Dharmaveer (2022) Movie Script

Not a single account
in any bank.
And coffers that were
The wealthiest politician in the world
was born in this city
and he lived for Maharashtra.
Helping the destitute
was the motto he lived by.
was his only religion.
This is the story of that
What's wrong?
How old is it?
Don't worry it will start.
I am sure.
Twenty-sixth August.
She must run.
She doesn't have an option and neither do I.
Where to?
Get in.
No one else will take you there.
Hi... yeah...
No, I'm not going to the party.
Because... I am in Thane.
To cover the death anniversary of a politician.
Someone called...
Anand Dighe.
I don't even know which political party.
Don't ask ridiculous questions.
Of course, I Googled his name.
I did it already.
All it said was something about Singhania hospital and
and TADA. That's it.
God knows what else he did.
A man dies today and he's forgotten by tomorrow.
He has been dead for twenty years.
Who is going to mourn him tomorrow?
I don't think there'll be more than a handful of people.
These politicians do nothing but corruption their whole lives.
We have to waste our lives covering their birth and death anniversaries.
My first Bollywood party, dude...
It's gone...
because of this politician.
Alright, bye.
Keep the change.
Just a minute.
What is it?
Google only gives you information about someone.
You can't get to know the person.
Google never lies.
Google never lies but Google...
only tells you...
what some people have entered in it.
I mean...
that is my opinion.
Why are you going on about Google?
Do you even know how to spell Google?
No, I don't.
I know for sure that
that Google only gives information.
It doesn't educate you.
So, don't rely on Google
to measure a man's true worth in society.
As for Singhania Hospital;
Dighe Saheb was there only for two days.
Just two.
But he spent fifty years with the people of Thane.
So, if you want to know the man behind the name
you need to speak to the people of Thane.
Your trusty Google is not enough.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
When such a large crowd gathers in remembrance
of a man who died twenty years ago....
One can only imagine the grandeur of his lifetime.
For Big 11, this is Tanvi Mahapatra with cameraman Sahil Desai,
keep watching, exclusive, Anand Dighe, Mukkam Post Thane.
Yato Dharmastato Jaya
Where there is righteousness; there will be victory.
Got it.
Don't worry, we got it.
It's ok. Got it.
Are you sure you've got it?
Yes we've got it.
Oh God. What a humongous crowd.
Don't sound so impressed.
Just like they pay a crowd for election; they too must be dragged here.
Who is paying?
Who is paying these people?
Excuse me.
How did he find me?
Please tell me, I'll also make some money.
It's too much of an effort to ply the rickshaw every day.
Sweat all day...
for passengers and their fares.
You've followed me here.
I had to.
Since you're still relying only on Google.
You lack knowledge Miss. Google.
Educate me.
I'll change my opinion.
Why should I?
Look at all these people.
They will educate you.
All these people here.
They can't be paid to be here.
Each one of them is here
to pay a debt they owed Dighe Saheb.
If you want to know the man behind the name you must talk to these people.
Dighe Saheb isn't on Google, he is in their hearts.
Once you talk to them, they will tell you
how Dighe Saheb enriched their lives.
You'll find people of all caste, creed, religion, colour and language.
They are all bound by a single thread.
Anand Dighe.
To unriddle this mystery called Anand Dighe,
you will have to dive into the hearts of these people.
You will have to make them pour the secrets
that they have never revealed before.
When someone comes asking for something, don't judge him from afar.
Try to understand what lies in their hearts.
Just like Saheb did.
Even today after twenty years, it is as if
everyone here is paying their debt to Dighe Saheb.
You too?
Maybe I am.
Dighe Saheb would connect with a person later,
first he would connect with their joys and sorrows.
Saheb left an everlasting impression on every person he met.
Never forgot how he helped them.
See for yourself.
They haven't forgotten in so many years.
Anand Dighe never had to gather a crowd.
Those he met were bound to him.
For a lifetime.
Jai Maharashtra.
When Shiv Sena grows to be a bigger party
this day will be marked
in golden letters.
This sacred saffron flag
was proudly raised for Shiv Sena for the first time in Maharashtra
here in our Thane.
We've accomplished this feat.
Now the Thane district head of Shiv Sena
Mo. Da Joshi will say a few words.
Look, Mo. Da.
Jai Maharashtra.
As the Thane district head
I am speaking in front of you today.
However, I may be able to do this
only for a few more years.
What is he saying?
Mo. Da?
Are you planning to retire?
There's a long way to go before I retire.
This is just the beginning.
In a few years I won't be able to address you as the Thane district head
because of
He is the reason.
This young man standing with you in the crowd.
Anand Dighe
In the next few years, he will be the Thane district head.
Jai Maharashtra
Thank you
Let's go up there.
Thank you.
Never mind.
Your speech was so inspiring.
Just because I praised you?
This is the first time anyone has praised me.
I will live up to this praise.
I promise.
If you ever become the district head
take our organization to the common man.
That is how you'll live up to this praise.
Sure, I will.
The day you take your first step as the district head in our Surya Karyalay,
don't forget to bow down and touch these steps.
These are the steps
that will take to your goal.
There will come a day
when you'll lead us
and all of us will be following you.
The district of Thane is not limited to the city of Thane.
Kalyan, Bhiwandi, Vasai, Murbad, Palghar
Shahpur, Wada, Mokhada, Jawhar, Vikramgarh
This is Thane.
You're right.
We don't have party workers across the length of Thane district.
They are only in Thane city.
Workers aren't like weed of Congress.
They don't sprout without nurturing.
If you want our ideology to spread far and wide;
we will have to toil like the farmer in his field.
Let's begin from tomorrow.
From today...
Adivasis are the original inhabitants of this country.
How can they be cut off from society?
You are the sons of this soil.
You must get your rights.
The cities thrive on the oxygen
that comes from the land you toil on.
You're right.
How long are you going to speak for a single person?
And how much?
When this single person listens to me carefully,
the whole of Maharashtra will sit up and pay attention.
Get it?
What will we achieve by putting up these saffron flags on the houses?
A saffron at the door means Hindutva dwells in the house.
Get it?
The baskets and brooms are made by you.
Who is selling them?
They are cheap here but sell for a higher price in the cities.
This is not done.
The one who makes them should be able to sell them as well.
I'm famished.
This chicken is delicious.
That's not chicken, it's birangal.
Birangal means sparrow.
Ive made up my mind.
It's time to organize.
We've already done that.
Not really.
We must live for the people.
People are in despair.
We must do something for them.
Yes. That's it.
That's it.
Our organization is our goal.
Every breath we take.
There is only one voice that resonates.
Shiv Sena.
Long Live...
Shiv Sena.
There is only one voice that resonates.
Shiv Sena.
Long Live...
Shiv Sena.
There is only one voice that resonates.
Shiv Sena.
Why are you crying hoarse?
The Congress Party is fifty years old.
Your slogans can't drive it out of our hearts.
When have I ever claimed to do that?
I am going to sow the seeds of Shiv Sena in those barren hearts.
Sow seeds?
Yes, I will.
Will they sprout?
Watch out.
