Devil in the Dark (2017) Movie Script

Oh, god! Adam!
Oh, god!
Oh, my god.
Over here!
I found him!
I found him. I found him.
All right, you're good to go.
Hey, bill.
I heard from head office.
It's not good.
I'm sorry, uh, who'd you--
who did you talk to?
Uh, Janice.
One second.
Oh, hey.
No, that-that doesn't matter.
'Cause he doesn't care.
Yes, I will remind him. 6:30.
'Cause that's just who he is.
Okay, I love you, too.
Head office wants
this done right away.
They wanna try and save
their third quarter.
Clint, they want you to lay
these people off
by the end of the month.
How many by the end
of the month?
Four, bill? Jesus Christ, four?
We gotta do this.
Four people without jobs
is better than 50.
No, you know what?
Call head office one more time.
See if there's anything
we can do. Please?
They're not gonna budge,
Well, then those corporate
clowns can come down here
and tell them themselves.
Tell their families they don't
have jobs or money or any--
I'm sorry, bill. That's not you.
Okay? I get it.
Hey, Gary. What's going on?
There's some guy here,
says he's your brother.
Yeah. Thanks, Gary.
I'll be right out.
Hey, Adam.
I didn't expect you
to come here,
I thought we'd just meet
at the house.
I thought I'd just come by
and, you know,
see the place.
I hope you didn't wait
too long.
No, no. They gave
me some coffee.
You didn't drink it,
did you?
Heh. No.
This thing.
It's been there since
we were kids.
So you're doing dad's
old job, huh?
Well, sort of, I guess.
I'm head of operations.
Dad, uh...
Hated sitting
behind a desk, right?
I could take you on
a tour if you like.
Not that much has changed.
All right.
But you'll have to wear
one of these, bud.
You know, on second thought
maybe I'll, uh...
Maybe I'll just see
you at the house.
I'm gonna take a drive
through town.
Yeah, okay. No problem.
See you in a bit.
Oh, hey.
Dinner is at 6:30, all right?
6:30. Got it.
Have I met uncle Adam before?
No, you haven't, buddy.
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry, too.
Okay, fine. Let's eat.
Is that him?
Could be.
Stay right there.
Hey. You re late.
Yeah, sorry. I just...
Lost track of time.
I see.
Well, let's go
meet the family.
Hey, guys. This is
your uncle Adam.
It s good to see you, Adam.
You too, Sophie.
Come on in.
Hey, buddy.
How old are you?
Six. And she's my little sister,
and she's three.
Three, huh? Hi.
We almost got started
without you.
Well, thanks for waiting.
I went for a drive
around town today.
Just for old time's sake.
Oh, yeah?
It hasn't changed one bit.
What did you expect?
An urban sprawl of office
buildings and coffee shops?
A Starbucks maybe?
It's a simpler life, Adam.
What? I didn't say anything!
I know that look.
Man, I can t believe Bradley
is as big as he is.
You know he's gonna
be seven next summer?
Does he like hunting
as much as his dad?
Of course.
Mostly birds though.
Like, if he had to shoot a deer
he'd probably cry.
I think I'd bawl my eyes out
if I had to shoot a deer.
I'm serious.
You know, I can finish
up here.
You are excused.
Thank you.
I haven't done dishes
in about 10 years,
so I'm a little out
of practice.
He's glad you're here.
"Ladies and gentlemen,
skinny and stout.
"I'll tell you a tale
i know nothing about.
"Admission is free,
so pay at the door.
Pull up a chair
and sit on the floor."
Does uncle Adam want
to stay for a while?
No, he's only gonna stay
for a quick visit.
Could I go hunting
with you?
No, sorry. Not this time,
The deer are way, way up
in the mountain,
and it's gonna be a tough climb,
even for your old man.
But I really want to go
with you.
No, I know you do.
And I promise we'll go together
as soon as I get back.
But this is gonna be a really,
really long hike.
And hey, you know how
you like to play
with your little
sister sometimes?
Nope. Not at all.
Yeah, you do.
Anyway, that's kinda what
your uncle and I need.
We just need some time to
play by ourselves, all right?
I know.
Okay. Bedtime, buddy.
Where are you going?
I'm just gonna see some of
the guys in town at Lucy's.
