Dhunki (2019) Movie Script

Why can't I Whatsapp call my sister?
Mom, Whatsapp call is only possible if the
other person has Whatsapp as well.
But how do we know if
they have it or not?
You can see everything
in your contact list.
All right. I'll check it.
But did you see pictures of Jeetu's son?
Looks so grown up now.
I have muted that group, mom.
They are on Whatsapp all day!
Keep sending good morning,
good evening and forwarded messages.
You should not do that, son.
They will feel bad.
Why would they feel bad?
They won't know if I've muted or not.
Anyway, listen.
Naresh's son wanted your
advice for taking admission.
Should he enroll for I.T. or C.S.?
Both are the same.
He's right here.
Do you want to talk to him?
No don't. Mom, listen.
I have to pack the lunchbox. I'm getting late.
Tell him to call me in evening.
Any new recipes?
You daily give your wife
new things to eat.
Nikunj, is this T-shirt for laundry?
Make something for your mother too.
But mom, I can only make
something if you visit.
Is it mom? Give me.
Hello? Yes, mom.
We have got invitation of
Dhirubhai's son's wedding.
Are you coming?
No. How can I? You only go.
Fine. How much should we
put in the gift envelope?
Better you guys decide it.
Fine. I'll do it.
I'm about to leave for school.
Whose wedding is it?
What's it to you?
You will be exempted,
but I will have to go.
But why are you in such a hurry? Sit and
have tea. I've made French toast.
If you want to do such experiments,
learn to wake up early.
I'm already late.
Hey! Your lunchbox!
I've made lentils.
Keep the box upright,
or else it'll spill. Okay.
See you.
Good morning. Good morning.
What's up?
See this. It's throwing an error.
Look, I put the code.
Enter. Error.
Review it once.
See, again error.
Give me a minute.
What if we replicate the names?
We shouldnt replicate everywhere.
But why?
What if anyone changes the name?
Then we'll update everything.
Dude, that's a bad design.
You're thinking like this right now
because there are only two records.
What will you do when there
will be million records?
Overall, there will be a load on the
system. The app will lag.
You're right but...
Hi Shreya. Good time to talk?
Yeah. Yes.
Just a minute.
You finish the API.
I'll review it later.
Hello? Hold for a minute.
Yes, I know. No, nothing like that.
Yeah. Hey.
Good morning.
Yes, tell me.
So everything's okay in the CV, right?
Yes. Except the changes
I told you. It's all right.
You send it to me. I'll forward
it to my manager.
Okay. What do you think?
When will I get the interview call?
You will find out only
after the first round.
But I'll try to set it on Friday.
So that we can chill out
on the weekend?
You really didn't need to go there.
Hey, we both got call at the same time.
And you said no.
But this time, don't take any chances.
Don't dream so high.
I don't think it will
be possible to stay.
You and Hardik both can come.
Not sure about him.
Anyway, I'll mail you.
You check if you need
more changes, okay?
-And let me know. Okay?
-Okay. Bye.
Did you fill the performance review?
Today is the last day.
It's so boring.
Should we focus on work or
remember how much we worked?
Yeah. Then go and tell Vishal.
Right. Everyone has the problem
and only I will go and tell him?
You are senior, sir.
I don't need any more load.
I have enough already.
It's better I fill it today only.
Quick sync up, guys. Come on.
All the bugs of this screen
have been fixed.
Tomorrow we'll release.
Very nice.
Shreya and Shivam.
Amazing work on HelpMates.
Thank you.
Okay, guys. Let's talk about FieldTrack.
Big news.
We have to give a
demo to guess who?
To the CEO of Zycus Pharma.
Premal Shroff.
If the demo is successful then
this will be our first big customer.
They also want to invest in tech and
this is an opportunity for us.
It can be our product.
We'll have to go to US for giving demo!
They'll be in India next month.
Then we'll talk.
But the work of next phase which we were
supposed to finish within two months,
we'll have to do it in two weeks now.
Isn't two weeks of time very less?
Yes, but we don't have any option.
We'll have to do it.
We have committed.
Any more questions?
What will they use this app for?
For MR tracking and delivery tracking.
Got it?
But... But MRs usually oppose
for tracking, right?
That's client's issue. Not ours.
We have to do what we have to do.
On daily basis, give it to
Nikunj for testing.
I'm leaving. Okay.
One minute.
What about the other QA?
We'll have to hire someone.
I'm overloaded.
We will do something.
I'll talk to Mitesh.
I'll do something. We'll hire one.
Let's get back to work guys. Come on.
Come on. Rock and roll.
We'll talk later.
You should get your passport soon.
Give one plate.
What's up?
This two-week deadline is impossible.
-I know.
-What 'I know'?
How can we work like this?
Then why did you come here? You
should have stayed in Hyderabad.
As far as I know, you liked that
work culture and salary better.
Vishal didnt give the
increment he promised.
I switched to be close to hometown.
But you are right. I shouldnt have come.
Now you've come here, right?
Why don't you accept what it is?
What are you eating?
Is there oil in curry or curry in oil?
I know! These caterers change
but everything is same.
Then why don't you bring from home?
My parents have gone to the village.
How much time it takes
to make rice and lentil?
Why are you talking like my mother?
What's this made of?
Good. It's really nice.
By the way, Ankita is very lucky.
Everything is set between
you two, right?
She gets help. And I love
cooking by the way.
I mean,
you cook because it's your hobby,
not because you want to help her.
That's what you're saying.
Hey. Give it back.
Keep it.
I was eating!
When your Hardik won't help you after
marriage then you'll understand.
Put it back. Eat your oily curry.
If you liked it so much then why
don't you learn from me?
Yeah, sure.
Good evening, sir.
Sir, there are three patients.
Will you check them? I have some work.
Thank you, sir.
Come here.
Good day?
Let's go?
-The apron?
-Oh, yes. The apron!
Can you just...
Let's go?
What are you looking for?
I'm not looking for a spot.
A new cafe has just opened.
They serve good coffee.
Let's go there, okay?
Hey, Nikunj.
Park your car elsewhere.
This is my parking spot.
It's a pain to park my car inside.
Your small car will fit inside.
But the thing is, we generally don't
give parking to tenants.
I don't have problem. Other will have.
Who you ask?
Chairman. That means me.
Your point is fair.
I'll raise it in the meeting.
But no one will attend the meeting.
You should get a Gujarat
passing for your car.
Thank you.
Try it.
Is it good?
Grandma is getting angry at you.
That the girl has become so busy,
she doesn't even meet.
I know. The renovation
is still going on.
I think I should redo my room once.
But why? I like it.
There should be some
change after wedding.
Sugar is a bit less, right?
No, I found it perfect.
What happened to your
Bangalore fellowship?
That got over a long time ago.
It's not happening. I told you about it.
How come you recalled it suddenly?
No, I had got a call from
Bangalore, that's why.
Remember I had talked to
Alpa's company? They called me.
The pay is good.
I think I should join them.
Go ahead.
Then what will I do over there?
I'll have to start looking for the job, right?
Shreya, we talked about it.
That if the fellowship worked out,
we will think about it.
But it's not happening.