But if it does sprout; you must decide, Kaka.
What will you keep and what will you weed out?
See you tomorrow at the polling.
See you tomorrow.
Your Shiv Sainiks will be hard to find in
the enormous crowds of Congress supporters.
It's simple, Kaka.
The one who is covered in the soil of this land of Maharashtra
he is my Shiv Sainik.
There is only one voice that resonates.
Shiv Sena.
The saffron is flying high almost everywhere in Thane.
The saffron is flying high almost everywhere in Thane.
This is just the beginning.
This is just the beginning.
Soon we'll raise the saffron at the Mantralaya.
Get it?
Of course, we will.
Jai Bhavani
Jai Shivaji
Long Live.
Anand Dighe.
Anand Dighe...
is immortal in our hearts.
Nara e takbeer... Allah hu Akbar
The riots that broke out on Shiv Jayanti...
have spread up to Rabodi today.
They have declared that Shiv Jayanti and Ganpati processions
will not be allowed to pass through their neighbourhood.
Every house that had a poster of our tiger on it;
all those houses were set on fire.
Seven Hindus have died in two days.
If we don't stop them now, soon seven will turn into seventy.
They are only following orders.
Should I call Naupada police station?
They are servants to the ruling party.
You can't expect them to do anything.
Birje Bais house has been attacked.
She and her little Abhay are alone in the house.
Birje Bai is our tigress.
She will fight a hundred wolves to save her cub.
You monsters.
You cowards attack from outside the door.
I dare you to attack me.
I am a daughter of Jijau!
I am more than capable of taking a bull by its horns.
I'll chop off your limbs and crush your bones to dust.
Come on you dogs.
Aai, kill them.
Abhay go inside.
You monster
Abhay get back inside.
Aai, please call Anand Kaka.
Thats a lapwing.
It is going to bring bad news.
Yes, it is for sure.
Not for our neighbourhood.
But for their Mohalla.
Make him stand by the window.
They won't dare to come in.
Haribhau, how are you?
Jawle, is Saheb in there?
Look at the window.
Saheb... Yes, he is in there.
Tawde, check the car.
Yes sir.
He'll recognise you.
Yashwant Tawde.
Where are you from?
Mahad, Saheb.
Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Maharashtra, Saheb.
Yes sir.
-Check the trunk.
Yes, sir.
Oh my God.
What is it?
It is just a family in here.
Hello, over to point five.
Anand Dighe is at Tembhi Naka.
Nara e takbeer...
Allah hu Akbar
I saw him with my own eyes.
No sir, Anand Dighe is at Tembhi...
Let me make sure.
What sorcery is this? He is right here.
Who the hell is wreaking havoc in Rabodi?
Are you scared?
Not when you are here.
I can fight anyone when you're here with us.
Jai Maharashtra.
Did you enjoy a sound sleep?
You too?
Go on sleep some more.
Go back to bed.
A Hindu was about to be killed here.
But you fellow Hindus were cuddled in your cosy beds.
Go go back to bed you cowards.
It's not mine... it's theirs.
This gang won't take too long to reach your homes.
Wake up.
Wake up.
None of you showed your faces when the tiger on her door was burning.
Not a single one of you.
God forbid if one of your houses were to burn...
My tigress...
will be the first one to stand up.
To burn for you.
And to set them on fire.
Come together if you want to survive.
If not, you'll be crushed.
Get it?
Let's go.
They are hopeless.
Jai Bhavani.
Jai Shivaji.
This is my Saheb.
Jai Hind Sir.
Jai Hind. Where are you?
I'm on my way to Rabodi.
Get there immediately, Dighe has wreaked havoc.
Sir, that's impossible.
Anand Dighe is in his mathi.
What? What's a 'mathi'?
At Tembhi Naka.
If Anand Dighe is at Tembhi Naka, is it his ghost in Rabodi?
He is wreaking havoc over there.
Sir, I'll follow up on it myself.
Where is Dighe Saheb?
-Since when?
He has been inside all this while.
If he isn't in there I'll have you transferred to Gadchiroli.
Get out of my way.
What's going on?
Where are you going?
Where's Dighe Saheb?
Where is he?
He is praying.
Get him.
I've already told you he is praying.
Are you going to call him?
Or should we search the house?
Out of my way.
Jai Maharashtra.
You just scared the shit out of me.
Get back.
Are you sure he is a dummy?
Even if he is just a dummy
he is our Dighe Saheb.
Sorry Saheb.
What is the matter?
I just wanted to check whether everything is alright.
Are you sure now?
Do you want to check some more?
No Saheb.
That won't be necessary.
You may go inside and check in there.
No. That isn't necessary.
Well, he is offering it himself, let's go have a look.
Let's not refuse his request.
I'll be right back.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb.
Jai Maharashtra.
This is probably my only chance to see Anand Ashram from inside.
Go check every room.
There are three rooms.
A kitchen to the left.
Then comes my bedroom.
That's my temple.
Take off your shoes.
Is anyone in there?
No sir. There's no one here.
There is only God in this temple.
There's no one in there.
Jai Maharashtra.
The idols of the deities look so nice in that temple.
Sorry Saheb.
We disturbed you so late in the night.
The torture that Hindus are suffering in Bhiwandi...
That disturbs me more.
We're doing our best to save them.
Us too.
I mean
We're able to see your efforts...
of trying to save them.
Saving Hindus, obviously.
Good bye, Saheb.
Jai Hind.
Take care.
You too.
Of Bhiwandi.
Nara e takbeer...
Allah hu Akbar
Riots have broken out in the past.
We have controlled those situations in a couple of days.
This time...
This time Hindus too are up in arms.
Har Har Mahadev
This time they are willing to fight and kill.
Do you think we can bring it under control?
Or should we ask for more military forces?
Instead, call the man who has infused this courage in the Hindus.
What do you mean?
All these men who are up in arms...
there's only man in Thane who can stop them
Call him immediately.
We are running out of time.
When you have nowhere to go
I'll step up.
If you kill one,
we'll kill ten.
If you kill ten,
we'll kill a hundred.
Hindus won't just watch the game anymore.
They'll be out on the field.
You're Irfan, aren't you?
Yesterday you set the tiger on Birje's Bai's door on fire.
You've woken the tiger in me.
The tiger is wide awake.
This riot stops right now.
I mean it. Stop it right now.
Get it?
Hello, I'll be there soon.
No, I am stuck in traffic.
I will directly come there
Yes, I am at Tembhi Naka.
I am almost there.
He is here.
Dada Bhise?
Saheb, Namaste.
Get back.
What is it Dada?
I have brought some Nasik grapes for you.
That's nice.
Grapes... all of a sudden?
Yeah... for you.
All the way from Nasik...
Not simple as it looks,
bring him in immediately
So many of them have been waiting for a long time.
Half of them are simply loitering around here.
I have to resort to my usual trick.
Saheb, Atmaram
So, Atmaram...?
Saheb, I had my turn just the other day.
Get lost.
There go the freeloaders.
The rest are serious about meeting you.
Saheb... the villagers have turned to selling off their empty lands.
They are empty plots, so whats the harm?
The farmers are making some money.
