Dhoom (2004) Movie Script

Let's Shikdum
When no one's around but you and me...
is a moment I cherish, so you see...
let's get naughty the rest, we'll see
No one's around but you and me,
magic moments I cherish, so you see...
let's get naughty the rest, we'll see
Come on darling
no more teasing
go easy
don't be crazy
Sweetheart shikdum-shikdum
Windows wish curtains...
would hide us...
I wish you...
wouldn't punish us
Leave me alone
Please don't push me
What's your crib?
Why are you evasive?
Crazy you
I know you
Sweetheart shikdum-shikdum
No teasing with smiles
Only kisses and cuddles
Okay, okay I give up
I'll do, what you want
Don't talk... this moment away
Then lose yourself in me
Sweetheart shikdum - shikdum
Yes go on
Okay coming
Work-work-and-work all the time
and no time for me
So why do I bother?
Don't you get back home
Don't come back to me
Reporting from Marine Drive
A Safeguard security van
was ambushed here
Suspects are members
of a four-biker gang...
who allegedly pulled off heists
like this one
In there
In there what?
TV wallah?
Yes, everyone around is a policeman
This is a police barrier
Expected tomorrow. Come later
Four bikes sir. Imported
There was a police patrol
at the intersection
Some malfunction
in traffic signaling...
still malfunctioning
Find a computer expert.
Check out the signal
May have been tampered
by someone in that gang
Not tough. Little chip.
Anyone can reset timings
Sir... I only heard about you.
Now I see... sorry sir...
I didn't quite make you out.
And you'll make out thieves?
Who are the guys
who'd use bikes like those?
Catch one
You've caught them all
Where's Ali Bhai?
(Bhai: Big brother)
- 500 from my side
On Sunny?
- Ali Bhai - Ali Bhai?
You're a loser, kid
You cracked every record.
Fencing the bike...
couldn't have cashed so much.
- Yes
Now let's have a fun party
- Yes fun
What's problem with me?
Why won't ladies give me looks?
They're just sisters
cheering their loser brothers
Rotten bad luck.
God gives everything
but this mess up in
ladies' department
Even I want to become
Mummy, you hearing?
Ali, that's your name?
God just heard you.
Mummy's up there
Ali myself
I'm a great fan of yours
Actually, you ride so well
You're great.
Mention not
You also sell bikes?
You want a bike?
- Yes
You need a bike, you got mine.
Welcome to take a ride
No actually, it's my gift to Polly.
Polly's who... sister?
Great sense of humour
Polly, My boyfriend
Ali Bhai, not to feel down.
Yes, not to feel down
Oneday, you'll find someone.
Yes yes, you will
Not oneday, I want one now.
Mummy, send me someone.
In a day or two
No, right now
Job or wife?
Lunch on time or heartburn.
Yogurt shake in the flask.
Not for charity
Isn't worth the pain when I'm told
that you never got to eat any
Bye baby
Okay. Listen...
you can get home early
for cauliflower-in-bread
Come on Sweety
My sweet baby bye
Who do you think you are?
One lifetime in jail...
then you might improve
Don't what me. If I didn't stop you
you'd run over this poor soul
But it isn't hurt, is it?
What'd you do after it got hurt?
If an accident never happened
never means accidents never happen
Okay, my mistake. Now what?
Say sorry to it
- What...?
He won't say sorry to a man
who escaped a brush with his car?
Correct. Sorry, you must say
Hello... anyone heard anything?
- No - I said it...
You should say amiably, right?
- Okay
Loathes even your sorry
Save the dog.
Dog bhai... stop
Why are you staring darling?
As long as I'm around
nothing's happening to you
Don't be afraid.
I'm a vet Sweetheart
Come darling
How are you feeling?
Your name?
- Ali
You're very brave.
You've saved a life
- Yes
Sorry about your accident...
- Stop
Please, not to be formal
So sweet
Sit, I'll fix a dish for you
- Carrot souffle
Carrot souffle... how caring
Your name?
