Dhoomam (2023) Movie Script

- There are two suicide bombers.
- Okay.
They are carrying IEDs in their bodies.
We tried our best but they're
not opening their mouths.
You need to detect where the bombs
are planted in their bodies.
Wake up, Chowmein!
Is he alive?
So far, yes.
But once you cut him open,
we never know!
What is it, Jackie Chan?
Should I get you whiskey and a girl too?
Okay, listen.
If you give us info, you can stay alive.
Or else, he will remove your
kidney too, along with the bomb.
You'll talk?
Tell me!
Let go of him!
I can't see you.
Which car, Avi?
This car?
Why are you in this car?
What is it?
Why are you in Sid's car?
He gave it to me.
He gave it.
I accepted it.
Let that be.
How was your journey?
Just like last week's
and the week before that!
This has been going on
for a while now.
How is everyone back in Kerala?
As boring as ever!
What about your check-up?
What did the doctor say?
The blood test is done.
The result will come tomorrow.
I'm tired of travelling up
and down like this, every week.
I'm going to quit.
And I am going to stay here with you.
- Hey!
- Avi!
Where is this guy looking?
Are you okay?
Diya, I've resigned!
I was not happy there.
But I thought you enjoyed your job?
I did, initially.
Later on,
Ever since I went back
to Kerala for work,
we haven't even had
a chance to sit and talk.
Tell me.
What happened?
Well, there is nothing much to say.
I realized that whatever
I am doing, is not right.
Let's go back to Kerala.
That would be better.
The people at the bank won't
be so happy to hear this!
How will we repay
our home loan now?
What was that?
Who's that?
Who is this guy?
I think he's a cop.
What do you want, Sir?
Leave him!
- Avi!
- Diya!
Get up, Diya!
Are you okay?
Who are you?
Have it.
People come to Bangalore...
to find good jobs and to settle down.
But look at my situation!
To survive here doing
a business like this,
you don't even know
cooking like I do!
Go back to Kerala
and try to do something there.
- Come.
- This is the place I told you about.
If I am surviving here in this
city, it's only because of this girl.
No one else comes to my stall.
It's okay. I eat from
here every week. Come.
- How are you, dear?
- I'm fine.
Do you want to try anything new?
No, Chetta! The old item would do.
Is it? You never order any new dish...
and I don't make anything new either!
It's the same item everyday!
No wonder you seem to be
the only one who comes here.
Add a little more of that.
Err... Are you sure?
Yes. Make it the same way for everyone.
It's very hot.
This is the item I told you about.
- How is it?
- Not bad.
You should have it hot.
It's a little sour.
But that's what makes it special!
What is it?
- Why are you staring?
- Sorry!
Hey! He's my friend.
He just came from Kochi today.
His name is Avinash.
He's a nice chap.
He has come here looking for a job.
- Hello?
- Hey Sid... Sid!
I need your help.
Diya and I are in big trouble!
- Avi, just hold on.
- Hello?
Can you hear me, Sid?
Avi, I can't hear you properly.
Don't you have network there?
Sid, I need help.
Diya and I are in big trouble!
Our lives are in danger!
I'll send you my location.
You must reach here immediately, Sid!
- Chetta!
- Hello, dear.
Long time, no see!
Where have you been?
I had gone to Kerala
for a few days.
Well, what happened here?
It's so crowded now.
Even your stall has
changed drastically!
Have you introduced
any new items?
No new items!
It's the same old food.
- That friend of mine, Avi?
- Yes?
He did some magic.
- What magic?
- Here he comes. Ask him yourself.
- Chetta, 3 plates.
- Okay.
Hello, Madam!
Long time, no see!
You must have missed your
favourite rice gruel, right?
We offer many varieties now.
I'll get you the best one, Madam!
We have that special
sour one, right?
Get that.
I was the one who suggested
adding tamarind to it.
I know. He tells all our
customers about you, Madam.
If you insist, he may
share the profits as well!
Oh, that's not necessary.
I am glad that so many
people are liking it.
It was my grandma who introduced
me to this tamarind rice gruel.
- Oh! What is your grandma's name?
- Kalyani.
So, here's your Kalyani Special!
Give one to Madam's friend as well.
Make way!
Kalyani Special coming through!
Kalyani Special, Kalyani Special!
Avi, I heard your voice note.
You wait there. Let me
just see what I can do.
And stay safe, man!
You don't have a girlfriend, right?
- Hi!
- Hi.
Why did you ask that?
Well, because I see you
struggling here, all alone.
Maybe I do have a girlfriend,
and she's just busy at work?
Or maybe she doesn't exist
and you should accept it!
What are you looking for?
- Err... I got a job.
- Oh!
Come here.
This looks good.
Let's select a couple more.
This looks really nice.
Hold this.
This might be too big for you.
But it's a nice colour.
We'll see.
Come, try these on.
No. That's not necessary.
I am sure this is enough.
Why are you so shy?
I won't peep inside! Come.
Well, that's not what I meant!
Hmm, I got it!
This one is free.
You can use it.
Make it fast!
Do your parents visit you here?
Are you asking me?
Who else is here?
Well, they don't like to
leave their home-town.
And they are not
bothered about me either.
Oh, you have issues
with your parents?
What did they do to you?
Do I need to answer this
while I am half-naked?
My parents are here with me.
They were fine until recently.
What happened now?
Day and night, all they
talk is about my marriage!
You don't want to get married?
I didn't say I don't want to.
But first I need to find
a good looking guy for that.
Wow! You look so good in these.
This one is good.
And the size is perfect too.
Buy a few more of this
kind, and you are set!
What are you doing this evening?
Nothing much.
My boss has invited me for dinner.
He said I can bring
someone along.
So, if you are free...
If I am free...?
If you are free, let's go together.
Do you really know anyone here?
Why do you ask?
If this is how you're
planning to impress me,
I'm not at all impressed.
No, I didn't...
Excuse me. I'll just be back.
- See? I know people here!
- Oh!
- Hello, there!
- Hi, Sid!
- Good looking couple!
- Hi.
Nice to meet you!
I will be working for Sid.
Not working for, working with!
Looks like a grand party.
Yeah, of course. We have so
much money to blow up, right?
So, what's the story here?
How did you two meet?
We met at the food stall.
- I met him there too!
- Oh!
And that's when I knew instantly that he
was exactly the guy my company needed!
See, he's putting pressure on me already!
- I am your boss. It's my job, right?
- Yeah.
How did you know that Avinash
is the right person for the job?
That's actually an interesting story.
I was out for a drive with my friends.
We were quite drunk,
and really hungry.
And it was pretty late at night.
So, we went to the food street.
When we got there,
only his stall had customers
How is it, Sir?
Dude, this is too sour!
How are these people even eating this?
It's because they can't
say that it's bad.
Why so?
And his reply to that,
impressed me the most.
Once something becomes too popular,
even if they don't like it,
people will say it's good...
just to fit in!
Do you need anything else, Sir?
Hold this.
I want you to come and work with me.
Call me.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
That's it?
Is it so easy to get a job?
It wasn't very easy.
Oh shit! I have to go.
Avinash will tell you the rest.
Hi, Uncle!
You really want to know?
Of course!
Come, let's go get a drink.
There were several applicants initially.
But only two of us made
it to the final round.
You smoke?
- You?
- No, Sir.
Go for it.
But how will you sell a product
if you don't try it yourself?
Let me light that for you.
Yeah, that happens the first time.
Try again.
I'm already feeling a rush in my head.
You wait till you finish it.
You'll be floating up there.
I am wondering why I didn't start before!
- Yeah, you should have.
- Yeah, right?
Congrats on your job, Amar!
You too!
You got your man, right?
I shall leave now.
All the best, man!
Thanks Bro!
That was easy!
Excuse me.
- It's a no-smoking building.
- Sorry, what?
Prarthana, just show him out.
Sir... why?
Excuse me.
- Sorry?
- Please leave.
Go out, please.
So, what's the salary
going to be like?
Are we negotiating already?
Did you want to start by saying,
Congrats, you've got the job?
The job was yours all along, Avinash.
I just wanted to see how
you'll get rid of the others.
And what did you see?
How well you used their
weakness against them!
That's a basic marketing trick, right?
Yes, it is.
But many don't know how to
use it at the right time though!
Which is why I come
with a higher price tag.
Is it all about the money?
Where is the passion for the job?
If it wasn't for the money,
why would I sell cigarettes?
Fair enough!
I will have an offer letter sent to you.
I'm sure you will love the figure on it!
- Thank you, Sir!
- Sid.
- Call me Sid.
- Sid.
Well, there is a party tonight.
My Dad is retiring.
Come over.
Bring your girlfriend as well.
I don't have one yet.
There's nothing money can't buy.
There's nothing money can't buy?
You think you bought me?
I earned you!
Hello, everybody.
For me and for everyone who has
worked over years by my side...
in building this little empire of ours,
today is a special day!
Now, it's time I step down from here.
This has been my home,
my family,
my everything.
