Diana (2021) Movie Script

Flashbulbs fill the air
Frenzy fills the night
A lonely girl aswirl
Lost in blinding light
Living rather large
Yet feeling rather small
Step up to the mic
But you're not heard at all
Your prison has been built
Your downfall's been devised
Won't they be surprised?
When you're underestimated
They minimize your thoughts
They maximize your flaws
The trouble you can cause
When you're underestimated
Lady Diana, is it?
His Royal Highness was wondering
where you went. He sent me to find you.
Oh, I just needed a little air.
It's such a posh party.
I'm used to talking to five-year-olds.
I'm a kindergarten helper.
I don't even know why I came.
So not my scene.
Well, His Royal Highness
is certainly glad you came.
I can tell he's taken
quite a liking to you.
Has he really?
When you come back in, I'll make sure
you two have some time alone.
Oh, thank you...
Mrs. Parker Bowles. But call me Camilla.
Charles and I are old chums.
Nineteen and naive
Shy and insecure
Thinking princes never lie
Believing love is pure
Suddenly, a chance
Why not have a go?
The danger you don't see
The sorrow you don't know
So summon up your nerve
Fairy tales exist
And this one has a twist
'Cause you're underestimated
You never once stood out
Hardly passed a test
Sometimes, though, it's best
To be underestimated
Sometimes, though, it's best
To be underestimated
The headline of 1980
"Playboy Prince Needs a Lady"
His mother grew quite upset
For he hadn't found her yet
It was fine when you were new
But, good God, you're 32
What's a monarch to do?
There must be someone appropriate,
You'd be surprised by how few, Mummy.
We are in crisis!
Our popularity is declining,
the public trusts us less and less.
And you're saying that's my fault?
I'm saying your philandering
isn't helping matters!
You're the heir to the British crown
You were bred to settle down
Our future queen should have no past
Find her, Charles, and find her fast
The boy just can't decide
I swear to God, I've tried
This is matricide
Well, there is one possibility.
Daughter of a British earl
The youngest Spencer daughter, Lady Diana.
Lovely as an English pearl
Seemingly, the perfect girl
For the worst job
The worst job in England
But didn't you used to court her sister?
Sarah, yes, until she started mouthing off
to the press about our relationship.
-How stupid of her.
-But Diana's different.
She's very shy,
and I'm certain she'll be discreet.
But I'm not certain
this is what she wants.
How could she not?
She'll be Britain's heart
Though time to time
She'll be torn apart
She'll have a staff all her own
And not another moment alone
She'll be celebrated
Our country's pride
And spend her life objectified
She'll have a place
In our history books
And forever she'll be judged
By her looks
Britain won't be mollified
Till we have a princess bride
A country unified
A girl like her is hard to find
A princess we could get behind
Then again, keep in mind
It's the worst job
The worst job
A royal couple casts a spell
A royal wedding serves us well
A fairy tale born in hell
She's the best girl
The best girl
For the worst job
The worst job
It's the worst job
The worst job in England
The Princess of Wales?
Me? Imagine.
I know. I'm as amazed as you are.
But I hear
the Queen's become your biggest advocate.
God, that woman hated me.
I don't know, though,
he seems rather melancholy.
You've been hanging pictures
of Charlie boy on your wall
since you were 12.
He's your Barbara Cartland fantasy
come true.
All right, fine.
But do you think
he even likes me all that much?
As if that matters!
You meet all the requirements:
the right family, no pesky ex-boyfriends,
and, against all odds,
you're still a virgin.
In their eyes,
you're the perfect bloody princess.
This just came.
Yeah, I'd say he definitely likes you.
Bloody hell.
-The sod never gave me one of these.
-Well, that says a lot, doesn't it, Sarah?
-Ah, Lady Diana.
I was just checking if you received
the necklace I sent over?
Oh, yes, sir, and I
I love it.
I thought you might wear it tonight.
Oh, and I hope you don't mind,
I've invited a few friends to join us.
Well of course not,
I enjoy all your friends.
And tell me, Diana,
do you enjoy Bach?
Yes, sir, I adore Bach.
Splendid. Tonight, then.
He really does have
many appealing qualities.
Such as he's in line
to be the King of England?
She really couldn't be more charming.
-I hope she likes the necklace.
-Have you met Mrs. Parker Bowles yet?
I spent a lot of time
picking it out for her.
Yes, they're good friends. Why?
You'll see. I'll be borrowing this a lot.
-Enjoy Bach.
-And you truly think she may be the one?
I do.
I've really enjoyed getting to know her.
Her simplicity is so refreshing.
Not to mention, she's remarkably pretty.
And you know I've never cared about that.
-No, darling. I didn't mean...
-Someday I'll forgive you for that remark.
All right, forgiven.
Do you know what she suggested
we do this weekend?
-Go and see Dire Straits.
I hadn't the foggiest idea
what she was talking about.
-They're a pop band.
-Yes, I've been well educated on that now.
As well as on The Culture Club
and Duran Duran Duran.
-Oh, no, there are only two.
-Only two what?
Durans. It's simply Duran Dur...
Never mind.
I'm merely pointing out she has
the musical tastes of a teenage girl.
She is a teenage girl.
-So she's malleable.
You and I would have
great influence over her.
Now go and grab her before she runs off
with a member of Air Supply!
Well, I've engaged us a cellist
for tonight. You will join us?
Charles, perhaps Diana would prefer
some time alone with you?
I was actually hoping you could come
and offer her, um, a spot of guidance.
-I'm so thrilled you could come tonight.
-Well, it was a tough decision.
It was either this
or Trivial Pursuit with my flatmates, so...
And you look absolutely stunning.
Really? I feel like
an overdressed Barbie doll.
-Oh, no...
-Oh, that necklace is perfection!
Oh, I didn't realize you'd be here.
Then again, you seem to pop up everywhere.
My dear, may I offer a spot of advice?
You see, I feel as if I've become
a bit of a big sister to you.
Well, I already have two big sisters,
so I actually don't need another.
Well, this, uh, situation you're in,
the favored girl of the prince,
it's rather unique.
So do try to be as clever
as you can about it, all right?
-Charles likes clever girls.
Oh, here! A little thank-you gift.
Uh, for me?
You seem surprised.
Don't girls usually give you gifts?
No. Never.
Cuff links. How lovely.
-I'm sure you have dozens.
-Actually, hundreds.
Well, I saved the receipt, so...
That's Mstislav Rostropovich.
He is, in my layman's opinion,
the greatest cellist in the world today.
You see? It's sublime, darling, isn't it?
