Devil's Gate (2017) Movie Script

Oh, fucking Christ
on a stick!
Is anybody there?
Is anybody home?
My car broke down.
I could use some help.
So you're just
gonna suffer!
Or I will end this
right now!
Do you hear me?
Special agent Francis,
I presume?
Pleased to meet you,
deputy salter.
Uh, you can call me Colt.
Everybody does.
Did you want to grab a bite
before we hit the station?
Marnie's serves up the best
chicken fried steak you
ever tasted.
- I'm vegan.
- Okay.
Uh, great. Well, I'll just grab
somethin' later.
- I'll take that for ya.
- Shall we go then?
Yeah. I'll get that
for you, ma'am.
Hey, Colt.
What's crackalackin'?
Jenna, this is
special agent Francis.
- The sheriff around?
- Oh, how you doing?
No, he's still out. Should be
back soon though.
We had an appointment
for 1:00.
You just take a seat,
and I'm sure
he won't be long.
Okay. I'm gonna get some
coffee. Anybody want anything?
Two splendas,
no cream, please.
- Sheriff.
- Yeah, hang on, hon.
Jenna, you got any of those
wet naps back there?
- You betcha!
- Colt!
A little friend for you
out there in the trunk.
Okay. Right on it,
You better get
the hand truck for Colt.
That idiot's
gonna realize
it's gonna be
too much weight
for him
to shift himself.
Special agent Francis.
How you doing?
We've been expecting you.
Pleasure to meet you,
I'm sorry, you seem
to have caught us
right in the middle of our
local crime spree.
Hit-and-run white tail.
Step on into the back
see what we can
do you for.
There you go.
Have a seat.
Here it is.
Not much to it.
Pretty much a waste
of yours
and the bureau's time,
if you ask me.
I'd like to speak
to him first thing.
- Who? Pritchard?
- Mm.
Colt and I were just out
there three days ago
to see him
have a look around.
His wife's car
is missing.
Other than that, nothing
out of the ordinary.
It's all right there.
In the report.
I see that.
But I'd still like to get my
own sense of the man.
It's odd, he didn't file
the report.
- Her sister did, right?
- That's right.
Maria and the boy were
on the way to her house
so Theresa would've been
the first one to notice
that they'd gone
I've known
Jackson pritchard
his whole life.
Colt there went to
high school with the man.
Yeah, I know,
he's got a temper
but he is not a murderer
by any stretch.
Who said anything
about murder?
Although now that you
mention it, 45 percent
of all murdered women
are killed by their
domestic partner.
You wanna know
the most likely scenario?
Maria finally got a bellyful
of his bullshit
and she lit off with
the kid for Minneapolis
or winnipeg or --
without telling her
sister? Or anyone?
That doesn't seem right.
Why don't you go out
and question
the sister then?
I'm pretty sure
she'll agree with me.
But leave pritchard
out of it.
There's a valid line
of inquiry
that needs
to be followed up on.
We have done
the follow-up, agent.
Look, I know
my department's under
scrutiny right now
but give us a shred
of credit
for understanding
our community
and how to do our
goddamn jobs.
So, how about we trust
my instinct on this one,
special agent Francis?
Yours didn't seem
to do that breeland girl
any favors.
Sheriff, Rudolph
is in the ice box.
Colt, take our
distinguished guest
out to see Theresa Locke
and then get her set up
at the Kelly inn.
Right on it.
Ma'am? Ready to go?
Despite what happened
to the breeland girl,
sheriff, I found her.
And I wouldn't
change that.
Apparently, some people
are just better off
not being found.
Stop it!
You stop!
You stop!
Huh? This is your fault!
Your fault
you're in here!
You understand?
So you're just gonna
suffer in silence!
Or I will end this
right now!
- Uh, you can't
smoke in here.
- I don't.
What're the smokes for,
I quit three years ago.
I keep that around
to remind me.
Mm. Okay.
He's a caribou,
you know, not a deer.
- Who?
- Rudolph.
Reindeer is what they
call them in Europe.
The caribou
and deer are both
from the cervidae family.
That's Latin for deer.
Heck, the moose,
also known as
the eurasian elk
is technically a deer,
It's more than just
cow chips and inbreeding
out here, you know.
Well played,
deputy salter.
