Deviant Love (2019) Movie Script

[dramatic music]
One, two, three, four,
five, six,
seven, eight,
nine, ten...
I don't want to play
this game anymore.
This game is not fun!
[music continues]
Where did you go? I'm scared.
Come on.
Don't you wanna play my games?
-Well, too bad.
'Cause no one's here
to save you.
Where's my mommy?
She went shoppin'
and left me to take care of you.
So now you have to play
my games.
-No, I don't!
-Yes, you do!
-No. No.
-Come on. Come on.
-Let's go. Stop stalling.
-Where are you taking me?
Don't worry about
where I'm takin' you.
-I want my mommy.
-Stop cryin' for your mommy.
[girl] No, no, no.
[dramatic music]
[door shuts]
[seagull squawking]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
God, does this town get smaller
every time we leave? Watch out.
[Preston] Yeah.
-Mom, I'm hungry.
-Okay, yeah.
I know,
but grandma's making dinner,
so we're gonna have
just a little snack.
-A snack, Preston, okay?
Mommy used to come here
all the time.
They have the best croissant.
What's a qua..
Wait, what?
It's a French pastry.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
-[indistinct chatter]
-[Preston gasps]
Preston, one. One thing, okay?
-Hi. Um, can I have a latte?
Is that Jamie Mayfield?
Oh, my God!
Bonnie? Hi.
You didn't tell me
you were comin' to visit!
Oh, yeah, it wasn't really
a-a planned visit.
It was just...
You, wow! You look amazing.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Lookin' decent
is a full-time job these days.
-We're not 16 anymore.
-Oh, don't I know it?
-And... Oh, my God.
-Oh, Preston. Yeah, Preston.
Hey, do you remember... Bonnie?
I'm sorry.
We're, we're workin' on manners.
Which is obviously going
really well.
Preston? Preston, hey!
Come here.
You have gotten so big, Preston.
You're the big man on campus,
So, what's on the agenda?
Oh, um, nothing really--
Oh, my God. We need to get
the girls together.
Gonna be so excited
you're in town!
Ah, yeah.
Yeah, I'll organize it.
How's tomorrow?
-Tomorrow's great.
It's been too long.
So write it down, the men
can just go smoke cigars
or watch baseball,
whatever it is they do.
Um, my husband's
actually not here.
Oh. Are you two...
Oh, it's just a,
just another long story.
Oh. Okay.
Well, um...
I'm so sorry.
I should probably deal with--
Oh, no, no, no, no. Go ahead.
I gotta run.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-See you tomorrow? Yes?
See you,
Miss Northern California.
Oh. Thank you.
Lovely to see you, Bonnie.
Good to see you, too.
[Jamie] I am truly sorry
for that.
I will take this
and the 17 cupcakes.
-Heh, okay.
-Sure, just...
-There you go.
-Thank you.
Yeah, have a great day.
Preston. Ugh...
-[Jamie gasps]
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
No, it's not.
It's all over you.
Let me get you some napkins.
I'm so sorry.
-That funny?
-[laughing] Yes.
Yeah, I guess it kinda is.
-Here you go.
-No, it's okay, um--
-And again, I...
No, no. Can-can we get her
another coffee?
No, look,
I was standing too close.
-Honestly, it's my fault.
-No, no. No.
Who are you?
Whit. Who are you?
Preston with the chips,
the movie.
Nice to meet you,
Preston with the chips,
the movie.
[Preston giggling]
Hey, you like baseball?
I love baseball.
I was a pitcher in college,
You were? Well,
he was a pitcher in college!
-Oh! Yeah. Here.
-Isn't that cool?
-Well, thank you.
-Of course.
Hey, sweetie, we gotta go, okay,
because grandma's expecting us,
-Thank you again.
Hey, um, my name's Whit,
by the way.
Oh. Um, Jamie.
[chuckles] Spiller of coffee,
mother of monster.
And beauty queen.
I-I heard y-y-your friend
say that
you were
Miss Northern California.
Not for a long time.
I actually don't really like
to talk about it.
It's kind of a weird curse.
Okay, so we're gonna go.
Uh, it was really nice
to meet you.
-Oh? For, for me?
-Thank you, yeah.
-That's on us.
Yeah. Got it.
-Okay, Preston.
-Bye, stranger!
-See you again?
-Yeah, I hope so.
[dramatic music]
-[Jamie] Buckle up!
-[engine starts]
[birds chirping]
[Jamie] Here we are.
-[Jamie] Here they are!
-[Boone] Hey, buddy!
-Look at you! Oh, that hair!
-Look how much you've grown!
You got big like grandpa.
-Hey, buddy!
-Hi, sweetheart.
Look how big you are! My God!
-Hey, honey.
-Hi, Daddy.
I made your favorites. Macaroni
and cheese, chocolate milk.
Oh, you hear that, Preston?
-I'm not hungry, I--
-Yup, yup.
-Come on in.
[Boone] Don't let grandma
hear you say that.
-Let's eat.
-[Preston] I ate chips.
Hey, what do you say we take
your backpack up to your room?
I've got some presents for you.
-So glad you're here.
-[Preston] Yay, presents!
It's like a time capsule
in here.
[chuckles] Well, I know better
than to touch your things.
Everyone is gonna be so happy
to see you.
Do you know how long
you're stayin'?
I don't really...
You know, stay as long
as you'd like and...
Well, us Mayfield girls,
we survive.
Well, Casey's downstairs.
So why don't you wash up
and supper'll be ready in 15?
[Preston roaring]
I'm gonna eat you!
[imitating roaring]
You ready to eat, kiddo?
I'm not hungry.
Oh? Hm...
Well, grandma made all this food
and we have to eat it, so...
Come on.
Three bites?
Five bites.
Well, when is daddy coming?
[clears throat]
-I don't know yet, sweetie.
-When are we going home?
Well, we're actually gonna stay
here at grandma and grandpa's
for a few days, okay,
while mommy and daddy
work through some stuff.
What stuff?
Boring grown-up stuff. Ugh!
But it's, it's fun
to be back here, isn't it?
It's kinda nice
to be in a big house.
Okay. Come on, five bites.
