Devil on Campus: The Larry Ray Story (2024) Movie Script

Hurry, please! Hurry! No!
I swear to God, if you don't
start telling me the truth,
you're gonna be...
- All right, all right,
I will tell you the truth.
The truth is... that...
the truth is that I just feel
like you haven't been paying
enough attention to me.
- No, you're lying.
- And I missed you, and I just...
- Lies! You're just lying,
you're saying this.
You're twisting it!
Just to placate me like
I'm some kind of idiot.
Do you understand? I'm
not going back to jail!
- You need to be taught a lesson.
- No.
- Yeah, oh yeah.
- No, Larry, please don't!
Guys, I am so far in
front of you, like...
Dan, she's right in front!
- Ah-ha! Oh!
- Okay, okay.
I am so passed you guys.
Okay, Claud, stop
trying so hard.
Well, why don't
you try to keep up?
Like, she's gonna try hard.
I can't believe you chose that
sword, Dan. It's the lamest one.
I can't believe you're still
wearing that hoodie, Claudia.
What is this, day ten?
You are correct.
Um, are we not going
to class today, guys?
[video game
blooping] Yeah! Yeah!
Let me guess, you guys
had chips for breakfast.
Yeah, I mean, it was
either that or ramen.
Yeah, or the last
teaspoon of peanut butter.
Talk about failure to launch.
I mean, whose turn is it to
go into town to do groceries?
- I don't know, I'm really busy.
- Right, right.
Isabella, can you please tell
Talia that we're really busy
doing our homework. I mean,
theoretical physics and math?
- What were we thinking?
- Kinda love our classes.
And by the way, Claud, my dad
can teach you how to do laundry.
Your dad. Your dad's
getting out today.
Uh, correction, he's
out and he's on his way.
- He'll be here like, any minute.
- What? Tal, that's amazing.
I know!
[car rumbles]
[gentle music plays]
Honey boy! [exhales happily]
Honey girl, come
here! Come here! Oh!
Aw, yeah. That's...
you're... geez.
You're enormous.
You're enormous.
Oh, God. [laughs happily]
- Hello.
- He's here.
How ya doin'? Hello.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Isabella, how are ya?
- Larry!
Good to see you. Hey.
You met on Skype that one time.
Thank you for looking
after Tal while I was...
She's told me so much about you.
- Yeah, she did?
- And this is Dan and Santos.
- Hi, how ya goin'?
- Hey.
- Hey, good to see you.
- Oh, hey. Yeah.
- How ya doin'? How's it goin'?
- Oh.
Hey. Wait a minute, hold on
now, which one is which here?
Same hairdresser.
Hi, I'm Claudia.
Hey. Okay, we'll do
that. Hi. Claudia.
Well, we gotta work on
that shake, don't we?
[laughs] Dad, I
hope you don't mind
but I've been raving
about you to everyone.
Oh, yeah?
She's been telling us all
about how you singlehandedly
nailed Bernie Kerik?
Oh yeah, that was fun.
The grand exalted
Commissioner of Police
for the great City of New York.
No one knew what a
corrupt loser he was
until I clued in the FBI.
Had him thrown in jail.
He was so close to becoming
Secretary of Homeland Security.
Our national security would
have been in that liar's hands
if it weren't for Dad.
I mean, it says here that
Bernie Kerik stepped down
from Secretary of
Homeland Security
because he once hired
an undocumented nanny.
I mean, that's not
exactly corruption.
Claudia, are you
questioning my dad?
Shh, no, no listen, she
has every right to question
anything and anyone she wants.
Fact of the matter is I was a
victim of conspiracy against me.
I was unjustly accused of
defying a custody order.
- I defied nothing.
- Nope.
Tal's mother, my ex-wife,
genius of light that she is,
wanted to keep her away from me.
It's called parental
alienation. She's a monster.
Yeah. So, she teams up with
none other than Bernie Kerik.
And then they had
me put in prison.
- Mm-hmm.
- Sorry, I was just asking.
Listen, you ask. Ask
anything you want.
I'm an open book
here. And you kids,
if you've got anything
you wanna talk about,
you can come to me. Tal's
friends are my friends.
So, guess what? I'm gonna
cook you a steak dinner
like you've never seen it. I'm
talking like three inches thick.
There's a butcher in Bronxville.
[laughs] Go ahead.
Get anything you
want, all right?
And you probably
don't have a car.
I didn't let go of my driver.
You can take the limo and...
- Limo?
- There's a limo?
That, they're excited
about. [laughs]
Thanks again for having me.
It's been an absolute pleasure.
And um, what's
next for you, sir?
A shower. [all laugh]
- I'll show you where it is.
- Thanks.
And what I should've been
doing for the last two years
and that's taking care of
my baby girl. Thanks a lot.
- Thanks for dinner.
- No, thank you.
[indistinct chatter]
And that's what I do.
So, I was part of developing
Quest for Potential
with a philosopher
buddy of mine.
I'm gonna demonstrate
it for you.
But first we're gonna maybe
check it out, right, Claudia?
Make sure it's the real
thing? [all chuckle]
So uh, Santos, you and I
were talking privately.
- May I share with everyone?
- Yeah, no... go for it.
Okay. So, we were talking
about your father.
What's his name?
Uh... Santos. Senior.
- [all laugh]
- Seriously?
Santos, how are you
supposed to self-define
and self-realize if, if you
don't even have your own name?
Okay, little Santos, what do
you feel about big Santos?
Uh, I don't know. He's
tried his best, I suppose.
Oh, my God what a bullshit
answer that is. Okay.
Feel. How do you feel about him?
So, was he uh, ugly?
- No.
- Was he stinky?
- No.
- Was he short? Was he fat?
- Was he bald like me?
- No. No, it's...
- Oh, what, what is it?
- No, it's me.
- Okay.
- Me.
Um, I'm the one who stinks.
Uh, in high school I was
kind of a mess emotionally
and I...
I blame my parents for it.
For my mental health stuff.
Yeah. That was bad,
and this is good.
But it's not good enough. But I
think there's more here, right?
There's more he's not
telling us, that he's not,
you're not connecting.
- Uh...
- Entirely with...
- No, I think I just said it.
I don't know. I
don't think so.
I think you're holding back
because like, you said it,
right, which is a very rational
reaction and mind thought it
and your mouth spoke
it but you didn't...
may I?
- Yeah.
There's more you're hiding
in here. You're blocked here.
What do you got from here? What
are you holding back right here?
What are you holding
back, Santos?
My parents sacrificed
They lived through
stuff you can't imagine
coming to this country and...
When things got a little
tough for me. What did I do?
I tried to kill myself.
I didn't fight the way my
dad did. His whole life.
I just ran away.
And... I'm afraid...
and I'm afraid this is
how I'm always gonna be.
A coward, pathetic and...
It's all right.
That's a good boy.
That's a good boy right there.
Right, that's Q4P working.
[sobbing continues]
I can help all you
kids with this.
You're all thrust
into this world
with all this baggage and
there's no guidance to help you
learn how to become
adults. That's... it's...
Well, take advantage
of me while I'm here.
I'll be happy to
help any way I can.
Are you staying much longer?
I'll be moving into
the city pretty soon.
All right, reveille, 0600,
that's 6 a.m. to you civilians.
Oh, come here. Oh.
- Good night, Dad.
- Good night, baby.
Hey, uh Larry, I uh, I wanted
to take you up on the offer,
you know, to talk.
- Yeah, sure, anytime Dan.
- Yeah, okay, yeah.
- All right, have a seat.
- Yeah, sounds good.
Um, I'm just gonna
tidy my room up a bit.
- All right. You got it.
- Thank you.
[tender music plays]
[Isabella sobbing]
Hey. Can I come in?
You all right?