Why are you still trying?
I'm not trying. They approached
me on their own.
Then you should have refused.
You should have said no.
Dad has a clinic here and I would leave that
and come to Bangalore to apply for jobs?
For us, it's not like you IT people.
Go to Hyderabad from
Bangalore then jump to Pune.
No set life at all.
You know nowadays all IT people
try to come back to Gujarat only.
Look at your friend Nikunj.
He also came back.
If Ahmedabad is best for me,
why should I leave it?
But I can't see my growth in Ahmedabad.
I feel like I'm stuck here.
I've been lagging behind.
That means career growth is everything?
When did I say that?
You mean that only.
That is what you meant.
Parents are here, grandma is here...
There are no responsibilities
of the house on you.
No responsibilities will
be given to you.
And you know it, right?
It was a struggle to convince
my parents about you.
I don't know. If such a topic arises
again and discussion happens then...
You decide. It's your call.
Let's go. I've to give injection
to grandma. Let's go.
What are you thinking, Shreya?
Sit in the car.
Let's go.
Mr. Arpit has a lot of attitude.
Entire society knows it.
That's why I'm telling you to look for a
good scheme and buy a new house.
We'll leave the society just
because of one man?
I don't mean that. But you do have
so many parking problems.
Look at this house. If we want to buy
anything and set it, there's no place.
If we have our own house, we can
do something on our own.
Wait a minute. Did you call the broker?
How many times do I need to remind you?
You know that if we don't sell the Hyderabad
house, we won't be able to buy one here.
You again left your socks here.
If you keep forgetting,
I'll remind you tomorrow.
I did call him; he didn't pick up.
Fine. But do call him once tomorrow.
Wow. What a timing!
It's oil, right?
Apply it on my hair too.
How was your day?
Too hectic.
Why? You had a lot of work?
Oh God.
Don't you think this wall is too empty?
You should make something for this.
We'll do it when we buy a new house.
Why do you always bring
the topic of new house?
Huh? Obviously.
Shreya, I don't want to force you.
If you feel you should go
to Bangalore, you can go.
But I don't think I can
shift to Bangalore.
You just think about it once.
We'll have to live away from each other
for two years right after marriage.
Long distance relationship.
We fight so much on Whatsapp only.
And forget all that,
will you like it without me?
Listen. You're tired. You need
sleep. Get some rest.
Good morning.
Have your recap papers come?
No. They just gave the worksheet today.
New book?
You should read it.
My God!
You remember I told you about my
friend who got divorced recently?
Her ex-husband got married again.
You're still in touch with him?
No, but he's in
my Facebook friend-list.
People do everything so quickly.
I mean they don't take time
in switching relationships.
I know.
By the way, why did they get divorced?
Her mother-in-law.
She interfered a lot in her life.
'Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing that?'
'Why are you keeping the house like this?
Why are the curtains like this?'
'Why have you kept a cook?'
Seriously? It's their life.
Both have jobs.
They'll handle it on their own, right?
Actually parents nowadays
don't understand only.
That they're breaking their
son's marriage on their own.
Does your mother-in-law do the
same thing? No, she's very cool.
Good morning, ma'am.
You have proxy in our class.
Okay. I'll be there in five minutes.
Thank you.
What were you saying?
My mother-in-law is very cool.
Just like Nikunj.
We tell her to come and live together.
But she doesn't come.
You mean she doesn't tell you
anything?No, nothing at all.
Wow. Not even about kids?
In fact, when we go home my mom always
asks me when I am planning to have one.
But my mother-in-law? Never.
When are you planning?
Bye. See you after this.
Yeah, see you.
Do you want to invest in the
plan suggested by Mr. Paresh?
I don't know. It's up to you.
He's calling so many times!
It's troubling me a lot.
You only talk to him.
Yes, but you think about it at least.
What's there to think? Say yes already.
Last time when we thought about it,
a laptop costing 60 thousand was bought.
It's not a laptop. It's a MacBook.
Whatever. It's better than
wasting money at least.
And why do you need
to ask her for that?
But it's her money. How can
I use it just like that?
You always give up when
it's about her, right?
Why don't you give a final answer?
So that this discussion ends.
I'm having to hear all this.
It's done now.
Yes, Mr. Srinivas. Now you've got time?
I had gone to Mallikarjuna
that's why I couldn't call you.
No, it's all right.
Rajshekhar Sir has liked it. His
family is yet to see the plot.
What's the problem?
Show it to them. Get it done.
You don't worry. It will be done.
Okay, whatever you do,
do it quickly please.
Yes, it will be done in a few days.
Yes. Okay.
Coming, dear.
Wow! Come in.
How are you?
I'm doing great.
How are you?
Come in, Nikunj Kumar.
'Arjun Ki Aag - Power of Punch.'
You love South movies so much!
Ask him how many times
he saw Sooryavansham.
What else can I do for passing time?
Wherever you see it from, you
can't understand these films.
Yes, the action is fantastic!
They throw their goggles
to the right and left.
How are you?
Come, dear.
Everything's ready? Do you
need my help? Not at all.
What have you made?
You made his favourite items.
What about me?
I've made something for
you too. Gulab Jamun.
Then it's fine.
Take it.
The dress is pretty.
I bought it from a sale.
I got it stitched recently.
I'll bring one for you too.
You tell me which one you like.
He has said the proper rate.
The rate includes discount.
If you want, I can call again.
No, no.
It's not in the budget. Why should we?
Ankita is not listening, that's why.
As for me, I liked the old property.
Why should we use the used toilets?
We can get it repaired later, right?
Sometimes that turns out to be costlier.
Why do we need to do it?
There are mixed public in the
gated community scheme, dear.
What's wrong in that?
What are you saying, dad?
Oh, you too.
Don't worry about the
budget while buying flat.
We are there if you need money.
Yes, I'll ask you only, okay?
You should stop frying papad and
microwave them instead.
But it won't have the same taste.
But it will be healthier.
You had told me last time that you
roasted peanuts in microwave.
Because of those peanuts, he
has got gastric problems.
Why are you bent on controlling him?
Let him enjoy.
Mom, what is it that you have removed?
Yes, dear. I brought it
down from the attic.
You tell me what to keep
and what to discard.
Yeah, all right.
Now you remembered to call me?
What happened?
You forgot?
Vishal just called me.
How did Vishal come here?
Today's my birthday!
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I thought it was on the next Saturday.
That's why I've hidden the
notification on Facebook.
All right, have fun today. From tomorrow,
we're back to the same routine.
Sunday? But why?
I don't know. I have to
add some new feature.
They always bring something
or the other. Let's see.
Yes. We'll see.
Where are you now?
I'm managing the household
matters. I'm not free like you.
I'm not free. I'm with Hardik.
We're going for dinner this evening.
Oh really? But you should not go for
dinners alone. You should give party.
Why don't you guys join us?
No, no. I'm not coming.
I'm going home. You guys enjoy.
No, really. Bring Ankita along.
Come join us.
-Come on now.
Listen to me. Listen. I'm sending you
the location. You'll have to come.
She's crazy.
What happened?
It's her birthday today.
She's calling for dinner.
Why did you include them in our plan?