And then you can come
and play more, okay?
-Watch out for the ghost!
-[laughs] Where?
Has anybody seen my really
little nephew Preston anywhere?
-[Preston laughing]
Where is he? You couldn't be
him, you're too big.
Mm, I ate him.
[laughs] Oh, you did?
Go see your grandma.
How you doin'?
I'm all right,
for a scorned woman.
Should we kill him?
Well, are you sure?
Maybe his girlfriend.
-Just say the word.
No. It'll never last.
Yeah, that is true.
And I mean, I'm,
I'm really sorry it happened.
But selfishly
I'm kinda glad you're here.
[chuckles] Yeah,
there's no place like home
to lick your wounds.
Or plot murder.
And then he goes, "Mr. Caroway,
you can take
your triflin' business with you
back to Texas
'cause here in Wine Country
we've got standards!"
That is not what I said!
[Casey] That is exactly
what you said, Daddy.
Heh. You could be in a sorority
with all that pettiness.
[Bonne] I'd be
a great sorority sister.
[Marlene] Hey!
What do you say
when you're done?
May I be excused?
Yes, you may.
Yes! Video games!
So how you doin', kid?
How you feelin'?
-I'm fine.
How's Rick?
I don't really know.
Well, maybe you guys just need
to talk it out.
You know,
find some common ground.
Yeah, we tried that.
Just wasn't working out.
Well, marriage is hard work,
-Ask your mother.
I'm just saying,
Preston has only
one father in this world.
Okay, can we not, please?
I've been here for five minutes.
I know, I just don't want you
to throw in the towel
because you hit a little bump
in the road.
He cheated.
Did what?
Yeah, with his assistant.
I'm so...
I'm sorry, Jamie.
I'm sorry, that was
a big mistake on his part.
Yeah, it is.
It's a big mistake.
Yeah, you, you just tell him
that you forgive him.
Tell him that you forgive him,
and I'm sure
he'll come running back
with his tail between--
Dad, stop!
-Just stop.
I just mean...
to forgive is divine.
-[scoffs] Oh, my God!
-Everybody makes mistakes.
-No, I'm done, I'm done!
Everybody makes mistakes, Jamie!
[crickets chirping]
[instrumental music]
[man] Jamie?
[dramatic music]
[man] Jamie?
[eerie music]
-Daddy! Dad!
-Jamie, what is it?
Jamie? What?
There's somebody out there.
There's somebody out there.
-What? Where?
-There's a man outside!
-Look! Look, there's a man.
-[Boone] Where?
-[Jamie] Th...
-Where am I looking?
-There was a...
-I swear there was a guy.
Look, Jamie, Jamie, honey.
-Here you are. It's okay.
-[Jamie breathing heavily]
It's okay. Shh... It's okay.
You are safe here, I promise.
-I'm sorry.
-No, don't be sorry.
Come on. Let's get you in bed.
And you can sleep in
because your mom and I
will take care of Preston.
-No sugary cereals, right?
-Of course not.
Jamie, I'm sorry about tonight.
It was insensitive and selfish.
Thanks, Daddy.
All right.
Get some sleep, it's late.
[instrumental music]
[eerie music]
[doorknob rattling]
[girl screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[crickets chirping]
-Mind if I join you?
-Come on.
[Jamie sighs]
Well, you're up late.
Don't sleep too much
these days.
You okay?
Yeah. Just had a bad dream.
You still have those, huh?
So what do you wanna do
while you're here?
Well, tomorrow
I'm having breakfast
with some old girlfriends.
Oh. Well...
I would like
to have my time with you.
And so would your sister.
She misses you.
She always seems so busy
with her company and everything.
Honey, you two used to be
so close.
-Like two peas in a pod.
-Two peas in a pod.
I just don't want you two
to have a strained relationship
like my sisters and I.
Competitive and petty.
Going years without speaking.
You know, it's sad, really.
Most important thing is kin,
you know?
You could give Aunt Maddy
and Auntie Loretta a call.
No, no, no. No.
They can call me.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
-Oh, my God. I am so sorry.
-Oh, man.
You know, I wouldn't drink
out of these if I were you.
Oh, yeah, I wasn't, I...
Oh, no, not you.
No, I just mean that
it's the second time in two days
that I have made myself
look like a walking disaster.
No, no!
It was an accident, come on.
Uh, these things are made
with Bisphenol A and Phthalates.
Big Industry created things
to cause cancer, birth defects.
-You name it.
Well, I was not actually
going to buy one of those,
but that is very good
information, so thank you.
Uh, where are you headed?
Uh, just down the street.
I'm gonna catch up with
some old high-school friends.
Mind if I walk with you?
No, not at all.
So what brings you into town?
I grew up here...
and I'm just visiting parents.
Well, welcome back.
-Uh, where are you from?
-San Francisco.
Oh, I love San Francisco.
I have family there.
My parents,
they used to take us to, uh,
The Cameo to see old movies.
-I love The Cameo.
-Yeah, it's great.
So, uh, what brings you here?
I'm getting my law degree
at Berkeley.
I took a few years off,
traveled around...
International man.
-Where to?
-All over.
I had a goal, I wanted to hit
all seven continents in a year.
-Did you make your goal?
-I did.
[chuckles] Wow!
So what was your favorite place
to go visit?
Africa. It's incredible.
Tanzania, Morocco, Namibia.
Yeah, Africa would be amazing.
It is.
-But there's no place like home.
You know, Jamie,
you know, I was worried
I wasn't gonna see you again
and I don't want to leave it up
to chance a second time,
I apologize if this is forward,
but I would love
to take you out to dinner.
-Oh, um...
-I know this great steakhouse.
Right. You grew up here.
This is me.
Okay, uh,
how about Friday at 7 p.m.?
-That sounds good.
-Great. It's a date.
O-or d-dinner, whatever.
-Can I pick you up?
[laughs] Yeah, my parents...
Uh, it's the big blue house
at Euclid and 15th.
-Come on.
Be careful of those girls.
My old high-school friends?
Old friends can be so catty.
Ugh! Tell me about it.
[Alice] Are you kidding?
If Margie were to leave,
my husband just wouldn't eat.
