Dhaakad (2022) Movie Script

Seagull's heading towards
the meeting point.
Time for action.
Copy that, Dragonfly.
Over and out.
Dragonfly, this is Ringmaster.
Once inside you'll have only three
minutes to get to the bookkeeper.
Roger that.
I want this clean and quick.
Let's go.
Dragonfly, listen to me
very carefully.
Seagull is compromised.
We're calling off the mission.
It was an ambush.
Agni, abort mission.
Secure yourself
and return to the safe house.
Do it.
Agni, abort mission.
It's an order.
Don't be scared.
You're safe.
Found the girls, Ringmaster.
Send backup.
Get a grip on your agent.
This will prove costly.
Can she identify the killer?
In my experience,
in cases like these,
children tend to forget every
memory of those terrible events.
These memories could return
in a stressful situation.
We call it 'repressed memories'.
You made me lose a pickup line.
Which one?
The 'Can I buy you a drink' one.
That's a waste on me.
It takes me much more than a drink,
to get wasted
and be in bed with someone.
I am sure that smile
can beat them all.
Well, these lips can do more
than just smile.
Let's see what else they can do.
Your place or mine?
Let me get my car keys.
I know you're still
furious over Seagull...
Seagull wasn't our agent.
It was never your call.
Do you ever care about
permissions, protocols, Agni?
FSB has raised a storm.
They want me to replace you.
The information on the flash
drive has been decoded.
We're challenging Asia's largest
human trafficking syndicate.
They are spreading their roots,
in entire eastern Europe.
They knew Seagull is coming.
It was an ambush.
Someone didn't want us to get
our hands on this information.
So... maybe they got a mole
inside the Russian FSB,
or maybe among us.
So from now, operational details
will remain between you and I.
The Indian wing of this syndicate,
operates from central
India's coal mining belt.
The names of those who run it.
10 years ago,
we almost caught him in the Gulf.
He's been off the radar ever since.
Handles the money. She's
the brain behind the operations.
And the others follow her orders.
We've made arrangements
for your immediate return to India.
No, I'm not going to India!
You know the kind of memories
that India brings back to me.
And if I go to India,
I'll never be able to return.
Your past...
Don't let it ruin your future.
I raised you as a warrior.
You're a fighter.
It's time to fight
for those innocent girls.
If I've done my duty
by raising you properly,
then you must fulfill your duty
for my sake.
- Not to India, please!
- No.
We have an asset there, Fazal.
He will receive you.
And I'm warning you...
This time you will not
go against without my orders.
Just remember...
We're only gathering
information there,
Nothing else.
So good luck, and...
Be safe, my Dragonfly.
What's this joke, sir?
Here I am risking my life,
and my child's...
And you've sent an
Air hostess to fight this war.
Come on.
This air hostess
is a firecracker.
It's 2022,
but louts like you
still don't understand,
that harassing women is...
Not cool!
Birju, if you have a death wish,
Then just throw
yourself under the bus.
She's treating you with kid gloves.
Don't try to act tough,
or she'll knock
the daylights out of you.
You should carry a lady's bag,
not steal it.
Give it to me.
Let's go, boys.
- Welcome, madam.
- Let's go.
Found the asset.
And received the gear.
All good here.
Find information on Rohini's
personal bodyguard Khalid.
He can lead us to Rudraveer.
And don't get distracted.
I won't.
How long have you been
working for the agency?
For the last four to five years.
Who was that boy at the bus stop?
Took me a while to befriend him.
He keeps an eye on everyone.
What do you know about Rudraveer?
A lot.
Please, take a seat.
This will take a while.
Please eat.
I'm a decent cook.
Madam, a wise man waits for
coal to turn into a diamond.
But Rudraveer had other plans.
For him, coal was
as valuable as diamonds.
and he made a fortune out of it.
Run. Run guys, he's coming.
So now you'll shed
your father's blood for money.
Our land, our mines,
And it's run by the government?
I've only taken one bag
from what's mine.
