Dhobi Ghat (2010) Movie Script

New to Mumbai?
Been here five months,
but it still feels strange
- Where are you from?
- Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh
Malihabad is famous for mangoes.
l'm from U.P. too
- Jaunpur. Do you know it?
- Yes, l've been there
Come home soon
Look lmran, the famous Marine Drive
and up ahead is Chowpatty
People throng this place every day
to eat bhel puri, pav bhaji. . .
l think people come here
more for fresh air
which is in short supply
The sea air is so different
it smells of people's desires
Give me two rupees, l'm hungry,
please. . .
Are you shooting?
Take my picture! Please!
lt's exactly your kind of flat...
Yes, a gas connection,
24-hour security
Yes, there's water...
most of the time
Just take a look
Okay, 6 o'clock
Do you like it, Mr Arun?
lt'll be perfect after a coat of paint
You 're a painter,
you 'll know what l mean
Think about it.
The lease is unlimited
There's the view you wanted of
the old city. That's the Aga Khan Tower
The station is nearby...
and you get a private toilet,
rare for these buildings
Yes, the kitchen is small,
but you 're not exactly a chef
What an actor!
l want to meet him
Johny Lever? l'll introduce you
Shut up!
Ma, if l fail this time, it'll be their fault
He's right, Salim.
You illiterate!
Just you wait. . .
Karim will study and become
a top class gentleman
Right, Karim?
Off to work again?
Damn filthy job, that
Why do you do it?
At least l'm not a crook like you
My job is better... right, Aunt?
Don't... stop it!
- Shit!
- Damn... missed!
What did he think he was doing?
Shai, don't be such the NRl.
You know what traffic here is like
l'm so late, man, Pes...
My mum left for the show an hour ago
Nothing important starts in Bombay
before 1 0, love
There's Arun... delightful that he could
make it to his own opening
l like the new work.
What do you think, Jatin?
l think it's hard to be apolitical when
you are referencing the working classes
Ladies and gentlemen...friends. . .
The artist has decided
to make an appearance...
Finally. . .
Thank you all so much for coming...
and l take great pleasure
in presenting 'Building', Arun's new work
And now the part
that Arun hates the most...
Arun, please say a few words. . .
Everybody, T. Arun. . .
Arun, be nice
Well, there's not much to say. . .
This is a tribute to the people of...
Rajasthan... U. P. . . .
Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh
and elsewhere
who built this city
in the hope that someday
they will find a rightful place in it
So, to Bombay. . .
my muse, my whore, my beloved
- To Bombay
- To Bombay
- Fantastic
- Thanks, thank you
- We really love your work
- Thank you
We'll have a huge painting of yours...
- You know the old style you used to. . .
- Sorry to intrude...
This is going to be
a really important show
and l am told your solos are much later
Arun, you have really
outdone yourself this time
Miraj Hussain, l need to talk to you
How long does it take
to return a phone call?
That bad?
Don't ask...
Thank God for Pesi
- Hi, l'm Arun
- Hi... Shai
Guess l thought you looked
a bit stricken there
So are you an artist too?
No, l am an investment
banking consultant
What... something to do with money?
Yes, broadly speaking
Essentially, l study investment trends
in South Asian economies
What... here in Bombay?
No, in New York, but...
l've moved here for a bit
l guess l needed a break
from things, you know
... a new perspective,
some fresh air in my head
- You plan to get that here in Bombay?
- Yes. . .
Well, maybe just a change of scene then
Cool, l could do with a holiday too
Actually, l'm not on holiday.
l'm on a sabbatical
Really? What's that supposed to mean?
lt means l've received a research grant
to submit a project about small
and marginal businesses
and shifts in traditional occupations
Basically, l have to write a few papers
and spend time doing
what l love doing most...
taking photographs
Rat... rat... !
Oh... l'm so sorry
l just saw a rat...
l am serious
l'm so sorry
Well, now my show is truly open
Early morning, and everyone's
racing against the clock
Look how quickly she cooks her curry
Like she's in a race
Who knows what it'll taste like!
We have a maid.
Out here they are called 'bai'
How quickly she does the dishes,
cleaning and laundry!
Won't stay an extra minute!
So unlike our Zubeida back home. . .
who'd insist on staying back,
to oil my hair, or a massage
Poor dear... how is she?
You 've been up long?
A couple of hours...
- Tea?
