Devil (2023) Movie Script

In the backdrop of this
story that happens in 1945...
All the characters other
than Netaji are fictitious.
Any resemblance to historical events or
persons living or dead is purely coincidental.
British empire... the empire
on which the sun never sets.
The British army, undefeated
for a thousand years.
The soldier who defied this great
empire and hoisted the flag of freedom...
He was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
Having lakhs of fans and thousands of
followers, Netaji trusted only one person.
Netaji's right hand.
The intelligence chief of Azad Hind Fauj,
a rebel outfit founded by Netaji.
Netaji who was running the movement
from overseas since the past four years...
Was about to return to India.
The details about when are where
in India was he about to land...
were sent to India by him
through a telegraphic message.
One more time.
One more time.
General Kenneth Bracken.
As the head of British
Secret Service in India...
His job was to nab freedom fighters
and revolters and neutralize them.
Arresting Netaji was the goal of his life.
Sweet smell of burning flesh...
No... No...
Do not let him faint.
Where is Chandra Bose?
One more time.
Where is Trivarna?
One more time.
A message...
From Agent Trojan.
Four years ago, Bracken sent a British undercover
agent to work under Netaji's organization.
And named him, Trojan.
The goal for which he sent
Trojan there was fruitful today.
Trojan delivered the message
sent to India by Netaji, to Bracken.
Finally, we got the information on Bose.
Bhuma, what brings you here?
Why are you approaching me?
Do you know what will happen
if the landlord discovers this?
I know Vijaya ma'am...
If I come closer to you...
The landlord would end my life...
I cannot live if I stay away from you.
Hey Satya, did you see Bhuma?
No uncle, I didn't see him.
Where might he have gone?
Who saw the dead body first?
It was me, sir.
Ma'am went to attend a marriage...
The land lord went to attend a party...
You tried to rob the
money and jewellery...
She might have seen you stealing...
You were scared that she might
scream and tell everyone about you...
So you've killed her
by slitting her throat.
No, sir...
I swear on God Venkateshwara...
- I did not kill Ma'am.
- Sir...
I found this in the room
where she was killed.
- Sir... That is Bhu--
- Tell me...
- That is Bhuma's...
- Who is Bhuma?
Sir, he is Ramana's son.
My son is innocent, sir.
He brought up Vijaya ma'am
lovingly since her childhood.
One must not show
love towards the master...
One must have respect towards them.
Her beauty tempted him...
So he made his move.
She retaliated...
He was afraid she might
complain to the landlord in the morning.
So, he slit her throat and killed her.
Call Bhuma here immediately.
- Sir.
- Yes.
Bhuma and Rani are
missing since last night.
Who is Rani?
She is the cook here.
Please come here and take a look.
Sir, please come here.
Sir, look at the blood stains here.
This blood-stained shirt was
found in the land lord's room.
What is this Mr. Landlord?
Last night, I attended a
dance show at the YMCA.
I returned late...
I went straight to my room and slept off.
I don't know anything beyond that.
Stop fabricating stories, sir.
If Bhuma's towel is found in that room...
It implies Bhuma entered that room.
You returned home at the same time...
witnessing them in a romantic encounter...
In a fit of rage...
You grabbed the knife and slit her throat.
A terrified Bhuma fled the scene.
This is what transpired.
Come on, let's go.
What did you think of the British police?
Secure the evidence at the station.
Did you record everyone's statement?
Move. What happened?
- Aunty! What happened?
- Oh no.
Ma'am, they are arresting the land lord...
- In Vijaya ma'am's murder.
- Murder?
Vijaya was murdered?
- Who is she?
- She is Meenakshi Devi's niece.
She lives here.
Looks like she is coming
back from the temple.
Record her statement as well.
Okay, sir.
Ma'am, let's go.
HIMS Talwar... come in.
HIMS Talwar... come in... come in.
Sir, this is Venkata
Chari, the butler, speaking.
There's a massacre happening here.
What's going on over there?
Sir, that is a pirate attack.
Four attacks in just six months?
Sir, please don't say that...
Please save me, sir.
This naval base is 300
nautical miles away from there.
I am so sorry...
But, we can't help you.
Please, help me, sir.
Devil is on that ship.
Fortunate for us.
And unfortunate for them.
Everyone here has
individually taken down sharks.
Sir, he claims that the
ocean is his kingdom.
Is it!
Chalam, with such talent, why can't
he earn a living by catching sharks?
Why resort to robberies?
Ask him to surrender...
The ocean he considers his kingdom...
Will become his grave.
- Sir!
- Devil!
Well done, Devil... Well done!
- Thank you, sir.
- Come.
You cancelled my posting in Burma...
and instructed me to report
to the head quarters at once...
Any thing important, sir?
Well, we have a new assignment for you.
- Take a seat.
- Thank you, sir.
You need to go to Rasapadu
and investigate this murder case.
What does secret service have
to do with a murder case, sir?
Sub-Inspector Matthayya speaking.
- Bell, here.
- Yes, sir.
A special officer from Madras is arriving
to investigate Vijaya's murder case.
Cooperate with him
during the investigation.
Yes, sir.
Gudisela Matthayya reporting, sir.
Sir, I've arranged accommodation for you at
the Travellers' Bungalow. Please follow me.
Matthayya, I've gone
through the file you prepared.
Impressive! You've apprehended
the killer in just half an hour.
- Job well done!
- Sir... Ramana...
Our superior has arrived;
fetch a ginger coffee.
- Matthayya... Can I meet Meenakshi Devi?
- Sir...
Sure, sir.
I will bring her in two minutes.
Sir, coffee.
Is this the only entrance to this house?
This is the main entrance, sir.
The northern entrance is on that side.
The rear entrance always remains closed.
Swamiji has mentioned that it is
ominous if that entrance is left open.
That's why it was sealed
during the elder queen's reign.
Sir, she is performing puja, she
said she will be here in moment.
She wants you to be
seated in the meeting hall...
- Please come...
- After you.
Please, sir...
Please, come, sir. This way, sir.
The knife used in the murder?
It was found right here, sir.
I have registered it as evidence
and secured it in the police station.
- By the way Matthayya...
- Sir!
Did you find any
fingerprints on the knife?
Yes, sir.
- Whose were they?
- The land lord's.
Right hand or left hand?
Of course, right hand.
Was the blood found on the
outside or the inside of the knife?
The inside part, sir.
