Diabolique (1955) Movie Script

A certain morality colours...
...every portrait that is tragic...
...and renders what it depicts abhorrent
Barbey d'Aurevilly
it's about time for the bell
Go ahead. l'll do the unloading
-This stuff's rotten
-You're not paying
Line up. No talking
-Delightful brats
-Roll on end ofterm
Eyes giving you trouble?
l stumbled getting up
You're very early
At four a.m. l heard raised voices
from your room
A virtuous woman does enjoy
the sunrise
You spent too long with the Jesuits
We teachers can't all get sacked
Thank you, my dear
How pretty
We need holidays
to cleanse our systems
l'll spend our three-day break naked.
How about you?
l'm going home to Niort
l know the place
Keeping cool, Headmistress?
lt wafts me the scent of my native land
These rainy days, l prefer
my old umbrella
ln my country you'd exchange it
for a straw sombrero,
and recline in a hammock
Was that true ofyour teacher, Jos?
Yes, sir, and he rode a horse
l'd never get used to that
l was being nice to him
lt was really a mule
Go and play, Joselito
What's up with you?
Ofcourse Michel; who else?
-Quarrelling again?
-He came in at three a.m.
How did you stand him so long?
He made me happy at first
You got your money's worth
Don't try to be nasty;
it's hard enough for us both
l may be old-fashioned,
but l'm amazed by this attitude
The lawful wife drying
the favourite's tears
l must go; l'm supervising break today
With your heart,
you should let others do the work
l've something to show you
What are you up to?
As the boys always say
Kiss me
-Haven't you noticed?
-Still cross about that?
No kiss for hubby, Cri-Cri?
Aren't you supervising break today?
-l said not to; she isn't well
-Fresh air is just what she needs
Look at those shoes
l always tell her to buy
good, stout clod-hoppers
-Pretty things aren't for invalids
-l'm not an invalid
You know she's delicate
Arriving from Caracas, she was
Now she's a ruin
She'll bury us all;
ruins are indestructible
Go away and play
She was sniffing a little brown bottle,
and it wasn't scent
They're boozers; that's why
they're always together
-What was in the bottle?
-Whisky, stupid
Please... l don't want to talk about it
Patard, ifyou want to draw,
you can spend the holiday here
Monsieur Patard, you heard
the Headmistress; no holiday for you
l didn't mean to punish him
Then you shouldn't have made
the threat
He did an excellent
English composition
That's no excuse for defacing buildings
l'll feel no remorse
l can't... l hadn't even the courage
to divorce him
So you do still love him?
-No. You wouldn't understand
-Am l so stupid?
Divorce is a mortal sin
Carrying a knife about...
wasn't that a mortal sin?
l was mad with jealousy.
Plotting like this is different
Please yourself, but we'll never have
a better chance
Everyone will think you're in Niort
with me
-You don't believe in hell, do you?
-Not since l was seven
l do
-More fish?
-lt's not more, it's leftovers
Fry me some eggs
l've doused it in vinegar and shallots
The fish still stinks pretty high
No, thank you. l'm not hungry
Sauces are too rich for my liver
May l crave a glass ofwine,
You've had two
Only one, Headmaster
Very well
-What's wrong? A bone?
-No, l told you l wasn't hungry
Swallow it
l can't get it down
Swallow it
Fish good, Monsieur Raymond?
Excellent, Headmaster
l find it... extremely nourishing
Restive, aren't they?
Silence, or no holiday!
Everyone's looking... swallow it
lt's revolting
l'm not referring to the fish, either
Get those hooligans out of here,
Monsieur Drain
What's this Bolshevism?
