Dhak Dhak (2023) Movie Script

What exactly is your problem?
Why didn't you go when
we stopped at the restaurant?
That bathroom was stinking.
Mom says I'll catch a UTI.
Has your mother come along?
So, will you listen to your mother or me?
Hey, Sky
It's alright.
Go, child.
Make it quick.
Where should I go?
Listen, you do one thing
Go straight from here
and then take a right.
You'll find a Taj Hotel there.
It has an open-air washroom.
They'll worship you and
- make this sound to assist you.
- You started again?
Come, child.
I'll go with you. Come.
Come, let's go there.
Okay, wait a minute.
I'll come as well.
- Let me keep my bag.
- Okay, keep it.
For how long are you going to roam around?
Are you planning to buy land here?
Go and sit anywhere.
Yes, sir. The trip has already begun.
In fact, we have come
a long way from Delhi.
You do remember that you have
to complete this in seven days, right?
- And please keep me posted.
- Yes, sir.
- Okay?
- Yes. Don't worry. I'll keep you posted.
Don't move.
It is more scared than you.
Don't be afraid, child.
Sunil, Rajbeer, Balbeer!
- Come here. These boys are teasing me!
- Come on. Let's go.
Get lost, you worthless rogues!
These idiots are fleeing away.
Get lost!
Worthless rogues!
You can speak Haryanvi, as well.
To stay safe in Delhi, you have to learn
at least this much Haryanvi these days.
Look how they ran!
- Are you done?
- As if they saw a ghost!
Idiot rogues!
We can't keep stopping now and then.
We have a schedule to follow.
And listen
The next time you have
the urge to pee, hold it.
The pee.
And now everybody will
follow a mirror-to-mirror marking.
What is that?
Thirty-two, forty-seven, thirty-eight
Hot body, cold-hearted
And if it ain't about the money
Then I don't want to talk about it
- Don't want to talk about it
- Then I don't want to talk about...
Stung by me
You wont survive
I commit sins
I am red-handed
My eyes are criminal
My charm is smooth like satin
On top of all that, watch my hips sway
Listen up, player
You dont stand a chance with me
If there were 36 opponents just like you
And I stand tall in front of all 36
People get on their rooftops
To get a glimpse of me
Seeing my tantrums
Will trigger some dogs to bark
On top of all that, watch my hips sway
My hips sway
My hips sway
You orchestrated his fall.
Why would I?
He's already a fallen man.
Hey, run! The cops are here!
- Get out.
- Run.
- Run!
- Get out of here!
- Fast.
- Get out.
Laugh, Sardarji.
Come on, laugh.
- Anything
- Hey!
They aren't from the bikers' gang.
They look like a couple.
What are you guys doing here?
Nothing, sir.
If you want to flirt, go to India Gate.
Sorry. We are going.
Get going!
- Sorry.
- Let's go from here.
Thank you.
If they had taken the bike, my granny
wouldve never given it to me again.
Grandmothers have peacocks, Sardarji.
Not bikes.
No, this really is my granny's.
No, thanks.
750k subscribers?
Are you happy?
When it's a million, then I will be.
Thats when I'll get a Gold Button.
Thats what you said when
you earned the Silver Button.
What do you want?
The CA called.
Now that I'm not
a partner in the business,
you should change it from
partnership to proprietorship, otherwise,
there will be a taxation issue.
You could have messaged
me about this.
What was the need to come here?
The build quality
of this bike is excellent.
However, in terms of features,
you may have to compromise a bit.
When you ride this on an empty road,
it goes from 0 to 100
in just four seconds. The acceleration
- will highly impress you.
- Shrey 4.19 seconds.
Yeah, that.
Please like, share,
and subscribe to our channel.
And do let us know in the comment section,
whether you find Shrey funny or not.
What do you mean?
Of course, they find me funny!
No, you aren't funny.
- That's why I'm on this channel...
- No. They'll tell us
Hey dude! See that
Tenth day of learning a new skill
and she's already rocking it.
This is quite hard for me to say,
and probably hard
for you to hear, as well.
However, due to personal
and professional differences,
Shrey will no longer
be a part of this channel.
Everything will be the same,
the content, the reviews.
The only difference is,
it'll be just me instead of the two of us.
I know what you're saying,
but I want results.
The corporate team sits
in the Gurugram office.
Only the production team is here.
Yes, but there's also an artist here
who appreciates art.
Thirty-two, forty-seven, thirty-eight
Hot body, cold-hearted
And if it ain't about the...
BikerSammy201 has sent this.
It's the same video.
He wants to attend
the Barcelona Auto Expo, as well.
I'm not sponsoring him, nor you.
You know that simply
holding a mobile in one's hand
does not make them an influencer.
Look at his work
Theres no aesthetic or angle.
He has not even edited it properly.
You are right, Sky.
Maybe thats why ever since Shrey left,
your followers have been dropping.
MG 2-280 grams,
IPX7 rating, weatherproof,
600 MAH, lithium-ion battery.
With 20 days of standby time.
I can give a detailed review,
just by holding it in my hand.
You know me and my work.
This Barcelona Auto Expo is extremely
important for me and my channel.
You dont need aesthetics
to influence people,
you need a story.
Do you have a story?
Thought so.
Are you happy?
What do you want?
Our business partnership is over.
That doesnt mean
our relationship ends with it.
There's no relationship
which is why there is no partnership.
These sleeping pills aren't going to help.
Think once again about therapy.
There's no shame in it.
You are talking about shame?
After showing the whole world
nude photos of me?
Yes, I know, I don't have a prescription.
Please, it's an emergency.
What's the problem
with sending it today?
What kind of a man are you?
A person's health is deteriorating!
Take 2000 extra, but please send it!
I'm getting very sick,
please send it over.
Is anyone home?
The trash is kept out.
Take it.
Auntie, is anyone home?
- Have some patience.
- Auntie!
Is there a fire somewhere?
My stole!
Greetings, auntie.
No, I don't want anything.
Auntie, I'm Deepak from
the Dainik Pratap Newspaper.
The coupons you've been
collecting for so many days.
- Yes.
- Your hard work has paid off.
- Really?
- Come.
- Have a look.
- I had almost forgotten.
At least come out.
- Look at this.
- Greetings, sister.
- Greetings.
- Congratulations, sister.
This is such a big van.
There must be a big prize inside it.
Thank you.
- It's all God's will.
- You must give us a party now.
Yes, sure.
The lentils are burning. One minute.
- One minute. Oh, God!
- Auntie, sign
Son, why don't you understand?
What will a lonely old woman
like me do with that bike?
Why don't you give me
a microwave instead?
Ma'am, this is against
the company's policy.
- Please don't do this.
- Wasn't that the third prize?
Ma'am, please go from here.
Mom, why don't you
give this bike to Prabi?
- That's a good idea!
- Right?
Mom, but
Who rides a bike at our place?
We go around in a car.
It's safer.
Granny, don't panic. Let's sell it online.
Online? Will it be sold?
Are you trying to fool me?
Prabi has told me everything
about online scams.
Do you want to go to jail?
Hang up!
Made with Ayurvedic medicines,
this special oil
Yes, Prabi
Where are you?
Your mother isn't answering her phone.
Yes, I forgot.
Today is her kitty party.
Okay, listen. Son
I'm standing here at Rohtak Corner.
Could you please come and
Hey, let me pass!
Brother, this is a rickshaw
- Stop!
- Not an airplane.