- Shastri...
- Sir?
Give me that red pen.
If the knife was swayed like
this with the right hand...
Blood stains should be on which side?
On the outside, sir.
The blood stains are on
the other side, which means...
She was slashed like this.
Isn't it?
- Yes, sir.
- If that's the case...
The injury must be on the left side, right?
But, the photographs of
the dead body indicate...
The injury is on the right side.
You are right, sir.
It means he didn't use the right hand.
He used his left hand.
Then how come...
You've found land lord's right
hand finger prints on the knife?
It took us half an hour to
understand what you've said...
How did you figure it out, sir?
The police has alerted you that...
The Pindari group, having
infiltrated from the northern coastline...
is currently hiding in the
forest area of Nandikona.
This group is involved in
murders and robberies.
As a precaution, the police
has issued a warning that...
no one should travel in that direction.
Matthayya, I will take care of this case.
You take care of the Pindaris.
- You may go now.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, you mean to say that the
land lord is not the murderer?
I hated him till now.
But, now I pity him, sir.
- Listen Shastri...
- Sir.
The farther away emotions or hatred
are from crime investigation, the better.
It is said that getting emotionally
involved is the biggest crime...
in crime investigation.
What happened, sir?
Who is that young lady, Shastri?
Her name is Nyshada, sir...
She is Meenakshi Devi's niece.
She lost her parents, sir.
What does Nyshada mean?
Sir, it means poetry.
All the curves in the
alphabets of the poetry...
seem to be in her body.
Call her, let's examine her.
I mean let's investigate.
Investigation! Call her.
I was shocked for a moment.
Nyshada ma'am. Looks like she left.
I am the special officer assigned
to solve this case.
Mr. Shastri just informed me
that you studied in London.
Similar to you,
I studied at Scotland Yard.
Oh... Take your seat.
- Why did you call me?
- Nothing Ms. Nyshada...
A small enquiry.
Are you married?
Any love affairs or something like that?
Why do you need that information?
- Come on.
- It's part of the investigation.
Ever in your life...
Have you considered the type of
man you envision as your husband?
It would be sufficient if
he isn't a police officer.
- Why!
- I hate those born here...
breathing this air, drinking this
water, and serving the British.
May I leave now?
Sir, this is the room where
the murder took place.
Who is he Shastri?
He is the village Patwari, sir.
He is the landlord's business
partner and also his close friend.
Who is the fair looking lady
standing next to him?
Sir, she is Patwari's wife.
Her name is Rosy.
She is an exceptional dancer,
Even I admire her performance.
- I feel shy!
- Anything interesting?
Tell the Patwari that I
would like to meet him.
I'll meet Meenakshi Devi and join later.
We never considered it our
entitlement to govern this province.
Instead, we viewed it
as our responsibility.
We provided for the hungry...
And assisted those in need.
I never sought anything from
anyone, but I implore you...
Find the murderer who
took my daughter's life...
...and bring him to justice.
You have my word, ma'am.
I have provided Matthayya
with a written statement
detailing the information
I have about this case.
Go and read it.
It's Vijaya's room, Shastri...
The view is quite nice.
Shastri, it's even better
if you view through this.
This is for observing
that room, isn't it, sir?
That's for star gazing.
Star gazing is my hobby.
Star gazing means...
looking at the stars, right?
If gazing at the stars is your hobby...
My hobby is to show you the stars.
I will...
Sure, I will!
- Shall we leave, Shastri?
- Sir!
Wow! It's our Rosy ma'am, Shastri.
- Hello, ma'am.
- What a great dancer you are!
I am a great fan of yours.
Can I have your autograph?
- Sure.
- Shastri!
Thank you!
Are you writing a report
on today's investigation?
- It's a full moon night!
- Yes, sir...
- Today it's very bright.
- Jasmines are white!
Rather than the moon and the jasmines...
My beloved's visage is bright!
What kind of report is this, sir?
I penned a poem about
Nyshada, Mr. Shastri.
Isn't it poetic to compose verses
about the act of crafting poetry itself?
You said, someone said
that it's a crime to getting...
emotionally involved
in a crime investigation.
Foolish remarks abound, Shastri.
Do we need to pay heed?
But, sir, our purpose here
is to probe a murder case...
Why discuss love and romance, sir?
I noticed the shift when
you began talking about her curves, etc.
And that there's something
amiss stirring in your heart.
- What happened, sir?
- Someone is signalling someone, Shastri.
Sir, is that Nyshada?
Sir, that's some masked man.
He looks like a kidnapper.
Philosophically, we are
engaged in two battles here.
First is...
Against the foreign British nationals,
and a struggle for
freedom against the imperialists.
The second is...
Against those who aligned
with the likes of Hitler...
Who are attempting to secure
freedom for the country...
An internal struggle waged
against the fascists within this nation.
Along with the fascists...
The freedom attained with the
aid of weapons is bound to be short-lived.
Peace and non-violence...
These must lay the foundations for
the freedom of our country and its future.
We have received the
complete weapons consignment.
Engaged in diverse professions,
within various organizations and jobs,
it's time to conclude this covert battle.
Deploy these weapons to those
who are meant to receive them.
Prepare for an impending war;
instruct everyone to be ready for battle.
- Sir!
- Wait, Shastri...
I am eager to lay eyes again on
the beauties I witnessed yesterday.
Beauties? Perhaps he meant evidence.
- Sir... Sir.
- Hey, Shastri, I said wait.
Why are you peeking through the door?
Part of the investigation.
What if I was changing my dress?
Why would I see while you are changing
your dress? Won't I close my eyes.
To know that I am changing,
you will have to watch...
It means, first you'll watch...
Later you will remember your ethos...
And then you will close your eyes?
Sir, I'll direct Ramana to prepare
ginger coffee and then join you.
I did not come here to look at you...
I came here to inquire about
the Edison bulb in your room.
By the way Ms. Nyshada...
In your room last night at
around 10 or 10: 30...
The light was flickering
multiple times, why?
I don't know.
I went to sleep at 8 PM.
But at the same time...
A man tried to enter into your house.
It's not that easy to enter the bungalow.
Are you sure?
By any chance...
What if someone living in your house...
Has kept the door open for him?
The flickering of the light...
Perhaps is an indication for the
person to enter into your house?
I don't know.
- Sir!
- Sir, here is your coffee.
I can empathize with the anguish
of a grown-up son going missing.
