Diabolik (2021) Movie Script

To all the cars, a black Jaguar
has come out of the back of the bank!
(radio) He turned right
into Via dei Platani!
Here Zebra 13.
We are coming from Via del Corso!
Go Go go!
He turned into Via delle Mimose!
We can close it!
We are there! He is trapped!
To all the cars, the Jaguar
sowed us in Via delle Camelie.
(radio) We are at the
embassy, we will join you!
Spotted! It is on Via della Cascata.
We follow him!
What is it?
(coughing) It's gas!
# There are those who
are chasing their chance.
# And there are those
who pursue their own end. #
Don't breathe.
# There are those who
are chasing their chance.
# There are those
who pursue his great love.
# And there are those
who pursue his obsession. #
Here it is, it's him.
Inspector, what is it?
# The truth... The truth...
can be changed.
# The truth... The truth...
can be disguised.
# You chase him in my eyes.
# Follow in my footsteps.
# I don't want you to find us.
# The depth of the abyss.
# The depth of the abyss. #
Your Excellency, you won't tell me
that tomorrow you won't be with us!
Dear Count, his life
is an eternal vacation!
But duties require me
to return to Clerville.
Why don't you send Giorgio?
And his deputy can replace her.
At a meeting with
the prime minister?
This is not really the case.
Too bad, I would have gladly
let her try my new Remington!
- Ah!
- I've installed a wondrous viewfinder!
Excuse me.
But where does it go?
Eva, finally!
- Welcome.
- Thanks, Giorgio.
- Travel?
- Everything is fine.
You are... wonderful, as always.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- You are welcome.
- Come on, meet you. Here.
GIORGIO: Mrs. Duncan...
Lady Kant, I guess.
Good evening, thanks for the invitation.
Giorgio, if they are all as beautiful there as you
are, I understand why you are going to South Africa!
- But I'm from Clerville.
- Ah.
Yes. Eva spent a
long time in South
Africa but now she
has decided to go home.
George! - Yup? I'm here.
What do you do? Don't introduce me?
Lady Kant, excellence.
Some time ago on a hunting trip
in South Africa I
met a Lord Kant.
- Anthony, if I'm not mistaken. A relative?
- Maybe your father?
- It was my husband.
- "Era"?
Unfortunately he has been dead for almost a year.
Pity. He was a terrific hunter!
May I ask you... how?
An accident in a big game.
LADY DUNCAN: Big game...
Luckily you only shoot roe deer!
(LAUGHTER) I wouldn't
be so happy, dear Emma.
Your husband is hunting
far more dangerous beasts.
Excellency, will you be
able to capture Diabolik?
My priority is the
safety of the citizens.
That criminal has exaggerated.
He terrifies the whole state of Clerville.
But we... are determined
to stop him at any cost.
He looks like a devil!
Are you talking about someone who really exists?
Dear lady Kant...
hope you never come
face to face with him.
Meeting Diabolik...
is like meeting death.
Just talk about that monster.
I'll have nightmares tonight! Eh, come on!
He's right, Mrs. Duncan.
To forgive me tomorrow
I'll bring you the roe deer
youngest I've ever killed.
Already skinned and ready for the oven!
Forgive me for insisting, but
why don't you stay with me tonight?
I have a huge house and I am alone.
Giorgio, it doesn't seem the case to me.
Run a little too much.
At least let me accompany you.
Thanks, but the hotel is close by.
I want to take a walk.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Lady Kant?
- Yup?
Inspector Ginko. I have to talk to her.
Clerville Police?
Did he come here just for me?
- I'm here to warn you.
- On guard?
From what?
So this phantom
criminal really exists?
Of course.
Did he think he was a legend?
He is preparing a new shot.
If he tells me, he is the pink diamond.
A jewel like this is irresistible to him.
Mm. But how does Diabolik know
about me and the pink diamond?
He gets to know everything... always.
Don't you also speak of
Diabolik as a supernatural being.
No, no magic, Lady Kant.
He is a man, but with
extraordinary abilities.
As extraordinary as he is, I don't
understand how he knows about me.
I've only been here a few days.
I suspect he has a network of
whistleblowers all over the place.
Here in Bellair, South Africa...
"I suspect"...
So he doesn't know for sure.
Well, we have launched a thorough
investigation into the criminal environment.
But nobody talks.
Maybe they know that betraying Diabolik...
it means death.
Aren't you exaggerating, Inspector?
He believe me. If Diabolik is
going to steal the pink diamond...
his life could be in danger.
Does he want me to go back to South
Africa as a frightened little woman?
I'll have your hotel guarded
by plainclothes men.
NOH will notice NOBODY.
I get it.
He hopes to trap him
by using me as bait.
She is a very unique woman.
- If it's a compliment, thank you.
- No, it's a statement.
So where will she be staying in Clerville?
AII'Hotel Excelsior.
- And the diamond?
