Diagnosis Delicious (2016) Movie Script

Hello again, and welcome to
"On the Air with Blair."
I'm your host, Blair Bushnell,
and today...
...I'm talking to
Chef Dave Oberlin.
His brand- new first book,
"Healthy Cuisine On the Run"...
...is available in stores now.
Thank you so much for being here.
Thank you for having me.
Always a pleasure to talk
about food.
It's my favorite subject.
So tell us a little bit about
the book.
Everybody wants to eat healthier
these days, so I thought...
...I would focus on the easy-to-
prepare recipes in this book...
...you know, for the people
who always make an excuse...
- ...not to eat right.
- Right.
Hey, you.
Hey. How'd it go in there?
No complications.
Everything looks good.
- She's going to be fine.
- Excellent.
Let me grab some breakfast.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- And no more excuses.
Hey, you know,
speaking of excuses...
...I would love to hear the one
for that video of yours...
...that went viral on the internet.
That was six months ago.
I think we're all over it.
I don't know that
we're all over it.
Maybe not the food critic
that you hit with a steak.
I didn't hit him.
I sort of just threw the steak,
and his face got in the way.
Now, if we could get back
to my book.
Number three, experiment with
new flavors.
Sorry, I got to go.
No problem.
At court you said that the reason
you were so upset was...
...because your fiancee,
Maggie, had just dumped you.
Is that true?
She didn't dump me.
We came to a mutual understanding.
And how is that going, considering
the two of you were planning on...
...opening a restaurant and
lost all of your investors...
...because of that video?
I think that went well.
Are you kidding me, Jeremy?
That was a disaster.
No wonder no one's buying the book.
All they talk about is that
stupid video.
It's human nature. You know, six
months ago you were head chef...
...at the city's
hottest restaurant.
Now you can't even get a job.
You know, people love to see
successful people crash and burn.
I thought you came here
for moral support.
You're not making me feel
any better.
Let me finish. The only thing
people love more than...
...somebody's failure is watching
their comeback.
That's what you need to do.
And that's what this book
was supposed to do.
Okay, then you need to reinvent
...and I know exactly how to do it.
- Come work for me.
- At your cooking school?
Yeah. I just had a teacher drop out
for the upcoming semester.
Jeremy, I -- I really appreciate it.
I do, but I'm not a teacher.
It's not a permanent thing.
Just think of it as short-term.
Hello, hello. Sorry I'm late.
Been super busy around here.
Hey, Dr. K.
You remember my wife, Vivian?
- Of course. How you doing?
- Hi.
So, Stu, I took a look at your
numbers, and I'm afraid...
...your blood pressure's high,
and your cholesterol's...
...actually gone up since
I saw you last.
Now, I know it's hard, but you
can't eat like a kid anymore.
The hospital gives a weekly
class on healthy eating.
Mabel, our nutritionist, can
help you put together a plan.
The class starts in an hour.
I'd feel a lot better
if you checked it out.
Tell Mabel I'm your doctor, okay?
All right, have a good lunch, Doc.
No more bacon cheeseburgers. Okay?
Why are you eating that?
I'm grossed out and I operated
on a brain this morning.
I got here so late they were
out of everything else...
...and the salad bar had nothing
but those nasty green peppers.
My parents have a layover here
on their way to Hawaii and...
- ...Luke's never met them before.
- That's a big step.
I know. I really want them
to like him.
Every time they're in town,
he has to work late.
My mom thinks he's imaginary.
They'll love him.
He's perfect for you.
I used to think so,
but I don't know...
...lately he's been canceling
on me.
Startups are tough.
Things will settle down.
Where'd you get that, anyway?
Are you asking me
if I'm stressed...
...or if you can have some of
my salad?
Mm, both?
Thank you.
Mmm, this is delicious.
You know, you could make that
yourself in, like, five minutes.
If I had five minutes,
and I don't.
I have a meeting with
Ed Paulson right now.
You're better than that.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
That's okay, as long as
the dermatologists here...
...don't think I have a dandruff
I'll vouch for you.
I didn't think you doctors
ate this sort of thing.
Usually we don't, but I'm in
kind of a hurry, and...
Your husband forgot to pack
your lunch?
I'm not married.
Surveys show that single
people eat...
...35% less healthy than
married ones.
- You just made that up.
- Could be true.
You know, for somebody
so concerned with health...
...maybe you shouldn't be walking
and texting at the same time.
- You could end up...
- In the hospital?
Excuse me. I've got work to do.
It was nice running into you.
Oh, okay.
Really? Me?
You're doing a great job, Nina...
...and I think you would make
a wonderful chief resident.
- I'll take it.
- Well, I'm not finished yet.
As you know, the board has to
approve all of our promotions.
Now, half of the board loves you,
and half of the board feels that...
...you need a bit more experience,
so here's the thing.
Beverly Beckingham has
the deciding vote.
The Beverly who wanted
the therapy cat program?
The money she brings
into the hospital...
...means that we have to take
her seriously.
So her latest project is to
replace our nutritionist...
...Mabel, and to bring in
a celebrity chef, have them...
...perform healthy eating
seminars, do demonstrations...
..those sorts of things, and so to
win her vote, you are going to...
...put the program together, and
you can start that by attending...
- ...Mabel's seminar today.
- Why today?
Because Beverly is going to
be there, and apparently...
...she has some sort of
surprise in store for us...
...and knowing Beverly,
that could be anything.
Good afternoon, everyone.
For those of you who don't know me,
my name is Beverly Beckingham...
...and I am a proud member
of the board of directors...
...here at the hospital.
Why are you here?
You already know how to cook.
I came for the free samples.
Thank you, thank you.
Our Mabel couldn't be here today...
...but we are so lucky to have
my favorite chef.
I was a regular at his restaurant
before, well, before...
...and now I am completely
obsessed with his...
...new book full
of healthy recipes.
They're so easy that even my...
...private chef can make them
at home.
Please, everyone, give a warm
welcome to Dave Oberlin.
Thank you very much,
Ms. Beckingham.
Oh, you can call me Beverly.
Thank you guys so much
for having me.
So healthy cooking is all about
...and I'm not talking about
what happened to this bird.
So now I will need a volunteer.
How about the reluctant doctor
in the back? Come on.
- Oh, no.
- Come on. Let's give her a hand.
So Dr. Kirby, do you like to cook?
I don't really have time to...
Exactly, and so
what I'm gonna do...
...is teach you a few shortcuts
to help.
What is the healthiest, the most...
...flavorful thing you can
put into the pan?
Your choices are
margarine, butter...
...and vegetable oil, canola oil,
or olive oil.