Yes they are but it doesn't stay for long.
Doesn't stay?
Why not?
Are there gangs of robbers in Nasik?
They are being robbed.. legally.
Sit Dada.
No thanks, Saheb.
Come... sit.
Dada Saheb
Don't spin a yarn like a politician.
Come to the point.
The farmers... money is drained by the dance bars in Thane and Panvel.
Dance bars?
What is that?
They have sold their lands to throw the money at the feet of these dancers.
The boys have gone crazy for these girls.
This is happening in our Thane?
What are you doing so late?
Haven't your parents taught you any manners?
Go to your house.
Get lost.
Get out of the car.
Where does she stay?
Somewhere up there.
Open the door.
Open up.
Who is it?
Wrong number.
Is he gone?
Open up.
Gauri who is it?
One plus one free!
What do you want?
Both of you.
They even keep sitting outside.
Over here?
There's absolutely no need to worry.
They must have been mistaken.
Mr. Corporator,
This isn't just about ringing our door bells.
This is about whom they come looking for.
Absolutely right.
So, what do you expect me to do?
What should I do?
Drive the dance bars out of Thane.
Those girls will follow suit.
I will get your clogged drains cleaned up.
-What nonsense.
Are you facing power cuts?
Any issue with the water supply?
I am here to serve you.
This is about our daughters' safety.
Joshi Kaku... this white collared fellow can't help you.
Go to Tembhi Naka.
Talk to our bearded guy.
He'll help you for sure.
Instant solution to your problems.
Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Maharashtra
Vilas sit.
Are they lost or am I sitting in the wrong office?
No Saheb, you are right.
They have come looking for you.
This is their first time here.
Dharmaveer Saheb, we have heard a lot about you.
Heard a lot about your Darbar as well.
You solve a problem once and for all it seems.
That is the absolute truth.
Don't flatter me. What do you want?
Saheb, for the past three months...
for the past three months...Strange girls...
Strange girls have been living as tenants in our society.
They dress up and go out late at night and return only
only at day break...
Giggling and cackling.
Absolute rubbish I tell you.
We're scared to sleep in our own house.
The doorbell rings at odd hours.
Strange men come looking for those girls.
Saheb we will feel molested even when they look at us.
They keep knocking on our doors even we shut them on their faces.
This goes on for the whole night.
Some of them even loiter outside in the morning...
Got it.
Charge into the society with the women's wing.
Do not hurt the girls.
Break the hands that ring the doorbell.
Just their hands?
Please let us break one bone for every time they rang the bell.
I can easily break their hands.
They are left with nothing to do.
Yes Saheb.
We are always left with nothing to do.
Saheb, why should Birje Bai have all the fun?
Sort it out amongst yourselves.
But you're not going to murder anyone.
Forget about the girls Saheb.
The root cause of this problem are the dance bars.
Go tear them apart.
Saheb, the Shetty lobby is too strong.
The bribes they pay guarantee their security.
They may even shoot at us.
We need a maniac to handle this.
There's no dearth of maniacs here.
Where is Eknath?
Welcome guys.
Which one do you prefer?
Kolhapuri? Or Solapuri?
Hey Baldy...
Open your eyes and look here.
Which one is your favourite?
You are.
They trashed my hotel.
They wanted to rob the place.
This guy in the beard here... he smashed a bottle on my head.
Ravi Phatak.
Eknath Shinde.
Rajan Vichare.
And you...?
Bala Ghag
And you?
Sudhir Kokate.
And you madam?
Mrs. Anita Birje.
Thane district, head of the Women's Wing, Shiv Sena.
Women's wing?
What are you? Hitmen?
Why did you smash the bottle on his head?
I couldn't find anything else to hit him with.
Shut up.
Shelar... this suits you fine.
The one who earns off women is sitting in a chair.
And those who saved the women are sitting on the floor.
Know your place.
Get up.
What are you doing here Birje Vahini?
This Baldy... he was ringing door bells in Brahmin Society.
Saheb, I stopped myself only because you said no murders.
I would have thrashed the last breath out of him.
Haven't you already?
Shut up.
Go home.
Not so fast.
A complaint has been filed against her.
Not anymore.
This one's for the road.
Get going.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb.
You can't strengthen your party on the back of such goons.
The British thought that even Bhagat Singh was a goon.
Are you actually comparing them to Bhagat Singh?
Whom should I compare them with?
Him... or you?
When these goons come...
They are my loyal workers who risk themselves to protect innocent people.
You think they are goons?
Then take a good look at the faces of these goons, Shelar.
There will come a day when
you will be saluting these goons.
Victory to Shinde Saheb
What is it?
I just remembered what Saheb had said.
What are you laughing at?
I'll punch your teeth out.
I'll fix those teeth
in your flesh and
send men to have them scrubbed.
I am doing your job Shelar.
There was too much filth in the society.
My boys have cleaned it up.
You, in the beard.
I won't forgive you.
I won't forgive you either.
This is not just a board.
A valiant Mavla is standing guard in the society
to protect the Maharashtrian people.
It is our responsibility to make sure this tiger is elected to his throne.
Don't be impressed by this board.
Give a thought for the wounds that the party workers bear before you vote.
Not any political party.
Vote for those who have fought for you.
A true party worker is rare to find these days.
Get it?
You voters should cherish him.
The way you feel for the farmers...
I am sure you will be the Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra.
Come on Saheb, don't pull my leg.
Agriculture minister... from Shiv Sena?
We don't even rule the village panchayat yet.
The ministry is a long way off.
That will happen only when
Shiv Sena wins the Maharashtra State elections.
Are you laughing at me?
Laugh now you morons.
Mark my words, we will win the election.
And you will be the agriculture minister of Maharashtra.
It's Anand Dighe's word.
Mark my words.
Agriculture Minister, State of Maharashtra
Victory to Dada Bhise.
Dighe Saheb is immortal in our hearts.
Only when the leader nurtures the worker,
the worker honours the leader.
Even if the leader has been booked under TADA?
He wasn't booked under TADA; he was falsely accused.
They didn't find any evidence so they had to drop it.
Yes. That's right.
So, it's true he was booked under TADA.
If someone destroys your family;
will you take it lying down?
But he wasn't even married.
What family are you talking of?
Thane was his home.
And Shiv Sena was his family.
He was running a family of thousands all by himself.
Look at this mess.
Why are you setting up a house in this dingy place?
Stop playing this song.
Did someone break your heart?
Not so loud.
The workers are right outside.
Even if its a pretend house, start your family now.
How long will your sisters do your chores?
Did I ask you to come?
What a dingy place this is.
Don't bang it so loudly.
It's the only stove I have.
As if you live in a mansion.
My house is tiny but I keep it tidy.
Stop this nonsense.
Tell me what to do.
I have to go to the Corporation office.
The mayor election is tomorrow.
Bye. I must go,
Wait Anand.
Listen to me.
Potnis from Chiplun is coming with his daughter tomorrow.
You should meet her at my place.
What's the matter?
Just meet her.
She is a lovely girl.
Why don't you just meet her?
We won't let him get away so easily today.
Only one voice resonates...
