Di Renjie: Shen du long wang (2013) Movie Script

The mighty Tang Dynasty...
The motherland whose security is my deepest concern
My soul, my dreams are rooted here
In the year when I turned thirty...
I left my hometown and travelled more than 1,000 li to Luoyang
At that time, the court...
... was ruled by the emperor under the supervision of Empress Wu
They were know as "The Two Saints"
Empress Wu completely controlled the emperor
The nobles considered her power an affront
They often admonished the emperor
... when the Fuyu Kingdom challenged our border...
... as a precaution, Empress Wu...
... despatched a huge naval force from the capital...
... to counter the enemy
Her first thought was
to wrong-foot those against in court
Little did she know...
... that a weird crime...
... would have its origin here
Admiral! Moving our troops by night...
... may disturb the spirits
We have better placate them with prayers
Prayers when a great battle is looming?
No more of this effeminate superstition!
Yes, Sir!
Report! On the sea...
... a half-li away, there are movements
Alert the main warship! Yes, Sir!
Alert the main warship!
Our patrol ship...
... has sent us a warning
All ships on full alert!
Order all our sentinels
... to scan the sea for movements
On guard and full alert! All sentinels!
Watch for movements on the sea!
Report all sightings immediately!
It seems the enemy is out there...
And getting closer!
The ship is about to capsize!
Quick, grab it!
Steer away from the ship to starboard!
Quick, grab it!
On our right side, our Horse Ship is being attacked!
Call for reinforcemens! Yes, Sir!
Call for reinforcemens!
Yes, Sir!
Rescue them from the water!
Guard against further attacks!
Yes, Sir!
Order all ships afloat...
... to rescue the admiral!
Yes, Sir!
It's coming towards us!
Young Detective Dee
Rise of the Sea Dragon
The attack on the navy...
... was blamed on a "Sea Dragon"...
... supposedly disturbed by the warships
This rumor...
... made the city's anxious common people...
... panic even more
They pay handsomely for prayer rituals
The commoners put their own lives first
They don't care who else lives or dies
To placate the "Sea Dragon"...
... they've chosen a young woman for the rites
The streets are thronged with onlookers
The roads are blocked
I, Dee...
... have just come to...
... this strange and turbulent city of the gods
I must report for duty at the Da Lisi
They're not only blocking my way...
... but also that of an official from the Da Lisi
It looks as if he's on his way to investigate something
This young man in court robes of the Third Rank...
... will become my adversary
Both foe and friend
Notify Lord Yang...
Her Majesty will visit the dock...
... to investigate what happened
We must not make the slightest mistake
Our heads are at risk!
You go to the Naval Department...
Commandeer five metal ships
And 200 naval ratings
Deploy them before dusk. Search for clues on the spot!
Yes, Sir!
Come over here!
As you can see...
This is Luoyang, city of the gods
The place has no security
It'll be easy to kidnap the girl
But don't harm a hair on her head!
When we re-sell her...
... we'll get the best price
What does that fellow want?
Should we get rid of him?
Don't complicate things
Reporting to Your Majesty
The facts are these
Commoners dedicate rites to the Sea Dragon...
... because the city's merchants call for them
They wish to make quick money from selling joss sticks
So they urge the people to perform rites
do you know whose idea it was...
... to organize this kind of rite?
Yes, the Ritual Department follows...
... the "turtle divination"...
to choose a courtesan...
... to be disciplined in the Sea Dragon Temple for 3 years
A courtesan?
This girl has been chosen as the "Courtesan of Luoyang"
She's Yin Ruiji
It's said that Yin Ruiji refused...
... all clients after being chosen
This has offended many officials and wealthy patrons
She was chosen to be sent to the temple
... because those men wanted to teach her a lesson
One courtesan causes so much commotion in the city!
You are the Chief Minister at the Da Lisi
Why haven't you intervened?
Your Majesty
The Da Lisi is charged with investigations and arrests
Controlling such rites is not one of my duties
A poor excuse!
Then tell me...
... what you've discovered...
... about the sunken battleships?
These two ships were less damaged, they've been hauled back to dock
The other ships couldn't be saved and are lost
Don't tell me what I know already!
I am still investigating
And what's your line of enquiry?
If there really is a Sea Dragon...
... our Tang Dynasty may as well give up the fight
Your Da Lisi is famous for quick results
This case is extremely urgent
We cannot allow villains to unleash such chaos
Tell me, how many days do you need?
The country is in peril
So I will set you a deadline
Ten days
If you can't solve the case in ten days...
... I'll have your head
Yes, your Majesty
Using a 'flower girl' to stir things up...
These old court nobles...
... must be up to something
I've come from Bing County, reporting for duty at Da Lisi
You were a bailiff in Bing County
And you've been...
... in jail as well
Yes, Sir
Official Yan recommends you and sent you here on your release from jail
Since you've been in jail...
... you should know exactly how things are done
Where's your courtesy payment?
Why look so blank?
You're reporting as an official of the 7th rank
Your courtesy money should be...
... 5 taels of silver, at least
I'm talking to you
Don't complicate things
Focus on kidnapping that girl. Get moving!
The place has no security
It'll be easy to kidnap the girl
Are you day-dreaming?
Send men to the Sea Dragon Temple, quickly!
The're kidnapping the courtesan! What?
You're mad!
Come back!
Don't leave!
My badge!