- l'd love some
Listen, l just helped myself to a shirt
that was lying on your chair
because mine was trashed
with that wine stain
Yeah, that's fine
Milk and sugar?
Yes, please
l had a lovely time last night
So tell me... do you always live like this. . .
out of boxes?
Moving house. . .
Really? Why?
Lease has run out. . .
So you found a new place then,
have you ?
You know, l found your opening last night
to be quite an experience
Are they all like that?
My mom loves these arty do's...
she's quite a collector
We have a lot of art at home
ln fact, we are running short of walls
Are you hung over?
Hey, is something wrong?
No, actually Shai, l'm really. . .
l'm really sorry about last night. . .
l mean, l was so drunk
and l had no idea. . .
Hey, what are you sorry about?
Don't be sorry
l had a really great time
No, l'm quite a loner and. . .
l keep to myself and. . .
and l don't usually do this you know
Hey, it's cool. . .
l'm glad you don't usually do this
l mean, hey, l don't either. . .
No, actually what l'm
trying to say, Shai is that. . .
l'm not the relationship kind at all
you know...
and l'm really sorry
if l led you into believing...
that this was something more...
something more...
more than just a shag
l'm sorry, Shai, l don't mean to. . .
Look Shai, what l'm trying to say is that. . .
Look, l have no idea what's going on
in your head right now. . .
and l'm not sure l want to know
Arun, you know what...
lt's cool. . .
Take care, l'll see you around
Yes, Munna... come in
Any clothes for washing?
No, there's no laundry.
l'm moving house
- Can you come there?
- Sure, give me the address, l'll find it
This is the Gateway of lndia,
Bombay's most famous landmark
- Can we go?
- Let's take a picture together for lmran
Who will take it?
- Could you take our picture?
- Sure
How does this work?
- Point it towards us... can you see us?
- Yes, l can
- Done?
- Yes
Go, take the camera
l guess you are right
l don't know, Pes...
l really thought he was special
You know... l mean...
we got along so well the night before
Well, it wasn't just the sex, Pes
Yeah. . .
Like he was really into me
and he was so intense. . .
and then, suddenly in the morning. . .
he was like a completely
different person...
hold on a sec...
l'm the dhobi
Come in
Pes, l'll have to call you back
This dhobi guy just walked in
and l don't know where Agnes is
Okay, bye
There were 1 2 clothes,
please count them
This has turned blue!
lt had a big stain, so l tried to whiten it
l should've told Agnes
to put this is in the laundry
lt's completely ruined now
Give it to me, l'll correct it
No. . . who knows
what colour it'll become next. . .
Damn. . .
Madam, my mistake. l'll fix it
What's your name?
l'm... Zohaib
Zohaib, l'm Shai
First Letter, Second Letter,
Third Letter
Rakesh, the people who lived here
have left some stuff behind
Some tapes, a ring...
...no, a silver ring
Can't you return it to the landlord?
What if they ever ask for it?
Cool, l'll throw it away,
but don't ask for it later
Okay, bye
First Letter
- Which college do you go to?
- l don't go to college
Who has time for college?
He works in the movies
Really? Which films were you in?
Zohaib, right?
- Which film are you here to watch?
- Yuvraaj
So are we!
This will be my first-ever Bollywood film
See you ...
Zohaib... huh?
- She's a friend of mine... Shai
- Do l look like a fool?
Come on, let's get to the bottom of this
ls it switched on?
Bring it here
Look, when this red light flashes
it's recording
lt's recording now
This is great! So cool!
Say something,
l'm shooting your picture
- What should l say?
- Just smile
This is wonderful!
But tell me, how will lmran see this?
l wanted to send him photos of us.
Can he watch this on his TV?
Salaam Aleikum, lmran... all well?
l had promised l'd send you our photos.
But l didn't have a camera
So he got me this video one instead
l thought l'd send you this,
to watch on your TV
Show it to Mum and Dad as well
How am l looking?
Just the same, right?
Bombay hasn't changed me yet
l'm still the same Yasmin
Your exams are round the corner now
Study hard, do well,
and come here soon
You 've always wanted to visit Bombay
l'm here now, we'll have lots of fun
We'll go to Juhu beach. . .
eat bhel puri !
Maybe l could give you a tour
of Bombay with this camera
Good idea, isn't it?
Goodbye for now
She stole my heart. . .
and slipped away. . .
