Dhamaka (2021) Movie Script

That's enough!
Did you get the job? Oh!
Did it!
You were so cute as a kid.
What happened to you?
I am born cute, okay!
Arjun Pathak, how do you feel?
Your first hoarding.
Are you upset?
Me? Upset?
That's when you call me by my full name.
And when I'm happy?
Mr. Pathak.
Come on, Mr. Pathak!
Sir, we are from the Press.
- We have permission.
- No Press allowed!
- Did you wash your face?
- Yes.
Happy birthday to you
You could have brushed at least!
I got this, baby.
I would like to dedicate this award
to my beautiful wife
who taught me how to say the truth.
Thank you, Mrs. Pathak.
I, Saumya Mehra Pathak,
do solemnly swear to say "I love you"
and nothing but "I love you."
I love you, Mr. Pathak.
Do you love me?
Good to go, Arjun.
Okay, going live.
And we're ready.
It's a Sunday. The time is 9:30 a.m.
This is Arjun Pathak
only on Radio Bharosa.
There's going to be some construction work
on the Sea-Link till 10:00 a.m.
Those of you who use the Sea-Link,
I suggest you start a little late
or take an alternate route.
After 10:00 a.m.,
you can use the Sea-Link.
This was the traffic update.
Let's get right into today's topic.
Let's talk about corporate tax rebates.
And we have our first caller.
- You're on air. Hello?
- Hello, Mr. Arjun.
Hello. Please tell us your name
and where you are from.
I am Raghubeer Mhata from Mumbai.
Raghubeer, what do you do?
I'm a construction worker.
Construction worker?
What are your thoughts on our topic?
Mr. Arjun, I only have one fan
and one television in my house.
Yet, the monthly electricity bill
is 1,000 rupees.
I've made several trips
to the Electricity Department.
But the official asked me to pay the bill
or else, they will cut off our supply.
Raghubeer, our topic today is on taxes.
Getting billed for electricity is a tax.
Do only the rich pay taxes?
The poor, too, pay taxes for everything.
From matchboxes to electricity bills.
The government should make
electricity and water free resources.
I understand your pain.
Time for our next caller.
Sir, wait. Please don't hang up.
Don't... I haven't finished...
Hi, Arjun. I'm Kritika.
I'm your biggest fan.
You know, I used to really love you
on TV. I'm so happy to be here.
What are your thoughts
on today's topic, Kritika?
- As a student, I think...
- You shouldn't have hung up on me.
So sorry, Kritika.
Let's talk after a short break.
- Mr. Arjun, can you hear me?
- What was that?
- I didn't patch him through.
- Arjun, we can't get rid of him
and we have to be back on air
in two minutes.
How can you hang up
when I haven't finished speaking?
- Do you think I'm mad?
- Sir, thank you for calling us.
What are you thanking me for?
You didn't even hear what I've to say.
Can't anyone listen
to a poor man's plight?
- Can't you disconnect it?
- Mr. Arjun!
Sir, I can't disconnect from here.
- The system is hacked.
- Listen carefully to what I have to say.
I think he will have to
disconnect the call.
I have a bomb.
And I'm going to blow up the Sea-Link.
Are you listening?
I'm serious.
Do you realize that a prank call like this
could get you in trouble?
Hang up or I'm calling the cops.
Please do. Who's stopping you?
Go ahead. Call them.
I'll hold.
I've thought about this a lot
and I have no other option.
Are you listening to me?
I'll really blow it up.
Do it!
I'd like to see it being blown up.
Go ahead.
I don't lie, Mr. Arjun.
Then I beg you to blow it up
so we can move on to the next caller.
Do you think this is a joke?
I really have a bomb.
I was only warning you.
You're just a dog who barks
and does nothing.
If you want to blow it up,
do it now. Or get lost, bastard!
He has disconnected the call.
Shall we get back on air?
I think I have my controls back.
Don't worry. It's a new show
and stuff like this happens.
Let's go on air.
Radio Bharosa apologizes
for the inconvenience.
So we were discussing tax rebates...
I can feel the ground shaking.
Today, we were discussing tax rebates...
What the...
It's me.
I'll call you back in 15 minutes.
In exactly 15 minutes.
Mr. Raghubeer, hello?
This number is not in service.
Hello, Mumbai Police Control Room.
Hello, Mumbai Police...
Who's calling?
Sorry, wrong number.
Asif, what're you doing?
Calling the cops.
Hang up. Are you crazy?
No one knows about this, right?
And whatever happened
hasn't gone on air, right?
- Right.
- Right.
- Yes! Did you record the call?
- Yes.
Save this on my personal number.
So, aren't we reporting this right now?
Didn't he say he's going to call back
in 15 minutes?
He did.
- We'll record him then.
- I think we should report him.
Since when did you care about the law?
Don't you know?
Only we know the backstory
to the blast. How lucky is that!
Only we'll cover it. Got it? You and I.
It's our very own exclusive. Okay?
Be ready.
I'll talk about the news spot
and be back. Alright?
- Okay.
- Alright?
Arjun? Phone.
Who is there from the PCR?
I want a senior journalist there.
The first exclusive footage
should be ours.
Now go and get me ratings. Arjun, not now.
Do you know the reason behind this blast?
My head is exploding. What do you want?
Listen to this.
I have a bomb
and I'm going to blow up the Sea-Link.
Guys, quiet. Who was that?
This guy called me
before setting off the bomb.
And this went on air?
Not yet.
You're the first person I've called.
Okay. Come upstairs with the recording.
It's not possible, boss.
He's going to call me back in ten minutes.
Why is he calling you?
Circle of life, boss.
Life's so funny.
Saumya and I separated.
Then, for a small reason,
you demoted me from a television anchor
to a radio jockey.
I got screwed.
Arjun, relax. Come up.
- We'll figure this out.
- I don't think so, boss.
This is the biggest opportunity
of my life.
What do you mean?
I mean, you can't take
the opportunity away from me again.
What do you want Arjun?
Return my prime-time slot to me.
Fine. I'll talk to the CEO.
What do you want right now?
Just one camera. I'll be grateful.
Bisht, how many cameras do we have here?
- Stop camera number five.
- Yes.
I want the camera down in ten minutes.