He'd die before he'd figure out
how to bake a chicken.
I'll have you know,
I taught Marcus well.
He knows how to boil an egg.
[all laughing]
So spill it, Jamie.
Tell us everything.
[Dixie] So after Berkeley,
you guys moved to Albuquerque...
Oh, my God, I, when I heard,
I said there's no way
Ms. Jamie Mayfield
last a year in the desert.
Why would you say that?
Just because... Come on.
You're the queen of California.
There's nothing for you
in dusty New Mexico.
Well, it's not that bad.
We all thought
you'd move to Hollywood
and be this big movie star.
Marry a ball player
at the very least!
You know, I moved to Albuquerque
for him and he just...
It was like he was never happy,
you know,
I never felt like I was enough.
Oh, I completely understand
about not feeling appreciated,
et cetera...
You know,
sometimes I just need to cuddle.
-What, Barry doesn't cuddle?
-All right.
Um, I understand
if you don't wanna
talk about it, no pressure.
But what's going on with Rick?
-Um, we're getting a divorce.
-[all] Aww!
[Jamie] Yeah,
it's just not working out.
He was having an affair
with his 21-year-old assistant.
-Who does he think he is?
-Does he know who you are?
I'm not much of anybody.
Okay, you are
Jamie freakin' Mayfields.
That's right.
Good riddance!
Well, good, then let's find
Jamie Mayfield a real man.
I got the perfect man for you.
He's gorgeous, rich--
Oh, no, you need to meet
my doctor.
I cannot believe
he's still single.
I mean, if I were still single,
I'd be faking an illness
every other week.
[all laughing]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
[Marlene sighs]
Who are you going out with
I told you, mama.
I met him at the coffee shop.
Well, does he have a name?
-Yes, Guy From Coffee Shop.
Preston, come say goodnight
to your mama!
Oh, hello, mama.
Yeah, you still got it.
-Oh, yeah? Thank you.
-Yeah, you look great.
[Marlene] Preston?
Someone's coming down
the driveway.
Oh, great. Must be him.
-Good Lord, child.
-What have you gotten into?
I told you,
no sugar after five o'clock.
-No wonder he can't sleep.
-Come here. Oh, my God.
But my bedtime's, like,
I don't know...
-Like 9:00?
-In, like, an hour?
Hey. I love you.
Be good. Yeah?
So is he gonna come inside,
meet your parents
like a gentleman?
Hm, no, 'cause I'm not 16
anymore, Daddy.
Okay. Love you, guys. Goodnight!
-You two be careful.
-Be safe!
[Casey] Bye!
[Whit] Hey. You look great.
[Jamie] Oh! Thanks.
[chuckles] Gentleman.
Go, go, go!
[instrumental music]
[Boone] I don't like him.
[Marlene] Come on now,
you don't even know him.
[engine starts]
[Casey] Jamie said
he was a polite gentleman.
[Whit] And so there I was,
I was swimming,
relaxing in the Orinoco River,
when I noticed this group
of people on the shore.
They're-they're waving their
hands, and trying to signal me
and they're screaming,
and I'm thinking,
"What's-what's happenin' here?"
And then I feel it,
small sharp bites.
[Jamie] What? Like, jellyfish?
No, I wish! Piranhas!
I swam into the middle
of a feeding frenzy.
-No! What did you do?
-I swam back as fast as I could.
Screaming the entire way.
-Oh, thank you.
-[man] You're welcome.
-Excuse me?
-[man] Yes?
Um, can, can we get another set
of glasses, please?
-[man] Certainly.
-Hand-washed, preferably.
If it's not
too much of a hassle.
[man] Right away, sir.
The majority of restaurant
dishwashers contain Exophiala.
It's linked to all sorts of
lung and skin problems and...
Uh, I'm coming off crazy,
aren't I?
[giggles] No, you're fine.
Normally, I'm not this much
of a germaphobe,
but I'd just feel terrible
if you got sick on my watch.
[Jamie chuckles]
Well, I really appreciate that.
I have been talking about myself
this entire time--
[laughs] I love your stories,
though. That's like...
It's like listening
to an adventure novel on tape.
Robinson Crusoe or something.
No, no, no.
Please, tell me about yourself.
Uh, uh, what's it like
bein' back home?
I feel like
I'm back in high school,
although I'm obviously
not back in high school.
What were you like back then?
[chuckles] Um, well,
the first couple of years
I was really social.
I did pageants.
And the second couple of years?
-Those were different.
-Hand washed.
I feel like
there's a story here.
Yeah, I'm gonna need
all the wine.
Why am I gonna tell you this?
[Jamie chuckles]
Oh, man. Why am I smiling?
It's really not funny.
Um, okay, so...
after I won
Miss Northern California...
[clears throat] I had to do all
these appearances and events.
I-I started noticing
that this one guy
would just show up
to all of them.
And then I started seeing him,
um, outside of school
and at the gym...
And then, eventually,
outside my home.
My parents thought
that I was making it up,
um, until he started sending me
stuff in the mail,
like gifts and letters.
It started off innocent
at first, I guess,
but, um, it got really...
really scary.
my parents finally got it,
and, uh, we filed
a restraining order
and that was it.
But I couldn't help feeling, um,
you know, exposed.
What happened to him,
the stalker?
He was murdered.
I guess
he got what he deserved.
Yeah, I don't know
if he deserved to die,
but, um, I'd be lying if I said
I didn't wish that upon him
[dramatic music]
Are you okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Uh...
[clears throat] Sorry.
Oh, no, um...
Maybe let's move on,
talk about something else.
Of course, so...
[clears throat]
Where were you
before you were here?
Mm, Albuquerque.
What brought you there?
My, uh, my husband.
I'm sorry for the bomb drop.
Do I look phased?
No. You don't.
But for the record,
we are separated, hence.
His loss, my gain.
So what about you?
You ever been married?
I was close. Engaged.
-[cell phone rings]
-Oh, my God, that is so loud.
I'm so sorry,
I thought I turned that off.
[dramatic music]
It was him, wasn't it?
It's all right.
What do you say
we get out of here
and go someplace more private?
I say that's a good idea.