You are making a pretty
big assumption right now.
No, I just...
Spit it out. You wanna
say something, say it.
Nothing. I'm half
asleep over here.
[pills rattle]
You're not a very good liar.
Hmm. Why, are you an expert?
[door clicks open]
- Oh, morning honey boy.
- Morning, honey girl.
Mr. Gilman, it's
bizarre and disturbing.
Mm-hmm. And you're saying he's
one of the students' dads?
Yes, he's the father of Talia
Ray. And he's an ex-con.
Did I forget to mention that?
So, not only is he sleeping on
the couch in my daughter's dorm,
he's also spending nights in
one of the girls' bedrooms.
- What's her name again?
- Isabella.
And Isabella's really sensitive,
so I just really
worry about her.
Yeah. Claudia, have you seen
or heard anything that makes
you think your dorm mate
is being abused?
Have you?
I'm not a hundred percent.
Well, I will certainly send
this up the email chain
with a big red flag.
But you will block him
from campus, right?
Uh... I do appreciate
your very natural concern
but parents are allowed to
visit their kids on campus
and the students are
legally the age of consent.
So, unless there's a criminal
complaint, my hands are tied.
Well, I hope you're
locking your door at night
so he doesn't try
anything funny with you.
Yeah, but it's not me
I'm worried about, Mom.
Ah, okay. Well, let's
go have some lunch.
You wanna go to the pub,
the cafeteria, Bronxville?
- Show me your haunts.
- Mom, I told you on the phone,
I've got a class.
And I can't miss it.
I thought you could play
hooky with your mom.
I know, but the prof is
giving us a test, so.
All right, well let me
walk you to class anyway.
Hey. What's going on with you?
Is there something else you
wanna tell me about, love?
It's just this
weirdness with Larry.
I mean, it's like he's
the life of the party.
Everybody loves him. And I
don't know how I can avoid him
without losing all my friends.
I felt like I was finally
finding my people.
You are an amazing young woman
at one of the best colleges
in the United States, okay?
So, stay positive
and go ace that test.
[chill music plays]
[girls giggling in background]
[Larry]: Right now,
from this position.
I can take 'em to the
left. [Dan]: Yeah.
[Larry]: I can take
'em to the right,
I can take 'em to the
movies. [Talia]: Yeah!
[all chattering]
- Or I can take him down.
- Take him down!
Take him down!
Take him down!
- Claudia, come!
- Larry's teaching us
how to take down a
bigger man than us.
There is no bigger
man than you, Santos.
Show her the one that
you showed me and Tal.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay, yeah, okay.
We used this in the Marines.
It's based on hapkido.
So, uh, if a man puts
his hands on you,
what you do is you grab
him with that hand,
and grab around
the thumb. And now,
when you twist there's
nothing he can do.
She can take me down.
[all cheer]
One down! Finish him!
You call me fat?
[indistinct chatter
and laughter]
- Claud!
- What?
That was good though. That was
really good. Good job, good job.
- Keep practicing.
- Okay, okay, now.
All right, you win.
Claudia, why do you hate me?
Oh, I don't hate you.
I've extracted intel out
of terrorists, kid, okay?
I know when I'm being lied to.
It's just, it's
strange and disturbing
for a 50-year-old man
to be spending all night
in his daughter's best
friend's room. It's... I...
It's what, perverted?
It's gross? Is that it?
Okay, first of all, I
sleep on Izzy's floor.
And second she...
Izzy shared with me some
pretty devastating details
about sexual abuse she
suffered in early childhood.
So, I figured she needed
the attachment parenting
that she never got growing up.
- Oh, that's terrible. I...
- Right?
- I didn't know.
- Yeah.
So, let's not let
anyone know, okay?
Let's just keep this
between you and me. Please?
- Of course.
- Yeah.
So, could we just bury the
hatchet, you and me? We good?
[Larry]: Look at
that. Like butta.
Look at that heartstopper.
[Claudia chuckles awkwardly]
What is it?
Yeah, you're like,
anxious all the time.
Even now. What's goin' on?
It's like you're carrying this
heavy secret around with ya.
I guess I just worry a lot.
You know, I don't
feel very confident,
you know, as an adult.
No, I think... I think
it's something else.
I think... you wanna
know how I know?
'Cause you, you've been
blocking me. Mentally.
And you're not eatin'.
Yeah, you know, I think
I changed my mind.
I can get it to go,
I'll take it home,
I'll share it with everybody.
It could feed us for a week.
Come on. Thank you
for treating me.
What are you talking?
Do me a favor,
pick up your knife and fork.
I really don't know.
Well, just one bite.
Just grab your fork,
grab your knife. Do
what normal people do.
Put that thing in your mouth.
Do it. Just do it.
Just do it. Just chew.
And there it is, and the
shoulders drop. Am I wrong?
I wanna get back to what
we were talking about,
these crappy feelings
you were having.
Stems from early childhood
trauma. I can guarantee it.
I mean, I don't remember
anything too traumatic.
Yeah, all right that is uh,
that is classic suppressed
memory syndrome. CSMS.
In order to confront it
you gotta really dig down.
Tell me what comes up.
- Just come on. Tell me.
- I've... I don't know.
- You do know, just dig deep.
- No.
Trust me on this.
This is, come on,
this is the meat right here
we're goin' for, all right?
Chew, chew, chew,
and now spit it out.
My dead sister.
Okay, okay. But first
thing, my condolences.
I'm sorry to hear about
that, but what about her?
- Um...
- Spit it out.
- Spit out the rest. Come on.
- My parents had a baby.
- Okay.
- And she died.
She was a stillborn. And when
I came along years later,
I... I was never
her. You know? I...
It's like they transferred
their heartbreak on to me.
Like, they'd never see
me. They'd just see her.
But they never gave you the
attention you deserved. Right?
See? I think you just
had a breakthrough.
[teary inhale]
I'm proud of ya.
- You know what we should do?
- Hmm.
You should come and stay
with Tal and me in the city.
We've got an apartment in the
Upper East Side for the summer.
Your friends are coming.
They're coming up there.
They're staying there rent free.
We're gonna keep workin' on all
the great work that we're doing.
You could work on this. I
mean, we just, you know,
tip of the iceberg here,
but we're not done.
But I'm tellin' you.
I can't. Larry,
thank you, but...
I think I need to go home and
work this out with my parents.
I mean, I owe them that.
Well, I think that
they will gaslight you.
I think you will
tell them the truth
and they will say
you are overreacting.
As you said, they live
nearby, right? Close.
I'm just sayin'.
- [Claudia laughs]
- So, are you dating someone?
- Oh.
- Why would you ask that?
I don't know, you've
just been, you know, MIA
and we haven't seen
you in a while.
- Yeah, well...
- I thought maybe...
I've been really busy with
exams. And um, you know,
actually I've been in therapy.
Therapy? Wow.
Well, you haven't been asking
for any extra allowance
or anything.
- I haven't been paying for it.
- Oh.
- How does that work?
Is some psych student
messing with your head?
Uh, actually, Larry's
been helping me.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Larry Ray?
Is he still living with
you kids at the dorm?
Yeah, he um... you know, he
cooks us healthy dinners.
- He teaches us to be responsible.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What's going on with Isabella?
Oh, well it turns
out with Isabella
that we'd actually
completely misread it, Mom.
And he was actually helping her
through a really tough time.
And he's been
helping me, you know.
I've been remembering a
lot of traumatic things
from my childhood and things
that are really hard for me
to talk to you about.
Okay, sweetie, this
man's a criminal.
He's my best friend, Dad.
If you feel that your childhood
was anything close to traumatic,
I would say that's a
bit of an overreaction.
Wouldn't you?
[tense music plays]
You know what? I'll just um...
You were right about
my parents. I tried...
