Dhill (2001) Movie Script

Hey, No buddy! Please listen to me
How much time it took?
Super boy! You've bettered all your
previous trials by over 50 seconds
Buddy! In a month, you're sure
to become an S.I.
Then, me?
You'll definitely become a Gurkha
Give me 50 paise
Who's that?
Son! Is it good on your part?
Oh! Saree is very good!
Where did you buy it?
Don't touch me, silly boy
- Aunty, didn't ask about that
She's asking about trouble
you're creating everyday
Are you allowing us to dry in Sun
peacefully home made goodies?
You boast about yourselves as if you're
going to achieve something great
Aunty, don't get angry
Don't touch me, boy
Aunty, today, you'll talk
like this only
But, once we achieve something
You'll say, I knew it earlier itself
they'll become Police Officers
...Do you know a thing...
They practiced their running
on our home made goodies
...Like that, you'll boast with
your neighbours
You'll have a repartee for every word
There's nothing short in that
Aunty, stand like that only
I'll take your photograph
Come on take it! - Photograph me
...Not a shirt is found here
If anyone wants to go out early,
nothing happens properly in this house
...l'm coming
Have my clothes come?
It'll come from the laundry
only in the evening
First, I must wash this
laundry man clean
What'll I do if there's not a single
shirt to go out in the morning?
Without listening to me, you put
all your shirts to laundry
If you lament now
what am I to do?
If I don't lament with you, can I
go & lament with neighbour's wife?
What's this father? You're wearing
Brother's shirt
There's no other shirt to wear
No problem, you look like
Hrithik Roshan in this shirt
Is Hrithik Roshan going everyday
like me to office to collect arrears?
Where's your brother?
- He's filling water
...I said he's filling water
from the pump
That's it, what
Hey Armstrong... - What? Armstrong!
His Arms are strong isn't it!
That's why I called him as Armstrong
Using this bore pump to draw water has
made women of this area also Armstrong
Will you pump a pot of
water for me?
Ask me that, I'll draw &
fill up a big drum for you
Get lost mad boy!
Keep it here
Father, definitely you'll get
your arrears today
Let your words turn my luck today
What's it son?
Nothing... father!
Cigarette is in the shirt
father's wearing
...What's it? - Nothing father
Damn it!
- Father, I want Rs.10
- For Bus!
Morning, I gave you, isn't it?
Why do you need it again
What's that on the shirt?
- What?
Hey! Are you smoking cigarettes?
Did you ask money for that?
It's not me... he only...
Oh! Is it that Lord's cigarette?
Father, why're you staring?
Today's youth lean up on it
Don't they have tension
Just for relaxation only
Tell him, it's enough if he gets
tensed 2-3 times, not pocketfuls
Tomorrow he's having a
physical fitness test - What?
What's that noise? Why to hide it
when the cat's out of the bag?
You must have it...
it's good for you - I needed it
Anyhow, you'll come back to home
in the evening isn't it?
What did your father say?
What do you mean by why to hide
when the cat's out of the bag?
Really want to know it?
Hey! Who's that man? - I think
he's the Selection Officer
Call them!
What's your name?
- My name is K. Natraj
Andipatti Constituency! We both
belong to same caste sir
Association President has given me
a recommendation letter also
How's the Leader?
He's fine sir,
I met him before coming here
Sir, file...
- Go & stand there
My name's Saravana, Trichy District
I've been trying for 3 years
Do you've recommendation!
- No sir!
Go there!
Go man... go & stand there
Hey! Stand properly man!
Greetings sir!
Sir, my name's llavarasu, I'm
coming from Coimbatore
My father's District Secretary
Sir, this's letter given by
Coimbatore MLA
Keep it there
He had written it personally
Sir, phone from the Minister
...l'll take care of him sir!
What did you say, was his name?
Hey! Move man!
Who's Muruganandham here?
- It's me sir!
He's here sir... yes
- I'm Minister's Relative
I'll take of care him
Go & stand there
What's your name?
What's all this?
Sir, they're certificates of my
achievements in School, College & NCC
Do you've recommendation?
- No, sir
Did you pay money to anyone?
Then, on which hope you've
come to the selection?
I've confidence in myself
Why do I need a recommendation?
I've talent and I'm qualified
Go there! Go and stand
there man
Stand steadily man!
Though, we've all the requirements
like Height, Weight...
We don't have the "qualification"
which they're expecting from us
...Sir, candidates with
recommendation letters...
...Ask them to go out!
Then, what about them...
Ask them to take to the ground
What to do with these?
Throw everything into dustbin
We're very grateful to you
A policeman should never
use that word
The moment you get this thought
it's starting point of decay
If I had be grateful to
caste Leaders & Ministers, MLA's
...You would've been out
by this time
If a Policeman is grateful
to a wine shop owner
...Then, he must turn a blind eye
to spurious liquor sale
If he's grateful to a Rowdy! He must
turn a blind eye to his Rowdyism
A Police should be duty bound
grateful to the Department only
You answered me bravely without even
getting afraid of me being an officer
The courage is very important
Still there's Written Test
Do it well...
One needs a courage to play
with fire in his heart
Speed to win again and again
is known as courage
In Hitler's period
Charlie Chaplin was courage...
In British period, wearing
Home spun cotton was courage
There's nothing in the lines of
your hands, your hand needs Courage
Fly a flight with an 'L' Board
That's what you call it as Courage
Swing at the tip of Eiffel Tower
That's what courage is
You need a Courageous heart
to see a make up less beauty...
It's courage to go alone into
a women's college
It's courage to make a kite &
fly the degrees earned by you
It's courage to open a door
on Pakistan Border
You need courage in heart to
consider this world as a small ball
A Deaf Beethoven creating
a symphony is Courage
We need Courage to face
any consequences
Courage is a blessing which we get
from our mother's womb
Fear not to tread, the untreaded
so said Bharathi, that's courage
Is it thread that's woven in
our National Flag
No, it's C O U R A G E
Shall we reverse that English film?
They'll spit on your face
Greetings sir
Why has this Northern Indian
Businessman come here?
Have these guys taken any loan
without my knowledge?
Please come in
Greetings sir! - Greetings
I'm a T.V. Serial producer
- Sit down... sit down
Is it? Please, sit down sir!
Greetings, I'm Amitabh Bachchan speaking
from "How to become a Millionaire"
Yes sir!
Prashanth & Meena are sitting
infront of me - Yes sir!
And I've asked them a question
- Oh! God, sir
Oh! God! Sir... unable to
bear your trouble sir...
Take it
...Wrong number please
You have this Tea... Special Amitabh Bachchan wanted me to write
a serial for him
I said, I don't have time
...Yes, come on tell me sir
...You must make a serial
- I'll do it
But, no one should know
what'll happen next week?
As a writter when I myself don't know it
Will I allow them to know it?
How many Episodes?
A girl is born, attains puberty, she'll
marry and becomes old, dies... till then
Why're you beating around the bush?
You could've asked me straight to
write a Mega Serial
Wouldn't I write?
Oh! Time has come for us to
write for a Mega Serial
Pick up Pen & paper and start
writing dialogues
Oh! You too!
The title itself is ready
Did you see! The eloped women
Room No:9,Woman born to live
...Slipped woman, Are these
titles okay for you?
You must write & give 1000
episodes for me
1000 Episodes?
If we take Rs.5000 for each Episode
we'll get Rs.50,000 for 1000 Episodes
Let your maths go to hell
we'll get Rs.50 lakhs boy
You carry on sir
But one condition
This must be a serial that
must fully mesmerise women
Only 1000 Episodes isn't it?
I'll write & give it to you in a week
No... No... First write &
give me 4 Episodes
...lf I like them, let's continue
- Yes sir!
But, you must write by understanding
Woman's heart - Yes sir!
I must understand woman's heart
Where are you going?
I'm going out to understand
woman's heart
Rs.5000 for each Episode! Rs.50 lakhs
I'll arrange to earn it now itself
Who's speaking?
We're calling from "Banu on Steps" Serial
- What's the matter?
We've not yet received this
week's dialogues
It seems they've not yet received
this week Episode's dialogue
Ask them, where did we end
the last Episode?
Where did the last Episode end?
Banu was climbing up the
Kundrathur Temple steps
It seems Bhanu was climbing up
Kundrathur Temple Steps
Tell them to picturise Bhanu coming
down the steps slowly
As soon as she reaches down
tell them to end this Episode
Tell them to picturise Bhanu
coming down the steps slowly
As soon as she reaches down
tell them to end this Episode
Next week sir!?
He'll tell himself what's
it next week?
Next, when Bhanu is walking on
the National High Way
She's hit by a National Permit Truck and
gets killed, End the serial like that
...Finish the story there itself
Hereafter, I'm not going to write
small serials
This Mahadevan will write
only Mega Serials
Oh God! Someone's coming here
...Hey! Close everything
Hey! Useless bunch! It's me
Don't break the bottles
Hey Little Devil! Why're you
troubling us like this?