Eat your fish and be quiet!
l told you to get them out of here
Go and help, Monsieur Raymond
Growing boys must be properly fed
They should eat what they're given
lt's like a soup kitchen here
l do my best
Making them ill
We couldn't afford delicacies
when l was a kid
l try now, but things are so expensive
Buying cheap, you don't even get
value for your money
lt's not his money;
l pay for everything here
l pay for his women, for you, Nicole
l accept that
But l can't let him make the boys
suffer... l won't stand for that
Calm yourself, darling;
you know it's no use
l wish l could die and be rid of him
Hurry up, then. We'll arrange a nice
funeral and be well rid ofyou
The school won't notice;
l'll feel much better
Well, have fun. l've an early start;
l'm offto pack
l leave at seven a.m.
Enjoy the holiday, darling.
Good night, you
As for enjoying the holiday...
three days of honeymooning
l'll be right down
What are you doing?
Look out below!
For the Pont de Saint-Cloud bus,
raise your hands
-Will your sister be in the bathroom?
-Until ten; there's a peephole
-Give me back my fags
-l'm letting you see my sister starkers
Aren't you coming with us?
We're sharing a taxi
Money to burn, eh?
-Where's your suitcase, De Gasquet?
-lt's the chauffeur's job to carry it
Our chauffeurs aren't doing
Enjoy your holiday, Headmaster
lsn't Madame down yet?
The ladies left
as l was ringing the bell
Madame, and Mademoiselle Horner.
l thought you knew, sir
Yes, ofcourse... l had forgotten
lt's annoying, though
One ofyou gentlemen will have to remain
in charge ofthe boys being punished
Do you mind going back... after
your trouble in Niort?
l resigned from the school, that's all
Are your parents alive?
No. l let the first floor to teachers,
a married couple
Someone's living in the house?
l've considered that. There won't be
any problem, l promise you
-You're tired; want me to drive?
-You don't know how
l couldn't afford a car
-Anyway, it stops me from thinking
-Good; save yourselffor tomorrow
-We'll never have the courage
-You don't know me
Yes, l do... very well
You couldn't kill anyone; but you must
sometimes have wished l were dead
He did, not me
"With that heart of hers, it won't be
long", he'd say. "lt'll be our place"
-That's horrible!
-Don't you believe me?
What did you say?
-You want the truth?
-lfyou're capable of it
l hardly knew you...
Don't; l'd rather not know
Mind the step
Mademoiselle Horner...
...what a pleasant surprise
We'll manage
So much luggage!
My husband grumbles
if l have more than a small case
Madame Herboux, this is my
headmistress, Madame Delassalle
Are you remembering the rent?
Forgive me; l was hoping,
in a day or two...
l was banking
on some payments l'm due
But l'll see you tonight, without fail
l'll come up for it tomorrow;
we're rather tired tonight
Madame does look poorly
Make yourselfcomfortable
lt's good to be home
Switch off; no use wasting electricity
-So soon?
-Get it over with
Saint-Cloud, please. This is 242.
Molitor 2745, please
l like to go barefoot
l use ski socks when it's cold
Go ahead
lt won't bite, won't slap you
Who is it, for God's sake?
Oh, it's you. ln Niort?
Well, congratulations
Do you think l can afford petrol
for weekend trips?
l said it's best we should separate.
Yes, l want a divorce
You're healthy enough to earn a living
l'll claim the school, naturally;
my dowry paid for it
We can see to the papers
after the holidays
Wait... l'm coming
He'll be here tomorrow
Really, Germaine!
You'll catch cold
l'm stifling
-You're feverish
-No, l'm just too hot
l thought he'd get here before you
lt wasn't easy... the shops are closed
You've got a tablecloth?
A nylon one. Waterproof
-lt's a bit big
-Not for him
2,500 francs
Some profit they're making
We'll open it, make it look
more natural
No, pity to waste it
This'll get you going
Not bad; l've never had it before
-Water's added, usually
-Shame to do that
Hand me the little bottle
Won't he feel anything?
No, this will put him out like a light
Won't it leave traces?
