Dharam Karam (1975) Movie Script

I only know about weapons,
plundering and killing
But let me tell you something.
If you ever give me a son..
I'll never make him like me.
No, I really won't
I mean it. I really do
I'm telling you the truth, my lord
Hey, listen everybody
What is it? -It's a son!
Everything is going
as per the plan
I asked for a son. I got a son
Drinks to everyone on the house!
Let's see whom he looks like
Whom do you look like son?
His nose is just like yours
No! He'll not take after me
He appears to be from
some decent home
Look! How royal he looks.
Like a judge, barrister, doctor..
He's not that lucky.
He'll be what you are!
He'll be a King!
I've such plans for him
that he'll wonder..
How his father made
him what he is!
We are all ready.
It's getting late
I'm coming!
Okay wifey, I'm off. It's urgent
Listen, don't go today.
-Then when should I go?
Today's a lucky day.
A very lucky day
I got a son, and I'll get
a big haul of gold too!
I'll just go and get it
Everything here ? -Yes
Very good. Follow me in the truck.
Hurry up!
Come on driver, step on it
What is 1l10th of 50 lakhs?
-5 lakhs
An egg ?
Stop the truck!
Why what's the matter?
-The whole stuff's gone, boss
That Shankar has fooled
us yet again
And you just gawked? Bloody fool
Today's a great day!
We got all the gold
Just like you. -No!
My son will not be like me at all.
Master! Master! -What's it?
Shankar's son is being
abducted by J K's men
What! Let's see how they
do it with me around
Wait, J K!
Return Shankar's child
I will, He-man. I will. Let
him return my gold first
I'll return his child.
That's between you two adults.
Don't involve the baby in it
Then you also don't involve
yourself in our dispute
Look J K, I don't pick a fight.
But if I do I don't
give up either
Give me the kid!
Stop! Enough is enough
Come on,
hand over Shankar's kid to me
Here Shankar, save your kid
One day you'll be sold
as cheap as dirt
But what will remain behind
will be your words
Leave something behind you,
and then leave this world
One day you'll be sold
as cheap as dirt
But what will remain behind
will be your words
The impossible may lay
thorns in your path
But the possible may help
to find a lost friend
This estrangement, this separation
That moment's helplessness
Why should the hearty be scared?
The streams that flow strongly
are bound to meet somewhere
So become a flowing stream
and then leave this world
What will remain behind
is your words
Behind the veil sits
a dusky beauty
Holding yours and mine
heartstrings in her hand
May she never let go,
nor this bond be broken
It'll be morning soon,
since night will end now
Why are you sitting with
your eyes cast down?
Lock your eyes with the girl's
and then leave this world
One day you'll be sold
as cheap as dirt
What will remain behind
will be your words
Ladies and gentleman,
I've just got a good news..
Which I would like to
share with you all
By the grace of God,
after 14 years a son is born to me
Thank you.
Today he's born in a Nursing Home
Tomorrow he'll take a bow
in the world of fine arts
I request you, just as you
have loved my art and me..
Bless me that one day my son too
will stand on this stage..
To serve you and the arts
as a great entertainer
You're okay?
My son..
Bless you, dear son.
You took so long in coming
Today, when I announced your
arrival in the theatre..
They all clapped so loudly
May God bless you with
such a standing..
..ovation in entertainment
Give him to me.
-When he cries, I get upset
Hang on, son.
I'll get a doctor -Listen..
Doctor.. -Yes?
My kid's crying. -Don't worry.
Kids usually do cry.
-No, this one's bawling.
Excuse me..
Babies usually cry, don't they?
That's what the Doc said too.
That babies cry
But when babies cry,
I get a very funny feeling
Don't you feel the same?
I too was blessed with
a son after 14 years
Here, take this for him.
Babies are bound to cry
The game's over, Shankar
Now will you hand over
the gold or the baby?
I'll sire another one
I smell a rat. -Not at all, sir
Okay. You win this time
I will make up for my
loss some other time
With a better plan than yours
You'll jump with joy
when you hear it
I've changed my son's destiny.
The police won't touch him now
He won't be a vermin now.
In fact he'll become great
I've left him at Mr Ashok's place
His ears will echo with
beautiful songs
I've left our son there and
brought his son here
Now she'll never say anything,
What! -Her life went with her son
You should've waited a bit
Whatever I did.
For your child's life.
Look at me.
Like you I am also far away from my child.
Too much long.
I am happy that he reached
at perfect home.
Now make arrange me for her funeral.
Give me child.
My Kanta has died after his born.
I will kill him and throw in gutter.
Shankar, are you mad?
What he has harm you?
I hate his face.
And where you have left you child..
what if even they hate him like you then.
Make him what I didn't
want my son to be
And if you tell this to anyone,
I'll burn this entire colony!
This baby will become a vermin..
like me
One day you'll be worth
as cheap as dirt
By giving your songs on
the lips of others
Leave your mark here and
then go from this world
Excuse me, son. -Who, me?
Yes, you. Come here
Come inside
Where did you learn
this old song from?
This song? I've learnt it
from my good old phono
When it sings,
I sing along with it
Phono? What do you mean?
Don't you know what's a phono?
A player
Player? You mean a gramophone?
Then that's my voice, son
Are you a phono? -Yes, I'm he
If you really are a phono
then sing like he does
What will remain behind
will be your words
Mr. Phono!
From today that will be your name
Let your words resound in
palaces and mansions
Let your songs be at home in
the by-lanes of the town
Whether King or his subjects
You make up all of mankind
No matter who strums the strings
it must be your voice
Become a theme for life,
then bid adieu to the world
One day you'll be sold
as cheap as dirt
What will remain behind
will be your words
Well done my boy.
Ranjit, see how beautiful he sings
What's your name? -Dharam
Oh? Very nice
Where do you live?
-In the slum colony
Who's your father?
-A greatly respected person
He's a don. -Don? What does he do?
