Devil's Cove (2018) Movie Script

We have one man down,
completely covered in stab wounds.
Well he's certainly dead.
I don't got a pulse.
Oh yeah, you think Sherlock?
Get your hands off of him.
You're gonna contaminate the scene.
Do you happen to have your
manicure kit with you?
Okay, our victim is one Rick Duval.
From the report I got, it
said that he was alive.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
I just didn't see it comin'.
Who else would do it?
JACKIE: Come on, Al, open up.
Holy fuck, Jackie, what happened?
Okay, listen.
We could do with a bit of a shower.
Yeah but I mean, what's going on here?
What happened?
We just got mugged.
Come on Jackie, what really happened?
We killed Rick, okay?
Now can you let us in?
You did what?
Of course I knew they hadn't been mugged.
Toni had that eye, but
I'd seen that before.
Both girls were completely
covered in blood,
and neither of 'em seemed injured.
The AK Killer pool is
on, make your bets, people.
What I will do
With the rest of my life
Come on, get your fuckin' shirt off.
It's always the same
I sit down to write
So uninspired
Wouldn't you know, I'm already tired
Hey Toni.
How are you?
I'm good.
All right, all right.
Where's Rick?
He pissed me off, so I killed him.
I open the jar and let them all go
I just heard sirens and the
girls took off out the back.
Police are looking for Toni Duval
and Jackie McGann is
connection with the murder
of Rick Duval.
Rick Duval was found
murdered with multiple
stab wounds in his
apartment this afternoon.
I had no idea what had happened.
I never expected something
like this form Toni.
But Jackie?
We all knew Jackie was trouble.
Jackie McGann is a
local of Devil's Cove,
who was recently freed
from jail after serving
seven years for murder.
She and Miss Duval are both
wanted for questioning.
The first time I met Jackie McGann,
I had just got married to Rick.
And I hated her.
Rick, hey.
Long time, no see.
Hey, I heard you tied the knot.
Hey, well hey, this one's on me.
Congratulations, buddy.
RICK: There you go.
Good to be back.
Problem with my wife, Jim?
Relax, Rick.
Can't I admire a good looking woman?
Get your mind out of the
gutter asshole, she's mine.
Rick, get your hands off of him.
Geez, I thought we got
over this kind of crap
in junior high.
Geez, fucking relax Rick, okay?
When have I ever tried to steal one of
your women from you?
And why the hell would any
woman want me over you?
Yeah, Jim.
Why the hell would any
girl pick you over Rick?
Good to see ya, hon.
I'm Jackie.
So you're his latest bitch, huh?
Don't get me wrong, to prove you right
I'm his wife.
His what?
His wife? (LAUGHS)
Don't worry, Toni,
she kids with everybody.
Your wife, huh?
Hey, I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.
Ask Rick, he's known me for years.
Don't worry.
We only fucked twice.
Hey, I'm kidding Rick, lighten up.
What is this shit you're drinking, Stan?
It's my fuckin' drink, bitch.
Good work baby, you
got out four words today.
I'll bash your fuckin' brains in.
Yeah, you do that.
My fiance.
So uh, you met crazy Lynette yet?
Shut the fuck up, Jackie.
What are you doing out anyway?
I thought you were supposed to be in jail.
Let me out on an insanity plea.
I spent six months in
the shit hole looney bin
with a bunch of crazy
bitches who all thought
they'd fucked Elvis.
I just got out of jail.
Gonna ask me what for?
What the fuck do I have
to do to get a drink
in this place, Jim?
You pay for it, Jackie.
Come on, Jim.
On the house, for me?
Forget it.
There, happy now?
Now get me a fucking drink.
Of course I wanted to
ask her who she had killed.
But something told me not to.
I guess...
All I could think of was
why Rick didn't want anyone
talking about this...
Crazy Lynette.
So who the hell is this Lynette?
She's my, uh,
she's my ex-wife.
What the hell?
You were married?
You never told me.
It never really seemed the right time, eh?
And she's crazy?
The one thing you'll
realize before too long
is that everybody in this place is crazy.
Even you?
Especially me.
I'm the craziest of them all.
Please, just.
You don't need an invitation
To go and climb one seed
You don't need a pager
To greet your neighbor
All of life's mystery
Anybody got any crack?
Huh, they let you out?
Good thing you're here.
That we need, that we need
Even more, even more
Hey, that's my beer.
You know beer makes you fat?
Hey Ricky boy.
What the hell?
- Hey.
- Get your hands off him.
That's my man.
Your man.
I thought he was your dad.
Then of course, maybe,
your mom would have had to
have been a slave girl or something.
Jackie, god!
Hey, relax, I'm just kidding, okay?
I mean, what are you doing
with this guy anyway?
You're a pretty hot girl, you know that?
She's Rick's, Jackie.
Hands off.
We all know how you swing both ways.
Did he save ya, huh?
Rescued you from an abusive relationship?
Couldn't go home 'cause
your daddy liked you
a little too much.