The full-grown male
weighs about 3 tonnes
l'm into fashion designing...
What a rotten breakfast!
Have you lost your mind?
Don't you remember,
l like omelettes for breakfast?
Would you like some tea?
- Agnes, 2 cups of tea, please
- Yes
Come in
Have a seat
So you like The Doors?
Are you a photographer?
No, this is just a hobby
l work in a bank, in America
Why did you leave America?
lsn't life more advanced there?
Who told you that?
Yes, some ways it's more advanced
but. . .
- Are you from Mumbai?
- No from Bihar
Darbhanga district
- So why did you move here?
- To fill my belly, why else?
ls your family here?
No, l came alone, when l was eight.
l stayed with my uncle
- Ever go back home, to visit?
- No, never
Don't you miss family?
Were you unhappy at home?
lt was okay. . .
less to eat, that's all
We were always hungry
When l first came here,
l worked at a hotel
There l had my fill,
of food and thrashings!
Can you take a picture of me?
Yeah... sure
Not like this. . .
Can you take pictures for a portfolio?
Why? Want to be a model?
No... actor
Well, l can try... l mean. . .
never really done that
sort of thing before
What was that?
l mean, yes. . .
But you have to return the favour
You have to allow me
to take pictures of you at work
What work?
Your washerman's work, what else?
Munna, whose shirt is this?
Sir said it's not his
- lt's Mr. Arun's. . .
- lt's mine. . .
You know Arun, the painter?
Do you know where his new house is?
Could you show it to me?
l want to return this shirt
l can do that
No, l want to surprise him
So, is Munna your nickname?
Yes... you can call me that
The rain here is so different
falls incessantly. . .
Like a lullaby at night. . .
its sound engulfs you . . .
drowning out the neighbours' TVs
But l feel sorry for my maid, bai
whose house gets flooded
She says, she has to bail out
the water by hand
l must go, l think he's back
Need to heat the food
l've made lamb with beetroot today,
the way Mum taught me
l hope he likes it. . .
Then l'll watch some TV,
because he doesn't talk much
l hope there's a good film on
And anyway, why are we even here?
l thought you claimed
you are not into this guy
l don't know
There's something
we left unfinished, l think
Couple of positions
you haven't tried yet?
So go, ring his doorbell
l can't
l don't really know him and...
who knows, he might have somebody
up there with him right now
That's possible
These artist types,
they get a lot of action
Such a crummy neighbourhood
Hey, this is one of our buildings
This neighbourhood is getting posh then
Oh, wait. That's him, isn't it?
- What? What happened?
- Get down, he'll see us
He's not that cute, really
Pes, come let's go there
- To that South lndian joint?
- Yeah
Pure Veg? No, thanks
- Who is going for the food?
- l am
l can't spy on an empty stomach
- Come, l'll find you a nice Parsi boy
- Yeah, right
ls there a problem, Munna?
Actually, l was hoping
we'd shoot in a studio
No, studios are so artificial
l thought we'd get some natural shots
So you want to shoot on the streets?
Yes, natural, you know...
like you 're standing
or sitting somewhere
No, no, please shoot in a studio.
l'll pay for it!
lt isn't about the expense
lt'll be very different
from other portfolios. . .
totally fresh
l don't want anything ''fresh''!
Are you sure you know how to do this?
Something else?
Can you lose these glasses?
Hands down
Okay, Munna, don't smile
Hold it
Do you have another T-shirt?
This one's too bright
No. . .
Shall l take it off?
... let's try
Really nice
Hold it
lmran, this lady is our neighbour
For some reason she never says a word
Nor does her expression ever change
Something must have happened with her
Poor thing
Hello... how are you ?
Yes, Vatsala
What do you mean... fourth floor, why?
Yes, why?
No, l was meant to but. . .
One second. . .
Yes, l meant to call him, but. . .
l was really busy, so. . .
l couldn't find the time and...
l'll probably call him some time today
So what have you been up to?
Should have known. . .
holed up at home, watching porn
- Mad or what?
- Really?
Then what's that?
Some stuff...
Stuff? What stuff?
Why are you so cagey?
First... letter...
Give that to me...
Yasmin Noor? Who is Yasmin Noor?
V, give it back. Stop it
Who is Yasmin Noor?
Come on, give it back
What? Not in the mood?
