Devil May Care (2023) Movie Script

(deep dramatic music)
(paper crumpling)
(soft suspenseful music)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
(fire crackling)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
- Thou who art condemned to
this realm's fiery pits,
thou who art cursed
and damned
thou who creates all evil,
and casts all shame
thou who art most holy,
(hostage whimpering)
bring thy dark spirit forth.
(hostage whimpering)
With this ancient magic,
I call thee darkness.
I release thee
(hostage whimpering)
from thy fiery pits.
With this fire,
(hostage whimpering)
I call thee.
Oh, soulless king, I release
thee from thy hellish duties.
I call thee forth.
Oh, great father of sin,
lord of death, I call thee,
bringing thee forth
to this mortal plane.
(hostage whimpering)
With this offering,
I summon thee.
Oh, powerful demon,
I cast thee from thy
torture chamber
and into this moment,
to this place.
Follow the fast
flames of hell fire.
Follow the last ebb and flow
of this innocent life blood.
Follow the succulent
scent of sacrifice.
Follow my call and show thyself.
(hostage whimpering)
Hail Satan.
(punch thudding)
- [Missy] You must
have heard the legend
of the abandoned
theater in the forest.
- [Pam] Oh God, here we go.
- [Elaine] Shut up, Pam.
I want to hear.
- [Pam] Not like we don't
all know this story already.
- [Elaine] Yeah, but
I like how she tells it
and I haven't heard
it in a while.
- [Pam] All right.
It's getting dark and it's
gonna give me the creeps.
- [Elaine] Perfect
night for good scare.
- [Missy] Are you guys done?
(group groaning)
When the clock strikes
12, the devil will come.
(devil laughing)
(devil laughing)
- [Pam] Why?
- [Missy] Why what?
- [Pam] Why does the devil
appear in the theater?
- [Missy] Well, I
guess this was before
the theater was built.
It's why it's abandoned
because evil was conjured there.
- [Elaine] Pam, shut
up and let me listen.
- [Pam] Alright, just curious.
- [Elaine] Yeah, but
it's a story, okay?
Go on, Missy.
- Many have summoned
him for their own will,
but the devil only
came for one thing,
The two came together
birthing a monster,
part man, part beast.
(devil groaning)
(werewolf howling)
(werewolf growling)
The devil's mark was nothing
but tragedy in the theater,
and eventually, it was
abandoned to the woods.
(werewolf growling)
People say you can still
hear the beast out there,
howling, calling
out for its mother
as the devil waits to return.
(suspenseful eerie music)
Well, at least that's
how the legend goes.
So are you in?
- Uh, hell yeah.
- Pam, are you in?
- Well are you sure it's safe?
- Yeah.
- You guys think
Tom's gonna be there?
(Missy laughing)
- Yeah, he's gonna be there
and it's just when they're
done with that stupid party.
- I mean.
- I'll call him.
I'll call Brad and
I will check, okay?
Ugh, there's never any
signal in this stupid town.
- You literally
never have signal
because your phone's
a sack of crap.
Upgrades are a thing.
(Missy laughing)
- Well, I am sure
he will be there.
- Oh, he'll definitely be there.
He likes you.
- And he is got brains too,
which means you'd get married
and leave this
terrible little town.
- You guys suck.
You suck.
Can you hear my voice?
- Maybe you should
just call them.
- Maybe if you didn't
break your phone,
you'd be able to call them.
- Well, tell that
to that dick Dave.
Wish you hadn't gone to his
party in the first place.
- It sucked.
It really did.
- Well, the night about
to get a lot better.
- Well, can they hurry up
because I left my phone at home.
- Oh, there they are.
- I really hope we've
not ever done it
with these sleeping bags.
I've only ever
spoken to Pam online.
- It's a midnight party, Tom.
You'll be fine.
- Dude, girls love scares
and bad boys, right?
It gets them horny.
This is perfect.
- You're such a sleaze.
Yeah, first date in
an abandoned theater
with the possibility
of getting arrested.
How romantic.
- What's got into you, mate?
