Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip (1999) Movie Script

Uh... honey?
I don't think thats gonna fit.
Just a little more dear.
Got it!
See hon, I told you
I could do it.
Dee Dee.
With this all powering Neurotomic
Protocore in my possession,
I will make the world mine!
Haa haa haa!
Haa haa haa haa haa!
Haa haa haa haa!
Haa haa!
Unhand that Neurotomic
Protocore Mandark!
Who said that?
I did!
Blast you Dexter!
Hay, nows there's an idea.
Blast Dexter. Yes.
Blast Dexter!
Know this Mandark,
that as long as I live
you will never possess
the Neurotomic Protocore.
I swear it.
And I swear Dexter
for as long as I shall live,
I will one day possess the Neurotomic
Protocore and rule the world.
I swear it.
Now that that is taken care of
I can get back to work.
Have your gibberish woman.
I have no time for you today.
Much too much has happened.
So I bid you adieu.
Goodbye sister.
You know the exit
is this way, goodbye.
Dee Dee, how many times do I have to tell
you to stay out of my laborrr...
You're not Dee Dee.
W-w-w-who are you?
We are here to destroy
the one who saved the future.
Ahhhhhoo ahh
ahh ahh ooh aah.... ...!
No robots are going
to threaten me in my lab.
if they are from the future.
Futuristic robots prepared
to meet your maker!
Well, that was easy.
No dumb robots from the future
can destroy this little genius.
But boy oh boy.
I must be something else for somebody
to go through all this trouble.
Boy oh boy.
Dexter, the boy
who saved the future.
I can't wait for the future.
Pft. The future
is taking too long.
Wait a second,
I don't have to wait
for the future.
I'll just get into my old
trusty time machine.
And zap, boom, pop!
I'll get to see how cool I am.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Oh boy!
Future, here I come.
This is very peculiar.
The lab seems untouched.
But I have traveled
the years into the future.
Is nothing different?
This is different.
Hey! What are you non-aliens
doing in my laboratory?
Your laboratory?
This is our rec room.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
What's your number?
I do not have a number.
I am Dexter the one who saved
the future.
And I live here.
- Yow!
- No number, huh?
Come with me.
It is a sad sad world when
the no numbers can just waltz
on in onto private property
with no trouble at all.
I hope you like jail
Mr. No Number.
Officer 9-4-1-2 here.
How can I be of assistance?
I have here, a no number!
Were on our way.
Let's get him boys.
Dexter boy, sometimes
this is just too easy.
Closet!?! This is supposed
to be the front door.
Stop where you are and put
your hands in the air!
Where is the front door?!?
Where is the front door?
Wait, I wonder if my old emergency
exit route is still here.
Where'd he go?
He's nowhere to be found.
I guess I don't live
here in the future.
My folks must have moved out when
the neighborhood started growing.
Boy, what cool cars.
Would ya' look at that.
The future.
Clearly these achievements
must be my own.
Unauthorized walking.
Identify yourself.
Dexter, boy genius.
State your number.
I have been told
I have no number.
Retinal scan.
Number 12. Why are you
not at your workstation?
Workstation! I don't
work, I'm a boy.
Must return to work station.
How can I return to a workstation
I have never even been too?
That is right.
My future self.
Well Mr. Robot,
it looks like 'duh' you are taking
me exactly where I want to go.
To the heart of the city robot.
Where my laboratory
in the sky awaits.
I love the future!
Mmm, breakfast..
8:52, Holy cow, I'm almost late.
I better log on.
Good morning number
12, welcome to work.
Aw, just made it.
Wow, I could have
been in big big trouble.
Number 12?
Y-y-yes sir?
You are almost
late this morning.
But but but but but but.
Report to my office immediately.
You're expected.
Almost late for work again.
Tisk tisk tisk.
Such a pity.
There are two types of people
in this world number 12,
there are those who struggle
to support their families.
Scratching and scraping.
For any little morsel
of food oh!
They can find.
And there's the strong
and powerful the elite.
With luxuries that others
can't possibly dream of.
Would you number 12
are neither.
Ha haha ha hahahaha hahahaha
ha haha hahahaha haha ha!
Hey, hey, hey. What you
think you're are doing?
This is not my laboratory
in the sky!
Ladies and gentlemen please
excuse the interruption.