Don't you know? The same old
knives, daggers, fights..
Give a few, take a few
But my father hates music.
-But you like, don't you?
Yes, I do.
Very much. -Will you learn?
Of course.
But behind my father's back.
-Fine. Come here daily.
I'll teach you.
Here's some money.
Buy yourself a new shirt
Take it. -l don't take alms
These aren't alms, son
You've earned it. Look,
when I sing, I get paid for it
Likewise, you sang for me,
so I'm paying you for it
Mr Phono,
you are a first class man
Mr Phono indeed!
You cur, give me the money.
-It's mine!
You bloody fool,
did your father give it to you?
One chocolate. Not this. A big one
My son goes to a good school.
And when he grows up..
He'll be the top brass!
Colour! Out with the dough
-Just a boy, but plays like a pro!
Here you are.
-Must be cheating -You cur.
Cheating must be your dad's
profession! Give the money
Whom are you cursing? -Let go!
Else, I'll break your legs!
You rogue, why hit a child?
-He's very rude to elders
Must be having a rascal's blood!
You cur, you abuse his bloodline?
-Why lose your shirt?
He's not your son, is he?
-His father's a rich man
I think his mother must've..
You're scared of me? Silly boy.
I love you, son
Take these chocolates
Blood! Murder! Murder!
It's a murder wrap, Bhim Singh.
But by God, it happened for best
May God help you, Shankar.
But I really pity this innocent
What about this mother-less kid?
-What about him?
He has you, Kale Khan, Mama..
And I'm not going to the gallows
I'll be back in just 14 years.
14 years only
Father! Oh, father..
Why are you crying like a girl?
Wipe your tears and smile
Kale-Khan.. -Yes?
I don't want to see his face.
Don't bring him in jail again
Make a he-man out of him
And teach him all the
tricks of our trade
The song's good, eh?
Now eat your food. Come on..
From today you'll have nothing
to do with music. Take this
What are you looking at?
Pick up the knife and carry on
No. I'll not do such dirty work.
-Then? Will you listen to music?
But I.. -No buts and if's
Pick up that knife -No!
No, eh?
Please don't hit me..
-Take the knife
Else I'll skin you alive!
we were teaching him self-defense
You can't save yourselves.
What will you teach others?
Look son, the meek are always
trampled upon by people
From tomorrow you won't be meek.
I'll teach you self-defense
And nobody will dare
to hit you again!
I've told you so many times
not to listen to music!
I've also told you so many times
not to touch my gramophone
Don't yell!
Till now, you've just seen me.
Now see what I can do also
I dare any one of you to step
forward and shut this gramophone
Hey.. not here. Over there!
Not here.
Over there.. the gramophone
Enough! You're even a bigger don
than your father, Shankar
Talk about my dad respectfully.
Else I'll change your facial
design -No, don't.
You're the greatest.
From today you're the slum-king!
Hurray! Long live Don Dharam!
Bloody thief!
Let's see how you escape
Catch him! Thief!
Hey scatterbrain?
Why do you hit an old man?
I gave him some cloth
for stitching..
..and now he says it's less!
Look son, make her understand.
She has grown up.
Needs more cloth
You silly goat, come here.
I'll explain why you need more
Get lost! Explain indeed.
Come here you..
What's the matter, Dharam?
-What shall I tell you?
These woman are all the same!
Make mountains out of mole hills!
Exaggerate like mad.
Stretch things like rubber band..
You didn't understand
a simple question
I'll explain it to you by
giving you an example
It was a question of a berry
Growing up into a fat plum!
Ask my heart, what you possess
Not just my heart but
everybody and anybody
The way you stretch and
lift up your arms
Let alone Man,
but even Gods go crazy
Don't be scared.
Try to understand, Madam
This is a gift of God.
A blessing from the Maker
Let no evil eye be cast upon it
These are fruits of holy offering,
flowers from a temple
The branch..
Your branch-like body is
heavily with blossom
You mad girl,
you've become a young woman now
Took your time to understand
Grown into a fat plum
It was all a matter
of a small berry
Growing into a fat plum!
What's the matter, girl?
-Nothing, mom
You don't have fever, do you?
-Nothing like that
What does he say? Tell me
I feel so shy..
Why do you harass her?
I don't.
She harasses everybody around
Tell her, she's not a kid
now but a young woman
She must be careful.
-But why are you jealous?
Who are you.. to stop me, eh?
I'm the local don now.
That's what I came to tell you
You'll become a don? -Yes.
That's what Dad wanted
His dream has come true
The face is bound to blacken
when dealing with coals!
Aunty? -Come and wash your hands
I'm ravenous! Pronto, okay?
Get lost! You're a Don now.
Go and eat in a hotel
You'll get it free now!
But I won't get such love there.
And while I eat..
Who'll put on the music
on the gramophone?
Forget the gramophone now.
It's knives and daggers for you
Music is not in your destiny
Good, eh?
Excuse me, Daddy. -Ranjit..
A very nice tune. Listen..
I don't have time for such petty
things. Just sign this
Are you connected to your
father by just this?
Signatures, wealth..
Who's not fond of money, Dad?
Everybody loves money.
Why do you hate it so?
Why don't you love it?
Good, I don't. Else I too would've
become a darn fiddler!
There are other ways to make
money in this world
I'm not keen to become an
eunuch to sing and dance!
Why don't you bestow your
musical wealth to Nina..
Who's an orphan now.
If you want someone else..
Get him here too.
There are plenty on the streets!
Ranjit! -Uncle, let him be.
Had he understood you, he'd have
been a great performer today
He wants to sign a cheque.
Go ahead and sign it
Never mind, uncle!
I'll talk to him
Play your new tune to me
What tune will I play, dear?
My tune is where it was
Don't know why all the notes go
out of tune before I use them
Mastery with the masters, eh?
In one deck..
I want you to try something
very big
Work in partnership with me.
Big game, big money.
