Devil's Mistress (2016) Movie Script

I have loved a criminal.
But that's not a crime.
Kiss me, my girl. Kiss me now
Kiss me, and look me in the eyes
No one can resist your beauty
I like you so much. Can't you tell?
Kiss me, my girl. Kiss me now
Kiss me. Do not shun love
Your eyes are so seductive
Come here, girl. Come closer to me
Well this here is Adina.
Adina Mandlov.
And this is me.
And this here is Ljuba Hermanov.
I don't know, but I think this
is going to be the last conversation
I will ever have.
I'm not sure why I agreed to it.
Maybe you have a yearning
for the Czech language.
Are you in touch
with any fellow countrymen at all?
Well, there are plenty of Czechs
here in Salzburg, but...
I don't really go out anymore.
Right. Let's start.
In Czechoslovakia
you were already famous in the 1930s.
You were young, beautiful
and idolized by men.
You had a brilliant career ahead of you.
But in 1934 everything
changed dramatically, didn't it?
Responsible for that was Milo Havel,
proprietor of the Barrandov Studios.
My mother wanted to realize her unfilled
desire of being an actress through me.
That's why she was thrilled when Havel
finally invited us into his office.
The day after tomorrow
you'll be expected at the UFA Studios.
In Babelsberg.
So we did it.
Your partner will be either
Rolf Wanka or Gustav Frhlich.
Gustav Frhlich?
All of Prague is at your feet.
Now you can take Berlin by storm.
I want to go to the academy of music
too, but I'll never be as good as you.
Zorka, you could be better than me.
But you have to work at it
and not let anyone push you aside.
Being successful is a struggle.
It's a struggle?
A struggle.
Girls, go to sleep.
What is it, Papa?
What is it'?
When did you grow so tall'?
Not long ago we were
pushing you around in a baby carriage.
I will miss you. Do you know that?
Mama wants you
to be successful so badly, but...
I'm not so sure
it's a good thing you're going there.
Ah Well...
In Czechoslovakia
you're a movie star, Lduka.
Behave accordingly.
I never managed to have a career,
as you know.
So now you will make my dream come true.
Right. Bye.
The lighting's set.
Make-up, get over here!
Last preparations!
Set camera!
Get out of the frame!
I beg you, please get out of the frame.
Yes, Lda?
I thought my partner
was going to be Gustav Frhlich?
You don't approve of Rolf Wanka?
No, that's not what I meant.
We're getting started.
It's just...
Quiet please, we're rolling.
Everyone ready?
Roll camera!
Mark it.
Rehearsal "Barcarole", take one!
Please answer me!
there was nothing until now
but bleak, barren nothingness.
In for a penny,
in for a pound.
"Pound", you see?
Miss, try and get it right. "Pound".
That's Lda Baarov.
Try to give it a wider sound. "Pound".
There, you see?
Let's take it from the top, okay?
Roll camera!
Rehearsal "Barcarole", take two.
And action!
In for a penny,
in for a pound.
Once more. And please try
to pronounce it right. "Pound".
So, once more. Quiet, please!
"Pound." - Roll camera.
Rehearsal "Barcarole", take three.
And action!
In for a penny, in for a pound.
Pond. Pond?
Cut! If she concentrates on
the pronunciation, she forgets to act.
It's useless. She's too distraught now.
Mama, they're laughing at me.
They may be laughing at you now,
but one day
they will bow down before you.
Come on.
Good day.
Milo Havel ensured me
Baarov could speak German.
The little doe
is absolutely enchanting, Correll.
Who's idea was it anyway
to cast Wanka as "Count Colloredo"?
He speaks with a Viennese accent!
Originally we wanted Gustav Frhlich,
but his financial demands were...
Frhlich is a star. Pay him!
It'll be worth our while.
So what about Baarov?
You got her over here, Mr. Correll.
Don't ask me.
According to the script
"Giacinta" is Italian.
It demands a dark-haired type.
Miss Baarov would be perfect for it.
But I don't know if she can manage with
the lines. - What do you say, Miss Hahn?
Miss Baarov speaks German
with a typical Prague accent.
She has to get rid of the accent
and learn the proper intonation.
It can be done.
The hat.
My hat,
it is three-cornered.
Three-cornered is my hat.
And if it isn't three-cornered,
it cannot be my hat.
Would he come from Oberammergau,
or would he come from Unterammergau,
or would he come at all?
It was uncertain.
My hat, it is threecornered.
Three-cornered is my hat.
And if it isn't three-cornered,
it cannot be my hat.
Hans is coming home, Lies is happy...
Would he come from Oberammergau,
or would he come from Unterammergau,
Faster, faster!
If Elisabeth's legs weren't as pretty...
Faster still!
A pug spotted a bowl of milk
and took an enormous gulp.
The cook grabbed himself a ladle
and beat it to a pulp.
Now that's a great start.
Her German is okay.
Now have her sing and dance.
Now please sing something for us
and dance with it.
What makes the Rhine so beautiful?
What makes the Rhine so beautiful?