Is this a trick question?
Tick-tock, Doc. You said you
didn't have time to cook.
You got to make quick choices.
Olive oil.
I saw you cheating.
So olive oil it is.
Let's just put a little drizzle
in the pan.
Very nice. Now some lemon juice.
Lemon juice.
Very good. Red pepper.
And finally, some minced garlic.
Now we'll add the chicken,
and with vegetables...
...you have a meal that's
under 600 calories.
That's great.
- Thank you so much, Dr. Kirby.
- Thank you.
Doctors, huh? I should have asked
her what golf club to use.
All right, so next...
- Hey, honey.
- Hey, baby.
Okay, so I checked the flight
...and my parents have
to leave by 6:00.
- Oh, yeah, about that.
- Don't tell me.
I'm sorry, Liv. I had a meeting
from next week moved up to today.
- I might be a little late.
- Luke, please...
...promise you won't flake
on me this time.
I'll be there.
We'll talk soon. Love you.
All right, bye, guys.
See you soon.
- Special K, we love you.
- He loves me.
Dr. Kirby?
Not quite finished embarrassing
me yet?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Powdered donuts for lunch, huh?
It's been real nice talking
to you...
...but I have to go meet
with a patient.
Hope you're not giving diet tips.
Look, I know you're good
at your job...
...let's not pretend you know
anything about mine, okay?
Eric, I am gonna put you
in my will...
...if you help me
bust out of here.
You got it.
Uh-oh, it's the warden.
Cool it, shh.
Don't think of it as a prison,
Mrs. Cosworth.
Think of it this as
a beautiful hotel.
Yes, and I am the concierge.
You even get room service.
I will be back very soon, Mrs. C.
Darling, mint for my pillow.
I'm on it.
Hey. I've got some
not-so-great news.
The surgery didn't take.
You'll need a transplant.
Well, you're not gonna give me one
of those baboon hearts, are you?
I'd be happy to get anything.
I'm trying to move you to
the top of the list...
...but I'll be honest,
it won't be easy.
Now, we have every reason
to be optimistic, but...
Next of kin, right? It's okay.
You can say it.
Is there anyone we need to call?
Well, it would have been Walter,
wouldn't it?
But he's gone, so...
...no, I guess not.
No siblings, nieces, nephews?
I have a daughter.
I didn't know.
She lives out here, but...
...no, you know,
I don't think we should.
You haven't told her you're sick?
I haven't told her anything.
Heather and I haven't spoken
for years.
Oh, I'm very sorry, but if it's
easier for me to call her...
- ...I'd be happy...
- No.
I need a heart doctor.
I don't need a family therapist.
You need to get some rest.
I'll check on you soon.
Hey, do me a favor and
find a phone number...
...for Mrs. Cosworth's daughter.
Her name is Heather.
I'm an RN, not a PI.
- I'll owe you one.
- All right.
Nina, I don't think
you've been formally introduced.
This is Beverly Beckingham.
Ms. Beckingham,
what a pleasure to meet you.
You're the volunteer from
Chef Dave's demonstration.
I think you need this more
than I do.
Beverly, let's go see how the
new plants on the patio look.
Fresh air.
She's awfully young, that
I assume that's the one
you want to make chief resident.
Nina was at the top of her class
at Stanford Med.
Her patients love her.
Even the nurses like her.
The nurses hate all you doctors.
The chief resident needs
to be a leader.
Yes, and Nina takes initiative
as well as anyone.
In fact, Nina came to me
and asked...
...if she could put together
your healthy eating seminars.
Do you think she could get
Chef Dave to teach it?
That is exactly who Nina said
she wanted.
His cookbook changed my life,
you know?
Yeah, so if Nina could get
Chef Dave on board...
...would that sway your vote?
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
Nina, so what did you think of
...special guest chef at
the cooking demonstration?
I don't really have much of
an opinion about him.
Hmm. I suggest you get one because
Beverly is expecting you to...
...convince him to teach the
healthy cooking class here at...
...the hospital, and remember,
without Beverly's support...
...you won't get your promotion
to chief resident.
Listen, Nina,
I know you can do this...
...but Beverly needs to know,
too, so just put this together...
...and show her that you can
be a real leader.
I guess I don't really have
a choice, do I?
Well, I could always try to
find another candidate.
He's teaching a class tomorrow
at the Monroe School.
I can't thank you enough for
taking this job, Dave.
Eh, don't thank me yet.
This could go about as well
as that TV interview did.
I, uh...
...thought I should say thank you.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
You know, if you decide
you like teaching...
...I could sure use a partner.
Maybe you'd consider
a full-time position?
I'm a chef, Jeremy.
You'd still be a chef. It'd just
be here instead of a restaurant.
I don't think so. I'm looking
for another restaurant.
I got a couple feelers out.
Chez Fabienne is looking
for a new executive chef.
I'm trying to get
an interview there.
All right, well, at least
I got you for one class.
And that's it.
Then I'm going back to work.
I don't care if I have to be
a line cook.
- Can I help you?
- I'll have the classic, please.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Step away from the street meat.
I have rounds in ten minutes.
It's this or nothing.
How'd it go with Luke last night?
Oh, he stood me up again...
...humiliated me in front of
my parents.
What did he say
when you talked to him?
He hasn't returned any of my
calls, so I broke up with him.
Over voicemail?
I was so upset,
I didn't know what else to do.
Never gonna see him again.
Ooh, never say never.
Luke, what are you doing here?
I want to make up for last night.
My meeting ran late, and my phone
died, so I couldn't call you.
I left you a million messages.
I know, and I got them today.
Those last ones weren't very nice.
You made a fool of me again
in front of my parents.
Let me take you to lunch.
Are you kidding? I have to see
patients all afternoon...
...and I've got a cooking class
with Nina.
I can't do this.
I really messed up this time.
You should have called her.
She thinks you don't care.
Relationships are hard work.
Beautiful place.
Pete, I wanted to show you
this house...
...before it came on the market.
Excuse me.
This is Heather.
Is anybody there?
- It's weird.
- Wrong number?
I guess if it's important,
they'll call back, right?
Yeah, just as long as you weren't
poaching one of my clients.
Come on, they always fall for
that charming smile of yours.
You are too sweet.
Yeah, well, you won't be
saying that...
...when I make your client
throw in that new roof.
I'm so excited.
- It'll be good, though.
- Yeah, I'm glad that you came.
Okay, those guys in the back?
Checking us out.
Because you keep staring at them.
Look, I just want to apologize
in advance.
I've started a lot of grease
fires in here...
...so make sure you know
where all the exits are.
I'm Olivia. This is Nina.