My belongings!
Have you lost it, old woman?
- My belongings fell off
- Is this your first time?
It has my husband's pension papers.
- Theres a check in that. Stop!
- If you want such comforts in life
- Stop the rickshaw.
- Why don't you buy your own vehicle?
This is too much, man.
- You son of a donkey!
- I don't know where you people come from.
She is bothering everyone
because of her problems!
The young woman was strolling down a road
The young lady was struck
By a thorn in her foot
Down a road
You think that the girl is so delicate
You think she will cry
If a thorn wounds her
If you did anything then
Why did you do it that way?
Why do you do it like that?
I am done with all this suffering
Down a road
The young woman was strolling down a road
The young lady was struck
By a thorn in her foot
Granny, Tibetans tie this.
Prayers have no religion.
It's all acceptable
if done from your heart.
Come on, let me take a selfie.
Why do you always
Have to pluck the flower?
Why do you have to tease
Someone who is not like you?
You, who controls me
- Get aside. Auntie is riding a bike!
- Keep your ears open and listen
Look, a boy is riding a scooter.
I am not going to sing your tunes anymore
Now, I want to live freely!
Down a road
Down a road
I am Manpreet Kaur Sethi.
If my story has inspired you
then get your bike out and ride.
And yes, please like, share
- Cribe Subscribe.
- Hey!
Will you dig all the treasure today?
I asked you to wait
for five minutes, right?
Don't they understand?
You continue with the video.
I'll take care of this trivial work.
Thanks, Prabi.
You are a sweetheart.
Thank you.
Granny, hold this. Subscribe.
There's shooting going on here.
Just stop for two minutes.
Are you Prabi's girlfriend?
No, we are just good friends.
One minute.
Mom, it's you?
- Yes, it's me.
- Where is Prabi?
My interview is going on.
She's interviewing me.
Here, at a five-star hotel.
Your interview?
They are saying that young girls
will be inspired by seeing me.
Wow, Mom. Very good.
Wrap up this talent show of yours
on time and come home.
It's his mom's birthday tomorrow.
So we have kept a gathering.
And Mom,
do get your famous "dahi bhalle."
Ready, Manpreet?
I mean, you look so young.
I'm so sorry, Ms. Manpreet.
You can call me Mahi.
Like, share, and subscribe?
I am Manpreet Kaur Sethi.
If my story inspires you,
then get your bike out and ride.
And please like,
share, and subscribe.
I know kids these
days don't drink milk.
But just drink my
milkshake once and see.
- No, it's okay. Thank you.
- Prabi really likes it. At least try it.
Have it.
Very good.
Can I show you something?
Just a minute.
Look at this.
Why don't you sit for a minute?
Khardung La.
The highest motorable road in the world.
At an altitude of 18,380 feet.
Every bikers dream.
I definitely want to go here one day.
What, Granny?
Again the same old thing?
Its not like Aunt Dimple's house
for you to go whenever you feel like it.
This is a pilgrimage
for bikers!
Don't we go on pilgrimages?
We go to Hemkund Sahib.
Vaishno Devi.
These are also at high altitudes, right?
So Granny, are you planning
on taking the entire family
- to Khardung La?
- No
I will go with her.
This is the first time I have
found a girl who rides a bike.
She's an expert.
Auntie, you please take
money for your milkshake
but dont talk such nonsense.
Child, please come.
It will be a lot of fun.
I have enough fun riding between
Maharani Bagh and Karol Bagh.
Look what you did.
I'll be back.
Actually, your nudes influence
more than your review videos.
Leave Vlogspace
and switch to porn.
Hey, how much do you charge?
Oh! Full mileage hottie!
You wanna ride on top with me?
Kept watching your nudes,
there was no time left for your vlogs.
I pity girls like you
I'll give you 5,000 for a subscription.
You always use men to succeed.
Bloody pseudo-feminist.
You'll never be able to review Barcelona.
Instead, we'll review you.
Girls like you
ruin the reputation of all women.
These are better than your review videos.
You always use men.
Bloody pseudo-feminist.
Sir, you said that we dont
need aesthetics, but a story.
A five-part vlog series
about a sixty-year-old woman,
who's traveling from Delhi to Khardung La
on a bike.
But neither am I an artist
nor a feminist.
But you are a corporate guy.
A whole new market of accessories
will open up for women bikers.
You should be in the corporate world.
You have a business mind.
This isn't for business, Mr. Kakkar.
It's for identity.
My identity.
Do it in seven days.
And Barcelona is yours.
Happy Birthday, auntie!
Mom, not now. Just a minute.
- Oh, no. I am on a diet,
- Pass it to her.
- Happy Birthday, sister!
- Meet her.
She's the daughter-in-law
of our colony's doctor.
May God bless you with a long life.
Come on.
Let's get your pilgrimage done.
- Promise?
- Yes.
Now just get your bike serviced.
Leave the rest to me.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Arshad!
Happy birthday to you!
- Brother
- Hey!
Hey, have a little more.
Have it, my wife.
What are you doing?
Who'll eat the cake?
- What did I say?
- Absolutely.
My wife is a magician.
Sister, the plan was
to go to Hotel Milan.
However, Brother Shabbir said,
"Everything fails
in comparison to Uzmas biryani."
And he brought us here.
The next time you come,
I'll make seviyan for you.
Hey, why next time?
It's his birthday today.
Let's have it today.
Brother Shabbir, it's already late
Shell cook it in 15 minutes.
She's a magician.
- No, Brother Shabbir
- It will take an hour.
Take an hour and a half.
But go make it.
Today is his birthday!
No sister, don't trouble yourself.
- Go, make it.
- Shabbir
- You just taste it.
- Brother, understand
Hey, go on.
What are you saying?
You just enjoy the delicacy!
Sir, you stopped eating.
Please eat.
- You need something?
- No.
Okay, pass the sugar.
This has to be roasted till golden
Mom, please pass the phone.
- You've got to try to let it go
- She is saying,
"Its time to let go of everything.
Let there be a mess.
Theres too much pain in holding on."
No, dont you try to hold it in
What is left in it to wonder?
Dont you give up, give up, give up!
You can go on
Will you wake up, wake up, wake up?
From the misery
- Now you fly up, fly up, fly up
- I'm very tired.
Till you touch
This is what takes away the tiredness.
I shall bring you the star
Which is in your destiny
I shall give you that world
A world that you seek
Arshad was saying
there is no need
for a laptop in Arfa's school.
Zoyas school fee is also very high.
Let's send Zoya there next semester.
Yes, hello.
Hey listen, pick up that bike from there.
A laptop is essential in today's world.
This school is very good.
We shouldn't change it.
The school is robbing us.
They've already raised the fees.
Now they want a laptop.
Tomorrow they will say that
they have to take
the children to the moon,
so buy a rocket.
I've saved some money.
From what was given
for house expenses?
Very good!
It will come in handy
at the time of Zoya's marriage.
One second.
No, I didn't understand.
Are you going, or her?
Both of us.
You mean, you and auntie
want to travel all the way
to Leh on a bike?
Why don't y'all take a flight?
We want to go by bike.
Why don't you go to Goa?
You can rent a bike there.
Ride as much as you like.
Let me repeat.
Listen carefully this time.
We want to travel on our bikes
from Delhi to Khardung La, Leh. Not Goa!
That's why we want an on-road
mechanic from your garage.
I am sure a man must
be accompanying you
- Am I right?