Oh. Okay.
Will you relax?
We're gonna be together
for six days.
I-i get it.
Just remember we gotta get up
early tomorrow, all right?
I'll be ready.
6:30 A.M.
i got it.
I know, it's-- you know,
it's just-- you can uh--
I can what?
Lose track of time.
Will you take it easy?
It's a camping trip,
not a shuttle launch.
All right.
I wouldn't go to Lucy's
if I were you.
You'll end up getting drunk and
marrying one of the local gals.
I would have to be extremely
drunk to end up
with one of those town heifers.
Are you calling me
a heifer?
What? No, not you, i
come on, you know
what I mean.
You come home drunk,
I'm sending the kids
into your room at 6:00 A.M.
Hey, you guys should do
a little um...
Redecorating in here.
It's been the same since 1986.
Start with that couch.
I like this couch.
Yeah, me too.
We should change
the wallpaper, though.
Do you want me to run
out to the truck
and get you a proper shirt?
I mean, what is that, anyway?
It's called a t-shirt.
It s a new thing.
I know him.
He invented communism.
Yeah, something like that.
What are you, some sort of
commie now, or what?
Why are you here?
I'm visiting my brother.
Actually, I'm going hunting
with him if you can believe it.
Nobody's got anything bigger
than a grouse
over the last five years.
Your brother'd be off his rocker
if he thinks he can bag a deer.
Yeah, well, I'm hoping
we don't even see one.
Didn't you hate hunting?
Yeah. Still do.
Maybe Clint knows something
we don't know.
Where ya headed,
All the way up to the plateau.
You remember Doug Grant?
Hardware store?
He went up there 10 years ago.
It was 15 years ago and Doug
was an actual retard.
Shut up. He wasn't a retard.
Yes, he was.
Okay. Regardless,
what happened to him?
He went up to the plateau...
Never came back.
And that's it?
And nobody ever found out
what happened to this guy?
Don't worry, buddy.
We'll come looking for you.
I'm gonna get a drink.
Did you charge
your cell phone?
Yeah, the thing is, uh...
Cell phones don't work about
four hours into the hike, so...
Ah, how convenient
for you.
No, trust me. I would...
I would definitely
call you if I could.
Six days with just
my brother?
Pretty sure I'm gonna end up
just talking to the trees.
Night, hon.
Don't shoot your brother.
I just-- I don't wanna hear
a story that I can't un-hear.
You're wrong, man. You do.
'Cause w-- we--
she just-- I don't know,
she just like turned over
quickly and all of a sudden
her tits were flapping up
in my face!
What do you mean,
she turned around?
How does that happen?
It just-- yeah.
Boys, it's late.
Unh. Yeah. Woah.
I think I gotta go home.
Hey, cheers.
It was good to see you guys.
Cheers. Yeah.
Yeah, you too, man.
Don't wait another 15 years
to come back.
Yeah, well if I do,
I bet you guys will be sittin'
right here.
I really hope so.
All right.
All right.
Ah, shit.
Watch your step.
See ya.
Hey! Oh, my god, Adam!
Oh, Adam, what happened
to you? Huh? Huh?
Clint! Over here!
That mattress is terrible.
No one's ever complained.
You're the first
to whine about it.
Good times with
your old friends?
I'll see you outside.
What do you expect to carry
in that backpack?
I got some food, i
got my sleeping bag.
Okay, what kind
of sleeping bag?
What difference
does it make?
It's gonna be
freezing up there.
I don't know what kind
of sleeping bag it is.
What is this?
I packed you a bag.
Well, let's just say
i had a hunch.
Look. Just because
you think you know
what you're doing does not mean
i need you to pack me a bag.
Well, then
let's take your car.
Why do you gotta
be such a dick?
I see you traded in
dad's old truck.
Yeah, dad's died
a few years back.
He left you the house,
he left you the truck.
What else did he leave you?
You scared the piss outta me.
Will you come on?
I wanna get there before dark.
That's dad's gun, right?
Can I use yours?
You can't hit the bright side
of a barn with dad's gun.
Can I drive?
Also no.
You ready?
Man, I love this place.
Yeah, it's great.
So how far are we going?
Well, we re gonna hike
around to that point,
then we are right
on the plateau.