I'm Hayden.
Hi, remember me?
From the hospital. You here
about the dry cleaning bill?
Powdered sugar's pretty
tough to get out.
I actually wanted to talk to
you about something else.
- Can it wait till after class?
- Uh...
...Henry can't find the
pilot light.
That's not an oven.
You may not be the worst student
in class.
All right,
I'm only staying here...
...until I talk to Dave about
the seminars.
Come on. It'll be fun.
I can't take the time for this.
I still have research to do
for one of my patients...
...for a consultation tomorrow.
Well, you certainly can't
manage that and cook.
Sure I can.
It's called multitasking.
Well, I think I'm gonna like
this class.
You know, at least we get
a couple hours away...
...from the stress in our lives.
Oh, no.
Stop stalking me.
My grand romantic gesture didn't
work, so I'm making time for you.
Taking this class doesn't
prove anything.
It's a start.
Look, I know you don't
like cooking.
Don't waste your time here.
Look, there's nothing
I would rather be...
...doing than spend time with you.
I mean, maybe I'll learn to
cook you dinner.
Too little too late.
I'm not giving up on this
class or on us.
It's great. Good work, guys.
Nice presentation too.
Looks good. That rice pilaf is
very aromatic.
This looks great.
You know, if you poach it
in vegetable stock...
...it doesn't add extra calories.
Just go ahead and try this.
It's really good.
Who made the salmon?
- I did.
- And what about the brown rice?
Also me, and I grilled
the asparagus.
Nina, what was your contribution?
I arranged the asparagus
in order of length.
All right, guys, time's up.
You all did great work tonight.
The salmon was excellent.
So for next week, we're gonna
work on healthy side dishes.
All right, have a good night.
- Good night, Dave.
- You too, thanks.
Okay, I've stayed through class.
- Now will you talk to me?
- Fine.
My hospital is thinking of
expanding that lecture you did...
...into a series of seminars for
patients and the community.
I'm sorry, I appreciate
the thought...
...but I'm not gonna have time
for something like that.
Beverly Beckingham, you remember
her, she's on the board...
...and she really wants you.
Maybe I can donate a few
of my books.
If you won't do it,
we don't have a program.
Then I guess you don't
have a program.
You'd be helping a lot of people,
including my patients.
We could work together on it.
Work with you? You spent
the whole class texting.
I wasn't texting.
I was doing research...
...for a patient I'm seeing
Cooking requires your
full attention.
I could have made the salmon
if I had the time.
Ah, I doubt it.
Even if you took this class
seriously, you'd still fail.
So if I passed, would you do
the seminars?
Oh, I'll just say yes because
you're not gonna pass.
I was top of my class in
med school.
I can learn to make a lasagna.
Okay. You got yourself a deal.
All right.
Well, Stu, your blood pressure's
a little lower...
...but your cholesterol doesn't
seem to be responding to the meds.
So, Doc, why don't you give
me some stronger meds?
You know what? Why don't you
try some of these recipes?
"Healthy Cuisine On the Run?"
What, does this guy want me
to run too?
No, but if you could walk
for a half hour a day...
...that would be awesome.
All right, Doc,
for you I'll do it.
Make sure he does it.
- I will.
- Oh, she will.
It's perhaps an obvious choice...
...but the flavor is very good,
You used thigh meat.
And a very nice pinot noir.
This may be the very best coq au
vin I've ever had.
You clearly have the talent
we're looking for.
It's obvious that you are a very
gifted chef monsieur Oberlin...
...but I must be honest with you.
My investors are concerned
about your incident.
I understand. My fiancee broke off
our engagement at dinner service.
Oh, no.
We were trying to talk about it
and I kept getting interrupted...
...by someone complaining
about my food.
I -- I lost my temper.
And then called the city's top
food critic an idiot.
I apologized, but no one
bothered to upload that clip.
He was clearly baiting you
that night.
And I fell for it.
I tell you what I will do.
Let me talk to my investors,
tell them what you've told me...
...and perhaps we can arrange
a meeting...
...maybe serve them some of this.
That would be great.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Mrs. Hansen called again.
Can you squeeze her in today?
I know you've got appointments
all afternoon.
I can see her at 3:00 while
Mr. Bell's having his EKG.
Oh, and before I forget, one
Heather Cosworth-Wilson...
...real estate agent.
I found her number on
the company website.
- You're the best.
- I know.
What are you doing here?
I'm trying to move on.
Radiology's interested in
one of my systems.
I can't come here and not see you.
Yes, yes, you can,
and taking that cooking class...
...doesn't make up for
what you did.
Look, I'm really sorry.
I'll see you tonight in class.
Yeah, right.
I will be there, I promise.
Hey, look.
I got to be honest with you.
I am showing you, you know,
really the worst possible way...
...to cook pork chops,
in a pan like this.
- But if you pay attention...
- What are you watching?
Beverly's adamant about Dave
teaching those seminars...
...so I've got to pass
this class to get him to do it.
So your promotion hinges on
you learning how to cook?
Seasoning is important...
If I learned how to perform
heart surgery...
...I can probably figure out
how to make a pork chop.
Listen, miss Julia Problem
Child, it is not that easy.
You'll see.
You're in for a shock.
So when I interviewed the queen,
I asked her...
..."Who cleans up after the corgis?
Is it the royal pooper scooper?"
I hate to interrupt one of your
stories for a boring old exam.
- It's okay.
- Come on.
Thank you.
Haven't quit on me yet, Doc?
Let's see.
So your job must be
very stressful.
What do you do for fun?
Well, I wouldn't call it fun,
but I'm taking a cooking class.
So any news about the new heart?
No, but that could change
at any second.
I got this from the transplant
The minute we get one,
they'll call me.
Look, you don't have to sugar
coat this, Doc.
I've had a good run, covered some
of the biggest moments in modern...
...history for some of the world's
greatest magazines.
I know, but I'm hoping you get to
enjoy your retirement for a while.
Lunch is served.
I don't understand. I followed
every step of that video.
I watch music videos.
Doesn't make me a guitar player.
Let's just get this out of here...
...before the fire department
shows up.
What happened to getting
promoted because...
...you work hard and save people's
It's only a seminar program.
You got this.
A promotion, huh? I knew there was
more to this.
I'm really doing this for my
patients, but now that I'm here...
...I suppose my skills could
be a little better.
- You think?
- It's only my second class.
Yeah, and you can't be bothered
to learn the basics.
Now, Henry's killing it down there
and he can't see out of one eye.
I don't know all of your secret
cooking tricks.
Preheating a pan's not a secret.
You put some oil in the pan. You
heat it up for a few seconds.
