Devil's Triangle (2021) Movie Script

Many years ago,
the once great city of Atlantis
ruled the planet above.
But after countless
uprisings and costly wars,
King Nereus made a decision
to withdraw from the world
and disappear from history.
We built a paradise
under the sea,
a world in harmony
with all around us.
As the outsiders
developed more advanced
means of transportation,
the chances of discovering
our underwater kingdom
became too great.
We spoke to the wind, the sea,
and the creatures around us,
asking for their protection
from those who live on land.
Yes, as any parasite
that enters our body,
we destroyed each
and every creature
and vessel that
ventured too close.
But the outsiders
could never stay away,
leave well enough alone.
In secret, they gathered
their great forces
with one objective:
to invade and destroy
our kingdom.
But no weapons of man
are a match for the Hydra,
our great protector.
Many lives were lost
and the outsiders, humiliated,
retreated back to land.
Yet we know the outsiders
will return.
They will never be
content unless they can own
what is not theirs, unless they
can destroy all that is good.
And for that day, we prepare.
I don't like the
look of that weather.
Planes fly in and out of
storms all the time.
Come on. You barely got
any sleep last night.
Just try and get at least
a few hours in before we land.
Despite you taking out my
points on whale migration,
algae blooms and
sea lion populations,
I do know what
I'm talking about,
and this is
a lot of turbulence.
I only took out those points
'cause we have yet
to verify them yet.
We're the first speakers up.
We set the tone
for the whole conference.
We're not published,
nor do we have any funding.
And they're not
gonna give it to us
if we don't have
anything to present.
I know, but it's just...
Never mind.
Plus, you slept on the couch,
so how do you know if
I got any sleep last night?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're experiencing
rougher than usual turbulence.
Please keep your seatbelts
on all times. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain.
We'll be experiencing
some moderate turbulence.
We ask that everyone
remain seated
with your seatbelts fastened
until we get through
this rough patch.
Thank you.
There's something going on.
We'll be fine.
Look, Sam has gotten us back
home safely, right?
This is normal, right?
Yeah, yeah.
This is normal.
It's just turbulence.
- Excuse me?
- Yes?
This is normal, right?
It's rougher than usual,
but we should be fine.
I'll get you a complimentary
drink after this is over, okay?
Thank you.
First thing I'm doing
when we get there
is taking a long drag
of this bad boy.
Start our honeymoon
vacation off right,
then head straight to the beach.
Mm, sounds perfect.
I can't wait.
Me either.
Did you see that?
Remain seated, please.
Hey, wait!
Are we gonna be okay?
- Remain seated...
- I'm really scared!
- Are we being attacked?
- No.
Keep your seatbelt on!
What is going on?
It's just very rough
turbulence, madam.
Please stay in your seat and
keep your seatbelt fastened.
Justin. Justin!
Justin, wake up!
- What?
- I saw something.
Captain, can you hear me?
Captain, I'm gonna enact
the emergency override!
That is not thunder
and lightning!
Ma'am, please sit down!
Hey, sit down and relax and let
the flight attendant do her job!
Thank you.
- Good?
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay?
- What is happening?
- I don't know.
- Justin!
- Midge!
We don't know what's out there!
I know there's
survivors out there!
So I gotta go.
Do you see anyone else?
Oh, look!
I think there's survivors!
Let go of me.
My God!
There's other survivors!
Are you hurt?
I think I cut my leg
pretty bad.
Have you seen anyone else?
There was Rose back there.
I was with her.
There's no one back there!
Something has my leg!
We have to swim! Come on!
Please, help me!
Help me!
Ah! Oh, my God!
Owen! Owen!
Come on, get up!
Someone help!
- Help!
- I'm coming!
Help! Help!
It's my husband!
Please, help!
Okay, it's all right.
We're gonna pull him up
here together, okay?
We can do it.
We can do it!
On three, we're gonna pull him.
Right here, right here!
Grab him right here!
One, two, three...
Okay, again!
We can do this.
Are you ready?
One, two, three...
Okay, okay.
Hey, you need
to shade his face
so that he doesn't
get heatstroke, okay?
- Here.
- Okay.
Look what he did to his hands.
Hey, I'm gonna go look
for my husband.
You gonna be okay?
- Okay.
- Okay. I'll be right back.
- Baby, you're going to make it.
- Del?
It's okay.
Come on, wake up.
- Del?
- I'm here.
- Baby!
- Vera!
- Del!
- Vera, Vera!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Okay, baby, I got you.
I'm gonna get you out, okay?
Hey, hey, I need your help!
- I'm stuck under the chairs.
- Please.
Sorry, sweetie.
Oh, God!
Hey. What's your name?
My name is Vera.
This is my husband, Del.
I'm gonna need your help, okay?
We need to lift this
off him, okay?
We're gonna pull it off, okay?
Wait, wait!
You're bleeding.
- It's okay.
- Really badly.
It's okay, it's okay.
You ready?
Go! Pull!
It's not working!
Hey... are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Oh, baby...
Are you okay?
Oh, my God!
It's fine.
It's fine.
Is he okay?
Oh, my God.
- We're gonna be okay.
- Yes, yes, yes.
I just... I gotta find Ruth.
Baby, I'm right here,
I'm right here.
I gotta find her.
- I'm right here, come on.
- I just... I just gotta find...
I can't find...
Come on. Look, baby.
We made it to the beach.
Yeah. I can't find...
Is there anyone else?
Um... I don't know.
I saw a survivor but...
they didn't make it.
But we should patrol
the beach for others.
What we can do is
we'll find some sticks
and we'll make a signal fire.