- Why?
Do you have a problem
if we go alone?
- No, what are you saying?
- Let's go.
Listen to me.
We truly support women.
- That's why we're saying
- Let's go, Mahi.
- But, auntie, this is the peak season.
- Let's go, Mahi.
- Not a single mechanic is free.
- Let's go!
How are you, Shabbir?
You wait, brother.
Your shop is glowing today?
Actually, brother
since the Bullet manufacturers
have introduced self-start,
even fools like you have
switched from a scooter to a bike!
Did you get it?
Don't pay attention to such people.
They're all like this.
Why did the glow of your face fade away?
Park the bike on the side.
I think we should just
call a mechanic from here.
So should we stand here all night?
Third lane.
Don't you want
to get the bike repaired?
It's shutting down
quite often these days.
Did you get any
work done recently?
I had a fog light installed
around two months ago.
That's why.
The fog light wire was
soldered to the ignition wire.
The fuse went off due to a short circuit.
Try turning it on.
You turned out to be a genius.
Tell me one thing
what if it breaks down
again on the way?
You'll have to repeat
the medicines then.
There is not much difference
between a man and a machine.
But not everyone can understand that.
So why don't you come with us?
Me, a mechanic?
You fixed the bike in two minutes!
We are going to Khardung La.
I won't be able to go with you.
Please come with us.
The on-road mechanic of our group.
An all-women biker group.
I'll give you 50,000 rupees.
Seventy-five thousand.
Seventy-five thousand.
Come on.
That star
I shall bring you the star
Which is in your destiny
I shall give you that world
A world that you seek
That star
I shall bring
That star
I shall bring!
Radhe Radhe!
Radhe Radhe!
Manpreet and Uzma.
Radhe Radhe!
So we have to complete
this trip in seven days.
- In seven days?
- Yes.
And tomorrow we will leave from Delhi.
- Then via Delhi
- We
will leave only after
offering prayers, right?
We are leaving at seven in the morning.
Finish off whatever
you wish to before that.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Then via Chandigarh,
we will stop at Kiratpur.
- From here
- Sahib.
Kiratpur Sahib.
Kiratpur Sahib?
Then via Mandi Kullu to Manali.
For how many days will we stay in Manali?
No, why will we stay in Manali?
What do you mean by why will we stay?
It will take at least two to three
days to explore Solang, etc.
- No, we can't stop.
- But it's very beautiful.
- No
- But
No, we have to stay for a
day to adjust to the weather.
As the altitude increases,
the body has to get used to it.
- Yes.
- Okay?
This means it will be
extremely cold out there.
I don't have all the items mentioned
- in the list that came in.
- Okay, one minute.
I got everything from the list, it had
- It had clothes, a sweater
- Let me finish.
- I put everything in my bag.
- Really? You brought everything.
- Yes.
- I decided to buy it from there itself.
- Mahi, listen to me.
- We'll get it in Manali, right?
- You bought it in Delhi?
- Yes.
- Wasn't it expensive?
- Shut up, guys!
But the quality...
Can I finish talking first?
Sorry. Yes, talk
Then via Manali, Jispa for the night.
Day five, stop at Pang.
Six at Leh.
And on the last day, Khardung La.
- Okay?
- Isn't this an expert rider's job?
Will we be able to do it?
And that location from 3 Idiots
This Pangong Tso
No, it's completely out of our way.
What do you mean by no?
We have to go there.
- One minute, move aside. I think Manali
- But we're going right from here.
That's not how it is in the mountains.
I can't wear these shoes to Khardung La.
What rubbish!
- Then we won't have time for this, right?
- But, in seven days if we have to
Sky, what's the matter?
Are you upset?
Let me show you something.
I bought this for all four of us.
Matching ones.
It's my wish that at Khardung La Top
all of us click a picture wearing this.
Just like Team India!
Mahi this is not your kitty party.
It's a serious trip.
Leave all this rubbish
and pack your medicines instead.
See you tomorrow.
Hey guys! A new travel vlog
coming soon on my channel.
Stay tuned.
Sardarji, wish me good luck.
I am going to Ajmer Sharif
with Ruksar to attend the "Urs."
Then who will take care of the house?
I will do it, Dad.
Mom has taught me everything.
So, mother and daughter
have made all the plans?
And you didn't even ask me?
What if I say no?
After going there
Ruksar gave birth to a boy.
But take care of yourself there.
Lali, did you reach on time?
Is everything okay there?
Yes, Mom, everything is fine.
What happened?
Are you hurt?
This is a girl!
- It's a girl.
- Get up.
- She must've been dizzy.
- Get some water.
People drive so fast these days.
Thankfully this girl was saved.
- Let her get some air.
- She is safe!
Thank God, she's fine!
Let it be now. Thank God she survived
and there was no damage.
We should inform her family.
Have you seen my mobile?
She seemed shady since the beginning.
We should never have agreed
to bring her along.
She spoiled the whole trip.
- Take this.
- All of us are like mothers and sisters.
She is our responsibility after all.
Hello, how did she
become our responsibility?
We met her for the first time yesterday.
We don't even know her properly.
- The girl is alone. Anything can happen
- No, Ive heard
What happened?
Found out anything?
I checked quite far.
I couldn't find her anywhere.
Now what next?
Sir, do you know
the way to Kiratpur Sahib?
Kirat is here!
- No, it's this way.
- That's the way to the bar!
- There's a medical store there.
- No. it's that way!
Go on.
Brother, look ahead while driving.
Why are you looking behind?
- Pappu?
- Yes, brother?
How much money do we
have in the truck right now?
The amount must be around 1,25,000 rupees.
- One lakh twenty-five thousand rupees?
- Yes, I counted them properly.
- There seems to be something wrong.
- Something is wrong?
Come along!
What's the matter, my child?
- Okay, relax.
- Kill it.
Look at that.
Get ready, Manjari.
Come Manjari, offer your prayers!
My heart flies away
My heart is not in my control anymore
Doing what it desires
It might get caught someday
This heart flies away
This heart is not in my control anymore
Make it round, Manjari.
Listen, talk to everyone with a smile.
Manjari has
- cooked this herself.
- Why do these dreams come to me?
Peeping at me through the window
Calling me by different names
Shall I chide them away?
Or shall I fly with them?
This heart flies away
This heart is not in my control anymore
Have some turmeric milk.
It will make you glow for
the celebration tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow, once Panditji gives us
an auspicious time for the wedding
then this responsibility of mine is over.
- Mom.
- Yes?
I had a thought
What is it?
- Tell me.
- I was thinking
I should meet the boy alone once.
I'll also get to know
how he is as a person.
Your nails have grown so long.
How long are your nails?
Hey, let it be.
I'll do it myself, Mom!
Have you ever cut them properly?
They are always crooked.
Your mother is aware of
what's right and what's wrong for you.
He is a nice boy.
My darling will be happy with him.
The milk is kept here. Drink it.
Two minutes.
Radhe Radhe!
I wanted to talk to you yesterday itself.
You have to return
to Govardhan next month.
Yes, I'm aware!
Sangeeta informed me about it.
Congratulations, my love.
- Thank you.
- On which dating app did you find the boy?
Oh, come on, Martha.
My mom is my dating app.
She's the one who swiped right.
Really? What does he do?
Are you riding your bike these days?
- You know I dont ride without you.
- Look, she's sitting here.
I'd like to talk, as well.
We looked for you everywhere
and here you are.
