Devil (2010) Movie Script

When I was a child,
my mother would
tell me a story
about how
the Devil roams the Earth.
Sometimes, she said,
he would take human form
so he could punish the damned on
Earth before claiming their souls.
The ones he chose
would be gathered together
and tortured as he hid amongst
them, pretending to be one of them.
I always believed my mother was
telling me an old wives' tale.
My mother's story would
always begin the same way,
with a suicide paving the
way for the Devil's arrival.
And it would always end with
the deaths of all those trapped.
I'm good. I feel good. I feel amazing.
You know the main reason why
people go back to drinking?
The Eagles.
Are we seriously
talking about this again?
It's important.
Your ability to forgive
is gonna determine
the quality of the rest of your
life more than anything else.
Look, some things
are beyond forgiveness.
You're already
on your way.
You've taken responsibility
for your actions.
That's more than half
the battle right there.
But to truly feel free,
you may need to
finally start believing
in something
greater than yourself.
That sounds good.
It does.
But when I think about the
guy that killed my family,
I have a tough time
believing in much of anything.
I'm just saying,
leave yourself open to it.
Can we just have breakfast for once?
Talk about normal stuff.
I'm your sponsor. You can
talk about normal stuff
with everybody else.
Hey. Got a good one
for you.
Yeah, it doesn't
make sense, right?
A guy hits a truck with this kind
of force from a two-story building?
Definitely a jumper.
Are you sure
he wasn't thrown?
He's got
a rosary in his hand.
Not the kind of thing
you grab in a panic.
There's no glass
on the ground.
The truck wasn't here when he
made impact. It must have rolled.
Your guy jumped
from that building.
And what? Your dead guy
turned the corner, here?
These things are made
to bounce trucks off.
You got to be
kidding me.
Let's walk it.
Hey! Hey, lady,
you got to sign in.
Oh. Where's Ramsey?
He knows me.
Ramsey's out sick.
You got me.
And that means
you gotta sign in.
I mean, do I look like such a threat?
Don't blame me.
They got procedures.
Keep dreaming, dawg.
You have to
cover the sign in.
Some lawyers on 39
need this right away.
You're not taking
the stairs again.
What else am I gonna
do to stay in shape?
To 39? Just get on
the damn elevator.
Come in.
It's too tight
for me.
You can squeeze in.
Hold, please.
Thank you.
Forty-two, please.
You bet.
Now, see,
this I can do.
Could you hold that?
Uh. Sorry.
Thanks for your help.
Don't mention it.
this is not good.
Oh, come on, man.
Don't do this.
Come on, Timonen,
put a stick on it.
How we doing?
Same score.
Why is elevator six
in inspection mode?
Elevator six.
A full house.
Two queens, three jacks.
Call Dwight.
Yo, Dwight,
you got a problem.
Tell me about it. I'm
already up on 35 fixing it.
The elevator?
No, the broken window.
You're not
fixing the elevator?
Screen says six is
on inspection mode.
We got people
stuck in there.
Are you sure you're
reading that right?
Your eyes ain't
what they used to be.
You know what? I'll ask
your mom to read it for me
next time I got her
bent over the console.
My mom's 78.
Have at it.
Yeah. Listen, buddy, just
go up to the machine room
and check it out, okay?
On my way.
Just trying to get
something to jump-start it.
Don't you have
emergency procedures?
I don't know, I'm just a temp.
I just started working here.
Well, don't you
service these things?
Try hitting
the emergency button.
Don't you
keep up your equipment?
I don't know.
Like I said...
Don't you have
a walkie-talkie?
No. I didn't think
I'd need it.
Don't you think it would have
been... Won't you shut up?
Yeah, take it easy.
I mean, seriously!
You don't have
a walkie-talkie?
Hey, people,
we see you in there.
We're stuck!
Hang tough, we got the
building engineer on his way.
When was the last time you
heard somebody say "hang tough"?