So Rick marries you, takes
you to this shit hole,
Devil's Cove, and you go
along because your own life
is so terrible, it's the only option.
That or jail.
And you spent time in there, didn't you?
Geez Jackie, cut it out.
Come on.
Just come on, just get
out of here, that's it.
Jackie got off on upsetting people.
It was like we were all
pieces on a chessboard
and she was just playin' with us.
She always liked putting
people in situations
where they'd be uncomfortable.
And the bets are on for
killer pool, who's in?
I've got a joint in my hand
The bartender sees him
but he doesn't care
I look to my left and there
he is playing in a band
I look to my right
Toni had it rough.
Black girl in a small town,
and Jackie wasn't the easiest.
Hell, none of us were easy.
But then, of course there was Lynette.
So you're the little whore. (LAUGHS)
Oh well, you did a good
job this time, honey.
At least she's over 18.
Where'd you get her, off the street?
You fucking bitch.
Get lost, Lynette.
Don't you fucking tell
me to get lost you asshole.
You wrecked my fucking
life, you know that?
Lynette, really?
Really, Lynette?
Really, just can't you stop, please?
He took everything from me
in that goddamned divorce.
ALL: Everything.
I got nothin'.
That was after he cheated
on me with slut after slut
after slut after slut.
20 fuckin' years ago.
You shut the fuck up!
He cheated on me with
little sluts just like you.
I hope you're happy with him.
I hope you're fucking
happy with him because
I'm not gonna be around to see it.
I'm not gonna be here because guess what?
I'm gonna kill myself.
Yeah, that's what I'm
gonna do, I'm gonna really
do it this time.
Does anybody have a knife?
I wonder what the hell happened to me
I still love that asshole.
And I have to watch while he marries some
little tramp half my age.
Okay, Lynette, that's it.
That's it.
I can't have you scarin' people like this.
Fuck you Alan.
Oh, in your sweetest dream.
Fuck all you assholes!
You don't think I know the
shit that goes on around here?
You're just lucky I don't call the cops.
Lynette, come on, you gotta get out.
Good bye.
Fuck you, I'm goin'.
Bye bye.
Welcome to Devil's Cove.
Rick, I want out, I am so serious.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like, there's nothing to do here.
You promised me a lot of things and yet,
all we do is go to Devil's Cove.
Yeah, look, it's Devil's Cove, it's not
the Taj Mahal, okay?
It was fine the first
couple of days but every night
- that's all we go...
- Things will get better.
We'll go places again.
We're just here to regroup
a little, that's all.
But you promised me the world.
But I've gotta make
some fuckin' money first.
Not a little corner
place where, you know,
people go and get drunk.
Listen, I said I've
got deals coming through,
we're marking money, and then, we'll go.
I don't even know anybody
here, you know that, right?
'Cause you seemed pretty
keen to come fucking with me
a few months ago.
Crazy Lynette, huh?
Who do I have, this Jackie person?
It's not working for me,
Rick, and I just hope
you'll understand why.
I want out of Devil's Cove, okay?
It is not the place for me.
RICK: You'll get used to it.
I don't want to be here.
I can't fucking win.
Women everywhere are
fucking giving me shit.
Hey Rick, hey Rick.
I'm gonna do it this time, really, I am.
What the hell?
Hey, look at me, I'm gonna kill myself.
- Rick!
- Do you not see her?
Look at me, I'm gonna do it.
Where are you going?
Okay, you're just gonna
pretend that she's not
there right now?
Baby, come on.
Hey Rick, come back here.
Do you not see that
she's outside our window?
This is exactly why I wanna go.
TONI: Look it, can we just leave?
LYNETTE: Fuck you Rick.
Rick, come back here.
I still love you.
That bitch.
That fucking bitch.
I'm gonna kill myself, I'm
really gonna kill myself.
Don't you hear me?
Don't, you never pay attention to me.
You never listen.
I'm trying to tell you, I love you.
I'm here, I want you back,
don't you understand?
She's not as good as me.
That little bitch, she's
just a little bitch.
She doesn't love you like I do, Rick.
Fuck you all!
Sweet love
You're the one I'm thinking of
Oh peace
Quiet peace
Let me feel your sweet release
- Pain, tortured pain
- Hey.
My hatred of you
What, you don't like this place?
- Oh hope, undying hope
- No.
I don't.
Too many white people, huh?
Yeah, that's it.
Too many white people.
A small town.
So this is the only place
you can come to relax?
Unless you wanna travel
about 10 miles or so.
But I will search
So where's Rick?
You little bitch.
You think you can just come in here
and take my man away from me like that?
Oh wake the fuck up, Lynette.
- He's not your man.
- Whore.
You probably fucked him too, didn't you?
Yeah, I got news for you.
He's fucked everyone within a
hundred miles, deal with it.
You people.
You don't care.
I'm gonna take this knife
and I'm gonna put it
to my throat and I'm gonna kill myself.
Get on with it, I've been
hearing that shit for years.
What did you say?