...They all got afraid fearing
father is coming
...I came here to tell you all a good news
and you all are on a drinking binge
How do you know that we're
drinking Old Monk?
That's not Old Monk, that's Old Cask
Look, it's written on it
Hey! Shut up boy! - What's that
Good News?
Hey! Come on tell me, do you love him?
Nothing like that...
Mother & father...
Are you trying to elope with him
without telling your mother & father
Are you going to listen me or not?
I've a doubt! - What?
Whom do you love in these two?
Oh! He's gone over board
put him to sleep
Broker gave the photo
today morning
...I thought of showing it
to you...
Okay... Okay...
do you like him?
Mother & father like him
I too like him
What's this strange, she's calling
you as Elder brother?
...Shy... shy!
Hey! Give me the photo
I've given you bribe of Rs.5000 isn't it?
Why're you still keeping it pending?
Hey! You don't seem to understand
anything which I'm saying?
Do you want your pension papers
to get signed or not
What's this sir?
If you give another Rs.10,000
only then, your papers will move
- What again?
In Govt. Offices papers won't
move with signatures
They'll move only with currency
According to rules, you should've
settled my pension last month itself
What, you're talking about rules?
Go... go... and get your work done
according to rules
You're talking too much
about Law
Where I'm to search for you?
- Come sir!
Your file is ready
I'm coming
I gave money in your home
Come & finish my work
Sir, I've fixed my daughter's
marriage also
If I give Rs.10,000,the work
will be completed, isn't it?
...Come to my way like that
...You were talking about Law
Hey! You said you worked as
a Teacher for 40 years
Looks like I've to teach you about
practices of the Modern Times
What happened father?
- Nothing
What's he saying?
Hey, Subramani, you know my
residence address, isn't it?
...Bring it without fail
- Okay sir
What does he want you
to bring?
He's asking another Rs.10,000
as bribe
And insists it should be
given at his home
Isn't Arivu at home?
- What?
He says isn't Arivudainambi
at home?
Look at him, he's walking
staticly at one place
Dear, someone's here to meet you
- Who's that?
I'm son of Subramanian Teacher
Oh! Son of that man! Did you
bring money... come in... come in...
Why?! Your father wanted to move
his file isn't it, for that?
That's your duty! For doing that
Govt. is paying you salary
Bloody salary
If I depend only on salary
I've to discuss with my wife & make a
budget even to buy a shaving blade
Coming here without money, he's
making silly arguments
Hey! Do you know the
cost of this T.V.?
Do you know it?
I bought it earlier
In this more than the programmes
only advertisements are shown
Asking to buy this & that
For that, I'm taking bribes
Look, this CD, VCD's they all
are very expensive items
Look at this Dining Table
The top is Belgium Glass
Can I buy this with my
Rs.7430 salary?
The one that's hanging here
I asked him what's the price?
- He said Rs.8000
Just because it's costly,
can I leave it? I bought it
That's... hanging down...
Hey, what are you doing?
What's it dear?
Begging from people of Tamil Nadu
Are you eating on a Belgium glass?
What? Don't you want me to do it?
Shall I leave it?
What's this? Call the Police
Let the police come, before they
ask me why I broke all this?
They'll enquire, first what is your salary?
How did you buy all this?
Is it no problem for you?
On this T.V. only they show
regularly isn't it
People going to court for income
beyond their means isn't it?
You're watching it all isn't it?
No... No...
It seems, he's not seeing it! Why do a
person needs T.V. who doesn't see it
Oh! God! They're breaking the T.V.
Hey, to move files in Govt. Offices
it shouldn't be pushed by currency
It should be moved by the hands
What's that?
- Gold Teeth
Only yesterday I had it made
Gold which should be in the safe locker
he has kept it in a Septic Tank
What's this sir? You've come
personally to house and...
If you sign here as amount received
after receiving money...
I'll go away
Without bringing cheque or Demand Draft
you've brought cash
I'll take care of all
that trouble
First sign it!
What happened to him?
Unable to get anything
Greetings, Junior Sir
Do you know him already?
...My son
I know him, I saw him once
...I saw him only once
...But he'll never forget
all his life
What happened?
They were feeding a poisonous snake
...I removed it's teeth
- What?
Cutting a block of Gold...
Putting into the mouth
Hey, don't ogle too much boy
Shortly, we are going to become Police
Leave it, we're running short of
money even for our cigarettes
Look, how happily he's walking
up & down
I'm not able to get even a
tune for title
What type of tune do you want?
I want a tune that should be like that
popular tune that's running for 3 yrs
What's that?
Oh! Poor boy! I think he's an
Educated Beggar - Yes
...lt should come like that
Buddy, we were struggling for
even Cigarettes
You've arranged for a
quarter whisky also
Thank you very much buddy
Uncle! Are a rich man or a beggar?
Oh! Very good looking Aunties are inside
...l'll also join them
It's cool here, can I sit
next to you?
Hey! This is Ladies special Bus
The woman next to you is a
Oh! My sister
Am I your sister? Do I look like your
sister? Look what am I going to do you?
He's the Monkey man of Delhi
Take him away to Police Station
Get down man
She's beating him black & blue
Oh! I've missed the bus
Everything is getting delayed since
I got up today morning
...Got delayed bathing
...having break fast...
Sir, when will the next bus come?
City Buses are like Superstars!
No one knows how & when they'll come
But, they'll come definitely
at the appointed time
Oh! I've an interview at 10.30
and it's already 10.15 AM
And I've missed my bus
Why're you getting worried? Get on to
my bike, let's go & catch that bus
Look, he's starting the vehicle
with first gear
Looks like, he'll go to the
Top Gear also
You come... let's go
...I go only in a Ladies Bus
I'll travel only in a
Lady driven Auto
If I come in the bike, there'll
speed breakers on the road
...There'll be ups & downs
...You'll apply break
Vehicle will give a jerk
...Our bodies will touch each other
...l'll feel shy!
What happened to them?
They've T.B.
Poor boys
Then, take my bike & go
I'll collect it later
I don't know to ride a bike
Hey! It seems she doesn't know
to ride a bike
Then, there's only way for it
What shall we do?
Only back to back touch
Giving such an idea, he has blown away
youth's sensuous feelings
Are you going to follow
this Idea?
This is a good idea
Are you going to follow it?
Do you know how many buses
are plying a city roads?
Before I count & come,
your interview will be over?
Is it okay for you?
As far as I know, there's just
one bus going infront of us
This man doesn't know the answer
for such an easy question also
Hey! Look there! Isn't' it great idea?
We can also follow isn't it?
Only now it'll be a relief
for our hearts
...l've heard that wife & husband
will turn their backs to each other
Only now, I'm seeing it
Sorry sir! We're not husband & wife
Is it? Then, don't worry
Somehow, I'll compromise you both
and get you both registered married
...Mind your own business man
...This is my business
Do you know my father is
a Butcher
Look at him
We are buying vehicles on financial
loan only to hug girls & travel
Looks like he's out to spoil
that happiness also
You'll catch the bus isn't it?
I've to attend the interview on time
Will you come quiet?
Why're you getting angry?
I don't like anyone talking
behind my back
Super Technic
We can send our daughter also
without fear with the neighbour boy
Hey! Stop... stop... stop it!
We can catch the bus in the
next bus stop
The place I'm to get down
has come
Here... here only
If we keep another head
between them
...They'll look like the 3 Lions
on our currency
Will you talk bad about
the Minister?
Who do you think I'm?
If you hold a mike in your hands
will you talk as you like?
People like you can talk only
from street corners
...You can't do anything else
Do you know who am I?
You're a dog which wags its tail
for bones thrown by Politicians
Will you dare to beat me?
Do you know about my Party?
Being a public servant who should
be serving people
...You're acting like a Henchman
for the Minister
Just because you're a Policeman
will you do anything you like?
...l'll do man!
Sir... sir... don't shoot him, there you
may have to give an account for the bullet
Hey! The Groom has arrived!
Greetings sir - Greetings
How's he? He looks a dumb!
My sister Asha!
Greetings - Greetings
Why has this girl come here?
May be she's groom's sister
Agreed it is a bride seeing function!
For that do you've to go on
stare at each other
...Please, will someone open there
mouth & talk
Respected Ladies & Gentleman
- Hey shut up
Since we are gathering here like
a public meeting
Bride & Groom are feeling shy to
talk with each other
We'll all stay out for
sometime... come...
Come... Come. let's discuss alone &
settle it... l'll also come
Hey! Sit down
Stay here only
Are you scared?
That day you had dropped me
isn't it! For that only
I forgot to thank you
in my urgency
I got a job with T.V. only because
I could reach there on time
Okay no problem, at least you
had said it now
I'm going to be a Police Inspector
I'm waiting for Training!
Do you know to sing?
Normally groom will ask the bride
do you know to sing?
You're asking in reverse with them
Who asked that man? I had asked
that girl only
Isn't there a girl sitting next to
the groom I had asked her?
Did you like?
I asked whether did you
like my sister?
I like her
Did you like?
I asked whether you liked
my brother
I like him
Not able to judge, what's going on?
and what's going to happen?