Soak it in,feel the strings
Hear the sound of angels' wings
This is heaven's music
Fit for kings
The Russian plays on and on
Like an endless telethon
How I wish that he were Elton John
Charles likes clever girls.
All right, I'm no intellect
But maybe there's a discotheque
Where the prince could hear some Prince
And we'd all get Funkadelic
Then again, don't create a scene
You're auditioning to be his queen
And if Queen were playing now
Freddie Mercury would slay it
This is how your people
This is how your people dance!
Pet Shop Boys!
C'mon, c'mon, make some noise!
This is how your people
This is how your people dance!
Rave and rant!
Give it up for Adam Ant!
-Where are you, Diana?
You seem a million miles away.
The music is transporting me.
I guess it's the royal drill
To smile a lot and sit still
Though I don't know why she's here
And I'd really like to sock her
And then there's Charles
Who's happy when
He hears music by dead white men
Perhaps his girl
Can turn him into a rocker
This is how your people
This is how your people dance!
Young and free
Everything I wanna be
This is how your people
This is how your people
Perhaps this girl
Can turn him into a rocker
Young and free
Everything you wanna be
Feel the groove
Even royals need to move
This is how your people
This is how your people
This is how your happy goddamn
Bloody people dance!
She has youth
She looks the part
To have such charm is quite an art
And all you have is the prince's heart
She is what the people
She is what the people want
Excuse me,
how about a quick snap there, luv?
Of me? Why?
You're that new friend
of the prince, ain't ya?
Come on, luv. One shot.
Snap, click
Snap, click, give a smile
The prince will enjoy you
At least for a while
Snap, click
Snap, click, Lady Di
Damn, I see why
You caught Charlie's eye
Snap, click
Snap, click, just one peek
You're the hottest one
He's had all week
Snap, click
Snap, click, have a blast
God only knows how long you will last
Snap, click
Thank you, that's enough now.
Ain't nothin' like the hunt
Ain't nothin' like the thrill
Find the right bird
Then go in for the kill
Better than a Guinness
Better than a wank
Snatch a few pics
It's money in the bank
Honey, you are money in the bank
Lady Diana Spencer
calling again for the prince.
I called earlier, so...
All right, yes, but please tell him
I really need to speak with him,
please. I...
She teaches kindergarten
She really ain't that bright
I hear she's still a virgin
So Charlie's got it right
Charlie's got it right
Please, sod off!
Snap, click
Snap, click, ain't this rich?
The kindergarten teacher
Is also a bitch!
Come on
Come on, just one go
Then we'll go away for an hour or so
Hey, why can't you see
That we're your friends?
Baby, our love is real
We know that your aim is
To be friggin' famous!
Well, honey, we are part of the deal!
Snap, click
Snap, click, earn your pay
All you gotta do is all that we say
Front page
Front page, you're the lead
Another hundred pictures
Is all that we need
We provide a public service
We do it every day
And if you think we're vultures
We dare you
To look away!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
- Snap, click, snap, click!
Snap, click!
-Charles, this has gone far enough.
-Are you suggesting it's my fault, Mummy?
I'm suggesting it's time
you make up your mind!
-The way the press is hounding her
-I am fond of Lady Diana.
I am, but
what if there were someone else?
Isn't this "someone else" already married?
Right. Of course, but...
Lady Diana and I,
we've only been out a dozen times or so,
and we don't have much in common.
You're the Prince of Wales.
You don't have much
in common with anybody.
But what if I'm simply not certain?
I mean, were you certain when you married?
Well, uh
He got down on one knee
Yes, he did it properly, and, well
That was it for me
But love evolves and bends and
Men take other friends
It doesn't mean devotion ends
Love's not what you expect
Love rarely is direct
Love changes every day
Whatever love meansanyway
Diana, it's time
we have a serious discussion.
-My cuff links.
The ones I gave you, you're wearing them.
Yes, uh, they're now my favorite pair.
I was so touched by
your kindness and your generosity and
And, I've grown quite fond of you.
But I'm not even sure
if any of this is what you want.
Sir, my mother deserted
our family when I was five.
Ran off with her boyfriend.
Horrible, really,
so I spent the next few years
reading nothing but romance novels,
mostly by Barbara Cartland.
She's written, like, 400 books,
and I'll argue they're all brilliant
because they're all about the same thing.
Finding the one person
you're meant to be with.
Before you snicker at me again,
you should know
that when my father remarried,
he married her daughter.
So Barbara Cartland
is now my step-grandmother.
I met her when I was 14.
Darling Diana!
Barbara Cartland, oh, just look at you!
I know, I'm delicious.
Your stories are the only ones I read!
How many are true?
True? Oh, no.
My books are spry with fantasy
Their endings tie up happily
It's what we long for in our youth
But here's the honest truth
Men are liars and dire cheaters
Passion expires and true love teeters
So don't be blinded by good looks
And most of all, read other books.
And I did read other books.
But she makes you believe love can
overcome whatever problems you have and
If my parents
had just believed that fantasy,
maybe they'd still be together.
So that's what I want.
A fantasy?
Just the possibility of it.
Lady Diana
you are remarkable.
So, then
I could get down on one knee
And do it properly
And ask you to marry me
Did you just... Is this a proposal?
Well, it is.
Oh, my God.
I'd guard you from that bloody mess
Known as the British press
Well, that's it more or less
What a terrible proposal.
And though you're just...
-Thank you.
Someday you'll be crowned Queen
The loveliest queen we've ever seen
Though it happened fast
This feeling unsurpassed
Our affection grows
Day by day
A fairy tale formalized
A nation mesmerized
Let's put our fantasy
On full display
And you're truly in love with me?
I am.
Whatever love meansanyway
Oh, sir.
Whatever love means anyway
Say the word, and I'll stop it now
But the girl is quite the "wow"
I'm sure that she will satisfy
And we're certain?
We found one young and pure
Somehow, you will endure
When you get bored, just come on by
You do your duty
For your country and your honor
You do your duty
For your country and your honor
- I often think happiness is a luxury
- I often think happiness is a luxury
Was there ever
A greater tabloid tale?
She was common, she was dim
She was far from worthy of him
A fairy tale about to turn grim
Diana, Diana
I've been assigned to take care of you,
m'lady, if you'll come with me?
No, I must go back to my flat.
It's engulfed in photographers.
The Queen and prince decree
That you must follow me
We'll keep the outside world at bay
But my kindergarten class,
I didn't even say goodbye.
Behind these noble gates
Your palace staff awaits
For safety's sake, let's lock you away
A fairy tale formalized
A nation mesmerized
Could they be more in love
Than they are today?