- Sweety
What a four-stroke name
Thank you Mummy
for sending me a full-beautiful bride
Sweety, puppy and I.
Small family, happy family
Who's there?
- I'll take it
Jai, he's Ali
Ali, that's Jai
My husband
Why does this happen
...to me all the time?
What've you brought home?
- He's darling
Darling? You call him that?
Because he's so cute
Poor little thing
was out on the streets
I've put up with all kinds
of animals for your sake.
But I never imagined...
you'd pick up a guy off the streets.
How silly of me; no not he, darling.
Darling's him. He's Ali, poor thing
How true... no?
So you live off the streets or
do you do something?
Engineer-type jobs,
I run a garage.
Ask in Bandra, every soul knows Ali
Ali... for you.
Anytime you want carrot souffle,
just come over, Okay!
- Yes sure
You'll want the box back?
- Whenever you come next time
Bye Darling
Poor soul
- Poor...?
I think your Ali has thief
written all over his face
God! Will you ever change?
You're always suspecting everyone
And it's terrible of you
and I've told you that
Good morning sir
He's... He's Ali.
Operates out of a garage in Bandra
Quick on bikes
And a thief? Sure?
Sure sir! I trailed him for two days.
Also fences stolen bikes
I'm sure he belongs to the gang
Ali's Bike Point, Bandra Lake
Red CBR Fireblade
Blue CBR
Someone rapping?
How are you?
- Cool. And you?
Carrot souffle. From Sweety
Send in two teas. Special
Fond of bikes?
On bikes, he'll work any original into...
a more powerful machine
- Really?
Makes Ali Bhai world-famous in Mumbai.
You never told him...?
Your bikes...
Calm up
Yaks crap
Then you're also a biker?
Biker? He makes a bike fly.
No touchdowns, Ali's bikes fly
He just won a race.
On that bike...
2 km lead... left the rest clutching
You mean, here's the fastest bike?
In Ali Bhai's hands...
- It is
Can I?
A bike interest?
- Yes of course
Been mulling over buying a bike,
fast racing-type
And Sweety likes bikes too
Want a bike?
Why not?
But I want a new bike. Fast
Fast, like this
New, but... no papers
Will do?
No papers? Means?
You want to ride a bike or papers?
Takes two minutes to make paper
But where's the bike?
Right here. You'll find anything
Hi Rafik, all fine?
If you're new in Mumbai
you won't know.
Here's Flea Market
Only name more famous than mine
Out of my way
Stay here. Be quiet.
- Why?
Around here everyone's a
loose cannon
Speak no evil, hear no evil.
- And you?
I got source codes, my settings
No one's afraid of the police?
Bloody copper who walks in here
leaves his neck behind
Afraid? Worry not.
So long as you're staring
at only dirt...
nothing happens to you.
I'll be back
Or blind?
Who are you eyeballing?
Eyes down... Down
In dirt Don't... turn me on
One flick Lands you over there
Do it
What? Come again
Slap me
He's mad!
Doesn't know who he's taking on
I'll save him after the first few
Stay right here
Want to take on Mad Anwar?
If you're not a bastard son.
You'll wait.
I'll kill you... right now Run
You're in Shetty's gang?
- Who...?
Or Manchekar? Rodrick's? Billu?
Which gang do you work for?
- Copper gang
Cop... you? Shrunk him in one swipe
...no such spunk in cops
Ever faced off cops?
Spent my life making ass of cops
Whatever you want to make,
never make a cop
One quirk. How you got this
interest in bikes?
Come clean, yes?
Any idea on bank-loot?
No! Too scared of the police
Cops? Can never catch up.
Never fear so long as
Ali rides even a bicycle
Is it! Some faith in yourself
I trust a cop not to catch a thief
when he knows a thief.
These policemen are so stupid...
so damn stupid
Go right in
- They're fun.
Once I conned this one
...shined him bright
That was one solid wallop,
I'll give you that
Pull over
What's this joint?
My office
You're police?
No. Hitter
- What?
How long you've been stealing,
dens, hideaways, accomplices, etc.,
come on
Right from start
I had doubts about you.