Come on. Come on,
forget about them.
We're here for you. We
love ya. Trauma and all.
All right, who
owes me five bucks?
It's 0600. I wanna
see some crunches!
Come on, good mornin'!
Top o' the mornin' to ya!
You don't build
your core strength,
you are not gonna
be battle ready.
All right, I wanna see 200.
Who's gonna give me 200?
- We will!
- Come on, you wusses,
- I can't hear ya. Who's gonna?
- We will!
- Who's gonna give me more?
- We will!
- Who wants to grow the hell up?
- We do!
Have I called you wusses
already this morning?
[laughing]: Yes.
All right, hold, hold on
a minute. Break it down.
Dan, what's wrong?
[crying] Um...
Nothing. No, I'm sorry.
Well, looks like Dan
is having a bit of a
personal issue, huh?
[music turns off]
Tal, Iz, and uh,
Claud, give Dan a hug.
Oh, come here.
It's okay. [sobs]
Does it feel
disgusting hugging Dan?
- No.
- No.
No? You sure? 'Cause
he's kinda sweaty there.
I'm just wondering.
[girls giggling]
Nice. Dan, how's it feel
having all those ladies
pressing up against
your body like that?
Um, it feels nice, I
guess. [girls giggle]
Yeah? You gettin'... you
gettin' aroused there, big guy?
It's a possibility.
[girls giggle]
Well, there ya go.
And you said you were
having trouble with uh...
your sexual orientation.
Never use tears to get outta
my exercise regimen, son.
Claudia, I think you
should have sex with Dan.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious.
What did you said? You said you
thought you were unattractive?
Right? What was that,
what was that...
you said you were
feeling insecure,
but there was a word you used
to get out, to... be called...
Oompa Loompa. [chuckles]
Well, how else do you think
you're gonna get over
your insecurities?
You know, loosen up?
Sex is liberating. It's freeing.
[tense music plays]
What? Get outta your heads,
get into your bodies.
[lips smacking]
[crunches food]
[pills rattle]
Hi, I'm Claudia.
Hey, I'm uh, Santos'
sister, Felicia.
Larry invited me to
come stay for a while.
Does Santos know you're here?
Yeah. He introduced
Larry to me a while ago
and we've been dating.
Oh, wow.
Online and on the
phone, but yeah.
Buenas dias, hermanita.
I used to be his go-to
when he was feeling upset.
Remember that, bonito? Hmm? I'd
have to talk you off the ledge.
Well, I take full credit
for my superstar hermanita
for her PhD in psychiatry.
[speaks Spanish] [laughs]
You guys are so cute.
Anyway, I'm so grateful he's
getting help from Larry now.
Are you gonna be staying
here for long or?
Yeah. Uh, I don't
feel safe in L.A.
I'm putting my career
on hold for a while.
Oh, really?
I started getting
followed recently in L.A.
Spied on.
When I was...
I mean, anyone in Larry's orbit
is at risk of being targeted.
I started receiving
death threats.
Wow. Oh, are you serious?
You gotta be kidding.
No. Paranoia's
through the roof.
Can't focus at work, I
can't... I can't sleep.
Well, who would it be? Do you
think it would be Bernie Kerik
or Larry's ex-wife who
would be targeting?
I don't know.
But Larry is the only
person who can protect us.
My ears are burning. You
met my future wife, Felicia.
- Hi, bunny.
- Oh, I missed that curly hair.
Look at that. I gotta borrow
some of that. Oh, my God.
So, I guess we better make
room for Izzy out here, huh?
Nah, Izzy's fine where she is.
But there's only
one bed in there.
We'll all share the bed.
Until Isabella's feeling
ready to detach from Lar,
I'm not going to get in
the way of her healing.
I told ya, she has a dirty mind.
No, I don't.
I'm working on it.
[knock on door]
Zhang, the man! You're here
for the rent, I assume?
Yep, and all on my dime.
You'll love it when I'm done.
You're two months behind, Larry.
Why are you putting
money into this?
All right, don't get your
knickers in a knot. Geez.
You're gonna get your money.
All right, now there's
$1,000 of it. And the rest...
Morning. Just
getting started, Lar.
Morning, that's...
- You're short.
- You're short, okay?
Now, listen, I got some
stuff I gotta move around.
I'm gonna switch some accounts
and you'll get it
as soon as we can.
- You got something on your back.
- Tomorrow, Larry.
I'll be here at seven
p.m. sharp. Got it?
Yeah, I got it. Your words
were spoken. Heard 'em.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What the hell is this?
- Uh...
- What is that?
- I, I, I'm sorry.
- Get down here.
- That was just an accident.
- Get down.
There is no such
thing as accidents.
- How many times I gotta tell ya?
- I know.
What I gotta do to get
that into your head?
Felicia, see what's happening
with your brother here?
He's doing it again. I don't
even know where to start!
- Okay, explain?
- He sabotages everything!
My belongings and my
apartment. How? Tell her how.
[stammers] I'll tell her how.
By spilling paint in my
hallway! Right there.
Can you... [stammers]
Do I have permission to deal
with him in a Q4P kinda way?
- Of course, Larry, I trust you.
- Okay, fine.
Instead of jumping out the
window and killin' himself,
robbin' us all of
his precious life.
Santos is just gonna
sabotage stuff, okay?
You all in agreement with that?
He's gonna sabotage your things.
That's what you're gonna
do, isn't it? Isn't it?
[stammers] Right,
that's right.
I, I'm sorry. I'm, I'm...
You're flinchin'. Right?
But you still haven't
learned how not to flinch.
Okay, so we're gonna
do this, right?
- Okay.
- We're gonna do this.
- Yeah.
- Okay, look me in the eye.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Why did you spill... [screams]
He's flinchin'. Why'd you
spill that expensive paint?
Uh, I think this time it was
truly just an accident, Larry.
No such things... [screams]
as accidents! Come on, man!
Listen, it's just
unresolved trauma, kid.
- Yeah.
- You understand?
- Mm-hmm.
- Which manifests itself into...
into certain behaviors.
So, my question to you is,
what is your behavior, Santos?
Uh, I have destructive behavior
because I blame everyone
else for me being a coward.
My parents and my
upbringing, most of all.
And I don't have the guts to
take accountability for...
- Here it is.
- For my own actions.
- Yes, my man! All right!
- Yeah.
God damn, that's right!
You gettin' this?
- This is gold.
- Yes.
Is that not right there,
Felicia? Is that right?
- Is that accurate?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
This is my home,
which is your home.
- Thank you.
- Why? 'Cause you are surrounded
with people who love you.
- I know.
I proud of ya.
Relax. All right.
So, what Santos is
gonna do right now
is he's gonna make a list.
He's gonna email me a list
of all the things that he's
broken, that he's ruined,
so I have a record
to know exactly
what his repairs need to be.
Got it, yeah, you're
addressing the intentional
manifestation of
childhood trauma.
Oh, my God, she's good. We
got a doctor in the house,
I tell ya. Who wants waffles?
I do! And thank you so much
for pushing me even
further, Larry.
No, listen, I got
you, kid. I got ya.
- That's it.
- Look at that,
that's a professional
operation right there.
Anytime, Larry.
Well, thank you, Joe.
[clears throat]
And thank you for uh,
for the deal you gave me
on the sander there.
You can pay my boss with
a credit card. Good?
Credit card? Yeah,
I've heard of 'em.
Bet they heard of you.
[annoyed exhale]
- Go after him.
- What?
Go after him. You
should catch up to him.
- And say what?
- And do, listen to me.
This is a teachable
moment here, Claud.
- What would I even say?
- Say...
- Hey.
- How's it goin', buddy?
Nah, you just give the guy a BJ.
- Out on the street?
- No, dummy, in his truck.
- But...
