Dharam Sankat Mein (2015) Movie Script

What is happen to this city?
Ashes here, smoke there.
Why are you so silent?
Why have smoke forced
down your throat?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Let's bring this
reckless act to an end.
Smoking is banned
in all public places.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke.
No let anyone do.
Smoking will cost you.
Who doesn't want to be happy?
But at what price?
Smoking will cost you.
Smoking can cost you your health.
And for your dear ones.
Smoking will cost you.
Oh, God! You are omniscient.
You know what everyone desires.
Then, why must the people
you created shout out to You?
To remind people like you who've
strayed to return to the path.
Here, get sober now.
What's this? Unsweetened
lime juice early in the morning?
Why don't you get me something
sweet, sugar?
Just forget about it
and take this.
You have to go to the
Ashram with Amit. Hurry!
This is such a pain!
Why should I hover around
the ashram since he is devoted?
I asked the maid to come early
today, but she's not here either!
Antara is still out jogging.
If I have to get all of you
to the same place on time...
...it is mission impossible!
You're supposed to be a Jain caterer,
but all your behaviour is Non veg.
It makes me so crazy!
Please don't put on that song
We must go to the Ashram with Amit.
Let's kick start the
day on a good note.
This is just what I need.
Please hurry up! Come on.
- Yes.
I'll be there.
"Carefree and willful."
"Carefree and willful."
"Put on a fancy turban."
"With the drum beat playing."
"Put on a fancy turban."
"With the drum beat playing."
"Come on the stage
and play the music."
"Keep staring at me."
"Why do you stare
when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Hey, girl!"
"When you dance,
with your long hair...
...I dance well too and
drive the girls crazy."
"My habit of living in style
is now the hot trend."
"Everyone is dancing
to my beat."
"Let's dance..."
"Let's dance to my beat."
Mom! Where's my kuna?
Your kuna? It was filthy.
It's in the wash.
"Keep moving to the beat."
"lam going to sing your hit song."
"Keep moving to the beat."
"lam going to sing your hit song."
"I'll make the boy
dance with me."
"I'll be the life of the party."
"Come on, let's move
to the beat."
"You bring me such joy."
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Why do you stare when I dance?"
"Hey girl!"
"Carefree and willful."
"Carefree and willful."
I need chutney with the dhoklas.
Get some, please?
Forget about the chutney.
Drink this juice.
You'll get acidity.
- Acidity, it seems.
Dad, don't change the topic!
Shraddha is a sweet girl.
She may be, I don't deny that.
Listen, I'm willing to accept her
as my daughter-in-law.
But, she has to accept me
the way I am. That's it.
It's not Shraddha,
her dad is the problem here.
Are you going to marry her dad?
His dad-in-law is in the temple
all day long, tolling the bell.
I didn't ask you to stay
in the temple all day long.
He should just get the feeling
we are somewhat religious.
Somewhat religious?
Your dad-in-law is eternally
the feet of that holy man.
I can't do that, okay?
Why don't you pick another girl?
Some friend of hers, maybe?
Set him up!
Come on, dad'.
- Am.
Come fast. Bus has arrived.
These people should not be
allowed to stay in one's society.
He's rented the house and
staked claim on the entire street.
- Dad I'll go and see.
Kick his darn car!
Ever since he's moved in
he's given all kinds of trouble.
Forget it. I bet the aristocrat is
still asleep. Get back here.
What the...
Oh, no! What did you do?
Another notice.
Amit! Come on!
If he sees, he's create a huge scene!
Come back!
You are pests!
All the devotees are kindly
...that the counters
which are set up...
...are providing blue water,
blue veneration materials.
- I hope he doesn't renounce the world.
- I'd love that.
Look at the map.
It has all the details.
The Neelashram is
spread over 30 acres.
Dad! Dad, where are you lost?
The same place where you
lost yourself, son.
Let's go.
Neel (Blue) water, blue...
Massage oil and Neel Ayurved?
Neel real estate!
This is 400 sqft
and that is 600 sqft.
Listen, why don't they come out
with a public issue?
Dad, please don't joke.
Sir, this isn't a joke.
They are thinking about it.
Get out of the way!
Watch it.
Take care.
Hail Neel Baba.
Praised be Neel Baba.
Hail Neel Baba.
Hail Neel Baba!
Is it going to rain?
Why are they wearing raincoat
Dad, that's the Neel headgear.
These are staunch devotees
of Swamiji.
So staunch devotees wear a uniform.
- Yes.
Yes, tell me Hasmukh.
- Shraddha.
What? The Kachori maker?
Speak softly!
One moment, I'll call you later.
Dad! It's Shraddha.
Doesn't she look a bit
too old for you?
She's a better fit for me.
The one you're looking
at is her mom.
Shradha is behind her.
- Oh, her mom?
Well, the mom is pretty awesome, too.
- Hey!
She's the mom.
She's nice.
Swami Neelanand's grace...
...is going to spread
all over the world.
After setting up ashrams
on American land...
...Swamiji has established the Neel
family on an international level.
And he inaugurated the Neel Ayurved
center at the ashram in Bhopal.
The sky is...
- Blue!
The ocean is...
- Blue!
The eyes are...
- Blue!
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"The one who comes
to you, Baba..."
"The one who comes
to you, Baba..."
"You shower him with happiness."
"The one who comes
to you, Baba..."
"You shower him with happiness."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
Hail Neelanand Swami!
Hail Lord Neelanand!
After consuming
the poison in the world
Lord Shiv was called Neelkanth.
I am entered this world to consume
the poison in your lives.
Hail Baba!
- He's a great man.
Give me poison,
I will give you joy.
Give me your poison!
Give me your poison!
Hail the Lord of Joy!
- Hail!
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
- Hail!
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
- Hail!
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
- Swamiji! - Baba!
- Babaji, here! Swamiji!
Hello, Swamiji.
- Basically, I know it all.
But, I'd rather hear it from you.
What is bothering you?
Swamiji, I have an MBA degree.
I can't really hear well.
Come closer, please.
Swamiji, I have an MBA degree.
I've been trying for a really
long time.
But, I can't find a job.
- Hmm.
From today, you...
...you will manage the operation
of my ashram.
The ashram needs your service.
What kind of service will he
get her to do? - Dad!
Thank you.
- Hail Neelanand Maharaj! - Hail!
Hail Neelanand Swami!
- Hail!
Hail Lord Neelanand!
- Hail!
Swamiji, I...
- Hey, stop!
Swamiji! Me, me, me!
- Yes, tell me.
Talk to me, son.
- Swamiji!
Swamiji, I am in big, big trouble!
I have been married
for eight years!
But I still don't have anyone
to call me dad.
Please, son out my problem.
From today, your worries
are my worries.
You can stop worrying.
Yes, Swamiji!
My wife is expecting!
My wife is expecting a baby!
My wife is pregnant!
I am going to have a baby!
Hail Swamiji!
- Hail!
Hail Swamiji!
- Hail!
Say it!
- Hail Swamiji! - Hail!
Well dad via satellite.
When you are thinking
of my image...
...when you are devoted to me...
...without any doubt...
...he is my best devotee!
And I will certainly grace
him with the best!
Hail Swamiji!
- Hail!
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"The one who truly loves you...
...and you help him in every way."
"The one who truly loves you...
...and you help him in every way."
"You destroy the sorrow...
"You destroy the sorrow...
"You destroy the sorrow...
"When someone comes
over to you, Baba...
...you shower happiness on him."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
It's no big deal, dad.
You just have to attend prayer
meetings and perform venerations.
And what about some dancing?
That fat lady looked so funny!
Of course.
And it will be good.
At least you'll chant
the name of the Lord.
If I chant the name of the Lord
in the Ashram...
...is Neelanand going to run
my business?
Talk to the girl at least!
If her parents have any issues,
don't be scared.
I will get you married, okay?
- What?
What is he going to do? Shed
crocodile tears for a few days.
Then, they'll get back on track.