-He is traveling from South Africa.
He'll be in Clerville in two days.
Where will he keep it?
Officially in the hotel
management safe.
But there will only be an empty case.
The real diamond will
be taken to another safe.
In my room. But only the
hotel manager and I know.
And now she, of course.
Good. Thank you for
your time, Lady Kant.
One last thing.
Don't tell anyone
about our conversation.
And if we meet,
pretend it's the first time.
The reason for so much mystery?
Nobody knows
Diabolik's true face.
He could be anyone.
The waiter who is passing by now.
The man behind me with the newspaper.
Or the one who just walked in.
Or one of my men.
- Really?
- It could be anyone.
This is why I ask you
that our meeting...
remain secret.
If so, Inspector...
Pleased to have never met her.
- And who should do it?
- The director was categorical.
He will entrust this
special task to Roberto.
- Always comfortable jobs for him?
- Eh, it's the director's coconut!
If he has chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
-And what would he be?
- Well, look in the mirror!
-He spoke the beautiful!
- The movie star!
- Thank you that you have a salary.
- The salary I need as a basis.
I have a lot of projects,
I'm not like you!
"What do you mean?"
ROBERTO: "Unlike you,
I won't die being a waiter."
WAITER: "Yes, go
ahead and dream."
- Good night.
- Good night.
ROBERTO: "If you chose me as
Lady Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
DIABOLIK: If he chose me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
"If he has chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
If he has chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
"If he has chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
If he has chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
"If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
"If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
"If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple."
If you have chosen me as Lady
Kant's waiter, the reason is simple.
How much we envy you to Lesan
with the colleagues at the hospital!
We all dream of a
man like Walter Dorian...
take us, take us
to the big city...
and make us stop working.
Elisabeth... Ohi!
Everything is fine?
I hardly ever see him.
He is always around.
Sometimes it comes...
he stops for a couple of hours...
and then disappears again.
Hate! Is he cheating on you?
Ninth! It's his job.
He explained it to me.
And what kind of job will it ever be?
I didn't quite understand it.
"Business," he says.
But he makes a lot of money!
Good! Do you know what I tell you?
We wish we could change!
Well, come on!
You have everything! You live in a
beautiful house, he is never there...
What more do you want?
I want it Walter!
I'm only fine when he's there.
- Has anyone seen Roberto?
- No, Mr. Director.
-But where is he? Lady Kant is coming!
- Um... Can I help you?
- Have you seen Roberto?
- No, Mr. Director.
- I do not understand.
- Good morning.
- Roberto!
- Sorry for the delay.
- Come! Lady Kant is coming!
Thank you.
- Lady Kant, I'm the manager.
- Good morning.
- Welcome to the Excelsior.
- Thank you.
At the reception you can
formalize the registration.
- Do you need anything?
- No, thank you.
For any need, please
contact Roberto, your waiter.
A modern safe with the
bezel so quiet that it is
impossible to identify the
shots of the combination.
- Optimal.
- Only the best for you, Lady Kant.
MANAGER: I'll send Roberto up right
away, so he prepares the bathtub for her.
Yes thanks. Pass it to me.
George! Hello.
I'm fine. I was about to take a bath.
How are you?
So where do we meet tonight?
At your place? Are you sure?
Wouldn't it be better...
I understand.
It might be inconvenient.
At half past nine at your house.
Can you give me the address?
Good. Then see you later, Giorgio.
And thanks for the invitation.
Lady Kant?
- The tub is ready.
- Thank you.
- Do you need anything else?
- No, Roberto, thanks. Go ahead.
I'm available until six.
Just ring the bell.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you Madam.
See you later.
Love, you are here.
You are here at last!
Calm down... Calm down.
Unfortunately I have
to go out now, Elisabeth.
- But you just got back...
- And you weren't home.
You're right. Sorry, forgive me,
but don't go away. Stay with me.
I have no time.
Let's eat together at least!
I'll make you something... quickly.
Elisabeth... You know I don't
like it when you act like that.
Yes, I know.
Will you come back later, right?
Late. Don't wait up for me.
Are you trying to get me drunk?
Come on...
You must have had a glass of wine.
And that's enough for me. Thanks, Giorgio.
It's for a toast.
To Eva...
the most beautiful woman in the world.
- Exaggerated.
- For me you are!
Giorgio, please...
Excuse me. But having you here...
is a dream, Eva.
Is a dream.
It has been a nice evening so far.
Don't ruin it.
If you try to scream, I'll kill you.
You're wasting your time...
What do you mean?
The pink diamond is fake.
To the wall, walk.
It is a copy that is impossible
to distinguish with the naked eye.
Do not make fun of me.
You could pay very dearly for it.
And I don't like being called a
liar... when I'm telling the truth.
Aren't you afraid of me?
I've dealt with criminals
before and never shivered.
Why should a rich woman
like you have a fake diamond?