You nervous about Pam or scared
about some stupid
abandoned theater?
- Both.
- Missy says Pam likes you.
Just chill.
- Yeah.
- Get to know her
and see where it goes.
- Exactly, right?
And stick your tongue
down her throat.
All right?
(girls laughing)
- Let's go.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Now I just need to get over
my fear of going in there.
- Curse is broken.
(Pam laughing)
Maybe we can get over
that fear together?
Let's go.
(soft suspenseful music)
Are we there yet?
- It's just around
the corner, I promise.
(group laughing)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
(group laughing and
chattering indistinctly)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
It's literally just around here.
(Mac screaming)
(group laughing)
- I'm sorry.
- What are you doing, mate?
- It's coming.
(group laughing and
chattering indistinctly)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
- Wow.
- Right, then let's go.
(group laughing)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
(door creaking open)
(door slamming shut)
- Pam.
- Leave me alone.
- Why are we whispering?
- 'Cause the caretaker
still might be here.
- What happens if we
can't sleep at all?
- My great path is on
it's much easier if we whisper.
- Okay, sure.
(Missy laughing)
Is this quiet enough for you?
(tape ripping)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
(soft suspenseful
music continues)
- Guys.
Come look at this.
(Mac laughing)
- [Mac] Check out
the sexy looking nun.
- I don't think it's a nun.
- Missy, she looks
just like you.
- Hey, It does kind of.
(group laughing)
- No, it doesn't.
- It does.
Well, just a little.
- Freaky.
Missy, how come you've
never noticed this before?
- Like I come here all the time?
- Yeah, how far back
does your family go here?
- Not that far.
It's just a coincidence.
I bet it looks nothing like that
when the sun's shining
in the morning.
- In the morning, I
don't wanna find out.
- Do I hear a bet there, Missy?
- Wanna stay all night and see?
- In the dark?
Recipe for a slasher, that is.
(Mac squelching)
- Guys, I don't like this.
- Yeah, come on guys.
- All right, all right, come on.
As creepy as this is,
I want to see more.
Come on, come on.
(Mac laughing)
Cool as fuck.
Come on baby, come on.
- Wow, this is amazing.
(Missy laughing)
(deep suspenseful music)
- I brought drinks.
- Wait, wait, wait.
So did I.
(group laughing)
- Took 'em as a parting gift
from that lame party earlier.
- Nice.
I told you the party
wouldn't be upset without us.
- I'll have one.
One is all.
- Yeah.
Never know what else
I'll find in my bag.
(werewolf howling)
- It's the werewolf!
- It's okay.
- Sorry.
The shouting was unnecessary.
But seriously, what is that?
- It's a fox.
- [Pam] A fox?
(group laughing)
This is serious.
(werewolf howling)
Is that coming from inside?
- Did anyone bring a weapon?
- Guys, relax.
It's probably like
a cat on a rattle.
- [Missy] Absolute,
don't you think?
(werewolf growling)
(group laughing)
(werewolf growling)
(werewolf growling)
- [Elaine] Yeah.
A real big turn on.
(couple moaning)
- You guys are seriously weird.
(group laughing)
(lips smacking)
(lips smacking)
This is fun.
This place is seriously
giving the creeps.
I'm glad you're here.
- Yeah, me too.
(lips smacking)
(Tom growling)
- You know what actually,
guys, guys.
(Pam clapping)
Story time.
A story time would be
fantastic right about now.
- Oh, joy, yeah.
Story time.
- Make it real scary.
- Yeah, why don't you
tell us about this theater
and why people are too
scared to enter it.
- I mean, surely it's better
to keep some things a mystery.
- Well, isn't it good
to be creepy sometimes,
right my precious children?
- Mwa-ha-ha.
- You can be seriously
terrifying, Missy.
- You said you
wanted a story, Pam.
You're just getting
what you wanted.
Go on, Missy.
- Well, it's just
what I've heard,
bits and pieces here and there.
- From who?
- Come on, Pam.
Missy's on a roll now.
Never mind where it comes from.
- Yeah, not another
peep out of you
or we're locking you one of
the bathrooms, all right?