We didn't sell much...
l mean, the market's a bit slow,
but l was hoping we'd do better
You didn't really talk
to anyone at the show
Except for that girl with Pesi
Who was she?
She's a banker or something
Shai... she's Perwin Edulji's daughter
Perwin bought more art last year
than anyone l know
l hope you charmed her
This is so much easier with paper
You haven't asked me why l came
Why did you come?
l've wangled a show for you
Ask me where
l wanted to surprise you
You know, there's this gallery
l've been in touch with
about Medha's work and Gagan's work
l slipped in a catalogue
of your work
They seemed to really like it
ln fact, they want to
open their lndia section with you
This will launch you internationally,
l'm so excited
And of course, you 'll get to see Shiv
How old must he be by now?
Almost six
So, did you like my work?
What do l say...
l think it's great
Great, thank heavens
You 're my first ''client'',
so l was nervous
No, your work is superb
tell me...
How do you like me?
ln the pictures...
l think you look great
Now you have to take me to Dhobi Ghat
- Show me the pink ones
- Here, madam
- How much?
- Rs 75 for a set
Did you hear that, lmran?
No, that's too much
Don't worry, l'll knock down the price
Hey, dad
Yeah, l am here
Yeah, it's great
What's his name...
your site manager... ?
l think it was Harish or something...
he set it up for me
Yeah, it's great...
thanks, dad
l'm getting some great shots
Okay, bye
- What are you shooting?
- l'm new to the city so...
So what? Don't you know
all this isn't allowed?
New to Mumbai?
See all you want, surely that's free!
What are you looking at?
What are you staring at?
At the camera
Look straight ahead!
Never seen a camera before?
lt's none of your business where l look
lt is! Look ahead!
Tell madam she wants to shoot me
returning the clothes
She wants to take pictures
of me working
Why? You come inside
Ma'am, actually l'm shooting him
at work from washing to delivering
So if you don't mind, can l shoot him
handing over the clothes?
Take the clothes
One salwar ...
One kurta...
Madam wants you inside
Tell her l'm in a hurry.
l'll come by another day
Did you see how she glared at me?
Forget about her
But she won't forget about you !
Second Letter
Smile for me, bai
Oh dear...
Just a little
Where's your daughter?
- Over there
- Vanita, come here
Vanita, come here...
Come on...
Come, don't be shy
lmran, meet Lata bai
and her daughter Vanita
Say hello to my brother
But where is he?
Ma, she's recording our pictures
to send to her brother
She's a smart girl
Which class are you in?
Class 9, English Medium
Then say something in English for us
Go on, recite that poem
''The Brook'', by Alfred Lord Tennyson
l come from haunts of coot and hern,
l make a sudden sally
And sparkle out among the fern,
And bicker down the valley
By thirty hills l hurry down,
Or slip between the ridges
By twenty thorpes a little town,
And half a hundred bridges
... l've forgotten the rest
Bai, she's very smart
A bit too smart
Watches TV all day.
Dancing and singing with songs...
so her grades have dropped
Wow, then dance for us...
Go on
Some other time then...
- Should l get back to work?
- Yes
Can't say, sir,
my shifts keep changing
l don't know when
this lady lived in your flat
There was a maid called Lata bai
who worked here
Do you know her?
l've heard the name.
But l can't say for sure
Please ask around
She might still be working in this area
- Please find out
- Okay, sir
How long have you known Arun?
Just... curious
Around four years
Has he always lived alone?
No, earlier he lived
with his wife and son
What? No way
Yes, why?
They split two years ago
He was in a bad way then
Just wouldn't open the door
One day l shouted,
''Open the door, or l'll call the police!''
Finally, he opened the door
Thank God he was alive
l made some tea, we drank it,
and then l left
Then he got okay
What was his wife like?
Fair... tall...
Taller than Arun
Aren't you married?
ln the past
Not anymore
And you ?
Why not? You 're so handsome
What can l say?
l... haven't really liked anyone...
as yet
You 'll find someone
- Hello
- Hello, Shai Edulji
- When did you arrive?
- This evening, darling
- Where's mum?
- She's already gone off to bed
- So, having fun?
- Yes, it's been great
Like today,
l shot in the Dhobi Ghat
You know what your mum would
have to say about that, right?
She'd probably say l needed
a vaccination shot or something
That Raju is a real bastard!
