deal
As a lawyer let me suggest this
With my thriving practice as a lawyer
let me proudly share something with you
A minuuuute correction
in your contract
Only if you agree to this...
...will we send Krishna out
Stop, don't bring the roof down!
You forced us to sign
only under duress
This time read our terms
and then duly sign it
...I will meet in the court!
They are subdued now
You had better be wary about me
Read the contract
and sign on the dotted line!
'Just like your old contract'
'After love is professed
we will exit Krishna's body'
'We won't touch each other'
'We won't indulge in any magic tricks'
'Apart from all your terms
listen to our conditions'
Point # 5
We the ghosts...
...under no circumstance
Or any reason
...won't stay in Krishna's body
at the same time
Point # 6
We the spirits...
...only for 6 hours
That is, from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m
will occupy Krishna's body as Alex
And from 3:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m
...only as Ranga Reddy
will occupy Krishna's body
And note the point
Sunday is holiday, okay?
We the ghosts...
...under no circumstance
or for any reason
...whoever we meet
Sara or Isha
Other than the time allocated to us
...we won't change
into an alternate identity
Without Devi, we won't meet any girl alone
'Most importantly...'
...we will not kiss
any part of any girl's body
Remember to follow our post script
Flying hug and flying kiss
Enjoy both in mid-air, not in person
'We the ghosts...'
...the moment we hear
our girl profess her love
...we will exit from Krishna's body
the very next second
We won't stay behind
despite any compulsion
Particularly even if those girls force you
Alex and Ranga Reddy
Only if you agree to all these terms
...we'll agree to bring our Krishna out
What do you say?
Why are you in a tearing hurry?
Go ahead and sign
Catch my pen
Both of you sign
'Do it now'
That was a good deal!
Hi Sara
Why are you following me?
Please leave me alone
Sara, try to understand
Don't you recognize me?
Oh God! She isn't that girl
Trust me
Please go
- What...?
- Akka, kindly explain
She isn't the girl you think
You've mistaken her identity
- Is he your brother?
- Yes, he is
And she is...?
My sister...younger sister
My bro...anna
Anna, please leave her alone
- Your bro...?
- Come with me
Ma'am, what are you doing?
- 'Let me explain'
- Excuse me
What is happening here?
Alex, what is your problem?
You want that girl to profess
her love to you, right?
Did you succeed all these days?
Dead end, right?
We'll take it from here
- I hate you
- I love you!
A girl who is ditto you
If you compare, you'll be spooked
at the mirror reflection!
My brother was madly,
deeply in love with her
But she passed away!
- In an accident
- Really...?
You believe me, right?
But he doesn't!
He still thinks she's alive
and is following you
We don't know what to do
We'll make sure hereafter
he doesn't disturb you
Turn, she'll call us
I was wrong, huh?
Excuse me
1 minute
- Did you call us?
- If you don't mind
May I know what happened?
When we feel like sharing...
...we get choked
and our heart gets heavier
Give us just 1 day
We'll tell you
We should've planned this better, right?
Shall we take this scene?
What is his name?
Krishna...not that name!
- Krish...Krish
- Krish?
That girl...
...will she resemble me?
That's where the problem arose
Show it to her
She looks exactly like me
Look, even you got confused
Our brother is so innocent, poor chap!
What kind of person is Krish?
Very calm and composed
Stylish too!
He has a heart of gold
But quick to lose his temper
His fists speak!
His words are few and far
But his hands compensate!
[adapted from 'Arjun Reddy']
- Where did he see that girl?
- Who knows!
Where did he see?
Where is love likely to blossom?
[adapted from 'Ghajini']
[adapted from 'Arjun Reddy']
"A girl, oho
I saw her you know"
"With a vermilion halo
she was a golden statue"
"Oh she was so fair and sweet
she made my heart skip a beat"
"I am no Lord Rama, firm and faithful
Neither is she Sita devoted and dutiful"
"This is an unrequited love story doleful"
"Your dad will be my father-in-law, dear
If you won't love me, I'm single I fear"
"You come near me, 'pongal' festival
If you ignore me, woeful upheaval"
"I'll call your dad 'uncle' fondly
I'm single for life if you don't love me"
"You come near me, 'pongal' festival
If you ignore me, woeful upheaval"
"Hey girl, besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me get smitten too"
"Thanks to you, my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me lose my head please"
"Girl, you're besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me fall head over heels too"
"'Cos of you my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me a whacko please"
"Hey! Dingiri baby!"
