Devta (1998) Movie Script

Aye! Give that bag to me.
- Inspector Naik-.
You know how to treat them,
don't you? Take them away.
Arrest them. - C'mon, get up!
CHI-non! Sit in the jeep-.
C'monl Get upl C'monl
Rakesh Mehra here, sir.
Mission was successful
as per the plan.
Thank you, sir!
Yes, sir. Yes.
C'monl Walk properly! C'monl
C'monl Look there.
- Don't hit me. - C'mon.
- No! - Are you walking or not?
Are you walking or
not? My god! O god!
Are you walking or not? My godl
Goodl Rakesh Mehra, very good!
Many of our officers
have failed to do..
That you've done today.
You've proved your bravery as
well as being an honest-.
...police officer by accepting
this challenge with smile.
You must be really praised"
This time I'm transferred
to which place, sir?
How did you come to know?
Sir, after destroying the
crime in any of the area..
...I realise about my transfer.
Because this is the tenth time's happening with
me in these five years.
You're transferred to Mumbai.
And every officer really
craves to go there.
Sir, please send those
who really craves.
Mr. Rakesh Mehra, a braver hunter
is sent to the foresL.
...full of wild animals.
Best of luck! Take care!
From whom? From criminals
or from my wife?
She'll start throwing all
the utensils at me..
With the news of my transfer.
Kitchen's utensils?
What happened?
- Sir, pastry roller.
It was pastry roller. Nothing.
I'll take your leave.
Pastry roller?
Banne Khanl Banne Khanl
Yes, madam!
- Arrange the table.
It's time for your sir to
come home. - Yes, madam.
Noorbanul Your Banne
Khan has only one.
And that too harassed
by this world. - What?
My heart.
Why do you disappoint every
now and then, my dear?
What do you speak in
this Urdu language?
I just don't understand anything.
So what if you don't understand
my language?
But I'm always tied to your
drape. I'm your fan.
You and fan? You're a flirt person.
You're a swine.
- Oh, really? - Yes.
You're promising me to get
married where's it?
And what these girls photo
in your trunk doing?
Are they your sisters?
My father may be rested in heaven.
When I was born he thought
this one kid..
...Is enough to lead his lineage.
So, I'm alone in this world.
- That's why you seem so tired.
I'm little bit like this.
But not like that.
Ok, fine! Who are they?
These are the girls whom I
loved but couldn't marry.
Because the moment
marriage date"
...used to be finalised my sir
used to get transferred.
And I had to control my feeling.
But by swear Noorbanu, this time
...I won't let you take the
place in this album.
In stead I'll make you
queen of my heart.
What's wrong in dreaming?
Note it down. Even this
time same thing..
...will happen with you.
Sir will be transferred
to some other city.
It won't happen. I won't
let it happen this time.
If it won't happen then
you please take me to..
Hyderabad and push me from
Char Minar (big tower).
Noor Banul Please don't
be so stubborn.
Note this down.
- Here rings the bell.
Sir has come. I'll see. Who's it?
Sirl Sir, is the riot taking
place in the city?
Why? - Because of your appearance
I thought may be..
Where's madam?
- She's inside. - Call her.
- Just a minute! I'll call her.
Devikal Devikal
- How come this police officer"
has become a cricket player?
Today is a final match. And
it's very tough. - Final?
Which team is apposite to you?
- My wife.
- Yes.
You'd do the bowling and
I'll do the bating.
And I'll catch it behind. I mean
catch the ball. Means keeping.
- Ok. Bring the ball. - Ball?
You've so many balls in the kitchen.
And you're asking it from me?
In the kitchen? - Yes. Plates,
glasses and what else
Pot, spoon, fork..
- Pot, spoon, fork..
And that.
Pastry roller. - So you're
taunting me for my habit".
...of throwing utensils to
you on your transfer?
It's not a taunt, darling.
It's a fact.
You can throw anything. Nothing
will happen to me.
Now I can openly tell
you to pack your bag.
- I'm transferred to Mumbai.
Welcome, uncle Jagatpal. Welcome!
Just a minute! Just a minute!
You, guard- Just a minute!
Uncle, my father's name
is Bajrang Panda.
And this name itself is
a biggest security.
You're insulting us by bringing
your security here.
You please stay near the car.
Yes, please go and take
care of the car.
Somebody might not fix a
bomb with it. - Uncle.
Why do you get angry, my nephew?
Nowadays it has become a
fashion to fix a bomb.
That's why I'm telling you.
Brother-in-law, look
who has come. Leader!
Hey Jagatpall My friend. My buddy.
How are you, brother?
I'm fine.
- No, you're not. You're not fine.
Please sit down.
- Please"
Sit down, Jaggu.
Tell me how do I serve you?
Brother Bajrang
- Brother-in-law!
Is there any use of servicing?
His government is no
more in the power.
That doesn't mean he
has lost his respect.
He's my friend. We're old friends.
I've come to you on the
basis of the same, Bajju.
I want 100 million urgently.
- Why?
Is there any sale of MLA?
- Shut up, idiot.
Yes, I'm. - Look, Bajju. If I
failed to prove my majority"
within 10 days. I might
loose the position.
Apposition party's Baxi
will make the government.
So you must give me 100 million
in any circumstances.
It's difficult.
- Difficult? For you?
Why? Do we have a printing
machine to print the notes?
You've taken millions
from us even before.
What about those? Are they lost?
Why? When I was in power,
you've made money by..
Illegal ways. Had you made
it to use after dancers?
Don't talk wrong things, Jagatpal.
If Bajrang Pandey has made
money in your power..
Then it wasn't for his own self.
My men and I've made efforts
to make you win..
At the stake of our lives.
At the time of election I
had seen people spitting" your poster. Even after that
you've become a minister.
It was only because
of me. Is that clear?
And you.. this ownership
of this big estate also because of me.
Look, Bajju. I'm very much
disturbed at this time.
I'm in need of money.
I won't give you. You've
talked about a dancer?
Now I'll spend it after
dancer but will..
...never give it to the
broker like you.
You were the broker, you rascall
- Aye!
No, nephews. Nol
What are you doing?
And you also. Please talk
with smile and love.
Why are you disclosing
each othes secret?
You've said a lot, Jagatpal. A lot.
Till now I've just spoken,
Bajrang Pandey.
Let me come in the power. I'll
disclose everything about-.
...your illegal money and will
bring you on footpath.
Remember, I'm Jagatpal.
And I'll also speak up against
you in the interview.
And make you clean the drainage.
Remember, I'm Bajrang Pandey.
Let it be..
- Move, uncle! - No. No!
Jagatpal, you've given me a good
reward of our friendship.
You've made a line on my heart.
From today onwards,
I'll be at one side..
And you'd be at the other side.
Go away, Jagatpal. Just go away.
Then don't say that I've
attacked on my friend..
