Dia (2020) Movie Script

God, I'm unable to live with this sadness.
There's nothing left for me
to stay alive for.
Life is full of problems and pain.
I want peace.
Everlasting peace.
It seems like I can attain it
only after I stop living.
All my life you've worked against me.
For once, pick my side.
Without letting me feel the fear of death,
end my life at once.
While I was studying,
for no reason at all,
I felt like looking up.
And it felt like someone whispered
in my ear asking me to look up.
I kept wondering why I felt that way
and decided to look up.
To me, he looked like the most
beautiful thing in the universe!
My heart started beating like a drum!
Though I jumped into
the pool of love quite easily,
I realized only later that
I didn't know how to swim.
By the time I could muster enough courage
to ask around about him,
a lot of days had passed.
Here's what I found out.
His name was Rohit.
A first year student of M.Tech,
so he was two years senior to me.
His parents had passed away. His sister
and brother-in-law live in Singapore.
He was a class topper.
Everyone in his class
would describe him the same way,
that he's a good person and very decent.
And he was amazing at Dot Drawing.
It's a technique of drawing
using only dots and no lines.
Despite his reluctance,
his friends would force him to display
his drawings on the college notice board.
Wow! That's beautiful, isn't it?
- Isn't the artist handsome as well?
- I have no idea about that.
- Haven't you seen him?
- I can't wait to see him now.
- Do that right away.
- Is he that good looking?
He is pretty handsome.
He already has a big female fan following.
More girls are sure to join the club
courtesy of this drawing.
Well, if that's the case,
I'm the first one on that list.
You put up Aishwarya Rai
on display without letting me know?
Well, I refused to do so,
but Praveen was adamant.
The drawing's pretty average.
See for yourself.
So where is Aishwarya Rai?
- She was right here.
- Really? Then where did she go?
I'm sorry, Rohit.
I guess jealousy
comes hand in hand with love.
Enough of staring and stealing,
go talk to him tomorrow.
Should I really talk to him?
Come on. Just practice
how you're going to approach him.
Excuse me?
You're Rohit, right? First-year, M.Tech?
My name is Dia...
Dia Swaroop.
The name's Bond... James Bond.
Just tell him "It's Dia Swaroop."
Excuse me?
You're Rohit, right? First year, M.Tech?
Hi. My name is Dia Swaroop.
Third-year, Biotech student.
You draw really well.
- Hi. My name is Dia Swaroop...
- Tickets? Anyone?
Hi. You're Rohit, right?
First-year, M.Tech?
You draw really well.
Hi. My name is Dia Swaroop...
He's all alone. This is it.
Go. Talk to him.
Be confident.
Make sure your legs dont tremble.
Wipe the sweat off your face.
Go on. Come one. Greet him.
It's okay. There's still a lot of
time left before he finishes college.
Better luck next time.
Oh, God.
Hey, Rohit.
I wonder if I'm making
a mistake by approaching him
without any topic to talk about.
Yes. Thats true.
If I come up with a strong reason,
I can easily approach and talk to him.
But what could it be?
Academic doubts?
But we aren't even doing the same course.
What excuse do I have?
Excuse me?
You're Rohit, right? First-year, M.Tech?
Yes, I am.
I think this...
belongs to you.
This is mine. Where did you find it?
I found it near the basketball court.
I was putting it up for everyone to
see, and someone was taking it away.
Thank you.
By the way, what's your name?
What happened?
It's nothing. My name is...
Excuse me?
You're a first-year M.Tech student, right?
- That's right..
- My name is Dia Swaroop.
I'm a third-year Biotech student.
I think this belongs to your classmate.
Yeah, it belongs to Rohit.
I found it by the basketball court.
I wanted to find him
but he's nowhere in college.
Well, he quit college and left.
Did he quit college?
He got a job in Korea since he
had finished his engineering course.
So he discontinued
the course and quit college.
If you want to give it personally,
you'll have to go to Korea.
- Thank you.
- It's okay.
That looked like Rohit.
Was it really him
or am I imagining this?
Oh, God!
It really is him!
- Thanks.
- It's okay.
What is he doing here in Mumbai?
That too in the same apartment complex?
But, why are you hiding now?
He has no clue about you.
Act normal.
What do I do now?
Go talk to him.
Practice your lines before you do.
Hi. My name is Dia Swaroop...
This guy will get down on the next floor.
And then, it's just us in the lift!
Just the thought of it
is making my stomach feel weird.
Oh, no. There he goes.
It feels like I'm suffocating.
I'll never be able to talk to him
in this lifetime.
Excuse me?
You are Dia...
Dia Swaroop, right?
Hi. My name's Rohit.
I was also a student at CMRIin Bengaluru. M.Tech.
But due to some reasons,
I couldn't complete the course.
I've seen you before.
Where was that?
I don't know if you remember,
but you had once burst a test tube
in the Chemistry lab,
sending a few classmates into shock.
"You were the reason
behind the explosion."
I was talking to your professor
and he had told me your name.
Is it?
- And how come you're here?
- I'm here for work.
I moved in this afternoon.
I'm staying in 701.
What? 701?
Yes. Why do you ask?
I stay right opposite. In 702.
Is it? What a coincidence.
All right then, see you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I studied in that college
for eight months.
In those eight months,
did you even know who I was?
Or did you ever see me in college?
Uncle, this is Rohit.