What had happened
has happened for good
Where? At the bus stop
What's happening now is
also happening for good
What's going to happen will
also happen for good only
I didn't see it, isn't it?
You'll see it in future
Am I or you, who's getting
married here?
Both of them
Groom & you!
Finished! Have you finished with
your talk
What does the groom say?
What's there for me to say?
Our parents are no more
Whatever it may be, I've to
decide it myself
The broker would've told about
my job, salary & back ground
I've a younger sister
When I search a groom for her,
definitely I'll expect all good qualities
What we expect from others we must
also be that only isn't it?
I'll be like that only
I like the girl very much
What do you say?
For you, Velu?
It's double okay for me
We're very happy with
this proposal
I'm also happy
Meet again
- When?
No, you said we'll meet again
I asked when & where?
Tomorrow morning
watch T.V at 11 AM
On T.V.?!
Greetings! - Greetings!
Today in our programme "Taste Time"
Shall we see making of Ice cream?
We can see!
Greetings Miss Asha! - Greetings
How to make Kulfi Ice-cream?
I'm going to make & show you
What's that? Kulfi Ice-cream?
Hey! You'll get it for that!
Hey! This is woman's matter
Selvi, you watch
If we do as they show here lt'll not
taste good, lt'll be a waste
You mustn't say like that!
To be married girls should
definitely watch it carefully
If you want to reach the hearts
of your husbands
You must cook cool things
and calm him down
Selvi, watch it carefully
If you go to their home & say
you don't know to make Kulfi
You'll get spanked!
Okay... Okay... everyone
help me please
Selvi, I'll manage Ice cream powder
Do you need any help from me?
Hey! Shut up man!
Take two litres of milk
Take... Take 2 litres of milk
There's only 1 litre
Can you give a litre of milk?
I'll give
Take it
Did you hid it as soon it
was brought here?
We must boil this milk
till it thickens
...ln that add 500 gms of
Ice cream powder
Come quickly... Where's the
Ice cream powder?
Come quickly... quick...
Give it! Pour it without
Did you mix it?
We must add 2 teaspoons of sugar
after mixing the powder
Add 2 spoons
One spoon... two spoon
- I've put it
Go on stir it warmly without
getting it burnt
I couldn't understand what
did she say?
Shall I explain it to you?
What's that she's talking in
a masculine voice?
Now, if you put this in a Fridge
And take it out after
Tasty Kulfi will be ready!
Here also it's ready!
She told it to put it in a fridge
you're pouring it into a glass
Who has a Fridge in our
entire street?
Thinking it as free porridge
given in temple...
Let's all drink it
You've all learnt how to make
Kulfi, isn't it?
Hey! Give it to me man
...give it to me
You'll definitely impress your husband
Your future husband is definitely
a lucky man
Hey! What happened to you all?
Open your mouth and tell
Who has taken the starch powder
I had kept here?
...Rain water man!
Hey! We may catch cold
Buddy! Look there Kulfi
Buddy! Rain... water!
You just said we may catch cold if
we get drenched in rain
You're running like a fridge
on seeing that Kulfi
Hey! It seems her name is Kulfi!
Hey! I'm calling you only
What's this? You're calling me as
Kulfi on the road
I didn't get your name
I called you as Kulfi only once
you called 3 times
I watched your programme,
I came to say it was good
...Don't lie! Since the person didn't
turn up! I had to do it myself
Velu, do you know a thing!
We couldn't eat the Kulfi made by us
I can understand it
Even then, there was a good message
in what you said
You said her a wife can win
a husband's heart?
But your never said how to win
over a girl's heart?
Don't you know it?
When we move with a girl, I'm unable to
judge whether it's love or friendship
Why can't you differentiate it?
Salt & sugar both appear white
But we know the difference isn't it
just like that only
Umbrella... it's raining!
Oh! This is your umbrella isn't it?
Am I salt or sugar in
your kitchen?
Am I eyes or books in
your Library?
Am I a nail or Ring,
if you're a finger?
Am I a kiss or smile
if you're lips?
Am I a poet or painter
if you're the beauty?
Are you the pink or cheeks
if I'm shy?
Are you a finger or sensation
if I'm the touch?
Am I the cradle or Lullaby
if you're a child?
Am I your lap or pillow
if you're the sleep?
Are you the heart or beat of life
if I'm the heart?
Am I the roots or ground
if you're the seed?
Am I hunger or taste
if you're the feast?
Am I the prison or sentence
if you're the prisoner?
Am I Tamil or sounds
if you're Language?
Am I Bharathi or Bharathidasan
if you're modern thought?
Am I your partner or far away
if you're loneliness?
Shall I talk or think if you're
going to be my partner?
Shall I stand here or go away
when you turn back?
When you go away shall I
call you or cry?
Am I right or wrong
if you're Love?
In your Right hand there are
10 fingers
10 fingers
In your left hand you've
10 fingers
...10 fingers!
As far away clouds
shower rain
...We burn ourselves in fire
in the cool rain drops
Don't fall flat on her feet!
I never expected that all of you
will come
But, you'll come here definitely
I was saying we too never
Yes! He loves his sister very much
He literally brought her up in his hands
without letting her feet touch ground
He has plenty of dreams for
that sister
How can he allow such a sister go alone
in broad day light in this city?
...l'll scratch myself
When she was a child
without wearing... - Shut up
He's a dialogue writer for Serials
once he starts he'll never stop
...Thinks himself to be the
great Sindbad
How can I be a Sindbad?
Greetings - Greetings
She's Asha!
Keep it by all means! I never
objected to it isn't it?
Auspicious thread is ready
shall we go & see it?
If you come near, I'll
shred you
Great saviour
How is it?
There's a difference between the
Auspicious thread and other jewellary
Do you know it?
- What's it?
Rings & other jewellary can be
worn and selected
But Auspicious thread can't
be selected like that
Look he has made a
great new point!
With this just one point, watch out
I'll create sensation for 10 Episodes
Watch there! - Where?
How's it?
Do you know why do woman
wear earrings?
I don't know!
Look, you're getting a new point
after new point
I'll catch all these points and
I'll start a mega serial "UNCLE"
...l'll give everyone a run for
their money! Watch out
Do you know it?
I too don't know
that's why I asked you
Shut up, Man
Is it nice?
When Gold joins Diamond
it'll definitely be good
Sir has given his assent isn't it?
Buy it madam
...Just Rs 1 lakh only
Rs 1 lakh!?!
It's original Diamond ring!
Sir, please buy it for her
Sir what do you do?
I'm going to be a
Police Inspector
What's there to think? Won't you
earn it in a month's bribe?
Hey! Watch out your words
I'm not that sort of a guy
...I know about police men
What do you know about policemen?
- wait... wait, don't fight!
...I'll remove it
...l'm not able to remove it
What happened?
You show me, I'll remove it
Got stuck up nicely, he's going to
shell out all money for that ring
Today he's a rich man!
- Tomorrow he'll be a begger
Unable to remove it
Sometimes it'll happen like this
for which we have a way to remove it
Are you going to cut the
ring & remove it
...No... finger
No need for it
I'll remove it & give it!
Kulfi has melted down
...We have a doubt!
You took a knife to cut a finger
for a stuck up ring?
Suppose if I buy a golden loin
thread and put it him
And if it gets stuck up
on him
How will you cut & remove it?
I've a way for that also
- What's it?
Look here
...Long sickle!
Is he a jeweller or a killer?
That's what! People are coming
thinking no making and no wastage
When life is itself in danger
Vanish from here
Brother! - What?
It seems he doesn't know
the way to the Hotel
...l'll come with him
Then, are you going to
come with me?
Where are we going to eat?
We're going to eat here?
You could've gone with them, isn't it?
Buddy, what's your programme?
We're going to meet the Governor
What're you asking us?
Your programme is our programme
We're going as a family
If you're family then was I
picked up from a garbage?
Am I sitting on the threshold
of a temple like this?
Or am I a pick pocketer?
You need friends till you
get a girl friend
As soon you get one
you cut your friends short
Did you say anything now?
Swear on your dead grandma
didn't you hear anything?
I didn't hear it
Come on you get on the bike
Why should we talk with strangers?
Come on hop on
Hey! Don't you know us?
What is he saying?
I'll not stay here for another
If I stay here it'll be a
matter of my family honour
The next scene is important
We must see how she'll sit on the bike
only then we must go
Hop in!
I must know a truth now
Now, won't there be any ups & downs
on the road?
It'll come
Won't there be speed breakers?
It'll be there
Won't the bike give any jerks?
- It'll
Won't he apply sudden breaks?
What will you do now?
I've an idea for that also
What's that idea?
I'll hold him tightly like this
He has left fooling me
Smiling like this she has
fooled me & went away
Unable to judge when they'll join hands
or when they'll leave it
How can you become a serial Director
without knowing a woman's heart
I'll understand in near future
& show it to you
How could you remove the ring easily
which everyone tried & failed?
Any girl will feel elated on the
touch of her lover
The food was excellent isn't it?
Shall we go for a small stroll?