I said, put that fucking
knife to your throat
and get on with it.
You're sick.
You're sick.
JACKIE: Unless you
want me to do it for you.
You're sick.
JACKIE: Yeah you wanna see
how sick I can really get?
You're evil!
Get out, you crazy bitch!
Jackie, what the hell are you doin'?
Oh go back to sleep Alan.
Crazy Lynette's just doing her shit.
All right, that's it.
Everybody out, I'm closed.
Hey Stan.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
I don't know what it was about her.
Maybe it was the way she poured her beer
or how she looked at me, or
the way she entered the room.
I don't know, but, after that night, I,
I no longer saw her as an enemy.
In a way, I saw her as my savior.
Get the fuck out of here!
- Yeah, yeah, I'm going baby.
- Get the fuck!
- Oh fuck you, fuck you.
- And don't come back!
Fuck you, what are you
gonna do about it, huh?
Oh yeah, oh come on,
yeah yeah, that's right.
Hit me, hit me, come on baby, come on.
You fucking bitch.
You're pathetic.
Goddamn cheating, murdering, whore.
JACKIE: You drunken moron.
Can I come in?
Come in.
Sit down, have a beer.
Stan kick you out?
It's okay.
He'll have forgotten by tomorrow.
It's gotta be different
from the city here, huh?
JACKIE: Do you miss home?
Not really.
Must have been bad.
Everyone in this place has a secret.
Everyone has been in jail at least once.
I was in for murder, Stan for assault.
To you?
Although I could have reported him.
I prefer to make his life a misery.
And I'm worse than any jail.
This place is a black hole.
Come here innocent, and leave guilty.
Mind if I stay over?
Well, Rick's asleep.
I'll be gone before he wakes up.
Okay, you should have everything you need.
Come sit.
So, you ever been with a woman before?
Did he do that?
What did Rick do?
You said that everyone in
Devil's Cove did something.
What did Rick do?
You really don't know, do you?
Rick raped someone.
Sentenced to 10 years,
got out after six months.
I should get out of
here before he wakes up.
Where are you going?
Back home, to Stan.
Didn't he kick you out?
He'll have forgotten.
It was a pretty cool night.
See you later.
Definitely a change
developed between the girls.
Almost over night they became inseparable.
I felt things I'd never felt before.
Things I'd never felt with any man, like,
her eyes.
The way they looked at me and
the freedom she had and they
way she commanded a room.
And, I realized that I had never actually
been in love before.
She had a hold on me I
just couldn't explain.
I knew she wasn't a saint.
I knew she was bad news.
But I liked it.
Don't wake me up to bring me down
I'm just sayin'
Hey Jackie.
You going to pay for that?
I'll suck your dick if
you'll let me have it for free.
Fuck off Jackie.
I'm sick of you ripping us off.
Five bucks, okay?
You can even keep the change.
Well if I counted
everything you've lifted
over the years, five bucks
doesn't even come close.
See, I told you he'd forget.
Hey Stan.
You gonna get off your butt today
and do anything interesting?
Fuck you, you goddamn bitch.
It's fun making his life hell.
Hey girls, anybody's birthday today?
You got some?
Yeah, out back.
Oh, everywhere you are
George, uh, Officer Bradley,
he's a friend and a great customer, but,
he's also a cop so, we don't
tell him everything we do.
I was wondering where you guys were.
What are you up to?
Yeah, there was cocaine there.
Those drugs belonged
to Rick Duval, okay?
That's D-U-V-A-L.
Yeah, I probably behaved
pretty irresponsibly.
Fine, I may have tried them once.
Twice, even.
But I never dealt them, okay?
Let's start with you.
Hey Brads, I got this.
This is my fault.
Can we talk about it?
Hey Brads.
This is all my fault.
You see,
I've been going through a personal crisis
and I got the stuff.
Jackie, what are you thikin'?
You just got out of jail.
Yeah, I know, but you see...
I found a lump.
Right here, do you wanna look?
You know, I'm not sure
exactly what kind of hold
Jackie had over George.
And what I'd say, he was
fairly smitten with her.
That was Jackie getting
away with stuff like that
all the time.
You're free to go.
I could just kill myself.
When did you get this car?
I stole it from Stan.
You wanna take it for a spin?
- Me?
- Yeah.
Hell yeah, this is fucking awesome.
Hop on in.
Oh my god, Jackie,
this is fucking amazing.
You're pretty cool, I must say.
Pretty cool car.
Well Stan doesn't know
it's gone, thank god.
Don't wanna be the one
Who stands against everyone saying
You're a bad, bad man
But you're a bad, bad man
And I don't believe I can
find someone to agree with me
And stand up saying
you're a bad, bad man
But you're a bad, bad man
I'm not living in that house no more
I'm gonna run away, gonna tune me off
I'll take my guitar
that you said you hate
And on arm I'll burn the name of a boy
That I met only once
He spoke to me on a bus
Told me he wanted to be James Dean
Coolest thing I'd ever seen
And I go na na na na na na
Why did I love you
Na na na na na na yeah,
stop doing that thing you do
Na na na na na na
Why do I miss you and
Na na na na na na na, you're
still doing that thing you do
TONI: Why do you stay with him?