I invite you to join me in the public
floggings of a number 12,
for once again he was almost
late for work.
And so number 12
before we get started,
do you have anything
to say for yourself?
Could I have some padding?
Now make a wish.
Number 12?
Number 12?
N-n-n-number 12?
That's me?
This time has been duly noted
and will be deducted from your salary.
Thank you.
- Ahhh!
- Ahhh!
No, no please don't hurt me.
I traveled to the future
for this?
I don't hear any typing
down their number 12.
Quick, get out of the chair,
I have to get back on schedule.
Man, how do you let that doofus
Mandark push you around?
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Please leave.
Just out of curiosity,
did you become a wimp overnight
or was it a gradual process.
Oh I've always been like this.
I had yet to be beaten
by that oversize head of a man but.
You! You cower
at the sound of his voice.
You have ruined everything
I have worked for, haven't you!
I don't know who you
are but please leave.
You don't know who I am?
You don't know who I am!
I travel through space
and time to see you
and you can't even recognize
your own flesh and blood!
Yes, I am you.
But it can't be. Can it?
I'm sorry I wish I could
talk but I'm very very busy.
What possibly could you
do here that is more
important than talking
to yourself.
I hope you know that what I do
here is very important.
I designed these cubicles.
I cannot believe this.
Robots from the future come
back in time to destroy me
cos' I saved the future
and then I travel in time
to see how cool I am
saving the future
and here I find you.
A pitiful excuse of a Dexter.
The Neurotomic Protocore.
Hello, what are these?
Designs utilizing Neurotomic.
An unlimited power
producing pylon.
Teletronic matter manipulation.
Centralized neurotomic
information distribution.
These ideas are incredible.
No no, those are nothing.
You should see the new
cubicle design I did.
10 by 10.
Yes, I increased the cubicle
space by 1 foot.
Are you crazy!
These plans can
revolutionize the future.
You are a real Dexter after all.
Stop the typing.
Stop the typing.
Stop the typing!
You are not a worker
drone my friend..
You are not just a number.
You are a genius!
You have got a name.
What is your name?
What is your name?
No! Whatisyourname?
Dexter is the name
of a lion a tiger a bear!
Oh my!
Now let's get the heck into the future
and see how cool we are.
Number 12!
Hee, hee, hee.
Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee.
Hee, hee, hee.
Haha ha!
Haha ha!
Hahaha! Hahahahaha!
Hahaha! Hahahahaha!
Hahaha! Hahahahaha!
Boy oh boy the future.
The future I can hardly wait.
Oh, I think I'm
going to be sick.
It seems that my lab is back
to its original order.
Uh-uh, that is strange.
I forgot how much
I hate time travel.
It seems that were surrounded
by a very large pane.
I'll say.
Can't breathe!
Gotta get out! Gotta get out!
Out! Out!
Let me out!
I gotta get it to work.
We're out.
Hey this looks like a museum
about my old stuff.
Big Giant Dexo Robo.
Man, me and this puppy have had
quite a few adventures together.
Whats this?
I did not build the giant
Dexo Robo out of Styrofoam.
This is not a fair representation
of the genius that is Dexter.
This is a piece of junk!
Hey, what's with all the racket.
I'm typing I'm typing!
I know that you Dexter and don't think
I haven't forgotten what you did to me.
I'm still gonna get you Dexter!
What are you doing?
I'm typing.
We'll cut it out and look.
There's nothing left
of Mandark but his lame brain.
I heard that!
Lame brain.
That's pretty funny.
I wonder what it was that Mandark
lost his head over.
Oh, I heard that too!
Oh, I'm warning you!
What are you going to do
think something bad?
Why you...
Come here and I'll teach
you a lesson.
You'll see, I'll be back on my feet
and destroy you yet Dexter!
Poo. What is all the ruckus
in here?
Who is causing all this?
Oh! My gracious!
Who could have done this?
Who would want
to destroy the homage
to our all knowing
and omnipotent leader Dexter!
I would!
Oh! My gracious it's you!
It's both of you!
All hail the great
and powerful Dexters.
Proof at last.
Young naive cease this
exultation at once
and fetch us
your most elegant coach.
We require passage
to see our future self
the great and powerful Dexter!
Yes, yes your grace,
of course right away!
Thought transference
commencing in
3, 2, 1.
Amazing, what is this?
It's a Teletronicicly
Manifested Bubble Transport.
