Dhruva (2016) Movie Script

The village of Jambapur
-What is it aunty?
Your wife is giving birth, take her to the hospital
- So who will tie this flagship?
Tell your leader to come tie it
If you say anything about my leader I will mix you with dirt
- You'll go to hell!
- Changal Rayudu our leader is coming
Huh? Our leader is coming?!
In this area who works hardest for our party?
- That guy running there, Changalarayadu
Hey Changalarayadu!
Come on here
- Ha!, our leader called my name!
What is this?
kissing peoples legs, you should
change this tradition
Meeting you in person is my honor, you also called my name
- stand up
- Say mother
Your baby has turned in her stomach
How many times did I ask you to take her to the hospital?
But you are too busy saying Party Party
Why do you bring this upon us?
Look if anything happens to your wife I hope it happens to
your leader too!
My party followers should not go through this!
Take her in my car with a siren
The family members of the party are more important than
the party
Come on, come on, the baby will be born
Changalarayadu, its a baby boy!
Changalarayadu your son was born in the car of the party
leader. He's a lucky boy
- All because of you
Long live the city representative!
Why is it so busy dad?
The MLA is dead, so an opportunity for another member arised
whoever our leader chooses becomes the MLA
What man?
If you bring a mass amount of people I'd become scared?
Don't you have any sense?
I do not want to scare you but if you dont give me a seat
and give it to someone else then youll be scared
I am the leader of the party! I make the final decision...
who are you?
- Changalarayadu
which Changalarayadu?
- My son was born in your car
This is my son, he passed 10th grade as a top student
I came to bring you sweets
Shut up! Im burning up here and you bring sweets!?
Get out!
do not make a mistake in giving me a seat!
- Behind every decision I make there is a big reason.
Get lost with your reasoning. Only one reason!
- What is that?
Why are you raising your voice?
- It will raise if you give the seat to someone else
I'll kill both you and the other guy!
Making the people happy means you need to sell the
party. Otherwise sell your wife!
What are you saying
I'll kill you!
Changalarayadu please take this blame for me
- What?
You see if I go outside in this situation I know what they'll
do to me
The party will be lost without a leader
If you take this blame, the society will think you did it for
the sake of me.
They will believe it!
I'll give your son education
He will become a doctor, engineer with my money
I'll take care of your family
I am the leader of my party, please
Do not worry, sir
Dad, did you accept?
I accept
I will take the blame
Because kids get less punished in jail
You take that MLA seat
And be the representative then release me soon
It's your fault that I was born poor
But if I die poor, then its my fault
I won't let that happen
Do you accept?
Go outside and tell them the seat is my dads
Dad you go too
15 years later
We still have no news of KMR's businessmens daughters.
Three girls have been kidnapped. Still no demands have been
given. Everyone is worried about the health of the kids
The kidnapping numbers are high, is this a group work?
Or an international mafia?
Police investigations continue
Has he not come yet?
Who are you? Why are you taking us?
Do you know who I am? Guntha Malesh's wife.
- Sister
My dear, I do not know your parents but every time you call
me sister sister
Do not be afraid sister, my husband will free you too
- Thank you sister
- Hello?
- Who's this?
Its me your wife, Vasundari
- Tell me
Someone took me and our son as hostage
- Kidnapped you?
Do not be afraid I'll send my brother to save you
What happened? You said I was your life, I was your spirit?
What happened to all those words? Are not you worried about
Ammalu! They took you hostage too?
- Ammalu?! Does that mean this is that girl?! I'll show
you later
Call me that again and I'll peel your skin
When dad said ammalu I thought he meant a little girl not my
future step mum
- Younger brother
Who are you?
- Why? do not you want to see me?
What do you want?
From there you are half a kilometer away
to Kheirat Abadeh intersection
Turn right from there, a little ahead
Go left to the train station
There will be a general store called Anitta Shop
From there get me a 1 litre bottle of water, better be super cold
Why would you kidnap for a bottle of water??
-Yeah, along with the water, bring the four children you took hostage
Take the train to Williams
I tell you where to get off
As soon as we get off we will slice him to pieces
Put it on speaker
- Hello
Listen, at the next station get off with just the kids and
Damn! Let's go
Wait! Theres two families of mine as hostages
Pull the chain once you leave the station and walk back
Why you squeezing the bottle?
Throw me the bottle
Where is my family?
- I dropped them off before
With your men in the same train as yours
Thanks to some annonymous student tips the police
arrested the kidnappers at the train station
The kids have returned safely to their families and
the police are thankful to the students
Dhruva make it 15 seconds today
Are you sure? - Yeah!
Youve trained well hey?
Let's go
Last nights kidnap rescue video has gone viral on social
I thank the police and the government for saving my daughter
Seeing their reactions makes me feel so happy.
It's all because of you.
You gave us the motivation to do this.
Yea, no matter how hard it is I want to keep doing it
I feel proud!
We are like minded people and it worked out
Once we get assigned to our station we can proceed further
with the same spirit and bring a big change
- The day we decided to become police, we already became
the police that day
But let's not wait for the change, Let's be the change
Today I am very happy
Do you know what this is? A pharma industry revolution
Our government is negotiating with a foreign company
to get generic medications to India
If it happens, the price of a $1000 medicine will now be $10
No poor patient will die due to high medicine prices
Our pharmaceutical companies will be shutting down.
In the future our country will be without disease
Is it not great? Everyone clap!
You're thinking why is he telling us this so happily?
I am very angry!
If we do not stop this urgently, then we will close our
companies and become beggers.
- Listening to you is scary, please do something
To stop it we have to buy many people
Take them out, anyone who has sold medical seats blackmail
Otherwise you lose everything you have earnt
And you cannot earn anymore
To prevent this problem
Generic medicine cannot come to India
One day my friends father died in an accident and we took
him to the hospital for a post mortem
According to the rules, after 6 pm they cannot conduct a post
mortemso the whole night the corpse was left there
That day the family was very disturbed.
The rule is correct. In the old time there was no electricity so
it was not possible, but we still comply with the law
We have so many blind rules like this. Even little mobile apps
get updated but our government will not update
The incident that day had a big impact on me
That's fine
- Can I share something madam?
Yes Gautham
The reason for my social strength is because of Dhruva
He told me that the terrorist in Bombay was 18 years old
The Delhi gang rapers are no more than 17 years old
Not only them but all the robbers begin at around 17-18
A bad person to learn bad things does not look for a time to do
it but a good person for good work will look for the right
The words he told me impacted me a lot.
To do a good deed never requires a good time is what he
taught me and gave me this watch
Every second reminds me of Dhruvas words
That's why along with me I will keep this watch and Dhruva
Quiet please!
I know what you are doing at night going over the wall
Dhruva should come tonight to Park Hotel otherwise....
What is this new headache?
Who do you think sent this sms?
We all start in ten more days
If our superiors find out about this then the posting is out
Even if 40 people came out we can deal with it
But telling a higher officer .. I'm tense
Instead of magnifying the problem, what if we simply ignore
We did not start this to stop half way through
He asked us to meet right? Let's see what he's going to
What do you think they are talking about so seriously?
Did she send the message?
- Yeah
What is the problem between you two?
- Ask yourself
Like my dad I wanted to become an IPS so I passed my civil
exams and went to Oosari for training
Before all of you, I met Dhruva
He's honking for you
Why are you straining yourself? Are you followin me??
- What?
If you see a beautiful girl does that mean you follow her?
If you follow me like that then....
I'll get her to marry you
- Ok for me!
He's come!
- 2 min
If you tell him to come then why won't he?
Get lost
She's not good, but you're good
Stop it! tell them the truth
Don't look at me like that guys
If it happened like that it would be good I said
Tell the truth
He's come up!
He must have taken it too seriously
Sorry sir we drank a little and talked big.
I mean look at my face and look at you.