He'll digest it
He won't come
There's his train now, at the bridge
Put this in there
Please stop; it's horrible
lt must be filled
l can't do it, not today
You know we have to; it's now or never
Never, then; l'm just not up to it
As you wish, but l warn you: ifyou
don't get him, he'll get you
l just don't know
Help me, Nicole, please
What's the use?
l shouldn't have trusted you. l'm in
this, too, and you're letting me down
You're right. l'm hopeless, a ruin,
just like he said
But the ruin will do what she has to,
in order to get revenge...
...even if it kills her
lfonly he could know it was me
doing it
You're going from one extreme
to the other
What we need is to be very calm...
calm and cold-blooded
l will be. l swear l will
lt's time l went upstairs
Can't you stay with me?
The Herboux mustn't see him
from the window
-You'll come right back?
-As soon as l can, l promise
Buck up; it'll all be over
in half an hour
We didn't expect you so late
My friend's resting. May l come in?
We were listening to the radio
The play's over. Zapi Max starts
in thirty-five seconds
You have been listening to "One does
not trifle with love", by De Musset
Proud ofyourself?
-Not so loud; the neighbours...
-Don't worry, l shan't make a scene
A man running after his wife
is pretty ridiculous
Sneaking around, hiding from my own
concierge, it's humiliating
l couldn't say where l was going
Well, now you've got me here, go on...
Get your bag
No... l'm staying
You refuse to come back?
l thought you understood:
not till we're divorced
You've decided on a divorce?
With your religious convictions?
l just won't remarry
lt takes two to divorce
-My solicitor doesn't agree
-You have a solicitor?
Matre Berthoux, 64 rue Victor Hugo
Look him up
He told me this morning
l'd have no problems
Going just by your looks?
Funny sort ofsolicitor
l explained, naturally
You told our intimate secrets
to some lip-licking bastard?
You, convent-bred? You know what
l think? lt's disgusting
You told your mistresses, didn't you?
Do we have one secret that
Nicole doesn't share?
Do you believe that liar?
Some things she couldn't make up
She could make up everything.
God knows what she told your lawyer
l'll see him... you can't stop me
Go tomorrow. lt's dinner time...
he won't see you now
He'll see me, all right
There isn't any solicitor.
l lied to you
You, too? lt must be catching
So this divorce business
was just another lie?
No, l want a divorce.
lt's the only solution
For you, too; a divorce
would be best for you
You can't be serious. Do you know how
much it would cost? And the scandal?
l'll have a lawyer to defend me
Once the two get going, parents won't
want to entrust their kids to you
You mean, l'd lose pupils?
You'd ruin your school...
not that l care
l'd have sold it and gone into business
We could have made a nice living
But you insisted on the school
lt meant security, didn't it?
Oh yes, switching to a cheaper car,
giving up my profession...
...wearing out old clothes,
living in poverty
l sold my encyclopaedia, my main
teaching tool, to pay my fare here
l did all this for you,
and l've no regrets
But when you throw me out, it hurts,
Cri-Cri. lt hurts deeply
But you made me so unhappy
We quarrelled a bit,
as most couples do
You girls do yourselves proud!
Don't lie to me now.
You made me very unhappy
Maybe you didn't realise it,
but you did. Ask Nicole
That bitch knows you're unwell,
so she's set you against me
She has taste and experience,
but a bad attitude
l'll get rid of her...
...hire a good man
My Prince ofWales suit!
l'll reek of alcohol
Kindness is a waste oftime with you
Get busy
Use hot water
We're leaving right away
How long was the drive?
Ten, twelve hours?
Pour me another glassful, Milady
l feel dizzy
Lost your touch?
That's more like it
Lovely colour
What are you staring at?
lsn't the Princess paying?
Where is she, anyway?
Hiding away, scared?
Upstairs, with her tenants
She never told me about any tenants
Thatjourney did me in
Lie down
-Your bed, or hers?
Take my shoes off
What's wrong with me tonight?
l don't want to go to sleep
We're leaving
What are you up to?
