Diamond Cartel (2017) Movie Script

What we see
is sometimes never is.
A mind is a wondrous thing.
And if you're guessing
you'll probably say
this was California,
and from the distance
it could well be.
But the world I come from,
this world,
is far from California.
This is Southern Siberia.
The former Soviet union.
Rich in oil, but also
the deserts of Asia.
Your freedom in this place,
is the ultimate bargaining chip
for those who own it.
Remaining alive,
that's a tax paid
on a daily basis.
It's a tax
that keeps rising.
Like a shadow, this tax,
it never leaves your sight.
The iron heel
you're born under,
is the heel
by which you die.
Mr. Lou.
As we've agreed,
I'll be forwarding
the diamonds to Boris.
After that we pass
the package on to
amoto San.
I've arranged to ship it
by boat.
In three day it will be
in Hong Kong.
Your guys are the best
lapidaries in the world.
Tony, our guys are
the best lapidaries,
and your guys are
the best buyers
in America.
I hope you've
got everything
organized already.
Brother, you know my guys.
You know you can
count on them.
This is not
their first time.
The only person
worth trusting was
the most dangerous.
And even he was at behest
of the wolves he employed.
The one thing you learn
as quick as taking
your first breath,
is that nothing is ever
what it seems.
The flash, the glitzs,
the stars
only shine for those who chose
not to see beyond them.
I've been
expecting your call.
Did something
unusual happen?
No. Nothing unusual.
No. I'm studying the stars.
You know, one of the most
brilliant of them all.
This one here.
My eastern star.
I don't have it.
And how can you be so sure
i have this star of east?
So, what's the juice?
Because of our relationship,
I'm willing to sell you
the star of east
for half price.
Thirty million us.
Thirty million fucking dollars
from me? What do you want
from me?
You want cash?
Then make the fucking deal.
Good evening.
You again.
Have you seen this girl?
Stop there.
I want you to write down
what I tell you.
Don't worry.
I'll remember it.
Indulge me.
I want you to write it down,
and keep it in your pocket,
Uh, let me explain.
When she worked here
i was planning to come in
and propose,
but she disappeared
Has she been
around since then?
Now, listen.
I'm gonna write
this down for you.
She's never been
back here.
Get it.
She walked out the door,
and we haven't seen her since.
Is that clear?
You've been
coming into my place
for two years.
You're so fixated,
you ask the same question
time after time
even though we keep saying,
"we haven't seen the bitch".
Get out of here!
Thanks a lot.
Ruslan was not
the brightest star in the room.
But he never gave up...
On me, that is.
Neither did arman.
My two sidekicks.
My two lovers.
My one dilemma.
Baby, just come see me.
Just come by.
I've a nice surprise.
You're nicer than usual.
What's the occasion?
Are you the surprise?
I'm talking to my daughter.
How long have
you been answering
to the name "sweetheart"?
-I wouldn't have thought--
-you listen, lady. When I want
your opinion...
I'll ask for it.
So Mike promised to bring
the stone today.
It's my star...
Of the east.
Where'd you plan to meet?
It will be
at the factory,
as usual.
I put the boys there.
There'll be no trouble.
We'll be there
in three hours.
You're not going.
What do you mean?
She is.
It's my... decision.
Look at his face.
See I was right.
He's happy.
Have you lost your mind?
You forget who took you
under his wing...
After your father died?
Who fed you...
All these years?
I remember.
But I seemed to be hungry
no matter how much I ate...
In your place, mussa.
In my place?
I remember.
You had the look
of a wolf cub
two years ago...
When I punished your
little girlfriend, aliah.
You owe me.
Hmm. They're all
$10,000 bills.
I didn't know
they made them.
Yes, they're rare...
Not available
unless required...
By those who can afford.
So, my repeat is
for the last time,
Mike is bringing
Mr. Lou's diamond to
the abandoned factory.
