Diabolicamente... Letizia (1975) Movie Script

Fine. Fine.
Is that so?
All right.
Goodbye, professor.
Micaela? Hello?
Micaela, are you there?
- Hello.
- At last. What was keeping you?
- I was in another room.
- Fine.
- Marcello, what's up?
- Well...
I have just talked to the gynaecologist,
and he's not really sure...
you know how these things work.
Listen, why don't we try to go
to Switzerland?
I am sure they would find a solution.
They have a radical approach.
- No, Marcello, it's hopeless.
- Let's make an attempt.
No. I understand.
I'm unable to bear children.
- What have I done?
- You didn't do anything.
And the professor might be wrong.
Try to be reasonable, Micaela.
And then we could still
adopt a child.
- Like many others do.
- I am not 'many others'.
I'd rather take my niece Letizia
from the boarding school.
I am her tutor anyway,
and I'll be able to keep
my promise to my sister
on her death-bed.
Darling, Letizia is not a child anymore.
Do you believe it's the right thing to do?
I do. Please, arrange the things
to this effect.
- Are you so sure?
- Please, do not insist.
- As you like.
Everything's in order.
Thank you so much,
Madame Principal.
I'll see you out.
Letizia is already waiting for you.
This is your new home.
Just a moment.
- Giovanni, bring this inside.
You're so tall now!
I'm leaving now.
- But we have to celebrate tonight.
- Fine with me, thank you.
Come in.
You'll have to tell me.
I am so happy you're here.
We will be together from now on.
You'll forget all those years
at the boarding school.
I'll make it up to you.
From now on, you'll have
a real home.
With a real mother.
- According to my poor sister's wish.
- My mother.
Of course. Your mother.
Look, darling.
The beautiful dressesI bought for you.
If you need me, call me.
Excuse me, madam,
I have finished in the kitchen.
Do you wish something particular
for dinner?
No, thank you.
We're going out tonight.
Come in.
- I apologise, miss.
- Come in, don't worry.
- I didn't know...
- Step forward.
My God!
Your aunt and uncle are waiting
for you downstairs.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- You seem worried.
- Darling, you're ready.
You look different.
You seemed still a child
with those plaits.
- Giselle!
- Here I am.
- Clean here, please.
- Yes sir.
Look Marcello,
how gorgeous she is.
- Shall we go?
- Of course.
Giovanni, where are you?
What are you doing here?
You missed a scene.
What's wrong, mon fichou?
Giselle's sweetheart!
I understand now.
You're thinking of that soppy one too.
You're disgusting.
This is the end of the world.
Too bad, I'd begun to like you.
It's your business now.
Please, come in.
Good evening, architect.
- Madam. Miss.
- The table is all set.
- It's their business, isn't?
- Have you seen the architect?
- His wife, and the child.
- They are celebrating.
- Would you like a drink?
- Yes, champagne.
- Vintage '64.
- Of course.
This champagne is for you.
Are you happy?
Good evening.
It's a pleasure to meet you,
- madam. How are you?
- Hello, professor.
- How are you?
- Well, well.
- Sit down with us.
- I don't want to bother.
No problem.
A chair for the professor.
- This is Letizia.
- Nice to meet you.
What about your wife?
Isn't she with you?
Not tonight.
What's happening?
Is there something wrong?
I apologise.
I poured the water.
Excuse me.
Do you mind if we leave?
I have a terrible headache.
How is it possible?
All of a sudden?
It must be the fatigue.
She needs to rest.
No, wait, I'm buying.
Gino, on my account.
Say hi to your wife.
As soon as she gets better,
come visit us.
- Of course.
- Breakfast's ready.
- Giselle, sit by my side.
Keep me company.
Do you have a boyfriend?
- Well
- Is he handsome?
- So so
- Does he tell you you're beautiful?
Only at times...
when he kisses me.
Have you ever made love
with a woman?
- Miss!
- You shouldn't be ashamed.
I have sometimes.
It is really pleasurable.
And then at the boarding school
you have to make do.
Time is so slow...
What are you doing?
Come help me.
What do you think?
You like it?
What is it?
What are you making me do?
Leave, you wretch!
- What are you up to?
- I am pruning the plants,
- they need it.
- I am still unfamiliar with the park.
- Can you guide me?
- Please.
- Hello?
- Micaela?
- What happened?
- Marcello!
Where are you?
Come home!
I see.
Now take a little rest,
- you'll be better.
- Yes, but you must come.
Yes. See you soon.
Let go of me.
You better not talk.