Go ahead, talk to her.
Shraddha won't do that.
Her dad is a heart patient.
He's a mental patient.
The entire community is insane.
"Heart patient!"
These old folks blackmail one
for the smallest things.
I'm a heart patient!
You're bound to die some day!
Elope with her.
Pack your bags and elope.
I will deal with the rest.
You don't have to create
that kind of scene.
The marriage will take place
with everyone's consent.
And it will be a great wedding!
A great wedding.
Anyway, your sugar levels are too high.
- What?
How is Amit's wedding connected
to my sugar levels? Tell me!
Why not? If you wake up early
and walk to the temple...
...it will be nice walk.
The sugar level
will level itself out.
Do you know why I am the top most
caterer in Ahmadabad?
Because, I taste every single
dish. Get it?
I can't do all this.
Indu, I'm leaving.
Alright, don't forget to
go to the bank today.
Why should I go to the bank?
Baa died over two months ago!
You still haven't
opened up her bank locker.
I'm sure it doesn't
contain a treasure.
What do you mean?
- Fine, I'll get it. Come on.
Don't forget.
- Alright, I won't.
Hey, Mr. Noticewala!
What is this?
My name is not Mr. Noticewala.
I have told you so many times!
My name is Nawab Mehmood
Nazeem Ali Shah Khan Bahadur.
Show some respect.
I asked for your name,
not a long winded address.
Forget it!
What's going on?
Why do you keep handing out
notices for every little thing?
Why don't you park that piece of
junk to the side?
This is a 1945 car!
It's a vintage car!
You scratched it!
Open your eyes wide and look!
That's what you get for parking it
in the middle of the road,
Listen, you could have requested
and I could have shifted it.
Excuse me, my son rang your
doorbell ten times!
I guess, you were sleeping.
What else?
No, I was in the washroom.
In the washroom?
What kind of food do
you guys eat?
Uncultured man!
I meant, I was in the bathroom.
Do you know what jhajharu?
Do you know what it means?
Yes, right.
But, it's not right to keep
handing out these notices.
I sent a bill for the repairs
with the notice.
You will have to pay that.
I won't pay this.
I will never pay this!
What proof do you have...
...that I scratched that
junked up car of yours?
Want to file a case?
Go ahead!
Go ahead and file a lawsuit!
Why don't you forget it?
Let's go. - Why should I?
He's been issuing notices at
the slightest provocation...
...since 6 months!
If it's such trouble
why did you come to live here?
Go and live in a Muslim
locality. Go on!
- Communal discrimination!
This is India!
Under the Constitutional
Law 295 -A...
...and 298...
...I can put you behind bars!
I am not doing to get scared of
these laws and so on!
I am not one to get scared either.
- Yes.
I won't get scared, either!
You listen to me.
Don't try to pull rank
since you're in a majority.
This is not going to
work with me.
I don't care what
messes you come up with...
...what issues you come up...
...I will get my head cut off,
but I won't bow it!
Now, these people can't think
beyond killing or cutting up stuff.
Why are you doing this?
You have to go to the bank.
Let's go!
- Crazy man. - Let's go!
Let's go! Come on!
What on earth!
Ms. Alka! How are you?
Sit, Mr. Dharampal.
I'm fine.
I heard about your mom.
Yes, well, I guess age will
have its way.
She was such a pleasant woman!
I still miss her.
She was a nice person.
And she really loved you, too.
No matter what we do, we
can never repay our parents.
Would you like some tea,
coffee, a cold drink?
No, nothing, thanks.
Just the locker, please.
- Let's go. - Let's go.
Dad, you look exactly like grandpa.
I think, your dad looks more
like his mom.
Don't you think so?
Dad seems disturbed, doesn't he?
Please make it tasty.
We have elite guests.
He makes kachoris.
- Hmm.
He's a good chef.
- Mm hmm.
He's been at it since
three years.
What's his name?
- Abdul Hameed.
I forgot to tell you.
There's a chef from Surat.
I have called him in, okay?
- Okay.
Sorry, we'll call
you if we need you.
I'll call you.
- Yes, sir.
No use of coming here.
Dharam Bhai.
- Yes?
We have an order for a huge
dinner party.
You have to handle it for
the next few days, please.
Alright, as you wish.
Oh wow!
This is amazing.
Sethji, thank you for
the donation to our orphanage.
Alright, Mr. Bhatt.
Tell me. -Yes?
Can you say with complete faith
that the kids who come here...
...you don't reveal
their parents identity?
I am absolutely sure.
We have to be extremely
careful about that.
I can see lots of
old records and files.
It's stacked in here.
We have lots of records.
1965, 1655, 1945, 1960.
We even have a few files
which are from pre-lndependence.
- Yes.
- Yes.
No! How can you have 1960?
What are you saying?
Yes, we have them. - Really?
Do you see that cupboard
back there? - Yes.
It contains files...
...from 1950 to 1960.
Really? I don't believe it.
If you don't believe it,
I'll fetch them. Wait.
Let me show you this, too.
There are loads of papers in here.
What's the big deal?
Look at this, please.
1955, 1956, 1958.
50...where's 60? Where's 1960?
Sethji, 1960!
- Sir, there are men here,
not computers.
You press a button and it
says, file not found.
What immaculate records!
What happened?
- It's a secret.
It's secret!
- That's nice.
It's secret.
No, but...
- No, but it's secret.
I want to see it.
What are you doing?
Hey, let go!
Shailesh, Bhupesh, Nimesh, Aakash!
That file is top secret!
Catch him!
Don't let him go!
Hey, let go!
Oh, God!
- What?
Break the window!
It's top secret! - Get back!
What is this?
Sethji! Give me the file!
Give me the file!
Sethji! Please listen to me.
Listen... nab him!
Nab him!
Hey! Shut the door!
- Get back!
Praveen! Catch him!
What did he eat for breakfast?
Don't let him get out of here!
Stop him!
Open the door!
' open Up!
Sethji! Get out or
I will drag you out.
Sethji! Open the door.
Sethji, open the door.
- How does it matter?
What are you doing?
- Sethji, please.
Meer Saukhat Ali.
What is true, is right.
What is this, God?
Why did you create this mess?
This is a major disaster!
You created me a Muslim...
...and had me raised as a Hindu?
And You've chosen to reveal
the suspense today! Today?
Fifty years after the event!
Did You forget I am a Brahmin?
Here, look at this.
Look at this!
A Brahmin.
Yes, I've eaten eggs.
I have eaten chickens
and so on.
I have drunk liquor too.
That... that's a hobby.
I like that.
It's not what I was taught.
My values were that of
a Brahmin.
But, this is a huge punishment!
You've just gone ahead and
made me a Muslim!
A Muslim!
You could have made me
something else!
God, listen to me.
You just say that this is
all a dream, okay?
But, I will atone for all the sins
I have committed!
Here, take that!
That's for you.
But, You are going
to say that this is a dream.
A bad dream.
I know, Yourjustice is delayed,
never denied.
I will be waiting outside.
I don't mind waiting.
But, just do all this today
if You don't mind.
That which is right is true!
What happened?
Why are you shouting?
What happened?
If I am true, then why am I not
I don't get it.
Just explain it to me.
What can I say to you?
I am ruined.
I am doomed.
- What?
I am sure, it was a
characterless debauch!
He satiated his lust...
...and tossed me at
someone else's door.
Oh, Lord!
What kind of sinners
are being born, now?
They don't spare young girls.
They hound the old ladies.
And this is the limit!
I mean, they didn't even spare
a man of your age! - What?
What are you imagining?
- No! You did the right thing.
You have come to Lord Shiva.
Here's what I will do.
I will go inside and
get a Panchmukhi Rudraksha.
You have wear it around your neck.
That will heal you and
set you right, too.
I'll be right back.
Where is it?
Indu? What are you looking for?
- What?
I'm looking for my key ring.
Why? - The key ring.
- Yes.
Who gave this?
- Allah sent it.