What did you say?
Is he picking a fight?
Can one of you look
towards the camera
and say something
loud and clear, please?
Your building sucks!
I can't hear you.
The speaker in the car is
supposed to let us talk both ways,
but you can hear me?
It's working on
this end, yeah!
He just said
he can't hear us,
didn't say
we should talk louder.
Okay, um,
give us a sec.
Well, this is reassuring.
I got to be somewhere.
You're not gonna
get a signal in here.
I just need to call my job so
I don't get fired over this.
Typical bullshit.
Do any of y'all
have a signal?
I've got one bar.
Hello? This is Larson.
Can you please connect me to
my job at the security desk?
Can you hear me?
Tell them to
get us out of here!
They'll just have to deal.
Well, at least
we got tunes.
Don't sit under that apple
tree with anyone else but me
Come on, grandma,
you know the words.
Anyone else but me
Don't be a jerk.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Miss Manners.
Did I offend your
noble sensibilities?
Why don't you
lay off, pal?
Why don't you
suck a butt?
This is great.
Let's just pick on the nice guy
for bringing a little levity.
Maybe we should all just
stop talking for a while.
Okay, I was just joking.
I'm joking.
Hey, Dwight,
are you there yet?
Hey, look, man, I'm just
glad you're dating again.
I'm just glad
you're glad.
You know what I meant. You
know, after all your troubles...
I know what you meant.
So, how's that
been going for you?
Ninety days tomorrow.
Wow, 90 days!
It seems like just
yesterday since we...
Not to me,
it doesn't.
You wouldn't happen to have a
broken window up there, would you?
Facing this direction?
Big enough to fit a person through it?
I suppose.
Please stop sweeping.
I'm declaring this
a crime scene.
Car 602.
What the hell is that?
Look out!
You might want to
secure that better.
Okay, okay!
In her story,
innocent people always die.
Poor souls just
trying to help out,
who didn't realize what
they were dealing with.
He doesn't take kindly to
those who stand in his way.
Hey, old man.
It doesn't say inspection
mode here. Circuits look fine.
Try flipping elevator six.
I'll tell the people in the
car. You count to 20, then do it.
"Inspected and certified
August 12 by G. Carson. "
Hey, what do you say we go visit
G. Carson when we're out of here?
Tell him what we think
of his inspecting prowess.
People, we're gonna flip off
the lights for one sec
to see if there's
a short in the breaker.
You're gonna
cut off the power?
Does that mean
we could drop?
You'll be fine. I just
didn't want you to...
What's happening?
Come on!
Nothing. Just relax.
Come on.
Get off me!
Get off me!
What's wrong
with you, man?
When I was younger, my
brother locked me in a trunk
for six hours.
I have trouble
with tight spaces.
Oh, great.
Come on.
Can we get out
through that?
What are you gonna do?
Shimmy up the cables?
You'll be a lot safer
in here.
Anybody know where the
bathroom is in this thing?
Did it work?
Nope, they're still stuck.
Let me go check the
mains in the basement.
All right, thanks a lot. Wow.
What's going on?
You know that
window on 35?
Looks like somebody might
have jumped through it.
This morning.
Thanks for
bearing with us, people.
We should get you back
on line in a few minutes.
It's been minutes.
How long is it
going to take?
When we get out of here,
you're gonna need a good rest.
"Mattress Mania"?
That's us. Everybody's had their
mattress too long. Am I right?
You didn't follow that advice
about flipping it every few months
and now you've
worn a groove into it,
and you think,
"Well, I'm used to it.
"So, hey. But I do
miss the way it felt
"when it came
fresh out of that bag. "
Look at those shoes, they've
been through the mill.
They're saying, "Someone deserves
a better place to lie down. "
Are you
insulting my shoes?
The point is, a new mattress will
cost a lot less than you think.
You don't have to be
as well-off as this one.
I'm not that well-off.
