Dhishoom (2016) Movie Script

Saeed, tell me what you see.
Saeed, did you find him?
Viraj is not here.
Only his jacket's here.
I think we've lost him.
An average of 86 and a strike rate of 155.
If anybody can help India clinch the victory, it's this player.
Viraj Sharma.
Has it got the distance?
Yes, it has! Six for Viraj, six for India!
Can't help but get reminded of Sachin Tendulkar..
..in the 1998 Coca Cola Cup at this very venue.
Now five runs required of just two balls.
This is gonna be another one of those Viraj Sharma specials.
There's a fielder in the deep, Viraj needs to keep strike to himself.
He's challenging the fielder, challenging his arm.
It's going to be tight. It is tight.
Umpire signals upstairs. Third umpire it is now.
Is he in? Just about it seems.
Viraj Sharma isn't getting up.
I think we've got a problem here.
And it looks very much like he's in a lot of pain.
I think that he jammed his shoulder due to the dive.
Look at that right arm. There's a problem there, he's struggling.
Viraj is walking off the field.
This is bad news for India.
This is India's last wicket. If Viraj doesn't return..
..then Sri Lanka will move into the finals and play Pakistan.
It's paining really bad though. - What happened?
My shoulder.. I think it's dislocated.
We'll inform them that you can't play.
Give me a minute, sir.
This happened to me during the under-19 world cup too.
I think I can fix this.
Don't be stupid, Viraj. Your career is at stake.
Give me the bat.
Even an injury can't keep Viraj away from cricket.
This is the mark of a true champion.
So here it is, the final ball that decides everything.
That's a switch hit. Oh yes!
What a shot, what a player, what a match!
Winning a lost match has become Viraj's habit off late.
I guess that's why they call him Mr. Impossible.
So there it is. Exactly after 48 hours..
..India will clash against Pakistan in the final.
That's it from us.
We'll see you at the Sheikh Hamza stadium. Goodnight.
C'mon! -Well played!
C'mon, boys! Faster! Faster! Faster, guys!
Viraj is not in his room. - Must be having breakfast.
No, sir. His bed is untouched as well.
As if he didn't return to the room.
Did you try calling him? -His phone is unreachable, sir.
Since when?
Haven't spoken to him since last night.
Tell me something, does he often break curfew rules?
In fact, he never does it. He's one of our most disciplined boys.
That's why I'm even more worried.
Even his phone is switched off.
That's strange, this has never happened before.
Have you spoken to Viraj's family?
His father spoke to him yesterday, after the game.
India plays Pakistan in 36 hours.
No one should get a whiff of this.
This news can cause riots.
So ma'am, what's our next step?
Whether it's Viraj Sharma or a substitute..
..we're responsible for the safety of the whole team.
Bring back the whole team on the next flight.
We'll have to cancel the finals.
Connect me to their foreign affairs minister.
Yes, ma'am.
Pakistan.. Pakistan..
Pakistan.. Pakistan..
This is for the governments of India and the Gulf states.
Since you don't know me, consider me a fan.
Don't even bother to find me, I'm not from your country.
Anyway, listen carefully now.
I don't want any money or ransom.
This is just..
..for the love of my cricket team.
A small request.
The final match..
..will be played without this Viraj Sharma.
I'll send him home after that.
God forbid, if I come to know that..
..the final match is cancelled..
If the final is cancelled..
..I'll kill him.
It's just a matter of 36 hours.
Let him stay here.
Pakistan.. Pakistan..
India's Minister of External Affairs is on line 1.
I'm guessing, you've seen the video.
We've been promoting cricket for ages.
But such an incident has never happened in our country before.
We're dealing with a fanatical fan here.
This man's crazy, he can do anything.
We need to act fast.
Ma'am, I promise you, my best men will be on the job.
I have a request. I want to send an officer from India..
..who will help you on this case.
I don't think that is necessary. Our working styles are different.
Don't worry about that. His working style is very unique.
He'll be there by lunch.
I just asked you not to smoke in the lift.
I gave you an option of taking the stairs.
Customs officer Vishal Sinha, how are you?
I'm fine, buddy. Just thought of talking to you.
Of course, you'll think of me. We used to kill thugs together.
Now you wear a white cap and check excess baggage.
Shall we catch up for lunch?
Can't. I've come to meet Alishka.
Good. Atleast you found time for her.
Take care, man.
Sorry, Kabir. I was in the bathroom.
What time is the flight?
3.30 am. I hate early morning flights.
- Where are you going? - Brussels.
Please don't smoke here, Kabir.
'No-smoking' here as well?
Stop being an airhostess everywhere, Alishka.
Don't smoke, it's killing you.
When bullets couldn't kill me, how can the cigarettes?
All I'm saying is, don't keep finding ways to kill yourself.
That's why I come to you.
A glimmer of life in the darkness of death.
- Where is he? - Who?
The one who is hiding in this house.
What are you talking about?
Sometimes you forget that I'm a cop.
And sometimes you forget, this is a house. Not your crime scene.
There steam on the bathroom mirror, someone's taken a shower recently.
But your hair is dry.
And the toilet seat is up.
Is he in the wardrobe?
- Who, Kabir? - Who is it?
Have you lost it?
Will you open the wardrobe or will he walk out on his own?
I'll count to three.
If you don't step out, I will..
..shoot Alishka.
- Kabir, put the gun down. - One!
You've gone mad.
- You've lost it, Kabir. - Two!
Listen to me. You're freaking me out.
Customs officer Vishal Sinha. How are you?
I'm sorry, man.
We worked together for three years.
I took a bullet for you.
Kabir, please.. Listen to me, all this was an accident.
Accident? Did you fall?
Your pants fell down? What else happened by accident?
We can talk about this, Kabir.
It's not Vishal's fault.
She's the only one who has never betrayed me.
Don't worry, no metal on me.
He's with us.
Kabir Shergill, special task force.
Saeed Naqvi. You'll be working with me on this case.