- Yeah, we're not
going to do that.
- The theater's been like
this since the early forties,
but before then, it was a
very, very different place.
- What, come on.
How different could it be?
- Well, it was thriving.
People loved it here.
They would come from
the roads over there.
It was a success.
But, as we know, it is
built on the devil's ground
and no, no, no.
The devil.
He couldn't allow
that, now could he?
One night, as the theater's
owner was learning his lines
for his latest take on Macbeth,
he was visited by evil.
- They have tied me to a stake.
I cannot fly,
but bear-like I must
fight the course.
But bear-like I must
fight the course.
What's he that was
not born of woman?
No, no.
What's he that was
not born of woman?
Such a one am I to fear?
Such a one am I...
Or none.
Such a one am I to fear or none?
Such a one am I to fear or none?
They have tied me to a stake.
I cannot fly,
but bear-like I must
stay the course.
Fight the course.
But bear-like I must
fight the course.
Fight the course.
What's he that was
not born of woman?
What's what?
What's he that was
not born of woman?
- [Devil] Frederick.
I see you.
(suspenseful music)
(devil whispering indistinctly)
(suspenseful music)
(devil whispering indistinctly)
- Well, what happened?
- I don't know.
People say the owner
changed overnight.
He was a very, very nice man.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
- Sacrifice her for me.
- Things started going wrong.
The devil was
taking hold of him,
wanting to use him to find her.
(devil whispering indistinctly)
He would constantly
assault the poor man
to find her and bring
him a sacrifice.
- I don't know.
- [Devil] I want her.
Bring her to me.
- Yes.
Yes, yes.
- [Devil] She belongs to me.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- [Devil] Do as I say.
- Yes.
Your will will be done.
- [Devil] You have no will.
- Lead on, Macduff.
- He became aggressive, angry.
He became obsessed
with the actress.
- Out damned spot!
Out, I say!
by then 'tis time to do it.
Hell is murky.
Fie, my lord.
Fie, a soldier,
and feared?
What we need fear?
Who knows it
when none can call
our power to account?
who would've thought the old man
to have had so
much blood in him?
Yet, yet, yet.
Yet who would have
thought the old man
to have so much blood in him?
(actress clicking tongue)
Yet who would've
thought the old man
to have so much blood in him?
(actress imitating crying)
Frederick, what are you doing?
Come, come.
I need your help.
Right, right.
So this line right here,
I just feel so stagnant.
What did you prefer?
I'm assuming we
heard the end of it.
What did you prefer?
The louder or more of the
"yet who would've thought?"
or more of the quiet "yet
who would have thought?"
Oh, it doesn't matter anyway.
I'm sure I'll have
to figure it out.
Oh my goodness, eh!
What do you think of the dress?
It's lovely, isn't it?
- Yes, yes.
- Lissa did a fabulous job.
(both laughing)
- And do you know what he did?
He murdered her.
(suspenseful music)
(actress gasping)
- No!
(actress screaming)
(actress screaming)
- On that very stage.
(suspenseful music continues)
He said it was a sacrifice.
They say anyone who spends
too long in this theater
will hear the devil's calls
(ambient electronic music)
(devil whistling)
(ambient electronic
music continues)
and he will take them and
use them for his will.
So, the forest overgrew
and the theater story
became a part of the legend.
- Do you believe it?
- What, that he was possessed?
(Mac laughing)
- I don't know.
I just think it seems
silly to build this theater
outskirts of a
piss-poor city, right?
(both laughing)
- Yeah, that would probably
have something to do with it.
(all laughing)
- Just another reason
to leave this shit hole.
- You got that right, mate.
- What, and leave me behind?
- Babe, you're coming with me.
(both moaning)
(lips smacking)
(werewolf howling)
- Oh my God, it's back.
- Guys, it's like
a dog or a fox.
- That does not
sound like a fox.
- What, you've never heard
them fight or shag before?
- [Pam] Yuck!
(werewolf howling)
- No, no, sorry.
Can't do this.
(group laughing)
- Maybe it's the werewolf.