Teletronicicly Manifested.
Yes, one merely has to think
of something and poof
the matter is Teletronicicly
Where does this new
science come from?
Why you of course.
That is the future you.
See, I told you
your idea's were genus.
Dexters past, welcome
to your future.
Welcome to Xtopia.
Thanks to your marvelous invention
of the Neurotomic Protocore.
All of your knowledge
of science and technology
is disbursed freely
from your brain
and into the brains
of every inhabitant
wearing a transference receptor.
In turn causing universal
wisdom, peace, and harmony.
See I told you.
We're here!
The Centralized Neurotomic information
and Power Distribution Pylon.
Oh, isn't it fab!
Well, this is as far as I go.
The great one isn't
for the likes of my lowly eyes.
Good luck.
It is just
like in the blueprints.
And look! The Neurotomic Protocore
is at the heart of it all.
We must be at the top
running the whole show.
I did not think it could happen
but I am more of a genius
than I already am.
Shall we?
Who dares disturbed the great
and powerful Dexter!
Once the profit signs
upon the world.
We are the Dexter's of the past.
We have come from the past to find
out how we save the future
you're all knowing presence.
I didnt know it
was my birthday.
I'll be right down.
Who put these stairs here!
Ohh! My hip!
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it!
Where are my presents?
We are your presents.
We are you. Don't
you recognize us?
You are?
Yes, you are us.
I am?
You saved all of mankind.
I did?
Don't ya' remember.
Remember what?
How you did it?
Did what?
Save the future!
I did?
Yes, can you picture it,
a world in dire need.
A world in need of a hero.
And there's only one man
to do the job.
Romance machina.
One man with the strength,
the technology,
the rugged good looks.
And that man is?
Yes, yes, yes!
Yes, yes, yes.
Do you remember?
Apparently there's only one thing
left to do.
We must again traveling time
back to the very
time of our triumph.
Back to see firsthand
just how cool we've really are!
Boy oh boy, I can hardly
wait to see how cool I was.
Come on hurry up.
Times a wasting.
Let's go.
This is going to be great.
He's not coming.
- Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
- Don't you think
you could move a bit faster.
Think! I think I can.
Here we go.
Okay all right almost
there I got it now.
I'm in. I'm in.
Thanks Billy.
Coolness, here we come.
Oh, what happened
to the lab this time?
Looks like a bomb hit.
Hey look, oldie found a way out.
It is nice to know some of us
are still on the ball.
Here gramps,
penthouse chop chop.
Elevator up.
13th floor underwear,
outerwear, n' out of here.
Oh, what happened
to the world this time?
Looks likes a bomb hit.
Does any of this ring
a bell with you?
Hay! People!
Lets check it out!
Come on men, lets see if any of these
villagers can tell us what is going on.
Pardon my good man
but wouldst thou know 'where' and more
importantly, 'when' we today?
Good gravy has everyone
around here lost their minds?
Fire, come out fire.
What happened to everyone!
What is wrong with you?
What are you trying to do?
We try to make fire
come out of wood.
Okay, step back watch closely.
By order of the overlord.
All fires are prohibited.
the creation of fire
is a punishable offense.
The overlords machine man!
Way to go smart guy now
we'll never know how cool we are
coz' we're all going
to be ionized.
Let there be fire for all!
You see I told you, I told you
we were to be cool in the future.
Did you see those moves!
That wrench.
That brawn!
That beard.
The dome.
Hey yeah, what happened?
Hey yeah, what happened?
Dexter! Dexter! Dexter!
Oh yeah man!
Your as cool as I always
wanted to be.
Ah? Dexters?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And we traveled
forward in the time
'cause I heard I.
I mean We said the future.
But he couldn't remember.
So then we went back in time
to find you
and we did. And it was awesome.
Time travel, hum...
You boys will need to be
filled in on a few things.
Yeah, like what happened
to the world?
And who is science
hoarding overlord.
Mandark! Mandark! Mandark!
Many moons ago, Mandark and I were employed
by the corporation as research scientist
to develop new technologies
for the betterment of the future.
So naturally, as my genius produced
a fountain of amazing ideas.
A not so inspired Mandark
grew more and more jealous.
He began stealing my creations
and presenting them as his own.
As you may well remember.
He soon gained favor
with the executive hierarchy
and was quickly promoted
up through the ranks.