He did me out of 50 grand
And here l was trying to help him
l gave him a good thrashing
And warned him
l'd complain to Kale Bhai
That's when he got scared
Just because he's Lambu 's brother
he throws his weight around
Munna, l need some cash
l've got to put down 1 0,000...
for that apartment in Jogeshwari
l've got 7,000. Give me three
l'll return it next month
You still owe me 4,000
l can't loan you any more
l swear l'll pay you back. Don't worry
Kale Bhai is giving me
a big job next month
And l'll get my share out of Raju
For sure. l promise
But Salim, don't mess with Lambu
Yes, mom!
Why are you laughing?
Did your Ma'am take these?
Just look at you !
l mean, you look great
But l don't know why l found it funny
You look handsome, buddy
What a body!
When will you introduce me
to that producer?
Do something for me, fatso!
You think l won't?
l'll take you tomorrow. For sure
l have to say...
this Ma'am of yours seems really nice
Why don't you tell her?
What are you scared of now?
- She's already seen you half-naked!
- Shut up!
Nothing lasts here...
The sea claims everything
l can share everything with it,
tell it all my secrets,
and they'll sink softly
to its depths
The sea will keep them safe
Nice to see you again,
how are you doing?
l'm good, how are you ?
Good, very good
Moved house, working on a new project
l live right here, in fact.
On the fourth floor
- Really?
- Yeah
l was just going in here,
this building
Are you going to shoot something?
Yeah, just shooting
the construction work and all that...
it's one of my dad's sites
- So, you are...
- Well, l should...
- Sorry
- No, it's okay...
No, do you want to have
a coffee or something?
l mean... do you have the time?
Yes... l have time for a coffee
So, do you want to come to my house?
- Okay, yes
- Come
So how's the sabbatical been going?
lt's been pretty good, so far
Been seeing a lot of the city?
Yeah... kind of...
Have you been spending a lot of time
in this area? Mohammad Ali Road?
Well, not really
l guess one needs a guide
to see all the really local stuff
Yeah...one needs a guide...
And you ?
You 've been working?
Yeah, kind of...
There is this...
something that l am quite
excited about...
That's great...
You look a lot happier, l have to say
You know, Shai,
l really want to apologise
for being such an ass
the last time
Oh, no...not more apologies...
Just forget about it, okay, please
lt's really not a big deal. Really
Although l was really pissed off
with you , for a while
That's me at my best....
pissing people off
And when l get drunk,
l do these random things
lt gets so embarrassing
l know what you mean,
l'm hoping you don't remember
half of the things l did that night
Apart from the headstand, you mean...
Hey Munna, what's up?
Nothing today, come tomorrow
Hey, have you been
to the Elephanta caves?
That's another great place
Listen, l have to go...
Oh, okay...
l just remembered
l have to meet someone
Thanks for the coffee...
- Show me your photos sometime
- Definitely
- Where are you going?
- l have work
What work?
You said you 'd take me
to Nagpada today
And we'd see a film
That ''Hello'' or whatever
Come on, Munna, you promised
l've even bought tickets
My ancestors came to Bombay
and set up shop in 1 905
We are the 5th generation,
and we're still here
But now it's the machine age
Young people prefer bottled perfumes
Why are you doing all this?
l want to understand...
to see...
See what? These filthy places?
American streets too clean for you ?
Look... there... the King of Lalbaug
Where? Which one, Vanita?
- How much was that?
- 40 Rupees
No, please let me get this
You 're my guest, it's on me
Hello, Salim...
Not today, l'm a little busy
Hi, mom
Good, good, and you ?
Yeah, still doing my mad shooting
Well, l am done
l'm done with dhobis,
and ear cleaners, and the circus
and l'm soon going to be
doing the night rat-killers
No, no kidding
Of course, l'll be fine mom
And when do you come next?
Good, so l'll see you soon then?
Okay, bye
Shai baby, you stay away
from this dhobi guy
- Why?
- He's not a good boy
He's just extra smart,
got no education, totally worthless
Third Letter
Bakri Eid is ten days away
You know how much it frightens me
l always feel terrible, that we sacrifice...
those who we raise with so much love
Remember, how l used to hide at home?
He's out of town,
but his aunt has invited me for the ritual
l've already thought up an excuse...
Remember when we were kids...
how we'd find excuses
to skip Koran class?
lt's the same thing with this aunt
That's it for now
lt's taking me ages to finish these tapes
All the news will be stale
Anyway, better late than never, right?