The new arrival is mad!
Guards! Come quickly!
Urgent command! Stand back!
I am Ruiyun, a Taoist priest
I am ordered to help Lady Ruiji to fast
Thank you
I heard that you excel in the tea ceremony
Before you fast...
... please take this famous Fragrant Rain tea
Priest, you are kind
Madam, please teach me
On Da Lisi duty!
Make way!
On Da Lisi duty! Make way!
Make way!
Stay away! Quick!
That's the young man we just saw, isn't it?
Why does he have a Da Lisi badge?
What? You're not allowed in here
On Da Lisi duty! Stay back!
Make way!
You can't go in!
Why haven't you left?
You've got the girl, let's go!
A spirit of the Sea Dragon!
A spirit of the Sea Dragon! Sir!
They all say it was a spirit of the Sea Dragon!
A spirit of the Sea Dragon!
A spirit of the Sea Dragon!
"Don't let this get out"
"Arrest all of them!"
The creature is loose outside
It's pointless to arrest anyone here
So you can read lips
What else do you know?
These kidnappers and the creature are not in league
The kidnappers are mere criminals
I saw them on the street during the parade
I read their lips...
... and deduced they were kidnapping the courtesan
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
My name is Dee
Here on Minister Yan's recommendation
Working for the Da Lisi
I sensed something bad at Sea Dragon Temple
So I rushed here to stop it
How did you sense something would happen here?
Why do you wear a Da Lisi badge?
I snatched it from somebody there
So the horse isn't yours either
I just borrowed it
Arrest him...
... and treat him as a suspect too!
Prepare a severe punishment! Yes, Sir!
Send Lady Yin back to Swallow House and have her sen by a doctor
... start looking for that creature!
These men are Lady Yin Ruiji's patrons
Yes, Sir!
Send them all away!
I am from the Da Lisi
Who are you? What do you want?
Why are you here?
I am Yuchi...
... Chief Minister of the Da Lisi
You were endangered at the temple today
Luckily I got there just in time...
... to fight off the villains
You inhaled poison gas...
... which has left you dizzy
But your health wil recover
If convenient...
I would like to question you
Please forgive me, Sir!
My mind is still in a fog
Can we do it another day?
Another day?
We will be outside to protect you
I will return tomorrow
You have so much calligraphy and painting
It seems that you are fond of poetry
Any findings in the Naval Department search?
Kuang hasn't reported yet
Our sacred city has now seen two dragons
One in the sea
One at the temple
The attack on our warships...
... and the creature at the temple...
... are different matters
We'll start with...
... what happened at the temple
If the case isn't cracked within ten days...
... you'll have my place and rank
I want Swallow House sealed!
Yes, Sir!
Prepare pen and ink
I want to write poems
Write poems?
Just for self-appeasement
Yes, Sir!
You're a demon!
Don't touch my wounds!
You bastard!
Don't... don't touch!
You animal! Hands off!
Get your hands off!
Fate plays strange tricks
It brings us together here
Keep quiet!
Have we met?
You're a Uighur from the Huihe tribe
You lost your family in the "Battle of Black Mountain"
You serve Imperial Doctor Wang Pu
Tell me, do I know you or not?
Who are you?
I have no idea who you are
You came to the capital less than half a year ago
Studied in the Imperial Doctor's Department
Unluckily, you were made a medical helper...
... responsible for criminals
You admired the girl next door
But when you saw her, you were too shy...
... to speak to her
What do you want from me?
I matter a lot to you
Your fate will change because of me
I know all about your history.
And your future is in my hands
I can help change your fate
But you have to do one thing for me
He's sick!
I need to examine him
Tell me
Do you have Cat's-paw herbs?
This is the letter recommending Dee
Recommendation letter...
Recommended by Public Court Minister Yan...
Even if the Emperor himself had written this...
... Dee won't get past me!
What's going on?
What's this sudden problem?
Keep your distance!
This prisoner...
... has a contagious disease
He must be isolated in the doctor's room
If not...
... this whole prison will be infected
What kind of sickness is it?
This is poisonous measles
Untreated, it causes blindness and paralysis
We can contain it by isolating him now
If we fail to act...
... everyone in he Da Lisi...
... will be infected
Quick! Sir!
Aren't you staying to guard him?
No way!
Sit up
No more acting
How did you know?
Cat's-paw causes a rash on the skin
You've studied medicine?
I've been allergic to cat's-paw since I was young
It always gives me a rash
It goes away soon enough
How did you get the keys?
I stole them from the guard
You know...
That powder of yours works very well
It melts in the mouth
You're a crafty man
Tell me...
We two have never met before
How did you know so much about me?
And you weren't even polite to me!
But I kept on talking to you!
Well... You see...
I saw your name-plate on the duty board
Shatuo is a common Uighur surname in Huihe
Not may from Huihe...
... work as government doctors
Seeing your age...
... I guessed that nine years ago...
... you were one of the "Black Mountain" orphans...
... saved by the army
But how did you know...
,,, that my master is Imperial Doctor Wang Pu?
Before I arrived...
... I read the records of the Da Lisi for recent years
I found there...
... a note that this prison lacks doctors
So they intended to ask Wang Pu...
... for eight medical helpers to be assigned here
Your name wasn't on the list
I read those records about half a year ago
So I guessed that...
... you'd been in the Da Lisi for less than half a year
You're saying that...