You know, that's got
to be pretty exciting
to compete with this
Oh, sorry,
i was just surfing.
I was just yankin'
your chain.
No, you're right.
It's a rude habit.
So, what did you want
to talk about?
Okay. You asked.
What was all that
talk back there about
the breeland girl?
Should I be concerned?
You're right.
I did ask.
If you don't wanna
talk about it,
it's okay.
Tanya breeland
went missing
about a year ago.
It was the first real case
i was lead on.
Took all kinds of
unpaid overtime, weekends.
I was little obsessed,
i guess you could say.
Four months later,
i tracked her down
to a homeless shelter
run by an islamist group
in St. Paul.
The kicker was, the girl
didn't wanna go home.
She wouldn't say why.
Psych eval was
perfectly normal.
Clean drug screen too.
So I just took her home.
She showed up
at my office.
Said I ruined her life.
Call 9-1-1!
It all happened so fast.
I couldn't stop her.
I couldn't save her.
Good lord.
I was more focused on
solving the case
than making sure
she was safe.
To protect and serve.
It's a pretty basic
concept to follow.
It sounds like
you went by the book.
Well, then the book needed
to be rewritten
and I should have
seen that.
Is that what brings you
out here?
or whatever
they call it?
No. Actually,
i requested this case
when it came in.
You know, you can't
beat yourself up.
If you were perfect,
you wouldn't be human.
No! You..
You are not allowed!
I will not be made
a fool of!
I have seen
your true face now.
I know
what you really are.
Sorry. The, uh,
the milk's gone sour.
Oh, no, that's fine.
Thanks, Theresa.
So, this is
a regular thing?
E -- e -- excuse me?
Your sister and her son
staying here.
You expected them
five days ago, right?
Yeah, uh, thereabouts.
Jon -- Jonah had the flu,
so we..
They were gonna come by
a -- as soon as
he got better, um..
Oh, I wouldn't call it
a -- a regular thing.
They, they, they just
come by when they need
to get away for a spell.
Get away? How so?
Life can get pretty dreary
out there at that place
of theirs, you know?
Could you be
more specific?
The farm hasn't turned
to profit for years.
The old house
is falling apart.
Times are tough.
It...Gets stressful.
And Mr. pritchard,
is he a source
of that stress
in your opinion?
I know he's
a friend of yours, Colt.
That was 15 years ago.
We have more of
a smile and nod kind
of a relationship now.
It's okay.
Well, him and me never
really got along well
and, um, he's been
in the county lock-up
more than once.
Uh, drunk and disorderly,
simple assault.
Yeah, but, but in
the last couple of years
I, I don't know,
he's just..
He's changed,
he's sullen all the time.
He -- he, he..
His temper's getting worse.
I mean, the littlest thing
will set him off.
Could you give me
an example?
One time, Jonah
spilled some paint on
the porch and Jackson
dragged the boy
into his room and locked him in
overnight without supper.
He -- he, he wouldn't,
he wouldn't even let him
go to the bathroom.
Maria was livid
like I've never seen.
I mean, after everything
that's happened
that boy is her precious
little miracle.
How do you mean?
Well, they -- they got
married real young
on account of Maria
being pregnant
but she lost that baby.
And after that
she suffered..
I don't know,
half a dozen miscarriages
before she finally
got Jonah.
Oh, I see.
I'm sorry to hear that.
What about
Jackson pritchard
attracted her
in the first place?
He was an upright,
churchgoing man.
The pritchards
weren't rich, but they
owned their land outright.
And...She bought
all that talk about
it being blessed
and all.
Jonah was her reward
from god for keeping the faith
is what she said.
Can you think of any reason
why your sister
might take off somewhere
and not tell you?
Not a chance,
no, she, she told me
if she changes
the channel.
And Jonah,
he likes staying here?
we got a -- we got a, uh
playground down
the road, um,
a bunch of kids his age.
I -- I've even made him
a little place for him
to sleep,
you know, like a..
A little nook that he can,
he can make his own.
Could I see it?
Maria and me'd take my bed
and he'd sleep in there.
The closet?
He preferred it
to being out in the open.
He said it made him
feel safer.
That man is a monster!
you shouldn't be up.
You ask him what he did.