- Your bag? - I've got my deodorant.
- You must be hungry. - I'm good.
No smoking in a police vehicle.
Drive to the Indian team's hotel.
Sorry, you'll have to go to the headquarters first, for a briefing.
Hotel first and then the headquarters.
Sorry, but this is the protocol. I can't..
I've come here to find Viraj Sharma.
I don't have time for your protocols.
Tell him where to go.
Viceroy hotel.
This guy is trouble.
Since you don't know me, consider me a fan.
I don't want any money or ransom.
This is just out of love for my cricket team.
If the final is cancelled..
..I'll kill him.
It's just a matter of 36 hours.
Let him stay here.
You have to rescue Viraj within the next 36 hours.
And you've to show the perpetrators..
..that nobody, in any part of the world..
..can harm an Indian.
You shouldn't have misbehaved with my officer.
Any information about the kidnapper?
I spoke to the Pakistani consulate and ministry.
This man is not in their records.
We only know that this video was shot in either an old school..
..or the janitor room of a hospital.
Anything else?
The hotel's CCTV footage has just come in.
The car belongs to this girl. Samaira Dalal. She's a local.
That means, Viraj is probably still in the city.
We'll have to interrogate that girl.
I'll handle that. But there's a problem.
- What? - Saeed.
I don't understand.
I need a guide, not a partner.
- What is it? - I picked up the kids from school..
..and dropped madam at the Yoga centre.
Broccoli was out of stock, so I got cauliflower instead.
I've kept the baby powder in the car. White for you and pink for ma'am.
..your anti-itch balm was out of stock.
- Shall I go? - Yes, please.
- Hey! - You're talking to me?
I earn in Dirhams, but spend in Rupees.
I serve them but obey only Mr. Modi.
- Do you speak Arabic? - I was born in Bhendi Bazaar.
But I grew up near Burj Khalifa.
I can speak enough Arabic to manage their household.
Familiar with the city?
Junaid has just passed out from the academy.
He couldn't even find a missing dog in two months.
Because of that dog..
..I know every nook and corner of this city.
Go and start the car, I'll join you.
I'm not a driver.
Say it politely.
Saeed, message me the address. I'll take him there.
What the hell are you doing? Junaid is just a rookie!
He has no field experience.
And the laws that I'm going to break during this case..
..I apologise for that in advance.
Sir, how could you allow that?
For the first time, someone has appreciated..
..my knowledge of the city and multilingual skills.
Hi, Junaid.
If we become buddies in future, then you can call me J.
So K.. what do you do?
Special Task Force, India.
How come here? Shopping festival?
Drive faster.
Sorry, how can a cop break the rules?
Pull over, I'll drive.
You didn't get me, if you overspeed, I'll have to arrest you.
But the good news is that there's no restriction on loud music.
"..I guzzle down four."
"Four bottles of vodka.."
"..my daily affair."
"Nobody stops me."
"Nobody can stop me."
"Drinking all night, lemonade in the morning."
"That's the story of every party animal."
"Drink to your fill."
"Say hello to any girl you want."
"Hello baby, how do you do?"
"Hold on a second, girl!"
"I don't know why.."
"..nobody comes with me to the club."
What the..!
You punched Honey Singh, but why?
- I don't like this song. - You could've told me.
Why did you break my music system?
Drive quietly or I'll have to break many things here.
Let's clear this now.
Which songs provoke the 'Tyson' in you?
All of them.
Except classical ones.
In my opinion, Mika and Honey are evergreen. Don't judge me, I like them.
Kabir Shergill, police department.
- I've some questions for you. - Regarding what?
Junaid Ansari, same mission.
Ok. Can I get you boys something to drink?
Actually, we're on duty.
I didn't mean that.
We're good.
Viraj Sharma left in your car last night.
And when he returned to his room..
..both his phone and wallet were missing.
So we want to know..
So, we want to know what happened last night.
I saw Viraj while leaving the hotel.
- Viraj, hey! - Hi.
Actually, it is my best friend's birthday today.
She is a huge fan of yours.
Can I get a picture with you, just for her.
- Whoa, that's hot! - Thanks.
- I was talking about that car. - Me too. It's mine. You wanna ride?
I don't mean to disrespect.
But I have never touched anything more beautiful than this.
Guess who I am with, Viraj Sharma.
Nothing, just going for a spin. Yes, coming in ten minutes.
Wanna come for her birthday party?
No, I can't. I've to be back at the hotel by midnight.
Oh please, just five minutes.
She'll freak out. C'mon, do it for a fan.
That's her.
Thank you.
Oh my god! I can't believe this.
I'm such a big fan, Viraj.
Like, I love you!
Happy birthday.
And Sam, you're the world's best friend.
Viraj, listen up now.
We have to kill it in the finals this time.
Just be careful with your hook shot.
No, I'm good.
Viraj, I'll just use the loo, then we can leave.
- Cool, I'll wait near the car. - Ok.
He's so cute.
And when I came out, he wasn't there.
How did he get to the hotel?
He took a cab.
These are the suspects.
Was any of them present in the party?
I didn't see.
Sorry, this is a bit off the topic.
I have a photo too, have you seen him somewhere?
I haven't, but maybe Brutus has.
What's the use? He won't be able to tell us.
Ok, officers, I hope I was of some help.
It's shower time for me and Brutus.
Brutus has such a great life!
The captain was right, you're only fit to run errands.
According to standard procedure, we must first talk to the victim.
But we went to the suspect first.
Are you sure the victim's not missing?
You're not as stupid as you appear to be.
And you couldn't live up to your grumpy image.
But what's with the photos in the phone?
If you let me drive, I'll explain everything to you.
Shit! Viraj Sharma has been kidnapped?!
I don't watch much of cricket..
..but I've heard, Miss India is dating him.
He must be in form. With the finals tomorrow..
..Pakistan's got lucky.
There's no chance that Viraj hailed a cab from here.
Athletes are much stronger than normal people.