What makes the Rhine so beautiful?
What makes the Rhine so beautiful?
The Rhine so beautiful?
Because the girls are so trusty
And the boys are so thirsty
Because the girls are so trusty
And the boys are so thirsty
Because the girls are so trusty
And the boys are so thirsty
That makes the Rhine so beautiful
The Rhine
Bravo! Very good!
Beautiful. Beautiful!
They engaged me.
We start at 7:37 in studio 4.
Mr. Frhlich?
Ah, Miss Baarov, at last!
It is an honor.
I've seen all your movies.
I'm looking forward to working with you.
So do I.
You look wonderful there.
But a little tame for a lover,
don't you think?
Ah, you've already met!
Our young actress is very talented
and extraordinarily observant.
A good choice.
Thank you.
Lda is the best of all Czech actresses.
This will be her first German movie.
Lda, please get ready.
Shall we go?
Take two identical ones, okay?
Suddenly my girlhood dream came true.
I was in front of the camera
with Gustav Frhlich.
And action!
It was beautiful, wasn't it?
aren't you afraid
it will never again be this beautiful?
It will always be
increasingly beautiful.
Increasingly beautiful.
I'm just a little tired, you know?
We're doing this scene for the 5th time.
There's really no other way to tell you
this, Miss Baarov, but your accent...
Don't you think you're overreacting?
She plays an Italian. She can have
a small accent. Just let her talk.
It sounds unnatural.
But most charming.
If it doesn't bother you...
Once more from the top.
Thank you.
There's no need to thank me.
I have reasons of my own.
[So this was the man of my dreams: Gust].
I had come to take Berlin by storm,
and soon Gustav Frhlich,
film star and idol of all German women,
invited me to dinner.
That was my first triumph.
At the time everyone admired Frhlich.
It did me a lot of good
to be by his side.
I'm Gustl.
Is everything to your satisfaction, Sir?
As always, Mr. Katz. As always.
But please tell me,
where did you find this wonderful Negro?
Her singing is absolutely wonderful.
Made in USA. New Orleans.
But I fear I'm going
to have to send her back soon.
Well, a Negro
in a Jew's establishment...
But what kind of Jew am I, Mr. Frhlich?
A paper one.
We live in strange times.
I wish you both a wonderful evening.
That's my wife... thinking about me.
She always does this, when I'm...
Alone with another woman?
My... wife is an Hungarian Jew.
She doesn't feel safe... in Germany.
She's always trying
to talk me into coming to Budapest.
But what am I going to do in Budapest?
Dance... the Csrds?
I'd sooner have a... divorce.
Rilke... Rilke lived in Prague.
"She had no back-story whatsoever.
Uneventful the years passed by.
Suddenly it appeared in bright light,
Love, or whatever it was."
With Gustl I had
my first deeply-felt relationship.
One of which a 20-year old believes
it will last a lifetime.
We spent all our spare time together.
We belonged to each other.
The film ball at the Palasthotel am Zoo
was a big yearly event.
Gustl always looked forward to.
That ball was far more important to me
than anything happening in Germany.
You're probably going to ask me now
when I first met Hitler and Goebbels.
Everyone does.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
The film's director, Mr. Lamprecht.
My Fhrer.
I recognize Venice.
That's where the play's set.
Would you like
to take a look through the camera?
An excellent idea. Nothing eludes
the Fhrer's keen eye.
We live in great times, friends.
Destiny is merciful and offers us
the opportunity to help shape this era.
A young, new Germany is emerging.
The people want films that
show them the way into our future.
We do everything we can
for the well being of the people.
"Barcarole" features the best actors and
actresses, who are loved by the people,
like Mr. Frhlich for example.
Herr Frhlich is the darling
of our German women.
I'm honored.
Mr. Frhlich, my pleasure.
And who is the lady over there?
Allow me to introduce you
to Lda Baarov,
a Czech actress.
She plays the female lead.
You must be outstanding,
when the director chose not one of
the dozens of great German actresses,
but you, instead.
I think I understand the director.
Heil Hitler!
"L think I understand the director."
Miss Baarov!
Miss Baarov! Excuse me.
We just received
a call from the Reich Chancellery.
The Fhrer invites you to tea,
tomorrow afternoon at 5.
But... we're shooting tomorrow, Hans.
The schedule will be altered of course.
The director has already been informed.
Please excuse the interruption.
What can he possibly want?
He either wants to discuss
the burning of the Reichstag,
or he's fallen in love with you.
That'd be all I need!
I don't feel like going there.
It's not a matter of you
wanting to go or not. You have to go.
I'm certainly not one of those people
who like to hug Nazi bigwigs,
but this is an invitation
you cannot possibly refuse.
Break a leg.
L let on to Frhlich
that I didn't feel like going,
but in truth I felt very honored
The invitation meant that my star
was rising on the Berlin-cinema sky.
The Fhrer will be here presently.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
That's a pretty hat you're wearing.
Thank you.
It suits you when you smile.
Thank you.