Ramana, witnessing you in
such a state pains my heart.
It's my ill fate, sir.
Poor guy, sir...
I have a suspicion that he
knows the whereabouts of Bhuma.
Keep an eye on him, Shastri.
Keep an eye? I was
shedding tears for no reason.
There is absolutely
no connection, between
what you are thinking,
saying, or doing, sir.
Inner feelings should not be
revealed in the spell of emotions.
Introspective thoughts should
not be exposed through the words.
That's the first quality
a spy should posses.
- Shall we leave, Shastri?
- Yes, sir.
Sir, starting tomorrow, I
will strive to ensure there
is no connection between
my words and actions.
What do you say, sir?
Oh, you lit up a cigarette...
It would be delightful in this rain.
Look at that flame Shastri...
What's the problem with using
a stove that runs on biogas, sir?
The flames ought to be blue...
But, they are red.
It's means it's not fueled by methane gas.
It is fueled by carbon.
Can't we brew coffee
using carbon fuel, sir?
Summon the workers and
have the biogas digester opened.
Okay, sir.
Carbon means plants, bodies of
animals, humans and so on, Shastri.
There is some dead body in that dump.
That is our cook, Rani.
Ma'am, the officer is
opening the northern entrance.
It's considered inauspicious
to open that door.
It's dangerous for the house owner.
The door has been opened,
and the ominous event that was
supposed to occur has taken place.
The murderer has entered
through this entrance.
He murdered Vijaya and left.
There is only one key to this entrance...
And that is with me.
From where did the
second key come from?
Someone likely took an imprint on the wax,
crafted a duplicate key, and
provided it to the murderer.
Who is the person responsible for
manufacturing locks in this village?
Sir, it's Devaiah.
Devaiah hasn't returned home for a week.
I don't know where did he go.
I've enquired everyone...
The kids are upset.
Sir, please locate him.
I beg you.
Does Devaiah use marijuana?
Occasionally he does.
Shastri, investigate where else we can
locate this particular type of marijuana.
Anyone addicted to this would
certainly frequent that place.
Okay, sir.
Rani was found dead...
Bhuma is yet to be traced...
And Devaiah has been missing
since the day of the murder.
Sir, I wonder what's happening here?
To get answers to these questions,
we must meet a specific person, Shastri.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Here is the beautiful lady,
"Dance, dance, once more in a fresh style,
dance, dance, with a touch of flair."
"Dance, dance, this is lady Rosy"
"Dance, dance, once more in a fresh style.
dance, dance, with a touch of flair."
"Dance, dance, this is lady Rosy"
"Mr. Intelligent"
"Oh hopeful man"
"Some sort of information,
did it bring any revelations?"
"I am an illusion, can you unravel me..."
"Can you discover what's
concealed within me?"
"Intelligent guys appear
to be gentlemen..."
"During the solitary
moments, all are naughty kids"
"Hello, hello, dirty fellow,
I know what you desire"
"You can't haggle over the cost
if you aim to be in my embrace"
"One aspires for ease,
another boldly requests"
"How can I respond to each individual?"
"I realized I am accountable to all"
"I acknowledged it and
initiated this private lesson."
"Hello, hello, dirty fellow,
I know what you desire"
"You can't haggle over the cost
if you aim to be in my embrace"
"Dancing with yoiu in intoxication"
"If you step in the ring and are prepared
to compete, victory will be yours"
"Dance, dance, once more in a fresh style,
dance, dance, with a touch of flair."
"Dance, dance, this is lady Rosy"
I am sorry, you may change your dress.
Don't be sorry. Please come in.
On the night of the murder...
Did you host your
performance here, I assume.
Even the landlord attended
the show, didn't he?
That night...
What happened after the show?
Patty! I mean...
My husband Patwari...
From here he left to the railway station.
He was travelling to Calcutta.
So, after that I just went home.
But, according to your butler...
Patwari returned home
around 10 PM on that day.
But you...
came back home two and
a half hours after he arrived.
Patwari didn't leave for Calcutta.
After the dance show,
You didn't go home directly.
At that time...
Where were you ma'am?
Alright, shall I say?
I found this in the landlords farm house,
In his bedroom,
On his bed.
I don't know.
Are you about to say
that this is not yours?
In this photograph...
Did you observe your earrings, ma'am?
Absolutely identical.
Trust me...
I've got nothing to do
with Vijaya's murder.
On that day,
After seeing off my
husband to Calcutta...
I went to the landlords farm house.
The landlord received
a phone call at that time.
He left from there.
Okay, thank you.
I've received a call from
telephone exchange.
Patwari made a phone call to the
landlords farm house on that day.
Let's go, Shastri.
Let's say 'Hi' to Patwari.
Didn't I say...
If star gazing is your hobby...
Showing you stars is my hobby!
I am aware about the affair
between Rosy and the landlord.
Why did you call the landlord's
farmhouse on the day of the murder?
On that day, the train to Calcutta
was cancelled, so I came back.
I've noticed Rosy's car at
the landlord's farm house.
I got suspicious
and went inside.
I heard footsteps in Vijaya's
room at the same time.
I've noticed Bhuma
entering into Vijaya's room.
The pain I experienced regarding Rosy...
I thought the landlord should feel
the same pain about his daughter.
That's why I called his farm house.
Quit your romantic
rendezvous at the farmhouse...
Go see what's happening
in your daughter's bedroom.
Don't harm him dad...
- Bhuma is innocent.
- Vijaya...
- Please leave him, Dad.
- Vijaya, move aside.
Dad! Leave him.
- Sir!
- Dad!
He is unconscious. He will live.
Take my father to his
room and go far away.
How can I leave you Vijaya?
My dad loves me, he won't harm me.
But, if he finds you, he will kill you.
Swear on me, just leave.
Rosy returned in the mean time.
I closed the window and left.
I am unaware of the events
that unfolded afterward.
By morning, the
police had arrived and
arrested the landlord
for his daughter's murder.
If the landlord goes to jail,
my grudge will be resolved.
That's why I did not
reveal the truth to anyone.
Your son has gained consciousness.
You speak to him,
I will feed the dogs and come.
Okay, lady.
Son, what happened?
You were found near
Kondagattu, almost in a dead state.
This old lady...
She saved you.
Tell me what happened?
After seeing me in Vijaya's room...
The landlord came to kill me.
Swear on me, just leave.