One man alone can't kidnap him.
There's a man who knows about a sham, even before it happens.
Is he useful?
Who found out Osama's Abbottabad address? That too, from the milkman.
Who exposed India's 2G scam?
Uncle Bond.
Had America answered his phone on September 10th..
..then September 11th would have never happened.
Greetings, uncle.
What's up, my boy!
How are you?
He's my new crony.. I mean, partner.
Kabir Shergill.
Special Task Force. - How do you know?
Anjum, two cups of Kewah!
You'll have Kewah, right?
Indian cricketer Viraj Sharma's phone and wallet is missing.
He had some important documents in it.
The Indian government has sent a Special Task Force officer..
..to search for a wallet?
Kewah's here!
Do you know anything about Viraj?
Why do I think that..
..Viraj is also missing along with his wallet.
Look, Uncle.
I have widowed many aunts.
Junaid, tell him!
I can't.
This is the Bronx of the Arabs, boy.
Only the street-smart can act smart here.
Not cops.
In the desperation to find Viraj..
..don't end up losing yourself.
Take care.
What's going on here?
My apologies, son.
This is the problem with chicks.
Trust them..
..and they'll surely cheat on you.
He's apologising.
Uncle didn't know that your girlfriend cheated on you.
I didn't understand one thing.
Are you the informer or him?
- Kabir.. - Found your man.
- Who is he? - Sameer Ghazi.
The biggest party animal of this city.
The girls here..
..are very fond of him.
..he's not interested.
"I wanna see you on the dance floor."
"Shaking a bunch of, want it some more."
"Turn on the radio."
"I love you."
"I love you selflessly."
"Come into my arms, dear.."
"..just for tonight."
"Before dawn arrives.."
"Before dawn arrives.."
Kabir, this isn't the Wild West, you can't just open fire.
What's your problem with this song anyway?
Nobody plays classical songs in a pool party.
You scared the boys unnecessarily.
Why this bang-bang?
I hate violence.
Go on, partner.
You recently tweeted a photo with the cricketer Viraj Sharma.
How and where did you meet him?
His phone and wallet are missing. And you're a suspect.
Come out now.
Step into the pool if you want answers.
I don't have time for this shit.
After such a grand entry..
..you can't leave without getting wet, inspector? Come in.
C'mon, get a little wet.
I think he knows something. Go for it.
Take off your clothes. You'll dirty my pool.
You too, little boy.
- I'm not a little boy. - You're my little boy.
C'mon, both of you.
I'm sorry that I read your messages.
Sorry, but I'm going to break your face very soon.
I want to see you in your shorts.
"I find you hot."
"Like a million-dollar bill."
"The chance is here and now.."
"..this may never happen again."
Same pinch.
Forget that. Just wait for the dude's pinch.
Let's start all over.
Viraj, I'll just use the loo, we can leave after that.
Cool, I'll wait near the car.
- Sorry. - Hey Viraj..
- Big fan. - Thanks.
Especially, your new lip balm commercial.
- Can I get a selfie? - Sure.
- And then? - That's it.
- What happened next? - Sadly, this was it.
- The player was in a hurry. - Why make us get into the pool?
You shattered my speaker.
I shattered your ego.
Just a minute.. and why did you call me into the pool?
Because you're very cute.
- Hey..hey! - Listen, let me do it.
It's mine.
Their father must be a baker, because they've perfect buns.
The cricketer's phone has been tracked.
You and Kabir get there, quick! Dera City, 10th street.
Viraj's phone has been tracked.
But Dera City is very far. The traffic will kill us.
Allow me!
Sam never disappoints anyone.
I'll ride you, big boy.
"I'm your hero. Hear me, O wealthy people."
"I'm a man of god."
"A friend to all."
"We've seen the world.."
"..only the two of us are worthy.
"The beauties adore us, spend their wealth on us."
I'm so sorry, ma'am. Are you ok?
- Shit. - Well done, Junaid.
Got her!
Is she alive? We've to interrogate her.
The corpse is still alive.
How did you find her?
Sir, sometimes you forget that I'm a cop too.
She came running and I gave her one.. bam!
In the face. Knocked her out.
- Good job, buddy. - Thanks, Usman.
- Nicely done. - Thanks.
Get to the headquarters with her.
I'll check her apartment.
- Junaid.. - Tell me, K.
So what happened there?
Nothing. She was running fast.
She was fleeing from someone. She looked scared.
Means, she was a suspect. So, I understood..
..and punched her on the face.
Tell me the truth now.
She tripped over my car door.
Means, you were useful by accident.
Listen K, please don't tell anyone.
I've managed to impress them for the first time.
If they come to know, I'll become laughing stock.
Your rookie is graduating.
Not bad, Junaid.
Thank you.
Is there anything that you don't steal?
They're very heavy.
Since when have you been into this?
Not sure. It's a choice..
..not a need.
Pakeezah and Parvati.
Do you work for both ISI and RAW?
Only for myself.
What's your real name?
- Ishika. - Ishika.
Seems you like phones a lot.
Which was the last phone that you flicked?
I want a lawyer.
Sit or you won't get up for the rest of your life.
You're not allowed to touch me.
Everybody is equal in police custody.
You can take your women's rights parade elsewhere.
- Why have you brought me here? - You were running, you tell us.
Guys, I'm a little lost here.
Illegal immigrants are often 'lost'.
Do you know whom does this belong to?
So I'm here because of this phone?
Where did you steal this phone from?
Last night, from a supermarket.
From whom?
He was in the queue with me.
I haven't even unlocked this phone yet.
- How does he look? -Roughly, your height.
Skin tone was wheatish.
He was quite like you.
But wasn't as rude as you.
This is my polite self.
Was this the man?
Look carefully.
No, it wasn't him.
How can you be so sure?
I never forget the faces of those I steal from.
Sir, we're cops.
- But this girl's a thief. - Really?
They're lying, uncle. Really..
We want to check your CCTV footage.