What makes me good
at selling mattresses
is I can look
at a person's clothes
and know exactly how much
they can afford to spend.
And you, lady,
you're no Super Sleeper.
Oh, my God. They keep playing
this song over and over and over.
Can't they just
turn the music off?
Did you just
touch my ass?
You wish, sweetheart.
I don't know who you think you
are, but keep your hands off me.
They must be working
on the lights again.
Hey, Dwight.
I'm here.
I'm heading into the pit.
They just lost power in
number six again. Is that you?
No, you can't do that
from here, D.L.
That's strange.
I'm looking at
elevator six right now.
I can't see
anything wrong with it.
The lights keep shorting out.
The passengers are getting scared.
See if this helps.
Come on, come on.
Oh, God.
Come on, come on.
No. No change.
The only other thing
I can think to do
would be going back up
to the roof, climbing down
and resetting
the car manually.
Yeah, yeah. Good. Do that, do
that. Call me when you get there.
All right.
All right.
Get out of here.
Off you go. Off you go. There you go.
"Inspected by G. Carson. "
What was that?
I thought I heard...
Are you all right?
I'm just...
I think someone pulled
my blouse. I'm... I'm...
You're bleeding.
Here. Here. Stand up.
Let me help you.
I think I got cut.
What's going on
in there?
I don't know.
They're just scared.
I think
that lady got hurt.
Did she?
Yeah, see that?
What in the world?
Oh, my God.
What's he saying?
I can't tell
what he's saying.
I can't tell what
you're trying to say.
Turn off the...
Turn off the music!
Maybe they don't
like the music.
The music's still on?
Turn it off. It's
probably driving them nuts.
Okay. How?
There's a kill switch
right behind the...
Right under the key box.
Thank you!
What happened to her?
It feels like
something bit me.
Wait, wait. Does anybody
have anything sharp on them
that might have cut her,
she might have cut herself on? No.
Why you got
blood on you, man?
She fell into me.
So you cut her?
What? No. No, something
must have happened to her
and then she fell into me.
She probably
did it to herself!
Come on!
Bit her own back?
You think this is a bite?
No, nobody got bit.
What else could
have done that?
I'll tell you.
I don't know.
A serrated blade
could have.
You wouldn't happen
to have a knife with
a serrated blade
on you, would you?
Okay. You mind if we
search your pockets?
Yes, I do mind.
You mind if we search yours?
Go right ahead.
Maybe she has
a serrated blade on her!
Are you seriously suggesting
that I would do this to myself?
I don't know.
Give me another reason
to kick your ass.
Please, bro,
take it easy, okay?
I'm not your bro.
Can you turn
towards the camera
and show us what
happened to you, please?
Oh, my God.
Okay, we gotta
call the police.
We have a possible 240
at 333 Locust Street.
gotta be right around...
right outside. Put me on it.
Copy that, 602.
That's convenient.
I don't make the calls,
they just come for me.
Hey, how's
your girlfriend?
Shut up.
What are you doing?
I thought I saw something.
What do you mean?
Like what?
You see it?
Yeah, yeah.
Look, that's just...
That's just
grain in the image.
That's, you know...
It's a mistake.
It's like when people see
Jesus in a pancake or something.
No. No. No.
Ramirez. Ramirez, you're
freaking me out. Come on.
Hey, hey.
Hey, listen to me.
We need to convey calm. These
people are relying on us, okay?
So stop this shit
right now.
Come on.
Come on!
I don't even know
why we're trying this.
We're in the express shaft.
There's not gonna be another
opening till the 23rd floor.
Maybe we're close.
Could this elevator fall?
I doubt it.
Because we gotta be 20 floors
up, just dangling over nothing.
Can we stop talking
about this, please?
One more time.
On three. One...
Oh, no, no, no.
Stay away from me, man.
I can help. I want to
get out of here, too.
Why don't you sit your creepy
ass down in the corner over there?
