Dhadak (2018) Movie Script

Madhukar Bagla
Madhukar Bagla, wake up
The competition is about to start
Hello. Drink this, psyllium
Why psyllium?
Because today you will only
win the 'eat and run' race...
I will give you the prize
Uncover your face once
No, I am feeling shy
But I am not
- Please
- Madhu no
Please once
Then see it...
you are seeing
my face since childhood
Brother, she came in my dreams
She comes daily anyway
think of the almighty
god someday maybe
this time she was saying,
I will win the competition
and she will give
me the prize personally
You will win only if you reach
You are late idiot, let's go
c'mon you are late already
You start the bike I'll come
Where are you going?
Competition is at its peak!
Manish is stuffing the
spicy-snack and so is Devilal
And Bheema has blasted his burp...
Bheema's wife Kajri is
expecting in the hospital
but today his stomach
appears as if he is also expecting
He has stuffed all the spicy-snacks...
And here comes Madhukar Bagla,
alarming everyone alert
Madhu has arrived,
Devilal is on his last piece of snack
One after another snacks are
making their ways to his stomach
Madhu, eat them all....
long live mother India...
You idiot, what has mother
India got to do with a spicy-snack!
buzz off...
Gulp faster faster!
Bheema, Devilal, Manish
This is war, the food war
The winner will get a Bihar tour,
looser will get a jail tour.
C'mom Madhu...
Bheema is off towards the sweet-snack
stall, so is Devilal behind him
Well done Bheema! great job Devilal!
Madhu has geared up now and has made
a fierce attack on the pile of rice
Who do you think will win the race?
Devilal or...
What the hell are you doing?
You wife is in labor in the hospital
and you are stuffing sweets over hear!
- No mom...
- Come
Enough, let's go
Bheema is out of the race now...
a mother is a nation's pride
and Madhukar is now on a food ride
Who will win the race?
Devilal or Madhu?
Who will win the race?
Who will become Udaipur's Rambo?
Devilal is charging
towards the chillies
Moving ahead through the pit...
but Purshottam has grabbed him
He is still trying to make his way...
and finally he manages
to throw Purshottam off him
Madhu is charging ahead
Madhu is going towards the chillies...
and Madhu has arrived
at the chillies stall
These are green spicy chillies
And meanwhile we have the competition's
special guest of honour Mr Ratan Singh...
his son Roop Singh and the entire
royal family is arriving at the venue
He is going ahead... hurry up
Madhu is running like a cheetah
both are moving towards
the last leap together
Moving ahead
[Indistinct chatter]
Madhu has taken the big leap
Devi has done a crash landing
And Madhu has won
the eat and run race!
First runner up is Devilal Singh
How are you uncle?
Roop, you hand him the prize
- Applause
- Stand here
Take this, try to win sometime, aren't
you tired of coming second always!
Sorry brother
Now leave
And the winner is Madhukar Bagla
Winner's envelope
has Rs 250...
a gift hamper from Haldiram
And a branded stand fan
and a mixer grinder from Mr Ratan
Parthavi, you give
You were gobbling all those chillies!
you are ok right?
Yes yes..
You know English?
Yes yes, of course
Keep applauding, lets demonstrate
the strength in our hands
As everyone is aware that Mr Ratan Singh
is standing in the election this time
Mr Ratan Singh,
the mic is all yours now
Everyone is pointing fingers at me
Opposition says...
that Ratan Singh is new to politics
They are calling
me a political intern
They have forgotten that
ruling people is in my blood
It was only the public love that
gave my ancestors the status of royals
I too can talk foul
about the opposition
Sulekha Goenka talks about the
development and progress of Udaipur
But in fact Udaipur's progress lies
in it's sacraments
What about that?
Go and ask her...
whom was her daughter
caught with in Mumbai?
I don't want to tarnish
anyone's reputation
but I know how to bend
a finger that's pointing towards me
So Mrs Sulekha Goenka...
you have eaten enough so far
now its time to run away
Long live Ratan Singh
Isn't it cool mom?
Very cool, it's giving very cold air
You are an illiterate!
It's a fan, not an air conditioner
How would I know!
have you ever got
me an air conditioner?
Madhu at least got a fan
And that too a branded one,
the costliest
Shall I call your dad and tell him that
you come here to stalk foreigners?
Do not threaten me uncle,
I am not scared
Okay, relax
What? Stop giggling...
go to the kitchen
and start making dough
Arvind uncle has sent a
new pair of shirt-pant for you
Wear it during Diwali
- It is very good!
- isn't it?
Call your uncle and thank him
It's looking really nice,
I am trying it now only
I have told you don't
accept any gifts from Arvind
He is my brother, I will
I don't like him and you know that
I also don't like you,
but one has to redeem a relationship
Leave me then
Is it open yet?