What's wrong is wrong!
I haven't killed my father.
I have toppled the government.
Let's go.
Rudraveer wasn't
any good with money,
but Rohini was born for it.
I didn't hold back in
giving you pleasure,
So why're you holding back my money?
What happened?
The cash.
Count it.
It's short by five notes.
She's right.
I am a merchant's daughter.
I've played with money
more than dolls.
We'll stay in touch.
Rudraveer took care of Rohini,
and she took care of his money.
Madam, when a leader is born,
followers come flocking soon.
Wherever Rudraveer spotted
a sharp mind,
he corrupted it.
In no time, that newbie
built an army of kids.
Love and social work,
both on in full swing.
As Rudraveer's empire expanded,
Rohini got promoted
from retail to corporate.
The brothel madam who got Rohini
into the flesh trade,
Rohini killed her...
And took over her business.
Rudraveer wasn't operating
like a phantom on his own.
He had Shamsher watching over him.
Yours balls haven't dropped yet.
As your reputation grows,
So will your payment...
got it?
Get lost!
Shamsher measured
status by stature.
So Rudraveer upped his stature.
People like Rudraveer don't wait
for their fortunes to grow.
They fast-track the process.
This bucket of water isn't
for you to drown.
You have to cross
the river of life,
and live to tell the tale.
Come on.
Watch my reputation grow now.
Shamsher was reduced to
a horrific example.
Rudraveer and Rohini,
Their beginnings arose
out of necessity...
I have no doubts about that.
But they carried on
for fun and passion,
I have no doubts
about that either.
People say that Rudraveer
is a bad human being.
But madam, the truth is
that he is anything but human.
Because if he was human,
he would be seen.
Animals and monsters do a better
job hiding than human beings.
And that's how Rudraveer
built his empire, madam.
Should we start working
on its downfall?
You seem to be in a hurry, madam.
Sweetheart, you're still awake!
Madam, can I go tuck her in?
Rohini's personal bodyguard...
Bad manners.
At least let me say hello
to your friend.
Go ahead.
Hi, Zaira.
Come after you finish, papa.
Okay, child.
Don't think too much, madam.
She's just like her mother.
Rohini's personal bodyguard Khalid,
where can we find him?
I've been keeping an eye
on him for a long time.
He's a compulsive gambler.
The old areas of Suhagpur
are gambling hubs.
That's where you'll find him.
Let's bet on him, then.
Come one, come all.
Come and place your bets.
Believe me, madam,
this is a very dangerous place.
Should we go back?
Listen to me, madam,
let's go back.
You seem like you don't
have any family,
but I do.
These guys will tear us to shreds.
Your boy is gonna win,
and make you win as well.
Come one, come all.
Come and place your bets.
Madam, what are you doing?
Brother Khalid, she's an
amazing photographer.
She's just going to take pictures.
If she takes your pictures,
you'll be world-famous.
On Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, the works.
You'll be a star, believe me.
Listen, you chicken.
I won't pose in the same picture
as these amateurs.
Calm down.
Calm down, guys.
I mean peace...
Peace out? Please.
Listen, you low-life...
Tell madam to take
pictures of the winners.
Because losers will be too
embarrassed to show their face.
Okay! Works.
Ladies, gentlemen, and fans.
In one corner there's Kaale Khan,
and in the other corner
we have Neele Khan.
Gosh, they're nicknamed
after their underwear!
Players, begin.
Hold his leg. His leg...
Great move.
Go Kaale. Go Kaale.
Grab him. Grab his leg.
Another one.
Khalid's boy is losing.
We won't get his picture.
Do something.
I am so stressed.
So stressed!
Go Kaale!
Go Kaale!
- Go Kaale!
- Bravo!
- Go Kaale!
- Bravo!
What's got into him?
I made 5000 from just 500.
Go Kaale!
And with that Kaale
Khan is the winner.
So hot!
So hot.
This light, you look very...
handsome in it.
Give me your phone,
I'll take your profile pose.