You ask him
what he did with Maria
and little Jonah.
- You ask him.
- It's okay. It's okay.
If they die on that land
their souls will never
find rest.
Nobody's died, okay?
These people are here
to help.
Don't you worry.
Don't you worry.
We're gonna..
We're gonna find
Maria and Jonah.
You are, aren't you?
Doesn't leave us a whole
lot of options, does it?
No. No, it doesn't.
What are you talkin' about?
Get in.
We have to check out
Jackson pritchard now.
We've almost certainly got
enough probable cause
for a search warrant --
whoa, whoa.
Ease it back there.
Look, I agree that what
Theresa said
raises some questions
but I mean, I've already
been out there.
And the sheriff was
pretty clear about leaving
Jackson be for now.
I think that we should
look for Maria's car
and recheck
the hospitals.
Meanwhile, who knows
what he could be doing
to Maria and her son.
It's his son, too.
Remember that.
They've just been through
some tough times.
Economic hardship does
crazy things to people.
I ran track
with Jackson.
He was always serious,
and more than
a little weird..
...but he's a good man
at his core. I know it.
You heard what Ms. Locke
said about
his abusive behavior.
- Yeah, but..
- Look at this.
Does that look like
the work of a kid
who feels safe
around his father?
Shouldn't that be bagged
for evidence?
Whatever you think
you know about pritchard
could determine the fate
of two people, deputy salter.
Okay, so the pritchard
place is way out on the
other side of the county
but if we're not back
right away, the sheriff's
gonna know something's up.
If we do this,
i gotta put a call in.
You already know
what he's gonna say.
Haven't you ever heard
it's easier to beg
for forgiveness
than ask for permission?
- I heard it
the other way around.
- Still.
What are you gonna do
when he tells you no?
He's already told me no.
We all know that I was
called in for a reason,
your sheriff most of all.
I'll take
full responsibility.
This is
pritchard's place.
Stop the car.
Is this pritchard's?
Not that I know of.
The battery
must be dead.
Who abandons all their
stuff in an unlocked car
and leaves the keys?
It's a nice car.
You guys go
to the right place?
Does this look normal
to you?
This is all new.
It wasn't nearly
this crazy three days ago.
Stay here.
I'll talk to him first.
Gate's locked.
Hey, Jackson!
It's Colt salter! You in there?
I want to ask you
a few questions.
Hey, I'm going
around back.
You wanna grab
a handheld from inside
the glove box?
- Radio check.
- Loud and clear.
Son of a bitch.
Unless you want that car
to get brain paint job,
keep your hands up!
Up! Where I can see 'em.
Come on. Get 'em up!
I'm special agent Francis,
Mr. pritchard.
You made a mistake
coming here.
I'm here investigating
the disappearance
of your wife and son.
You do want me to find them,
don't you, Mr. pritchard?
they ain't in here.
So come on. Get walkin'.
That's your wife's car,
isn't it, Mr. pritchard?
What's it doing here
if you told the police
she went to her sister's?
Shut up!
Jackson, hey,
don't do anything stupid.
Although, I'd put
threatening to shoot
a federal agent right up
there with stupid.
Both of you need
to clear off my property,
right now!
You know why we're here.
Give me the gun,
we'll talk about it, okay?
No, Colt!
You take this woman
and you leave.
That's not gonna happen,
Mr. pritchard. Not now.
Jackson, she's right.
Okay? Think about it.
Now, I know you're
not gonna shoot her
and you sure as heck
not gonna shoot me
but if you do, gruenwell
will be here with
the whole army.
You remember when
he caught us tp-ing
Jenny ostlund's house?
You'd have thought he had
al Capone surrounded.
- Hands on your head!
- Hey.
I said,
hands on your head!
Easy with the gun, okay?
Get on your knees!
Cuff him.
I said, cuff him,
deputy salter!
Yes, ma'am.
Where are they,
They ain't here.
That's the gospel truth.
Her car is still
on the property.
We're 50 miles
from nowhere.
They didn't just
walk out of here.
What the heck was that?
I'm searching
this house.
You keep an eye on this
lying son of a bitch.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Oh, I'm sure
you don't want me to.
You both need to clear off
my property,
or as god is my witness
I will not be responsible
for what happens!
Colt, you..