Go to sleep
Why are you putting the light out?
l'm so tired
-What's that?
-Nothing; go to sleep
-Where did you come from?
-l came straight in here
-How much did he drink?
-Three glassfuls
How obliging of him
He's dreaming
We can move him now
Remember his shoes
-What's she doing?
-Taking a bath
At ten? Oh, hell!
Can you tell me where
the Mozambique Channel is?
Between Madagascar and Africa
Between Madagascar
and the African coast
32,000 francs
Will you take the money, orgo on?
l'm winning 32,000 and l can't hear!
Poor dear
The bitches!
Didn't even hear the question.
Midnight baths, Roman decadence!
lt's a violation of rights. l could make
a formal complaint... maybe l will
The 17th at 10.05 p.m...
no, 10.06
-What are you looking for?
-His return ticket
Here it is, with a bill from
the dining car
Burn these
You take the feet, it's easier
Get the bronze from the mantelpiece
Now get the tablecloth
Did he suffer?
He didn't even know
Why not take him back now?
After they find him, we have to be able
to prove we were here when he died
They're our alibi, upstairs
-She still hasn't emptied her bath
-So what do you care?
l can't sleep with those cataracts
gushing out
-You won't get drowned in bed
-lt's like Niagara roaring away
-Will you stay up all night?
-l'm sitting down
l'll give her till midnight
Here they are
They've taken their time
l saw them at the caf at midday
Doing themselves proud
lfwe owned a school...
We'd treat ourselves a bit, too
Time for my siesta
There go the floods!
He looks hideous
l wish to hell they'd clear off
Such a shame, you're leaving so soon
Classes start again tomorrow
for us all
l just came for my crockery
lt's some weight
Have you any string?
No, l haven't
Would this do?
-lt's too full
-Why not take something out?
l've got an old chest upstairs;
start unpacking
We'll manage. We're late already,
aren't we?
That's done it
On the count oftwo...
l'll start up
You've been a great help,
Monsieur Herboux
Here's a little something for the road.
Mind the holiday traffic
There'll be gendarmes everywhere
-We made it this time
-Sooner or later...
lt can only end one way.
We're monstrous
You can say that again about him;
the rest l'll keep for Sunday School
-Everyone else is sold out
-Not surprising with this traffic
Come along, l'll get your change
-Are you going to Tours?
Couldn't you help?
The bus driver wouldn't let me on
He's anti-militarist, like me
We've no room
A private doesn't take up much room
lf l'm not back in time for muster,
it's the cells for me
Go away, you're drunk
Listen, l asked you politely
Just for that, l'm going
to get into the back
Don't you dare. Will you get out?
lt's all right, l know him.
He's drunk, but harmless
Aren't you ashamed, Robert?
Out, or l'll throw you out
The dirty beast!
l'll mop that up for you
Never mind, we're in a hurry
The nylon tore
-Sounded like the Headmaster
-So he's turned up, has he?
ls all that noise wise?
lt's Michel's signal; ifwe just ring,
Plantiveau won't open up
-He sleeps like a log
-l'll wake him
l thought it was the Headmaster
ls he away?
How should l know?
-You look tired
-ls that so surprising?
Sorry we woke you. Good night
We don't need spotlights for our scene
Or music
The lavatories
Pasquel... he goes every night
He might look out
Can you see him?
No, the water's too dirty,
or it's too far away
There's nothing to see
Why stay there? We don't find him
lt stinks in here
-The Head's not back
-He's out chasing skirt
-Aren't two birds enough for him?
-l'll have heaps when l grow up
Just like Napolon and Louis XlV
-Think you're Napolon?
-Me? l'm Hawkeye
-Stop playing the goat, Moinet
-l'm not a goat, l'm a redskin
Take twenty lines: "My foolish remarks
rouse my fellows to hilarity"
What's this l hear? The Head absent?