Are you done talking?
- I was...
- Now let your uncle talk to her.
- Sister, Radhe Radhe. We'll talk again.
- Bye, Manjari.
Talk to my brother-in-law.
Sister, Radhe Radhe!
Radhe Radhe!
Mr. Thomas had called from Canada.
He's going to give us a big order.
Ever since you set foot in our shop
Om Jewelers from Mathura
has become famous in all of Canada.
- Right?
- Wow!
Yes, but sister,
- you have to come for Manjari's wedding.
- Yes.
The wedding cannot
happen without your blessings.
I'll definitely be there.
But before that
send Manjari to Leh Ashram
to stay with me for a few days.
I'm here to take care of her.
I'll also introduce her
to a new client from Canada.
Yes, well
- Okay.
- Okay.
Don't tell your mom about this.
Youre not coming by flight but on a bike.
Martha, why on a bike?
I'm sending you something. Check it out!
I am Manpreet Kaur Sethi.
If you've been inspired by my story,
then get your bike out and ride!
Why didnt you ask us for directions?
Do you know where do you
have to go in Kiratpur Sahib?
Drink some water.
The company which is conducting this tour
do you have their office number?
Martha had sent me all the details.
At home, by post?
On the internet.
Give it here
Take this and log in.
Log in to your account.
- Log in?
- Yes
It's surprising.
You've started recording
videos here, as well?
You won't even
stop if a person is dying.
I can't give up my work
because of Manjari, right?
And who says one should
wait with folded hands?
Go stand there.
What is here?
You're making a video
among the bushes?
Do one thing.
Click a couple of good pictures of mine.
I have to change my DP.
Haven't changed it in a long time.
This is my spare phone.
Keep it.
It will come in handy. Keep it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Had you not helped me
I have no idea what I wouldve done.
Taking stress in your own problems,
and providing solutions
to others' problems
is human nature!
That's why whenever you're in a problem,
for once become your own neighbor.
And you'll find the solution.
- Hey, Pappu?
- Yes, brother?
- Come, let's go.
- Yes, coming.
Wait for me, brother.
Okay, I have sent you a friend request.
- Okay.
- Accept it.
- Happy journey!
- To you, as well.
- Come, hurry up.
- Make it quick, brother.
What are you doing?
Are you climbing up there to make a web?
These kinds of hotels have spy cameras.
- What if someone records us?
- What is it?
Spy camera!
They make videos with it.
I'll need an extra pillow.
To keep below my knees.
What are you doing?
I had booked a nice hotel in Kiratpur.
Look where we're stuck now.
No problem.
Tomorrow we'll go to Kiratpur Sahib.
No. We won't stop anywhere.
We'll leave straight for
Manali tomorrow morning.
No, I have to go to Kiratpur.
I have to seek blessings there.
Why don't you understand, we have
a schedule which we need to follow.
- So, how can we stop?
- No
Kiratpur Sahib was part of the schedule.
It was in our schedule.
Taran Truck Taran Taaran.
What kind of a name is this?
Has Manjari been hit by a truck?
- Hello, who's speaking?
- Hello, Sky.
- Sky!
- Manjari!
Are you okay?
- Put it on speaker.
- Hello. One second!
- Put it on speaker.
- Hello, where are you?
- I'm in Kiratpur...
- No, we didn't go to Kiratpur.
We are in Rupnagar.
On Manali Highway
- there's a hotel
- Lovely.
- Hotel Lovely, on Manali Highway.
- Hotel?
- Put it on speaker!
- Hotel Lovely!
I'm coming.
I'll be there in an hour.
What did she say?
She'll come and tell us what happened.
It'll take an hour.
What a pain!
One hour?
Do we have to wait here?
Should we head out?
It's been ages since
I got a chance to sit with girls and chat.
What do you people say?
Let's chill.
Pass me one beer and one rum.
Hello, Mr. Kakkar.
Yes, sir. Everything is going well.
But the schedule has gone awry.
No, sir, don't worry.
I'll cover up for it as we move ahead.
- Come, the beer is chilled.
- Yes.
Don't be afraid.
They are harmless.
They won't do anything.
Here it comes.
I don't need ice.
Take it away.
What's the matter?
Are you feeling homesick?
This is my first time away from Zoya.
That's why I am feeling a bit strange.
Leave that now.
Talk to us.
Tell us your story.
I don't have a story.
And I am not thinking of anybody!
Hey! You could've said "cheers" at least.
For what?
What have we accomplished today?
We will.
We definitely will.
Directly when we reach Khardung La!
Here we go.
Just a sniff and you're already drunk?
Rum is not for you.
Have a beer.
May my enemies drink this gas water.
is not alcohol.
It is
an emotion!
My husband
used to get half a bottle
of rum every Saturday.
He would make two drinks for me, as well.
What a pleasure it was to drink with him.
He used to say
"When you drink with me"
"When you drink with me
I get even more intoxicated."
If you find a man who drinks rum
He's a keeper!
In memory of your husband
Bottoms up!
In the name of
Harshdeep Singh Sethi.
Sorry, I hope you are not hurt.
Radhe Radhe!
- Manjari is here!
- Hey, where were you?
- Sky.
- One minute.
- Manjari is here.
- What's up with you?
Have you run away from home?
- Is it about a boy?
- No.
- Wait, let her at least take a breath.
- It's nothing like that!
Sit down. Sit over here.
What's the matter?
Is everything okay?
- Did something go wrong?
- No.
- Make a drink for her.
- I mean, yes.
- Have a drink.
- No.
No, I don't drink.
- What exactly happened?
- I'm fine now.
I'm fine now.
But until I met Mr. Taran Dhillon
- Who?
- I was not at all fine.
She's found a handsome man.
- Right?
- No, nothing like that.
Not here, there.
What is this?
A magic box.
Open it.
What did you think?
That we had no idea
it's your birthday today?
to be happy,
you just need to open your eyes.
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Uzma!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Uzma!
Stay alert!
Happy birthday!
Stay alert!
Lets go and take our flight
With the winds, dear
Lets go, where
The heart sings like the birds
That time and that morning
That home of clouds
Where the weather of our heart shines
Where there is solace
Lets take those paths
In the ears of these mountains
Let's whisper the stories
Lets begin this journey
- Tell me, where is that world?
- Where is it?
- Where your fingers touch the sky
- The sky
- Tell me, where is that world?
- Where is it?
Where both the worlds hug each other
Right here
Where there is solace
Lets take those paths
In the ears of these mountains
Let's whisper the stories
Lets begin this journey!
Oh, no!
This had to get punctured right now?
Can I help you?
Are you sure?
The news guys have arrived, as well.
Yes dear, after two whistles
put it on a low flame and
leave it on for some time.
Yes, Mom. Okay.
And yes, while the whistle is blowing
don't open the pressure cooker.
Okay. Dad wants to speak to you.
Let him speak.
- Salaam Alaikum!
- Walaikum Assalam!
Did you reach safely?
Yes, we reached safely.
And where is Ruksar?
Let me talk to her.
Yes. I'll give it to her.
Shabbir will talk to you.
- Hello.
- Yes?
- Salaam Alaikum!
- Radhe Radhe!
- Hello.
- Radhe?
She's a Salman Khan fan.
- She saw a poster of Radhe.
- Is she crazy?
Yes, she's gone a bit crazy
after giving birth to a son.
You call me later.
Yes. I'll call you.
- Take care of yourself. Bye.