- Just proposition the guy.
Look, call me. I'll
talk you through it.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
And you're still standing
here. Go, go, go, go.
[phone rings] Hi, Larry.
Hey, Claudia.
Um... hi, Joe. Uh, I
have Larry on the phone.
- Joe, you there?
- Uh, yeah, I'm here.
Uh, so Claudia's
probably acting uh...
kinda shy and bizarre
right now, right?
Yeah, pretty much.
Uh, Claudia,
so, this ain't brain
surgery. You, you uh...
you just climb in the truck
and unzip Joe's pants.
This was all Claudia's
idea, by the way, Joe.
- Um, may I?
- Uh yeah, you can.
Okay, now once the
prince is ready,
the king will tell you
what to do with him.
Am I right, Joe?
Uh, yeah.
[Joe breathing heavily]
[breathing nervously]
Thank you.
Um, yeah, yeah. Bye.
[engine starts]
How ya doin', Claudia?
Um, I'm not sure
I did a good job.
Did he finish?
You did a good job.
So, why do I feel so gross?
'Cause you're pushing
past your comfort zone.
And I'm proud of you.
Come on now.
I wanna see an improvement
in your lean body mass.
I'm looking at 90
% here. Listen...
[students laugh] You guys...
have been sitting on
the train too long.
School and back.
You're getting fat.
[knock on door]
Hold on, don't unclench.
[knocking continues]
Hold that position.
Course it's you knocking that
loud. Zhang I can't, all right,
I'm gonna get to
you tomorrow, okay?
Pay the rent.
What if I can't pay the rent?
Then get an attorney.
That is some latent
aggression you're showing.
I can help you with
that. If I wanted to.
What are you doin'?
Get outta there.
No, no, come on.
That's enough of that.
That's enough of that.
All right, gather
round. Sit down.
Got new lesson
for ya. [exhales]
It's a life lesson you
gotta carry with you.
It's gonna be the most important
thing you're gonna ever learn.
It's about personal
responsibility, okay?
I'm gonna need you to make
an itemized list, okay,
of all the things that you
have broken in this apartment.
Like the email that Santos made.
Exactly. Exactly.
Thank you. So on point.
You feelin' it? You
understand what's happenin'?
So, just like the list
that Santos and Felicia...
- ow, that was, she's...
- She got you.
Seriously? This
girl packs a punch.
Um, just like the list
that they made, um,
but Claudia, I'm gonna
start with you, okay?
- Uh, the oven door.
- Mm-hmm.
Is worth about like,
800 bucks in parts.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay?
No, Larry, that door was like
that way before Claudia
even cooked that dinner.
No, thank you, Dan. Okay?
You worry about your own willful
damage to my valuable things.
Uh, but right now I got it.
If your student loans can't pay
for it, or your jobs, right,
I'm gonna need you to
go to your parents.
I will pay for the oven
door, Larry. Of course.
Claudia, thank you. I
knew I could rely on you
to do the right thing.
I just want you to know,
you are all 100 % worth it.
I could kick you
outta here any time
and have much more
peace and quiet.
God, you're noisy,
you're stinky.
[students laugh] Gosh.
I don't know, that
doesn't smell bad to me.
I didn't wanna look at him
when I said it but, stinky.
Santos. [all laugh]
All right? Let's
put it all in.
Come on, all in. All in, huh?
Danimal, put your paws
in there. Come on.
- Come on, Dan.
- Paws in there.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Q4...
[all]: P!
- You got everything?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Oh, don't be a stranger, okay?
- Yeah.
We wanna see you more often.
Come to just, you know,
wash your clothes or, I
don't know, just to say hi.
Yeah, I know. But
you'll be happy to know
that I'm feeling much stronger.
Larry's got us doing
all these exercises.
And I've even been journaling.
- Wow. Proud of you.
- That's... that's great.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, you know, and Larry
just pays for everything
so I really wanted
to contribute.
Of course. So, we'll
see you soon, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- Bye, guys.
- Love you.
- Love you. Bye!
I don't know.
I don't know.
They're giving me $5,000,
which is more than I owe you!
Yeah, that's great,
kid. I really uh, yeah,
I appreciate uh, all the
hard work you're puttin' in.
Well, it's gonna be
in my account tomorrow
and it feels so
good to pay you back
after everything
you've done for me.
Yeah, Santos, you've
really stepped up.
This, I mean, you did
good. Very impressive.
Thank you. Huh? Look at
that. Ain't that somethin'?
Well, Felicia helped
me convince our parents
that we needed it.
Of course you had
something to do with this
'cause you are such an angel.
Thank you. Thank you both so...
[intercom buzzes]
much. Really, it's amazing.
Uh, there's a man called
Gordon Ray here to see ya?
Uh, send him up.
Uh, my uh... my
stepdad's comin' up.
Don't tell me you didn't wish
this day would come, Lawrence.
I've always wanted
what's best for you.
And knowing my mother
and I know you didn't marry
the best woman in the world.
So, I have your support then?
Of course. Yeah.
But you gotta know she...
she's not gonna divorce you.
She is gonna take you for
everything you got, sir.
Well, I'm homeless.
And she said if I
tried to divorce her,
she'll fight tooth
and nail to keep
the North Carolina property.
Uh, okay...
No. No, not that.
That is the only...
only place that I consider home.
You made that place a
safe space for me, okay?
And I'm not gonna
let her do that.
You were kind and that's
why I took his last name.
I took his last name.
And I'm proud of it.
All right, so we gotta figure
out how to make sure this woman
does not get her hands
on anything of value.
- Value?
- Yeah.
That whole property's
gone to pot.
Especially since I've
had my heart attacks.
What? What are
you talking about?
Doctors told me if I have
one more heart attack,
it'd be my last.
[phone buzzes]
What's this now?
- Oh, my God.
- What?
- Oh, my God.
- What?
- Answer it.
- No, I'm not gonna answer it.
Is that her? Is that her?!
- Answer it.
- Why is she calling me here?
- Answer it.
- What, I'm not answering it!
Answer it!
Yes, sir. Dad.
Tell your father to
get down here, now!
Get away from here! You
gotta leave me alone!
How the hell did she call
me? Why, what did you do?
What did you do? How does
she know that I'm here?
- Dad, it's okay, she can...
- I'm sorry, Lawrence.
She must have
snooped on my phone.
She can't get up
here. It's okay.
She can't get up here
today. Did any...
I haven't spoken to her in 23
years. What's she doing here?!
Dad, it's okay.
It's not okay. What are
you talking about okay?
She's here and she's here!
Which means soon she'll be...
ah, for the love of God!
[intercom buzzes]
Listen, you psycho bitch,
get the hell off my property!
There's a woman here that
claims to be your mother.
She wants to come up.
Yeah, well, you tell her she
can't come up, all right?
Tell her to get the
hell away from me!
[woman]: You've always
been a disappointment.
[breathing nervously]
All right, you...
[exhales then sobs]
[slapping face, grunts]
- Dad.
- You okay?
Stop it. Leave me alone.
All right, I got it.
We're good, we're good.
You know what we're gonna
do? We're gonna fix, ugh,
we're gonna fix it. C'mere.
C'mere, guys. C'mere.
Kids, here. You're gonna
help us out, all right?
We're gonna help you, you
and me, we're gonna show...
we're gonna show the courts
that you and your stepson
fixed this place up.
That it's something that
she can't get her hands on.
You understand what I'm
saying? And these kids,
these amazing kids, they're
gonna help us, right?
You're gonna... you're
gonna look after my dad.
- Promise me you're gonna look...
- Yeah.
Okay. The rest of us we're
gonna go down to North Carolina.
You ever been? And what we're
gonna do is we're gonna...
we're gonna bust our asses
'cause we're good at it.