I sold the real one while
Lord Kant was still alive.
- I needed the money.
- Because?
The Johannesburg
underworld blackmailed me
and my husband was not supposed
to find out some things from my past.
- Who has the diamond now?
- I do not know.
I sold it through an intermediary,
but I don't know to whom.
A woman like you could
lie without batting an eye.
It is easy to find out the truth.
Take the diamond
and have it examined.
I will do it.
- But if you lied to me...
- You'll come back to kill me, right?
Yes. Nobody makes
fun of me and stays alive.
But if I told the truth,
please return it to me.
I am invited to an
important reception
and I want to wear it
to be the most beautiful.
The most admired.
You don't need a
diamond for this.
- Why are you yelling?
- Oh my God, what a fear...
- What happens?
- Were you out there?
- Sure, I just got back.
- No, no, no...
At the bottom of the garden... it was...
something got up on
the lawn and then...
a man came out from underground!
- A man coming out from underground?
- Yup!
Does it seem possible to you?
But I have seen it!
And where?
there on the lawn, next to the hedge!
It's very dark there.
How would you have seen someone?
It's not ...
that I've seen it very well.
It was more...
- A shadow?
- Yup.
It's full of shadows down there.
It seems obvious to me that you are confused.
Or I must think that
you have seen...
a ghost come out from underground?
You're right.
- Are you calmer?
- Yup.
Let's go to bed, let's forget about it.
Forget these bad thoughts.
Roberto? Could you come
here for a moment, please?
Good morning, Lady Kant.
Good morning.
And thanks for the breakfast.
Do you know Diabolik?
I've heard of it.
- Like everyone, I think.
- Mm.
-He met him?
- Fortunately no.
How are you sure if
no one knows his face?
Forgive me, Lady Kant.
Why is he asking me all these questions?
Because I would like to meet him.
Aren't you afraid of him?
Do you know that meeting
Diabolik means meeting death?
I will take the risk.
If that's what you want...
But now I can't let you go.
But I do not want.
But I have seen it.
I saw it!
I I know... I have seen it.
I saw it!
Extraordinary. With these
masks you can take anyone's place.
One moment. I... knew
about the ring in the safe
the director...
And that inspector... Ginko!
Of course! In the hotel in Bellair it was you!
You got me good.
What's up?
Do you think if you can trust me?
You are the first to whom
I reveal my true face.
- Because? Not sure whether to trust me?
- You know too much, I'm sorry.
Either I follow my heart and I trust...
or I follow reason and kill you.
I'd like to know more about
you. What's your name?
Walter Dorian, but
it is a false identity.
Who you really are?
I'm not talking about this, don't insist.
Okay okay.
So let's change the subject.
Do you have a woman?
Ready? Police?
And do you love her?
I'll leave her some money
and disappear from her life.
And you?
I'm engaged.
-Who is she?
- Giorgio Caron.
Deputy Minister of Justice.
What did you think would happen?
What are you talking about?
Tonight, as you were
coming to my house...
what did you think would happen?
An evening with friends, nothing more.
Eva, you know I'm in love with you...
since we met in South Africa
and your husband was alive.
Don't talk nonsense.
So why when you got in
trouble, did you come to me?
You hardly knew me.
Yet you understood
that this poor fool...
he was in love with you and he
would do anything to help you.
What do you want, Giorgio?
What can a man in love want?
Marry the woman he loves...
and make her happy.
But I don't love you.
You love him?
-I thought he was a friend.
- Instead you loved Lord Kant, didn't you?
- You're getting ugly.
- Answer me!
You married the great
old man for love...
or for convenience?
He acted as an intermediary with
the underworld to sell the pink diamond.
A deputy minister who comes to terms
with the South African underworld...
Lady Kant doesn't want
to marry a deputy minister.
You don't want to investigate
the alleged hunting accident...
that made her a widow... and rich.
You know well I asked
you for help to prevent the
Kant from being dragged
into an investigation.
It can be, yes.
Fortunately, no one
knew who Eva Kant was
before becoming a lady.
What are you talking about?
Someone still remembers
you at the Blue Horse.
- The Blue Horse?
- Yup.
Don't you remember?
The night club where you performed.
Peter Sorel... do you remember him?
He was a gangster.
And you... worked for him.
Or do you prefer to talk
about the KD26 Protocol?
Industrial espionage...
is a crime. You know, right?
You investigated me.
Of course! Did you think I would
help you without taking information?
I have a file on you in my safe.
DIABOLIK: You didn't
answer my question.
You love him?
- I despise him.
GIORGIO: Sit down.
On the 11th of next month, it will
be a year since your husband died.
The next day we will
have a big party...
of those that you
like, rich, sumptuous.
And we'll announce our engagement.
I'm waiting for your "yes", Eva.
- Yes good.
I'll give you a surprise
that will blow your mind.
I love you, Eva.
I love you.