He studied in my college in Bengaluru.
Is it?
- Hi, Rohit.
- Hi, sir.
I'm Madhav Rao. I'm their family friend.
I live in Flat 203.
If you need anything, feel free to ask.
Sure, sir.
This is my father.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Okay, Dia.
We're heading out for some work.
You asked if I had seen you
in college, right?
If only I had stared into my books
as much as I stared at you,
I would've topped the class.
If we had stayed any longer,
we could have finished our morning jog.
Do you go jogging regularly?
Yeah. I made it a habit
when I was in Korea.
And you?
Me? And jogging?
- I generally wake up only by 9 a.m.
- Why so late?
Do you sleep late?
No. I sleep pretty early.
I think I have an issue.
I can't sleep continuously at a stretch.
Even minute sounds tend to disturb me.
I have a disturbed sleep pattern.
There's a saying in Korea.
If you're not able to sleep, it's because
you're awake in someone else's dreams.
"If so, you would've
never slept through your M.Tech days."
Here's what you can do if you can't sleep.
Before you sleep,
close your eyes for a minute
and imagine the person you'd like to
spend the rest of your life with.
Give them a message and try sleeping.
You'll get a good night's sleep.
And where does this belief come from?
From the belief that we're secure in life.
I wish to spend all my life with you.
I love you.
Dear Dia,
19th March 2016.
On this day,
a precious moment took place in my life.
My heart found its other half.
Except you, everyone else
became strangers to me.
An invisible wall appeared
between me and them.
You might just be another
person to the world,
but for me you became my world.
Hi. My name's Rohit.
I did my M.Tech in CMRIT, Bengaluru.
Please forgive me.
Because I've no words to
express how much I love you.
But one thing is for sure.
Every time I take a breath,
I think of you.
Love you. Rohit.
Who was she?
My office colleague.
She proposed to me.
And what did you tell her?
I told her that there's a girl
who has made me forget
all the other girls in the world.
That I came to Mumbai only for her.
I was the one who was stealing
your drawings in college.
And I was putting them up
only to impress you.
Do you know now?
Whose dream you were always in?
We wasted three years, right?
But there are 30 more to go.
Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
Sorry. It was a call from office.
I got out faking a headache,
but they're giving me one for real.
I love you.
It's 6 p.m. already and the movie
is yet to start. Is there some issue?
I love you.
- Did you say something?
- Didn't you hear me?
- Nope.
- What's wrong with you today?
On any other day, you would have
said it back a hundred times by now.
Forget saying it once,
you're pretending to not hear me
when I'm saying it out loud.
What's wrong?
Are you angry with me?
I have no reason to be angry with you.
The thing is,
today I read in the newspaper,
"One touch is equal to a thousand words."
One touch is equal to thousand words.
What are you saying?
Let me explain.
We'll spend the rest of our lives
with each other, right?
So, if any one of us wishes to say
"I love you" to each other,
we need to hold each
other's hands and...
I... Love... You.
Press each other's hand thrice.
Doing this once is the same as
saying it out loud a thousand times.
One touch is equal to a thousand words.
I can sense the difference.
But this seems incomplete, right?
How does one reply to this?
Very smart.
It's very simple.
Me... Too.
Press it twice and you're done.
Seems childish, but it's effective.
I... Love... You.
Me... Too.
I've asked my sister and brother-in-law
to come to Mumbai next month.
To Mumbai? For what?
To talk to your father about our marriage.
Oh, is it?
What happened?
What is it?
I doubt if my father
will agree to our marriage.
Oh, is it?
So, what do we do?
Okay. We can do this...
He's getting away. Stop, you idiot!
He got away!
Dear Lord...
Call the ambulance! Hurry up!
Dia? How are you?
Rohit's doing fine.
Nothing to worry. He's fine.
I want to see him.
That won't be possible right now.
He's in the ICU.
No one is being allowed inside.
I shall take you there later.
No... I want to see him now.
Okay. Lie down.
The thing is...
Rohit had passed away
before we could get him to the hospital.
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
Calm down, dear. Please, calm down.
I... Love... You.
Dia is extremely upset.
Let's send her
to your sister's house in Bengaluru.
A change of place could help.
Since Smitha's also there,
she'll be more comfortable.
Hello, Dia. What are you up to?
I'm sitting in the park.
Is it? And... Dia,
there is a doctor's appointment
today evening, right? So...
can you go to the hospital by yourself?
I'm out with my friends.
I might get a little late.
I'm sorry. Please don't mind.
"Youth commits suicide on railway track."
Hello, Dia? Are you there?
Hello... is this Ms. Dia Soup?
It's not Soup, it's Swaroop.
I know. I was just kidding.
I was hoping to make you laugh,
since you're very upset.
Are you wondering
how I got to know about that?
Don't worry.
I do have some good news
to make you happy.
Want me to tell you?
This afternoon when you were walking alone
on the street by the park...
Hello? I can't hear you, say that again.
Oh, you need to get your bike serviced?
Fine, then. Come by my house.
From there let's take...
the bike to the service station,
and then head to the stadium.
Is that fine?
Hey, you! Stop!
Stop right there.
I got your bag and looked around for you,
but you were nowhere to be seen.
You probably had already left
for the police station by then.
So, your vanity bag is with me now.
Now tell me.
When and where will you meet me?
Tell me where, and I'll come
and handover the bag in person.