- I'll call you. Bye.
I am never able to open this.
You can do everything.
Please open this, as well.
This is not your problem.
Your problem is that
you are scared of everything.
I'm speaking with experience,
this world is cruel.
If you're scared,
it'll scare you more.
So, don't ever be scared of anyone.
Give me.
I will have to take it to the shop.
Take it.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
The bike was shaking.
Who helped you?
Hey, thank you so much
for helping our friend.
- Welcome.
- I'm Sky.
You know, Sky
It could've been me like this today.
And we may just need
to stick together, right?
- Yeah, that's true.
- Uzma,
- Even I was very worried.
- He's the one who helped Mahi.
The bike started to
Hi, Uzma.
That's Uzma.
And that's Manjari.
- Hi Manjari. Bernett.
- Radhe Radhe!
Such a lovely smile.
So, all of you have got
such lovely smiles.
I must've woken up
on the right side of the bed today.
So, where are you headed to?
We are going to Khardung La.
Yeah, Khardung La.
Wow, I'll be seeing you there.
- Oh, you're going there, as well?
- I'm also on my way, yes.
- Are you enjoying it?
- I'm absolutely loving it.
- How could you not like this place?
- Have you set the plates?
- That's true.
- Add a whole lot of chilies.
I wish I could speak Hindi.
It's like
- Only a little.
- Only a lit...
But, I'm sure it's going
to be an amazing journey.
- Yeah. See you around.
- See you around.
- It was lovely meeting you.
- You too.
I like spicy.
No more punctures.
- Hey, Bernett.
- Hey.
Do you like rum?
Best drink in the world.
See you, ladies.
He's a keeper!
Take this.
Make another.
Don't add chilies at all.
You did the right thing by shooing
away that English guy, ma'am.
Look at your daughters.
See how they are smiling.
And if we say the same thing
they will say that he is teasing us.
I'm telling you
Indian men have
always faced this bias.
You first make the kulcha,
then talk about bias.
What happened there?
Are you okay?
- Baby, look at this. I got hurt.
- Can't you look and drive?
Does your father own this road?
My sweetheart is hurt.
Say sorry to my sweetheart.
Your sweetheart is hurt
and what about my bike?
What about the fact that she's hurt?
First, say sorry to her!
I'm sorry. It was my mistake.
- It was my mistake, I'm sorry.
- Hey
- Why are you saying sorry?
- They ride anyhow.
They should be careful while riding.
- Bloody blind people!
- Hey, Manjari.
She's scolding me, darling.
What are you doing?
You are scolding my sweetheart?
Just because I am not saying anything,
doesnt mean I am scared of you.
- We aren't afraid of anyone.
- Manjari!
- What do you mean?!
- We'll teach you a lesson.
- Police!
- Baby, it is hurting.
I will protect Sky.
Senior citizen.
Come on, do it.
Uzma, if they ask,
tell them she was possessed.
Come on, do it.
And you
when the police come here,
you shake your head like this.
As if you're possessed.
Who is Shashi Kumar Yadav?
- No one among us.
- Who is it?
Shashi Kumar Yadav?
- Our Sky?
- This is surprising, ma'am.
Generally, people buy from here,
and you've brought it here.
What will you take from us now?
I said, shut up!
One lakh.
One lakh?
Isn't that too much?
Instead of taking you aside
and giving you two slaps
I'm only taking one lakh from you.
It's a narcotics matter anyway.
But we have nothing, so what do we give?
- You guys give them.
- No
- One, two, three, four, five, and six.
- One minute
You guys spoiled our honeymoon.
Hey, that's not true,
you dashed the bike by the way!
You rammed the vehicle!
I have only 21,000.
So per person, it will be 20.
No, why should I give?
You're the one who will pay me, right?
Why shouldn't you give?
Youre the one who eats non-veg.
I eat only veg, but I pay equally.
What about the
alcohol you guys drink?
- What are you guys talking about?!
- One minute.
- What...
- Mahi, can you give me your gold item?
- Anything of gold
- Very good.
Youre the one who smokes up.
Manjari is the one who caused this ruckus.
Uzma is the one without her bike papers.
And I should be the one to pay the money?
Mahi, dont talk rubbish!
We are all in this together.
Oh, God! How much do you have?
But I don't have anything,
so what do I do?
Give whatever you have.
- How much do you have?
- Why aren't you paying?
We wont pay. Weve been
caught in this mess only because of you.
This is from me.
Eat something with it.
I was just trying to protect you.
- You called the cops to protect me?
- Stop it both of you.
I am feeling cold.
No, let me figure something out.
We'll have a solution by tomorrow.
- By tomorrow?
- Yes.
So what should we do tonight?
Will we sleep on the road?
- I can't sleep on the road.
- Stop cry...
What's the point of arguing?
A good thief doesn't get caught.
What do you mean?
What is this?
Interest-free loan.
For now.
Give it to me.
- You
- I'll take care of it.
Now what next?
Now that we have money,
we'll find a place, as well.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Now we'll go to a hotel, right?
- Where else?
But I won't be able to ride
Where is this I have brought myself to
My feet dont remain on the ground anymore
They just don't
Where is this I've brought myself to
It feels like a devotional night, right?
Which hymn are you singing, son?
What are you saying?
Respect the artist.
Hello, I'm Moishe, the manager here.
Please try one of our specialties.
With love from Israel.
Thank you.
Doesn't the earth touch the sky somewhere?
Doesn't the dusk
Somewhere, meet the dawn?
They meet
They meet
Let's meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
Let us meet there
They meet
There's someone at the door.
It's me, Moishe.
Where is Sky?
Radhe Radhe.
Hey, are you all
completely stoned or what?
Wake up. Your uncle is here.
Keep your relatives out.
Let us sleep now.
Oh, God!
You left it in the garden last night.
Thank you.
Yes, Sky. I like the footage.
Yes, sir.
I am releasing the next round of funds.
Use it wisely.
Okay, sir.
Don't we measure
The light with shadows?
And scale these clouds with our thoughts?
Forget reality, let's meet in our dreams
Lets you and I meet in
The chapters of our stories
Let's meet
Yes, let's meet
Let's meet there
Let's meet
Let's meet
Let's meet
- Let's meet
- Let's meet
- Let's meet
- Let's meet
Let's meet
- Yes, let's meet
- Let's meet
Who sent you this video?
My sons-in-law sent it.
Theyre saying, it has gone viral.
Look at this.
I've got new biking gear.
What's the matter?
You've made this video, right?
Didn't you feel ashamed
while doing such a disgusting act?
What do they call it? Fake
Heart attack?
You have betrayed us.
You sold us
on the internet for your own profit?
I can't go ahead.
Do you understand consent?
If something affects two people
then one should take
the other person's permission.
Why does no one understand this?
You know that Ive lied
to Shabbir to come here.
What if he finds out?
If you listen to me once,
then you will understand.
I haven't posted anything.
Mahi! Do you really think I did this?
What you did was not right.
I was doing this trip
so that my kids would see.
If I do something courageous,
they will think of me as a heroine!
But in a split second,
you've made me the villain.
Mahi, at least you try
to understand my point.
Delete this.
Delete it right away.
What should I delete?
Take this. Check my phone.
There is nothing on it.
And how can I delete what's
already on the internet?
My kids don't want to see my face.
It was such an intimate conversation.
And you showed it to the entire world
just to increase your followers!