Don't take it seriously mama, sorry I mean sir
Move aside
Do you know who we are? IPS trainees
For my physique do I look like an IPS sir?
I'm just accompanying them
Move the bike, otherwise I'll book you and throw you in jail
Thats me
- Mr. Subramaniam?
My dad?
This is your home keys
Sir is busy in the campus and told me you were on this bus
so I could give you the keys
What will you say to my dad?
I know how hard you must have worked to qualify for IPS
You'll try to forget that hard work with friends
That's all right?
Have fun
Anyone decides on a character through what they see
But him, even though he saw us in the wrong situation he
understood correctly. Thats when I started liking him
Knowing that I was training with him and thinking of it
made me very excited. Along with this another excitement
Excuse me! Hello! Ishika, there is a race happening here
please move
Lift please
- I really like racing, please
Among all these sounds only one sound is disturbing me
That is his heartbeat
Interesting, listening to his made me hear my own heartbeat
for the first time
Because of the race his heart is beating 150 times
Just by sitting with him my heart is beating 200 times
This is the best moment in my life
Enjoy your holiday my boy
- Thank you sir
- Yes daddy
Meet my daughter, Ishika
- Hello
I know her
- You know her? Tell me what you know about her
I mean she's very intelligent
Shes beautiful, smart not all these descriptions...
- Is there more sir?
Not bragging because she is my girl but she is very orthodox.
These parties and pubs she doesnt know
I mean my daughter...
- Listen dad (with respect)
Did you hear that? She called me with respect
Of course she would sir, she's orthodox
Recently I asked about marriage. Tell me if you like anyone.
She said I'm your daughter, I will marry anyone you tell
me to
Tell me what really happened sir
Very smart boy,
- Just reverse everything I told you
- Hey, Hi
Nice view, no?
Did I disturb you?
Not at all
I think the trek got canceled?
- Due to the severe snowfall they postponed it to next week
Dhruva I want to tell you something
Everybody tries to impress me
But since I've met you
Everything is reversed
Dhruva you understand everything
Why do you not get this?
I think I'm in love with you
I do not know how to propose but if its a little weird
please adjust
I've told you what I am feeling
You said you don't know how to propose, but you proposed
your love this beautifully
Such a beautiful feeling
I know its worth too
But I'm not in a situation
to give it back
This whole "love" does not set with me
I mean I do not set with love
My mind and my focus is somewhere else
I like you
Do not change a friend, just stay the way you are
But do not bring this love topic again and disturb both of us
Just leave it
I hope you understood me
I knew if I could see him then my love would not stop
But I was scared if I disturbed him again he would become
even more distant
Despite the opposition of my dad
I discontinued my training and joined pharmacy
Hey guys want to get some tea?
- Why do you want us between you two?
What would there be between us two?
I don't know what there is between you two
but there is an SMS between us and if our superior finds
out then mmmm....
You guys understood very well. Very smart
Ohhh, Well, let's go guys
Is there no seat for me? Are you single here too?
Crazy fool
Ey why did you come here?
- Why did I come?
Actually from the words you told me that day I got very
After that day I've been studying for only six months with
no other distractions. The university gave me a gold medal
My dad was very proud seeing that and said this was all
thanks to Dhruva right? So he said go tell him thanks.
that's why I came
Tell me the truth
- I couldn't stop myself thats why I came
Are you going to follow me your whole life? Is there no end?
Yea there is no end
- How come he never told us about Ishika?
- If he didn't tell us then there must be a reason
Did they give all the medicines correctly?
- You worry too much, they gave the right medicines.
Bro, it would be at least 10 ounces
How did you think I would take medicine without
a prescription?
- I do not know
Husband! Husband! Don't please don't. Don't hurt him
What happened?
- There is no pulse he is no more
Ishika, at the next signal there is a hospital take her
there. Go go
They brought their weapon in this paper
Hey Karan is on the line, while following them he lost them
Karan listen to me, that chain snatchers hood has my phone.
In your phone use find my friend app and follow my phone
Yes I found a signal
- We're going to follow you. Lets stay connected
They're going towards Golkonda neighbourhood, let's go
Ey turn around, where did this phone come from?
- Before when riding it felt like something hit me,
this must have been that.
Someone named Ishika is calling
- First turn that phone off man, give it to me
Dammit the signal dropped out
Dhruva, the last signal was given at the edge of the
Golkunda fort near the Bilal Birriani shop
Which gate?
- Western gate
So let's all meet at the eastern gate
- Ok
Boys, this colony is surrounded by the Golkunda Fort wall
It only has four entrances
Inside there are 14 streets and 500 homes.
They are 100% from here
We will search every street from all four corners.
We'll find them, let's go
Hey, hey, same poster
Dhruva, we saw the same poster
I think we are close to them
Dhruva, the snatchers are here and there are even more
of them inside
Who are you guys?
A persons life means nothing to you?
Good job brothers
All the chain snatching that happened in the last two
months of this village were done by us. Today while we
were doing the same thing, we had to kill someone
Yes Ishika
- Why did you turn off the phone?
The battery died. By the way how is she?
She's been crying a lot thinking about her husband.
They just gave her sedative
Where are you now?
- Ok let's talk later
Ay Dhruva, Dhruva, hello?
Gah crazy fool
Who's house is this?
- Don't worry man this is my best friends house
Come inside with the right foot first
- Why man?
- Ey Punjab don't confuse him he put the right leg first.
You come mama
What is she doing here?
- Your physique and smart thinking do you think there is
any relation?
There should be some romance in your body mama
the chicken is ready inside
Chill mama, come on, come on
Chill? Is this even your friends house?
I thought so... ay where are you
Oh! Have you come here itself? Come, hello,
meet my boyfriend!
No matter how much I hit him, he stays silent
Everytime I'm angry I take the knife out and stab him like
this. What why you looking like that? If I didn't have this
facility then with my anger I would stab you for real
Why did you bring me here?
- To sort your relationship today
I've given respect to his words and stayed distant. I can't
take it anymore that's why I returned
When I came back you all jump the wall and go somewhere
And him he goes alone and meets people
- What?
Alone? We always go together
Why are you all shocked? Do you not know he is going
I'm telling the truth. If you want ask him yourself
Is Ishika telling the truth?
- Without telling us you're going alone?
There is no "silence please" board here you can talk
I have a private life, I do not have to tell everyone
about it
Show the home minister the new apartment blocks personally.
Do it carefully
- Ok sir
Dhruva what is he doing here?
What guys? You called me?
- Why are you asking so calmly?
- Can you not see anything?
Four days ago he murdered someone in front of our eyes
and we fought so hard to catch him
Today he came to the campus as if its his dads
The hand I am supposed to salute I used to hide my face
Somehow you behave as if nothing is going on
what's wrong with you?
Hello Ishika
I have to go, you guys coming?
- Is this a joke to you? We've been observing since
Until you answer our questions we are not going anywhere
Yeah, until you tell us we will not go anywhere
The woman we admitted, Ram Swami's wife, attempted suicide
Why did you do this ma'm?
In front of my eyes they murdered my husband.
My testimony was not accepted by the court
He was wearing a helmet so they asked how I recognised him
and repented the case
Police, lawyers .. no one supported me
When justice won't be served why should I live?
That's why I thought of dying
Evidence that is good to come out of a court takes
40 years
With false documents he came out in four days
Even after all this, going back to our campus what can we
Why are you not talking?
Why are you not responding to anything I ask?
When we ask where you go alone, there is no answer
You are observing everything but standing still like
a rock. Is there anything wrong with you?
You're right man, I'm crazy.
Whatever you're saying to me I am not listening but looking
at the wrong happening behind you. That is my craziness
Look over there. A few moments ago a wreckless driver
struck another driver. To you all it looks like he is
giving money for the patients treatment
But to me he is giving money as a bribe to escape any
penalties. I am the only one who sees that, that is my
After seeing one person released from all the guys we have
caught got you all so upset
You know all those 32 offenders we got?
they are all happily roaming around
Does that mean everything we have done up to now is a
I won't let even one inch go to waste
This is my world. No one but me comes here
If you tell me about your enemy, I will tell you who you
What is this? Don't we usually talk about our freinds?