Today J K is to make a big deal
As per Shankar's rule
we must get our share
Will you do it?
Since it's all decided..
I'll have to! -Good!
Arrest them.
This my constables can keep.
But you can give me this forever
Please don't arrest us.
Our families will starve
Please let us go, Inspector.
Else our families will die!
A grave condition.
-Yes sir. Very grave
Friends, what do I do with them?
Let them go -Go. I pardon you.
Let this be here.
What a haul, sir
Brand new notes. Look!
Count them
100, 200, 300, 400, 500,
600, 700, 800..
900, 1000, 1 100, 1200,
1300, 1400, 1500..
1600.. Shut up!
1700, 1800, 1900, 2000,
2100, 2200, 2300..
2400, 2500..
I know Deshpande very well.
-Oh! So you know my brother
I'm his cousin-brother.
-He has no brother
You are misunderstanding, sir.
I'm talking about Deshpande
from Sion
Yes, I'm too talking about him.
Now you'll say you're from Malad
What do you mean?
-I'm Deshraj Pande
From Allahabad -Which branch?
Branch? You'll know that..
When I get a gold medal
from our President
And my photo will be
in all the papers..
..for having caught some smugglers
You smoke expensive one's,
don't you?
Naive, aren't you?
My dear, you can smoke this
expensive brand too
How? -You must be new around here
Every week J K sends
his goods from here
And in return I get Rs
5000 as my share.
Meaning, return this to J K
and we'll share the Rs 500O
Bribe! You try to bribe me?
I didn't know there was a traitor
behind the uniform
It's people like you who give
the police a bad name
It's your duty to protect this
nation from black-marketing..
So that the honest..
..upright and Loyal officers
like me get encouraged
Good the Commissioner is not here.
Else he'd have shot you
And your poor children
would've been orphaned
You are not worthy for this job.
Go away from here
I said go away!
I'm very short tempered
Before I take the law
into my hands..
What's wrong?
-The police have raided
But the Inspector was a good man.
He let us go
Where's our stuff?
-The police took it
They took it, and let you go?
Something is fishy!
Let's go, driver
There they go
J K's car is trailing us.
-Don't worry
There they go
Stop! Stop!
Who fired?
-Enough of this cat-mouse play
Give me my stuff. -Who are you?
Stuff? What stuff?
Shut up! It's not easy to steal
J K's stuff, you pretender!
So you are J K, isn't it?
The famous smuggler
My name is Inspector Deshpande.
Constable! Arrest them
Today's a good day for us.
We've got J K's booty
Then why not go and tell him
this good news in jail
He has told me not to meet him.
So I don't want to hurt him
Mr Ashok?
What's the problem?
What's the problem? -Sorry sir,
but my car's broken down
Can you drop me to the city?
-Why not your home? Get in
Thank you. -Come Nina..
J K's caught?
In which police station is he?
My name is not involved, is it?
Police? Okay, I'll do something
Please sit down.
Nina order some tea for him
I won't take long.
Just give me a minute
Get some tea please.
Won't you sit down?
Oh Ranjit..
come and meet the Inspector
Is he Mr Ashok's son? -Yes
But I know you.
I know something about him..
Which none of you know.
-Oh! Then please tell us
This way please
Whatever you want to say tell
me later on. Understand?
Actually it's an old story.
In our childhood..
Do you remember your childhood?
Childhood? Yes of course.
Now I remember..
Your name is Jyoti Prakash.
You were in my school
Did you meet Ranjit, Inspector?
-Of course, Daddy.
I know him well
He was my classmate.
Jyoti -Really?
No. He's mistaken. I'm neither
Jyoti Prakash nor an Inspector
What! -Yes.
I love acting and we were doing
a play of cops and robbers
I've coming straight from there.
-Cops and robbers!
Show me you drama too.
-l will, most certainly
Are there songs in you play?
-Oh yes. Do you sing or not?
I do, but not properly
Then learn singing. It's essential
to be a good performer
I've opened a new school.
Nina can teach you
Sure. Come from tomorrow.
-Well, Inspector?
Enough of this drama, Inspector.
Return my money
Drama's just begun, kiddo.
One day you had stolen my money
Today I've got the interest on it.
I'll take the principal
some other day
You here? Where's the jeep?
-l think my friends took it
It was hired. -Come, sit
Thank you. I'll save the bus fare
I live in that colony there.
-When you'll come
to learn singing?
I'll wait for you.
-And I'll wait for tomorrow
Thank you very much.
See you tomorrow
You..you wear a police uniform
and take a girl out, eh?
Who was she? -Get lost!
She's not a trivial thing like you
High society she is!
A girl according to the dress now
I'm going to her for piano lessons
tomorrow. Understand?
Tomorrow I'm going for my piano
lessons to that chick
Hey piano teacher's student..
Where are you coming
from so gaily?
From her place. -What?
May she rot in hell,
your piano teacher
May she drop dead, your High
society butterfly, that shrew!
My dear girl, such words don't
sound good from your mouth
Didn't I tell you..
Jealousy thy name is woman
That is to say 'Fire'!
Look at men, so calm and quiet
To hell with them. Look at me
So sweet and cool just
like ice-cream!
Oh really? Sweet and cool,
eh? You mean you're not jealous?
I'm just like an ice-cream.
Sweet and cool
Then I might as well tell you.
Since you're so cool,
why hide it?
Then spit it out.
Am I scared of you?
I met a hunk with a
technicoloured scarf around neck
He gave me such an eye..
The way he held my hand..
It sent a current through my body,
I tell you
You.. Tell me his name. I'll beat
him to a pulp and bury him
Well, well, well!
The ice-cream's melted, eh?
If you hear where we went,
your brains will explode!
Where had you gone?
May your hunk drop dead!
You beautiful doll who flits
about like a bird..
Where had you gone?
May your hunk drop dead!
And where had you gone?
May your girl drop dead!
A thief bribing an officer..