Which pose, madam?
Side pose.
Side pose.
Give me your phone,
Front, side, back...
click from any angle you like.
Naughty boy! Give me your phone.
I'd love getting my picture
taken by you, madam.
Side pose, please.
So hot.
Little more side.
Oh wow. Your girlfriends will
be pleased to see this.
No girlfriend.
You... my girlfriend.
Madam, your husband
Gabriel Khan is waiting.
Bye, Khalid!
Wait, you wretch!
What information did you get?
Morning, sir.
Did you find anything
on Khalid's phone?
Sir, we have a lead.
Patch it up.
Copy that, sir.
We found this ID on the
national database, sir.
Are you sure about this?
Positive, sir.
Forward all the information to Agni.
Yes, sir.
Yes, madam.
The address is of Lucknow.
They have booked some
Amina's ticket to come here.
Famous designer.
She's coming to
stitch Rohini's dress.
But I know you're going to
put a needle in her plans.
Not me, the both of us.
Did you have a pleasant
journey, Amina?
I did, thanks to you.
Thank you.
Why hide your face from me?
I am a fan of yours.
How can I get a selfie
with you this way?
You see, I've made connections
with some influential people...
I've seen your work.
I liked it a lot.
Thank you.
Take my measurements.
Fly. Fly.
I've a thing for clothes,
and you've earned
quite the reputation.
So I thought I should give it a try.
Most of my connections
are with sex workers.
So I like a girl
with a special talent.
Thank you.
I've turned into a feminist
in the last couple of years.
I've had no problems
in being touched.
In fact, I've always gained from it.
I've always dreamt about this.
There's a bonfire.
Its flames almost engulfing
the pitch black night.
Touching the sky as
if they'll burn it down.
Drunk women are circling
around and celebrating.
And then men dressed in whites
are jumping into the fire.
Then I wake up,
because none of the
fing men are left.
- Water.
- Water? Balram.
Why you...
I'll get it myself.
Let's go.
Here you go.
I am sorry.
I've taken your measurements,
and the dress will be ready soon.
- It was so nice meeting you.
- Goodbye.
It was nice talking to you.
You don't speak much.
Quite the shy kind.
What were you doing?
What the hell were you doing?
There were so many buttons, madam,
I got confused.
You could've compromised
the whole mission.
Not possible, madam.
You were there.
You would've sprung into action.
Madam... think again.
Victim card!
Take this and...
Sorry, madam.
Hi. Where's Papa?
He's out for some work.
He'll be back in a while.
Will you play with me
until Papa comes back?
You're so tall.
So sit over here.
Come on.
My mom used to play
like this with me too.
Now get up.
Turn around in circles.
- Steady?
- Yes.
You smart girl!
Where are you?
The laughter's coming
from this way.
Got you.
Papa. Papa.
Where are you?
Got you.
Got you.
Who is it?
Who is it?
What happened?
I played so much with you.
I'm tired.
Now, get some rest.
Sing me a lullaby.
Or else I can't sleep.
I know only one lullaby, but...
Doesn't matter.
Sing what you know.
"Sleep, little princess..."
"Sleep, little princess..."
"Let sleep take over your eyes"
"Wander off to the world of dreams"
"Sleep, little princess."
"Sleep, little princess."
A fortune spent on makeup,
a couple of thousands on devices.
But not a single clip
worth the effort.
It was a total waste, madam.
Oh... So madam's going back
to where it all began.
It'll be a lot more fun
if it all ends there.
By the grace of Allah.
Agni, you're following orders
properly for the first time.
Are you surprised?
There's good progress as well.
Not bad.
This place looks more hi-tech
than our resources.
What's the status on Amina?
See for yourself.
Amina's dress is going
to work wonders.
These are Rohini's program details.
The meeting's been fixed at
Sheikh Haroon Al Abadi's new club,
which Rohini will attend wearing
the dress stitched by Amina.
Butter Factory.
Our agents are inside a van
in the parking.