If she goes in there
Maria and Jonah
are as good as dead.
Don't you mind
my dog Earl.
He's the least
of your worries.
Jesus Christ.
The entryway
looks clear.
I'm gonna check
upstairs first.
Okay, copy.
Deputy salter,
can you read me?
Uh, not too clearly, no.
I'm heading downstairs.
I'm checking down
in the basement.
Agent Francis, I'm havin' a
hard time reading you.
Do you read me? Over.
What was that?
Hey! You tell -- you tell
her to stop, alright?
You tell her to come back
out right now!
Give me your hands.
I told you not to do
anything stupid, Jackson.
Not cool.
Just a little hiccup.
I got it under control.
Get up. Come on.
Mr. pritchard,
care to explain what exactly
you've got down there
in the basement?
You know...In the cage?
- It's not them, is it?
- No, it's not
a family member.
Although you tell me,
Mr. pritchard.
with the livestock much?
- You shut your mouth.
- Then tell me what it is!
It is a servant
of the beast. A demon.
A demon?
You're not a church-going woman
to say it like that
otherwise you'd know
that the devil,
he used to be an angel
until he was cast out,
and you'd know that
sometimes you can't tell
the difference
between a good angel
and a fallen one.
Whatever you do believe,
whatever you choose
to call that
it is evil.
Yeah, one just
like it took
my wife and son
and I mean to use it
to get my, my family back.
Took your wife and son?
- And you're holding
that one hostage?
- That's right.
Hey, will someone tell me
what's goin' on?
Mr. pritchard here has
some kind of deformed
sickly wild animal
down there, in the cage.
From where,
I have no idea.
And what the hell
is that lump of jelly?
It was covered in it
when I captured it
and then it sloughed off
after a day or two.
It was covered in it?
it was wearing it like
like some kind
of skin or suit.
You know any wild animals
that wear suits, lady?
Okay, I don't know
what kind of game
you're playing here
Mr. pritchard,
but spouting gibberish is
not going to absolve you
of whatever responsibility
you have in all of this.
But I'll bite,
how the hell did you even
capture that thing?
I ain't tellin'
you shit.
You are correct, sir.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
or do can be used against
you in a court of law --
you're arresting me?
For what?
You're kidding me,
Assault on
a peace officer, for one.
Make that two.
Get in.
My phone is dead.
I'm not surprised,
you can't get
a signal out here.
No, it's
completely bricked.
Mine too.
Okay. We better just
transport him and call it
in from the road.
Don't even tell me.
This car was serviced
last week.
There's no way
the battery's dead.
Hey! You brought this
on yourself.
I tried to warn ya!
And maybe someone
tends' for me to stay.
Maybe that someone
is ready to bargain.
- Anything?
- No idea.
It could be the battery.
It could be the starter.
We'll have to take
it apart to tell.
Like the car
on the road.
The weirdness is startin'
to pile up around here.
Jackson, how's your
pick-up running
these days?
I ordered parts
to fix that carburetor
three months ago.
Maria's car?
She got the keys.
So knock yourselves out!
You stay here.
Hey! Hey, you got
to get me outta here!
Her car is dead too.
Oh, my god.
Hey! Get me out of here!
Inside the car is the safest
place you can be!
I'll grab pritchard.
You go to the front door!
Come on.
Colt! No!
Get on your ass!
Right now!
You still insist there's
no greater hand
in all this?
Where are your
first aid supplies?
In the drawer,
next to the fridge.
He moves, shoot him.
You got yourself hooked up
with a live one, huh, Colt?
So, what're you gonna do?
Shoot me?
That's how it's gonna go?
Like hell you will.
I need to walk for help.
The nearest farm
is the homesteads.
It's 13 miles up the road.
He's right.
I don't recommend you go
for a hike
in the dark when
the storm's coming on.
I'm not staying here,
that's for damn sure.
Hey, it's not like they're
gonna let you leave.
They're more active
at night.
I meant
what I said before.
The sheriff will come
lookin' for us
when we don't check in.
Assuming he figures out
where we are.
I told you not
to check in, remember?
There's no telling how
widespread this storm is
or if anyone can even
get to us.
You're gonna need stitches,
but this should hold.
How is it?
I could say I had worse,
but I'd be lying.