I love you.
Eva, I want you now!
If I have to be your
girlfriend, I will be.
- But don't get your hands on me!
- (breathless) Aah, I can't breathe!
It will pass you.
He is a coward.
I'll take that file.
For you... So you can continue
to be the beautiful Lady Kant.
One moment.
Did you choose not to kill me?
So do you trust me?
I don't know you
enough to be sure
but i know i will never meet
a woman like you again.
And now?
- I'll take care of Caron.
- How?
I'll take her place.
Will you have to kill him?
Only if necessary.
Miss Gay, good morning.
Inspector Ginko.
The severed head!
Hate! Please help me!
- Bring her in.
- Yes, sir.
- Stay with her.
- Of course.
Don't let her out...
and if needed, give her a sedative!
- Inspector, what's wrong with you?
- I don't know, but maybe we are.
Clear the road and
put the cars out of sight.
- Yes, sir.
- You with me.
Quick, guys!
Director, he knows that among
his guests there is Mrs. Eva Kant.
She is my girlfriend.
I rely on her.
I don't have to add anything else, right?
Ah, the engagement isn't official.
I trust in her discretion.
Is Roberto still at Lady Kant's?
- Yes, what?
He brought her breakfast
over an hour ago!
That'll be doing the
bitch one more time.
And if she's still there, so will the lady...
Let's not talk nonsense!
- I do not say anything!
- Eh.
- But I'd give it a look.
- But do your job! Fast!
When will we see each other again?
As soon as I have your file.
- When?
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow already?
- At noon go to the Bella Vita bar.
There a man will approach you and tell you...
"Lady Kant, your eyes are the
color of emeralds." It will be me.
Are not you kidding me?
Why should I?
I know men like you.
They come, they take what they
want, they promise and they disappear.
What do you mean?
You may not come
and I don't want to stand there
like a fool hoping to see you.
You don't know me, I only have one word.
I'll come.
(softly) The wardrobe.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) I'm coming!
- Excuse the trouble, Lady Kant. I can?
- You are welcome.
Have you seen Roberto?
Yes, he brought
breakfast and left.
Ah, they told me he was here.
- They must be wrong.
- Yup.
Roberto may have forgotten
a set of keys somewhere.
Do you mind if I check?
- Take it easy.
- Excuse me.
She must have left them elsewhere.
While I'm at it, I'd check the
underwear. It takes me a moment.
- Of course.
- Excuse me.
- Ah, director?
- Yup?
-She didn't look in the bathroom.
- You are welcome?
Roberto fixed it, maybe
he lost his keys there.
Well, it's not that important.
She came on purpose.
Check it out, please.
You are right. I go.
(softly) Remember
tomorrow, noon.
Inspector! Look here!
- This is her!
- The severed head!
No, Florian. Nobody touches anything.
With Diabolik you never know.
These faces are perfect.
What will Diabolik have to do with it?
We will ask him.
A car is coming.
(RADIO) A family.
I confirm. The car drives away.
Good. Maintain the position.
It's two o'clock. Will Diabolik come?
We won't move, Palmer...
if we have to wait a year.
Inspector, another car arrives.
(RADIO) A man driving.
- Serra, do you see?
No, the way is clear.
Impossible, he has to go from there.
(RADIO) There is no one.
- And check! Power!
- I go.
Inspector, a bush has moved.
And he. From now on radio silence.
Let's get ready.
Move and I'll shoot you.
Hands up.
- Aah!
- Aah!
Don't shoot!
Hands up.
He handcuffs.
- Florian, the car.
- Immediately, inspector.
- Miss!
- Leave me!
- Stop!
- Walter! Walter!
WAITER: Ladies,
what do I bring you?
WAITER: All right.
I'll bring you the bill right away.
Would you like another tea?
Yes thanks.
- Have you heard?
- What?
Eh, look a bit.
- Wow.
- They caught him!
- A big hit for Inspector Ginko.
- Of course!
(TOGETHER) There it is!
There he is!
(TOGETHER) Murderer! Thief!
(TOGETHER) Murderer! Thief!
(TOGETHER) Hang him!
Silence in the classroom! Today begins
a process that will go down in history.
The defendant, Mr. Walter
Dorian, assuming it is his real name
because no document proves
it, is accused of being Diabolik
a thief and a merciless killer
who is terrorizing Clerville.
There are no extenuating
circumstances for such offenses, mind you.
The hearing is open.
The defendant refused
the assistance of a lawyer.
Did he say so?
He closed himself in
absolute silence, so...
I understand, chancellor.
Find a public attorney available.
I ask for a psychiatric report!
Your Honor, I remind my
defense colleague that he was
visited and declared capable
of understanding and willing.
Oh yes? And by whom?
The psychiatric report.
Sworn gentlemen, look...
the irrepressible tic
that shakes his eyes!
It is a clear
symptom of insanity.