You see these tools?
We're builders.
And we're gonna build the
crap outta this house.
I'm tellin' ya. Whew.
So... we're gonna...
[gravel crunching]
Claudia. Claudia,
what are you doin'?
What are you doin'?
Use a wheelbarrow.
Ah, sorry, I'm not an
idiot, I'm just a city girl.
Well, listen, city girl,
your job ain't done 'til
the trench is filled.
- Okay.
- All the way up.
I just want you to know
that I might not be able
to get the trench
filled by dinner time.
Did you not volunteer
to come here?
- Yeah.
- Did you not offer
to help my stepfather and
me to fix this place up?
- Yes.
- Okay then, if we do not...
do this job properly.
- Hey.
Then the only parent
that cared about me
is gonna have a
fatal heart attack!
Mm-hmm, yes, I do. I am sorry.
- I did not mean to complain.
- I know. Come here.
- Listen, you got this.
- Mm-hmm.
All right? And the key is
you... look at Felicia.
She's... she understands
that the pride that you take
in achieving this gives you
such a sense of accomplishment,
and that's what we're
trying to get here.
That is the whole
point that is Q4P!
[pills rattling]
[pills clatter to ground]
Felicia, you done?
All right, you can go
back to your porch.
Where's she going?
- She's sleeping on the porch.
- Why?
Because that's what she thinks
is best for her right now.
Are you done?
All right, then get inside.
Now, look, careful, all
right? Look at this. You...
- Oh, my God, Larry.
- Look at that.
You should go to the doctor.
The stress of making sure
this place is perfect
is wreaking havoc
on my immune system.
Well, I'll try harder
tomorrow. I will.
Good, 'cause I need you to
understand how important it is
that we make this place perfect.
If we don't fix this,
Gordon's gonna lose it all
in the divorce, and then
my sick, selfish mother,
she's gonna win and we
can't let that happen.
And I need to know
you understand that.
- I do!
- No, you don't understand.
That woman was a monster! She
used to put poison in my food
and she used to
stay up all night
and laugh at me
while I was vomiting.
- All right? You understand that?
- I, I understand.
We will not let her
win, Larry! I promise!
- You got that right!
- Yeah!
[sniffling inhale]
They want me to set up
a meeting with Giuliani.
So, I do. He's late
for the meeting.
Why? Wants to go to
Radio City Music Hall
and meet the Rockettes. Hmm.
So, why does she
wanna stay outside?
Dad! Dad, Dad,
Dad, in the garage.
What? What, yeah?
In the garage the...
I was parking the car
and I got out and there
was a massive spider.
Look. Look! Look!
That's... that's a
Sydney Weaver spider.
That's the worst of the
worst kid. That's...
Dad. The rash on your arms.
Could be spider bites.
I mean, how poisonous
are these things?
Oh, just... Isabella!
C'mere! Wake up Felicia!
There is a giant
spider in the garage.
I need you to go get it
and I need you to kill it.
You need to crush that
thing. Find it. Show 'em.
[footsteps thud away quickly]
We've looked under everything.
Yeah, maybe it made its
home somewhere else, hey?
Maybe it escaped, Lar?
How'd it get in here
in the first place
is what I need to know.
[mysterious music plays]
Claudia, my rash didn't
erupt until you arrived.
Yeah, yeah, that's true.
Claudia, is there something
you wanna confess to me?
Larry, are you thinking that I
brought it here from New York?
That I could bring
a deadly spider...
Did my mother come
to see you, Claudia?
No. I stayed at
my parents' place.
Claudia, did you stay
at our place ever
while Grandpa Ray was there?
Um... yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
the last night. I stayed with...
Santos because he
wasn't feeling well.
I mean, so you were
there with Gordon
and you were with
Santos. And who else?
- No one.
- No, who else was there?
No one. It was just
the three of us.
I can't imagine the kind
of person you've become
if you are lying
to me right now.
Make sure the dirt to
rock ratio is right.
You got more rock than you
got dirt! Use more dirt!
You got too much
dirt, you need...
I mean, too much
rock! You need more...
You have got to be kidding
me. [engine sputtering out]
- I am so sorry, Larry.
- Are you kidding me?
I'm so sorry, I
was just shovel...
Now, don't... this arm
was going like this. Why?
'Cause it's picking up dirt!
What are you doin'
with the wheelbarrow?
No, I was just
shoveling the dirt!
I don't need you to shovel!
No one needs you to shovel!
- That's a giant shovel!
- I'm so sorry!
It was an accident!
What did... what
did you just say?
- It was just an accident.
- What did you just say?
You said the word? [groans]
Accident? That
was an accident!
Ah, listen. Just
relax, would ya?
First she brings my mother's
hate down here and then she...
she destroys the most
expensive piece of equipment!
- Would you go after her?
- Yes!
- What are you doin'?
- Got it!
Standin' there. Go!
Go! I'll get my car.
I'll cut her off in a minute.
[Felicia sobs] All right.
[Larry]: Claudia! [gasps]
Claudia, quit runnin'!
[Isabella]: Claudia, stop!
Hi, Claud.
He's up there. If we go
now we can outrun him.
Claud, we're not going to run.
It's like he's lost
his mind, Izzy.
I mean, he's paranoid,
he's abusive.
He's not abusive.
He pushed me
and said horrible,
vicious things to me.
Well, you destroyed a
very, very expensive
piece of heavy machinery. Okay?
He overreacted, yeah,
but he's not abusive.
I just, I can't believe
you're defending him.
The way he's treating
Felicia like she's a dog.
You're feeling
sorry for Felicia?
She's been impossible
to deal with down here.
I just can't. I can't.
I wanna go home.
[footsteps approaching]
Then go! You're all free.
Everyone is free to go!
What... what is home? Claud,
what is it? Where is it?
Who is home? You think
it's your parents?
You think... that is who
you are running from.
The Claudia they knew,
she doesn't exist anymore.
This Claudia, this one
right here, she is loved.
She's adored. And she is
treasured by a real family.
I was cruel today.
I admit it. I'm only human.
Always had your back. Question
is, who's got my back?
Thing about loyalty. If
loyalty is not shared equally,
you know, then you should go.
And frankly, I want you to go
because I love you too much.
And it hurts too much.
[crying]: I don't wanna go.
Hello. Anybody
home? We're back!
- We're here.
- Surprise!
- Oh, geez. Oh.
- Welcome home.
- Aw, thanks.
- I made some canapes.
It has some... a little mint
on top. I know you like mint.
So, what did Gordon think of
the work you did on the place?
Ah, he was real grateful.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I mean, geez, we...
we pulled off a
miracle, didn't we?
Yeah, place looks amazing.
All right, where's Dan?
Um... uh, sorry, Larry.
Dan decided to go
a couple weeks ago.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Go where?
I think he went
back to his parents.
Why would he do that?
I think he had a change of heart
about being part of
your... our family.
Will you sit down there
with the kids for a minute?
Thanks a lot.
So, yeah, um... c'mere. Sorry.
Did Dan talk to Claudia
while she was down there?
They... may have
kept in touch.
- Yeah?
- I don't know.
Hey, Tal, can I talk to you
in the bedroom for a minute?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- What? What is it?
- I think Claudia got to Dan.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Tainted his opinion of me.
- No way.
Yeah way.
And I thought that you
two worked things out
after she ran away?
- Listen to me.
You keep your friends close
but your enemies closer.
She is only pretending
to be loyal.
She owes me a lot of money
for the Bobcat that she broke.
Right? She takes me down,
she doesn't have to pay.
This is what I want you to do.
I want you to take her out.
I want you to take
her for a drink.
I want you to get
her talkin', okay?
And then if she's hidin'
somethin', which I know she is.
You will find it.
You will hear it.
And you will let
me know. Okay?