Shiv Sena.
All behold.
The Shiv Sena tiger is here.
I want all the Nagar Sevaks together at the corporation.
Yes Saheb?
You are the soon to be mayor, aren't you?
Learn how to manage the elected representatives.
Yes Saheb.
It's a simple election.
Don't complicate it.
The mayor will be ours.
I don't want the workers to be careless.
Get it, Udhhavrao?
Only the driven workers carry the party to victory.
Get it?
Go on.
What about tomorrow?
What about it?
We have to elect the mayor.
We have to choose a wife for you.
What should I tell Potnis?
You'll not find a more beautiful wife than her.
What do you think you're doing?
If you force me to get married to that girl;
It will ruin her life.
I may marry her but
Satishchandra C. Pradhan.
That's what it says.
The first mayor.
The next name...
Prakash Paranjape.
It will be just as I say.
Anand, Siv Sena has
just begun to taste success.
But for forty-three years...
How many?
Forty-three years.
Every single time,
victory has found its way to the Congress office.
Isn't it?
But this time it will come looking
for these thirty-three corporators.
Thirty-three on your side and thirty-two on ours.
It's a matter of just one.
That is a lot Vasant.
It's a big difference.
That one corporator is from my Shiv Sena.
A Shiv Sainik is human after all.
He can turn around.
Look Vasant,
your party
is like this.
And our organization
is like this.
It is not so easy to pull one of us out.
What if that one person wants to cut loose?
What will you do then?
Vasant listen to me.
No matter how hard you try...
Tomorrow victory is going favour only Shiv Sena.
Only Shiv Sena.
Vasant Shankar Dawkhare.
This is politics, one is bound to be knocked out.
Last time...
-That's enough.
Had you knocked me out...
That would have been politics.
Get it?
But someone I trusted
betrayed me.
Stabbed me in the back.
Anand there's no point in sulking now.
I have already won.
You havent won Vasant.
I have lost.
Anand Dighe has lost.
It must be from Matoshree.
You have to answer it.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb.
I can hear what you aren't saying.
What's cooking in your head.
No Saheb. I am...
not angry.
You should be.
You'll feel free.
We slog for years
to build a strong organization.
Some one
just changes his mind
and our
efforts are wiped out...
This is politics.
I want the one who has played dirty politics.
Don't you dare do anything without my orders.
I will make
all our Nagar Sevaks resign.
But why?
I don't know.
Please forgive me.
I have let our organisation...
Jai Maharashtra.
Listen to me Anand.
Afterall, Vasant is your friend. So...
To hell with that friendship.
Finally, Dighe Saheb's monopoly in Thane receives a blow.
Namaste, this is the evening news.
We begin with the headlines.
The names of those who back stabbed Anand Dighe are no longer a secret.
Anand Dighe is known for delivering instant justice.
Everyone is now curious to know how will he deal with this treachery.
Anand Dighe remains unreachable to any media house.
Now on to the next news...
They couldn't get in touch with me.
You did.
Ask the right questions and leave.
Namaste. I am a journalist.
The names of the defected corporators are now known.
Two are confirmed and the other two are still...
All four of them are confirmed.
Weve heard that you hold a Darbar in Thane.
It is as if you run a parallel court of justice.
Not parallel.
Defacto court.
Anand Dighe who metes justice to others,
will he do it unto himself?
Tell us.
Yato Dharmastato Jaya
What does that mean?
Where there is righteousness; there will be victory.
Could you please elaborate?
I don't think you need to answer every question...
He is making you say things.
Be careful.
No mercy for the traitors.
No mercy for the traitors.
I mean, in this Dharma Yuddha of the Dharmaveer,
Will Krishna himself raise a weapon or
recite the Geeta and empower an Arjun?
I have many an Arjun
who will comprehend the meaning of my silence.
Should I write it that you...
What happened?
This is more than enough.
No mercy for the traitors.
That's my word.
My word is final and engraved in stone.
Stop here.
Here's your money.
All behold...
The Shiv Sena tiger is here.
Jai Maharashtra
Yashwant Tawde.
Get out of the way.
What's going on?
This way Saheb.
Get out of the way.
Please don't go Saheb.
Shinde control the crowd.
Out of the way.
Shut the door.
Move the van.
Release our Anand Kaka.
Terrorist And Disruptive Activities Act
That is TADA
A serious charge like TADA
can't be framed purely on the basis of suspicion, Your Honour
The charges of TADA must be dropped.
Not just me,
this is the voice of twenty-five thousand children of this city.
Please go through it.
This is not just a headline, Your Honour.
-Let me see.
It is a reflection of society.
Thane Vaibhav.
Let us see how it holds up in Pune court.
No. Mr. Defense Counsel. It is irrelevant here.
Your Anand Dighe and the other accused can't use such news.
They will have to prove their innocence to be set free.
Where is the proof?
Show me the proof.
Sir, an act like TADA is maligning the social image of Anand Dighe.
It'll have serious implications.
A person has been killed.
I find it more important to serve justice to him than Dighe's social image.
It has not been proved that my client killed him.
There is no evidence to suggest it either.
Your Honour, nor has it been proved that he didn't kill the man.
That is why I think he should speak on the basis of facts not feelings.
Mr. Khude.
Why don't you go ahead and state the facts?
Your Honour, that is exactly why we're requesting an extension of his custody.
Once he is under custody the facts will come to light.
Sir I think...
-Custody granted.
Obliged, Your Honour.
They are human after all.
I know.
Youre mere pawns in this game.
Name the king.
Right here, right now and Ill let you go.
these pawns took out one guy.
Had the king stepped onto the field,
he would have taken out all four.
come to the point.
You must name Anand Dighe.
Put an end to this.
Who is Anand Dighe?
Where is the evidence?
Your Honour, where is the evidence?
Your Honour, the investigation is ongoing.
We need him under custody for some more time.
How much longer?
Till you get them to say what you want?
Sir, not a single person has named Anand Dighe in this matter.
Yet he is in jail for one and half years
thanks to the headline of one single newspaper.
How ridiculous is this?
Hence, Your Honour, my client deserves bail.
I will leave it to the honourable court to pass the appropriate orders, My Lord.
Sir... but ... please...
Who is he?
Who is that man in the green shirt?
Constable, show him out.
-This is ridiculous.
Get out.
What is going on?
Bail denied.
-Hemant, calm down.
Who is Anand Dighe? Is he God?
Yes, he is my God.
And a God for thousands like me.
They have been denying his bail
and he is rotting in jail for two years.
The judge should come to Thane to see what God looks like.
Every single woman feels secure thanks to my God at Tembhi Naka.
It was my God who carried on his back,
a cancer-stricken lady from Talasari for six kilometres.
Our God has served real justice here in Anand Ashram.
That is why the Adivasi hamlets pray to him like a God.
We believe it, Saheb is our God.
One letter from Saheb and their entire lives were transformed;
ask those poor families.
What is their definition of God?
Ask the Hindus in Mumbra, Bhiwandi and Rabodi.
What does a God charging with a sword in his hand look like?
Our God serves thousands of people by the day
and eats a paltry meal with us here at night.