They can hear and see everything,
with your help.
We've a link, sir.
Visual's up.
Sound's good to go.
For you.
The one who calls himself a hawk,
is hiding like a rat in a hole.
And has sent his pet
Pussycat to handle things.
Would you like a drink?
Our sources in the
government tell us,
that some foreign agency
attacked your warehouse.
Maybe an Indian agency.
The Sheikh is quite
furious about it.
It's not just the loss.
But also because he can see
the sun setting on your empire.
That's why he has
no desire in working...
Before you form any firm
wrong notions about me,
can I give some clarification?
You see, even we're worried
about the loss.
But we won't let you suffer.
We've made up for it.
As we speak, a second consignment
Has already been delivered to you.
You can confirm
with your connections.
And as for the sun
setting on our empire...
We shine like the moon
and the stars in the dark.
Some days might not be ours,
but we own all the nights.
Your claim was correct.
I'm not used to changing
my decisions.
But it would be unfair
not to do so now.
Start gathering my 'roses'.
The money will be transferred
to your account.
Thank you.
One more thing, Sheikh.
Rats aren't the only creatures
that live in holes...
Serpents do too.
And this particular serpent
is hungry for business.
This can benefit
both of us equally.
I feel... you are a
very intelligent man.
Their network is expanding.
They've become very organised.
It's time to crush
this serpent's hood.
Rohini and Sheikh are
talking about some hole.
Rudraveer is hiding
in the coal mines,
that's why he's untraceable.
I'm eager to end
Rudraveer's story.
But we can't attack the
mines based on assumption.
We need confirmed intelligence.
Leave that to me.
'Only small roses.'
Make no mistake this time,
or I'll set your ass on fire.
Hang up and get to work.
"Don't lift my palanquin"
"for my father is yet to bid me goodbye."
"Don't lift my palanquin"
"for my father is yet to bid me goodbye."
"My brothers are still crying"
"No one's consoled them as yet"
"My brothers are still crying:
"No one's consoled them as yet"
"Don't lift my palanquin"
"for my father is yet to bid me goodbye."
"My brothers are still crying"
"No one's consoled them as yet"
"Father, I still have some
dolls lying in your cupboard"
"Father, I still have some
dolls lying in your cupboard"
"Father, I still have some
dolls lying in your cupboard"
"Today, I feel like you have
fulfilled all my desires"
"Today, I feel like you have
fulfilled all my desires"
Get the girls and
be quick about it!!
Come quick.
"Don't lift my palanquin yet"
"For my father..."
You.. move!!
Don't be dramatic,
walk straight!!
This is for you.
This is the information
you asked for.
Thank you, sir.
"Don't lift my palanquin"
"Please, don't..."
"For my father..."
The Sheikh's man
likes little roses.
We will leave for Europe tomorrow.
My boys moved earth and sky
to complete your order.
Everyone should be
rewarded properly.
And they will be.
I never take any service for free.
Madam, remember Birju
from the bus stop.
He's saying that Rohini is taking dozens
of girls from the brothel to the mines.
For some kind of celebration.
Madam, why don't
you gather evidence,
and arrest him on another day.
I don't have time to rest.
I've to finish this
job quickly and leave.
But madam,
entering the coal mines is suicidal.
We'll get shot.
You take Zaira and leave.
Madam, how can I leave?
I was in jail.
I was told that they will release
me if I work for the agency.
I can live with Zaira.
And if I refuse,
I'll rot in jail again.
And Zaira will be sent
to some orphanage...
Zaira will be fine.
You leave.
I'll deal with the agency.
You mean I can leave.
Swear on God.
Where is Zaira?
I've to wish her goodbye.
Madam, you really are amazing.
Zaira, what happened?
Did you see a nightmare?
Agni, Papa says
you're very strong.
Are you scared of anything?
Yes... I'm very
scared of the dark.
Of the dark?
How can you be afraid of the dark?
You aren't?
Sometimes, Papa comes home late,
and there's a power cut.