Look, no one's doing brain
surgery in here.
Olivia here is actually
a brain surgeon.
If you think this class
is such a joke...
...I'll find someone
who actually wants your spot.
We had a deal. I'm not quitting.
We'll see.
Girl, just do what I do.
Hey, it's Luke.
What? Right now?
Oh, no, no, no, no, I can't. I'm
already late for my cooking class.
Yeah, my cooking class.
No, I understand that
you need the reports.
It's just that I already made
a promise.
Fine. Just...
...email me the files.
I'll go over them right now.
Hi, guys. That was great. Most
of you did very well tonight.
But let's remember, cooking
comes from the heart...
...so how many of you have ever
bonded over a family recipe...
...or baked cookies to cheer up
a friend?
Great. All right, so for next week
we're gonna make a dish...
...that's very special to you
and try and make it healthy...
...and the ramen noodles you had
in medical school don't count.
All right, I'll see you guys
next week. Good job.
- Good night, chef.
- Good night.
Oh, it's on.
You looking for someone?
No, I guess not.
Dave was just being a little
hard on you guys.
Yeah, well, Nina doesn't have
the best attitude, so.
Yeah, cooking's a lot harder
than it looks...
...but you seem to know
what you're doing.
Maybe you could give me some
- Hey. So you ready for the break?
- Hey.
I thought you were bringing
They are on their way.
Wow, this place looks great.
You look great.
Thank you. Oh, sorry.
- Sure. I'm just gonna look inside.
- Okay.
- This is Heather.
- Heather, hi.
This is Dr. Nina Kirby from Conley
I'm taking care of your mom.
Do you have a minute to talk?
Yeah, sure.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but the thing is...
...we've been kind of having
a hard time...
...tracking down any family
she may have.
She didn't really want me to
call you, but...
Yeah, well, my mom and
I are not exactly close.
That's why I'm calling.
I thought you would want to know
that your mother is very ill.
Uh, what's wrong?
It's her heart...
...and unless she gets a transplant
she doesn't have much time left.
Thank you for calling, Dr. Kirby,
but the truth is whatever I had...
...to say to my mother I said
a long time ago.
I know she would love to see you.
Listen, I have to go.
Thank you for calling, bye.
Is everything all right?
I don't know.
Hey, you've got Luke's voicemail.
Leave me a message.
Come in.
Are you okay? I got your text.
This is impossible.
Why can't I cook? Did some
chef put a hex on me?
That's your emergency?
Oh, I'm sure we can salvage it.
I take that back.
Dave wanted us to pick a dish
that had meaning.
I tried to make tacos,
had a great story...
...about our first family
vacation to Mexico.
I can't save this.
If I show up with nothing,
Dave won't do the seminars.
You want me to make you a dish.
- Well...
- Pretty sure that's cheating.
Cheating is taking
the medical boards for me.
Think of this as you cooking
me dinner...
...and I just get to take
the leftovers to class.
You so owe me.
I know.
Let's go to my house.
Dish looks amazing, guys.
Good work.
I got to say,
I'm really impressed.
Everyone's dishes look amazing.
A quiche? What does this dish
mean to you?
My first family vacation was
to France.
Oh, where in France?
Lorraine, of course.
This is exactly the quiche
they serve in Lorraine.
Except in Lorraine, the quiche
they make has bacon in it.
This was an American restaurant
in Lorraine.
Well, despite the holes in your
story, the quiche is excellent.
So how'd you make it healthy?
Egg whites, vegetables,
low-fat cheese, of course.
And what seasoning?
- And?
- Sage, rosemary, and thyme?
I know Olivia made the dish.
You have to find a new partner.
Looks like everybody's
already paired up, so...
We could use a third.
Why don't you go down there
with Luke and Sam?
We'll work with Nina.
We're both beginners.
I'll work with Nina, make sure
she does her own work.
For next week's assignment,
I'm gonna have you get with...
...your partner and make
a healthy dinner menu.
We're gonna do appetizers
and entrees, all right?
Well, this should be fun, Liv.
What do you want to make?
Better life choices.
Good news.
My Midwest transplants...
...are ready to make an offer
on this place, all cash.
- That's great, Pete.
- Wow, okay.
A cash offer usually has
you jumping up and down.
- What's wrong?
- It's just some family stuff.
I'll be fine.
Okay, well, hey, I was about
to go grab a bite...
...if you wanted to talk over the
offer or, you know, anything else.
Maybe some other time, okay?
We'll talk about the house
Ed, how's my healthy cooking
seminar coming along?
Is Chef Dave signed on?
I'm sure that Nina has it
Good. I've been telling
the rest of the board...
...how excited Chef Dave
is to join us.
Wouldn't want them to think
I'm some kind of whackadoodle.
Nobody would ever think that,
Never, ever, ever. Your hat
looks just stunning today.
Thank you so much for coming.
I look forward to hearing from you.
- Thanks.
- Have a good day.
- You too. You like it?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, the open house is
just ending...
...but I'd be really happy to give
you just a quick little tour.
I'm Dr. Kirby.
We spoke on the phone.
I came to talk about your mother.
Then you're wasting your time.
Just hear me out.
Lynn needs to hang on until
we get a heart.
Seeing you would really lift
her spirits.
I wish she cared that much
about me when she was well.
Your mother loves you very much.
I wouldn't know.
My grandmother raised me while
my mom traveled the world.
Whatever happened between you two,
your mother regrets it.
You could get to know
who she is now...
...but you don't have much time.
You're right, I have a client,
so excuse me.
- Where's Sam?
- Henry's partner dropped out, so...
...so Sam's gonna be working
with him now.
Just my luck.
Okay, let's get this over with.
I'm thinking caprese salad
and a cornish game hen.
I love your caprese salad.
Why you taking a cooking
class, again?
You should be teaching it.
I shouldn't tell you.
Come on, no secrets.
I thought it would be
a fun way to meet guys.
You were gonna start dating?
Figured if I met somebody new...
...it'd give me a reason not to
get back together with you.
I didn't realize
I made such a mess of things.
I don't want to talk about
this right now, okay?
Can we just make the salad?
We can just make the salad,
just two friends making a salad.
Fabienne, hi, how are you?
No, no, no, no, I...
...completely understand.
I mean, they're investors.
They need to know what
they're investing in, right?
Yeah, I would have enjoyed
working with you too.
I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Yeah, thank you for trying.
Au revoir.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry I'm late.
I had traffic on the way here.
I thought you were standing me up.
So what are we making?
What are you making?
You're supposed to come with some
ideas, and where are the ingredien-
Yeah, I didn't have time.