You'll have
a security team,
and catastroff will
lead the way.
So where are you going?
With her.
And who will you meet?
I said, who will you meet?
Mr. Lou.
Why the fuck is
he talking about Mr. Lou?
You're meeting Mike
at the factory.
Try to focus on this.
I'm giving you
30 million bucks,
let's not fuck this up.
I got it. I'm not a fool.
Oh. Right.
Antonio, time to work.
I was told you took this job
because you are looking
for your girlfriend.
Good luck.
You won't find her here.
How did you loose
your girl friend?
Believe me.
It won't happen
second time.
You sure?
Good luck to you.
Mr. Mike loves blondes.
Just go.
you want me to make
a deal with you?
let's forget the past.
It's only business.
You want me to take you
seriously as a businessman?
Now, you know
there's something
in it for me.
What's in it for you?
I get to pick up aliah.
Then I'm gone.
All this for a girl?
Big mistake.
Just stay focused
on revenge for
your fathers death.
Arman's lust to avenge
the death of his father
was eclipsed
by his love for me.
In a hopeless world
sometimes the smallest light,
shines the brightest.
Open the door
for the lady.
The siberian definition
of a blood diamond
is where 30 souls
suicide themselves
in 30 seconds for it.
A steep price to pay,
but in this part of the world,
it's an even trade.
Last time,
mussa sent arman.
This time I guess
we got a...
Very, very beautiful
young lady.
I like your
sense of humor, Mr. Mike.
I just hope you brought
the money we all agreed on...
- Right?
- I may be beautiful,
but I'm all business.
Now, then... the diamond.
Hey, bitch, let's
see the money.
I hope it's, uh,
30 million exactly.
Oh, gentlemen.
After all this time
you still don't trust us?
It's 30 million.
And how do I know
that the stone is real?
Let me see it.
Is this your
first transaction?
Nothing we do is fake.
This is real!
Look at it!
You see, when you're
dealing with us,
everything you see is real.
When laughing hyenas
come out to play,
all bets are off.
Our particular breed of hyena,
eat their own kind.
What you call
"a massacre",
we call it
"fun day at the zoo".
He wants to blow you.
Hey, baldie.
Wanna give me
a blow job?
Is that it?
Suck this!
The best business
is always
clean business.
This is serious shit.
This is serious shit.
In your place, mussa.
You whore, get what
you came for?
Mussa's gonna love
the way you look with
a bullet in your head.
Now, mussa
will have to update
your portrait.
When the devil
he sends your friend
or your relative.
A chilling reminder
not to be late on the rent.
But not to mussa.
Blood made no impression.
In fact no one could discern
what he was thinking.
And here nothing was ever
what it seemed.
Nothing was what it seemed.
But, uh, boss, I had no idea
what was going down.
Hey, boss, there's a guy
from khazar here.
Oh, I'd figured it was khazars
guys who'd grab the briefcase.
Realized whose money it was,
and then sent this fool
to give it back.
Am I right?
Hey. So where's
the stone, pal?
You got it in your mouth?
Is that why you can't talk?
Khazar send me to find out
what's going on with
the territorial lines?
You violated the divisions.
It's his conditions
that don't suit me.
You know,
what's mine is mine.
It's my territory.
No one comes in here
and changes the rules.
Fine then. Forget it.
They're just
made-up borders.
the ways of god...
Are inscrutable.
-I remember--
-boss, it was luck.
Somebody had to tell you
who stole the goods.
I was watching your back
for you.
Focus on this.
When the Soviet union
crashed in '91,
mussa was a general.
So, when the rich
were running
from the wreckage
outbidding each other
to police, the rest
of mother Russia,
mussa split with
his own private army.
You better watch
your tongue, boy.
Guess you're gonna need it.
I'm not your damn boy.
-You son of a bitch.
-What the fuck!
He shot me!
You're killing the music.
You're killing the music.
Why did you do that?