That's not been working for a long time.
But yes, there's a camera behind my cash counter.
Bloody criminal. Saw that, uncle?
That's how you're losing money.
Who is this man?
I don't know, sir. He was smoking inside.
I told him to go out.
But I couldn't see his face properly.
Since his entry, you covered his face all the time.
- It wasn't deliberate. - Shut up and get in.
Got him!
I can't believe this.
- Where is he? - There's Bradman.
Kabir, I looked for him all over.
I prayed in every temple and mosque for him.
I've roamed such infamous lanes with his photo that..
..it tarnished my reputation.
And this shameless bulldog..
..left a palatial house to play in this gutter!
We're looking for an international cricketer.
But your lowly status keeps disrupting work!
You won't understand my joy, K.
Today, I feel like Newton, when he found gravity..
Mowgli, when he found clothes..
..and PK, when he found the remote to his spaceship.
I love you, Bradman.
I've solved my first case, Kabir.
I've solved it.
- Hello. - Junaid Ansari?
- Yes, speaking. - I'm Qureshi speaking.
Your ad in the matrimonials..
- Did you see my photos? - Is it you in the suit?
Yes, uncle. It's me in the suit.
I saw your profile, I didn't like you at all.
- Excuse me? - I didn't like you at all.
It's ok, sir. Anyway, thank you for viewing my profile.
Bradman, good looking boys get no respect these days.
Stupid people.
We've reached your house, Bradman.
- Hello? - I showed your photo to my wife.
Moms often tend to like me.
She didn't like you either.
She said, you spoilt my mood early in the morning.
Forget it, uncle. What can I do if she didn't like me!
No, dear. It's important to inform. Don't mind, son.
Brad.. Bradman!
I forgot, often we start liking a photo over time.
We stared at your photo for an hour.
We didn't like it. None of us liked it.
Enough of your nonsense!
Don't take undue advantage of my politeness!
I'm a cop, I'll give you the thrashing of a lifetime.
Hang up now!
You can go wherever you want..
..but you can't escape my radar.
And I'll replace the batteries every three months.
Here you go, Mr. Bradman. I've fitted a GPS on you.
His hair was short.
Just like Kabir.
He looked angry.
Just like Kabir.
Mention my name again and I'll deport you to India via cargo.
Before you deport me..
..make sure to return my heart.
What about the sketch?
Sorry, I got distracted.
- Where was I? - What about the eyes?
His eyes had pain or mischief..
Just can't tell.
But they were a deep black.
Don't stare like that.
I feel shy.
Don't laugh, I feel disgusted.
I'm sleepy, can we finish the sketch?
I'm hungry.
I can't think on an empty stomach.
Can I get something, please?
How about a slap? They're quite nice here.
Your hatred..
..is very sexy.
This sketch can never be completed.
The girl's very cunning. She's conning everybody.
Nobody looks like this.
If the final's cancelled, I'll kill him.
It's just a matter of 36 hours.
- Let him stay here. - Why are we watching it again?
Now we'll hear the cleaned audio track, without the voice.
- What do you hear? - A drizzle?
It doesn't rain here, must be a leakage.
Check if it rained in the nearby regions in the last 24 hours.
If the villagers from 'Lagaan' movie had this weather app..
..then they wouldn't have sung to the clouds everyday.
If they could afford an Ipad..
..they'd have paid the tax.
And not played cricket to meet their needs.
That reminds me, you're getting distracted. Please focus.
C'mon, make it rain. Make it rain.
It rained in Al Jabal.
We can't ignore it.
This is our best lead, sir.
Get a list of schools and buildings in the rain-hit areas.
Hussain, you head to the Islamic education school.
Yes, sir.
I'll go to the Medical District and you both..
..head towards Al Jabal park with Saeed.
Saeed, did you find them?
Viraj isn't here.
But his kidnapper is still in this park.
This camera was found in the garbage outside Al Jabal park.
Check it.
- Where's Viraj? - I don't know.
What did you do to Viraj?
Kabir, you have to see this.
This video is for Gulf and India.. no..
This video..
This video is for the governments of India and the Gulf States..
..for the administration.. This video is for..
..administration in India and the Gulf.
Since you don't know me, consider me a Shahid Afridi fan.
Shahid Afridi.. Imran Khan..
Imran Khan.. Javed Miandad.. Inza.. no.
Pakistan.. yes, just consider me a fan.
This is for the governments of India and the Gulf states.
Since you don't know me, just consider me a fan.
Damn, I forgot my lines!
Sorry, sir. Last take.
The way you fumble with your lines in an audition..
- How will you become an actor? -No, sir, actually..
..I've performed lead roles on stage.
I just get a little jittery in front of the camera. Sorry.
If you want this role, you'll have to give it your best.
People should feel afraid of your character.
That's the problem, sir. I've only done positive characters till date.
That's why, sir..
..I'm finding it a bit difficult to get into the groove.
We don't have much time.
Understood, sir. Watch now.
Ready, sir.
Pakistan.. Pakistan..
Pakistan.. Pakistan..
He's a struggling actor.
Thought it was an audition.
The video was made to mislead us.
So that, by the time we nab him..
..they're already far away.
It's ok.
Sir, I..
Thank you.
12 hours ago, we atleast had a face.
Now we've to chase this mask.
It's him!
He auditioned me, then beat me up..
..and locked me up in that room.
The girl's very cunning.
She's conning everybody. Nobody looks like this.
Can you please smoke outside?
Bloody bch!
Bloody bch..?
Hey, watch your language!
That man abused you in Pashto, not me.
Bloody bch.
Which are the Pashtun dominated areas here?
Very few.
Pashtuns usually come from across the border to work here.
But I don't understand..
..why a Pashtun man would pose as a Pakistani to kidnap an Indian?
I don't know why, but when..
..is gradually becoming clearer.
Wanna come for her birthday party?
We've to kill it in the finals this time.
Just be careful with your hook shot.
I'm good.