Are you satisfied with your film part?
It's a wonderful part.
You could acquire German citizenship.
Thank you, but...
I'm Czech.
You will now become a German star.
It would please me,
if you became a German citizen.
Do you know why I invited you here?
When I saw you at the studio
you reminded me of a woman,
who played a big part in my life.
All of a sudden
she was standing before me again.
Then I looked at her picture in my study.
It was as if this woman
had come back to life. Thanks to you!
Her death made me very sad at the time.
I'm sorry.
Do you like Richard Wagner?
Thank you for your visit.
Your new car, Miss Baarov.
What did I do to deserve it?
We want you to represent us.
You can't pull up in front of the Reich
Chancellery in your old Prague clunker.
I see.
You're a real star now.
One or two more visits to the Fhrer
and he'll have a villa built for you.
You see?
One visit to the Reich Chancellery,
and miracles happen.
She was the only one.
The first
and the last.
And tell her,
I am at easy,
I've bought a villa.
For us.
It was a luxury villa
on the Schwanenwerder peninsula.
We moved in and tried to live together.
At the time we never suspected
that our neighbor was Josef Goebbels.
And a brand new tennis court!
For the purposes of keeping up
good-neighborly relations
Gustl invited Goebbels
to show him round our villa one day.
His presence made us uneasy.
Filled with pride
Frhlich showed him the villa,
but Goebbels 's looks
were aimed more at me
rather than the architecture.
He pierced me with his gaze.
You know this view already.
Yes, beautiful, beautiful.
Really very beautiful.
Many thanks for this little tour.
Oh right, I almost forgot to ask you,
if you'd like to come to a little party
I'm throwing at my house
by the Wannsee tomorrow evening.
I'm sorry, Minister, but I have a shoot
tomorrow evening. - No problem.
I will order the schedule to be altered.
Careful around Goebbels, my darling.
They call him the Babelsberg Stud.
No pretty woman is safe from him.
It is well known.
Short, with a limp,
but highly intelligent.
He's Nazism's chief ideologist and
big shot of the German film industry.
If a woman wants to make a career
in film, she should be aware of that.
Come on.
In Russia Stalin had 42,000 priests
killed, while the world was silent.
But if a Jew gets clipped round
the ear in Germany with good reason,
everyone sits up.
The fact that Jews control
the film industry and the banks,
is taken for granted.
But luckily we have
the Nuremberg Laws. Cheers!
The actress Hoppe came to me a while ago.
Her fiance is a Jew.
In the present times
she considers this a serious problem.
We discussed it at length,
until she finally promised me
to leave him.
We all have to start with ourselves.
That's my resolution for the new year:
no more contact with Jews.
That would please you too, wouldn't it,
Oh? You're an antiSemite too?
Lda especially dislikes Hungarian Jews.
So what did they do to you?
we just make life hard for each other.
Unfortunately I have to say goodbye.
I'm expected at the studios.
Your car is waiting.
Thank you, Minister.
Mrs. Goebbels, thank you for inviting us.
Allow me to say goodbye too.
It's been a pleasure.
Please, Miss Baarov,
the evening's just begun. Why the hurry?
You're not shooting today.
I always accompany Gustl to the studio.
To keep an eye on him?
Honestly, Mr. Frhlich, you are
to be congratulated with such a wife,
but you could make
an exception for once. Please!
Please let Miss Baarov
stay with us a little longer.
My driver will take her
to you at the studios later on.
Why certainly!
Thank you.
Magda, come and join us.
Yes, Gerta, I'd love to.
do you enjoy your new work?
Are you content?
In the German film industry
you will find the very best conditions.
I will see to it personally.
What did I do to deserve this goodwill?
Love is the yearning for beauty...
Thank you.
I couldn't get away earlier.
Sorry. They wouldn't let me leave.
You must've made
an enormous impression on the minister.
Please! He asked me, if I was satisfied
with the parts I was offered.
He always does when he wants
to get an actress into his bed.
I takes two for that to happen, right?
I'm off to London
the day after tomorrow.
To see your wife?
No, my daughter.
I haven't see her for ages.
I was hoping we could go to
the premiere of "The Traitor" together.
Is this your revenge?
Because I stayed a while longer?
It's hard to resist the admiration of one
of the most powerful men in the Reich.
I must confess, I was surprised to hear
you're living with Mr. Frhlich
even though
you're not married to each other.
Why not get married?
Gustl's having trouble with Ms. Alpr.
She's still his wife.
She lives in Hungary.
Is she a Jew or not?
I don't know anything about that.
Yes, you do!
After all, you don't like Hungarian Jews.
I remember Frhlich's insinuation.
Now I finally understand it.
I'm giving a speech
at the Palace of Congress tomorrow.
I've seen you on stage many times.
Don't you want to see me for a change?
Promise me you'll come.
Swear to it.
Every time I touch my mouth
with this handkerchief during my speech,
I'll be thinking of you. You understand?
One has to rule well.
And to rule well
you need good propaganda.
They have to complement each other.