Nina, you said you were gonna
start taking this class seriously.
I'm sorry. I had to run
an errand for a patient.
That's fine.
You don't have to explain.
- Well...
- I'm actually relieved.
You want an idea? I got one.
Chicken cordon bleu.
It's not exactly a healthy cuisine.
Well, maybe we can figure out
a way to make it healthy.
Yeah, maybe we can.
Let me see what I have in
the storage fridge.
- Okay.
- I'll be back.
Okay, what do you think?
Let's see.
I'll take this one.
Too much basil?
It's perfect, perfect.
Don't make that oven too hot.
Okay, you could get salmonella
that way.
Luckily, I know a good doctor.
Hey, remember that time when
I got the flu...
...and you had to take care of me?
How could I forget?
Proving that doctors
make the worst patients.
Okay, well, your chicken soup
was so salty...
...I could barely put
my shoes on.
True. Maybe it's a good idea
I'm taking this class.
Yeah. I got an idea.
How about...
...I cook dinner
for you this weekend and...
- ...you can tell me how I'm doing?
- I don't know.
- Maybe.
- Maybe yes?
What's up?
I can't talk right now.
I thought he was supposed
to come in tomorrow.
Okay. Text me the address.
My client came in a day early.
I don't know why I thought
things would be different.
Oh, add some garlic.
So have you given any thought
to teaching the seminars?
Garlic, not garlic powder.
Don't they both end up
tasting the same?
No, fresh garlic is completely
Every ingredient has
its own purpose.
It's like an orchestra.
If you take the...
...string section out,
it doesn't sound the same.
- It's not like I'm in surgery.
- Maybe that's part of the problem.
Or maybe you're just taking
all this a bit too seriously.
You know, you might be the worst
student I've ever had.
Just because you got rejected from
some job, don't take it out on me.
So you were listening?
Not on purpose.
You know what? Don't worry about
the assignment, all right?
If you think this class is such
a joke, don't come back.
You can take the aprons home,
just remember to bring them back.
Sorry, I guess I forgot.
That's all right.
You're that doctor, right?
Dave's spoken about you.
Yeah, I'll bet, and probably not
well. He kicked me out of class.
- What?
- He was upset. I guess...
- ...he didn't get some job.
- Huh, he didn't get it.
I guess that video's not going
away anytime soon.
What video?
Just show up for the next class.
I'm sure it'll all be forgotten.
Chef Dave Oberlin.
I mean, look at this steak.
This is ridiculous.
I said medium-rare.
This is not medium-rare...
...and the quality of the meat
is appalling.
There were still marks on it
where the jockey was hitting it.
Yeah, well, you don't know
anything about steak.
You see this?
This is medium-rare.
I'm not re-firing my food
every time...
...some idiot doesn't know
what he's eating.
It's not medium-rare.
Okay, uh, I think my clients
are gonna make a counter offer.
Your seller will have to
upgrade the plumbing though.
I'm sorry, what?
The plumbing, it...
are you okay?
You just haven't really
seemed yourself lately.
My mom's in the hospital.
It doesn't look good.
Then what are you doing here?
It's complicated.
I haven't spoken to my mom
in quite some time.
Look, I don't know what
it's like to lose a parent.
I mean, wouldn't you at least
want to say something to her?
I don't know.
I mean, I feel like a lot of what
I want to say is best left unsaid.
I'm really pleased with your
progress, Stu.
Keep it up.
All right, I'll see you back
here in a month...
...and call me on my cell
if you have any questions.
- Thanks, Doc.
- Thank you.
Nina, how is the presentation
You were working on getting some
sample menus from Chef Dave.
Sample menus, right.
Yes, Beverly is very excited.
Do you have anything that
I can show her yet?
Uh, I've been talking to
Dave quite a bit.
We had a really big discussion
last night.
I'll write something up
as soon as I can.
Good, 'cause remember...
...I'm backing you for
the chief resident position...
...so I am counting on you
to make me look good.
Thank you for your help.
Sure. At least we didn't have
to break in.
You know, usually when I go into
a stranger's home...
...I have permission.
My mom always keeps her spare key
under that fake rock.
She covered the royal wedding?
Yeah, she was everywhere except
where I needed her to be.
She interviewed the president?
- Four of them.
- Wow.
She must have some great stories.
She loves to read her own press.
That's why she takes that
book with her everywhere.
What are these?
I used to write her every time
she would go away.
I had no idea she kept those
in here.
Maybe you're closer than you think.
- Wine.
- Cool.
Hey, thanks for helping with
the inventory, man.
Yeah, no problem.
I ran into that doctor lady
the other night.
She says you kicked her
out of class?
Yeah. Someone that smart should
know how to follow a simple recipe.
Is that what it is?
Be happy if she respected cooking.
Okay, then, teach her.
I don't think I have ever
heard about...
...anybody flunking a cooking
class before.
At least it didn't turn into
a food fight.
He was pretty angry though.
Well, look at it from his
point of view.
These chefs, they train for years.
They work their way up.
They put in incredible hours,
not that different from a doctor.
I guess not.
So how would you feel if you
had all this knowledge...
...and your patients didn't
listen to you?
My patients don't listen to me.
Well, this is a surprise.
I should let you two catch up.
Hi, mom.
I brought you some stuff
from your house.
You remembered where I live.
Yeah, I'm just surprised
...you never come to visit me.
If I knew you were sick,
I would have come.
It didn't happen when I was
I didn't think a heart attack was
gonna make any difference.
You weren't exactly there for me
when I needed you.
When I was going through
my divorce?
You didn't even let me know...
...anything was happening until
it was too late.
When was I supposed to let
you know?
Even as a kid you were halfway
around the world.
Heather, if you have come
here to yell at me...
I cannot forgive you
for everything...
...just because you're sick.
You know what?
This was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Nice. So who made the caprese
salad, and who made the hen?
Well, we both started it
...but then Luke had to
leave as usual.
Okay. Moving on.
All right, let's see
what we got here.
Give this a little try.
It's really good.
It's a little safe.
Uh, not if there's a wet floor
when you're cooking.
- Good job, guys.
- Thanks, Chef.
Welcome back.
You can't get rid of me that easy.
I present chicken cordon bleu.
All right, let's give it a try.
The chicken's cooked nice.
It's a very good attempt
at a very difficult dish.
- Okay.
- Okay?
That's gonna be your first
compliment ever...
...and I don't get a yay
or a whoo-hoo?
I'm not a whoo girl, and you'd...
...never settle for a good attempt
at anything.
- How do I make it great?
- You really want to learn?
If you're serious about
teaching me.
Serious as a heart attack.