Where do we meet? How about a Coffee Day?
I don't need the bag.
Keep it with yourself.
Please don't call me again.
You don't want the bag?
It has your debit and credit cards,
with some cash...
To hell with this woman!
If she didn't want the bag,
I could've given it to the thief himself.
Poor guy could have used some money.
Leave that.
How did you find her phone number?
The bag had a CICI bank debit card.
Our Raju works
in their customer care, right?
- Raju who? You mean Buttermilk Raju?
- Yes, him.
I gave him the card number.
He gave me the phone number.
She scolded me and disconnected the call.
Have you ever heard of this before?
A girl refusing to take back
her vanity bag?
I've never come across this before.
This is why they say,
"Life is full of surprises and miracles"
Do estimate the costs and let me know.
- I forgot to tell you this.
- What?
Tonight, Mother India will be
coming down from Karwar.
- Oh, is it?
- Yes. She's taking the night bus.
She's coming down for a medical conference
thats in two weeks.
Sir, it will cost you Rs. 4,500.
- Rs 4,500?
- Yes, sir.
The chain sprocket
needs to be completely replaced.
Oil needs to be replaced.
- This alone will cost you Rs. 2,000.
- Dude, I'll be back.
Please go to the room Consultation No.1.
Sudha? You're next.
If only Karwar had a hospital like this.
- Hello, madam.
- I'm here to see Dr. Vidya.
Dr. Lakshmi? Welcome, madam.
Madam has strictly instructed me
to bring you to her.
What's with that reaction?
Lakki, I'm proud to call you my mother.
Very proud.
And why's that?
Because people in your profession
have a high opinion of you.
Adi, I'll need an hour
to get done with work.
It's an important case.
Take your time, Lakki.
I'll be at a library close by.
Finish your work and call me,
I'll come right away.
Dia Swaroop?
Dia Swaroop?
You're here to meet
the orthopaedic doctor, right?
She's checking other patients.
Please wait for five minutes.
Can I get a picture of your feet?
So that I can set it
as my mobile wallpaper?
Dia Soup?
When I called you,
were you out for some important work?
Because you switched your phone off
after yelling at me to keep the bag.
Or did you think that I was with the thief
and that I called you over
to rob you again?
I'm sorry.
I was kidding again,
since you were upset.
You finish your consultation
and wait here.
I'll get your bag as soon as possible.
Lakki, I didn't know that one had to
struggle so much to do a good deed.
You can only take the horse to the water.
But you can't make it drink, right?
Let it go.
And where are we going now?
I told you my friend's bike
is getting serviced, right?
That should be done by now.
Let's collect the bike and head to a mall
to enjoy the air conditioning.
And then...
Lakki, there's a surprise waiting for you.
A surprise? What is it?
About the surprise...
I told you about a new bike
I saw at the service store, right?
The one you showed me on the internet?
Yes. The same bike.
I've decided to buy that bike.
- The same bike?
- Yes.
Weren't you telling me that it was heavy?
Ill not be carrying the bike around,
I'll be riding it.
But then... weren't you telling
me that it was quite expensive?
It does cost Rs. 2.25 lakh.
But don't worry.
My PF money from the last company
is available.
I'm also thinking of taking a loan.
I don't think you should do it.
It isn't worth it to invest
so much on a bike.
Buy a regular bike instead.
I can.
But I felt like buying a new one
only after seeing it.
I don't know.
I'm not really okay with you buying it.
It's up to you though.
Yes, you can begin with
the antibiotic course.
With the Cephalexin.
Also, how many were there
for the Polio drive?
Did you feel bad?
Can't lie that I didn't.
I did feel bad, just a little.
But I'll ask you again.
Do you really not want me
to buy that bike?
Don't buy it. It doesn't feel right.
You go on with your calls,
I'll go get the serviced bike.
Please wait for five minutes.
The bill needs to be generated.
Your bike will be brought outside.
Thank you.
Ambika, please take this invoice.
Excuse me, sir?
Congratulations, sir.
From this moment, this bike is yours.
After the day you saw the bike,
your mother came down
and booked it for you.
- Hello?
- I don't like it when you buy things.
But I love buying things for you.
You ape!
Do you know how innocent you look
when you're sleeping?
Everybody looks innocent
when they're sleeping.
But you only see a man's
true colours when you're awake.
Fine. I've written a letter for you.
Can I read it out to you?
- A letter?
- Yeah.
Read it out.
Don't laugh, okay?
Dear Mom...
Sometimes I wonder if my body...
What happened?
You just called me mom.
- Tell me why I call you Lakki?
- Because my name's Lakshmi!
In short, you call me Lakki.
- Nope.
- Isn't that the reason?
Till date, I thought this is why
you called me Lakki.
Then why?
The answer to that
is towards the end of the letter.
So be patient.
Dear Mom...
Sometimes I wonder
if my body has two hearts.
Would it be possible to love
you so much with just one heart?
I love the fact that I love you.
You've simplified my life so much.
None of my problems
seem problematic at all.
- They all seem trivial...
- Adi?
Why's the house owner here?
- Good morning, Adi.
- Morning, Uncle.
Looks like you've bought a new bike.
Could you park your bike outside?
I need to take my car out.
Sorry, Uncle.
Give me a minute. Let me get the keys.
- Looks like the movie has started.
- What are the seat numbers?
Row number 1, seats 10 and 11.