Arjun, I'm coming.
I'm coming downstairs. Let's talk. Okay?
- Alright, boss. Bye. See you!
- Bisht, we have to go to the radio floor.
I'm coming down myself.
Don't trust anyone else.
I've learned how to trust from you.
You're giving me back my prime-time slot.
I'm agreeing to your deal.
- It's a deal.
- It's a deal?
You'll get your prime-time slot.
And just so that you know,
I've recorded this conversation.
Thank you, ma'am.
I'm Arjun Pathak
and you're watching Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Answer, Pathak.
Saumya, stop spending time with that jerk.
I've spoken to Ankita.
She's returning my prime-time slot to me.
Okay. When all this is over,
I'll call you back tomorrow.
We have a minute left? Let's prepare.
The blast took place...
The blast took place before my eyes.
Are you ready, Arjun?
Hold on.
Blast in front of me, terrorist,
it's an exclusive, tell the listeners.
Ten seconds to commercial.
Okay, going live.
As we all know, there has been a blast
on the Sea-Link today.
I want to tell our listeners
that this is an act of terrorism.
We received an exclusive call
at our studios, right before the blast.
It was made by the terrorist.
Before we could report it to the police,
the terrorist blew up the Sea-Link.
- And I think he's calling us right now.
- He's calling.
It's him.
This is Arjun Pathak.
On behalf of my listeners,
I'd like to ask you
if you bombed the Sea-Link?
I only speak the truth.
I had warned that I would blow up
the Sea-Link.
Yes. Please don't go anywhere.
We'll be back after a short break.
Hello, Mr. Raghubeer?
Why is my voice not on the radio?
Because your voice
will play as breaking news.
- Will I be heard on television?
- Arjun.
- Arjun.
- Yes. Isn't it better for you?
In how much time?
Ten minutes.
Please don't go anywhere.
- I'm right here.
- Okay.
Breaking news?
I'll explain it to you.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I'm sending you some sweet bread.
Did he call?
- He's on hold.
- What's the angle?
The poor versus the system?
Not good enough.
Construction worker...
...turns terrorist.
Good. But it can be better.
- Call Riddhi from costume.
- Ankita, ma'am. I'm Asif.
Listen to me, you idiot.
Tell her to get the whole rack.
- Ma'am, today's...
- Asif, I've already had a word.
With the CEO, ma'am?
Didn't anyone tell him?
Your program is canceled for today.
Let's talk over drinks someday.
Is this a party?
- Arjun?
- Let's hurry up.
Hey, move it!
Move. Please, move.
- Put on Saumya's live feed.
- Yes, ma'am.
Why did you send Saumya?
Do you have a problem?
Couldn't you send anyone else?
Arjun, we create anchors.
Reporters operate on free will.
You know she doesn't compromise
when it comes to journalism.
She wants the Ramnath Goenka award.
She still doesn't get
that we don't report the news. We sell it.
Number one, we'll have to play
on the human angle.
We can start with
who the terrorist is and what he wants.
A little drama, a little action.
And in the end, the nation wins.
Live on our channel. From start to end.
"Poor man turns terrorist."
After he spoke to Arjun,
he felt patriotic.
He was going to carry out
a suicide bombing next.
But after speaking to me,
he had a change of heart.
- Can you do it?
- Sound check.
- Of course. After the change of heart...
- Can you give me a soundcheck?
Dude, I'm talking here.
Can't you hear me?
That's also sound. Check it.
After that, I negotiated with him
on behalf of the nation.
I got him arrested.
An emotional and patriotic ending.
Sounds good. Can you pull it off?
Bisht, come here. Hurry.
Take off the tie. Hurry.
This story started on our channel
and it should end here, too. Okay?
- Let's hurry.
- Welcome back.
The other channels
have already started breaking news.
Don't I look better on television?
Wear your fake spectacles.
At least you'll look sincere in them.
Most importantly.
First the channel,
and then journalism.
Seize the day!
- Riddhi?
- Yes, sir?
Are these blurbs
meant for viewing pleasure?
They need to create panic, threaten you,
make you cry, or create tension.
Are these doing any of that?
No. Change them!
I'm on it.
Fix your hair.
Mr. Raghubeer?
- Okay. We'll be going live.
- Yes.
So, think carefully before you speak.
Listen to me. What about my payment?
What payment?
To be on your channel.
Delay the live. Boss, private call.
We don't pay terrorists.
I'm exclusive only on your channel
with this breaking news.
Increasing your profits, your ratings.
I should get my fair share.
I don't know where you've heard this
but that's not how we work.
Really? If that's not how you work,
I'll go to another channel.
- Alright? Bye.
- Just a second. Please hold.
What do we do?
How much do you want?
2,179,245 rupees.
I won't repeat myself. 2,179,245 rupees.
And why do you want this amount?
If you want to know,
transfer the money to this number.
Look at the phone display.
Think of it as a deal.
The longer I talk,
the more money you make.
And what if we trace your number?
If I get caught in the middle of the show,
it's your loss too.
We can discuss the money later.
Please start the show now.
If you're not interested in my offer,
I'll go to another channel.
No pressure.
The money will take some time to come.
This is Manas Sethi from INL news.
We've just received a phone call
from a man
who claims responsibility for the blast.
We'll be interviewing him
here exclusively.
He knows that INL is our rival.
Do we have a deal?
Just a second. Please hold.
- What to do, boss?
- Mr. Arjun.
- Are you listening?
- Yes.
So, you're doing this for money?
I can get your voice heard
by more people than anyone else.
And no one else will be as invested.
All that's fine but I want the money.
You'll get the money.
Just start the show
because we need to start.
The other channels will twist
and turn your words.
They only care about their channel,
not you.
I'm different. You can speak to anyone,
any way, you wish on my show.
You can tell them anything.
Just start the show.
Thank you so much.
Start. I've received the money. Thank you.
Did you really pay him?
Just get our ratings up.
You'll get your prime-time slot.
Ten seconds to live broadcast.
Mr. Raghubeer,
we're going live now.
Just answer the questions I ask you.
Is that okay?
Arjun, we're going live
in five, four, three...
I'm Arjun Pathak
and you're watching Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Our nation is under a terrorist attack.