Probably not the best thing to
say to a cardiologist, sorry.
Look, I cleared my weekend plans.
Let me cook you dinner.
Maybe not this weekend.
I got a huge meeting on Monday.
How's Tuesday?
You know what, Luke?
You do you.
This just isn't working for
me anymore.
My scallops came out rubbery.
Do you know anything
about shellfish?
Yeah, scallops can be tricky.
Well, I'd like to have some tips.
I'll buy you dinner.
Do you actually want cooking
advice, or are you asking me out?
Okay, you got me.
I'm asking you out.
Goodnight, Dave.
So how do I make this the best...
...chicken cordon bleu
you've ever had?
Ooh, that's a tough one.
This dish took me a lot of
years to perfect...
...but you can start by not
using store-bought breadcrumbs.
How can you tell?
Taste, texture.
Cooking really is harder than
I thought.
Hey, anyone can cook, but not
everyone can cook well.
I didn't mean to make light of
what you do.
I make fun of my job all the time.
How? You deal with life and death.
If I couldn't laugh about it I'd
cry myself to sleep every night.
And then Olivia would
make fun of my puffy eyes.
Maybe one day you could show me
how to make this better.
Is now a good time?
It is, actually.
All right, good.
They're more than three times
as old as the younger lion.
He drove off this afternoon.
Did somebody order a pizza?
No, and I didn't order
an ex-boyfriend, either.
I'm sending them both back.
Consider it a peace offering,
or a pizza offering.
You didn't eat in class.
I figured you'd be starving.
Well, it does smell good.
Your favorite kind.
Now I have to bludgeon my food?
Well, if it's too thick,
the inside takes too long to cook.
Wow, this really is a science,
...when I prescribe meds
to my patients.
It has to be exactly the right
amount, or they won't work.
Well, it's all trial and error.
Now, sometimes you get
an amazing dish...
...and other times a stray dog
wouldn't eat it.
Whoa, this seems like a good
way to take out your anger.
You must have made a lot of
chicken over the last six months.
I was wondering when
you were gonna find that video.
Well, it didn't exactly show you
in the best light.
If it wasn't for that video, this
all would have blown over by now.
Still, I was unprofessional.
Dave, you're an amazing chef.
Someone will be smart enough
to see past it.
Saved this for you.
Aww, so you still care.
Luke, I love you, and...
...I get what it's like
to be busy...
but you're gone half the month,
and when you're here...
...you're not really here.
We'll figure something out,
I don't see a future...
...and because I care about you
I keep taking you back, but...
...you've got to let me go.
This is good.
Mmm, not bad.
This is a really hard dish
to get right too.
Good for you. Oh, and...
...and you have
lunch for tomorrow.
This is really good.
I can't believe it.
That's what happens when
you follow the recipe.
I mean we spent all this time
...and nobody got hit with
the mallet. This was fun.
I've noticed that food helps
people bond.
That's the reason most important
meetings are held over a meal.
Mm. You know, all the partners
in class work well together.
The way you teach makes
everyone feel like...
...they're contributing even
if they're beginners like me.
I like to use food
to communicate...
...unless I'm throwing
a steak at someone.
So if people don't get along,
cooking could work like therapy.
What are you doing tomorrow
So what kind of a doctor are you?
Brain surgery? Wow.
And you cook,
and you are gorgeous.
What do you do?
I'm a marketing manager.
It's not brain surgery.
You must get that all the time.
No, not all the time.
Just like, you know,
seven days a week.
I don't drink it with milk.
Gosh, I'm so sorry.
I just Luke drinks it that
way. I...
It's fine.
Switch with you.
Hey, Pete, can you cover
my open house today?
Sure, but wouldn't the other
brokers at your agency do it?
I know you're not gonna steal
my listing out from under me.
You have my word.
No, no, no, no, you turn
this chair arou -- turn it around...
...or I will get up and walk,
I swear.
You said there was an emergency.
What's going on?
You'll see, but nobody's going
I've pulled a lot of strings
to make this happen.
Make what happen?
Hi, ladies.
I'm Chef Dave Oberlin...
...and today we're gonna be
making some homemade ravioli.
Ravioli comes in a box.
Well, Ms. Cosworth, we're gonna be
thinking outside the box...
...and we're gonna be using this
implement of destruction...
...to make some dough, which is
about the only dough...
...I'll be making since
I'm volunteering.
Great, now I can cross making
ravioli off my bucket list.
I have to call a patient.
Good luck.
Well, shall we get started?
Hey, Doc. We're on a power walk.
Hi, Dr. K.
- That was Viv.
- Hi.
I got your labs back. Whatever
you're doing is working, Stu.
I feel great. Vivian and I are
gonna take a cruise to Mexico.
We're even thinking about hiking
one of those old Aztec temples.
That's fantastic.
Well, keep up the good work...
...and I'll see you
at your next appointment.
All right, Dr. K.
Okay, bye.
All right, Heather, make sure
all the air bubbles are out.
No bubbles, no troubles.
You know what would taste
great with this?
Some of your homemade tomato sauce.
I'll bet you you can't beat it.
Mom, he's a chef.
I'll be right back, ladies.
This lobster looks delicious.
Do you remember that summer
we went to Maine?
I think it's working.
It's the way you teach. You make
rolling pasta dough seem fun.
Ladies, Dave had you make
everything from scratch today...
...but we have whole-wheat
pasta on our cafeteria menu.
Tastes like cardboard.
Next time I come visit you, I will
bring you some of my tomato sauce.
You know what?
- I'll do your program.
- Really?
I haven't even passed your
class yet.
It's good for your patients,
and it's kind of fun for me.
You know, I have a meeting with
my boss in five minutes.
Why don't you come with me?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- All right, I'm going in.
- Okay.
Chef Dave, what a wonderful
Rather than review the
presentation with you...
...I thought I'd just bring you
Chef Dave himself.
Our next board meeting is
two weeks from Thursday.
Perfect. My class ends that
week, so I'll be free.
Well, maybe you could prepare
some samples...
...to bring to the presentation.
That's a great idea.
I would approve of this program
today, but we still need to get...
...those wet blankets on the
board to go for it and Dave.
Well, why wouldn't they
approve Dave?
He's perfect for this.
There was some sort of
incident last year...
...that a few of them keep
bringing up.
Beverly, please don't allow
one mistake...
- ...to change your opinion of me.
- I don't care about that.
You putting that nincompoop
in his place...
...is one of the
reasons I like you.
Well, at least I have one fan.
You might have more than one.
I have some thoughts
about the samples.
I'd like to get some ideas
from you too.
Do you want to come over
to my place around 7:00?
I'll text you the address.