...I wanted to ask you...
Brother, he wants to go on
a small stroll
...Tell him to go! - Brother
I was saying something
what was that...
Sir, do you want anything more?
...A Hot bill!
Sir, our Hotel's Kulfi will
be excellent
...Do you like to have it?
...Yes... she wants a dozen
...I like Kulfi
...Hey, get me just the bill... quickly
...Sir, why're you hitting
a small boy?
Get lost man
You go & pay the bill
...Why're you in a urgency?
He's getting it isn't it?
We'll also go for a stroll
...Go man... l'll go sir
Buddy! You look great
If you find any chic...
Hey, stop...
What's this nonsense? Is this
Beach your father's property?
Don't you ever get it?
Hey, Talk respectfully
You've come to Beach to enjoy
Should I give you respect?
Are you waiting for a customer or
have you brought one already?
Come on tell... come on tell
What happened?
Look... He in a inebriated mood made
nasty comments...
...ls he your Paramour?
He's a Majnu and you're a Laila
Hey, Behave properly in Public
What public? What great public?
Look! Behave decently otherwise
I'll have you booked for nuisance
Will you get me, arrested?
...No... No...
...We'll go away
Bash him like that
That's a great shot
Bash him up
Leave him brother
What's this brother?
Gave him a super coating
What happened here man?
Isn't there... Inspector Shankar! As usual
be got drunk & misbehaved with a girl
Will the boy accompanying her keep quiet?
He bashed him to pulp
Will the curses of all people
here go to waste?
That's why he had him
fried up nicely
If we use an Anesthesia
you'll not feel the pain
I must feel the pain, only then
I can remember his face very well
If we know his identity...
That's what, I don't know...
Search for him
He'll be between 25-30 years
We must find him wherever
he may be in the City
Search all Mafiosi and small time
Rowdies in those areas
...Search them thoroughly
Arrest, peanut seller, sweet meet
seller on the beach
...Go... go... go...
...Stitches may peel off
Doctor, it'll get healed without
leaving any mark isn't it?
Give me a mirror
Didn't you see his face?
All his life whenever he sees into a mirror
he'll see only my face not his
Add some more
Buddy, why're you adding so
much of weight?
Hasn't your anger not yet cooled down?
If only yesterday, Selvi and her
groom weren't there...
...That Rogue dog...
...Add on...
- Why?
Lord Muruga
Look at me instantly
...Remove all my hurdles
Look so, that all sins
get burnt to ashes
Let all bad men and rogues
chant my name, come Lord Muruga
...Who's Velu? - lt's me
...Last night... had a scuffle
on the road...
Sir has called you
Wait here, sir will come
For this, had you brought
us so urgently
Why did you beat him like
that last night?
I regret for leaving him
like that
I should've taken him to
a police station
No Police Station will register any
complaint against him
Why sir? Is he such a
dreaded Rowdy?
Working in tandem with
Politicians & Rowdies
He's the one who'll kill the people
he doesn't like in the name of Encounter
His name itself is Encounter Shankar
I want my child! I want my child
Give my child to me...
I want my child
I want my child...
I want my child
My child
...Coming sir
Pick up that syringe
- You calm down
Which bottle sir?
I want my child... my child
Inject... Inject...
My wife
What happened to her?
Golden Leader... Long live
Tamil Nadu's Prosperity Long Live
I toiled for him?
I toiled for this Party
This time also, he had cheated me
by no alloting me a seat
Whenever I ask him, he always
says you're my heir apparent...
If you keep quiet, you may end up as
a second fiddle all the life
...l'm warning you
Till that man is alive
you don't have any chance
He must die
How to kill him?
Despite his many commitments
honouring our invitation
...Leader has graced our
...I invite him on behalf of
our constituency people...
Look, you're arresting me, without
knowing who am I?
16 people have died beyond recognisation
in the bomb set by you
Many more are in serious condition
...You rogue
Hey! Without knowing my power
don't show your high handedness on me
...What great power! Sir... Leave him
...Sir please leave him
Did you see? The moment you
arrested me
...The whole of Tamil Nadu State
is ringing
Lift the phone...
...Saying like that release me
Not only just Tamil Nadu,
even if entire India rings
...No one can save you
Don't lift the phone
Sir, he's a big rowdy in this City
...He has Political influence
Tomorrow you may face trouble
from higher ups
We don't have any evidence that
Leader was killed by him
...I have it
...An Eye witness of the murder
Even if there is, they'll not dare to
give evidence in Court against him
My witness will come anywhere
to give evidence
Because... she's my wife!
Who are you?
What do you want?
I want your life
...Should've attended the function
watched the fun & gone away
Why did you witness the murder
and want to die now?
...He's trying to kill me
please save me...
Don't be afraid
Hey! Do you've sense?
Aren't you ashamed to call
yourself as a Politician?
Will you kill people by
keeping all doors open?
Will someone please pick it up?
- Oh! God!
Breake it!
Dear, please pick up the phone
Dear it's me
They're here to kill me for daring
to give evidence against them
Hey! Wait man!
...lt's Election time
I've plenty of work
We'll kill at least her
without any witness
We'll open the Gas cylinder and
set fire to it
It'll appear like a wife getting
killed while cooking
Where's the Match box?
Hey! Catch her
Go that side!
No Priya, don't go
Mother! Mother!
Why did you kill my child?
I want my child
Why did you kill my child?
I want my child...
I want my child
Accusing me of Arresting Aadhi
without any evidence
...Shifted my department
...And put me into the Selection Board
Aadhi, Shankar & Minister, knowing
all three are criminals
Since, I had to release Adhi
I couldn't do anything
If I can lay my hands on him
I can wipe out the
black mark on me
I can prove what exactly they are
Not only that, my wife's condition
has restrained my anger
Sir, we mustn't spare such men
To defeat the enemy, strength
alone is not enough
We must have intelligence and
patience also
Taking a hasty step, you mustn't
end up as a failure
That's why, I'm saying...
I had wished such men to
join Police force
You're one like that
Everyone will just look at height
and weight only
But, I look out for good
clean character
...You've that character
...He's a wounded snake
Till you become a Policeman
you must be patient
Who's that? Who's that? Who's that
I'm asking you isn't it? Who's that?
Sir, please don't beat me...
Don't you know him?
- I don't know sir
Hey, what are you watching fun?
Come here, don't you know him?
Come on tell me
Come on tell me
Hey, you were in that area
only last night, isn't' it?
Who's he? - I don't know!
Which area does belong to?
Really, I don't know sir
- Come on tell me
She called up the name...
Hey, come here!
Arrest all Velu's of that area
Hey, you don't know isn't it?
- I don't know!
Hey, why do you get beaten
You could tell the truth and
escape isn't it?
What's this beatings?
...Last night the way he beat him...
...Lightening flashes
...Will it be 10-12 stitches?
- 8!
Just 8?!
- 18!
Stitches mean that is stitches
Where's Asha?
So early marriage?
Making fun of me... Sister's
She's inside
Oh! Maiden! She has a live
fish always in her eyes
She has kept the wick of
the bomb fired always...
Memories of future wife will always
give red colour to betel
Sparkle like laugh has
lit fire to the bush
The one way track has became
the parting of her hairs
The vehicle going up hill slips down
to become her two plaits
Dancing water is the patch of
dark clouds striking her heart
Like a tied typhoon, when neared
she'll send shivers down your spine
Neatly carved waist
Little fold on it will
weigh my heart
The protected beauty will squeeze
life out of me
...Will stay lingering in
my eyes
The sesamum fields will
not bear your departure
Neither security will lapse
nor your vermillion will melt
Sir... sir... Jeep has broke down
can you give a lift sir
Okay, tell him to come
Found him sir!
I've found a man to give
you a lift
Yuck! Shut up!
Hey, what man? You're wearing a
helmet on seeing me?
How did you find it sir?
This is not for us! It's
for your safety only
Okay, start the vehicle
Velu is his name
Whoever may be there in his family
Father, Mother or Sister, arrest everyone
In whichever corner he may be in
this City search & find him
Let him come into my grip
Then, I'll show him my true colour
I'm his God of Death
...Go quickly!
What's all this checking?
Sir, we've information that a Terrorist
is on prowl in the City
That's why we are checking sir
Is it?
Who's he sir? Any relation?
No... No... just gave me a lift
Check him also
Sir, will you please remove
your helmet?
Please remove it sir!
Watch out man! It's Govt. Property
Am I the person you're looking for?
- No, sir! You may go!
Isn't he that man?
- He isn't that man sir
What? - Have you found Velu?
You go
Velu is caught... Velu is caught
Hey! Elumalai, why're you praying?
We've come to a Temple, isn't it?
Hey, when I asked you to show me
the depth of a woman's heart
...You've brought me to a Temple
Are you going to show me the
depth of the Temple Tank?
Don't talk ignorantly?
- What?
Our Country women, whether they're
scared of their husbands or not...
...They're afraid of Gods
If we ask them in Temple
We can fathom the depth of
a woman's heart
Is it? Thank you very much
Look there!