What a disappointment.
I thought you were better.
- You made it at last.
- You know how women are.
Good morning, madam.
How are you now?
- I feel better. And Micaela?
- The usual. Depression.
I'm going inside.
Excuse me.
You did well by coming by.
I really needed to talk to
- someone.
- What's happening?
Micaela had a relapse.
I am worried.
Of course.
I would be too.
Do you understand?
With the maid.
- A woman like me.
- I know what you mean.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
There can be love
between women too.
And you have a wonderful skin.
You are so beautiful.
Caressing you makes one shiver.
- What are you doing?
Hello dear.
You must be Letizia.
My husband had described you for me,
but reality is positively better.
You're too good, madam,
I'm confused.
A wise decision Micaela.
Your daughter is a perfect girl.
What can I offer you madam?
Since aunt didn't bother?
You choose, darling,
anything will do.
I'll follow your advice.
Do as I told you,
she'll be better.
These men, always talking.
of what, only god knows.
- Madam.
- Thank you for coming by, professor.
We were waiting for you
before leaving.
We wanted to say hello.
It's late, dear,
- and we have along road to go.
- Of course.
So, goodbye pussycat,
take care of auntie.
Goodbye Micaela.
Take care.
You should come by soon.
I start feeling cold.
I'm going inside.
- Me too.
- Wait. I need to talk to you.
Let's walk.
I have to go now.
But we will discuss it more.
Were you looking for something?
What is it, auntie?
I heard you scream.
Why are you staring
at that cushion?
Why are they so special?
You seem scared.
Lie down, come on.
I'll be here.
Listen to me.
You'll feel better.
You were right.
They look good.
- I tried to choose the best ones.
- Hopefully Micaela likes them.
What is it?
Nothing. Unfortunately,
aunt has had a new fit.
What? When?
How happened?
How is she feeling now?
- I asked you if she's unwell.
- No, she is now resting.
You must take care of her.
She could do anything in that condition.
You shouldn't worry now.
I am here.
Thank you darling.
I'll be right back.
- You understood, I suppose.
- I have.
What I can't understand
is that her condition's worsened
since Letizia arrived.
Listen, I don't think that girl is normal.
You should have her examined.
There is something
strange about her.
Something disconcerting.
I'm sorry, auntie,
I didn't mean to scare you.
- Don't worry.
- How are you now?
I'm fine.
Thanks to you.
- Then I can leave.
- Of course, darling.
- You're free to do what you want.
- Thank you, aunt.
- You're so good.
- Have a good time.
- See you later.
Darling! How are you?
- I'm better now.
- You had me worried.
It was just a mild squeamishness.
- What are you doing?
- Callas speaking.
Come on, you like it.
You like it too?
Hey dolly, where do you
come from?
Did mother prepare the bottle for you?
Look at this!
Just out of a shop window!
Do you want to be initiated?
Let's take out the bobble.
- What are you doing?
- Come over, we'll soften you.
No! Let go of me.
Let go!
- I don't know you.
- Come on, let's introduce ourselves.
- Let's play gang bang!
- I don't want to!
What are you doing?
Let go of me!
Put me down!
Let me get off the car!
- We'll meet at the den.
- See you all at the den.
It's late.
Letizia is not back yet.
Don't worry.
She will have found people of her age.
She'll be back soon.
You're tired.
- I'll stay up and wait for her.
- You may be right.
I'll do as you say.
Can you put these in the safe?
What happened?
Letizia, what is it?
Who did you meet?
Answer, please.
Lie down.
For heaven's sake,
Can't you tell me what happened?
What happened?
Answer, answer me!
Letizia, do you recognise me?
What are you doing?
Letizia, what are you doing?
Excuse me, darling,
what time did Letizia come home?
About 10.15pm.
You know,
it was as I thought.
She had met some nice people.
We talked for half an hour,
and then she went upstairs.
I have to go now.
It's late.
Leave me alone.
What, you fail with
the little whore and
then you vent your anger at me?
Go away, you're disgusting!
Filthy wench!
Why are you crying?
Did you fight with Giovanni?
- What has he done to you?
- Nothing. He's just a bastard.
- Where are my uncles?
- Madam is upstairs.
- He went out.
- And what about Giovanni?
He will be in the park.
So you're here!
- What are you doing?
- I'm watering the roses.
By the may, auntie is waiting for you.
She's in her room.
What is it?
Are you sick?
Come here, you idiot.
But... Madam...
Take me.
You took advantage of my frailty!
What is it, aunt?
Calm down.