- Yes if you tell me about your friends then I can tell
you about your character
And your enemies represent your capacity
Four days ago he was our enemy. The guy he killed, Ram
Swami was a social activist
I suspected that he wasn't killed just because of his
wife's necklace so that is why I put so much effort to
catch him. I realized that Irfan Ali is involved
No matter how many time we put that chain snatcher into
jail he will be released because of Ali
Our home minister and Ali planned on a big building
construction outside the city
That land belonged to the poor and Rama was fighting for
them so that is why he got killed
Without anyones suspicion they planned a chain snatch
The police were deceived and closed the case
Now tell me if he is our enemy or him?
Up to now the 32 criminals we caught I have had some
suspicion... with five hundred of my cases
full detailed analysis
Behind all of these thefts, kidnappings there are many
manipulated plans behind them
Remember the kids?
They were not kidnapped for money
Last month in a private hospital an incubator was short
circuited and 18 children were dead was in the news
They did not die because of this reason
Those kids were all born with diabetes. After giving them
their medicine like every normal day
but after 10 minutes all the children died
Being scared I went to tell the management but they
threatened me to stay silent and if the news got out the
hospital will get a bad name
The medicine that was given to the nurse was not normal.
It was an untested drug
With that drug, 18 children died
If this came out then all of the big pharma company
misconducts will come out so the hospital said it was a
short circuit
Dr. Rimacant wanted to report this incident but to keep him
quiet they kidnapped his daughter
For no one to understand the cause of the kidnapping
three more children were taken along with his
Behind this medical mafia the man who runs it is
Dheeraj Chandra
Behind every small crime, there is a big organised
Behind every small crime how can you say that there is
a big crime behind it?
- You ask how can I say something like this well I started
noticing this since I was 15 years old
Everyone will read whatever is written and believe it all
blindly. But I started reading in between the lines
Suddenly one day noticed the connection of the second page
and the sixth page
Second page had an announcement about truck strikes
but the sixth page had auto rickshaw rates increasing
In another page if someone gave a party some funds
another page would have someone he knows has been
released from jail
One page has the value of gold increased
Another page says the holiday deal extended by two days
One page has the news of a foreign coffee brand launch
And another page has the benefits of coffee to the heart
We do not care about businesses but it is that one business
that will lead the news of everything in that paper
For their business the news papers print and we follow them
blindly. You have to drink this water, have this medicine
study this only. A businessman decides all this
The fate of people may be run by a politician but the
person that writes the fate of that politician is a
All of these 500 crimes are for business
Behind these crimes are 15 people. To capture these 500
criminals there are 5000 police officers
But between these 15 people, there is not even 1 person
to catch them. My goal is to get the biggest offender
among these 15
If we get him thousands of crimes will be reduced
I must take this and make him my enemy
We will be given our postings in ten more days
Before that, I must choose my enemy
But how will you choose that enemy?
They are the 15 I told you about. They are all doing wrong
but designed it in a way to get away with it so easily
And these are the worst of them. They are responsible for
80% of the crimes
Dheeraj Chandra, he has a monopoly in pharma medical crimes
in the state he decides if a doctor can prescribe a drug
Jayanth Suri, he digs up land and uses natural resources to
get money from the government
Irfan Ali, a criminal that supplies the criminals in the
city. In addition, theft or murder and possession of land
is all under his control
Of these three whoever is the bigger guilty I will find
him and prove that he can be served justice too
Superb, Excellent, Brilliant
Once we get our postings we will all be split but
if you ever need our help just make one phone call
- Thanks man
So when are you fixing your enemy?
This is Jayanth Suri, to stop the inspection in his granite
quarry he is meeting the MLA, once I get the details of
that then I'll make a decision
Whats the issue, all three of you came together?
What is this? kissing peoples legs, you should
change this tradition. Let's go
Sir has given us the time to meet him at least now.
- Yea it has been over two months since we've met with sir
He is my son and it took me two months to meet him
and I am a minister....
Hello sir
- Hello
- Dad, one moment, Preethi is waiting for me
-Hello Preethi
Hello Darling
Dad and a few more people came, looks like I'll be late
so you have dinner
Oh No, I'm waiting for you
Get your phone to your dad
Say, Preethi
- What uncle, during dinner time you have meetings?
why can't you come home?
Youre right my daughter eating is more important than the
meeting. I'll give it back now
Sweetheart I told them to come. Small meeting, I'll join
you soon.
- I'll be waiting for you
- love you
What she is saying is correct kana, you have to look after
yourself too
- Ok daddy
Kana, our guys have all come to talk to you....
I have an important meeting to attend, you guys talk amongst
each other. Right kana? Thank you Kana
You've been stuck in the lab for 2 months?
- There is a reason for that
We thought of finishing all our duties before you came back
but it didn't happen
Angelina is saying she will come to India no matter what
No matter how much I tell her she is not being convinced.
- I'll look after it
That Rama swami case got our guy locked up in Kashi jail
and caused a big problem for us.
- I've already cleared that problem before in the lab
October 3rd is a very important day for us. Be ready. At least
until then try not to create any new problems
Dheeraj, come with me
The Angelina matter should be carefully resolved and I'll tell
you how to.
Ok sir
Hello, Hello
- Not bad, he is healthy
He is our lucky kid
We trialled it on 18 babies and this boy is the only one that
Wherever you brought him from, as it is put him back there.
Give his parents a reason
Every month check up on him. We can see if our formula has
been successful or not
Bye, I'll miss you, I'll miss you
What did sir tell you?
- October 3rd will go ahead as planned. Until it is complete he
said to be careful
Hello doctor
Padmasri Siddharth Abhimanyu
Man of chemical miracles...
What happened man, you told us to come urgently?
I have chosen my enemy
Siddharth Abhimanyu? What? Scientist Siddhart?
I went to choose one of the three but I found a fourth who was
their leader
To the outside world he may be a science genius, but in
actuality he is a hardcore white collar criminal.
Basically he has these three beneath him and rules the entire
crime world. The other day Siddharth was a chief guest and the
CM attended it.
I knew there had to be a connection between them two
The chain snatcher who killed Rama Swami got caught and so
that Siddharth would not get a problem from him, he killed him
He tattood a religious symbol, stabbed his body and threw his
corps into one of his illegitimate sites. This caused a
religious conflict, so that police investigations would be closed
In the end he used the corpse in his favour as well
As a young scientist we find new things everyday. But that
doesn't make it news. You know what makes the news? Todays
poor people getting medicine that can help
He created the conflict, then he claims to solve it and then
he got the claps on stage
October 3rd is a very important day for him. I will make it an
unforgettable day for him
That siddharth abhimanyu, he's actual name is Yankana.
When he got out of jail he was a young kid. His dad gave
him 4 guards and said go rule the streets
He responded saying, "I didn't make you an MLA to bully street
criminals, enrol me into a good university. Clear my criminal
record. I have to study well!"
Dhruva, do you not think about anything else but Siddharth?
Tomorrow is swearing in ceremony. Day after is posting. What
happens if you never meet Siddharth again? What will you do?
Both of us will definetly meet again
Wherever there is money there will be heaps of crime.
Siddharth follows the money and I follow crime
The equation is what will make us collide
- You're correct
Are you ready to shake heands with the enemy?
- What?
Tomorrow our swearing in chief guest is Siddharth
Siddharth Abhimanyu
We welcome our chief guest sir Siddharth Abhimanyu
He is a great scholar of science and has made great
contributions to the pharmacy side.