Praveen, my brother has been...
my strongest pillar of
support in everything.
So, I will be very happy to see
you relax at least from now on.
So, I propose my son...
Siddharth as the new
MD of the company!
Siddhu, come.
He is young.
Life is yet to teach him many lessons.
I'm certain...
that the chair will
make him humble...
and that each and every one of you...
will support him as you have
supported me through the years.
What is this?
What are you doing?
How did you know I am here?
You are behind this, aren't you?
- Why did you do this?
- What the hell are you saying?
- Drop that!
- I knew you had problems with me.
- But now you're taking it too far!
- Hey, stop it!
It was Siddhu who sent
me here to meet you.
Why would he send you here?
Sid doesn't trust you either.
- You are lying!
- Hey, wait a sec!
- Here!
- Sid, I need help.
Diya and I are in big trouble!
Our lives are in danger!
I'll send you my location.
You must reach here immediately, Sid!
Yes, we have a court
case against each other.
But he is still my nephew.
What trouble are you in?
What happened?
Were you in an accident?
Hey, isn't that your wife?
- I need Rs. 1 Crore, in cash!
- What?
I can't tell you anything else.
And I don't trust anyone any more.
I am in a mess and I need
1 Crore for us to stay alive.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I need more details
before I can do anything.
I said I can't give more details.
Can you get me Rs. 1 Crore or not?
But... here?
How did you end up here?
I have made a lot of
money for your company.
If I don't get the money now,
I won't be alive to tell
you what happened!
You want 1 Crore? Fine!
I will arrange it.
I need it soon.
I will be waiting right here!
I get it.
Do you want me
to talk to the cops?
Or do you want a doctor?
No cops, no one!
Just get the money here immediately.
- Do you understand that?
- Okay.
We will sort it out.
Don't worry.
We'll help you out.
His Audi has left the
building. Go ahead.
Everything should
happen as per our plan.
Plan cancelled!
Don't do anything.
Go back quickly!
Didn't I tell you guys
to abandon the plan?
But we didn't do anything.
We left immediately.
- What are you saying?
- Yes, sir.
So... so,
you didn't do anything last night?
Diya, are you okay?
What happened?
Where are we?
Wake up, Avi!
Help... help!
That man injected me in the neck.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
You are fine, right?
Are you hurt anywhere?
I have an itchy feeling in my throat.
Get up.
There's no water here to drink.
I'll try and get some
water from somewhere.
Can you wait here by
yourself until then?
What is this place?
Why are we here?
We have been trapped, Diya!
By whom?
When I regained consciousness,
we were here.
There was a man with a gun...
who told me that we won't be allowed
to leave until they were paid.
I don't understand.
Who will pay whom?
They wanted just me.
They got you too because
you were in the car.
I am sorry to put you
through all this, Diya.
But help is on the way.
Who are they?
This is a corporate mess, Diya!
There was some confusion
in a deal with a minister.
I guess he is doing this
to threaten the company.
But who is coming to help us?
I've contacted Sid.
Sid will come.
The man we saw last night...
Is he the one doing
all this to us?
Where is the man you
said you spoke to earlier?
He went outside.
He asked us to be here.
I don't know how many
of them are there outside.
I couldn't spot anyone either.
We should get out from here.
I don't want to take any chances.
Sid will send someone.
Let's just wait it out.
What watch is this?
Err... He tied it on my
wrist to track us.
It's very dusty here.
Come, let's sit over there.
Last night you quit your job.
Why suddenly?
Is it in any way connected
to what's happening to us?
Let's talk about it later, Diya.
I want to know, now!
Tell me, Avi.
When I joined this company,
I thought it was just
another normal job.
Just like everyone else,
I wanted to be successful,
make money...
and be happy.
That's all I wanted.
That's what everyone does.
What's wrong in it?
Do you know what my job was at TTI?
Marketing head!
That's just a fancy name.
My job was to increase
cigarette sales.
So what?
I have done things,
that I shouldn't have.
Like what?
No, Prarthana.
You know I don't work from home.
I will come there and check.
Yeah. I'll see you in a minute.
Ayisha, someone's gonna...
- Hi!
- Hi.
- First day shit?
- Yeah, just filling up the forms.
Let me show you something.
- What?
- Come.
- Well...
- You don't need all that.
Come on.
- Come, come.
- Where to?
Come, Sir.
I will tell you.
Well, Boss...
What do you expect from me?
Do you see all these people, Avinash?
The ones standing there,
the ones who are walking...
and the ones in the cars and buses.
All of them owe me money!
How is that?
They all have Rs. 300 in their pockets
which should ideally come to me, daily.
And you have to
make that happen.
That's your only job!
But... with so many regulations in place,
is it possible?
Don't be bothered
about the regulations.
They are all a whitewash.
The government's biggest income comes
from the taxes levied on cigarette sales.
They could have banned this business
long back if they wanted to.
But they haven't. And they won't do it,
because they need that money.
These regulations are just tricks
played by the government...
to show that they care
for the people! That's all.
At the end of the day,
it's an adult choice.
Look at this.
This is freely available in our homes.
And yet they make us pay for it.
So, I'm sure we can do a lot better!
I was really excited.
And I was really happy with my job.
This is exclusively my office.
I don't believe in running the company
like my Dad or Praveen Uncle.
All that's very old and boring.
What we need is some new thinking,
- and new experiences.
- Of course!
So Avinash, this is where you'll work.
- Thank you!
- Let me introduce you to the team.
Guys, huddle up please!
So, this is Avinash.
- Yeah?
- Hi guys! Hello!
Very soon, you will all
be working for him, okay?
And if you guys don't
meet our expectations,
he will be the one firing you as well!
So henceforth, suck up
to him and not me. Alright?
Okay. So, Avinash,
this is the team.
Alright... back to sleep,
all of you!
- I will be in that corner office. Okay?
- Yeah.
Anything anytime, feel free.
- Thank you!
- I'll see you around.
It was like a dream come true.
I did an extensive research about
this business and its regulations.
Many days passed by.
I didn't feel like I was
contributing anything new.
I started feeling like I wasn't fit
for the job.
But then one night...
Excuse me.
How can I help you?
Hi, I'm Avinash.
I'm the new guy at the
marketing department.
this is the R and D department.
- And you are?
- I'm Satya.
Junior Research Assistant.
- Oh.
- Where in Kerala are you from?
Near Kochi.
Is it okay to be here
without wearing all that?
Oh, that's fine.
What are you doing,
so late in the night?
My boss has given me a task...
to record the sensitivity of
the nicotine detecting polymers.
Everything went above my head.
Simple language, please.
Look at this.
These are installed in
hotels to catch smokers.
I am trying to find out how
we can beat this system!
I always wondered how it works!
There's a polymer
inside this device.
When nicotine molecules
touch that polymer,
it triggers an alarm
inside this device.
As simple as that.
What else do you do here?
And why do you
want to know that?
Well, when I'm doing a job,
I should know everything about it, right?
Just out of curiosity.
Here, we do many experiments,
record data,
that's it.
What kind of experiments?
Experiments to prove that cigarette
smoking is not injurious to health.
So, it's not injurious?
That's my professional opinion.
- And personal?
- Well...
It's late.
You should be going.
Come on, just say it.
I have to sell cigarettes,
else I'm sure I will be fired soon.
But what you have to
sell is not Cigarettes.
What do you mean?
See, you are not selling this.
You are selling what's in it.
And what's in it?
A lot of shit actually!
But there's only one thing
that people want from it.
- Nicotine.
- Exactly!
So, what you are really selling
is Nicotine, not Cigarettes.
Remember that.
Well, if we have a department
to prove that they are harmless,
what's the fuss about Cancer?
- What?
- Cancer.
Excuse me.
What does that mean?
I've never heard of that.
Hey, come on, man!
Seriously, I don't
know what it means.
But there are certain
things that I know.
I need to repay
my education loan.
I want to buy an iPhone.
And with whatever money I have left,
I need to buy some good clothes.
I need to find a girlfriend.
I don't know what that word means.
It doesn't exist here.
So, you don't smoke?
What do you think?
So, getting you to
smoke will be my big win!
What was your name again?
Good to meet you, Avinash.
- I'll see you around.
- Good night!
After talking to Satya that day,
I got many ideas.
I had a terrific team.
Sid gave me the freedom to do anything.
I re-branded their cigarettes.
Sales sky-rocketed.
They even gave
you a bonus, right?
I remember that.
I should have stopped at that.
Do you remember our movie date on
your birthday, before our wedding?
You haven't booked corner seats?
No, I booked centre seats.
They give the best
movie experience.
Oh! Seems like we're here
only to watch the movie then.
What else would we
do in a theatre?
All my boyfriends used to book corner
seats, last row. Well, just saying!
Oh, sorry!
Your life turned out to be
really boring with me, right?
It's okay. Let me see if some good
looking guy comes on this seat.
No one will come there.
I've booked that seat as well!
Oh! Possessive, huh?
I can't see this.
Tell me when it's over.
Everything was so good.