I save you and you give me
a back-kick?
We're both short of time
Admit your guilt
I'll try a plea bargain
Hey sahib... wrong rhyme.
I'm no thief
Look, I'm being even with you.
Just tell me what you're planning
Who are the others in your gang?
Only Chhotu, Munna and Vinod
Vinod is green,
can't even ride a bike,
how can I pull off a heist?
Look you can't harass me
Not like this...
why is he taking off his specs?
Stop him, no illegal act
Stop chatting the phone.
- Ali...
Look I'm losing my mind Your plans
Next robbery. When?
No idea, sahib
Next heist
- Happened
Next robbery...
- Just happened
A robbery. A while ago. In Andheri
Taking the highway
Welcome to Pizza Place
What will you have?
Good evening sir
Any leads Jai? Any clues?
Camera locations, police positions,
our reaction times,
they knew everything
They left no clues
They're professionals
Jai, what's happening?
This is too much
Getting away with daylight robbery
...it's a slur on us
Sir, I think we're going wrong.
- How?
All along we were thinking
like policemen.
Now... we got to think like thieves.
If they're sharp,
we got to get sharper
They use bikes for getaways
We use bikes to get them
But our riders are on it.
Not our men
Someone else.
- Who?
Jai hit you?
- Who else?
And I tell you this,
please don't mind.
For what law-abiding
policeman he is...
he's really a hood
Such a terrible grinding.
- Don't be afraid
I'll give him a hollering.
Let him come
I'm not staying on.
He'll put me through the grind again
If he lets go, I lose face value.
I'm quitting
My home is no jailhouse.
He'll face me if he touches you
Meanwhile, carrot souffle. Excuse me
I knew I'd find you here
Just returning the box. Bye.
Come. Where're you going?
Carrot souffle before you leave?
What's coming over you?
Not another con?
Who is it?
Shall I tell Sweety that you
fence stolen bikes?
She despises thieves.
If she knows, no more carrot,
only stick
No entry for you in here
- Who's there?
big brother
Jai, what's this I hear?
You hit Ali?
I... can I hit anybody?
I hit you?
- No
I fell off the bike
Why would I hit this poor guy?
He didn't get what I was getting at
I took him to the police station
because he's working for me
Yes, I was telling him
how he can help us
For that I took him to the
police station
But poor guy got me all wrong
How wonderful Ali,
you're scared for nothing
Great Jai
See Ali? Jai isn't all that ugly
he'll take good care of you
Darling, let's go inside
Good care of me...
sums all my fears
Working for you? Doing what?
I'm doing nothing
You guys work life's dangers.
I'm not into it
For you
Sweety gets to see it; then others
Getting at what, big brother?
For a minimum of 3 years...
your boys get to manage your garage.
Why are you after me?
Don't peel the specs.
You're fine how you are
Tomorrow you're on the job, correct?
6 am sharp
Six am...?
Morning prayers?
I'll give you a rosary.
And I'll take off my specs, go
- Glasses?
Say bye to Sweety.
- Out
There he is!
So that's your surprise?
Grand car, no?
Get in and you're getting looks.
- Not him, the car
Price? Never mind.
Only takes... a couple of jobs
Yes Kabir? Nice?
3000 cc Zero to hundred
In ten seconds
You should buy a car... like this
Good brakes too
Stops in 5 seconds
This is scary
- What?
What have you done?
Are you mad?
Brand new car
You're very lucky Rahul.
You could've been in that car
- What?
It's no waiter's car
We bandits got to vanish like smoke
The day cops get wind, it's all over
No one bends my rules
Not even I
Oh Daddy I got a trio
Thank you Mummy
I got some luck, no?
One more, one more
We're raising stakes now.
Per head... 500
If hotshot Robin Hood finds out
he'll grill me. He puts me off
Big brother
- For Band Aid
Next heist is here. This area
How can you be so sure Jai?
There's a pattern
November 20, Borivali
November 26, Kandivali
November 30, Malad
December 5, Andheri
December 8, Vile Parle
In each of the five heists
the robbers and their bikes
vanished without a trace
All in a trice. But how?