And I've to stay in the dark alone.
But I was never scared.
Brave girl.
So what are you scared of?
I'm afraid that someday
Papa will leave me too,
just like my mother left me.
And I'll be all alone.
Your father will never leave you.
When did this beauty arrive?
Freshly arrived from Lucknow!
Haul them in the truck.
Everyday you do the stripping...
Give me a chance today.
The order's almost complete.
Sheikh Alabadi shouldn't
lose faith in us.
There shouldn't be any problems,
There won't be.
No one will file any missing
complaints about the children either.
You have my word.
Festivities are done.
Now let's talk to the Sheikh.
Hurry up and tell me.
One of your girls is missing.
She was in the wrong place.
This shouldn't have happened.
But it did.
Someone will have to pay the price,
isn't it?
I don't know...
Quiet. Absolutely quiet.
You see, it's Rani's fault.
And the pawns are
dying unnecessarily.
Someone infiltrated your fortress.
What did you say?
Birju was spying on you.
Let's spy on Birju.
The guy Birju was passing
the information to,
is some post office
warehouse manager.
I'll be there.
What are you doing?
She's just a kid.
Doesn't matter.
What is your name?
Madam, you're definitely mistaken.
I don't know anything.
What can I tell you?
It's alright.
Your Papa's hiding many secrets.
Once he spills them,
he'll feel better.
Right, Papa?
I swear to God,
I don't know anything.
Now Papa's being childish.
Madam, no.
Who are you collecting
information for?
And for what?
I swear to God,
I don't know anything.
I don't know.
Listen, your father is very brave.
Let's see if I can scare him.
No, no.
She's my child.
She's my child.
Let my child go!
Let my child go!
I found your target.
I saw him.
It was him.
How sure are you about him?
Not everything can be seen
by the naked eye.
It was him!
I don't want to be embarrassed like
last time in front of the ministry.
You might have to beg again.
You're leaving him alive.
Your call.
So my job ends here.
Am I free to go?
It's a go-ahead on Operation Krait.
I am calling in the assault team.
You will lead the extraction.
So you must be feeling lighter now.
You know what, you ask her.
"Papa, are you alright?"
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
Yes, I am alright.
I'm alright, my child.
He was lying.
He wasn't alright.
That's why I put his lights out.
You know what, child.
Wish him goodnight.
Sweet dreams!
Our lands.
Our mines.
The coal belonged
to our forefathers.
Our lands.
Our mines.
The coal too, belonged
to our forefathers.
Our forefathers had a rule.
If some animal enters your cave,
and tries to steal your food,
then devour him.
Humans decide nothing.
Hunger decides.
Law or religion don't matter...
Hunger is the only religion.
And those who tried
to keep us hungry,
I satiated my hunger
with their blood.
Pratap here knows.
Since childhood,
we walked together.
Gave nothing that was mine,
did no favours for others.
And what I used to be once...
You are that today.
Our forefathers are buried here.
And so are the animals they hunted.
This coal is made from
the bones of our ancestors,
It doesn't belong to any
government or master.
And whoever tries
to take this from us,
will turn into coal dust.
What will they turn into?
Coal dust!
So let's turn them into...
Coal dust! Coal dust!
Coal dust!
Well done.
We won't stretch it too much.
We'll terminate the target,
and quick in and out.
Maximum 45 minutes.
What about his men?
We're relying on
the element of surprise.
Our target is only Rudraveer.
What if they fire at us?
The rules are clear.
We'll fire back if we have to.
Our priority is Rudraveer.
Roger that!
Comms check.
Comms are good.
Five minutes to incursion.
Roger that.
It's ours!
It's ours!
This coal!
It's ours!
It's ours!
This coal!
It's ours!
What just happened?
We just lost the visual, sir.
Wait, wait, wait...
Don't get excited.
Something must be wrong.
Get me eyes from another source.
Agni, I cannot see your position.
Don't worry, we're on track.
What happened?
Agni, can you hear me?
I repeat, can you hear me?