- For sure.
- Canapes.
Let's do it.
Larry! Larry! Talia's sick!
Tal, no. Where's Tal?
I don't know, I just brought
her home and we were at the bar
and she ordered a lot of
wine and she got very drunk.
Where's my baby girl?
She's in the bathroom.
She's vomiting.
She's vomiting? Why is she
vomiting? What'd you do to her?
Did you roofie her?
You're the only one I told
my mother poisoned me!
I wouldn't do it!
[foot tapping quickly]
I went into the bar and
I ordered a rum and Coke.
And then Talia came in and
she ordered a red wine.
And at what point did
you decide to harm Tal?
What? I wouldn't harm
Talia. What... ow!
Don't use that tone with
me. I'll tell you why.
Because you owe me 100 grand!
I didn't know it was that much.
That is what I owe the rental
company! Because of you, Claud!
And I know what your
plan is. You poison Tal,
you poison me, then you
don't have to pay us back!
That's what you're
doin'! I'm not dumb!
[sinister music plays]
You gotta choose, Claudia.
You gotta confess
to what you did.
Come clean.
Or I call my lawyer and I
sue you and your parents
for the 100 grand you owe me!
[sleepy]: Can you just
tell me what to say
and how to say it, Larry?
Because I keep trying and
I keep getting it wrong.
Hey, wake up! Who
was it who got to ya?
My ex? My mother?
Huh, who you in cahoots with?
Are you in bed with
those vicious bastards?
You know you done
something morally wrong.
Your mind has chosen to forget.
So, I'm giving you the chance
to come clean. And remember...
Yeah, I, I do remember now.
I remember that I did
wanna hurt you and Talia.
Okay. Now we are
getting somewhere.
How did you hurt me and Talia?
I poisoned you. I got lots of
different harmful substances
and I...
I used microdoses of mercury
poisoning and I used rat poison.
And I... it's how much
attention I need. It's my fault.
You're recording this,
right? Don't see my hammer.
Who put you up to it?
Your mom. And...
and Talia's mom.
- Uh-huh.
- And Bernie Kerik.
Your mom gave me the spider. And
I brought it to North Carolina
so that you could be poisoned.
More than I expected,
but that's good.
We're finally gettin' the
truth, huh? How's it feel?
To speak truth?
It feels good.
Right? Listen, you did good.
You did good, Claudia.
C'mere. Oh, God. Right there.
[Larry chuckles]
So, we finally get to
meet the Larry Ray.
To what do we owe the honor?
Well, Claudia asked me to come
here today to speak for her.
Because Claudia can't
speak for herself?
Well no, because Claudia
owes me a lot of money.
And she's having trouble
with confrontation.
Does she?
It's really serious
this time, Dad.
I broke a really important
piece of heavy machinery.
I doubt that's true.
So, you've come to gouge us
for more money. That's it?
- Gouge?
- Well, we don't have it.
I'm sure Claudia's told
you that her mother and I
are getting a divorce
so, all our money is...
I haven't told her that yet.
- I haven't told her that.
- I'm sorry, I can't do this.
Claudia, I love you, but if
I'm in the presence of this man
for another minute, I don't know
what I'm gonna do. You creep.
I thought that you guys
were having a separation?
That you were
seeing a counselor?
Claudia, just... we've been
struggling and I'm just...
I'm sorry, God dammit,
get your hands off of her.
May I tell you something?
Claudia suffers from harm OCD.
Okay? Which means she
obsessively has to harm people.
She has been poisoning
my daughter and me.
Oh, God! What?
That can't be true.
- She confessed to it.
- Yes, it's true.
- I don't believe you.
- It's true.
He's making this up. He's...
he's feeding you lies!
I know about your stillborn.
And how Claudia, your living
daughter, who is right here,
could never live up...
You are a horrible,
horrible man.
- Into your dead baby.
- Come on.
Claudia. Claudia, no!
Don't listen to him.
Hey, hey! What's
going on here?
I'm not dragging here away.
Claudia. Claudia,
don't listen to him.
Am I dragging your
daughter away?
- Claudia, please listen to us.
- Is she coming on her own
volition? I think so.
- Claudia, please don't.
Please don't go.
[ominous music plays]
Oh, God.
What is happening?
[door opens]
I shouldn't have done
it. I ruined everything.
What's that, huh?
Did you take these?
You take all of these?
You kidding me? Are
you all right? Come on!
- [Larry]: No, no.
- I am so sorry.
- [sobbing]
- No, no, no. Shh.
For being a huge burden on you.
- Oh no, listen to me.
- And on everybody.
Listen to me. You, you...
are a precious human soul.
And you've never been a burden.
Not to me, not... any...
I'll be right back.
Hi, hi, we're here
to see Claudia Drury.
- Claudia Drury, oh um...
- I'm sorry, nurse,
these people are not allowed
into Claudia Drury's room.
- Oh, your names?
- Christian and Tom Drury.
Did this man tell you that we
cannot see our own daughter?
No, ma'am, it was your daughter
who signed the do not admit.
What? I'd like to
see that, please.
Take a look all you want.
There is no way
that she signed this
without being coerced.
- I'm sorry.
But it is a patient's legal
right to refuse visitors.
If you would've spent
a little more time
focusing on your daughter
instead of your marital issues...
Claudia wouldn't
be here right now.
- How dare you?
- I wanna see your supervisor.
[door opens] Everything okay?
Made damn sure that it was.
I don't wanna be like
this anymore, Larry.
I need to change.
I know what you need.
You need a direction.
And... you need a focus.
You need to take back the power
that the world's
taken away from you.
And you need to be
in the driver's seat.
[giggles] Of your
own life again,
'cause we're goin'
up, kid. [giggles]
We're goin' up!
Psst, psst, psst.
How ya feeling, champ?
Hmm, still a bit
fragile but better.
Is that my journal?
- What journal?
- That one.
Oh, this one here? Yeah. Um, oh
you mean your senior journal.
Which means it's your
journal time, isn't it?
- My turn?
- Yeah, move over, move over.
All right, c'mere,
c'mere. Okay, okay.
Oh, this was that thing you
wrote when you met that guy.
- Oh.
- At that place.
- The one that, who...
- With the thing.
He liked rope play?
I believe it's called a tie-up.
Is it not called a tie-up?
Well, once upon a tie-up...
"It was amazing. I felt opened
up in this completely new way
like, oh wow, this is who I
am. And it was even better
because he was a stranger."
I mean, you clearly
felt more like,
free during this
encounter than most.
Yeah, it was a wild night.
- [laughs]
- What is this about, though?
We totally think you
should get into escort.
[laughs]: What?
- [laughs]: I'm serious.
- Seriously!
What like... like
- Not prostitution.
- No!
No, no, no, sex work.
Specifically BDSM
sex work 'cause...
Just because I liked it once
doesn't mean that
I'll like it again.
- Or for... money.
- You sure about that?
- Huh, wait for it.
- It gets better.
Wait for it. "I know
this makes no sense
but having him
completely take over,
having to surrender, made
me feel more powerful.
But it was cathartic."
- I wrote that.
- Yeah.
You did.
That was you. I
mean, that was you.
You wrote that with...
when no one was looking.
So, that means that
was your truth.
[sinister beat]
Look, I know you hate yourself
'cause you harmed Tal.
I know you hate yourself 'cause
you owe me a lot of money.
And I know you hate yourself
'cause your parents'
marriage exploded.
But instead of being the
basket case, you know,
why don't you flip that
self-loathing into...
into self-empowerment?
'Cause you would crush
it in the BDSM scene.
I'm tellin' ya. You
scrubbed perfect, kid.
- You're the girl next door.
- Mm-hmm.
Super clean cut. God. They'd
pay a fortune for this.