I didn't want to leave
her, so I came back.
By the time I came back...
The rear entrance was open.
I've noticed that...
He killed Rani...
And dumped her body in the biogas chamber.
He tried to kill me as well.
While he was chasing me...
I jumped off the cliff out of fear.
Son, who is he?
He was--
- He was--
- Shh!
Wow! Vadas.
Flavoured rice!
Curd rice!
Welcome, sir.
Ms. Nyshada has sent a
specially prepared meal for you.
- Is it?
- Yes.
After all, you are a Cupid.
A simple wink from you,
and any girl would be smitten.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to
enjoy this meal even though she sent it.
Why sir?
Shastri, I've vowed to have
only one meal on Saturdays.
Since when, sir?
Since the moment I saw her.
Oh, you took a vow.
Don't hesitate that I am not having it.
You enjoy the meal.
Why would I hesitate, sir.
You took a vow and I'm devouring the food.
Nevertheless, the food is...
There is nothing to worry Samudra.
I added sedative to the food I sent them.
But, the code Netaji sent has
been copied and stolen by someone.
Someone has copied the code?
The code was stolen on
the night of Vijaya's murder.
I must meet Trivarna as soon as
possible and convey this to him.
But you're going to meet Trivarna
and give him the code in some days.
- Then you can tell him.
- It would be too late by then.
The code contains information
about the chiefs location.
If they decode it...
The chief's life would be in danger.
I just don't know what to do.
Leave him.
Who is he?
Who is Trivarna?
I could have shot him easily.
You know why I didn't shoot him?
You despise us because we reside
on this soil and serve the British.
Yet, I trust you won't betray
the family that provided you refuge.
Though you are unwilling to divulge
details about the code or the visitor...
...or the identity of Trivarna,
I will ascertain it myself.
Move back.
- Sir, I beg you.
- Don't fall at his feet.
Leave her.
Sir, what purpose would it serve
to tail a girl headed to the temple?
If we search the room
where Bhuma was murdered...
we might uncover some clues.
Shastri, that's not the
room we should search...
We must search Nyshda's room.
Why, sir?
Today there would be
a solar eclipse, Shastri...
No temple in this world
would be open today.
Follow her and inform me whom she met.
Okay, sir.
Clement has hunted down our men like
animals and arrested brother Shankar.
We couldn't save him.
I have a suspicion that someone among
us has leaked information about Shankar.
It's not an assumption; it's the truth.
Certainly there is a British
informer amongst us.
That's why we ought to be alert.
We received orders from Manimekhala...
The opportunity to take revenge
on Clement has presented itself.
We attack tonight.
You carry on with your work.
Ms. Nyshada, what brings you here?
I have to meet brother Shafi.
Come in.
Brother Shafi went out
on an important mission.
I don't know when will he return.
It's regarding the location
and security of Netaji.
Try contacting Shafi somehow.
I've followed Ms.
Nyshada as you instructed.
She went to the Suryodayam press...
She tried to meet a guy named Shafi.
What's that paper, sir?
What is this, sir. This looks like a code.
Someone copied the code?
The code was stolen on
the night of Vijaya's murder.
The guy who tried to
steal the code that night...
left these impressions while copying it.
I traced those impressions Shastri.
Any hand writing expert would
easily say one thing by looking at it.
It was written with the left hand.
To be precise...
This was written with the left hand
by someone who is right-handed.
This was written by the one
who committed the murder.
A left hand.
You mean the guy who
killed Vijaya stole the code?
He killed her in process
of stealing the code.
This code, the murder and Nyshada...
And the guy Trivarna whom
Nyshada is desperate to meet.
There certainly is a link, Shastri.
Hey! You bloody Donkey!
Hey, no.
Jai Hind!
We found this bullet, sir.
Start finding the witnesses.
Arrest every suspect.
Do what ever it takes.
Find the bloody bd.
Sir, she called up Rasool travel agency...
And reserved a first-class
ticket to Madras for the 17th, sir.
You're going to meet Trivarna and
give him the code in a few days, right?
Then you can tell him.
What's going on, Devil?
To unveil the truth from her,
I need to carve a niche in her heart.
My next move is a surprise.
In light of the new evidence
uncovered in this case...
Based on the assurance
of the investigating officer,
this court grants bail to the
landlord, Mrityunjaya Varma.
Your kindness is etched
in my memory forever.
Expressing my gratitude
feels insufficient.
It's alright, ma'am.
It's my responsibility.
Though being a British officer,
You helped us out.
You gave us hope that,
Justice would be served.
Thank you.
You only noticed the uniform I wore.
If you could see the man and his heart,
you would have understood me earlier.
Anyway, at least this time would you
send food without mixing the sedatives?
"She enchanted me and
stole my heart slowly"
"She glanced at me and
nearly stole my breath away"
"She smiled at me and stirred my heart"
"Just hearing her name fills me with joy"
"Something happened; my heart
skipped a beat because of you my girl"
"She enchanted me and
stole my heart slowly"
"She glanced at me and
nearly stole my breath away"
"I am not the same as before;
each day brings a new me..."
"My behaviour is changing,
and I am unaware of it"
"With the moon lit
night as the witness..."
"I clandestinely yearned to
behold the moon, day and night"
"Oh God! I don't know what
transpired within me today."
"My heart is stirred, the tale
unfolds. How did this happen?"
"She smiled at me and stirred my heart"
"Just hearing her name fills me with joy"
"Something happened; my heart
skipped a beat because of you my girl"
"She enchanted me and
stole my heart slowly"
"She glanced at me and
nearly stole my breath away"
"She enchanted me and
stole my heart slowly"
"She glanced at me and
nearly stole my breath away"
I feel like Ms. Nyshada
is in love with you.
I can clearly see it in her eyes.
She is a good lady, somehow
convince her elders and marry her.
Shastri! Do you know who Nyshada is?
She is the chief signal
operator of the Azad Hind Fauj.
Shastri, I came here only because of her.
You need to go to Rasapadu
and investigate this murder case.
What does secret service have
to do with a murder case, sir?
This is Nyshada, Vijaya's cousin.
But more importantly she is
Bose's chief signal operator.
A few days ago she received
a coded message from Bose.
She received instructions about
delivering that code directly to Trivarna.
Fortunately, our listening post
intercepted that message.
After that, through our
agents in their organisation...
We were able to get that message.
We've found the coded message,
sir. So what's the problem.