Tell the judge to come here and see what a simple life this God leads.
If we don't take to the streets now;
we will never get our God back.
So, it is high time we take to the streets to bring back our God.
We will break the chains.
According to the constitution
bail is the fundamental right of every accused.
So, Your Honour,
to conclude;
the testimonies of policemen are endless.
They are like a never-ending fairy tale.
Why are you so restless Mr. Dighe?
Released or back to custody; you'll know soon enough.
Don't fidget.
You, continue.
Sir, it has been two years and the police have failed to show any evidence
which may prove that this crime has been committed by Anand Dighe himself
or in accordance to his instructions.
-Your Honour.
-Please Mr. Khude.
I request, let me complete.
Ok go ahead.
Your Honour, today the whole city has taken to the streets.
They are begging the court to clarify
what crime has Anand Dighe actually committed?
You Honour, I humbly request on behalf of all those people
and on behalf of Mr. Anand Dighe that I deserve to be released on bail.
At least after two years of being in custody.
Your Honour, he has suffered way too much.
So, I humbly request
that bail may kindly be granted.
And oblige.
We chose the wrong lawyer.
Prabhakar Hegde is a Congress supporter.
I have always suspected that he'll work against Saheb.
No, He's really trying hard to get Saheb released.
I have been praying a lot.
Actually, all cases must be fought in this court.
How are you Lala?
How are you Gopal?
Madan, take this.
Is she your sister?
You dragged her to court?
But Saheb, the verdict was in my favour.
How did you win the case?
With the help of false documents?
She is my sister from this moment on.
Two out of those six acres must be transferred to her name immediately.
Yes Saheb.
Get lost.
Tai don't worry. We'll be in touch with you.
Saheb pedhas.
What for?
What is the good news?
I bought a new car.
Very good.
How many months since you been a Nagar Sevak?
Isn't this your first term?
A car in six months?
Send him in.
now you know why I don't buy a car?
A car within six months.
In just six months?
The common man is losing sleep, worried sick about his debts.
You are going around buying cars within six months?
You are servants of the people.
Don't even try to be the masters.
Get it?
Or a day will come when they will butcher us.
Better change your attitude.
Sorry Saheb, forgive me.
Stop this and mend your ways.
He took a bribe of one and half lakhs.
What is his name?
Sanjay Tare.
Saheb, this man has been coming here every day for a month.
How many tick marks?
Saheb, we've called the builder tomorrow.
Not tomorrow.
Tuesday is reserved for the people for rural areas.
Builders can go to hell.
Why are you sweating so much today?
Yes, tell me.
Let it be for now.
Vallabh Shet is waiting outside.
We have to go to Shashi Deshmukh
to collect the donation for Navratri.
Oh yes.
-Let's go there first.
Yes, let's go.
Jai Ambe
Why has Saheb broken into a sweat?
Usually, he makes others sweat.
Saheb, Namaste.
Welcome Vallabh Seth, sit.
Jai Shree Krishna
Will you have some tea?
Of course, tea for everyone.
What is this?
Saheb this is my new building, Mona Lisa.
In our Thane?
This is beautiful.
But... how is this...
How will this structure hold?
Saheb this is a new technology.
We are attempting something new in Thane.
You are the real architects of the city.
Thank you Saheb.
So, you...
I won't ask for the donation from you today.
Saheb please...
Don't take away my blessings.
You've been blessed Deshmukh.
We are going around collecting donations for Navratri decorations
You're already making our city more beautiful.
We're even.
Saheb please.
Come on Nivse.
Saheb, why are you sweating so much today?
What's wrong Saheb?
Saheb, what's wrong?
Quick. Call an ambulance.
Get some water.
I think this is it for me.
You know I don't like it.
Navratri is around the corner.
I am trapped in here.
This was a mild heart attack.
It 'was' an attack.
It's gone now.
Anand Dighe's heart is too big to stop by a mere attack.
Let's go.
There's a lot left to do.
I don't give a dime to such attacks.
Ask Abhay to get the car.
Get an update on the preparations.
Saheb don't worry everything will be fine.
What do you mean don't worry; we have to work fast.
What are you doing?
Thank you doctor for treating me back to health.
Bye, see you.
Just a minute.
Who told you you're fit and fine?
What are you doing?
I said it.
I am fit and fine.
You see...
Here it is.
The phone call.
Who's calling?
He is a renowned doctor of Maharashtra.
He wants to talk to you.
Have a word with him so that I will be relieved.
You want me to talk to him?
-Yes please.
I must thank him as well.
Expressing gratitude lifts a burden off the chest.
Namaste Doctor.
This is Dr. Bal Thackeray.
Do you plan to roam around Thane hoisting that saline stand?
Jai Maharashtra Saheb
To hell with your Jai Maharashtra.
Go back to your room and on to that bed.
You must come for Ashtami celebrations...
Stop your diet of cigarettes and tea now.
Then I'll decide whether I'll attend.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb.
Jai Maharashtra.
Hang up now.
At least now I know
this bearded guy from Thane actually has a heart.
I'll punch you so hard.
You traitor?
Saheb I was with you.
I was with him.
I was paying the bill.
Call Balasaheb?
He is closer to him.
I can't just pick up the phone on him.
Why have you broken into a sweat?
I sweat a lot these days.
So much?
It is so hot in Thane.
You take care.
You too.
You should if, you've made that call.
Well, Saheb...
Why don't you just pull out the bottle from the stand...
Once I come to know who made that call to Matoshree...
This Ashtami, he will be the first one to be sacrificed to the Goddess.
What are you thinking of?
I think I should retire from political life.
It's not for you to decide... That decision is mine.
Balasaheb is thinking of Anant Tare
P.P. is also trying.
I don't think I'll get a ticket this time.
It is time to repay your debt.
Anand, if Balasaheb doesn't wish...
Tomorrow morning call Prakash and Anant
to the tank.
It's easier to win an election than climb this.
Why must he have called us up here?
This tank that we are standing on...
How many litres does it hold?
Must be around...
Don't take a wild guess.
Exact figure.
You want become an MLA?
You're fighting each other for the ticket?
Not at all.
Isn't it, Uddhavrao?
They fight every day.
Prakash, Anant either of you wins; it will be a victory for Shiv Sena.
Saheb, we aren't fighting over it anymore.
Which means you were.
Yes Saheb.
It's all over now.
We don't mind if either of us gets the ticket.
You're giving options?
To me?
We're going to meet Balasaheb.
He is going to meet me tomorrow.
Meet us...
Tomorrow morning at Matoshree.
It's a seat in Thane isn't it?
Meet him.
You haven't left yet?
We were just leaving.
Just tell Balasaheb...
convey my Jai Maharashtra to him.
Saheb, our mayor to wants a ticket.
It's ok just talk to him.
I have several years of experience in social work.
So, you want to be the Prime Minister now?
No... Of course not.
I'll be fine being the MLA
Your ticket is confirmed.
Listen up.
Premshingh Rajput's ticket for the state elections is final.
Thank you.
Go to Shirdi and take Baba's blessings.
Thank you.
-Don't thank me. Thank Saheb.