...who was my guest,
too. Go! Go away!
If you've felt so bad
with his behaviour".
Then why did you stop us?
Dad, by now his last rituals
would have been performed.
Brother-in-law, I don't
understand something.
That the person who has always
got the position by..
...our grace today you accepted
defeat from him?
If I had accepted defeat
then this man name"
Bajrang Pandey would be
somewhere in some slum..
Or would have gone back
to his native place.
Find Ballu Tiger. And tell
him I want to meet him.
What's the matter, constable?
Why this file..
...Is having so much of dust?
This is Ballu tiger's file, sir.
- What do you mean?
Sir, the previous officer
had made this file.
After him nobody opened this file.
It didn't open or nobody
dared to open her?
You go and call inspector Kulkarni.
Sir he's sick and is on leave.
Then tell inspector Das
to come and meet me.
Sir, he's also on leave. He said..
...he had to consult a dentist.
Dentistl That means
inspector Wagle..
Also must be on leave.
- Yes, sir.
He must have got the diarrhea.
How do you know, sir?
It's very simple. Because Ballu
tiger's file is going to get open.
That's why our police
officers have got sick.
That's the reason
our system is sick.
You please go and do your work.
- Ok, sir.
Let me see who's that tiger
whose roaring can make..
The police officers sick.
- Salute, sir!
Salute, Ballu sir!
- Salute!
Salute, Ballu sir!
Salute sirl Ballu tiger.
Have you attached the word
tiger to your name"
to scare people?
No, sir. My master has
given me this name.
And about scaring people then
according to the public..
Tiger is not a police's uniform..
That can be worn to scare people.
What do you think?
We've put on this uniform
to dominate people?
You didn't hear me properly.
Public say this. - I have called
you here to warn you.
Better step back from crime
from today onwards.
Henceforth, if any of your
complaint reaches to me..
...then remember. I've hunted
many terrifying wild animals.
Then what are you doing
in the human area?
Take your transfer jungle.
I've come to the jungle, tiger.
Then be alert. This jungle
is very dangerous.
Many officers have disappeared
in this jungle"
and many escaped with the terror.
This is what public says.
At every places where
I did my duty" you know what's public's
opinion about me there?
ACP Rakesh not only cuts
off the tree of crime"
...but also makes the land barren
where such trees grow.
You can go.
And listen!
I don't want any more
complain against you.
Salute! - Ballu tiger has
come. - Ballu has come.
C'mon, let's go.
Ballu tiger, why are you hitting
us? What's our fault?
Nothing. Go to the police station
and lodge complaint-.
Against me that I've injured you.
And yes, you must compel that
new ACP to write your..
Complaint. And if you didn't,
then your shop won't be..
...seen here in the evening.
Is that clear?
Call ACP sir. We want to see him.
Please call ACP sir. You
please call ACP sir.
Shut upl This is police station.
Why don't you let us meet ACP sir?
Look! ACP sir never takes
down the complaint-.
If you want to lodge complaint
then tell me to note it down.
Otherwise you may go.
We won't go from here
unless we meet ACP sir.
Yes, we won't go.
- Yes, we won't go from here.
Silence! What's the
commotion here?
What's the matter, constable?
Sir, Ballu tiger have beaten us.
See, what condition
he has made of us.
Ballu tiger beaten you?
And he also said that we
must lodge complaint.
If we won't lodge his complaint
he'll again beat us, sir.
Constable, take down
their complaint.
Nol he has clearly told us..
To make you note
down our complaint.
Where's your father, Ballu tiger?
I don't know, sir.
- You don't know?
- No?
Where's he? Tell me
where's Ballu tiger?
I don't know, sir.
"My eyes are beautiful
and my lips too.'
'Very good!'
"My eyes are beautiful
and my lips too.'
"My cheeks and hair
are also beautiful.'
"Even my style and my beauty"
" skin color and speech.
Everything is beautiful."
"You're different than all."
"I'm beautiful!"
"My eyes are beautiful
and my lips too.'
"My cheeks and hair
are also beautiful.'
"I've a black spot
on my fair cheek.'
A black spot.
"My beauty is a peg
of intoxication.'
Peg of intoxication.
"I've a black spot
on my fair cheek.'
"My beauty is a peg
of intoxication.'
"My hairs are black
and lips so reddish.'
"My hairs are black
and lips so reddish.'
"I've done a magic."
"My style is beautiful
and my honesty too."
"My magic is just too good."
"My name is pretty and my
work is just too good."
"I do the magic. It really
brings a calamity. "
"My magic is just too good.
I'm entirely beautiful."
You're a young and beautiful girl."
"I'm beautiful!"
'I've stolen everybody's sleep.'
Stolen everybody's sleep.
"I've generated love in
everybody's heart.'
Generated love.
'I've stolen everybody's sleep.'
"I've generated love in
everybody's heart.'
"I'm the smolder and dew drop."
'I'm the smoulder and dew drop.'
"I'm the calamity."
"My love, my appearance and
my style is beautiful.'
"My fairness and pride too."
My acceptance, refusal and my
beloved all are too good."
"My leg and my dance
is also beautiful."
"You're the pack of fragrance."
"I'm beautiful!"
"Beauty and intoxication was there."
"Only one thing was lacking.
"Somebody's arrival has
brought the life."
"The atmosphere is changed.
And heart is intoxicated."
"I've never seen such a
lovely partner in life."
"I'm happy that a new
appreciative has come."
"For the first time I've
got a handsome fan.'
"What a youth!"
"He's my beloved. I've
forgotten myself.'
"Please kiss me. My
evening is yours.'
"All of us are your fan, o beauty."
'Very good!'
"My eyes are beautiful
and my lips too.'
'Very good!'
"My cheeks and hair
are also beautiful.'
'Very good!'
This is the money that you..
Had given to the club manager.
To buy me. It's not necessary
that every girl".
...who dances in club or bad
and entertains people..
...Is cheap or can be bought.
They must be some other girls
who willingly come to
...your hug on your order. I'm not
of that kind. Is that clear?
Aye, girl. What are you saying?
Do you know the result of it?
Yes, I know. He can rape me.
And I also know that I'll be
helpless to defend myself.
Even then I'll commit suicide
but will definitely..
...bring infamy to your part.
That Ballu tiger used his
strength on a weak girl?
Girl, how dare you?
- Mustafa, let go off her.
Keep this money. And
don't take me wrong.
This is Ballu's principle. He
never stares at a decent girl.
But the place where you're
working people"
...see there everything
behind the curtains.
This is what public says.
You're the first girl to
say so much in my house.
Stomach is a very small thing.
You need not show your
entire body for that.
It seems you belong
to a decent family.
Do some good work.
If you want more money
I'll give you that.
And if you need help
I'll also help you.
But any girl living in my area
if seen dancing in the club..
...she won't even be pardoned.