He called because of some
work. So I invited him.
You have invited them so you
only go. I'm not coming.
Why are you sulking?
I did so many adjustments to
make time for you.
For us.
Yes, that's what.
Come on. Now I can't refuse.
Fine. Now don't look at me like that.
Send him the location.
We're going to Eulogia.
You can swipe right for the camera.
Swipe right.
Why are you clicking a selfie?
Let me please.
But it's not a right time
to click a selfie.
Hi. Happy birthday.
Thank you!
Many, many happy returns of the day.
Thank you so much!
Hardik. Hi. Nikunj.
Hi. We meet at last. Yeah.
Ankita, right?
Yeah. Hi.
Birthday gift? Wow.
So let's go?
Yeah, please. Let's go.
Where should we sit?
Let's go there. Sure.
The food is really good here.
I like it. Is it? Yeah.
So I think you should place the order.
Sure. Yeah.
Excuse me.
No, please. Give it to him.
Thank you.
Okay, tell us.
Caramelised onion bruschetta?
They'll find it sweet. No, they serve
black pepper with it as well.
It's like regular Italian bruschetta but it has
caramelised onions instead of tomatoes.
And goat cheese. You'll like it.
Yes, I'm okay with anything.
Ask the birthday girl.
Whatever the chef says.
All right. Anything else?
Kung Pao potato.
One Kung Pao potato and one
caramelised onion bruschetta.
Hardik, keep your phone aside.
They'll find it wrong.
Rest, we'll give it later.
You said that they were fine with it.
Yeah, but...
Hey, you don't mind, right?
I just want to check some messages.
I do mind a lot.
I'm just joking. You can use it.
Please go ahead.
Thank you.
Actually, he gets bored while
talking about food.
I get confused when I see the menu.
It's not my department. I can't do it.
But you must have some
choice in food at least.
What do you mean? Choice in food?
You must be finding some
item tastier than others.
What's there to choose in food?
Just like you fuel a car with petrol,
similarly food is a source of energy.
How come there is choice in food?
Actually, even I'm like that.
I don't know how to cook.
I can't cook anything at all.
Great. It's a perfect match.
Actually, even I can cook
very less things.
But you're very lucky.
He loves to cook.
-She is.
-Yeah. Ask me.
He does all his experiments on me only.
It's a stressbuster for me. Coming home
from office after a long day.
And when you cook, you feel relaxed.
It's like me-time for me.
For me, cooking time
is a waste of time.
I mean those who like to cook
can be appointed as cooks.
Why should we waste our time? We should
focus on other important things.
Yeah. Ask me.
Yeah. But that makes you animal.
I mean,
cooking is the only thing that
differentiates man from animals.
Remember, we're all apes.
You see cooking led to the
growth of human brain.
Even Darwin has said
that cooking and language;
these two are important
achievements of humans.
Nikunj, please.
Sorry, he gets excited when he talks
about cooking. No, let him speak.
It feels I'm watching
Discovery Channel.
No, I think this is pretty interesting.
And I had never thought about that.
What's there to think? It's so simple.
Actually, he's just a preacher.
Whenever we go out,
he always orders salads.
Now that's wrong.
You two are here today. That's why
he ordered starter. Oh, come on.
I always give you options.
You only take the healthy option.
Okay, okay. Fine.
Let's change the topic now?
Thank you.
So, doctor.
You always wanted to be a doctor?
No, I wasnt sure but dad was
very clear about me becoming a doctor.
So I became a doctor.
What happened to your Europe trip?
We're waiting for summers.
We can only go when she gets
vacation from school. Yeah.
I love art history and museums.
Actually, I've read a lot.
But it's a different thing of going there
and experiencing it yourself.
I love that kind of stuff.
And I'll explore food.
Travelling is food and people for me.
If you ask me, it's all about
hill stations. I love mountains a lot.
For him, it's the oceans.
He loves beaches.
Ocean and beer, what else do you
want? Life is set. Perfect match.
By the way, where will you
go for a trip after marriage?
We were thinking Phuket or Bali.
Depends. Only if he gets time.
Nowadays, late honeymoons
have become a trend.
We had gone on time.
But I tell you what, you should
not take a package deal.
Plan it on your own. It'll be fun.
Yeah. We'll think about it.
How is it? It's really good.
Yeah? Yes. It's good.
Let's order the main course as well.
Let him come.
Ma'am, excuse me.
Happy birthday, ma'am.
Thank you.
Cake-cutting time!
You left the window open again.
No one except mosquitos entered
your house. Yeah.
This Shreya is nonstop, right?
She says whatever that comes to her
mind. But she's innocent, you know.
But I found Hardik too dominating.
There is a dominating person
in every relationship.
Exactly. Just like how you do
what you feel like. Yeah, right.
Why do you mind taking
money from my parents?
How did this come here?
Whenever I try to talk, you neglect it.
We'll get a house in our
budget. Don't worry.
We saw so many.
Did we like any of them?
We'll have to search a bit
but we'll get it.
Why do we need to search?
This could be the last property
we're going to buy.
Then it should be the best.
Even if we have to change our budget.
What's the problem in taking
money from family?
I do have a problem.
Don't you know about my dad and uncle?
Dad couldn't repay him in time and
that's why their relation got spoiled.
So many years after dad passed away,
mom and her brother have come together.
My parents are not like that.
I don't want to take money
from family. That's it.
Did you talk to Hardik Kumar?
I'm getting late right now, mom.
Just listen to me for two minutes
then do what you want to.
Mom, do you want to talk
about all this in morning?
Then when should I talk?
You're out of home all day.
In the evening, you sit in your room
with your laptop. When should I talk?
Mom, you said so much. Instead, if you had told
what you wanted to it would have been over.
They will bring 500 people
as wedding guests.
Wedding is going to happen nicely.
But this is too much.
And one more day for the ring ceremony.
That means another function. Oh God.
Mom, you have his number, right?
You call him and meet him. Get it done.
You're talking as if you don't have
anything to do with the wedding.
Look, you talk to him today.
Tomorrow I'll talk to Hardik.
But I'm really getting late.
I'll have to leave.
It's a very important presentation.
Only I'm worried about the wedding.
You're not worried. You're in haste.
You check it once else
Vishal will get angry.
Sir, he's Mr. Vishal.
So this is the office, sir.
Yeah. Nice place.
How was your flight?
Very good. Yeah, please.
Please, sir.
You've checked it, right?
Please, please. Hi.
So this is the team, sir.
This is Nikunj, Shreya,
Bhakti and Ravi.
Are we ready? Yeah, please.
Should I start?
And you tap on this icon.
And it shows immediately.
This is how easy it is basically.
And all this is in the cloud?
All this. Everything is on the cloud.
Right from field executives
to their attendants,
everything is there on the cloud.
Oh, that's good. That's very good.
And such records are not there
if you're training new MRs.
Okay. Right? For example doctor,
history, location, history.
All of that is not there.
There is info about old MRs.
And whatever input is
required for sales
that is very slow. Because it
has to be done manually.
That is where FieldTrack
comes into play.
-Okay. Good.
-And does it save data offline?