In an exclusive interview,
I'm going to speak to the terrorist
who bombed the Sea-Link.
Mr. Raghubeer, can you hear me?
I can even see you.
On behalf of my viewers
and the nation, I want to ask you.
Why did you blow up the Sea-Link?
Because I worked on it.
The Sea-Link? You worked on it?
Twenty years ago,
like millions of Indians,
I too wanted to earn an honest living
to feed my family.
I wanted to educate my kids.
So, I did every menial job available.
Constructed roads, bridges, buildings.
I did every job
that would feed my family and me.
Did you work on the Sea-Link
in the year 2000?
Yes. Two years ago,
the Sea-Link went into repairs.
We were told that there's a big program
being held in the city.
The biggest names will use the Sea-Link.
They thought the Sea-Link needed repairs.
That's what they told us.
Are you referring to the I-3 summit?
Invest in India summit?
It was pouring heavily.
There was a storm.
We didn't even have proper safety gear.
We even told them that it was dangerous.
"Don't do it." But they insisted
we work all night.
And that if we would finish it faster,
we would get a bonus of 1,000 rupees.
In our country, millions are spent on ads
showing how our country is progressing.
And even after 20 years,
we put our lives in danger
to repair the Sea-Link.
All for an extra 1,000 rupees.
I understand your pain.
Arjun, slow down, make it emotional.
Take your time.
Just then, a rope snapped
and three of my fellow laborers
fell into the water.
What happened after that?
When they fell into the water,
they were still alive.
We tried desperately to save them,
but those who could save them
were busy in welcoming the VIPs.
They died because the three of them
wanted to earn an honest living.
Just 1,000 rupees.
That's your usual lunch bill.
Tell me if I'm wrong.
Neither were they compensated
for their lives
nor did the government offer any apology.
No one cared about their surviving family.
We're also citizens of this nation.
Hardworking citizens of this nation.
So Mr. Raghubeer, you bombed the Sea-Link
so that people could hear
what you wanted to say?
And you would get a chance
to do so via our channel?
My name is Raghubeer Mhata.
I, too, had a family.
I wanted to live happily.
I've slogged hard for this nation.
I have never let my nation down.
But this country has only spat on us.
Do you get what I'm saying?
I understand.
- Do you?
- Yes.
Then call Patil.
Patil? Who Patil?
Call the minister Jaydev Patil.
Minister Jaydev Patil?
He was responsible
for the renovation program.
I only want the respect that is deserved
by every citizen of this country.
He will have to apologize
on national television.
To the three workers and their families.
So that every citizen knows
there's hope for change.
Mr. Raghubeer, I understand how you feel,
but I don't think the minister
will be able to come here.
Why won't he? That's wrong.
Please try and understand...
Tell me.
I cannot fulfill all your demands.
Shall I tell your audience how you
abused me at the beginning of this call?
I abused you?
Yes, you did.
What's happening?
- Arjun?
- You did. For sure.
I think you're mistaken.
I don't know any abuses,
how would I speak...
You're just a dog who barks
and does nothing.
If you want to blow it up, do it now.
or get lost, bastard.
Connect to Kripa.
Did you abuse on a live show?
Come out.
He was off air.
Come out.
- Bitch.
- On Bharosa 24x7,
this is Kripa Ved.
The connection to our studio was cut off
due to technical reasons.
- I want to speak to Mr. Arjun.
- I have a question for you.
I only want to speak to Mr. Arjun.
I'm sorry...
Mr. Arjun, where are you? I know you are...
Why her?
Mr. Raghubeer, we're unable
to get in touch with him.
We'll try to get you to talk to him soon.
Where's Mr. Arjun?
Please calm down.
He wants to speak to me.
I'm the only one who can handle him.
Take the coffee away!
My question is...
Can you get the minister to the studio?
- Answer me.
- That's my story.
Yes or no?
That's not possible.
This novice asks me for anchoring tips.
You think she can replace me?
We had a deal.
He wants to talk to me.
You've already messed up
the situation. Quiet!
Are you saying
that there could be more blasts?
- What did he say?
- Hello? Raghubeer?
Can you hear...
Oh, my god! Cut it.
Put up the Sea-Link footage.
Go live, the channel needs you.
Once I go inside, I'll come out
only when I finish the show.
Of course.
This is your show. You'll finish it.
That's my promise to you.
My prime-time slot?
Yes, it's a deal.
Patch Saumya.
Move this podium mic.
Get me a wireless one.
Are you crazy?
I'm warning you.
Don't mess with the media.
Your anchor has been injured
just a little.
Be thankful that nothing
has happened to you.
What do you mean?
If I were in your place,
I'd speak respectfully.
Because your earpiece also has a bomb.
Heard me?
If you leave your table, it will explode.
Who gave me this earpiece? Who the f...
- Mr. Arjun...
- Who gave me this earpiece?
Arjun, we're going on next. Be ready.
If you leave the chair
the bomb will explode.
Even if you tell anyone, it will explode.
You've given this country
a lot of "explosive news."
The entire nation will see your head
explode today.
Why are you doing this to me?
Do you know me?
Everyone knows you, Mr. Arjun.
In 2015, you were a reporter with Bharosa.
For three years in a row, you won the
award for being the most trusted anchor.
And then, you became the biggest name
on prime-time news.
Arjun, ready? We need to start. Come on.
How's the girl?
How did her microphone blow up?
- Is she alright?
- She's fine.
Gather yourself.
We don't have time right now for all this.
Do you know why I'm calling you?
No one will listen to me.
Everyone listens to you.
When you talk, everyone listens.
When this news trends
on Facebook and Twitter,
the minister will apologize to me.
He won't pay any heed to me.
He will.
You remember your line, don't you?
This is Bharosa 24x7. I'm Arjun Pathak.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
This news should be exactly that.
Do your job and I promise
no harm will come to you.
What if the minister doesn't come?
Everyone will die.
Even those who try to save him will die.
Start the show. I don't have much time.
I can't do this.
Arjun, get ready.
Start the show, Mr. Arjun.
Come on, Arjun. We need to start.
- I need a minute.
- We've wasted a lot of time.
Aren't you starting?
Look, Raghubeer...
We'll continue our on-location
live updates. I'm...