Ballul Just now you said you think
I'm from a decent family.
Then how could you think that
I'll keep this money?
Till now I've met the
people who were ready throw money at me.
But you're the first person
who's also advising me..
Along with the money.
I'm keeping your advice.
But you please take your
money back. Please
Welcome! Welcome, sir.
Please have a seat.
Have a cup of tea.
- I had warned you I don't want".
Any more complaints against you.
Even after that you've
beaten people"
and broken their shops?
That's not enough, sir. I
had also told them to go..
And complain with you. Otherwise
I'll beat them more.
Stop your nonsense.
You're under arrest.
Just a minute, ACP sir.
I hope you know to read in English.
Anticipatory bail.
The way you always carry
the handcuffs with you..
Same way Ballu Tiger carry
this paper with him.
This is what public says.
This is not a paper.
It's a lollypop.
It's given to the loafers like you
sitting in the lap of politics.
But the day you come in my grip..
...I'll make your condition so
worst that doctor will be"
...perplexed from when to start
treating your wounds.
The wounds that you give
doctor must be bandaging
it with white strips.
But after the wounds that I give..
Entire body need to be
covered with the shroud.
This is what public says.
Brother-in-law, his heart might
not fail watching so many
rupees together and you'd
be hanged onto noose.
What noose?
If this was done three
years before"
...Baxi would have made the
government and not Jagatpal.
Anyway, it's never late then before.
Go and bribe all those you want.
And make them your parrot.
I mean your government.
Now his full and final
end will be seen.
He'll come to the footpath
and not we.
- But!
But, Mr. Baxi, mind one
thing very clearly.
Don't change yourself when
the power is in your hand.
Otherwise the result
will be very bad.
Because in your politics, if
you have enmity with others" snatch away his position.
But in our business, if we
have enmity with others"
...we directly send him to the tomb.
Nol This is not a bag..
...This is sticking material.
It'll tightly stick Bajrang and me.
I'll work like a TV. And Bajrang
will have its remote control.
Only my face will appear on screen.
But Bajrang only will
change the channel.
Am I right, Bajrang?
It's tobacco. Take care.
Are you alright?
Ok then. I'll take your leave.
- Ok.
Brother Ballu, welcome! Welcomel
My brother in law's piece
of heart, his life.
Everything of him.
Welcome! Welcome!
It's enough now. Let's
come to the point.
Ballu, it's much more than
what we always pay you.
Take it.
What's the work?
I'm fed up of Minister Jagatpal's
friendship now.
If you fed up with anybody
you kill him.
This is what public says.
"Whether it's a glass or heart.."
"Whether it's a glass or heart.."
"It always breaks.."
Jagatpal, you didn't even
gave such a great party
...even after being a minister.
Have you captured all
the MLA's together?
What are you saying? I'm not
such a big politician.
You're right. All these
things become a joke..
...for everybody who
reaches this stage.
Jagatpal, I've promised
to invest my finance.
You don't turn back
from your promise.
Speak slowly, Mr. Jayant.
Take care that you only..
Stumble under the effect of
intoxication and not stammer.
Because I've yet not
obtained the power.
God knows who's aiming from
where to make me fell down.
You're right.
Mr. Jagatpal, you were the
minister of this city once.
Any big personality can bend at you.
How can anybody challenge you?
Mr. Modi, this is politics.
And politics is like chess.
Your attention is diverted
slightly and"
Come out!
I don't think I need to tell
you that it's crime" drive the car fast
and break the signal.
But you enjoy breaking
the Law, don't you?
Am I right? You enjoy, don't you?
So, Tiger, did you enjoy? No.
Even I didn't enjoy. Because
I'm habitual to break"
...criminal's bones and not the cars.
By the way, don't drive so fast.
If you'd be killed in the road
accident then what will..
Happen with the government's
One more thing
Hello! ACP Rakesh here.
Hello, sir. Somebody shot Jagatpal.
- When?
Few moments before.
- In which hospital he's?
In Gandhi hospital. - 0k. You
please be there. I'll reach now.
Ok, sir.
Doctor, Mr. Jagatpal?
I'm sorry. He's no more.
Did he tell you anything before die?
He was already dead before
he reached the hospital.
But yes, his PA is alive.
He's in ICU.
Doctor, it's very much importanL.
...for him to remain alive.
But I don't want anybody to
go near him except you.
And the moment he's conscious'd inform me very first.
- Ok.
Thank you, doctor!
No interviews, no photographs,
no visitors.
Anybody trying to forcefully
enter inside
...please arrest them.
Whomsoever he's.
It's an order.
- Yes, sir.
What are you trying
to tell me in signal?
Madam, didn't you guess something
about his silence?
What guess?
- My god, he's so handsome.
Inlay god save him from evil eyes!
But today his face is so dimmed.
It's clearly stating that he's
again going to get transfer.
- Then what?
Haven't you noticed? Today
sir's mood is exactly that of anybody
at his first night.
He wishes to tell you
but can't speak up.
You're right, Banne Khanl
I'm noticing him from
yesterday night.
He seems very disturbed.
- How long this will continue?
How long we'll keep wandering?
When will I get married
and have my kids?
At the old age when I'll go
outwith my kids people..
...will say that Banne Khan is
going out with his grandson. -
You're right, Banne Khan. How
long we'll keep wandering?
Today he must take
the final decision.
Either his job or me.
Yes! It's ok. 0k, fine.
What's the matter, why
both of you are crying?
Sirl If possible please stop it.
- What?
If possible please stop it.
- What is to be stopped?
Stop your transfer.
- Stop my transfer?
Who told you that I'm
getting transfer?
Then why were you so disturbed?
Oh! Stupid, I was thinking
about Jagatpal's PA-.
He's still not conscious.
And he's the only witness
who can solve this case.
That's why I was disturbed.
- What?
May I come in, sir?
- Yes.
Come in, Kulkarni.
- Sir, there's good news.
Jagatpal's PA is conscious.
Hurry up! Let's go, sir.
Very goodl C'mon.
He's conscious.
- Give the phone to Bajrang Pandey.
Who's speaking? - If I tell
you that I'm Pappu Kangi.
Will you believe me? I
asked you the first.
You tell me. Who are you?
Who's speaking? Who's that
idiot, rascal on line?
Don't talk nonsense.
Otherwise I'll drag your
tongue from the phone..
Just how you drag the chain
to flush in the toilet.
Now c'mon, give the phone to
your rascal brother in law.
- Ok, fine. Hold it. Wait a minute.
I'll call him now. Rascal
Rascal brother-in-Iawl
What rubbish is this?
You bloody swine!
I'm not saying this.
Somebody from the other end
is calling you rascal.
I didn't say that.
- Shut up! - It's ok.
- How are you, brother Bajrang?
You earned few more
money and settled Mumbai with the entire family?
Who's that rascal misbehaving
on phone?