Diabolik is a skilled manipulator.
He is capable of deceiving
and bend even the most
unsuspected people to his will.
No, I've never seen anything
that could make me understand...
He was the man I loved.
I only know this.
Your Honor, my client's
identity or nationality is unknown
but that doesn't necessarily
mean he's the infamous Diabolik.
Prosecutor, you
have to prove this...
beyond reasonable doubt.
Your Honor, may I show
documentary evidence?
This suit... was found in
the lair below Villa Dorian.
While this rare image of
Diabolik was
taken during a theft.
As you can see, the
two suits are identical.
Tomorrow the sentence against Diabolik.
There seems to be no doubt
about the outcome of the trial.
In the name of the people of Clerville,
this court declares the defendant...
The death sentence will be
carried out in two days in prison.
When the guillotine blade
cuts through Diabolik's head
it will be a relief to the
entire population of Clerville.
I would like to speak to Giorgio Caron.
- The deputy minister?
- Exactly.
Here you are, beautiful lady.
Fill out the form
and we will tell you if
and when you can
grant you a hearing.
Call him and tell him
Lady Kant is here.
- I don't want to be disturbed, Flora.
- Okay, Mr. Caron.
I tried to call you
several times at the hotel.
You were never there...
or you pretended you weren't there.
I'm here now.
To apologize for
your overreaction?
Apologies should be mutual.
Would you like an apology from me?
Maybe you don't understand, Eva.
I can't accept a rejection
from you, I just can't.
I swear to God that he destroys you.
Giorgio, Giorgio...
Still with these threats?
To win a woman like me you
have to do the exact opposite.
You must make me
dream of a wonderful life.
I am richer than you imagine.
I am a very powerful man.
But it's not the money.
Nor is power.
What then?
The heart beating fast.
Moments to remember forever.
This would make me fall in love.
- I can give you anything you want.
- I do not believe.
Not anymore, at least.
Goodbye forever, Giorgio.
And if you want to report me...
go ahead.
No, wait!
Give me another chance.
- It's too late.
- It is not too late. I beg.
Try me.
I'm ready for anything for you.
Is this today's newspaper?
Yes why?
Found. Since you're the
Deputy Minister of Justice...
let me meet Diabolik tonight.
Meet Diabolik Tonight? Because?
Well... he's the biggest
criminal in Clerville's history.
It will be a unique emotion to meet
him the evening before the execution!
It seems crazy to me!
Instead, is blackmailing me normal?
- What does that have to do with anything?
- Enough.
You are not willing to do everything for me.
Maybe you don't want or
don't have enough power.
Farewell again.
Alright then!
I'll let you meet him, but
I won't let you go alone.
I have to go with you too.
Dear manager, the lady
whose name I cannot name
- she is part of the secret services.
- I understand.
- Excellency, how can I help you?
- We need to interrogate Diabolik.
Ah... May I ask you why?
We think it has national
security information.
Ah, national security.
- Yeah, so...
- Excuse me.
The meeting must take place
in the strictest confidence.
So turn off all microphones.
All right, how you want it.
But I warn you...
- This meeting will be useless enough.
- Because?
Excellency, as soon as he learned
of the sentence, the prisoner...
he has fallen into a state
that I would call catatonic!
DIRECTOR: He doesn't eat, he
doesn't speak, he doesn't react to stimuli!
I can assume that he is the victim
of an extreme form of depression...
caused by impending death.
Get up, he walks.
(softly) Diabolik... Diabolik!
Come on, do me a trick! Ouh!
Oh! There is the director over there.
- Come on, over there. He walks.
- Eh.
- Diabolik, get me out of here!
- Ssh!
Let's go.
Sit down. Below.
That's okay, guys. Get away.
Excellency, this concession
of mine is extremely informal.
- Don't hang around too long with the prisoner.
- We will be fast.
When you are done
knock on the door.
Come on! Close, close!
Then? How did she go?
She was right,
- it's like talking to a wall.
- We tried.
Get up. Here. Walk.
- Good morning, honorable!
- Good morning.
Good morning. Here is the mail.
Excuse me, Flora.
I don't have time, I look at it later.
Soon his battle with
Diabolik will be over.
Diabolik will go down in history
as the most terrible criminal ever.
What an incredible man.
He has a monstrous coldness, in
front of death he does not even turn pale!
You say? In my opinion it is fear.
He's been like this for days...
like a moron.
But it's true, he has
a glassy, fixed gaze.
It looks like that of a drug addict.
But it's a mask!
And Giorgio Caron!
The Deputy Minister of
Justice has been beheaded!
Excellency, this concession
of mine is extremely informal.
- Don't hang around too long with the prisoner.
- We will be fast.
When you are done
knock on the door.
Close! Close!
Eva, the lock pick.
The pentothal is taking effect.
Now he will answer the questions.
Where are you hiding
the dossier on Eva Kant?
in My office.