Viraj, I'll just use the loo, then we can leave.
Cool, I'll wait near the car.
Hey Viraj! Big fan.
- Can I get a selfie? - Sure.
Answer it, Sharma.
How long will you ignore it?
Answer it.
Viraj, a car will stop by in ten seconds.
Get in quietly.
We need to talk.
Who are you?
For you..
This is going to be another one of those Viraj Sharma specials.
Oh yes! What a shot, what a player!
Whenever I see you play..
..my heart wells up.
But my pockets get emptied.
Neither did you answer my phone, nor reply to my messages.
I mean..
Like every modern love story, we too..
..have a one-sided affair.
Who are you?
Afridi is lovingly called Lala.
Dravid is Jammy and Ganguly is Dada..
Pet names are the norm in my business too.
The name's Wagah.
Just like the border, I'm neither India's, nor Pakistan's.
The player who turns the tables..
..makes it to my hit list.
- What do you want from me? - Your form, Viraj.
Your form.
In the first match, you scored 86 against Pakistan.
Then 124 against Bangladesh.
And now, 94 not out in the semi-finals.
Viraj, whenever you punish the bowlers..
..I bear the brunt of it.
And whenever you win a losing game..
..I'm the one who is betrayed.
I'm down by 450 crores because of you.
You want something?
Protein shake, energy bar.. It's all there for you.
Because you have to slog hard for the finals.
You just have to play 25 overs. But while you're at the crease..
..the run rate has to be below five..
..and get two of the top batsmen in your team dismissed by run outs.
Viraj, your image is so clean that nobody would even doubt it.
Though the people worship you..
..you just need to act human for this one game.
Let's get down to business.
What was your fee in the last season?
15 crores.
15 crores, right? I'll double it in one game.
One crore per over. 25 crores for playing 25 overs.
And five crores for getting out in the 26th over.
That's thirty.
I'll charge atleast fifty for not scoring a century.
Whenever I tried to fall in love with you..
..you hiked up your rates.
25 before the match and 25 after the match.
I just shook your hand..
..but you turned it into a hug.
What's the guarantee that you'll pay?
Buddy, the only thing that's respected in my business..
..is one's word.
Once given, I'll not turn back.
Sounds good.
Atleast, open my eyes now.
I want to see you.
You're getting too romantic, buddy.
We shouldn't get so intimate on the first date.
I've laid hands on a big player after ages.
And I'm sure we'll be working together a lot in future.
In time..
..you'll see my face too.
Take the lift. You'll get a cab outside.
The deal's locked.
Atleast drop me at the hotel.
I only do as much as I'm told.
Here's the token amount.
Excuse me.
Any doubts?
I'm a local.
I'm an Indian cricketer, Viraj Sharma.
No, a batsman.
I'm.. I'm a bit lost.
Can you help me get back to my hotel?
- The Viceroy hotel. - Sure.
I'm headed that way.
- How long will it take? - Not much.
You look very frightened.
Is my voice troubling you?
A bookie kidnapped me at gun point and tried to fix a match.
Did you see their faces?
In fact, his man gave me this bag in the parking lot.
Officer, please listen to me.
Take me to the nearest police station, please.
I'll take you directly to my captain's house.
Thank you so much, sir.
No problem.
It's my duty.
Need to see the captain.
Come in.
Five minutes.
Did you hear anyone's name being called there?
That man's name is Wagah.
But I couldn't see his face.
Remember anything else?
Only his voice.
I didn't understand one thing..
..why did he let you go?
Did you fix a deal with him?
You look very frightened.
Is my voice troubling you?
Remember, I told you..
In time, you'll see my face too.
Everybody has a weakness.
We'll find out about his.
For now, we'll have to shift him out of here.
The rascal has seen both me and the place.
I know a place that..
..the cops will never dare to think of.
We've received a list of cars from the border security..
..which have crossed over in the last 24 hours.
That's your guy! He's the one.
His name is Altaf.
He had come here three days back, but returned to Abbudin.
So let's move. How many hours to reach?
- Around.. - It's not about the distance.
- Abbudin is like Pakistan for us. - What's your point?
If a criminal from your country, manages to cross the border..
..do you ever get him back?
If the kidnapping victim isn't found in the first 48 hours..
..he'll never be found again.
It'll take longer to get a visa to that place.
Abbudin is out of our jurisdiction.
Yours, not mine.
If you cross that border, you're not our responsibility.
I'm no one's responsibility, anyway.
Junaid Ansari, what do you think you're doing!
Sir, you know..
..that a day earlier, I couldn't even find a missing dog.
But everything changed after Kabir arrived.
I drove the car for the first time..
..not to buy vegetables..
..but to find information.
I ran on the streets.
Not to mind your kids..
..but to stop suspects.
Most importantly..
..through your department, I worked for my country.
I know that none of you think highly of me.
But Kabir trusts me fully.
I wouldn't want to break that.
Please leave your keys, badge and gun on the table.
I can take you guys to Abbudin.
- What are you doing here? - I quit.
Don't worry, Kabir. We don't need anybody.
You deserve it, take.
But there's a small complication.
They took away the car keys and the gun.
Give back the cigarette.
Earlier, you were useless for them and now you're useless to me.
I just praised you so much in there and you're insulting me!
That's what you deserve. Go back in.
Hey Kabir, you maybe Munnabhai..
..but I'm not Circuit.
You maybe Batman, but I'm not Birdman. You maybe a hero..
..but even I'm a hero now.
We've to find Viraj and bring him back.
- My new-found reputation is at stake. - And I've an old one to protect!
Do you want some hot chocolate, Meera?
Meera Behl, daughter of Balraj Behl.
After your mom passed away, your dad married a second time..
..much to your distress.
You indulged in substance abuse.
Daddy had to put you in rehab.
But you escaped from there.
First Thailand, then Istanbul..
..and finally here.
What I don't understand is..
..why here?
Don't you know we have strict laws for drug addicts?
Since I got addicted to being on the run..