'No need, akka'
- Krishna
- Make them out of focus, dear
My specs!
Interesting beginning?
There pops up a minor litigation
What happened?
[adapted from 'Arjun Reddy']
Aw! Krish
Don't hit me
You said Krish was calm
Is he quick with his fists?
So...he is...not...him
You'll get it-
You said he's hot tempered
but he's getting thrashed?
Er...that is-
Sara, go
'Isha, come'
Son of a gun!
She got it mixed up!
"A fort as tribute for my love I built
Royally she ignores me to the hilt"
"She trapped me in a web so cleverly
Sliced my heart with love's knife severely"
"Girl, come to me of your own accord
Come in search of me, to strike a chord"
"Without you in my life I'm a royal mess
Don't kill me slowly, my princess"
"Hey girl, besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me get smitten too"
"Thanks to you, my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me lose my head please"
"Girl, you're besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me fall head over heels too"
"'Cos of you my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me a whacko please"
Did he profess his love?
When he was about to
he faced a severe blow
How sad
[adapted from 'Kushi']
You saw
What did I see?
I saw you when you were looking
I'm telling you I didn't see
- I saw you looking
- What is there for me to see?
Don't argue
Leave now
Leave my daughter alone
or I'll kill you
- Don't, Krish
- I will kill your family
Tell your father
- Krish
- Hey...!
- I'll show you my true colors
- Krish, please
What a misunderstanding!
Forget that
You understanding?
Akka, watch that scene
[adapted from 'Thuppakki']
He got angry
and joined the army
"Hey girl, besotted by me!
I'm smitten by you totally"
- He became a cop
- 'When?'
Akka, this scene is good
- Shall we use it?
- Okay
Ultimate hero Ajith, akka
[adapted from 'Mankatha']
"Hey girl, besotted by me!
I'm smitten by you totally"
Was Krish in the military?
Didn't you say he studied medicine?
Now a police officer?
Don't ask logical questions
Look into the magic
"My style, my speech all unique, darling
Fuss and ruckus you make is endearing"
"Let me follow you to make you my wife
Don't say no and give me strife"
"Your cheeks are rosy
My precious missy"
"Speak words of love
my treasure trove"
"If you and I become 'we'
people's favorite we will be"
"Hey girl, besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me get smitten too"
"Thanks to you, my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me lose my head please"
"Girl, you're besotted by me, it's true
Don't make me fall head over heels too"
"'Cos of you my hiccupping heart pleads
Don't make me a whacko please"
[adapted from 'Alaipayuthey']
That's life!
Our brother is such a pitiable soul
Unlucky fellow!
We'll make sure he doesn't
disturb you hereafter
'You do your bit of what we copied'
She is a carbon copy!
You wanted to ask her for some help
Good girl, she'll definitely comply
We are caught in
some kind of mess
You don't want me
to find out about it
What is it?
And why?
I don't know
But let me request you just this
Whatever the problem
Don't abandon me
What, dear?
What are you preoccupied about?
- Nothing, dad
- What happened?
I met a lady today, pa
I was really disturbed
listening to her brother's love story
'The girl he loved died it seems'
'She looks ditto like me'
Mentally he's not well
His sisters want me to profess
my love to him to cure him
If that will cure a person of his ailment
you shouldn't even think twice
How can I profess my love
to a random stranger?
I understand
Even if you fall in love with a person
you've befriended for a long time
Sometimes you will tend to hesitate
Still if someone will benefit
it isn't wrong at all
- What are you saying?
- Yes, Sara
I think you should help them
'Okay, boys
Get ready'
Give it to him
This is your last day
If you go now
you won't come back
Yes, your love is a success
So is our Operation Exit-Spirit
We will meet after 30-40 years
Hand shake
'What's this new car
coming up our driveway?'
Here I am!
Hey! Krishna
Who is this, dear?
His friend, akka
Ages since I saw you!
- We are doomed!
- How are you, sis?
You are even more fair
after coming here
Who is this?
Chinese chef, huh?
- Who are you, man?
- Padaiyappa!
Comedy is your forte!
You knew I would come
and bought a bouquet for me
He is my best friend!
Hey stupid!
Why are you shouting?
Who is this bloody bugger?
Wondering why he's swearing in English?
That's our habit from childhood!