Five incidents... one common factor
Western Express Highway
within a 2 or 3 minute drive
from the highway.
So I think, the next target... is here
Any intelligence?
On identities or
allegiances to gangs?
This gang works for themselves.
No past record or history
In this city... they can be
anyone, anywhere
They can only be caught in the act.
Because after the hits...
how they masquerade
we shall never know
How to know when next?
Soon enough, sir.
Five hits in 20 days
They're rewing up for a finale
before they go extinct
I think that's their plan
But this time,
we'll be staking it out
Shekhar come in
Shekhar here sir
Shekhar, cover my position. Copy?
Copy that sir
You're here, I know it
Show yourself once
Flower wallah Make me a nice
bouquet for 10 bucks.
A whole bouquet for a tenner?
Okay, for whom? - Now you're asking
For my wife to-be.
I got to be a family wallah
No joking on duty. If the boss gets
to see, we'll have a problem
Who's scared of your boss?
Mind your business. Sell me a bouquet
Make do with this rose.
- One rose for 10?
Shekhar, you take a break.
Get back at six tomorrow
- Okay sir
Me too
Home. Sweety has cooked chicken
Until we've caught them
you aren't going anywhere, got it?
We stay rooted even if
they don't turn up for a week?
You are too busy?
Want to inaugurate a jail?
But Sweety's chicken...
Never heard of contact lenses?
I'll eat on time
Okay. Bye
Sweety, I'm working
Yes I love you too. Bye
Go on
First, promise
- What?
Not to hit me
- No
What no? You won't hit me
or you won't promise me?
Can't promise I won't hit you
Then I'm not telling
Okay, you can tell me
You ought to know,
Sweety would've married me, - What?
That's if I had met her before
...but it's okay
She was more ravishing then or now?
You want a bashing now or later?
Must've been arranged marriage
It was arranged for you, yes? Admit it
Hello sweety
There's an envelope on the table
My photos inside it?
No please, Sweety mustn't see
It's there?
Big brother... My reputation
She won't see my face
- Who?
Sweety... your wife
What else?
Keep it in my study, thanks, Bye
Yes I love you too
Don't cry for me, Mummy.
His heart has turned to stone
- Will you shut up?
Sit tight
- What?
I mean... public Public distress.
And sleeping police?
This is catastrophe
Public help! It's a police slogan.
You're making her helpless
Some guy, by God
Okay you sit tight.
Let me help
I'm a mechanic. It's my religion
Starting up stalled cars
...is religion
Excuse me
My car is broken down,
Could you... help please...
Sweetheart You're mine
I'm yours
With you lovingly
Making my family
My heart's wish, only
Started it all over again.
Forget. Not happening for you
Yes you only you
I'm yours
No family I'm lonely
My home's lovely; heart's lonely
I'm lonely; no family
My home's lovely; my heart's lonely
My dreams... so far they seem...
in a life, without wife
You're lonely
even I'm lonely
You're lively, So hopefully...
you and I... make a family
If I step out...
I think you're silly
But your lies are lovely
You're silly
But you pack your lies lovely
Still how can I fall for you?
I still don't know you
Wait for another day
I'll decide what to say
Fast girl
Gone. Back to work
Yes sir, hello sir
Over here.
- No pranks
You'll do one turn for me.
- Which?
I got to find this sweetheart.
- You need addresses, photos
Given all that, even I can find her.
You police guys are hopeless, really
I warn you
Take the left gate.
Post me every 5 minutes
One question, sir
I got to improve my general knowledge
and you're what a walking law school
Shut up
No, shut up
Keep shut, do the job
Bikes. Coming
Not coming...
moving away from us
Go. Get them
Don't let them escape
At 260...
I'm doing full throttle
He's over 300
Serve table 12
Must do something about him
Not here
Rohit is my brother.
He could've died
I said, not here.
Fetch the order for table 12
- Damn table 12
I'm not sparing that cop
I'll do what's to be done.