- Oh, stop it with the legend.
- Oh, fine, all right.
No stupid fox can
throw my night out.
I'll chase though.
- I'm with you, babe.
- Yeah, come on.
I've got your back.
Don't be scared.
- Maybe you can stay with me.
- Think I'll stay
with Pam, thanks.
- Safety in numbers.
- Bye guys.
(quiet eerie music)
(quiet eerie music continues)
(door creaks open)
(door slams shut)
- [Feminine Voice] Missy.
(Missy gasping)
- [Feminine Voice] Missy.
(Missy breathing heavily)
(devil laughing)
- Mm-mm.
(soft eerie music)
What was in that drink?
That's it?
I come here and I
lose my absolute mind?
Sounds so cool.
Awesome, great, amazing.
It's just a place.
I never should have
brought everyone here.
That's so stupid.
That stupid painting.
It doesn't even look like me.
It looks nothing like me.
That's so stupid.
That painting doesn't
even look like me.
(wood creaking)
Oh God, what was that?
It's nothing.
It was nothing.
It's just me losing my mind.
That's all it is.
Nothing more than that.
Just a dark, scary place
in the middle of nowhere,
and that is all that was about.
(Missy breathing heavily)
(werewolf howling)
(werewolf growling)
- Mac.
- I don't see anything.
- [Elaine] Be careful.
(werewolf growling)
- What's that?
(werewolf growling)
- Mac, just stay back.
- It's a god damn dog.
- That's a big
bloody dog or fox.
What was that?
- I don't know.
It's like big and
black whatever it is.
It's running downstairs.
(Mac imitates barking)
- What are you?
(Mac laughing)
What was it?
What was that?
- I don't know.
Like a big black
labrador or something.
- A lab?
I've never heard one like that.
(chiming suspenseful music)
(Missy mumbling indistinctly)
(wood crashing)
- I want to suck your blood!
(Missy screaming)
- Brad, you dick!
(both laughing)
(Mac laughing)
- A wolf and his prey.
(Elaine laughing)
- Missy do you have your phone?
- Yeah.
Sorry, Pam, there's no signal.
- Let's get out of here.
- Pam, what did you see?
- I don't know!
I don't know.
I just know I don't
want to see it again.
It was the wolf,
okay, it was the wolf.
I just, please can we
go, can we go, please?
- Tom, do you want to leave?
- Uh.
- Oh my God.
It was a dog.
A stupid dog, that's all it is,
and that's not gonna
ruin my night out.
- Yeah, your night out in
a crappy abandoned theater.
How romantic.
- We wanted an
adventure, remember?
- Mac, was it just a dog?
- Yeah, I think so.
- What kind of dog?
- I don't know, like a husky.
- You said it was a lab.
- Okay, or a lab or
a husky, whatever.
- Yeah, but it looked
more like a wolf to me.
- I mean, there aren't
really wolves in England.
- You've done a 180.
You're supposed to be
sticking up for me.
- Pam, cool off
and think about it.
If it's a dog, it's no big deal
and if it's a monster,
well it's out there
and we're inside.
That means we're kind of
safely trapped, I suppose.
- Okay, I guess.
But not for too
much longer, okay?
- Besides, if you don't
get home by 1:00 AM
then your dad's gonna
start to look for you.
- Exactly.
- Does anyone know we're here?
- Yeah, yeah.
I told the guys at
the party back there
that we were gonna be here.
But, get this off.
(bottle cap clinking)
I propose a toast.
Come on guys.
To the monster!
- [Group] To the monster!
(group laughing)
(lips smacking)
- What is it?
- I've got to take a piss.
- I wonder how old that is.
- Oh, two, 300 maybe?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- We'll bet that.
Come on.
- Okay, hurry up then.
- Don't worry, I
won't be too long.
It's been a while since you
heard anything though, right?
- I'm sure it's fine.
We haven't heard any
growls or anything,
but I wasn't really
paying attention.
(Missy laughing)
- Me neither.
- Take the torch.
- Don't worry,
I've got my phone.
- It must be nearly midnight.
Be careful of the devil.