... you read the Da Lisi records...
... and memorized them all?
The first rule of investigation is...
... forget nothing!
But the official records won't show...
... that I was unlucky
Medical helper is the lowest rank
It's unworthy of your curative skills
Would you say you've been lucky?
As for admiring the girl next door...
You want to ask how I knew?
I just guessed
It wasn't a wild guess
The second rule for investigation...
... is to observe closely
You're the introspective type
If there were a girl next door...
... you might well love her unrequitedly
You're somewhat nervous
Faced by a girl...
... you'd surely be hesitant
I know this
It can't be...
Where do you actually come from?
Minister Yan of the Public Works Department is from my village
He recommended me to work in the Da Lisi
I reported for duty today
You're here to work
So why were you imprisoned?
That's a long story
The Da Lisi is too bureaucratic
Minister Yan recommended me for the post
He thought I could bring some new energy to the place
You have to help me...
... to get out and investigate the case
Where to?
There's an infectious disease in the prison
The officials want us...
... to consult the Imperial Doctor
Do you need to check my specimen box?
Inside it are specimens...
... of vomit from infected prisoners and their hair as well
Fine, fine...
On your way. Open the gate!
I'll go to prepare the medicine
My jade hairpin...
What's your business?
I am government doctor Shatuo
I am ordered to take up shift duty here
Who is he? My assistant
Dumb Wu
Why are you wearing hats?
Take off your hats!
Stay back!
Stay back!
How could you know...
... that I hid Mr Yuan's love letters there?
What have you done to Mr Yuan?
You're not Mr Yuan, are you?
... the Courtesan of Luoyang
Admired by thousands of people
While I, Yuan Zhen, don't even have an official post
Yet you've chosen me as your "First Patron"
I've always loved literature
I've read your poem, Mr Yuan
The famous "Four Melancholy Verses"
I adore it
"Flute merged in the scented smoke"
"accompanies dances of youthful years"
"Lovers are to bring earth to heaven"
"Even trading life for advent of passion"
Dear Mr Yuan!
How could you have changed like this?
Who harmed you like this?
Was it because of me?
Did they harm you like this because of me?
The medicine is ready
They are guards from the Da Lisi
Something must be going on here
Someone's coming!
That must be Ruiji's room she took the medicine to
Mr Yuan...
What are you trying to tell me?
Light on
Light off
(East Island language Dondo) Something's wrong!
(Dondo) Retreat!
Hide Lady Ruiji at once
What's taking so long?
Hide inside this trunk
Don't come out unless we call you
Give it to me!
It's you again?
How is he?
He's been poisoned by bee-stings
I have a panacea for him
I'll check upstairs
Why did you get out?
I was afraid you wouldn't come back
So I let myself out
You weren't afraid I wouldn't come back
You're afraid that I have come back
I don't know you
Of course I'm afraid
You're not telling the truth
When a person lies...
Their eyes betray them
and even turn into...
... a lethal stare
Leave at once!
You're on the same side!
Stop it!
If you don't go...
... you can watch me die
Don't go!
It's dangerous for you outside
It would be safest to come with me to the Da Lisi
Making him go puts him in danger
He probably won't survive
What? You're hurt!
It wasn't her!
That creature did it
What are you doing up here? Where's Yuchi?
That official is very safe, don't worry
I thought you could predict everything?
How come you still got hurt?
The third rule of investigations is...
... to keep your head down, not rush in like a fool!
(Dondo) Chief!
(Dondo) Chief!
(Dondo) Alongside Yuchi...
(Dondo) ... there's another strong fighter in the Da Lisi
(Dondo) We feared our identity would be uncovered, so we had to retreat
(Dondo) No-one...
(Dondo) ... no matter how strong...
(Dondo) ... will save Yuan Zhen!
(Dondo) Keep watching the woman
(Dondo) Yuan Zhen is sure to come back for her. Yes, Sir!
(Dondo) Clear away the corpse!
Your Excellency
Fine, fine, on your way!
Don't you have a contagious disease?
Why have you come in here?
Isn't Shatuo guarding him?
Sir, your blade...
What is it?
Your Excellency
Arrange a place for Madam Yin Ruiji to rest at once
Register Dee for work immediately
Come on. Move!
Boss... Boss...
Minister Wang wants the young boss to discuss poetry
Minister Wang
Please accept our small gift of Bird's Tongue tea
May you have vitality and a clear mind
May your wishes be fulfilled
Your young boss left here so suddenly
When will he return?
In reply, Your Excellency...
Our young boss...
... has been away on travels for over half a year
No news reaches us
We don't know when he'll be back
Then I'll chat with him again when he returns
His Excellency is leaving!
Goodbye, Sir!
This man was imprisoned in Bing County
Shouldn't we check up on him?
Find out what he's after in the Da Lisi
Assign men to watch him closely
If he does anything unusual, report it to me!
I forced Mr Yuan to flee
Was that really wrong of me?
I beg you, Sir, to save his life
Mr Yuan...
... is your friend
Can you tell me...
... who is he??
His name is Yuan Zhen
Everyone in Luoyang knows the Tranquillity Teahouse, where he's the young boss
Renowned in Luoyang...
The Tranquillity Teahouse
Yes, Your Excellency
Tranquillity Teahouse
They make special tea for nobles and officials
So, a famous teahouse...
What happened to its young boss...
... to change him like that?