Don't call me rascal
You'll have to pay heavy
stroll. Ask anybody.
Because we never give dowry
when we marry our sister.
Instead we take it. You
will become a beggar.
Now you listen to me. I had
gone to JagatpaPs house"
with the intention of thievery.
I had got a tip that he has lots
of illegal money in his house.
I didn't find any cash over
there but have got a dairy.
And Jagatpal has clearly
mentioned in that diary"
that if he's murdered any
day then Bajrang will.. responsible for his death.
Who's speaking?
- Stupid, if not any blackmailen.
Then does any decent
man has time to scare
...a terrifying snake like you?
Now let's come to the point.
Pay me 5 million and take
away your torn diary.
Are you trying to deal with
the dealer of death?
I'm not so raw. I've 10 to
20 copies of this dairy.
You might scare somebody
else but not me. Ok?
Now do something. There's a hall
behind the old graveyard.
Come there. Pay my amount
and take away your diary.
Because if this diary
will remain with me..
...It might spoil your health.
And also listen to something.
Nobody is getting married
in that hall.
So don't come with your entire
family's procession over there.
Now I'm disconnecting it.
Because I'm calling
you from mobile.
And I also didn't pay the
bill from last one month.
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Whose phone it was, dad?
God knows who was he, nephew.
He was calling my brother
in law, rascal.
You shut upl Otherwise I'll
definitely send you to your sister.
Brother-in-law, sister needs
husband and not a brother.
Nephew, brother in law pushed me.
You stupid, sit properly.
- Ok.
What happened, dad?
Whose phone it was?
I'll tell you. But before
that I've to go somewhere.
Keep the bag ready with 5 million..
And revolver with six bullets.
Welcome] Welcome, Mr. Pandeyl
Where's the diary?
Before blackmailing Bajrang
it'd be better for you..
...If you'd have taken people's
opinion about Bajrang.
I had heard a lot about you, Pandey.
But you've proved yourself foolish.
I'm ACP Rakesh Mehra.
Officer, put the handcuff
around Pandey's hand.
Yes, sir.
ACP, you don't know me.
Do you know why my mouth is
so red with betel leaf?
Because I apply blood
of officers like you..
...on my betel leaf and eat.
Once you come to the jail, Pandey.
I promise you, I'll
make you forget the"
...bad habit of eating
betel leaf. C'mon.
ACP, don't make me loose my
- Yes, sir.
Open the door.
- Yes, sir.
ACP, betel leaf. I want betel leaf.
Will you eat betel leaf, Pandey?
Have you come, to any dance bar?
Do you think this is a dance bar?
Is this jail your property?
Don't go till father. Our".
Keep your volume low.
Bend down! Pandey, bend down.
What did you say? I don't know you?
Are you a destiny? You're
destiny of which place?
Of which place?
Do you decide about life
and death of people?
Do you decide?
Do you think I'm Jagatpal, Pandey?
Am I Jagatpal?
Pandeyl You make the government?
You make the government fall of?
C'mon, get upl Get upl
Pandeyl Look at this color
very carefully.
Is it redder than your betel leaf?
What did you say? That you
apply blood of officers" me in your betel leaf?
I had told you that
I'd make you forget.
...your habit of eating
betel leaf. Pandey!
I'm giving you 2 hours. You
better think carefully" these 2 hours.
Who shot Jagatpal?
Who had murdered him?
Who killed Jagatpal?
I'll he back after 2 hours. Bye!
Beat mel You can beat
as much as you can.
You can do anything you wish.
But remember something.
Bajarang Pandey..
Opens his mouth only twice.
While taking the betel leaf.
And while giving the final..
...decision. You didn't let
me take the betel leaf.
But yes, I'll definitely open
my mouth when you give..
The final decision. And till you
don't take the final decision.
Bajarang Pandey won't sleep.
That ACP will sleep. I'll
take off his uniform..
And make him sleep
on thorns. I'm Baxi.
You just watch.
- Enough! It's enough now.
From last one hour I'm listening
to the abuses"
...from your mouth for that ACP.
We've come here for our
father's release"
and not to listen to the abuses
for him. Is that clear?
Yes. And Mr. Baxi. About
sticking material that-. had said to brother in law.
I think you had said so,
for money only.
What are you saying?
- I'm right.
Our brother in law gave
50 million to you.
And you've imprisoned him?
What are you saying? I'm
Bajrang Pandey's friend.
And my brother in law must be
getting beaten over there.
That idiot arrested Bajrang Pandey..
"On Friday night. Because
he very well knew that--.
Saturday and Sundays are
the two holidays in court.
And he can beat Bajrang
Pandey for three days.
How will he? What does
he think of himself?
We'll bribe him or
do anything to him.
Calm downl Calm downl
Please calm down.
Listenl Till brother in
law is in the jail
...ACP only will be in
power over there.
Any big minister can't do anything.
Then what's a brother in law?
- Uncle.
I'm telling a fact.
Now you see what
commotion I create.
Hey! Call up judge. Give him
my name and tell him-.
That Bajrang Pandey
must get the bail..
...In any circumstances.
Is that clear?
You please don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Let Bajrang Pandey be
presented to the court.
C'mon, take him out.
What's wrong? - Can't you
see the jeep is punctured?
Let's go!
- Where? - To the court-.
ACP, don't make me walk..
...from the market and humiliate me.
Bajrang Pandey, court is
very close from here.
We'll reach there in 5 minutes.
- C'mon!
I said, c'mon.
Look! They are taking
away Bajrang Pandey-.
Take him away.
Look! They are taking
away Bajrang Pandey-.
They are taking away
Bajrang Pandey.
They are beating him with baton.
On police's appeal, court
refuses Bajrang Pandey's..
...bail and orders to
keep the accuser"
...on remand for 15 days.
Madam, happy wedding anniversaryl
Thank you, Banne Khanl
I don't want your thank you.
I want your blessings.
What type of blessings?
I wish you to pray for me
that I get married now.
So that, by next year my
wife will be pregnant.
I mean you also will present
me flower then.
Definitely! You'll definitely
get married this year.
And next year I'll definitely
present you a flower.
But don't give me cabbage flower.
And tell me to cook it.
Because it's time for sir's arrival.
Banne Khan, where's your sir?
Entire city knows that it's
our marriage anniversary.
But I think your sir has forgotten.
No phone, no message.
- He'll come, madam!
Where will he go?
- Very good!
There he comes!
So many flower? Have you started
the business of selling flower?
Goodl You know I never take bribe.
My salary is so less and
prices hike day by day.
We must do something side
by side. Very good!
Oh! That means these flower
are not for selling them-
Oh, yesl Today is your birthday.
Sorry, darling. I forgot.
Happy birthday.
It's not even your birthday?
Last month we celebrated
your birthday, right.