- You and your legend.
- The devil will take you, Brad.
- I'll be right back.
(lips smacking)
(Missy laughing)
(squeaking suspenseful music)
(squeaking suspenseful
music continues)
- [Missy] Brad, hurry up!
- Be right there, Missy.
- What the?
(squeaking suspenseful
music continues)
(Brad gasping)
(intense orchestral hit)
(werewolf howling)
(werewolf howling)
(quiet suspenseful music)
(werewolf howling)
(quiet suspenseful
music continues)
(werewolf howling)
(quiet suspenseful
music continues)
- It's all right.
(werewolf howling)
- Hurry up, Brad.
(werewolf howling)
(wood steps creaking)
You're back.
What took you so long?
(werewolf howling)
- [Pam] Oh my God, it's back!
- The god damn
mutt is trying to--
(Brad shushing)
- That's not going to
wave sticks off of rocks.
That'll just make it worse.
- Stupid dog is messing with me.
- Let me go and see for myself
- No, are you--
- Calm yourself, my dear Missy.
Maybe I could throw something
and it'll rush away to chase it.
- What are you gonna throw?
- I'm sure I'll
think of something.
(wood crackling)
- Man, what's got into him?
Must be soaking the beer, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
(chiming suspenseful music)
(werewolf growling)
- Where the hell is he?
He should be back by now.
(chiming suspenseful
music continues)
- I don't hear
that mutt anymore.
- It might still be
out there though.
- He's not going to do anything.
- I think it's gone now.
Maybe Brad tossed a dead
rat and it's ran after it.
- Then where is Brad?
He shouldn't be
taking this long.
- [Mac] Yeah, this is weird.
I dunno where he is.
- Yeah.
Why was he gone?
Why did we let him go alone?
- He insisted.
- Well, we should've
stopped him.
- All right, me and Mac
will go look for him.
- What, and leave us here?
No, no, no, no.
- No, no, it's fine.
If he turns up,
we'll call for you.
- Oh, okay.
That makes sense.
- Alright then.
- We're off.
- Did anyone bring a weapon?
- Oh, come on.
(soft suspenseful music)
- Oh that stupid curse.
- Brad!
- Should we be shouting?
- We want to find him, don't we?
- Well, the devil might hear us.
- Oh my God, the devil.
That's a stupid superstition.
- Guys, hey guys.
Guys, hey guys.
- There he is.
- Brad, man, good to see you.
(Brad shushing)
- Don't let the girls hear.
- The girls are worried.
Missy's about to have a cow.
- I know, I figured that,
but this is too good not
to share with you guys.
- What's too good?
Where have you been, man?
- I found something.
I'll show you.
- Thanks for letting
us in on the gag.
- No problem.
- All right, then.
Let's see this whatever this is.
- Right this way.
Let me show you.
- [Mac] Jesus, I
can't see a thing.
(Brad laughing)
(devil laughing)
(intense orchestral hit)
(distant screaming)
- Missy, what is it?
- Did you guys not hear that?
- No.
- I must have just
been imagining it.
Oh, God, guys, I'm so sorry.
This was such a stupid idea.
I should not have
dragged us here.
- Yeah, so stupid.
(Elaine laughing)
- Maybe we should
go look for them.
We can go.
- No, no.
They're probably just
playing some stupid joke.
You know the boys.
- Yeah, they always do that.
- [Missy] Yeah, yeah.
(Missy and Elaine laughing)
- [Pam] They're gonna
come back, right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(indistinct whispering)
- Soon, my darling Missy.
Very soon.
(soft suspenseful music)
(deep electronic music)
(Mac laughing)
- Are you kidding me?
- Brad, where have you
taken us, you madman?
(indistinct mumbling)
- Oh God, this is insane.
(wood clacking)
- Go this way, yeah?
Come on!
(Mac laughing)
- Who the hell is that?
- Wow.
Only one way to find out, mate.
- Guys, don't go that way.
Come this way.
- Oh, thank the gods.
- Dude, where you been, man?
No, no come on, okay, hang on.
So why are we here
right now, mate?