And if the Jewish press naively thinks,
its hidden threats can...
I only had a notion of who the National
Socialists were and what they wanted.
Goebbels was a great speaker and actor,
who quickly won over the audience.
Sometimes it was
as if he was just talking to me.
I do confess, he fascinated me.
They should be on their guard,
for at some point
our patience will run out,
and then we will shut
these lying Jews up for good!
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!
Good day, Mr. Frhlich.
Good day, Maria.
So tell me!
How was it? How's London?
Still standing.
Did you see Buckingham Palace?
The Tower? Big Ben?
Yes, yes and yes.
You probably don't feel the need to talk
to me, seeing as you didn't call once.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Just leave me be. I'm tired.
And I'm tired
of eternally waiting for you to decide.
Leaving in 5 minutes
from platform 2 is the express train...
Here you are.
Miss Baarov.
Minister Goebbels
wishes you a good journey,
and begs you for a reply to his letter.
It said,
"If you agree to us
seeing each other again,
let me know through Mr. Wedel
that you accept the part."
Please tell Minister Goebbels
that I accept the part.
You can rely on me, Madam.
I take my leave.
All the way to the border
I tried to convince myself
that I only loved Frhlich.
Then, suddenly, something in me said,
"Goebbels, Goebbels,
You always dreamed
of a villa in Hanspaulka.
Here it is, Papa.
My child, this isn't a villa,
it's a ship.
Where are we to get the money?
I did it.
I have a rich and famous daughter.
We did it!
My little girl,
I'm so proud of you!
Right, I Will build it then.
For all of us.
You must come and see me. I play
a guest role in the Pardobice theater.
I'm so glad to be home again.
My God, this is so beautiful!
Hard to say what's in store for us when
Hitler starts spreading himself like this.
I hope he won't invite you to tea again.
I'm now being invited
by Minister Goebbels instead.
My girl,
you don't know what you're doing.
Leave her be.
If it was up to you
the girl would still be at home.
Maybe that'd be better.
Typically Papa!
Sitting at home as a housewife,
never having a career.
So how's the handsome guy'?
Mr. Frhlich?
He's jealous. We'll see.
He's jealous!
You've come a long way, my child.
Minister Goebbels,
Mr. Frhlich...
But it's true. Papa is right.
You have to be careful.
We will not interfere.
Then don't.
Just don't turn a blind eye
to what's happening over there.
Everything could go to dust.
Enjoy your meal.
Lduka, allow me to introduce you.
Mr. Ritchie is in Europe
to find new talent.
He would like to discuss
your career across the pond.
Milo, you've always
been a good adviser to me.
I can give you my advice,
but you have to decide for yourself.
Go to London.
I met many old friends
in the Lucerna Bar.
Several of them envied me
for establishing myself in Germany,
and didn't hide the fact.
A Mattoni, please!
Why do you always choose German men?
Aren't Czech boys good enough for you?
It's hard, Ljuba.
You won't find anyone here
as handsome as Frhlich
or as clever as Goebbels.
But don't come crying later on.
Is that jealousy speaking, Ljuba?
What's wrong? Aren't you feeling well?
This thing with Goebbels
is more serious than I thought.
But you've got it under control?
Not entirely.
Get as much out of it
as you can, then bail out.
I don't know if I still can.
For God's sake, you haven't
fallen in love with the limping dwarf?
No. I don't know.
I'll take you home.
Take a cold shower and forget about it.
You're playing with fire, girl.
You could get terribly burned.
You're better at it, right?
I do it in such a way no one notices.
Thank you.
Miss Baarov!
Minister Goebbels!
Miss Baarov.
I'm so glad
of your positive reaction to my letter.
I'm ha
Yes? you again.
Would you accompany me to my car?
I would like to invite you
to my home at Krumme Lanke.
What would you say,
if we drove out there right now?
The journey's worn me out.
Please excuse me, Minister.
Certainly. You're in a hurry
to get home. I understand.
But Mr. Frhlich isn't at home,
as far as I know.
You're welcome to pick up the phone
and convince yourself.
Hoenig, please stop
at the next phone booth.
Maria, is Gustl home?
Mr. Frhlich called from the studio
a few minutes ago.
He will be shooting all night.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Would you please give us an autograph?
You play beautifully.
Because I'm playing for you.
When Gustl is away,
I feel very lonely in Germany.
And I'm slowly becoming afraid too.
Of me?
There's talk of war.
Maybe we weren't
summoned by history after all.
Maybe we've only been talking ourselves
into believing our destiny.
If so, then sooner or later
we will disappear from this life.
And nobody
will shed a single tear over us.
But you're not going to war, are you?
There's no reason
to fear war, Miss Baarov.
You're on the right side!
War is the most shameful thing on earth,
whichever side one is on.
The shame will be forgotten.
What remains is the victory.
It is the duty of the great
German people to conquer the world.
That is our destiny.
I don't understand that,
and I don't want to understand it.
you want the same thing.
To conquer the world. Isn't that right?
No, please don't.
Forgive me, Minister.