Yes, sir. We don't have it in this version
but it will happen in the next version.
Next version.
Can I have a look at the app?
Yeah, sure.
Battery consumption is very optimum.
That's cool.
Unfortunately, FieldTrack MR stopped?
What? Impossible. Wait a minute.
What happened?
Just a second.
Nikunj can you...
Yeah. Please let me help.
We'll give you the new
build in five minutes.
Don't worry. It's fine.
Sir, we're also working for an iPhone
version. It will also be out soon.
I'm sure. iPhone, yes.
That will come very soon.
We have what we needed.
I've got an idea. Don't worry.
Sanjay will get back to you. Yes, I will.
Thank you for your time, everyone.
Mr. Sanjay.
I had told you.
Sir is very particular
about everything.
I know. We...
No issues. I'll get back to you.
Guys, guys, guys.
This was really, really embarrassing.
Not done, guys.
Nikunj, I had specifically told
you to test this flow.
See you in my cabin.
In the next five minutes.
I know we've goofed up.
I know it's a blunder.
I'll do something. I'll talk to Sanjay
if we can get an appointment again.
I'm not sure.
I'll call you back. He's here.
It was Mitesh.
Nikunj, we've goofed up.
This was a big opportunity wasted.
How could you miss out on
something like this? I know.
I know it was a miss on my part.
But it's not entirely my fault.
There were so many changes
till the last moment.
How many times should
I check one single thing?
Nikunj, the coder is a junior engineer.
As a lead QA, you're the gatekeeper.
In that case, you should have checked
before giving the demo. Oh.
So you want to play the blame game?
I don't want to play the blame game.
The fact is, the job of a QA
is thankless. Seriously.
You very well know that I'm overloaded.
I'm handling multiple products
from last one year.
I brought everything on line in one year. I stayed
awake overnight. I've really worked hard.
Don't give me that.
Everybody has worked hard.
Everyone has put in efforts.
Not just you.
Because of your one single mistake,
we've lost this deal.
Ultimately, I'm answerable to this.
Next time, you should
set a proper timeline.
Work never happens in hurry.
At least I can't do it.
Only our company has made culture
like college submission.
Every company is different.
And it's like this only here. You should
have told me this before hiring me.
Then I'm telling you right now.
On your face.
And I know you're expecting a hike.
But this will affect your
performance rating.
Are you serious?
I cannot help it.
In that case, I better quit.
I didn't mean that.
But I mean that.
I'm done.
Sir, they're calling you in.
Hi Nikunj.
Have a seat please.
Thank you.
So, see Nikunj the feedback
of interview is positive.
But we won't be able to
give a high salary.
Well, I don't expect any hike on it but if you
can just match up the current figures.
That is also high for this position.
I understand.
But there is a contract-based
opportunity in Norway on-site.
And for that, you'll have to
sign a two-year contract.
Anyway. Thank you.
Where's the mock site folder? Tell me.
You want it or Vishal wants it?
Please tell me it's important.
It's on Google drive. I'll
send you the details. Okay.
You're really not coming back?
Listen, I've sent your CV.
They will email you.
All right?
Okay. Thanks.
You're from Hyderabad, right? You
shouldn't have come back from there.
I think it's a mistake.
I've already made that mistake.
That is the point, Nikunj. The local
companies here don't understand this.
That's why there is no position
of QA in companies here.
I don't think that you want
to get back to coding.
Do you really want to?
Not at all.
-Thanks. All the best to you.
Uncle, can I get anything other than?
There is a fixed plate for lunch.
Is there oil curry or curry in oil?
This is what it is.
If you don't like it, leave it.
Why are you talking like this?
If you talk like this, no one will come
here. Your business won't function.
By 1:30, every table will be full.
People from all nearby
offices eat here only.
Pay 100 rupees.
100 rupees for this plate?
Not for the plate.
For the food in the plate.
You're not habitual
to outside food, right?
We eat here every day.
Listen I'll keep only one delivery
boy and I'll cook from home.
There's no investment.
Seriously? You want to
start tiffin business?
Why are you seeing it that way?
It's our own business! See it like that!
I think staying at home has made
your mind become blank.
You need to go out.
I went out and that's
how I got the idea.
Just imagine. Our own business.
This is the chance to get rid
of the 9 to 5 trap.
You know that I want to
do this because I like it.
Look at our age. If not now, then when?
Exactly. Exactly my point.
Look at our age.
You want to quit your white collar
job right now and do all this?
We had come here to settle down, right?
What about us? What about our plans?
What about them?
They won't get affected.
We just need more time.
Okay, you think I'm on
a sabbatical. That's it.
And if it doesn't work out, how long
will it take to get back to the job?
But I am sure that won't happen.
It will work out.
If you have decided everything,
why do you need to ask me?
See, I want you with me on this.
Look, if this doesn't work out,
you'll take the job.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
I'm making a plane.
Nowadays, such pamphlets are
not taken by scrap dealers also.
Then we need to change the tiles.
Pipeline needs to be changed.
There will be so many tensions.
Problems aren't less either.
And this is the other problem.
The main problem.
When did you come?
You've started a business?
So what?
So what?
Lift is used 20 times a day!
So what is the problem? Don't the
guests use the lift when they visit us?
What do you mean
what is the problem?
Do you know about the
maintenance condition or not?
You don't even attend meetings.
Why should I?
I'm a tenant.
Then live like one.
What are you trying to say?
What do you mean?
I had told you to think
before giving the flat.
Nice people live here.
Well-mannered people live here.
Vegetarians live here.
Then why don't you directly
come to the point?
I make non-veg in my
kitchen not yours.
Why do you only have a problem?
It's not just me, everyone has problem.
And if you can't adjust,
then live elsewhere.
Why should I live elsewhere?
But listen...
Wait, Mr. Arpit.
Look, Nikunj. You are at fault.
It's illegal to start
a commercial business in the society
without anyone's permission.
What's illegal in that? Everyone does
tiffin service in their society.
Do those freelancers who work
from home ask for permission?
You will have to take permission here.
I won't tolerate this bossiness.
This isn't bossiness.
Wait a minute, Mr. Artik.
Nikunj, tell me in how many days
can you shift from here?
Are you seriously evicting
me from the house?
I'm not evicting you.
I'm asking you in how many days can
you shift your business from here?
I've just started.
I'll take 2 to 3 months.
15 days.
Only 15 days.
If he doesn't stop his business in
15 days, kick him out. Mr. Arpit.
This is final.
I'll talk to him.
I'll talk to him.
What will we do now?
I don't know.
I think you should take a job.
How did job come here?
Let me see who evicts me from here!
You can't do business like this.
Every society has their rules.
So we'll leave the society.
We'll live elsewhere.
You know we cannot
afford that right now.
I'll take a place on rent.
I'll shift the kitchen there.
I'll operate from there.
Are you even listening to yourself?
It's not as easy as you think it is.
We'll have to spend so
much money for all this.
Our priority was a home and
family. What happened to that?
That will be our priority.
But you saw, right?
It was all set in such little time.
Orders had increased.
If I'm getting such good response.
Don't you think I should try?
I should give it a full chance.
Your job is still going on.