- Love took us by surprise
- You do your duty for your country
- Happiness in disguise
- Duty for your country and your honor
Could they be more in love
Than they are today?
Whatever love means
Whatever love means
Whatever love means
So love evolves and bends
And men take other friends
- It doesn't mean devotion ends
- It doesn't mean devotion ends
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah
I can't go through with it, Sarah.
Don't be daft, you're walking
down the aisle in two hours.
But you were right
about that Camilla woman.
Well, it's too late now.
Your face is already on all the mugs
and the tea towels.
You're a national holiday.
That dress doesn't lack volume.
Oh, God, I'll look enormous!
Hey, now.
Listen to your sister.
Every girl wanted him,
but you're the one who nabbed him.
And how many people's childhood dreams
actually come true?
Don't give in to your doubts
They'll find out who you are
An unknown nervous girl
How did she get this far?
So push those nerves aside
Time to get a grip
Just hold your head up high
And pray that you don't trip
I will make him love me
I will prove that I can
And I will be all that they require
All that they require and demand
I will
I will
Try my very best
As I stumble in this dress
I will
I will
Represent the Crown
No time now to back down
A bad time to back down
I will
I will
How did you become
This global fantasy?
No pressure, none at all
I'll plead insanity
I will
Make them love me
I will
Prove that I can
And I will be more than is expected
More than is expected
Here I stand
- I will
- I will
- I will
- I will
Rise above their fears
Deserve their deafening cheers
- I will
- I will
- I will
- I will
Be all they've dreamt and more
Somehow better than before
I'll be better than before
I will
I will
I will.
I will
I will
I will.
Darling, are you okay?
Of course.
Seems as if your friend
had a memorable wedding.
Well, for what it's worth, I thought
you were a far more beautiful bride.
And now you've gone completely mad.
On the contrary.
We will always have each other
And we will make this marriage work
And we know it's surely for the best
Yes, I'd say it's for the best
-Our first official appearance?
-A week on Sunday, yes.
-Are you certain I'm ready, Mummy?
-Now, now, it's all set.
-We shall present you in Wales.
-But what exactly will be expected of me?
No need to worry, darling,
all you have to do is follow by my side.
But I feel as if I received more training
when I was a preschool helper.
No training in the world
can prepare you for what's in store.
Darling, we'll simply
greet our subjects, shake their hands...
Wear gloves.
But what on earth do I say to them?
It's Welsh for,
"I'm happy to be here. Thank you."
So, then
All will be fine
Just move down the line
Excessive display of emotion is rude
- Show your smile...
- But just for a while
I've never been so nervous.
Never let any feelings intrude
So go with Windsor fortitude
I will try my very best.
And I'm so sorry if I disappoint you.
Charles, this will be her first time
interacting with a crowd.
-Stay close to her, will you?
-Yes, of course, Mummy.
Came out here to bitch and gripe
Guarantee she ain't my type
Ain't no way she'll match the hype
I don't know, she seems real nice
Want to bet she's cold as ice?
Let's go home
That's good advice
Now, you remember
the Welsh lesson I gave you?
Not a word.
I'm Diana.
I hardly know what I'm doing
I'm just glad to be with you
Sharing handshakes, hearing stories
What a lovely thing to do
But I'm truly no one special
In fact, I'm less than what I seem
- Years of royals
- So standoffish
- Who'd have thought?
- Something new
Over here, Princess Di
I want to catch your eye
Take this rose, this bouquet
Diana, make my day
Won't you please take my hand?
I am now your biggest fan
With no bother and no fuss
It's like she's one of us!
Pretty as we've ever seen
Like a living magazine!
We'll be proud to call you Queen
Oh, oh, oh, oh
And just like that
They fell in love
All of Wales
They fellin love
- And with joy
- And with joy
Undreamed of
All of Wales
They fell in love
Her press coverage is extraordinary.
She hardly knows what she's doing
But she does it awfully well
- She's a natural
- They adore her
As for me?
Hard to tell.
I was wondering if some of you
might say hello to my husband.
He adores Wales.
I was crowned in this country
How that day lives in me
Here I flourished, here my heart lies
Here in Wales, I feel most free
Charlie, thanks for all you do
But right now
You're blocking our view!
Step aside, let the lady through
I learned their language
Served their country
Over here, Princess Di
Loved my subjects, played my part
I want to catch your eye
Then a preschool helper
With no training
Steals away their heart!
And the world
- The whole world
- The whole world
We fell in love!
Darling, they're simply fascinated
with her because she's new.
Not to mention, she's a pretty young girl
with the hair and clothes, and you're a
I'm what?
A man, in a suit.
A very handsome man in a suit,
but nevertheless...
So I should simply hover nearby
and hold her handbag?
Well, wasn't that the goal?
We should be happy!
Darling, we've succeeded
beyond our wildest imaginations.
I'm beginning to think she may be
the best thing that's happened to you.
And where do you fit in, then?
Funny, my husband
recently inquired about that too.
So, I've been wondering,
are you still seeing your friend?
He calls you my friend.
I just hope you're aware of the risks now.
I can't imagine his wife
or the Queen would be too happy about it.
And are you still seeing your friend?
Or should I say "friends"?
Actually, no.
Oh, well Charles and I, is it a problem?
It just seems at some point, perhaps,
we should start paying
more attention to each other.
-We can't continue on as we've been.
-What do you mean?
You do your duty
For your country and your honor
You're now married
to the most beloved woman in England.
If we were ever found out,
I would be the most despised.
You do your duty
For your country and your honor
I don't think I could stand that.
Go to your wife.
We both have marriages
we need to attend to.
I have something to tell you.
-Are you all right?
Uh, yes, of course.
-You seem distracted.
-I've had much on my mind of late.
-Well, I have something to tell you.
-This isn't a good time.
-Can we speak later?
-It's good news, I think.
Christ! All right.
You're not still upset?
-About that newspaper coverage?
-Of course not.
I'm simply trying to do
what everyone expects of me.
It's rather difficult, isn't it?
What is it you wanted?!
-If you're in another one of your moods...
-What is it, Diana?
A baby, Charles
I'm going to have your baby, Charles
-A baby?
So quickly?
Are you happy, Charles?
Please tell me
That you're happy, Charles
I have always dreamed of having a girl,
but it would be quite helpful
if this first one were a boy.
I will do my very best.
I love you.
I do.
Love you.
And we married so quickly.
So perhaps this
is a proper beginning for us.
And Mrs. Parker Bowles, whatever we had
I've ended it.
A baby?!
Oh God!
William, my dear little prize
It stops me to look in your eyes
My gorgeous heir to the throne
Do I dare call you my own?