We can all
keep an eye on you.
Are you ready? On three.
One, two...
I'm just over here.
And why do you think
this might be an assault?
She seemed to be having words
with one of the other passengers
just before it happened,
and now it looks like they're
all keeping an eye on him.
Which guy?
That guy, right there.
Do we have communication?
Yeah, we have
an open line here.
You can talk,
but we can't hear.
Hello, everyone. This is
Detective Bowden, Philadelphia P.D.
We're working hard to get you out
of there. Shouldn't be much longer.
Please just remain calm.
How soon till we get in?
working on it now.
Usually, we get these
things going pretty quick.
This engineer work for you
guys or the elevator company?
Works for us.
Call the elevator company
and have them
send someone, okay?
And have the Fire Department
send some guys.
You got it.
At least one of your staff is aboard.
Oh, yeah, the guard there,
he's a temp, actually.
Ben something. I don't know.
He started yesterday.
Okay. Call the temp agency and
get all the info they have on him.
And the others?
We don't have names
for the others.
He should see the face.
What face?
No. Nothing.
I saw a face.
Look, there's no face.
Tell him about the face.
No. Look, Ramirez is kind of
religious. Just ignore him. Trust me.
I'd like to get a sense
of who you all are.
Stop it right now,
One at a time,
I'd like you to hold up
your driver's license
to the camera
so I know who
I'm talking to.
That's a good idea.
Thank you.
Try and get it
closer to the camera.
The letters are too small.
Is there a sharpness
setting on this thing?
No, that's as good as
it gets, right there.
You can put your ID's away.
Do any of you
have a pen on you?
No one?
Here you go.
I want you to account for
everyone on the visitors' log.
Find out which
of these people
didn't show up
for their appointment.
You got it.
You sure?
Keep him away from me.
Must be working
on the power again.
The geniuses have done
a bang-up job so far.
Any other exits?
No, sir,
that's everything.
Hey. I got some info on your guard.
What have you got?
Check this out.
We got...
Hey. Something else is happening.
Is he dead?
I need backup.
How do you
rewind this thing?
Rewind, fast forward
and that's frame-to-frame.
just keep breathing.
We're gonna get you through
this. Just take it easy, okay?
So today,
someone committed suicide,
a woman got hurt,
now a man is dead.
Yeah, what are you trying to say?
Look, how many times
have you seen a child fall
and barely miss the edge of
the table with their head?
Why is it so rare
that they hit it?
Get to your point.
What are you doing?
You're embarrassing yourself.
When he's near,
everything goes wrong.
Toast falls jelly-side down,
children hit tables
and people get hurt.
Hey. The police do not want to
hear this stuff, Ramirez. Okay?
So just stop. Now.
Sometimes he
takes human form
and torments the damned on
Earth before stealing them away.
Where I come from,
we call it
The Devil's Meeting.
Is this guy for real?
Look, I'm sorry. Ramirez.
You must consider
that one of those people
might be the Devil.
All right. Come on.
I need you to stop
telling campfire stories
and get your head
in the game.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Markowitz, look at this guy right here.
Lights go down,
they come back up,
he's closer,
but he's moving away.
What were you
saying about the guard?
All right. Yeah.
He's a real piece of work.
Assault, assault,
Beat a guy into a coma with
a baseball bat. That's great.
These the kind of guys
you hire for security?
Like I said,
he's just a temp.
Some temp.
Could that mirror break
from him hitting it?
Then how did...
What's that cop
doing out there?
He's probably
trying to figure out
which one of us
is the murderer.
In the story, men would always
try to fight him with force,
but some battles
can't be fought with weapons.
Will you all
please clear a space
the camera and the body
so I can see him?
Don't touch the body.
This is a crime scene now.
Though I know
you're stuck in there,
I expect you to
do as little damage to it
as humanly possible,
got it?
Any luck with
the elevator company?
They're out of business.