So I can take risk.
I don't know.
I just hope you know what you're doing.
I know what I'm doing.
Don't worry. We'll be fine.
See it.
Many of the things will
be useful to you.
There is proper arrangement
of water here.
What was here before?
There was a tiffin business like
yours. It didn't work out.
I mean not all will face this.
But you can use his items.
You'll just need to clean them.
They just left without taking anything?
Yeah. It's ours now.
Okay. Just talk to them.
Fine. I'll talk to them.
But I can't afford this much rent.
I'm there. I'll handle everything.
Don't worry.
What happened to those six veg
rolls? They're almost ready.
And the full meal?
I delivered it in Ganesh.
It was Azad society's order.
Make Ganesh's now again.
You messed up.
Four regular plates.
Yeah, Shreya.
No, I didn't see the message. Tell me.
I was busy that's why I didn't...
Don't give the lentils.
Pack chapatis and veggies.
Why don't you buy a big monitor?
And buy one Mac.
Do all the billing in it.
And your Whatsapp will be on monitor.
You anyway get orders
on Whatsapp, right?
So my personal message will also
be visible on monitor?
Then buy a new sim!
What are you saying?
Just getting orders is not enough.
There should be an automatic reply.
You had made a Whatsapp bot
in Hack-athon, right?
Will that work?
Oh yes. I can make that for you.
I'll do one thing. I'll fix item
number in menu.
Then the number will tell you the item name
and quantity both. That won't work.
It doesn't work if menu gets
fixed. I can't experiment.
Then I'll have to check the screen
all the time.
If anyone cancels the order,
there will be a mistake.
That's true.
App will cost a lot, right?
Tell your Vishal to give
quotation for app.
Actually, you're right.
I think we should make an app.
Even if it is basic.
It's been too long now.
I haven't done any
exciting project like this.
Don't worry. I won't take money.
Instead of that, why don't
you join me full-time?
Leaving my job?
Yeah. Seriously.
You're good at coding.
I'm good at cooking.
I'll handle kitchen
logistic and investment.
You handle the technical side.
You will have full control
over the product.
Seriously, think over it.
What will job give you?
You will become a manager
from an engineer. That's it.
Even if you work all your life, you will
never get control on the entire product.
You won't even need to go to Bangalore.
I think it's a good offer.
You should think about it.
Even I'll invest.
You'll work without salary.
That will be enough.
Okay. Then I'll have
full control on the app.
100 percent your control.
Don't worry about it.
All right.
Then we'll set-up here.
We'll need two engineers,
designers and...Wait a minute!
Let's plan this properly, all right?
So you're the CEO?
And I'm the CTO?
Give it.
I've told you 50 times.
You should taste it while making.
Salt is more in the lentils.
Go get two bricks.
Mr. Baldev?
Mr. Baldev?
I'm Nikunj. I had called you remember?
Healthy Delights.
Tell me what is it?
Even I have a home food
delivery business.
So I am looking for a traditional cook.
Don't worry. The salt was more in lentils
so I put the brick to soak it. Tell me.
I needed a cook.
Look, I can't manage entire day.
I'll come 7 to 9 in the morning
and 6 to 8 in the evening.
I'll make other things but you'll have
to make chapatis yourself. Okay?
This is your address, right?
Okay. I'll come then.
I said I'll come.
I will.
Did Shreya ask you anything?
She was saying that she wants to
quit the job and open some startup.
I told her to ask you.
Does Shreya ever ask?
Did she ask when she wanted
to marry Hardik?
She just informed us.
Right. The wedding is close and
she wants to do a startup.
But you said no, right?
No, I mean...
That means you gave her money.
She will use her savings.
When this girl sees money,
she finds out ways to spend it.
Let her spend.
If anything happens, we're there.
Let her talk to Hardik first.
Yeah. Hardik doesn't give
her any attention at all.
That means you'll spend your savings?
I'll invest it. It's a
matter of some days.
Then why should I wait
for 3 months for this?
But till then you'll get time
to settle in the clinic.
And your NRI friends can
also attend the wedding.
You talk at home.
This is about home! If it works, out we
will be able to buy a bigger house.
And I'm sure it will work out.
It won't work out.
I don't think mom and dad will listen.
And let Nikunj do whatever he wants.
Why are you following him?
If Shreya loses anything,
we will be responsible.
Why will we be responsible?
She can take her own decision.
I've taken this decision
after thinking a lot.
And I'm not talking about
leaving Ahmedabad.
I don't know.
I hope you guys know what you're doing.
Don't worry.
Please try.
Don't make a face. I'll talk to them.
See this.
I had mailed this in the morning.
Why isn't it done yet?
We'll work overnight. Okay?
Nikun,j I want to talk.
Thank you.
The app is almost done.
Now listen, the plan goes
something like this.
During the app launch, we'll
target 6 to 7 areas, okay?
We'll need 4 delivery boys and 4 bikes.
2 people for call support.
And when we expand...
I mean, after 10 franchises.
Then all the tech will be
handled from here.
And don't worry. Main kitchen
and recipes will be yours only.
But don't you think all
this is large-scaled?
Yes, so?
So what?
Let's start small.
If we invest all the money, what
will we earn? Even I'm investing.
Right now we'll invest then
we'll pitch it to some investors.
No, no. Let's keep it very
small and simple.
Then why did you make such a big app?
You should have done it through Whatsapp.
Nikunj. You're nervous right now.
Think about it.
This is going to be really big.
Our app can take millions of
orders. You know that?
We can't let this go.
Done. Then decide what scooter
we should buy. Okay?
Show the order list interface is done?
It will be done in 2-3 days.
No Mausam. We'll have
to complete it today.
We don't have time.
What's up? What's going on, madam?
I have a lot of work. I'm burdened.
What time should I pick
you up tomorrow?
One minute.
Listen. Is it okay if
I don't come tomorrow?
You know everyone from my uncle's side
has come. They've come from US.
They made the plan to meet you.
You know that, right?
Yes, but I'll come to meet
them on Sunday.
And the app launch date is also close.
Please understand.
There is a lot of work.
You're talking as if it's
a medical emergency.
When did I say this?
Fine. You do what you feel like.
I'm hanging up. Bye.
Uncle! It's a new t-shirt.
Don't spoil it.
Get that coriander powder;
it's finished. Go.
Okay, Neel?
Bring it.
How much for this?
This is 16.
I'll be back.
We're ready for launch.
Okay, everyone! Launch time!
What will we do of this?
Launch means opening, right?
Yeah. Opening. We're doing it.
Come on, everyone.
Should I press enter?
One. Two.
One minute.
Don't you think 50 percent discount
is too much? Let's decrease it a bit.
We'll have to do it, all right? Done!
Let's get to work everyone!
Aren't we supposed to make sweets?
Yeah, make it for everyone.
Hi Shreya.
Hi. I'm Kriti. I'm Nikunj.
Please come.
So your server stack is in Python?
No, Java Spring Boot.
That's what the team is
comfortable with so...
Okay. Can I see the app?
Yes, sure.
Okay. So what are you guys looking at?
As in?
As in money. How much
investment would you need?
We're thinking 1 million should
be ideal to start with.