- Bhalla sent it.
It's Mr. Bhalla's advance.
It's a dinner order for
a hundred people.
Why didn't you say it's Bhalla?
"Who created me?"
"My shadow questions me."
"I am lost,
whether I exist or not."
"My soul is in agony,
let me see you."
"Oh, Lord, take away this pain."
"Oh, Lord."
"Oh, Lord."
"Tell me, who I am."
"You are God and the
"Oh, Lord."
My life is completely
messed up.
I wish I hadn't opened
Baa's locker.
You know, the one who
adopted me...
No, no...
"Where did I come from?"
"Who am I truly?"
"I think at every moment."
"I see that I am torn."
"My prayer is silenced
in the noise."
"My soul cries out."
"Let me see you."
"Heal my sorrow."
"Oh, Lord."
"Oh, Lord."
L...was born in a Muslim family.
I am a Muslim by birth!
Bomb blast in Pune.
Today evening, in Vishrantwadi...
- These people are going too far.
What happened?
- Watch this!
I don't know what these
Muslim folks want!
These people are instrumental in
doing everything wrong!
Even in the police station 8 out
of 10 wanted guys are Muslims!
Whyjust 8 out of 10?
- ...person has...
10 out of 10 are Muslims!
What are you talking about?
The Opposition Leader
Mr. Kulkarni believes...
...that this is orchestrated
by a Muslim group.
What about this incident?
I didn't do this.
I didn't do this, either.
But, we are being blamed for it.
Yes, but I am not
responsible for it.
Then who is responsible
for blaming us?
If there is any bomb
blast in any place...
...or a terrorist attack...
...we are accused at once.
They never take a good
look at themselves.
Can I say something?
I understood your mentality...
...the day you asked me
to shift into a Muslim locality.
Panditji, don't mind, but I want
to ask you something.
Why do you people hate
us so virulently...
...right from your birth?
Mehmood Bhai, I am a Muslim, too.
Bhai, do you realize what
you are saying?
I was born a Muslim.
What are you going
to do about this, now?
Are you going to broadcast it?
Will you tell everybody?
Will you stick it up on
the notice board?
Get in.
- Why?
Is it because I am a Muslim?
No, because you are hassled.
Tell me.
What's the matter?
Giving up one's own child!
One's own child!
If you didn't want the responsibility
then why have a child?
If in future you find out...
...that you were born in a Muslim
...won't you be disturbed?
I was born a Muslim.
I mean, you find out that...
...you were born in a Hindu
family, won't it bother you?
Won't you feel disturbed?
I get it.
I just want to find out
who was my dad.
What is the name of
your biological father?
Meer Shaukat Ali.
Meer Shaukat Ali.
You are right.
Biological father.
That's correct.
He's not my dad, he gave
birth to me and abandoned me!
How can he be my dad?
Biological father!
That's right.
By tomorrow evening...
...can it be done?
Can you find out?
I'll try my level best.
I will try.
No, not at four, meet me
at six o'clock, tomorrow. - Oh!
Don't move.
- What is it?
You look good.
We will go to Himachal for
our honeymoon.
Besides, it's horribly hot
here in June.
We can go on a honeymoon
if we get married, first.
Don't worry, Shraddha.
Just let me train dad
a bit, and after that...
Yes, but hurry up, Amit!
You know Uncle Vyas wants...
...his son to marry as soon
as possible!
And dad is also...
He said, the day of appearance
is 2 weeks away and on that day...
Shraddha, don't get tense.
I have found something, today...
...which will put dad in
a good mood.
It's a very old, very rare
clip from Manchala (film).
Okay, very good.
Now, just be quick...
...and get him around...
- I think, dad is here.
Let me have him meet you too.
Shraddha is online.
You're flirting online, too?
Hello, dear.
- Hello, Uncle.
My dear, I'm not that kind of
orthodox father-in-law.
Tell her, she has to be
free and uninhibited.
Just be free.
- Yes.
But, Uncle, these are our
My dear, you are too young to get
caught up in the values' tangle.
Both of you love each other, right?
- You love each other, right?
That's settled then!
And you know what they say...
...if the couple is willing, what will
Neelanand be able to do about it?
That's all very well, Uncle,
...I don't want to hassle my dad.
Why can't you be a bit religious?
It's really simple.
Just pray a bit.
Apply the tilak (sect marking)
and wear a cap. That's all.
Well, if you kids want me to
wear a cap, I'll do that too.
Alright, then, we'll meet.
Okay. - Bye, dear.
- Okay, bye.
Bye, Uncle.
- Okay. - Hail Neelanand.
Hail Neelanand.
If the girl says bye,
say bye darling, say, bye love.
Why are you saying Neelanand?
If you do this at the
wedding night...
...then, she'll grow a beard
and become an ascetic. Get it?
Come on, dad! That is ridiculous.
- "Come on, dad!"
- Yes.
I found a very rare, very old
clip of Manchala.
What are you talking about?
- Yes.
And you are telling me this, now?
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
What's going on, dad?
In those days, Manchala...
...was accused of trafficking
while conducting foreign tours.
That when this clip was taken.
He was an amazing singer.
I wonder where he is?
What is this?
I took life membership of the
Neel Parivar (family) today.
They gave me a ten percent
Besides, they gave me
the Neel granth free.
- We must read this and obey it.
Obey it.
The Neel Parivar's book is blue.
Does your Baba watch blue (adult)
films, too?
Get your act together.
Yes, Dharam Bhai.
Any news of the man
who created me?
I have put some of my men
on the job.
All of us are doing
our best, to find out.
God willing, we will know
soon enough.
Okay, listen, let's meet
at home, tonight.
That's enough!
Drink up.
Mehmood Bhai? In Ahmadabad?
I have a permit.
- In that case, cheers.
What is it?
Is this Scotch?
- Yes.
It's orange flavored.
I'll give you some that's lemon
flavored the next time you visit.
Did you find out what happened?
Your Muslim dad?
Not my dad, my biological father.
Okay, cool down!
Let me tell you a story.
Listen, Dharam Bhai.
Your dad isn't...
...what you think he is.
What do you mean?
I have a friend.
Dr. Farooque.
he knows your father.
He was telling me that
your father...
...was admitted to his clinic
a couple of times.
And according to Dr. Farooque...
...your father is a very good man.
When you were an infant...
...your mother expired.
In those days, your father
had a financial crisis at home.
Later, he got hired
as a driver in Kuwait.
That's why, he had to leave.
He was helpless and so
he forced himself...
...to hand you over to a relative.
He went to Kuwait.
The custodian of the child
began to find it a burden.
That's when the relative
took the child...
...that is you, and handed
you over to the orphanage.
Four years later, when your father
came back from Kuwait...
...he found out about all this.
God knows, how he felt
at that time.
He went to the orphanage,
searching for you.
But, Mr. Trivedi
had adopted you by then.
The authorities didn't even tell
him who the adoptive parents were.
He was really traumatized.
Due to that sorrow,
he didn't even marry again.
I believe, he has donated all
his worldly goods to charity.
And these days, he is in the Khwaja
Garib Nawaz sanatorium...
...at Sarkhej, living out
the last days of his life.
Oh, God! Your story is
like a movie!
Alright, please wait.
Here he is.
- What are you doing?
You will make me a sinner!
This is taboo.
I am not your father.
Why are you calling me dad?
No, brother, he told me that...
I know. I understand
your feelings.
Come on.
I will explain it.
Now, Meer Shaukat Ali is over 80
by the grace of God.
He's 80 years old?
- By the grace of God.
May God grant him
a long life, but...
...at present, he is not too well.
That's why I am saying that...
That is what I am saying too,
You see, a man who...
...has lived his entire life
chanting the name of God...
...and if he meets his only
son in the last days of his life...
...and he finds out his son
is not a Muslim.
Just think of how shocked
he will be!
He will be terribly upset.
So, you mean, I can't meet him?
-You can meet him.
Yes. -You can meet him.
I didn't say that.