You're gay, aren't you?
JACKIE: We've been on and off for years
and he wanted to marry me but I didn't.
And he blamed me for
what I went to jail for.
And when I got out,
I had no place to go.
My mom wanted nothing to do with me, and,
so I moved back in with him.
But he hits you.
Yeah, well.
You'd know about that, wouldn't you?
My ex-boyfriend used to hit me, so,
I know what that's like.
I'm not talking about your ex, honey.
I'm talking about Rick.
Rick doesn't hit me.
Not yet.
Are you gay?
I don't like being labeled, okay?
I like guys, I like girls.
So you're bi?
I'm not fucking bi.
I'm Jackie.
Well nice to meet you Jackie.
You too.
You know, I think I'm
really jealous of you.
'Cause you're so free.
Well you can be free.
Just need to start
thinking about yourself.
Forget about other people.
Make yourself number one.
We should probably head back
or Rick's gonna kill us.
You can drive.
Will do.
Who I can be
Now that I'm free
And I go na na na na na na
Why do I love you
What are you doing?
Having fun for a change.
Oh, you really think Jackie likes you?
Yes, I think she does.
You have a problem with that?
Yeah, Jackie doesn't like anybody.
Next week she's gonna
move on to someone else.
Yeah, well maybe I
know her better than you.
She doesn't give a shit about you.
You wanna know why she went to jail?
I don't care why she went to jail.
It doesn't matter to me.
She killed her fuckin' baby!
Yeah, your girlfriend's a fuckin' monster!
I don't believe it, they
wouldn't just let her out.
Well I'm trying to look out for you.
You've gotta fuckin'
realize Jackie is trouble!
Let go of me!
I think Rick was jealous.
Very jealous of my
relationship with Jackie.
He hated that I could love
someone other than him.
What happened?
Just ran into a wall.
Oh yeah?
Which wall?
It's no big deal.
You touch her again,
and I'll fucking kill you.
Let's get out of here.
And I go na na na na na na na
Why do I love you
Na na na na na na, yeah
stop doing that thing you do
Na na na na na why do I miss you and
Na na na na na you're still
doing that thing you do
I notice how you want
To save your beer
before anyone can say
That you're a bad, badman
Oh you're a bad, bad man
And I remember how you warned me then
You used me and you told me lies
And left me all alone
Singin' a lonely song
I'm not walking in those shoes no more
I'm gonna fly London or New York
Or write you a letter
from a grassy city
Saying you mean nothing to me
And then I'll buy myself a car
Drive for miles, so far
away from what you did to me
Maybe find the real me
No, you're na na na na na na
Why do I love u
Na na na na na na yeah stop
doing that thing you do
Na na na na na na
why do I miss you and
Na na na na na na na you're
still doing that thing you do
I hate it, I hate it
So you come back, did ya?
What the hell is that?
Have you been out doing
drugs or something?
I'm sick of this shit.
- Yeah, you're one to talk.
You're fuckin' drunk right now.
I'm not gonna have you
running around with that
goddamn whore.
What's your problem?
What's your deal?
What, I can't have fun?
What is it, you think
that you're a lesbian now?
Is that the fashion?
Does that bother you?
Does that make you feel unmanly?
You're not a fuckin' dyke.
You're my fuckin' wife!
Well maybe I don't wanna be your wife.
Get over here.
Right fuckin' now.
You'll never get away from me.
Get off of me.
You're mine.
Let me go.
You're fucking not going anywhere.
Rick, stop!
You better not leave me.
You bitch.
Get your hands off her you creep.
Jackie, again.
I thought children were your thing Jackie?
Yeah, stick to fuckin' babies.
God, fuck, quite a good shot.
Now you're fucked bitch.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
This time it's fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
You fuckin' asshole, I told you.
Here, take the knife.
Finish him off.
What have you done?
JACKIE: Come on.
Come on Al, open up.
Holy fuck, Jackie, what happened?
We just got mugged.
Come on Jackie, what really happened?
Where's Rick?
Pissed me off so I killed him.
I really didn't wanna believe it, but,
but then I looked at
Toni, oh, not Toni, and,
and I saw that blood and
god I knew it was true.
Who's in charge here?
That would be me, sir.
What seems to be the officer, problem?
We have reason to
believe that Jackie McGann
and Toni Duval are here.
Oh, they were, but they're gone.
Would you mind it if we
looked around a little bit?
No, please, go ahead.
All right, let's start over there.
Excuse me, sir?
You're gonna have to stand up.
What's your name?
You and I are having a talk later.
How are you doin' officer?
Why don't come sit over here with me?
Hey, good lookin'. (CHUCKLES)
How are you doin' today, huh?
Why don't come sit over here with me?
Come on.
I might as well kill myself.