Check, please.
[music continues]
[Whit] It's beautiful up here,
isn't it?
It is, yeah, I used to come
here as a kid.
Yeah, but it's been a while
'cause, you know, well,
as I...
[Whit] Very well. Here we are.
[instrumental music]
The view is beautiful.
[Jamie chuckles]
I want to thank you for being
so open with me earlier.
About your past.
I'm sure that wasn't easy.
Well, I think
honesty is really important.
So do I.
Uh, Jamie, uh...
I have to tell you something.
I'm just...
I'm just a little nervous.
Well, it's okay.
You can trust me.
I wasn't traveling for pleasure
all those years.
I was in the CIA.
-Are you still?
-No, no.
About a year ago
I told them I wanted out.
You know, I just wanted
to get my law degree,
I wanted to start my life
over again. I just...
And they, you know, they let me,
that just did not happen.
They're monitoring me, Jamie.
When you become an agent, you,
you learn sensitive information.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry
I wasn't honest with you.
It's just, when I met you,
I, I felt this-this, this pull
that I haven't felt
in a really long time.
[chuckles] I understand
if this freaks you out.
No. No, it doesn't.
You make me feel safe.
[instrumental music]
[Rick] Jamie.
-Rick, what are you doing here?
-[Rick] Where have you been?
I've been calling you.
I left you a million messages.
How did you even get in here?
-Your father let me in.
-[scoffs] Oh, my God.
Of course he did.
Jamie, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
How many times do I have
to say it for everything?
Okay, but Preston is my son.
You don't have the right
to keep him from me.
I'm not trying
to keep P-Preston from you.
I-I just need space to think.
I know that you think
that I left you, but I didn't.
The truth is,
you left me years ago, you did.
Maybe not physically,
but emotionally.
Okay, wow. So this is my fault?
I mean, most days
I was convinced
that you didn't even like me,
let alone respect me and hear me
out on this,
so why bother, right?
Okay, so you sleep
with your assistant
because that's the best way
to earn my respect.
I did not sleep
with my assistant.
Rick, you are lying!
Jamie, you have to believe me.
-I have proof!
-You have proof?
-Yeah! Yes!
Okay, well, show me the proof,
because it didn't happen,
so you can't.
-Okay. Really? You're done?
[Jamie] Please go.
Why did you let Rick inside?
What would you have
wanted us to do, Jamie?
Um, stay out of it, Dad.
I can take care
of my own problems.
Sweetheart, your father
was just trying to help.
-I should get going, too.
[Marlene] I think you should go
talk to her.
[Casey] Mom, she needs time.
She found out her husband's
cheating on her
and she's been here,
like, a week.
-So, give her some space.
-She's gonna be okay, honey.
Maybe they just really need
some time apart.
No, Dad, she's better off alone
than with a cheatin' husband.
[Boone] All I'm saying is I hope
he comes back a changed man.
[Casey] Daddy, once a cheater,
always a cheater.
Mom, tell him.
Hey, one of you finish
that bottle of wine, okay?
It's a nice one,
I opened it, sorry.
[dramatic music]
-Thank you for coming.
-Of course.
Ah. I just...
I needed to get out
of that house.
Yeah? You okay?
You seem stressed.
[sighs] It's stuff
with my husband. My ex.
Hey, whatever happened
to your ex,
the one you were engaged to?
Oh. Well, that's a long story.
Basically, she didn't support
the work I was doing.
She wanted a normal life,
which is understandable,
but at that point it wasn't
something I could give her.
So what's goin' on with your ex?
When you dropped me off
he was there waiting for me.
He claims he didn't cheat.
-You have proof though, right?
Then what's wrong?
I'm worried that he might go
for full custody of Preston.
You're his mother. A judge will
always decide in your favor.
Nope, the truth is,
if we went to court,
he might win.
Why? Why would he win?
Because I don't have a job.
He owns the business, he owns
the house, I mean, on paper
he may look like a much more
fit parent than I do.
What's on paper
isn't everything.
I... You know, I'm...
I feel like I'm crumbling
under all the pressure, I...
I feel like
I'm failing as a mother.
Jamie, I know we've only
known each other
for a little bit,
but Preston is lucky
to have a mother like you.
I'm trying. I am trying
to be level-headed about it.
But I just keep thinking about
how he brought
that woman around Preston.
-That's confusing for a child.
-It is, yeah.
But it's not all about Preston.
I mean, if I'm being honest,
it's also about my bruised ego.
Or heart. Or both.
-What's his name?
Richard Thompson.
Well, mind if I do
a little checking of my own?
Yeah, that's fine,
just don't tell me
if you find out
about other women, okay?
I won't.
Jamie, I care about you.
[Jamie chuckles]
[Whit] A lot.
I won't let anything happen
to you.
What's wrong?
-Then don't stop.
Mm, I'm sorry. I'm just
so worried about Preston.
Of course.
He's your number-one priority.
That says a lot about you.
Well, thank you
for understanding.
Um, can I see you again soon?
-The sooner the better.
Okay, then, I'll call you.
[instrumental music]
[engine starts]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[man] Yes? Inquiry department.
[Whit] Yeah.
Oh, we just want to confirm
the name.
-Name is Richard Thompson.
-Richard Thompson of Sonoma?
You'll need level-two clearance
to enter database.
Okay, thanks.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[dramatic music]
[man] Jamie?
[eerie music]
[Preston laughing]
Ah, you're gonna hurt his back.
[Boone laughing]
All right. Time to go in.
[indistinct chatter]
-I'll come back.
[Preston] You come on!
That boy is gonna kill me.
[chuckles] Not if the heat
kills you first!
-Oh! Thank you.
-[Preston] Grandma, come on!
-[Bonne] Come on!
-Come on, you're no fun!
You've been spending a lot
of time with that young man.
[chuckles] Well...
He is smart, interesting...
and really honest, for a change.
Honest is good.
I don't know, there's something
really familiar about him.
Like I've known him
my whole life or something.
I know that sounds cliche.
No, it all sounds good.
I just hope you know that...
You don't have to rush it,
-You sure?
-Oh, I'm sure.
[Preston] Grandma!