Agni, can you hear me?
Agni, come in.
Krait to base.
Krait to base, come in.
Agents down! Requesting air support.
Krait to base, come in!
Krait to base, come in!
Abort mission.
Abort mission, Agni.
Agni, abort mission immediately!
How did they know?
Find their ammunition
depot and blow it up.
Move towards the extraction point.
I'll give you cover fire.
Find it.
I'm out of bullets.
How many bullets do you have left?
Want to enter the lion's den?
Do you know the way out?
Nobody will bloody shoot!
You found the others, didn't you?
This whore is mine.
I don't sell my body...
Separating the soul from
the body is my business!
"Sleep my princess"
"Go to sleep"
"Sleep my princess"
"Go to sleep"
"Go to sleep"
"Sleep, little princess"
"Go to sleep"
"Sleep, little princess"
"Go to sleep"
Our information was correct.
He was there.
He knew we were coming,
and we walked into a trap.
Then your information
was incomplete.
A simple in-and-out extraction
on an officer's gut feeling.
And what happened?
18 of our men died.
Your ops head Agni is dead,
and we found no proof of
Rudraveer being in those mines.
Even if he was,
you've alerted him now.
We appreciate your
intel on Porbunder port.
We were able to rescue the kids.
But nothing tied to Rudraveer.
We're immediately
disbanding your unit.
You will stand down and
wait for further instructions.
Found her at the crime scene.
Next to the dead
body of her parents.
She was singing this lullaby.
- "Sleep my princess"
- Perhaps to comfort herself.
You think she can identify the killer?
In my experience,
in cases like these,
children erase every memory
of those terrible events.
But when they grow up,
these memories can resurface in a
stressful situation or a triggering event
We call it 'repressed memories'.
They can come back.
She isn't trying to forget,
She's trying to remember something.
Her face isn't calm because
she's erased those memories.
It's the glow from the fire of
revenge burning inside.
If she isn't taught how
to control this fire,
then anyone who comes
in contact with her
will be charred.
I'll raise her as my own.
'Agni' means fire,
so that's what we'll call you.
The fire Agni started
has spread all the way to Delhi.
The police are raiding
every brothel, every warehouse.
Several of our boys
have been arrested.
You must leave tonight.
I'll need some time
to transfer my money.
I'll join you as soon as it's done.
If a king leaves his kingdom,
that's not the end of his reign.
You ruled this place,
still do, and always will.
How is she still alive after
being shot in the heart?
It's a rare medical condition.
In these cases, their heart
is slightly on the right.
Just like her mind,
even her heart's
slightly off-kilter.
She's a survivor.
Growing up means you can
take care of yourself.
But Papa, I don't want to grow up.
Everyone has to choose
their own path in life.
People can walk with you,
but they can't walk for you.
Caught you. Caught you.
Don't hide, Agni.
I am coming.
Who is it?
You knew.
Rudraveer killed my parents.
If I had told you everything,
then your emotions
would've interfered with your duty.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was trying to protect you.
I knew that...
Knowing the truth
would drive you crazy.
Not that things turned
out to be any better,
but at least you survived.
And only that is important for me.
What do you think?
Why did I give you
this assignment?
He should have died
by your hands.
For the department records
and the world, you are dead.
Killed in Action.
I am sorry.
We found Fasal's dead body,
and Zaira is missing.
Those two...
They used to work for me,
for the agency.
That's why Rudraveer...
It's no use living
in the past, my child.
There's nothing there.
"Tell me..."
"Why do you give up?"
"Why are you helpless?"
"Why do shadows
loom over your eyes"
"What's that storm brewing"
"Why is your heart restless?"
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Why is your tracker suddenly
sending movement and alerts?
Where is your bracelet?
"Yeah, you..."
"Believe in yourself"
"Heal your wounds"
"Call out now"
"The path's not easy"
"Who are you waiting for?"