DIABOLIK: The combination?
Four, six, seven, eight.
- We must hurry.
- Waits.
Is there anything
valuable in the safe?
The key to my treasure.
What treasure?
Jewels, diamonds...
Gold bars.
The fruit of my blackmail.
- I am a very man...
- Silence.
What does this key unlock?
Safe deposit box 1325
in the central bank
vault of Ghenf.
Eva, the scopolamine.
It's unbelievable...
I saw the deputy minister come
out of the parlor with these eyes!
He wanted to escape and make himself believe dead.
-But he found out.
- And he doesn't know.
We don't let the news out.
- And with the body of Giorgio Caron?
- Can you keep it here until tomorrow?
This really does not belong to me.
But if you want, I can ask.
The woman who helped him
has no reason to hide. Let's find it.
She is not one that goes unnoticed.
No. And Caron must have known
her well, if he trusted her that much.
We hear from friends, relatives,
colleagues to find out who he is.
How do I proceed?
Send two agents to
Caron's office and home.
- Well, inspector. Florian!
- Sergeant?
He summons Carnan and Panes. I call him...
Inspector, we have clearance.
We agree,
- Diabolik is officially dead.
- That is fine.
Inspector Ginko. I need to speak
to Deputy Minister Caron's office.
FLORA: Hello? Tell me.
Inspector Ginko? What does he want?
Okay, pass it to me.
- Good morning, inspector. Tell me.
- Good morning.
I need his help with a sensitive
and confidential investigation.
If I can...
We are looking for a woman,
the deputy minister knew her.
- Ah, I'll pass it to you!
- No, wait.
You listen to me very carefully.
What should I wait? I do not understand.
Two of my agents are on their way.
Get out of the office and tell them
- that there is Diabolik.
- Is Diabolik there? Where is it?
I'll explain later. You only talk
to my agents, do you understand?
Okay okay.
It is not acceptable,
it is not acceptable.
Are you leaving already, honorable?
Leave quickly.
What happened?
I recovered the file, but it's
no use hiding your past now.
Ginko knows I'm alive and he'll
soon find out who helped me.
Lady, are you here?
But where did she go?
Lady, are you all right?
EVA: Where are we going now?
Do you want to show up at
the bank with Caron's face?
I can not.
And this isn't even needed anymore...
but I don't give up on the blow.
Blonde with a bun?
But it's Eva Kant.
- Eva Kant.
- The heiress.
Yes. She was here the other day.
-What was your relationship with Caron?
-He was in love with her, he loved her.
But you tricked him, didn't you?
It would seem so.
There are no signs of burglary
on the safe. How did she open it?
She knew the combination.
We need to understand what she got her.
Madam, please come with me.
Let's draw up a list of objects...
Check if something is missing.
But I'm not sure.
It was the Honorable's safe.
I know he used to put work
things, important documents into it.
Have you put something very
precious in the past few days?
Jewelery, money?
As far as I know, no.
And it also seems strange to me.
- Because?
- The Honorable was fine,
but she did not have all these riches.
All right, you can go home.
I remind you of the utmost discretion.
Don't say anything.
- Accompany the lady.
- You are welcome.
But I have some paperwork to fix!
Here we put the seals, no one
enters anymore. Thank you goodbye.
Catalog the
contents of the safe.
Yes, but it seems like a waste of time. By
now Diabolik will have taken what he wanted.
No, Palmer. We still don't know.
Power! Let's start the search!
Look what I found hidden
behind the radiator. Look.
A phone call from the
South African ambassador.
Talk about diamonds illegally
imported by the ambassador.
And there is also a ribbon.
Look. A man walks into a
hotel with a girl of about twenty.
He is Guido Furlan, the
industrialist, married with children.
The rest is like that too.
- Caron blackmail these people?
- Perhaps. She had them in her hand.
Diabolik was looking for
them, but he didn't find them?
I do not know. There's something...
Blackmail is not his style.
# Your eyes...
# Your eyes, your eyes...
# Flight...
# on the wings of the wind.
# Wonderful blue sky...
# by Ghenf!
# I only look at
you... # (HORN)
# As you come out of the blue sea...
# by Ghenf!
# How many stars to Ghenf!
# What a bewitching mystery...
# your eyes! #
- Mrs Morel?
- Yup.
Ada Fanel, the director.
Very pleased.
- We finally meet.
- Oh yeah.
- Isuoiquad ?
- By car.
It's a romantic story,
but a very sad one.
A penniless young
painter and high society girl.
- And the Ii family forces them to break up.
- It looks like a novel!
- Instead it's a true story!
- Come on guys.
- That's right. Thank you.
- You are welcome.
- Gianluca, will you open up for me, please?
- Salutations.
And that girl... was my grandmother.
So about her grandmother
and the great Tournier...
Oh yeah. That's right, that's right.
These paintings are two portraits
that she gave her as a farewell gift.