She was like, ''Mrs. Fonseca,
l want to be a nun.''
We were like, ''What?!''
Listen, l know,
let's go to my place in Khandala
- Now?
- Yes, totally, it's gorgeous in the rain
Actually, it's not a bad idea
Anyway, l can't. l promised
Munna l'd go with him
to that Dongri place tomorrow
- lt's Munna time
- What is with this Munna fixation?
l mean, how much can you
hang out with your Dhobi?
Yes. So?
So, it's just slightly weird... slightly?
l know you guys have things
in common and all but
after a point, it's like
''How many clothes did you wash today?''
Stop it
- Just kidding
- Sorry, sorry...
Listen, listen.
Forget all this nonsense
- Let's have some real fun now
- Okay
You 've changed, you know
You 're in love
Lay off
Have you told her?
But her parents will never agree
You 'll have to elope
Are you nuts?
Sorry, first you have to propose
Hello, sir!
lt's been ages...
Sure l have some
'A' grade stuff
Where should l come?
Now make a right
l'm over here
Forgotten me, sir?
- How much?
- Seven
When l bought from that Raju ...
- Come on, sir...
- l got better stuff at five
Raju 's a cheat!
Six is what l buy it for.
Nothing less than six
Nothing less, my ass
Here's two more
Special rate just for you , sir
And please don't go to Raju again
Look at me
Don't come if you don't want to.
l've never forced you
l don't know
what's come over you suddenly
Something's up
between you and that girl
That's not true
You 're in love with her, that's what
The truth is never pleasant, is it?
That American girl plays you ,
and you go crazy
Munna, don't forget your status!
Now get out of here
And don't come back
when she dumps you
Get me a Coke with ice
And Munna won't be coming anymore
Tell the watchman and find a new dhobi
Why do people make
so much of marriage?
l should never have got married
But no one listened to me
l used to be so happy
Shall l tell you something?
He has another woman
l wanted to ask him something
so l called his mobile phone
A woman answers and asks,
''Who's this?''
l said, ''His wife.''
She started laughing
She gave him the phone saying,
''She's so nave...''
Where did you find her?
Well... forget all that
That day when you called,
l was so excited l forgot to ask...
How did you do in the exams?
And how's our kid sister?
Back home, it must be
mango season now
l really miss that taste
Yes, V. Tell me
Yes, it's going well
l'm not sure
l'm not sure means
l'm not sure, l don't know
Look V, l can't work
with deadlines anymore
When l'm done, l'll tell you .
Until then, quit hassling me
- Please take off your T-shirt!
- Cut it out
Lambu is sitting with Kale Bhai
- Kale Bhai has sent for you
- l'm busy
- What does he want?
- Maybe he wants to have dinner with you
Now? lt's almost midnight
So shall l tell him you 're busy?
- Where...?
- ln the shed behind the station
Go ahead, l'm coming
- Shall l come along?
- No, l'll be back soon
You finish your filthy job,
then we'll have breakfast together
Madam, this is a large area
Two men cover it
There's one of the workers
This is my last letter
l don't know whether it will reach you
May Allah keep you
in health and happiness
This is my last letter
l don't know whether
it will reach you
May Allah keep you
in health and happiness
Don't be angry with me
l've tried my best
Explain to Mum and Dad as well
You have to be strong for your mother
Don't worry son, we are here for you
We are here to see the apartment
- May we look around?
- Yes
Hello Aunty, l was wondering
if l could leave this packet
for your neighbour, Mr. Arun
How did it happen?
A fight between the two gangs
Salim became the scapegoat
- Did you go to the cops?
- You kidding?
They buried Salim within hours,
and moved us to
this apartment in Jogeshwari
What would the cops do anyway?
They'd harass us, not them
Brother, help me out
Any bit role
The family is my responsibility now
Can't you see!
Are you angry with me?
You 've been avoiding my calls.
Have you changed your number?
Salim is dead
They say he was
knocked down by a train
Bastards. Killed the brother l had
All this happened and you didn't tell me?
Aren't we friends?
Of course! We are friends!
And now l can't find Arun either
Bloody painter
You fancy him, don't you ?
He must have gone to Australia
to his ex-wife
Who knows?
They might get back together.
They have a son too
So. . .
Call me sometime
Keep in touch...