Nothing happened.
Be quiet.
Calm down.
Nothing happened.
- Hello! Just in time.
- What about Micaela?
She's resting. Don't worry.
Come in town with me.
- Why don't you go with your friend?
- I don't want to.
Come on.
Who's a good boy?
- Fine. But we'll be back soon.
- I adore you.
- Hello?
- Is Madam at home?
- Madam is sleeping.
- I'll call back. Tell her Mrs. Minozzi rang.
- I will.
- Please, do.
- Of course.
Giselle, who was that?
Someone looking for me?
- No, wrong number.
- I see.
- Let's dance.
- No, come on.
Letizia, Micaela will be waiting
for you. I must bring you back.
I must go back to the office,
it's late.
And I am getting bored.
What is it, now?
You're not speaking?
Are you angry with me?
If you wanted to have fun,
you could have gone alone.
You would have been freer.
- No one would tell you no.
- That's all I needed.
Anyway, I did it for you.
Especially so you realise that
you've gone soft in the head.
And I am tired of living like you do.
Can't you see that at my age
and in my position I can't mingle
with those little shits?
I knew you would give me
this answer.
But when you made love to me
you weren't thinking of your age.
Of course, when one in your position
screws a young girl
is not thinking that young people
are stupid, because you grown-ups
are false and hypocrite.
The young, at least,
enjoy their life.
They don't throw it away as you do.
You remain tied to an old hysteric,
but for a little warmth
you must look around,
without any responsibility or commitment.
I understand now.
You thought I was stoned that night.
This is the experience of
a mature man. Not only was I
totally aware, but I can tell
you, I liked it... a lot.
Because, in spite of everything,
you're good at it.
One day you'll say I was right.
If you have time.
Think about it,
until you have time.
- You've been at the office until late.
- On the contrary.
- Then why you're back now?
- I was at dinner with an important customer.
Leave me alone!
- What are you doing?
- Swine!
- Micaela!
- You scoundrel!
You ruined me!
You prevented me from having babies.
Because you only want to
be a swine! Leave me alone.
- Calm down.
- Don't touch me, you're disgusting!
- You're weird:
- Stop it!
Aunt, enough.
Calm down.
It's over now.
Lie down.
You'll be better.
See that you're
better already?
You'll find your tranquillity.
You too awake?
- Madam had another crisis.
- Another?
- What do you mean?
- I didn't want to...
Tell me.
Madam... today...
screamed as she has just done.
What? Wasn't miss
here at home?
- Yes, she helped her.
- Why didn't she tell me?
- What is happening in this house?
- Nothing happens.
Why are you tormenting yourself?
She might not want you to worry.
You must be strong.
You're a man.
- You must react.
- But how?
- You tell me how?
- I would like you to calm down.
I would like to console you.
- Giselle.
- What are you doing? Please.
What are you doing?
Believe me, my life's
become an absurd mess.
- I don't know how to sort it out.
- You are only disoriented.
The one we should worry about
is Micaela! My wife told me...
very strange things. I would be
drastic in your place.
No half measures.
You should bring her to Switzerland.
This may, you wouldn't bear
any responsibility.
Come on, help me.
What shall we do?
The blood!
The head, it was here!
What are you saying?
- There is nothing here.
- What is happening?
The head, it was here,
I saw it.
Aunt. Here we go again.
You had another fit.
- I'm telling you it was here!
- What was here?
- My head was here.
- You two can leave.
There is nothing.
But my head was here.
All right, aunt.
You believed you saw it.
- It is true, it was here.
- Yes, aunt, I believe you.
Now relax.
You must get some rest.
I am here now.
Well, remember what I told you.
No weaknesses.
- Uncle?
Hello, handsome!
Am I on time?
- Any news from home?
- Should there be any news?
Everything's fine. Aunt is fine,
or else I wouldn't be here.
- You're a good girl.
- The news is...
that I wanted to be with you.
Sol came pick you up.
- Have I clone something Wong?
- Are you making fun of me?
- That's what you need!
- That?
It would help you understand
the young, and would awaken you.
Just looking at it,
your heart beats faster.
- Hello, darling.
- Then I'll go inside.
Stay away from me,
we can now stop this act.
I know everything, understood?
I have discovered everything.
What have you discovered?
May I know?
That you are a scoundrel.
A mean and untrustworthy being.
I was a stupid,
believing in your attentions,
- in your hypocritical caresses.
- Micaela, be reasonable. Listen to me.
Let's talk.
Everyone can hear now.
- Now you have qualms!