"You're breathing fire,
Watch those sparks fly"
"Watch those sparks fly"
"Burn slow like embers"
"The path's not easy"
"But you're ready"
"You're a Badass"
"Hear this call"
"Strike now"
"You're a Badass,
You're a wonder"
"Hear this call"
"It's time to strike"
You're a Badass
"It's time to strike"
"You are ready"
I'm uploading his
location coordinates.
Bring Zaira back safely.
I had time that day,
today I'm in a rush.
It's do or die today.
We met by destiny.
We'll meet again
if we're destined to.
Only the weak use
destiny as an excuse.
Quietly come over.
Come here fast, I'm thirsty.
And listen...
I've arranged a surprise for you.
See you.
Where is Zaira?
Let's properly introduce
ourselves today, Amina.
With full details.
Where's Zaira?
What did you do with her?
Is this why you're angry?
I liked her so I kept her.
It's an old habit of mine.
The place where she
is isn't any good for her.
I didn't do the right
thing keeping her.
I already deduced that.
Where is Zaira?
How does it matter where she is?
If she survives,
she will become a
shameless whore like me,
or a brutal murderer like you.
I'm not proud of what I've become.
And it doesn't seem you regret
what you've become.
My childhood was taken from me,
Zaira doesn't have to meet
the same fate.
Where is Zaira?
"Sleep, my princess"
"Sleep, my princess"
"Let slumber take over"
"Wander off to the world of dreams"
"Sleep, my princess"
"Sleep, my princess."
"Let slumber take over"
"Wander off to the world of dreams"
Who started it?
A brutal murderer with feelings.
I've tears in my eyes!
I'm so deeply moved.
Sit, let's talk.
What do you think
will happen next?
I'll tell you her whereabouts,
and you'll spare my life.
And then I'll be
indebted to you for life.
Very nice.
I was a couple of
years older than Zaira,
when I had my first customer.
I haven't forgotten that pain yet.
I couldn't walk for many days.
But that pain made me grow stronger.
The same will happen with Zaira.
While servicing customers...
Where is Zaira?
Where is Zaira?
Where is Zaira?
You came to take my measurements,
didn't you?
I guess you didn't
do a good job back then.
Today I'll give you
my complete measurements.
One last thing.
Shove this up your arse.
Why keep it a surprise?
This time I won't
blindfold your eyes.
"Sleep, my princess"
"Sleep, my princess"
Come, sing a lullaby
and tuck her in.
Or else I'll put her
to sleep in my way.
I couldn't save Zaira.
I failed her.
Rudraveer won't kill her,
until you don't go looking for her.
How will I find
her without a tracker?
It's impossible.
It is possible.
Sheikh Haroon Al Abadi.
I've intel from my sources.
Rudra was last seen with the Sheikh.
But he won't open his mouth.
And you'll need a new passport
and identity to get in.
And officially or unofficially,
we won't give you any support.
They shouldn't find any link to us.
Whatever needs to be done,
you need to do it alone.
I'll find Rudraveer's location,
even if I have to crack his
Jaws open for it,
or his head!
It's not easy,
what you had to do.
Takes courage and will
to live with your choices.
Sorry about Seagull...
No, he was my best agent.
And I know he wouldn't have
preferred any other way.
I owe you for Seagull.
The sheikh is holding
a private party,
and I've managed a way in for you.
All the details are on this.
This is where we part ways.
Good luck, Dragonfly.
Thank you.
"Beauty's a many-splendored thing"
"Its allure carries a lethal sting"
"Tread carefully, sweetie"
"You might have to pay dearly"
"For your philandering."
"O, my love"
"Your existence might be erased"
"Without a trace"
"Without a trace"
"You may vanish in a smoky haze"
"Without a trace"
"Without a trace"
"Watch it love,
You could be effaced"
"Without a trace"
"Without a trace"
"Without a trace"
"Without a trace"
"This body gleams
like the moon from afar"
"But it carries many
wounds and scars"
"You can never compensate"
"the price of my pain."