..I gave up all others.
I'm clean, officer.
No point telling me all this.
People from the Indian embassy are on their way here.
Time to go home, Meera.
Can I use the restroom?
Don't shout.
What are you doing here?
I've been practising Spiderman's kiss for years, wanna try?
No way!
What's taking so long?
Two minutes!
- Will you take us to Abbudin? - But how do we get out of here?
- Give me your hand. - What?
Don't worry.
'Tyson' is pulling us up.
Ahoy, buddy!
He's so strong.
And what about my Spiderman stunt?
Let's get to Abbudin.
He's better off sleeping.
Such men live alone all their lives.
Tell me, why does this grumpy guy carry the world's burden on his back?
He has a very sad story.
But it's not his fault.
There's a fault in his stars.
Well, forget it, Senorita.
Let's talk something good.
Your legs look quite strong.
Other than running from the cops, what else do you do for cardio?
- Not much really. - Good enough.
What happened with him? Now I really wanna know.
Kabir used to be a happy man once. He had the perfect life.
But then..
..he fell gravely ill.
Testicular cancer.
Because of that his girlfriend cheated on him.
The disease was cured..
..but his anger..
..rages on.
Since then, this man turned into a beast!
Like a mad elephant, he's destroying everything on his path.
Abbudin! Abbudin!
Abbudin! Abbudin!
Abbudin! Abbudin!
Abbudin! Abbudin!
Thank you.
Welcome, friend!
I sell all kinds of weapons, except nuclear weapons.
- What do you want? - Who is this?
This is Abbudin.
Out here, even Google can't search the way I can.
But there's a price for every man.
- He's a local. - Where can I find him?
Many secrets are buried in the soil of Abbudin.
Go ahead.
- Hello, friend! - Hello.
This is her mother.
But he's the father of this child.
He's the father of many children in Abbudin.
Oh.. so he's a famous man!
Where can I find him?
There's a price for every man here.
- Go ahead. - Give me a straight answer.
He's underground.
Go ahead.
You arrested me because I stole Altaf's phone.
But Altaf stole this phone from someone else.
That means, we're looking for the phone's original owner.
You're thinking too hard. Don't tax your little brains.
Junaid, I'm Qureshi from India, remember?
How can I forget you?
My elder brother in Dubai, Muskaan's uncle..
I showed him your photo.
I thought of taking his opinion as well.
And what's his opinion?
Even he didn't like you at all.
Not even a wee bit.
I'm at work, don't irritate.. Hey, where are you going?!
- C'mon, give it back. - Careful.
The boy's not alone.
They're young.
Then try cuddling them!
He's really the father of many kids in Abbudin.
- Abbudin's soil.. - ..has many buried secrets.
He's underground.
So this is what 'underground' means.
Thank you for bringing us here.
And you're welcome, for getting you out of there.
- Have a good life. - Wait!
You can't get rid of me so easily.
What's going on here?
This is the most colourful game of Abbudin.
An enchanting beauty..
..will dance in front of these beasts.
Then these people will arm wrestle..
..and the strongest arm..
..will take that beauty home.
It's a feast for the beasts!
"Morning, we'll think about our deeds tonight."
"Morning, we can count our mistakes."
"Let's unite for tonight, who knows if we'll meet again!"
"Morning, we'll head back home."
"Morning, let the world say what it wants."
"Let's unite for tonight, who knows if we'll meet again!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"I can die for you, no harm saying so!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"Take me in your arms."
"A few moments is all I seek."
"I feel the same."
"I feel the same."
"I can die for you, no harm saying so!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"I can die for you, no harm saying so!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
"Let's feign love till morning."
"Let's make false promises till morning."
"Let's unite for tonight, who knows if we'll meet again!"
"Let's spoil ourselves till morning."
"Let's fulfill all desires till morning."
"Let's unite for tonight, who knows if we'll meet again!"
Where's Viraj Sharma?
Altaf! Altaf!
Altaf! Altaf!
You guys are late. The cricketer must be dead by now.
Put your toys on the table..
..ours are bigger.
The girl who stole my phone led you both here.
- She knows nothing. - That's why I won't kill her.
Just keep her.
Five rounds for him.
The sound of gunshots should be enough to kill that one.
Two guys are chasing Altaf.
Kabir, faster!
Faster, Kabir!
"I can die for you, no harm saying so!"
"I'll survive hell, for the cure of love!"
Watch out, mines!
Junaid, the flags shouldn't fall.
Junaid, protect your goods!
Not now, prayers are going on.
We've to enter or he'll escape.
Uphold the honour of the lord's prayer..
..and He will uphold ours.
Just confirming is he dead?
Who are you?
Only Altaf knew where Viraj is kept.
But sadly..
..he won't be able to tell you now.
If you want Viraj alive, then stop searching for him.
15 lakhs on India.. done, sir.
36? Done.
- 50?
Yes sir, on India.
What's the situation?
Everybody's betting on India. If blue wins, we lose.
But if green wins, you'll make more than your debts.
You only have one option.
The match starts in four hours, Viraj.
Do you have any sense of professionalism?
You turned a half-hour meet into a two-day vacation.
You're dehydrated.
I'm 450 crores down.
Nobody writes-off so much money.
They'll kill me and my family.
But if you play for me..
..then your family will be safe.
Picture this, on a lazy Sunday afternoon..
..your dad's reading the newspaper in the living room..
..the whole house is filled with the smell..
..of the curry your mom's preparing and.. boom!
LPG explosion.
Wagah, are you so freaked out that..
..you're not able to threaten boldly?
Take it from me.. I'll have them killed.
My parents are commoners.
They never asked me for anything, except..
..that I don't betray my nation.
They'll happily die to defeat a person like you.
Kamlesh has arrived from Mumbai. Says he can't pay today.
Send him in.
Kamlesh, meet my friend.
Recognise him?
Don't worry, Kamlesh. You don't meet people like Viraj every day.
Take his autograph.