Uzma, at least listen to her once
- What should I listen to?
- She cannot do that!
Youre acting like her fan
Why cant she do it?
Because her own nude
photos have been leaked.
Sorry, Sky.
I spoke too much due to my own fear.
What happened with you is...
I don't want to talk about it.
You guys also haven't left
any stone unturned.
But this did create a ruckus,
right, child?
There will be a problem
at my house, as well.
Even I've lied at home.
Things have gotten out of hand but
now we just need to solve this.
I don't how we'll do it, but
it feels like the burden of expectations
has been lifted off my shoulders.
I'll continue this journey with you.
This trip means nothing without Mahi.
All I can see before my eyes
is Prabi's face.
We'll have to do something.
But wasn't this your pilgrimage, Mahi?
If you don't complete it,
will you go back halfway?
I won't be able to come along.
I'm not like you.
I have responsibilities.
Uzma, give it another thought
We will really need you in Rohtang.
You can take all your money there.
And if you want to go
back after Rohtang, you can.
Uzma, let's finish what we've started.
Evening, ladies! Shalom!
I'm Moishe, I'm the manager here.
Let me offer you some
of our special cookies.
Sky, Moishe had your phone, right?
Hello, good evening.
I'm Moishe, the manager.
Let me offer you
one of our special cookies.
With love from Israel.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can I get some tea?
Maybe later.
It's very tasty.
Mom always serves cookies with tea.
Do you want a cookie?
It's very good.
I am flying like a bird!
The four of us dont have
a single photo together.
- I'll click a picture.
- No, wait. I'll call.
- I click really nice pictures.
- Ill click.
- Take a picture of us.
- I want one more, Sky.
These Israeli biscuits
taste good even without tea.
Where's Israel?
I know where Israel is.
Where is it?
is in Canada, right?
Yeah, man.
My cousin lives there.
- Really?
- Do you know her?
Oh, yeah, I love Jaspreet.
She didn't tell me.
She used to tell me
everything before marriage.
By the way,
let me tell you.
For once
let's become our own neighbor.
Everything will be fine.
This means, in your own problem,
let your neighbor
My neighbor
He's a fraud.
He has taken in the entire
pavement inch by inch.
Mine is lecherous.
From morning till evening,
he watches my panties dry.
Ask me, despite my burka they don't stop.
All the boys in my
neighborhood are also lustful.
- What?
- What?
- Manjari.
- Right!
No one has ever given me
- What?
- A kissy!
I don't believe it.
I'll do it after marriage.
No, get your "kissy"
before your marriage.
- No!
- Yes!
After marriage, you will get
a pumpkin instead of a kiss.
That too just for cooking.
Yes, and youll have to make it.
The pumpkin
as well as
- As well as
- Yes?
Make a fool out of your husband in bed.
Oh, Mahi!
She's right.
Didn't you ever do it?
What is it called?
That fake
Heart attack?
- That
- What?
You've done it, right?
You've done it!
There you go.
It's shown in advertisements as well.
- Yes.
- Yes!
A guy does not even finish opening
a condom box and the girl
What did you just do?
does this!
Manjari, you tell me.
Which girl gets an orgasm
just by looking at the condom?
Who are you asking?
I know about it.
Raspberry, guava
Which is your favorite one?
- Chocolate!
- I knew it.
- Really?
- Yes!
I am telling you,
once we are done with
these fruity flavors
new Indian flavors will be introduced.
Indian is good for me.
Garlic sauce!
No, no.
- Let me tell you the best one.
- Which?
Mouth freshener.
After dinner.
Thank you.
I've never told you this before.
No one has ever trusted me
except you.
And because of this pilgrimage,
I will be your fan
for the rest of my life.
I'll take you atop Khardung La.
No matter what.
- Yes.
- Are you ready for this?
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- I love you, Sky!
- I love you too.
Manjari, are you fine?
Yes, I'm fine.
- I am okay.
- Please ride slowly and carefully.
- Yes. Okay.
- The road is terrible.
- What did she say?
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Ride carefully.
What are you waiting for?
For the clouds to clear.
How do we go ahead
with such poor visibility?
Can't see anything ahead.
We reached here in high spirits
I can't see even the road ahead.
What do we do now?
Nothing's visible!
Just yesterday,
two cars fell off the cliff.
Around five to six people died.
No matter how much I'm persuaded.
I won't go ahead.
But vehicles are coming
from the other side.
Let's see what happens.
We can't wait here for too long.
I have to return home, as well.
Our cars don't even have fog lights,
how's it possible then?
- You are carrying extra wires, right?
- Yes.
Can you please get them?
Why? What will you do with it?
The same thing that
I've been doing all my life.
A quick fix.
Our bikes will go through from here.
But we can't leave these people behind.
The weather is taking
a turn for the worse.
We have to get them out of here.
Let's help them.
These fog lights will show them the way.
You guys will sit as pillions.
One on each bike.
You will have to hold the fog light
and show them the way, okay?
Okay? Let's go.
There's no need to be afraid. Got it?
Our Uzma will lead us all
out of here safely.
Uzma, should I carry anything?
- No, take it along.
- Let's go.
Manjari, you'll ride right at the front.
Since your fog lights are new, okay?
Sky, you'll be at her side.
I will be on this side.
Mahi, you'll be behind us.
Lets go!
Thank you.
Do you want to sit?
Put one leg on this side.
This is the heart of the bike.
When this is fine, all is well.
If her heart breaks,
then no matter how good her engines are
She can't go on.
These are her hands.
Once you hold them wholeheartedly,
she will never leave you.
This is called racing it up.
Did your heart beat in anticipation?
Hers did, as well.
I have a daughter.
She's exactly your age.
She must be getting to
ride this every day, right?
Even her heart must be beating like this.
Keep it.
I havent seen you this
happy on our entire trip.
I didn't know that throwing stones
could make a person so happy.
Whenever Shrey and I
would see a water body
we would play just like this.
He was an expert.
He used to create
seven to eight ripples quite easily.
I had defeated him only once.
You should have seen his face.
Do you still love him?
By the way,
what you did today, was amazing.
Thank you.
Hindostan Motorcycles was
started by my grandfather.
After him, the responsibility
came onto my father.
This one time
I fixed a bike with my own hands.
And he
He took off his watch and made me wear it.
I know the legacy
of Hindostan Motorcycles.
Danish Khan, son of Ali Abbas Khan,
- right?
- Yes.
But you've never been mentioned.
After marriage,
my father handed over the
responsibility of the garage to Shabbir.
My legacy became someone elses.
Take this.
I keep my promises.
I'm not doing this
just for the money now, Sky.
You know
Whenever my father
took up any work,
even if he had to put money from
his own pocket to finish it, he would.
I will finish this task.
For me and Zoya.
I will Khardung La?
I'll come to Khardung La!
Here, child
Here is some hot turmeric milk for you.
All your pain will vanish.
Drink it.
Take it.
It's not that bad.
I know how bad it is.
This is what my mom gives me all the time.
Your mother must be a very strong woman.
That's where your courage comes from.
Give it here.
- Careful.
- Yes.
Good job!
If it were up to my mother, she wouldn't
even let me go to buy vegetables alone.
I could come here only because of Martha.
Children will never understand
the struggles of a single mother.
Kids think, "What's the big deal?"
It is a mother's duty
to take care of her kids.
What is the need to
think about herself?
Have you ever thought,
when you go away after getting married
what will your mother do?