I guess that figures.
A shard of glass sliced
up and into the jugular.
This is definitely
not an accident.
Who chooses a contained room with
three witnesses for a killing?
Unless they're so worked up,
they can't control themselves.
These people are shook up,
but they don't look murderous.
I'm missing something here.
I need a volunteer
to help me out.
There's a piece of paper
hanging out of his pocket.
Very carefully, I want you to take
it out and hold it up to the camera.
"Vince. "
It looks like "McCormick. "
The return address is for
the Better Business Bureau.
They have an office
on 35.
You got a freight elevator? Yeah.
I've never seen
a person die.
Neither have I.
It's pretty awful, huh?
So, what, you have?
Yeah, I spent some time
in Afghanistan.
You see some things
you wish you hadn't.
Wait, so you've been
trained to kill people?
How's your jumper
shaping up?
Can you take a look at this suicide
note? Most of it makes sense,
but then it ends with, "I can hear
the Devil's footsteps draw near. "
Usually, suicide notes are
either all crazy or all rational,
but this one's both.
It's strange, isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
This one?
Elevator key.
Key's not catching.
All right.
Try the Halligan.
Something's jamming it.
Look, if I can...
If I can get up there, I can maybe
figure out what's wrong with this thing.
I'm a mechanic. I'm pretty
good with this sort of thing.
He's trying to escape.
He's trying to escape.
He's trying to escape!
He's trying to escape!
Stop! Stop!
Stop it!
Stop! What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
We're all gonna stay right
here until this thing is over.
You knew what I was doing!
I told you what I was doing!
I don't know you!
It's not our policy to
discuss cases under review.
It kind of damages the reputations
of our member businesses.
Look, someone just killed him
on his way here.
I need to know who knew he was
coming here and who wanted him dead.
The line would
stretch around the block.
The guy was a real scumbag.
Three years ago, he started
one of those Ponzi schemes
and when it collapsed, a lot
of people lost their asses.
One guy even
killed himself over it.
Do you have a list of people
that got burned by him?
Yeah, the ones that filed.
I'm gonna need it.
So, what do you say we get to know
each other a little bit better?
Here. Come on.
Frisk me. Search me.
See that I'm not carrying
anything suspicious.
Come on!
You're next.
There's a good chance one
of our people didn't sign in.
How's that?
'Cause that person
might be on this list.
What's this?
Our victim lost a lot
of people a lot of money.
These are the ones
that filed complaints.
The killer's probably smart
enough not to be on both lists.
Look for the one
that didn't sign in.
Did you just want video
of the guy who died,
or also the girl
that got hurt?
All of it since they got in the car.
You see?
That's what
you're talking about?
Everybody believes
in him a little bit,
even guys like you
who pretend they don't.
What's this?
An apology note left at
the site of a hit-and-run.
My wife and son were killed down
on Bethlehem Pike five years ago,
but that's okay, because
whoever did it is sorry.
You can tell
by the heartfelt apology
on the back of
a car wash coupon.
So, no, I don't believe in
the Devil. We don't need him.
People are bad enough
by themselves.
Stop the tape.
Back it up.
Faster, faster.
There. Now, play it.
She was acting
like he grabbed her.
What is she up to?
Folks, do me a favor, keep
your hands off each other.
Leave the police work to me.
I'll be in there any moment.
Won't I?
Stop it.
I don't like him touching me.
He's touching me.
I don't like it!
Stop pushing him onto me.
Stand back.
Hell, no.
I know you're not doing
what it looks
like you're doing!
Spray that in here, you're
gonna blind all of us.
I'll do it.
Seriously, put it down.
Dwight, where are you? You gotta
stop disappearing, seriously.
Hang on a sec.
Dwight, you gotta get us in that
car right now. Where are you?
I can't.
Dwight, I need you to stay on walkie!
Can you see this?
Huh? You see this?
"Use by October 21, 1987."