Yes yes open
Madhu come fast
customers have arrived
Sit sit, please
Take it Ambika, you also fire a shot
I don't want to fire
Try it once, it's too much fun
Are you enjoying here?
Yes really enjoying!
This time my father is
standing for the election
Oh wow! That's great!
- This is for you
- Thank you
So all good?
Yeah great, thank you
Good Morning
Good Morning
All well?
Yes, your son is
taking good care of us
Thank You
Roop I want to have
a word with you, come
Okay enjoy
I'm coming back
You are the owner of this mansion,
not a waiter
Greet the guests, smile at them,
serving beer is not our job
Sorry dad
Go check the preparations
in the office
Hello uncle
Bless you
Where are you both going?
It will be cold
Then put a heater in the pond,
it won't be cold then
But I will go for sure
Bye dad
Come out
What happened?
It's my swimming time
But we just came
So what should I do? C'mon leave
This is not right Parthavi
Then go complain to your parents
Leave now
Let's go
Get out
Look at him
Hey, don't cover your head,
protect your back
There is a hole in your underwear
That white palace behind that
is Jagmandir. You know Jennifer Lopez?
Sure I know
You know Jennifer Lopez!
Jennifer Lopez also came
here to sing and dance...
in a very big wedding
of rich Indian man
Parthavi has come at the pond
What is he saying?
Don't know. Say loudly!
At the pond
At the pond
Who is that?
He is my friend...
You leave him, here, evening
you should come to my restaurant
At the pond
Indian Romeo...
You see Taj hotel
Get out
You speak english?
Get out
Calm down...
Mom it's burning badly
Doctor I won't limp right?
I am still a bachelor,
what will the bride's family think!
They won't think anything
Stop your drama, it's a scratch
It's hurting
Might have to amputate
Isn't this the same
shirt your uncle gifted?
Weren't you suppose
to wear it during Diwali!
It is indeed a Diwali for him today
I thought of checking the fittings
Fitting looks great
Rest for half an hour,
then you can go home
Make the payment at the counter
It is just a scratch
What did the doctor say?
It's a heart attack,
could slip into a coma
Nothing, just a scratch.
Only two days, I am fine
I came to say sorry
Why are you saying sorry?
The mistake was all mine
But the pond was mine
Let's go Parthavi
You will have tea water anything?
At the clinic?
Yes, our restaurant
does home delivery as well
Well, we too are in first year
Since three years
You-all flunked?
No no, we were waiting
And you?
How long you have been in first year?
He is not in college
He flunked the 12th grade thrice
continuously hence was suspended, isn't it?
Take care. Such stunts might hurt you
Yes yes.
You snake, why are you
spewing venom on my love story
You have no shame or what?
Stalking a child!
Is she your child? your child?
And why were you hitting on my head,
what if my hair would have fallen?
Use a shampoo someday then!
I'll kill you
Entire Rajasthan
knows that you are bald
Table number eight's bill
Hey Gokul
Six breads, one portion red meat,
one lentil
for table number four
She was Ratan Singh's daughter right?
Don't be stupid
You aren't that naive to understand
Those are upper-cast people,
stay away from them
Otherwise we will get into trouble
Swear on me,
you'll stay away from her
What are you doing dad?
Customers are waiting, let me go
You swear on me that
you'll stay away from her
I am not sitting in her lap
I am at a distance!
Dear, the moment she smiles
you will jump into her lap
What is this dad?
Swear on me that you
will stay away from her
You swear on me first
What are you doing?
Swear on me that you'll
stay away from her
I swear on you
Look Madhu...
I said, swear on you
You too are in A division. Let's go
Madhu, check my division as well.
You see on your own.
The board is at a distance and the queue
is long, you check and let me know
Make way guys, respect a senior!
Miss Ambika,
you both are also in A division
What happened?
Manik Sisodia
Present sir
Madhukar Bagla
Present sir
Nakul Khaitan
Present sir
Parthavi Singh
Parthavi Singh!!
Present sir
Where is your attention?
My attention is all here only,
you continue
- Radhika Zawar
- Present sir
What's your name?
but I am known as 'the wall' also
You don't belong to this class!
Sir I don't belong
to the college also
I flunked the 12th grade,
but I want another chance sir
Go to the principal if
you want another chance. Get out
Sir why you want to go
to the higher authorities?
Let's settle it out here only
Get out
Sir... sir...
Sir I dance very well
I can keep the entertainment
quotient going
Get out
Get out
College will have to
give me a second chance
Not second, fourth
Listen, go tell Madhu
my bike isn't starting
It did right now
Do as I say
Madhu... bike isn't starting,
please come and help
Ya ya I am coming
Hey Purshottam...