The problem is that the code is encrypted.
Our crypto experts in London...
Have been attempting to decipher
the code for the past four days.
If they fail to crack the code...
We need plan 'B'.
And you Devil...
Are our plan 'B'.
What is plan 'B', sir?
If the London crypto team is
unable to decipher the code,
my next step is to build a
rapport with Nyshada...
and extract information
about the code from her.
Then, what about the
investigation we did till now?
We did that for me, Shastri.
For you?
The reason I came here
has been achieved, Shastri.
As soon as I learned that Nyshada is
going to Madras to meet Trivarna on 17th,
That very moment I got the
information to arrest Trivarna.
Is it?
He says the investigation
is for the sake of him...
He says he knows about
Trivarna but didn't say it.
What's all this?
I am aware that you won't allow your
emotions to be reflected on your face.
But, it's not easy to hide love, sir.
I mean,
When you have such critical information,
You should have informed
Lord Bracken by now.
Not informing him means...
You are in love with Ms. Nyshada, sir.
Sir, you have a call from London.
We have cracked the 1st
part of the code, sir.
We don't need plan 'B' any more.
And Nyshada is not
needed in this mission.
It means plan 'A' worked out.
The code has been decoded.
- Am I right, sir?
- Of course!
But, our guys could crack
only first line of the code.
Then what about the
2nd part of the code, sir?
They are working on it.
The information that we want
is right here in the first line.
August 18th,
At 14: 30.
We now know,
That our friend Bose is
landing on the Puri coast.
On the 18th of this month.
If we can apprehend Bose,
It would be the greatest victory in
the history of British secret service.
It will be our greatest
achievement in the past ten years.
I am handing over,
even this mission to you.
Operation Tiger hunt!
Yes, sir.
There is one problem.
Nyshada knows the
code has been compromised.
If she reaches Trivarna,
she will let her know.
Then Trivarna could do anything.
He could alert Bose,
They could change the location,
they could even call off the whole trip.
Under no circumstances can
we allow her to reach Trivarna.
I've already taken care of that.
Pindari thugs!
They are in Rasapadu, Nandi hills.
They will take care of Nyshada.
Why thugs, sir?
We can take care of her.
If the one...
Their chief signal operator died in a
secret service operation or police action
Trivarna may become suspicious.
If that lady is molested
and killed by the thugs,
No one will suspect.
Nyshada can never say
about the code to Trivarna.
Any way, the deserves it.
Dirty revolutionaries!
I have a meeting with
the Governor General.
Prepare our troops for the operation.
Gods be with you!
"The war is the only resort"
"Death is inevitable"
"Everything is destined"
"Your voice echoes like a roar,
defiance of justice will meet its end."
"The pact between life and death
culminates in the embrace of the grave."
"To establish justice,
killing is inevitable"
"This avatar is treasured in the past"
"Raise your head and sever their heads"
"Let the directions tremble"
"Run for your life; don't pursue
Yama, the God of Death."
"Don't pay heed;
it's the funeral pyre calling for you."
"Oh Narasimha! The slayer of Hiranya"
"The ferocious shining force"
"Scarily fierce"
"Aim every cell of your body to attack"
"The fury of madness"
"Will burn everyone into ashes"
Preparations are going on, sir.
- Sir!
- Well...
What's the news?
A bad news, sir.
Nyshada has escaped.
Devil... Sir.
Ah! The daredevil himself!
Devil revolts against the
British empire just for one girl.
Sir, we shouldn't have involved
Indians in such critical missions.
Do you know what happens if
the charges on you are proved?
You could be sentenced
to life or even death.
A sentence of death.
I want an answer from you.
Give me an explanation.
Had I not saved that girl...
Both your dream and aim of catching
Netaji would have perished with that girl.
Really? And how is that?
Second part of the code.
We didn't crack through the
second part of the code yet.
I have cracked it.
All clear!
It decodes as 'I shall land only once
I get an 'All clear' signal from you'.
The only person Netaji
trusts for his security is...
Unless Trivarna reaches Puri and sends
an 'All clear' signal to land safely...
Netaji will not land in that location.
How is this linked to you saving Nyshada?
If Nyshada is killed, the
code will not reach Trivarna.
So what?
Trivarna doesn't even know that
Netaji is about to come to India.
If Trivarna doesn't go to Puri and give
an 'All clear' signal, Netaji won't land.
Nice try, Devil.
Your lie is convincing indeed.
Bracken's desk...
A call for you from the
London crypto team, sir.
Hope you got the confirmation... Sir?
Take your seat, Devil.
Why didn't you inform
this to me in advance?
I didn't have the time to, sir.
By then you were already in
a meeting with the governor.
So, what is this 'All clear' signal?
Only Netaji who asked for it and
Trivarna who should send it would know.
But Nyshada still remains a problem.
If we don't stop her, she would disclose
about the court compromise to Trivarna.
Bose won't come till
Trivarna gives the signal.
Put me to Rasapadu police station.
- Bracken here.
- Sir? Err...
Arrest Nyshada as accused
in the Vijaya murder case.
- Sir, but warrant?
- I'll talk to the judge.
How does it matter if we
arrest Nyshada or kill her?
How would the code go past her
if we don't let her meet Trivarna?
Nyshada put her complete trust on
me since I saved her from the thugs.
I'll get you the information, sir.
Where were you since
yesterday? I was waiting for you!
I had to go to Madras
on some important work.
I started back as soon as I
came to know about your arrest.
Don't be scared Nyshada, I will prove
it that you didn't commit this murder.
I have something important
to tell you before that.
Tell me Nyshada.
I will do anything for you.
I can go to any lengths.
Not as an officer...
But as someone who loves you.
You should meet Trivarna.
This is the truth that I
promised to protect with my life.
I'm revealing this truth
to you as a last resort.
For the past two years, I've been working
as the Chief Signalling Operator with INA.
I get signals from the INA leaders
and secret agencies across the world.
Samudra delivers those
signals to the right persons.
I received a message
at midnight ten days ago.
Station number 187.
It was a direct message from INA Supreme
Commander, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.
I received special instructions
along with that coded message.
As the matter dealt with
revealing his location...
Chief ordered me to deliver the message
directly to Trivarna instead of Samudra.
Chief told me when and where to
pass on the message to Trivarna.
Vijaya was murdered when I
was waiting to meet Trivarna.
By the time I went to the Morse
code machine the next day...