And we can find some rocks and
we'll make a visible message.
Remember, it'll be
just like our expedition
off the coast of Nova Scotia.
That's right.
We were stranded in
the dead of winter
and we were surrounded by ice.
And we made it out okay.
But we're in
the middle of the ocean.
The closest civilization is...
God knows how far!
It's okay.
We're marine biologists.
We spend most of our
lives on the ocean.
Our chances of
survival are good.
Based on our flight trajectory,
that puts us somewhere around...
The Devil's Triangle.
That's not good.
Also known
as the Bermuda Triangle.
Oh, that's not good.
It's okay.
It's just a myth.
It's okay.
We're in the Sargasso Sea.
Sargasso Sea?
It's roughly between Bermuda
and the Floridian Coast.
It's a well-studied
and traveled route.
Yeah. Signaling a passing ship
is gonna be our best bet.
I don't see anybody.
It's early in the day,
so just...
- Where are we?
- Relax, relax.
- Where are we?
- We're friends, relax!
- Who are you?
- We're friends! We're friends!
He's still in shock!
- Oh, my God!
- Probably still in shock.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Come here, come here.
You two, stay with him!
I'm gonna go search
the beach for survivors!
No, Vera!
Not in your condition!
I'm fine, I'm fine!
It's okay.
- They need you more than I do!
- No!
I don't want you going out and
putting yourself in harm's...
I don't need your
help right now, okay?
Trust me!
I will be right back.
30 minutes, okay?
30 minutes!
If you're not back
in 30 minutes,
I'm coming to look for you.
Okay. I will check the shoreline
and I will check the rocks.
And I will be back
in 30 minutes, okay?
Okay, and if you guys
feel up to it,
look for some fresh water
and food, okay?
I'll be right back.
Oh, my God.
- Are you okay?
- Midge! Justin!
- Hey, hey.
- Who are you? Who are you?
- You're safe.
- Where are we?
You're safe.
- The plane!
- It crashed, it crashed.
The Triangle,
but it's bad luck!
We're on an island
in the Sargasso Sea.
The captain and I,
we saw it on navigation,
the Devil's Triangle.
It's really important
that you tell me if you
or the captain sent
out any sort of signal,
- some sort of distress signal.
- No.
- Does anybody know we're here?
- No.
No, no, no.
We tried, but we couldn't
before the missiles hit us.
Yeah, we saw them
from our window, too.
I guess someone really doesn't
want us flying over their ocean.
Hey, you're gonna
need medical attention.
I know, I know.
What's your name?
- I'm Vera.
- I'm Sam.
Here. Come on.
It'll be safer with the others.
- Okay?
- The others?
Is there a blonde woman,
a woman with short blonde hair?
And she's about 5'5.
She would have been with
my brother, Justin.
He's wearing a black shirt.
I'm sorry.
Okay, come on.
Oh, my God!
Watch out!
- Go! Save yourselves!
- Hey, who are you?
Get away from this island!
You made a mistake!
Run! Run! Run!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
You trespass over
our sacred land!
No, please!
This is just a misunderstanding!
No! No!
Oh, my God!
By order of the King,
your punishment for fleeing
is death by Hydra.
Please, I will no longer flee.
Please, please don't expose me
to the Hydra!
I'm a good worker!
I'm sorry to the King...
You risked exposing our world!
No! I'm sorry to the King
and my people.
Please! Please!
Get her up!
No! No!
No! No! No!
What are you doing to her?
Oh, God!
You offend our gods and
pollute our shores!
We'd happily leave your land,
but we don't know how.
You shot us down!
It's you!
She needs medical attention!
Take this one back to command.
Take this one prisoner.
Cadmus, join me on the bridge.
We have new orders
from the palace.
Achilles, take the new prisoners
to the medical bay
until arrival.
The God King will want them
presentable before trial.
What? A God King,
what is that?
Oh, my God,
what happened to her?
What'd you do to my wife?
Oh, what is that?
No, no.
You'll be okay.
And what is this?
Why is he in here?
He's in the healing capsule.
His wounds are much worse
than yours.
He'll be okay.
It's an
Synechocochus Elongotus.
What is it?
Blue-green algae.
It's not typically blue-green.
It's usually a dark green...
Maybe it's a hybrid
with some sort of toxin.
You need to get it off me.
It's making me...
It's a natural anesthetic,
a pain killer.
But it'll... it'll make us
very... very drowsy.
Ruth? Ruth?
I'm not...
I'm not gonna let them kill us!
Just... Please...
Let us go!
Please... Please...
Let us go.
Pseudoliparis Swirei?
Hey, you're awake.
Those are rare snailfish only
found at depths of 26,000 feet.
So what?
That puts us like
5,000 feet shy
of the depth of
the Marianas Trench
in what appears to be
a World War II era sub.
Where are they taking us?
I don't know.
But for some reason, they want
to keep us alive, apparently.
Hey, I was so worried about you.
You lost so much blood,
I thought I was gonna lose you.
Honestly, I feel fine.
I feel completely healed.
Yeah, me too.
I've never seen
anything like this.
The healing properties
alone go against
any existing science we know.
Yeah, but why?
Why do they want
to keep us alive?
I don't know.
No, no!
Where are you?
What happened to her?
She had a brother
and sister on the flight
and I don't think they made it.
Where are we?
Where are we?
We don't know exactly, but we're
on a submarine deep under water.
Prisoners must remain silent!
Where are you taking us?
You will soon see:
a place as majestic
and beautiful as Olympus.
And that place would be?
Yeah, I'm seeing it.