I won't be able to do it...
You should rather call a mechanic
Just a month away. It is imperative
to win the election this time
You will only win Mr Ratan
Everybody is supporting you
in entire Udaipur
I have delivered a
lakh rupees at your house
There wasn't any need of that sir!
It's Roop's birthday three
days prior to the election
You have to give a
birthday present to me
Organise a raid at Sulekha's hotel to seize
fake liquor, drugs or whatever you can
But Mr Ratan she is in power
Power is an interesting thing! Today
it's with her, tomorrow it will mine
I am sure you won't
disappoint our friendship
Why did you take the bike?
The keys was on the bike so I took it
Keys were on bike means!
I will slap you if you touch it again
I will. Stop me if you can
Do not mess with me
I will request Ambika to perform
this dance during our honeymoon
She is dancing horribly
I'll get you rusticated from college
Come here
I don't have the whole day
come quickly
Look at me or I'll slap you
Couldn't you hear while I was calling?
I think some dust went into my ears
What? Don't act smart
What are you upto since yesterday?
- No nothing.
- Why aren't you looking at me?
- I am looking at you.
- Why aren't you looking properly?
Yesterday you had braids in your
hair wearing a multicolour dress...
today you are in a suit with open hair,
how else do you want me to look at you?
I am noticing this since yesterday
Why are you putting your
head down the moment I come across?
Why can't you look into my eyes?
- I am looking.
- Madhu!
My dad asked me to stay away from you
What happened?
No nothing...
You are an idealistic child!
One who agrees whatever his dad says!
He made me swear on him,
what could have I done!
Then why are you following me now?
Don't follow me
You already forgot your dad's advice?
Parthavi I'll convince him,
Parthavi sorry
You know what, make a sorry-boat
and throw it in the lake
Now I don't want to talk to you
She is not responding
to my apology what can I do?
Go like Brad Pitt and tell her...
O love of my life!
your lover is searching for you...
Hey, stop giving rubbish idea
Sit down
He is at least giving me an idea
You, on the other hand,
want to just end my love story
Shut up
I have an idea
Lets send a kid to say sorry,
then she won't be able to ignore
what kid!
You want?
You are dressed-up as a kid?
Yes. Since there was
no budget for a real kid!
Okay, tell us why are you here?
Madhu is apologising
Why? what did he do?
Because he insulted you
So what if he insulted me?
Go and ask him, who am I to you?
Who am I to you!
Now what can I answer to this?
The entire universe is trying to tell you
mister, that you are one in a million my sister
Are you crazy?
I got an idea. Let's go
Is she liking it?
Did she like it?
She loved it!
She hated it! Let's go
Go tell him
I don't want to go
I'm looking like an idiot
You are an idiot. Go now
Parthavi said your
dance is horrible
Answer her question
in a form of a song
Question is still the
same- who am I to you?
Even in a school frock
she is looking like Beyonce
One, two, one two three four...
How can I tell you why I love you,
I can't even if I try
My eyes express the
feelings of my heart to you...
It was no fun!
You know english right?
Sing an english song then,
in front of the whole college
English song! In front of everyone!
You know what,
my friends think you are a coward
Show some courage
Let's go
English song!
What are you doing Madhu?
We will get bashed
if somebody see you.
Don't worry it's not a big thing
I have enough courage
Only the courage will stay
and your picture will be on
the wall with the garland on it
Call her
Can we go from there
Hello Ambika
Purshottam here
Sorry disturbing you this time
I hope there are no
mosqitoes in your room
Listen you mosqitoe come to the point
Ambika just a request
Can you call Parthavi
What happened?
Parthavi, Madhu is at your
terrace right now
Go fast
Wow, you are very strong indeed
Strength is in my blood
I am not scared of anyone
Not scared of Roop also?
Why would one be scared of him?
He doesn't even look
like your family member
Was he adopted?
Shut up...
Don't talk non-sense
Sorry. Joking
Why have you come here?
Our class is going
for a picnic tomorrow
So what! So you will
get your answer there.
Means your english song is ready
You'll sing a Justin Bieber song?
Who Bieber?
Leave it.
What song are you going to sing?
I have made for you. A special one
Sing a line
The fruit of patience is sweet
I'll see you tomorrow
Good joke
Good morning
Presenting a song
for your entertainment...
In english
English or hindi it doesn't matter
A donkey will always remain a donkey
Your own face is like a buffalo
Don't you feel ashamed
by calling others a donkey?
One, two... One two three four
How do I tell you, how much
I love you, I will never be able to...
Heart is not stopping,
wants to do talking
please let it come and tell you...
You don't know... You don't know...
You don't know... you don't know...
How do I tell you, how much I
love you, I will never be able to...