This all began half a year ago
At that time...
... I joined the New Year "Hundred Flowers" pageant
I was named "Courtesan of Luoyang"
I became famous overnight
Once I had that title...
... the elite of the city all wanted to meet me
Each wanted to be my first patron
But their eminence didn't move me
Nor did their wealth
I was working in a flower house
I knew what to expect from life there
Only the young boss of Tranquillity Teahouse, Yuan Zhen...
... touched me with his love poems
I got around all the flower-house rules
I paid them no heed
And I met him in secret
Young boss... Madam Yin of Swallow House is here
I gave him my jade peacock hairpin...
... as a token of my love
We wanted to read each other's mind
We were very close
After that...
I wrote love poems and sent them to Mr Yuan
He responded very promptly
But he stopped visiting me
In a poem, he mentioned contracting an illness
That made me worried
And then...
I was chosen to fast for the Sea Dragon
I told him about it in a poem...
... but he never replied
Only yesterday...
... when he came to see me with my hairpin...
... did I realize...
... did I realize that he'd become...
This haipin looks so precious...
Its color is faded?
Not really...
I think...
In Mr Yuan's care, it must have been tainted by something
Please lend me the hairpin for a while
They arrested someone...
... and they are questioning him
I think...You should go and see for yourself
Master Dee...
Mr Yuan left this yesterday
I can't understand it
Very good
Oh yes...
I am Dee...
... a pleasure to meet you, Madam Ruiji
Will you talk?
Will you talk?
I'll make you talk!
What are you doing here? Let's continue...
Talk now!
The villains lost their masks at the Swallow House
These craftsmen make masks in Luoyang
I am questioning him
Those without duties here...
Beat him! Your eyes see nothing!
This mask is made from tree extracts
The raw materials come from Aizhou
The craftsmanship is typical of Eastern lands
It wasn't made by locals here
the masked villains spoke the Dondo language
(Dondo) Something's wrong, retreat!
Dondo language?
They were definitely Dondoers
What kind of place is Dondo?
It lies in the ocean between Great Tang and Japan
The Islanders have been coming here for years
They live mainly by fishing
They're very good in the water
No wonder...
... they can stay underwater for so long
I found this at the crime scene
What kind of clue is this?
"Bird's Tongue"
It's Bird's Tongue tea
Bird's Tongue tea...
... is a secret recipe at Tranquillity Teahouse
They give the tea to the Imperial court as a tribute
This tea...
Common people never have a chance to taste it
But how does Bird's Tongue tea relate to the case?
Judging by the writing...
... the man who wrote this was in a hurry
Where did you get this?
From the one who tried to kidnap Madam Ruiji
The Sea Dragon seen at the temple!
Why was it in Swallow House last night?
That's not all
I've concluded that the masked Dondoers...
... and the villains at the temple are two separate groups
They raided Swallow House
But they weren't trying to kidnap Ruiji
They were there for the creature
The monster wrote this...
... to leave a clue
To help you solve the mystery, Sir
If you can catch him
The case will soon be cracked
To Tranquillity Teahouse. Prepare the horses
Yes, Sir!
Stay back! On Da Lisi duty!
There's not a single person in the teahouse
So quickly!
They left in a hurry
They made a quick getaway
Someone must have alerted them
Who could that have been?
If I don't come back with the other court officials...
... get Lady Ruiji out of the Da Lisi at once
Follow me
So, Dee...
What have you found out?
I've brought Madam Yin Ruiji... to see you too
Master Dee, why did you want me here?
There's a hidden traitor in the Da Lisi. What?
Everyone in Tranquillity Teahouse...
... had left before we got there
So the Da Lisi is not a safe refuge for Lady Ruiji
What about the task I set you?
What substance stained the jade hairpin?
It's a dye made with pine oil
It's called "Shaxi"
Very few dyeing houses use it
Is there one near Swallow House?
It seems there's one in the south of the city
It's called "The Monk's Bowl"
The dye on the jade hairpin...
... can only be from Mr Yuan
He accidentally tainted it...
... with the dye while in hiding
So he might be hiding there
Madam Yin...
Only you can make him show himself
I count on you
Mr Yuan
Mr Yuan
Mr Yuan
Great detective...
Looks like we've got the wrong place
Mr Yuan
Dragon! The Sea Dragon!
Hit the "Tianchi" and "Yunmen" points on his body
"Tianchi", "Yunmen"
Mr Yuan, he...
What happened to him?
Mr Yuan's appearance has changed radically
His human character has changed too
I doubt it's a sickness
My guess is that he was deliberately exposed to parasites
What kind of parasite??
My teacher taught me how to cure parasite infestations
But this case...
... is like nothing I've seen
What are parasites?
parasites are very tiny insects
Almost invisible to the eye
If they penetrate your body...
... they'll take control of it
Different types of parasite...
... cause different changes in a human body
Can he be cured?
To cure this infestation
I need to consult my master
Imperial Doctor Wang Pu
Watch out!
Mr Yuan, don't you...
I've waited so long to be with you
Your Ruiji will be with you forever
No matter how you look...
... you're always my Mr Yuan
But you must not harm innocent people
They are here to help me
(Dondo) Look!
(Dondo) The "Sea God" should rest now
(Dondo) Let it return to the island to resume its training
(Dondo) It must be taught to obey all our commands!
(Dondo) Yes!