What has the world come to?
Where had you gone?
May your beloved drop dead
I had gone for a walk
in the garden
There was a beautiful girl
standing there..
..with a sensuous body
..so what are you thinking about?
What else is left now?
What else is left now,
is what I'm thinking about, silly
Where had you gone?
Hope your hunk drops dead!
I had gone for a walk
down the lane
There I met a dandy,
to whom I was attracted
The moment he held my hand,
I felt so delighted
Nothing happened beyond this.
So what are you thinking about?
Where had you gone?
May your girl drop dead!
I swear on your head I had gone
to whisper sweet nothings
And I too swear that I had
also followed you..
There's nothing this way or that
so why are we so worried?
So, how about it? -No!
Why? Don't you like me?
-I've liked you since we were kids
J K, where are you going leaving
me here? Listen to me
What will happen of me?
-I'll tell you
I think he took our booty.
-Where is he?
Where will he go? He comes to
Nina for singing lessons
I'll fix him!
You won't get late to work
Hey, come here. Here's some money
for your kids? School fees
Don't let them become
like yourself
Dear Aunty, what are you doing?
You'll go blind like that
Here get some new glasses
You know, I can't get married
because of money
Tell me, which numbers will come?
even Boss doesn't know that
..wouldn't I open a stylish
You'll grow old gambling like
this. Here, take this Rs 50O
Go and convince the girl's
parents and get married pronto..
..okay? -Now get lost from here!
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna..
Shut up!
All my work was successful.
Here, Rs 100 for puja
And spend this amount
to feed the poor
May God bless you, son
Very generous today, aren't you?
Why do you feel bad? Take this.
Make lots of clothes
It's a headache otherwise.
-Get lost! Why should you pay?
I'll cover my body with
my own earnings
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Tell me, what do you want?
What's in your mind? -We've been
together since childhood
And you ask what's in my mind now?
-l know!
Will you dine at a high
society hotel?
Get lost! What did you understand?
I'm an idiot?
And you're clever, eh?
Okay, tell me.
What do the cleverwish?
It's not fun to ask and then eat.
If a woman reveals her desires..
Won't she overtake men?
Try to understand
I don't have time to waste
if you want to come..
Buy yourself a lovely sari and
get me a first class coat
On the double now
Hey! Our bus is coming
What! A bus? We aren't ordinary.
Today we won't take a bus..
But a taxi! -Taxi?!
Taxi! Hey taxi!
Let's go back! -What?
Here the women are all naked
You and your narrow mind.
They aren't naked, silly
They've worn high society clothes.
This is a swimming pool
They come to bathe here.
-Bathe? Don't they bathe at home?
Aren't they ashamed to bathe like
this together in public?
You won't understand the
ways of the high society
I don't like your 'High society.
The woman roam around
in undies here!
Sit down. -Hey Barman..
Not Barman, but Bearer.
-Bearer? Bearer can't hear?
Here the barman is called
a Bearer. Bearer!
Stand straight! Do you have
a 'Rick' in your waist?
With 1-2 green chillies please
Two chicken pattice.
2 pastries and 2 cups of tea
Why two? Make it one special.
We'll share it half-half
Wow! You sure talk good English.
-l can speak English
very fluently
But my English is so
good that even..
..the English don't understand it
That's why I use it rarely
I didn't get the time.
I'll come tomorrow for sure
Hey.. what's going on, eh?
You get back there
She's making us wet.
-You're getting upset over nothing
And what's it to you?
-This is my friend, Nina
Please don't get offended, Nina.
I'll see you tomorrow
I'll wait for you. -What!
If I meet you outside,
I'll set you straight!
Basanti, don't talk like that.
-Shameless! Standing half-naked
Basanti, come on.
I'll show you an English picture
Hey silly! There's more fun
in watching English movies
The hero in it kisses the heroine
time and again! -What!
Can a hero do this in
our Hindi movies?
Because in our country we don't
do such dirty things
You idiot! This is what's done
everywhere in the world
This is done in your
high society..
..because of those
half naked girls
Jealous again. How nice she is.
Nina wasn't jealous of you
Nina? You again mentioned
that witch? I'm going
Go, get lost! I'm not scared.
I'll go and see an English film
Mouth to mouth kind!
Make a hero out of me today.
I'm going into the high society
Wants to look like a hero!
A crow doesn't become
white with lime!
You're getting a shave here and
I was shaven clean there
Why, what's wrong?
-The girls father wants Rs 100O
To hell with her father!
Why give importance to slum girls?
You'll get plenty of such servant
girls for Rs 15 per month
Hey Ramu, come here will you?
Why are you wasting Rs 100O
You'll get plenty of half naked
high society girls for Rs 25
The mouth to mouth type!
-But I love my girl
Then you're dead, my boy.
These girls..
Whose names end with it
are very dangerous
They make monkeys out of their
husbands. Eg. Bharti, Aarti..
Malati and Basanti!
-And men whose name end with M..
Are very hard-hearted
and very treacherous!
For example? -For Eg.
Naram, Garam, Besaram..
And Dharam!
You idiot!
If you yak too much I'll change
the map of your face!
Change it! Do what you like
You're lifting your hand at me for
that half naked cheap girl?
Okay. Here, hit me!
Go on, hit me!
Go. I pardon you. But when the
time comes, I won't spare you
And I'm very busy today.
I don't have time for
tinpots like you
I'm going for piano lessons.
The High Society type of piano
Okay kiddo. Piano isn't played
just in the high society
See if I don't make a piano
out of you in these slums
Not like that, but like this
Sir, a gentleman to see you.
-Who me?
Yes, sir. -Won't be a moment
You? What's the matter?
-You're heading for trouble
Better return our booty.
-You mean those Rs 10O
Okay, take it. -Not that.
The stuff which you stole
from J K's men!
It's not my habit to return booty
And it's my habit to
take what was mine
Before I'm forced to take any
action ask your cutlery here..