It doesn't feel right if I don't watch
a movie from the beginning.
- How long since the movie started?
- It should end anytime now.
- Dude, I'll get something to eat.
- Okay.
Are you feeling better now?
You were at the hospital, right?
So now tell me.
What injustice have I done to you?
I ran back to the hospital trying to
earn good deeds by returning your bag.
You were nowhere to be seen.
Do you know how bad I felt?
I'm sorry.
Fine. What's done is done already.
Here's what you're going to do.
My room's at a walking distance from here.
Once the movie ends, you'll come along
with me and collect your bag. Okay?
Have you come alone?
I've come with my cousin,
she's gone to the washroom.
Will you have something to eat or drink?
Come on. You need to have something
to celebrate us meeting again.
No need.
If I leave you alone for a while,
you'll disappear again.
No need to eat anything.
Not bad.
Your cousin Smitha is pretty friendly.
See how weird life is.
I had no plans to come for this movie.
My friend forced me
to come along last minute.
And I found you next to me.
This is why they say
life's full of surprises and miracles.
What did you say?
Life isn't what you just said it is.
This is life.
Full of problems and pain.
So, according to you,
everyone in this world has problems.
Looks like you don't know Bengaluru well.
Which is why you're saying this.
Right here there's an area.
People who live there
haven't faced any problems
and are living happily. Do you believe me?
That's impossible.
- There's no one without problems.
- Then come with me.
I'll take you to that area right away.
See for yourself how happy people are.
Let's go.
What are you thinking? Aren't you curious?
If you don't come along,
I won't return your bag.
Feel free to complain to the cops.
Please come.
I ran like a mad dog behind the thief
just for your bag.
I have bruises on my legs due to that,
you know?
Please come along.
Come on. That area's really nice.
You'll enjoy it.
Ms. Dia, as far as I know,
the only ones in this world
who're living without any problems
or pain...
are those who reside here.
So, take a good look at them.
Look, how peacefully everyone's sleeping.
Actually you're right.
People on this earth
have one or the other problem.
It is just like facial hair.
No matter how hard you try,
it'll keep growing.
But when it does arrive,
how we react to it...
is what will decide if we're happy or sad.
It's all about our attitude
towards the problem.
What's ironic is that
it is our problems
that make our lives more interesting.
Without which
there wouldn't be any difference
between us and the ones
who are sleeping here.
But how long can one keep
eating only Mysuru Pak?
To say it in simple words...
life isn't about living without problems.
It's about how we solve
our problems and live it.
But Dia...
you went ahead to end your life
because you lost your loved one, right?
You had the courage to kill yourself.
Couldn't you show
the same courage to live?
Thank God that nothing went wrong.
At a time like this
I have one thing to say,
we'll attain peace for real
only when we accept our reality.
Accept the reality.
Let him go.
I know it's easier said than done.
But you have to.
You have two options now.
One is to keep thinking about Rohit
and live in sorrow.
Two is to forget him and start a new life.
Choose the one that seems right to you.
- Hello?
- I'm outside your house. Come out.
- Hello, Adi?
- We're going out. Come on.
Adi, please tell me
where you're taking me.
How long will you ask the same thing
over and over like a broken record?
I told you, right?
That we're heading somewhere.
- But where are we going?
- To some place.
You trust me, right?
A little too much.
Then stop asking me questions
and come along quietly.
Adi, please don't take me
to the graveyard at this hour.
I'll get very scared.
You never know.
"All India Dia Swaroop Fan Club.
Warm Birthday wishes to Ms. Dia Swaroop."
"Best wishes from..."
Everyone, get ready.
One, two, three, start.
- All hail Bombay queen, Dia Swaroop!
- Hurray!
- All hail birthday queen, Dia Swaroop!
- Hurray!
All hail beauty queen, Dia Swaroop!
- "Beauty queen" doesn't suit her, right?
- Yeah.
- All hail the Normal Queen, Dia Swaroop!
- Hurray!
I wish we had three birthdays in a year,
then we could've enjoyed.
You look like you've come
straight out of the graveyard.
- Even you look the same.
- Really?
I've turned into a male ghost.
They stuffed the cake
right into my nose and ears.
Thank you, Adi.
Thank you so much.
Thanks to you, I feel good about myself.
I feel like I am a special person too.
- I love myself.
- There you go, woman.
Now you're on the right track.
And don't show yourself to anyone else.
One look at that pretty face of yours,
and they'll go mad thinking they saw
a ghost inside the house.
That won't happen. There's no one at home.
Everyone's gone to Tumakuru.
What? No one's home, is it?
No one except me.
Do you have any common sense at all?
My face is stinking of eggs.
You're the birthday girl.
Instead of calling me inside
and making me a cup of coffee,
you're making me stand out here
and thanking me.
Oh! I'm sorry, Adi.
It didn't occur to me at all.
Please come inside.
Fine. I'll come in.
It's all my fate.
You are right, Adi.
I don't have any common sense.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. Common sense is not so common.
Here you go.
Drink and let me know how it is.
That I will. For sure.
If it's not good,
I'll pour it over your head.
How is it?
Where has this talent of yours
been hiding?
This is too good.
When did you master this craft?
Your husband is going to be very lucky to
drink and eat all this delicious food.
Now that I've decided not to marry,
how will there be a husband?
You're insulting me.
- Insult?