I'm just sayin'. And you
could get, you can go shopping
for outfits with Izzy,
right? You can get outfits.
What else they have?
They have like, props,
and they got toys. I'm
just sayin', it'd be fun.
[knock on door]
- Fiona?
- Greyson, right? Come on in.
[door closes]
[dark music plays]
I like what you're wearing.
Under the robe, I mean.
Take it off.
Could you show me what... show
me what you'd like me to do?
Come over here, Fiona.
[exhales heavily]
There's our star
player now. [clapping]
Well, you were generous
with your time.
What are you... okay,
what are you doing?
Put that... no, give it to me.
But I don't want your
purse. Gimme the...
You don't hand money
around like that.
Gotta be discreet.
This is a class joint.
You ready for another one?
Right now?
Yeah, this guy's in
town for one night.
He wanted something
special, right? He wants...
He wants the service
that costs eight grand.
So, after tonight I will
owe you $14,000 less.
I believe that is
the math, yeah.
Right. Yeah.
I predict beautiful
things, personally.
I mean I think, I think you got
a hell of a season ahead of ya.
[knock on door]
No, I'm not gonna tell you
where the chocolate chips are.
Because your mother will
kill me, that's why.
Okay, they're in the
breadbox. Oh, my gosh,
I can't believe I let that slip.
Okay, but only have ten
though, okay? Okay, I gotta go.
I love you. Okay,
bye. Uh, Fiona, sorry.
- It's okay.
- Uh, if you're Fiona...
- I am.
- Okay. I uh...
I thought I recognized you
from your... from your picture.
You're early.
I am.
Um... do you wanna come on up?
Sorry about the awkward meeting.
It's fine.
This is what you wear
in your downtime?
Yeah, I can go change.
No. No, I like you
dressed like this.
So, you're into punishment?
Actually I would uh, I would
prefer if you took charge.
You know I'm a sub, right?
That's what your ad said, yeah.
But your photo on your website,
something about your face,
I thought you might
make an exception.
I have 175 employees.
I am the bossman all day,
every day. It's too much power.
This is about balance.
I need...
radical surrender.
[whip snaps]
[exhales strongly]
[knock on door]
See you tomorrow, Uncle Bill.
[giggles] [whistling]
Uh, Ms. Claudia Drury?
I'm here to perform
a wellness check.
I'd like to come in
and have a look around.
Sure, yeah.
Make sure you're not in
any danger, alive and well.
I mean, how did you know I...
I was here? Who sent you?
A concerned citizen
came to our precinct.
Worried for your safety.
Was it my mom?
I can't tell you that but
if you're missing your mom,
maybe you should call her. Or
if you don't wanna call her,
then call me. Okay?
[heavy inhale and exhale]
It's not just this month.
Look at this year versus last.
All right, she's slacked
off before but what,
is she playing favorites here?
She giving discounts
or something?
Okay well, okay, here's
a guy. Yeah, oh my God.
He's been booking with
her three times a week
for the last six months.
Calls himself David.
And he's been one of her
clients since the beginning.
How much is she charging David?
Three grand a pop. Everyone
else is doing six to nine.
In prime time. In prime time!
Yeah, and he's booking
overnights, too.
Oh. Overnight for three grand?
What, does he think he's
her boyfriend or something?
When's the next appointment?
I'm in heels. I can't
stand here all day.
He's ten minutes late.
Some boyfriend.
Has he canceled?
She's coming down
dressed to go out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Oh, now, where...
where they...
what are they gonna
do it in the park?
Follow her.
Oh, my God, he's hugging her.
So, he... he's hot for her.
It's not what it looks like.
It looks like affection.
Ah, geez. Ah, geez.
What... what. Stay. I wanna
hear what they're saying.
You stay with them!
I brought you something.
When did you have
time to go shopping?
He's giving her a
present in a little box.
What, is he proposing now?
Hmm, it's a crane.
It's your spirit animal.
It'll watch over you.
God knows I need it.
You know what? Actually, can
we just change the subject?
- Yeah, to what?
- Lunch is always a safe option.
Oh God, that Larry
sounds bad. What?
It's worse. He's
taking her to lunch.
Are you... the L
word? You... lunch?
[chuckles softly]
[pounding knock at door]
[ominous music plays]
All right. This David
guy, is he your favorite?
What? No.
You're giving him a
discounted rate, Claud.
The numbers don't lie.
What's this?
That was just...
they're gifts.
They're just gifts from like
a stockbroker um... Ryan.
- What's in the box?
- They're just scissors.
Sci... scissors?
That's a stupid gift.
Stupid scissors
from stupid David?
Yeah, they're from David.
At least you're being honest.
Nothing gets by us.
You understand that.
Honesty is imperative.
I am always honest with
you, Larry. Always.
You're getting too
close to this David guy.
And he's not paying enough!
You talk to him about me?
No, I don't tell him anything
about you or my... I don't even,
he doesn't even know my real
name, okay? No one does.
You are gonna dump this
guy. You understand?
You are gonna dump him or I will
put his name on your webpage.
I will D-O-double... I
will dox him so hard.
No. You know what I'm
gonna do? I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go to the police.
That's what I'm gonna do.
- No, Larry. Larry!
- I'm going to the police.
I'm gonna tell 'em how you
poisoned me and my daughter.
What. Listen, you
know what I have?
I got a confession by
you. That's what I got!
No, I will dump him!
I will dump him!
- This may be on you.
- He means nothing to me.
He does not mean anything to
me! He means nothing to me!
[phone pings]
[sinister music plays]
- Oh, my God. Larry, please!
- I swear to God.
If you do not start telling
me the truth, I'm gonna...
Where the hell are the burgers?
They'll be here in a minute.
Larry, I was just with him
because he loaned me money.
- [talking over each other]
- Just shut up!
I have pictures of you two
outside of your apartment, okay?
He wasn't on your
schedule for that time,
so stop lying, Claudia!
- All right! All right!
All right, I will tell you the
truth. The truth is that...
the truth is, is that I just
feel like you haven't been
paying enough attention
to me. And I missed you.
And I just... I wanted to
make you jealous or something.
And I wanted you to
pay attention to me.
- I was just using...
- Lies! Lies! Lies!
You are lying to me right
now! You're lying to me
and you're twisting logic.
- No!
You are. That's... I
know you've been feeding
your boyfriend
bullshit about me!
No, I wouldn't.
Why, why? You are. You're
trying to make me think
like I'm... what I'm like, some
kinda criminal or something.
Let me tell you
this. There's no way,
there's just no way. It's not
happening. You understand?
I'm not going back to jail!
I know. I wouldn't
want you to.
You gotta be taught a lesson.
That's it. You gotta
be taught a lesson.
No. No, no! Larry,
please, don't!
Did you tell this man you're
being held against your will?
- No!
- Huh?
Did you tell him that you
wanna give up sex work?
- [screams indistinctly]
- And run away with him? Huh?
- No!
- That what you said?
No! Larry, please,
I'm so cold.
Cold? This is nothing.
It's on medium. I can
turn it up if you want.
I don't wanna die.
You don't wanna die.
[knocking on door]
It's the food.
Go get it.
[muffled crying]
Should I be recording this?
Just the audio.
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Did you tell David that you
were gonna run away with him
and quit sex trade?
Did ya?
[screams] Did ya?!
[Claudia]: No. No!
- Larry.
- Sounds like she's snorting.
[Claudia wailing on recording]
At least she got
the message. Huh?
Sure did. [grunting laugh]
[Claudia]: No. No, Larry.
[recording beeps off]
What? Why the long face?
Um, Lar the... uh, last night
when you were with Claudia
there's a um...
What? Spit it out?
Um, there, I think we
all got the same email.
There's a reporter. He
wants us to go on record.
- For what?