Yes... three meals
with undoctored wine
Where can he be?
l saw him at eight a.m. two days ago;
by midday, he was gone
And hasn't reappeared?
How strange; that isn't like him
Poor Madame Delassalle
had problems enough
lfshe feels like me, he can stay where
he is. But he'll be back soon enough
So will our watered wine
You'd think he was not seeing it
on purpose
The body sank
-Will it come up?
-l'm sure of it
-How soon?
-Who knows? Tonight, tomorrow
l can'tjust wait
We can't have the pool emptied
Why not, ifthe water's dirty?
With what's in there?
l'll take the responsibility
You're being childish
This is hopeless: no marks
You're so calm...
l've marked this wrongly
-Rub it out
-l haven't a rubber
All right, l'll have it emptied
l hope we won't regret it
Don't bite your nails
That's what l've been waiting for
-Don't look
-Do something... you promised
Give me your keys;
we'll get things going
You'd better get the vaulting pole
Here, Soudieu...
...let's see how fast you can run
Not much good at throwing,
are you, Mademoiselle?
lt's lucky l'm a champion frogman
-l forbid it
-He's a champion
-He's taking his time
-Maybe he's drowning
l saw this shining
The Head's lighter? No keys?
lt's dark down there
Get dressed before you catch cold
l think we'll have to empty the pool
That's right
Send Plantiveau to me
The bell's gone; offyou go
-lt's deep where you are
-l can swim
lt's swimmers who drown;
non-swimmers keep away
l want the pool cleaned
Now? l'm not dressed for it;
l was going to the barber's
lt's urgent. Do it for me, Plantiveau
Very well, but it takes an hour
just to drain
Behave yourselves; she's upset
Why are you staring at me?
Now we'll continue with the problem
about the hexagon
l'm waiting
Get out your exercise books
l'll be right back
lt's impossible;
l must have been mistaken
You weren't mistaken
-He's not there any more?
-No, he's not
The doctor
lt's the void, the empty pool
Agoraphobia... makes you dizzy
Nature abhors a void
Better a full bottle; right, Plantiveau?
ls the Headmistress feeling better?
Doctor Loisy's with her
Prep for her class, Monsieur Raymond;
keep an eye on mine, Monsieur Drain
Madame Delassalle may need me
She's giving the orders, you notice
Wear and tear: comes to all of us
Where's her husband?
He'd better hurry back
Meanwhile, no excitement;
keep her very quiet
Do you think a specialist...
l'll call Bridoux, ifyou like
Not young, but a good man.
Keeps a good table, too
You can give her digitalis
-The doctor said...
-l don't care. Close the shutters. Go
Oh no, that's too easy
Do you think a bodyjust walks away?
Someone moved him, and Plantiveau
says he didn't open the gate
-Why should he lie?
-l didn't say he lied
But l've searched everywhere
Attic, cellars, garden...
no body, nor signs ofdigging
The whole thing's insane
lt has been all along. lt was one
ofyour silly maths problems...
...about taps running and tanks filling,
and you turned it into a crime
That's what's insane: baths filling
and pools emptying in real life
l was mad to have listened to you
lt's the suit the Headmaster wore
these last few days
His Prince ofWales
-Who brought it?
-A dry cleaner
l don't know which one.
A delivery tricycle, it was
Conscientious lad...
made sure he had the right address
From Monsieur Delassalle, he said
"You saw Monsieur Delassalle?"
l asked
"No", he said, "l was just told
that it was urgent"
Shall l hang it up?
Leave it there
lt's his
lt's enough to drive one mad
Did you deliver a suit
in Saint-Cloud this morning?
-What name?
-Madame Delassalle
ls something wrong?
No, but who left it?
A Prince ofWales suit
We get lots ofthose
l remember: a thin gentleman, very
dark, with a bamboo cigarette-holder
Wait... that foolish boy forgot
to take this
lt was in the hip pocket
Eden Hotel
Room 9
Funny life your husband leads
The boy could return the key
-Do you know the hotel?