Grandma, come on!
-Not fun without you!
-I'm back in.
-[Boone] Come on, come on!
[cell phone vibrates]
Something wrong?
I just, I feel like
I've been here before.
-Is this a family home?
No. I-I mean, it's not mine.
I bought this about a year ago
from this old lady
just before she passed.
I don't know,
maybe your parents knew her
and they brought you here
when you were little.
Yeah, maybe that's it.
Yeah, it needs some work, but
I'm, I'm gettin' around to it.
Come inside.
I'm happy to see you.
Happy to see you, too.
I was just finishing
something up.
-I'll be right back.
You said you had something
you wanted to talk to me about.
I've been doing some research
and I found
some really disturbing
-About your ex.
-About Rick?
He's gonna try
and take your son.
He's gonna go for full custody?
You mean he's gonna take me
to court.
No, Jamie, he's going to try
and kidnap Preston.
-What? No, Rick would never--
-Just think about it.
You think he's gonna win in
court? He-he's cheated on you.
He's ruined your family.
There's no way he's gonna
be able to win.
How? How would he even--
Lauren. She's connected
to Mexican drug cartels.
Well, these people, they make
entire bus loads of children
Okay, wait. Wait. Wait-wait...
No. This... Where,
where are you getting this--
I have my sources, I-I can't
tell you anymore,
but they're reliable.
Listen, I promise, Jamie,
I'm not gonna
let anything happen to Preston,
Trust me.
I just need you to be aware
of anyone suspicious
following you.
Oh, my God! The man.
Outside my window.
I knew I saw someone.
I-I saw someone.
I could feel it!
-What man? When?
-A-a few days ago.
There was someone there.
And then last night...
That makes sense. They're
probably already watching you.
Jamie, you are in
so much danger right now.
-I gotta go. I gotta go.
-I'll protect you, both of you.
You and Preston
are my number-one priority.
Listen to me, you need to be
careful who you speak to
and who you trust
around Preston.
-Can you do that?
And beware
of any connected device.
Smart TVs, phones, cars...
They can all be used as
surveillance tools to track you,
to spy on you.
-I have to go.
-It's okay.
-Where's Preston?
-Are you sure?
-Well, yeah, I just came down.
-Where were you?
Well, Preston was asking
"Where's mommy?" all day.
Okay, could you do me a favor?
Could you make sure that Preston
doesn't watch TV for a while?
-Is he punished?
I just don't know
what the TVs are hooked up to.
-They could be monitoring us.
-Who is "they?"
-Just please.
Stop letting him watch TV.
Okay, Jamie, okay.
Thank you.
What is going on with you?
Don't you think it was weird
that that man always knew
where I was?
Where and when I would be there.
Jamie, you're safe here.
That was years ago.
How do you know that we're safe?
Okay. You need to talk to me.
What has happened? I have
never seen you act like this.
Act like what?
Taking initiative,
all on my own.
Being proactive
about our safety.
-I heard you.
Talking about me, last night.
We love you and we are worried.
And I have never seen you
so upset.
And I think that you need
to talk to a therapist.
Okay, I'm going upstairs.
Jamie, I am talking to you.
No, you're talking at me.
And, look, I'm sorry
that I did not tell you
where I was going
or when I would be back,
but I am an adult.
And if you can't
take care of Preston
the way that I would like you
to take care of him
when I am gone,
then we will go somewhere else.
-Yes, we can.
-Okay. Thank you.
[birds chirping]
Um, mama,
grandma won't let me watch TV.
I'm bored.
Only boring kids are bored.
[Preston] Mom,
there's someone outside.
[gasps] Preston,
get away from the window.
It's just grandpa.
Hey, you wanna play
hide and seek?
[giggles] Yeah, and I'm
definitely gonna find you.
No, you won't.
It might take years.
-Maybe centuries.
You've never been up here.
This is the best place
to play hide and seek.
-[laughs] So...
[laughs] Whoa!
-It's so big!
-Pretty cool, huh?
This thing really turns. Uh...
-You're gonna hide or what?
[Young Jamie] Six...
-[Jamie] Seven...
-[Young Jamie] Seven...
[Young Jamie] Eight, nine,
ten, eleven,
Fourteen, fifteen,
sixteen, seventeen,
eighteen, nineteen...
I don't wanna play this game
[echoing] This game is not fun.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Where are you hiding?
I'm gonna find you.
Preston, we're not
supposed to be down here.
-It's not part of the game.
-[Boone] Cool.
-[Preston] Cool!
-That is cool, buddy.
-[Marlene] That is...
-[Preston] No!
I'm taking that.
I love these things!
[Marlene] ...grandpa.
You better hold on.
Get your hands off of my son!
Hey, buddy, why don't you go
upstairs and play in your room?
-I'll be up in a little bit.
-No, you won't.
-Okay, come on, Preston.
-It's okay.
Come on, grandma has something
she wants you to do for her.
I want you to run upstairs
and get my sweater for me.
You can't keep my son
away from me.
Did you think I wasn't gonna
find out, Rick?
About your plan?
Having people follow us?
-What were you going to do?
Take him by force?
It is never going to happen.
Do you understand me?
-What are you talking about?
-[Casey] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Jamie, Jamie, calm down, okay?
Rick just wanted to see his son.
Calm down.
No, I'm not gonna calm down.
You don't know
what I know about him.
-What? What do you know?
-He's having people spy on us.
Go ahead, tell 'em!
I saw him.
I saw him outside the window.
Jamie, dad went out and looked.
Jamie, honey,
there was nobody out there.
-No one was out there.
-[Rick] Jamie...
Just listen to yourself.
Okay, stop.
None of this is true.
I love you.
You don't believe me?
None of you believe me?
Stay the hell away
from me and my son.
-He's my son, too!
-Jamie! Jamie!
We'll talk to her.
We will, we'll talk to her.
I-I don't know
what to tell you, Rick.
I've never seen her like this.
-[Preston] Mom?
I need you to go
grab your backpack, okay?
We're leaving.
-Because I said so!
-Can I stay with daddy?
-Absolutely not.
Please, go get your backpack!
-You guys are crazy.