Wow. And what do you expect
to achieve from 1 million?
1 thousand orders per day almost.
Just from one center?
Isn't that outrageous?
Thousand orders per day?
We'll expand it, I mean.
What's the team size then?
We're 9 of us.
9. So with that kind of a team size, you're
expecting thousand orders a day?
So when the orders increase, we'll
increase the team size as well.
Okay. Send us the detailed proposal
and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
I don't think they'll call us.
I think they're finding
1 million too much.
Chill. Why are you getting
so disappointed?
We've just started. We are
yet to meet many such people.
It's okay.
We'll have to rework the prices.
Wait a minute. We'll do it later.
You just send them the
presentation first.
Hello? Yes, Mr. Srinivas.
-Sir, now Rajshekhar sir is refusing.
-His son has come to see it.
-He's finding the price too high.
-But how?
Sir, we'll have to reduce the price.
They were going to send
payment this week, right?
I have booked a house
here because of them.
Sir, the situation was different earlier now
everything is changed because of Telangana.
What happened all of a sudden?
Should I talk to them?
Sir, his son is finding
the price too high.
Okay, so suddenly he's finding the price
too high?
-We'll have to reduce it.
-How much?
If we want to sell it, we'll
have to decrease 10-15.
10-15 is a huge amount.
What are you saying?
Sir, this party is lost if we
don't reduce the price.
But...The entire area's
prices have fallen.
Suddenly, entire area's prices
have fallen? What nonsense!
Sir, the rate which you're
saying won't work.
See how much you can decrease.
I'll try my level best.
I'll see if I find some other buyer.
Fine. Okay.
Talk to you later.
What happened, Nikunj?
The deal of the Hyderabad
house got cancelled.
Such things do happen in
property matters. It's okay.
Ankita will be disappointed. Big time.
Talk to her once.
I'm sure she'll understand.
But won't it get cold while delivering?
Not at all. It's very quick.
-That's the point.
-Thank you very much for your time.
Do you cook the food?
I cook it. I'm the chef.
Oh. So you're the chef. Right.
But don't you think nowadays the
outside food quality is very bad?
It was good until there were
stalls and food shops.
But those delivery apps
entered the market.
There's nothing good left I would say.
How about party orders?
That's not the part of our
business model yet. Yes.
How's it different then?
The food itself is unique.
That's why we are selling
healthy food. What?
Healthy food.
Healthy food?
But technically it's
still outside food.
Home cooked food is different
and outside food is different.
Do you think it's scalable?
When you don't have the volume,
how can you expand it fast?
Sir, we're trying to take it slow as of yet and
maybe in the next phase we'll think about it.
What if we start from Mumbai?
It's difficult to make
profit in small city.
What do you say?
No, uncle.
Sir, I mean our setup is here
so Mumbai will be far for us.
Then make app for
our plastic materials.
Will you?
I'll pay you for that.
We can make the application, sir. I'll give
you a reference who can make one.
So you won't make it, right?
Sir, our product is different so...
How about home-cooked food?
Sorry, we didn't get you.
We'll take Gujarati aunties on board.
Whoever wants to order
can order from anywhere.
So you'll get into logistics?
Believe me I'll tell
you my experience.
Don't get into logistics.
Yes, if you have any
other work I can help you.
No, thank you.
Sir, I think you're talking
about two different models.
Can you convert my black money into white?
I can give you as much as you want.
So we're operating in these 6 areas.
The kitchen is centralised.
I handle it myself.
The quality control is in our hands.
I cook on my own.
We have 3 delivery boys.
They manage all these areas.
The interesting part is,
there are many apps like this in
Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore.
There's no app in our city.
Okay. And especially, there's no
app which supplies healthy food.
So we'll have the first advantage.
That's it.
Do you have late night orders?
I mean, we do take orders till 10 PM.
Not 10. I mean after 12.
Do that!
It has a very wide scope.
See, I'll tell you what happens.
People like me who party, drink and play
poker till late night; we can't go out, right?
What if someone can deliver
orders at home?
Nothing like that!
And we can have offers.
Like snacks combo. We can
have soda with cheese cube.
Like that.
All this is not possible.
But maybe after we expand,
then we can operate 24x7.
Okay. Done.
Yeah. Sure.
Mr. Harshad will get convinced?
Mr. Harshad has only told me.
When I talked to dad yesterday,
he told me to leave his business
and do something of my own.
This is new.
Okay. So do you want
to know anything else?
I'll give you a 10 percent
cheque right now.
This is the advance. And the rest 90 percent will
be given in instalments when dad comes back.
Wow. Thank you.
Thank you.
I mean, I was positive but I didn't know he
would give the cheque today itself.
I was skeptical till the end.
And he started with a bang.
Midnight meal after 12!
I thought he would tell us
to do online bootlegging.
Not a bad idea, actually.
Yeah, right.
So we're done. What now?
What now?
We'll increase the promo code validity.
No, not that.
I think we should take a break.
What break?
The work has just begun!
It will increase now.
Listen, I will have to take a break.
And Hardik is also angry at me.
And I feel even you need one.
Who will handle the kitchen
if I take a break? They're there!
Actually, Ankita is also mad at me.
Our Italy plan hasn't worked out.
I think we should go together.
You ask Ankita. I'll ask Hardik.
What say?
What happened?
Why does something need
to happen every time?
What's this?
The investor gave the money?
So everything set now?
It's just 10 percent.
We'll increase the validity
of discount promo code.
2-3 months' expenses will be handled.
That is very good too.
Let's go somewhere after two days.
Even Shreya is asking Hardik.
If they don't come, we won't go?
We'll obviously go.
Tell me!
Okay. Where will we go?
I know.
I'm changing the plan
from Italy to Abu.
But only this much is
possible right now. Please.
Okay. Fine.
Thank you.
It's good that you took leave. Or else
we won't have been able to come.
Yeah. Right now it's a job,
so it could work out.
When I get my own clinic it,
won't be possible. Yeah, I know.
It's difficult to manage business.
Look at us.
We got time after so long.
You people are great!
Shreya also does this.
She compares your startup to medicines.
I'm not comparing anything.
What I meant is that you have to give
this much time in every business.
But it's good that we planned
to come to Abu.
Else, I don't get time to
spend with Shreya.
She's with you only most of the time.
Not with me but with her work.
There's a lot of work really.
And because we're looking for investors,
the work is going to increase.
All this is fine right now but it
can't happen after marriage.
I mean,
problems will increase if this
continues after marriage.
Why would they increase? It's all
about mutual understanding.
Nikunj, mutual understanding
sounds good while talking only.
But if we give freedom to wives,
they start controlling us.
What's there to control?
Who are we to give freedom?
We do what we like, they
do what they like.
This mentality has ruined everything.
See, the term is 'man of the house'.
Don't you agree?
Let's go.
Soda or water?
First peg is neat.
Bottoms up. Come on.
You don't know the rules?
Hey. Cheers. Bottoms up.
I can't.
He's fast.
I know.
Second one.
Make it hard. It was too light.
You drink light only?
Drink hard. Be a man.
I just drink for taste.
Not for getting drunk.