-lt's furnished apartments; very plush
First on the right, number 27
-Suppose they ask questions?
-Unlikely in this place
lt's a trap... a blackmailer
At least we'll know who he is
-What are you doing here?
-l'm looking for Monsieur Delasalle
He's never here in the daytime
When does he come in?
Who knows? His bed's never slept in
You see? No clothes, no suitcase.
Funny sort oftenant
Have you seen him?
Never; nor has the night porter
Why all the questions?
He's my husband
Poor lady... you won't find him here
He's somewhere else
What's happening to us?
l don't know. lt makes no sense
An unpaid bill, two years old.
l can see the bailiffs in the offing
Send them half, keep them quiet
-Was he really dead?
-You should know, better than me
-What do you mean by that?
-You killed him, didn't you?
You planned the whole thing
We planned it,
and you telephoned him
l wouldn't have known
how to get the drug
-But you got him to drink it
-l didn't want to, you know l didn't
You could have let him sleep it off
Who pushed him under?
And who brought the heavy bronze?
You'll see in court which of us
comes offworse
l'm not afraid ofthat;
we'd get what we deserve
-Go to the police, then
-l've thought of it
So you can blame it all on me?
Well, l'm going to call them first
Go ahead;
l'll tell them the whole story
How you killed him out ofjealousy...
...and l helped because l pitied you
You were the jealous one, because it
was over between you. You killed him
What are you waiting for?
Have you my paper?
The ink's still damp
l've nothing to say
-Where are you going?
-To Confession
You think you'll get absolution?
l can go to the police
-lnvolving me?
-l can't leave it like this
lt's over, don't worry.
He's been found
-Why in the Seine?
-The main thing is, he's been found
lt all fits: the description,
the location, the time ofdeath
Our alibi will hold up
The morgue
l read this and l think
it may be my husband
ldentity card
Can you describe
Monsieur Delassalle?
Medium height, thin, dark eyes...
That's all in the paper
-Can you give more precise details?
-Such as?
Well, an appendix scar, for instance
He has one
-His own teeth?
-All ofthem, l think
-One or two, probably
-Any moles?
-Yes... on his shoulder
No bracelet on his wrist?
He never wore one
Anything about the right thigh?
-Above the knee, remember?
Nothing... l must be wrong, then
Bring up 4702
You were right on both points
Come with me, please, Madame
-lt's not him
-Are you sure?
l'm sorry, this rarely happens
Saint-Cloud at this hour?
You don't catch me missing my dinner
Still a bit shaken are we, dear lady?
lt gets to you, doesn't it?
At least it wasn't him
Feeling better?
l'm Alfred Fichet,
police superintendent, retired
l didn't go to the police
You didn't even inform them?
You should have;
that's what they're there for
l didn't think of it; l'll do it
Oh, l can take care
ofthe matter myself
The police are so busy;
we mustn't over-burden them
We'll find your husband,
shall we, you and l?
l've forty years experience,
and time on my hands
There's really no need
lf l find nothing, you owe me nothing
lf l do find something...
well, you be the judge
-How long have you been married?
-Eight years. But l don't see...
l know what l'm doing.
So, eight years...
lt's boiling
He had keys... came and went.
After all, he was the boss
lt was a holiday, too
Monsieur Delassalle... depressed?
He wasn't the type,
not complicated at all
Feeling ill, perhaps?
Sound as a bell;
used to be a tennis champion
Did he get a telegram on Sunday?
A phone call?
Things often start that way
l couldn't say. l'd taken the wife out,
to enjoy the holiday
An accident is possible. Did Monsieur
Delassalle drive fast... very fast?
The ladies had the van in Niort
Could he have drowned?
He was like a fish in the water.
That man could really swim
l think you may have been too hasty
in your alarm
He's been gone only five days, and
already you're running offto the morgue
lt was that article in the paper,
the description...