And today they must be worth a fortune.
Yes, but I don't care about
money, that's what insurance is for.
But for me they have an
immense emotional value!
- If they were to steal them...
- It won't happen.
Our security system
is unsurpassed!
It's simple and ingenious.
This vault was carved
out of a huge block of steel.
Ceiling, floor, walls...
all tempered steel.
Between the metal walls
and the external one there
is a dense lattice that
surrounds the entire vault.
If anyone even tried to
touch it, the alarm would
sound and the police
would arrive in five minutes.
Ah. So it's kind of a
three layer cake with the
outer wall, the lattice
and the steel, right?
- Nobody comes in here!
- Exactly.
Here we are. The number 1962.
-This is the key to him.
- Ah, thanks.
First I'll put mine...
and then she's hers.
- Like this?
- Like this.
Three two one...
Here we are, come on.
Where did you find them?
In Giorgio Caron's office
behind the bathroom radiator.
- Was he blackmailing her?
- Yup.
He wanted a million in
gold bars for the photos.
I had already prepared it.
It is not needed. Here they are.
Thanks, inspector!
You are a gentleman!
See you later.
Ataluno ingots, to the other jewels...
Caron has a treasure somewhere.
Now I understand the two
drugs detected by the autopsy.
Scopolamine deprived him of will
so that he would go to the gallows without opposing.
The pentothal served to get him to
tell where he was hiding the treasure.
We need to find out before
Diabolik makes the shot.
So we'll get it.
We searched the house and
office, questioned everyone...
but NOBODY knows anything.
He was a smart guy.
He used blackmail to make
a career and amass a fortune.
Gold, diamonds, but never money.
Smart, but also stupid! Does he
hide the files behind the radiator?
Even the cleaning
lady could find them out!
Get the seals removed
from Caron's office.
You're right. There
is no point in keeping
such Compromising
documents behind a radiator.
Has anyone put them there on purpose?
Exactly. Someone who knew
we were going to look in the safe.
These masks... are amazing.
How did it go?
The paintings are
in the 1962 safe.
- Good job.
- It was easy. And now?
DIABOLIK: The bank closes at 5pm.
- See you later!
- Until tomorrow.
Only two security guards remain.
- Everyone's out.
At 17.10 they set the
alarm on and turn off the light.
The lasers are activated at 5:20 pm.
And they go out after five hours,
thirty-seven minutes, twenty-one seconds.
The heat will melt the remaining millimeters.
But if it melts first, won't
the lasers hit the reticle?
- Not gonna happen.
- How do you know for sure?
I'm not saying that. Physics says so.
Relax, you've done your part.
Now it's my turn.
- A tea?
- Thanks, leave it here.
That's the map of the
water supply under the bank.
There are all the manholes.
See 25?
- Mm.
- I'll go in and out of there.
You will have to go through a
completely straight section of the tunnel.
DIABOLIK: Nobody goes by at night.
EVA: What if someone
happens to us?
Worse for him.
However, the cistern is nearby.
Inside I will work quietly.
Nothing worries you?
Many things worry me.
But for every problem
I try to find the solution.
For example, this will help
me with the wall problem.
I just have to stop
before I hit the lattice.
This one, on the other hand, is simpler.
I have to stretch it and slide it
through the lattice without touching it.
A few drops of acid will
suffice to release the lock.
How long will it take to flood everything?
The jet of water is five
thousand liters per minute.
The cistern and the vault have a
volume of seven hundred cubic meters.
- It will take two and a half hours.
- That doesn't bother you either?
You'll be there for two and a half hours
without knowing what's going on outside.
You are wrong. I know exactly
what's going to happen outside.
There is nothing I did not foresee.
Good evening, lady.
- Was he looking for this?
- No, there must be a misunderstanding.
- You don't want to lie.
-She had her hands in the radiator!
It is clear that she is aware
of many secrets of her boss.
-It remains to be understood if she is an accomplice.
- No, what accomplice ?!
Look at my house or my
account, I've never taken anything!
But blackmail is a crime.
She knew and did not report.
How could I? I'm her secretary.
That's my word against
a deputy minister.
She took this out of the
safe so we wouldn't find it.
Yes, yes. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
She panicked and I
was afraid I was involved.
I was really stupid!
What else is missing from the safe?
You know, right?
You know what Diabolik got into.
I don't know if she took anything
else, but one thing is missing. A key.
About what?
Why do you refuse my help?
- You're not ready.
- For real?
But it is thanks to me that you
still have your head on your neck!
It's all foreseen, I
don't need anyone.
Who am I? The good
wifey waiting at home?
What if the police chase you?
Only Ginko could give me
problems, but he is now in Clerville.
- Befana cursed!
- Conduct!
Diabolik had taken the key to a
safe deposit box
from Ghenf's bank!
- We wasted days!
- We are on time.
If Diabolik had made
the hit, we would know.