Just say 'Clear out'
Just to see you I flew
from Dubai to Pollachi
From my hometown to Chennai
I didn't get a flight here easily
I finally land here and-
Why does he talk like a radio jockey
without breathing?
Who the hell asked you
to come here?
- Bro, come in
- I'll start crying
How can you ask me to get out?
I got you both married
Can get out this way also
Don't try to cover up
Even I have my own pride, self worth
and feel embarrassed, understand?
I'm leaving
He belongs to the shameless clan!
2 minutes
- Me...?
- 'Go inside'
Why is 'it' calling me?
This place is awesome
I can stay put here
for the next 10 days
Good to see you, bro
He's really stressed at work
We were taking him
to the doctor
He speaks like that to me too
Don't get mad at him
That isn't the point
He can be rude to you
You came into his life today
We go back to our toddler stage
How can he be rude to me!
What is the problem?
Call her
Sara waiting
As if she will come
if I call her
Aiyo! It fell down!
Alex...wait, don't go inside
What will I do?
Aiyo! Changed his avatar
'No, don't try to convince me'
'Aiyo! Why is he here?'
Hey Ganesha!
Hi! When did you come?
He came just now, we were
catching up with all the news
You landed all of a sudden?
Surprise, huh?
How is your appa?
- Don't play the fool
- I told you about his stress
Stress means will you play
Jekyll and Hyde? Will you yell at me?
- How do you know I'm stressed at work?
- God help me!
Hey! She's the culprit
Will you blabber everything?
Machan, I swear
I was sleeping inside
- I don't know how I came here
- You forget everything
'Ghajini' memory!
- I'll take you to the doctor
- Small capsule
I consulted a doctor
He has prescribed tablets
Just 1 tablet makes me sleep 24 hours
Bro, you can talk to him later
1st we'll see the doctor
Why don't you refresh yourself?
Refresh myself?
I'll be staying here for 10 days
Why should you get stressed?
- I'll take him to the doctor
- 10 days, huh?
How will we manage for 10 days?
Why do you keep yakking?
My friend must be starving
- Serve him a South Indian spread
- Mauritius 'mor kuzhambu'!
Australian puffed rice 'upma'
I should cook a gourmet meal, huh?
Am I a grinder?
To be cooking for all and sundry
Madam, sorry
- Me, huh?
- Don't misunderstand
Can you give us privacy
as a family?
- She meant you, man
- Not her
My dear sister!
- You meant him?
- Yes
If he comes from India
is this the only place?
- Isn't there any hotel here?
- Devi!
Shouldn't a young couple
enjoy time together?
'True that'
You have a 3 year old daughter
- But this is how close we are!
- Disgusting!
What are you waiting for?
Tell him to leave
- How come this female is here?
- Bathroom is my hideout!
Why stop someone who wants
to go? Let him go
If she is so rude
I'll really leave, da
Show it in action, go!
Dai! I can't afford
to stay in a hotel
I don't know anyone here
Is that why you thought
I want to stay here?
Can I stay in your house
only for 10 days?
He is on his way out
You come along
If she talks like this
I'll really go
- Get out!
- I'm going
Wait, da
Krishna is stepping out
Wait, da
I would have gone
Our friendship is stopping me!
I'll come back
for your sake
- Why are you like this?
- Haven't you left as yet?
Get out!
Changing your mind every 2nd minute
What's wrong with you?
- Let's discuss it inside, bro
- Are you a mad family?
Worse than Mad comics
I won't stay here a second longer
I'll even sleep on the sidewalk
Country brute!
I'm going
'You want to call me back
with a dead end here, I won't come'
It's getting late
Why late?
5 minutes
We'll come
This spirit and his stupid song!
Only 1/2 an hour left
Alex bro will vanish then
Sara hasn't turned up
Blame it on the devil that caught
a flight all the way to this island
Did you message Sara?
I already did, dear
But she hasn't replied
Who are these men in red?
'They are coming towards us'
Akka, if they see Krishna, that's it
- We'll be buying trouble
- Oh my God!
You have to handle this cleverly
Only you can do it
Now of all times, I left my karate
uniform and black belt at home!
Go and manage somehow, akka
Who are you?
Why are you here?
- Whom do you want to meet?
- That chap
Which chap?
'That chap' means?
Tell me his name
Which one of the 3?
We see only 1 chap there
We want to talk to him
Where is he?