To get inside the room.
Come on guys.
Hey Basanti, come out from there.
Come along
How can I? My clothes are..
Okay. But first close your eyes
Alright. Now come on out
So kid?
High society, eh? All polished up
These shoes, these red socks..
Where did you lift all this from?
What's the matter?
Kiddo, there's lots more in store.
See this. A piano
Bought it for you.
Now play and have fun
I'll play this piano? -Will
somebody else play it, silly?
I'll not play this piano of
yours from the flea market
Shame on you! You can neither
sing nor play anything
Neither give your heart
nor take it when given
Come on, get going
Shall I play? -Of course. Go on
Shame on you!
A bad carpenter blames his tools
What am I landed with?
What a nut my boyFriend is!
When one can't dance,
one says the ground is crooked
What am I landed with?
My boyFriend's a real nut
He's neither shrewd nor clever.
He's an out and out duffer!
When one can't dance one says
the ground's crooked!
Get lost!
He doesn't steal my heart but
claims to be a marauder
The marauder.. Shame on you!
When one can't dance,
one says the ground's crooked!
What a pain in the neck!
My boyFriend's a real nut!
He's neither shrewd nor clever.
He's an out and out duffer!
When one can't dance,
one says the ground's crooked
What a pain in the neck.
My boyFriends a nut!
If I scream..
..'I'm falling' and think he'll
pick me up in his arms
He doesn't pick me up but just
stands there laughing
He's not very smart but
a simpleton at heart
He doesn't understand my love.
I'm just born unlucky!
When one can't dance,
one says the ground's crooked
What am I landed with?
My boyFriends an idiot!
He neither shrewd nor clever.
He's an out and out duffer
A bad carpenter blames his tools
What a pain in the neck.
My boyFriends a real nut!
Wow! You've really become
a high society girl
Really? -Yes. So, shall we?
What? -Which happens in
the English movies
That mouth to mouth stuff.
-Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Then was that just a put on act?
You'll never be a high society
girl. Go and change now
If you walk around at midnight..
..people will run for their lives
Now go and change and get
out of here. Go on
Hey, why are you crying?
What's the matter?
You don't like me, do you?
-When did I say that?
I just meant that I like you
more in the native dress
So.. shall we?
Hey Basanti..
come back. She got scared
You were missing a note that's
why you were out of tune
In my life I've always missed
a note here and there, sir
Then improve on it.
Love and hard work improves
everyone's life
If we can help it.
I had come to you in a
torn shirt as a child
You had given me for a new shirt..
But neither I could come nor
the shirt could be changed
Unbelievable! You remember it all,
and.. I don't?
That's destiny for you. Else,
why would I become a hoodlum?
Why would this fish-fish be
in my life, Mr. Phono?
Fish-fish? Mr Phono? -Yes.
I used to call you that
Mr Phono..
Oh yes! I remember, Mr Phono
I like the name very much.
Come on, call me by that name
But why didn't you
ever come again?
Well, Dad got jailed and I was
trained in knife-yielding
How could I refuse?
My father's my God
He may be good or even bad.
But whatever he is.. he's my Dad
What can I do, sir?
A father's a father
You're a strange boy. Very strange
I know it's your duty to
obey your father. But..
It's your bigger duty to
come to know yourself
You have a soul of an artist in
you. Smuggling isn't for you
By doing that, you not only
hurt them but yourself too
Son, there's no limit to goodness
and no end to evil
Give up all these bad things and
see how peaceful you'll feel
Mr Phono..
..I didn't get all you said,
but my heart says you're right
I promise you from today
I'll leave Looting..
..fighting, knifing etc.
I'll not become like my father,
but like you, sir
I promise, from today I'll not
loot, fight or knife anybody
I'll not become like my
father but like you
Well kid, thought you were a don?
Have you come on your senses,
or not?
..be grateful to that father
because of whom you were spared
From today
I don't have it.
I've given it all to the poor
I know how to extract it!
Truth is very powerful, Ranjit.
Let alone a knife..
You bloody rogue..
Hey girl! Where are you going?
-Let go! You dare throw me out
Call your master -Let her come in
Happy now? Make people promise
and take vows, eh?
So that he gets beaten up
and loses his bearings
If your guards armed with sticks
attack him, he'll thrash them
But there's nobody to save him.
-Whom are you talking about?
Dharam, who else?
Had he not given you his word..
Would he have kept quiet and
got beaten like a coward?
But by getting him beaten up
you've wounded the whole slum
You're responsible for it.
You! He's lying unconscious
Come. He's lying here. See
what you've done to him
Dharam.. -Mr. Phono
Take a good look
He's just wounded this time.
Next time, it could be worse
But sir, I was to get this wound.
I had to repay somebody..
And do my duty.
-What games destiny plays!
One does and somebody else pays.
-No.. no Aunty
The people from whom I had taken
the loot, came to ask for it
That's what I owed them.
Sir, I didn't lift my hand on them
You are a good man, Dharam.
But son..
I had asked you to give up
fighting, knifing, looting etc.
I didn't ask you not
to defend yourself
Self defense is the
right of every man
He won't understand that!
One day he'll lay down his life
for the betterment of others
There's no need to kill
or sacrifice..
..one's own life to be good
I'm willing to sacrifice
everything to be a good person
You can't help anything, I agree.
But even then..
It's your duty to do your duty
With these people behind you,
let the world curse you
And think you to be a crazy person
Let every heart remember
you fondly
Do this much and then take
your leave from this world
One day you'll be sold
as cheap as dust
What will remain behind
will be your words
By giving your songs on
the lips of others
Leave something behind you and
then bid adieu to the world
What will remain behind however
will be your words
I know,
you can't help it, but even then..