- Stop it! What have I done?
You're trying to get rid of me.
You spend your time
rubbing like a dog in heat
with these two whores I keep at home!
- What evidence do you have?
- The photos.
The photos you had someone take
while you were cuckolding me!
Enough. You will now stop
having fun behind my back.
I'll drive you all out!
This is my house.
This is my house!
Here we are.
Now I'll show you your filthy feats.
Let's see if you can deny evidence.
Where are they?
Where are they?
They were here, I myself left them here
under the cushion,
within a white envelope.
Who took the photos?
Who entered in this room?
On this bed there were the photos
exposing you and those two whores.
They were here. I've been
watching them until I came downstairs
because I heard you arrive.
Will you look at me when I talk to you?
Enough. You need
to horn in on everywhere.
Your sick imagination
makes you see what isn't there.
Micaela, listen to me.
It is time to make a decision.
You must be examined.
You must be cured.
We will be away for some time.
I love you.
- I see you worried.
- Are you surprised?
I don't see why.
Everything will get back to normal.
And then there's me.
You're right.
There's no other explanation.
She's had a nervous breakdown.
- You can't waste any more time.
- May I?
Architect, may I take the tray back?
And a man gave me this envelope for you.
- Thank you.
- Just doing my duty.
- What shall I do? Shall I go?
- Yes, please.
What about the bill? Aren't you
paying? I can add it to your account.
- Take these.
- Architect, are you under austerity?
No tip?
- Take this, and leave. - Fine. Remember,
never mistreat the working classes.
Especially today, with the crisis,
the capital and the workforce should be allied.
No kidding.
But then...
I think I understand everything now.
It's a typical case.
It was guilt that made her aggressive.
Your wife was scared
that you could find out her unnatural bias.
This may be true.
But I believe that, behind this story,
there is someone who wants
to ruin me. I'll find him.
This is unimportant now.
What is important,
is to convince her to be cured
without wasting any more time.
Goodbye. If you need any help,
do count on me.
Goodbye, Letizia,
and stand by her, of course.
This is a surprise!
You bought the motorbike.
Get on.
- If you're scared, hold on me.
Go, young man!
- Sure, madam.
- I swear.
You dare to swear,
you who cheated on me with my husband
in this room, behind my back!
- Madam! - Shut up, little whore,
I won't believe anything you say.
I will find those photos.
And you won't be able to deny.
None of you, filthy traitors,
will be able to deny!
Now leave!
- Micaela!
- Enough! Enough!
Don't try to persuade me.
You're the worst!
Poor girl.
Stop you.
Nothing can be done now.
Let's call the police.
Architect, you can't feel responsible
for the end of that poor girl.
It was an accident. She put a foot wrong,
and then she rolled downhill
and ended up against that tree.
Her death was immediate.
Head injury.
Unfortunately, it can happen.
- You're right.
- Excuse me.
- We're done, inspector.
- Fine. I'm coming.
Goodbye, architect. If the necessity
arises, you will be summoned.
Goodnight, miss.
I may have to summon you
as well.
Where is Micaela?
Where do you want her to be?
She must be sleeping.
- If you don't mind, I'm going too.
- Of course.
I will soon be revenged.
I will destroy you.
I will destroy you.
Calm down!
She was there!
I saw her!
- What did you see?
- I saw her!
- Calm down.
- She came from that wall.
There is nobody!
How can I convince you?
- Micaela!
- I saw her!
- Here she is.
- What are you doing there?
Move on!
Call someone!
Call an ambulance,
hurry up! Idiot.
Giovanni, I'll be away for some time,
I don't know how long.
I have decided to shut the villa.
I am sorry for you,
but you'll have to quit.
You can see there's no need for you
now. When we are back,
and if the villa re-opens,
and you are available, I'll be glad
to take you back.
Take these.
Thank you.
Why are you so worried?
Aunt will be better,
and everything will be back
to normal.
Remember that life goes on,
and must be lived.
You're right.
- Hello? - Morgue speaking.
The corpse of arch. Martinozzi is here.
Thank you.
You took your revenge, mother.
- I was waiting for you.
- I knew that.
- There is nobody anymore in this house.
- I know that.
- Have you come to collect your share?
- Yes.
I had to remedy many mistakes
of yours.
Good for amateurs.
And you acted as an amateur,
because you relied more
on that book than on
your master's teachings.
Since when your aunt left you
in that sordid college I directed,
I have cultivated hate in you against her,
and I introduced you to the occult.
But you've only made mistakes.
You think you can resolve
everything with sex?