He's very lucky, the criminal he selected is the chief guest
- fate man, fate
Honourable minister, respected members of the academy,
ladies and gentlemen, and of course, the future of our
police force
Wherever I go, the first question I am asked is what is the
cause for my success
It's actually very simple, in your life take one idea. Let that
idea become your life
Think about it, all the very best
Jai Hind
Now I request all the medal winners to come forth
Rajith IPS, for specialisation in cyber security.
Next Dhruva IPS, he will recieve an award from our honourable
home minister Mr Ravindra Reddy
Mr Dhruva has received this reward because of specialising
in managing activities involving all....
All the best
Dhruva has one more honour to receive. As a special award
for overall best probation of the batch which will be
presented by our honourable chief guest Siddhart Abhimanyu
I kindly request our honourable chief guest to come forward
and present this award to Dhruva
- Thank you sir
Berata, beautiful pistol
- I'm glad sir
You're welcome
Not for giving me the pistol, but because you gave it to me
- All the very best
You said to make an idea your life. I have an idea sir,
you are my idea and I will follow you
- Good luck
You are the best officers in the organized crime unit and
because of that I have selected you
Normally officers look for criminals after being posted but
I have already found criminals and joined the force
there is no time to get to know each other so you will just
have to believe me
because I believe in you guys
- sure sir
October 3rd, there will be a big crime happening in our city.
Our first target is to decode this crime
These three are important members in our city but a big
threat to our society
Follow them 24/7 and collect any evidence against them
- Sure sir
Honest to god I don't know anything sir
Because of those three 600 crores is being sent to our
Swiss bank because they are followers of us. We don't know
anything else
On October 3rd all three of them are transferring 750 crores
to our Mauritius bank. Because you are pressuring me I told
- This is a list of the major events on October 3rd
On the same day moharan devi and navarathri occur
The same day, the Minister has a meeting with a
pharmaceutical company
What is the company name?
October 3rd is a very important day
- Important day
Angelina insists on coming to India
October 3rd they are going to kill this woman. Her name is
Angelina, the CEO of a big pharmacy company in Switzerland
And owns 60% of shares
To sign the generic drugs contract she has already begun her
journey to India
October 3 is a great day for the country. Here are the details
you asked for. If Angelina puts one signature then the
generic drugs will be allowed
Then pharmaceutical companies can not do anything
If that happens, a drug that is worth 25,000 will be only 2,000.
500 rupee medicine will only be sold for 2 rupees. This has
to happen sir
This deal will be stopped by the medical mafia
To stop this Siddharth must have already landed in Switzerland
Thirteen hundred and fifty crores, why is it sent to
I can't believe this. Because of patent rights in India, K827
cancer drug was being sold at a high price
because it is such a high price and people cannot afford it
a lot of poor people are dieing. I felt really sad seeing this.
I want to break the price and get cheap drugs for the poor
Do you know who this is?
- Siddharth, he is our companies Indian medical adviser
When Siddharth is your advisor why does he not have any
shares in your company?
No no, he tried convincing me to sell my 60% of the shares
but I rejected that proposal
Thats it!
He transferred that much money to buy your 60% of the share
The stage is set beautifully
Killing you here, with Marcus buying your shares making
Siddharth the major vote which stops generic medicine coming
to India. He planned it to happen all at once
Do not worry, your safety is my responsibility
- Thank you
Tomorrow we have two tasks.
1. Prevent the money being transferred to the Swiss account
For that to happen we need to arrest all three at the same
2. Angelina has to attend the meeting safely
That generic medicine has to come to India. Every poor
persons hope must rise!
Yes. Siddharth Abhimanyu. First time he is going to take
a hit. He has to remember this
October 3rd
Boys every act according to my plan ok?
- Ok sir
Dhruva where are you?
- Right behind you
Sessi where are you?
- We are following your vehicle sir
Thank you for the moment and the opportunity. Good for our
share in business as well as yours
Sir Irfan is opposite our car but nothing suspicious sir
- Without a reason he wont be there. Keep watching
Guys be alert
- Ya ok sir
Sir ahead of you the Rudra murgan festival is approaching
- What?
This was not their path
There is going to be a rumble here. During this killing the
target is the plan
Nobody get out of the car
- Ok sir
Ishika, Ishika
Like taking a bus you made me come in this car. Did you think
of shooting me directly and sending me to god?
Is this a time to joke?
Do you know how tense I was?
Not bad, you're at least a little worried
Who are you?
Angelina is fine sir, we have her in the hotel you assigned,
everything is under control
- Good
Call from India?
What the hell has happened out there, have you been trying to
kill me?
- I have done nothing wrong
Once my foot steps on Swiss soil, you are finished
- Please, w..w...wait
It's 10 o'clock now, you said she would have been dead by
All my work here is done, I'm finished
- Marcus I'll take care of this. Just give me 5 minutes
Just 5 minutes
Why is no one answering their phones? What is happening there?
The law is doing its job kanna, they arrested all three
- Arrest?
Will you not tell me what is going on unless I ask? Without
the money how will I complete this deal?
Are you under stress because of money? Tell me how much
you need kanna. I'll transfer it
- First bail those three out
- Yes sir
Your brothers important task was not completed
I'll finish it
That area is under Dhruva's control
Go straight then turn right
Don't stay here. Go back to the station. Come back when I
call you
Yes Siddharth?
- I urgently need 1350 crores
1350 crores? Are you crazy? Asking as if I owe you something
- From your Lichtenstein account transfer it to my Geneva
Why the hell should I pay you?
I have emailed you my bank details
Do you know who I am?
- With the email I have sent an attachment. Have a look at it
then make a decision.
Okay, I'll send it
We welcome our honourable chief minister to attend the meet
for generic medicine with Pixin company
The meeting will begin in 20 minutes. We told the CM that
we are bringing Angelina now
- I'll bring her
She made a call to Swiss using my phone saying its urgent
- Why did you let her?
There is a chance to trace it
- Sorry sir
Come in
- Hello madam
I can not believe what's happening around me
You shouldn't have made that call, they can definitely trace
- I know what am I supposed to do?
What is it Sathyam?
- Sir told me to bring this file
Angelina, Dhruva are finished
Good job
Yes Abbas? Better be some good news.
Angelina is closed and that ACP Dhruva I also got rid of
By the time I arrive in India tomorrow all people involved
in this should die
There is no people sir, only one person arrested those three
and saved Angelina.
- only one?
Mrs. Angelina wanted to allow a cheaper price for the poor
by bringing generic medicine to India through a contract
Mrs. Angelina was killed..
I'm very sorry for this death
Police investigations have begun to understand how this
murder came about. For the time being the contract for these
medicines have been halted
No matter what you do, do it carefully man. Be careful with
I am not the one that should be careful, it is him that
should be. Even though I took the bullet, he was hit even
After 20 years of hiding in the dark, It only took 2 days
to bring him out into the open
Now it is him that must be careful
Yea... You will be cool. But someone is waiting outside
and punishing herself by not coming in.
- Why punish? I am ok
Crazy fool, when will you understand
Give me the key
- Why did he discharge the driver?
He came back two days earlier than what he told me. I
wonder what will happen
Kanna, I bailed Dheeraj Chandra and Jayanth Suri making sure
they dont have an LLR on their record
- Some sort of R kanna
Why are you looking at me like that kanna?
I did what you told me to
- Did have you have lunch?
I did kanna
- Did you eat after asking me?
Sorry kanna
What sorry? Just because I told you to ask me before
doing so doesnt mean you always ask me
- Don't get angry kanna
If I made decisions without asking you and it goes wrong
it is worse than if I ask you and it goes wrong.
This is what you have told me since you were young
1. Any time you go out always hold your head up high
2. Even if it is funny no matter the situation never laugh
out loud
3. Until you tell me I should not let anything slip.
That is when this world will respect me. That is what I have
been following till now. If I need to change that it is hard
Do you not have any common sense?
Do I? No I don't. It is not in the list you told me. Should
I add it?