Still. What's the use in drinking if
you don't want to get drunk?
Calm down, okay? You know that
you become a sheep afterwards.
No seriously.
You don't know what you're saying.
What will you have? Cocktail?
Yeah. We should try. He makes it nice.
You'll also drink?
Nikunj, thank you. You said
that's why she agreed.
Else she never drinks with me.
It's Nikunj's recipe.
I'll have to try it.
Yes. Yeah. Of course.
And yeah.
Your cocktail.
-Cheers to Appetite!
And cheers to aunt!
Who aunt?
Appetite's aunt.
She has given the name Appetite.
Nikunj, I'm sure that she came after
you because of Appetite and startup.
Else, I would have never seen her
entrepreneurship spark.
You haven't seen her working that's why.
She's really good. She manages everything.
Yeah. She managed your
startup business really well.
Only our marriage has
become mismanaged.
The wedding date got postponed.
You're going to get married.
You should get used to waiting.
I was waiting for Italy all these days
and we came to Abu, right?
But you're in such a hurry!
That's not it.
You know everyone is asking
me why the date got postponed.
What should I tell everyone?
Shreya is busy.
Where? In her startup.
You know there is a lot
of work in wedding, right?
I am having to do all that.
You do your business.
That's great. You should
get used to it.
You won't have problems after marriage.
I don't need to learn all this.
I don't want to become Nikunj.
Excuse me.
Let me just talk to him.
You think he got irritated just because
the marriage date got postponed?
Let him talk it out.
Why did you drink so much?
You know that you can't handle it.
I'm not drunk.
You know what you're saying? I know
everything. I understand everything.
And I meant what I said.
Go to sleep right now.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Else you'll think
I'm talking like a sheep.
Good morning.
What happened?
You were quiet last night as well.
Right now also you're quiet.
You're still there?
People are quiet only
in two conditions.
When they don't know anything and when they know
everything but they don't get the chance to speak.
So what is it?
I think you're still drunk.
You don't care at all?
Our personal lives are getting
affected because of their startup.
You're great.
But I can't tolerate it anymore.
Our problems are at the initial level.
You have a financial crisis, right?
The Hyderabad house deal also
got cancelled. Shreya told me.
Still you don't care at all?
Yes, dad?
How much is the blood pressure?
Take her to the hospital.
We're leaving.
Grandma got sick again.
We'll have to leave right away.
You tell Nikunj. I'll tell Shreya.
Hello? No, she's fine.
They'll discharge her after 3-4 days.
What is it?
The patient's condition is normal.
She will be discharged in two or
three days. Don't worry.
Okay, sir. Thank you.
Yes, dad?
How is she?
She's fine. But there are
a lot of blockages.
There won't be any problem. The
treatment is nice. Don't worry. Yeah.
How is she?
She's fine now.
But I don't think she has more time.
I'll be back.
She can't let go of the
attachments, that's why.
She's attached to Hardik.
It tends to happen. Yeah.
She wishes to see Hardik get married.
When this is over,
we'll think about it.
No, call me when all the orders are
all cleared. I'll tell you. Okay.
What did you think about the house?
Yes, Romil?
Hardik's grandma is sick.
So she might be busy.
No, you don't worry. We'll
both come to the meeting.
If it's not possible for her, I'll come.
Don't worry. Yeah. I'll see you in the meeting.
Sorry, you were saying something.
I'm thinking I should go to
mom's place for some days.
Yeah, okay.
I'll drop you on the way.
Fine. I'll go.
Nikunj sir, can I get a leave?
For what?
It's a wedding.
No, my friends.
You really have to go?
It's important.
I'll do something. First you
get the box of nuts.
Hi. Good you came.
Romil was scared that you
won't come to the meeting.
All well?
Not really.
Grandma's health is uncertain.
And the original date of the
marriage is back. Next month?
We had almost set our business properly
and now if marriage comes,
I don't know how I'll
handle everything.
Don't worry, we'll do something.
You get ready for today's meeting first.
We'll have to leave immediately.
I need to change as well.
Natu, give me the order.
I'll deliver it on the way.
See, dad. I had talked to
you about Appetite, right?
This is the very app. It's very easy.
Just three steps away.
All you have to do is click this button
on the app, select the area,
select the food and then...
If you have a promo code, you
can enter it to avail discount.
And yes, good to go.
And there are many corporate houses in
our area where they deliver the food.
And their main USP is that
their food is very healthy.
All that is fine.
But what about the monthly income?
Uncle, you'll get the income
and the profit both.
Right now, we're having minimal
investment yet we're getting orders.
Then I'm pretty sure that when you invest,
we'll spend on marketing and resources.
Then I'm pretty sure we'll get 10 times
more orders
and the company's valuation
will also increase.
All that is on the paper.
But how will you increase the profit?
It's not like that, dad. If we invest in them, the
company's all over valuation will increase.
And with that, the valuation of
our shares will also increase.
And I had talked to them about
giving 20 percent share. Yes.
And can we sell those shares to BSE?
No, uncle. Let me explain.
You can't sell it to BSE but you
can sell it in equity circuit.
And here, the value is of the data.
When transactions happen, when people
download the app, then data is generated.
Their name, number,
address, their preferences,
their financial position;
and this data is valuable.
With every transaction, the
company's valuation increases.
Every e-commerce business
works like this.
For example, Ola, Uber,
take any company.
Startups work like this.
And when the valuation reaches a certain
level and the entire company is sold...
Then you can see cash.
But who would take such a company?
All the e-commerce companies run
their business by giving discounts.
And that's why they suffer loss.
It's not like that, uncle.
I only understand profit and loss.
We talked to Romil and after
that we started the work.
And we started giving the promo
code as well. So if we do like this...
He just talks.
But I'm the one who'll invest.
You're his friend that's why
I can give you some money.
But I can't invest.
Romil. We need to leave.
Sorry, guys.
Some other time.
The 10 percent advance
cheque which I had given.
Please see to it that you can
return it as soon as possible.
Because I haven't told dad.
Listen, Nikunj.
Let's discontinue the promo code.
Yes. We're burning money.
How can we stop giving the discount?
The customers will decrease.
If we don't stop the discount, we won't even be
able to serve the customers which we have.
Yeah, but there has to be
some other way. No.
You listen to me.
Let's stop the discount.
We can't afford it.
The new order is ready.
When will I get last month's salary?
Talk to Nikunj. I told him. So?
So why don't you finish the matter?
I can't manage anymore.
Are we going to run away or what?
You should see the other startups.
There they don't pay salaries even after
three months! Shreya, one minute.
Give me one week's time.
I'll give you your salary.
Complete this delivery.
Where will we bring it from?
Why are you getting angry at them?
You know the condition of our accounts,
right? Is he responsible for that?
If they go, then what we have will also go.
What about the daily expenses?
If we hadn't got into Romil's matter,
time won't have been wasted.
What should we do now?
I don't know.
I'll sell my Hyderabad flat. Even if
I have to do it at a lower cost.
Have you gone mad?
Is there any other option?
Hey, Kumar!
How are you?
I'm fine. Come in.
Where are mom and Ankita?
They're right here.