Yeah, i-i still
don t understand why
we don't just take the quad
all the way up there.
I mean, it's a machine
that's built to do that.
Because, precious,
we're doing this old school.
I want the sound of engines and
the smell of gas miles behind.
So we're gonna hike up
to the plateau.
Yeah. Why?
Uh. Nothin'.
Just the, uh, the guys
last night, they were sayin'--
okay, what did your ladies
tell you last night?
Nothing. They just said nobody
goes up there anymore.
Let me guess. They told you
the story of Doug Grant?
Doug had no business being
up here.
The guy was half retarded.
You know, in the civilized world
we don't use that word anymore.
Just so you know.
People don't come up here
'cause it's a bitch to hike to,
not because of some
old wives tale.
And I bet there are huge deer
just begging to be harvested.
And this was your idea.
Huge deer up there
just begging to be killed
is what you meant.
I bet even if we miss
we could just walk up and...
Club them with your gun.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey, screw it, man.
Listen, I'm in.
Let's go kill some deer
in the face.
Uh, murder.
Okay, Clint, get him on target.
Don't bring your head
to the scope,
but bring the scope
to your head.
Aim a bit to the right,
the wind'll push it a bit.
You wanna hit him
in the chest.
Okay. I got it, dad.
When you're ready.
He's down.
Great shot, son!
Now the hard work
begins, huh?
The fun stops
when the animal drops.
You always wanna keep the shell
from your first kill.
Okay, dad.
You know, there's shooting light
for about another hour or so.
You wanna see
what we can see?
Uh... nah.
You can,
knock yourself out.
I think I'm just gonna chill out
here for a moment.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Did you hear that noise?
It was hard to miss.
Well, have you ever heard
anything like that before?
No, never.
The hell was that?
Relax, child.
There's a bunch of mines
out here.
They're probably fracking.
The sound carries out here.
You're just used to your
city noises, that's all.
Yeah, well I've never heard
a noise like that,
in the city or anywhere.
And it wasn't fracking,
I'll tell you that much.
The fire.
Oh, come on.
We got a whole other day
of hiking ahead of us.
I'm cold.
The smoke will embed
in our clothes and--
the smoke's gonna-- okay, sure.
Oh, 'cause you hunt. Yeah.
Well-- didn't you bring
any deer piss?
That's what we use to mask
our smells, right?
Deer piss? Am I right?
Yes, as a matter
of fact I did.
Okay, so then what's
the problem?
Okay. Tonight only.
Did you see anything while
you were out there?
Yeah. A small Doe.
That's great!
Maybe we don't have to go
as far to find some deer then.
She's probably just lost.
The big bucks,
they're higher up
the mountain this time of year.
Great. Ah.
What is that?
It's nothing.
Go back to sleep.
I can't go back to sleep.
It sounds like
it's getting closer.
It's just your imagination.
Everything sounds louder
out here.
Woah, woah, woah.
What was that?
Don't-- don t do that.
No, no, no.
I'm-- I'm serious.
I heard something else.
Okay, we're leaving,
all right?
There's no way I'm going up
any further.
I told you, everything sounds
louder out here.
Wake up, bro.
We walk from here.
Let's get going.
Can't we just keep taking
the quad?
Mom, mom, mom, I got one!
I finally got one.
Where's Adam?
He's upstairs.
Oh, hi.
You guys are late.
Yeah, we had to go up
further than last year.
How'd it go?
Yeah, good.
He got his first one.
Unh. Did he cry?
Of course not.
You should have taken Adam.
He wouldn't have come anyway.
Yeah, but you still
should ask.
He thinks you favor Clint.
He's not like that at all.
Clint and I just like
the same things.
Well, maybe, as the adult
in the relationship,
you can find something that you
and Adam can enjoy together.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get washed up before
you come near me.
Hey, Adam.
Guess what, dink?
Adam, guess what?
I shot a deer.
Got him right in the chest.
Good for you.
You killed something.
Dad said it was the biggest one
he's seen in years.
Almost a fourteen pointer!
I have no idea
what that means.
Oh, well, you have to count
the times in the rack--
Clint, what I meant to say is,
i don't care.
Well, maybe you would care
if you came with us for once
instead of reading
some stupid comic book.