Have you ever used
a gun before?
You stupid moron.
-You stupid?
He is fucking errand boy
for khazar.
-I'm sorry, it was an accident.
-You stupid, son of a bitch!
Why do you give me
these problems?
It's always the same shit
with you.
I'll cut your nuts,
you bastard!
Shut the fuck up, all right,
and go home.
I'll deal with
my people myself.
How the hell am
i supposed to get home!
Your men shot me!
Don't make me regret
he didn't kill you, okay?
He only wounded you.
And why the fuck
didn't you kill him?
Why you wound him like that?
-I wasn't trying.
-You change your mind? You
confuse the shit out of me.
-I should've killed him?
-One day you say
you wanna kill people,
next day you wanna save people.
Next day you wanna...
The prestige
of every magic trick
is to have your audience
look one way,
while the trick within
the trick happens exactly
where they're not looking.
The art of distraction,
This clown in
the Paisley shirt
was the distraction.
The fear you see
in his eyes
was never real.
None of it was.
And mussa never...
Is there anything as interesting
out here as what you saw
in the shower?
Don't do this.
You better stop
kidding yourself right now.
Why you push me away?
Who the hell do you think
you are?
Brilliant. You learn quick.
You don't think
i know where you're
going with this?
All that money,
it's already in your car.
You got a problem with that?
We got a chance to split
and get the hell out of here.
No way.
Now, don't tell me "no way".
You're in a world
of precision.
The end game.
And you pissed away
your target
for panic attack?
You screw it up,
you let a major mark
walk away,
and the whole morning
I'm looking for you.
Where the hell were you?
How'd you find me?
I can't explain now,
I'm leaving, but
I'll come back for you.
You don't remember anything?
Don't worry, you will.
It'll come to you.
Okay, you want me
to leave you.
I'll go, but understand
we can never come back.
Thanks for helping me
with everything.
I'll be back very soon.
For helping you
with everything, huh?
Put these on.
I sent you a message.
You brain dead?
What the hell
happened to the girl?
I don't know. She jumped
in your car and split.
She left in a hurry.
Didn't even say anything.
The end
justifies the means.
I did what I had to do.
We had a raging pack of wolves
clawing and itching their way
after us now.
And we didn't care.
All we had was
the two of us,
and that's all
you need sometimes.
You lost my money,
the diamond,
and the girl.
And now...
You've lost something
that belonged to you.
The most deadly trader
Siberia has ever known,
the mighty khazar.
He was medicated,
he was schizophrenic,
and his army was loyal
to narcotics.
The worst jet fuel
known to man.
You said you had
everything under control.
You have one day to get me
that case on this table.
And the girl
lying next to it.
She'll never
bow down to you.
Do you think
i give a fuck
about that girl?
Gather everyone.
You heard me,
make the call.
Don't you bullshit on me.
You want a war?
Are you sure that
batro can be trusted.
Batro is my father's
best friend.
Believe me. The man
would never betray us.
- And if he should ask
what's going on?
If we keep quiet,
he won't be nosy.
I'll find you, no matter
where you run.
Just like a wolf...
I'll sniff you out.
For a wolf a hundred miles
is nothing at all.
Even a thousand.
I'll catch up to you.
Let's move.
Aren't you coming?
I'll catch up to you.
Some would say
David had more of a
chance to beat goliath
than the two of us
had to live for a day.
We took our chance and ran.
When you are
consumed by love,
you are bereft to fear.
look at you ruslan,
all grown up.
Like father, like son.
How are you, uncle?
I'm just fine.
When are you gonna
tell me, ruslan?
It's your palace.
I've always wanted
one of those.
Hey, who's that?
Well, there's always
soldiers at a queens palace.
So, I guess
if I'm the queen,
then all the rest
are my subjects?
That's right.
Every one?
Everyone of them.
The world bows at
the feet of the queen.
Come sit next to me.