Oh, yes. I understood. I've
arrested Bajrang Pandey..
That's why people must have sent.
These bouquet to congratulate me.
Am I right, darling?
- Do you rememben.
Anything else apart
from your duty?
Yes, of course. I remember
many things. For example"
...yours and mine birthday.
Salary date and"
And our marriage anniversary.
"Our eyes met slowly. And
it has decided everything."
'This boy! - This girll"
"From the day we met.."
"..these flower started blooming.."
"..and rising of the day and night."
"This boyl This girll"
"All this talk about love.
And these meetings."
"Promise me that you'd
never forget me.'
"This boyl This girll"
"Your every style has secretly
made my heart restless."
"I have lost my senses. I've gone
crazy. My soul has become restless."
"Promises of love. Rituals of love."
"Promise me that you'd
never forget me.'
"This boyl This girll"
"Our eyes met slowly. And
it has decided everything."
"This boyl This girll"
"The spring, the atmosphere,
the earth
the clouds and
this romantic season."
"This world will tell
the story of our love.'
"You've given me so many dreams.."
"..and made me yours.
"Now promise me that you'd
never forget me.'
"This boyl This girll"
"Our eyes met slowly. And
it has decided everything."
"This boyl This girll"
"From the day we met.."
"..these flower started blooming.."
"..and rising of the day and night."
"This boyl This girll"
What's that Baxi doing?
I'm in trouble here and he's
enjoying his position?
I'll see that Baxi.
But before that.
...I'll do something with that ACP.
He made my bail application refuse.
He has humiliated me a lot.
He has humiliated me a lot.
Brother-in-law, thank god
that you're still alive.
If a dog was humiliated so much
...he would have committed
suicide by now.
What rubbish you're talking, uncle?
Did I say anything wrong?
- No.
Dad, I wish to shot that ACP and
kill him full and finally.
He's right, dad. He's right.
- No! No!
Don't do that mistake.
Don't do this foolishness.
Betel nut is cut with betel cracker
and not with the teeth.
This is ACP and this is Ballu tiger.
Hello! - Hello, sister-in-lawl
inspector Shrikant here-.
You please come to the
...Wadia hospital as
early as possible.
Why? What happened?
Nothing, sister-in-lawl
ACP sir is injured..
With a small accident.
- I'm just coming.
Please come, sister-in-Iawl
- How's he? Where's he?
He's in the operation theater.
- Operation theater?
Please come.
ACP's wife has come.
- Please come! Please come!
Please let me go. No questions
please. Please--.
Please comel
Madam! Madam, please.
- Please come, sister-in-law!
Have a seat here. Please.
Madam, only one answer.
Madam, we've only one question.
Who tried to kill ACP?
What do you think? Who shot ACP?
Who do you doubt?
- Madam, please tell us.
Madam! Madam, please answer
to our question.
Why don't you say anything?
Please tell us.
Please answer to our question.
An important news.
Somebody tried to assassinate
...ACP Rakesh Mehra today.
He's seriously injured.
He's admitted to the wadia hospital.
Police is in search of the assassin.
His wife is also unable
to give any information"
about this incident.
Look, I can't give any answer
to your questions..
...till I don't meet my husband.
Please" please
Ballul How come this
glass is broken?
It slipped from my hand and broken.
You must pick up the broken
glasses immediately.
It's not good to keep them as it is.
I'm carrying a broken
heart from many years.
Everything is fine.
Glass and heart are
two different things.
Yes, the difference is only
one. That heart beats.
Whereas both can break.
That's what public say.
Ballu, nobody is my close
friend in this world.
But I can see how sad
this friend's heart is.
I don't have any right to ask
but it's about my friend.
So, I think it's my duty to know.
Who gave this pain to you?
Was he somebody
very close to you?
Yes! Very close. But suddenly
I realised that it was dream.
I tried a lot to forget her. To
take her off from my heart.
But that voice, that fragrance,
that smile"
"resided in my heart
in such a way that".
...I feel I had recently met her.
"This young and beautiful girl.."
" here with her beloved."
"..she's talking with him
and gave us some excuse."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"I'm the sealed bottle
of intoxication.'
"And you're the habitual drunker."
"You're the queen
and I'm your king."
"Open the door to your heart."
"I'm a young fan of yours."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"This young and beautiful girl.."
"Your style has some magic."
"It really has some magic.."
"Your heart is filled
with love for me."
"It's the right place for me."
"Don't go far. Come close to me."
"Let's declare our love."
"The season is also in our favour."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"I'm the sealed bottle
of intoxication.'
"And you're the habitual drunker."
"This young and beautiful girl.."
"Make me the flute of your lips."
"Make me the flute.."
"I'll reside you in my heart."
"I'll reside you in my heart."
"Marry me and take rne with you."
"My youth might not pass away."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"I'm the sealed bottle
of intoxication.'
"And you're the habitual drunker."
"You're the queen
and I'm your king."
"Open the door to your heart."
"I'm a young fan of yours."
"Make me your drape and cover
your body, my dear."
"I'm the sealed bottle
of intoxication.'
"And you're the habitual drunker."
From where you're coming?
When you know it. Why
do you asking me?
How dare you argue
with your father?
This is my decision, mother.
And I've declared it in
the entire village.
That I love Balram and
I'll marry him only.
This is your decision. But
now listen to my decision.
If you won't stop flirting with
that tourist guide I'll kill you.
What's lacking in Balram?
- Don't shout.
Don't take his name in this
house and create any chaos.
Start preparing to
leave this village.
Now we won't stay here.
We'll go to her maternal
uncle's place"
I won't marry anybody
else other than Balram.
You'll marry the boy
of my choice only.
And he's not any ordinary person.
He's a police officer.
- Whomsoever he may be.
It doesn't make any
difference to me.
I've told you about my decision.
Now I'll see who tries to stop me.
Worthless-l Shameless!
What are you talking?
You're a girl. Behave like a girl.
Shameless! Let's go inside.
Don't come out. How dare you
argue with your parents'?
Sir, this is the best place
I've shown you till now.
Look at the view of this
place. Very good!
You build a five star hotel here..
And then see how it
gives you business.
What's the requirement of tourists?
Good air, good place and
good food. That's it.
You've come here for the first
time, don't you? - Yes.
Very first time.
I'm driving taxi here from last
15 years. It's a very long time.
And the way we travelled just now..
...Is the beautiful way.
Transportation for the customers" very easy on this way.
- Yes.
And.. - Ayel Enough now.
Let us speak something.
Very sorry, sir.
- Dad, let's finalise this place.
Yes, brother-in-law, it's
a best place for hotel.
Nobody can escape from
here without paying.
Ask rne why? See, there's big
valley around everywhere.
I'm not going to build a lodge
here but five star Hotel.
Wow! It sounds so sweet.
It seems there are
many parrots here.
Dad, we'll build our
hotel here only.