Walking through the woods
looking for something to kill?
No, thanks.
You're such
a little jerk.
Bring it!
Bit different from your spin
and yoga classes, huh?
Shut up.
So the good news is we only
have to get to the top of that.
The bad news is we gotta go
the long way around.
We're going up there?
Well, why don t we just cut
it short
and just climb up
right here?
Because it's too steep,
we don't have ropes,
and you're carrying a 40 pound
backpack, that's why.
It doesn't look
that dangerous to me.
Looks can be deceiving. It's
smarter to just go around.
No, no. Screw the hour
and a half hike.
I'm going up here.
Hey. I'm too old to lug
you out on my back.
Don't die.
...first and ten.
The closing minutes
of the fourth quarter.
Are you ignoring this?
Christ almighty!
Oh, boy.
All right, boys.
All right. Enough.
Clint! Let go
of your brother!
Enough. Hey. Come on.
go and set the table.
Clint, get those stinky,
bloody clothes off right now.
You know, your uncle and i
used to fight like you guys.
Was your brother
a dickhead, too?
He's not a dickhead.
You guys
are just different.
Oh, you think you're
the first brother
to be annoyed by
his younger sibling?
I don't know.
Why can't
he just be normal?
I know your brother doesn't like
the same things as us.
Adam probably thinks
it's you that's not normal.
I hate him.
You know, time changes
everything, bud.
You're gonna have to suck it up
and be the older brother.
I'll try.
Good. Now go wash up
for dinner, huh?
You smell like
a slaughter house.
I love you, dad.
I love you, too, son.
Just tell me, Rambo.
Go that way 300 yards.
300 yards?
That's like three
football fields.
And then I want you
to push up and go left.
Okay, but if I see the deer,
why don't I just shoot it?
I have a gun.
Because your job is
to push it up to me.
Oh, I see.
Because you want
first shotsies.
Okay, that's cool.
I get it.
Just go.
Did you miss?
No, I got him for sure.
He just didn't drop.
I can t believe you took
the shot.
Me either.
So where'd you hit him?
In the chest, I think,
but he moved a little bit
when I shot.
What'd he look like?
He was big.
You, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, let's get him.
No, nothing.
What is that?
what is that?
I don't know!
Come on,
let's just go.
Adam, come on.
What is that shit?
It's dinner,
all right?
And it'll be delicious.
You know, I can't believe
you took that shot.
Never in a million years
did I think you would do that.
I feel like shit about it.
You eat meat, right?
I think we should go home
No. We can't leave
that deer out there.
And all of a sudden why are
you so anxious about going home?
This was your idea.
Why did you wanna come
up here?
Not that I mind,
I've been meaning to call you,
it's just-- why?
I just wanted to see
the town again.
After 15 years?
It just seemed like
the right time.
You're the one who turned
this into a hunting trip.
I thought we could just go
camping or something.
I've been having
So you wanted to come up here
because of dreams?
I gotta say that's
a little weird.
You know, dad would have
been happy about this.
Because I'm hunting?
No, you idiot.
You know, no matter what,
he was our dad.
He was way more
of a dad to you.
Well you certainly didn't
take the high road
when he needed you,
did you?
He didn't need me.
He had you.
I had to look after him
all by myself.
You think that was fun?
Do you really think that he
would have wanted me around?
I wanted you around, Adam.
I wanted you there for me.
For me.
Can you jus-- you know what?
Never mind.
You know he asked about you
all the time?
He wanted to know
what you were up to.
And he hoped you would visit
one last time.
I came for the funeral.
The fu-- the funeral?
That was closure for you.
I didn't come up here
to defend him.
That part of
our lives is over.
I just promised him I would
make it right.
And when you suggested
coming up here I thought--
I thought you could close
the book.
You and I will never agree
about our father.
If you're okay with that,
then I'm okay with closing
the book.
That looks like shit.
What came between
you and dad, anyway?
Who are you?
You okay?
Yeah. I-i just, uh...
I had a bad dream.
Want your binkie?
Adam, I got it.
You're kidding?
That's great.
Let's go.
Maybe we can see something
from up there.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
What the hell?
This is seriously
fucked up, man.
One second.
No, no.
No, Adam, this is
a very bad idea.