What's this man? Are Temple's getting
converted into Free Meal Centres
Women are eating to their heart's content
like Saravana Bhavan Special meals
Hey! This is what you call
as "Mud Meals"
"Mud Meals"?!
Woman make a vow for
their husbands
This "Mud Meals" is for fulfilling
that vow - ls it?
Come let's go near & talk and get
to know, their depth of heart
Man, when he's born as a
child eats mud
When he dies, he's buried into
Mud pit & mud eats him
Atleast in this period without
the distance between man & Mud
Again, you're eating food with Mud?
Is it justified?
Hey! Wastrels! Are you making fun
of fulfilling God's Vows
I had already told him
but, he didn't listen to me
Don't stare at me! Talk with them
Madam, don't mistake me
Even if there's a stone in the
Rice supplied by Ration Shop
You're going all in one voice and
fighting with them, isn't it?
Now, you're eating 'Mud Meals'
How can it be healthy?
What's this sound?
This is known as 'Sound of Rejoice'
They're turning their tongues
so expertly
With that only they can produce
the sound isn't it?
...I had come here to understand
a Woman's heart
But you had made me to understand
about a woman's mouth
Such a sound in such a
beautiful mouth
Is this called as 'Sound of Rejoice'
Not only raise sound
we can kill too
What do you think of yourselves?
Hey! Stop...
Where's money?
I don't have money with me, now
Don't you've money?
A husband is roaming around
without money to drink
Why do you need to
go to a Temple?
Dear, don't beat me...
don't beat me...
...No... No...
Hey! What's this?
Hey! You're cheating me, by keeping
money with you
Wait, I'll come back & take care of you
after having a few pegs
You must forgive me, Manjula!
Did you eat 'Mud Meal' for the well
being of such a Drunkard husband?
Hey! Are you talking bad about
my husband?
Looks like, they'll never
get reformed
Velu, what are you searching here?
First go to Function Hall and check
whether all goods have come or not?
Otherwise, it'll create a problem
tomorrow morning with missing things
...I was searching this only
...Come early to the Function Hall
Okay! I'll come! Hey, you're going
away forgetting this?
Velu, come here
I've bought this dress for you
- Khakhi Dress
If I wear this & come to the
function hall
I'll definitely look like
a watchman there
I had bought you this very fondly
Didn't you like it?
I just said it for fun
Wouldn't I like the dress which I had
wished to wear all my life?
That too bought by
my Lovely mother
Hey! Go carefully!
Hey, will you get my dress
from the Tailor?
Yes! I was born to do
that only, isn't it?
I'll punch you
Without fail come to the marriage
tomorrow - Go man
Hey! One minute
- What's it father?
Have you taken without forgetting all
Jewels and Auspicious thread?
I've taken everything
- Go carefully
Aunty! We'll go
I think there's some problem
- No need!
Didn't I warn you earlier not
to take friend's car?
Come... come... let's go
It's getting late
Look there
Turn the vehicle...
turn the vehicle
Go faster
Hey! Stop
Go faster-faster
Home Minister is coming!
clear the way please
Look at me
Hey! Stop!
What's this sir? You're crossing
like this - Get lost!
Did you find him?
No, he'll be in this area only
Go & search!
Okay sir
I must find him in 24 hours
Go carefully
Priest has asked for the
Auspicious thread
Auspicious thread I will give it now
Take it out quickly
What happened?
It's missing - Missing?!
- Don't shout
What happened?
Nothing! - Nothing!
I think I may've missed it
in the car
Please come with me
we'll get it from the car
What's this your game, at this
nick of the moment?
Don't shout!
If Velu comes to know about it
he'll get tensed up
Hey, where are you going?
That's... it seems she doesn't like the
breakfast served here
We'll go to the hotel and
have breakfast
Keep quiet man
She wanted some guilt jewellary
I'll buy in the near by shop
You carry on with your work
Here only! Stop!
You take it out, I'll fill petrol
in the vehicle & come - Make it fast
Yesterday, you ran away
like P. T. Usha
Let me see it today, you deceive me
& run away
Where's your Lover?
I don't know
Push her into the jeep
Come on tell me
Who's he?
I don't know
Don't know
Then, that night you were with him
was it a one day match?
Hey! Beat him
One minute
Auspicious thread is missing
Asha & I went in search of Auspicious
thread which was missing
Inspector Shankar came there and
took away Asha with him
I'm going to the station
Till the marriage ends no one
should know about this
If you tell me I'll release
you respectfully
Otherwise I'll file a case of
prostitution on you
And bring disrepute to you
Tomorrow morning's paper will flash news
'A beauty arrested with photo
Hey, will you say she had
called you?
I'll say sir
Did you see?
If you try to protect him
I'll finish you off
Hey! Nageshwari please take care of her
Come... come I'm asking
you to come isn't it?
Come on tell... come on tell
- I'll not say
What's that bag? What's there
in that bag?
Come on tell
Is it stolen bag? Am I not
asking you to give it?
Auspicious thread
If you get caught in some hotel
the one which you tie it yourself
Is it for that?
Is your full name Kanagavelu?
Invitation has come to
the station itself
Everyone get ready to go there
We'll create a terror in the
marriage function hall
Come... sunny... come... come
Have you come on yourself?
Hey! Useless, release her
Release her... make it fast boys
send her out
Otherwise they'll say police...
Send her... send her
Go... go... go...
Carefully... Carefully
No one should know about this till
marriage is over
Nothing happened to you, isn't it?
Nothing! First go & give this
Auspicious thread
Where's Velu?
- I'll tell that later
Where's brother?
He'll be somewhere here only
Sit down... sit down
Sit down
Did you see my face?
My face was also clear like
your face!
Policemen like you deserve
such a face only
Where's Velu?
He's talking there!
He isn't seen there
Outside... outside...
At this moment...
he'll be somewhere here only
Auspicious time is nearing...
watch here
Fast beat... Fast beat!
Where's Velu?
He'll be here any moment
Hey! What are you looking at?
Are you scared?
I feel pity on seeing you
Kill me here only
If you spare me alive...
...You'll regret for it
why did I spare him?
Is it?
Throw him on Railway tracks
Protect me Lord Muruga
look at me at this instance
Lord Muruga
Please be here only
It's been long since I saw you
Where's Kanagavel?
Kanagavel? Who's he sir?
Anyone known to you
is missing?
S.I.! Take a written
complaint from sir
...Take it!
Hey! Don't play act
Where's Kanagavel?
What are you saying sir?
I'm not able to get anything
Hey! Did you arrest anyone
known as Kanagavel? - No sir!
No sir
No sir
I know very well about you
Are you going to hand over him
to me now or not?
Sir... please come
please come here...
No one can escape from me
Look at this!
This was the shirt worn by Velu
Narrowly escaping from near death
we've found you again
To let this marriage go on
without any hitches
You've undergone so
many difficulties
Brother nothing will happen to you
you'll be fine in a short period
If I'm to say I've to say it's
his second birth
There's a lot of internal injury
So till the bones set again
he must be very careful
Bed rest is most important
from now
Why're you in such a haste?
Father I must walk at
the earliest
I... I... must avenge him
Are you still harbouring
anger on him?
I can understand your
anger on him
You beat him
He beat you like this and
took revenge on you
Enough! Leave it here itself
Everyone talk's only bad about
that policeman
If we see a bad man we must
only move away from him
Not only that we all are
from middle class
We can't bear all this
Right now! You must get up
and walk properly
That is more important
You must join the police
Till then you must be patient
This is a swear on me
Has he regained the
consciousness? - No
He's still in sound sleep!
What did the doctor say?
He said nothing to get worried
But he can't join the police
as he had wished
What are you saying?
Velu has received an Interview card
Doctor says it'll take at least
2 months for him to walk
But, there's only 15 days for
the Interview
Can't anything be done for it?
If it is some other job
we can try!
But in police selection
it is impossible
Physical fitness is very
important for it
Kanagavel who's not in a position
to get up & walk also
There's absolutely no chance
for him to get this job
Oh! God!
One may face any number of hurdles
to achieve what he wishes
Only few people have the strength to
overcome them and emerge victorious
I don't know whether Kanagavel
has that in him or not
...Take care of him
Now I'm okay, Doctor
If the medicine cures half the
disease of the patient
And his will power cures
the other half
You'll win
Oh friend... Oh friend...
You're always the "Friend of Victory"
Carve your name one day
on the moon
Hereafter Himalayas will become the
inscription stone singing your praises
What paintings! Won't your
moustache paint them
What poems! Won't your
silent reveal!!
I saw the bravery!
I saw the fire in
both the eyes
I'm in Love
I saw myself in you
You're enough for
me always
I can't be there without
your breath
My Love! Shall I sleep by making
your saree as the cradle?
My Love! Even you're my child
Shall I sing lullaby
like a mother?
I came us a depression and got
caged in the dove's cage
I become your wings for you to
fly anywhere
Fragrance of flower...
honey... milk
I saw the womanliness in you
Mother is mummy and father
is dummy, how's it?