To me, you're much more than an heir
You're simply my heart, lying there
And can't we forever be
This happy new family?
You find the way to face the day
When you find happiness
Darling, I'm holding our son
So let me say, jolly well done
Never thought I was the type to cry
Or sing a sweet lullaby
- Happiness
- Happiness
- Happiness
- Happiness
After all we've both been through
Have we found happiness?
It's Mrs. Parker Bowles.
Should I tell her
you're otherwise engaged, sir?
How have you been?
All is well, I suppose.
Though my husband is being stationed
overseas more and more. And you?
William brings me
an impossible sense of joy.
And Diana and I are getting along
better than ever.
But it is lovely to hear your voice.
Is it?
I will always love you
You still haunt my dreams
And we will be there for each other
Always be there for each other
-Is that?
-It was a phone conversation, that is all.
-You're still in love with her?
-I am not.
-But you...
-You misunderstood! That is all.
-You just said you were in love with her!
-I said nothing of the kind!
Now if you don't mind,
I'd rather not have this conversation
again and again!
I feel so unprotected
This is not what I expected
A princess unperfected
If no one's listening
A husband barely there
Can't grab a gasp of air
Don't forget this was your dream
So simply breathe
Simply breathe
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
She hardly eats.
Her mood changes by the minute.
She's even been
threatening to harm herself.
It's postpartum depression.
I'm afraid it's grown quite severe.
She needs rest, as well as
the full support of those around her.
Especially from His Royal Highness.
Well, good luck with that.
-And when she has her next child?
-It will likely grow worse.
Simply, simply
Simply breathe
Harry, my ginger-haired son
You'll always be second to none
Perhaps, at last, finally
Your dad will be so proud of me
Another boy, then. Seems
you've ignored my request for a girl.
So now our own son
isn't good enough for you?
Christ, Diana, don't overreact to a joke.
You haven't made a joke since I met you.
Why must every conversation we have
turn into a bloody argument?
She's still in our marriage.
She will always be in our marriage.
Is it your intention
to drive me back to her?
Because that is exactly what you're doing!
Wounds heal
But scars can last forever
Hearts bend
Break, and burst, and sever
A dangerous endeavor
Avoid the flashing glare
Undone yet undeterred
Defy this life absurd
I think it's time to change your dream
So simply breathe
I could use a prince
To save me from my prince
How does one survive
When it hurts to be alive?
Wounds heal
But scars can last forever
And you can't breathe
- Breathe
- Breathe
Simply breathe
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Look, please don't fuss over me.
-Are you sure the boys are all right?
-They know you're unwell, that's all.
You ask me, you're just doing all this
to get your husband's attention.
I say you cut your losses and drop
the sod. That's how I handled him.
You did not, he dropped you.
Please, I already had
one foot out of the door.
And let's face it, you know
all they really wanted from you.
A baby prince.
And you've already popped out
a perfectly good pair.
Pop, pop.
-You've done your duty, now move on.
-Move on?
Do you think I can simply pack up
my tiaras and rent a flat in Kensington?
The country would go mad.
The Queen would have to approve,
good luck with that.
-And perhaps
-Perhaps I still love him.
-After the way he's treated you?
M'lady, I think Her Royal Highness
needs some rest now.
She's rested long enough. I say
Her Royal Highness gets up and fights.
If only
he wasn't still seeing the Rottweiler.
She calls Camilla
"the Rottweiler," I just love that.
You know what the latest talk is?
That you've gone completely mad.
-I must reiterate my plea for rest.
-She should know this.
They're saying you're officially bonkers.
Unfit to be seen in public.
You have got to get out there
and show them otherwise.
Once they think
you're another unhinged woman
driven mad by her unfaithful...
I hope you don't mind.
Hello, Sarah.
You just
be good to yourself. Okay?
I already had one foot out of the door.
It's lovely of you to come, Charles.
Of course. I'm...
My God, Diana!
You know, the first time that you
harmed yourself, I thought,
"Well, merely an aberration."
But then the second time,
and the third, and now...
Sarah thinks I do it
to get your attention.
Is that true?
How are the boys?
I told them you're anxious to see them
as soon as you're recovered.
Thank you.
I'm really glad you're here.
What we need to do is come together and
And get you well,
and somehow make this marriage work.
-May we at least agree on that?
-Yes, of course.
It's grand to hear you say so.
Well, is there anything
that will lift your spirits, then?
When we do our walkabouts,
people often tell me their troubles.
I don't even ask. They just volunteer.
And I know there's so much
I can do for them. So
I'd like to get involved
in more charities.
Fine, we'll arrange
a few more appearances.
No, more than appearances,
and more than a few.
-You're truly not well enough.
-But I would be, if you'd just let me try.
My mother generates much goodwill
when she goes out among the people.
But she likes to do things her way.
And I'd like to do things mine.
A monarch must give, but not too much
There's danger
When one shares one's access
One's comfort and one's touch
Talking to a child on bended knee
Her smile holds the truth
She's all the things that I cannot be
She enters with style
Then moves with such ease
Anxious to connect
And desperate to please
She shares all her feelings
And deflects all their praise
She moves in the most modern ways
She moves in the most modern ways
This amazing new facility
for cancer care is a true inspiration.
And I can't wait to visit
each and every one of you.
-Just pace yourself, darling.
No matter the cause
She moves with such skill
She seems to know secrets
Which I never will
She stands still and listens
For what seems like days
She moves in the most modern ways
She moves in the most modern ways
Isn't it marvelous, darling?
They view me as one of them!
But the point of our existence
is that we're not one of them.
We are symbols, if you will.
Who the bloody hell wants to be a symbol?
We represent their aspirations.
So what you're doing, darling,
is coming across as a bit, rather, well...
When His Royal Highness feels so strongly,
I find it best to listen to him.
Why? When I'm just
beginning to feel as if I matter.
Paul, we have the event for
the Royal Ballet coming up, don't we?
Always one of your favorites.
Well, I'd like to be
of greater help this year.
You could give a speech
before the performance.
They'd adore that!
No, I've given enough speeches.
Let's show them what else I can do.
We wear our fancy jewels
Escort our fancy spouse
Thanks to Princess Di
Another sold-out house
The Royal Ballet Gala
Rich in romance
And do you know
the whereabouts of my wife?
I believe
she's still using the facilities, sir.
A fine way to treat her husband.
We sit here in the dark
None of us are wise
In about a minute
We're in for a surprise
And now, to conclude
the Royal Ballet Christmas Gala,
please welcome one of our brightest stars.
And the most special of guests.