These assholes won't even notice.
- Oh my god.
Jackie, what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
We drive hon, and we drive.
I can still smell the blood.
Guess you're kind of strung out, huh?
Ah, relax.
Said he wanted to be James Dean
Coolest thing I'd ever seen
I love this song.
Na na na na na na na
Why do I love you
Na na na na na na na just
stop doing that thing you do
Oh, geez.
I bit my fucking lip while fighting him.
Look at that.
Hey, we had to do this okay?
You couldn't keep on
living with him the way
he was treating you.
What the fuck?
Did you know the cops can
trace us with that thing?
Well you're a bad, bad man
Just turn around, turn around.
Let's go the other way.
TONI: We probably should
have gone further back.
JACKIE: We should turn in here.
TONI: Uh, why?
JACKIE: I gotta go to the ATM.
Why do you need to go to the ATM?
JACKIE: We need money.
TONI: Money for what?
JACKIE: Do you not know
we're wanted by the cops?
Just turn in here, you'll see.
- Ba ba ba ba
- You thirsty?
Ba ba ba ba ba ba
Oh la la la
Oh la la la
Why don't you get us a couple of drinks?
Ooh la la la
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba
Ooh la la la la
Ba ba ba ba
Ooh la la la
Ooh la la la
Ooh la la la
You come to me when you are down
Then turn around and walk away
Wanna buy us a drink?
Uh, sure.
Hey big guy.
Hey, that's my cousin Neil.
I'm Cassandra.
This is Stacey.
So, uh, how come a hot
guy like you's single?
What, what makes you think I'm single?
It's obvious.
You girls new here?
Just moved to the neighborhood.
I haven't seen you before.
Well, what do you do?
Whatever you like, baby.
So uh, you got a nice, big house?
I do.
You got a big bed?
I love a guy with a big bed.
- It'll fit all three of us?
- I do.
JACKIE: Let's go back to yours.
All right, you guys can sleep
on the couch there and, um,
we'll be in my big bedroom
just right down here.
So uh, you have pawn
shops in the neighborhood?
Yeah, just right up the street.
I wanna sell this watch.
You wanna have some fun?
Please, don't smoke in here.
Don't you like the smell?
It's against the rules.
Your cousin doesn't mind.
Your loss.
You okay baby?
Here's some blankets.
Night boys.
Why, Toni?
I didn't deserve this.
Wake up loser.
Tell me where you fucking
money is or I'll blow
your brains out.
My wallet's here.
Come on, please, please.
I don't know.
It's kind of fun watching
the moron beg for his life.
You know, I don't think
you really wanna live.
No, no come on.
I'm my mom's only child.
Oh is that right?
Bet you after she had you
she didn't want anymore.
- No.
Geez, you're pathetic.
And you couldn't even fuck me.
You know Bobby, I think
the world is a better place
without you in it.
Is anybody except your mama gonna miss
this big, useless waste of resources?
You're still a virgin, I bet.
And let's face it, no woman
is ever gonna wanna fuck you.
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!
I'm doing you a favor.
Whoa, what's going on, what's going on?
Come on.
TONI: Oh my god you
just killed those guys.
You drive, I'll count the money.
Shut the fuck up.
Just shut the fuck up and drive, okay?
They did nothing to us.
This was supposed to be
fun, we're not murderers.
JACKIE: Geez, keep
your fucking voice down.
They were lesbians.
Like, real lesbians.
I didn't really know what they wanted.
But I thought maybe they
were interested in one of us.
I was kind of scared that
they might wanna have sex.
Which I wouldn't have minded,
except I kind of never
had sex before.
No, okay, I mean I guess
I have sex all the time,
just not with anybody else.
But I guess that doesn't count.
That slob was only 50.
Could have sworn he was almost 65.
Jackie, we can't do
this, we need a plan...
Maybe I'll get more for the watch.
What are you talking about?
A watch? You just killed a guy.
The cops are looking for us.
We've gotta find a place
where we can hock that watch.
And all you can think about is a watch?
Money for a watch?
We gotta get the hell out of here.
Aren't you worried about
getting the electric chair?
We're gonna need more money though.
I mean hell, if we're gonna
get he fuck out of here
we're gonna need some more money.
They're gonna kill us.
They're not gonna stop until they find us
and they're gonna give
us the electric chair.
We need more gas.
We need to stop for gas.
Well we gotta do what we gotta do,
we'll stop for gas, okay.
DETECTIVE MYERS: Who reported it?
Cousin who lived here reported
it at Rivervale Station.
They shot at him but he's okay,
said it was a quote, "A
blonde and a black chick."
This is Myers.
Get me Suzanne McGann's address, now.
JACKIE: Yeah, whatever okay?
But I'm getting out, you stay in the car.
I don't want anyone seeing us together.
Love, sweet love
You're the one I'm thinking of
Hey Jim?
Have the cops been back?
Thanks for bailing us out.
Eh, no problem, no problem.