Please, I'll do anything.
Please, just let us go.
- Hey!
- Keep quiet!
Attacking innocent civilians?
Is that the kind
of people you are?
- Vera, don't!
- Oh!
- Hey! Leave her alone!
- Move!
Or the next hit of my spear
will be across your brow!
Punishment is swift and
cruel for the uncivilized.
Now move!
This one's good.
You look familiar.
Keep moving!
And you would be correct.
Bring the outsiders forward.
The God King and his household
thank you for your service.
We do not take
kindly to intruders
in the Atlantean territory.
You shall not dare turn your
backs upon His Highness
at any time for it's
an affront to the gods.
And, therefore,
an affront to our King.
You will be fed to the Hydra
in the grand harbor
where he sleeps
beneath our tower of light,
as is our custom.
And what if we don't
give a damn about your custom?
Know your place
in a house of royalty.
you stand accused of
crimes against the deep.
Such vile offenses include:
trespassing, destruction of
precious resources and property,
resisting arrest
and, worst of all,
an attempt to harm
the only one of its kind:
the Hydra.
You now stand in the presence
of Nereus the Second,
descendant of Poseidon,
Commander of the Seven Seas,
the God King of Atlantis!
You people look most changed
since the last time
your kind has come this way.
discomposed and haggard.
Well, be you so uneducated
that summoning
a response is strenuous?
Speak, I say.
I guess we will cut
to the heart of the matter.
How do you all plead
for your crimes?
Not guilty!
We're not guilty!
We were not intending to...
You will address his highness
as "My Lord", "My King",
"Your Eminence",
or "Lord Supreme".
Unless, you wish
to be fed to the Hydra.
Yes, My...
My King.
So you plead not guilty.
I'm curious.
Who do you think should bear
the brunt of the responsibility
of the crimes at your feet?
I do.
It's my fault.
Sam, what are you doing?
You're gonna
get yourself killed.
Our airplane was attacked
in the night.
I assume one of your people
had a hand in it.
We protect our people
and our lands
from vile humans as we see fit.
I'm a pilot.
It's my fault our plane
crashed into your land.
That is not true!
Your missiles hit our plane!
Dozens are dead because of you!
You are the guilty one!
I implore you to see our side
and take mercy on us.
We don't mean you
or your people any harm.
Spare my friends.
Send them back to
the mainland safely.
Take me, punish me.
I have nothing else to lose.
You say you're a pilot.
Former military for
the American forces.
And you can command
all kinds of craft, yes?
Yes, a wide range.
Oh, my friends, my friends!
Please forgive a king
his theatrics.
It's so rare that
we have people
who do not wish ill will
to my fine city.
Erastos, remove
these shackles at once!
Sire, I must advise
against this.
Must I repeat myself?
These are not our prisoners.
They are our guests.
How fortunate it is
that you found us
in such dire circumstances.
I hope my scouts have not
rattled you beyond repair.
Nothing beyond
a few bruised egos.
And humorous, too!
We will make
a court jester of you yet.
And what manner of
personage are you two?
Oh... um... uh...
This is Ruth, my wife.
- Hi.
- And I'm Owen... Owen Dubois.
It's French.
They are fools.
Please, forgive my advisor.
He has the biting wit of an eel.
Forgive me for the question,
Your Highness.
But how do you
all speak English?
If the rumors are true,
it's been a millennia
since Atlantis sank.
You should all be speaking
some sort of Phoenician.
Well, you are not the first
of your kind to pass this way.
We have collected many things
over the past century
to better understand
a potential enemy.
I thought you just
called us your friends.
You're right.
You are not our enemies.
Now, come!
You must be weary.
We will make bedchambers
for your stay.
No, no, no.
We can't stay.
We need to get back to
the mainland immediately.
No one turns down an
invitation from the King.
Guards, please show our
guests to their chambers.
Well, when in Atlantis.
Atlantis. Who would have thought
the legends are true?
Hey, could you...
- Yeah. I got you.
- Thanks.
I don't know. Something just
still feels off about it.
Look, the King
won't let us leave.
I know, but we need
to make them feel at ease
with us if we want
to keep those chains off us.
If we want to survive here,
we've got to...
We got to play nice.
Big smiles, best behavior.
And in the meantime,
we make a plan to escape.
We're gonna need weapons
to get past the guards.
And we're gonna need a craft
to get to the surface.
I saw one in the harbor,
but I have no idea
how we're gonna get it
with the Hydra guarding it.
So let's gather some intel
and we'll make a plan tonight.
And I want to talk to that
vendor from the market.
He looked so familiar.
Yeah. I was gonna
say the same thing.
It's like...
I recognize his face
from books or articles
or like really old photographs,
like black and white ones.
Let's see
if we can find him later.
Hey, and I know
we've been fighting lately.
And I know we haven't been
working well together.
But we need
to work together now.
You with me?
I'm with you 100%.
We're gonna
get outta here together.
You ready?
I'm ready.
Let's go.
Midge, are you okay?
Oh, where are we?
Midge, I think we're
the only ones that survived.
I know.
I can't believe she's gone!
She really tried, Midge.
God, I'm never flying again.
I'll never be
in a cockpit again.
Okay. All right.
We have to figure out where we
are so we can get outta here.
Well, it looks
like there's footsteps.
So maybe someone's
been here before?
All right, let's follow it.
Come on.
Get down, get down, get down!
She looks military.
Maybe she'll help us.
I do not want to deal with her.
Should we go around?
- Don't let her see you.
- Okay.
- Stay low.
- All right.
Keep down.
One more step and
I'll slice your throats.