Nana, even a sparrow has bigger brains than you
Wear your scarf
What is this? He hasn't even been posted for a week and
arrested all three of us
Thinking about it... Thanks to your dads smart actions we
got out of jail
Because you told us so, we let him go. Otherwise we would
have killed him in the hospital
Do you know why he arrested you?
- No sir
Do you know why I went to Switzerland?
- No sir
he knows why
Does your brother Abbas know you three work for me?
- No
But he knows
First time, someone brought me out of the darkness.
A lifetime is not enough to discover even a tiny formula
But he was able to crack the Siddharth Abhimanyu formula
Someone as smart as him shouldn't be killed in a hospital
- What are you doing here?
I told him to come
- His name is dhruva
He has no parents, he is alone. Police is his passion.
Like your research lab, he has a lab as well
I have an idea sir. You are my idea, and I will follow you
- Congratulations
Up till now a lot of people have created problems for my
Without giving them any respect as my enemy I defeated them
but this one is interesting. He made me think
To finish me, he studied all about my life
To whom I was born, where I grew up, what I studied,
my past, present, future plans all analysed
Tell me who your enemy is, I'll tell you who you are
Along with everything, he also collected this dad
How did he take this I wonder
- shocking and surprising
Aiyo kanna is unhappy
Tell me who he is kanna, I will get that area councellor
to cut off his electricity and water connections
Kanna his ration card and adhar card I will also cancel.
I will cancel his passport and make sure he cannot go to
Brain kanna! Brain
- Imbecile
I will find out what his capacity is
Is it necessary to have another surgery doctor?
- Yes, sorry Mr. Dhruva, there's a small complication
A clot has formed in the place where you had surgery. I have
to clear the clot
Doctor I need to be discharged today.
- Relax Mr. Dhruva, it is a very small surgery
You can leave tomorrow morning. If we leave it, it can
become complicated.
- Please
Ok, doctor
what happened?
- what happened?
- What?
What are you saying?
- Siddharth came
Dhruva no one came
I saw him
- no one came
Sir what are you doing? I gave sedative, take him back
- please listen to me
- No I know Siddharth came
No one came, under sedative you are seeing things
- Trust me he came
No one came man
- I'm telling you he came, he saw me
Doctor Ram Mohan, this is a GPS tracking device. If you
implant this into his body I can monitor him 24/7. Audio
feed via satellite comes to me as well
With that I will know where he is, who he is seeing, what
he is planning and what he is talking about at all times.
You just told us he was overseas, if he really came
why would he leave without killing you?
Just like how I knew where he was I didn't kill him, he
must have a reason for not killing me as well
Ishika I asked for my car to come
- This is a car as well, it has a steering wheel too
Okay, let's go
Gautham went to Shamshabad with some urgent work. He told
me to tell you.
- Yea I saw his message too. By the way thanks for everything
Keep saying it. As many thanks as you want. But between
lovers no thanks, no sorry
Hey darling
- We are not lovers right?
Uncle came. He's waiting for you
2 minutes
Is it hurting?
- I don't know it feels uneasy
The doctor said until the next dose of the medicine it will
be like that. Ok take rest I will go home and come back
No it's ok, you don't need to come back
- Why are you taking it off?
I have some work to do, I have to go
Do you have any sense? You just came and already say you
want to go?
- Ishika it is a very important matter. Start heading off
Will you always do what you want to?
What is so important?
While I was in hospital I received a call about Siddharth.
I investigated about a girl who was missing and thought
it would help me on October 3rd
but in that process I found that the girl was not missing,
she was raped and killed
Who's that girl
- scientist Akshara
I knew there had to be a different motive behind the
so I asked her boyfriend Kamal about the incident
Your girlfriend was raped and murdered by four people
but you still don't know anything right?
Sir honest to god I don't know anything
While I was in hospital, he rang me
sorry sir, I lied the other day. I did not know who to trust.
I trust you. Akhshara was my life.
She worked for Siddharth at Mother Teresa Institute as a
scientist. They unjustly raped and killed her. Before that
incident she gave me a SD card
In that card all of Siddharths crimes were told by her.
I will give you the SD card. Please make sure he gets
punished sir.
Until I meet you do not tell anyone about this
I'm going to meet Kamal at his college now. If I get that SD
card then it is game over for Siddharth
The whole world thinks you're a good person. Please sir this
kind of medicine will bring all of the world to India and
beg us
You're wanting the whole world to come beg India
I want this Indian to be begged for
- Does this not seem wrong to you?
Make yourself a wish, nothing is wrong with getting that
I will not allow this to happen sir. I will reveal everything
about you. You are trying to stop generic medicine and tie
up with the Swiss company.
I will tell Angelina madam what you are really doing.
- I have a bad habit...
do not tell anyone and I will let you live.
I absolutely don't talk about these things
Even if you kill me I will make sure the world knows how
bad you are
Strange. I planned to know about him with the bug but he I
am learning about myself
He is reminding me of my mistakes. How stupid am I?
I thought the Akshara case was resolved
but I did not know she had a boyfriend. I couldnt find that
You made a mistake Siddharth!
Kanna you made a mistake?
- He is not my enemy, he is my employee.
Anything I don't know he is finding out and telling me while
taking his wage and being an informer.
We will see
- We will see
I will see
- You will see
Shall we have lunch?
The number you have dialled is switched off
Where is the SD card?
Hi Dhruva, whats up?
- Gautham you are in Shamshabad right?
Yea I am, why?
- are you in an important job?
No just a tiny robbery case but its ok tell me
- Ok listen
- Kamal wanted to give me a SD card which contains evidence
strongly against Siddharth
- We were supposed to meet 15 km from Shamshabad at CMR
- But when I call him, no response. I suspect something
is wrong. Little help
Yea sure. Tell me what to do?
- If I leave from here and then he comes it will cause a
problem. So 24/56 Bank st muduranagar is his address. You
have to go and meet him personally.
Yep I'm close, I'm going right away
- Thanks
Call Abbas
Abbas, there is a police officer called Gautham coming to you
he cannot find that SD card.
Yes sir
Ey there is police coming. Hurry up.
Why aren't you telling me when I ask? Where is the SD card?
where is the SD card?
Go go
Give this to Dhruva sir no matter what
please sir, please
I'll kill him. Give it. Give me the SD card.
Let him go
Give me the SD card otherwise I'll kill him
Don't do anything to him. I'll give it.
This is Akshara's last wish sir, don't give it sir.
please sir. Don't sir.
- Don't do anything to him
Go sir, please leave.
Don't do anything to him. Here I'm giving it
Hey, let him go
Yes Abbas
- The policeman escaped with the SD card. I will catch him
no matter what
Dam it!
- Hey what happened? Why aren't you lifting your phone?
- Hold on Abbas
Sorry man, as you suspected things got out of hand here.
I couldn't save Kamal but I have the SD card.
Where do you want me to come
Towards Gacha Boli. I'll come in the opposite direction
and get the SD card.
- Abbas towards Gacha Boli, I'll call you
Where is the card? Where is the SD card?
I won't tell you
- If I found you one kilometer ahead, I would have killed you
in my chemical factory and mixed you in the chemicals
- this is my new factory that is going to open in a few months.
with your death it will be opened
- This is only 0.0001 percent of the crimes I have commited
- In these 20 years I focused more on not feeling any guilt
after my crimes than on my business
- I did not miss any details when committing crimes,
where did that Dhruva come from?
Dhruva not only slipped past your details but he was born
to destroy your whole network
- Hey, hey hey, don't praise him that much. I'll tell you
his future so listen
- Everyone and everything around him I will push further away,
play on his emotions, make him crazy and kill him
No chance. He has no other objectives other than to stop you
I'm telling you now! Your time is ending. Your time is ending!
Remember this!
Your time... Your time is ending
You're finished! Time.... time
Your time is ending!