Give the phone to Parthavi
For you
Who is it?
Someone is looking sweet
while siping a soft drink
Why did you call on Ambika's phone?
Give me your phone
number I'll call you
Oh really!
Aren't you getting too excited
Excited? Yes I am
Devi where are you?
Have you gone deaf?
Question one...
Explain the organisational
structure at the national level
state level and local level....
Second Question
evaluate the role of co-operatives...
Whose phone is it?
Ya tell me
Whose phone is it? Switch it off
Yes I am out for some important work
I'll come in half an hour
Hang up
Who? You handle it
I said hang up the phone now
I am in college
Yeah I am here to
teach someone a lesson
Stand up
I said, stand up
Don't you know phones
are not allowed in a classroom
What are you looking at me?
Give me the phone
and get out of the class
Give me the phone
and get out of the class
I am telling you sister,
send Madhu with me to Nagpur
- You know his dad will never agree
- Hey uncle!
See your son will have a long life
Here he is
I have told you right not
to touch my feet. Give me a hug
How are you?
All well
You liked the pant-shirt?
Very much, I wore it also
You stay here tonight.
Dad has gone to Jaipur for some work
If your dad comes to
know that I stayed here
it will be a world war in the house
Why? What is his problem with you?
I would have told
you if there was one!
You leave it. Get ready
and take me lake-side
- Okay?
- Okay fine
Mom tell Gokul that I'll be late
Slapping a teacher was wrong
Shut up and eat your food
Don't teach me what
needs to be done or not
Why did you go to college?
Devi called. It was some boy's matter
There is no such matter
Dad, Devi is lying
There are a lot of boys and girls in
college, so should I give up studies?
Sir, college principal
has arrived to see you
Make him sit
Roop slapped a teacher
in front of an entire classroom
But I don't want to
stretch this issue now
Let Roop apologise and end the issue
What is the teacher's name?
Agnihotri sir
Roop, say sorry to Agnihotri sir
Say sorry
Dad I don't want to say sorry
Election is near
don't stretch the issue pointlessly,
say sorry
Let me win this election once...
then I'll see who dares to come at my
mansion with a complain of my family
Say sorry
Didn't you hear that?
Now leave
Your cheeks look
puffier than the dough
Missing her?
All because of your's
and dad's curses... Witch!
Madhu! Our sweethearts
have come outside
Come fast
Listen, don't go
My husband has gone
to Jaipur for some work
hence I am taking
care of the front desk
Otherwise I usually
manage the kitchen
Very well aunty
This is my son, Madhukar
I know aunty. He is in my college
You never told me!
Mom you have met her at the clinic
Anyway, Gokul is waiting
for you in the kitchen
Welcome. Bagla's Exotic View Cafe
You disappeared all of a sudden!
I was giving a city tour to my uncle
Okay tell me,
what is the famous dish over here?
Red meat with lentil, world best
Cold drink. It's cold
We didn't order it!
It's from me, free
I don't want it
You take my order
Tell me
9, 7...
5, 5...
2, 2...
These are just eight digits,
I forgot the remaining digits...
Let's go Ambika
This is my restaurant's visiting card
It has my phone number, personal
All ten digits
Ambika... my card...
Hey... Why did you
offer a free cold drink?
Is it your dad's property?
Dear, one must take care of his lady
That's also true!
Hey, what are you doing?
Let's go inside it's late night
I am going to sit here and chant
and make sure that the call comes
It will come right?
- 200%
- It won't
Hey... the call has come!
- It did come, it did come!
- Show show show...
What did you say? It won't come right?
See it's ringing
- Show show show...
- No I won't
Okay c'mon give now
- No I won't
Give, let me answer
Oh! Disconnected
Why didn't you receive
at the first place?
We were dancing in
delight of your phone call
No need to dance
Why didn't call you last night?
Was sleepy, so I slept!
Okay listen, I have to go the
temple with dad, I'll call you later
Okay I have to go now, bye.
I love you
You also say
I am feeling shy
Shy! I'll give you a tight slap
I love you...
I love you too
Moments ago the police has
raided the Goenka Palace hotel...
...and seized a huge amount of
fake currency, fake liquor and drugs
This hotel belongs to the
ruling party MLA Sulekha Goenka
But Sulekha's supporters
are accusing...
Ratan Singh of a political
conspiracy in this matter
You have done a great job
Hang on I am giving the phone to dad
Dad, Inspector
Mr Shekhawat, you nailed it
It calls for a treat Mr Ratan
C'mon guys hurry up
After this whole incident
ahead of the assembly elections
it is quite clear that
Mr Ratan's side is heavier then ever
One day I will build
a big mansion for you
Bigger then yours
I don't want a mansion
I am in a big mansion since childhood
But that wasn't mine ever!