But, I would like you to meet
him in a way that...
...he feels happy.
He must not regret it.
He should breathe his last
with pride.
He must not die due to the shock.
Do you understand?
Come this way.
- So, how can I meet him?
As a good Muslim.
You do know what a good Muslim
is like.
Yes. What is a Muslim like?
They have long beards
up to here.
They hitch up their trousers.
They have black marks on their
forehead and..
Oh, God! May the Lord have mercy!
That means, you really don't know
anything about Muslims.
Come along.
That's why I was telling you...
...you should find out
all about Muslims...
...and then come back here.
God willing, you can meet
your father, then.
Can't I just meet him?
I'll tell him that I am a Muslim.
And that my name is Wasim Akram.
Or, Nawaz Sharif.
- You're lying in the abode of God.
And in front of a clergyman!
Let's have some other name.
First of all, it is not Nawaj,
it is Nawaz.
- Yes, Nawaz.
N awaz.
So, you can leave.
Learn the ways and customs.
Get some information.
And, then you can meet your
Good bye.
N awaz.
N awaz.
Wretched clergyman!
He wants to make you a Muslim.
Don't worry.
This is your legal and fundamental
right to meet your father.
I'll draft out a notice to him.
Under Section 340.
He'll get back on track at once.
Please don't issue any notice.
Or everyone will notice me.
If people find out that I was
born a Muslim...
...then, that's the end of it.
I'll become a social outcast.
The kids aren't married yet.
Whatever has to be done has
to be done on the sly.
I wouldn't have scaled the wall and
come over at midnight, otherwise.
So, you will become a Muslim.
It really doesn't make
any difference to me.
Make me a Muslim,
make me a wrestler or whatever.
That's the very least I can do to
meet my dad.
Tell me something.
You never met your father,
you've never seen him.
There has been no connection.
Why are you longing
to meet him?
I want to see...
...what is a father like?
I was four years old,
when my dad died.
I have never seen him.
Forget about that,
and just tell me something.
These Muslims ways and customs...
...I mean, saying the prayers
and whatever.
Rituals, customs, traditions,
call it what you will.
Teach me that.
That's it, then!
- Marhaba!
- Marhaba!
Cheers! Marhaba.
- Cheers.
Here's the cap.
You look like a born Muslim.
Teach me the ways and customs
of a born Muslim.
Then, I'll fit the bill to a T.
Hold. Let me take a picture.
Keep the chin up. Smile now.
Yes, pleasant.
Are we done?
- Done. - Yes?
Be seated, please.
What should I do?
- That means, sit down.
I'm sitting down.
Tell me.
- Bismillah.
So, let us begin
with the greeting.
What is that?
I meant the greeting.
The greeting?
- Yes.
What is that?
- Greeting.
- Yes.
Salam alaikum.
- Oh...
That's where the best people
go wrong.
It's not salam alaikum.
- Then what?
It's assalam alaikum.
Assalam alaikum.
When you say that,
you get an answer...
- Walekum assalaam.
Assalam alaikum
is turned the other way around?
It's what we do.
Namaste, and namaste back.
Ram Ram, and Ram Ram back.
Why does this get turned
the other way around?
That means, peace be upon you.
- So, you get a return greeting.
Which means, peace be upon you too.
So you have to return it.
- Yes.
Should we get on in life, or
are greetings all there is to it?
Pronounce life, the correct way.
Why? If I don't will it shorten
my life?
Say it right!
Where were you since so long?
I was walking.
- Yes.
At one in the morning?
Well, I have acidity.
The doctor told me
after eating...
Tell me the truth.
Where did you go
and who were you with?
I was with Mehmood.
What? Mehmood?
Mehmood? I was with the ghost!
I was with the ghost.
- Stop joking, please.
What about your clothes?
Yes, I slipped a bit
while walking.
You're not hiding something
from me, right?
What can I hide from you, darling?
- Then, swear to me.
I swear to you.
Darling, men change
as they age.
I went to get a surprise for you.
I climbed the tree
and I slipped.
You always convince me
with a surprise. - See?
Now, go on.
- Yes.
And, listen.
- Yes?
I will also give you a
surprise, tomorrow morning.
O kaY-
O kaY-
Drink up the juice.
- Where is the surprise?
This isn't a surprise.
This is Neelanand's cap.
Dad, the surprise is a bit late.
This is not a cap, this is the
Neel headgear.
It's worn
so you can look religious.
It's an easy way to look religious.
No prayers, or reading the texts.
No sacred duty or meditation.
Wear the cap and become religious
in an instant.
How do I look?
Do I look religious?
Do I look like a Pundit (priest)?
How can I look like one?
My face is non religious!
This is amazing.
No matter what the religion
they make you wear the cap.
Who is it?
- I think, the priest is here.
The priest?
That's the surprise.
- What?
Amit would like you to learn
about religion from the priest.
It will be useful, when you have
to meet Swamiji.
Listen to me...
- It's okay.
Oh, God! This is a terrible
Aren't you the same man?
I am true, but not right.
No! Don't misunderstand.
I am true and I am right!
I am fine, all over. Everywhere.
- Yes.
So, let's start with the first lesson.
Say, Shree Ganeshay Namah.
Shree Ganeshay Namah.
First, we must
perform the cleansing.
So, you need to close your eyes
and nose and drink this. Go on.
What is this?
- Drink it up.
What is that?
- It's cow urine.
Cow urine?
- Yes.
It's essential to cleanse
your inner soul.
If you go out and eat anything else,
you must cleanse yourself, again.
Come on, focus.
Say after me.
Now, we will perform Wazu.
- Wazu.
Cleaning, as in ablutions.
- I saw it on the CD.
Yes! How is it to be done?
Rinse the mouth, cleaning of
mouth and face.
And then, the arms.
- Like that.
The prayer mat has been set out.
Place both hands behind
your ears, like this.
...do this.
This is called the intention
to pray.
The intention to pray.
- Yes.
(Arabic prayers)
(Arabic prayers)
(Arabic prayers)
Dad, why are you looking
at them so intently?
I am just looking at how
he does that.
The prayers?
Yes, that's right. The prayers,
the veneration. The ritual.
I wanted to see how they
perform it.
Come on, sit.
Let me drop you to college.
Dad, it is 6 in the evening...
College is out.
I am going to go home.
- That's what I said. Sit.
Come on.
(Arabic prayers)
I can't do this.
I can't do this. It's fine right up
to the intention to pray.
But, saying the words is hard.
No, you can do it!
You can do it.
What you have to do is...
...when you are standing
in the mosque...
...then, you follow
what the man before you does.
Follow the leader.
- Follow.
Now go down like this.
Don't stop.
Nothing to be said, right?
- No, nothing!
Hey! What are you doing?
- What?
It's really dusty, I'm
getting rid of it.
It's all so dusty!
I just don't understand him, now.
You know those fakirs
who carry peacock feathers?
They throw up the clouds of
loban (frankincense) smoke.
What should I do about them?
Touch their feet?
Islam forbids it.
You can't touch someone's feet.
You don't bow down to anyone.
But, if you feel an intense
...then, you must greet
the person first.
And then...
...you may kiss the person's hand.
What do you mean?
I mean, you kiss.
Kiss! Then why don't you
say that?
Why are you making it
sound so heavy?
That's how it is said.
Here, you hold the hand like this.
Yes, right!
- Kissing. - Kiss it.
- Salamalaikum.
- Greetings.
- Yes.
Do come in.
- Come in.
Repeat after me.
As you stride along..
You walk the world...
Listen carefully.
As you stride along...
As you walk...
As you stride along,
lighting up the path...
Lighting up the...
Joseph and...
What is this tongue twister?
Say it right!
Tongue twister.
- Tongue twister.
This is just a waste of time.
No! You did it again!
You have to enunciate right.
- Like that.
That's it.
- Okay.
Repeat after me. Resident
of Kailash and Kashi...
Resident of Khailash
and Khashi...