I noticed blood stains on the paper.
I understood that someone copied the
coded message on the paper kept above.
I tried to convey to the Chief that
the code has been compromised.
But station 187 did not respond.
I had understood that the
Chief was already travelling.
I wanted to inform Trivarna but there
was no direct communication between us.
Shafi was the only person who
could contact Trivarna directly.
But he was out of the town.
I wanted to tell this to Samudra
as a last resort but then, you entered.
Tomorrow, Trivarna would
come to the place Chief mentioned.
The cover that contains
the code is lying in my room.
You have to pass it to Trivarna.
Especially, you have to inform Trivarna
that the code has been compromised.
I know it's very dangerous
to reveal this to you.
If you take the army along with you
to the location Trivarna would visit...
Trivarna might be caught.
It could also cost his life.
I somehow trust you.
The reason behind that trust...
Could be love.
Bracken sir, is waiting for you.
Sir, did she tell you where
to meet Trivarna?
She did, Shastri.
Tomorrow evening at 5:30.
Santhome beach point. Post box no. 57.
Sir! You are a genius!
Sir, the eye-witness in
Clement murder case.
Sire, I saw that sir
being stabbed by a woman.
- A woman?
- After killing him...
She shouted 'Jai Hind' and
disappeared into the darkness, sir.
'Jai Hind'...
The dogs that work for Bose.
Call the artist and make
him to draw a sketch.
- Sure, sir.
- Make it quick.
Tell me what's the update.
Do we have any information?
Yes, sir. Tomorrow at 9:30.
On the street beside the
Madras Central station.
Do you have something to say, Shastri?
- Well... no, sir.
- I don't understand the plan, sir.
Are we going to arrest Trivarna?
If we arrest Trivarna, then who
would give the 'All clear' signal, sir?
Why do we have to know where
he is about to meet Nyshada?
Trivarna would come to the Madras
Central station tomorrow morning.
You have to hand him the cover.
He should not suspect that
you are posing as Nyshada.
This is not an easy job.
Trivarna is a very intelligent man.
So you have to be very convincing.
I'm a trained agent,
sir. I will handle it.
That's what I like to hear.
I... still don't understand the plan, sir.
Did you get it, Devil?
Trivarna would receive
the code through our agent.
But Trivarna will not know that
the code has been compromised.
According to the code, Trivarna will reach
Puri and send the 'All clear' signal.
And then Netaji would come there.
Our British secret service will
arrest both of them together.
Wouldn't we, sir?
What is happening, sir? You
told me it is Santhome beach point.
But you told them it is Central Station?
- You think I lied to them, Shastri?
- Oh no!
I know that whatever you
do, you do it for the mission.
I'm sure you have some
deep plan behind this.
I'm just dumb enough not to get it.
Deep plan, my foot.
- I definitely lied.
- You lied? But why, sir?
The girl I loved confessed her love
to me and asked for a small favour.
Now, shouldn't I help her?
You loved her? But you
denied it that other day?
I acted at first but gradually
I fell in love, Shastri.
But you told Bracken sir that you
saved her only for the mission that day?
Well, after saving that girl, I should say
something to save myself too, Shastri.
I could break the code by then luckily. So
I used it to save the day.
Oh my!
What would you have done if the message
wasn't 'All clear' after you got the code?
Even then I would have
helped her, Shastri.
Oh... Eh? Then who will save me now?
If I don't complain about this
matter after knowing it, I'll lose my job!
- I'll save your job with my life.
- Thank god! Thank you, sir.
Till I save Nyshada and
send her to a safe place...
Just maintain silence.
I can see a wide lover in you, sir!
- Sir, sir. One last question.
- Go ahead, Shastri.
We are going to meet the agent Trivarna
at the Central Station, aren't we?
But Trivarna is coming to Santhome beach.
Yes, Shastri.
Who will take the envelope
from the woman then?
I will take it in the
disguise of Trivarna.
Oh! So who will give the envelope
to Trivarna at Santhome beach?
I will do that.
Oh. So you'd be the one who
would take it and give it too.
He will seek you out
in pursuit of Trivarna.
Your wrist watch should stop at 10:30.
Hold an Andhra Patrika newspaper
dated the 19th in your hand.
Sir, do you want me to follow Trivarna?
No. No, wait.
If he feels for one second
that he's being followed...
there's no way he's going to Puri.
And there will be no 'All clear' signal.
- Our work is done, Shastri. Let's go.
- Sir?
The letter you posted
doesn't carry an address.
Then how do you think the
code would reach Trivarna?
He will open this lock and take it, Shastri.
How, sir?
They running such a
huge network in the nation.
I don't think they'll have any trouble
getting a second key done for a post box.
Got it, sir.
The last clearance of this post
box is at 5 o'clock in the evening.
After that, he would use the
duplicate key to open the post box...
And will take the letter without
an address along with him.
And there won't be any room for doubt.
Great idea, sir!
Sir... sir... sir...
Since we've come this far, let's find
out who Trivarna is and then leave.
Why should I turn down your wish?
OK, sir.
Sir! So Trivarna a woman!
I never imagined!
Neither did I, Shastri.
Did you pass on the code to Trivarna?
Did you convey that the
code was compromised?
Thank God.
Now there is nothing to fear.
Trivarna will do something to
stop Netaji from coming to Puri.
He will save Netaji by all means.
Message from Trivarna, sir.
We have to change the Chief's location.
This contains the details
of the new location.
I will contact the Chief.
I will start now.
Where to?
You will be at risk if I'm here.
I knew it was risky, which
is why I got you here.
No one other than you and me know that
you have given that envelope to Trivarna.
But if I'm caught at your
home, no one can save you.
I know that too.
You escaped an INA
agent out of police custody.
Do you know what your punishment could be?
It's not a bigger punishment
than losing the girl I love.
Is the job done?
No matter how hard
those British dogs try...
They won't be able to
trace the chief's location.
Now, Netaji can rest assured,
free from any impending danger.
Brother, Nyshada paid
a visit during your absence...
To meet you--
Brother... the police.
Greetings, sir.
Munna, sir, has arrived.
Please bring for a cup of tea.
What brings you here, sir?
This photograph should be
featured in your newspaper tomorrow.
Who is she, sir?
Her name is Nyshada.
During the transport to
the central jail yesterday,
she managed to
escape from our custody.