Sir I checked his entire bike, I couldn't find that SD card
Where did you hide the SD card? Where'd you hide it?
- I wont tell
where did you hide the SD card? Tell me!
- Abbas
Where is the SD card? Tell me!
I won't tell you
- Abbas he is not telling us
Using his phone we will message him and lure him here
Hey, hey, hey, leave him. Please
Gautham. Please leave him
Officer killed on the road after taking drugs and roaming
This is more upsetting than his death
A guy like him, this kind of death. Cha!
Gautham died because of me. I made a big mistake by telling
him to go there.
No one could have known about the SD card. I don't
understand how anyone could have found out
Ishika did you move that pin?
- Which pin?
- No I didn't, why?
That pin has been moved
If it wasn't me or you, who else would have moved it? Did
someone come here? Or did Siddharth come himself? Ishika
test the fingerprints on this pin
Hey Darling
- Hi
Hold this for a sec
If we had Siddharths fingerprints as a reference it would
have been easier
Here, this gun case has Siddharths fingerprints
Are you sure?
- Of course he gave me this box that day
I have not touched it since that day. I was wearing gloves
when I took it from him
Fingerprints have matched. Siddharth came.
If Siddharth came here then that means he has started to
treat me specially.
- Why put a pin on this girl?
This is 2010 Miss India Naina right?
These are the event photos
Wait that is Preethi Sarogi right?
- Preethi Sarogi?
Yes, Siddharths girlfriend
How is the wine?
- Excellent
First placed Naina was with him in Switzerland, and Preethi
is in a living relationship with him. Something is wrong
There has to be a connection between the event and him
Hey there is a link on conspiracy on events. Actually Preethi
got more votes
but because Naina won there are a lot of comments against
that decision.
As you said Miss Preethi Sarogi is miss India crown
There is a good chance of her becoming miss world as well.
- No, she shouldn't become miss world and travel the world
She must think I am her world and depend on me. By the time
we leave I must be in her heart. See who else can win this
contest amongst the contestants
I found a girl with the qualities you asked, her name is
Make her the winner. The final round is about to start,
before it does tell her that her dad passed away
What? he died?
- He will die
In 30 minutes Irfan will kill her dad
Preethi will not have any flights to go to Hyderabad so
she will come in my private jet
Dhruva, what is this 8?
Siddharths downfall
Kamal, 25 Bell, he has the SD card
Sir your breakfast and also the det...
- Newspaper right? Put it there
What is this? What happened? What is this blood?
- Leave it
If you tell me then I can help
Do not ask me anything, go from here.
Ishika leave. I want to be alone
We are all here to help you. Even now without Siddharth
knowing I set an appointment at 4 to meet with Preethi.
We will find something for sure
- So what if we find anything? Huh? Tell me. What's the
benefit? Even that he will know in the next minute. He is
observing my every movement
Read this out
- Read it as it is written right?
Excuse me gentlemen
He killed Kamal. My Gautham is gone.
I don't know what I'm doing. Everyone that is close to me
he is taking away one by one
It hasn't finished yet
- What's left?
When you said you will choose an enemy to test your
capacity I felt very proud of you
You chose your enemy, but now you are obsessed with him
and losing yourself
Thats why targeting Siddharth has now made you the
target. You think Siddharth is the only thing in your life
but he is easily surpassing people like you all the time
If you're like this then you can't do anything
- Yeah I can't!
Happy? I can't do anything
Leave me alone
go...go.... GO!
Is this even you?
Everybody loves your calmness. How did you give it up?
Think calmly, everything will come back
Otherwise, you will lose everything you have. I have plans
on marrying you and living a life with you. I am not telling
you because of that
I'm telling you because I want Dhruva to win
I have told you what needs to be told. After that it is up to
"Everybody loves your calmness. How did you give it up?"
"Think calmly, everything will come back"
"Otherwise, you will lose everything you have. I have plans
on marrying you and living a life with you. I am not telling
you because of that"
"I have told you what needs to be told. After that it
is up to you"
"Even now without Siddharth
knowing I set an appointment at 4 to meet with Preethi.
We will find something for sure"
Call Preethi
- Hey sweetheart
Shall we go out? I don't know maybe a drive or something
- what time?
Four o'clock?
I have a beauty parlour appointment
I'm going to come home now, I'll join you for lunch.
What do you say?
Ok darling, I'll see you then
- love you sweetheart
love you too darling
I'm going to kill Preethi
What? Preethi?
Please tell me anything with a lead kanna otherwise my
heart will stop
First time I saw her my heart skipped a beat. With a
brilliant plan she became mine. I think I love her dad.
But Preethi betrayed me
She lied to me and is going to meet Ishika. That is
betrayal right?
If its a lie you can send them to the naughty corner, scold
them but killing them? Please think about it kanna
- Excuse me a 1kg dark chocolate cake
You are smart kanna.
- Anything special sir?
For someone special
Hello Ishika?
- Yep?
I have an important matter to tell you can you come over?
No I wont come. If there is anything tell me over the phone
- Why don't you come please?
What is this? Suddenly your tones changed? Am I speaking
to Dhruva?
- Yes.. If you come you'll know
Okay, Im coming
Excellent. Dhruva is about to propose his love for Ishika.
That's why he told her to come over.
- Thats good news kanna
I am about to kill my love and he is about to fall in love.
He has to feel the pain of losing the girl you love
As soon as Dhruva says he loves Ishika, the next minute I
will kill her
That pain he has to feel it too!
He does have to know... that's why
- Whenever I talk to you I get clarity. Thanks for the help
I helped in planning the death of two people?
How did this happen?
Abbas where are you?
- Two minutes sir I'll be in position
Ishika has arrived sir
Sir, she is going inside
- Keep watching
I'll tell you when to kill her
Why did you call me?
tell me... tell me?
Sir I have a clear shot to the target
- hold
Tell me what's up
It's nothing. It's that IG's sons birthday. They invited us
so I called you to go to the party
What are you saying? Is that why you called me over?
Sir shall I?
- Hold on
You talked so romantically before?
- Because you left angrily, I talked that way to cool you
Tell me the truth
- What else is there? Why do you keep asking the same thing?
- If you do not want to come then don't
Because you talked that way I thought you were going to
propose so I came with my hopes up
- Do you have any common sense?
- You always think about love. Do you not think of anything
else? I don't even have any love for you
- It won't happen this lifetime. Leave me alone!
Why are you behaving like this? Instead of talking like this
why not just kill me?
The biggest mistake in my life is to love you
- Abort
Any problem sir?
Do as I say
- Right sir
- lucky you
The words you say hurts me every moment...
"Siddharth planted a bug. He can hear everything.
I love you"
Hey how many times do I have to tell you, leave
Hey darling
- Hey sweetheart
How was your day?
- I have a feeling it's going to get better
"Even now without Siddharth knowing I set an appointment
with Preethi at 4 o'clock"
Wait a moment
From here on do not try to help me by meeting Preethi or
anyone else
because there is no benefit to me
- I didn't even call Preethi
you said hair appointment?
- I only said that to try and calm you down before
"I have called the doctor. He will come tomorrow morning to
remove the bug. Until then let's celebrate love!"
Yes Ishika? No don't come I don't feel well. I'm going to
Chillkgot temple
I'll talk to you after I return.
Kamal, I don't know if youll get this or not. I don't
know if you will see me alive again Kamal.
Find her! She will be around here somewhere
If you find her kill her!
Kamal they raped me!
You have to believe me Preethi. This is the report from
miss India committee. They told you your dad had died
before you went to the final round
The time then was 7:15. But the time your dad passed away
was at 7:45. Siddharth got your dad killed through an
He got you emotionally disturbed and to depend on him. He
made Naina miss India in your place
and is now using her in his businesses
This is the FIR and post mortem report.