What's wrong with your throat?
Say it clearly,
enunciate properly.
Don't pronounce it with Kh.
- Kh...
K...the residents of Kailash
and Kashi. - Kailash..
And go down on the knees.
- No speaking, right?
No! On your knees.
Bend, bow.
Look, this is the complete
bow. Do this.
What are you doing?
This is the standing bow.
Bow as you stand.
I am standing on my legs
and I'm bowing.
A standing bow.
Why don't you read it?
When Joseph and his comrades...
When Joseph and his comrades...
...left the ship to
embark on the island...
...the cruel Jalaal stood there
...while standing
tied up in chains.
That's a lot of emphasis.
Doesn't it hurt your throat?
A drink!
Striding along,
lighting up the path...
Sir, please pay attention first.
- Yes.
Striding along, lighting up
the path.
Striding along...
Striding along,
lighting up the path.
Brandishing the trident
and the crescent moon...
Don't chatter.
Don't talk nonsense.
Go and wash your face in a
dirty water canal.
What are you...
I'm going. - Get going!
Get going!
- I'm leaving. - Dharam!
I am leaving.
I will never come back!
He's insane!
Hello, may I speak
to Dr. Chunnawala?
Yes, from your
psychiatry department.
Get back a bit.
Scoot back!
Sir, please move a bit forward.
A bit more.
Here you are.
Eat it.
I am being religious for you.
Eat up. - No.
You promise like a politician and
forget it, later.
What did I forget? - You haven't
been to the ashram since two days.
My son, I have to go to the
market early in the morning.
You can't get fresh produce
after 9 AM.
No, it's an excuse.
Come with me to the ashram
Neeleshwarji will be there.
At least greet him.
Listen! - He must see
you attend the veneration.
- Wait till the veneration is complete.
- That's right!
That's right.
Keep it right there.
- Assalam alaikum.
I am calling from the Khwaja Garib
Nawaz sanatorium. - Yes.
I thought, I should tell you
your dad is unwell.
What do you mean?
- He's critical"
You mean, he is really ill.
- Yes, he is.
Then, I will come there, Ali Bhai.
- No, listen to me.
- Come during prayers.
He should not find out.
He won't know.
What is it?
- What?
It's a call from the shop.
So, you're not staying for
the veneration?
I will attend the
evening veneration, okay?
Dad, is there any problem?
It's nothing, it's just
about the business.
Why don't you go?
That's right.
Keep it right there.
Listen, Lord, I am at your abode.
At least let me meet my dad, now.
Please? Atleast once.
Salam alaikum.
Walaikum salam.
Shame on you!
How could you be so rude
while praying?
You lied in the abode of the Lord!
Get him out of here, right now.
Listen to me, my dad
doesn't have much time.
Let me meet him.
- The law is the law.
A non Muslim can't go in
and that's that.
Take him away!
- You know I am a Muslim.
I am a born Muslim.
Sir, you know it.
lam a Muslim, sir!
- Come on.
Alright, fine.
Amit, what are you saying?
- Mom, it's true!
I saw Dad myself.
He was standing outside the mosque
amongst the Muslims wearing the cap.
For the sake of my father
and my son...
...and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
Oh, God, forgive them, for they
know not what I do.
What is going on, Dharam?
Amit said, you went to the mosque.
And you were behaving
like a proper Muslim!
I even went to church.
He didn't see that.
Jesus never fails.
But, has he passed?
Dad, why are you doing this?
For the sake of my father,
my son and the Holy Spirit, dear.
I would like to ask God, Allah,
the Almighty.
If you are one,
why are there so many variations?
Why these different
Due to your identification...
...competition has been
caused in your creation.
I want solution for this confusion.
Please! Please, give me a
solution... - Listen!
...to this confusion!
This is an action or an opinion of
an inadequate reason.
And this is all
because of you, Amit.
Ever since you forced him to
be religious...
...dad has become like this.
I talked to Dr. Chunawala.
He said, just leave him alone.
It will be alright.
So, just stop harassing him.
Hail Lord Shiva.
Come, sister.
Your horoscope is excellent.
But, there is some unrest
at present.
Saturn has adversely
aspected the seventh house.
So, you could have problems with
your husband.
What kind of problems, priest?
Please explain.
I mean, is it work, money...
- Sister...
...there are other spheres
apart from these.
Such as the sphere
of moral character.
Are you saying,
there's another woman?
Hail Lord Shiva!
Another woman?
Or perhaps another...
The trouble is in the
seventh house.
The problem is, that
being a man, the first house...
...he is involved
with a male planet.
Don't ask me any more
and put me in a moral dilemma.
In fact, focus on your
...strange behavior.
Priest, can't anything be done
about this?
I have stopped solving
such problems, these days.
Alright, then.
Bless you.
What are you looking at?
I am doing something important.
You won't understand.
I know it very well!
What's going on with you
and Mehmood.
I know all about it.
Who told you?
What has to be said about that?
Can't I see it?
I have watched you scale
the wall to disgrace yourself.
Indu, I was going
to tell you, but...
How could I tell you?
Oh, Goddess!
Why did this happen to me?
Why was I fated to deal
with this?
Go away.
Leave and go to Mehmood!
You like him, right?
Just go to him.
What? I like Mehmood?
Are you insane?
What do you mean, I like him?
I am not gay, you fool!
I am straight, straight
as an arrow.
Why do go to meet him
on the sly, then?
For you.
To Mehmod's place?
- Yes.
We are going to celebrate our 25th
wedding anniversary after a week.
I want to take you on a honeymoon.
It will be even more awesome
than the first time around.
Why do you have to visit
Mehmood at home for that?
I have to!
He has some Yunani medicines.
It adds to a man's vitality.
Yes, so, you could go about
it the regular way.
Why scale the wall?
- I wanted to surprise you!
To surprise you,
I'd scale his wall...
...as well as the Great
Wall of China, too!
Swear to me.
- It's true.
I want proof.
- Don't believe me?
Promise me.
- One moment.
First, use and then believe it.
Come along.
Don't laugh!
It was a narrow escape.
Once the Maulvi agrees...
...I will meet my dad
and this charade will stop.
You overruled my idea of
going to court.
If you hadn't done that,
that wretched clergyman...
...would have been set right
in no time.
What do you think?
Am I ready to meet him?
- Yes.
Your Muslim customs,
formalities, etiquettes, life...
...have I imbibed all of that?
You're alight.
- Okay.
But, don't pronounce etiquettes
with a slur.
What is this?
- ...to celebrate the aqiqah...
Great! He is my client.
Mr. Akbar Zariwala.
It is an invite to an aqiqah
(ritual after child's birth).
Come with me.
It's experience on the ground
and you will learn from it.
What's an aqiqah?
You will know, when you get there.
Don't get me into trouble.
- No! Aqiqah.
' Aqiqah,
Forget it.
Salam alaikum.
How are you?
You've arranged everything
very well. - Yes.
I believe you've opened
a new shop.
God has been kind.
Did you hear about Rafique?
Where is your aunt?
- Thank you.
Assalam alaikum.
- Walaikum salam.
All well?
Salam alaikum, Sir.
- Walaikum salam. All well?
God is kind.
- Alright.
This is a special friend of mine.
A very close and dear friend.
Do take very good care of him.
Of course.
This is Ejaz.
- Hello.
This is Sahir.
I will be back.
- Hello.
I'll be right back.
So, Sir...
- Hello, ma'am.
Kids these days ask the most
weird questions.
It is difficult to answer them.
- Yes.
Just yesterday my son was
...that, if you can't perform Wazu...
...will the prayer be accepted?
Now tell me, what should I say?
It hurts to sit like this.
No, those who find it tough to sit
in this posture...
...they have another option.
They can sit on a chair
and perform their prayers.
The intention has to be pure.
- Right.
You can perform prayers
while sitting in a chair.
- Yes.
Make sure your intentions
are good.
If you are good, then
anything is good for you.
- Well said.
- You bet.