Did you see that
out there?
You mean, the lightning
that didn't act like
any other lightning
I'd ever seen before?
No, and that
last strike, I thought
i saw something
right in the field
where it hit.
- What? Ow, ow, ow, ow.
- I don't know.
Hey! Hey!
- It's Maria! It's gotta be!
- Where?
She's right there,
right where the lightning
stroke in the field!
Hey, come on!
Get these things off me!
Hurry up!
- I got to go!
- No, you can show me
with the cuffs on.
Hey, deputy salter,
you stay here.
Hold on. Hold on
just in case.
Maria! Maria! Oh, god!
Maria. It's alright.
Okay. Get this on her.
Where did she come from?
No! No!
Don't you touch her!
I'm just gonna
check her vitals. Okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Is she..
Yeah, she seems
to be okay.
Could you get these cuffs
off me so I can bring
my wife back in my house?
Come on, baby.
Get up.
- Do you, do you think you
can do me one more favor?
- What?
When we get back inside,
could you go
to my wife's closet
and pick out something
decent for her to wear?
I'd hate for her
to wake up wearing
something hideous
that I'd pick for her.
She'd kill me.
Hey, hey, hey,
wake up, Maria.
Jackson? Hey.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey. Hey.
Where's Jonah?
He's not here.
Oh, god.
Oh, god! Oh, god.
Oh, god!
They've got their hands
all over him.
I can't move.
I can't help him.
He's just a little boy.
It's Colt salter.
Can you tell me
where you were?
Who you were with?
Can't you see
she needs a rest?
Why don't you just
leave her be?
This is all your fault!
Our boy is gone
'cause of you!
He's gone!
Get away from me!
You said everything
would be alright!
You said you'd fix it,
but you couldn't!
You better
make this right.
You get our boy back.
He's the only good thing
you ever did!
You'd fix it?
What does that mean?
- Who are you?
- She's an FBI agent.
She's gonna help us
find Jonah.
Mrs. pritchard, can you
remember anything that
happened to you?
How Jonah was taken?
Why, Jackson gave our son
to those things.
- Didn't you, Jackson?
- Don't.
What things,
Mrs. pritchard?
The angels his daddy used
to tell him about
before that
crazy old man
took off his own head
with a shotgun.
- Angels?
- The ones he said
watch over this house.
- Jackson actually
called them down --
- Maria!
No. No!
Me and Jonah,
we had plans
to go to my sister's
but my little man,
he got real sick.
- He was burnin' up --
- fine!
You want to know?
You want
to know everything?
I'll tell you
You wouldn't pay for a doctor,
and now he's gonna die!
Lord of mercy, we turn to you in
this time of great need.
- Jackson, this isn't right --
- quiet!
- Oh, my god!
- Keep your head down!
No! No!
You took one
of those things?
Don't you understand?
They're not angels.
- They've got Jonah!
You're a fool, Jackson!
- Maria!
- You're a fool!
- Hold on! Hold on!
Was that the first time
you'd ever seen
one of those creatures?
Mr. pritchard,
this isn't a game.
- Was that the first time
you had ever --
- no!
It was not
the first time.
Then when was?
Just after
my daddy died.
Right before me
and Maria got married.
I saw a light
out in the field.
And then,
i was in the light.
It was,
it was like water
bein' in water,
only heavier.
And then all of a sudden, I,
I was someplace else.
I, I couldn't hardly see
but I knew
they were all around me..
...just looking at me..
...studying me like
i was some
kind of animal or
some thing.
Did they do
anything to you?
I don't know.
I mean, I can't..
I don't remember.
Why you? Why here?
If we knew what
they were after..
What was that noise?
The cage.
You really did it.
It's one of them.
- What's it doing?
- It's calling 'em.
Be quiet!
Yeah, you call, but they
can't help you! Huh?
Not until my son
is brought back
to me unharmed
you're gonna stay
right there!
Do you understand me?
Jackson, I don't know
if you want to be
doing that.
Jackson, really.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Shh, shh, shh.
They're inside.
I -- I need to get
the generator rolling.
Generator? Why?
The house is wired,
electrified on the outside.
That should keep
a couple from coming in.
You electrified
our house?
and the lights too.
That way we can at least
see the bastards.