They've already kept it
You people will look fresh
like tomatoes
Today, why're you all dull
like fried Brinjals?
Did anything happen in
your life?
Because, I'll deal with
the women's heart
We 4 use to eat in the same
plates & sleep on the same cot
We're close friends
Oh stingy!
That's why, we 4 have decided to
commit suicide in the same well
This is our written statement, can
you handover this to police?
Statement... Suicide...
Why do you make me to
read your script?
What has happened in
your life?
Then what, sir!
In our college, all girls
have boy friends
But we 4 are not getting
boy friends
Are you all committing suicide because
you don't have boy friends
Did you see?
Women are suffering due to
water scarcity... oil etc...
Since there're no boy friends should
that be the problem of young girls?
I'll note this
It'll be okay for you all
if you've boy friends, isn't it?
Is it okay, if you get
a Bhai(Muslim) as a friend, isn't it?
You consider this Bhai(Muslim)
as your friend
He's a good person
- Are you kidding us?
We asked for a charming
boy friend
You're showing a Muslim with
Frankincense, as a friend
After having breakfast
If I fan the Frankincense
in 2-3 shops
I'll get 5-10 rupees
I was walking on the road
you brought me in
And are you troubling the
college girls? Rascal
I'll tear you apart
...Look everyone is going
May you get good thought
Why do you get scoldings
like this?
To understand the minds
of women
It'll be a problem if we question
them in a group
Look there
One is standing there alone
Go and ask her! Then you
can understand their mind
Will she say?
A Tamil girl with an
English Magazine
That too it's
"Outlook" magazine
That too, Miss world Aishwarya Rai's
photo on the front page
Then, how much general knowledge
will she be having?
If I ask her, she'll tell everything
about the mind of women
I like to know about the
minds of women
You Idiot!
I'm suffering, since I couldn't
understand the minds of men & women
At this moment, you're asking
me about the mind of women
I'm asking you because
I don't know
There're different seats allotted for
men & women in Theatre
Do they allot any
seats for us?
Even if we go to a toilet
There's a separate toilet for
Gents & Ladies
Do we've separate toilets?
If we go to a Temple
We see separate queue for
Gents & Ladies
Do we've a separate queue?
When we are already suffering
with this dilemma
You're asking me about the
minds of women
You brainless fellow!
do you've brains?
Then what'll be my condition?
A man's mind is No.9
Intentions hiding inside
is 19
Since you were promoted
in the office
Can, I say proudly that it was only
because of my sister's arrival?
No problem for me
What do you say, Asha?
Our company is going to open
another branch in Bangalore
If we join there in the
beginning stage
Then the future will be prosperous
and life will be peaceful
Why don't you apply for that?
It's my duty to get you
the appointment order
Brother is saying for
our good, lsn't it?
Say "yes"
Why do you say this now?
I feel that Asha should
lead a peaceful life
So that... So that...
Instead of trying for this
police job
You can join that job
in Bangalore
Why take a risk?
What are you saying?
He said something in a hurry
don't take it to your heart
Did you call my brother
to say this?
Risk is not only in
the Police profession
It is everywhere
We don't know what'll happen next
That's life
So what I am trying to say is...
You have every right to decide
about your sister's future
Likewise, my future wife should be
only my life partner
She shouldn't be the one
to decide about my life
Selvi, I've my interview tomorrow
I'll leave
Come! What "Vettu(cut) Shankar"?
Only rowdies will be named as
'Blade Bakri', 'Chain Jaipal'...
Even your name has
become like that
Take care of your health
What is she saying?
Everyone will talk behind your back
But she said it on your face
What are you saying?
Those who were calling you
"Encounter Shankar" out of fear
Immediately you got this cut
They're calling you as
Since this name suits
your cut
Even I didn't tell you
Hey, shut up & come
Where's I.G.?
I.G. is taking interviews
Sir, he's not here
he's upstairs
How did you answer?
Buddy, I did well - Is it?
We should try to get posting in
the place where we can get bribe
Hey, I said it for a joke
- That's it...
Hasn't he died yet?
He's going infront of us
How's it?
We're conducting a Valentines Day
programme on T.V.
What do you think about love?
It's divine
Sir, what do you think
about love?
There's no religion
for love
Oh! Are you loving a girl
of a different religion?
I'm loving a girl from each
Sir, one minute
What's your opinion
about love?
It's fraud
Hey, I think it'll be interesting...
come on listen
You ask...
Sir, one minute
You clapped for his
opinion, isn't it?
Then is love a fraud?
Sir, why're you going
Then, did you clap without knowing
anything about love?
What do you know
about love?
They say, love is blind
Do you know one thing?
That's only till
we start loving
After that, not one or 2
but 1008 eyes will sprout out
Brother will ask, where are
you working?
Mother will ask about the salary
Father will say that you were
smoking cigarette on the road
Like this, it'll continue
It's justified, isn't it?
Shouldn't we ask for
our safety?
If you want safety, ask your parents
to deposit 5 Lakhs in the bank
Why do you ask us for
the safety?
Don't turn the tables
Why should we turn
the tables?
Before expressing the
love to a guy
Ask for his Bio-data
If you're rich, give a tender
notice in the paper
Through that, know about their
Job, Salary & safety...
Only if these suit you
express your love
You can love by looking
at their status
But we're not like that
If we like her, we won't expect
anything else
Love reforms the pick pocket
murderer & rowdy
The one who tries to
achieve something
Only if he sacrifices his
ambition, he'll get her
If they put condition like this
How can it be called as
true love?
A girl can decide whether
she can fall in love or not?
It isn't wrong
But if she hesitates
to marry her lover
It's absolutely wrong
I can't understand, sir
The problem is that you people
don't understand
Clarify with the madam
Where's Kanagavel?
Where's Kanagavel?
Tell me... Tell...
Sir, please speak respectfully...
who are you?
Don't you know me? 'Khaki' uniform
Do you know what that rascal did?
What? Is it rape?
Why do you speak nonsense
about him?
Look, I think you've come to
the wrong place
I know
He has committed a murder
Do you know Drugs?
What a serious crime?
He's smuggling Drugs
10 more similar cases
I won't spare him without filing
10 cases against him
His results are coming
Results will not come
Did you see this?
...His certificates
I won't leave him
Did you see this? See this!
I'm Encounter Shankar
After hitting me, will he come
to my department?
Sir, please, don't do it
Sir, please listen to me
this concerns his future
Please listen to me
remove your hand
Don't do... don't do
Oh God!
Till I'm alive, there's no
future for him
Mother, why're you looking gloomy?
Is there any problem in
Selvi's house?
Did father scold you?
No... son...
Inspector Shankar came to our
home and...
Your father...
Father - No... man...
You'll not get that job
Inspector had burnt your
Hereafter, your wish won't be
Father? Are you going to tell me or...
He had hit your Father
Hey, be quiet
Velu, where are you going?
What? What now?
We're Middle Class people
We don't have Status
He can do whatever he wants
but we should keep quiet
Is it not? No, father
Hereafter, I Can't be quiet
If we stay quiet like the dry
dung which is on the road
They'll stamp us
and go away
I was wrong to stay quiet
by listening to you
Has he come to show his bravery in
my absence at home?
Every day...
Every day, he should cry
by thinking of me
He should suffer by
realising his fault?
He didn't slap you on
your cheeks
But here...
Father, he has committed a mistake
Immediately, we should question him?
Please don't try to control
me hereafter
Bless me
Where's Shankar?
He has gone for the security
for the Caste party meeting
God of Death!
The members of our party
Watch properly & go...
Hey, he's lion... he's a lion...
Okay, go...
...I like to say...
Not only that
We'll prove the majority of our
Caste in this election
Next it will be our Government
I like to say we're going to organise
a big procession in Chennai
We'll make this forth coming
procession an excellent show
Even let it be the Parliament
or anything else
Whichever Assembly... It'll
be all ours
Come king... did you see where
I had trapped you?
If public hits police, now
do you understand what'll happen?
Did you see, I made you to
come in search of me
Will you tear apart by wearing
the uniform infront of me?
Why are you staring?
Hey, why are you staring?
Will you tear me apart?
Get lost
You escaped that day
But hereafter, I'll kill you
This is just a beginning
still there's more
Hey idiot!
Leader! Stop it, leader
He's speaking badly about
our Caste Leader?
Hey, who's the one who spoke badly
about my leader?
My leader is the
"Lion of Self Respect"
Police down... down...
You dog!
Opposition Party rascal, are you
speaking disparagingly about our caste?
Come on, hit him!
Did they come for this?
Is this the matter?
Hey come on hit him
tear him apart
How cruelly you hit me
in the Police Station?!
Hey, shouldn't leave you
hit him
They'll say, we'll get hurt
on the old hurt
And he also got hurt on the
face where he was hurt previously
If we give him Anesthesia
he won't feel pain, isn't it?
No need anesthesia, put the
stitches as it is
Only then, he will remember him...!
When they're asking for it
why do you object?
Okay, give him anesthesia
Why're you insulting me?
- Then, don't want
Hey, what's all this?