(Dondo) Our tribe's masterplan will soon be brought to fruition!
(Dondo) The mainland will be ours, we will rule for a thousand years!
This is my teacher's home
Senior apprentice!
Senior apprentice...
Master's testing poisons on you again
Save me!
Don't cry, it'll be fine
I'll prepare some medicine for you
Master is much worse recently
All of us have met disasters! It'll be fine
First apprentice!
... I'm back
Since the ape which gave me an arm has fled...
... I let you go to the Da Lisi so that you could find me a good arm!
It's been half a year already.
So where's my arm?
Didn't you promise?
I can't transplant without an arm!
... nobody's been sentenced to death
So there've been no suitable arms!
I have something...
which needs your urgent help
Shut up!
Our master-disciple relationship is over!
This is a good arm, let me have it!
Imperial Doctor
We're not here to provide an arm
We're seeking medical help
Who is this?
Who is this?
Let me see
Mr Yuan, stop it!
Mr Yuan!
Mr Yuan!
Mr Yuan...
... stop it
They're here to help cure you
What is he?
Get the blades ready
Put him on the table!
Chop open his head for me!
Sir, why do you think...
... Dee is here?
Shatuo led the way
They 're in Luoyang, where else would they go?
Sir, should we wait for the others...
... before we go in to arrest them?
And risk another information leak?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Making such a mess in my clinic!
Your clinic?
You're Imperial Doctor Wang Pu?
I am head of the Da Lisi
Has Dee been here?
Dee who?
Never heard of him
Kuang, watch out!
Something's going on in Wang Pu's clinic
Stay back!
Ku?ng, stay back!
These Dondoers...
What are they doing here?
I've been wondering...
... if these Dondoers are looking for him too
Why would they look for Dee?
This Dee...
... seems always one step ahead
Maybe he's hiding now and wants to frame me
If I miss the deadline...
.. for solving the case...
... You'll be executed
Post notices everywhere...
... to arrest him as a Dondo spy
He should turn himself in
Yes, Sir!
Why have we come here?
Who are we hiding from?
This is where the Fire-worshippers slaughter animals
There are so many foreigners in Luoyang
Even if the traitor could track us here...
... it would take him too long
The traitor...
Master Dee...
Does the Imperial Docctor really need to cut open Mr Yuan?
It was just his educated way of speaking
Miss, don't take it literally
Are you really going to cut open his head?
This incision...
... makes me the first man to operate on a brain
Even the famous Huatuo didn't do this!!
Yin Ruiji...
I want to ask you a question
Your family did not originate in the Middle Kingdom
Could you tell me...
... where are the Yins from originally?
The Fuyu Kingdom
Your answer confirms my fears
Our Great Tang is now at war with Fuyu
The situation is critical
You're from Fuyu...
... and you're caught up in this case
The Imperial Court won't hesitate to sacrifice you
To be safe...
As soon as Mr Yuan is cured...
... you two had better leave the capital
Master Dee...
You know everything
Can you tell me...
What exactly happened to Mr Yuan?
The root of this was the "Bird's Tongue" tea
I have curbed the effect of the parasites
Any question?
Cook some food...
... and buy some wine!
Go at once!
This has taken so long, I'm dying of hunger!
Mr Yuan...
Why are the Dondoers after you?
Half year ago...
I received some visitors.
They said they were tea merchants from the Eastern lands
They offered me a fortune for the secret recipe of "Bird's Tongue" tea
But this tea...
... is exclusive to the imperial court
For a century, the recipe...
... has been a Yuan family secret
So I refused their request...
And they left unhappy
A few days later...
Scales began to appear on my skin
No medicine helped
And then...
I received a letter from a man named Huo Yi...
He said I'd been infested by parasites
... during our tea tasting...
... Huo Yi put parasites in my cup
I was so scared
I dared not to tell anyone
I had to leave the teahouse
Little did I guess...
... that he wouldn't provide a cure...
Instead he trapped me on an island...
... and forced me to make "Bird's Tongue" tea for him every day
"Bird's Tongue" tea...
Since "Bird's Tongue" tea is exclusive to the imperial court...
... solely for the pleasure of the high-born...
... Huo Yi wanted to put parasites in the tea, didn't he?
Eunuch Lao from the Palace came to me for treatment
He gave me a half-catty!
Fetch it!
Let's take a close look at it!
There are parasites in the tea!
I'll check what kind they are
It's a type of dung beetle!
The rarest and weirdest of parasites!
When the tea enters the body...
... the first effect is to boost strength
The person will feel very energetic
But when infestation sets in...
... death is certain
Good parasites!
Good parasites!
This is an Imperial Tribute
If all the nobles are taking this tea...
... the imperial court is doomed!
Even worse...
... the Emperor!
The Empress's deadline...
... was already three days ago
But the case...
... remains unsolved
"The situation is grave"
"A national disaster looms"
"To keep this secret..."
"... please meet me at the back door"
I'll see just how clever you are!
- Sovle it?
- I have the clues to solve the case
We face the death penalty!
What's there to solve?
I can convince Her Majesty
Let me go to the Palace to see Her Majesty
I'm sure I can get the deadline extended
How could you convince her?
Reporting to Your Majesty...
The head of the Da Lisi...
... Yuchi...
... he wants to see you urgently
Where did this man come from?
He is...
... from the Da Lisi
A new recruit
The imperial court of Luoyang...