You don't tax your brains
Good evening sir. - Good evening.
Table for 2 please.
Rohit, upstairs
Fighting the spurt in crime...
is supercop Jai Dixit
You're on TV
You solved your cases
in record time
Except this bike gang
What's taking you so long?
You've seen rats stealing?
He grabs a steal...
and runs for his hole.
That's how this bike gang is
...like rats
They wear masks
Then they vanish
We foiled one of their operations
Hopefully... this gang
won't bother us for long
A message for the audience?
You'll see the defeat
on their faces soon
For the gang...
what's your message?
Maybe they're watching
TV right now - No madam
I don't talk to criminals
Thank you sir.
- That was supercop Jai Dixit
For rest of the news,
watch 'Aaj Tak'
I feel... like...
- Be cool
Don't bill him. Men like him don't
drop in every day.
Take care of him
- Yes boss
Must take care of him
I'll take good care of him
Well done Jai
So what if we didn't
catch the thieves,
their loot... we retrieved
That bike will tell us
why they're so fast
Dr. Ali's operation successful.
Wonderful engineering
Main thing, nitrous oxide cylinder
Know what it does?
Flick of a switch...
bike becomes a rocket
Another highlight
Trigger for timer.
What's more...
- Good, very good
Jai, what's our next step?
- They've taken a beating
It's their turn to make a move
For you
Didn't call for hello-hi
- Who?
If I'm telling it all,
what're you doing?
How will you give
grand TV interviews?
Then you heard me.
I don't talk to criminals
See you in jail
- Thanks for the offer
But I'm not destined for jail
Got yourself one grand destiny,
great brains too; but...
future looks somewhat shady
Yes. You took the pains to call me
It's my duty to keep you warned
I like your style
Perhaps you're too confident, no?
Tell me your address.
I'll deliver the bike and the money
Will help your confidence too
Say what you will
you'll never catch me
Don't play hero. You're a thief.
You'll run, I'll catch you
I'll walk right through you
you won't even recognise me
For once, show up. You won't be
worth recognising anymore
I'll come right up to you.
I'll even tell you about my next hit
Where will you find thieves like me?
You find thieves only in jails.
I'll see you right there
My next time, my next target
you'll know beforehand
If you nab me, it's my neck
If I escape...
- Impossible
I love the impossible Mr. Dixit
But one little clause
If you fail...
you'll drop the case
What happened? Afraid?
- Where?
Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Where are you headed?
Up ahead
I'll take you
I'll manage. Don't waste your time.
Helping is no waste of time. Careful
Very few like you around nowadays
Not exactly the age of good Samaritans
No matter how rapid the evil strides
the good is always a march ahead
Saying something?
- But how, Kabir?
The police will be there in force;
politicians are coming
It's a high security zone
Getting inside will be tough,
as for pulling it off...
We steal
Right in front of everyone
And we'll make a getaway in public
Trust me
Bullets... can outspeed our bikes
Not in bullets.
Speed is a shooter's spunk
Love Want it?
Make. Love Do or die
Love Is liveliest
Love. Just do it
Love. To do or die for
Love. Never comes again
Love... is life
Love is... joy. Give in to love...
and swing
Pump the rock
What's in love?
Ask someone. Who's wild
Sways you? Why?
Makes a smile? Why?
Ask fireflies Why
Love's life is short
Begin with a flirt...
Then give in to the spell
kiss... and
Pump the rock
Lonesome lives go unlived
Every soul here knows
Dear stranger, you don't know
What desires you stir in my core
For one lively sin...
I'll ask you for more
Make every loving moment rock
Love's rhythm makes your heart rock
Up love's blind alley... come...
pump the rock...
Over? No, won't do.
I've only arrived
Guys... what's the vote?
Once more - Once more
Ladies & gentlemen
The proceeds from this show goes to the
Chief Minister's Relief Fund
The amount is... 42,50,000.
Have a look
The money...?
- Where is it?
Sweetheart... Ambulance
What happened sir?
I saw them in Pizza Place. |They were waiters.
Are we going there?