I'll see you there.
I might even try my hand at
making some appetizers.
Hey, it's me.
I need a shop intervention.
I just spent a month's salary
on shoes and a belt.
Does this have anything
to do with Luke?
I went on a date with Hayden.
- Was he weird?
- Yeah it was just a little awkward.
I kind of made those for Dave.
I'm kind of starving, so I'll
even eat something you made.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm going over to help Nina
with those...
...cooking seminars
at the hospital.
What's with the change of heart?
Well it's a challenge. I'm thinking
maybe I make two dishes...
...one healthy, one not, and
have people compare the taste.
It's nice to see you excited
about something.
Yeah. I never thought I'd like
this teaching thing...
...but it's starting to grow on me.
- I'll see you later.
- See you.
Well, for someone who's
swearing off dating...
...these are some pretty
sweet evening shoes.
I'm not finished dating.
I just don't think I'm ready.
It is so stressful.
I even ate all of your appetizers
that you made for Dave...
...and they were real good.
Yeah, clearly.
I'm sorry. I was hungry.
You know, it's okay to care
about someone, Nina.
Um, hello? I'm a doctor.
I care about lots of people.
Yeah, your patients.
I have friends too,
you and Luke and...
That is not
what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about, you know,
romance, guys.
I so do not have the time for that.
Okay, look, I get it, all right?
One of the first things they
teach you in medical school...
...is how to care but not get
too involved.
It's supposed to protect us,
but I don't think...
...it's supposed to protect you
from falling in love.
At no point during this
...have I mentioned the word love.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Oh, hi, Chef Dave.
I was just leaving.
What? You don't have to go.
Oh, no, it's fine.
I was going anyway.
Have fun. Bye-bye.
So Olivia ate all of our food.
We'll just use what you
have left in the fridge.
Ooh, fridge, I wouldn't...
Unless your ex-boyfriend is
in there, it can't be that bad.
It's bad.
This expired five years ago.
I think it's time for a grocery
store run.
Look at this.
You know, when we were cooking
together it kind of made me sad.
We could have had that.
Sweetheart, no apology...
...can make up for all the times
that I wasn't there for you.
I just couldn't compete with
breaking news.
You shouldn't have had to.
Look, I loved my work...
...but I hated every time that
I had to leave you.
That's why I took this book
with me everywhere, because...
...it is full of your letters
so that I could...
...pretend that you were
there with me.
I wanted to be.
I should have tried harder.
And now it's too late.
Don't say that. Dr. Kirby said
she's doing everything she can.
Look, I'm grateful for every
day that I wake up...
...and every time that
I get to see you.
Boy, that is a gift I never
thought I was gonna have.
The secret,
it's in the dill sauce.
Mmm. You put, like, 20 different
things into one sauce.
I never knew it took this
much work...
...to get something to taste
so good.
Yeah, someday I want to have a
restaurant with an open kitchen.
People can come and watch
their food get made.
Would you ever give classes
through your restaurant?
Maybe, but before I do anything, I
have to get another head chef job.
That is comeback plan B.
So the book was plan A?
Yup, it's gonna take
a lot of work.
Making great food is the only way
people will respect me again.
Well, which is more important,
being good at what you do or...
...what people think of you?
But some people matter
more than others.
I hate to be a bad hostess, but,
I have to kick you out...
...early surgery tomorrow.
Well, uh...
This was fun. I have a lot of
good ideas for the presentation.
I'll email you some thoughts.
See you in class.
You bet.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
He was just reading the paper,
and I turn around and...
...it just happened so fast.
We were supposed to go on a cruise
next week for our anniversary.
He was doing so well.
Oh, no, it's not your fault.
Mrs. Stevens? We have some
paperwork we need you to fill out.
He was my patient.
Why didn't anyone call me
when they brought him in?
It was the middle of the night.
So what? I would have come in.
Who was in charge?
I was, and I was in the room.
Look, Stu had a bad heart.
You've seen this before.
We all have.
I know, but I should have done
more tests on him.
You gave him the best care
he could have had...
...but he was too far gone.
But he was getting better.
We all have patients
that we bond with...
...but we can't let
losing them make us...
...useless to our
other patients.
I just feel like I let Stu down.
Nonsense. You did everything
you could to save him.
Don't you have that cooking
class tonight?
It doesn't seem right to go.
Go. Take your mind off of this.
Doctor's orders.
Make sure that's on medium.
I didn't even think of that.
Is that a chopped salad or a taco
station for a baby hamster?
I lost a patient today.
I'm so sorry.
I'm useless tonight.
I should probably go home.
You want to talk about it?
I'm okay, really.
You're not okay.
Look, come have a walk
with me, all right?
Hey, guys, keep working.
I'll be back
in just a few minutes, all right?
I thought Stu would be fine.
He was starting to exercise and
eat better. He just went suddenly.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to dump all
this on you.
Hey, I get bent out of shape
over a beef wellington.
You have to deal with life
or death.
I can't imagine how strong
you have to be.
My patients need me to be strong.
Your patients aren't here
right now.
Excuse me,
is this Dave Oberlin's class?
Yeah, I think he's in the lecture
hall, third door down.
Thank you.
- What are you doing here?
- I'm back from New York.
How's the new job? And heard
about the new man.
Neither worked out.
I wanted to apologize.
For breaking my heart or
ruining my career?
Both, and I'm gonna make it up
to you.
I had no idea things
had gotten this bad.
I'm fine. I enjoy this job.
Well, you haven't lost
your sarcastic wit.
I like teaching.
Sure you do, but you have
suffered enough.
Look, I'm opening a restaurant
in Seattle...
...and I want you to be
our executive chef.
I don't think it's a good idea
if we work together.
There's no better way to clear
your name...
...than to run the hottest
restaurant in Seattle.
I'll think about it.
And one of our investors
...a spot for you on
a local morning show.
We make a great team, Dave.
Let's forget about the past.
I thought you had a dinner meeting.
I have to talk to you and I didn't
want to see Olivia in class.
I heard she went on
a date with Hayden.
I don't know what else to do.
I mean, she wants me
to rearrange my life.
She knows you can't do that...
...but maybe you could make
her more of a priority.
Nobody wants to feel like
they're your second choice.
So I got some bad news.
My next class is gonna be my last.
You got a gig.
In Seattle with, with Maggie.
Look, she feels bad for the way
she treated me, all right?
Dave, you don't have to stay
here as a teacher...
...but this thing with Maggie?
I just don't trust her.
Look, I -- I love teaching way
more than I ever thought I would...
...but I have to take the risk.
I don't have a choice.
You always have a choice.
I was at the top of my game...