It is a hotel
I want a home
Our home
Where food will be
cooked for only both of us
not for the world
So... you take your big mansion
and throw it in the lake
I don't need it
So who will cook in the new house,
you or me?
You. And make it calorie
free I want to stay slim
I want a pappi (kiss)...
Puppy? You mean a dog's baby?
Pappi means kiss
You want a kiss?
Take it then
Shall I?
Come to the mansion and take it
Don't crack such jokes
I am not cracking jokes
Tomorrow is Roop's birthday,
come if you have any courage left!
What do you mean courage left?
I have come there before
Everyone was sleeping then
If I come then you'll
have to give the kiss!
You'll come?
I will come for sure
Okay you come first
Parthavi I will come
Have you forgotten your status?
How dare you love my sister?
Stop it!
Two days
Just wait for two days
It's two days for the election
then I'll personally thrash them
What happened?
What did you do?
I told you to stay away from her
I told you
Those are upper-caste people
I told you to stay away
Please listen...
Why don't you ever listen to me!
Long live Ratan Singh!
- Vote for...
- Ratan Singh!
Long live Ratan Singh!
- Vote for...
- Ratan Singh!
Long live Ratan Singh!
Eat something
A little bit, please
Don't be like this Parthavi
He is alright
How is she?
They have locked her in a room
She doesn't even have a phone
Not allowing you also?
You take care
Come, let's leave...
And with a lead of 2000 votes,
Mr Ratan Singh...
has defeated Sulekha
and won the assembly election
Long live Ratan Singh!
[indisctinct chatter]
[indisctinct chatter]
[indisctinct chatter]
[indisctinct chatter]
Whatever you wished,
will be done now
Have some tea
Don't take any tension Mr Ratan, the
job will be done. You go and relax
Start the car
Leave him...
- Parthavi!
- Madhu!
Parthavi leave
Dad please leave him please
Take her away
What are you doing here?
You listen to me child
Please release them...they will never
ever come near me, please leave them...
Ya, we'll leave them
Dad he will leave the city for ever
Don't worry, I'll take care of them
We won't do anything, okay?
Parthavi I'll kill you
I'll kill myself dad
- I'll shoot myself.
- No... no... no...
Let them go
Madhu let's go
I've released them, calm down
Stay back
No one will move a step
Come in front and stay there
Stay right there
Gokul look where is he going?
You come here
Stop... stop...
Did you see them anywhere?
Where the hell are they?
You check there
Devi, you go that side
Let's go
Drive straight...
Over there
Parthavi stop
Madhu stop, Parthavi stop.
Stop the train
Stop them
Stop the train
Check where is the train going
20 Rupees
I don't have money
Get lost
Madhu where are you?
In Mumbai
Listen, your mom called
She was very tensed
What are you doing Madhu?
I don't know uncle
I am very scared
Firstly stop crying
do you have some money?
do you have some money?
Ya I have some
Ok then, buy a ticket
for a Nagpur bus and come here
And listen, do not call anyone at all
Ok uncle
Note down my address
Yes uncle
Any information on Madhu's friends?
Cops are looking for them everywhere,
we'll know something sooner
Then why are you faffing here,
go search for them
Roop brother...
Go inside
Can't you hear?
Go inside!
Mr Ratan
Many congratulations
Your lifelong desire is fulfilled
It will be a pleasure
to sit in your opposition
You are a real image
of an ideal Udaipur family
Your daughter is nowhere to be seen!
She ran away
So the rumour is true
But you don't worry
I won't tell anything to anyone
I am just like you
I also don't like spoiling
the opposition's reputation
You are not like me Mrs Sulekha
I will kill my daughter
the day I find her
So get habitual of
sitting in the opposition
Take a shower first
Are you even aware what
would be the situation there?
Her family will make
everyone's life hell
And your dad is no lesser
You don't know him yet!
I was like a son to him
But just because I did
an inter-caste marriage...
he put an end to all our relations
Neither did he come to my wedding...
nor has he spoken to me ever since
And both of you are not that naive!
I do understand love, but what
you guys have done is foolishness
Where are they going to stay now?
Don't dump them on my head,
I am telling you clearly!
Come, have dinner
They will look for you everywhere now.
They might come here too
No one is safe now
Neither you
nor us
I have a friend in Kolkata,
his name is Sachin Bhowmick
I have spoken to him,
he will do some arrangements
Uncle, Kolkata?
Don't be scared Madhu
He is a very good friend of mine...
and he owns a hostel
He will arrange a room for you in it
I anyway visit there once in a year,
I'll meet you then
Can't we stay here with you?
Madhu try to understand,
you guys are safe there
No one will get to know about you
and anyway your aunt is
due to deliver a baby next month
I don't want to give her any tension
Are you getting me?