A good husband,
two adorable children.
But tobacco changed everything.
The spreading cancer on my face
needs to be surgically removed.
Nothing will be the same, ever again.
Tobacco ruined my life.
Khaini, Gutkha, Tobacco,
Jarda, Paan Masala...
It's over.
That day, I got an idea.
I shared that with Sid.
He presented it to
the board members.
So, people...
This whole new rebranding idea...
came from Avinash and his team.
All of you know that.
And it worked wonders for us.
We know that too.
Our new Like branded cigarettes
were a huge hit with the youngsters.
So now,
Avinash has another idea...
that he wants to propose.
Let's hear it from the man himself.
All yours, Avi.
Thank you, Sid.
Hello, everyone.
I know all of you are busy.
So, I'll keep it short.
All of you must have seen
the public service ads...
that are played at our
movie theatres, right?
Of course, who can forget
the famous Lungs Mukesh?
Hey! It's not that one now.
It's the other one, right?
Getting run out when you are
batting well' featuring Rahul Dravid!
Now, that's changed too.
Now, there is one ugly looking
lady with a fake wound on her mouth.
Well, why are you talking
about those ads now?
Sir, those who go to watch a movie
are not interested in watching those ads.
And the film fraternity
always hated it.
It's terrible!
It's a pain to watch them!
I went for a movie yesterday.
When this ad played out,
I looked around.
Almost everyone...
were either looking
at their phones...
or looking away.
And many others closed their eyes.
Actually, no one wants to watch this.
It's mandatory to play it, right?
There is nothing one can do.
Well, we can't blame
the government either.
They have to do this, to keep the
people thinking that they are cared for.
Hey, have you noticed
one thing, guys?
In any movie, if anybody
holds a cigarette in his hand,
at the bottom of the screen...
you can see,
Tobacco causes painful death.
We are missing a point here.
In our country,
in every theatre,
for every movie,
before every show,
this ad has to be played.
So what?
What are you trying to say?
Sir, what if we make this ad...
in a way that people will actually see it?
Hey, Siddhu!
Did you hire him to increase our
sales or to kill our business?
Sorry. What I am saying is that...
150 seconds...
2.5 minutes...
Government is giving us 2.5 minutes
of screen time for free...
to talk about cigarettes!
Yes... but to say
Quit smoking, right?
Are you trying to waste our time?
Uncle, just hear him out.
Let him finish.
My idea is that...
let's make these anti-smoking
ads with celebrities.
If we hire the best ad film-makers
and make a great ad,
people won't take their eyes off it!
And we don't have to spend
a single Rupee to showcase it.
The government will show
it to the people, for free!
I like the idea of getting something
for free. It sounds good, right?
I think we should hear the kid out.
What do you all say?
Celebrating 25 years of cinema magic.
Experience the magic of darkness.
Hey! Hello!
Yes! You!
Keep your phone away.
I am talking to you.
How do I look?
Stylish, right?
A few years ago,
I was just like you.
But look at me now!
I'm a big star!
Everything you are aspiring for,
I have them all.
And I wouldn't give
up any of those,
Except this!
Many of my friends told
me that if I smoke,
I'd lose weight,
and look sexy too!
As they said, I did lose weight.
I became sexy too.
along with that, I got cancer too!
You can also become like me.
without this!
Quit smoking today!
Quit tobacco today!
For help, dial 1800-112-356.
In my Ad, when celebrities said
they were addicted to smoking,
no one really cared about it.
Instead, all that they were convinced
about was that if they smoke,
they could be famous too.
And that's exactly what I knew
would happen. It was a huge success.
Where are you?
Who was it?
The money has been arranged.
I'm stepping out.
- Okay, let's go.
- No, no!
You stay here.
That's safer.
I can't be here alone, Avi!
Please listen to me.
Don't come now!
- Avi, I can't...
- Stay here, Diya!
I will be right back!
- Avi, please!
- Please listen, Diya!
Avinash, open the door!
Don't leave me alone here!
Avi, please!
Avi, come back!
- Diya!
- Avi!
Did anyone come here, Diya?
Are you okay?
What happened to you?
Why do you have a gun?
- Tell me, Avi!
- Come!
Where are we going?
Can you please tell me
what's going on here?
I never thought they
would do this to me.
Who did what?
They sent a guy to kill me!
What are you saying?
Whose car is this?
Get in!
And where is that guy?
He is dead!
What are you saying, Avi?
How did he die?
Tell me, Avinash.
Did you kill him?
I am asking you!
You need to tell me what's
happening here, right now!
Where are we going?
Where are the kidnappers?
Where did you get that gun from?
Open your mouth and
say something, Avinash!
I'll send you my location now.
Why aren't you
telling me anything?
I will arrange it.
What the hell are
you doing, Diya?
Don't get out, Diya!
Listen to me!
It's not safe here!
We have to leave now!
Listen to me, Diya!
There's a bomb inside me!
There is a bomb inside me.
This can't be true.
This just can't be the truth!
I lied to you about the hostage situation,
because I didn't want you to freak out.
I thought Sid will
bail me out somehow.
Where is the bomb?
I don't know. He said he has
planted it somewhere inside my body.
Do you have any cuts, anything?
Then why should we believe this?
He sent me this video.
That car blew up right
in front of my eyes.
I don't want to take
any more chances.
What happened with Sid?
Where is the money?
I don't know.
They cheated me.
How do we get out of this?
From where will we
get so much money?
I have a plan.
Give me that phone.
- Drive the car.
- Okay.
What are you doing?
I don't want anyone to
see the bullet hole here.
But wasn't that the proof
that you were attacked?
Now, we have to
play a different game!
What game?
Close your eyes.
Yes, sir.
Where are you, Kumar?
I am going to pick up
Siddharth Sir from the Airport.
I need an urgent favour, Kumar.
Stop by the airport
road and wait for me.
- I will meet you there.
- Okay.
Okay. I will wait near this
place called Sneha Dhaba.
Thank you, Kumar!
Drive towards the airport road.
Sid and Praveen used to
work together, right?
Don't you remember?
Sid's dad passed away,
a week after we got married.
Praveen has never been an easy
person to work with, since then.
So, you think he
is involved in this?
But why you?
Because he has faced many
losses because of me.
What exactly is this meeting about?
My workaholic uncle
has brought in a new deal.
Let's hear him out.
Should I come?
Of course!
He hates me.
I know that!
That's exactly why
I've brought you along!
I... I totally agree with you!
Praveen Uncle!
This is Siddharth.
He is the MD of this company...
and my nephew too.
Siddhu, they are the owners of
the biggest tobacco brand in China.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Sir.
- And this is Avinash. He is...
- Yeah, yeah. Sit down.
Please sit down.
- Siddhu.
- Yes.
They are keen on
collaborating with us.
In future, it could
be a merger as well.
That's great news.
We are the top brand in China.
And we would like to expand
our business here in India.
- Exactly!
- What makes you so successful in China?
Actually, they have a very
special ingredient in their cigarettes.
People just love it!
I'm in a meeting, Satya.
It's a proprietary
formula, patented.
One minute.
They are ready to share
it with our company.
I'll just come.
- What is it?
- Hey,
you have to stop this deal from happening.
What happened?
They have an ingredient
in their cigarettes.
It's extremely addictive.
Better than ours, probably!
That's good, right?
Our sales will improve.
It's not just addictive.
It's really dangerous!
It really messes with our brains!
I did a proper research
on their brand.
It's true that they are
the biggest brand in China.
But there has been a huge scam
about how they bribe the officials...
and have this product
going in the market.
I still don't get you!
How is it bad for us?
Why don't you get it?
It's murder, Avinash!
I don't know much about business.
But if this deal happens,
you, me and everyone in our
company will become murderers!
What can we do?
I am done telling you!
Now do what you want!
Hey Satya!
Get lost!
I felt that Satya had a point.
But I didn't know how
to say that to Sid.
Then what did you do?
I wondered how to convince Sid about it.
Hey, Kumar is here.
Pull over.
There's a bag in the
boot of this car.
- Take it with you.
- Okay.
Hey, Kumar!
- You were waiting for long, right?
- That's okay.
We went for a drive in
Diya's friend's vintage car.
It hit another car and
the rear glass shattered.
Oh no!
Are you guys hurt?
No, no.
What is this? You have
blood on your forehead.
It's just a small scratch.
Can you get it fixed
by your mechanic?
We cannot return it like this.
That's why.
But I have to pick Siddharth Sir
from the airport.
Don't worry about that.
I will pick Sid in this car.
It's okay.
Brakes are not so good.
Just be careful.
Here's the key.
Be careful. Go on.
My phone is also dead.
Oh no! There's no
iPhone charger in here!
Well, there was
another gun in that car.
I took that as well.
I may just need two
to get done with this.
There's some more blood there.
And what happened
with that Chinese deal?
What do you think about
this project report?
- This is awesome, Praveen Uncle!
- Really?
This will definitely work.
- Do you think so?
- Of course, I think so.
- This is the... Yeah... This is it.