Call the minister right now
or there will be more blasts.
Arjun, going live in five,
four, three...
We've just got news
of another explosion on the Sea-Link.
Our team is there with our reporter,
Saumya Mehra Pathak.
Saumya, can you hear me?
Please answer, Saumya Mehra Pathak.
Connect to Saumya.
Saumya Mehra Pathak, can you hear me?
We will get through to her, Arjun.
Please let's continue.
We're continuously trying to...
connect with our team on the Sea-Link.
Call the minister.
Yes, Mr. Raghubeer,
we're desperately trying.
Ten minutes.
Buy some more time.
The minister's office is far.
It will take him longer.
He isn't in the office.
He's hiding in his house.
It will take less than five minutes
if he walks to the studio.
We're trying.
If he doesn't come, everyone will die.
But if he shows up and apologizes
on air, I'm willing to surrender.
I only want him to apologize.
That's it.
If the minister is listening to this news,
I would like to remind him
that the terrorist has held
the citizens hostage at the Sea-Link.
We don't have any time.
I request the government to act quickly.
Call his PA, Mr. Deonar.
- Arjun.
- Call his PA. Call him.
Don't do this, Arjun.
Come on, call him.
No call. Final warning.
No call.
Call him or everyone dies.
We have to call.
- People's lives are in danger.
- No.
- No.
- Call him.
Amish Deonar.
Sir, I'm telling him.
- Hurry up.
- He's not listening.
While we're waiting,
I'd like to ask you some questions.
You say that you were
a construction worker for 30 years.
Are you really a laborer?
Why? Do you think laborers are stupid?
If he's not picking up,
don't call him again.
We get angry, too.
We don't know how to get our voices heard.
But now, I know. Has he answered?
We'll keep trying to get through to him.
But till then, I have one more question.
If what you're saying is true,
then it's important
that the three laborers are compensated.
The 2,100,000 rupees was their
compensation and they have received it.
This is Amish Deonar. I'm Mr. Patil's PA.
Mr. Amish Deonar, this is Arjun Pathak
from Bharosa 24x7. Can you see me?
Then you must know the terrorist's demand.
And that we only have five minutes.
Where's the minister?
I can't reveal that for safety reasons.
Mr. Amish, we don't have time
for all that talk.
Don't you understand
that innocent lives are in danger?
I've told you that I have
no official statement to give to you.
Due to the government's inaction,
if anything happens to those people,
the public won't forgive you.
I'm Praveen Kamath,
counter-terrorism unit.
You can step out, I'll supervise this.
- Can you hear me?
- We're trying our best.
I want to remind our viewers
that our country is gripped
in the clutches of terrorism.
Arjun, boss has asked for an update.
Our ratings are only up by 50%.
He will have to come.
Mr. Raghubeer, I agree with you.
But, we have very little time.
It's not necessary to acknowledge
all of the terrorist's statements.
I'm Praveen Kamath,
counter-terrorism unit.
You have three minutes.
One second. We need to buy time.
But don't worry. I'm here.
Just do as I say. Okay?
And from now on don't use the word
terror or terrorist.
It might irk him.
Show footage of the hostages.
Mr. Raghubeer, if you can see the footage,
you will see that there are almost
ten people stuck on the Sea-Link.
Do you think your message
is reaching the masses?
If I wouldn't have bombed the Sea-Link,
would you be talking to me? Never.
These innocent people aren't at fault.
Should we let them die?
The way the three laborers died that day?
Don't say that.
Nothing will happen to innocent lives.
I won't let it happen.
I only want to hear an apology.
Go back to the Sea-Link.
Let's take a look at what's happening
at the Sea-Link.
We're at the Sea-Link.
The first blast took place here
at 9:34 a.m.
And now...
Let me help. Just a minute. Careful.
The wheel. Take it back. Don't let go.
Please don't let go of it.
Press the tire down.
Hold me by the scarf. It's fine.
Listen to me, child, it'll be okay.
Don't be scared. Don't cry.
I'm coming to get you.
I can't go this way.
Sunroof. Open the sunroof.
Open the sunroof, please.
Listen, please let the child exit
from the sunroof.
Careful. Don't move too much.
Please hold it down.
I'm climbing on top of the car
to get the child.
Hold it down.
Hold on, child.
Quickly, get off.
Don't let the car move. Don't cry.
- Papa!
- Papa's coming.
Hold her, please.
He must be shocked seeing this, too.
Talk to him about the victim's family.
Talk about the kid.
Mr. Raghubeer, today a child
has lost her father because of you.
I remember you mentioning your family.
This must have reminded you
of your own family.
I'm sure you have sympathy.
The government should have
also been sympathetic.
There's only one minute left.
Don't look at the watch. Ask him,
is this how he wants his apology?
Is this how you want your apology?
You must have other ways.
What are they?
The law is equal for all.
Even you can get justice.
Do you really believe that?
It may be true for the rich and powerful.
But the law is never on our side.
I've thought about this a lot.
There's no other option.
But the innocent?
Shall we let them die?
If you give us a little longer,
we can get you your apology.
Ten minutes are up.
Now, everything's over.
Just a minute. Tell him
that he'll be here in five minutes.
- Wait, Mr. Raghubeer.
- Everything will be over.
Wait, Mr. Raghubeer.
The minister's coming.
We've just received word
that his car is in the parking lot.
- He'll be with us any minute.
- I hope you are not lying.
I am not lying. The minister's car
is in the parking lot.
He'll be here any minute.
It's the truth. He'll be with us.
You'll get your apology.
After all, Raghubeer Mhata
is going to get the apology he wants.
I would like to thank the government.
I would also like to thank the minister
for coming to the studio.
And I will surrender.
Mr. Raghubeer, he has entered our studio.
He's coming in through the door.
Our guest is in our studio.
A commendable effort by the government.
Mr. Raghubeer, I hope
you appreciate this effort.
The minister's...
deputy is with us.
They sent a fake apology.
Mr. Raghubeer,
Mr. Mathur is in charge of your case.
Please consider it as a valid apology.
May I speak?
Yes, sir.
- This camera.
- Namaste.
I am the minister's deputy,
Subhash Mathur.
The government is trying its best
to try and resolve this issue.