She'll look after your kids!
You will have your kitty parties.
And just wish her online on Mother's Day.
I spoke too much.
Come on. Drink the milk.
Come on.
- I don't
- No, you will have to drink it.
Sky, come out.
Are we leaving or not?
What are you doing?
Is this an exam?
Am I asking you for chits?
I am writing a voice-over
for the V-log of this trip.
So its about me, as well.
Let me read a couple of lines.
What's more important,
the journey or the destination?
But this question itself is useless.
The journey is important.
You tell me something.
We could have gone to
Khardung La via flight, as well.
But we chose bikes.
By road.
Experiencing things, meeting new people
Feeling it completely!
So tell me, isn't the
journey more important?
Do you know?
Looking at you
I'm reminded of my youth.
But you are braver than me.
What if we do not reach Khardung La?
Hey, don't talk like my sons-in-law.
So is the journey important
or the destination?
- No, look
- Let's go
- We're getting late. Pack up.
- The journey and destination
We have to leave.
Let's go.
You're very smart.
Very smart.
Bulleh Shah
Everyone is a traveler here
No one is going to stay here forever
Everyone will live their lives
Perform their duty
Everyone will leave
Everyone will leave
Everyone will leave
The detached one does not know the melody
A heart does not recognize another heart
Why do you roam everywhere?
The world is at your feet
Then, what is it that you seek?
The Lord walks beside you
Leave your worries behind
Flap your wings, and fly
The sky is in your hands
Like a river, you flow and touch the wind
You leave yourself behind
Oh, wanderer
Be carefree
Oh, wanderer
Take your flight
Oh, wanderer
You are the throne of Lord
Oh, wanderer
- Oh, wanderer
- Be carefree
- Oh, wanderer
- Take your flight
- Oh, wanderer
- You are the crown of the Lord
Oh, wanderer
Should we leave?
What did you ask for?
from God.
For lying.
I don't know about Shabbir,
but if God forgives me, it's enough.
I prayed for you, as well.
May you get a good-looking husband.
Well, when it comes to looks
he is even more recherch!
Then what's the problem?
Ive only seen his face
not his heart.
there is no guarantee.
Neither of the face nor of the heart.
I got married after observing his heart
and character for two years.
You had a love marriage?
Yes, absolutely.
All the boys in the neighborhood
were crazy about me.
I used to look stunning, as well.
You still do!
What is that word?
Zoya uses it "Modest."
It's not about being modest. But
I swear.
I liked the
nicest, most well-mannered
guy in the neighborhood.
And we started dating.
And when he came home to meet me
I acted like we were
meeting for the first time.
Even Kate would have
failed in comparison to me.
From Titanic.
If everything was so good
what happened?
Both of us changed after marriage.
Should one marry or not?
Let's go and give blessings.
Come on.
You read to become all knowledgeable
But you never read yourself
You run to enter your temples and mosques
But you never enter your own heart
But you never enter your own heart
The lines on your palm
Are staring back at you
You write your own destiny
If you will be stern
The mountain will bow in front of you
This world is within you
- Oh, wanderer
- Be carefree
- Oh, wanderer
- Take your flight
- Oh, wanderer
- You are the crown of the Lord
Oh, wanderer
- Be carefree
- Oh, wanderer
- Take your flight
- Oh, wanderer
- You are the crown of the Lord
Oh, wanderer
- Oh, wanderer
- Be carefree
Oh, wanderer
Take your flight
- Oh, wanderer
- You are the crown of the Lord
Oh, wanderer
- Oh, wanderer
- Be carefree
- Oh, wanderer
- Take your flight
- Oh, wanderer
- You are the crown of the Lord!
What happened? Is everything okay?
Should we come?
Mahi, wait.
I want to record you.
While you go over the water, okay?
Why don't you just take my life?
Mahi, it's not looking good.
- We'll have to do it again.
- Show me.
Oh, man!
Why don't you take the photos properly?
Why don't you ride properly?
- Come on.
- Yes.
Make a U-turn.
Look at that.
Its increasing.
The water level.
- Sky!
- Let's get out of here.
- Mahi
- My bike is not starting.
I am coming.
- Mahi! Mahi!
- Manjari.
- Mahi, hold on!
- Help Mahi!
My bike is not starting.
- Sky!
- Mahi! Mahi
- Mahi! Hurry!
- The bike isn't starting.
- Get off the bike Get off!
- It won't start
Mahi, push!
Mahi, accelerate it!
- Mahi! Accelerator!
- Push!
- Harder.
- Race, Mahi.
The water level is increasing, Sky!
Let's go! Let's get out of here.
No, please leave me.
Please, my hard disk
and data are in the bag.
Leave everything and get out.
The tire is stuck.
Just listen to me, Sky!
- Sky. Get out!
- My camera.
All my belongings are here.
Uzma, please!
Sky, leave it and get out.
Come on, Sky.
- Her bag.
- Yes.
Come on.
Take this.
Drink some water.
It's gone.
Everything is over.
Why does this only happen to me?
No matter how hard I try
to make things right
life pulls me down in the blink of an eye!
I agree, all this is very difficult.
But we will solve everything together.
What will we solve?
Nothing can be solved.
Shrey had also said the same,
"I'll solve everything, trust me!"
"The photos will be deleted."
Were they deleted?
Were they?
No, right?
His phone got hacked.
And my life was destroyed.
Sky, there was a sudden flood,
how is that your fault?
It's my fault.
Sending him my pictures was my fault.
And today, all this
destruction is also my fault.
Hey, don't speak like this, child.
Let's keep our spirits up.
We'll go ahead.
I try, Mahi. I try every single day.
I wake up in the morning
and post a photo of the sunrise.
That says, "Good morning!"
Do you know what comments I get on that?
What is your rate?
How much for a night with you?
When some guy looks at
me for more than five seconds
it feels like he surely
mustve seen my photo.
My identity
is my nude photo and it will
remain so for the rest of my life.
- No.
- No!
No, don't say that. No, dear.
I'll take you as a pillion.
And you click a few pictures of me
You still don't get it?
This trip was never for you!
It was for my future.
For my channel and for my happiness.
This trip ends here.
- Sky!
- Sky, please wait!
From a broken star
What should one pray for
Broken that is in itself
What could he grant?
What are you looking for
It's a fake world
Everything is a lie
What are you looking for?
It's a fake world of yours
It's a fake world of yours
Free me, Oh, Lord
Free me from everything
Free me from pain, free me from extent
Free me from today, free me from tomorrow
Free me from everything
This is so beautiful.
Who made it?
No one comes here for days.
I have no one to talk to.
So I keep doing something
to keep myself busy.
Why wander aimlessly?
Everything is a lie
It's been six months here.
When I miss home,
I look to the east.
You live in the mountains,
yet you miss home?
In the process of making the roads,
my eyes are now filled with dust.
I don't find mountains beautiful anymore.
What are you looking for?
It's a fake world.
Ma'am, is it cool if I record this?
No, it's not cool.
Ma'am, Nuns are doing Kung Fu.
This is viral stuff.
Ma'am, I promise I won't disturb anyone.
It's very important for me to record this.
Think of it as a life-and-death situation.
Is it some philosophy
about life?
It's written,
"No camera, no phone, no video."
Ma'am, at least listen to me once.
Okay, tell me one thing.
Which celebrities are getting
married next in Bollywood?
Mahi, wait.
Is the bike on its stand?
I'll put the bike on the stand.