Queen shouldn't be alone,
they should have
their own prince.
You could be my prince
and the whole world will
have to follow our orders.
Being alone is no fun.
How does the prince
get chosen?
The way it works is,
the queen has to give
the chosen one her heart.
How do you do that?
Oh, hold on a minute.
Feels kind of heavy.
Hold it tight.
It's yours now.
-Got it!
-Stop it!
Leave him alone.
That's not yours.
Arman stop!
Maybe I do have
a heart of stone.
And that's why
my life is like this.
My queen.
Joyous is the fortunate soul
favored by her love.
Will you forgive me?
I tried so hard
to find you.
I searched so long.
There's something
i need to tell you.
It is me who has
to tell you a lot.
Tell me everything.
Two years ago...
I worked in a casino
for a very rich man.
Then one day
when I was working
at the card table,
everything started
to go wrong from
the very first deal.
One of the customers
started winning big.
First he doubled up,
and by the 10th round,
he had tripled up.
Usually in those kinds
of situation security
will do something.
They'll move the guest
to a different table,
or change the dealer.
It's a standard response
to those situations.
But not in this case.
After an hour,
he took his winnings,
quietly stood up,
and left the casino
through the main entrance.
He walked away with
half a million dollars...
Along with my life.
What do you think?
Mm. It's excellent.
Who was the man?
The slick.
As you wish boss.
And what happened to you?
That's why
you're slick, baha.
The slick.
And who are you,
arman the slack?
it's nice music, isn't it?
do you know
why I play?
I'm just getting old.
When I was your age,
i was just like you.
I made so
many mistakes,
I went into debt.
I gave away the very rights
to my life to others.
For what?
A mountain of debt.
and now I thought
of revealing myself
through my muse.
I speak of you.
Why'd you loose this money
in the casino tonight?
It's my casino.
It's my table.
It's my money.
The croupier
is not liable.
Aliah, in any casino,
every casino, everyone is...
He owned everyone,
including me.
And all he wanted was me,
just for himself.
Welcome to the world
run by warlords.
To him, a man
of endless power,
I was the one star
he could never buy.
How do we
resolve this? Hmm?
'Cause I have
to get paid.
I have to get paid.
Is there something else?
Will you compensate
me, aliah,
so you can get
through this?
What can I do?
I don't know,
give me something.
Give me your youth.
Your beauty.
Your eyes.
I want your eyes.
So what do you say?
Aliah, you're mine?
'Cause I'll give you this.
I'll give you all of it.
I'll make you
master of it.
No. No.
It's not as if
you have a choice.
You gave away
the rights to your life
to someone else.
You've a debt,
and I've got
to get paid.
You owe, you owe me!
And by the way,
you can't hide...
'Cause I'll find you.
I'll find you here.
I'll find you there.
I'll give you two days.
Make it three.
Arman made me
a proposition.
I was desperate
for anything.
I could see you were
trying to call.
But it was impossible for me
to answer the phone.
From that moment
my life had ended.
I thought to slash my wrist.
But arman took away
even that option.
He told me my life was
no longer my own.
From that point on
I shut down.
There was no
room for love
in my new life.
We're clearing sector 3,
proceeding to sector 4.
Arman brought me
to khazar.
Mussa conducted
his dirty business.
But the dirtiest business
in this city
was conducted by khazar.
Drugs, and murder for hire...
He was the only one
who could deal with mussa.
This was the residue
of the cold war.
She's here.
I was told...
You'd sleep around,
but you don't want to.
You may need a job,
but you, you...
Are of no use to me now.
It's like fire.
A lighter or match
can light either
a pipe or a cigar,
both ways work.
However the true nature
of the problem is...
One is natural...
And one is not.
Matches are just better.
Just like I'm
better than mussa.
Why bring her?
So, what can I do?
The truth is...
These are really
games for men.
She's a lot tougher
than she looks.
A shooter who's an expert.