Brother-in-law, listen to
me. Drop him here only.
He'll keep playing with
the parrots here"
and your tension will be relived.
Sirl Many people wishes
to buy such places.
So before anybody make
the final deal" better buy it
and make a hotel.
I'm telling you it'll
give you big business.
Whenever the customer
will open the window..
...he'll see only greenery
Very green. sirl Very flower. Very..
No, Balram, don't kill him.
I want him alive. Alive!
Balram, keep this
money. It's 50000.
For what, sir?
- For saving my life.
No, sir. How can anybody
charge for saving life?
It's a virtuous task.
It's a great work.
Wowl Brother-in-law,
it's so strange.
Over here people do not even
And over there, in the city,
they charge millions..
And trillions to murder anybody.
I'm happy with you and giving
this money to you.
Please keep it. It'll
be useful to you.
No, sirl Balram has lots
of faith on his hands.
I just want to earn
money by hard work.
My today's fee is rupees 350.
And driver's charge is 100.
So total rupees 450.
- Give him. - Yes.
450. Yes, here.
Sir, shall I tell you something?
- Yes.
We get this life after
many difficulties.
Don't drink and waste your life.
He's innocent. Very innocent.
Just like a parrot.
But he's honest.
- That's why he's driving taxi.
Otherwise he'd be at brother
in law's place.
Nol I mean to say he's not greedy.
Now see, he refused
to take 50000 rupees.
Anybody at his place would have"
grabbed this money like a dog.
He's not a dog. He's
a tiger. A tiger.
Very good morning, sir.
Balram guide is present
at your service.
Please come, Balram.
Have some drink.
Thank you, sir! My work is
my intoxication. Only work.
We must have the intoxication
of some thing in life.
Otherwise, life
becomes meaningless.
Sir, come with me. I'll
show you such things"
...on this hill station thaL.'ll experience spring
in your meaningless life.
Please comel
Devika, you and here?
- I wish to marry you now.
Right now.
- Very good! But why so early?
Otherwise it'll be too late.
Papa has selected a
boy for me in city.
He wish me to marry him.
No, Devika. I won't let that happen.
It is going to happen.
I've escaped from home.
I wish to marry you.
If you won't marry me
I'll commit suicide.
Remember this.
- No! We'll definitely get married.
Just a minute!
Sir, I'll be back in a moment.
I've an urgent work. - Ok.
Please comel
Mr. Pradhanl Mr. Pradhanl
How dare you? Leave her hand.
I said leave it.
I didn't hold her
hand to release it.
Now listen to us. I respect
you a lot. Very much!
We love each other a lot.
And you very well know it.
Don't marry her with
somebody else..
And do this injustice with us.
This is our request to you.
If we wish, we could have eloped..
And get married secretly.
But this is not good. It's very bad.
I'll marry her and respectfully
take her to my house..
...In short time.
Till then Devika will be my deposit
with you in this house.
If you hand over her
to somebody else
...I'll definitely die but before
that I'll bloodshed here.
I had come to tell you
the same. Good luck!
Sorry sirl Let's go.
Otherwise it'll be duck and
you won't enjoy visiting.
I'm waiting for the dusk, Balram.
Please have a seat.
- What?
Please sit downl
Keep this money.
- So many rupees?
Keep it my friend.
Sir, my fee is only 200 rupees.
This is much more. Very much.
This is nothing compared to the
thing that I saw with you.
I didn't get you, sir.
I'm talking about the girl who
came to see you just now.
I'm really impressed
with her beauty.
What an intoxicating youth.
Send her to me for one night.
Somebody help mel He will kill me.
Devikal Devikal
What happened?
What happened? Why are you
breathing so heavily?
Balram has done a murder.
- Murder? Whose?
A businessman from Mumbai
had come here.
He murdered him.
Nol Balram can't murder anybody.
Balram only did this murder.
He was trying to escape
with that man's money.
And it was 20000.
And when that man tried to shout.
Balram pierced an arrow
in his stomach.
Police has arrested him.
- No!
Balram can't do this.
Balram is not like that.
He's not like that.
My child, Such people have
no self-respect or honesty.
That's why I was stopping you.
But you were so madly in love
with him that you considered" your enemy. Good that his
real form is visible to all.
Nothing is visible. This is wrong.
Balram is not like that. He's
not like that. - Devika!
Were you trying to steal
that sir's money?
No, sir. It's wrong.
Even this is wrong that
you murdered that sir?
I didn't murder anybody.
I'll see how long you won't confess.
Keep beating his till he won't
confess. I'll just come.
Is everything fine?
- Yes. It's alright.
Brother-in-law, Ballul
- Sir, you?
Balram, I've paid your bail.
Sir, I didn't murder anybody.
I know, Balram. I very well know.
The person who saves others
life can't kill anybody.
Police may make mistake
in knowing you..
But not this Bajrang Pandey.
I can recognise the person
from its first appearance.
Balram, if we knew
about this before..
...we'd not have taken 8 days.
We'd have freed you in
2 minutes. Very early.
Please comel - No, sir. I
wish to meet Devika first.
0k, fine. Comel
- Let's go.
These people..
- They went to the city.
- Five days before.
I head that her uncle had
selected a boy for her.
And by now she must have married.
- No.
Then what do you expect? She'd
have waited for you?
That Balram will release from
jail and then marry her?
Now forget her. And let
her spend a happy life.
Tears doesn't look good
in tiger's eyes.
If I knew that Devika has IefL.
...I'd not have let you pay my bail.
I'd have hanged onto noose
with the charge of murder.
What's the use of my life?
What's left for me
in this world now?
Come with me. I'll take you
to my new world. Please come.
Even today that scene is very
clear in front of my eyes.
I thought I had permannetly
locked that poor..
- Hello, is it Ballu Tiger?
I'm Lallan, Bajrang Pandey's
brother in law.
What? Thank you!
I've good news, Ballul Brother
in law has got the bail..
And is back to home.
It's god's grace. Otherwise
ACP had decided to break" brother in law's leg and
hand and make him a beggar.
But he doesn't know that
the time has gone..
...when brother in law used to beg.
What rubbish, uncle?
- Have you become a parrot?
You're eating chilli and
calling me parrot?
Brother-in-lawl Here's the phone.
Hellol Wonderful, Ballul Wonderful!
What a job you've done.
That's why I've named you tiger.
If you were here I'd have
kissed you. Here"
Listen, Ballu, you had done
your job perfectly.
But ACP is very lucky.
He's still not dead.
But you don't worry. He'll die.
Very soon he'll die.
Listen, Ballul
I've kidnapped the doctor's
family who's treating"
...ACP in the hospital. Now he'll
do everything that I wish.
Where your bullet failed,
poison of..
Doctor's injection will
definitely succeed.
What are you doing?
If I won't kill him they
will kill my family.