There she was, unconfined
Everybody lost their minds
Once again, quite the scene
Unbefitting of a queen
Every move was on point
She electrified the joint
Every step,every twirl
What's the matter with this girl?!
She moves in the most modern ways
Moves in the most modern
She moves in the most
Modern ways
Would you please give us some privacy?
Everyone leave, now.
A public dance performance
by the Princess of Wales?
-Have you lost your bloody mind?
-It was a present, I did it for you.
-This was entirely about you!
To get your picture
in the bloody paper again!
No, to make you proud of me.
You live inside a photograph!
-Listen to me, Charles, I...
-I have finished listening!
You speak and you speak
With the world at your feet
As you soak in every last cheer
That's not true!
Stay still and listen to your husband
For once... the man who put you here!
You demean us all, Diana
Each time you cause a scene
Have you forgotten, Diana?
You're inline to be Queen
Charles, please calm down.
A gala affair
And look who's there, Diana!
The cameras whir and...
"Hey, it's her! Diana!"
You only enter center stage
There's more to life
Than the bloody front page!
I just want you to notice me
how you notice Mrs. Parker Bowles.
I know you still see her.
There are centuries
And centuries of protocol
The damage you've done
By ignoring it all
Don't blame me for your antics!
Don't blame me for this dance
I'm through with giving you
One more chance!
If my heart has strayed, Diana
If our marriage has come to a halt
You never once obeyed, Diana
God damn it, it's all your fault!
How is it my fault?
How 'bout for a start
Don't act like a tart, Diana!
Stop being a martyr!
Why can't you be smarter, Diana?
With all you do
How can I be proud of you?
When any fool can see
Your life's greatest achievement?
You married me!
You married me!
All you've ever done
You married me!
You married me
You married
All you've ever done
Is marry me!
Another night
Another brawl
How do you not understand me at all?
Don't you ever tire
Of this mess?
All of the harm we do to our boys
Living inside this castle of noise
Can they survive
Our royal horror show?
I don't know.
Maybe for them
We could start once again
Te amo
Te quiero
I'll say it every way I know
It's always been true
You are worshiped by the world, Diana.
Isn't that enough?
Once we seemed like destiny
Why can't you love me?
As I love you
He went abroad but promised his heart
Was he a fraud right from the start?
How come I seemed to be
The last to know?
Wasn't I the most beautiful bride?
A glittering jewel, right by his side
Serves me right for marrying a Scorpio
Well, fantasies die
Who knew princes lie?
Te amo
Te quiero
I'll say it every way I know
It's the best I can do
Je t'aime
We could end so happily
If you would love me
As I love
As I love
Why do I still love you?
Well, then.
I'll get her.
-Sir, we should go.
-I'm sorry to come at this hour.
-It's all right.
But the worse things get with Diana,
the more I miss you.
Every day, more and more,
I miss you. I can hardly bear it anymore.
Don't you think I feel the same?
All these months apart
I miss you most on Sundays
That idle day when little gets done
Just lazy walks and silly talks
A kiss before the week's begun
I miss you most on Sundays
When time stands still and we are one
An easy chat about this and that
A cuddle as we watch the setting sun
Why can't we have more Sundays?
But how could we possibly?
If I am to be King,
divorce is out of the question.
We have friends, dear friends,
who are sickened of
this continuing charade.
They'll lend us their flats.
Hell, they'll lend us their castles.
One day we'll escape
Two castaways
Our passion once again ablaze
I miss you most on Sundays
That idle day when little gets done
Just lazy walks and silly talks
A kiss
Before our future's begun
No more missing youon Sundays
No more missing you
On Sundays
I know what they both want
For me to fade away
Obey each new command
Do as they say
Pose for a photograph
Smile for the press
Simply be a pretty girl
In another pretty dress
Too many smiles, too many yeses
Too many dreams
Which Charles depresses
He was the one who they'd devour
But you won their love
And doesn't love give you power?
A pretty, pretty girl
Wears a pretty, pretty dress
The press has always used her
So now, she'll use the press
This pretty, pretty girl
Was raised to strike a pose
Perhaps she should fight
The only way she knows
Is something wrong?
Very much so.
Have you looked in my closets lately?
It's as if the Queen
selected my entire wardrobe.
Too many bows!
Too many ruffles!
Too many frilly, frumpy fruffles!
A girl can look rather skittish
When her designers are boring
And British
This pretty, pretty girl
Dresses quite demure
It's time she found her fashion
And her fashion is couture
A pretty girl
Look at these pictures.
They fawn over her because of her gowns
and her shoes and her hairdos.
Hardly takes a genius
To make the front page
It just takes someone pretty
Think when Twiggy was the rage
But you were born with brilliance
You drip with intellect
She may have won their love
But you won their respect
Too much noise
Too much distraction
How on earth
Did she gain such traction?
Take a stand
Go out and lecture
On painting or politics
Architecture! Modern buildings
really are quite ghastly, you know.
No, you're the one who knows.
So you must push back, darling.
A handsome, handsome prince
With a worthy, worthy cause
Can captivate a nation
And turn around its laws
A lucky, lucky man
With his woman by his side
Can satisfy his subjects
And supersede his bride
My handsome prince
I'm here to speak to you tonight
about the necessity
and glory of older buildings.
While we may prize the new,
we must cherish the established.
It would be a tragedy if St. Paul's
is dwarfed
by yet another giant glass stump,
a monstrous carbuncle on the face
of a much-loved, elegant friend.
A pretty, pretty girl
Grows more famous than before
When she decides to wear
The latest from Dior
A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty frock
Can set the world awhirl
And send the prince a shock
I have begged and pleaded with her,
but she refuses to listen to a word I say.
And now all of Diana's showboating
is making matters worse!
She doesn't need to make matters worse
You've done a fine job on your own
It's her doing!
Don't blame her, Charles
Tame her, Charles
She's embarrassing the throne
A pretty, pretty girl
To a round of great applause
Can use the press at will
To illuminate a cause
The stories
Girls are taught to believe
Are not the stories
That a girl should believe
A pretty, pretty girl
With a charitable heart
Can turn a photo op into a work of art
A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty dress
A pretty, pretty girl
In a pretty, pretty dress
The stories
Girls are taught to believe
Are not the stories
That a girl should believe
She'll take on the monarchy
She'll take on the monarchy
And cause a royal mess
- A pretty, pretty girl
- Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty girl!
In a dress
No, it's me again, Barbara Cartland.
Now, where were we?
Oh, yes.
If your prince leaves you wanting more
And royal life is a royal bore
Why not score a man of war?