She was scared. Relax.
She tried to
pepper spray me, man!
Dwight, where are you?
We're being saved.
Dwight, where are you?
Come on, pick up.
Pick up!
They hear something.
They hear your guy
moving in the shaft.
Then how come
he's not answering?
Dwight? Dwight, this is serious.
You need to pick up, Dwight.
Thank you!
Pick up, Dwight. Pick up.
Oh, no.
No, no. Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh, no. Hey!
Hey! You all right?
Come on.
Come on! Hey!
Dwight, where the hell
are you, man? Come on!
What floor did Dwight
enter the shaft from?
He entered from the roof.
What are they looking at?
Dwight. Dwight, pick up.
Looks like he fell. He's impaled
right on top of the elevator.
Hurt real bad.
Possibly dead.
Hey, Bowden, I think the
people in the elevator
can hear our radios.
Yeah, that's confirmed.
Can you switch
to channel eight?
The car's stuck on 21.
Markowitz, tell the Fire
Department looks like they have to
go through the wall on 21.
This is Lustig. You can't
just go through the wall.
Sure we can.
That's why you
have insurance.
Fire command,
go to eight, please.
There she is.
Sarah Caraway.
We know the security temp
is Benjamin Larson
and we know McCormick.
What other names
are unaccounted for?
Jane something. Looks like
"Kowski. " The older woman.
Find me footage
of this guy.
This way, ma'am.
Let's go.
All clear.
Okay, this time slow.
You gotta be kidding me.
Did she just steal
that lady's wallet?
So Vince was a scam artist,
this woman Jane's a thief,
Sarah there is a liar
and our guard is a thug.
Quite the crew
we have here.
I still haven't
seen this guy here.
What was that?
It's okay.
Hard drive crash.
I got it.
Number 2.
Here we go.
Any other angle
on the lobby?
Just the main entrance.
Okay, rewind back.
There he is. Stop it.
Where's that satchel?
He doesn't... There's no
satchel in the elevator.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Oh, no.
What's happening?
I can't take this anymore!
Don't come near me,
any of you!
Maybe, if I could
just check the wiring...
What the hell's going on?
Please turn on the light.
Turn on the lights!
That's it.
Shut down the building.
Bring everyone
down to the lobby.
Nobody comes
in or out but us.
Which guy do you think
is doing this?
There are three people in
there and they're all capable.
Well, she's not doing it.
I'm ruling nobody out.
Fire Department wants to know
if you have a shut-off valve
before they get through
the wall, just in case.
Yeah, it's
in the basement.
I'll go.
They're bad people,
that's why they're here.
No, two of them are here because
they just got on the wrong elevator.
Yeah, and I just happened
to have the wrong job
and you just happened to
take the wrong call.
He never
does this in secret.
There's a reason
we're the audience.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
No one's getting in
this building right now.
I know. I'm supposed to
meet somebody upstairs.
You're gonna have to call them
and tell them you can't make it.
Can you just tell me
what's happening?
He always
kills the last victim
in front of
the person they love most
to make cynics of us all.
No, no, no.
Don't touch her.
I'm not gonna leave her
just hanging there.
Where you gonna put her?
I haven't
thought that far ahead.
Funny how all this
stuff starts happening
right after you
start working here.
Seems to me,
you're the only one
who knew where
the cables are.
What are you doing?
Trying to
close her eyes.
That doesn't work, not until
they're dead for a few hours.
Okay, you enter the
building with a satchel.
You see a sign-in desk you
wanna avoid. Where do you go?
Got it.
Could those be used
to rig an elevator?
I have no idea, but he doesn't
sign in and then he hides these?
What the hell is that?
I wish he'd stop.
I don't even know your name.
I'm Ben.
I'm Sarah.
I'm Tony.
So where'd your
claustrophobia go?
Excuse me?
I've never seen claustrophobia
come and go like that.
You trying to say something?