Nothing will happen to your family.
But if anything will happen to him
I'll fire the entire hospital.
You go home. You'll get
your family there.
It's my responsibility.
Take it awayl Take it away.
Won't you drink today?
- Even tomorrow I won't drink.
I was drinking to forget my pain.
But the happiness I've got today
...I don't want to forget
it by drinking.
Madhul These hands have
done many murders.
And in return of every murder,
I've got lots of money.
But I never got so much of
happiness that we get". saving somebody's life.
That's what Ballu says
and not public.
Ballu, you're a very
strange personality.
One needs to have heart
and feeling to know you.
I'm happy that I've known you.
And suddenly I felt that
I'm in love with you.
"I'm completely injured
from everywhere."
"Both of my eyes bend
down bashfully."
"I'm eager to meet my beloved.
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"My heart is crazy. Sorrow
is my treasure."
"My destiny has cheated with me."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"if I knew that falling in love..
Brings only pain to our part."
"I'd have made a propaganda."
" aware people not
to fall in love."
"I'll spend my life at your feet.'
"My heart only wishes to be
helpful to you by any means."
"How will my destiny be changed?"
"This chain of destiny
has never broken.."
"..and will never break."
"I've become so helpless.
I'm completely scattered.
"I'm totally helpless at present."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"if you really love somebody.."
" so much.
"That you never separate in life.."
"..also not after the death."
"I'll offer my life
for you one day."
"I'll gather the tears of
your eyes in my drape.'
"How will anybody share the
loneliness of my heart?"
"I'd only one happiness in life.."
"..but it couldn't stay
with me for long.'
"I'm just living for
the sake of living.'
"Those days of my life has gone."
"I've lost my heart."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
"I'm a broken star. I'm a wanderer."
Why did you do this, Ballu.
You shot ACP on my instruction.
And then went to the
hospital to save him?
You released doctor's family
and send them back?
And saved that ACP's life.
Why did you do this? C'mon, tell me.
Money? Did you lack money?
You don't know how much you've
hurt rne by doing this.
You've really given me shock.
I want to know the reason of this
behaviour. C'mon, tell me.
I've done many murders
on your instructions.
But never asked you the reason.
Today when I saved one.
Don't ask me the reason.
But why did you save him? Why?
Had his wife handed
over herself to you?
No, Ballul
Ballul No!
Your father has supported me.
That's why I'm leaving you.
Otherwise I'd have killed you.
This has happened
for the first time.
He has broken from somewhere.
There must be some reason behind
this. There has to be.
Thank you, sir.
I'm happy to know that you're
getting discharge today.
Rakesh, you've given the statement
that you've never
...seen the person who tried
to assassin you. Is it true?
Yes, sir. It's true.
- Think over it again.
Your might recollect something.
I'm sorry that I couldn't
see his face.
Anyway! All the best!
- Thank you, sir-.
What's the matter, Devika?
Why do you seem so upset?
I'm perfectly fine now.
Rakesh, please take your
transfer from this city.
I don't wish to live here anymore.
This city is unlucky for us.
- I know, Devika.
You're very much worried about me.
But don't make it your weakness.
Will you like when people
will taunt you..
That ACP Mehra left the city"
because of the fear of his death?
Will you be able to listen
to people's taunt?
Devi, I won't give this
chance to anybody.
This is just a beginning.
I told commissioner that
I didn't see that person.
But I had lied to him.
I very well know..
The person who attacked on me.
This is his file.
You take proud of your strength,
don't you?
People call you tiger, don't they?
Today you and I both are alone.
C'mon, hit me.
Hit me, tiger. Hit mel
You won't get a good chance
than this, Tiger.
C'mon, hit me. Hit me.
What's wrong with this tiger today?
How come he has become a rat?
Are you a big goon?
C'mon, hit mel Hit mel
If I wish I could kill
you in a momenL.
With the name of police encounter.
Nobody will come to
save you. Nobody.
Tell me on whose instruction
you do these murders?
Municipality people will drag away"
...your dead body like a dog.
You people are like the bullets.
Somebody else triggers them.
I want those hands that
make use of you people.
And I'll definitely cut those hands.
This is my promise to you. C'mon.
Till you were working on m
y instruction you were
...a very brave person, Ballu.
So brave that you also shot
ACP on my instruction.
But the day you came to know
that ACP is the husband"
...of the same girl whom
you used to love.
Your head bent there. That
ACP beat you so much.
Forget about beating him in return"
but you didn't even
raise your eyes.
My Ballu is affected with evil
eyes. This is not my Ballu.
This is not my Ballu.
Lallan, come here.
See, what I've brought
for you, Ballu.
Sari, flower, bangle,
anklet and earrings.
All this is for you. Put it
on and change your gender.
This is called the magic of love.
All this has happened
because of that girl.
You could neither kill
that policeman"
...nor could you raise
your hand at me.
And now you also don't
have any place"
...for Bajrang Pandey in your heart.
Have you forgotten
all my obligations?
Because of whom? Because
of that stupid girl?
Who ditched you and married
somebody else?
Ballu, now my enmity
with that policeman.
Has increased more.
Do you know why?
Because he has snatched
away my Ballu from me.
He'll die. He'll meet
a terrifying death.
Nothing will happen
to him. Nothing.
I won't let him die.
- You won't let him die..
And we won't let him remain alive.
Henceforth this war will
be between you and me.
Let's see. Let's see who wins.
Hellol Hellol
Ballu here. Devika,
please don't hang up.
By swear of me.
- Why did you call up here?
To let rne know that one
day you'd make me widow?
Devika, please don't
misunderstand me.
What else I should consider
you if not wrong?
I didn't know that ACP
Mehra is your husband.
I want to meet you.
- But I don't want to see your face.
0k, fine. I won't come into picture.
I'll turn back and talk with you.
But please come
and meet me once.
Why should I meet you? Will
you clarify yourself?
Will you prove your
innocence? Right?
That time has passed now.
Now I just want to meet you
for your husband's life.
I want to tell you something.
I've sent a man to your house.
Please come with him.
This is my request to you.
Ballul Today I've cooked this
food. Please have it.
Why have you called me here?
Devika, tell your husband
to take transfer from here.
- Because his life is at risk.
Who will kill him? You? Only
because I didn't marry you?
No, Devikal
- Then why did you try to kill him?
And now you're threatening me..
Stating that his life is at risk?
And we should leave this
city because of you?
He's not so cowardly. He knows
to face the challenge.
He doesn't know to
attack from back.
And that's why I'm proud
of my husband.
He's my god. God!
If your husband is god
for you then this man" also not any less than a godl
This nuptial symbols that
you're wearing today because of this god.
He did tried to kill your husband.
But the moment he came to know
that he's your husband"
...he saved your husband's life
at the stack of his own.
And he developed enmity
with his own people.
No, Madhu. Enough.