It's your duty to do your duty
With your friends behind you,
let the world curse you
And think you to be a crazy man
Let every heart remember
you fondly
Do this much and then take
your leave from this world
One day you'll be worth
as cheap as dirt
One day you'll be worth
as cheap as dirt
What will remain behind
will be your words
By giving your songs on
the lips of others
Leave something behind you
and then leave this world
No. 7.. Hey, No. 7
Show some respect.
My name's not No. 7 ..
But Shankardada!
Forget the bullying now.
You'll be released next Monday
Go out and do some good, okay?
Now I'm a father. No more a don
Ranjit must've become a big shot
Stitch carefully okay.
It's a silk blouse, understand?
And listen, put a gold border
on my skirt. Nice and shining
This will take me all day.
I've still to seam my lungi
Look here, am I to dance or you?
Hey, why are you harassing him?
What are you having stitched?
This time, it's my dance dress.
But soon,
it'll be my wedding dress!
You'll marry me right? But what
if I like some other girl?
You dare choose another one.
Mr Phono has chosen me for you
He won't look at you.
-Let him not. But you will, right?
That's enough for me.
I'll give such a shove,
you'll never forget it!
Don't play games with me, okay?
Else you'll regret it, I tell you
I sprinkled water on you..
I'll get wet, darling.
Don't harass me so
This shiny lipstick on your lips
Oh please darling,
don't harass me so
Get lost! Don't pretend
You know, I'll get excited
hearing all this..
And sway my delicate narrow waist
The swaying of your waist.
Oh, what a movement
What is a movement, tell me.
Please don't tease me
Tell me, darling.
Please don't harass me
Get lost! Don't pretend!
This skirt with a golden border..
I wish I could lay down
my life for it
Actually I'm not the kind
to be easily caught
So why should I give you my heart?
Ever since I saw these
anklets of yours..
Well done! Simply beautiful
I wasn't wrong.
I saw an entertainer in you
Will you perform on stage with me?
Give me a chance so that
I can show people..
That art isn't found only
in an artist's home
It can be found in such
an environment too
You will, won't you?
-Well you know, my father..
Yes, I know.
Your father hates art and my son..
But don't worry.
I'll give you my son's name..
Yes.. -Okay
Ranjit! Promising entertainer
Well done, son!
Bring pride to your father's name
Do you know?
He's my son -Is he your son?!
You rogue, are you blind?
Can't you see? Drive carefully
You old fool, don't bully me.
Take 5-10 rupees,
else go your way
Be polite.
I'm like a father to you
I'd have broken your jaw.
You rogue!
Go on..
Take 5-10 rupees he says.
Foolish boy!
Hey, what's the matter?
Why the long face?
Are you alone? Silly boy, is
anybody ever alone in this world?
Your friends are your songs
And your songs are your
life-long pals
Go on singing love-songs..
Your friends are your songs
Your songs are your life-long pals
Go on, sing -Who me?
Yes, sing
And you'll find that
wherever you go..
..you'll find joy everywhere
Your songs are your life-long pals
Why am I brought here?
What am I guilty of?
Don't you know singing is banned
here. And also laughing
But your majesty, music and
songs are life-long friends
My music and life is my daughter
Who can't talk or sing.
That's why those who sing..
Are sent to their death.
Take him away
A princess of beauty.
A goddess of good-looks..
With such a sweet face..
If only you could..
join me in singing!
You'd have won every heart my dear
Your friends are your songs
Your songs are your life-long pals
Go on, try to sing. Good
Your friends are your songs
Your songs are your life-long pals
Go on singing love songs
And smile as you do so
Your friends are your songs
Your songs are your life-long pals
But the void in my heart
is already humming. Look
Your friends are your music
Your songs are you life-long pals
Go on singing love songs
And keep smiling as you do so
By singing and playing
an instrument..
For a minute or two,
entertain the sad folks
Let's do this great
thing in this world
Your friends is your music
Your songs are you life-long pals
Go on singing songs of love
And smile as you do so
Your friends is your music
Your songs are your life-long pals
Well done, son.
Well done. You acted so well
Ashok sir,
make him bigger than you.
Well done, son
Shankar.. Namaste
O Ganga.. How are you? -I'm okay
How's your little Basanti?
-She's grown up now like Dharam
..people usually get released
from the jail in the morning
How come you're out at night?
-I'll tell you. It's private
Come with me.
I've very good news for you
When I show you,
your eyes will pop out
Recognise him?
No? This is my son, Ranjit
Looks different doesn't he?
I changed my son's fate
Made it first class.
-If you could change fate..
Your idol would be in a
temple instead of God!
I've just seen with my own eyes.
l bought a Rs 20
ticket to see him
Not your son, but his son.
Whose son you abducted..
To make a vermin.
-What nonsense, Ganga!
Truth always prevails.
Mr Ashok named Dharam, Ranjit
Because Ranjit is like you and
Dharam is like his father
Kill me!
But you're defeated, Shankar
What you couldn't do, Nature has!
-Is that the truth?
I've brought up Dharam.
When he comes home now..
You can see his resemblance
to that poster you have
Rogue, I should've killed
you when you were a kid
He's your father, Shankardada.
So friends..
you made a girl out of him
Is that what I asked you to do?
-He's the slums top most don
Yes, a good one too.
-He may be famous on the stage
But not as a bully
Stop! Dharam can defend himself
Shankar, don't do this
-I'll kill you, darn it.
It's not so easy to do that
He's my student.
He knows more than you
Get out of the way..
Take out your knife
Go on! -No father.
I've left all that behind
I've promised to be decent.
-Whom have you promised?
Dharam, don't be scared of him.
Show him that you're my disciple
If you don't defend yourself..
.. I'll think I took
efforts on a coward
You rogue, pick up the knife.
Pick it up!
I had forbidden you to fight,
knife, loot etc.
But son, it's every man's
duty to defend himself
This is your true line.
Not dancing and singing
What kind of a son is he who
doesn't have his father's traits?
You listen to me. -Your order
is like God's order to me
But I've given my word.
I'll not fight, knife or loot now
Anyone dearer to you
than your father?