... numbers more than 1,200 people
Almost eveyone drinks "Bird's Tongue"
... everyone is infested by parasites...
... then the plotters aim...
... to murder the Imperial family and end our Great Tang Dynasty
Your humble servant guesses...
... that is indeed their intention
Your humble servant...
... also considers this guess to be absurd...
... and incredible
This is just talk!
Even if your words are true...
... the person of the Emperor...
... is not available to the likes of you!
He must be treated by the Imperial Doctor
Your Majesty...
Our nation faces disaster...
If you hold to such formalities ...
... nothing can save us
Your humble servant has medicine to curb the parasites
Please summon any official who drinks "Bird's Tongue" tea
A test will be the proof
Chief of Administration...
Why am I summoned to the Palace in such haste?
Has someone been examining my records?
Father... Mother...
Your son will finally fulfill your expectations!
I will live up my name Yuanda: "Far and Wide"!
Thank you, Your Majesty
We summon you in the still of the starry night...
... to ask whether or not...
... you often drink "Bird's Tongue" tea
I do!
It strengthens the qi and the body
I drink a pot every morning and evening
Noble Sir...
Please have this medicine soup for your health
Medicinal soup for my health?
What is it for?
Minister Ding...
Is it at every midnight...
... that your stomach is upset?
So that you need to take this tea...
... to regain your strength?
In response to Your Majesty...
That is so
But if I take more of the tea...
... I always feel very much stronger
Then please take this soup at once
It's a test for the Emperor's medicine
Your humble servant understands
This taste...
Why is it so fishy?
Noble Sir...
This is the secret family prescription of the Imperial Doctor
One bowl will extend your life for a year
I'm grateful for Her Majesty's generosity!
Does this soup really prolong life
It was obtained from the Administration office
"Virgin Male Urine"
Eunuch's urine!
You give my officials urine?
It's been tested by Imperial Doctor Wang Pu
The dung beetle parasites produce 'hot' poisons
The antidote is a 'cool' medicinal soup
The effect will be felt within two hours
Very well...
Detain him...
After two hours...
... if there's no effect on Minister Ding...
... Dee will be executed forthwith!
We obey!
As for you...
You'd be better watch Minister Ding
If Dee was lying...
... he will be punished
And you will be imprisoned!
Wang Pu...
I devoutly wish that your remedy is effective!
Minister Ding...
Do you feel any change?
Have a bowl of urine yourself
Then you'll know what changes to expect!
Your Majesty...
The time is up
Minister Ding reports no change
Decapitate him!
We obey!
Withdraw the blade!
I have Imperial Doctor Wang Pu's authority...
... to beg Her Majesty for clemency!
Please spare the life for Dee!
Stop the execution!
Intruder on the execution ground!
Immediate death penalty!
I am the Imperial Doctor's apprentice
I have my master's authority to plead for clemency
Please wait for another hour or two
The medicine wil surely take effect
Your Majesty, please spare his life
Ruiji, you should not be here
Dee dares to take this risk...
... because he wants to save the Emperor!
It's the Courtesan of Luoyang
It's the Courtesan of Luoyang
Yin Ruiji
Dee has found...
... the cure for the Emperor
Just wait an hour or two!
Execute him now!
If anyone delays further...
.. they will die too!
Execute him now!
Withdraw the blade!
Don't execute him!
- No!
- Don't do it!
"Raindrop drums"
Your Majesty...
Your Majesty, Yuchi is calling "Raindrop drums"!
There's been a change in the Palace
Your Majesty...
Your Majesty...
Stay the execution!
Stay the execution at once!
You shouldn't come to the Palace
You can't stay here a minute longer!
Leave at once!
Shatuo, follow me inside!
Step back!
Step back!
Her Majesty is here!
Your Majesty
Your Majesty, take care!
Make way!
Your Majesty...
Dee is here
Now the parasites have shown themselves...
... the first priority is to treat the Emperor
The "Golden Soup"
Prepare His Majesty's mouth!
Please order the Interior Ministry...
... to provide more of the antidote
Supply it to the Imperial family and the court
In this way...
... the villains' evil plan...
... will be foiled
Drink more!
Drink it all!
His Majesty generously provides...
... all of us officials...
... with this Imperial tonic
Drink it!
Your Majesty, thank you!
(Dondo) Something's wrong!
Your insights are matchless
No one else can compare
You dared to risk your own life...
... to save our country from this peril
No wonder Minister Yan so highly recommended you
"Brightest Pearl of a River"
"Priceless Treasure of the East"
Your Majesty...
The villains behind this are still at large
The danger is stil present
Sir, please extend the deadline for concluding the case
Your Majesty...
What Dee says is true
Your Majesty, please show indulgence
We will do our utmost...
... to arrest the villains and mete out justice
Dee, these are my orders
I hereby appoint you as our Imperial Commissioner
With absolute power over all other ranks
Take charge of the Sea Dragon incident
Your Majesy...
Dee has been in the capital for only ten days
He's not familiar with the place
I'm afraid that...
... he is incapable of discharging this mission
Yuchi, this is my order
You command the Da Lisi...
... and our elite militia
You are to follow the orders of Dee
Work with him to solve the mystery
I obey!
Master Yuchi
My congratulations, Master Yuchi!
Mr Dee...
You're such a hypocrite...