This is records of some of the crimes Siddharth has
committed. Please do not trust him again
They are Aksharas parents. All the documents you require
are in this folder
Akhshara was always thinking about her research. We did
not think this would happen to her
Tomorrows meeting will announce generic medicines to not
proceed in India and what we have now is enough by the CM
I have faxed you all the appropriate details.
- I won't let it happen that way. Generic medicine will
come to India
Preethi replace this file. This one favour will be enough.
Ahhh car key... Dheeraj hang on a minute. Take dad into the
press meet.
Tell me when the CM comes. I'll join you. This policy will
give a great benefit to us
Hello Ravinder, it was a good thing we shadowed Abbas.
He is telling everyone that he raped Akshara and killed her
then framed 4 other guys.
All this was told to me by Deepak. But when I call him he
doesn't pick up and doesnt reply to my messages. I suspect
something is wrong
I know that he caught Abbas in Nampalli but I don't know
his exact location at the moment
I am going to play a small trick. I am going to call his
brother Irfan using Siddharths voice and ask where Abbas
In the mean time come to Nampali with our squad. We have
to arrest Abbas today
Call Abbas
- Ay phone ringing
Call Irfan
Who's calling me at this time? Hello
- Where are you?
I'm working sir
- Where is Abbas?
He is in the Nampalli guest house sir
Dhruva is looking for Abbas to arrest him.
He is going to call you looking for Abbas details using
my voice. Be careful with that ok?
I am a big cheat my self. Who is going to cheat me? I'll
take care of it. Dont worry
Ravinder, there is no need to call Irfan.
Abbas is in the Mohinibad farmhouse. I found him by
tracking his mobile. I am going there now. Come with our
Call Irfan
As sir said someone is calling me. Hello?
- Where is your brother Nampalli or Mohinibad farmhouse?
Oi idiot. Do you think I will not recognise you if you
do some mimicry?
I am Siddharth talking
Ahhh Siddharth. If you are Siddharth then why not act in
movies. Why are you calling me?
Where is your brother man?
- I won't tell you
Call Dheeraj Chandra
Dheeraj I'm on my way. But I cannot attend the meeting.
Bring dad outside for a second.
- Okay, sir
This is an important press meet. I prepared a speech for
Read what I wrote as it is
- As it is right?
- Kanna
head up!
After that we forced ICP Gautham to take drugs and left him
on the highway to get killed. I did it because Siddharth
told me to
Minister Changalrayudu is going to speak about generic
Hello to all
When I swore to become the minister, I swore to make the
country without diseases
Has this happened?
It has not. It will not and in future I will not let it
Ay what are you saying?
For the good of the nations Mrs. Angelina came with a good
heart to bring generic medicines
the minister said we have to stop it because it is not good
for the pharmaceutical business
In that moment a lot of money was made that day
because of this the MLA minority government became rich
before Mrs. Angelina died she signed a contract from the
office of the minister to bring generic medicines.
For those ministers I have kept this document a secret
Do you know what you are doing
- Are you crazy?
Who told him to read this?
Why is everyone shouting at me? No... My son is very clever
he always forsees everything
My son said that I would become the prime minister one day.
It seems like it's time
He has come lets go
- Abbas
Abbas, Abbas, Abbas
- I won't tell you anything
Abbas! Get up
- I won't tell you. Go!
What did you say to them? You have no control!
Hey Abbas, Abbas! Get up
- Tell me!
ey go, go, Go
Abbas. Will you come or not?
Ok... Shoot
They are coming man
I'll tell you the truth. Gautham was killed by the car
But I did not drive the car
Siddharth killed him
Shit! who killed him?
He was very important evidence
This better be good. Why did you call me that many times?
- Sir your dad is reading a different speech to what you
he is revealing all the crimes. There will be a big
He's reading a different one?
- Yes, all the reporters are watching
All the public are getting angry
Ok, before he says another word tell them he has a heart
Take him to the hospital and let me know
- Ok sir
I'm coming
This minority government will always....
- The speech you are reading is not your sons, it has been
Oh it has change... What its been changed??
- Microphone
Turn off the microphone
- Speak calmly, calmly
Dheeraj what should we do now?
Say you have a heart attack and need to go to the hospital
- Did my son say this?
- Yes
Everyone I apparently have a heart attack
- heart is on the other side
Someone call the ambulance
Ambulance, I do not know anything
I'll manage it
I gave this news about the generic medicine to
Changalrayudu to read out to everyone
Why he changed these words and said what he said? I don't
I will definitely take action on him
We will pass the contract. From tomorrow generic medicine
will come into the market
Sir why did your father talk like that?
- This is what your father read
Kanna have you come? I have understood what a heart
attack is now. I didn't think I would see you again
what is this? Do you just read whatever is there?
You're the one who said read it as it is Kanna
You're an ...
- Again he's started to blame me in English
I'm remembering a story
- Story? Please tell me kanna I'll relax a bit
Once in a village there was a king....
- I know this story! That king has 7 sons
- You tell me Kanna
He lost all trust in people
So one day he bought a monkey
he taught the monkey everything
and made him his bodyguard
and kept him there 24 hours a day as a watchman
- Ohhh is it??
One day while the king was sleeping a small mosquito came
The mosquito was disturbing the king
- aiyo
The monkey tried everything to get rid of the mosquito
but it still didn't go away. Then the mosquito went and
stood on the kings neck
The monkey got angry and got a big sword and with one swing
the monkey got the mosquito on the kings neck
The mosquito must have died?
What? Even with the sword the mosquito didn't die?
Oh, he did not die?
What is it kanna?
Your hands are very cold
Just now the CM called from the campus
He is threatening to make your father resign or they will
suspend him
- Yes Dhruva
A video of Siddharth killing Irfans brother, Abbas has
come out as evidence. I heard this from an informer
I will get that evidence by tonight. I have more evidence
against Siddharth
I need the support and formalities to arrest Siddharth sir
What? You want to arrest Siddharth Abhimanyu?
He's a scientist and on top of that a ministers son
Looks like you haven't heard the latest news
His own party is against him. If you don't believe me
you can check
- Are you sure?
Yes sir
Sir ACP Dhruva came to me with evidence against
He is telling me if the evidence is strong then take action
The CM wants you to meet him tonight with the evidence
- Sure sir
I'll get ready for the meeting
How did this happen? Abbas... Abbas
- Sir, he killed me brother
I told you he would kill your brother
Tell me where he is I will kill him
- I'll take care of that but you need to do something first
Tell me sir
Kill my dad
You want me to kill your dad?
- He is going to drag us down with him. call me after
he is dead
Ok sir
Sir as you wished my driver killed your dad while coming
back from the hospital
Is he really dead? Have you checked?
- In front of my eyes he died
Namaste sir
What's the point in feeling bad now? You should have thought
about it earlier
Why did you do this to my dad sir?
- If I didn't you want me to laugh with him?
You want me to just sit and watch while he talks like
that? Because he is a party member I suspended him and left
him. If it was up to me I would have taken a bigger action
What's worse than this? You killed him sir?
What? Me killing your dad? Take them outside
- Sir you all heard he threatend in front of you he would
take a bigger action
What are you on about? Why would I kill your dad?
Has your dad really died?
What is this sir? You killed him and are asking if he is
dead? He said two bad things about you. That doesn't mean
you hire a truck and kill him
He burnt up and died.
- If someone said I did it does that mean you believe it?
Not anyone sir, the driver told me it was you
Why would I kill Changalarayadu? I made him an MLA, I made
him a minister. I didn't kill Changalarayadu
I know. I killed him myself
I heard you issued a warrant for my arrest?
- That is the talk from others
If they say it will you allow it? There are 57
representatives under you that are waiting for my word.
what are you going to do?
A warrant!?
- How did you kill your own dad?
You dont understand? 20 years ago you thought I went to
prison for a murder you committed?