Shishir, Ramesh, Ravi...
Call up everyone.
Everyone should know that Premsingh Rajput is going to contest the election in Thane.
Just spread the word so much that the news must reach Matoshree.
Yes Saheb.
Mo. Da...
Are you upset?
Does it matter?
You've already confirmed the ticket.
Do you still have last night's kurta?
-Have you washed it yet?
What for?
Wear it and come tomorrow morning.
Where are we going?
To rustle some feathers.
I've got at least ten calls since yesterday for Premshingh Rajput.
I got a few calls myself.
Neither Anant nor Prakash. How did Premshingh's name come up?
How has Premshingh Rajput's name come up for the ticket?
What is Anand's opinion on this matter?
What does Anand think?
Think of the devil and the devil is here.
Isn't it?
Why did you even think of Premsingh Rajput?
I just did.
It is my responsibility to get him elected.
I am thinking of Anant Tare.
You can easily get him elected.
It's a good option Saheb.
Not this year.
Why are you supporting Premsingh so much?
will surely get it next time.
I will get him elected.
But not this year.
I've given him my word.
I too have given my word.
Let us both rethink this.
get Mo. Da elected for the third time.
Mo. Da?
No Saheb...
Someone has done a survey that he will lose.
You are above any survey in Thane.
Mo. Da final.
Get him elected.
Let's see your prowess in Thane.
Saheb... please...
I am confused...
He was so sure of Premsingh but you didn't agree?
Saheb he wasn't convinced to support Mo.Da.
He'll make sure he loses.
He wanted Mo.Da.
He certainly wouldn't have got behind any other candidate we chose.
go and congratulate Mo.Da.
Come Saheb.
I know exactly how that bearded guy thinks.
He'll break in half but won't bow down.
To Shiv Sena Bhuvan.
This is Saheb's favourite spot.
I see.
Whether in happiness or in sorrow...
he likes to come here.
He is at peace here.
Your ticket is confirmed.
Both CKPs are cut from the same cloth.
This bearded guy is the one who led the dance bars and Sugar factory movement?
Eknath Shinde.
Dashing fellow.
The one in the car is Rajan Vichare.
They are true gems.
He is the one who picks these gems.
He correctly recognizes the potential in his men.
Mo. Da
Now see this.
You know Anandrao,
your Thane is not blessed with such a deep blue sea
Isn't that right?
Navalkar Saheb
This deep blue see is unfortunate.
It doesn't have my Thane on its shore.
My Thane.
Thane is mine.
This is our ace.
Our trump card.
Did Mo. Da win the election?
Did he win?
He won by a record-breaking number of votes.
Didnt he Premshinghji?
I was sent to Shirdi.
And the other two were sent to Alibaug.
Saheb gave the ticket to Mo. Da.
And made sure he won.
This should be in the syllabus for Doctorate in Political Science.
Sir, how was the relationship between Balasaheb and Dighe Saheb?
To tell you the truth...
Balasaheb and Dighe Saheb's relationship was peculiar.
Peculiar in what sense?
Not just peculiar it was unique.
Like a bond between a flower and its scent.
It is impossible to separate the two.
Hey Ravi.
Ill chop your nose off if you smell it.
First the feet of my God,
then your nose.
Well said.
Stop fooling around. This is not a joke.
Pay attention; the garland is for my God.
Saheb this is exactly what I have been trying to say.
This year you won't be able to meet your God.
No one is supposed to visit Matoshree this year for Guru Pournima.
These are His orders.
Nevertheless, I am going to Matoshree tomorrow morning.
Balasaheb will not be at Matoshree tomorrow.
He is going to be at some undisclosed location.
P.P and I have been trying to tell you the same thing.
Balasaheb is going to be at an undisclosed location.
Get ready to visit every secret location in Maharashtra.
Sharp seven in the morning.
This is the first time in years that Guru Pournima is being celebrated so calmly.
That is exactly why I fled Matoshree.
Shiv Sainiks come from far and wide to meet me.
Yes they do.
You know the horrible state of our roads under this Congress administration.
I dont want to lose a single Shiv Sainik in a road accident.
That is what you think.
What about their nave belief?
They are hurt.
Meena I can't bear to see them suffer.
Guru Pournima cant make us suffer.
Guru Pournima is celebrated not by the teacher but by the disciple.
That is us.
On this auspicious day if the follower doesn't wash his Gurus feet,
it is no less than a sin.
Sins and virtue...
I have gone far beyond sins and virtue.
Tell me honestly...
Do you really believe it?
Everything will be as you wish?
Who has the guts to come to visit me
when I have specifically warned them against it?
Who's that?
I am sure that car has an MH4 number.
Youre favourite bearded guy from Thane.
I was sure that he would be the only one to come looking for you.
Thapa go stop them outside the gate.
I must say,
I am amazed at your green thumb.
You have just planted the sapling,
and it is already gifting you flowers.
What is going on here?
You've set it up so well.
Why are you encouraging him?
Every person in Maharashtra has obeyed me.
Only you
Saheb, you can scold me, curse me even.
But please sit down.
How can I sit while you're standing?
Who are these men in beards?
Have all the men in Thane vowed to grow beards?
Who are they?
These are the future of Shiv Sena in Thane.
Please come sit.
He has come all the way only for you.
It is Guru Pournima today.
-Please remove your shoes.
Yes, fine.
Let me do my duty.
This is my offering to my Guru.
We won the Thane Municipal Corporation Election.
Yes Maa Saheb.
We'll cherish the scent of your frangipani forever.
Why have you stopped in the middle of nowhere?
What is it?
Are you going to ambush me?
You washed the feet of your Guru.
You have celebrated your Guru Pournima.
What about ours?
We will be cursed of we don't wash your feet.
Dighe Saheb...is immortal in our hearts.
These anecdotes are too good to be true.
Shinde Saheb.
How are you?
Your favourite frangipani.
So, he has accomplished so much thanks to his gurus teachings.
I dont know about that
But Shinde Saheb is alive thanks to his Guru.
That's for sure.
What do you mean?
The grief that he has suffered;
no father in whole world should ever have to go through it.
God forbid, such a grief befalls him;
then he must have the shoulders of an Anand Dighe to support him.
98 210 22 52...
This is your new phone number.
This is called a mobile.
It is just a phone.
You can take it everywhere with you; hence it is called a mobile.
You mean...
I am going to Konkan.
Can I take it with me?
From Konkan to Timbuctoo, it will ring.
But remember, whether you call someone or anyone calls you,
Youll be charged sixteen rupees.
That is just thirty-two rupees every month.
Sixteen rupees per minute.
Per minute?
Who'll pay the bill?
Next time you're mad at us, just glare at us.
We'll bang our heads on the wall.
But that looks expensive.
Don't throw it at us.
Anand Kaka...
Come on kids.
Pick him up too.
What brings you here, Shrikant?
We are going to our village, Tapole.
Wow. I am also going to my village in Konkan.
But we're going to our farms. You?
I am... going to... drag my life through mud.
We play in the mud every day.
How they talk!
You have a great beard.
Our father has one too.