- What else?
When a guy like me is right here,
how can you think of not marrying?
Adi, please.
Don't joke about this.
You might have a lot of friends like me.
But you're my only best friend.
Let's not bring love
in between our friendship.
I've suffered enough because of love.
- Don't bring it up again.
- I'm sorry.
It was at the tip of my tongue
and I said it out loud. Don't worry.
When your 99th birthday comes around,
we'll celebrate that together
in a big way.
Like best friends do.
Happy now?
These conditions apply to you too.
You should not bring up
these topics either.
No. I won't.
It's good that the bike ran out of fuel.
With every push of this bike,
my pants are getting ripped.
And this seems like fun to you?
You're a sadist.
No, not for that.
Our departing moment
got delayed by 15 minutes,
that's why.
You're talking as if
we'll never meet again in our lifetime.
We might meet again someday.
And we will meet for sure.
But we won't be able to meet
from tomorrow.
I'm going back to Mumbai for good, Adi.
- Youre going back?
- Yeah.
My aunt's mother is unwell.
She's going to her hometown
to take care of her.
How can I stay at her house
without her around?
Is that why Smitha called you
in the evening?
Then why didn't you tell me back then?
If I had told you, we would've
spoken only about me leaving.
You should have told me.
It all seems so sudden now.
When are you leaving?
I'm taking the 7:30 a.m. bus.
Give me a second.
Shall we begin the farewell program?
Go back and start a new life.
Remember this. Life goes by in seconds.
Make sure you do
only the things that you like.
That doesn't mean you start smoking
because you like cigarettes.
Only the good things.
And if you encounter
any problems, confusions,
or doubts, you already have
the customer care number.
- Customer care number?
- My cell phone number.
Of course. Who else will I call.
Just a second.
Here. A small gift from me.
A gift?
Wait! We saw this at the mall.
Bought this for you
when you went to get your bike.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I have nothing to give you.
Will you take this bike with you?
That's fine.
I already have a gift from you.
You already have a gift from me?
- What is it?
- It's you.
You're my biggest gift.
Would've been nice
if you stayed back for another day.
You're saying the exact thing
that's on my mind.
But I have to go.
- Why are you calling at this hour, Adi?
- Lakki, don't panic! Calm down.
I'm doing good, and Im awesome.
I felt like talking to you. So I called.
For a moment I got so worried.
So? Were you asleep?
No, I was playing cricket with Nanjamma!
Quit wasting time
and tell me why you're upset.
Oh! Looks like you got a whiff of my mood.
Yes. The stink reached me. Tell me.
It's nothing.
Dia's going back to Mumbai.
- Why do I smell something else?
- Nothing of that sorts, Lakki.
Over time,
we've gotten closer to each other.
Now, out of the blue,
she told me that she's leaving.
Well, she had to go someday, right?
Sure, she had to.
But it would've been nice
if she stayed back for another day.
What does Dia have to say about it?
Let's just say she felt the same too.
Fine. Here's what you can do.
Stop Dia from going directly to Mumbai.
You both head to Mangaluru.
There's a direct train to Mumbai
from Mangaluru at 11.45 p.m.
Konkan Express. You both can board it.
You get down at Karwar.
She can continue till Mumbai.
You both can spend a day together.
What an idea, Lakki!
You should've become a criminal lawyer
instead of a doctor.
I have to tell Dia about this right away.
I'll see you in Karwar. Bye.
- Hello, Adi?
- What is it?
How'll you be coming to
Mangaluru from Bengaluru?
How else? We'll take the bus.
You idiot.
You think I bought you that bike
worth Rs. 2 lakh so that you can use it
like a public bus
between your room and tuition classes?
The weather's good.
The scenery on the way is beautiful.
Instead of enjoying nature
and riding down on a bike,
you speak of taking the bus.
What are you doing here?
I'd gone to take a leak.
It was suffocating inside.
So I'm out here breathing some fresh air.
We spent a day like it was a minute.
Ours must have been
the shortest bike trip in history.
That's how it is when one is happy.
Time goes by very quickly.
I forgot to tell you this.
The train reaches the Karwar station
at around 7:30 in the morning.
The moment we arrive, I'll leave
without even taking a look at your face.
You also do the same.
Don't get down from your seat. Stay put!
- But why?
- Because this whole process of
our loved ones departing
while we stand by the door
with a long face,
looking at the train while it disappears,
tends to bring a bit of pain.
We're moving away anyway.
Why make it worse?
Let's just bid goodbye and leave.
Come. Let's go.
Let's do it your way.
You get off the train on your own
and I'll stay in my seat.
So, how long do you plan to stay
in Karwar?
My slipper slipped away!
Let them find the pair together.
What good will one slipper do?
The girl in the upper berth
is pretty, right?
- Love in a train coach?
- No. Nothing of that sort.
Just appreciating
the finer things in life.
Say you fall in love with someone
in the future. What will you do?
I'll go ahead and propose to her.
Don't rush!
Introduce her to me.
Within 15 minutes,
I'll find out if she loves you or not.
Check out Ms. Bond!
Madam claims to find out
if someone's in love in 15 minutes.
Yes. Well, you know that
I have a doctorate in "Love."
Oh, that's right.
As you say, madam.
If I ever fall in love with someone...
Hey! Go to bed!
You both have been snuffling
like bandicoots since forever! Go to bed!