And pain, tortured pain
My hatred of you
Murder suspects Toni
Duval and Jackie McGann were
spotted on CCTV cameras
outside of a gas station
this morning.
The two girls fled the
small town of Devil's Cove
after the brutal murder
of Duval's husband.
They are now suspects in a second murder,
a 50-year-old, Robert McCormick.
McCormick invited the two
girls back to his place
after meeting them at a bar.
What the fuck?
Give me a vodka, Jim.
I hope they lock the bitch up for life.
Stan is a lost cause and Jackie knew it.
Took advantage of it.
You know, they were
engaged, they had a kid,
they had everything, but he
was never the same after,
well, after their kid died.
I don't know, can you blame him?
Once in the apartment,
McGann fired shots
at McCormick, murdering
him and attempting to
murder his cousin, Ian Dawson.
Dawson fortunately escaped
and is now in police custody
for questioning.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
more rain, Devil's Cove.
I need a drink.
I got us some booze.
That solves everything.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Oh I don't know.
Maybe it's because my husband,
who I loved, is now dead.
Maybe it's because you
killed him and two other guys
who did nothing to us.
Maybe it's because if I'm lucky,
I'm looking to spend the rest
of my life in a jail cell
all because I helped you.
Okay, first of all,
nobody's gonna catch us, okay?
Is that our plan?
Flee to Mexico?
They'll catch us at the border.
I got a friend, okay?
A man called Patterson.
Expert in fake IDs.
Check it out.
We lose the car, we go
up to San Francisco,
get some fake IDs, start our lives over.
And how are we gonna
get to San Francisco
if we lose the car?
I got friends.
Someone will give us theirs.
Jackie, are you even aware
of how noticeable we are?
Even in San Francisco,
we're going to stick out
like sore thumbs.
We're murderers.
They won't stop until they catch us.
First of all, nobody's
gonna give a shit about
those two losers, okay?
And second,
Rick Duval wasn't exactly a saint.
The cops wanted to get him for ages, okay?
We did them a favor.
If anything, they're gonna thank us.
We killed a criminal.
It's not like we killed
some poor, innocent
little person.
A what, a what, a what? A baby?
What happened to your baby?
I can't believe you
listened to that shit, Toni.
The least you could
do is tell me the truth.
He died, okay?
He just died.
Just died?
Don't you fucking judge me.
Oh what?
What is wrong with you?
You just killed my husband.
JACKIE: He had it comin'
How can you say that?
Keep your fucking voice down, okay?
I can still smell the blood.
Get over it.
It's okay.
It's okay, just, don't think about it.
Don't think about how
you put a gun to his head
and you blew his brains
out and they splattered
all over the floor and
there's Rick with a giant hole
in his head.
You did that, not me.
You keep telling yourself that, kid.
Don't you play me.
I stood by you, I cared for you.
I didn't want him dead.
Yeah you did.
I'm going to the cops.
No, what the fuck?
No, you're not going to the goddamn cops.
No, no.
And don't think that you
can go to the cops behind
my back either, honey.
You think the cops are
gonna take the word of
a little black girl
with a criminal record?
Your fingerprints were
all over the fucking gun.
You're in it as much as I am, honey,
so quit playing the fucking
grieving widow, okay?
You're not going to the fucking cops.
You're not.
I want a convertible but
I'm afraid of drivin'
I want some blue suede shoes
but I can't seem to find 'em
Here you go.
Here you go ladies.
Do you guys need anything?
Okay, well, just let me know.
Nobody knows how the world will turn
Whether you're gonna fall
in love or gonna be gone
No one can help you but a
good piece of the price is
Do what you want
But don't smoke too much
My girlfriend, she says to
always cover your tracks
My boyfriend, he says to
make sure you never look back
You like hot stuff, huh?
I got stuff hotter than Tabasco for you.
There's no doubt in
my mind you do, woman.
You like trouble, huh?
I like trouble.
Well, you found it.
I'm trouble.
I believe that.
Every inch of it.
You wanna come back to ours?
That sounds like a good idea.
We're staying at the
motel down the street.
That's good.
Let's do that, let's get
the hell out of here.
I want a convertible but
I'm afraid of drivin'
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah!
Ride, baby.
Whether you're gonna fall
in love or gonna be gone
Damn girl!
Damn, yes.
What the hell is with the TV?
Put the remote down.
Ride, baby.
Please just stop.
Never get away from me. (LAUGHS)
Let me go, let me go.
Let me go.
You'll never get away from me.
What the fuck, Jackie?
- Oh my god, Jackie.
- Grab a bag.
What the fuck?
Did you kill him?
JACKIE: Shut the fuck up.
Why'd you even kill him?
He did nothing to us.
JACKIE: Come on.
What the fuck, you're just
gonna leave his body there?
Shut the fuck up, we
need to get out of here.
Shut the fuck up.
You cannot just kill a fucking
guy for no fucking reason!
I can't do this, I can't do this Jackie.
I didn't sign up to murder guys, okay?
This is not fun.
He didn't give us enough.