... to congratulate me
Of course I should
You're about to achieve a great success
The traitor who's been hiding within the Da Lisi...
... will soon reveal his identity
All men of the Da Lisi, these are my orders!
Prepare your horses!
Be ready to move!
The cavalry guards will divide into eight teams
Join the special force
Searh for Dondoers in South City...
... and arrest them for questioning!
Yes, Sir!
Since Master Yuchi signed the order to move the troops...
... no one has seen him
I know
Make sure everyone is ready
Yes, Sir!
I've brought the joss stick you wanted
Now, just wait and watch
What's this all about?
Choosing the moment to move out
It's not the "right" moment yet
We'll move out when the joss stick ends
You believe in that stuff?
The Da Lisi has sealed the city to seek out Dondoers
The traitor needs to sneak out to warn them
The joss stick...
... gives him just enough time...
... to try to do so
So you're the traitor
You guard the door every day
So you know all our movements and activities
But you've fallen into the trap I set for you
"Luring a Snake from its Hole"
I finally...
... lured you out!
I've been in the imperial court for many years
But I have no prospects here
I come from a poor family
The Dondoers promissed to make me a Duke
So I agreed to be their spy in the Da Lisi
It's my only chance of becoming a nobleman
Yuchi's horse went to the west
He must be going to the river pier
Go quickly to the Da Lisi
Tell them to move to the pier
Yes, Sir!
(Dondo) Quick, back off!
(Dondo) The Da Lisi is coming!
(Dondo) Quick, back off!
So the supremely skilled Dee...
... is afraid of water!
I'm not afraid of water
I just can't swim
That's the Sea Dragon which destroyed our warships
What kind of monster is it?
Are you all right?
Throw in fish to lure the monster back
Lure the monster back
Yes, Sir!
The monster has gone
It seems to have gone with the Dondoers
Judging by the direction they took...
... they must be hiding on an island
But looking at where our ships were attacked...
... it could be any one of five small islands
Which one is their hiding place?
There's one more clue
Mr Yuan
You said that Huo Yi trapped you on an island
Where was it?
Where was it?
I'm not sure
They're raising a giant sea monster there
One day...
One of the guards was neglecting his duties
So I opened the sluice gate...
... and released the monster
In the chaos, I got away
How long...
... did you swim for?
The current flows east
I followed it and swam as long as it takes a joss stick to burn
When I saw a light ahead...
... I swam towards it
That's the direction of the Fuyu Kingdom
The light was from their battleships
It makes sense!
The 'Sea Dragon' which sank our ships...
... is the monster that Huo Yi raised
Yuan Zhen set it free...
... and it happened to run into our navy
The duration of a joss stick...
Current flowing east...
On this evidence...
... Huo Yi must be hiding on Bat Island
The island is home to...
... thousands of bats
There are whirlpools offshore...
... which wreck unwary ships
A tiny population
It's a natural fortress
Just the hiding place for the Dondoers
They have this monster
If we head for Bat Island...
... how can we deal with the monster?
Please order the navy to stand by
And buy up every fish in the markets
Dead or alive
Small fish to catch the big fish?
How will you catch it?
"Peacock Gallbladder"
"Strychnine Pellets"
Plus "Peacock Gallbladder"
Maybe a little "Monks-hood Root" too?
Why do you think it's your turn to speak?
What are they talking about?
Let's not waste time
I'll start preparing them now
Why are you standing there?
Get to work!
You're not as clever as him, so work harder!
Four hours from now...
... we'll meet at the shipyard
Master Dee...
Is she alright?
Isn't she here?
She went to find you at the execution ground...
... and didn't come back
I should have guessed
Ruiji is descended from our enemies
The law says she must be arrested
As a bailiff...
... you must value the law above your own life
You won't beg for leniency, will you?
Your Majesty, you're right
I will not beg you to be lenient
I am here to place a bet
A bet?
Where do you think you are?
The Emperor suffered from the parasites...
... and so did many members of the Imperial court
Great Tang was nearly toppled
The conspiracy was led by Huo Yi
We must arrest him
Or there will be more chaos
I swear that...
... I need just one day...
... to arrest Huo Yi
I will bet my life on it...
... against Lady Ruiji's life
One day...
Aren't you a touch over-confident?
If your humble servant fails...,
... you will receive his head
But if the matter can be resolved in time...
I beg Your Majesty...
... to release Lady Ruiji
Your request is accepted
But do not forget...
In case of failure...
... you will forfeit your life
And the courtesan's head...
... will also hang a top the city's walls
... don't be scared
Remember my "Hold Your Breath" technique
This is famous "Kun Steed" from Aizhou
Not fast on land...
... but matchless in water
It can help you to fight
Needless to say...
... from now on...
... you and I are even
Set sail!
To Bat Island!
Let's see what's on Huo Yi's mind!
Yes, Sir!
Our distance from Bat Island...
... is now twenty li
All ships...
Stop moving!
All ships...
Stop moving!
No movement in the water
It's so calm
Weird, though...
They must be on Bat Island
So they can see our approach
We can't risk disembarking now
I think we should retreat first
All ships to...
... turn and withdraw
All ships...
Turn and withdraw!
What's going on?
Feint the east and attack the west
You don't know that strategy?
Dee bet his own life for yours
What is your relationship with Dee?
Circumstances made us friends
A young woman who looks like you do...
... can never be just a 'friend' with a man
You should know this very well
Since the two countries are at war...