I will wait.
You're worth it.
You keep telling me
how much you loved Frhlich,
yet you start a relationship with...
I do not need to defend myself!
The advantage of old age, dear girl!
I don't know
why I'm talking to you anyway.
Why I agreed to have this conversation.
Pack up your things and leave.
Miss Baarov, I apologize.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I'm over 80 years old.
I don't care what you think of me.
I just don't understand why you
got involved with him. You were so famous.
You were a celebrity in Germany.
You didn't need Goebbels.
Goebbels was special. I was enchanted
by him, above all by his intellect.
And his power,
a very strong aphrodisiac.
Love wants to be blind.
It doesn't see what it doesn't want to.
What's going on here?
It's just that Jew, Katz,
getting "clipped round the ear,"
as your friend Mr. Goebbels calls it.
They'll send him to a concentration camp,
but apart from that everything's fine.
we have to do something!
Yes, certainly.
So call your Dr. Goebbels.
Tell him we're hungry,
and want to eat at Katz's.
Tell him to stop this madness!
Are you insane? Keep out of it!
You can take off your costume.
We're not shooting today.
What's happened? - There was an order
from the Ministry of Propaganda.
Friedl Czepa is not allowed
to take part in the film.
But why not?
Allegedly because she's Austrian.
But we've shot so many scenes with her
already, and we've run out of money.
The amount put at our disposal for
making such a lavish film is ridiculous.
Please wait.
I'm going to try something.
Come in.
Miss Baarov.
Thank you.
Good day, Minister.
Miss Baarov, I bid you welcome!
I apologize for urging you
to see me on such short notice.
Granting you a request
is a great pleasure to me.
Here's to you visiting me more often.
You don't know why I came yet.
I'll just persuade myself
that you wanted to see me, Miss Baarov.
But I'm all ears.
I'm shooting the film version
of Strauss's operetta "Die Fledermaus"
with director Verhoeven.
I know. You play "Rosalinde".
Yes, and Friedl Czepa plays "Adele".
That is, until recently.
Allegedly, because she is Austrian
she can no longer take part in the film.
Austrian? You mean, Jewish, right?
Possibly, I don't know.
Listen, my dear,
that's a relatively complicated issue.
"Jews are parasites,
and where they nest people often die."
That's usually the opening line
at most SS instruction courses.
This isn't an
instruction course, but still...
Do you have
a personal interest in this affair?
I don't know anyone more suited
to play "Adele" than Friedl Czepa.
I often think of you.
I keep seeing you before me.
If I haven't seen you for some time,
I start to doubt,
if you really are as beautiful
as you are in my dreams.
And then, when we meet again, I see...
you're even more beautiful!
The ban is rescinded.
Friedl Czepa can continue filming.
Thank you, Minister.
Ah yes, one more small matter.
I almost forgot.
"Die Fledermaus"
is a very expensive movie.
The entire budget has been spent.
If no way can be found
to refinance the movie,
shooting ends this very day.
American movies are better than ours.
Why is that?
Do they have more money
or better actors?
They have Greta Garbo.
We have you.
You overestimate me, Minister.
One day you'll be
far better than Greta Garbo.
I promise you that.
Verhoeven can count himself lucky
to have you in his movie.
he wouldn't get another cent out of me.
The most beautiful woman of Europe
and that limping dwarf. It's perverse!
It's all over town!
You believe these tabloids?
I believe what I see. Here!
Who's that, huh? And here, who's that?
ls that you, or not?
There's nothing going on with us.
Get out, Lda.
Get out of my house, you whore!
Lda, wait!
I don't want us to separate, but
I can't bear your cheating and lying.
You lied to me! You swore
you'd get a divorce! And did you? No!
I know, but I'll do whatever I can
to keep you. Lda, please!
I'll get a divorce. I'll see a lawyer
tomorrow. - It's too late, Gustl.
Let me go!
I gave you everything,
and what did you do?
After my miscarriage
I can't even have babies anymore.
Lda, being Goebbels's mistress
is like playing with fire!
It can't end well.
You can see for yourself
what's going on in Germany.
Miss Baarov, what are you doing
outside in this awful weather?
Come on, get in!
In you come!
Come on, you'll catch your death.
It's over.
I don't want to see him again.
So now you finally you're all mine.
I wish it could stay that way forever.
Are you still cold?
Everything we do for love
involves Good and Evil.
And there's a little madness
in every love.
Never in my life
have I loved a woman like I love you.
I gave Goebbels everything.
My body and my soul.
Please get ready.
We'll do that once more.
Right, Hans.
Well, Gentlemen, are you ready?
Mr. Correll!
How nice of you to come and watch us.
Not just to watch you.
I've got a new contract for you.
But I never asked for a raise in salary.
That way you can see
how much we appreciate you.
Excuse me, Director!
All right.
Quiet, please!
We're rolling.
After my separation from Gustav Frhlich
I moved into a new apartment.
That morning, when I had to decide whether
or not I'd accept the Hollywood offer,
I wandered round that place
like a body without a soul.