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Okay.
What happened?
You shouldn't agree
to this deal, Sid.
What? Don't put your head into this!
Moreover, why are you even here?
- One second.
- So, he is telling about...
Why are you saying so?
They are the top
brand in China, right?
Their cigarettes are
extremely addictive.
Which is good for our business!
Yes, but only momentarily!
What do you mean?
Our customers will get
addicted to this new brand.
Those who were buying 2 packs daily
will start buying 5 packs or more.
- So what?
- Exactly!
That increases the company's profits.
That's not profitable for us, Sir.
It will be profitable only if our
customers are alive for a long time!
At least 20 years,
rather than just 5 years!
What's the point of a loyal
customer if he dies sooner?
We need him alive to keep
buying cigarettes, right?
We are a success in China.
All the youth are buying our brand.
That's it!
And there will be extra
marketing cost for this.
As of now,
once we get a customer,
we don't lose them, they are
addicted and will keep buying.
But with their cigarettes,
the loyal customers won't be
alive to buy cigarettes for long!
So, in order to attract new customers,
we will have to spend
again on marketing.
You can decide...
whether this is good
for our business or not!
If you want to cut down on
your department's work, say that!
- Don't talk against their brand.
- Come on, Uncle!
They have proved it.
A long term loyal customer is more
beneficial than a short term gain!
But it's your company.
You can decide!
Sir... Sir!
Please let me explain it to you.
Just listen to me, please!
Sir, there is no
confusion regarding this.
We can have a clear
cut meeting and solve it.
Very impressed, Mr. Avinash!
Long term, loyal customer
instead of a short term gain!
You are worth all the money
I am paying you!
But you have pissed my uncle off!
If I were you, I'd be scared for my life!
Chinese company, Praveen, Sid.
I'm sure they all are behind this.
But why would they do this to you?
Because I know many of their secrets!
They don't want to
leave any loose ends.
But... Sid agreed with you
about the Chinese deal, right?
but who knows what
goes on behind my back!
After all, they are all a family, right?
It's time.
What are you guys doing here?
What a surprise!
Where is Kumar?
Get in.
I will tell you.
That issue in the morning
was sorted out, right Avi?
Praveen Uncle sorted it, right?
Get in!
I will tell you!
Why are you acting weird?
Get in!
We can't park here for long.
If you don't get in now,
I swear I'll shoot you.
What are you doing, Avi?
- Gun?
- Get in!
Let's go!
Avi, what is all this?
I don't understand.
I don't want you to say anything.
I am done with you!
Call your bloody uncle!
Ask him to bring 1 Crore
to the same address.
- 1 Crore?
- Yes, 1 Crore!
Or else I'll kill you.
Tell him that!
Call him!
Hello? Yes.
Praveen Uncle, it's Siddhu.
Tell me.
- Avinash has a gun pointed at my head!
- What?
He's asking you to bring Rs. 1 Crore.
- To the same location. Alone!
- What are you saying?
You should come alone
to the same location.
Tell him that I will
kill you otherwise.
- Otherwise, he says he will kill me!
- What's happening there, Siddhu?
And he sounds quite serious about it.
Hello? Hello Siddhu?
Siddhu, listen to me...
Avi, come on man!
We are friends, right?
We can talk and sort this out!
Please tell him, Diya!
Why is he over reacting like this?
Avi! What have you done?
Sid, are you okay?
Just keep driving!
Nothing has happened to him.
He will live.
I just wanted to shut him up!
I would also like to use this
opportunity to introduce you...
to the man behind the success.
the prodigy!
Only the biggest round
of applause for him! Yes!
Avi, come on up here.
Hey, come!
Don't be shy!
Actually, Avinash is not like an employee,
but rather like a friend to me now.
Sometimes, I feel like
he is bossing me around!
Come. Why don't you
show off a little, Avi?
Thank you, Sid!
I think this is probably the first
time that Sid has spoken so much truth!
To everyone in this company...
especially my team,
the board members,
and of course, Praveen Sir...
I thank them again for encouraging
my idea and for being supportive!
Thank you!
And Sid,
I should be thanking you the most!
You are the only reason
why I've reached this far.
Thank you!
What's the PIN?
Stop there!
If you move, I'll shoot you!
Is this necessary?
- Let's just talk and sort it out. Please!
- Stop it!
I am done with your lies!
Have you come alone?
Did you bring the money?
I have it with me.
Drop the bag there!
Walk towards Sid!
Raise your hands!
Oh my God!
What have you done to him?
Is he okay?
- I said, raise your hands!
- Avinash, please!
Turn around!
- Why did you try to kill me?
- What are you saying?
I... I haven't done
any such thing.
Enough! Didn't you
send a guy to kill me?
For God's sake,
I haven't done anything!
Don't lie!
After I left from here,
I called Siddhu and informed
him that you needed money.
That's all I did.
He told me that he will take
care of it himself.
Have you told this to anyone else,
other than Sid?
He... Since he said
that he would handle it,
I went home.
I don't know anything else!
What do you know about the bomb?
- Bomb? What are you talking...
- Don't move!
What happened there?
Let's go!
I will tell you.
Whom are you calling?
In the morning, he had asked me to
call this number when I have the money.
He rejected the call.
What is it?
He wants us to drop off half
the money at this location.
It's 30 minutes away from here.
Drive faster.
Who is doing all this?
If it's not Sid or Praveen,
who needs all this money?
I am as confused as you.
I have no clue!
Other than those two,
is there anyone else involved?
You said something
about some minister, right?
Who is that?
Your phones, please.
Give it.
Wait here.
Such a farce!
Yes, Siddhu!
- Hello, Uncle.
- It's good that you came here.
I'm always busy at my office.
We can talk comfortably here, right?
I watched your press conference video.
- It's nice.
- Thank you, Uncle.
Do you plan to take
the company public?
Yes, I am working towards that.
Do you know who holds the major
shares in Indian Tobacco Company?
It's none other than...
the Life Insurance Corporation of India!
People don't know where their policy
premium money is going, right?
The little they know,
the best it is, right Uncle?
- That's correct.
- Isn't it?
Siddhu, I called you here to
propose a better idea.
Tell me, Uncle.
We'll be honoured.
What's your opinion about the taxes you
are paying currently to do your business?
- Say it.
- It's very high, Uncle.
Though we've been successful,
we're struggling to sustain our business.
I mean, tobacco tax is too high.
It will come down, right?
In order to make the public
believe that we care for them,
we will continue to raise taxes on the
production and sales of cigarettes.
But smoking is never
going to come down.
We can understand that, Uncle.
But sustainability is an issue.
Look, Siddhu.
Do you know the difference
between the two?
One is our product, Sir.
The other one is a black
market product.
They look the same.
But this one costs less than
half of your product's price!
They don't have to
pay taxes, Sir.
So, they can sell it
for a much lower price.
If I have to invest my own money
in a profitable business,
which company would I invest in?
In your company or in this one?
What do you propose, Uncle?
You can take your
company public.
I'll ensure government institutions
buy shares of your company.
But it's only a cover up.
You should use my
personal investment...
to start working on the black
market cigarette business.
How is that beneficial?
Government will be
raising taxes every year.
So, the legally sold cigarette will
become more and more expensive.
The smokers will start buying
the cheaply available ones.
And we should be the ones
selling those cheap cigarettes!
They should be available not only
in villages, but also in all cities.
You got it?
There are many who are
waiting for this opportunity.
If you are interested, you
can shake hands with me now,
or you can shake hands later
with the excise and IT department.
It's all up to you.
This place looks unsafe.
Doesn't feel right.
I will come with you.
It's a risk for you to go alone.
I know!
So, we need to deal this carefully.
Since he needs me to deliver
half the money elsewhere,
nothing will happen
to me. I'm sure.
Are you sure?
Where is this house?
That way.
Go inside.
Who are you?
Whom do you want to see?
What is the matter?
- Who else is in here?
- Whom do you want to see?
- What?
- Money.
What money?
What is it for?
So, you don't know about this?
What are you saying?
I don't understand.
- Hey!
- Oh no!
- Who is it?
- Somebody help me!
Please don't do anything.
What the... is this?
Where are you?
But this woman knows
nothing about the money!
Who is it?
This man is holding a gun and scaring us.
Please ask him to leave from here.
Talk to him.
I have apologized to them.
What happened, Avi?
Whom did you meet?
A family with a mother
and two children.
They don't know anything.
No one else was there?
He called and asked me
to leave the money there.
He said he'll send the address
to drop off the rest of the money.
This is a bit far.
55 minutes away.
What all are happening here?
Who was that woman?
Is she connected to
the minister in any way?
Did you start working with him?
None of that happened.
Before he could take
the company public,
a big fight broke out
between Sid and his uncle.
What kind of fight?
I think we should go public.
No one is talking about
going public here.
We are not ready for that yet.
We will never be ready
if we don't do it now.
Look here! This is not the way my brother
and I started this company.
He was unfair in the way he treated me.
Not this guy...
I should have been the MD!