That isn't just 1 person
They are 3 in 1
Of the 3 men, which one?
- Why, madam?
- Why, man?
We can see only 1 fellow
I saw with my eyes wide open
He is '3 in 1 man'
How long will you repeat it
like a lunatic?
About half an hour
'Hope Ranga Reddy comes soon'
Whom do you want to meet?
That man over there
I'm asking you which one of the 3
Why don't you tell me?
Only that fellow
'Which one do you want to see?'
'Look at me'
- So bloody loud
- Ranga Reddy avatar!
- Not paying heed to my words?
- She's a royal pain!
You open your eyes wide
3 men are over there
Not now
Let's go
Hello, madam, see you
It's getting late
See you, bro
Alex's girl will meet Ranga Reddy now!
- Hi Krish
- Don't talk to him
Bah! Finally got rid of them
Hurry up
- What's the matter?
- Nothing
Only we know
we are acting
But he is oblivious, right?
You came here a bit late
So he walked off in a huff
- Sorry, I got held up
- It's okay
I'll come early tomorrow
No...not tomorrow
Sunday holiday
- Holiday?
- As per our contract!
I shoved my foot into my mouth!
Come on Monday
- Auspicious day
- Yes, let's go
- Come away
- 'Great escape', akka
Akka, will Isha at least
be here on time?
Definitely, she should come
Aiyo! At least this Alex
will listen to reason
This Ranga Reddy is a rowdy fellow
If we can get rid of him first
3/4 of our job is made easier
Akka, she is here
Hello, you are looking good
Please take a seat
She is seated now
I would like to tell you something
Tell me
Yes, tell me
I've come to know
everything about you
Is that so?
I know how deep your love is
Life has to move on, no?
Profess your love fast
and make him leave soon
Suppose I say
I love you
...your mind should be
able to accept it, right?
I've been waiting for so long
just for this, dear
"Rose...rose...these flowers are for you"
Thank you
[song from 'Allari Priyudu']
Two timer!
Jinx of a jerk!
That bouquet wasn't for me, eh?
How did he land here?
How did this crab-mouth come here?
Who are you?
Come here
Is this why you shoved me
out of your house?
- Get lost!
- What is this?
Morning is different avatar
I am not him
My shift is 3 to 9!
Are you being shifty?
That too shift-wise!
I thought you're happy in
a big bungalow in Mauritius
- You have an extra accommodation?
- Mental!
Who are you to butt in
when I'm talking to my girl?
Are you her lover?
We are Tamilians, da
What is the Tamil culture?
Our glorious heritage?
Even if Devi shooed me away
she is like my sister
I won't let you betray her love
You clear out now
You are not my sister
What are you saying?
- I will kill you
- If Devi gets to know, she'll die
- Let's rescue him
- Hurry up
I'll bear his blows
You leave, madam
Devi will die if she sees you with her
You get Isha, akka
I'll handle them
I'll tackle this, go
- Isha darling
- Listen to me please
Nothing untoward happened
I didn't see anything
'You trust me, right?'
- Isha...darling
- Sis, listen to me
Tomorrow is Sunday, holiday
We'll set right everything
on Monday for you, sweetypie
I'll stay for 10 days and
straighten him out
Bloody blockhead!
That girl was ready to profess
her love and you ruined it
Bloody buffoon!
Are you mad or what?
Setting up a mistress
for your husband?
- Get lost!
- Entire family lacks values, huh?
Why should I go?
This is a beach
I'll stay right here
You get out!
Clear out, you buffalo!
Lousy lunatic family!
Sir, bill
Do you have any job I can do?
Guys, Monday is our most happening show
Tickets are all sold out
Everything rests on your shoulders
We need to set up
a benchmark concert for Mauritius
- Is it okay?
- Come on, sir
'We are rocking'
[casual banter]
Hello...what happened?
I told Krish's sisters
I'll see him on Monday
Our concert is also-
This isn't a big deal at all
Go and help him and
come straight to our venue
- What if I get delayed?
- I'll handle all that, chill!
I thought at least once a week
we can have a good time
I can remember
only that 1 day
You'll be as good as new
If you say so
Let's order something
Where are you going?
Loo...okay, go
Vegetarian, huh?
How come you are here?
What's up?
Krish had messaged me
That's why I came here
- Krish messaged you?
- Yes
'Why is Sara also-'
I must tell him I love him
That's all, right?