Here comes
Here comes
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
James Hewitt
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
James Hewitt
Other ladies.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Let's do it
If your life has gone off course
- Oh, oh
- You don't need no messy divorce
- Oh, no!
- All you need is a man on a horse!
Here comes, here comes
- James, James, James
- I can take you for a ride
All your troubles cast aside
- You'll dismount satisfied
Here comes, here comes
His stomach is slim
His muscles are tight
A he-man like him
Who cares if he's bright?!
You'll sing his hymn
When the lights are dim
Here comes
Here comes
James Hewitt, Your Royal Highness.
Officer Hewitt, I hear you offer lessons.
There's only one type of lesson I offer:
riding lessons.
Oh, oh, oh, James Hewitt
I assumedyour husband
gives you riding lessons.
He's tried. He's not very good.
Oh, oh, oh, you go, girl
Perhaps he just doesn't have
the proper horse.
And do you have the proper horse?
Your Royal Highness,
I think you'd adore my horse.
Oh, all right, all right!
I just made up those bits of dialogue,
but aren't they delicious?
They are! They are!
Now, listen.
Soon he hoists her up on a mare
Then the stallion takes it from there
He dared go where few men tread
James Hewitt
James Hewitt
Did do it
Did do it
In our princess's
From the moment we met,
I felt this electricity, right?
Like, destiny,
like this really intense sense...
Stop it, James. You're beginning
to sound like a Barbara Cartland novel.
Well, her novels do end happily, right?
Do you truly want me?
-Do you truly desire me?
Aren't you the most desirable woman
in the world?
I'm not even the most desirable woman
in my own marriage.
Oh, my love.
It still comes as a surprise
To see such sadness in your eyes
You're overdue for a man lovingyou
Trust me.
I'm one of the good guys
Who knew that a commissioned lad
Would give me more than I've ever had?
Kindness like this
I forgot it exists
Guess I'm not stark raving mad
Now there's him
And her
And him and her
Yes, sir, it's a blur of him and her
Look at the time, you've made me late.
I'd like to make you even later
Will this be a long evening, Charles?
Don't you know by now?
They're all long evenings.
Another night, another bore
All right, fine, I don't mind at all
How jealous I'll be to see you on TV
When you come home, please call
- Damn him
- There's him
- Damn her
- There's her
There's him
There's her
Tonight, I defer
- To him
- To her
Look at me here, watching them glow
I sometimes think she's an angel
Just another mistress stuck at home
I wonder if she's thinking of me
- Yes, there's him
- There's him
- There's her
- There's her
There's him, there's her
Yes, sir, it's a blur
Of him and her
Shall we, darling?
Let's dance
It's nice to be with you, Charles
May we speak a bit?
Just dance
You still look so handsome, Charles
How nice that you've kept fit
Just dance
My mother left me
I never understood
Just dance
She broke up a family
I vowed I never would
Just dance
William's so innocent
He needs his dad and mum
Just dance
Harry's a funny one
As goofy as they come
Just dance
We are a family
Let's hold on for the boys
Just dance
- I still do want you, Charles
- Just stop!
That's quite enough, darling.
Thank you.
I'll steal you away from here
The Queen and her palace guards
We'll go to America
The cowboys and the movie stars
- Just dance
- It's more than a fantasy
We'll take your boys and disappear
- Just dance
- We could live openly
With nothing to hide
And no one to fear
Just dance
I'm sorry to disturb you, sir,
but I have rather upsetting news.
The princess has apparently
grown close to a cavalry officer.
How close?
Here's him
And her
More him, more her, more
Doesn't he give my boys riding lessons?
And they are quite fond of him.
Perhaps I should give
the princess a warning.
Is everything all right?
No warning. Let them carry on.
What is it?
I'll steal you away from here
We'll bask in our romance
- Oh, Charles
- As my uncle before me
I'll hide us away in France
Just dance
The things I would do for you
Give up the crown and disappear
- Just dance
- A life filled with honesty
With nothing to hide
And no one to fear
Fantasies come and fantasies fade
We live with the choices
That we've made
So let's not be afraid
- To just dance
- Dance
- Dance
- Dance
We could break free right now
Say "farewell" to all we are
Perhaps we could flee somehow
Though, in truth, we won't get far
Or we could just dance
Or we could just dance
I know where you're going
and I beg you to reconsider.
Oh, for God's sake, someone
has to be there for these people.
Especially after what
Margaret Thatcher has done.
So now we have political opinions?
It's not an opinion, it's a fact.
Since Mrs. Thatcher
has taken her claws out
-Oh please!
-there are far fewer social services
-for those who need it most.
Thank you, Paul.
What you're doing is simply unwise.
Charles, what's the point of having power
if we don't use it to help people?
AIDS is a growing crisis in Britain
and no one's paying
the least bit of attention to it.
But there are more appropriate causes.
You should know people
are beginning to suggest
that you revel in being
the pretty face of all this suffering.
I bet those are the same people who
call Mother Teresa an opportunist, so
All I'm saying is,
if you insist on playing martyr, fine.
But for the sake
of your sons, protect yourself.
Wear gloves, wear a mask,
wear whatever you need to wear.
But protect yourself.
What a joy, Your Royal Highness.
No one near your stature has ever
even inquired about us, much less visited.
-Your Royal Highness.
-Those gloves aren't necessary.
I really must insist.
We've been desperately
trying to educate the public.
There are doctors in this very hospital
who won't even touch these men,
much less treat them.
The men have been
instructed not to touch you.
So everyone will feel comfortable.
We have orders from the Queen.
And where's the Queen now?
Buckingham Palace, I presume.
I'm Diana.
They said you would come
It seemed so absurd
We all had our doubts
Well, I'm a girl of my word
Here, take my hand
Here, take my hand
We'll have a nice time
An honor to meet you
The honor is mine
All pretense falls
Every line blurs
She sees all our pain
And we see all hers
I brought along
a photographer from the papers.
-I thought some pictures might give...
-Oh, no. No.
I couldn't possibly.
But it will bring attention to your cause.
My parents don't know
There's really no way
They'll find out I'm sick
They'll find out I'm gay
I could lose my new job
Be tossed frommy flat
Of course, let's forget it
Or how about we chat?
I do like your suit
Well, how very kind
Perhaps not the collar
I'm sick but not blind
Are you getting good care?
The best anywhere
Although my eyeliner's run low
Oh, well, no need to fear
I'll send a case here
Makeup is one thing I know
Then, like a good chap
Sure, I'll take the snap
For what is there really to lose?