But our biggest responsibility
is not to put anyone's life in danger.
Surrender. Whenever you do...
Get out.
- We will show you mercy.
- Get out, now!
We need five more minutes
to trace the call.
We will find you.
This is your last chance.
The cops won't be able to catch me.
You'll be caught very soon.
Why are you risking your life?
If anyone's in danger, it's you.
- Raghubeer...
- Sir, please.
Let Mr. Pathak handle it.
Mr. Mathur, you're suggesting
that he should surrender.
We won't achieve anything with this talk.
Mr. Pathak, please don't interrupt.
We don't negotiate with terrorists.
- Sir, please don't say anything.
- You can shut up, too.
Who did you call a terrorist?
Raghubeer, do you think
we won't be able to catch you?
We have all your records.
Birth date, 20th August 1959.
Raghubeer Mhata.
That's you, right?
Forget any negotiation
and surrender at the earliest.
I don't want to negotiate.
I want an apology.
Please look at the people
stuck on the Sea-Link.
Their lives are in danger.
If you care for their lives
then please don't say this.
Mr. Raghubeer wants one apology.
Will the government give him that?
Mr. Pathak, what nonsense!
How can the government apologize
to such scum
- before the entire nation?
- Just a minute. Who did he call scum?
How dare he call me scum!
- Is that who we are?
- Mr. Raghubeer, please be calm.
We've been working for the country
for 20 years and we're scum?
Shut up! You take bribes. Corrupt person!
That case was long closed.
Those were department expenses.
Do you think the people
don't know anything?
I don't need a clean chit
from a terrorist.
I'm not a terrorist.
You think the public doesn't know
anything? We know everything.
I'm not the first person to be accused.
Mr. Pathak has also been accused.
Mr. Mathur, please stay on the subject.
Mr. Raghubeer, please don't take offense
to what he says. Please calm down.
Why are you favoring him?
Terrorists don't understand kindness.
In fact, it's this attitude of yours
towards them
that encourages them
to do such heinous acts.
Stop calling me a terrorist!
I'm a citizen of this country!
Mr. Arjun, get him out of the studio.
Or you know what is going to happen.
Sir, I have orders from the top brass.
They want you to calm down.
I am also a part of the top brass.
Raghubeer, don't be selfish.
Think about your son.
Imagine what he'll go through
when he sees this.
What about his life?
You want to ruin that, too?
Sir, please put this down.
Please. I beg you.
If we want, we can put this picture
all over the Internet.
- Shut up!
- Sir, please.
Isn't he studying at a local university?
All his life, he'll be known
as the son of a murderer.
I'm not a murderer.
I haven't killed anyone intentionally.
But, I'm going to kill you now.
Raghubeer, I'm giving you
a final chance. Surrender.
Mr. Arjun, after killing him,
I will give you ten more minutes
to call the minister.
Raghubeer, listen to me carefully.
What's this?
Sir! Mathur sir. Stretcher!
What's this?
Arjun, answer me.
Did you know about it?
Did you know about it?
Take this earpiece off.
If I move, he'll blow up the earpiece.
Who gave you this ear piece?
That means he can see you.
Hurry. Careful. Go!
Cut the CCTV feed and I want to know
who gave him the earpiece.
And you! Call emergency services
and tell them to keep an ambulance
on standby.
I'll send the bomb squad. Don't worry.
Stay in touch on this until then. Okay?
Ketki, move aside.
Are you okay? Arjun, gather yourself.
Jay, I want you here.
Yes, ma'am.
- Ketki, until Raghubeer is caught...
- Yes, ma'am.
...play the footage of the falling car.
And make it emotional.
Put some sad music. Alright?
Arjun, we have to go on air.
Gather yourself.
Can you hear me, Arjun?
Press the talkback. Talk to me.
Press the talkback.
Yes. Gather yourself.
We need to go on air.
I feel like throwing up. I can't do it.
You have to. We are in a war situation.
If we don't start the show,
Raghubeer will go to a rival channel.
He will go to INL. We can't afford it.
How can you ask me to continue
after all this?
- The show must go on.
- I can't do this.
The show must go on.
What are the three basic rules
of the company, Arjun?
Shut the camera. Shut it all!
They can't be turned off.
I really need you to gather yourself.
- I can't do this. I can't.
- Look at me.
Arjun, look at me. Come on.
Bisht, get something to clean up.
Arjun, who is an anchor? Come on.
Who is an anchor?
What makes an anchor?
An anchor is an actor.
What does an actor want?
An actor wants an audience.
And what does the audience want?
The audience wants drama.
The audience wants drama. Correct. Good.
So, we can't stop the drama.
Come on. Clean up your jacket.
Raise the levels
of the sad background music
for the car fall video.
Don't wipe out the blood.
I want that blood.
Put up a face.
Capture the audience.
Come on, you can do it. You can do it.
You need to go live.
Arjun, you brought Raghubeer
on live television.
You started this show. You will finish it.
Come on. You will finish this show.
Yes? Yes.
Come on. The show must go on. Good.
Come on.
Deep breath.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Deep breaths. Come on.
I'm Arjun Pathak.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Once again.
I'm Arjun Pathak. Whatever I say...
I'm Arjun Pathak from Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Once more.
I'm Arjun Pathak from Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Come on. Again.
I'm Arjun Pathak from Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Once more. With belief. Bharosa.
- I'm Arjun Pathak...
- Yes.
from Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
You are right there. Come on.
I'm Arjun Pathak from Bharosa 24x7.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Great. My star is back.
No thanks to you, bitch.
- Hello.
- Is the minister coming?
Yes, he's on his way.
Look at the bridge.
It isn't going to hold for too long.
I've been asking for one thing.
Get him, quick. Hurry.
He's on his way.
Shall we go?
One minute.
Hello, Mr. Praveen?
Yes, Arjun.
Where's the minister?
On his way.
Sir, yes?
Please, will you stop lying to me?
Arjun, shall we go?
Had you reported him at the beginning,
we would've already caught him by now.
Anyway, we will save you.
You can't do your job
and you're blaming me for it.
Telling me what's right and wrong?
I understand that you don't trust
the cops. But when you go live,
and something happens to you,
it will mean that we've lost
to the terrorist.