-Let us talk to her.
She is, she's going through
a really rough time right now.
I get it. I do, okay? I get it.
But... she's so angry.
-I know.
-Gosh, I wonder why that is.
I did not cheat on her.
I didn't.
[car door shuts]
Oh, my goodness...
[car engine revving]
I'm going after her.
[sighs] Oh, man.
They were looking at me
like I was...
[chuckles] crazy.
I feel like I am going crazy.
You're not crazy.
That word is offensive.
Well, it's just that...
Now that we know the truth,
I'm beginning to realize
how, how vulnerable we are,
how easy it is to find us.
-And I...
-[cell phone rings]
You did the right thing
coming here.
You're safe here.
You're safe here with me.
And I'm glad you're here.
[Preston laughs]
[Preston] Over here!
[indistinct chatter]
[cell phone ringing]
[Preston] You're never gonna
catch me!
[intense music]
Good throw.
[Casey on voicemail] Come on,
Jamie, I'm on your side always.
You gotta talk to me.
Listen. I have bad news
to share. So call me back.
Let me know
where you're staying, okay?
I love you. Call me, please.
-Over here!
-Whoa! Up!
-You want it? You want it?
-Come back.
-[Whit] I want it.
-[Preston] What? Yeah?
-[Preston] Cool.
-[Whit] Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
-[Casey] How's Preston?
-[Jamie] He's fine.
Hey, Jamie, come on.
Well, don't shut me out.
Don't be a Mayfield.
Look. I know you're mad.
I know that it, it seems like we
were consorting with the enemy,
but I will hate Rick with you,
okay? Done. Hate him.
But you gotta talk to me.
I found out some information
about him.
Bad stuff.
I can... I can't.
I can't talk about it.
Jamie, did he hit you?
-Did he hit Preston?
Because you said something about
him taking Preston by force.
No. I just... Look, I can't
get into it right now, okay?
I'm on your side, Jamie, okay,
even if mom and dad are trying
to be all nice-y nice.
It's just 'cause they don't
like drama, you know that.
We have to protect Preston,
What did you wanna
tell me about?
Jamie, I have some bad news.
Auntie Loretta died yesterday.
-Oh, no.
-I know.
-How's mom?
-Being very mom-like.
Taking over all the arrangements
so she doesn't have to sit down
and actually deal with it
for a minute.
They're having the memorial
at her house...
and you need to be there.
And I know it's bad timing,
One family drama at a time
would obviously be preferable,
but, well, I do think
death is the trump card.
Ha! Bummer times!
Now that I wanna eat
five gallons of ice cream...
Tell me something good. Tell me,
tell me about this new guy.
Spill the tea.
Oh, um...
He's wonderful.
He's traveled the world.
He's studying law at Berkeley.
Oh! Wow! Law at Berkeley!
Here you go, babe.
-I don't like green beans.
-Mm, nice try.
Where did these green beans
come from?
Uh, the grocery store.
-What section?
-The frozen foods.
There was a listeriosis bacteria
outbreak in Europe.
Because of frozen vegetables,
nine people died last week.
-Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know.
-Yeah, it's okay.
We just, we just need
to be more careful.
[Whit] There's,
there's all sorts of risks
associated with processed foods.
[Jamie] Right.
So, I, um...
I met with Casey today.
We got some bad news.
-My Aunt Loretta passed away.
-Oh, no.
-Your Great-aunt Loretta.
You were really young
when you met her,
you probably don't remember.
But she loved you.
-I'm sorry, Jamie.
-Yeah, thanks.
And tomorrow is the memorial
service at my parents' house.
-So I've gotta go.
-I'll come with you.
-It's, it's a known location.
I need to make sure it's safe.
I-is there any proof
that your-your aunt passed away?
Oh, I, I don't know.
Because maybe Casey came up
with this idea
to get you to talk,
preying on your sympathy.
No, Casey would never lie
about something like that.
If there's anything that I know
is that you can never
really know a person.
People will surprise you
Right, and I agree with you,
but Casey
has always been my ally.
She was the only one
who believed me when...
Okay. Yeah,
if-if you think it's...
If you think it's legitimate,
then we'll go.
Yeah. Thanks.
Where's grandma and grandpa?
You sure you're ready for this?
Yeah. Yeah, I wanna support you.
-Jamie, let's get in and out.
-Ah, yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[whispers] I told her
he was welcome to come.
-There's grandpa.
-[Preston] Grandpa!
Hey, buddy.
Oh, you're getting so heavy.
-You wanna go get a sandwich?
All right.
-Hi, can I take that for you?
Okay, you stay in here.
I'm gonna go check out
the other rooms.
[instrumental music]
[Maddy] Jamie!
-Oh, I can't believe it.
-Oh, Aunt Maddy.
[Jamie] I'm so sorry.
Hey, have you seen my mom?
Yeah, baby, just right in here.
Come on.
-Look at you.
You're a full-grown woman.
My gosh,
I barely recognized you.
-Thank Marlene for that.
-Oh, yeah.
-I know. Oh, there she is.
Hi, sweetheart.
Thank you for coming.
Hi, Mom. Of course.
[Maddy] My son's here.
I haven't seen him in a while.
-Let's go say hi.
-I suppose we should.
Oh, my God,
I'm so glad you're here.
How is she doing?
I don't know. Ask me tonight
when everyone's gone.
Yeah, right.
Oh. So I brought him.
-The guy.
-Him? Yes!
Oh, my God!
Little Whittie?
-Hey, Casey!
-[Maddy] This is fantastic.
[Maddy] You know,
you guys haven't seen each other
since you were kids.
[intense music]
Excuse me.
I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[breathing heavily]
Whit, let's go say hi
to your father.
Give me a minute.
Where did your sister go?
I have no idea.
I cannot believe
that Whit showed up.
-Yeah. Never seen him in--
-Twelve years.
Um, would you help me
find your Aunt Annabelle?
I know she's here.
No, no, no, no, no.
-No. Whit!
-Calm down, calm down.
-This is a joke, right?
-Please tell me this is a joke!
We're cousins.
You're my Cousin Whit.
Whit, Whit my cousin is you.
-We are cousins.