I may be unwell
But I'm handsome as hell
So I bet we get good reviews
You might think me mad
But the lighting's not bad
Now let's make us some news
I'm so glad I came
I enjoyed your jokes
Well, you always did like
Sexy young blokes
You know I'll be back
You've opened my eyes
The damage that's done
Through secrets and lies
It's time to be done
With secrets and lies
Actually, I wouldn't mind a photograph.
Me too.
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Our problems are so minuscule
compared to the rest of the world.
I sometimes wonder
if I could do more for people.
There isn't an unwell person in England
whose doorbell you haven't rung.
I came here for dinner
and there's still no sign of it.
Will Captain Hewitt be joining us?
In Kensington Palace? Are you mad?
Well, I'd just like to meet him
before you two ride off into the sunset.
Oh, he would make
a wonderful father, he truly would.
Wait, you're not really considering it.
Don't be daft.
Good. To have to put up
with your husband's nonsense
and then not be crowned Queen?
I'd have to kill
both you and the Rottweiler.
I don't even think
she's been around much of late.
Maybe he's finally over her.
You do know where
your husband's going tonight?
One of his pretentious friends
is having a party or something.
It sounds dire.
Are you aware it's a birthday party
for the Rottweiler's sister?
Those two go together
to their friends' flats all the time now.
It's not exactly a secret.
Except, apparently, to you.
Think you could ring a bell
or something so we could eat?
Change of plans, no dinner.
-Oh, come on.
Locate my husband, will you?
There's a party I'd like to attend.
Another night with Charles' friends
I pray to God that it soon ends
Nights like this, I envy the poor
Their parties can't possibly
Be such a bloody bore
We had the most marvelous time,
but we must get going.
Oh, no, he'll be here soon.
We stand and chat, try to look alive
While we wait for the prince to arrive
His mistress smiles and does her bit
I wonder how
She puts up with this shit
-I'm here.
-Darling, finally!
And I'm here too.
Good night
And goodbye to my discontent
I just got a ticket to the main event
It's the "Thrilla in Manila"
But with Diana and Camilla
"Thrilla in Manila" with Camilla
Hold on to your hats
These cats are gonna fight
This suddenly became
One hell of a night
Now let's start the show
Ready, set, here we go
Go, go, go!
Actually, it's "Your Royal Highness."
You swore you wouldn't cause a scene.
And you swore you wouldn't see her again.
Perhaps we should go somewhere private.
How about the basement?
Love to.
A rather tough night
For our beloved sir
Between him and his wife
I'd put my money on her
I'd swallow my pride
To have a seat ringside
Ringside, wanna be ringside
Here we go, a chance to chat
You and me
How about that?
Tell me, then, will this take long?
I'll be brief, I want you gone
Here's a truth about royal life
A prince has his lover
As well as his wife
Don't you know?
Must I make it clear?
- I picked you out
- What?
- And put you here
- No
I love Charles for who he is
For his strength
And the noble life he lives
You love Charles for who he's not
Some fantasy prince
In some storybook plot
Oh, oh, oh, you're completely mad!
Such delusion and confusion
How bloody sad
- You're a fool!
- You're a fling!
You're a thing on the side!
While I'm his celebrated bride
I've been discreet
Stayed out of your way
You showed up to the church
On my wedding day
- At least I have class
- Well, you hide it well
Just so you know
- I'll fight like hell
- I'll fight like
- Hell
- I'll fight like
I'll fight like...
Stop this now!
You've had your goddamn fun!
We'll take our leave
Your little stunt is done
Thought I was a ninny
You could mold me as you like
Well, the skinny on the ninny
Is she's really rather bright
I've suffered through divorce
I know how it destroys
I've had it done to me
I won't do it to my boys
Ladies and gentlemen
Now, this is a show
And I'm front row for the blow-by-blow
It's the "Thrilla in Manila"
But with Diana and Camilla
"Thrilla in Manila" with Camilla
For years, this story
Will drip off my tongue
I was part of the party
Where the mud was flung
Who will the winner be
In a marriage of three?
Three, three, three!
And while we're all here
Shall we clear the air?
You aided and abetted
Their entire affair!
You lent them your flats
You hid them out!
Don't say you don't know
What I'm talking about!
That's enough, that's enough
Now you've gone too far
No, it's not, no, it's not
Now call the car
That's right
Time you go
Grab my bag, grab my coat
Grab my feeble little husband
- Good night
- Good night!
And cheerio!
I'll ring you.
No, no, he won't!
Well, thanks for the party
It really was fun
I wish we could stay
But I'd say that we're done
Now I'm leaving with my man
Oh, my gosh, this was fun.
Fun, fun, fun!
Did seem like a lovely party.
I know about the stable boy.
Hewitt is his name, correct?
I know what you do, the men you see.
You've been spying.
I have a responsibility to know
what goes on in my family.
Especially when my wife acts
as if she's escaped from an asylum!
For the record, he's not a stable boy.
Do you love him?
Don't answer.
I don't even care.
I will end it with him
if you end it with her.
When will you come to your senses
and stop trying
to make this marriage work?
Well, let's be honest.
I owe this Hewitt chap my gratitude.
Thanks to him, you're good as gone
Feel free to carry on
The fun you two will have
Enjoy your grand affair
I could not care
Go ahead and call him night and day
The center shakes
The contract breaks
A selfish child at play
An army bloke!
Your dirty joke!
Go ahead and love him
We will continue to play our roles
in public, but in private,
do as you must.
And our boys?
We will both always love them.
They'll be fine.
Whatever love means anyway
So you and I can be together
as much as we like now!
-You'll spend more time with my boys.
And perhaps we'll even visit America.
Don't you see?
We can make plans for our future.
I didn't want to tell you
until my orders came through,
but I believe I'm about to be reassigned.
To where?
Oh, for how long?
Two years.
-I'm sorry, but no.
-I'll be back from time to time.
How could you agree to this?
-What choice do I have?
-Me, you could choose me.
-No, I'm sorry, you simply can't go.
-Germany isn't far.
-I'll come back as often as I can.
-Do you think Charles is behind this?
I bet he did all he could
to have you sent away.
Or perhaps he had nothing to do with it
and I'm just good at my job.
-I can arrange things so you can stay.
If I make a phone call,
they'll have to let you stay.
You can't interfere
with my career, my life.
I do my duty
For my country and my honor
I thought I was your life.
We both know happiness is a luxury
I've been receiving calls from reporters
inquiring about our relationship.
I'm only surprised it took this long.
Then let's tell our story before they do!
I'm ready to tell the world!
And do you know what they'll call me?
The randy stable boy.
The plaything of the princess.
You know, sometimes I think it's
impossible for any man to be with you.
I'm sorry.
If you leave, you and I are no more.