I don't know you.
lam Shahzeb Khan.
What's your good name?
Sharif Khan.
You seem to be wise and
learned man.
Tell me, is it a sin to
grow one's hair?
What does your mom
say about this?
She says, if it is 0k, so be it.
Because, heaven is at her feet.
- Well said.
Sir, tell me.
Which is the true path to heaven?
Where do you live?
There is a road which goes
left from Kalawar...
...that's the road
to my humble abode.
That's it,
that's the road to heaven.
The road to your home
is the road to heaven.
Well said!
- Wonderful! - Great!
- Come this way.
Sir, this is my wife.
This is our dear princess.
Bless her, please.
How can I bless her?
Yes! What's true is right.
Well said!
- Amazing.
What is true is right.
Amazing, well said.
Come, let's have dinner.
Let's begin with God's grace,
don't say let's eat.
- This way, please.
Come along.
- This way.
The beard is off.
You're happy.
But, I swear, at the party...
...you were the
center of attraction.
God saved me.
Tell me something.
You left me with strangers.
Why were you chasing that lady?
No! Don't get me wrong.
She's not a stranger.
- Who is she, then?
She is my wife.
She left me to stay with her family.
God! I am sorry.
I had no idea.
Do you think,
I will pass this test?
Of course!
You were amazing.
If you can repeat it for that
wretched clergyman...
...we will win the battle.
Say amen to that.
- Amen to that.
- Yes.
- Hello.
Sit down, please.
Tell me.
...I am Mehmood Nazeem
Ali Shah Khan Bahadur.
I am connected to the royal family
of the kingdom of Junagadh.
That is wonderful.
Dharampal Trivedi
is my dear friend.
- Sit.
By a mere coincidence,
your president...
...Saeed lmtiaz Hussein is also
my dear friend.
We were just playing polo the day
before yesterday.
For God's sake.
He passed away two years ago.
It's an old plaque, you see?
May God grant him heavenly peace.
He still visits me in dreams.
I was playing polo with him
in my dreams yesterday.
Sir, I am a complete Muslim, now.
My friend has been
very dedicated...
...and embraced Islam.
But, don't worry.
I will find out in my own way.
Of course.
I am sure, you know the
five must dos for Muslims.
- Duties?
Five, yes.
The Kalma.
- Very good.
Five. Haj.
- Very good!
Well done.
Recite the first Kalma, please.
(Arabic prayers)
The first Kalma.
- Go for it.
Yes, no problem.
It's been said. - The Kalma.
Keep reciting the Kalma
and don't bother about the results.
But I am worried.
About your father.
You may leave.
Good bye.
What are you saying?
- Yes.
Yes, this is wrong.
This is very wrong!
It's a crime.
No one can be forced...
...to become a Muslim!
- This has to be said.
A son has every right to meet
his father.
-And if you steal his right...
...then, under section 239
of the Indian Penal Code...
Mehmood! Stop!
- ...and section 340...
...you could be dragged to court
for this.
Really? So you brought
your lawyer with you.
No, we are old friends.
Mehmood Nazeem Ali Shah
etc, etc...
...whatever your name is,
you are a lawyer.
Yes, Sir.
Take him to court and let him fight
for his rights.
No! I... - But, by the time
the hearing comes up...
...your father will
be dead and gone.
Sit down! Let me speak.
Don't listen to him.
Just let me meet my father...
...let me meet my dad.
Good bye.
He won't give in easily.
Let's do one thing.
Sign a legal affidavit.
I will handle the rest of it.
You'll see, within two days...
...your dad and he...
...will land up at your doorstep.
I promise you...
...I will change my name
if I can't. - No!
I have heard you say your name
a thousand times, enough!
I told you, I don't
want to go to court.
This is all your fault.
Because of me?
- You bet!
If you weren't rude to him,
we wouldn't be in this situation.
Are you fighting with me over that
wretched clergyman?
With your friend?
This is too much! I have done
so much for your friendship.
I taught you, out of my love
for you. I tutored you.
I mentored you and you?
An immature friend
is a pain in the neck.
With a friend like you...
...who needs enemies?
Cheat! Traitor!
What happened?
- Get out.
Out here?
- Yes, here.
Right here, right now.
He's back on track.
He betrayed me.
And how? In the middle of the road,
outside the city limits.
My grandma was right!
You people can't
be loyal to anyone!
And you people can't
be grateful to anyone.
You people are ungrateful!
Your clan is treacherous, it runs
in your blood.
All the wars in the world
boil down to you!
Whether it is Hindus,
Christians, or Jews.
It doesn't matter who the
other party is...
...the first party is always
your people!
You have no idea...
...what problems a minority
community faces?
When you don't get your rights,
it sets off a fire.
You can't get homes.
You can't find jobs.
Every other person considers
us to be terrorists.
Didn't we...
...participate in building
this country...
...and in setting it free?
How can we prove that
we are patriotic, too?
To challenge that...
...I came alone, to live
in your colony.
And if I had not been a lawyer,
I swear to God...
...you would have thrown me
out, with dishonor!
Not onto the highway, or out of
the city but, out of this country!
Good bye.
What's the matter?
Amit, why do you keep calling me
to check on the lighting?
I really miss you.
It's no use, now.
It's too late.
What happened?
Amit, I tried to stop Dad.
But, you've been dithering so much!
You wasted a lot of time.
Now, Vyas Uncle has convinced dad.
I am going to marry Vivek, Amit.
And dad is going to announce
it on the day of appearance.
So, forget about me.
- It's not possible!
I will die!
I turned religious
for you, but, dad?
I don't know what he
is always up to.
I am going to kill myself.
- Please, Amit.
Only a miracle will help us to get
married, now.
A miracle?
Come close to the screen, devotees.
Neelanand Swami has a special
...which is going to be telecast.
- Hail!
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
- Hail!
Hail Neelanand Maharaj!
- Hail!
I am really sad...
...to inform you...
...that, yesterday in Hyderabad
outside a mosque...
...some Muslims beat up two of
the Neel servitors.
They burnt their headgear.
- Burnt it? Oh, God!
I will ensure that the
culprits are punished.
All the devotees should...
...protest peacefully outside the
District Administrator's office.
I command you to do so!
Today, religion is in a crisis.
It is calling to you.
If you don't protect
your religion today...
...then, your existence
will be destroyed.
Go and show them what
we are capable of.
Show them, what we are capable of.
The one who combats Neelanand...
- Will be crushed!
The one who combats Neelanand...
- Will be crushed!
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Dad! - One moment, I'm in
the washroom. I'll be there.
Dad, I have had enough.
- Yes, it is enough.
What is too much?
- Whatever is too much!
Stop joking! What kind of a man
are you?
I am wondering
about that myself.
You don't care about me.
Shraddha is getting married
the day after.
And you haven't done squat for me
so far.
Either you go to the mosque or
you dress like a Christian priest.
I don't know what you're up to!
Vyas Uncle hounded Mr. Pandya and
...he is getting Vivek married
to Shraddha.
And I couldn't do a thing
about it.
You promised me!
I will never marry and I will never
forgive you for this.
Hey! What are you blabbering
Listen, you are going to marry
Shraddha, okay?
No one can stop you.
Don't cry. I'll talk to Pandya.
Come on.
Come on.
Dad, this is the last chance
to impress Neeleshwarji.
Some Muslims beat up his disciples
in Hyderabad.
A lot of people will be leading
a protest march from here.
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
This won't be tolerated.
Tyranny won't be tolerated.
We will respond...
- In kind!
We will respond...
- In kind!
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
This won't be tolerated.
- Where is Mr. Pandya?
There he is. He is called
Neeleshwar, here.
He's Neelanand Swami's
right hand man.
It is good,
he's the right hand man.
I wonder what he would have to
do as the left hand man?
Come on.
- Tyranny won't be tolerated.
This won't be tolerated.
Tyranny won't be tolerated.
This won't be tolerated.
Tyranny won't be tolerated.