Who are you?
That is none of your
concern, mainlander!
Look, please,
our plane crashed and...
Do you not think
we already know this?
Who do you think
shot your plane down?
What did we ever do to you?
Your people.
You pollute our lands,
you destroy our oceans!
We will rise again.
Until then, our King
will be very pleased
we have more survivors.
Come with me!
You'll die for this!
Justin, what did you do?
I... I don't know.
Is she dead?
I don't know, Midge!
She's not alone! Others are
gonna come looking for her!
We gotta go!
We gotta go!
May I have your
attention, please?
The King sends his regards,
but he will not be joining us.
He's tending to an urgent
matter with Archimedes.
Your city is beautiful.
I'm particularly
interested in the lighting.
It's powered by some form of
bioluminescent algae, correct?
Well, you must be well-learned.
My husband and I
have dedicated our lives
to the study of the ocean.
Marine biology,
as our people call it.
Well, Atlanteans value the
scientific mind above all else.
And we wish to
make certain that you all
receive a tour
of our fine kingdom.
Uh, we wish to stay here,
Your Highness.
Is my hospitality
not good enough for you?
We would just
rather wait for Sam
so we may celebrate
the good fortune
with the King
of Atlantis together.
You're all new to the city, so
I'm only going to say this once.
You would be wise not to turn
down an offer from the King.
I meant no disrespect.
Yeah. It would be an
honor to take a tour
of your scientific facilities.
And you two, our guards
have just informed us
that you've both been wed.
We were on our way
to our honeymoon
when our plane crashed.
Well, Atlantis boasts of
many sights and secrets
of the ancient world,
a fine and beautiful
place for a honeymoon.
The guards, of course,
will show you anywhere you wish
to go within the confines
of the kingdom.
Thank you.
Go into the marketplace.
Pick out something nice,
anything you like.
The King will insist that
you have a proper wedding gift.
Thank you.
When we're alone,
we need to make a plan.
Welcome to our very own pearl
of the deep, Atlantean Science.
All of our greatest minds
have passed through
these hallowed halls
at one time or another.
Del, look at this.
That's the beach we crashed on.
This is our defense map.
- Defense map?
- Yes.
We've programmed a minefield
of cutting edge weaponry
to safeguard our borders,
but only used when
absolutely necessary.
This is our chief
scientist, Archimedes,
a prodigy among our
collection of great minds.
I'll leave you
in her able hands.
And what are these hexagons
along the cumulonimbus?
Wind bombs.
From this table, my team
and I have the ability
to manipulate the elements
of the triangle.
With the hexagons,
we pump the air full
of enhanced substances
that act as ice nuclei,
which help to alter
the formations of clouds
from the microphysical level.
So it's cloud seeding.
It forces the...
Forces the flow
of precipitation.
It's not my area of expertise,
but I know enough about it
to know
that the science is
somewhat debatable.
I guess not anymore.
Yes. And luckily
for my team and I,
the weather in the region
does the rest of the work for us
turning these altered clouds
into small hurricanes
which appear as
the hexagons you see before you.
Over the years,
we've had to protect our city,
keeping it hidden
from the world above.
We exist in seclusion far
away, no threat to you at all.
Yet even after you outsiders
failed to penetrate our world,
you tried and tried again.
Then finally,
the day came when your science
could take you deep
below the surface,
closer to us than ever before.
It was the first time in
many years that we felt fear.
In secret, you came.
You sent a submarine vessel
to spy upon our city.
Once again, our sisters
and brothers of the sea
protected us,
ensuring that the outsiders
would never return to tell
of what they had seen.
Though it would end
in disaster for your kind.
We knew Atlantis
would never be the same.
We would now have to
learn of your science,
learn of your means of invasion
and your means of destruction.
And we pray that it does
not make us what you are.
Perhaps you'll find
this next wonder of ours
a bit more interesting.
This room houses the
main power source for
our entire civilization,
our light and machines,
the simulations of night and
day, sun, moon and stars,
powered by a rare form
of ocean floor algae
with which my team has
been able to communicate.
Are you trying to tell us
that this wall is sentient?
I've heard of some
biochemical reactions
among undersea plant life.
But nothing that resembles
an intelligible language.
That is merely the beginning.
They have a rich language
they speak with to one another.
All we had to simply do
was learn it.
They are so highly reactive.
Their bioelectric communication
can connect with
our neurology through touch.
Isn't it beautiful?
They provide us
with many resources:
bioelectric energy,
bioelectric weapons,
as you've no doubt
experienced first-hand
while here in Atlantis.
Like the spears.
Yes, the spears.
Even the Hydra
responds to the algae.
Without it, we would be
at its mercy.
That is amazing.
The King will be most pleased
to hear of your approval,
and Archimedes is yours.
Perhaps one day we may work
together to bridge our peoples
through a higher understanding
and advanced drive.
Maybe... one day.
Yes, yes. Thank you.
It's obvious that there is much
here that we don't understand.
Come. There are
many more sights to see.
Aren't you coming?
No, not at this time.
But please,
this is all for you.
Oh, now, would you look at that?
I'll give you 15 American coins
for the gold necklace.
Try again, my friend.
Come on.
Fifteen rare coins?
The necklace has gotta
be worth that.
Do you think
the value of gold
is worth the loss
of your backside?
Um... just one second.
I wanted to get you
a solid gold necklace.
You didn't have
to use your own money.
The King said he wanted
to get us a wedding gift.
I just... I wanted to get you
something nice.
Honey, I would love
a gold necklace.