And with one diabolical coup,
Mandark overthrew and became the very
President of the corporation himself.
Then darkness fell.
Somehow my most prized invention
the Neurotomic Protocore
fell into Mandark clutches.
Oh my gosh, we left
the core out in my cubicle.
Mandark tried to employ
the powers of the core
but the incompetent fool set
the positive flow to negative.
And now corrupt energies of the core began
to twist Mandark already crooked mind.
Making him even more greedy
insane than ever before.
I could take it no more.
To escape the perversion
of my own science.
I went underground. Literally.
I dug a tunnel
out from Mandark's tower.
For years I dug and dug.
Inching my way to freedom.
But while I dug the negative
Neurotomic energy swept the world.
Numbing the minds of the people.
Allowing Mandark to work is evil tentacles
into every facet of technology and society.
It was as though he just
reached down
and raked the earth clean.
Hoarding all science
all knowledge for himself.
When I emerged I found this
world broken and stupid.
I did what I could to help
but with the overlords robots
enforcing terror across the land
and very few resources
at my disposal.
It's been a fight
just to survive.
Aw, buck up hero we found
the lab and we can all help.
The laboratory!?!
I had thought it lost forever.
But with the power of the lab
plus the genius of me times four
the cataclysmic collapse
of the overlord empire of oppression!
Yeah!Yeah! Yeah!
To the laboratory.
I'd like to take this time
to pat myselfs on the back.
Gentlemen, here's to another greatest
work completed,
for tomorrow
we storm the castle!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Your overly lordness,
proximity alarm,
registered an armed assault
vehicle on an attack vector.
Imageizer on!
How can this be?
Science is forbidden to all.
Only I have the knowledge
to construct such a
Dexter with Dexter,
Dexter, and Dexter.
It isn't possible!
It seems my old Nemesis has not
only mysteriously resurfaced
but has also found a way to enlist
the aid of himself from other times!
No matter. Let them come.
I have a few surprises
of my own.
Mandark's castle is just
over the next ridge.
This is it Dexter's!
We're going in.
Your mechanized
minions are defeated.
Now it's just you,
me, me, me and me.
So Dexter, you thought
quadrupling your brain
So MightyMike77020,ht
quadrupling your brain
power would be
enough to defeat me!
Well I think it's safe
to even the playing field.
Just like old times, eh?
Yes, quite the reunion but...
Reunion sh-union! I want my Neurotomic
Protocore you gluttonous old hack!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- You old raisin.
- You clod.
- You smagegie.
- You nincompoop.
You ding dong.
- Grr.
- I ought a'.
Haa haa-haa haa-haa!
Haa haa-haa haa-haa!
Haa haa-haa haa-haa!
Haa haa-haa haa-haa!
Oh my!
That's it! If we can reach
the neurotomic flow controls
and set it to positive, the protocore
will revert back to normal
undoing the mind numbing evil these
mad Mandark's have unleashed.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
No! I've always wanted the core!
No! I stole the core!
No! The core is mine!
No! Just because I'm
bitter and jealous!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go! Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Yes, go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Go Dexter go!
Dee Dee.
- Dee Dee!
- Dee Dee!
Dee Dee.
Dee Dee.
Dee Dee.
Dee Dee.
Dee Dee!
Ooh, what does this button do?
I remember! I remember!
Dee Dee was the one who saved
the future!
No way!
That didn't just happen!
I wanted to be
the one who saved the future.
Argh! That girl!
I'll teach her to mess
up my future savings.
Yeah, we'll show her!
Ooh, that little ding dong!
I'll get her once and for all.
Robots! Destroyed
the one who saved the future!
That should take
care of Dee Dee.
It looks like the future
is back on track.
I've got a lot
of cleaning up to do
but with a positive
flow of the core
everything should work out fine.
Well then, we should be getting
back to our own times.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Dexter.
Goodbye Billy.
Boy, that isn't exactly
what I expected,
but I did turn out pretty
cool in the future.
Wait a minute I'm still
here fighting those robots.
But wait,
Those are the robots I just
built to get Dee Dee.
While we're building the future.
But now I'm
about to destroy them.
Before I even decide
to go into the future.
So that means when I came back.
That means I came back too far.
Back before I ever left.
So I must have come...
No I...
Or they were...
Aw, forget it.
Time travel hurts my brain.