How will you catch him?
It'll take us some time to trace the call.
How will you catch him?
Calm down.
Preserve your energy.
He's constantly changing his IP address.
Yet, we've narrowed it down
to these few towers.
We'll need three hours though.
Three hours?
- Arjun, we don't have time.
- Excuse me.
We need to go on air.
Call me when you are on air.
I'll message you my number.
How long before the minister gets here?
I told you he's on his way.
He's coming. For sure.
What's up?
Arjun, don't waste your time with him.
He's playing games with you.
We're going on air now.
You will tell Raghubeer
that the minister won't apologize. Okay?
- What do you mean?
- Ketki, put up "No Apologies!"
In capitals.
- He should see it loud and clear.
- Boss, what do you mean?
What do I mean?
Do you really think Jaydev Patil
will come here? To apologize?
Did you say sorry to Saumya? No, right?
You know why? Because apologizing
means admitting to your mistake.
And no one wants to do that.
If they catch Raghubeer
and if he doesn't apologize,
he will lose face in front of the people.
But if Raghubeer does anything stupid,
he becomes the villain.
He won't have to apologize to anyone.
Perfect ending. Okay?
Are you listening to me?
You need to say this.
The channel wants you to say this. Okay?
Do you want the prime-time slot, Arjun?
You need to say this.
Jay, unmute this news piece.
We will eventually find out.
As of now among the dead
is a 39-year old father,
who died trapped in a falling car,
and the second,
Mr. Patil's deputy, Subhash Mathur.
So far, except for the car
that fell off the bridge,
no one else has been hurt.
Isn't he studying at a local university?
All his life he'll be known
as the son of a murderer.
I'm not a murderer.
I haven't killed anyone intentionally.
Jay, play that again.
Play the video again.
I'm not a murderer.
I haven't killed anyone intentionally.
Mr. Praveen.
He didn't kill anyone on purpose.
What do you mean?
There was repair work on the Sea-Link
between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.
due to which there was low traffic.
That's when he blasted it.
He can see the Sea-Link.
Forget your list of towers.
Locate towers near the Sea-Link.
You will find Raghubeer.
Good. Hold on.
Arjun, let them do their job.
Let's do ours.
You're wasting a lot of time.
Listen to me. Until Raghubeer
doesn't become the villain
they won't catch him.
Do your job. What's our plan?
You will tell Raghubeer
that no one is going to apologize,
which is the truth.
Then he will do something stupid
which will make him a villain
and the cops will catch him.
And then you will finish this show
saying that you had a vital role
in getting him caught.
Live on our channel.
An emotional patriotic ending.
What else do you want?
Just like you had thought.
What are you waiting for?
Arjun, your information may be correct.
We're narrowing down our search.
We'll catch him quickly.
- Excuse me.
- Keep going.
We need to buy time.
The minister is coming. He'll apologize.
- We can't buy time.
- I'm talking.
- No, sir.
- No...
We have to buy time.
- We have to catch the terrorist.
- Please hurry.
- Please hurry.
- Sir, you can't do this. Just wait.
Arjun, I've spoken to the boss.
If our ratings go higher than 70%,
he'll make me director.
- Are you only concerned about the ratings?
- Listen to me. This is important.
You'll get your prime-time slot.
Just say what I've told you.
Read what's written there.
Then you'll be anchor of the year. Okay?
This is my turf.
Yours? Didn't Mr. Mathur die on your turf?
Look for another job.
Watch, your bosses are going to call.
- What signature do you want?
- Arjun.
Arjun, hear me out.
What if Raghubeer kills all the hostages?
Aren't you waiting for it to happen?
Excuse me.
Do your thing, Arjun.
We are going on air.
We are going live. Go on air.
- Praveen sir, come in.
- Going live in...
We've got an update
on the terrorist's location.
- Kamat sir, come in.
- Eight, seven, six,
five, four...
Mr. Raghubeer, you're live.
Shall we continue?
Isn't that female journalist
special to you?
Don't you want to meet her again?
All I want is one apology.
And I'll let everyone go.
Arjun, read this. Read it!
"No apology." Read it.
You're wasting a lot of time. Read it!
Bisht, give me my medicine.
I'll bring her to you.
What are you waiting for? You are on air.
Give it back.
Who's going to get me water?
Mr. Raghubeer.
The government has agreed
to apologize to you.
The government has agreed
to apologize to you.
But on one condition.
What is it?
I'm okay.
They don't want any further destruction.
And they want assurance
to no further destruction.
The government wants to apologize
to you in person.
Come to the studio
and you'll get your apology.
All the best for your future, Arjun.
If I come to the studio
will everything be okay?
Absolutely. Whatever you want will happen.
Fine, I'll surrender then.
That's right, Mr. Raghubeer.
The government only wants
that there are no more causalities.
And there is no further destruction.
But what is the guarantee
that I won't be played?
Come to the studio and the minister
will give you an apology.
- Face to face?
- Yes.
You mean he'll apologize to me
personally? Is that correct?
Absolutely. Just as you wanted.
No, I don't believe you.
I don't trust you. How could I?
What do you mean?
You said that you trusted me.
- That's why you called me.
- How can I trust you?
Didn't you also take a bribe?
- A bribe?
- Yes.
They're saying that on the news.
Is he saying the truth?
What are they saying? Who's saying it?
Watch the news.
This is Manas Sethi from INL News.
Mr. Arjun Pathak, our trusted sources
have just revealed something.
We'd like to ask you some questions
on live TV.
I'm not bound to answer you.
My first question.
For how long have you been
a prime-time news anchor?
Answer it.
Please, answer.
Answer, Mr. Arjun.
Five years.
Five years and two months.
You were then taken off your own show
and since then
you have been a radio jockey.
Your information is wrong. I had resigned.
According to our sources, in your career
of 62 months as a news anchor,
you were bribed to hide
one very critical news story.
- Is that correct?
- Who are your sources?
We can't reveal that.
Of course, I told him this.
I can still save you if you say
what the company wants you to say.
If Raghubeer doesn't get caught, you will.
Choice is yours.
Read it!
Mr. Raghubeer, think about the people
stuck on the Sea-Link.
Their lives are in danger.
The bridge can collapse any time.