Sorry, Wagah, there's been a delay.
- I need a little more time. - You want time? Ask him for it.
I didn't understand.
If he plays for me, then I'll give you time.
Convince him.
Viraj sir, please play for him.
What's your answer, Viraj? Yes or no?
Viraj sir, please play for Wagah.
Viraj, Kamlesh doesn't have much time.
Wagah, please don't do this.
I'I return your money very soon.
Yes or no, Viraj?
Viraj, play for him.
My son is your fan, so is my entire family.
You play so well..
Just play for him..
Sir.. please save me.. he'll kill me..
- Please save him, Viraj. - Let him go.
Get the cabin cleaned, I'll be right back.
Bradman, my kid.. you're back!
My good luck went missing with you, dear boy!
We're ready.
Going to Mauritius for a holiday.. excited?
Dad, my sports day is coming up. I can't skip school.
There's nothing that the school can teach you and life can't.
Plus you can play sports anywhere.
For how long? First we left South Africa..
..then after the betting scandal, we had to flee India.
How long will we keep lying to him? I'm tired!
It's better to be tired..
..than dead.
We've to get out of here.
Ok, Bradman. Now you're my only kin in this world.
If you hadn't forced your way into Abbudin..
..and asked every person about Altaf..
..then maybe he wouldn't have been killed.
But without us, you wouldn't know that Altaf has a boss too.
Saeed, only fours hours left for the game to begin.
We've to find Altaf's murderer somehow. He has Viraj.
No need for that now, we've spoken to your External Affairs Minister.
We're deporting you.
- Sir, you can't do this. - You're currently under suspension!
Stay out of this.
Today, all roads lead to the Sheikh Hamza stadium..
..where India battles it out with Pakistan..
..in the final match of the tournament.
So, this is it. Hey, thanks for everything.
For all the troubles I caused.. I'm sorry.
You shouldn't apologise for your personality.
K, I won't be able to say goodbye.
Well.. nobody bids goodbye with the case unsolved.
Only you can solve this case now.
Goodbye, J.
Did you call me 'J'?
You can say the rest over the phone.
It's time for your flight, shall we go?
You.. keep an eye on Ishika. Let's go.
Are you too falling in love with him?
But brotherly love.. and you?
Yes.. but not sisterly in any way.
A thief's heart was stolen and an orphan found a brother.
Pushpa, I hate goodbyes.
Kabir Shergill. He's booked on a flight to New Delhi.
You're flight boards from Gate 17.
Let's go.
What about us now?
I don't know about you, but even..
..dogs won't respect me after this suspension.
That reminds me, let's see what Bradman's doing.
Bradman's living the good life.
Every dog has its day. Guess it's yours today, Bradman.
Slowly, Bradman. Slow down, buddy.
Where's Junaid?
Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for take-off..
..please turn off all electronic devices.
Look who's here.. our very own dog-catcher.
Thanks, friend.
Sir, this counter is closed and the flight is ready for take-off.
Ma'am, there's a hijacking threat on that flight. Let me in now.
I need everyone to stay calm.
There's a man on this flight..
..who shouldn't be here.
You, get up! Put your hands behind your head and start walking.
Hands up, move! This man is a state enemy..
..but as long as there are officers like me around..
- ..this city will be safe. - Shame on you!
Cool it.
And yes, don't tell anyone that Junaid Ansari rescued this plane.
I feel embarrassed when praised.
I'm looking for one of my officers, Junaid Ansari.
He just saved a Boeing 737 and left with a suspect.
That man's a hero.
What the hell! Where's my car?
- You forgot the keys. - Where?
0In your pocket.
Good boy!
It's not play-time, dear. Let me work.
Shit! He saw it.
He's kept Viraj right opposite the team's hotel.
Because nobody looks for lost things at home.
Bradman, you turned out to be Sherlock!
Don't come near me.
Who are you?
For the past 36 hours, we've been looking for you all over town.
I'm Junaid, he's Kabir.
We don't have time for introductions, it'll go off in 15 minutes.
Is anybody else there on this boat?
He has fixed C4 explosives on a straitjacket.
It's very complicated to get out of this jacket.
We've to disarm the bomb.
- Hello? - Have you reached?
I just left from there.
I found your number on my dog's collar.
And the same collar led you to Viraj.
He's the only Bradman who plays for both teams.
What do you want?
You can't give me what I want.
I'll give you a task that you can handle.
There's a speedboat outside. Take Viraj for a ride on that.
I'll explain the rest there.
Only ten minutes left, what do you want us to do next?
I've heard rumours in the market that India has sent..
..a top-level officer for this case.
- Am I talking to him? -Tell me.
You work too hard for very little salary.
I'm messaging you an account number.
Use your high-profile contacts and..
..get 500 crores transferred into my account.
There are two benefits to it.
Viraj will be saved..
..and your salary too will increase by a few hundreds.
Kabir, what's going on there? Why didn't you take that flight?
- Ma'am, it's about Viraj. - Please say that he's alive.
Only for the next eight minutes.
There's a bomb on him and only one way to disarm it.
What's the ransom?
He's asking for 500 crores as if it's a box of candies.
If you can't arrange it, I'll blow up Viraj.
Everything's been arranged. It will be transferred to your account.
Tell him to shut down the bomb or..
..we'll reach Gateway of India at this speed.
Hurry up, Kabir.
I have a lot of time, but sadly, Viraj doesn't.
Don't be the reason for India's favourite son becoming a martyr.
Stop the boat!
Only three minutes left.
Nothing can happen now. Jump off! Get away, guys!
For the first time, the Indian government has kept its word.
- You keep your word.. - And disarm the bomb!
The bomb will be disarmed when the money comes in.
Trust me, not that you have an option.
Kabir, we must do something. There has to be a way out.
Good news for the fans. It's a batting wicket..
..and we should expect a high-scoring contest.
Viraj Sharma hasn't been seen near the nets. So the big question is..
..will he play today's game or not?