What are you saying, Praveen Uncle?
Calm down. We'll talk about this later.
I am done being pushed
around like this.
I am going to take this to the court!
Let's split this company.
You can do what you want with your share.
I will decide what I'll do with mine.
Please don't take this seriously.
Praveen Uncle is a bit upset this morning.
- He missed his insulin shots...
- Just shut up, man!
Stop making fun of me.
I'm not going to hear
another word from you!
Sorry about this... whatever.
I will see you, Monday.
I think you should
go check on him.
Let me see.
What about that minister's deal?
Just shut up and leave me alone, Avi!
Wait here.
I will go and come back.
I am coming this time.
Oh, you have come?
Please come in.
Please sit down.
It's okay.
We came to give...
Someone from your office
had come and told me.
- From the office? Who was it?
- I don't know who it was.
Just some time ago,
a person came and said that...
you will come and give us the
monetary help provided by your office.
Did he mention his name?
No, I didn't ask him.
he asked me to give you a
letter after receiving the money.
Where did I keep that?
Where did I keep it?
Yes, I got it!
Let's go.
- Here.
- Thank God!
Shall I get some coffee for you?
No, we're in a hurry.
What is it?
What's written on it?
Another address!
But we have nothing
left to give, right?
It's written that he
will meet us there.
Where is the location?
You said things were
getting difficult at work.
Is this the same time Praveen
decided to leave the company?
Things were normal for some time.
I assumed that they had resolved
the issue.
One fine day,
Praveen stormed into our office.
You carry on.
Hi, Praveen Uncle!
What is this?
Come on, Uncle.
Let's talk it...
I'll see you in court!
This is not what Dad
would have wanted.
This is where he
asked us to come.
Where are you?
We are here!
Avi, come here!
That tree has a U-shape, right?
- Step back!
- Let's open it together.
Don't give up, Avi.
Do you know where that bomb is?
Do you feel it somewhere?
We have to do something, right?
Say something, Avi.
I lied to you.
Who are you?
The bomb is not inside me.
there's a micro bomb implanted
inside your wife's body.
It's inside you!
I knew it since morning.
I didn't tell you because you
won't let me come with you.
I thought it will be over
when we give the money.
I know he is watching us!
Where are you?
I have an itchy
feeling in my throat.
There's a bomb inside me.
Stay away from me.
Where are you going, Diya?
If you come closer,
I will pull the trigger!
- Listen to me, Diya!
- Stay away!
- You don't have to die for me!
- Diya!
Let's talk, Diya.
Listen to me.
We don't have time, Diya.
Please put the gun down.
What do you want?
We did everything
like you said, right?
Stop it. There is no point
in raising your voice.
Don't you want her to stay alive?
What else do you want me to do?
I'm sure you are smart
enough to figure it out.
Avinash... A good cook
never tastes his own food,
but his wife can. Right?
Hello... hello?
What did he say?
Avi, what did he say?
- Just stay away!
- Diya, listen to me!
I think... you have to smoke this.
Diya, we don't have time.
Let's do this.
You are lying again.
No, Diya.
Just listen to me.
- I don't trust you.
- This is the only solution we have now.
- No.
- Diya, please.
- No.
- Diya, please. Just inhale.
Listen to me.
Just inhale it.
- It's working!
- What is working?
When you took a puff, the time
on the watch got extended.
He has linked the bomb to this watch.
If you have to stay alive,
you need to keep smoking!
I searched for you everywhere.
One water bottle, please!
Breaking news.
The MD of the reputed TTI company,
Siddharth has been shot.
- Diya...
- What?
Praveen is dead.
Sid is in the hospital.
I just saw it on the news.
What did you do to them?
I didn't do anything.
Don't move!
I took the money that Praveen
brought, and left from there.
So, who did this to them?
The man who is
doing this to us...
He is watching us.
Let's tell everything
to the police, Avi.
Sid is in the hospital, right?
He would've told the police that
we kidnapped him from the airport,
and that this other
man killed Praveen.
Police will be thinking that
we are working with that man.
Cops must be searching
for us already.
What are you doing?
How will he contact us now?
The police should not
track us, no matter what!
What will we do next, Avi?
Let's get out of here.
We've stayed here for too long.
There are many fingerprints, Sir.
Forensics team is identifying them all.
Any information from the locals?
Someone saw fire down the hill, sir.
I've sent people to enquire.
What about the postmortem?
Report is yet to arrive, Sir.
- Okay.
- Sir.
You stay here and attend to this.
Okay, Sir.
- Come.
- Sir...
The Commissioner sir is showing
too much interest in this case.
- Is it so?
- Where is Siddharth now?
Who else knows about
that meeting of ours?
I've just been operated on.
Who else knows about it?
No one other than Avinash
who was with me on that day.
Do you know who did this to you?
Who was it?
My driver Kumar was supposed
to pick me up from the airport.
And then?
But it was Avinash who
came there with my car.
Avinash's wife was driving.
He had a gun with him yesterday.
And what did Avinash do?
He made me call Praveen Uncle.
Ask him to come to the same
location with Rs. 1 Crore.
After that, he...
He punched me in the face.
That's when I fell unconscious, I guess.
And then?
When I woke up later,
I was lying on the floor.
I had a bullet wound on my arm already...
and I was bleeding.
Praveen Uncle was already lying dead.
I called an ambulance from my uncle's
phone and was brought here.
Why did Avinash shoot you?
I don't know if it was
Avinash who shot me.
He did have a gun yesterday.
It was he who held me
hostage in the car.
That's all I know.
Everything that's happening with
you can be connected to my boss.
So, it's my job is to make sure
that there are no loose ends.
Avinash and his wife
must be eliminated.
Is that necessary?
They are not connected
to Uncle, right?
If you talk more,
we will have you eliminated too.
Whatever happens here, you
should let me know immediately.
Sir and I are going to Kochi now.
So, keep your mouth shut!
Police will come here soon.
When they question me, I must
tell them something, right?
The Commissioner is our man.
I'll tell you what you
have to say to the Police.
Praveen has been killed,
Sid has been shot,
and a bomb has been implanted in me.
I think there's just one person
behind all this.
But why the money?
Why did he ask us to give
it to those two families?
Maybe, he doesn't want the
money to be tracked back to him.
How are you feeling, Siddharth?
I'm okay.
I need to ask you certain things.
Tell me, Siddharth.
What actually happened?
When I landed at the airport,
I wasn't able to get
through to my driver.
When I got inside, there were two masked
men in the car, instead of the driver.
They forced me to call
Praveen Uncle at gunpoint...
and made me ask him
to bring Rs. 1 Crore.
I don't know how
long I was lying there.
I became conscious
only after some time.
They had already killed
Praveen Uncle by then.
I called an ambulance from my uncle's
phone and was brought here.
So, someone was aware
of your schedule.
Looks like that.
Did your Uncle give them the money?
I don't know, Sir.
I was not fully conscious.
So, why are you alive?
I'm sorry?
They came to kill you both,
but they let you live!
Why is that?
I was also shot, right?
They must have missed.
I just got lucky, I guess.
Very lucky!
You are lucky!
Did you have any issues with
your uncle or anyone else?
No, nothing like that.
Take rest.
We will do our job.
- Ask him to bring the vehicle.
- Okay, sir.
Likes, two packs.
One bottle.
Our only sources to find out
anything about that person...
are those two families.
Let's go talk to them.
There's no other way.
What happened?
Are you okay?
Tell me. What else did you do at your job?
People are made to think this is bad,
and it's cancerous.
- Whoa! Whoa!
- Sorry! Sorry!
- We don't use that word here.
- Okay, okay.
Have you forgotten the rules?
Well, I was saying that, this is
associated with the word BAD.
I don't use it.
Sid doesn't use it.
None of us use it.
He is going on repeating
the same thing.
cut the chase.
Show it to them.
So, gentlemen,
this is our future.
The Vapes.
This is not for our regular customers.
Then who is it for?
This is for our new generation,
who have been taught to connect
the word 'BAD' to cigarettes.
This is for the health-conscious crowd
who do yoga, eat vegan food, and cycle.
- Oh!
- Got it! Got it!
We will introduce Vaping
to this generation.
There are no restrictions
on advertising.
And it doesn't have a BAD
image like cigarettes.
We can even say that it's
safer than cigarettes.
It requires charging.
And you know that the newbies
love everything that requires charging.
It's just a new cool device to have.
To make these instead of cigarettes?
Then what about the machines
in our factory?
Should we sell those on OLX?
Listen, Saji Uncle...
We will not stop making
cigarettes. Okay?
We will only be creating a parallel
product to attract the new generation.
- Oh!
- Got it?
Because, if we don't get them
now, they're gonna get to weed.
Then we won't be able
to catch up with them!
Yeah, correct.
Check this out.
If you had to gift one of these to
someone, which one would you give?
Would you gift this
one or this one?
Well, see...
This one costs Rs. 300 and
that one costs Rs. 1500.
- Yes.
- How many people will buy it?
What's your strategy, man?