The cars are dead.
What makes you think
the generator is gonna work?
Because it did before.
Come on! You got to get me
out of these now!
Now! Come on!
- I'll go with him.
- Okay.
There you go.
I'll stay with Maria.
Okay. Hand me my keys.
Fucking stuck.
Hey, Colt, you don't
want to go walking
out there, okay?
Hey, come on. Back inside.
Come on. Back inside.
Who's there?
Deputy salter?
Is that you?
Identify yourself.
What happened?
We heard shots!
I shot one one of them.
I -- I, at least,
i shot something.
I know I shot something,
but it's gone.
It's, it,
it's just gone.
Is ours still
in the cage?
Yes or no,
is it in the cage?
- Yeah, yes, it is.
- Okay.
I can't imagine they're
gonna leave us alone now.
I'd like to retrieve
my shotgun
from your car,
go look for my dog
if that's okay with you.
- Yeah, I, uh,
we'll cover you.
- Come on.
Hey, Colt, wait!
Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
It's electrified now.
Remember that.
Earl! Come on, boy!
Earl! Earl!
No. No.
No, no, no,
no, no, no!
I don't even want to know
what could do that.
They think they can do
whatever they want
to a man
but they are
not in charge!
They are not!
They're gonna see!
They're gonna see!
Dial it back a notch.
We'll get through this.
You have my word.
Your word, Colt?
And you.
You explain all that?
You have no idea
what you are dealing with!
I'm sorry, I just get..
We're talking about
my family, you know?
I know.
Well, we can at least
be productive
while we're all
sitting around here.
Aside from the traps
you set, is the house
itself as secure
as it can be?
That's a good idea.
Maria, take agent Francis
Check the windows,
throw furniture
anything you can
against them.
Me and Colt,
we'll check the back.
Come on! Go!
Hey! Where do you think
you're going?
I'm getting my son back.
What the heck is that?
My daddy used to keep
fighting dogs down here.
He had to have
a way to wrangle
the mutts without
getting himself bit.
What exactly are you
planning on doing to it?
I'm gonna show these
sons of bitches
the concept of
you mess with mine,
i will mess with yours.
Whoa, hold on,
hold on a second.
Now, I don't know
where this thing is from..
...but it is one of god's
creatures, regardless.
And it already looks,
it looks pretty sick.
And thine eye
shall not pity
but life shall
go for life
eye for eye,
tooth for tooth
hand for hand,
foot for foot.
Now, step aside, Colt,
or help me.
Now you herd him
over to me
and I'm gonna hook him.
Hit that side of the,
side of the cage.
Come on, son of a bitch!
Come on! Go!
Come on. Go! Move!
Colt! Get him!
Yeah, I got him!
I got him!
I got him!
Hey! Colt,
help me out with this!
Help me out! Come on!
Pull it! Pull it!
What the hell
is going on?
Do you know
how insane this is?
Maria came back where
that lightning struck.
There is something
out there.
I intend to figure out
what it is.
You do want me
to find my son
don't you,
agent Francis?
Let him go!
Just let the man go.
what're you doing?
This has got to be here.
It's here.
It's got to be here.
I know.
I know it's here.
What's here?
Hey, Colt,
give me your knife!
- Colt, give me your knife!
- Okay. Okay.
That pattern..
I've seen it before.
It's some kind of
contact point.
It's not
a contact point!
It's there goddamned
front door!
Okay, we better
reset your crossbow
and any other traps
you might have.
Nobody leaves
the house until dawn.
We know nothing
nothing about the psychology
of those things.
Hey, at least I did something!
At least, I fought back!
And who knows
how they'll retaliate.
Well, as long as it gets
my son back, I don't care.
Okay, you were right.
Those things are not animals,
they are more
they are much,
much more.
And that disc out there
is obviously
some kind of a,
a teleportation, um
a gateway, an advanced
technology, right?
Look at this.
Your son drew this.
It's just like the design
on the disc out there.
It's like a, a -- a,
a mapping system
or a circuit diagram,
a network!
Come on. It's..
Well, he clearly knew
about them.
Maybe that's why they're
so interested in him.
My son draws crazy shit
all the time! Look!
Huh? Look! Look!
Mr. pritchard,
how did that thing
get out there
in the first place?