I didn't suspect at the time
how fateful this decision
was going to prove for my entire life.
I have invited all of you German actors
and actresses to the Kroll opera,
to say to all of those among you
who have their eye on Hollywood,
even though the German cinema
offers them the very best of conditions,
in a loud and clear voice:
Go! Please do! Go to America!
But if you do not succeed in Hollywood,
don't think we'll be welcoming you back
with open arms here in Germany.
We don't need
failed Hollywood stars here!
He means Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang.
They will not get any more parts here.
No, he means me.
I hope I made myself clear.
Thank you for coming. I wish you
a pleasant day of work. Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Magda, I'm having an affair with her.
Hardly a surprise.
It's all over the papers.
A husbands infidelity is just one
among many of life's banalities.
I've fallen in love.
How many times have I heard that?
This time it's serious.
Does the Fhrer know about Baarov?
Are you threatening me?
I can't live without her!
Never fear, Joseph.
It's about your happiness
and the happiness of the entire Reich.
It pleases me that
you've accepted my invitation, Miss.
Thank you, Mrs. Goebbels.
Please have a seat.
Mama, who is that?
Children, leave.
May I offer you some schnapps?
Thank you.
I love my husband, but he loves you.
He wants me as a mother to his children,
and you as his mistress. You see?
The angel was given the task
to build a new Germany.
In order to accomplish this task he'll
need us both. We have to support him.
In the name of all higher goals.
I have my own career and my own life.
As the angel's mistress you no longer
have a right to a life of your own.
You have to sacrifice it for him.
It is your duty.
One moment! Everyone has the right...
I want us to come to an arrangement.
I can be very tolerant.
Let us be on first-name terms.
It would delight the angel. Please.
Call me Magda.
But you can never have a child with him.
I know how hard this is on you.
But between the two of us
we'll find a way.
I beg you.
If you like, Magda,
I will refuse to see him ever again.
You mustn't!
He'd leave me and go with you.
I need the father of my children.
I will not take him from you!
A wonderful afternoon, Ladies.
How are things?
We've been getting on wonderfully.
We're even on first-name terms already.
Everything's fine.
That's nice.
I've brought you both a small present.
This is for you, my dear.
And this is for our new friend.
Thank you, it's beautiful.
Thank you.
What would you say, if I were
to organize a small party by our lake?
To celebrate our friendship.
Lda, wait for me! You're too fast.
What are you doing?
Don't swim out so far.
You could have a cramp and drown.
At least it'd solve everything.
What, aren't you happy?
We're doing our best
to make you feel comfortable.
We agreed. So what's wrong?
Say something!
Let me go!
A short while ago
we arrested a Jewish clairvoyant.
And do you know
what the amazing thing about it was?
He didn't see it coming!
It's not a joke.
I see you're not one of those women
who are so afraid to ruin their hairdo
that they go to great lengths
to keep their head above the water.
We've been diving a little.
You too, Magda?
Just trying to keep up with the young.
Well don't overdo it...
at your age.
If it wasn't for you, I'd have
no reason to dive. - How do you mean?
In some situations it's hard for me
to keep my head above the water.
Contain yourself, please!
No harm done!
Our marriage is a shambles.
This time he can't control himself.
Who is this woman?
Lda Baarov, my Fhrer.
I just saw her new movie "Der Spieler".
A remarkable film.
It's her fault.
She's been driving him crazy.
It can't have been hard for her.
She's very beautiful.
I need help.
I have summoned you
to put an end to this affair for good.
It has gone much too far already!
My Fhrer, I beg you, relieve me
of all State and Party offices,
approve of my divorce
and send me to Japan.
All that just because of one woman?
The position of ambassador is vacant.
Have you forgotten
your duty towards the German people?
Do you realize
what the people would say about that?
I don't have to tell you
that all contact with a citizen
of an enemy country is dangerous.
Especially if this person
is under suspicion,
because she keeps traveling
between Prague and Berlin.
Himmler! Are you telling me this
as Chief of the German Police
or as a marriage counselor?
I'm telling you as a friend.
I allow myself to point out
that Miss Baarov maintains
no suspicious relationships whatsoever
and has no interest in politics.
I have always carried out my duties,
and I'm prepared to sacrifice my life
for the Party and the German Empire.
All the more reason to grant me the right
to decide for myself
whom I want to live with, my Fhrer.
Those who want to write history
have no right to a private life!
My Fhrer, I'm prepared to serve
the German people, not be its slave!
Your family has always served
as a model to the German people.
Now you want my blessing
to destroy it? I will not allow it!
I hereby lay down
all State and Party offices.
I do not accept your resignation!
We have an historic duty to accomplish!
And all personal hopes and desires
are of secondary importance to that!
Schaub, call Lady Magda, the children
and the photographer onto the terrace.
My wife went to see the Fhrer.
She's a devil.
She betrayed us.
Are you still there?
Hitler called me to him.
He roared at me in a terrible way.
I had to give him my word of honor
never to see you again.