Here's your chance.
Prove it.
Come now.
I got it.
They called him cube.
He could do anything.
He began training
me for work.
At least that's what
he called it.
I wanted to throw myself
under a bullet...
Rather than being
an assassin.
To take away the lives
of the innocent,
but cube kept me
to the program.
I didn't ask
any more questions.
I saw how you were looking
at veera when she fell.
I presume you felt
sorry for her.
You shouldn't.
She won't for you.
I don't want to do
things I shouldn't.
I left the man who loved me,
and wanted nothing in return.
I'm getting ready
to kill people.
For that son of a bitch.
And I'm doing it
so I can give money
to another son of a bitch.
The truth is those
sons of bitches live
on a different planet.
It should be
one world for all.
It's not your
decision to make.
Who does?
I'm in charge.
Everyone's exploited.
At least with khazar
you know where
he's coming from.
So that makes it right?
The only thing
you need to do
is pull the trigger.
You have nothing to fear.
Do it quickly,
and don't loose
your concentration.
And refrain from asking
too many questions.
And I didn't ask
any more questions.
But at first it was hard.
Let's keep this concise.
On my command. Got it?
It's critical
Thirty seconds.
I never dreamed
one day I'd be recruited...
As a hammer.
All warlords here
are in the crosshairs.
And to get out of hell...
My new job
as just to crush.
It seemed like
it wasn't real.
I wanted
to be the best.
I wanted to be mussa...
If only for a moment.
That rendezvous...
At the abandoned factory,
that's the first time
i failed to carry out
an assignment.
Say something.
Talk to me.
I'm sick.
Do you want
to stand in front?
No! It will exactly be
like in that movie.
-Just go.
-You really mean that?
As you wish,
my queen.
Right now, I'm not willing
to come down to earth.
It's clear enough.
There's no need
to talk about it.
Please let me
explain to you.
I love you!
Oh! I love you so much.
Oh! Come here.
I'm so happy.
Would you leave me alone?
Please give me
a chance.
This money will
help us survive.
Thanks, but I don't want
anything from you.
You should take
the money and leave.
You know this money
will help start a new life.
We'll be able to leave.
Oh, really? For where?
Wherever we want.
We'll just leave.
We'll settle some place.
We'll start a family.
You'll be a great father,
I'm sure of it.
How many kids
would you like?
Three? Four?
How 'bout six?
Stop it, aliah.
Where were you
for two years?
How come you never
tried to call?
I'm sorry. I told you
everything I did.
You've confessed
to everything?
And nothing!
Has he been screwing you
these two years?
Give me a chance.
I love you, sweetheart!
We need
to go far away.
And for that
we'll need money,
you don't have any...
Even for flying.
Hey, aliah, I brought you
a present. It's in here.
Thanks. Come on in.
You didn't need to bring me
a present.
I told you that.
Hope you like them.
It cost a lot.
Forgive me.
You know what's weird?
When I'm with you
i feel like everything
will work out.
I really envy you.
You've always had
an optimistic vision
about things.
Even when we were kids.
I wish I did.
So... that's
the whole story.
Okay, I've got it.
You can rely on me.
We'll be leaving
You know where
you're going?
You like it?
A lonely sailboat.
Like a lonely person.
Do you really think
you need to leave?
Fly away.
Drive away.
Or sail away.
Sailing away is possible.
An old fried of mine
gave me that picture.
You remember?
You were only a little boy
when we took that trip
many years ago.
He's a former
customs officer.
Yes. He lives
in a little place.
Where else could he live,
but by the edge of sea.
After all those years
guarding the border,
he feels there should
be a border for goods,
but not for people.
He lives pretty much
the way he wants.
I wrote his number down.
I'll tell him you'll call.
He'll get us a boat?
You have no
other way out.
There's always
a way out.
Yes, Mr. Lou.
Look out your window.
You see anything?