I would love to lay on
the beaches here,
to dine in the gorgeous palaces,
to live like... like a queen
for the rest of my life.
And we can.
Forget that we were
in a plane crash, right?
We are friends of the King.
We can live like that
for the rest of our lives
if we stay here.
Owen, this isn't our home.
We have lives up there.
And jobs... and debt?
And friends and family?
We need to find Del and Vera.
They know the ocean.
They can help us get out of here
and maybe we can help them.
Do you see what I'm saying?
Yeah, you're right.
As much as I don't wanna
leave this place, we have to.
And finding them will help.
I promise we, you and I,
will get back home.
Okay. Let's go.
- It's cold.
- I know.
Search them.
What is it?
Do you hear something?
Could have sworn
I heard something.
Who's out there?
Show yourselves!
Look out!
- Run, Justin!
- Midge!
Let go of me!
Back off!
I'm warning you!
Run, Justin!
I'm warning you!
Shh, shh.
Don't move or
I will kill you.
- Midge!
- Pitiful!
No more threats from you,
weak mainlander!
It was all my fault.
I could have
done something...
anything when I had the chance.
I could have saved everyone,
including my brother and sister.
I failed.
You say your craft
spun out of control,
a terrible accident caused by
our more aggressive defenses.
You are not the genius
of such tragedy.
And I give you my humblest
apologies for the misfortunes
that we have brought upon you.
No. That's okay.
It's not your fault.
You were just
protecting your people,
which is what I should have been
doing while I had the chance.
I had hundreds of
people's lives in my hands.
I failed.
The worst part is,
is I don't even know
what happened
to Midge and Justin.
My family.
Ah, you seek closure,
as do we all after
a brush with Hades.
You know, I used to think
about settling down someday,
raising a family, growing old
somewhere green and beautiful.
But I don't know,
I guess after serving
in the military so long,
something changed.
Seeing all that violence,
war, hate,
I mean, what kind
of person would I be
to raise children in
a world like this, you know?
That's when I became completely
dependent on my siblings.
They mean everything to me.
I don't know why
I'm unloading on you.
What does a king care about
the misfortunes of a pilot?
On the contrary, as King,
it's my sacred duty to safeguard
the happiness of all my people.
I may not be able to bring
the dead back to life.
But perhaps I can give you
something to lift your spirits.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
Look at that!
An impressive sight,
is it not?
Yeah, you could say that.
I suspect that this
would be a gift best suitable
for someone like you,
a military woman.
You say you can command
all kinds of craft, yes?
Well, yeah.
I mean, I have friends in
all branches of the military.
And they certainly
taught me things.
But I'm only trained
to fly planes.
Well, we have collected it all,
the jewels of
a lost world
repurposed for
an Atlantean fleet.
I can see why this place
is a paradise.
It's beautiful.
Yes, a paradise,
far from your troubles
and experiences
from the mainland.
But as all
things that have life,
this great paradise
has an expiration date.
What do you mean?
Atlantis is dying, Samantha.
It's already begun.
We are but 1%
of what we used to be.
I don't understand.
I did not want to trouble you
or your friends.
But as the oceans
are beginning to be crippled
more and more each day
and Mother Earth being drained
of her natural resources,
our brightest minds have already
predicted an imminent doomsday.
From climate change?
I'm afraid this way of life
that my family has safeguarded
for so many centuries is on the
verge of collapse, Samantha.
The ocean is
a delicate ecosystem,
something that your
mainland destruction
is quickly tipping
into murkier waters.
After the oceans fall,
thereafter so will Atlantis.
And your surface world will not
survive much longer after that.
As the air is heated,
so is the ocean.
The great shift will
stop the currents.
The marine life will perish.
Ecosystems on land
that are connected to the ocean
will collapse and
your cities will flood.
Our governments have been making
this fight a top priority.
Climate change
affects all of us.
We have hosted
a handful of humans
in the past, Samantha,
in secret.
They do not listen.
Your governments
are lying to you.
Or simply they do not
the destruction
they are causing.
No, you're wrong!
You have to be wrong!
There's got to be
something we can do!
Maybe your tech
can do something,
something to stop this or I can!
I'll do anything I can to help!
We have to record this,
all of it.
Any information we find
could help us escape.
Turn the flash off!
My phone!
That vile thing blinded me,
you mainland scum!
Get away from me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
cool down, all right?
I know you're a black belt
in Hapkido
and can kick ass now that
you're finally healed.
But we have to keep
a low profile.
I'm just get the phone, okay?
I'm just gonna get the phone.
I'm just gonna get the phone.
Just getting the phone.
All right, stand down,
stand down, stand down.
I'm sure the mainlanders
meant no harm.
I think we
all can agree
we don't need
any broken bones today.
Thank you.
We have to maintain
ourselves on this island,
not at the cost
of our dignity!
You understand that?
Yes, sir.
Of course.
- You?
- Yes.
Thank you.
I'm Ruth.
I am called Pluto.
That's right!
We were talking
earlier about the necklaces.
You said your name
is, um, Pluto?
I just said it.
You didn't hear me?
No, I got it.
I am named after the gods who
released the Hounds of Hell.
So you understand you have
to maintain dignity here.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Pluto, thank you.
Hey, that guy back there,
I know this sounds crazy.
But I think he's a famous
admiral from World War II.
What are you talking about?
Listen to me.
So my grandfather, he used
to tell me all these stories
of his time in the
military and show me photos.
And that guy
was in the pictures.
I just...
I just can't remember his name.
Well, he said
his name was Pluto.
I heard him, but, look,
I don't think he's an Atlantean.
Didn't you hear the way
he talked to those guards?