Can't we think of something else?
I don't want to go to Kolkata,
I don't want to go alone
please uncle
Uncle, will we ever be
able to go back to Udaipur?
Can't say when, but...
it will take some time for sure
Yes there is a room available,
but would be slightly messy
- I didn't get time to get it cleaned
- I am taking the taxi sir
Hey, get the petrol
bill and drive properly
Arvind told me that he
will send two month's rent
But after that you'll have to pay
Hey Promila, tenants have arrived,
show them the room
And no ruckus...
if I get a complaint
then you'll have to vacate
Can't you show them the room?
Are you stuck to the chair?
I am getting late for work,
you show them
Useless person
My wife!
she is late for work, that's why
Come, I'll only show you the room
See, this is the common toilet
Hey your last three
month's rent is pending
Yes sir, I'll pay next week
Ok fine
Whoever stays on this floor,
uses this toilet-bathroom
Hello sir
Let's go
Let's go Parthavi
This is your room
Whatever stuff you don't need,
keep it outside
I will later get
it moved to the godown
Broom and mop are here,
you can clean your room
You clean the dust, rest I'll manage
I have written down the hotel manager's
phone number & address on this...
you go and meet him once
I have spoken to him,
he will arrange some job for you
Thank you Sir...
Again sir! Call me brother
Thank you brother
- What happened?
- Lizard!
Shoo her away Madhu
Why are you screaming!
Where is she?
Behind the cupboard
Madhu check properly
She got scared of you and ran away
What do you mean?
Madhu check properly
- There is no lizard, come
- No
- I am here, come
- No I don't want to come
- I am with you, come
- No
Why are you scared? Come
Where are you going?
To look for work
Don't go
- Parthavi why are you scared?
- Please don't leave me and go
I'll be back soon
I'll also come with you then
I'll be back in no time
I am anyway getting late
You wash clothes by then
Otherwise we'll have
to roam around naked
I'll be right back
You don't have an ID card
you can't speak Bengali
how can I give you a job?
I will learn Bengali
sir and I can cook good food
I had a restaurant in Udaipur
I can cook all types
of Rajasthani dishes
I don't need a cook,
there is no vacancy for a cook
Sir you can give me any job then
mopping, sweeping, washing utensils,
waiter, I can do anything
Ok I'll think about
it and will let Sachin know
You can go now
I'll let you know. Okay?
Thank you sir
You have learned!
I have spoiled everything
Not at all!
These are small stains,
they will go in one more wash
They won't go
They will have to!
I will make them go, don't worry
You want to see Kolkata?
- No?
- I don't want to go
Get ready, lets go see the city
Ok, I'll go alone then
You seriously don't drink any alcohol?
No brother
Nice, milk is also nice
I used to drink rum earlier
Then Promila said wine
is the world's best drink
hence I started drinking wine
But I miss rum
Did you meet that manager?
- Yes
- What did he say?
I met him today
He said he'll let me know later
He will do something I am sure
Don't worry I'll talk to him again
Hey listen...
let him go to his girl
don't make him a drunkard like you
And we have to go to
church tomorrow morning
Enough for tonight
I have just started
and she is saying enough!
See this
Sweet curd
Sachin brother has sent for you
Have it
I don't want to
- Have some at least
- No
One spoon
Not good?
It is good
And him who comes to
me I will not caste out
I am the bread of life
this is the bread which
comes down from heaven
and the bread which I shall give
for the life of the world is my flesh
We usually buy grocery
from this store
please open an account for her too
Keep this too
I've got your account open here,
if you need anything, call me
You'll go home alone, right?
Ok then, I am getting late. See you
Let me wash the utensils at least
He will do any job
He is a nice guy,
I am taking his guarantee personally
It's not possible here
Try in one of the sports club,
it will be better for him
Brother you know how tough
it is to get into a sports club!
You please keep him
for a job at your hotel
And if he messes around
anything then fire him
Did you hear that? No mistakes
otherwise he will fire you
Yes brother
Kick him out
You'll get Rs. 5000 per month
It's ok for now,
you will get an increment gradually
You can speak English right?
Yes brother
now quickly learn Bengali too,
then see you'll become a local hero!
You attend them
I'll just see you, excuse me
You are a hidden talent!
I don't want to stay here Madhu,
I don't want to stay here!
I want to go back to Udaipur
I miss my home
I am missing mom alot
Madhu please take me back...
Everything will be fine Parthavi
Nothing will be fine
I am telling you,
everything will be fine
How do I know?
Everything will be fine
I think you should also get a job
I don't want to
- You will feel good...