This is the end, Lda.
You hear?
There's no desert island for us where
we could live out our life together.
You must be strong now.
Lda, I love you.
I love you! Farewell!
The pig!
This broken mirror didn't bring
just seven but ten years of bad luck.
Miss Baarov,
we have a small problem.
What's happened, Hans?
The producer
has decided to recast your part.
I'm sorry.
My world crashed in on me.
All of a sudden
I noticed how much I missed Goebbels.
Not just as someone
who'd paved the way to success for me,
I missed his love.
Shortly after that fateful meeting
at Obersalzberg
I was summoned to appear before
the Chief of Police, Graf von Helldorf.
"You are banned from
appearing on film and in the theater
and from taking part in society.
You may not leave the German Empire."
Why can't I shoot?
The people don't want you to.
When did the minister's wife
start calling herself "The People"?
Miss Baarov,
you have been playing with high stakes.
But you only had
a single trump card: your beauty.
You were beaten
by another trump card: duty. You lost.
Now you have to pay.
I want to speak to the minister.
I have a right to know what he says.
The powers-that-be decide
on people's rights. As well you know.
Have you seen today's newspaper?
Minister Goebbels
wanted to sacrifice his career for you.
He fought for you like a lion.
He asked for permission
to get a divorce. This is the result.
Fhrer directive is Fhrer directive.
I'm sorry.
just stand there and...
Excuse me!
Miss Baarov!
You mustn't do that, Miss Baarov.
Why did you do that?
The person who saved my life at
the station that day was Hans Fischer,
the assistant director
who was secretly in love with me.
I'm under observation day and night.
All the same...
I'll still get you out of Germany.
I'd never paid any attention to him,
but now I was grateful
for his paying attention to me.
We have to be quiet. Come on!
Why risk your life for me, Hans?
What else can you do when you're in love
with the most beautiful woman in Europe?
Come on!
Come on, quick!
You're taking advantage of the situation
to touch my bottom!
Allow me to indulge myself.
Technically, I wanted to catch you,
like in the movie. - Technically!
Come on!
I'd best take the wheel, okay?
Jewish pigs!
Damned Jews!
Move, move!
What in God's name is going on?
The Nuremburg Laws in practice,
Miss Baarov.
I left Berlin at one minute past 12.
This fascist frenzy later became known
as "The Reichskristallnacht".
The biggest pogrom against Jews
in Germany before the war started.
Where are you taking us, Hans?
We should've reached the border ages ago.
When the Sudentenland was taken the old
border vanished. There's no new one yet.
The trains to Berlin pass through here.
I'll take the first train back.
You drive to Prague in the car.
Thank you very much, Hans.
I don't want any money.
Then how can I show my gratitude?
If you'd allow me to... Just once...
Kiss me?
Stroke your breasts?
Now I can die in peace.
Thank you.
A wonderful villa, Papa.
That was the living room,
and this here is my study.
It's beautiful here.
Thanks to you.
Let me show you the kitchen.
Come on, Mama and Zorka
have prepared us a meal. - Papa.
Please put a record on.
But nothing by Wagner.
A celebrated star
of the film world,
and you flee like a thief.
I don't understand.
You did nothing wrong.
She was seeing Goebbels, that's all.
He got her into this. - Be quiet!
You don't understand a thing.
Zorka's right, Mama.
That's how it was.
so many people worship you!
They can't just erase you.
They will occupy our border territories
and liquidate the Jews.
They want to conquer the whole world.
They can do anything they want.
Didn't you know of it before?
I'd never go with a Nazi.
Be quiet.
Never. Be quiet!
So how about your latest film?
"A Prussian Love Story?"
It was the first to be banned.
Because of you?
They had no other reason to.
We can't just put up with this.
We have to defend ourselves.
You have to defend yourself.
Mama, the order
came directly from the Fhrer.
You don't like it.
Yet I made every effort.
You're so careless, Lda.
Bringing only a single case.
Were you going
to leave everything in Berlin?
She barely manage to save her skin.
All right, but...
she could've worn
the silver-fox jacket!
Silverfox jacket?
That's all you care about.
You go and get it!
How could you have a relationship
with such a man, Lda?
I just fell in love.
I have no other explanation.
No one will believe you here.
This is Czechoslovakia.
Envy rules all,
and success is inexcusable.
If I'd been in your shoes,
I'd never have done such a thing.
And you didn't need it.
Are you condemning me too, Zorka?
Hello, girls!
Hello. Listen,
you know the difference between Goebbels
and a horse? - Cut it out, Ljuba!
There is none.
Both have hooves and stupid ideas.
What brings you to the Protectorate
of Bohemia and Moravia, Lduka?
Your stupid jokes, Ljuba.
I missed them so much.
My jokes may be stupid, but unlike you,
I don't hang out with Nazis!
Apparently no one is as handsome
as Frhlich or as clever as Goebbels.
Remember? Didn't I warn you:
"Don't come crying later on."
I'm not crying, my dear.
In Czechoslovakia
I felt like a stranger.