That could fit 100,000 men in Paris,
not to mention their country cousins
You suspected suicide, l suppose?
Yes... l don't know
A suicide doesn't usually strip naked
l'm inclined to a much less
tragic theory
-By which l mean...
-A woman
You're right. lt was foolish of me
to worry and bother you
No. Our agreement was that if l find
nothing, you owe me nothing
But find something l will
lt's been so many years...
Our council school at Charonne
was nothing like this
lfwe'd had that...
You've had it emptied
-So you thought ofthat, too?
-Not at all
What do you mean?
lt was emptied because l dropped
my keys in... yesterday morning
Mademoiselle Horner,
our most loyal associate
So it's nothing but a coincidence
All the same, you do seem to have water
very much on your minds in this house
May l see his correspondence?
-You'll never find him
-How do you know?
-He has a typewriter, anyhow
-To take care of bills
True, Monsieur Delassalle is no writer;
perhaps he mistrusts his spelling
l don't see him as despairing
Well, let's do things properly
Delassalle, Michel, age 34...
Height... 1 metre 70... yes, l know.
Dark hair
Nose... average
Normal ears. You wouldn't think such
a description would turn someone up
They'll find him, though.
Those devils are good
How was he dressed that day?
We weren't here
Ofcourse. What am l thinking of?
What we'll do is look in his
wardrobe and see what's missing
What was the seventh pair?
Brown suede
-Dark red with white stripes
You've sharp eyes;
there are two dozen there
Now, the suit
You're more familiar with his ties?
A grey Prince ofWales, l think
Like this?
Madame Delassalle has a weak heart
You should have told me. There's
no hurry, l've plenty to get on with
Rest, dear lady, while l go and look
in on my friends at Headquarters
l'll be back, don't worry
Plantiveau says he's a detective
Private eye! Lemmy Caution!
Ritberger, ifyou've finished,
l can find more work for you
The Church knew the importance
of Latin, l can tell you that
Every last village priest knows Latin
But isn't particularly intelligent
lt isn't his business to be...
Not in class, Moinet?
The Head's punishing me
What nonsense!
Why would he punish you?
l broke a window
Could the Headmaster be back?
Tell me the truth. Who punished you?
The Headmaster
-Don't lie to me
-l'm not lying
You're frightening him
Be good and tell me everything,
and l'll let you offyour punishment
-How did you break the window?
-With my catapult
The Head opened the door, and said l
was to fill the wheelbarrow with leaves
That's impossible,
you know he isn't here
He's a born liar; last week he said
he fought a lion at the county fair
No one else has seen the Head,
but there is indeed a broken window
He can't have invented the story
A case of auto-suggestion, perhaps
He breaks a window,
expects punishment
Darkness and his subconscious
do the rest
-Do you really believe that?
-Yes, he imagined his punishment
l say he's just trying to pull our legs
The catapult
The Head confiscated it
Enough is enough, Moinet
Excuse me, l feel rather tired;
l must rest
You may leave the matter in our hands,
We've been very patient with you,
You may go and stand in the corner
until you decide to tell the truth
We'll see who weakens first
l saw him; l know l did
lt wasn't Moinet who put the catapult
there. Who was it?
Someone, l don't know...
-Just chance?
-Yes, chance
Just chance that Fichet
was at the morgue
The suit, the hotel, now the boys...
...is all thatjust chance?
Calm down. l'm nervy, too
There must be an explanation.
Miracles don't happen... unfortunately
l keep expecting to see him walk in
He must be in a dreadful state
lf he's dead
l've seen bodies before;
Michel is dead, believe me
-Lie down and stop worrying
-How can l?
You must sleep. Doctor Loisy
is very worried
Professor Bridoux is coming tomorrow
What's the use? l'm done for now
Keep your voices down;
the Headmistress is very ill
You may go, temporarily
Go and be photographed
lt's no good without the Head
and Headmistress
Better luck next year
-Bench in front ofthe window?