Okay. Well, what?
You wanna go talk to him?
No, no.
Let's get the others
and then we'll come back.
Well, wait.
Why don't we get the necklace?
You're so bad!
Dropped my phone again.
Damn it! The screen is
completely cracked.
Owen, look at this.
What are you doing?
Shh! Keep your voice down.
My forces are willing and
ready to assist you
in all the things you may
need to undertake this mission.
What's the King doing with Sam?
Let me get this straight.
You want me to captain
one of those,
your updated
World War II Allied sub?
And deliver our best chances
of survival, yes.
I would not ask you this if
it was not absolutely critical.
This has the potential
of saving all mankind
and saving
the planet, Samantha.
Well, why not ask one of
your own commanders to do it?
Why do you need me?
I believe you can agree
that your governments
are a little hostile
to outsiders.
Once they see us coming,
they're naturally going
to feel we are invaders.
And they're gonna
blow us from the water.
This responsibility is best
suited for one of their own.
And, besides, my sentries
cannot survive above the surface
for too long due to their
life living under the surface.
But what is this thing
that'll save the planet
from climate change?
It is our most ambitious
technological achievement yet.
It has the ability
to repair the ice caps,
to dilute the pollution from
your cities and machines,
heal nature from the ground up.
You will be a hero
not only to your peers,
but in the history books.
People from all different creeds
and color will know you.
I don't think I can do that,
Your Highness.
I only just today found
out that Atlantis is real,
that all of this is real.
And now you're
expecting me to believe
that the world
is going to end?
You're right.
I'm sorry.
This is such
a colossal weight to carry.
I should not have burdened
you with such a heavy cargo
and so soon
after losing loved ones.
I'm sorry.
I understand if you cannot
undertake such
a heroic effort.
How does this thing work,
the device?
My scientists will brief you
on the details later.
But it is absolutely essential
that it's activated on dry land.
If I do this,
if I take on this mission,
if I helm your sub, I humbly ask
for just one favor in return.
Name your price,
your heart's desire.
My family.
I know you may not be able to
bring the dead back to life.
But what if they're still out
there just drifting aimlessly?
I need to know
if they're alive...
Or, you know.
I ask that you send your
scouts to search for them.
And if they don't find
anything, then I'll know.
You are a fierce one
for the ones you love.
Consider the bargain set.
I will send my forces
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You must be tired.
Return to your chambers.
We launch at dawn.
Did the mainlander prove useful?
Quite useful.
Now go.
Make the necessary changes
to the command sub
so we launch at dawn.
Is the weapon ready
for deployment?
Yes, My King, as requested.
Archimedes and her team
have integrated
the nuclear bomb's core with
the crystallized algae.
This will increase the
destructive fallout 100-fold.
Hmm. Good, good.
Yes, summon me to the harbor
once all has been made ready.
I wish to see
the bomb loaded myself.
Now go.
We have to get to the others
and warn them.
Come on.
Come on, it's okay.
I'm kinda scared.
Ruth, run!
Run, go, I'm right behind you!
- Get the others!
- Stop!
It'll slow 'em down.
Show me what you got, merman.
Is that all you got?
You don't want this.
There she is!
And up ahead is our
advanced weapons foundry.
It's here we take
the sunken remains of your wars
and upgrade them into
refined offensive accessories.
This technology
is unprecedented.
Is your ammunition similar
to the artillery we use?
Yes. Well, with the exception
of the biological spears.
The spears are tipped
with crystallized algae
that charge electromagnetically
with our power grid.
Other weapons such as
this grenade contain
concentrated crystallized
bioluminescent algae,
much more powerful
than your explosives
and completely separate
from our power grid.
That's the weaponized mineral
that you mentioned earlier.
Yes. Its unique properties
reinforce the casing,
propel the projectile further,
explode with greater force...
But I thought you said
the algae was sentient.
We do what we must
to protect our city.
I assume it's very volatile.
It merely requires
an ignition source.
And yet you rely on
the enforcement
of an undersea creature,
the Hydra?
Where is the Hydra right now?
Just out in open water?
Like where we first saw it
when we were on the island?
The Hydra's in its guard post
where we feed it and tend to it.
We only send it to
the open ocean
if we feel the borders of
our city need protecting.
May I?
Of course.
It's truly remarkable how
streamlined your defenses are.
Imagine with these findings what
we could publish for our work,
not to mention all the people
that we could help back home.
There you go again.
Talking about publishing
before helping people.
Del is right.
One must make sure one can
trust the findings, correct?
Of course.
You know, I've been
meaning to...
- Ruth! What's...
- Shh, shh!
They cannot know
that I'm here.
- What's wrong?
- Who can't know you're here?
Where's Owen?
They killed him.
The King.
He fed him to that monster
in the harbor, the Hydra.
They murdered him.
No more playing nice.
We gotta get out
of here right now.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Wait, wait, wait.
We cannot go without Sam!
Where is she?
We have to get to her
before they...
- Before what?
- The King.
He has her wrapped
around his little finger.
She is gonna captain
a submarine
to the coast and
nuke the mainland.
She thinks she's gonna
save the world,
something about
ending climate change.
We have to find her.
Well, what about the chambers,
where they brought us
when we first got here?
Yes, yes, let's go.
Come on.
Someone's coming!
Someone's coming!
- Hide, hide, hide!
- This way.
We need to find them.
With their knowledge
and our tech,
Atlantis will be unstoppable.
I told the King not to
trust those mainlanders.
Take this.
Make yourself useful?
Vera, Vera, wait!
What are you doing?