As if my wife annoying me at home
wasn't enough.
Excuse me? Wake up!
Has the station arrived?
The station won't arrive anywhere,
we've arrived at the station.
The train reached five minutes ago.
Get going.
Thank you, boss! Dia?
You get off the train on your own
and I'll stay in my seat.
- Hello.
- Hello, madam.
I think you got off at the wrong station.
- Your station is pretty far away.
- What do I do, sir?
I wish to spend
as much time as I possibly can
with my best friend
before my station arrives.
But he clearly has no common sense
to invite his friend over.
Slap me once.
Just slap me once.
I've made a mistake, I should've
invited you home, but I didn't.
As you said, I have no common sense.
Slap me.
That's okay.
Somebody once told me that
common sense is not so common.
The same idiot is now telling you
the guilty must be punished.
There should be punishment.
Go ahead and slap me.
- It's okay. Leave it now.
- It's okay. Slap me.
You have the right to slap me.
I deserve to be slapped.
I won't feel bad about it. Be bold and...
I'm sorry.
Now the debt has been cleared.
Please come home. Please.
Don't bring the child on your next visit.
- Here you go.
- I'll get going, madam.
- Next!
- Help me, Doctor! It's AIDS!
How come you're alone? Where's Dia?
She seemed a bit tired.
I asked her to rest and came by myself.
It must be the stress from the travel.
There are no patients outside, right?
My mother has taught me
those basic etiquettes.
What are you doing?
I'm checking for sounds in my tummy.
Is it? I thought you were checking
whether you have two hearts in your body.
What are you saying, Lakki?
Who will have two hearts in their body?
There are two kidneys.
And the heart is only...
The letter!
How come the one who wrote it
forgot about it,
but you remember it
just by listening to it?
How could I forget it?
You've written such an adorable letter.
You've praised me to the skies.
What's this, Lakki? You're smitten
just by listening to one third of it?
If you read it all, that is it.
Come lie down.
Tell me the truth.
Do you mean it from your heart?
Or is it all for the sake of it?
Lakki, you're hurting me.
I've written it from my heart.
Now take those words back.
I'm sorry. I take my words back.
Now sleep.
Where did I stop?
If I've helped someone today,
their gratitude shouldn't be towards me
but towards you.
Because whatever I am today,
it's because of you.
I always knew that you were my mother.
But when did you become my best friend?
Whatever it is
that I want to hear from you,
how do you say those exact words?
- Hello?
- Hello? Brother Adi?
Her body temperature is flaming hot.
Come home soon and bring madam along.
Dia's supposedly unwell.
How long until aunty returns home?
I don't know.
She called to tell me that
there's an emergency.
She spends more time
in the hospital than at home.
- Drink some more.
- I'm done.
I'll keep it here.
Have it when you feel like it.
I'm causing trouble to all of you
for no reason.
Will you have some more water?
- I just drank some.
- How about dinner?
- Dinner?
- Do you need a sleeping tablet?
Sleeping tablet?
Then what will you take
to shut up and sleep?
What's the trouble in this!
I hate all these formalities.
I won't talk to you.
I'm done with you!
If you speak of troubling me again
Ill break your teeth!
Okay. Get some peaceful sleep.
I'll be right outside in the living room.
If you need anything,
just whistle and I'll come running to you.
I just checked if you could hear me.
I pretty much can.
Apparently my horoscope and the Vaastu
of this house doesn't match.
If one eye is sleeping,
the other eye is up all night.
My sleep pattern's a bit disrupted.
Oh is it? Here's what you can do.
I wish to spend all my life with you.
I love you.
How do I tell her, Lakki?
We've casually told each other
that we won't talk about love.
How can I tell her
that I really love her now?
She seems to be at peace with her past.
She even believes that
I'm the reason for it.
Would it be right if I spoil it all?
Since when have you become so negative?
Why do you assume that
she won't accept you?
Try talking to her once.
Let's see what happens.
It's not as easy as you think it is.
If she accepts, then it's fine.
If she rejects...
it'll turn ugly.
I won't be able to face her.
Lakki, Dia's here. I'll call you later.
- How are you now?
- You mean the fever?
The fever subsided last night itself.
Also, Adi, my dad called.
He said he's buying a property.
He apparently wants my signature
on a document,
and asked me
to leave for Mumbai right away.
- Do you really have to go?
- Yeah.
It's 6:45 now.
There's a train to Mumbai at 8:30.
You can take that.
Okay. I'll get ready then.
I wish to spend all my life with you.
I love you.
Hey, Adi! When did you come?
It's been 28 years.
- Are you doing well?
- I'm good.
This is Dia. My friend.
- We have to go the railway station.
- Sure. Get in.
Keep this safely with you.
Take your tablet after lunch without fail.
- I told you that my fever subsided, right?
- Take it anyways.
Since you're traveling,
the fever might relapse.
If I put you through any trouble,
I'm sorry.
Do you wish to go to Mumbai
with broken teeth?
Its time to finally bid adieu
once and for all.
All good things must come to an end.
- Thank you so much for everything.
- Why are you thanking me? It's free!
The next time we meet,
I think it'll be in Mumbai.
Or we can meet in Bengaluru too.
Or somewhere in between?
In this very town?
- Maybe for your wedding?
- I've decided that I'll never marry.
You're insulting me now.
You clearly have no doctorate in "Love"!
- You're insulting me now.