- Come with me
- Wait
Not today
We'll do this tomorrow
'Just a moment, sir
I'll be with you'
Okay, I'll wait
Hi Krish
Where are your sisters?
You messaged me
wanting to meet me
You've mistaken me
for someone else
Someone else?
- Let's have coffee
- No, you come with me
Are you annoyed because
I came a bit late yesterday?
I know
- If I profess my love-
- Wait
I got it
It's natural to get attracted
especially to a young and cool chap
But you see I've reformed now
I'm married now
Wife, huh?
Are you married?
Why over react like this?
Isn't it a normal event for an Indian
She has just now gone to the loo
My wife
God's gift
I love you
He thinks I'm someone else
and is blowing kisses!
Your friend?
Okay, talk to her
Please ignore her
She isn't a stranger
She's my sister
What happened?
Your sister?
Don't be broken hearted
You'll find a good groom for sure
You are a cheat! You claimed
your own husband to be your brother!
- Let go of my hand
- Isha, please listen to me
- He is...he is-
- Let me go
You won't understand my plight
'- Hear me out
- I'll call the police'
'I don't know how to expl-'
Don't walk away
Please listen to me
He's unwell
He will recover soon
Sara, please hear me out
Sara, if you walk away too
we'll be in a real mess
- You call yourself a woman?
- Please hear me out, Sara
What is our next move, dear?
My husband is going through hell
for 2 strangers, akka
It won't continue hereafter
My front door won't open for others!
How can you take this decision?
In this wide world
...if there are spirits roaming around
God will also exist side by side
He will protect my decision
[banging on door]
[banging continues]
Bro, he doesn't know anything
Go and search
Don't send them up
- Where is he?
- He doesn't know anything
Please listen to me
Please don't harm him, bro
He is innocent
Sir, no one is here
Listen to-
Where is he?
Where have you hidden him?
'He spat out...the tablet'
Take your hand off, man
I've been looking only for you
I told you to take your hand off!
What happened?
Devi, tell me, darling
Who are these thugs?
Any problem?
Tell me, dear
Are you-
You are good with your fist?
Any husband will retaliate
if his wife is being manhandled
Are you both enacting a drama?
'Listen, dear'
Don't, dear
'Let him go'
Wait, dear
Oh God!
You're bleeding, man
- What problem?
- Problem, huh?
'How many times to repeat
we don't know anything'
'Why have you brought us here?'
'Let us go
Listen to me'
'Try and understand'
'Husband and wife, hand in glove?
What are you scheming?'
We have no clue
about any plan
Please let us go
'If you don't have any plan
why are you hounding Sara and Isha?'
- Monetary gains, huh?
- Money?
If you lure Sara and Isha
into your web and marry them
Wealth around 2 billion
Multiple immovable properties
You've lined your nest
for the next 10 generations
Bloody fool
This has been my carefully executed plan
Who the hell are you to butt in?
We don't know anything about this
Expect me to buy that?
What about what I saw?
1st you went behind Sara
and I thought I'll warn you
Then you switched over to Isha!
After I realized you are a fraud
I sent a message to Sara and Isha
as if you texted them
'I asked both of them to come to
the same venue, same time to meet you'
I swear this is the truth
That wasn't us
What do you mean
'That wasn't us'?
Who else then?
That's a contract!
I can't discuss it with you
What temerity!
Contract, huh?
Then who is behind all this?
No one else, sir
You won't understand even if I explain
Who is your boss?
Come on, tell me
[phone ringing]
Hi Sara
Yeah, I'll be there
All set
You leave now, sir
You'll be late for the concert
I'll handle them
Don't be rash, the way
you killed Alex and Ranga
Their story seems more complicated
After extracting all the information
about who is the kingpin
Then close their chapter
Hey! Tell me now
Who sent you here?
'What is your plan?'
'Cat got your tongue?'
'Who the hell is behind all this?'
Will you talk now or not?
You killed me, da
You made sure
I can't marry Isha, right?
How am I to blame?
I just loved Sara
'You scumbag!'
[clamor of voices]
Where are you going?
I have to kill him
I'll kill him come what may
You cannot kill him
I won't agree
Poor girl!
If I don't kill him
he will ruin her entire life
Because of him
should my life be ruined?
Whatever the reason
I can't accept this
You are thinking
only about yourself, right?
You'll easily kill him
But the blame
will fall on my husband
You are too selfish
Yeah, selfish
Please don't kill him
Don't do anything drastic
Please, let go of my husband
Hey, you there!