That means I'm still
waiting for an answer
to my question.
I don't need
to repeat myself.
Do I?
You'll have your answer
in the morning.
Her husband
walks in just when I'm
about to come.
Bad luck. Everyone stay awake,
i got to go take a piss.
Like a race horse.
You can stop
right there.
Put the briefcase down.
Now, step back.
I've brought everything
as we agreed.
What's this bullshit?
Hey, screw off.
Get out of here.
You really brought it?
I'm confused. Why the hell
did she pick you?
We have an agreement.
I return the money,
and then you let us both go.
In a minute no one's
gonna remember...
What the agreement was.
No need for the guns.
We got this.
Grandpa's about to have
a world of hurting.
We had an arrangement.
I promised mussa...
I promised khazar...
Sue me.
And my boys are gonna
take care of you.
Oh, shit!
Come on, let's go.
Hey, sorrow.
Get in here.
We're coming.
We're coming.
Don't turn around.
Put the weapon down.
You should've
kept your word.
Take the case
and get out of here.
Go on, red, help him.
He wiped out everybody.
Drop the gun.
Which one
do I put it in?
What do you mean?
I mean, which car?
There's ours and the one
the bald guy came in.
Do I have
to draw you a map?
If you hadn't asked me,
which car would you
guessed, cousin?
You know the end...
It's who's still standing
that counts.
Friends are nothing.
It's about money,
weapons and power.
You're forgetting something.
No, you're
forgetting something.
Anyone can be bought
if you know the price.
So, tell me...
What did you have to
come up with to conquer
the heart of stone?
How much?
you can't buy
love with money.
Hey, sorrow.
Who beat the shit
out of you?
What the fuck! What the fuck!
What the fuck!
What the hell
happened here?
If I leave you guys
for five seconds
everything falls apart?
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Who the fuck did this?
Now, what am i
supposed to tell arman?
Who did this? Who?
Sl... slick.
So, that's it?
That's it.
You need to kill them.
And the girl...
Before mussa finds her.
Oh, I'm getting hungry.
Where's the package?
It's in the trunk.
Hello, boss.
Come on, let's
pull over now.
We're not in
a big hurry now.
You're feeling better?
Yeah, I'm good.
Are you hungry at all?
We need to get far away
from these guys.
Come on, you have to admit,
that's a pretty smart idea.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm gonna split
you open, baby.
I'm gonna split
you open wide.
You fuck with me?
Always a heart of stone.
What about that place?
You wanna stop there?
What is it, boss? What?
What's the matter?
Where the fuck is it?
Where the fuck is it?
Where is it?
- I'll cut you into pieces,
you fucking piece of shit.
Where the fuck is it?
You dumb...
What you fuck?
What you fuck?
What you fuck?
What you fuck?
You piece of shit!
You piece of shit!
You piece of shit!
Where is it?
Fuck you!
I want a fucking reason.
I want a fucking reason.
Get away from me.
Shut up!
So, why'd you do that?
I thought you were
going to give it back,
so I got up
and switched them.
You kept sleeping.
I'm going to buy
some snacks.
Call buksir.
Everything's going
to be all right.
Well, just the right time
to talk business.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yeah? Is that a "yeah"?
At least I got
a "yeah". That's a step
in the right direction.
Haven't even told you
why I have called.
I'm liking this.
How about a "yeah"
to where my money is?
Well, you got one guess.
Only one?
Fucking magnanimous
of you, nephew.
I get one guess,
you stingy little bastard.
Could it be... could it
be the little girl?
The little catch of a girl
you introduced to khazar?
Stupid move, arman.
You never
gave her a choice.
She would have
wound up there anyway.
Not necessarily, you know.
She could have stripped down
and gotten into bed.
We would've
all been closer.
Your idea of close,
it's not really an option.
Well, this case
is the worst but...
Fuck it. Whatever.
So what's it like
on the run?
What do you think?