I think the mother and daughter are very
busy. Ankita didn't call since morning.
That's good!
How are you dear?
What's up, mom?
How is the work going?
It's going on.
What happened at
the investor's meeting?
He refused.
No problem. Something will happen.
Yes, definitely.
Kumar, I was saying...
We want to invest in your company.
Really. My FD is going to get matured.
So I was thinking instead of investing somewhere
else why shouldn't I invest in your company?
You really want to invest?
You don't go by my face.
The amount of FD is very high.
No, do it. Please. I'm looking
for an investor anyway.
Nowadays whoever I meet, no
one is interested in my business.
They will. Something will happen.
Yes, it will.
But I think
I should sell the Hyderabad flat
even if I get a low price.
What flat?
The flat for which the deal was finalized?
Srinivas had called a few days ago that...
The deal got cancelled. Yeah.
And you didn't even tell me about it.
I didn't mean to. I must have
forgotten due to work.
Shreya knows it. Hardik knows it.
And you forgot to tell me?
What happened to you suddenly?
What about me? Nowadays everything
happens to you only.
What are you saying?
You didn't want to take money
from dad while buying house.
Now why did you get convinced?
When did I get convinced?
I was just joking with him.
You were joking?
Everything is just a joke for you?
Everything is a joke!
Coming back to Ahmedabad
from Hyderabad,
you took a low-salaried
job in Ahmedabad.
And you quit that job
because of one dispute.
Then you started this tiffin service.
You cancelled the Europe
trip and now this!
You promised me that you would
take a job if this didn't work out.
Don't you see it?
Everything is falling apart!
Now you want to sell the Hyderabad flat
to invest in your business? Seriously?
You know that our house
is so important for me!
House and family.
This was our priority.
I don't know if it was for you
or not but it is for me.
It feels like you've
always been selfish.
Maybe I'm entirely at fault.
But I'm not selfish.
I was never.
How is it?
It's nice.
But won't it clash with
my coat's colour? So?
So it's better if
there's contrast, right?
Look, I like this. And I think
I should totally buy this.
Then why did you call me?
I had said no. Why did you come?
You'll have to tighten it from here.
It will be done but it will take time.
So any easy way out?
I'll stitch it from here.
It will be done.
Okay. I'll remove the scarf.
But why do you want to do this?
You'll wear it for wedding. We're spending
money. It's okay. You can do it.
But I need to wear it only once.
You do what you feel like.
Anyway, I'm getting late.
Where are you going?
There are some problems in the
new Android version, that's why.
Then why did we come?
Why did I take leave from office?
Hardik, it's my work.
I can't avoid it. It's urgent.
Why can't you just stop it?
Stop what?
How many days are
left till our wedding?
And you're still after the business.
Hardik, I've worked so hard.
Obviously, I can't just keep it aside.
What's left in that now? It's over.
You were so excited for
shopping. Look at you now.
But I'm managing everything. If you knew how to
manage everything, it wouldn't have got messed up.
You're managing, huh?
And please stop running after Nikunj.
Hardik, do you know what you're saying?
Just what you heard. That's it.
Now please focus on the wedding.
Listen, I let you do
whatever you wanted.
If your startup hobby
is fulfilled then stop it.
Now decide. Do you want to do
the startup or the wedding?
Do you understand?
Tell me.
I'm on leave today. Call Dr. Anil.
I'm out for wedding shopping.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
Your salary for two months.
I'll give the rest later.
If you have problem right now,
I'll manage. It's okay.
No, chef. Take it. Thank you.
Such a big issue?
When did you update the app last time?
Monday. Last Monday.
You couldn't see such a major bug?
But what happened?
We're not able to receive
orders from new users!
Who checked it last?
I had checked it then
Shreya checked it.
Then none of you could
see this problem?
-Yes, but...
-Do you understand what has happened?
I had told you so many times. After every
change, you should check for new users.
There's no order since last Monday
from new users.
You came so early!
I thought you would come after wedding.
-What happened?
-Tell her what happened.
Someone, take this order!
After the new update, we are not able to
receive orders from new users.
How is it possible?
I reviewed everything.
You take care of this.
Nikunj, listen.
What to listen?
What should I listen?
Shreya, such an
irresponsible behaviour?
I called you so many times.
Messaged you a lot.
I thought at least you won't get angry.
Then what should I do?
I know all this is because of the bugs.
Seriously? You can only
see the bug problem?
Do you know there are
so many other problems?
Do you know what happened
in the last few days?
See, there are lots of issues at home.
And even Hardik is not understanding.
Please, Shreya. Grow up.
You just decide what you want to do.
Do you want to live your life your
way or others' way? Please decide.
And everyone has problems at home.
That doesn't mean you
should stop working.
What did you want to do?
A big app, million orders,
growth, big company.
You only wanted to do all this.
So all this doesn't happen
overnight. You have to work hard.
It was my mistake.
I thought you were enjoying this work.
You were seriously passionate about it.
I am!
Your delivery from Appetite.
I'm sorry but you don't
look like delivery guys.
We're the founders.
CEO and CTO.
Ah. Interesting.
Come on in.
I'm Premal.
I know. Premal Shroff.
You are our regular client. I know you.
By the way, I'm Nikunj.
So tell me.
Why are the CEO and CTO of the
company doing a home delivery?
It's a long story.
Keep it short.
In short, the thing is, we're
shrinking into a small unit.
I mean we won't be able to
deliver in this area now.
That's sad.
I mean, I like your food a lot.
See, I live in the US for two months
then I come here for a month.
So whenever I come here, I like
to have a healthy breakfast.
I really like your buckwheat idlis.
And your beetroot roasted
cutlets are amazing. Really.
Thank you.
The app is also doing okay.
I mean it has its design issues but
at least it's not a copy of a US app.
Which is what most people
do out here, right?
So tell me. What's the problem?
Is it investors or...
Is it the tech? What is it?
It's just not our time.
Tell you what.
Why don't you come over on
Saturday and pitch it to me?
We'd love to do that.
Yeah. Good.
I'll need all the details, of course.
What's the financials,
your server, your app.
Definitely. Look, I'm not
promising anything but
there's no harm in trying.
I meet a lot of people.
There's no harm in trying.
So, I'll see you soon.
Nikunj. One more thing.
Don't goof up like last time.
So I'll see you soon. All right?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I had never thought that we would
meet Premal Shroff again like this.
And he'll offer us a pitch!
Shreya, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
overreacted so much. No, you were right.
I'll have to decide what
I should do ahead.
What happened all of a sudden? You were
so excited when you said yes to him.
If I had not said yes, you might
have said no to him.
And I didn't want you to
lose this opportunity.
Why are you talking like this
suddenly? We just agreed to him.
Listen, the presentation is almost
ready. If you want, I can send it to you.
In case you want any changes,
I'll do them for you.
Are you saying that...
Good luck.
You're still sleeping, dear?
Look, I've ordered all the designs for
you. Now you finalize one of them.
Are you tired, dear?
Aren't you getting late?
What if it doesn't work out?
I mean, seriously, should I do all this?
Go for it.
I'm with you.
You refused him?
What if he refuses us today?
So what?