I am going to make him shave it.
I won't let him.
There you go.
Come here.
Your children are adorable.
May you have long life.
Come on off you go.
I'll sit in the front.
Get into the car.
Anand Kaka
Bye Anand Kaka
Did God himself know what was in store?
This was the last time I met these children.
Saheb, let's go their mother must be waiting for all of you.
Yes but the children are still playing.
It is quite late.
They don't get to play in the water that often.
Look they are having so much fun.
At the dam in Tapole
Our Eknath...
Eknath's two little children drowned in the water...
Saheb, Eknath's two little children are no more.
This is not the time for you to mourn.
You should be helping Eknath overcome his grief.
He has locked himself up in his room for the past ten days.
Only you can help him get over his sorrow.
Yes sir?
Get the car.
Your grief is a bottomless pit.
You will have to cry.
If you keep staring at the ceiling for any longer,
soon you will be able to tell the speed of the fan.
There will come a day when
you will hang yourself by that very fan.
Even if you don't really mean to.
Your grief is heart-wrenching.
God himself can't mend it.
I am on ordinary man.
I like to be surrounded by my men.
I am not capable enough to lessen your sorrow.
God has given you a chance.
To overcome your grief
and face the world all over again.
You must overcome your grief to wipe the tears of others.
You must dedicate your life to the people.
Live only for your people.
One day your grief will become your biggest strength.
That's the tragedy of a politician's life.
We're forever ready to console others.
Our own grief...
Our grief is on display while the world watches ...
From a distance.
A politician's sorrow is fodder for gossip.
We must support each other.
Only he who he who can digest grief,
can spread joy to the word...
Be the one people look up to.
Help the people heal from their wounds
Hurry up.
Sorry Saheb, I'm late.
You called for me urgently?
I have come running...
Yes Saheb?
Arent you the Leader of The House?
Yes Saheb.
What if I tell you...
to vacate this post.
Your word is my command.
I got this post thanks to you.
Ok then.
Eknath is going to be the Leader of the House now.
Ok Saheb.
A bigger responsibility means more work on his table.
He will stay engaged.
Only then will his sorrow ebb.
I must get going Saheb.
Where to?
Eknath's house.
I'll hand over the car to him tonight.
Tomorrow the Leader of the House will arrive in his car.
Stay by each other's side forever.
Strengthen the organization.
Saheb the organization is strong.
Your frangipani...
as if they were his family.
What about your real family?
Tell me.
What about me and the rest of your family?
All your life you pushed them away
You made them wait in queues for hours.
Saheb where should I tie my rakhi?
Tie it where you find some space.
Mr. Vilas Thuse
Go inside and check if you can help us get inside.
My legs are giving away.
I've been standing in this queue right from Talao Pali.
Me too.
Hurry up.
What do you think is going to happen?
If he truly values his sisters;
he'll come out.
Saheb give your blessing.
Such a sweet child.
What is it?
Why are you sending me messages?
Finally, we could get you to favour us.
Not at all.
Only because you're actually my sister
I've come to escort you in.
But you'll tie me the rakhi only after she does..
Sorry Tai, she is my sister I must bring her inside.
Yes Saheb.
Hey you bearded guy.
Can I pull your beard?
Even this government doesn't dare pull my beard.
How can you pull it?
Like this.
Silly girl.
Give her a chocolate.
Give chocolates to all the children.
Don't pull my beard.
Thank you.
You should be proud.
You are a little sister to brother...
who is protecting so many women like a brother.
I couldn't come on Rakhi Pournima
Here I am today.
Thank God.
Today my rakhi can find a place here.
You helped so many sisters like me.
Everything that you could do lawfully.
And so many sisters who were mere strangers to you;
you even broke the law for them.
We are tying a rakhi here like this.
Up in heaven; they too must be tying rakhis.
Those women who didn't find justice in the court of law
finally found justice
at your door step.
In our country a girl should take birth only in that house
there's a brother like you.
have been sitting here for a long time.
I noticed.
Do you need something?
We don't want anything.
We are here to give you something.
Finally, someone has something to give you.
Finally, I've met someone who has something to give me.
What is it?
What is this?
It's a dupatta.
Our daughter's.
This morning our daughter hung herself
She has left a note behind.
She wrote,
place this dupatta at Dighe Saheb's feet.
He will certainly serve justice.
What... happened to her?
Our daughter was raped.
One and a half years ago.
At her office.
The matter was in court and finally...
yesterday the court set him free.
This morning our...
daughter set herself free.
We won't spare him.
Let's go.
The criminal and the evidence
I want both together.
Till I get there...
keep him alive.
Don't worry.
You've come to me.
You have waited one and a half years,
you'll get real justice in one and a half hours.
Saheb, I haven't done anything.
The court has acquitted me.
Thanks to their testimony.
Speak up.
This ward boy
and this guard.
He changed the reports.
He changed his testimony.
Your court
demands to present the evidence.
My court
hunts for the evidence no matter where it is.
I have the proof.
Now I want justice.
Break his left leg.
He'll die right now.
that girl went through hell waiting for justice in the court of law.
He too must go through hell.
Right hand
You're going to die.
That is for sure.
Before you die
your wanton pride of your manhood
is going to be crushed.
My dear sister...
you killed yourself with this dupatta.
You should've come to see me at Tembhi Naka
What I am doing for you here today,
you would have done this for yourself, in front of my eyes.
My dear sister...
Finish him off.
Saheb please forgive me.
Good bye.
We're grateful to you, Saheb.
You cannot be grateful to me.
Please forgive me.
This time I took too long to help my sister.
I won't let it happen again.
My dear sister,
please forgive me.
Fix them up and send them home.
And bury him.
His body should never be found, .....
Now you too will call him...
All politicians are not same.
Some are Anand Dighe!
There, there.
Good men are taken away too soon by God.
If our Saheb were here,
he wouldn't have lit candles after the Nirbhaya incident.
He would have gone to Delhi to kill the monsters.
Your courts and law and take their own time.
Our daughter's case is just one example.
How many laws he broke for so many girls and women;
he alone knows.
You won't find this on social media or the internet.
How long will we keep lighting candles after a rape case?
And go back to our lives till another rape takes place.
Every city needs its own Anand Dighe.
Who'll not just have sympathy for his sisters
but serve justice.
Instant justice.
When Anand Dighe passed away,
how old was he?
Who are you?
I am his saarthi.
I am his favourite twenty-fourth of August.
Yes Saheb?
is Tushar Raje.
He'll be my secretary.
when Peter, Prakash, Suresh, Rupesh aren't available
he will drive my chariot.
Give him the keys.
You have a license don't you?
Yes. I do
Give him the keys to 2013
Saheb, tomorrow is twenty-fourth of August.
I started working for you
on this day six years ago.
The day you came into my life;
my life changed forever.
You'll change mine as well.
Isn't it, Gotya?
Every person you encounter in your lifetime,
has a purpose in your life.
Every year in Ganpati, Saheb would be constantly on the move.
This year was like never before.
I wonder why...
that day Saheb met every one with more warmth than ever.
He spent time with everyone.
It's half past two in the night.