You set this in motion.
You cut all of us loose.
Why? You gonna be working
with khazar now?
I'm just trying
not to get pissed on.
What do you say
we amend the situation?
Well, as always,
you know best.
Well, why don't we shake
hands on it, at least, huh?
Kiss and makeup?
All right.
Which hands you have
there for me?
The left. Why?
Because I want
to reach out
to your imagination.
You know how I picture things
in my mind before I put 'em
on canvas.
I want you to know that I have
the feels, the sensibility for
your sense of touch.
Okay, I feel it.
I feel it deeply.
We'll be in touch.
I'll bring the money to you.
By the way, khazar
was generous enough
to invite me to dinner
tonight, you know.
That was nice.
In fact, he's on
speaker phone right now.
He wants
to commission me
to do a portrait.
I said to him,
"it's a brilliant idea."
It's brilliant
because it speaks
of a resolution.
He insists on falling
upside down.
Though not from the ceiling
like this. And I told him,
i say, "come on, khazar."
How can I possibly
paint you right.
How? Tell me how?
I mean, do you know
how the roads in America
got so smooth?
No. Tell me.
Because they're paved
with the very bones
of smooth guys like khazar.
Right, khazar?
-Really cool guys.
-Excuse me.
So, what do you want?
I want nothing.
I want my money,
i want my diamonds,
i want that bitch of a cunt.
Or I swear for the bones
for your ass, numb-nuts.
You'd kill me,
like you killed
my father?
You know what, arman,
you know a lot
but more important what
you don't understand
which is that money sometimes
requires a sacrifice.
By the way, you finish
Olga's portrait?
- I have a recent
shot of her.
I'm gonna send
it right now.
Make it easy for you
to finish your work.
I had mussa's
diamond and his cash.
Let's go.
He was as angry as
Lucifer when denied the earth.
But when he learned
that one woman,
his most constant lover
had died in this war,
a war of his own invention,
all of our moments
were numbered.
You sent nachos about her?
You may be right.
Boss. Boss. What do you
want us to do with him?
Pave him into the road.
May the cars...
Pass on the road
you'd be buried in now.
I should be driving.
I'm good.
I know that.
It's just better when
the queen's relaxing.
Not behind
the steering wheel.
You are something.
Watch the road.
If anyone told me
a week ago I'll be paving
khazar into the road
I'd told them
they were off their nut.
I see him.
Look alive!
come on, aliah.
you okay?
-What did I say?
What did I say?
Every single time...
God dammed,
i tell you moron.
What did I do?
You son of a bitch.
Walking around all day
sniffing that shit...
You never hear
anything I say.
I said get gas.
Well, why the hell
was that my job?
Because I told you
to do it.
Next time I'm gonna
kill you and leave you
on the side of the road.
I don't need a map.
I know this place.
Tomorrow morning
there'll be a boat there,
and if you can catch it,
that's all I can help.
I'll miss you.
She's pretty, isn't she?
what are you doing?
Are you nuts?
The woods are
a little wet.
Without some
kind of paper
it won't ignite.
Don't look at me like
i did something wrong.
See? It's heating up.
Okay. No more money.
Where're you going?
You're gonna
hire a boat?
Sail away some where?
Run away?
Sounds like
a pretty good idea.
But you're running
on empty.
That's a little optimistic
considering your options.
You're gonna have
to re-work the map.
If you'd have
followed orders,
we could've
avoided all of this.
Remember your first hit?
You asked me,
"is it possible not to
carry out orders?"
I told you the truth.
I said, "yes,"
"if you're prepared to die."
We just came over to visit.
Is this how you
treat your guests?
You know, you've been
alone too long.
What is there
to talk about?
You know, I've heard a lot
of stories about you.
You smuggle folks out.
I do.
Depends on who.
What can you tell us
about yesterday?
About those two that
come through here.
If I told you anything,
I'd be screwed.