The world says, blue
is the greatest color of all.
Hail the protector of religion
Neelanand Maharaj! - Hail!
Hail the protector of religion
Neelanand Maharaj! - Hail!
Hail the protector of religion
Neelanand Maharaj! - Hail!
Hail the protector of religion
Neelanand Maharaj! - Hail!
The world says, blue
is the greatest color of all.
The world says...
Is he Muslim?
I hide this.
To burn it in public!
Got a match?
Give it to me.
I don't smoke.
- Get me what you have.
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
Hail Swami Neelanand.
- Hail!
Hail Dharampal!
- Hail!
Hail Dharampal!
- Hail!
Hail Dharampal!
- Hail!
Hail Dharampal!
- Hail!
Hail Dharampal!
- Hail!
Didn't things get out of
hand, yesterday?
What could I do?
What do you mean by that?
I don't understand...
...why did you burn the cap?
I don't like burning caps!
Tell me something.
Why did you have it
in the first place?
The same old thing.
Listen, let me tell you something
Amifl. Amara.
I have to tell you this, clearly.
Listen, the fact is that...
Mom, I'll get it.
Bless you.
Bless you.
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
Do you know why I am here?
For tea and snacks?
I am pleased with you.
I am here to grant you a wish.
Dad, it's a good chance!
Ask for Shraddha to marry.
Why should I ask to marry her?
I look down on violence.
But! The fire of anger within you...
...I empathize with it.
And influenced by that...
...I am here to appoint you as the
protector of the law.
Dharam pal!
Dharam pal!
That is the one
who protects religion.
It is time to live up to
the true meaning of your name.
Maharaj, what's in a name?
I am a simple, ordinary Hindu.
It's not my job
to protect religion.
A simple, ordinary Hindu?
That is what I want to tell
the entire world.
That is why, even a simple and
ordinary Hindu like you...
...is also forced to be
a sacred warrior.
Be brave!
Be fearless.
What will happen to the religion
if every Hindu is scared?
That is why, I have come home
to talk to you.
Very few devotees are lucky enough
to get this chance. - Really?
It's time to ask for your wish.
I know it all and I know what you
will ask for...
See? He knows it all! He knows
what you will ask for.
That old know it all!
He must have seen your love
story on the CCTV monitors.
Amit. Come here.
You are a good boy.
You serve the ashram very well.
You serve the ashram well.
You check the bulbs
on the dome constantly.
Then, you wash the stairs
of the temple.
What a good boy!
he just needs your blessings.
Of course.
This boy is in love
with your daughter.
Prabhuji, I had no idea
about this.
You are great.
You know it all.
They will make a fine couple.
I bless this wedding.
Swamiji, since you have been
so kind accept another request.
Sing a devotional hymn and
bless them both.
And grace us with your
divine bliss.
"Praise Lord Shiva."
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
Hit them!
Don't move forward!
Get back!
Get back!
Why are you inside like a coward?
Come out you coward!
You burnt the Muslim's cap.
You are charged with hurting
communal feelings.
Sir, this is unjust.
First those people hit my
He expressed his protest.
You can say that in court.
The clip on YouTube is evidence
enough, against him.
Dharampzfl ha. ha.!
Dharampzfl ha. ha.!
Calm down. Calm down.
Or else we will have to
resort to a lathi (baton) charge.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Be kind enough to listen to me.
I am really sorry...
...that I burned the cap.
I beg you to forgive me.
What are you saying sorry for?
First, you burnt the cap!
You insulted us! Now he has been
caught and he is saying sorry.
Believe me, I am a Muslim, too.
I am one of you.
I have kept the burnt cap.
Look at this.
If you wish, I could recite
the Kalma.
And I have an adoption
...which says that Meer Shauqat Ali
was my dad.
Please, forgive me.
You can't marry Shraddha.
You are a Muslim's son.
Guruji! Swamiji!
An FIR has been filed against
this man.
Go home, all of you.
Let the police do their jobs.
Sir, arrest him
and don't spare him.
Let him go!
He is one of us!
Come on.
Everyone, go home.
Let's go home.
Let them do their work.
Come on, get out of here.
My son.
Did you have to do this charade?
- It isn't a charade, son.
I wanted to meet my lost father
and so...
I lost my dad in the bargain.
But I am not lost!
lam here, in front of you.
I am leaving. Goodbye.
- You're leaving?
Why is he talking so strangely?
He is talking strangely alright.
At least, he's not lying.
Dad! - Listen to me.
I was really going to tell you.
It just because you got caught.
You are such a liar!
I am leaving to go to my
brother's house.
Listen to me.
There is a problem.
What is it?
- Rawal canceled the order.
He did?
- And Mehta? Mr. Mehta?
- He rejected it!
Everyone changed within a day!
What did they say? The event can't
be planned without our food.
- Just forget it.
Alright, distribute the
food amongst the poor. - Alright.
- Yes.
brother, take some time off.
No, I will handle this.
Don't worry at all.
Do you understand?
For the business, you know...
- Yes.
I will take time off.
But how can I escape from myself?
Under Section IPC 146, 296, 298...
Are you being charged with this, at
your age?
Do you have a defense lawyer?
Your Honor.
I am the defense lawyer.
Who is he?
- Oh?
Nawab Mehmood Nazeem
Ali Shah Khan Bahadur.
So, how many lawyers does he have?
Where are the others?
No, Your Honor, itsjust me.
That is my name.
It may be a long name.
You need a couple of hearings
just to say my name.
Please, proceed.
Thank you very much, Sir.
This man used to pretend
to pray...
...and try to trespass.
This infidel's
intentions are suspect.
I object to this baseless
accusation against my client.
Sir, how can you accuse him?
Sir, by burning the cap,
he has proved...
...that he just wanted
to spread terror.
And you intended to
convert him, that is all.
Oh, God! May Lord have mercy!
What are you saying?
- Why would I do that?
Sir, the event you are
referring to...
...was that the first
time you met my client?
When Dharampal first came to meet
his father...
...then you stopped him.
No, I didn't stop him I just...
Because, you said, learn
the Muslim customs, right?
Sir, that was because...
Wait a moment.
We have your
receptionist's statement.
Don't lie to me.
No, I am sure you
have the statement.
But, I never lie.
In the interests of
humanity I thought...
...that his father is not well.
I thought,
if his father finds out...
...that his son is not
a Muslim, then...
Didn't his father know...
...that he was adopted?
Yes, he knew.
So his father would understand
...an adoptive parent
may be a non Muslim, too.
Yes, of course.
You Honor, his father...
...didn't marry again due to his
sorrow over his son.
He would have been happy to meet
his son.
But, the clergyman
only wanted to...
mconven my client.
- Sir, because of you...
...my client has lost
his mental balance.
You played with his emotions.
And for that, I...
...l, will file
a lawsuit against you!
Under section 339 and 340...
- But...
...what are you saying?
No, please think it over calmly.
You don't have to do this.
- Sir.
Is his dad in a place...
...where non-Muslims can't enter?
No, Sir. It is not like that.
I was just being human...
God have mercy!
Sir. - Yes.
- You may leave.
Yes, Sir.
Your Honor, this is the truth.
My client was forced by
circumstances to burn that cap.
He has said sorry for that.
Actually, the clergyman
is responsible for this.
If he had let a
son meet his father...
...this would never have
The cap would not be burnt.
I met Dharampal's dad yesterday.
He is very ill.
Your Honor, whatever your verdict
may be...
...but, there is a higher court
than this one.
God's court of justice.
And in that court, my client...
...is innocent.
That's all, Your Honor.
This court hereby finds Dharampal
Rammohan Trivedi...
...not innocent.
But, he is not as great a
criminal as he is being shown as.
He made a mistake given
the circumstances.
That is why, this court...
...orders him to offer
a hundred of these caps...
...to needy Muslims as a fine.
The clergyman is hereby ordered...
...to allow Dharampal to meet
his father at once.
He waited for his son,
till the end.