...but I was working seven
days a week...
...and now I get more joy out
of cooking for my family...
...than I ever did at
a five-star restaurant.
I don't mind throwing myself
into work.
That way I don't have to think
about me.
That's your choice too.
My business partner's running
a little late...
...so I'll just have tea for now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Your assistant told me
you'd be here.
Okay, look, I had a conversation
with Nina last night...
...and she made me realize
that I've been unfair to you.
I've been taking this relationship
for granted, so it's not just you.
And I'm sorry I went out with
Hayden. I...
I was just trying to make
you jealous.
And it worked, but you don't
have to apologize for it.
It's just once I could fit personal
time into my Schedule I just...
...I assumed you could too.
Your schedule started to lighten
up just...
...as my company started
to take off.
Thank you.
Important email?
I'm okay with it.
No, I was telling Greg not to come.
I can call him later.
I'd rather have lunch with you.
I missed you.
So these roma tomatoes have
fewer seeds...
...so this is what
you want for pasta sauce.
That's the one I want to
take home.
Hey, can everyone gather
around real quick?
So for next week's final, each
team will choose one of these...
...recipe cards,
and one person will make the app...
...and one person will make
the entre.
There you go. There you go.
There you go.
All right, I'll see you guys
next week.
Hey, good luck, guys.
- Hey, what's going on?
- Hey.
You, uh, barely talked to me
all night.
Yeah, I didn't mean to
eavesdrop again...
...but I heard you and
your ex talking.
You're going to take that job,
aren't you?
I was gonna talk to you about
that tonight.
It starts next week, so I have
to move to Seattle...
...after the last class.
But our presentation is the
next day.
And you're gonna do great.
You can present all my ideas
just as well as I can.
It's fine.
I'll find someone else.
This is about your promotion,
isn't it?
It's about helping my patients,
and you're abandoning it...
...for something
you don't even want.
You don't understand. I've been
looking for a job for six months.
I finally get to do
what I love again.
I'm thrilled for you.
Good luck.
This is so cliche.
Shouldn't we at least mix it up...
...and eat a bowl of raw
cookie dough?
There's something so
soothing about ice cream.
Besides, raw cookie dough
can make you sick.
How did you leave things?
By being mad at him for taking
his dream job.
I wish I could take it back.
Well, you can.
He's not gone yet.
Someone didn't like their lunch.
Can I get you anything else,
Mrs. Cosworth?
I'm sorry, Eric.
I guess I'm just...
I'm not hungry.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Pete, what are you doing here?
I figured you were
gonna stay here...
...so I had your neighbor grab some
clean clothes from your place.
Mom, this is Pete.
He's a fellow real estate agent.
Pleasure to meet you,
Mrs. Cosworth.
Pete, may I ask you to
do me a favor?
- Sure.
- Would you take my daughter...
...out for something other
than hospital food?
I'd love to.
Thanks. Give us a sec, would you?
Mother, I see what you are doing.
That young man came all
the way down here...
...to bring you clean clothes.
I know it when I see it.
Hi, this is Dr. Nina Kirby
from Conley Hospital.
I was wondering if you'd
be interested in...
...teaching a healthy eating
Uh, yes.
Okay, thanks for your time. Bye.
Hey. Mrs. Cosworth's vitals
are really weak.
She's doing better than
I thought she would.
I think Heather bought her
a few more days.
All right.
Is it undercooked?
No, it's perfect.
Dave, she's not coming.
Her presentation's tomorrow,
and she's doing damage control.
Hopefully the board votes
to save the program.
If I didn't have to leave town,
I'd make it work.
You know, I deal with a lot of
terminally ill patients...
...and one thing I never hear is,
"I should have taken that job."
All right, guys, time's up.
Let's have your final dishes
here on the main table.
I just want to thank you.
Since I got my own place, I've
had to do so much for myself.
Now I can cook.
You've come a long way, Hayden.
Hey, now I just need to find
a laundry class.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Take it easy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry I couldn't make
it to class.
I was working on tomorrow's
You'll win them over.
I'm sorry I got mad at you.
I'm happy you found a great job.
I got you a going-away present.
If a customer or food critic
makes you mad...
...you can take it out
on the chicken.
Thank you for everything.
You too.
Hey, you know what? Maybe when
the restaurant's up and running...
...I could come back and teach
a few of your seminars.
Yeah, maybe.
Goodbye, Dave.
These seminars are a great way
to attract new patients...
...not only in cardiology but
in other areas as well.
Well, I think I speak on behalf
of the entire board when I say...
...we appreciate your passion
for this project, my dear...
...but the thing is that without
someone like Chef Dave...
...at the helm, I just think
it's better that...
...we put the entire idea
on hold for a while.
Look, this isn't about
a certain chef...
...or even a certain doctor.
It's about the patients.
Stu Stevens, he was one of
my patients.
His arteries were clogged, and he
was at risk for a heart attack...
...but the thing is he really
wanted to change...
...but he didn't know where to go,
so he came to us, to our program...
...and he started to eat right...
...and his health really did
begin to improve.
He was even talking about
climbing an Aztec temple.
But the damage had been done.
He died from that heart attack.
That poor man.
But if we can get to the Stus of
the world before it's too late...
...we can get more than just good
publicity for our hospital.
We can actually save lives.
And isn't that
why we chose this career?
I'm sorry. I have to go.
So I said to her, "I didn't even
know you had a chicken."
Prep Lynn for surgery.
We got a heart.
Oh, my God. Okay, it's go time.
Dr. Kirby, will you be doing
her surgery?
I'm not a transplant
surgeon, but...
...Dr. Simon is on his way
from University Hospital.
He's one of the best
in the country.
And I'll be right there.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Got these for your mom.
Thank you.
How are you holding up?
I'm doing okay.
She's tough. I think she's
gonna pull through.
Well, the doctor thinks that
you being here...
...gave her something to live for.
We still have our issues,
but we're working through them.
Heather, we're moving your mom
to recovery.
She did great.
Thank you so much.
I want to be there
when she wakes up.
Just through those doors.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Never seen you in action before.
Suits you.
Shouldn't you be in Seattle by now?
I turned the job down.
I realized the best way
to clear my name was to...
...give back to the community
and not cater to rich foodies.
So you're staying?
I don't know if running
a restaurant's what I want...
...and working with my ex is
...not worth giving up
what I do want.
Well, the board hasn't officially
voted down the seminars.
I'm in. That is,
if the position is still open.
Of course it is. I mean...
...the seminars are going
to be great but...
...is that what you really want?
I don't know.
I think I like teaching.
I know one thing for sure.
I want to be with you, Nina.