A reward of 500 rupees will be offered to
those who provide information about her,
This should appear on the
front page of your news paper.
Which language is this?
What is this, this looks like Burmese?
Last week I visited Burma market...
And I purchased these footwear, sir.
He wrapped them in this
paper and handed them to me.
Any problem, sir?
If you went to Burma market a week ago,
How did he hand you a newspaper
that was printed three days ago?
That area is under the jurisdiction of
Subhash Chandra Bose's Azad Hind Fauj, right?
Why did you go there?
Why would you answer just like that?
Are you an INA agent?
Why did you venture into Burma,
which is INA's jurisdiction?
Speak up.
Why did you go?
Tell me wby?
Poor guy, looks like he is thirsty.
Do you need water?
Tell me.
Why did he go to Burma?
I don't know.
As an INA agent, you possess the
resilience to endure interrogation.
Poor girl, can she?
My child,
please don't harm the child, sir.
- Sir, please let her go.
- Dad... Dad.
- Sir, please leave her.
- Dad...
- Don't harm her, sir.
- Dad...
Her skin will be torn,
taking her hair along with it...
Revealing her skull, think about it.
I will speak up, sir. Let the child go.
- I will speak up, sir.
- Why did he go there?
He went to change the location.
Which location?
- I don't know, sir.
- Whose location?
I don't know.
But after returning he
told that Netaji is safe.
Bloody hell!
The location of Bose's arrival
has been altered by them.
- They altered the location.
- Sir!
There is a mole among us.
Otherwise, how would they know
that we are aware about the location?
And why would they change the location?
We have to find the bloody black sheep.
Arrest everyone linked with the INA.
Hey! Cops!
Wait. Get down.
Hey, leave me.
What happened?
Samudra, Shafi, Shekhar,
everyone got arrested.
They have handed over to me
the responsibility of arresting you.
I am clueless about what's happening.
The robbery occurred on the
very next day after the code arrived.
And now,
The entire group has been captured.
Think about this,
In order to steal the code...
They must be aware that
you have the code, isn't it?
How did they know?
It implies that someone
from your organisation...
Is a British secret agent.
Brother, please forgive me.
I spoke up out of fear that
they would harm my daughter.
Sacrificing friends, family, and
bonds is what defines a revolution.
You bared it all in front of him, and
now you seek forgiveness? Shame on you.
They are aware that
the location where Netaji
was supposed to arrive
has been changed...
But, they are not aware
about the new location.
No need to worry.
I overheard the police conversing outside,
Tonight, they intend to
administer a sedative forcefully,
inducing a state where you might
unwittingly disclose the location.
For me to disclose it, I'd need to
be aware of the location, wouldn't I?
The letter given to me by
Trivarna is written in code language.
Bring Shekhar over here.
- Sir, please leave me...
- Hey, let him go...
Let him go. More torture will kill him.
Leave him.
These two bullets were discovered
at the site where Clement died.
They precisely match
the ammunition you use.
It means, you murdered Clement.
Sir... Sir...
I did go to eliminate
Clement, that's true.
But, I didn't kill him, sir.
Who did it?
It was Trivarna, sir.
Clement was killed by a woman.
We have an eye witness.
Sir, that woman is Trivarna.
Congress leader Manimekhala, sir.
- What are you saying?
- I am speaking the truth, sir.
I wasn't aware until then
that she was Trivarna.
My God!
Trivarna has been found.
If my understanding is correct,
The British agent in the
process of stealing the code...
Murdered Vijaya.
That agent?
Is that Shafi?
No, it can't be Shafi.
They're all in British custody.
Sir... Sir...
Devaiah has been located, sir.
Sir, why are the cops coming?
Did they find out that
Ms. Nyshada is here?
Sir, Bell has instructed us
to escort you to him without delay.
- Why?
- Sir, Trivarna has been located.
- You can go. I will come.
- Okay, sir.
- Shastri, give me the file.
- Here it is, sir.
Send this letter via
speed post. Be careful.
If our soldiers go inside she
will blow herself to pieces.
If we delay, she will
clearly bleed to death soon.
Trivarna is the only one
who knows the 'All clear' code.
If we don't catch Trivarna now, alive...
We will never catch Bose.
Our leader said...
Give me your blood,
And I will give you freedom.
We are committed to that, ready
to give the last drop of our blood.
Of course,
I need to inform the Viceroy
about Trivarna's arrest.
Torture her if necessary,
Or rape her,
But, keep her alive.
Do whatever it takes.
I need information from her. Understood?
Don't worry, sir.
Let's make this easy, shall we?
Where is Bose expected to arrive?
And what's all this,
about an 'All clear' code?
What is the 'All clear' code?
Strip that woman.
Manimekhala, how can you be so reckless?
Didn't I warn you that an eyewitness
to Clement's murder has been found?
Why did you act recklessly then?
For being committed to the organisation,
and for your courage,
Here is a gift for you from Trivarna.
Trivarna's dagger!
The INA intelligence chief you've
been searching for all these years,
The right hand man of Netaji!
His second in command!
You bloody traitor!
You think I am your
dog to stay loyal to you?
I am a Lion!
He is a lion dwelling among you wolves.
Under the directive of our chief, who
believes that winning a war requires
more than just a weapon and
understanding the opponent is crucial,
I am here as Devil.
I rescued that woman to
prevent her from detonating herself,
Now to save the same
woman I have killed him.
You are exposed now, Devil.
Your game is over.
Have you ever witnessed corpses testify?
No one will leave this place alive.
Whatever your plan might be...
You can never save Bose.
Netaji is encircled by an impenetrable
fence, and that fence is Trivarna.
You can't move an inch
beyond the fence,
you can't even lay a
finger on Netaji's shadow.
Bell, this is not a war, it's a massacre!
Until the sun sets on the British...
Empire, which has never
experienced a sunset...
Trivarna will not rest until then.
Right form the Hindukush mountain
range and up until the Indian ocean,
From Bay of Bengal to the West coast,
This is our land.
You came to conquer this land, right?
I will give you six feet,
under this ground.
Six feet under the ground for your coffin!
Brother, forgive me.
With so many INA agents
being arrested simultaneously,
I am at a loss for what is happening.
There is a British agent among us.
No one is safe, including
Netaji, until we find the traitor.
I'm setting out on that task.
Take care, everyone, until then.
- What about Nyshada?
- I've entrusted her with a mission...
She is on the task of completing it.