Did you take the bribe?
Last October you even won
the Journalist of the Year award.
It was later revealed that the report
for which you won the award
was actually your wife,
Saumya Mehra Pathak's.
She even filed for divorce after that.
Did you steal Mrs. Saumya's report?
I don't want to respond
to these baseless questions.
I can still save you.
I'll admit to Saumya that I asked you
to steal the report.
Arjun, if you want to make it big,
you will have to get your hands dirty.
This is life. I would do it
if I were in your place.
You'll get a chance
to present your side of the story.
Please reply to the question.
I'll answer you, Mr. Manas Sethi.
You want to increase your ratings
by fooling people. That's deceit.
Do you think the public is stupid?
They don't know anything?
I'll state clearly.
This is all a lie.
Then I'd like to ask you something.
When the bomb blew up on the Sea-Link,
why didn't you inform the cops?
Mr. Asif told us. The producer
of your show Aaj Ka Topic.
This is...
That means, an ex-prime-time news anchor
took a bribe,
withheld crucial information,
stole a report from his wife,
and today, didn't report
a terrorist attack
for a breaking news story.
Would you like to comment now?
Check the ratings.
Mr. Pathak, your silence
is affirming our questions.
Let us inform our viewers that the report,
for which Mr. Arjun Pathak allegedly
took a bribe to withhold,
was of the death of those three laborers.
Keep watching INL
for this deception of death.
I'm Manas Sethi from INL News.
Send us your views
with the hashtag, #CorruptAnchor.
Ratings have just hit 70%.
Let's talk over drinks someday.
Forget the prime-time deal.
You're better off as a radio jockey.
Bisht, tell the driver to get the car.
Even if one person would've run the news
of the laborers dying,
this day wouldn't have come.
Mr. Raghubeer, I want to help you.
- Your apology...
- You've lost that right!
You're one of them.
That's the end of today's news!
What do you know about the news business?
What you see isn't always true.
Because truth needs time
and the audience doesn't have any.
Like you have a control over the bomb,
the audience has a remote control.
Which every news channel is afraid of.
The audience wants drama,
channels want ratings.
No one wants the truth.
I didn't take a bribe, Mr. Raghubeer.
I only did what the channel
wanted me to do.
I'm a dispensable part of the system,
just like you.
And today I'm the soft target
because I'm trying to help you.
I want to help get you your apology.
Trust me, Mr. Raghubeer.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Are you sure the minister will come?
For sure.
Everything will be fine, then.
Well done, Arjun Pathak.
Let's go live.
Going live in five, four, three...
Mr. Raghubeer, I have a message.
You can't see it
but it's from the police saying
that the minister has come
and is now in the studio next door.
What is he doing there? Why isn't he here?
- He'll be here soon.
- Will he apologize now?
- Of course, he'll apologize to you.
- Arjun.
- Okay.
- We've connected to Saumya.
- Then everything will be okay.
- Yes.
Mr. Raghubeer, people on the Sea-Link
are still in danger.
Our reporter,
Saumya Mehra Pathak, is there.
Ms. Saumya, can you hear me?
Yes, I can, Mr. Arjun.
There are 12 hostages here.
They're badly hurt and scared.
They need immediate medical attention.
Because of the blast,
this bridge can collapse anytime.
The bridge is shaking.
We don't have any time.
The situation is getting worse.
The rescue team has arrived.
You can see that the helicopters are here,
but we can't do anything
till Mr. Raghubeer permits it.
We've lost our connection to Ms. Saumya
due to technical reasons.
Mr. Raghubeer, the people on the Sea-Link
are at risk.
- At least, let the women and children...
- Don't distract me.
At least, let the women and children go.
If I don't get what I want,
everyone dies... everyone!
Mr. Raghubeer, we're trying our best
to get the minister here quickly.
But if anything happens to anyone,
everything will be over.
Let the women and children go.
They're innocent. What have they done?
She is related to you.
Saumya is your wife, isn't she?
Go off air.
Arjun, we've located him.
You were right. He can see the Sea-Link.
Our forces are headed there.
Just a second. Isn't the minister coming?
We have to arrest the terrorist first.
- What about those on the bridge?
- Give me five more minutes.
You told me the minister would come.
Mr. Arjun!
- Mr. Raghubeer.
- Where are you?
Mr. Raghubeer, I was talking to the cops.
The minister is on his way.
Why won't he come?
He just has to apologize.
He works for the people, goddammit!
Mr. Raghubeer!
We're going live in five, four, three...
There has been another blast
on the Sea-Link.
Mr. Raghubeer, what are you doing?
Get the helicopter out of there.
- He isn't coming to the studio.
- He is.
Now, you're responsible for the lives
of the people on the bridge.
Stop, Mr. Raghubeer!
Look, Minister Patil must be on his way.
We're with you in these difficult times.
Shut up!
Mr. Raghubeer, the nation is watching you.
If you appeal to the people,
they will get you justice.
Let these people leave. I'll stay back.
No! Where's the minister?
Mr. Raghubeer, I'm begging you.
Please let the women and children go.
Mr. Raghubeer, you have a family too.
This little girl has seen her father die
in front of her eyes.
They're innocent.
They haven't done anything.
Do you want them to go through
the same pain you felt?
They're innocent, Mr. Raghubeer.
Please let them go.
Just the women and children.
Thank you, Mr. Raghubeer.
For trusting us.
And I hope the government
will give you the apology you deserve.
Because I believe saying sorry
does not make a person smaller.
Yes, Mrs. Pathak.
You are right. Apologizing does not make
a person smaller.
Mrs. Pathak?
I hope that all of this will end
and everything will be fine.
I hope so, too.
We'll be together soon, Mrs. Pathak.
We'll be together soon, Mr. Pathak.
Tell the rescue team to come down.
We'll be home soon. Don't cry. Okay?
Saumya... Mrs. Pathak! Can you hear me?
Saumya Mehra Pathak...
Mrs. Pathak, can you hear me?
I appeal to all boats and life-saving crew
to reach the spot at the earliest
and save as many lives as they can.
I know we can save all the lives.
Please, hurry.
Saumya, please respond.
Saumya Mehra Pathak?
To hell with your apology.
Answer this.