- I didn't do all this.
I don't know what that thing is.
It got me a while ago.
I've been down here ever since.
- Bullshit.
You're the one who led us here.
- Yeah.
- Guys, it wasn't me.
That was the devil
wearing my face.
- Oh my God, the legend's real.
We need to get out of
here and save the girls.
(Mac laughing)
What are you laughing at?
- Come on guys, let's go.
(Mac laughing)
(suspenseful music)
- God, I can't take this.
I can't.
- Okay, so what are we gonna do?
- Well, we should go find them.
The boys might need our help.
- Do you think they're
still out there?
- Well, I guess we'll see.
- Hey, hey, hey, you're
not leaving me again.
Won't be caught.
(suspenseful music)
(werewolf growling)
(girls screaming)
(werewolf growling)
(girls screaming)
- That wasn't a dog!
- Was it?
- Oh, gosh, the legend's real.
- No.
- Does that mean
the devil's here?
Is the devil here?
- He might be.
Maybe he's killed the guys.
(indistinct chattering)
- Don't you think it's odd?
It's odd.
- What's odd?
- The monster or wolf
or whatever it is.
Why didn't it just attack us?
- What do you mean?
- The legend said that
the woman and the devil
had a baby together
and it was a werewolf.
I mean who would think?
- Whoa, whoa.
- It would be some wolf
or something exciting.
- No one's that stupid
to test the legend.
- Yeah, but we know now though.
- Oh, god, I'm sorry guys.
I should've asked someone
before I dragged us out here.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh guys, come
on, that's enough!
Let's just figure this out.
(electronic suspenseful music)
(heavy footsteps)
- How many other
tunnels are there?
- Starting to get a bit lost.
- Yeah, of course.
They all look the same.
Each and every one just leading
to another pit of darkness.
- Look guys, I know we're
all feeling a bit doomed,
but let's work together
and we'll get through this.
- You know, those sound
like the last words
of free men who are about
to get brutally murdered
by whatever horror
lurks alongside
yet another endless tunnel.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm kind of inclined to
agree with Mac on this one.
(Mac laughing)
- Let's try that one.
(suspenseful electronic music)
- Oh, look.
Yet another endless tunnel.
- Mac, please, dude.
- Nice one, Brad.
- Well, dude, maybe we
should just accept the fact
that we're all incredibly
screwed right now, huh?
(intense orchestral hit)
(Tom gasping)
(Mac laughing)
Oh, that's only
lightening thing up.
Oh, what is that?
- Wait, what if it's a trap?
- Dude, this is like, the
most interesting thing
that has happened all night,
so I'm reading it, okay?
Thou who art condemned to
his realm's fiery pits,
thou who art cursed and damned,
thou who creates all
evil and casts all shame,
thou who art most unholy
bring thy dark spirit forth
with its ancient magic.
I call thee dark...
(Mac sighs)
Blah, blah, blah.
Release from these
fiery pits of hell.
Hellish duties, lord of death.
Follow secret of sacrifice.
Follow my call and show thyself.
(Mac blowing rasperry)
I guess he got what he wanted.
- Come on, let's keep moving.
I just hope the girls are safe.
(electronic suspenseful music)
(werewolf growling)
- I can outrun this werewolf.
I'm the number one
best track runner.
That means I'm the
fastest in this group.
I mean, how fast can
this werewolf be?
- [Pam] Yeah.
(girls gasping)
(intense orchestral hit)
(girls screaming)
(rushing scary music)
- Are you serious?
(girls gasping)
(Pam gasping for breath)
(Pam gasping for breath)
- You've got this.
Just breathe, okay?
- Okay.
- You're fine.
- Okay.
- You're fine.
- Okay.
- See, you're good.
- Okay.
Where are the boys?
(Pam gasping for breath)
- Yeah, where are the boys?
- How do we get out of here?
- How should I know?
I'm prisoner number one.
- Let's see where this
one leads us, then.
Guys, I think it's
getting warmer this way.
- Yeah, 'cause we're on
a one way trip to hell.
- Well, maybe we are.