"Ladies and gentlemen,
admirers aplenty"
"And yet this world
feels so hollow and empty"
"Beauty's a many-splendored thing"
"Every step's a battle in the ring"
"If our eyes cross paths by mistake"
Drink, you bitch!
"Your existence could be erased"
"Without a trace"
Rudraveer, where is he?
I want Zaira.
Where is he?
Time for you to sing again.
Please! Please!
Where is Rudraveer?
I don't know where he is.
Let me go, he will find you.
He always does.
That lullaby, you sing it well.
"Sleep, my princess"
Sing in tune.
"Sleep, my princess"
"Sleep, my princess"
"Go to sleep"
"Sleep, my princess"
"Go to sleep"
"Sleep, my princess"
"Go to sleep"
You want to meet Agni?
This will unite you with her.
Listen, princess.
You're alive as long
as you're running.
You stop, life stops.
And you got to run not walk.
So run, princess.
Now, that one last thing...
Remember what I taught you.
Agni, save me.
You put an end to all
my old businesses.
I thought why don't
I reignite an old passion.
An army of children,
trafficking of children,
using children as a shield.
Try doing something grown-up.
I spared a child's life once.
Was it a mistake?
Time to correct that mistake.
That's the problem with you...
You think you're
some kind of messiah.
In fact, you crawled out of
the same sewer that I did.
Come on.
We're mere puppets,
the strings are still being
pulled by the one above.
I'll have to knock
this into your head.
And maybe I'll have to crack
your head open to do so.
I will find Zaira.
If you want me to
crack your skull open,
then come on.
This time, he's pulling the strings...
because one of us is of no use
to him anymore. Come on!
Why did you kill my parents?
Tell me, whose puppet are you?
Your strings will be pulled too.
Who are you talking about?
Who are you talking about?
Who are you talking about?
Multiple internal injuries...
Apart from what you can see on her.
But she'll be okay, right?
Of course.
She's as tough as they come.
She just needs to rest
for a few weeks.
I'll administer a sedative.
That will help her sleep
and heal more quickly.
Thank you doctor for your
time and discretion.
Any time.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Agni.
- Zaira.
Zaira. Let Agni rest now.
She will get better sooner.
Get well soon, Agni.
I've learned a new game.
I'll teach it to you too.
Go. Go and play.
Take rest.
You need to recover first.
Then we'll dissect everything later.
Don't worry about Zaira,
I'll take care of her.
I was thinking about,
taking Zaira to a psychiatrist.
Anyway, you take care.
We should be thankful to God, Agni.
After all, he pulls all the strings.
See you.
See you in India.
After all, he pulls all the strings.
We're mere puppets,
the strings are still being
pulled by the one above.
Maybe they have got a mole
in the Russian FSB,
or maybe between us.
It was an ambush.
The operational details will only
remain between you and me.
How did they find out?
Why do you think I
gave you this assignment?
He should've died by your hands.
I was told if I work for the agency,
they will let me go.
I can stay with Zaira.
It's time to crush
the serpent's hood.
And if I refuse...
Their network is expanding.
They are getting better organised.
In fact, you crawled out of
the same sewer that I did.
I'm eager to end
Rudraveer's story.
I'll have to knock
this into your head.
Just like I did my duty
in raising you, Agni,
you must do your duty.
You must do any task I give you,
without giving it a thought.
I knew my daughter
will find out my truth.
Please, sit.
Why did you kill them?
Years ago, one night,
you looked at me,
with your little eyes
like a child looks at his parents.
At that moment I thought
I can be the nice guy,
that reflects in your eyes.
And I tried.
Like this? By using me?
I tried Agni,
I really tried hard.
But then, this bloody past...
It always...
Always catches up with you.
Why did you kill them?
After you grew a little older,
they wanted to quit the agency,
and lead a normal life.
I was scared.
They knew too much.
Too much.
I wasn't sure whether they can protect
themselves outside the agency.
I was scared...
I was afraid that due
to some greed or threat,
they will reveal all the secrets.
And that's why I told Rudraveer to...