We need help.
Just, I can't do this okay?
Just shut the fuck up okay?
Get us the fuck out of here.
I'm Rebecca Lawson
with Channel Six News,
and I am here with Detective Myers of the
Devil's Cove PD.
Can you tell us what
happened with the murder
of Mr. Duval?
Well it's certainly
the most brutal murder
that I've ever seen.
Rick Duval's body was completely covered
in gruesome stab wounds.
Are there any suspects in custody?
Right now we're gonna
reserve that information
to ourselves.
As soon as we have something
we can share with you,
we will.
We'll never make it to San Francisco.
They'll get us.
They'll have the road blocks up.
So, uh...
What the fuck?
You had your phone on you this whole time?
- Just quit whining.
- They can track us.
It's Stan's, I've never
used it, we're fine.
And what about a motive, detective?
Again, this is an open investigation.
I hope you'll respect that.
As soon as we can share
something with you,
you'll be the first that we call.
Brads, it's Jackie.
What the fuck?
He just fuckin' hung up on me.
What the fuck?
Try Al.
It's Jackie.
Fuckin' assholes.
Great fuckin' friends we've got.
I know someone who can help.
We're gonna have to go that way.
Turn left when we get to the stop sign.
Where are we?
You'll see.
What is this?
One of your drug dealer friend's house?
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
Do you not realize
we're wanted by the law?
Quit whining.
Police are chasing us
and you're saying maybe?
Shut the fuck up, all right?
I got this figured out, all right?
TONI: Okay well can
you at least tell me
where we're going?
What the hell are you doin' here?
Hey mom.
Great to see ya.
Been a long time, huh?
Meet my girlfriend Toni.
Are you fucking kidding me?
The whole goddamn
country's looking for you.
You're wanted for three murders.
I thought it was four.
Which one got away?
Cops were around here yesterday.
Just a matter of time before they're back.
Hell, they're probably
even watchin' the house.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, look.
Just give me five grand, give me your car,
and I'll piss off out of
here, you'll never have to
see me again, I promise.
You expect me to help you
out like I did last time?
Spend thousands of dollars on lawyers.
Something like that, yeah.
What is wrong with you, girl?
You killed that Duval guy, didn't you?
And the other two?
Thank god your father died
before you ever fell pregnant.
Shut the fuck up and
give me the goddamn money.
There is no money Jackie.
What, what about the money dad left me?
That was used to pay your legal fees.
What the fuck?
You stole my money?
It was never your money, Jackie!
You know what you put me through.
Please, this cry, cry, cry.
And you took my grandson.
He was my only grandson.
And, and I lied for you, Jackie.
I lied.
I stood up in court and said
what a great mom you were.
How you were always there for your kid.
And he was always with me,
while you were out partyin'.
Always you, you, you.
And I never told them
about all the times you
screamed that the baby
was ruining your life.
Oh god, how he disappeared
and you never reported it.
I never told 'em how you
disappeared and said that
you were with the baby and you
kept coming back for stuff.
But you never came for anything of his.
Not his clothes, or his toys.
And how you still said you
were together and you were
gonna start this new life without me.
Then his little body was
found in the river. (SOBS)
I still lied, I said you were innocent.
And I mortgaged my beautiful house
with every dollar to prove
your innocence.
I don't need to hear this shit.
Is it true that you killed your baby?
I need to know.
Tell me!
I deserve to know the truth.
Tell me!
Get your fuckin' hands off me.
Oh, what, what?
You fucking people just
cry and cry and cry.
I'm trying to get us out
of this and you're going on
about the death of some kid
that happened years ago.
Your own son.
Did you kill him?
Of course I killed him.
Because he was irritating me, okay?
Now you know, so shut the fuck up.
You're a fucking sociopath.
Don't call me that.
You're a murderer.
You're evil!
You killed my husband!
Oh please, you wanted him dead.
You don't fool me, honey.
You hated that guy's guts.
Get your hands off me.
Get off of her.
JACKIE: Bitch.
Goddamn bitch.
Get out of here.
Just get out of my house.
You think you can just come here with your
black trash little
girlfriend and demand money?
Well you can't anymore, Jackie.
I am done with you.
You are dead to me.
Police, open up.
Mrs. McGann, open it.
We're not letting them in.
Toni, get the car and
meet me out back, now.
Police, open this door!
Toni, do it.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
OFFICER: We're coming in.
Get the gun, get the gun.
break it down and come in.
JACKIE: Get the fuck outside.
What are you doing?
I mean, you don't even
know how to use that thing.
Stop it, Jackie.
gonna break it down.
This has to stop now.
Police, freeze!
Put your hands up in the
air, turn around, bitch.
Get your fucking hands off me.
Yeah, this isn't your baby
you're dealing with now, bitch.
Hey mom, guess you
don't have to worry about
that five grand anymore, huh?
Will you get me a good
lawyer again, please?
I hope you burn in hell.
Fucking bitch.
There's loyalty for you.