How did you know to stab that
into the control panel?
Archimedes said it charges
So any forceful impact
between an electromagnet
and a conductor
will cause a pulse.
I thought you were
a marine biologist.
I minored
in electrical engineering.
It's good to have options.
Archimedes also said that
the algae is highly reactive.
Is there anything on him?
Anything we can use?
No keys, no weapons, nothing.
Can we just steal a submarine
to get out of this place?
That's the plan and,
if we can find
some weapons, even better.
Archimedes showed us how to
work the city's power source.
If we can get back to
the main generator,
I can try and
shut down the power
and we can use that time
to steal a submarine.
Hey, Ruth, if we run
into some trouble,
do you think you
can take them down?
Yeah they're pretty tough,
but if we take out
their tech, I got this.
Let's go.
Come on.
No, no, no!
Don't touch it.
It'll still be charged.
Come on.
The coast is clear.
Let's go.
In here!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, the generator
should be just up ahead.
You two, keep going!
Watch out! No!
Are you okay?
We gotta go!
Okay, um...
Okay, we'll secure the room
while you take care
of the generator.
Vera, are you sure about this?
I don't want you getting hurt.
I'm not sure, but what's the job
of a scientist
if not to jump
into the unknown
for the betterment
of the planet?
I mean, if the spears
are connected
to the algae power grid,
if we knock it out,
then it should
at least disable them...
My thoughts exactly,
and I believe you.
Believe me about what?
That you weren't just interested
in getting your work published.
Oh, damn it!
Someone's coming!
Yeah, I know.
Vera? They're coming!
We need to hide!
Come on!
Are they here?
They must have heard us coming.
How could you let them
out of your sight?
The King will be
most displeased
with your performance,
Of the two of us, whom was
bettered by the outsiders?
I'm certain I don't
know what you mean.
Your incompetence seems
to say otherwise.
- Don't condescend me!
- Enough!
I want guards posted
on every major passageway!
We can't let them escape!
What they could do
with that information...
Okay, we don't have much time.
Ruth is right,
this whole place is gonna be
crawling with guards soon.
I know, I know.
Archimedes said the algae's
bioelectric communication
interacts with our neurology.
So I just need it to feel
what I want it to do
just as much as
I need to verbalize it.
Let's distract Atlantis.
Come on.
I mean you and
the ocean no harm.
Shut everything down.
Shut everything down!
Come on!
The King has been notified.
Now we will regroup with
the rest of the team.
We will find these
mainlanders and...
Sam, are you there?
It's Vera.
- Where is she?
- She should be here.
I thought you said she came back
to her chambers.
She did.
Do you think something
happened to her?
I don't know.
Well, we gotta move.
She's gotta be somewhere.
Let's go.
I hope you three
are enjoying your escapade.
Well, my forces and I
don't take too kindly
to you shutting down our power.
I don't think your friends
of Atlantis after all.
You people are murderers.
Filthy, disgusting monsters!
Is it true?
You guys are planning
on dropping a nuclear bomb
on North America and
triggering a worldwide flood?
We do what we must for the
preservation of our people.
So that's how you
justify killing
billions of innocent people?
We're providing
a mercy for the planet.
You're the ones
polluting the oceans!
We're merely
providing a solution.
You're sick.
Lock them away in the dungeons.
I bring news from the surface.
The King wishes
to see us at once.
Preparations are almost
complete, My King.
My team and I have made
some last-minute upgrades
to the weapon as specified.
Its destructive power
should now encompass
all of the enemy's coastline,
leaving us a sizeable
part of the west
to salvage and conquer
at a later time.
Good. Once again, you make
me proud, Archimedes.
Atlantis owes you
a debt of gratitude.
You honor me and my house.
Your Majesty, the pilot,
as requested.
Samantha, I trust you
are rested and refreshed.
What a day we have ahead of us.
I hope you're prepared.
Isn't it magnificent?
I've had my scientists
fitting your craft
all night long for
your daring adventure.
Are you not amazed
by the sights around us?
I'd prefer to find out
what exactly that is.
It's merely
a precautionary measure.
I know a nuke when I see one.
I do not seek to pull the wool
over your eyes, Samantha.
The warhead is merely
the submarine's arsenal,
particularly decorative.
Funny, calling a weapon of mass
destruction decorative.
Do I detect a tone of
suspicion in your voice?
Well, I find it hard
to believe that
a peaceful planet-saving mission
requires such destructive
cargo unless forcing hostility
on mainland was
your intention all along.
These assumed delusions do not
sit well on your brow, Samantha.
Now come.
Let me show you the upgraded
features to the bridge.
I know what you're planning,
whether you're willing
to admit or not.
And I'm letting you have
a chance before you have
the blood of millions
on your hands.
Erastos, bring me the prisoner.
With pleasure, sire.
Come on!
Come on!
Just a little bit more.
Come on, come on.
Oh, stupid thing!
- V?
- Oh, good. You're awake.
How long was I out for?
I don't know, an hour or so.
You can thank her snake
of an advisor for that.
How's Ruth doing?
She's, um...
she's still processing.
Just... Just leave her
be for now.
- Okay? Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah, thank you.
If I could just get the
right sequence or feeling...
it's... it's hard to explain.
You won't get out
of here that way.
Why did they arrest you?
I was looking for you
at the palace.
They didn't like that.
How did you end up
in Atlantis?
We'd lost our way.
We were trying to outmaneuver
a Nazi submarine.
We were following orders.
We were diving
through the region
when we got lost
in the triangle.
Suddenly everything went black.
Everything went dark.
Those who were able
to get out of the sub first
were eaten by the sharks.