No use. We won't find anyone there
How much did you sell out for?
This sweetheart... she swooned
How much money?
- Not my fault
I tell you...
No discounts on courtesy
Brother, if I let go
you'll get a changed face
On the bike It's your job
Not the girl
Once again...
the mysterious bike gang
has struck... sending the
city into a tizzy.
Sources indicate that... the police were
tipped off... well in advance
As usual they could achieve nothing
Jai Dixit, despite all your efforts...
the bike gang got away with it?
Not because they're exceptional.
The mistake was mine
I made a very big mistake
Therefore on moral grounds
I am dropping this case
And I'm resigning
And that mechanic?
- He's no longer on the team
Clarify I think you know
Excuse me
That's Jai Dixit
Where are you going?
Not a cop any longer,
so no sparing him
Foolish. Killing him
won't bring back Rohit
We've lots more to do.
Get on the job
Who does Rohit's job?
Without him, the next job
isn't getting done
Get ready to quit this city.
I'll take care of loose ends
What's wrong with Ali Bhai?
- Very early lead
Too late... the race is on.
What are you racing for?
Who's that?
He's fast
Sorry guys
Never mind, happens.
We've made loads out of you
One race makes no difference.
- Still, you lost money
Luckless day
Scrapped with Jai; then Sweetheart
vanishes from the hospital
Made me want to burn the track.
Here, I'm run out
I really want to wreck
that guy in black
What man?
I don't take charity
- I'm not racing for money
What I'm looking for money won't buy
Am I game? No way
I don't fancy getting
shot by the police
The police can't even touch you
and you know it.
Or are you scared?
If I could, I would drown
every cop in the sea...
beginning with Jai;
after pumping him so hard
Harder than I care to tell you
Then why hesitate?
How to find confidence in you?
You can be a cop
Not a copper has set sight
on this face.
Never will you might not think so
but I know you're worth millions
Don't waste your life, Ali
If I tell the cops that
I've seen you
I'm up for the reward
I think you already got a reward
for working with the police
I'm sure you aren't going
anywhere near them
6 am tomorrow, Khopoli.
At the crossroads
See you
I'm not an early riser
Your luck is changing
You'll change
Mummy was always telling me Ali,
you're smart and you're fast
You want to be smart and fast?
- Sure
Just open up
Now close it
Tony Bhai
Ali, something's odd about my bike.
- The firing.
I'll change my name
if I can't fix it
What will you name yourself? Rohit?
- Mummy gave me a great name
So why change it. Sorry Tony,
no changing names. Rahul is right
Rahul Bhai, you can tell me
whenever your bike sneezes
Don't touch it
You'll take Rohit's place?
He's dead. Because of you.
I'm on your side now, brother
I'm no brother
I fly off my handle,
you end up a sissy
You bloody
Take it easy
I don't like his face
And I don't like your face
Nor you like mine
We're not friends
But we need each other
That's it
After we're done this time,
no one will have any need left
Neither to steal nor
to tolerate each other
So stop the infighting
I want all six of us
over here at sunset
Let's get down to some serious work
Kabir Bhai, listen...
you're a great guy.
But one little mistake
We're five of us, not six.
Mannu, Tony, myself
Mr Boom-bastic and you. Five.
- Not five. Six
Start counting
Mannu, Tony, myself...
Thank you, Mummy
Topclass acting.
Dance, romance, works
I sent you on an ambulance ride
And I find you riding waves
Wonderful sweetheart
My name is Sheena
And whatever I did with you
was part of my job
My job. So you and me...
Never think of it
What Mummy...
you send me one girl
and she's a hood
Too many hassles in life
Taj Exotica. Largest,
grandest hotel in Goa
Yes lovely hotel
But we're thieves, not tourists
What the hell are we doing here?
Look at it through a thiefs eyes...
and you'll see 180 million bucks
India's biggest casino
Fortunes are made
everyday and... lost
Whatever a gambler's luck...
the casino is always...
on a winning spree
Last year, December 31...
raked in... 16 crores
Takings Trucked away
To a special vault once every
hour under tight security
They are so confident
about the security system
No video cameras are installed
This year on December 31
the management expects...
the casino will rake in
180 million, minimum
180 million
Six thieves
Split evenly
How much for the two of us
put together, sweetheart?