I don't think he'll come now.
Dighe Saheb has promised.
I know he will come.
I can't believe you have come to the house
of an insignificant party worker like me.
no worker is insignificant.
It's the workers that make the leaders big.
Smart men like you strengthen the organization.
Get it?
Come on.
You should...
Shall we begin?
Come on Dr. Nitin
Bring the food.
I was trying to reach you on your mobile, Saheb.
This mobile is going to ruin the future of mankind.
I mean... Mr. Bhave called.
The aarti at their house is still pending.
I ask for Lord Ganesha's forgiveness.
I pray to him from here.
Come on.
The family has come from Pune.
His family.
They are still waiting to click a photo with you.
Lord Ganesha might just forgive me.
But people of Pune are unforgiving.
Bhave's family; most definitely will not.
So true.
They won't forgive me, idiot?
Come on.
I'll let Bhave know.
Charge the phone.
No dinner for me tonight.
Saheb Ill bring the food in the car.
You can eat on the way.
Let it be.
I'll come back and eat.
Sure? I'll wait for you.
Mr. Twenty-fourth August.
Today marks six years for you, isn't it?
Drive the car with renewed energy today.
Come on.
Let's go to Bhave's house.
You listen to this song at least once every day.
What is so special about this song?
Every person's story...
is incomplete in some way.
I'm still alive.
Don't you dare speak nonsense.
I'm absolutely alright.
It's just that...
Only my leg is hurt.
My hands are fine.
For your Rakhis.
Get it?
Birje Bai...
You didn't shed a tear slashing those men up in the Bhiwandi riots.
You're crying now?
You come running to protect me back then.
Look at you now; hurt so badly.
Maybe I can still run.
Raj Saheb is here.
Get out of the way.
Saheb youre absolutely alright.
Take good care of yourself.
Your wounds are not much considering how dreadful the accident was.
A steel rod has dared enter your leg.
Let it help you.
This floor.
Raj Saheb?
Namaste Saheb.
Get up, Dharmaveer.
Our mission of Hindutva is yet to spread far and wide.
How can you rest like this?
That responsibility is on your able shoulders now.
I am an old man now.
Is that so?
In that case...
I wish everyone, a healthy old age like you.
This is healthy?
I am at the mercy of my broken leg now.
You will scare your leg into healing immediately.
Get well soon.
We need you.
Take care.
Uddhavsaheb and you are the future of Maharashtra.
You are the strength of the Marathi man.
See you.
Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Maharashtra.
If we are the future of Maharashtra...
You Saheb are the past, present and future.
Get well soon.
Matoshree awaits you.
Get Back
It is nice that you came to see him.
Get back.
Rane Saheb is here.
Atmaram, how are you?
Namaste Saheb.
How is he?
Even if he is discharged right now, he'll walk all around Thane.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb.
You're saying Jai Maharashtra?
Even if we are rivals in politics, entir Maharashtra knows we are friends.
Hence, Jai Maharashtra.
Get well soon.
Jai Maharashtra.
Jai Maharashtra.
The surgery went smoothly.
Jai Maharashtra Saheb
How are you Saheb?
Let's go to Kolad to your Janani Aai's temple.
She isn't mine alone.
She is the mother of Konkan.
You are her favourite.
That is why you have been gifted with thousands who love you.
All I have earned is my people.
That is the most important.
The politicians who earn money, don't earn respect like you have.
I'll see you.
Take care of yourself.
You must rest now.
Jai Maharashtra.
Look... that is Saheb's hand.
Our Saheb is awake.
Jai Maharashtra.
Just say Dighe Saheb is here... it will start working.
Dighe Saheb is here.
This is Saheb's favourite song.
It is playing for the third time since morning.
They must be playing to make Saheb feel better.
I can't leave his side.
Come Saheb
This way Uddhavji.
Raj Saheb had just been here...
Why has he come back?
Something isn't right.
Wait... This way Saheb.
Pull yourself together.
Take care of all our party workers.
Listen to me...
The crowds are likely to lose control
Take care of it.
Saheb both of you...
Both of you should leave now.
We'll handle the situation.
You must leave immediately.
Let them go.
Anand Dighe's heart is too big to stop by a mere attack.
You should declare.
Sir the situation will get out of control
People loved him dearly.
It was a sudden and massive attack.
I don't understand, what went wrong?
Something went wrong?
You killed Saheb.
I'm going to tell everyone.
Our Saheb is no more.
Our Saheb is no more...
What was that?
Our Saheb
was murdered.
How could he die all of a sudden?
Saheb is all alone upstairs.
Take care of Saheb
Atmaram take this.
You idiot
There are cylinders here.
You'll blow up the entire hospital.
We have Saheb's body with us now.
Get out of the way.
This isn't our Saheb.
Our Saheb is at Tembhi Naka in his mathh
I know.
He tricks you.
Yeshwant Tawde's one last Jai Maharashtra, Saheb.
He has given countless blessings.
And we can never repay his debt.
This bearded guy wasn't the Santa Claus
who visited while you're asleep.
This bearded guy spent sleepless nights.
The most righteous, Anand Dighe Saheb.
Who are you?
No one even mentioned you while speaking to me.
There are millions like me who will neve
Yet they were here today to pay respect.
Do you know why?
Each one of them had five tick marks next to their names.
How many tick marks?
Only those he had five tick marks could get Saheb's recommendation letter.
I got it too
What is the problem?
No one gives a house on rent in Thane...
I can't afford to buy a new one.
I could sleep on the street.
But what about his school?
No school is ready to admit him.
What do you do?
I ply a rickshaw.
That's good. He is serving the people of Thane.
Don't you ever refuse a passenger.
Get it?
Even if it is a small distance fare.
Don't fight over change.
That's your grandson?
Come here.
Saheb, it doesn't say which school.
Go to any school in Thane...
They have to honour my Jai Maharashtra.
It is remarkable that you helped a Muslim.
Not every Muslim who wears a cap on his head...
every Muslim with Jihad in his head is our enemy.
Well said.
Everyone else is one of us.
A man in need doesn't go by religion or caste.
Do you own this rickshaw or ply it for someone?
It's mine.
Did you take out a loan for it?
I hope you pay the instalments on time.
Who are you?
Tell me the truth.
The Google that you swear by...
I am a senior AI Engineer in Google.
Artificial Intelligence Engineer.
Thank you.
Put simply...
The information that you get on Google..
the software which collates the data worldwide...
and picks a winning probability...
I create that software.
This rickshaw?
Our Dighe Saheb would always say...
a rickshaw driver too can serve the soci
My grandfather used to ply this rickshaw every twenty-sixth August in his honour.
He passed away last month.
So, every twenty-sixth of August I will drive it in memory of our Dharmaveer.
Drop madam to her destination.
She is our first and last passenger of twenty-sixth August.
Take care.
How did he die?
Heart attack.
Who told you?
That's what the doctor said.
Has anybody seen the reports?
They got burnt at the hospital
He was fine till seven in the evening.
He was even talking to everyone.
Suddenly he was no more?
Are you leaving?
Dighe Saheb's story is not over yet.
We'll meet again.