Then say it. Yeah, yeah.
Okay, I'm saying
I didn't do this,
and I very much doubt that
she did, so that leaves you.
I'm saying I think this
claustrophobia thing...
I think it's an act.
Yeah, I'm saying
I think you're a liar.
Kill him, Ben!
Kill him
before he kills us!
Kill him!
Stop it! Stop!
Stop it! Get us out!
Get us out! Get us out!
Back away from each other now! Get off!
We're gonna keep you safe
and here's how,
everyone get to a corner and
place your hands on the wall
so everyone can see that
you're not up to anything.
Go ahead. Do it!
You won't have to
keep this up long.
The building is
surrounded by police.
In a hypothetical conversation
that I'm not really having,
how would this
story of yours end?
They all die.
That's it?
This is not
your fault.
They made the choices
that brought them here.
Hey. You're gonna love this.
What have you got?
She has
a criminal record, too.
Three counts of blackmailing
rich married men.
Now where this
gets interesting,
is couple of years ago, the
arrests stopped. Guess why.
Tell me.
Well, her name is
Sarah Caraway.
"Caraway" Caraway?
Yeah. She married into the family.
So she shoplifted an heir.
Yeah, something
like that, I guess.
What's she doing here?
According to
the sign-in sheet,
she was gonna see a lawyer
on 42 named Wayne Kazan.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Hey, listen up!
Quiet down! Quiet down!
Hey, quiet!
Philadelphia P. D!
I'm looking for
a Wayne Kazan.
Is there a Wayne Kazan
down here?
Excuse me.
Heads up. Did you have a meeting
today with a Sarah Caraway?
I don't know.
Do you have a subpoena?
Come on,
you can tell me that much.
I might have. Why?
She was attacked. Who
has motive to hurt her?
Well, you know I can't
divulge personal information.
Come on, man.
Give me something.
Give me something
to work with here.
I'm trying to save
your client's life.
Come here.
I guess I'd do what
you guys normally do
and start with
the person closest to her.
And just so you know,
my specialty is
forensic accounting.
Markowitz, get Mrs. Caraway's
husband on the phone.
Should be okay now.
All right, get in there.
I might have found the
problem. It's a bad wire.
Looks like it could be
shorting out the circuits.
Easy. Easy.
That's it.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Vasquez, we're gonna need
the large Target saw up here
as fast as you can bring it.
Look, we need two
more on 21, okay, guys?
Any luck getting
hold of the husband?
No, not yet.
I called his office and his secretary
said he'd call me right back.
Back up! Heads up, heads up! Come on!
Heads up! Back up!
Move out of the way!
Get away! Back up!
What happened?
Anybody see what happened?
He came through the door.
Breathe. Breathe.
Back away!
Back away! Move back!
Get everybody back.
Back away!
Put your hands
back on the wall.
It hurts.
Put your hands
back up on that wall.
Or what?
Just leave her alone.
She's in pain.
Don't you see
what she's doing?
Chick's a twist.
What are you talking about?
Yeah, that's what we used to call
people like her in the Marines.
Suddenly out of the blue, everybody
would start fighting with each other.
Tempers would flare, people
would start getting hurt.
But then we realized
it's just the new guy
telling everybody
what other people said,
stirring shit up
where there wasn't any.
Until one night when we beat the
living shit out of that twist.
And then, just like that,
everything would
go back to normal.
Are you threatening me?
I just want you to know
that I know.
Why don't you just shut up and
keep your hands on the wall?
Sarah Caraway's husband
won't talk to us.
He lawyered up.
Her lawyer told me
she's locating all his money.
I bet she's about to leave
him and he might know it.
That would definitely
give him motive to kill her.
But if he's trying
to kill his wife,
why are Jane Kowski
and Vince McCormick dead?
This is Matt with
Caraway Security.
I need someone
from maintenance
to come down and
shut the bay doors.