You wanted to kill them, didn't you?
You b...
I'm sorry.
I did all this only to hear one word.
I've been requesting to save
the people from the bridge.
It wouldn't hold for much longer.
Where were your people?
Where's the minister?
Where's Patil?
I can't do anything anymore.
I can't do anything anymore.
He has disconnected. We're going off air.
I'm there.
We're about to catch Raghubeer.
You did well.
And don't worry. I'll tell you the moment
I hear anything about Saumya.
We've just received news
that the terrorist
responsible for holding us at ransom
with the bomb blasts
is about to get caught by our forces.
We trust our commandos to catch him
so that the citizens can be at peace.
We'll continue updating you here
- exclusively on INL News.
- Mr. Arjun.
I'm not done yet.
I want to inform you that the building
where the cops have come to arrest me,
I'm going to blow it up.
Hello, can you hear me?
Hello, Praveen Kamath?
Raghubeer has a bomb planted
in the building
where you're looking for him.
Mr. Praveen, abort the mission.
Don't go in there.
It's a trap. There's a...
Breaking news!
We've just got news that Raghubeer Mhata
was one of the three laborers
who died in the Sea-Link incident
two years ago.
The question then arises,
who is the terrorist who calls himself
Raghubeer Mhata?
To know more,
stay with INL News, always first.
Our story is not over yet.
Thank God, you survived.
Where are you? I can help you.
No, you can only exploit me.
Did you call the minister?
Did he come here?
You don't even notice people like me.
So, why did you call me
when I don't have the power?
Why would you call me
when Patil won't apologize?
What is my fault? Why did you call me?
I thought you'd be different, at least.
But you're all the same.
And that is exactly why, Arjun,
you will die.
I won't spare you.
There's a bomb in this building, too.
I press one button
and the building will collapse.
Would your father be happy
about your actions if he were alive?
If he were alive...
Anand Mhata.
Anand, I'm going to expose you.
Come here or I'll expose you.
This number is not in service.
You're watching Bharosa 24x7.
There's a bomb in this building
that can explode any time.
I'm Arjun Pathak.
I will finish the story
I started this morning.
Keep watching Bharosa 24x7.
Anand Mhata.
Son of Raghubeer Mhata.
You're live on TV.
Welcome to the show.
Anand, think carefully
before doing anything.
People are watching you live on TV.
If you surrender on live TV,
there's still hope for you.
People know everything
about you and your father.
Think about it.
One wrong move
and no one will care if you die.
Do you want to die like your father?
I've been dead for a long time, sir.
You asked me why I called you?
Why only you?
My father only watched your news reports.
I used to ask him
what was so special about you.
He used to say, "Come, sit."
"When this guy says..." What was your line?
"Whatever I say..." Say it!
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
Say it like you do.
Whatever I say, shall be the truth.
We trust you when you say that.
Commoners like us trust you.
We believe the news you deliver to us.
My father worked like a machine.
He slogged his entire life
and finally died one day.
No one even cared.
Anand, we can help you.
Put down the remote.
Anand, put down that remote.
People are listening to you.
They will help you.
All I wanted was one apology.
On behalf of my father.
Is one sorry so difficult? Is it?
We've cut the live feed. Fire!
My father used to trust you blindly.
What a fool!
Our snipers in the building across
have shot terrorist Anand Mhata.
Anand Mhata was a chemical engineer
and an explosion expert
with the Konkan Railways.
You heard this exclusively on INL News.
Today's breaking news!
Arjun Pathak was working closely
with the terrorist
to carry out the attacks.
He made a plan for an exclusive story
with a terrorist.
Arjun Pathak was previously
a prime-time reporter.
He lost his job.
To get his job back,
Arjun Pathak sensationalized the news
and put the nation in danger.
Arjun Pathak, #AntiNational.
Live with us is Arjun Pathak's friend
and colleague Asif Alam.
He will reveal Arjun's master plan.
Please go ahead, Asif.
Oh, God. Look at you.
You're still alive?
Boss, what's all this?
Arjun, I had no other option.
It was either you or the channel.
So you made me the villain?
Boss, I did this for the channel.
Someone had to take the bullet.
The recordings that we have received
are clear evidence
that Arjun Pathak was involved
with the terrorist.
You know,
I have all our phone recordings.
I will release them.
Don't be silly. When will you learn?
After today, who will trust you?
I've seen Arjun with Anand Mhata,
who works in our technical department,
multiple times in the office canteen.
But this is not the truth.
Yes. This is the news.
Bye, Arjun.
Arjun gave Anand Mhata money
for this breaking news.
We have just received news that Arjun
will be arrested shortly.
Keep watching. This is INL news.
Today, I'm ashamed to be a journalist.
I beg the system to give Arjun Pathak
a severe punishment
so that no other journalist
ever does this again.
Journalist Saumya Mehra Pathak has been
confirmed dead in the Sea-Link incident.
Saumya Mehra Pathak has been
a reputed field journalist
for the TRTV network for many years.
And was also the wife of TV anchor
Arjun Pathak.
The tears in your eyes
Will gently fall
When you realize
What you were running after
You can't take with you
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
Mr. Pathak,
it's your first prime-time show.
Me too.
You don't think I'll be able to handle
a prime-time show?
I have no doubt there.
Whenever you say,
"Whatever I say, shall be the truth,"
people will blindly believe you.
Then why are you nervous?
Maybe that's why I'm nervous.
Look at me and say,
"Whatever I say, shall be the truth."
I won't be able to.
- Try.
- No.
You can do it. Come on.
It's not about that.
Mrs. Pathak, I feel like I've been given
the responsibility to say the truth.
Don't forget this responsibility.
Please don't break their trust.
Mrs. Pathak,
I'm sorry.
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
Life is like rainfall
Savour every drop
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
The lessons life taught you
Which you forgot
That's what you will remember
Before you go
That's when your ego
Will shatter in front of you
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
What have you gained and lost?
It's meaningless to count it now
When you had time to live, you didn't
Why plead for life now?
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
You won't get a second chance at life
Live for now
From ignorance, lead me to truth
From death, lead me to immortality
Subtitle translation by: Nidesh Vasu,
Nishreen Darukhanawala, Rashmi Anthony