- There is no need of feeling any good
We'll get some more money also
Could you please take off my clothes
also from the rope once they are dry
Could you please take off my clothes
also from the rope once they are dry
You know english,
that is an advantage
Once you'll get this job,
it will be good for you
Otherwise you'll get depressed
all day sitting at home alone
I have already spoken
to Vishwajeet sir
Come Promila
Hi, Vishwajeet
- Parthavi
- Have a seat
Sir, I am summoned daily
since last six months
My restaurant is about to shut
Please forgive me
What should I do if your
restaurant is shutting down?
Where is Madhu?
I don't know where is he,
I have told you thousand times
Don't misbehave in front of sir
Don't raise your voice
Bring him again tomorrow
at 11 in the morning
Understood? Don't even
try to raise your voice again
C'mon get up now. Leave
And two fish-rice...
Sir banana gravy is our speciality
would you like to have that?
Ok, I'll have one
One banana gravy
Ok sir
Thank you
Madhu, come here
Yes sir
You have learned to speak Bengali!
Yes sir
A little
I still need
more practice though
Yes, keep practicing
Sir, can I have Rs.3000 in advance?
You are very smart
Very smart!
You convince me for
everything by saying sir sir...
No sir, actually I need it
Ok you'll get it, go work now
Thank you sir
Good Morning sir. This is Parthavi
Singh calling on behalf of Justdial
Thank you for registering
your business with us
Sir, if you have a minute
I would like to talk to you...
about the new features
on the Justdial app
- What's going on?
- All well sir
You'll have something?
No I'm fine sir
I'll order something
You must try this, this is very good
No its okay sir
Actually this is very famous here
It's spicy
Give me one more
- Sir I can't have so much
- No no you must have
- Sir I can't
- You must have
No no
Are you alright?
Don't call ever again
Listen, withdraw some money tomorrow
Have to pay the rent
What happened?
Anything happened at the restaurant?
What happened?
Say something
Why are you asking me?
Go ask the person you
were having snacks with!
You came to office today?
And got this new phone for you
Then why didn't you meet me?
You were busy with your boss
Madhu don't talk rubbish
I am talking rubbish?
Weren't you having
snacks with your boss?
Ya, but was I the only one having it?
Everyone was there
- But he was glued to you only
- Madhu
- Why are you talking like this?
- What?
How am I talking?
Tell me!
Why are you getting angry?
Why shouldn't I get angry?
Why do you want to fight Madhu?
- Let's talk
- Madhu
Hey Madhu
Parthavi, Madhu
Hey Madhu
Hey Madhu
Hey I am also here
Leave him
My brother
How are you Madhu?
How are you Purshottom?
How are you?
Your hair style has changed!
I missed you a lot
- Sachin brother
- Yes
These are my friends. Best friends
He looks like your child
- Hello
- Let's go upstairs
I spoke to Arvind uncle,
he told us that you guys are here
so we came directly
Have some fresh sweets quickly
It's been three days since we left
from Banaras, are they still fresh?
So! They are from my shop,
obviously I know the quality!
You are the owner of the shop?
Ya... owner!
His job is to shoo
flies from the sweets
This is the truth
It is the most important job
- A single fly can cause malaria
- That's true
Hey, malaria happens
due to mosquito idiot
Rest everything is fine bro
We both work on the same shop,
we have a small place to stay
Everything is perfect
Got a chance to visit Udaipur?
There is no chance of going back now
Mr Ratan is in power and
anyway there is so much tension
Why are you saying sorry?
Let her say
Because of them we all are here today
Why shouldn't she apologise?
I'll keep the sweets upstairs and come
Sachin brother,
can I get a glass of wine?
You are my real darling
Good, you are at least
giving me a company
otherwise in few months I would
have started drinking milk like this
Wait I'll get you a glass
Hey Promila...
No... I'll get it
since when have
you started drinking?
I drink some times while
thinking about Ambika
- You want more?
- No thanks
- Brother?
- Yes
Can I ask
you a personal question?
Yes, ask
You don't have kids?
Hey... medical problem
No no
There is no medical problem
In fact our society is
no more a good place to live
It's tough to even breathe
peacefully in today's time
Take your example...
You both are innocent but still...
running away
from your families
away from your home, your city
Then why should we bring a child
in this world to make him suffer
I want to talk to you
Then you should have,
I was here the whole evening
Sleep now,
I have to go to office tomorrow
Jesus said, I am the bread of life
he who comes to me, shall not hunger
- and he who believes in me
- Bro, have you converted your religion?
shall never thirst
but i said to you,
that you have seen me
and yet do not believe
all that the father
gives me, will come to me...
- Today I'll show you a Bengali film
- What?
A bengali film
Can't you hear I am calling you?
I have to go to office Madhu
Office on a Sunday?
To meet your boss right?