- Well how come I can't
smell sulfur, guys?
- Because we're not
far enough down yet.
- Maybe we shouldn't
be going this way, huh?
Think of that?
- Well, what do you suggest?
- I don't know.
Look, we go back, get a weapon,
and we fight that thing.
(loud groaning)
- [Brad] Well,
that's a great idea.
(loud groaning)
- If I recall, it
was your girlfriend
that got us into this mess.
- Don't blame Missy.
You wanted to come.
- Guys, I think there's
something coming.
- Oh, man, this just
keeps getting worse.
(loud groaning)
(soft suspenseful music)
- I think I could
outrun this wolf.
I really think I can.
- Did you forget the
last five minutes?
- I mean, we just did it.
That thing is outside.
- I don't think he's
trying to hurt us.
Otherwise why
wouldn't it attack?
I think it's trying
to protect us.
- Protect us from what?
- Everything else has
been right in the legend,
so why wouldn't this be?
- I can't, I can't do this.
Please, we've got to get out.
- Well, I can.
You'll be safe here.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- I don't think we've
got another choice.
- I don't want to be
on my own, please.
I don't want to
stay here on my own.
- Guys, we have no other choice.
I'm doing this.
- I'm joining you
and we'll come
back for you, okay?
- We're stopping this
once and for all.
Come on.
- Right.
Just wait here and
we'll come back, okay?
Let's go.
(suspenseful music)
(zombies groaning)
- Got a plan, Mac?
- Yeah.
I got a plan, all right.
(loud shuffling)
(zombies groaning)
So we could be (indistinct).
- Here's a crazy idea.
Maybe we should follow them.
- Absolutely not.
- What, do you
have a better plan?
(suspenseful music)
(loud shuffling)
(zombies groaning)
- I can't believe
this is happening.
- Don't tell anybody,
I'm freaking out.
- Like you're not
already freaked.
- Yeah, this ain't normal.
- What's up, Mac?
You've got an idea?
- Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
- You're not forgetting
about that thing at the door.
- No.
There's at least hope the
zombies fight it, all right?
(suspenseful music)
(intense orchestral hit)
- How do you know panic, Pam?
(Pam screaming)
(group imitating
zombies groaning)
- Dude, dude, stop, stop.
You really need to
work on your zombie.
- Excuse me?
What earth's wrong
with my zombie?
Your voice is
pitched way too high
and you're walking
way too fast, man.
- Are you serious?
Come on, Brad, right?
- You know, maybe you could
work on it just a little.
(zombie groaning)
- Look, check that
guy over there.
(zombie groaning)
It's like he can
barely function.
(zombie groaning)
Right there, the foot shuffle.
It's like nearly every bone
in his body is almost broken.
- I think Tom gets
your point, Mac.
- Alright, I'll
give it another go.
(zombie groaning)
- It's like something's
summoning them.
- That's just great.
- Maybe it is.
Maybe they're being
drawn to the devil.
- But, that would mean
the devil is up there.
- In the woods?
- We need to keep moving.
Keep following them.
- Okay.
(boys imitating
zombies groaning)
(suspenseful electronic music)
(werewolf grunting)
(suspenseful electronic music)
(door creaking)
- Brad?
- Elaine!
- Not so fast, Elaine.
(Elaine screaming)
- Elaine!
- Hello, my lover.
(Missy gasping)
(boys imitating
zombies groaning)
- Bingo.
(zombie groaning)
- Okay, so what's the plan?
- If I'm right, those tentacles
should lead right to home.
(zombie groaning)
- Also, I'm guessing we have
to rush through them, right?
Once they're fighting.
- Pretty much.
- Well, I'm game.
- Tom, you ready?
- I guess I've got no choice.
(boys imitating
zombies groaning)
(zombies groaning)
(zombies continue groaning)
- No, no, I'm not her.
I'm Missy, see, I'm Missy.
- I know that.
I'm not stupid, but
you look like her,
and that's what always counted.
- Please don't wear
my boyfriend's face.
- Oh, but I'm sure you prefer
this to my normal guise.
(Missy crying)
Now hush.