Yeah in my anger I hit him against the table
a broken glass piece went into his neck
- that moment the glass went into him I decided to make
my dad an MLA
I was fixed on going to jail but without dieing that dog
still had some breath left. If he dies what I want would
happen. So I killed him
I know how to make things mine. If they do not become
mine I also know how to get out of it
What should I do now?
My dads successor should be one of my men. Generic
medicine policy should be contracted by me
Anyone who has evidence against me you have to inform me.
You must also solute my dads ashes with a 21 gun shot
I got elected by the people because I told them I would
do good
How can I betray them?
God cannot always do good as well. How much are we then?
My deepest condolences
No matter how many times evil wins, if good wins once that
is enough
20 years ago when I saw you, I feared for this nation.
But 20 years later I saw him and am proud
Our country has the most diabetic patients in the world.
There is a plant in our sea that can cure this. With this
it is cheap to create medicines for diabetics
In 6 months this will cure diabetes permanently. This is
my hard work but Siddharth took this from me and is
trying to sell it to other nations
If this happens then for at least 10 years this medicine
will not be found for us
While the drug was in testing phase he sampled it and
tried it on new borns. It killed 18 innocent babies
In a few moments they will kill me too
Kamal be careful
This is the only evidence for the crimes he has committed
for all the crimes that he is accused of, Abbas has helped
him and this is a video confession
Dheeraj Chandra, Jayanth Suri and Irfan Ali are his allies
and they are plundering the country. These are my detailed
Yes sir, we checked the reports. Whatever he said is true
Mr. Siddharth you need to give an explanation for all these
accusations by tomorrow otherwise you will be found guilty
And the court issues you to be in jail for today. Mr.
Dhruva take charge
Ok sir
- Excuse me sir
- It's ok
I'll be at the meeting tomorrow 5:30pm
You've arrested him, leave his encounter with us
We will kill him like the dog he is
then we will be in peace. We are not the ones to take
revenge. It should be Gautham so lets send him to
We have also determined the place of his encounter. When
you take him to the court tomorrow
instead of going to the court, divert to a different
route. We will take care of the rest
Hey Siddharth, shall we talk for a few minutes without this
mic, bug or technology?
Looks like the bug disturbed you heaps?
- A lot
Vijay 5 minutes
Let's talk about a deal
- Deal? I like deals
How much do you want? 100 crore?
200 crores?
Two hundred crores?
Whatever medicine you created and killed Akshara for, I
have now made the patent rights under her name
In the end Akshara got what she deserved right?
- What she deserves?!
I discovered that formula. She doesn't even know what
that formula is
Because she said something you changed the patents? I
worked hard and discovered it
I know. She didn't say anything, I made it look like she did.
That medicine was discovered by Siddharth but he is looking
to sell it and maximise profits for himself
I told him it is not correct. I argued with him. But he
said I worked hard so it is my choice
I edited it from your discovery to her discovery
You discovered the formula but I made it look like she
discovered the formula
Played Smartly. From what I have, you havent even taken
0.00001 percent
I don't think you understand your situation at the moment
Destroying a person in 8 ways and I destroyed you
Keerthi, morality, money, power everything I have
destroyed. Attack of the eight factions
All the reputation you earnt has gone with the trick
I played in the Akshara clip that is number one. Have a
He doesn't see women as equals. That idiot. He should die.
- If I see him I will hit him with my broom
I changed the patent rights and in the future you won't
be recognized as a scientist. That is number 2
He is not a scientist. He is a bastard!
- He should have his certifications taken away
Everyone that was under your control from the MLA's to CM
is no longer in your support. This is number 3. Power
Because he was sitting next to me at a function I
casually talked to him. But do not connect me with him
I do not want to associate with him.
This kind of guys should have as many cases against him
as possible and put him in jail
Number 4, emotion. You wrongly made Preethi fall in love
with you. I told her the truth and made her distant from
Number 5. Your arrogance. No matter how many crimes you
commit you were not scared. But with my first attack I made
you scared.
You were scared. That is why you put a bug in me. You
were scared of what I would do so you started following me.
Oh yea, what did you say before?
Two hundred crore? If you ask for ten rupees I need to
sign approval
All your national and international accounts are frozen.
This is 6. Money.
If I suffocate you a little your smartness will be gone
and you don't even know what you are doing and made a
very big mistake.
That is number 7. Morality
"Sir as you wished my driver killed your dad on his way
back from the hospital"
"Is he dead? Have you checked?"
- "confirmed. In front of my eyes he died"
In the 21 gun salute ceremony, you were wishing the
ashes. Do you know whos they were? It was my friend
IPS Gautham
Everybody there knew this was the case except you
Monsters like you with past, present and future
I have made sure you have none of it and cleansed the world
of you
and now you're not even worth a hundred rupees
Now you are not even 0.00001 percent. You are zero
What is number eight? Is it death?
How did you design that?
Who am I to decide that? God will decide it. Of course,
there are many people outside waiting to kill you because
they fear what you will tell about them in court
There is no guarentee you will get to the court safely
But I can get you two life imprisonments instead of death
So you have no option. Except me
So what? Should we talk about that deal now?
I was thinking of killing him too. But I'm telling you now
listen to me. He has to live.
What? He has to live?
- He killed Gautham
We chose Siddharth so that if we stop him we can stop
hundreds of other criminals but if he stays alive and
thousands of criminals are destroyed
He is involved with national and international criminals.
We want them
For that kind of goal Gautham gave his life away.
If we go to kill the guy who killed Gautham then his death
would be meaningless
Without thinking whether I am right or wrong please listen
to me. Trust me please
This is a bulletproof jacket to save your life
It's really simple Siddharth. Your life and freedom I can
give it back
the police department are scared of the biggest criminals
but they are scared of you
Because all of their secrets and information are in
your hands
and I need it. Wear this bullet proof vest. Once you go
outside my departments best shooter will shoot you
but nothing will happen to you
All the people that want to kill you will think you're
With the governments support I can place you under witness
protection program and keep you safe.
By helping the country and revealing the masks of all those
criminals I am giving you this offer. Decision is yours
Give me 5 minutes
- sure
Kanna... How are you?
You made me come with police to save myself from you
what will you achieve by killing everyone and being the only
one left?
It is only true happiness when you live life together
with everyone
If you don't know this then how are you smart?
All this time I listened to what you said. This one time
listen to me kanna
As he said wear the vest. Wear the coat kanna
Today CM's, businessmans and crime gangs are worried what
will be said in court
Good choice
- Yes Dhruva
Everything as per plan? Take positions
Will this cavilar vest take a sniper bullet?
- Do not worry Siddharth this is a type three ceramic
layered vest
- specially for snipers
Let's see
Where he is standing is your mark
Once you get to the spot my sniper will shoot you
- Ranveer
I'm at the vantage point
Why did you not wear the bullet proof jacket?
the vest won't stop my death anyway
Now it's not me that needs the jacket, you need it
Siddharth get up!
Somebody call the ambulance
My love wanted to kill me. My enemy is trying to keep me
You played your downfall on me well.
Number 8 is death
Which is to happen no matter what
- Siddharth stay with me. Somebody call the ambulance
Why are you worried? Because I am going to die? or because
I didn't give you the evidence you asked for?
I gave what you asked for. I gave it.
Tell me how I gave it
This is not the right time to talk
- This is the only time I have. Think
Think about it
"it's not me that needs the jacket, you need it"
Bullet proof vest
You are the correct enemy for me. I gave you what you wanted.
Not for the people or the nation but for you... for you
arrests throughout India have begun starting in Andhra.
Businessmen and politicians all have been caught. This is
due to the documents Siddharth Abhimanyu provided
An emotion bigger than this excitement is still memorable
from the news I read
A 16 year old kid was being taken with handcuffs
That day I wondered why and how?
Since he began doing crimes I started analysing the news
Seeing everything that was happening around me should I
keep my mouth shut?
or should I take my finger out of my mouth to try and
solve the problem myself? That question I asked myself then
is the answer for my life today