- You're insulting me now.
- You clearly have no doctorate in love.
- I've a doctorate in "Love."
- Insult?
- What else?
When a guy like me is right here,
- how can you think of not marrying?
- Adi, please.
Don't joke about this.
You're insulting me now.
Madam claims to find out
if someone's in love in 15 minutes.
Yes. Well, you know that
I have a doctorate in "Love."
You clearly have no doctorate in "Love"!
Finally! I feel so elated.
As elated as a man with diarrhoea would
feel when he finds a bathroom in time.
I'm not able to breathe!
This was not my fault.
I didn't propose to you.
It's not my fault either,
I didn't propose to you.
Neither of us is at fault.
All the blame is on love.
Can we hug for a little longer?
There's a lot of time before you get down.
It's free!
My dear Lakki!
Hi, Dia.
In Dia's case, there's nothing to worry.
There might be
some minor injuries and fractures.
She might gain consciousness
in two hours and then she'll be fine.
But in Rohit's case...
Doctor, what's wrong with Rohit?
When the accident occurred,
a portion of his brain
was severely injured
leading to internal bleeding,
which has resulted in a blood clot.
Right now he's in a vegetative state.
Which in simple terms
can be described as brain dead.
In this state,
the patient has no consciousness.
Oxygen and energy
will have to be provided externally
to keep him going.
Doctor, he'll get cured
and return to normalcy, right?
Let me be frank with you.
In cases like this, we can never
assure a return to normalcy.
It might take three months or six months.
Or he might spend the rest of his life
on the bed.
I'm sorry.
They're taking Rohit
to Singapore for better treatment.
Damn it!
What are you thinking?
What will you tell Dia once she
regains her senses and asks for Rohit?
What else do we say?
We'll tell her that Rohit was taken
to Singapore for better treatment.
Let's not do that.
Dia should never learn about this.
What are you saying?
Let's tell her that Rohit
died in the accident.
I've given it a lot of thought.
We both know
that Dia is madly in love with Rohit.
If she learns the truth
she'll spend all her life waiting
and hoping for Rohit to return.
And there's no guarantee for
Rohit's recovery.
What if he never recovers?
Lying to her might hurt her
for a few days.
But as time goes by, she'll forget Rohit.
Let us convince her later
and get her married to a good guy.
By the grace of God, if Rohit recovers,
let's get him married to Dia.
Seems like you're very lucky.
God has blessed you with what you wanted.
And now...
Look how Rohit has come back
with a new lease on life.
Dia, to make sure that
your future was safe and good,
your dad took that call.
But if you think he's wrong,
forgive him.
Go take a short walk.
By the time you return,
we'll decide on the wedding.
Go on.
How are you, Dia?
How did you manage thinking I was dead?
Did you try to forget me?
Or have you already forgotten me?
If your answer is yes...
the lie that you had believed till now
will become the truth tomorrow.
But I knew that you would never forget me.
Hello, drama queen!
Your phone was switched off
all this while.
Do you know how many times
I tried calling you?
If you ever try
switching off your phone again,
I'll come down to Mumbai,
murder you and get jailed for it.
Go ahead and do it.
I'll be thankful to you.
Are you crying?
What happened?
Did your father say something?
Then what happened?
Tell me what happened.
I can't take the silence!
The thing is...
Life is indeed full of
surprises and miracles.
So what have you decided to do?
I'm sorry.
I only told you to call customer care
in case of any inconvenience, right?
Give me five minutes.
I will call you back.
- Hello?
- No, Dia.
I can't even imagine a life without you.
I lost my mind just because
your phone was switched off.
And to let you go forever? No.
So, I'll pack my stuff
and head to Mumbai right now.
I'll come over and tell Rohit about us.
And bring you back with me.
Let's go to Karwar and get married. Okay?
Be ready for everything.
I really wish I could tell you
all of this and do as I just said.
But if I do this very thing...
"My son is so selfish.
I didn't bring him up well."
These will be the words of my mother,
who will regret it all her life.
That will hurt me more than
the pain of losing you.
I don't want that.
Now listen to me carefully.
Don't worry about me at all.
Don't even think that you cheated on me.
You get married to Rohit happily.
Just thinking of him
makes me feel for him.
I shouldn't do injustice to him.
So... I hope you get married to Rohit
and lead a happy life.
Also, I need help from you.
Will you please remove
this SIM card from your cell phone?
Don't ever use it again.
Does this mean that this is
the last time we're talking?
It's not like our conversation
will bring world peace.
Please remove the SIM.
I wish you all the best.
Have a great life.
I can still hear you breathe,
Ms. Dia Soup.
How are you, Lakki?
It's been so long since this happened,
yet you never thought of telling me?
Lakki, isn't it better to let the dust
get only in one eye instead of two?
Why should you also suffer over here,
while I struggle back home?
Why suffer together
as if it's a package deal?
I thought I could forget her easily.
- But...
- But you're not able to.
Let it go. Now that you're here.
Things will get better.
I'm very proud to call you my son.
Why though?
Because you told Dia
to forget you and marry Rohit.
That's why.
I blurted it out to her in the moment.
Do you know how I felt after saying it?
It felt as if a thousand men
stabbed me all over.
Seems like love is the root cause
of both excessive happiness
and extreme pain for humans.
What can I say? You know everything.
Come home when you feel like it.
I'll be waiting.