Luckily my friend
Milo Havel helped me again.
He'd made it possible for me
to play in a few Czech movies.
After that I shot some films in Italy.
Unfortunately, at the end of the war
I returned to Czechoslovakia.
In September of 1945
I was charged with treason.
Miss Baarov,
I regard you very highly as an actress,
and I really like your films.
I like "The Masked Lover" best.
A fitting title.
It is befitting of you.
Thank you.
You cannot deny your relationships
with some famous Nazis.
I came home before the end of the war.
That put an end to it all.
I see.
They sent you
to Czechoslovakia as a secret agent.
I'd like to know
what you're accusing me of?
You'll learn all the charges when
you appear before the people's court.
I hate to say it,
but I fear the worst.
Which is?
The gallows.
You lied to us.
We found all of your jewelry
with the family of director Svitak.
How did it get there?
We... I hid it With them.
I was afraid it might be taken from us.
Could I have some water, please?
The property of all traitors
and collaborators will be confiscated.
Including that of your darling daughter
who did so well for herself.
Ldunka never betrayed anyone.
You're right there.
She's remained faithful.
To Goebbels.
Tell us! What was it like?
Please, just a little water.
So which of these jewels
did your daughter get from him?
You know they were all stolen from Jews?
I need something to drink.
You're not in a caf here.
Your little Nazi daughter
will end up at the gallows anyway.
You know what happens next.
You old comedic whore!
Not the gallows.
Stop putting on an act.
We'll get it out of you anyway.
How do you feel?
There's a tuberculous
inflammation in your ankle.
You'll have to stay in bed
for three months. Maybe longer.
We will try to save your foot.
I can't afford to lie here
for three months, Doctor.
My daughter needs me. She's in prison.
If you're not patient,
you will lose your leg.
Doctor, could you come here, please?
Baarov, your mother just died.
What are you running around for?
You should be lying down!
I want you to solve my problem radically.
Excuse me?
My wife died yesterday.
Now it's up to me
to get my daughter out of prison.
I have to get out of here as quickly
as possible or she'll be convicted.
I'd been in prison for almost a year
when my sister visited me in the spring.
Zorka was very frail
and mentally unstable.
I could see that the horror
was beyond her strength.
At times she seemed rather confused.
They mustn't execute you.
It's spring again outside.
I fear the longing is driving me mad.
What are you talking about?
I met Frantiek.
he doesn't love me anymore.
Wait, dear, how is Father?
I'm burning up.
This shouldn't have happened, Lda.
No one talks to me at the theater.
During rehearsals they all
turn their back on me or say nothing.
Because I'm your sister.
Visiting time's over.
God protect you.
What shouldn't have happened?
"And I, of ladies most deject
and wretched..."
Like sweet bells jangled
out of tune and harsh.
That unmatched form and feature
of blown youth blasted with ecstasy."
Miss, stop looking for the verse.
You will no longer play Ophelia.
Am I right, Comrade Director?
Excuse me, I just forget two words.
It won't happen again.
Lda Baarov's sister
has no place among Czech artists.
It's the end of the line for you.
We, actors
and members of the Communist Party,
forbid you
to set foot in the theater again.
Please, Mr. Vydra!
What are you looking at? Leave here
and never come back.
And we will continue,
am I right, Comrade Director?
Why did you do that?
How are they treating you here?
I went to the Ministry of Justice.
Minister Drtina will review your case.
He promised me.
I can't go on, Papa.
Let them execute me. I just want
to put it all behind me.
For God's sake, what are you saying?
You mustn't!
You're all I have left!
No touching the prisoner.
I'm sorry.
Right, Baarov. Step up!
Blanka Coufalov.
Frantika ernikov.
Erika Meyer.
Lda Baarov.
From the Ministry.
You have been pardoned.
Thank you, Papa.
The way things continued
isn't worth mentioning.
Why did you ask me about all this?
What do you need it for?
For my thesis in Journalism.
About how our most famous actress
could love a person
who sent my grandparents
to the gas chambers.
So that's why.
I wanted to meet and condemn you,
but it's more complicated than that.
Things are not
what they look like at first glance.
Well, you think everything over,
and come back tomorrow.
I'm terribly tired today.
And don't bother your head about me.
Stories are never told truthfully.
Things are always added or left out.
What are you implying?
Maybe this conversation
was my very last part.
Still, I think your punishment
will always outweigh your guilt.
I'll be back at three tomorrow. May I?
Yes. Here, take my keys, girl.
So I won't have to open the door for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
See you tomorrow?
Do you need anything from the store?
Good bye.
Lda Baarov's rich film career
continued even after 1948.
She shot many films in Italy,
and later also in Spain.
In 1958, she quit her film career
and focused solely on theater.
She died lonely, bitter
and deprived of legal capacity
in Salzburg on October 27th 2000.
On May 1st 1945, together with his wife,
Dr. Joseph Goebbels commited suicide
in front of Hitler's bunker.
Shortly beforehand, Magda let poison
their six children. Five girls and one boy.