Netaji's location and details
about the 'all clear' code are in here.
- Go and meet Netaji.
- Trivarna!
Bloody hell!
It's a massacre.
There's Devaiah.
I need to discuss with you about the
murder of the landlord's daughter.
Move away, move away.
Who instructed you to make a
duplicate key for the bungalow?
Why are you making a
duplicate key for the bungalow?
Have you lost it?
What the hell are you doing?
I am not engaging
in any wrongdoing.
I am facilitating the union of two lovers.
Lovers means, Bhuma and Vijaya.
They live in the same house, sir.
Why would they need the key?
I receive messages from the
INA leaders across the world...
I forward them to Samudra.
Someone is signalling
someone, Shastri.
Shastri, lovers doesn't
mean Bhuma and Vijaya...
Nyshada and Samudra
in Rani's perspective.
Agent Trojan reporting, sir.
Tell me, Trojan.
Who did this?
I can't believe this.
He went to Rasapadu just to
discover how the code was leaked.
If we dig back...
Every step he took towards the
investigation had an ulterior motive.
When you said we got the code...
It was Devil who sent Shafi to
Rangoon to change Netaji's location, sir.
You head to Rangoon...
And deliver this envelope
to Raj Bihari Bose.
This contains an important
info about Netaji's location.
In the mean time, I
will head to Rasapadu...
And I will uncover the
traitor within our organization.
The shield which was
shielding Netaji till now...
Is him.
He is their shield and their sword!
So many people couldn't stop one man?
Constructing a dam in an ocean and
stopping Trivarna is impossible, sir.
Before our men could raise their
swords they would be stabbed thrice.
Before they could aim their rifles, three
bullets would be coming towards them.
If he could accomplish such destruction
in 10 minutes, just imagine his pace, sir.
Just imagine his pace, sir.
We have such a huge facility,
You should've deployed fifty more men.
If there were fifty more men here...
You would have witnessed
fifty more corpses, sir.
In a vast flock of a
hundred thousand sheep,
the moment a lion appears, every
one of them scurries for their lives.
I am sorry to say this.
For him...
Numbers don't matter.
But I am not going to spare him...
I am going to kill him.
I don't understand what you said, sir.
What is there in this that you
can't understand?
When Rani saw Nyshada
meeting Samudra discreetly...
She doubted that they both were in love.
I've been observing you both since long,
If the landlord finds out
what's happening here,
You know what will happen?
If you pay me five rupees...
I will show you a way to
meet Nyshada ma'am discreetly...
Sir! Samudra who came to steal the code...
could've left after she stole it.
But, why did she kill Vijaya?
Put yourself in Vijaya's shoes, Shastri.
After the events transpired that night,
I am sure Vijaya couldn't sleep.
If Vijaya screams in
fear, Nyshada will awaken.
Fearing he would be
caught, Samudra killed Vijaya.
Who are you?
He sedated Nyshada and stole the code.
Look how easy it is to use this route.
What have you done to Nyshada?
I will be blamed for giving
you the keys to enter.
Give me the key.
Give it to me.
Give it.
If my speculation is accurate,
Bhuma might have witnessed
Samudra committing the murder of Rani.
If I can capture Bhuma and he discloses
the characteristics of the murderer...
Out of fear that I might
recognise Samudra...
Samudra killed Bhuma.
To find out Netaji's
location through Shafi,
He intentionally got himself arrested
and brought to the detention centre.
If I am not wrong,
Samudra might have told
everything about me to Bracken.
Shastri, a war is looming.
It's dangerous for you if you are with me.
- Leave.
- Sir, I can't leave you.
You? You were supposed
to be in police custody?
How do you know that I am here?
I overheard Devil while
he was speaking to Bracken.
Hoping that I would never come out...
They discussed their plans in front of me.
Who is Devil?
The British secret agent whom
you know as a special officer.
Agent Devil!
You only noticed the uniform I wore.
If you could see the man and his heart,
you would have understood me earlier.
Not as an officer...
But as someone who loves you.
It's not a bigger punishment
than losing the girl I love.
I don't trust you.
I know that you wouldn't trust me,
The gathered this
evidence risking my life.
Devil's, service file.
For the mistake you have
committed by falling in love with him,
You know what the consequences are?
He didn't handover the code to Trivarna.
He tailed Trivarna and arrested him.
Because of you.
Trivarna might have sensed
that she might get arrested.
That's why she sent me instead of her...
And messaged me to
send the 'All clear' signal.
But, how does Trivarna
know that I am here?
Trivarna is aware about everything.
What is the 'All clear' signal.
Did she tell you?
Nyshada, shoot.
He is Devil.
We don't have any other way to get
out of here without killing him, Nyshada.
Shoot him.
We must send our light signal through the
eastern sky at a precise 45-degree angle.
Netaji would be arriving shortly.
Samudra, that's the British police.
We must signal him not to land.
What is this?
Not Samudra.
Agent Trojan!
Shall I tell you the truth?
The guy whom you shot, I
mean Devil is none other than...
Your intelligence chief, Trivarna.
Trivarna over there...
Netaji here...
Both are finished.
I get hundred thousand pounds
for helping apprehend Netaji...
British citizenship.
Mission accomplished!
Let's go.
Well done Trojan.
So finally the end of the bloody INA.
Why this smug smiled?
Your dream of destroying the INA,
Would remain a dream.
I already know that he is Trojan.
Did you forget that I am
a Morse code operator?
That's why...
He signaled me in Morse code
so that I can understand and you won't.
The person arriving here is not Netaji.
Destruction personified!
He is coming to welcome Netaji and
lay the red carpet with your corpses.
Take a look.
What is the strength of our force?
We have 200 men.
Four cannons,
and enough ammunition to last a war.
And in ten minutes,
we will have double the reinforcement.
Ten minutes?
Sir, we must be able
to stop him ten minutes.
You cannot escape anymore.
Now, your identity has been revealed.
You still didn't understand
my plan Bracken?
Our force which has come to nab Netaji...
Were attacked by INA terrorists.
You who fought valiantly in
this battle was slain by Samudra.
Me who fought more valiantly...
Killed Samudra.
The British secret service
would honor me with a medal
for eliminating Samudra,
the one who took your life.
And I will always remain as Devil.
The British secret agent.
Trivarna saved Netaji's life that day,
turning the nation's history crucially.
Yet, he never wanted a page
for him in the nation's history.