Let me say, Ballu.
You're mistaking him.
That he wants to take revenge
of your disloyalty.
If he really had to take revenge
...he wouldn't have spent
so many years.
He could have done
this long before.
That murder was an
accident, Devika.
He came to your house after
releasing from jail.
But your father had taken
you long away from him.
That day he cried a lot, Devika.
If he wished he could
have found you.
But he kept quiet and forgot
you to save you from infamy.
This godly husband you've
got today is because of..
...his prayers. But his own
life has become a hell.
You left from his life and
circumstances made
...a soft-hearted Balram,
a terrible Ballu Tiger.
I request you, Devika.
Please take your husband's
transfer from this city.
Bajrang Pandey has left
many people lo kill him.
I've saved him today. But tomorrow"
I'm proud of you, Devika.
I've been cheated.
- Cheated?
I can never forget this
cheat and deceit taken
place with me.
My duty is my first love, Devika.
Department didn't do
this right with me.
- Yes.
Look at this transfer order. For
the first time in my life..
...I'll have to go from the city
without getting success.
This order is a biggest
spot on my career.
I've faces many dangerous
tasks in life..
...I was never sacred
of any big storm.
Today I'll have to bend at
this small piece of paper.
But I very well know
who's doing all this.
I know who's doing all this.
Dear Bajrangi, I have done my work.
Greeting, Bajrangi Greeting!
I've brought good news. You'd
be happy to hear it.
Your biggest enemy ACP Mehra" transferred from the city.
What's this?
What's the matter, Bajrang?
Why do you need to take
that ACP's name?
His name reminds brother in law
of his torture in the jail.
Am I right, brother-in-law?
- Aye!
I won't let him leave
this city so easily.
He'll be transferred.
But not in some city.
Directly to the heaven.
I also know that ACP's
death is final.
But have you thought of your tiger"
that has escaped from your cage?
It's not a great deal.
We'll cage him again.
And Jagatpal murder case
file is not yet closed.
Police is in search of the murderer.
I just have to make
one call. Only one.
You can make two calls.
Brother-in-law, what if we
kill the tiger on the way"
...when he was being
taken to the court?
When we've call off the relations"
what's wrong if we kill him?
What do you say?
For the first time in your life..'ve said something sensible.
Thank you, brother-in-lawl
That means I can dream of your
position after your death.
I'll bring syrup for him.
- Stupid! Idiot!
Why these sweets?
Today is my birthday.
- Oh, happy birthday. - Thank you!
Take this. You also
sweeten your mouth.
Only best wishes? You can
also give her some gift.
What do you want? You'll get
anything that you ask for.
Really? I hope you won't deny.
- Try asking me.
- Promise.
Ballu tiger, you're under arrest.
- Reason?
Under the blame of Mr.
Jagatpal's murder.
Bajrang, you?
- Yes, It's me.
I've got the news that you're
leaving from this city.
How can you go like that?
Did you forget? I had
promised you that.
...I wouldn't sleep till I
decide something about you.
I love you a lot.
If you'd left I won't
like in this city.
Seel We've come to take
you away with respect.
This is not the way towards
police station.
Who's going to the police station?
Today Bajrang Pandey
will be relieved..
...from both his enemies.
What do you mean?
- I mean today Bajrang Pandey..
...will kill ACP Mehra and
his wife at the Old hill..
And I'll kill you here
in police encounter.
Don't move!
Release Ballul
- Release him!
Run, Ballul Runl
Run, Ballul Runl
Madhu, you didn't do this right.
In return of your obligation
and respect-. life was very small, Ballu.
Please do rne one more favour.
Yes, tell me. Ballu. I wish
to die with nuptials.
Do you remember what I had said?
That I'll eat the betel
leaf on the day..
...when I'll bring you to my street.
Minister, he got right to
attach ACP with his name"
...he tried to rule the entire city.
He's very dominating. What to say.
If any weak hearted
person were there"
he'd have died at the same place.
No, I mean to say nobody can
tolerate so much of pain.
Anybody would have died.
But what have you thought
about this ACP?
Do you want to do anything
or just tie him like this?
Uncle, why butcher ties his goat?
So that he can be killed.
That's where you make mistake.
Unless you kill the
enemy with pleasure" can't enjoy killing him.
A husband always sees his wife
with complete adornment.
But till now this has never
happened that a husband"
...would have seen his wife
in the form of a widow.
This ACP will see.
Today I'll make your wife
a widow in presence of you.
Wowl What a plan, Bajrang Pandeyl
Where's your brain?
- Don't you know?
I do the hair massage
to Bajrang Pandey.
In his skull.
Your enmity is with me.
Don't touch her, Bajrang.
Had you left me on my request?
Then how can I leave your
wife on your request?
The day I had done the first
murder on your instruction" had gifted this pistol to me.
Today I'll do the last murder
of yours with this pistol.
Leave Rakesh and his
wife otherwise..
All our plans have failed.
What will happen to me if..
...Bajrang Pandey will be arrested?
I'll definitely loose my position.
If brother in law is arrested,
all of us will also be.
Lallan, listen to me. He's
your brother in law.
If you don't mind I've an idea.
- Who brother in law?
And what's to feel bad? You
please tell me your idea.
If I'll remain alive. I'll definitely
find many brothers in laws.
C'mon, tell me.
I'll call up the police and make
your brother in law arrest.
But I won't let you get arrested.
I'll make you the witness.
- Very good!
You've a brain! Tell me something.
Do you also do the hair massage?
You can take it that way.
Hello, police station! Lallan here.
Bajrang Pandey's brother in law.
Listen to me. I want to tell you
about my brother in law's"
...illegal activities. Yes.
My brother in law is a number
one murderer, a dacoit.
He's a smuggler. If you don't
believe me then ask"
the minister. He's with me.
Talk to him. - Hello, inspector,
minister Baxi here.
From the high hill.
Arrest Bajrang Pandey. Ok?
He said everything true.
Hurry upl Fast!
- Please go ahead-.
Ba.. b..
- Who? Who?
- Who? Please tell me.
Pa Pandeyl Over there.
What? - Your brother in law.
- To hell with him.
You please speak up.
He's there.
Brother-in-law, you? Look
at him, brother in law.
Look! He was calling up
the police against you-.
- You consider him your friend.
He's a deceitful person. Kill him.
- No.
He had called up to the police.
Did I call up or you?
- He.
He's lying-
- He...
Brother-in-law, we're
like a father and son.
You worthless] Now
I don't need you.
What do you think that you..
Can dominate me with your power?
Put on this to Devika, Rakesh.
Nuptial woman's neck shouldn't
be left blank.
That's what public says.
"I'm a broken Star.
I'm a wanderer.."
"I'm a broken Star.
I'm a wanderer.."
"My heart is crazy. Sorrow
is my treasure."
"My destiny has cheated with me."