You hold her.
- Hold her
- That's it.
- Take very small steps.
- Hold her.
- That's it. Let's make her sit here.
- Water.
- Uzma, make her sit here.
- Oh my God!
What happened? Is she okay?
- Bernett!
- Bernett, can we get some water?
Please, come inside.
Come on, I'll get some water.
Just two minutes, Mahi!
- Water! water!
- Yes, we're getting it.
- Come on, this way.
- Careful.
That's it
- Uzma, please get some more garlic water.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Make her drink it.
- Blanket
- I have some camphor.
- Rub her hands.
- Yes.
- Do it properly.
- Yes, I will do it.
Is it you in the picture?
Me and my husband.
This picture is thirty years old.
Now I am here, he's there.
Slowly, slowly.
Slowly. Very slowly.
- Okay, that's fine.
- Slowly
Do you want more?
Have you all employed me,
or have I employed you?
What is this? One day's money will
be deducted from all your salaries.
Your job is to remove all these plates.
Why did it take so long?
You guys are not capable.
I won't employ you.
I'm not employing you, filthy people.
Can't even do such
a trivial thing properly.
Sorry, sorry.
Forgive me.
When did your husband pass away?
It's been 29 years.
29 years?
And you've been managing this place
on your own for all these years?
Yes, I've managed this alone.
Who else will do it?
I've managed it alone.
Are you really a nun?
Aren't you supposed to talk
about the wisdom of life?
Instead, you're asking
for Bollywood gossip.
Wisdom of life?
What is to be learned,
can be learned in the hustle
and bustle of the city, as well.
And if I had the wisdom of life
Why would I have left
everything and come here?
I'm going through the worst
time of my life.
I thought this trip would change my life.
Everything will be alright.
What we often think of as the end
is actually the beginning of a new life!
If you see things with an open heart
everything in nature has
a very cool philosophy!
One incident, one event, or one quote
cannot change your life.
Change requires hard work and time.
Her oxygen level is 73.
And it's dipping.
Being in a peak season,
we only have one cylinder left.
You have to arrange for a cylinder now.
Do you know any people here?
I know Martha here
- Maybe she can arrange it somehow.
- Yes.
- Yes?
- Yes.
Okay, let me go and see
if there are any pharmacies around.
- Okay?
- No, you wait. I'll go.
I'll be back soon.
My baby!
Radhe Radhe!
Let's go in. Okay?
- Dorje.
- Yes, Ma'am?
Please get an oxygen cylinder.
Okay, Ma'am.
Martha, what does Juley mean?
Juley means
Juley means goodbye.
Thank you, how are you?
Juley means many things here.
We use it wherever appropriate.
I understand now why you
asked me to come on the bike.
Did you do everything you wanted to?
Miss Martha.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
Let's go.
Oh, damn!
Ma'am, is this your bike?
We need to check the
license and the bike papers.
Uncle, try to understand.
It's important for me
to be at the hospital.
Stop it now!
What have you done to yourself?
You humiliated us.
The bike belongs to me
I mean it's my father's.
- And
- Listen, Ma'am.
Mr. Shabbir Khan
has filed a report in Delhi.
Stating that, "A girl has stolen a bike
and fled towards Ladakh."
And you have it.
Red hair?
What rubbish were
you talking about in the video?
Are you interested in becoming a model?
Trust me, it's my father's bike.
My husband has the papers
but it's my bike.
And it's very important for
me to reach the hospital, sir
Let's go.
- But sister, please she was only trying...
- Sister!
Don't say anything today!
What was the need
to lie and come on the bike?
- Sir, please.
- Come on.
We leave for Govardhan tomorrow morning.
Start packing.
Sister, please listen to me.
It's okay!
They have gone to get oxygen for you.
It's okay.
You know
The first time I came to Khardung La,
I was much worse
Much worse than you.
Khardung La?
Khardung La?
Everyone will laugh.
My sons-in-law.
Yes, your grandson.
Granny failed.
You know
The more we travel
the more we realize
that it is enough.
That you're enough.
Okay, Mahi.
I'm going to get some water, okay?
Please, just relax.
Why does it bother you,
what people will say?
It does not bother me at all.
You are the heroine of my life.
Come here.
I have made a peg for you, as well.
When you drink with me,
I swear it's much more intoxicating!
Come here.
- Hello.
- Hello, Sky. Where are you?
Mahi's not well.
We need an oxygen cylinder
as soon as possible.
Uzma and Manjari are also missing.
Just get the oxygen cylinder here.
As soon as possible, please.
We're waiting here in Leh Hospital.
Come on.
Mom, I can't leave this here, right?
And my Aadhaar card
is also deposited there.
I will need that in the future.
If you don't trust me,
then come with me.
Take it easy.
I have been calling you since yesterday.
What was the need to do all this?
I had to teach you a lesson.
If I love you,
I punish you for your mistakes, as well.
What a nice way to express your love!
Do you ever listen to me?
Have you ever asked,
"Uzma, what do you want?"
"Would you like to work?"
Do you
Do you listen to me
when I refuse to have sex?
Are you in your senses, Uzma?
Till today, I considered my fear
as respect for you.
But not anymore.
And listen
My father simply gave you
Hindostan Motorcycles to manage.
I'm still the owner.
Withdraw this FIR immediately.
Okay, let me talk to the cops.
What's wrong with you, Lali?
We were about to crash twice.
What if something had happened?
Mom, have you ever let
anything harm me?
I would never let anything happen to you.
After Dad's demise
I know how many
troubles you've had to face.
Mom, you've always been
my shade from the sun.
But you never taught me
to face the sun alone.
You know,
yesterday Martha asked me
what I really wanted
from the bottom of my heart.
I only wish to make my own decisions.
I want to become like you, Mom.
Someone's fighting for their life inside.
Wouldn't you want your
daughter to go and help?
Thank you.
Please attach this cylinder.
Brother Bernett, oxygen
Where were you?
I was in the police station all night.
- Is everything okay?
- I will tell you later.
How is Mahi?
Patient, Manpreet Kaur Sethi.
"Do the roads ever end?
Does everyone reach
their destination?
Get out
and learn from life.
Neither is the journey important
Nor is the destination.
It's the company that is really important.
Who provide solace to the mind,
and hope to the heart!"
Does it sound okay?
Yes, Mahi?
Thank you.
We'll wear this and go to Khardung La.
And we'll get a picture clicked.
Just like Team India.
Hey, what about us?
I'm sorry.
Sky, I feel that
you have finally become
your own neighbor.
See, your O2 level has increased.
He's saying your O2 level has increased.
What's brewing?
We're just good friends.
My heart used to beat before, as well
But today is the first time
I've heard its beat
Leaving the old narrow lanes
It's now that I've chosen
An open wide road
The dreams that
I never dared to dream openly
I can now clearly hear them calling me!
It never occurred to me
My wishes belonged to me
I've only always brought
Your wishes to fruition
I had chosen life imprisonment
Under your shadow
I chose to choose my freedom
My heart used to beat before, as well
But today is the first time
I've heard its beats!
But today is the first time
I've heard its beats!
Do you want to ride?
Keep your hand here.
This is the clutch.
Hold it like this.
And press it.
Why didn't you inform me yesterday?
I'm a bit tied up today.
We are working on
the biking plan for Sikkim.
- Yes.
- Hello, Mahi.
Okay, let me call you back later.
Radhe Radhe!
Hi, please come.