I'm bad at arithmetic
It's our final hit
Afterwards, we're free
We will never see one another again
nor will we try to contact each other
Nice idea. But it's a hotel, not a bank.
Teeming with people. So more risk
Mannu says that the security system
was designed by an Israeli company
Opening the safe won't be easy.
- Infrared alarm at main door
Goa police will be after
us in 30 seconds
Kabir must've worked all that out
What I want to know is
How we go about it.
I'll second that question
Whatever we do...
we do in style
Four-stroke joint
We got reservations
- Name?
Prince Ali Akbar Fateh Khan
of Secunderabad
Of course
Suite 101?
Hi Austin... Austin Powers.
You lodged a complaint?
There's a virus in the system.
- I'm here to fix it
This way, please
We offer a choice of suites
Any reason for your choice?
- We're honeymooning
Royal astrologer says, book into room
101 for Baby-Prince-coming-fast
Listen... I want my money back.
- What?
It's my money.
- It's Kabir's money
Then give me a loan
Why on earth did Kabir take him on?
- Because he knows you love me secretly
Keep that gibberish here.
Downstairs, remember you're a Prince
Exhausted your English vocabulary?
Should've saved some for tonight
Hello Room Service
101. Room service order.
- Got it
Good you're here
Taking charge of the bar?
What's your name?
You play like a seasoned gambler.
If you're so good who needs thieving?
Ali, you're a prince. Don't forget
Sweetheart, no yakking.
Daddy is eavesdropping
Good evening. Everything okay?
- Yes yes. Thank you. Very okay
One problem. We're leaving tonight.
- At 13 past 12
Have we caused anything?
- No, not yet
Royal astrologer called
and Daddy insists. So...
got to go.
- We're back next week
Our luggage is packed.
Please have it put in the car
- Don't worry my dear
Your luggage will be in your car
at quarter past twelve
By then we've robbed the place
I told you. Never use the word
Who have we to fear?
No cops around
One whisky please
What are you drinking?
Anything will do
Make it quick
Else, my wife will find out
Will you have a drink?
- No thanks
I don't drink
What? Really?
You... a bartender
who doesn't drink? How?
With... all the booze around
Very bad
All around, money's flying too.
But I never steal
Very good
You know...
I used to be a cop
Never tell anyone.
They'll run scared
I won't tell anyone that you've had
a drink and you're a police officer
- Okay. Was
Thanks buddy
Happy New Year
At midnight, no?
In case we don't meet
Happy New Year in advance
No my friend
Of course we'll meet
In Happy New Year
of course we'll meet
I like you
My drink
Was... what I was
Jai Dixit is in the hotel
How could this happen?
Now what to do?
I warned you
It's serious Kabir
Where is Ali?
Let's get our luggage
- What?
Let's slip out quietly
Kabir Bhai, you start out first.
- Relax Ali
It's time we ran. No one knows
that psycho more than I know
He'll crunch every bone
Alone, he's no threat to us
Don't underestimate him.
He's the last samurai
I don't give a damn
Anyway, it's New Years Eve, the whole
world is here, maybe he's just a guest
So, we change plans?
- No Sheena
I waited a whole year for tonight
My plans. Mine
No change
180 million. And steal
it all by myself
Anyone who isn't with me
isn't coming with me
Take in this wonderful night
It's all in this moment
it'll never come one more time
To another night...
to another time...
to a new tomorrow
It's wild tonight...
in drunken delight
Earth spins at our feet
We're so full of life
You've only so long as you're
still young only so much fun
Just a little flip
Get a taste of the real thing
To another night,
to another time
To a new tomorrow
Who cares what the world thinks
We're carefree
Who cares where
This trip ends
We're wild and free
We're free, we're different
We can do what we want
Whatever you hear
Whatever they say
Nothing's stopping us today
To another night, to another time
To a new tomorrow
Been a pleasure having you here
Same here
Everything to satisfaction?