Don't you care for his joy?
But Dad you were happy with
my performance on stage too
You gave me a chocolate also.
-Okay. Forget the past
No dancing, singing from today.
Manage your business
Else I'll think, I've no son
Now do you believe,
what I said was true
He's taken after you.
Now pay for your sins!
Reap as you sow!
Sitting between two girls
and playing cards
Hey! What's going on?
How rude! Let go of me..
Take the money if you wish.
Where are you taking me?
You are Mr Ashok's son.
The son of a great entertainer
Don't ruin yourself in liquor.
Emulate Mr. Ashok, not me!
Like you? -No questions! Go home
If I ever see you doing such work
again, I'll break your leg!
Now go away from here
Please don't get offended.
It's for your own good
Here, have these chocolates
I've eaten a lot of chocolates
in my life
Give them to your son, old man
Mr. Phono.. -Dharam!
Come, I was waiting for you
Did you see the reviews.
Read the papers today?
What praise! Son,
what I couldn't do in 25 years..
You've achieved in one night.
Listen, I've selected one item..
just for you
No, sir. My father's come back
I came to tell you, now I won't
be able to perform with you
But son, I started a new
life depending on you
You can't leave me like this.
-Forgive me, sir
May be I wasn't destined
to fulfill your desires
Mr Ashok?
Here so late at night?
-My dearest thing has been taken
And it's with you.
I've come to ask for it
With me? No..
I've nothing of yours with me
What do you mean?
-l want my life's support
I've come to ask for Dharam
Shankar, please return my Dharam.
He has my soul in him, not yours
Show some sympathy for our hopes.
I beg you. Take whatever you want
Even my estate.
Return my Dharam to me
I think he knows everything.
You've come to know the truth
But you can't do anything
about it.
Nothing at all. Understand?
Don't be so heartless.
You're a father too
Think as a father.
-l had, sir. I had
I had broken a coconut for my
son in Lord Shiva's temple
But He turned out to be
a mere stone idol!
He neither valued that coconut,
nor my honesty
Now I too will become
stone-hearted. I won't listen to you
Want to go to the police?
Go! Launch a complaint
There's no proof against
my crime.
And I won't give Dharam to you
Had I been a hoodlum too,
I'd have taken Dharam forcefully
But you've more right over him.
Shankar, think
Live up to your name.
Lord Shankar had swallowed
poison to save others
You also keep your
sins to yourself.
Don't let them effect
your son's life
Had my son Ranjit been born to you
and your son Dharam to me..
I wouldn't have had to come
at your door today and beg
You meant something else and I
took it entirely differently
Sorry sir.
Tell me again. What's the matter?
You've stopped Dharam from
performing on stage. Don't do this
You'll get many knife-wielding
..but I won't find
an artist like him
No. Dharam will do what
I tell him to.
Then train your son Ranjit too.
I'm very sure he's..
A better artist than Dharam
-Artist's are not made, but born
Then what kind of an artist are
you? Beat him and train him
Animals can be trained that way,
not man
You can't beat Dharam and
make him a hoodlum
Dharam will not work with you.
Do you hear me?
Don't shout
Go ahead and spoil your son.
Smear his life with sins
But remember one thing, Shankar
One day Dharam will kick this
hellish life and come to me
And you won't be able to do
anything then. Nothing!
Has he come around? -Yes
J K?
You didn't come to work for days.
That's why I called you here
Not hurt, are you?
-l can't work with you anymore
My life's in danger.
-All living things are in danger
But a saucer-eyed old
man threatens me
Says if I do work, he'll kill me
So Shankar's back from jail, eh?
All this.. -For you!
Your bungalow's by
the sea and my..
So? -Nowadays our Govt
has become smart
We could bribe them
before but not now
All our godowns were raided.
That's why
This is the rent for your garage
From today my contraband will
be kept in your garage. Okay?
No, you can't use my garage.
What if Daddy finds out?
We're business partners, Ranjit.
We earn dough together..
And will go to jail together too
Is everything here? -Yes.
you're responsible for this now
What's this?
How did this gold get here?
Answer me
You're doing such things now?
-Talk softly.
You'll get your rent
Impertinent brat!
I'll live off smuggler's rent now?
Take all this out of here.
I'll have you arrested
You won't do that Daddy. Because
my arrest will defame you too
Father's fame, reputation
is not earned by his son
I'll call the police right now
-And if you call the police..
..then.. -Then? -Then I'll..
Trouble, J K.
He'll call the police
Remove the goods,
else he'll call the police
What if wshift' your Dad
instead of the goods?
My Dad? Don't blabber.
It's a rule in the business.
Anybody in the way, cut him short
Even if it's your Dad
Shankar is still alive!
Don't you people forget..
That nobody will touch a
hair on Mr Ashok's head!
How did you get here, old geyzer?
-To talk to you, you worm!
I've seen through you.
I had warned you..
You lift your hand at me?!
You rogue! Don't listen to him.
Come with me
Shankar don't forget
where you are!
Darn you, J K.
Don't interfere between us!
You have come in between,
But by God, at the correct time
Because of you all my plans
will run smoothly
Since you've come here,
your son Dharam will come too
And when Dharam gets here,
all my work will be smooth
No, you are lying.
-If you wish to see..
Your father alive, come along.
He's very serious
Sir, you've fallen sick by
thinking too much about your son
You know such illness doesn't
allow you to think too much
Dr, which father will not think
for the good of his son?
Kids may be good or bad,
but still they are our kids
You fool! I'm your..
I'm like a father to you
Like a father, right?
But not my father!
You have bullied me a lot.
But today, I won't hear of it
I don't bully you. I look to
you as my son and guide you
I'll give you some advice, kiddo
Hit me! Hit me as much as you
like, but let my father go
You fool, if we wanted you, why
would we bring your Dad here?
Ranjit, I repeat what I said.
Let my father go!