Hello, brother. This is Smitha.
Dia's cousin. Remember?
I do.
Yeah. Hope you're doing well.
How well do you think
a piles patient can be doing?
Dia was right. You are funny.
The reason why I'm calling
is to ask you to join us.
We're heading to Mumbai today evening.
The bus is also pretty empty.
Let's have a nice chat on our way.
To Mumbai? For what?
What sort of question is that?
The day after is Dia's wedding. Remember?
Dia's wedding?
Actually the wedding is the day after.
Tomorrow is the reception ceremony.
But Dia told me that she's
already told you about it.
Looks like you forgot.
No. I was just kidding.
I'm in Karwar right now.
Can you text me the venue
of the wedding reception?
Sure. I will. Be there for sure.
Because they both are flying to Singapore
the next day after the wedding.
You better not miss it.
Adi, I have a plan.
Let's go on a short trip tomorrow.
Guess where we're going? To Dandeli!
What say?
Tomorrow I'm going to Mumbai.
Mumbai? But why?
Tomorrow night is Dia's reception.
The wedding is the day after.
I thought of going...
And join in for the luncheon
with their family as well!
You love non-veg food anyway.
Lakki, she's leaving for
Singapore after her marriage.
- So?
- So, thought of seeing her one last time.
Adi, these are just excuses.
You're not accepting the reality.
You're still hoping that
Dia will become yours.
Put that out of your mind right away!
It's all over!
Fine. If at all
Dia sees you at the reception,
have you thought about
how awkward she would feel?
I told you that
I'll only see her and return,
- not that I will meet her.
- But still, don't go.
You'll be hurt if you go there
and see all of that.
- Don't.
- If it's meant to happen, let it happen.
- I'll become a stronger person, mentally.
- Enough of you being strong.
If you're out there witnessing that,
it'll feel as if thousands of people
are stabbing me with knives.
Be it joy or grief, it's not just you
who experiences it. You know that, right?
You're not going. That is it.
Get some sleep.
From now on, Dia's topic should
never ever come up between us.
Good night.
I'm sorry, dear.
For the first time ever, I'm asking you
not to do something you wanted to.
This is for our good.
Adi, wake up. It's late.
- Hello, Adi, where are you?
- I'm sorry, Lakki.
For the first time ever
I'm going against your words.
I'm going to Mumbai. Bye.
Hello? Adi?
I'm in Mumbai. I told you, right?
Oh, brother. When did you come?
And what are you wearing?
I never thought that I would meet you.
- Nothing.
- Okay.
Did you meet Dia?
Not yet. I'll meet her later.
It's a bit crowded now.
So what? We've come from far away.
They should give us importance
over others. Let's go talk to her.
- Let's do it later.
- It's okay, brother.
- Smitha! Let's not do this!
- Don't hesitate.
You both look good together.
You both are made for each other.
Thank you.
Sir, how about a picture?
Once again I wish you all the best.
Thank you. Please have dinner.
It's been days since I had a proper meal.
Do you know him?
- What is it?
- It's all done, right? How much longer?
We'll be done in another 15 minutes.
Harish uncle and family are on the way.
There's a traffic jam apparently.
Until then you may...
Look how dull she looks. Cheer her up!
- Geetha?
- I'm coming.
Keep her engaged. I'll be back.
If anyone of us wishes to say
"I love you" to each other...
I... love... you.
We need to press each other's hand thrice.
I... love... you.
You know how to reply, right?
I never should've recovered.
All three of us would
have lived peacefully.
You went to end your life
because I was no more.
But he has given you a new lease on life.
He's even taught you to live without me.
If you unite with me,
you'll only continue to live your life.
But with him, you'll enjoy your life.
This is for your own good.
It's hurting just to say it.
Instead of both of you suffering
because of me,
it's better that I suffer
for the both of you, right?
Please go.
I shall return to Singapore alone again.
How are you?
Is Adi inside?
Don't you know what happened?
What is it?
She suffered a massive cardiac arrest.
If only someone was home,
there were chances of her surviving.
Unfortunately, no one was around.
Nanjamma, too, was out of town.
We constantly tried reaching you.
But your phone was switched off.
Can you tell everyone to
go out for five minutes?
Do you know why I always called you Lakki?
Every time I called you, Lakki...
I constantly reminded myself of how lucky
I was to be your son.
Thank you, Lakki.
Thank you for being my mother.
I shouldn't have left you!
You told me not to.
I don't like it when you buy things.
But I love buying things for you.
If you're out there witnessing that,
it'll feel as if thousands of people
are stabbing me with knives.
If only someone was home,
there were chances of her surviving.
Adi? Where is he?
- Mother?
- Oh. Shankara.
Are you done with Lakshmi madam's
organ donation formalities?
Yes. It's all done.
And Adi? Is he still here?
No. He left after finishing
all the procedures.
He left?
- Do you know where he went?
- No idea. He didn't tell me anything.
- What is it?
- Did you come across Adi?
- Adi who?
- Our doctor madam's son.
The one I introduced you to,
at the hospital.
Oh him! I'd forgotten his name.
Yeah! I did see him.
You did? Where was it?
I am responsible for my mother's death.
She taught me everything.
But not how to live without her.
I want peace.
Everlasting peace.
I think I'll get it only if...
Lastly, I pray for only one thing.
Make sure that Dia
is always happy and peaceful.