Are there any more
of them?
How long has that thing
been out there?
Do you have any answers,
Mr. pritchard?
Look at this.
It's your father,
isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Look really closely.
Look behind him.
He was working for 'em?
I think there's gotta be
more to it than that.
I'm no expert
in agriculture
but that land out there
does not look very productive.
Yet your family
held on to it
for generation
after generation.
Why is that?
Tell them what he used
to say to you.
"Don't be like that
idiot, esau
"and sell your birthright
just 'cause
"you're a little hungry.
"Someday, we shall reap
god's harvest
"from this patch
of earth.
It is promised to us."
He drummed that
into me..
...without mercy.
He said that my
was led here
by the lord.
He said it
in his own way.
I never thought..
I never dreamed that
it meant all this.
All of this.
Of course, my daddy
had his way out.
If we don't want
that to happen again
we need to get
to the bottom of this.
And the key to that
and to finding your son.. downstairs
in the basement.
It was obviously
wearing that
for protection.
I wonder how long it
can survive without it.
If we're gonna have
any chance of trading it
for your son,
we need to make sure --
well, this thing
can't fucking die
until I say it can.
Now come on! Get up!
Come on!
Come on!
They threw me away.
They made this body..
And then they
destroyed Jackson.
What does that
even mean?
It means.. husband is dead.
I suspected that
he was different
for a long time that..
That the man I fell
in love with isn't
the one I married, but..
...those are crazy
thoughts, right?
Not so crazy now.
The worst part is
he had me believing
it was my fault.
It was you!
It was you all along
you goddamn monster!
What did he do?
What did he do?
I'll show you.
Go ahead, agent.
Have a look.
Oh, my god.
All those years
of shame of..
...of trying to hide it.
He wouldn't
even let me give them
a proper burial.
He said that they were
before the lord.
They're replacing us.
You're saying pritchard's
one of them?
I've had you
over to my house
and you fooled us all!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
How is this possible?
How could you not know?
It wanted me to know
why I was here.
They gotta change.. adapt
to life here.
The new ones,
they can't be mules.
They gotta be able
to breed true.
You see,
their world is dying.
They're just
running out of time
to get it right.
What about Jonah?
Jonah's so important.
He's the first
He's the future.
- He's their future.
- What about
our future, huh?
- Hey.
- What about our future?
Colt! Colt!
Back off!
I need you to go
upstairs right now
and make sure that
the house is secure.
If those things
wanna get in here
there's nothing
we can do about it.
You've seen
what they can do.
It is not easy for them,
or they would have
done it already.
We just need to be able
to hang on until morning.
For what? For Jonah?
The kid is
one of those things!
It's them.
They're coming.
We need to
hold it together.
There is every
that Jonah is
completely normal.
We don't have
all the evidence yet.
Who cares
about evidence?
We're done.
Don't you see that?
We are at
the little bighorn
and the Indians
are circling
and they are gonna
do more than scalp us.
I just know that I can't
go out like that.
Then don't.
We have to hold
the line here.
You and me.
There's nobody else
left to do it.
And nobody who would
believe it.
To protect and serve.
To protect and serve.
We're gonna
get your son back.
It's time to negotiate.
Give them what
they want
and we might all
get out of this alive.
You call this,
this being alive?
I'm a goddamn lie.
I don't even know
what the fuck I am!
Well you call it a soul
or whatever you like
but there is more
Jackson pritchard
left inside there
than they counted on.
Maybe that was the case
with your father.
Maybe that's why
he took his own life.
They've been using us
lab rats
my whole family,
for generations.
From where I stand,
you're human
and you have been
fighting like hell
this whole time
to protect your family.
That counts
for something.
Don't stop now.
Your son needs you.
You been listening
to anything I said?
My son is one of them!
We won't know for sure
until we get him back safe
and that is
the only way.
If my Jackson is still
in there somewhere
the man I fell in love
with, I'm begging you.
Jonah is all
that I got left.
Mr. pritchard,
we need your help.
You have to decide.
Colt can't hold
them off forever.
You know, this, this thing
is so sick and fragile.
I -- I want
to wrap it up.
Agent, give me
that tarp.
It's right there
on my drill press
right there.
Maria, come on
inside here, come here.