... the law says...
... you should be arrested and interrogated
If you remain alive...
you'll harm Great Tang
Detain her!
I'm waiting for Dee to fail
When that happens...
... I'll see if your severed head...
... still draws thousands of admirers!
(Dondo) Da Lisi has found our hiding place
(Dondo) We have to retreat before dawn
(Dondo) Burn them quickly!
(Dondo) Burn all the herbs and flowers!
(Dondo) Don't delay!
(Dondo) Yes, Sir!
(Dondo) Da Lisi...
(Dondo) Their ships have pulled back
(Dondo) It seems...
(Dondo) ... the "Sea God" must have scared them off
(Dondo) But we can't find the "Sea God" either
(Dondo) What shall we do?
(Dondo) Once we've retreated...
(Dondo) ... send reinforvements...
(Dondo) ... to search for the "Sea God"
Don't waste your efforts!
The Da Lisi has Bat Island surrounded
We kept our distance in daylight...
... to make your defenses less alert
You're so experienced...
... but we've outwitted you
Snake herbs. Wolf flowers
The plants all secrete rare poisons
(Dondo) The one with a mustache...
(Dondo) ... is Dee
So you're the universally loathed...
When I last faced you...
... I saw your shortcomings
It seems...
... Dee will soon have your post
You blatant thief!
What makes you so hate our Great Tang?
What's behind your dirty tricks?
Dee has godlike foresight
You don't need to ask me
The Fuyu Kingdom has long fought sea battles with Great Tang
... sits between the two countries
The islanders are fisherfolk
The sea battles have affected them
They've been driven into exile
Huo Yi...
Your country is vulnerable...
You've been forced out of your home
You came here for revenge
If only we weren't enemies!
With your help...
... the world would be ours!
Revenge was not my only motive
The Middle Kingdom...
You people are getting lazy
If we pander to your desires...
... at the right time...
... we can take over your empire!
I want to rule an empire!
You're under poison flowers!
Sir! Sir!
We can't let Huo Yi escape
There must be a hiding place down there
I'll go down to look!
Let go!
Let go!
What did you see?
This is a nursery for parasites!
They're using human bodies...
... to breed them
So the parasites in the Imperial Tribute tea...
... were bred in human bodies!
This is the true face of Huo Yi's master plan
There's something I've wanted to ask you:
When you were a bailiff in Bing County...
... why were you sent to prison?
I reported corruption in Bing County
My superior framed me and had me locked up
I saw many crimes inside the prison
I understood that truth must be fought for
And that justice must be demanded
So, why did you come to the Da Lisi?
The Da Lisi maintains the Tang Dynasty's laws...
That is the core of a just society
If I'm set on defeating crime...
... and attacking privilege...
This is the best place to do it
So, I'll take that as praise
Well said!
Our mission is complete
And Lady Ruiji has been saved
Why do you still look...
... so worried?
There's something in the water!
Where are you going?
Can't you see how strangely the sail moves?
The sail...
That monster...
... is right under our ship
Archers of Ship Two!
Be ready!
Yes, Sir!
Load the crossbows!
Look-outs, use the signal flags!
Ship Three!
Follow the signals!
Stand by with the poisoned fish!
Yes, Sir!
The monster is here!
Be ready!
The toxic bait won't work immediately
This is a timer
To the monster, the ship's crew...
is more interesting than the fish
We must release the toxic fish at the right moment...
... or all our efforts will come to nothing
Prepare the toxic fish!
It's quite a distance!
Try to aim them accurately!
All of you...
Watch the signals...
... and don't act rashly
Yes, Sir!
The monster is starboard!
We didn't see any signals!
We can't aim the toxic fish!
Over here!
Aim at the red flag!
Release them!
Release them!
The poison will take effect in a while
The top priority is to evade the monster
Ku?ng, Qian Zhang!
See who needs to be rescued!
Yes, Sir
What did you discover this time?
That I absolutely must learn how to swim!
TO work in my Da Lisi...
... one must not be afaid of water
Mandated by heaven...
... His Majesty decrees that...
... the Dondoers are in revolt
Our brave and dutiful officials...
... will quell the rebellion
Yin Ruiji's death sentence is waived
But Great Tang and the Fuyu Kingdom...
... remain at war
So she must be denied...
... contact with the outside world...
... and be confined to Swallowed House
So be it!
Report to the "Two Saints"
Your divine mandate...
... swept away all the demons
The Da Lisi has dealt with the villains
Huo Yi and his Dondoers...
... have been brought to justice
The "Sea Dragon" case...
... is now concluded
Officer Dee
This is the "Dragon Taming Mace"...
It is cast from meteorite metals
Harder than any other metal or stone
I hereby bestow this mace...
... charging you with the elimination of all evils
May you be the conscience of our nation
And the upholder of law for the world
Even I myself...
... and my Imperial family...
If we fail our people in any way...
... this mace will admonish us
Her Majesty is still watching you
If you stay in Luoyang...
... your life will be in danger
In the boxes you'll find money for travelling
You and Mr Yuan must leave Luoyang at once
Officer Dee...
Your Majesty, thank you for your kindness
This is the story of the "Sea Dragon" case
This strange case...
... tied my own fate and that of Luoyang...
... closely together
Some years later...
... the fate of the Tang Dynasty changed for the worse
A complete reversal
Those were all matters still to come