I recognize this place.
It's, uh...
Listen, I don't care.
We gotta get outta here.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's get the hell
outta here.
Adam. Slow down.
Adam, slow down!
Oh, shit! Shit!
Hang on, buddy!
Here we go. Here we go.
No, no, no! Aah!
What did you do?
I'm sorry, bro. I had to.
You wouldn't have been able
to move if I didn't.
You have any morphine
in that pack?
No, sorry.
What do you want? Let me get it.
I got it.
You can give it a try,
but I wouldn't get
your hopes up.
We're moving more in the open
tomorrow morning.
Give it another try then,
all right?
What the hell was that shit
up there?
I'm not sure, man.
It's just my imagination
getting the better of me.
It was just an old deer
or something.
Antlers were all broken
and ugly.
What happened to you
up there?
I don't know.
You said you recognized
the place, but you've--
you've never been
there since--
since when?
You don't remember?
Dad and I lost you
when you were four.
We were hiking and you just...
What? What happened?
Nothing. Nothing happened.
We-- we found you after a few
hours, dad was panicking and...
Seriously, you don't
remember at all?
No. Nothing.
You never did
like the outdoors.
I still don't.
Dad just thought you were gay.
What was that stupid thing
dad used to say?
Something about being at
the office and hunting...
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
A bad day huntin' beats a good
day workin' every time.
I've never disagreed
with him more.
That's saying something.
What's with all these crows?
Adam! Adam!
- What the fuck?
- What the fuck!
- What the hell was that?
- We are leaving right now!
What the hell grabbed me?
Come on!
Was it a bear?
No, no!
Goddamn bear!
Why won't you tell me
what it was? Clint!
Because I don't know,
It's nothing
I've ever seen before.
Jesus Christ!
It doesn't change the fact
that we gotta get off
the goddamn mountain!
All right?
It doesn't matter! We'd be in
the same boat if it was a bear!
No, we wouldn't! At least,
a bear is an animal!
Whatever, we gotta leave.
Being scared and pissing
ourselves doesn't get us off
this goddamn mountain!
Do you even know where
you're going?
- I am just trying to get away.
- Farther away.
What the fuck does that mean?
Well what the hell do you
wanna do? Huh?
You wanna-- you wanna wait
for that thing to come?
Come on.
- Almost there.
- Okay.
Come on. Sit down.
Are you okay?
Are you gonna
be all right here?
If you see anything
that isn't me, you shoot it.
You hear me?
I'll come back down.
That's a good plan.
Where's your phone?
In the pocket of my bag.
Oh, god.
You good?
If you could hurry
that'd be fantastic.
I'm on it.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good!
Goddamn cell phone.
Adam! You still okay?
Yeah, I sure am!
Yeah, I m coming down now!
Come on.
Adam! I see something!
Adam, it's coming!
Where is it?
I don't see anything!
Adam, it's right
in front of you!
Shoot it!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay,
it's okay.
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
Adam, are you--
are you there?
I'll get you out!
I'll get
you out!
I can't.
I can't. I can't.
Oh, god. Oh, please.
Hello? Who is this?
Sophie, it s me--
it's me, Clint.
Yes! Sophie!
you're cutting in and out.
Where are you?
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
I can't--
i can't leave him.
No! No.
Where is he?
Adam, is that you?
You're awake.
What happened?
Where are we?
You really think
we're done with you?
Hey, easy. Easy Adam.
Calm down.
Calm down, bud.
It's me, okay?
Where are we?
We're almost back
to the truck.
How long was I out?
A while.
Are you okay?
What the hell
happened to me?
I don't know for sure.
But you're back, all right?
I felt like-like something
was trying to take me.
It took me, didn't it?
Oh, god.
I can still feel it!
Ah, ha.
Come on, Clint!
We have to go!
Adam, listen.
Listen. Listen.
The quad's out of gas, but we
are only a half day walk away.
You just-- you just
need to rest.
We will leave
at first light.
What the hell?
It's that...
Where are you?
Where are you?
Damn it!
Where is it?
I don't know!
Clint! Clint!
Clint, what's wrong?
Oh, shit! Shit!
No! No!
What happened?
Where's your brother?
He-- he--
oh, there he is.
Mark perrault