I am going for work
You wanted me to take up a job,
so I am doing it
Then talk to me for a minute, wait
Leave my hand
I don't want to talk to you
Stay away from me
- Parthavi
- I don't want to listen anything
I know what do you want to say
It's all my fault, sorry
- Parthavi listen to me
- Leave my hand
- Listen to me
- Madhu it's hurting, leave my hand
Stay away from me
- Don't push me Parthavi
- Stay away from me
Stop it, don't push me
- Parthavi stop it
- Leave my hand
Stop it, don't push me
leave my hand
Don't push me Parthavi
leave my hand
I made a mistake by coming with you,
huge mistake
You made a mistake
and I am very happy here?
Because of you we had to elope,
you brought me here
We eloped to save your life
You didn't do any
favour by saving my life
We were in lock-up because of you
Ya it was all because of me, I agree
Then why did you love me?
why did you love me?
Tell me
Why did you love me, why?
Stay away from me Madhu
Stay away
- You drive
- Parthavi wait, come out.. come here
Did Parthavi come here?
No. But what happened?
Wasn't she with you?
What happened?
What happened exaclty?
Say Madhu
Hey Madhu
Hey Madhu
Hey Madhu
Promila sister...
I can't find Parthavi anywhere
We are at the Howrah bridge
but we can't find Parthavi anywhere
Sir I have just messaged and
e-mailed you the details for Flurrys
Would you like me to send you any
other details of similar restaurants?
Thanks for calling Justdial sir
One day I will make
a huge mansion for you
I don't want a mansion
I want a home
our home Madhu
Where food will be
cooked for only both of us
not for the world
So you take your big mansion
and throw it in the river
I want a pappi (kiss)
You mean dog's baby?
The people of Udaipur have made me
victorious once again and hence proved that...
Udaipur is in safe hands
I don't want to defame the opposition
But Mr Ratan,
you better take care of your house
your daughter and
your hotel and rule them
That's your real position
Leave the governance on me
I will take care of it
Due to a positive wave of Mrs Sulekha,
Mr Ratan lost heavily
Mrs Sulekha has created history
by winning with a huge margin
Mom that old flat I told you about
we bought it at low price
Ya, we have renovated it a little
Tomorrow is the
house-warming ceremony
you please come
No child, I can't come
But my blessings are with you
Mom, I am missing dad a lot today
Is he still angry with me?
C'mon give the phone to Adi
Talk to grandma, say hello grandma
Say Adi
Talk to her
Mom, I am giving the priest
an envelope of Rs. 1000 and a vesti.
It is enough right?
What is the name of your son?
Nice name
May you live longer
Ya, I am coming home in 2 minutes
I know you can speak Bengali,
no need of flaunting it too much
Come fast Madhu,
the priest will come in an hour
And don't forget to buy sweets
Yes I'll get it. Ya ok
Give some more tea to the guest
Yes yes
I will get it
Okay bye
Where is Madhu?
Still in sports club
He has also become
useless like Sachin
I am taking him to the park,
you go home and do the preparations
Say bye
Bye bye
Let's go
Say bye to mom
How are you?
How are you?
Very fine
Mom-dad has sent
all these for you guys
How are you Devi?
I am good
Keep it there
- Keep it here
- Hello
You have grown a moustache
Please sit
Nice house
Ya. It's an old one,
but it's right next to the park
and there are couple
of schools also nearby, for Adi
Where is Madhu?
He should be here anytime
Please make yourself comfortable
How are you Madhu?
When did they come?
See this
Dad has sent all this for us
A new shirt for you. See!
- When did they come?
- Just now
You should have called me at least
I tried, but you didn't receive
Go serve them tea
Parthavi, where is Adi?
He is at the Park with Promila
You go serve them tea
What happened?
I don't want to go
They are your brother-in-laws!
Parthavi you go, I don't want to go
Hey Madhukar Bagla,
I'll give you a tight slap
Go fast
We will go home now
Then what are we going to do?
You want a lolly pop?
We'll get lolly pop
Then what do you want?
Don't cry don't cry
Oh god! where is my wallet
Hey Adi!
Look who has come Adi
Come come...
I think he is little scared.
He is your uncle!
Where is his ball?
You are so scared of uncle!
I'll get it
Say hi to uncle
Come to me
Come come...
Very good child
What is this?
A black thread?
Look what is that Adi?
Madhu where are the sweets?
Okay come to me
Madhu, where are the sweets!
Oh! I forgot
There was only one job to do Madhu!
Brother I will be back in a while
Where are you going?
I am going downstairs to buy sweets
You be with brother
I will get it delivered here
He is crying
Oh my baby!
I'll be back in two minutes
Come fast
Come lets play with the ball
Can I have ten pieces of sweet
Please hurry up
Yes yes