I am coming
'Please wait'
Listen to me please
Don't do this
Spare him
Please listen to me
If I see her shed
even a single teardrop-
Excuse me
Sara, you're getting ready?
Oh! You have come?
Can I talk to you
for a minute?
Yeah, sure
Who is it, dad?
Why did you come here?
How many more lies
will you concoct?
You were very disturbed
after Alex died in that accident
I know Alex was a good friend
Very important member in our band
That's why I kept
my feelings bottled up
Cha! How stupid of me
to try and help you
But that help never reached us
Actually I am in love with you
I want to marry you
What do you mean?
Please leave now
I've had enough of
believing all your stories!
Rudra, I didn't know that
you have these feelings for me
I think-
We are good friends
It's better we stay that way
Why shouldn't friends fall in love?
Yes, they can
I'll go, dear
But for my sake, just once
Profess your love to Krish
Without your own knowledge
your words will save a girl's life
I want you to understand too
A man loved me deeply
When I started reciprocating
and wanted to express it to him
...he died in an accident
Only recently
I realized I love him
Because I didn't want Krish
to go through what I did
I agreed to help you
Carbon copy of him
In the way he talks and moves
Everything is ditto
Don't you get what I'm saying?
I love Ranga Reddy
I still love him
Only then it dawned on me
That the man I love isn't him
I couldn't tell him when he was alive
Now I feel like saying it
1000 times over
I loved Alex
And I still love Alex
Are you out of your mind?
How can the dead come back alive?
And will you waste your life like this?
You have to move on
'How did I come here?'
'What is this place?'
Can't you see how much I love you?
I'm your friend too
Why can't you love me?
'Why is he here?'
'Has he come back
thinking she is Ruby?'
What did you do?
No, that's my wife Devi, sir
Rudra, love can't be forced!
What are you doing?
Let go of me
You have to understand, Sara, please
Rudra, you're crossing your limits
Sara, you are mine
- Let me go
- You're mine, Sara
Let go
Help me
Akka, help me
Save me
- What?
- You?
Brother, it's me
He's trying to shoot me
- Sir?
- Move
Why do you want to kill him?
My repeated warnings fell on deaf ears
So he takes instructions from you?
He didn't pay heed
to my warnings
I will kill him
Hey! Out
I should be the one to kill him
What's happening here?
Wait, I say
[crowd cheering]
Raj Khanna!
'Raj Khanna?!'
[overlap of eager voices]
'Do you remember once
in your house, Devi-'
'Just 1 photo
He's my friend, I say'
'Raj Khanna...Raj Khanna'
'Move, man'
'Let me take a selfie with your gun'
Revolver Raja?!
Just 1 selfie with your gun
Don't lift your hand
You shot him?
Raj leader!
I love you
Soooper shooting!
I watched a shoot
Rock star...Rock star
Super Rock star
It's over
Get up
Rock star
'He's still breathing
Give me a hand'
' 108'
'Come...lift him up'
What happened, dear?
Why are we here?
Is there any problem?
Tell me, Devi
- I'm fine
- You aren't hurt, are you?
'What's wrong with him?'
Why is he getting so emotional?
- Ganesha?
- Bro?
Hey! Ganesha
- Come home, da
- Come home, anna
- Ganesha
- Come on
- Stay for at least 10 days, bro
- Mad family!
Loony bin family!
Try coming to our hometown
I'll curse you
Why is he behaving strange-
Why isn't she letting me speak?
1st let us go home
and have a cosy dinner
Then I'll feast on you for my desser-
That girl won't profess her love to Krish
She loves only Ranga Reddy it seems
- I don't know what to do
- 'That's why spirits left him'
Shall we just cajole that spirit?
My dear boy!
Didn't I tell you this 'roti' face
is a bad influence on you?
Come here
Why has she joined with the spirits?
'He has survived the gunshot
but lost his memory'
We'll try and see how to recover him
God is great
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini
'Thank God! He is oblivious of
having been possessed by 2 spirits'
'Thank my lucky stars!'
'I was petrified she may be
possessed by Ruby again'
Please proceed towards Gate # 3
Thank you
They are announcing our flight
Get our ticket and passports
'Hurry up
It's getting late'
'I just packed in a hurry
I must look for it'
I found them
'You must be really blessed
to get a husband like me!'