And if you're
going to screw me,
I prefer you buy me
dinner first.
Don't think we forget
what you're about, bookie.
So, sop fucking around.
Take him out.
So, where are they?
Don't test my conscience.
I have no boss
but my own conscience.
And you're acting
like my boss.
I'm not your boss,
I'm just trying to save
these kids lives.
And if you don't tell me,
I'm gonna burn your
little shack to the ground.
I'm under official orders
to bring those kids back.
And why're you
giving up your life
for strangers, huh?
Don't be an idiot.
You drove over
5000 kilometers
to some shack,
from which now
you can get lost.
She stole from mussa.
Ah, mussa again.
I'm tired of that mussa.
Just give me the information
and we're out of here.
Have in just a minute.
It's in the cabin,
I'll get it for you.
And if you need some lead
to write it down, I'll give
that to you too.
Forget the damn
money! Aliah.
Who got shot?
Stay sharp. Mussa.
I'm not going over there.
You want a war?
You got war!
What a fancy outfit.
Did you make it yourself?
It hurts. Are you crazy?
Okay. Come on.
So, you really
want to do this?
All right. Okay. Come on.
I'll show you what
a real Kazakhstan
cool balled fist feels like.
Prepare to die.
The boat's out there...
Waiting for us.
You prepared to kill me?
So you are ready
for both of us
right now to die...
Leaving you alone?
Take the money
and leave us alone.
I didn't come for that.
Believe me.
I'm your life,
you're mine.
I love you.
Forget her.
And forget me too.
I'm sick of this.
Good thing I missed, no?
Watch over her.
He'd have shot you.
Both of you.
Yeah. I've got
the money with me.
What are you doing?
Ruslan, what are you doing?
Here is the money
as I promised you.
Good boy.
Aliah, hold on.
-Why did you...
-I'll explain it to you.
Listen, please.
Freedom and love...
Are worth more than money.
Are you crazy?
I gave something that's
worth less to get something
that's worth more.
I can't believe
you're saying that.
Stop a second.
You traitor.
In a second...
I lost myself.
Drop the weapon!
And my love...
My guide out of hell,
in a second I became all...
I despised and wished
to be free of...
He told me to come here
to get my cash.
You're going away
with him, no?
I'll kill you.
Give rid of them.
All of them, now.
What the fuck
are you looking at?
You can't see right from left?
What are you, fucking stupid?
I don't know how the hell
I'm still alive with these
fucking morons, Jesus Christ.
Get rid of them.
Just let us go!
You got what you came for.
You'll never see us again.
I'm begging you.
You want to swim?
I will if I have to.
You're gonna make it
to that coast?
Be my guest.
Ruslan was right, bastard.
In fact...
Here we are.
We finally made it.
It's the dream that
we've always talked about.
We have the whole world
at our feet.
well, colonel,
the mission's completed...
Just as you planned.
everything's in place.
We'll get to the coast.
We'll take the money.
it's your's.
Don't worry.
Sounds right.
We'll take the money...
You wouldn't
let me down, now,
would you?
Of course not.
Good boy.
Take...The stone.
And I'll take the money.
Now, this mission
is complete.
We have ten minutes left.
go back to the city.
You know what to do.
And you?
The kids have left
to start their own families.
Their mother's
been sick for a while.
I'm going home.
life is short
and unpredictable...
You be sure and take care
of yourself, captain.
If only he was alive,
I'd hear
his heart beating.
But, why did you help us?
Give me your hand.
Better we cut our losses.
I don't even know
how I found you.
Let's get rid of this
for starters.
Why did you follow me?
Just be happy I did.
I've always dreamed of
leaving everything behind.
Whatever it is...
Or my life was.
Most of us dream
to be anything
but ourselves.
Most of us wish...
And to wish is all
it will ever be.
And to dream is to dream,
until we wake up.
And life remains...
Still the way it was.
And light has
erased the dark.