We'll get the new generation
to start trying it.
Once they try it,
Nicotine will take care of the rest.
They will get addicted.
And then, in a year and a half from now,
we will increase the price
of the nicotine refills.
Then slowly, we will have
the government ban these.
So, what will the addicted
new generation do?
They want it.
But they cannot afford it.
So, they'll return to the affordable
nicotine delivery service.
The good old cigarette!
Using these Vapes,
we will legally market cigarettes.
So, I'll be presenting this
at the board meeting tomorrow.
All of you should support it.
- Okay.
- Okay!
- Cheers!
- To the future!
Remember us?
We came yesterday.
Yes, I remember.
What's the matter?
We wanted to get some
more information from you.
Come in.
I want to know everything that happened
in Siddharth's life in the last 2 days.
The night before the last,
all of a sudden, Sid...
I want to go to my ancestral home.
- Okay.
- Book any immediate flight.
He goes there often to take a break.
I booked the ticket for him,
and he left to the airport.
Who was he with, before leaving?
No one. But the last person
he met that night was Avinash.
Who is this Avinash?
He works with Sid.
They are very close.
That night, Avinash resigned from his job.
Avinash resigned?
I didn't know about that.
I don't understand.
Why would Avinash quit the job?
Sid and Avinash were
such close friends.
If they are such close friends,
where is he now?
That too, amidst this crisis?
Sir, we enquired about
Sid's driver, Kumar.
He has been missing
since morning.
His phone is switched off.
Nobody knows where he is, sir.
When did you speak to Kumar last?
- Yesterday.
- What did he say?
That Avinash called him
and took Sid's car from him.
Why did he do that?
I don't know, Sir.
But Avinash took the car, saying that
he will pick Sid from the airport.
When I landed at the airport,
I wasn't able to get through to my driver.
Are you sure it was Avinash who
picked Sid from the Airport?
That's what Kumar told me, Sir.
Get all the CCTV footage from the airport.
- Yes, sir.
- Collect information on this Avinash guy.
- Okay, Sir.
- Inform all stations.
Get the traffic department
to locate Sid's car.
And any update from the crime scene?
No, Sir.
- Kemperaju is there. I'll call him.
- Come.
Keep the event as short as possible.
Minister will come, light the lamp,
speak a few words and leave.
There won't be a long speech.
Another thing...
No media, no questions. Got it?
Hey, what happened to Siddharth's driver?
No need to worry about it any more.
Okay. Did you get the pictures
of Avinash and Diya circulated?
Yes, we've sent those to all
auto rickshaw and taxi drivers.
Make it fast.
We should get them
before the police do. Got it?
What about the CCTV
footage at the airport?
Our guys are there, Sir.
They will delete those.
Okay then. Keep me updated. Okay?
Okay, Sir.
Our son left us with plenty of debts.
We had to sell everything
we had, for his treatment.
Even this house was mortgaged.
Thanks to your office
for releasing the money.
Last night itself, I paid off our
debts and got our title deed back.
Now, at least till we die,
we will have a home to call our own.
Do you know who came here yesterday?
I don't know, dear.
He gave me that letter and told me
that the office will be sending money.
It seems our son had an insurance.
Have you seen that man earlier?
Are these your son's medical files?
Yes, son.
I will have to take
these to the office.
- Is that okay?
- Of course, son.
You can take them.
Come, let's go.
Can you show us your son's photo?
My poor boy!
He was so young!
Why did you take those medical reports?
Someone who knew them or their son,
must be behind this.
What does that have to do
with these medical reports?
I don't understand.
He maybe a doctor.
To insert that device inside
your body without any surgery,
it can only done by
a medical professional.
So, you think the doctor who treated
their son would have done this?
I don't know for sure.
We need to talk to the other
family as well, to get some clarity.
Open the window.
The vapes...
How did you start selling those?
We should give many of
these devices for free....
to 10-15 kids in every college.
Complete free access!
They should smoke it
in front of their friends.
That's their job.
Just pay them some cash. They
will do anything for pocket money.
Like peddlers, right?
No, this is a legal product.
And there's a legal term
for such people, right?
There's no greater impact than when
a friend stands beside them and uses it.
Let's try to create that.
Since there's no legal ban on it,
they can use it anywhere, right?
- Even in cafes?
- Yes.
They don't have to hide and smoke.
No need to fear anyone.
When you go to sleep tonight,
dream only about one thing.
Getting rich!
Very, very rich!
- Hello.
- We tracked Avinash's phone.
It was located near this shop.
The shopkeeper has seen them.
Ask the traffic department
to trace this car.
- Okay, sir.
- I am sure it has not left the city.
Thank you.
Her husband died 8 months ago.
I got the medical reports.
But even they don't know
who gave them the money.
- Hello.
- Sir.
I checked the CCTV
footage from the airport, Sir.
They are saying
that it has errors.
All the data has been deleted.
They are lying.
I had a doubt when Siddharth
was saying those stories,
that there are big shots involved in this.
Wait, wait.
I will find each one of them.
What happened to driver
Kumar? Found him yet?
No luck, Sir.
I think they have killed him.
I'm sure about that.
When big shots escape,
ordinary people will be sacrificed.
You come to the station.
What are you doing?
I am checking if both of them
consulted the same doctor.
Did they?
There are prescriptions and reports
from so many different doctors.
He asked me to give you a letter.
That lady gave this yesterday.
This is hand written.
So are all these prescriptions.
If we are lucky, we may find a match.
You also check.
What if we find something?
What happened?
These medical reports
and prescriptions belong to two people...
who died from smoking
the cigarettes you sold.
What are you saying?
You wanted them when they were alive.
Now you want them in their death too.
What are you saying, Diya?
I don't understand.
I am getting scared, Avi!
Didn't you see what happened to them?
It was caused by cigarette smoking!
Do you have any idea how many cigarettes
I have smoked since yesterday?
We will solve this somehow.
How will we solve it?
How will we solve it, Avi?
Do you know what's happening to us?
Come, let's go.
- Excuse me.
- What?
Which doctor's prescription is this?
Check over there.
Can't you see that it's crowded here?
That doctor writes L like that.
Read properly and give the medicines.
What do you want?
Which doctor's prescription is this?
It seems like an old one.
Whose is it?
This doesn't have the doctor's name on it.
All the doctors always write their names.
Doctor... name... Doctor name?
Yeah, yeah... which doctor?
No, this was not written
by any doctor here.
No... no.
This was from a Doctor.
Listen, I have worked here for 45 years.
I know all the old and new doctors.
No one writes like this.
This was not written
by any doctor here.
Take it.
Check at some other hospital.
What do you want?
Doctor has written something.
Please see.
Hey... hello!
Come here.
Show it.
Show me that slip.
This slip is Doctor Shankar's.
How can you know that?
Look at the Rx on the slip.
There is Rx on that boy's slip as well.
This is Dr. Shankar's handwriting.
Look here.
He is upstairs.
Go and check.
Sir, can you give it quickly?
I'll give it, man!
Where did you go?
To get an X-ray.
Why? What if it triggered the bomb?
Why do you care?
I found the doctor.
Near KR market.
Yeah. That road...
- Some more..
- Sir.
The car has been found parked
at the Government hospital.
- Is it?
- Yes, Sir.
Inform the local police.
Do you have your case file?
I have a throat pain.
Who asked you to take an X-ray?
Did you google it?
Did you decide on your
own that you have cancer?
Why should you come
to us doctors then?
What's that in your throat?
This can't be used.
Come, let's do a test.
Why are you doing this?
Stop your acting!
Remove the bomb right now!
Police will come here soon. You
will be in jail for the rest of your life!
I don't
know what you are saying.
Diya, give me that prescription.
Didn't you write this?
- Didn't you write this?
- No.
Don't lie!
This is your prescription.
Yes, but I did not write it.
There is an 'Rx' here, right?
I prepare...
I wrote 'Rx' before.
There... look!
It's an old habit.
So, you did not write this?
The whole month,
my hand was fractured.
- Who wrote this then?
- Different people.
Junior doctors, nurses,
whoever was available.
- What will we do now?
- This was the only clue!
This... this prescription...
I remember now!
- Who wrote it?
- Isn't there anyone?
Isn't there anyone to help me?
I've been asking for so long.
Sir, can I help?
What did he say?
Nothing. He sat here. I was dictating
and he wrote the prescriptions.
We have to leave now!
Within your heart,
as a madness flares, ablaze,
This is the sole path ahead,
devoid of guilt's haze.
Endlessly, the story unfurls its lore
Time's chariot rolls, its rhythm and roar
Karma's reckoning awaits,
for sins you bore
Health is an important topic
discussed all over the world today.
It is not just our health...
Inspector Prakash had been
to my office, Sir.
He spoke to my secretary and...
she told him about Avinash.
He knows everything now, Sir.
I will discuss with Sir
and do the needful.
For now, don't talk about
this to anyone. Okay?
Thank you, Prarthana.
I'm extremely happy about the work you
have done in the field of health...
One second.