Privacy etc?
Your luggage
Congratulations boys.
We've done it
Like I said
we meet in the new year
Happy New Year
- Your wish
You can try running, then chasing,
then blood and gore
Or we can depart peacefully.
Get in my car, then jail sweet jail
It's upto you
Let's walk
You do a good bit of acting.
- And you're good at stealing
But the good is one
march ahead of evil
You're good
Were you a thief, we'd be friends
Kabir you break my heart
I thought we're friends enough
for you to write me letters from jail
Between friends...
you got me
but what about the loot?
You don't have the money
I do
Right now Ali is
delivering the cash, nice?
You're wasting your time
with the police
You're very good
Ali was with you.
You planted him
Don't blame me.
You took him on
That fight was a sham?
He took real blows.
Sorry if that hurts you
After Rohit, I'd go to Ali looking
for another rider. You knew it?
No. I hoped
Mind blowing
Ali and you
You got me man
It was a perfect plan - Not was
It is a perfect plan
One thing Jai
Nothing is permanent
Not you, not I
Neither plan, Nor time
Time changes
What happened to the lights?
Check the lights
Run Kabir
Run for your life
True sweetheart
There's lots of money in crime.
But respectability? Not a shred
Kabir won't spare you
- Kabir has become mincemeat
You know Jai?
One danger-full guy
For a 3000 buck job...?
- Please sweetheart
Not just for the money.
The starched uniform is a perk
After being with Jai, I admit.
It's a respectable job
Once we're mister-missus...
you will...
say it with pride.
My husband, police
Just say you love me
before you run for it
I'm not running
Even if I run
I won't come back to you
Guarantee! Our marriage certificate
was stamped up above. You will come
Mummy has even thought up names
for our kids. Want to hear?
Sweetheart, here comes
their Uncle Jai
Kabir bhai, happy new year
You took long
I was just telling Sheena
You're late. She went off to sleep
Everyone warned me.
I never heeded
First ever time I failed
to make out a man
Sheena, I guess you hate him the most
Sweetheart. You'll kill me?
Not here. Let's move out.
Come on Sheena
Come on let's go
She isn't coming
Sweetheart... they're gone
You didn't
Now I'm relaxed
Move Ali
- Now...?
No I'm staying here
I'll be back
Sweetheart, don't vanish again
Yes yes. Thank you
Very okay very okay
Your timing's all out.
First time in life...
I start on a love scene.
And you get shooting
I could've been shot.
- Were you?
Where we you when he was
grinding me at gunpoint?
Didn't I save you?
- My good luck. Mummy's blessings
Thank you Mummy
You didn't take the bullet.
- If I did...
I'd end up in a police station.
Martyr in a photo frame
Police station?
- Yes... I'm a cop no?
Until we've caught them,
you're only Ali. Get it?
So I get to die for free?
- Are you dead and gone?
But I'm going. I resign.
No life guarantee, so I resign
You swim?
I'll resign when I touch base.
Take me ashore.
- There
What are you trying? Why?
Hold on
Buck up
Boating on streets
Needs a driving lesson
Jai overdrive. Overtake him
Come on
Bye Boom-bastic
Hi. Big Brother
All fine?
You're blocking my view
Why aren't you stopping? Stop
Mistake. Sorry
Sorry Jai
Driving this mac was fun. So...
You can't see?
- No...
I was dangling...
Like I said... you're thief
You run. I get you
Like I said...
I'll walk right through you
You'll never catch me
What a waste of life
If you weren't a thief
we would've been friends
Now I'm a policeman?
We'll see
- Means what man?
I ought to get a chance
to become a decent guy
Like I said, we'll see
Sub Inspector or Inspector?
Who's higher up?
You'll find out
Okay don't send Sheena to jail.
- Why? She isn't a thief?
But she's marrying a policeman.
She deserves a discount?
A reservation in ladies' jail.
- Only if I'm posted there
- Shut up