There were hundreds
waiting for us.
Only a few of us were able
to make it to the shore.
My righthand man, Horn,
and I jumped together.
I almost didn't make it
to shore.
A shark came for me
but Horn saw it first.
He got in the way.
I tried to save him.
I will never forget the screams.
I blacked out for
a long period of time.
I don't know exactly how long.
The Atlanteans,
they kept me alive.
Now I know why.
They wanted
military information,
tactics about what we're
doing while we're there.
I lost a lot of my memory
when I was there,
but they fed me algae,
something to
make me remember my past.
But they misdirected me.
They thought I was a petty
officer, not a commander.
And that's why they
never asked you to pilot
their world-destroying craft.
But a lot of my memory
did come back.
It was all a lie,
the way they treated you,
the way they treated me.
They will pay for it.
I'm gonna help you
get out of here.
And I'm coming with you.
- Sam!
- Midge!
Oh, my God,
I thought I lost you!
I thought I lost you too!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Where's Justin?
Where is he?
Is he okay?
Midge, where's Justin?
That's enough for now.
Erastos, take the prisoner away.
No! No! Bring her back!
Bring her back right now!
I've upheld my end
of the bargain,
a lovely family
reunited once again.
What did you do to my brother?
The boy was hurt.
So I guess you're now using
Midge to keep me in line, huh?
Is that it?
I knew I liked you above
your friends the moment
you stepped foot
into the palace.
You keep up considerably well.
And if I refuse?
I advise you not
to find out what resides
on the other side
of that thought.
The sub leaves in one hour
with you commanding it.
If you want your sister to live,
I advise you do not
test me any further.
So we can't go back
to the power room
since that'll be secured by now.
So Plan A is a no-go.
So Plan B.
Plan B is we use
as much of their tech
against them as possible.
And we break into
the weapons room
and we use their weapons to
get to the sub in the harbor.
The admiral can pilot us
out of here with Sam's help.
Shh! Someone's coming.
Last meal!
What do you mean, last meal?
Well, you guys are scheduled
to be executed within the hour.
Death by Hydra, I assume.
- Shut your mouth.
- You'll be joining them.
She's out cold.
It's for Owen.
These people need to pay
for what they did.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
Okay, this is it.
Grab whatever you want.
They must be at the sub.
Think that suits you.
A hammer.
That's a good choice.
They used to call me
that back in the academy.
But we're gonna have to hit 'em
with something harder than that.
All right.
That works.
All right, let's get outta here!
My Lord, there's been
a breach in the dungeons.
And I've been alerted of an
explosion in the weapons vault.
Dispatch the guards to safeguard
the entrance to the harbor.
I do not want anyone
to interfere with this launch.
Yes, My King.
My children!
Standing before you
is our champion.
She shall go forth on
our behalf to help usher in
a new era of prosperity and
power for all Atlantean folk.
A glorious age when my
kingdom once again
shall rule over all mankind,
an age free from the cruel grip
of destructive governments.
May the gods on
high Olympus watch over us
and keep our endeavors
forever in their minds.
Whatever they're forcing
you to do, don't!
They're just gonna
kill me anyway!
It doesn't have to be like this.
You can still call it off.
Please take our good captain
to the command bridge.
Where is everybody?
There they are.
Shoot the prisoners!
Don't let them pin us down!
We'll die if we stay here!
It is a shame finding ourselves
on opposite sides of the board.
I thought we would
be comrades of learning.
Do it!
Keep moving!
Push them back!
We can't let them
breach the harbor!
We must keep fighting!
Is there another way
back to the harbor?
Pluto, are you all right?
You three,
you get ready to run.
Wait, what?
What are you talking about?
Go, go!
Let them go.
Prison rats.
Let's see what strength
you have, mainlander.
Show me.
Let me see you
embarrass yourself.
I won't do it!
I refuse to be a part
of your heinous plan!
What a waste.
Kill the girl!
- Sam!
- No! Stop!
Leave them alone!
Do your city proud!
Remove these outsiders
from my sight!
Highest marks to you.
I did not think you could
keep up with an Atlantean.
It's all talk.
Show me something!
All right, I'll honor you
with a swift death!
You should have
stayed away from me!
V, we've got company!
Lay down here.
Uh... uh...
Stay with me, Midge!
I'm not going to lose you again!
- That stuff feels good.
- Yeah?
Okay, good.
Grab the vest.
Good call.
Sam! Sam!
You will take this sub
to its final destination!
Guards, take her!
Come on.
Back off!
Drop the weapons.
Do me a favor...
give my regards to Hades.
- Sam!
- Run!
Stupid girl!
You will not stop me.
Many have tried.
You are merely just a name
on a long failed list.
Stop or burn!
This is for you, Owen.
You disappoint me, Sam.
You had so much potential.
Sam, look at this.
No! No! No! No!
Go sit there.
Just take it easy.
I don't understand.
How am I alive?
- Sam, are you okay?
- Oh, my God.
These are my friends,
and this is...
Out here, they call me Pluto.
I was an admiral
in World War II.
All right!
Everybody strap yourselves in!
Are you ready and
prepared to launch?
Yes, sir.
We're gonna get out of here.
Full throttle!
No! No!
I'm your King! No!
Man the torpedoes!
We need to be clear of the city!
We're clear of the dome!
Hang on to something!
- We're not gonna make it!
- Just hang on!
- I love you, V.
- I love you too.
Everyone okay?
We all okay?
You are never
flying me anywhere again.
I love you too.
I never saw anything
so beautiful.
Thank all of you.
Thank you.