Sorry for interrupting.
Minister has to attend
an urgent phone call.
So everyone, please wait
outside for 10 minutes.
Please excuse us for 10 minutes.
You also wait outside.
What is it?
Inspector Prakash is taking
too much interest in the case, Sir.
In that case, you take
more interest in him.
It's not that, Sir. If you put
in a word to the Commissioner,
things will be done faster.
Call the Commissioner.
Commissioner Sir, Minister wants
to talk to you. I'll put him on.
- Okay.
- Here.
Hello, Commissioner.
- Tell me, Sir.
- Well...
It's about Praveen and Siddharth...
Just close that case.
- Close?
- Everything is arranged.
You can arrange a press conference.
Okay, Sir.
And, one of your Inspectors...
- What is his name?
- Prakash.
- Prakash.
- I know him, Sir.
He is showing too much
enthusiasm in this case.
Just control his enthusiasm.
- One more thing.
- Tell me, Sir.
- Clear up that crime scene.
- Okay, Sir.
No one should talk anything
about this case hereafter.
You don't worry, Sir.
I will do it.
- That's all.
- I will take care.
Call them inside.
Let's wrap this up.
Yeah, please come inside.
Why did you resign?
Not now, Diya!
Are you busy now?
Just tell me!
Are you not getting
what I am saying, Sir?
The current restrictions
are already ridiculous.
How can we run our business?
You tell me, Sir.
What about the liquor shops?
They are getting grander,
day by day.
Some of them are like shopping
malls or showrooms right now.
It's so easy for people to walk
in and get out with a bottle!
Don't they have any restrictions?
Aren't we paying you well?
Okay. Just make sure that this news
doesn't come out right now. Okay?
That's all I'm asking for.
Thank you.
What's the matter?
Some officials went to some school
and raided the bags of some students,
and they found cigarettes
from those bags.
News channels are asking
for a huge amount.
If we don't pay them, they will
air it as the next sensational story.
One of Dad's old friends
is in the Broadcast Ministry.
I called him and asked for his help.
Let's see.
Oh God!
Cigarettes inside school bags!
Actually, we should...
We should find a way to make
it easily accessible to them.
If they can order and
get it through some app,
that will be a lot smoother, right?
What do you think?
We must stop it, Sid.
Stop it?
They are children!
Avi, last quarter's growth
figures were very low.
Don't you know that?
Do you not think that
you're responsible for that?
On the first day I joined this company,
while we were travelling in this car,
you pointed out the people around and
mentioned that they all owe you Rs. 300.
As far as I know, I've brought
that money to this company.
Even then,
children were never a part
of that deal, Sid!
That was just the beginning of
the disagreements between us.
After I realised that,
I wasn't able to keep my mouth shut.
And then?
That's how that fight happened.
With whom?
What are you saying?
Haven't I told you?
What did you tell me?
You haven't told me anything!
I had gone to Mysore for a meeting.
When I stopped at a shop to buy water,
I saw something.
One bottle of water, please.
Take it.
Come on!
Those children bought
our brand of cigarettes.
I was shocked when I saw that.
- Hey! I need one. Give it!
- Take it.
Give it!
Hey... hey!
Don't use it.
Give it to me!
I don't want anything!
Don't do it!
Hey! Give it back!
Give it back!
Run! Run!
Why didn't you tell me any of this?
After that incident,
I felt that I should make up
for everything I had done.
I knew there was no
point in talking to Sid.
So, I brought it up in front
of the board members.
So Avinash, are you suggesting
that our sellers across the country...
should check the customers' age
before they sell them our products?
I have only one thing to say.
We must take a stand
on not selling it to children.
And we should enforce it.
Isn't there a Government
rule about that?
It's not our job, right?
No one is really bothered about it, Sir.
We should insist on it.
Did you go on a
pilgrimage to Sabarimala?
It's like you got a sudden
awakening of your conscience!
When I was a child, there was a candy
that looked exactly like a cigarette.
- Yes.
- Have any of you seen it?
Yes, I remember.
It was Phantom or something.
- Correct!
- But I don't think it exists now.
I remember it.
I used to buy it for my kids.
See, I think we
should bring that back.
Candies that look like cigarettes,
candies that look like Vapes.
With these candies around,
children will subconsciously develop the
idea that it is okay to hold a cigarette.
And when they grow up,
they won't find holding
a real cigarette very odd.
Today's children are
tomorrow's customers.
Right, Avi?
I got fed up.
Chasing money and success,
I forgot rights and wrongs!
That bothered me a lot.
I just wanted to wash
my hands off everything.
What's up?
- Good time to talk?
- Yeah.
Tell me.
I am leaving.
You can leave.
It's late.
Do you have any plans with Diya?
Oh, you have to go pick her, right?
Sid, I am quitting.
What is this?
Resignation letter?
I am the one who decides
who stays and who leaves!
I got everything I wanted here.
And I am sure I won't
get a better boss.
You bet you won't!
You know why?
Because I'm not accepting
this right now. Okay?
You take a break, Avi.
A paid leave.
3 months. Just go do something else.
Or make it 6 months!
Just go somewhere.
Have fun.
Don't bother about anything.
Go for a second honeymoon
if you feel like.
But I will see you here again.
Sid, this is personal, man.
- Sorry.
- Avi! Come on, man!
You know that I've gone nuts ever since
the issues with Praveen Uncle started.
I have got everything ready
to take this company public.
Like literally, everything is done
and ready and good to go.
But he's not going to support me.
You just take a break, Avi.
Go on a vacation.
We will talk about this later.
You relax.
I will call you.
You can take my car.
Hey, why?
You've earned it!
As the investigation on Bangalore
TTI case is progressing,
the City Police Commissioner
will meet the media shortly.
Where have you been?
I've been trying to
call you for so long!
What happened?
Are you guys fighting?
Hey, say something!
Dude, she is smoking!
What are you doing, Diya?
When did she start this?
Please say something, Avi!
What's happening here? I was gone
for a week and a boss of mine is dead,
another is in the hospital,
and she is smoking!
Throw it away, Diya!
Why do you have an X-ray?
Whose is this?
What's this on the neck?
It doesn't look like
a medical device.
Avi, I'm asking you!
Say something!
The kidnappers of Siddharth,
the Business tycoon, have been arrested.
The duo kidnapped Siddharth
from the airport yesterday.
They demanded a ransom of Rs. 1 Crore
and later killed his uncle Praveen.
Siddharth was also shot at,
and he is in the hospital now.
He is out of danger now.
Extortion was the motive
of the kidnappers.
Police officials were very
quick to grab the culprits.
The culprits have confessed their crime
and will be presented to the court soon.
I thank the police department...
for arresting the criminals who
did this to us, so promptly.
It's been a very tragic
time for our family.
First, I lost my father...
and now Praveen Uncle too.
Both of them were very talented
businessmen and were absolute visionaries.
- Satya.
- Yes.
Do you remember the press conference
last year?
Yes. The one they were showing now, right?
- Can I get its footage?
- Why do you want that?
Can I get it or not?
I remember the HR sending
us a link to that video back then.
Check it!
It must be in my email.
Let me check.
We can access it if
that link is still active.
Got it.
Product will sell itself!
Knowing my customers,
understanding their requirements,
and delivering it to them.
That's what I do.
Excuse me!
I have a question.
I can't see you.
But I can hear you.
You can ask, Sir.
Avinash, I want to know something.
Do you smoke?
- No.
- Oh, that's interesting.
You sell cigarettes,
but you don't smoke.
Why so?
My father always used to say,
A good cook never
tastes his own food.
Avinash, the man of the moment!
Avinash... A good cook
never tastes his own food,
but his wife can!
We have to find this guy.
Find him?
Can you tell me
what's happening here?
I am clueless.
This is Diya.
This little thing inside
her throat is a bomb.
For every cigarette she smokes,
she gets an hour more to live.
If she doesn't smoke, the time on that
watch will run out and she'll die.
And this guy whom we saw
now, is doing this to her.
Do you have more questions
or will you help me find this guy?
There is no other way.
We must find him somehow.
But it's all dark in this video.
His face can't be seen.
Is there any way
to get more videos?
this was a press meet, right?
He might be a journalist.
He is not a journalist!
He came there just to meet me.
But how did he get
access to a bomb?
Shall we try that way?
That's correct. Try to get
some information that way.
What will we do now?
The man behind this is
someone we provoked,
at the press conference last year.
He's present in the videos
of the press conference.
Where is it?
- Show it, Satya.
- Okay.
The product will sell itself.
Knowing my customers,
understanding their requirements,
I checked about this
bomb in the dark web.
Did you get any information?
I didn't get anything specific.
But such bombs were found inside
the bodies of some Chinese terrorists.
Chinese terrorists?
This bomb gets
triggered by smoking.
When they get caught, they smoke
a cigarette and blow themselves up.
But here, smoking is adding
time to the countdown.
Whoever has done this, they must
have reversed how the bomb works.
What are you doing, Diya?
What am I doing?
Are you asking
me what I'm doing?