Okay, I'll let him go.
But do me a favour and take him
What do you want?
Go and murder my Daddy.
-What! Kill Mr Phono?
No.. Never!
Dharam will not do this. Never!
He won't, eh? -Never!
Don't hit my father
Please let him go, Ranjit
Let my father go! Ranjit..
You gave me a son, Lord.
I'll tell you the truth
I won't make him like me
Father! Daddy!
Now..will you kill my father,
or not?
No, never!
Mr Phono!
Tablet.. Tablet
Mr Phono..
You? Here, at this time?
I've come to kill you! -Kill me?
If I don't kill you,
they kill my father
Who will?
Your son, Ranjit.
My son sent you to kill me?
Ranjit and J K got hold of my
father to do their dirty work
They have nearly killed him
They said, if I don't kill
you they kill my father
One son wants his father killed.
And the other stakes
his own life..
To save his father! How nice
Please forgive me sir.
I'm helpless
And I'll do anything to save him.
I've nobody in this
world expect him
But the law will arrest
you for killing me
I know. I may be hung even.
But if I kill you my father
will be spared
How lucky your father is!
He must have done something
good to get a son like you
Look, give me the pistol.
I'll shoot myself..
And write that you are
innocent of any crime
Mr Phono..
-Son, I've nothing to live for now
If my death can give life to your
father, why should I mind?
Come on..give me the pistol,
please. I'll shoot myself
I don't want to live now
J K sir..Dharam ran off!
-Was Mr Ashok killed?
No. -Very good!
The man whom you wanted to kill,
will never be killed
Me? No.. I told you once before,
If I kill my father then..
Dharam couldn't kill his father
You beat your own father
black and blue
What? -Look..this is your father..
Whom you beat up thinking
he was Dharam's dad
J K! What nonsense!
Remember that night when you
snatched your kid from my arms..
And ran off with me in hot pursuit
When you came out of the
hospital however..
I know everything.
-What do you know?
That you exchanged your son
with that of Mr Ashok's
You deceived me.
But by keeping silent..
I've deceived you in
a bigger way today
The boy..
I'll have your blood!
Ranjit, he's lying!
-It's the truth
A son cannot kill his own father..
.. but he can kill someone
else's father
You'll kill Mr Ashok.
-No I won't kill my father
You won't? Then I'll kill you.
If he's not your son,
Shankar, why are you so concerned?
Let him die. -J K!
Then ask him to kill Mr Ashok
If Dharam gets the police here,
we'll all go to jail
Tell him, else I'll shoot him
Tell him!
You've done your duty as
a father very nicely
Now meet your son for
the last time also
now even God can't save you both
Dharam, leave him alone.
-No I won't, Dad
It was father's love,
Dharam that came to the surface
Ranjit, why did you do this?
Police! Save yourself.
Run, son. Save yourself
Dharam..let him go
Who committed the murder?
-Sir, my son has
He killed with this pistol.
Look sir, this pistol
Mr Dharam, do you admit to
your crime in this court?
No! My Dharam can't do this.
He's innocent, sir
You are no Don!
You are a butcher..
Who is sending a man like
Dharam to the gallows
But remember, God will never
forgive you.. and nor me
For I too have concealed the
truth. But not any more
I'll go right now and tell
Mr Ashok everything
Ganga! If you open your mouth,
I'll kill you!
I'll gouge your eyes out.
-You witch! I'll break your jaw
Do you know whom you
are talking to?
Get lost!
My mother may be scared of
your bullying. Not me!
Let's see how you stop us.
Come on Mom..
Go on..go and tell him,
there's no proof
Mr Ashok will never believe you
No..how can I believe this?
-Believe me. I know everything
Shankar wanted his son
to be a good person
That's why he exchanged
his own son with yours
Remember? When your son was born..
You had given money to a baby
Try to remember..please
Dharam is your son, sir.
Believe me. I'm telling the truth
If you don't believe me,
I swear on my daughter's head
If he still doesn't believe,
let Dharam go to the gallows!
It's all destiny, sir. You weren't
destined for the love..
Of a son, and I for a father's.
I'm charged with murder
I could be sentenced.
Even hung. -No..
I'll have to separate from you
even if I got you, Mr Phono
We've been separated for years
as father and son..
So why not a few more?
No son. What one doesn't
know doesn't really hurt
But when I know you are my son,
how can I live away from you?
Maybe I'm living to be united with
you. Come and hug me, son
Please, son
Hug me just once.
There's law between us, sir.
We can see other..not meet
Even thieves have ethics.
I had given my word to God..
And you, to me. Even then, you
didn't leave this dirty work?
I stole for you.
I killed, and even lied
And you ruin my plans?
You won't listen.
I'll give all this to the police
Keep it back.
Else, I'll shoot you
You threaten me? Your father?
Let's see how you stop me.
I'll go to the police
Stop, I say! Stop! Stop! Father..
Ashok sir,
why did you step in between?
I couldn't bear to see father-son
separated by death
It's nothing like that, sir.
Seeing the pistol in his hands..
I was convincing him. I too can't
bear to see you separated..
From your son Ranjit, sir.
-You are so innocent Shankar
Still covering up for
your son's crimes
I've reared him like my own.
But you..
What wrong has he done to you?
-It's not like that, sir
Dharam's not your son.
Those woman lied to you
Look..look at this
My blood colour isn't different
from Dharam's blood colour
You want to spill his blood?
Then spill mine and
quench your thirst
Don't separate us, please.
You are a father
Try to understand this
father's feelings
I beg you for my son
Kill me, but spare Dharam.
Please Shankar, spare my son
Put your hand on the Gita,
and swear you'll speak the truth..
tell the court who murdered J K
My Lord, Dharam isn't my son.
My son is that boy..Ranjit
This is a blatant lie!
-This is God's truth
My lord, I am ashamed of myself
Punish me and my son!
Punish me!
I have fathered a son like Ranjit!