-Listen to me.
Oh, my God. Wait, wait.
-Oh, my God.
-I love you.
I love you.
Wait! Hold on!
You didn't know, right?
No, of course not.
You're not freaked out?
-I guess not.
-You guess not?
-We didn't grow up together.
So it's not like
you're my sister.
-Our moms are sisters!
-Sisters that never speak.
God, is anyone
who they claim to be?
-Me! I am!
-You're not hearing me.
I am, Jamie. I love you.
And I feel this need
to protect you
from anything and everything
that could possibly hurt you.
You don't know the things
that I know.
Okay. I'm-I...
Please, I-I need you to leave.
Okay? Just, just give me
a little bit of time to think.
Preston and I will stay here.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
We'll be fine.
Just do me a favor.
Sleep in the same bedroom
as Preston.
Lock all the doors and windows
to the house.
Note any suspicious activity.
Please, please...
Don't hesitate to call me.
Oh. Aunt Maddy, are you okay?
Yeah. I'm good.
It was crazy seeing Whit today.
I haven't seen him since...
since forever.
Yeah. Well, I can never
keep track of him.
Believe me, I try.
Well, I heard he's,
I heard he's in law school.
Is that what he told you?
I doubt that.
Don't get me wrong.
He's smart enough.
He's brilliant.
He could do so much.
But wasn't, uh, wasn't he
travelling this last year?
Casey, Whit doesn't even have
a passport.
He was denied one
by the State Department.
Thank God.
[Maddy] Lord knows
I love that boy.
[sobs] But I don't know
what I did wrong.
Tell me, Casey.
Tell me what I did wrong.
I mean,
I got him the best tutors,
the best therapists, doctors...
because I always knew
he was different
from my other boys.
Different how?
He'd fixate, you know,
obsess on things.
He'd lock himself in his room
for hours and hours
just reading, you know?
Reading about CIA...
He, he would create
whole worlds.
[sniffles] That boy...
he could convince you
the sky was purple.
I just didn't know back then
there was a name for it.
A name?
Paranoid schizophrenia.
Don't tell anybody. We're not
supposed to tell anybody.
Lord knows we wouldn't wanna
bring any shame
on the family, right?
All I ever wanted
was for him to meet a nice girl.
I thought he had.
I mean, he met
this lovely girl, Sandy.
You know,
she was smart and beautiful
and... just a beauty queen,
just like Jamie.
Well, what happened?
I don't know really.
I never know
which part of his story is truth
and which part
is complete fabrication.
But when he told you a story,
he believed it to his bones.
One minute,
"Mom, I met this girl
and we're gonna get married
and she's it."
Next minute, there's
a restraining order out on him.
He just disappeared.
I haven't seen him
for over a year until right now.
Mama. Mama, stop.
Why don't you let me do that?
-[Casey] You just relax.
-No, I'm, I'm fine.
Hey, what do you say, you and I
go out on the front porch
and sit?
I'm just gonna wrap up the food.
No, mama, I got it. Stop.
Come on, honey.
What's wrong?
What do you think?
Mama, can I watch TV?
No, Preston.
I told you, no video games.
Give it to me.
I told him
he could play a little bit.
Okay, well, I'm saying no.
So the answer's no, okay?
Jamie, I told him
he could watch for five minutes
and then
he could get ready for bed.
I'm his mother, actually!
Hey, Jamie. Chill.
Mama, five minutes!
What did I just say? I said no.
Please, listen to me
and just go up to your room.
it's a video game.
Which I don't want him
playing. Okay?
-I can't do this right now.
-Jamie, stop.
-Stop! Jamie!
I know.
You know what?
I know that Cousin Whit
is the guy from the coffee shop.
-What are you doing?
-I didn't know.
-I didn't know.
-Okay. Okay. It's okay.
What am I gonna do, Casey?
-What do I do? I--
-You end it.
-Yeah, but it just, but he--
-He's your cousin.
I know, but...
No, you don't understand.
He knows all the stuff,
he knows the stuff about Rick
and the cartel
and-and then, and then--
-No. No, Jamie, no.
-He knows about the man who's--
We're being monitored, okay?
And the electronics,
the electronics,
we don't know
what they're doing.
No, no, no, no, Jamie!
No, no, no, stop, stop.
Listen to me.
No one has seen
or heard from Whit in months.
Not even Aunt Maddy.
Do you know why?
-Because he was travelling.
No, Jamie,
he doesn't even have a passport.
Whit is sick.
He's been dealing with all sorts
of mental health issues.
He has ever since we were kids,
don't you remember?
He'd always be away
at boarding school.
Okay. Well,
it wasn't boarding school.
[cell phone ringing]
No, don't answer that.
[cell phone ringing]
Jamie, don't answer that.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey. Hey, look.
It was a mistake. It's okay.
[Whit on voicemail] Jamie.
Jamie, you are in danger.
You can't stay there, Jamie.
-Do you understand? Call me...
-You see?
He says that I'm in danger here.
And I just, I--
No, Jamie, stop,
and listen to yourself!
You are so paranoid!
Whit is crazy.
You are safe here. Okay?
You and Preston are safe here.
I promise.
[cell phone ringing]
Ugh! Answer and just tell him
you need space.
-Whit? Whit?
-[Whit on phone] Jamie, Jamie!
-Don't, don't do this, come on.
-You need my protection.
-[Jamie] No, I need you--
-Don't, you don't understand!
-Stop, stop.
-You're vulnerable there.
This is over, okay? I'm sorry.
-They're coming for you.
-I'm sorry. It's over.
They're coming for you.
They're coming
for you and Preston.
Whit, I'm sorry, this is over.
I'm sorry.
Come here. Come here. I gotcha.
Jamie! Jamie!
Jamie, d-don't do this.
-What are you doing?
-Shut up!
This is all your fault!
[Whit grunting]
[Whit] No! No, no!
I can't, I can't!
[Whit] Yes, I can! Yes, I can.
Listen to me.
Listen, Whit.
Look, you don't have to do this.
I know who you are.
-I know everything about you.
-She's my wife.
-You stay away from her.
-She's not your wife.
She's not your wife.