He is always right!
What are you doing?
I phone the bank to
warn the security guards.
Palmer, don't you understand?
Diabolik can pretend to
be anyone, he could answer.
- Shall we notify the Ghenf police?
- No, he doesn't have to know we know.
- So what do we do?
- Let's go to Ghenf.
DIABOLIK: When the alarm
goes off the guards will think...
- There is a water leak.
And they'll turn off the alarm.
- Shall I turn off the alarm?
- Yup.
Ready? What?
Oh, Jesus! Call the firemen!
Right away! I arrive as soon as possible.
The firefighters will arrive
after twenty minutes at the latest.
But this is a loss of
biblical dimensions!
The bathroom in the vault will be broken.
Seems like too much
waste for a bathroom to me.
It cannot come from outside.
The vault is watertight.
- It's all steel!
- In any case, let's hurry up.
Within an hour the water
will pass the security door
- and opening it, the bank will flood.
- The director will be arriving much sooner.
At night only the manager
opens the door to the vault.
But it won't arrive in time.
The last problem is the monitors.
But the water will take care of it.
For the misery!
Eh, the water must
have reached the stations
in the vault and so the
cameras went out too.
With the monitors off, I will be
able to enter without being seen
and I'll be able to crack the safety
deposit box without arousing suspicion.
I'm Inspector Ginko, Clerville
Police. What happens?
An accident. The vault has flooded.
- Are you the guards?
- Yup.
- Why aren't you at the monitors?
- The cameras went off.
We're about to go down the ducts.
- No, it can be dangerous.
- Because?
Because you might meet Diabolik.
-For the misery ..
.- But he is dead!
We made him believe to trap him.
This is his doing.
She's robbing the vault.
- The Ghenf plant.
- (RADIO) Right away, sir.
(RADIO) Ghenf power plant.
- Send every agent to the Central Bank!
-She has arrived.
- Ah.
Finally she has arrived!
- Diabolik is robbing the vault!
- Jesus!
Here is Diabolik, do you want to understand ?!
If we open the door,
- the bank will flood.
- We don't talk about it.
- We'll pay you for the damages!
- There is another problem.
Whoever opens this door
will be hit by a shock wave
- with even fatal consequences!
- Here, exactly!
All right, then give me the
map of the water pipes in
the area with all the
manhole exits. He can do it?
OK sir.
"Wifey" a horn!
These are my men.
Don't tell me what to do!
Inspector Driskell, if you
send his men into the ducts
Diabolik Ii will kill
without them noticing.
I'm not afraid of Diabolik.
We will trap him and
he will have no escape!
As he wants him.
Get ready to count the dead then.
What does he propose him?
GINKO: Diabolik doesn't know we're here.
Let's wait for him at the gate.
This is the map of the water network.
Diabolik has to get out
of one of these manholes.
- Do you want to watch them all?
- Yes, two agents for each.
We also set up roadblocks.
- Agree.
- Florian?
- Yup?
- Block the boardwalk.
- Right away.
- Nobody must pass.
-Agent ..
.- He can't pass, he has to go back.
One moment, it's Eva Kant!
It was an honor to see
you work, Inspector Ginko.
Guys! In the saddle!
Aah! Aah!
- Who's talking?
- (RADIO) I'm Dalton.
- There's a broken lamp here.
- Really?
Then check if there
is a card on the floor!
- What's going on, Driskell?
- Nothing, a broken street lamp.
Get me the agent.
I'm Ginko. Where are you?
On the quay to the right of the bank.
I'll be right there. Palmer, stay here.
- I'll take you.
-No, she stays here.
Inspector, the streetlights are breaking!
- Or someone would like them to be turned off.
- Diabolik?
I do not know.
He takes the lead, I'm going to see.
Have you heard too?
The mask.
It's over.
You would never
shoot an unarmed man.
True, I'm not a killer like you.
Sure... you leave the
dirty work to the guillotine.
- No. I don't like it, but it's the law.
- Yours.
That of everyone, of every
citizen, of every human being.
Not mine.
This is your sentence. You are
bound to lose because you are alone.
Do not move.
This is where you're wrong, Inspector.
I'm not alone.
Now, Eva.
Start the engine.
Damn... I'll get you.
- Inspector!
- Aah...
# Now I know.
# There is love you want.
# No, it doesn't depend on that...
# what are you doing.
# I got everything
# except my dreams.
# But now...
# I trust... #
Have you decided what
you will wear tonight?
Not yet.
- Do you have preferences?
- Something to match this.
- Why should I wear a fake?
- Because it's not fake.
- Where did you get it?
- In Caron's lockbox.
Now I understand the surprise
that would have left me speechless.
He went to buy it back.
What a worm...
It looks good at the bottom of the sea.
It represented my past.
Now I have you.
# I want a heart that dreams
# and trusts
# only of you...
# at least you.
# Pam, pum, pam. #