I'll have to gag
that pretty mouth.
(Missy crying)
(Missy screaming)
- Son!
Help, help me, please,
please, please!
(werewolf growling)
Come, come help your mother.
(werewolf growling)
Please help me.
I can't do this.
(werewolf growling)
No, no!
- Hush.
(Missy screaming)
- No, please help me!
(Missy crying)
- Oh, wolf-boy.
(werewolf growling)
(suspenseful electronic music)
(Brad whistling)
(werewolf growling)
(Brad laughing)
Come find me.
(werewolf growling)
(werewolf sniffing)
(the devil laughing)
(the devil laughing)
(werewolf sniffing)
(werewolf choking)
- I am your father
and your master.
(werewolf growling)
(werewolf growling)
(intense upbeat music)
(werewolf panting)
(intense upbeat music)
(werewolf growling)
(werewolf panting)
(intense upbeat music)
(the devil laughing)
(werewolf snarling)
(blood squelching)
(werewolf biting)
(the devil groaning)
(intense upbeat music)
You can't defeat me.
I'll return when
the time is right.
(werewolf growling)
(the devil growling)
(intense upbeat music)
(intense orchestral hit)
(Missy gasping)
(Missy gasping)
(Missy gasping)
(triumphant string music)
- Brad!
(triumphant string
music continues)
Mac, someone!
(triumphant string
music continues)
What is wrong with me?
Why did I bring us here?
Why am I such a stupid friend?
Oh God, I'm so
sorry, I'm so sorry.
I don't know where I am.
It's cold, I'm lost.
(Missy groaning)
What am I supposed to do?
(triumphant string
music continues)
- [Feminine Voice] Missy.
It is done
The gates of hell are closed.
You are free.
(triumphant string
music continues)
(boys gasping)
- Where's the tunnel gone?
- Who cares?
We're free.
(Mac laughs loudly)
- Yes!
- I want to make sure that
those things aren't following us
and where are the girls?
- Yeah, we're free.
- Missy!
- Thank God you guys are okay.
- You've got to
know that wasn't me.
- I know, I know.
He had me fooled for a second.
- Thank goodness you're okay.
(triumphant string
music continues)
What happened?
- I think I saved us.
- How?
- I'll tell you later, okay?
- Um, so, Elaine?
- And Pam?
- Oh, crap.
They're this way.
(triumphant string
music continues)
(girls exclaiming)
(girls gasping)
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Can we please go home now?
(girls groaning)
(group gasping)
(group laughing)
- Woo!
(group laughing)
- Wait, what about our stuff?
- You want to go back
and find it, be my guest.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
(group laughing)
- [Mac] Oh, this'll
be a Halloween to
remember, right guys?
- I never thought I'd be happy
to hear the sound
of traffic again.
- Absolutely not
the time for that.
(group laughing)
- Oh God, no one's
gonna believe us
if we tell anyone what
we just went through.
- One hell of a story, though.
- I never want to think
of hell ever again.
- I'm just glad we made
it all safely together.
- Oh, me too.
- So same time next week?
- No, no.
We need to go.
We need to get going now.
- Finally.
- [Mac] Oh Jesus Christ.
(Missy gasping)
- Have you guys heard about
the haunted chalk mines?
(Missy laughing)
- Oh God, here she goes again.
- [Elaine] Tell me more, Missy.
- [Missy] Well, just
outside of the motor
where the chalk hills are,
legend says a group
of settlers' souls
still spook the mines.
- [Brad] That sounds great.
- [Missy] The ghosts
are said to be waiting
to be put to rest,
but no one has yet to save them.
- [Tom] Surely, if
you know the story,
someone must have
tried to save them.
- [Pam] Well, I'm
with him on this.
- [Elaine] Oh, let
Missy tell the story.
- [Missy] Well,
one person did try,
a well-known psychic
named Mystic Mike.
Some thought he was a kook,
but then when he helped
save a local boy,
people thought maybe
he could save them.
(soft eerie music)
(soft eerie music continues)
(soft eerie music continues)
(soft eerie music continues)