- Sir, greetings
Won't you people reform?
Instead of returning back after
doing duty properly
Should you've to show your
Castism even there?
Not that, sir
Why did you scold their leader
by attending their meeting?
Not that, sir
He's responsible for all these
He means...?
Was he, the 500 people for you?
What are you blabbering?
In the forth coming election, their
party was to join our alliance
But you spoiled everything
You're suspended for 15 days
for the work you've done
They were to suspend you
I'm coming after cancelling it
Hereafter, don't do any
foolish things - Time is up
Take care of your
health! Be careful
Okay - I'll leave
You continue
If fate asserts, even science will
be wiped out, what a dialogue!
Hey, why did you give her alms?
Why're you stopping me from
giving alms?
So sad! She's a pregnant lady
Is pregnancy the qualification
for begging?
If lorry hits her & she loses
her hands, we can provide alms
If bus hits and she loses
her leg, we can provide alms
After enjoying with her husband
she has become pregnant
Can I see all these?
Look, in Brazil, they're producing
coffee seeds
In Dubai, they're extracting oil
But only in this country they're producing
children & making them to beg
We can't finance for this?
You're talking about this 10 months
burden very casually
Can men bear this burden?
Why are you people repeating
this for so many years
Don't we've burdens?
I'll show you the burdens of men now
Look there
Look there
Look there
Hey Udumalai, bring those 3 godowns here?
You bring them, man
With whom are you...
Hey stop, open the show rooms & show
Hey, open them
Did you see, are these stomachs
or this is the one?
Look, you can lessen your
burden after 9 months
But these people... these are the stomachs
which were developed at the age of 25
Do you know, they'll bear them
till they die
Out of them can anyone bend
and look at their toe finger
Leave that, man
Whenever they sleep baring their
Children will use them as slide
Now look at their difficulties
and say
Isn't their burden greater than
your burden?
You sinners! You people have spoiled
my livelihood, you'll be ruined
Hey sinner! Even this is fraud
I've disturbed you, button your
shirt and carry on your work
Hey, you've exposed our
stomachs publicly
I was supporting for men, isn't it?
why're you getting tensed?
Do you know, who are we?
Who are you?
He's Assistant Commissioner
I'm Inspector they both
are S.I.'s
Hey, we are roaming in uniform
You've opened our
central place
By looking at your stomach
I had a doubt, that you may be
from police department
I did this just out of interest
No doubt... l'll confirm
it & show you
Hey, show him the beatings
of Tamilnadu Police
Which baby do you like?
Ammu, we'll decide about that
after our marriage
Hey, get lost, mad fellow
I'll tell you only baby girl should
be born to my sister-in-law
No... only baby boy
Only girls will heed the words
Whose? Their brother's words?
Whoever says, you should listen
if its good
Oh God! Have you started
your fight?
Baby girl or baby boy
It's enough if my daughter's child is
born healthily isn't it, dear?
Velu, can't find the bangles
which were in the box?
Thief in the policeman's house
Not thief but woman thief
Who's the woman thief?
I just wore those on my hands
for safety
Buddy, she's saying it in reverse
She had put her hands
in the bangles
Aunty, take them... remove them... aunty
Oh God! How many times
she's calling aunties
Why're you telling me?
Why're the bangles so tight?
Aunty, careful... or else
they'll break
They'll break the heart of a man
but the bangles shouldn't break
Let's see, you remove them
without breaking
When we ourselves couldn't remove them?
How can he?
He can...
Mother, this is like
cricket match fixing
She'll wear and
sir'll remove
Son, please come and
remove them
Auspicious time is elapsing
isn't it?
You + me = us
You + me = us
Buddy, nobody can question him
what he does while loving?
Look, how he is
removing bangles...
If Aadhi hits, it will
be a strong hit...
Why were you not seen in
the slum area?
Only now you found this way?
What's this on your face?
Did you drink & fell down?
Without knowing about me, one person
has hit me
Is he still alive?
Hereafter, he shouldn't
be alive...
That's why, I came to you...
Wipe the lamp carefully...
otherwise devil may appear
Keep quiet...
Here devil has come...
Hey! If you call brother as devil
I'll not spare you...
You play... - Be careful...
Go carefully... don't get scared
by seeing the devil...
My child, uncle & grandpa
has come...
Shall we have dinner?
What happened?
Selvi, who's it?
Selvi, what happened?
Who? Who's it?
Ashok, what's this?
Oh God!
Selvi, come... come...
Ashok, you also come...
Yuck, in this city, I'm the
agent for the God of Death
To save that family, why
do you want to die?
By revealing him...
You would've escaped & gone
from here, isn't it?
What does the hired assassin like
you know about friendship?
Buddy, it won't come for money...
...lt comes out from the heart...
it should come from here
He's my friend for 15 years
For his family...
I'm proud even to die...
What are you going to do?
what will you do?
Come on... hit me.
hit me...
If you're still alive, till
your friend comes...
Tell him that Aadhi
came here...
Sir, this room
Vasu, what happened?
- Mother...
Hey, nothing has happened to you
isn't it?
You were all present there
then how this?
Nothing has happened
to them...
But, they had stabbed Ashok...
Nothing has happened to me...
Who did it?
what's all this?
Nothing has happened to
sister also
I know... who has done this?
Leave me... l'll...
Don't take any
hasty decision...
Buddy, after seeing you
I wished to become
a police man...
Hey! What's this?
Velu, you should become
a police man
You should become
a policeman...
You should become
a policeman
Velu, you should become
a policeman...!!
Should become a policeman
Sir, call for you...
Population has increased
in India
That's why, I decreased one...
Are you happy?
You've touched a high voltage wire...
See how you will be
tossed away...
You idiot! Go out & play...
Why are you scolding the child
on the Auspicious day?
Dear, go out & play...
...You go out & play...
Child, be careful...
be careful...
My would be's moustache
is like a sharp sickle
Every young women will
crave for him...
Does my would be has
magic eyes?
I spun like a Top...
Without charging making
and wastage charges
They've created the
entire universe?
What will you give?
My would be,
what will you give me?
Oh dear! I'm a 'Chikku Bukku'
If you come & hit me...
what will happen to me?
I'm a peacock of the place
You're the cyclone of the place
'Machilipatnam', will I sway?
You become fire...
Shall I come as water
to extinguish you?
I'll become honey... and you come
in search of me like a house fly
Because at your remembrance, my
heart is feeling something
Will you buy & give me
a saree & pearl beads?
Will you write the sugarcane crusher
& jasmine garden on my name?
In the east & in the west...
It'll be a problem
if paddy ripens
There's no need of
Gold bangles
It's enough, if I get
Diamond earings...
I'm ready to play the
game 'Kabadi'
Buy & give me, what
I have asked for...
I'm Inspector Shankar speaking...
Is it Aadhi?
Brother... brother...
Who's it?
You fool...
Why are you disturbing me
on my birthday?
I want to talk an important
matter with you
Start immediately...
If you want, you come here...
Let both of us enjoy
the spot...
I can't talk to you
in the crowd...
This is the matter of
your life...
Where should I come?
Immediately come to
the 'Kalparai'
I'll take care of
other things
Hey! Come...
What's it? He called me & he's
not to be seen?
Look over there...
Hey! Look this side...
With Inspector Shankar's Gun...
Vellu has gone in search
of Aadhi long back
I'm very scared...
Sir, leave me...
Sir, we shouldn't leave him
Listen to me..., Vellu...
First shoot me & then
shoot him...
If you're so angry because
he has killed your friend
He, who is the cause
of my child's death...
How much anger will be
generated in me?
Till now, I haven't been able to
trap him
Otherwise I would've made to reveal
the entire truth
I want him alive...
All these days, without knowing
where he is...
I was searching only
for this Aadhi
Only if he's alive...
We can prove infront of the law Minister
& Shankar had instigated him
Hey! You want a job, isn't it?
You want, isn't it?
Even that you can get
if he's alive...
The tragedy which has happened
to us because of him
If noon should face it again
I want this man alive...
Where have you started?
Where is your revolver?
Are you deceiving the Government
by showing the toy gun?
No... sir... How it
came here...!!
Here is your original
We found this at the place where you
went to shoot Aadhi's group
We came here to confirm that
it was your revolver...
It is confirmed...
Sir, there is some confusion...
We'll talk about remaining things
tomorrow in the enquiry...
Buddy, you don't worry...
You can easily read
women's mind
How is it possible?
Doctor had given you Anesthesia for
1 week & done major operation
Major operation?!!
Was it to join the military?
Not that 'Major'... this
is different...
Don't confuse by saying
'Major' & 'Pager'
Tell me the matter...
You can't understand
by hearing...
Remove your blanket & see
You can understand it
I myself should remove it?!!
What operation you've done
Doctor, without asking
my permission
Why did you do such
an operation on me?
I did the operation after getting
permission from your guardian...
Who's that guardian?
There's no doubt
it's me...
You idiot... Udumalai was it
fair on your part?
You had done the right thing, but
why did you leave my moustache?