Sarah Caraway's husband doesn't
own Caraway Security, does he?
Meet me in the office!
He's not done yet.
It's the Kensington sniper
all over again.
What's a Kensington sniper?
A few years ago, a guy shot four
strangers and then his own wife,
trying to make a personal
killing look like a serial.
The guard works
for the woman's husband.
I think the two victims
were just a decoy.
The guard is
gonna kill her.
I need to be in that elevator right now!
Please don't let him
kill me, Ben.
I won't.
Come over here next to me
and I'll keep you safe.
Don't worry. Come on.
Hold up your cell phones.
Use the screens
as flashlights.
Don't let it go dark
in there.
Keep the light on each other.
Keep shining it all
around the elevator.
Don't you do it.
Don't you do it.
It just doesn't
make any sense.
Oh, my God. It is you.
Please, lady.
They can't hear you. You
don't have to pretend anymore.
We both know who did this.
Yeah, we do.
Put down the glass and get
your hands on the wall now!
I should kill you
right now.
I should kill you right now
before you try anything else.
I should cut you right now.
And what'll be
your defense? Huh?
"She killed them all,
so I had to kill her"?
Yeah, something like that.
You take me down,
they're pinning all of
this on you and you know it.
A big,
tough guy like yourself.
This is what he does.
He wants us to
doubt everything.
We're getting close, boss.
Hurry up!
How would I do it?
Do what?
According to your story,
how would I save them?
There's no easy answer.
You're never
gonna get these people
to see themselves
as they really are
'cause it's the lies
that we tell ourselves,
they introduce us to him.
Look at what you're doing.
Don't think
just because I'm a cop
I don't know what you're
going through right now.
I've been to hell.
Six months ago, I...
...checked into a hotel and
I nearly drank myself to death.
The thing is, when
you're self-destructing,
it looks like
it's the world's fault.
Like you're dealt a series of
shit hands, but that's not real.
Okay? It was all on me. All of it.
I realized my only way out of
hell was to take responsibility
for what I had become.
You are responsible for this.
You realize that,
don't you?
Take responsibility
for what you're doing.
Put down the glass.
Put down the glass.
I'll put this down
if you do, too.
We'll call a truce.
You're doing the right thing.
Sir, we found a woman who thinks
she knows someone in the elevator.
Send her in.
Get in there!
Get in there! Now!
We're through!
CHOl: This is the woman
I was telling you...
Hold her outside!
You know him?
He's my fianc. He had a
job interview here today
and he didn't want to
bring his tools in with him.
I was late picking them up.
Tony what?
Tony Janekowski.
Jane Kowski is Janekowski?
He signed in.
Then who is...
Come on, breathe. Right
there. Come on, breathe.
Breathe! Come on,
come on. Please breathe.
It's her! It's her.
Get in there already.
Who are you?
I'm an old woman.
Grab her
the moment you get in.
Are you ready for
your turn, Anthony?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The whores, the liars,
the cheats and the deserters,
it's always the same thing.
You know who I am now.
Take me.
I intend to.
No, take me instead.
I deserve this.
You don't
believe that.
Yes. Yeah, I do.
I should never have left.
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
You think you can make
some kind of bargain?
Take me instead. Please.
Stop saying that!
You think this will
make you good?
You're not good.
I know.
You think you can make up
for the choices you made?
You think you can
be forgiven?
Channel eight.
I killed a mother and her son
on Bethlehem Pike
five years ago.
It was a hit-and-run
and I was never caught.
I'm so sorry.
I really wanted you.
Come on, come on, come on!
Where is she?
Where'd she go?
I'll take him in.
That was my family
on Bethlehem Pike.
That was my son.
I've been waiting for
this moment for five years.
All the things
I'd say to you
and what I'd do.
The thing is...
...I forgive you.
After my mother would finish her
story, she would always comfort us.
"Don't worry," she'd say.
"If the Devil is real,
then God must be real, too. "