Come on! Hurry up, now.
Come on, put these on.
Put those on.
Come on over here.
Come on.
- What are you doing?
- Not a word!
I'm gonna
end this tonight.
You'll see.
Oh, my god.
Jackson took it.
My babies
they're all gone.
I'm scared of what
he's gonna do.
I'll get Jonah back.
I'm sorry.
Put down the gun,
Mr. pritchard!
No! This ends here.
The bloodline ends here.
You can't be certain
that he's one of them.
I am certain!
Daddy! Daddy!
Daddy, daddy,
please, please..
He's still your son,
Mr. pritchard!
Whatever they've
done to you,
whatever they've done
to your family, you,
you can't do this.
Please! Let go!
You're hurting me.
This is for the best,
Don't make me shoot,
Mr. pritchard.
God help us all.
Jonah! Get over here!
Drop it!
Come here, baby.
What're you gonna do now,
Mrs. pritchard?
I'm gonna make sure
nobody takes my boy
away from me again.
I don't want to take
him away from you.
You government types
talk out of both sides
of your mouth!
You'll take him
and you'll lock him up
in a lab somewhere!
- Don't you even
want to know what he is?
- No!
He's my son,
and he's perfect!
I'm not gonna let you
destroy that.
Hush now, baby.
Oh, it's okay.
You're back with mama.
Nobody is gonna
hurt you.
Sometimes god alone
just isn't enough.
You'll do whatever
you have to
to protect your child.
You can't stop
what's happening.
Just like you can't
stop a mother's love.
My boy is home.
That's all
that matters.
So, Maria pritchard
confirms a lot of
what's in your report..
About how she
shot her husband
when he tried to
kill the boy.
And I'm inclined
to believe the both of you
that it was
justifiable homicide.
You see what he did
to that house and,
and Colt.
And the crater is
a manmade bomb
left out there.
Not enough left of him
to fill a thimble.
What bomb?
And I never said
that he killed Colt.
Come on.
She also gives you
quite a bit of credit
for launching
the assault
that got them free
from that lunatic.
What? No.
I didn't launch
an assault
and he wasn't
holding them hostage.
Agent Francis,
if you insist on
holding on
to this fairy tale
about men from Mars..
I never
called them that.
It's gonna cost you
your career.
And I shouldn't have to
remind you that
in our line of work
we are limited to only
telling those stories
which we can
actually prove.
Right? Now, I've laid out
the facts as I see them
as any rational person
could see them
and there's absolutely
no evidence
to the contrary.
Well, did you check
the basement?
- There's nothing there.
- The cage.
There has to be DNA
in there. If you conduct
a sweep --
I don't have the manpower
or the resources
for that nonsense.
It's over.
The case is closed.
Pritchard was clearly
a psycho.
Who became completely
unhinged in the last
couple of days.
He had us all fooled.
Look at this place!
And I'm saying that your
initial suspicions
were right, by the way.
I don't care about
being right.
We can't just sit back and
ignore the implications.
Is this normal to you,
the temperature dropping
30 degrees
in five minutes?
Multiple lightning strikes
in the same place!
Listen to me.
You're gonna do
whatever you're gonna do
you've proven that..
But take my advice
and forget this
alien invasion
taking over
the world crap.
All you're gonna get
for your trouble
is a rubber room
and a lithium drip.
I know what I saw.
The local Indians
have been telling us
stories of spirits
and demons
on this land
for generations.
Yours wouldn't be the
first one, agent Francis.
You had it wrong, Colt.
It turns out we're the
Indians this time around.
What was that?
Just something
deputy salter said.
You know, my father
used to brag about being
1/16 cherokee.
Do you think in 100 years
any of them will
be proud
to be 1/16th us?
Take care
of yourself now.
You too, sheriff.
And I really mean that.
There's no smoking
in here, ma'am.
Is death preferable to
knowing what I know now?
Maybe even worse
is the prospect
of telling this story
over and over
knowing no one will
ever believe me.
Knowing it'll be
dismissed as easily
as the scribblings
of a child.
Those chickens aren't
gonna feed themselves.
Come on now, Jonah!
Don't play games
with mama, now!
Jonah, what on earth
are you doing?
It's time, mama.
Time for what?
The harvest.
Oh, my god.