Thank you, Kabir. I haven't found a better friend than you.
You paid off my 500 crore debt for our 5-minute old friendship.
There's only one thing that is respected in my business..
..one's word.
And I've given word that Viraj won't be playing today.
So the bomb..
..can't be disarmed.
Don't tell Viraj, he'll feel bad.
I regret that we couldn't meet.
Tell Junaid Ansari that now on, Bradman belongs to him.
I'll hang up.
What did he say?
Speak up, Kabir.
There's delay over something.
Even the captains haven't stepped out for the toss.
Even the Indian team's playing eleven hasn't been decided.
It seems there are some questions over Viraj Sharma's fitness.
We're all gonna lose our jobs because of Junaid Ansari.
It's my mistake.
I should have never recruited him.
Ma'am, Kabir Shergill's phone isn't reachable.
Call for a press conference. The world needs to know.
Did they toss, buddy?
India's batting. What do you think?
Who will win?
I'll win.
Cricket lovers of the world are waiting eagerly.
Atul, such games aren't a daily affair.
After all, it's India vs Pakistan.
Viraj! Viraj!
Calm down, boy. Viraj won't be playing today.
Hello. There's no betting happening here. You've got the wrong number.
- Uncle! Uncle! - What is it?
What did he say?
Speak up, Kabir.
The magician Harry Houdini was famous for getting out of such jackets.
- How? - By dislocating his shoulder.
Which shoulder did you injure in the semi-final?
- Right shoulder. - Sorry, man.
For the first time, I'm beating up someone to save them.
Great news for the Indian fans all over the world.
Viraj Sharma is fit and will open for India.
A big relief for me as well as for India as Viraj is India's biggest asset..
..and it was important that he played this big match.
By scoring a boundary on the first ball..
..Viraj Sharma has made his intentions clear.
This guy is in lethal form.
My parents are commoners. They never asked me for anything.
Except that..
..I should never betray my nation.
Hey, sit down. Even I've paid for the tickets.
Don't you touch me!
Junaid, we've just received information..
..your suspect is heading towards exit no. 4 in a yellow sedan.
I think it's his timing that is so pure.
And the way he's meeting the ball in the middle of the bat..
..that is so good to watch.
The way he plays the ball on his on-side..
..it's difficult to evade him.
His body language is very good.
He's in aggressive form.
Lower! Lower!
After that shot, I think he's unstoppable.
Sam, don't get up as long as Viraj's on the crease..
..this is our lucky position.
Wonder if those cute cops found his phone and wallet!
Kabir, tell him to get lower.
Down.. down.. lower!
Lower.. lower, Kabir!
Shut up!
K, how long is he going to be sentenced for?
Junaid, he's done for!
I just wanna whack him for the fun of it.
But he'll fall if you do that.
Sorry, let's drop the idea. We'll kick him instead.
Yours is longer than mine, you kick him.
I'll dismantle all his joints once I get off.
Hey pilot, pull over!
We want to rip him apart!
K, you know, 20 years ago..
..my parents left for Lucknow on Bakri Eid day.
Their flight hasn't reached yet.
And today, god's given me a brother.
But only for 36 hours.
That means, you've decided that my flight will never reach.
No, pal..
But today, I want to say something which nobody has told you before.
I miss you, man.
I can't believe that I'm going to say this.
I'll miss you too.
Don't get too emotional now. It doesn't suit your body.
Well, K, if you miss me too much..
..then don't bury yourself in the pillow and cry.
Just give me a call, bro.
You too. But don't keep redialling if I reject the call.
Look, there comes the 'Smart Alec' of our department.
Kabir, one last job for you. We're deporting her to India.
Can't you ever bring good news, Mr. Saeed?
You.. come and collect your badge and gun tomorrow.
Difficult tomorrow, I'll come the day after.
These big cases exhaust me.
Thank you for everything, Saeed.
I hope never to meet you again.
Henceforth, stop changing names, change your vocation instead.
And listen..
Tyson may not be able to say it, but he's interested.
I'll think about it.
Take care.
Don't smoke please.
Do you want to fall sick again? Junaid told me about your problem.
Your testicles have just healed..
..now you want to destroy your lungs?!
What else did Junaid tell you about me?
I didn't ask much.
I want to hear it from you.
So, tell me..
"Four bottles of vodka.."
"..my daily affair."
"Nobody stops.."
Qureshi speaking.
My old servant saw your photo..
..he loved the suit.
But he didn't like the man at all.
Thank you, sir. Bye.
Just a minute.. do you have video calling on your phone?
I look equally bad on video too, uncle. See!
I'm Muskaan.
My entire family saw your photo.
And nobody liked me?
Except me.
- Can we meet? - Why?
Just like that. I wanted to know you better.
What if I don't like you?
I do! I do! I do!
Muskaan, I'm coming to India. Don't you hang up!
"Your mother.."
"My mummy.."
"Your father.."
"My daddy.."
"Your aunt.."
"My aunt.."
"Your brother, my brother-in-law."
"All the accusations hold true in love."
"I've thought of some good names."
"In two years, you'll bear children, my children."
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"I'll carry all your shopping bags."
"I'll drop the children to school daily."
"But I'll forget our anniversary."
"Say that you agree to it."
"Promise that I'll go on vacation every year."
"I'll get a great gift, no matter what."
"If you make me cry, you'll get burnt curry."
"Say that you agree to it."
"My promises hold true forever."
"Your darling is not a weak man."
"In two years, you'll bear children, my children."
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms."
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"I'll wait for you every evening."
"I'll make sure we're late for the movie."
"I'll date you like this all my life."
"Darling, this is what I've decided."
"I'll skip my friends' parties."
"I'll break the heart of all my exes."
"I'll stitch the buttons on your shirt."
"Darling, I too have decided."
"There are a few good deeds left."
"You think of some good names too."
"In two years, you'll bear children, my children."
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms."
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come, O beloved!"
"Come into my arms!"
"Come, O beloved!"