Thank God the lawyer
gave his picture.
At least, he saw the face
of his son.
Lift up the chin.
Smile. Pleasant.
"Who created me?"
"My shadow questions me."
"Caught in questions of
my own existence."
"My soul is in agony.
Let me see you."
"Heal my sorrow, oh Lord."
"Oh Lord."
"Oh Lord. Tell me, who I am."
"You are God and the
Almighty, oh Lord."
"I am steeped in my sorrow."
"I don't lose, nor do I win."
"My feet walk on shards
of glass."
"The tears fall, as I laugh."
"This traveler is lost."
"He doesn't know
the way back home."
"My soul is in agony.
Let me see you."
"Heal my sorrow, oh Lord."
"Oh Lord."
"Oh Lord."
"Tell me, who I am."
"You are God and the
Almighty, oh Lord."
What did I gain by walking
on the path of religion?
My wife and kids went away.
My father went away, too.
What did I gain?
I am going to destroy Neelanand.
Did you notice the emphasis
I put on the word, destroy?
I will destroy him with emphasis.
Stop the car to one side.
Amazing! He's winking here, too!
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
Mom, it's dad, again.
What is it, now?
He said, he is going
to the ashram.
He will talk to Swamiji face
to face.
The day of appearance is a huge
We have to stop him!
This man is crazy.
Neelanand Baba.
Neelanand Baba.
Neelanand Baba.
Eternal joy!
The joy of yoga!
The bliss of the honest soul!
"Neelanand Baba."
"Neelanand Baba."
"Those who come to you..."
"Those who come to you...
...you shower him with happiness."
Watch slime bloom in the lotus!
"Those who come to you...
...you shower him with happiness."
"Neelanand Baba."
This is a rare
honor for all of you.
As always, even this year...
...Swamiji will greet
his news devotees.
Greetings, Maharaj.
Welcome to our family.
Hello, check.
One, two, three.
We would like to know...
...do you have a trial membership
package at the ashram?
After that we will
consider joining.
Do you get my drift?
Hello, can you hear me?
This is a religious family.
We don't do all that.
- Yes.
My friend is a Hindu.
His daughter is in love
with a Muslim boy.
Is that allowed by your
If the boy is willing to
give up his religion...
...and accept Swamiji's
...then, Swamiji will be pleased
to bless him.
But, what is the issue if the boy
and girl don't convert?
We can never accept
such a marriage.
But, why?
- I will answer that.
Lord Krishna has
said in the Gita...
...in paragraph seven, verse 15.
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
That means, the man who
is a non believer...
...who believes in any power
other than God...
...he can't come back to God.
Maharaj, it can also mean that...
...those who are trapped by
the illusory web of creation...
...those who are influenced by
material happiness...
...can't come to me for succor.
...God has also provided another
path for their redemption.
He provides a service
entrance for them.
He mentions in 18th
para of the Gita verse 66...
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
That means, forget every1hing
and turn to me.
I will absolve you of your sins
and accept you.
The same goes for
the holy Quran, too.
It is mentioned
in the Sura-e-Yunus.
All of them mention it.
Anyone can accept Islam.
Who is this imposter?
- Who is he?
The same guy who burnt the cap.
That youtube guy.
Whether you pray,
perform a veneration...
...light candles, incense, or lamps.
- What is he saying?
Chant the beads
or the Tibetan wheel.
It all goes to
the same holy spirit.
Then, why does someone who
prays differently...
...get called infidiel?
Answer me.
This man is a liar.
Did you see that?
He is dressed as an ascetic.
Now, he is talking nonsense
and mocking us.
The truth is he was born in a
Muslim family.
A Muslim!
- Security! Throw him out.
Speak up, Dharampal,
is that a lie?
I admit, I was born
to a Muslim mother.
But a Hindu mom raised me.
How will you decide which
religion I belong to?
He seems drunk, who is he?
How dare he come here?
What do you wish to say?
Tell me, Dharampal!
Why didn't you let my
son get married?
Because, my parents are Muslim.
Since that is the case,
do I lose all sense of myself?
I am someone's dad, a son,
a husband.
Does none of it matter?
Does only my religion matter?
Religion is meant to unite
and divide, not estrange.
But Priests of all religions
do that.
Listen, you rogue!
Don't say another word.
- What is he saying?
I am not here to create a scene.
I am here for my son.
But, I don't care who you pray to.
Just answer one question.
If the Neel Parivar doesn't accept
someone born out of its religion...
...then, your Swamiji...
...who is born into a Sikh family...
...how can he lead your family?
He is calling Swamiji a Sikh!
Call for security
or we will kill him.
Yes, Neelanand Swami...
...is the former Bhangra pop
singer Manjeet Manchala.
How can this performer
be your leader?
"Wear a fancy turban."
"Dance to the beat of the drum."
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
Manjeet Manchala and Swamiji
are the same man.
Their voices are the same.
Test this, and you
will know the truth.
"Why do you stare at me
when you dance?"
(Sanskrit verses)
(Sanskrit verses)
And another thing, the eyes.
Manchala and Neelanand have
the same eyes.
Their eyes twitch
when they are nervous. Watch this.
Look at Manchala's nervous twitch.
This is called blapharospasm.
It is a very rare disease.
He cut his hair and shaved
his beard off.
He could fool all of you.
But, what can he do about his voice?
- What is this?
He's a fake?
- What will you do about the eye?
This is impossible,
he can't do this.
His list of exploits
is really long.
The Havala scam, trafficking.
Abusing innocent girls.
He has done it all.
He pulled off a black money scam?
It is true.
He has made so many girls
fall pregnant!
That is a lot of evidence.
This is Manjeet Manchala.
Ever since he was set free
on bail he has been missing.
Suddenly, he emerged a
few years ago from Ahmedabad.
As Swami Neelanand.
Is this a lie?
Swamiji, come on, hurry.
- Come fast.
He has run away!
He has fooled us!
- It's not Neeleshwar.
Badrinath Pandya.
Listen to me. I am not here
to provoke anyone.
I won't prove that...
...he is not Hindu and I am
not a Muslim.
I am here, to take my family home.
That is it.
My family's peace is my religion.
I don't care about
the Hindu Muslim labels.
I read the Quran for my dad.
He left the world.
I took up the Gita for my son.
He left the house.
I was left alone
with only books in my hands.
Why are we fighting over labels
about religion?
This poison is within our DNA.
When I read the Gita
and the Quran a bit, I realized...
...that, Ram and Rahim, Mohammad
and Mahadev are one.
They say the same things.
Do good, be good.
Wear a cap or apply the tilak.
Do good.
There is only one true religion.
Missed you Dad.
Abdul, make sure it is tasty.
We have very important guests.
Our image is at stake.
One moment.
Tell me.
I will be back.
Don't worry.
I am here.
It is going to be fun!
Don't worry.
It will be done.
"Carefree and willful."
Come in.
- Sir.
Very nice.
Be happy, be successful.
No matter where you may live.
What is this?
Come here, a picture.
- Of course.
Yes. Go for it.
"Wear a fancy turban.."
"With the drum beat playing."
What is wrong with you?
- Yes.
Dad, this is my friend Peter.
- Peter?
Don't ask me to read the
Bible or light candles.
"Why do you stare
when I dance?"
"We are unique."
"With one look
everyone is floored."
"We are unique."
"With one look
everyone is floored."
"When I move to the beat,
I rule the crowd."
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
"At the club, every day,
the girls call to me."
"At the club, every day,
the girls call to me."
"lam not stingy,
I splash the cash around."
"I'm a lover and the man,
and when you're in my sights..."
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
"Let's groove and move."
"Let just rock it and move
to the beat."
"My beat rocks the joint.
It can fit every mood."
"My beat rocks the joint.
It can fit every mood."
"Shoulders dipping at
every beat, that is my habit."
"The world fears my power."
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"
"I'm the Sardar (leader) of
Bhangra, do you know, baby?"
"It's unending, do you know, baby?"