-What's the matter with you?
-You think I'm crazy?
Just let me go. Look, let's just
talk about this, okay?
Let's just...
She was supposed to be mine.
I've loved her my entire life.
You hardly even know her.
It's time for you
to go to sleep.
[Jamie sighs]
When did this arrive?
Uh, a few days ago.
-While you were sleeping.
-And you kept it from me?
Well, you've been a little
preoccupied lately, Jamie.
Basically, straight forward,
it's divorce paperwork
with joint custody for Preston.
[scoffs] What if
this is a diversion?
Why would it be a diversion?
Well, I don't know, but I'm not,
I'm not gonna sign those.
What would be so wrong
with joint custody?
-Are you serious?
-Well, yeah.
I mean, part of a divorce
is learning how to co-parent.
He's not even demanding
sole custody, honey.
[Casey] Actually, he's
not even demanding anything.
He's requesting. And they
are reasonable requests.
Okay, well,
I want full custody.
[Marlene] Why, Jamie? Why?
Why, because he...
It's my job to protect my child.
W-why are you guys
fighting me on this?
[Marlene] And you are my child
and part of my job
is to protect you.
And right now you are being
completely nonsensical.
Don't act like you've always
protected me, mama.
Do not.
Okay. Uh, you know what
I'm in the mood for?
-Ice cream.
-Ice cream!
-Yeah? Let's go get some.
-[Preston] Okay.
-[Casey] Come on.
-No, no, it's...
You know what?
It's too dangerous.
-No. Jamie, Jamie.
-I don't want him outside.
You gotta calm down. Okay?
Preston needs to get out of here
where you guys talk
and we're gonna get
some ice cream
and then I'm gonna bring him
right back.
Okay, but don't let him
out of your sight.
Okay, I won't, I promise.
He's very safe
with his Auntie Casey.
I'm tough. Come on. Let's go.
-Bye, Mommy. Love you.
-Bye, baby. I love you, too.
I just, I need you
to be on my side.
we are on your side,
and we are also
on Preston's side.
Why do you say that
like it's two separate things?
Enough, Jamie. Enough already.
This is why I left home.
[cell phone ringing]
[banging on door]
[banging on door]
What in the world?
Whit, what are you doing?
Where is she?
What did you do with her?
What are you talking about,
If you don't tell me
where Jamie is right now,
I will force you to tell me.
What the hell is going on here?
You need to tell me
where Jamie is right now!
I will not ask you again.
Don't you ever come into my home
and talk to me like that, ever!
I was afraid you were gonna
say that, Uncle Boone.
Okay, Whit,
you need to calm down.
I wouldn't let you hurt her.
Hurt Jamie?
Oh! Oh! Wait! Boone!
Boone! What did you do, Whit?
-God, Whit, you...
-Where is she?
-What have you done?
-Come on.
What? Oh, my God!
Daddy? Daddy?
-Oh, my God. Daddy?
-[Marlene] Oh!
Oh, my God.
Mama! Mama!
Mama? Mama? Mama, are you okay?
-He pushed me down.
-Who did?
-You were right.
Rick manipulated them.
They had become threats.
What did you do, Whit?
I love you, Jamie.
How could you do this to us?
I know this is a lot
for you. Okay?
I tried to shield you from it.
Hey, Preston, stay here, okay?
-What's happening?
-I don't know.
But lock the doors behind me
when I get out, okay?
[door lock clicks]
You're sick, Whit.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe you're the crazy ones
and I'm the only sane one
in this family?
-Did it?
-[Casey] Whit!
Hey, calm down, Casey.
I don't wanna shoot you, cuz.
I'm not who you think I am,
-Let's just talk this through.
Just you and me.
-No! Casey? Casey?
-Shh! Shh! No. Shh!
Come on. Shh! Shh! Shh!
Stop. Stop, Jamie, stop.
-I need to protect you, okay?
-Then why are you doing this?
Because sometimes you need a
little protection from yourself.
Whit. Whit, you just need help.
Okay? You're hurting me.
You said that same thing
in the basement
when you were a little girl.
Don't cry.
Please don't hurt me, Whit.
I won't hurt you,
but stop your crying, Jamie.
Please, let me go. I don't
want to play this game anymore.
I said, shut up!
[sobbing] Oh, my God, it's you!
You remember now, don't you?
-Get away from me!
-[Rick] Jamie, get the gun.
-[Whit groans]
[groans] What are you
doing here?
Stay back, Whit.
I'm a trained assassin, Rick.
This is a fight
you're gonna lose.
Shut up, Whit.
-[gun cocks]
-Hey! Hey!
What are you doing?
-Come on, Jamie.
-No. Hey.
-Stay away from me.
No, no, no. We can leave.
We can go away from here.
-Stay back.
-We can take Preston.
-No, right now.
-Right now we'll run away.
where no one can hurt you.
-What do you say?
-I say...
I'm sick of running.
-[Rick groaning]
-Are you okay? Did he hurt you?
He's been planning this
from months, Jamie.
-I never cheated on you.
-I know, I'm sorry.
Where's Preston?
-Mommy! Daddy!
-Oh, buddy. Buddy, come here.
-Preston? Preston.
Baby, are you okay?
-Where did you go?
-I ran and hid.
-That's my boy. Attaboy.
[Casey] Special omelet.
That looks good.
You need to get
a proper cutting knife.
[Boone] All right,
this is, this is...
Would you guys stay away...
Step back from the bananas.
-That is a butter knife.
-[Casey] Do we want coffee?
-I want coffee.
-Ooh, coffee for me, please.
-[Casey] Okay.
-You need to make a fresh pot.
-[doorbell rings]
Oh. Hold on,
I'm gonna get the door.
-[Marlene] Here you go.
-[Casey] Have some orange juice.
I'm not putting
any sugar in this.
I really missed you.
I'm so sorry
that I didn't believe you.
I will always fight
for you and Preston.
I know.
I love you.
I love you.
[Casey] Breakfast ready, guys.
Oh, yeah, about that.
So Preston's making you
Preston's cooking?
-Yeah, just for dad.
-Who let him do that?
[Rick] Hey, Preston, dad's here.
[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]