Diya, listen. You have
every right to be upset.
But I am trying here!
What are you trying?
What are you trying?
Please calm down, Diya.
We will get you out of this.
You guys are idiots!
You know nothing!
What did you do so far?
All you did was killing people
and making loads of money!
And you called yourselves successful!
Now I am screwed!
I am the one who is dying!
Don't do that, Diya!
Don't you dare touch me again!
Don't come near me!
- I will not smoke any more.
- What are you doing, Diya?
I did nothing wrong!
Why me?
Get something to eat.
And some water.
Go on.
what you said is true.
I don't know what to do.
But whatever happens,
I will be with you till this ends!
I won't leave, no matter what you say.
Let's not give up.
Let's fight as much as we can.
Whom are we fighting, Avi?
- Hello?
- How are you feeling?
Who is this?
You know who I am.
What do you want?
Why are you doing this to us?
Avinash, calm down.
I have been trying to
call you for a while.
You have turned
off your phone, right?
- Then how do I...
- What do you want me to do now?
Listen, I'm going to find you.
And I am going to make you pay
for everything you've done to us.
You don't have to go around
searching for me now.
I am sending you my location.
Come, let's talk.
- Brother!
- Yes, tell me.
- You sent me a photo, right?
- Yes.
They are here, brother.
What are they doing?
They are just leaving in a car.
Follow them!
Yes, brother.
We have all the proof, sir.
Avinash left in an Audi car,
but he came back in Siddharth's car.
The Audi car that Avinash left in,
has been found near the crime spot,
and it's been
blown up and burnt.
Hey, Prakash.
I'm telling you...
Siddharth's driver is missing.
Praveen has been murdered.
The last person they
met was Avinash.
- Hey! Listen to me.
- Sir, the gun found from the factory...
That gun has Avinash's
fingerprints on it, sir.
- So...
- Shut up!
You're going on saying the same thing
again and again!
Do you want me to transfer you?
No, sir.
Good. Now, stop this investigation,
and look into other pending
cases at the station.
- Got it?
- Okay, sir.
You stay here. Call the police
if there is any sign of trouble.
See! The two of them are here.
Send the location!
Okay, brother.
I'm sending it.
We are here!
I don't think there's anyone here.
You stay here.
Let me check that room.
Where are you?
You said you wanted to talk.
Yes, I wanted to talk.
But I never said I will be there.
Are you scared?
What can I even do to you?
You've ruined our life, right?
I ruined your life?
That's funny!
You clearly don't know what it means.
I know what's your problem.
You must have got cancer from
smoking and you must be dying soon.
And you're taking revenge on
me thinking that I'm behind it!
I have no sympathy for people
who are sick because of smoking.
They clearly knew
what they were doing.
They deserve what they get.
Then why are you doing all this?
I am a soldier, Avinash.
I work in the black ops for our country.
For over a decade, my job has
been to eliminate terrorists.
What has this got to
do with me, with Diya?
You are a terrorist, Avinash.
You are the biggest terrorist
I have come across in my career.
The ones that I have eliminated...
had plans to blow up a building, a plane
or a bus and kill 100 or 200 people.
But you...
You do that on an hourly basis!
That too, every single day, every year!
I was just doing my job.
So am I.
My job was not illegal.
I pay taxes.
And I was an employee.
Every terrorist has many
such justifications.
For religion, for the
country and so on.
But... you did all this for money!
That's the only difference
between you and them.
Do you get it, Avinash?
You have a problem with me, right?
You can do anything you want with me.
Why Diya?
What's her fault?
I have the same question for you.
What was my daughter's fault?
Why her?
There is a room upstairs.
- What happened?
- Let's go.
Diya, where are you going?
Talk to me!
I want some time for myself.
I know how this works.
Don't worry about it.
We will talk later.
Diya... Diya.
We will fix this.
You need to stop this now.
Just leave me alone.
It's not safe to be alone, Diya.
- I'll pay extra money. Go quickly.
- Okay, Madam.
Please don't go, Diya.
Listen to me.
Get out.
Listen to me, Diya!
Hey, what happened?
Where did Diya go?
Come, let's go.
Can you tell me something, Avi?
I am getting stressed out.
I will.
Just give me some time.
- Start driving.
- Where to?
I will tell you.
Take that left turn.
O' fire, hasn't your thirst
been quenched?
On this path you wander through
All that was once vivid and true
Have now reduced
to ashes parched
Do you still long to fume
As everything around you
meets its doom?
The pyres of the past,
each morning, will rise
Haunting your future with its cries
What once was right,
now feels so untrue
Guilt creeps in, what can one do?
Can your tears extinguish
the fire so wild
Of your sins that spread far and wide?
Can rain or storm quench the fire's flame?
Or will it keep burning, all the same?
Is there solace to be found?
Or just scars that never heal?
Do your actions loom
like a shadow by your side
Inseparable, lingering,
with no place to hide
Intertwined like palm lines,
memories stay
Proof of every step along the way
Is this a stain that grows stronger
as it is cleansed?
Or a stain that can never be cleansed?
Can all the sacred waters in the world
wash away these sins of mine?
The paths are frozen
The feet stand still
My heart cannot contain this pain,
rising like smoke
O' fire, hasn't your thirst
been quenched?
On this path you wander through
All that was once vivid and true
Have now reduced
to ashes parched
It's true.
I had read it somewhere.
But this is the first time
I'm coming across a real case.
What is...
What is it called?
Crib Death.
When there's the presence of
nicotine in the air,
there's a high risk of children
dying due to passive smoking.
Tell me, Avinash.
Did my child have the adult choice
that you guys keep talking about?
I have made a lot of mistakes.
But I beg you.
Can we keep Diya out of this?
Yes, we can.
But what will you do in return?
What can I do?
I am a nobody.
A nobody cannot arrange 1 Crore
in 12 hours
and help two families, right?
So, here's the plan, Avinash.
I want you to use your skills to
undo everything you did at your job.
Okay, I promise.
I will do everything I can.
But please get Diya out of this.
The day I am convinced that
you have done your honest efforts,
I will find Diya and take that device out.
I have always felt like coming
out and speaking the truth.
The public should
know the truth, right?
Who wants the truth?
When there are convenient
lies all around,
the one speaking the truth,
will look like a fool.
- You have a power bank, right?
- Yes.
Bring it.
Hey, what is this place?
Why are we here, Avi?
I had a feeling that Sid and Praveen
were somehow connected to this.
So, I turned on the camera
of Sid's phone and hid it there.
It would have recorded whatever happened
there after I left with the money.
I had tied Sid over there.
But it doesn't look like
a crime scene here, right?
Don't you think so?
Now, we will know what
really happened here.
- Brother!
- Yes!
She has come to the cemetery
at Wilson garden.
She has gone inside, crying.
What do you want me to do?
You wait there.
Where is Avinash?
He escaped with our cash
worth Rs. 1 Crore.
Listen, Siddhu.
After all, we're family.
We should always stick together.
I know you had hired
people to get me killed.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Isn't this Siddharth?
- Who is this?
I have to tell you something.
- Your life is in danger.
- How?
If you travel in your car tonight,
you will be killed.
By whom?
By your Uncle, Praveen.
I have to tell you something.
Your life is in danger.
If you travel in your car tonight,
you will be killed.
You can take my car.
Hey, why?
You've earned it.
His Audi has left the building.
Go ahead.
Everything should happen
as per our plan.
No one should know anything.
Sid... Siddhu!
It wasn't me!
Oh my God!
What is this?
Send this to Diya's phone.
I've sent it via
WhatsApp to Diya's phone.
It's uploading.
Let's go to the police.
And let's tell the truth,
like you said.
We can at least shut down our
company with this. I'm sure.
This is a new beginning.
I promise you,
we're all gonna be
very very rich, very soon!
So, drink.
Drink till you drop tonight...
because we've got a lot of
work to do from tomorrow.
Hold the line.
An auto rickshaw driver
has spotted them.
He is following them.
What should I tell him?
Ask him to finish them off!
Don't bring this matter
up with me again!
Finish them off!
- Diya.
- Avi.
We did wrong, Avi.
We are responsible for this.
Diya... Diya, don't worry.
I've found a way to end this.
Once I do this, he will
let you go. I'm sure!
No, Avi.
I am pregnant.
We're going to have a baby.
I got to know when
we were at Satya's house.
I tried telling you
while we were there.
How can I smoke with
our baby inside me, Avi?
We have to do something.
I'm scared, Avi!
Avi... Hello?
Hey, she has received the video.
What happened?
What did Diya say?
Satya, I...
I'm going to be a father!
I'd like to thank everyone who has
worked with dedication for this success.
The people of this country have
shown great faith and trust in me.
I will never disappoint you.
The TTI shares that
you all hold today...
will be your biggest assets
in the years to come.
I can promise you that.
Also, our company will soon be the
biggest tobacco company in Asia.
And until that happens,
I will not rest.
I need all the data
recovered from a phone.
- Which model is it, sir?
- iPhone.