-Why not the door?
Can't you see the car?
A professor's up there
l must go and attend to myjob
l'll see the professor out
We've been a little unwise,
so we're going to take a long rest
-Can l get up?
-We'll see in a day or two
Will the stairs be too much for me?
You're to stay where you are
until further notice
-My clinic is rather costly, so...
-There are no heirs, you know
l know, but l don't care to see
hearses at the door
Nor do my patients
What luck, no one moved
lt's quite good of me...
in the place of honour for once
People will think l'm the head
-What's this in the window?
-lt looks like the Head
l didn't see anything
Just a reflection, or damp spot...
...shaped a bit like the Head's
Maybe it was him... not wanting
to disturb us, or having a little joke
l don't see him playing hide-and-seek
Did you notice anything?
l was too busy
Let's settle the matter
Moinet, did you see the Headmaster?
No, l've had enough
So, no one was here
Good; a concierge likes to know
who's coming and going
-l'm frightened
-So am l
We must get away
Get dressed
l'm supposed to stay in bed.
Where would we go?
My house
ln Niort? Don't you think he'll be
there, more than anywhere?
Then we'll just go
lt won't do any good
-l can't stay here
-You go, then
But l can't leave you
You'll get on fine without me,
and l don't want to see you again
l'd rather face what's coming...
is bound to come...
...on my own
You hate me?
Not even that
Where's the red case l lent you?
ln the bottom ofthe wardrobe
-You really think we should part now?
-Yes, it's best
l wish you well
"Tremble," she said, "daughterofmine
"My fearfor you is vengeance divine"
-What are you doing here?
-Watching you
l came to report, doing what
l'm paid for
But you were so fast asleep...
Go away; l'm very ill
Then you'll start feeling better;
it's all cleared up now
Can't you have a little mercy, and
let me die in peace, in my own time?
Come now, this is no time for dying,
dear lady
l've found him; he'll be here
any moment now
You know he can't come back...
because l killed him
-This afternoon?
-Five days ago
-There must be some...
-Five days ago, in Niort
-So you went to the morgue?
-The body had disappeared
-ln Niort?
-No, here
We brought him back in a wicker trunk,
and put the body in the swimming pool
So you weren't alone in Niort?
Mademoiselle Horner was there, too
Did she see?
She was his mistress;
she helped me
So that's how it was
l must talk to her
She's gone
l thought so
lt's Michel's; it won't work
Not after a day in the pool
Aren't you arresting me?
You mustn't let your nerves
get the better ofyou
A nice sedative is what you need
Good night
l'll put the light out, shall l?
You'll wake up tomorrow
feeling acquitted
Head gone, wife raving, Nicole takes
off. Doesn't that suggest anything?
The dole queue for us?
l fished it out right there
-ls there a wicker trunk somewhere?
-Above the garage
-lt's beginning to smell pretty bad
-Delasalle... an accident, you think?
You can testify that l knew nothing
-l don't know what, but...
-Someone's been up to something?
Who's there?
Did it work this time?
She was tough, for all her complaints
about a weak heart
You're all wet, poor darling
Last time was worse...
an hour before l could get out
And the trunk must have been awful
Not to mention the pool.
She really put us through it
-l got scared sometimes
-lt was worth it, though
We're rich. What will we get
for the school?
Between fifteen and twenty years,
depending on your lawyer
Wait there for me!
Aren't you ashamed ofyourself,
With the school closing, too.
Who gave you back your catapult?
The Headmistress
She opened the door and gave it to me
"Enjoy yourself," she said
You're incorrigible, Moinet
The Headmistress died
and was taken away
She didn't die; she came back
Go and stand in the corner
l saw her; l know l did
Don't be diabolical!
Don't spoil the film for yourfriends
by telling them what happens
Thanks on their behalf