It seems it'll fall off
within one hour
For that, Doctor has given
a special injection...
Why are you so tensed?
How can I be without
Hereafter, how can I go by standing
in the city bus?
Oh God! Youngsters will pinch
my stomach...
When I return after seeing
the second show...
Young men will have eye
on me... oh! God!!
Even on emergency cell use, police
will arrest saying come(cell)beauty
Rowdies in the bus stand
On my beautiful hip...
If the play top on it & enjoy
Oh! God! It'll get septic and stitches
may loosen...
Doctor, I had a solid life
And you had changed it
like this?!!
Why are you so tensed?
As thorn can be removed
by a thorn
As snake's leg can be
known by a snake...
Hey! What are you trying
to say?
What's your problem?
You wished to read
women's mind...
Only woman can read
another woman's mind...
For that?
I changed you as woman
Doctor... My Darling...
Doctor, Thank you very much...
Doctor, they say for
the human being...
If God closes one door
he'll open another door
You've done the same thing to me...
my dear...!!
You look like Actress Jyothika?
You too look like Actor Madhavan
Shall we go for
the evening show?
We'll go... but, we should go only
to that film which I prefer?
Which film?
Clouds are black & lightning comes
Yuck! Why did you shoot
Sir, I didn't shoot him...
If you didn't, then, how your
revolver was there?
That's what, I also don't
But, I swear I didn't
shoot him...
Sir, did you call me?
Who called you?
My full name is 'Sudali Raja'
At home, they'll call me
as 'Sudali'
I thought you had called
me by that name...
Hey! Shut up! - Okay...
Is beggar there? - Yes, he's here...
Sir, call for you...
Who's it?
I'm public speaking...
I only killed Aadhi & his group
by taking your revolver...
You can't say that revolver
is missing...
Because, they'll ask why
you didn't complain?
Then, you can't accept that
you had only killed him
Because they'll ask you why did you
shoot him without superior's permission?
Isn't it?
Have you heard about
Thirunelveli's sweet?
It'll just slide down
the throat...
But there is another type of sweet
It'll get stuck to the teeth
& is difficult to chew
But I had given you
a sweet
You can neither chew
nor swallow it...
Hey! What a big sweet!
Where are you?
Hey! Give me the phone...
I'm minister speaking...
Sir, greetings...
I'm speaking from 'Sweet stall'
Sir has ordered for sweets...
where should I deliver?
Sweets?!! Do you have sense?
Do you want sweets at
this time?
Sir, not that... he's...
Tomorrow what are you going
to reply in the enquiry?
All these bullets were taken from
the pockets of Aadhi's henchmen
It's confirmed that all these
were fired from your revolver
Without getting permission
from the superior
How can you shoot
Aadhi's group?
I've not shot great men or
great freedom fighters
I've shot traitors...
I've shot criminals who
used to kill people for money
Sir, look at this...
Cases on them...
For that, why did you go to
the extent of shooting?
I got the information about
their illegal business
I went to arrest them
They tried to kill me...
So, in self defence, I
shot them...
Sir, it's okay if you take any
decision against me...
I'm satisfied that I've
eliminated rowdy group
That is enough for me...
Then, where is Aadhi who
came with them?
Sir, I've shot him...
He tried to escape with the wound
and jumped into the river 'Cooum'
Sir, but... he may not
be alive...
Body will be in
river 'Cooum'
So, immediately you find the body
& send it for postmortem...
No... I went this side...
No... I went to catch fish
in the sea...
I know the truth...
You didn't shoot Aadhi
What do you mean?
You didn't shoot Aadhi properly
If you had shot him, he would've
died in this place
Normally we'll search people
now, we're searching the body...
Is madman there?
He is there...
Sir, call for you
Who's it?
You're searching for the body
as though you've killed Aadhi
Is it an eyewash for
the Department?
You've understood it rightly...
For what?
You've done the job which
I thought of doing...
What do you mean?
Thinking that I've killed
Aadhi & his gang
Department have decided
to promote me
Had you not killed him?
I would've killed him on the
middle of the road...
Do you know why?
If Aadhi was alive, he would've been
a problem to me...
Hey, stupid! You've shown your
Policemen's attitude, isn't it?
Who's it?
It's Aadhi
Aadhi, Are you still...
I'm still alive...
Aadhi, lt's not that...
Hey! Stop it...
I've killed many people for your sake
without caring about me...
...But you...
To get promotion, you
dared to kill me...?
No, you've mistaken me...
Hey, you've seen only
one part of Aadhi
Hereafter, you'll see the
entire Aadhi...
Aadhi, please, listen to me...
You wastrel...
What all I, you & the
Minister have done
I'll reveal in the Court
with the evidence
Where is Kanagavelu's house?
- Here it is...
Sir, I swear, I don't know...
Tell me... Tell me...
Sir, I'll tell the truth...
If you want to remain alive
Tell the truth...
Tell me...
Sir, I'll tell...
From the Anna Fly-Over...
If you go straight &
turn right...
Poes garden will be there...
Madam's house is there...
From there, if you go straight
Nearby, there's Superstar
Rajini's house...
From there, if you turn
left & go right...
Doctor Kalaignar's
house is there...
From there, if you go straight &
turn right...
There you'll find an ADMK'S office
From there, if you go straight
it's dead end...
Dead end...
"Goddess Shakthi's" temple...
Yes... "Goddess Shakthi's" temple
I swear on that Temple Goddess
I don't know where he is
Look, lf Aadhi opens his mouth
tomorrow in the Court
My post & your Police job
will go...
Sir, now, what can we do?
I don't know, where Velu
has kept him...
So, Aadhi & Velu has close relationship
from the beginning
By saying, he has RD X
Gelatin & Pipe bombs
We should brand Velu
as a terrorist
We didn't find Aadhi's body...
because he's staying with Velu...
With this information...
We should make the Government to
believe that, both of them are Pals...
If we establish like that
The entire Tamilnadu will be
prepared to shoot them at sight
Frequent bomb blasts...
Who are the new terrorists?
In a short time,
frequent bomb blasts have occurred
Sir, what was behind it?
I'll tell...
Recently, lnspector Shankar, had shot
the rowdy gang in the City
You know that, he was
praised & promoted
In that shooting, rowdy
Aadhi had escaped
A new man called as Kanagavelu
has joined him
Kanagavelu & Aadhi are the cause
for all these things
There's proof for it...
We're investigating, how they got
the latest explosives
Kanagavelu, because he got distressed
for not getting a job
He has formed a group against
the Government
He's doing all these things...
Destructive forces from outside that
are trying to ruin peaceful TamilNadu
Should be eliminated with
an iron hand
So, Velu alias Kanagavelu
Aadhi alias Aadhibhagawan...
Government has ordered to shoot them
at sight...
Buddy, what's this? He has turned
the Government against us...
I had arranged special squad headed by
DSP Shankar to catch both of them
I believe that, with the help of it
we can eliminate them & entire terrorism
If Law & Order is good in
the country...
Sir, look, how they're inventing stories
because I've become an approver
We can't do anything against
his tricks
Sir, what's this? He's saying that
he'll shoot us...
Don't worry... we'll take
Aadhi to the Court...
It's alright, even if I die
But, tomorrow, public will see
Aadhi's statement on the same T.V.
Everywhere, Police is watching us...
You take Aadhi to Chengleput
I'll come there...
That car...
Check properly...
I'm DSP Shankar...
Madam, where're you going?
Sir, I'm going for the coverage
for T.V. News
Check all the vehicles...
Ask all of them to be alert
at the check post
They may come by any way...
It's not necessary to catch
them alive...
Shoot them...
Who ever kills them, immediately
he'll be promoted...
Tell them, that you're going to
interview C.M. at the function?
Is C.M.'s Secretary speaking?
Is C.M.'s funtion going to start?
Sir, they're checking here
on the road
Inspector's name...
Can't you tell, you're going to
C.M.'s funtion? Go...
Policemen should have eyes
not only on their faces...
But, also on their backs
Only then, we can catch them...
Listen properly...
Somehow, we've to catch them...
Where is that vehicle going?
Sir, they're going
to C.M.'s funtion
You idiot, it's since 2 days
that C.M. has gone to Tanjore
Catch that vehicle...
Go... Go...
I'm alright... You go ahead...
Asha, you take the camera
Not that...
Hey, take the camera...
Judge sir, I'm talking
in full sense
This statement is not
meant to save myself
But to save an innocent
For the only reason, that
he had clashed with them
They declared that, Kanagavelu
is a terrorist
They're trying to shoot him
I don't know about Holy books
Sir, but I swear on my food
Kanagavelu is innocent...
Sir, please save him...
Sir, don't leave them...
You're finished...
According to the statement
of Aadhi
It's proved that, Minister Vedanayagam
DSP Shankar & Aadhi are the criminals
So, we're acquitting innocent
And we're requesting the Govt. to give
Police job as desired by him
Come, give an Interview!
Sir, being an ordinary Middle
Class man
How did you win against
Minister & Officials
If you've Courage, you can
win over anybody...!