Miss McGann, do you have any remorse?
What is your relationship
with Jackie McGann?
Was the money worth it?
That isn't what we said.
Can you tell me what you're doing here
at her mother's house?
Did you kill three men?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Did your husband beat you?
Thanks for coming guys.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Get your fucking hands off me you pervert.
Shut up, you murdering slut.
Get in there.
Get her the hell out of here.
Help me, Toni.
Here, take the knife.
Toni, help me.
Help me.
so far, I'm not hearing
any satisfactory answers.
I felt like I had to
fight for Jackie because
she had fought for me.
I need to know exactly who did what.
Who was the one who finally killed him?
I can't remember.
You know what?
Now you're really, really pissing me off.
And that's too bad because I
genuinely wanted to help you.
So I'm gonna ask you again.
Maybe this time, the message
will penetrate your brain,
and you will be able to remember.
Where's Rick?
He pissed me off so I killed him.
I'd like to report a murder.
Devil's Cove.
So Jackie was the one who instigated it.
But you were the one who called the cops.
This can work in your favor, Toni.
I can get you off, but
I need you to help me.
But what about the others?
You can say that Jackie
forced you to go with her.
You had no choice but to go along.
But I need to know who did what.
Rick, not now.
RICK: Yeah, come on.
Please, just,
You gotta fuckin'
realize Jackie's trouble.
You don't own me!
You're my fuckin' wife!
Well maybe I don't wanna be your wife.
Rick, no.
Yes, fuckin' yeah.
TONI: Rick, stop.
You fuckin' want it.
Rick no get off of me, stop.
Stop, get off of me!
Get off of me, no!
No, stop, no!
You'll never get away from me.
Never get away from.
JACKIE: Oh please, you wanted him dead.
You don't fool me honey.
You hated that guy's guts.
He wasn't a bad person.
He just didn't know when to stop.
He loved me.
But I'm not sorry he's dead.
So you killed him?
But Jackie started it.
I fired the...
Hold on, whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy.
Take it easy.
It's okay.
Here, have some water.
Look, kid.
I know you're not a bad person.
And I know you haven't had
the easiest start in life.
But that's no reason to
throw everything away now.
If they find you guilty of
murder, you can kiss the rest
of your life good bye.
Even if you're found guilty
of just being an accomplice,
you're lookin' at a minimum of 25 years.
I don't think you deserve that.
Now I'm familiar with your
late husband, Mr. Duval.
He's a bad person.
I'm not saying that he deserved to die,
I'm just saying that
sometimes God just kind of
takes things into his own hands.
Do you know what I mean?
And Jackie McGann, everybody
knows she was trouble.
Always has been.
I never, for a second, bought
that insanity plea of hers.
She murdered her little
boy because her little boy
was in her way, that's the only reason.
The whole town knew it.
And we also knew that
she's the one that took
care of the other two guys.
You just happened to be with her.
Sign it.
What is it?
It's your statement.
I wrote it for you myself.
It says that you weren't even in the room
when the murder took place,
and it says that Jackie held
a gun up to your head and
forced you to go with her.
My hands were all over
it, my fingerprints.
That's explained in the statement.
You were trying to get
the gun away from Jackie
'cause you were trying to
save your husband's life.
Sign it,
and you get away, and
you get off, scot free.
Jackie'll be the one
that pays for the murder.
Come on, what do you say?
Sign it.
You took my grandson.
My only grandson.
Of course I killed him.
Of course I killed him.
Because he was irritating me, okay?
Because he was irritating me, okay?
SUZANNE: You took my
grandson, my only grandson.
it you know why you're here,
Miss McGann?
You got any marijuana?
Is she serious?
I need a fucking joint, Myers.
Fine, you got a cigarette?
Jackie, there's not gonna
be any smoking in here,
do you understand?
Now are you gonna tell
us what the fuck happened
in that room?
What the fuck do you think happened?
The black girl did it, okay?
Jesus Christ, I need a fucking joint.
I'm gonna make sure
that you spend the rest
of your fucked up life in prison.
You understand me?
Oh baby, keep talking dirty, I like it.
I like it, I like it, I like it.
Patterson, get this
trash out of my office.
I'm done wasting my time with
her, get her out of here.
And former convict Jackie
McGann was sentenced to
life imprisonment today for
the murders of Rick Duval,
Robert McCormick, and Danny Jones.
The verdict was handed
down after jury deliberated
for just one hour.
Former convict Jackie McGann
has been sentenced to life
in prison for the murders of Rick Duval,
Robert McCormick, and Daniel Jones.
The verdict was handed down
after the jury deliberated
for only an hour.
Killer pool, everyone.
Okay, I got 50 bucks
that says I can kick
your collective butts.
I got another 50 to make it 100.
I'm gonna kill myself.
We're gonna kill ourselves, yeah.
I'm gonna kill myself, too. (LAUGHS)
I sit down to write
So uninspired
Wouldn't you know
I'm already tired
It's always the same
What happened to the dreams
I had long ago