- Well, it's unbelievable.
He's writing a story
about Sarah Lawrence
and Slonim Woods
9 and... and you.
- Yeah.
- Why me?
Well, maybe he wants to dig up
some negative story about you.
- And all of us.
- Negative story?
On what? Huh?
Why, how I helped you all
with your mental health?
Gave ya... gave ya
free room and board?
Get back up there, will ya?
What they do? They find the...
the gun I held to your head?
Huh? Did they dredge
the East River?
Find the gun I
threw in there? Huh.
Give me the phone. Let me
call this guy. What is it?
Dad, are you sure
that's a good idea?
No, I'm not sure. You dial it
and put it next to my face.
[call dialing] This
guy. Who is it?
What's his name?
What's this liar's name?
Fiona, can we talk? Please?
You can't be near me, David.
People might be watching us.
Okay, I just, I haven't
heard from you in a week
and I just can't shake this.
This sickening feeling that...
that you're not doing this
work of your own free will.
Are you being sex trafficked.
What? No. Of course not.
I just... I owe someone
a lot of money and
we're getting too close
and it's distracting me
from paying off my debts.
If you owe someone money and
the person is forcing you
in the sex trade, that is the
definition of sex trafficking.
Come with me, right now.
No packing, no hesitating,
just come with me to Hartford.
I will put you up somewhere.
You can hide and be safe.
I will help you get help.
David, I can't go
anywhere, okay?
This man, he has things on me
and he'll either send me
to jail or he'll kill me.
And he's threatened to
tell your family about us,
so just go back to your family.
Go back and leave me and
all of this behind you.
Okay, Fiona, hey. I will...
I will deal with my crap.
Let me help you, Fiona.
My name is Claudia.
Claudia. Wow, it suits you.
Come with me. Okay?
This can all be over.
Just no strings attached.
[ominous music swells]
Total shit job. [stammers]
Not to mention
screaming bullshit.
[stammers] Okay,
listen to this.
"Mr. Ray exerted
cult-like control
over his students' lives.
He repeated stories
of sexual domination.
And of his emotionally
unstable charges."
Oh, fancy word for you.
"Ray himself freely admitted
to accepting money from Claudia
while she was working as
a... as a prostitute."
Sex worker, you...
Oh, my God.
Nothing sells like white
kids in peril, right?
I mean, all the, all
the reporters, boy,
they're gonna sink their teeth
into this thing right here,
which is why we
gotta stop Claudia
from adding to this
shit show right now.
Lar, did you admit that
Claudia gave you money?
Yeah, so what?
So what? So what?
Is it a crime to...
to accept recompense from
someone who owes you money?
- Please!
- But Larry...
it might be a crime.
Might be a crime.
She, she poisoned me.
She... I have... she
confessed to it on tape.
Come on! She owes,
she owes me...
why am I even telling
you any of this?
Will you do me a favor
and get your coats so we
can go see her right now?
Okay, well obviously
Dan talked to them
and Santos didn't.
But it's really damning. I
mean, that's good, right?
I mean... everybody
I've ever known, like,
millions of people,
are going to read this.
[somber music plays]
[knock on door]
Hi. Can I uh, can I help you?
You must be David.
David Wells?
Yeah, yeah, that's me.
We're trying to track
down Claudia Drury.
We have CCTV footage of
the Eden Park Hotel lobby
in New York City, where you
and Claudia were talking
about a week ago.
I can assure you,
she's not in any
trouble. Either are you.
Uh yeah, I just, I don't...
I don't know where
she is, so I'm sorry.
I'm the lead investigator in
the sex trafficking department
at the FBI.
I'm trying to fast-track
the arrest of Larry Ray.
Yeah, um, come in.
[knock on door] Claudia?
I'm Agent Maguire.
I'm heading up an
investigation into Larry Ray.
[sobbing quietly]
I have reason to believe he's
guilty of over 15 felony charges
and I'm really hoping you might
talk to me about his activities.
From what I'm learning, Larry
coerced you, exploited you,
trafficked you, all
for his own gain.
Claudia, my forensic
analysts told me
that in a four-year period,
you paid him over
two million dollars.
Did you know that?
Could you come out and talk
to me, Claudia, please?
Just a chat, I promise.
No! No!
Okay. Maybe you're
not ready. I get that.
But Claudia, Larry
is still out there.
He's living with
two of your friends
and he needs to be stopped. You
know that even more than I do.
I'm just... he'll kill me.
He will torture and kill me.
We won't let him do that.
You don't know him.
And the things that
I've done will come out
and I just...
I just want... I just
want to disappear.
So, please go!
Okay. I will.
But Claudia, you
are the victim here.
And the FBI knows that. So, I
will leave my card with David.
But please, if you
have a change of heart,
time is of the
essence. Thank you.
- Claudia?
- Sorry.
Claudia, you here? Honey?
You in the uh... powder room?
It's dead. Clearly she
doesn't have her phone.
Wherever she is.
Tomorrow she's scheduled
to check out. What a shame.
Really. That's... I
didn't know about that.
May I ask, can you clear
out her belongings by then?
Actually, you know what?
How about immediately?
[sinister music builds]
You read the expose?
It made me physically sick.
Do you have enough
to take him down now?
Not by a long shot.
That's why we called you in.
Claudia won't go on the
record. Won't talk to the FBI.
That's because
this filth of a man
still has control over her.
Not anymore. She's left
him. She's gone into hiding.
She got away.
Why hasn't she called me?
She is deeply, deeply ashamed
of what she's been through.
And she's terrified of him.
But if you can help convince
her that we can keep her safe
and that she has nothing
to be ashamed of...
Why would she listen to me?
We've gotta try
everything we can.
[knock on door]
- Yes?
- Hi, um I'm Christian Drury,
Claudia Drury's mother
and this is her father.
We were hoping to talk to her?
Um, yeah. Yeah.
[tender music plays]
Thank you.
Oh baby, we missed you so much.
The FBI just wants to
talk you into testifying.
- That's why you're here.
- Oh, sweetie.
If he gets locked up, he can
never hurt you or anybody else.
That's right.
Whatever happened to you, you
are not a criminal. You are...
- Yes, I am!
- No, you are not.
Yeah, I am!
No. No. You are the victim.
And meeting Larry Ray was
just a sick twist of fate.
It was just an accident.
No. No, it wasn't.
Larry was right.
About what, sweetie?
He's right about accidents.
That... that there aren't any.
Like, he didn't put any
bars on those windows.
- I was the one who did it.
- No.
I did all those things.
It was me. It was me.
No, Claudia, no.
Do you think that even if I
did it, I could still undo it?
Even if he's...
if he can't hurt me, then
I still have to testify.
I still have to say all
those things. My journals.
They're gonna... they're
gonna read my journals out.
His lawyers will read them
and then everyone will know
the kind of person I am.
It's okay.
I don't know if I can do it.
[rock music plays]
Who is ready for
crepes a la Ray?
You know they're special
when they're savory, right?
But you know they're extra
special, extra, extra Ray
when savory means caviar.
What... the heck is that?
It's for the best for my
loyal customers, that's why.
But Dan, and Santos and
Claudia, well that was...
I wonder what they're having
for breakfast right now?
That's, that's what I wonder.
Well, Claudia, I don't
know. Maybe Talia knows?
Tal... Talia is with her
grandfather in North Carolina.
And Santos is finishing
school and Dan,
I... I don't know, I think
he's writing something.
You know what I was thinking?
I think we should get a cat.
[pounding knock at door]
FBI, open the door!
- Larry?
- Don't open that door.
Don't you open that door.
[pounding continues]
- Larry!
- Let them pound. Go ahead.
[door crashes open] You
run you little chickens.
You go ahead.
[guns cock]
[lips smack]
Crepes a la Ray.