Did you just give me an ultimatum?
No, no, just please don't go, James.
Please. Look
I I won't let Charles get away with this.
I'll I'll make a phone call, and then...
No, James!
James, please!
Another lesson learned
A girl grows wise
I'd say she's finally done
With secrets and lies
So much is left unsaid
Yet she remains discreet
The tabloids tell her story
But that story's incomplete
A clever, clever girl
With so little left to lose
Can rewrite her own story
For her story's hers to choose
A clever girl
Snap, click
Snap, click, give us a quote
Come on, play the game
Or we'll go for your throat
You are truly awful people.
Snap, click
Snap, click, won't you admit?
Your storybook marriage
Is going to shit
That is utter rubbish!
Snap, click
-Andrew, there's a phone call for you.
-Bad time.
-It's the Princess of Wales.
-Yes, this is Andrew Morton.
Mr. Morton, I hear
you're writing another book about me.
I suppose I am, Your Royal Highness.
Well, I was wondering
if you'd care to interview me for it.
No, truly?
Though you'd have to agree
never to tell anyone we spoke.
We must never meet,
and all quotes must be anonymous.
Perhaps you could send me the questions
and I could record them
into a tape recorder
and then a third party
could deliver you the tapes.
That sounds rather like a spy novel.
Well, I suppose
that's what my life's become.
There are powerful men
There are vindictive people
Who won't sleep at night
Till they see me destroyed
All those friends of the palace
Who are nothing but callous
Who track me everywhere
Yet call me paranoid
They've all taken his side
They've all made their choice
They chose their prince, so now
I need a voice
Then the words came pouring out
Yes, the words came pouring out
A dam that burst, a Windsor first
When the words came pouring out
So now, the truth about Charles
And yes, his mistress, Camilla
He's a third-rate Henry VIII
And she's Godzilla
He loved me for a bit
When I delivered his heir
But Harry was soon born
He even got his spare
He longed for a girl
I gave him a son
And just like that
The marriage was done
And the words came pouring out
Yes, the words came pouring out
It makes one wince and pity the prince
When the words came pouring out
A marriage built on lies
The depression, the bulimia
Each day I'm brutalized
Assaulted by the media
My suicide attempts
A Kensington estrangement
We're leading separate lives
In this royal rearrangement
And the truth came pouring out
Yes, the truth came pouring out
A tabloid war never seen before
When the truth came pouring out
A kingdom fooled by a girl unschooled
A monarch maligned
Has she lost her mind?
Our eyes are opened
To say the least
Our Beauty married a princely Beast
A life of desperation
In the Windsor corporation!
Oh my bloody Christ
We caused a sensation!
Every revelation
A brand-new sensation!
-Your morning paper, sir.
-Well, put it down.
As long as you're prepared, sir.
A marriage built on lies
The depression, the bulimia
Nothing justifies
Her assault by the media
Her suicide attempts
A Kensington estrangement
They're leading separate lives
In this royal rearrangement
This certainly preempts
All our other entertainment
God damn her!
Then the hate came pouring out
Yes, the hate came pouring out
A nation beguiled by a spiteful child
Yes, the hate came pouring out
I'll strip the prince
Of all his pretenses
Petty tyranny has consequences
Then the words came pouring out
Yes, the words came pouring out
A palace conned by a cunning blonde
And the words came pouring out
All the drama she creates
Without our permission
The lies and the hate
And the borderline sedition
All the drama she creates
Without our permission
The lies and the hate
And the borderline sedition
All the drama she creates
Without our permission
The lies and the hate
And the borderline sedition
I suppose it's time
For a reality check
The pretty, pretty princess
Just stuck out her neck
And the words
And the words came pouring
Of course
she was interviewed for the book.
Those words are her words.
Doesn't she understand by now?
We don't speak to the press.
-She understands next to nothing.
-Doesn't she?
She's portraying herself as a woman
cruelly betrayed
by her unaffectionate husband.
Half the women in England
can relate to that scenario.
Now, how much of the book is true?
And how am I supposed to answer that?
For a refreshing change,
let's try honestly.
Well, I've only seen
excerpts in the paper, but
seems to be not untrue.
-Oh, for God's sake!
-Mummy, Mrs. Parker Bowles...
-I don't want to hear it!
-She is quite wonderful...
I don't care if she's Joan of Arc!
-If you'd spend time with her...
-Absolutely not!
If I was interested
in this type of sordid drama,
I'd turn on Coronation Street.
Now, get on with it, Charles,
and mend your marriage.
For your children and for your country.
And maybe even for your mother.
And if I simply can't?
That's not an option.
She said that? Your mother
truly has no interest in meeting me?
After that book?
After Diana's been
dominating the airwaves?
I'm sorry, Charles,
but the Queen has gone mad.
Darling, I could use
a moment's quiet right now.
How can you be
so calm at a time like this?
Well, I need to finish this landscape.
-It's going to be on a stamp.
-Let me see it.
It's not one of your best.
Perhaps because it's been
rather difficult to concentrate!
She has no sense of propriety.
No sense of what should
and shouldn't be said.
So we must convince the press
to begin seeing this through our eyes.
She is out there
making a fool of you, and me.
And demeaning the monarchy in the process.
How do you react? You paint.
Leave us, William.
Well, there is one thing
I've been considering.
But it's rather drastic.
At this juncture,
we could use a bit of drastic.
What if
Well, what if I went on television?
And owned up to the truth, told my story?
Our story.
No Windsor has ever admitted
to having a mistress before,
but I could speak to the nation,
and tell them how I've tried my very best.
What do you think?
The truth revealed
We'll bask in praise
Candor cuts both ways
We'll have a life of Sundays
We'll live as one with hardly a care
Just you and me, endlessly
Imagine that
If we dare
A lifetime full of Sundays
We'll have years and years
Of Sundays
Are you certain, Paul?
I'm sorry, the newspapers
leaked the content of the interview.
And my husband truly...
will admit his infidelity
on national television tonight, yes.
The stupid sod.
At least I had the good sense
to speak about it for a book interview.
Anonymously, I might add, anonymously.
For people to actually see him sit there
and say those things out loud.
They claim I'm the one who's mad.
I'm afraid the headlines tomorrow
will be quite humiliating.
Christ. And there's nothing
I can do about it?
There's not.
That is... Well, unless
We did receive one invitation
for this evening, an art gallery opening.
No, decline it, please. I couldn't...
Of course, you absolutely couldn't.
-Please stop saying that.
-Of course.
What can a princess do
When her prince takes to the air?
And tells his gobsmacked subjects
He's had a love affair-air-air-air
She could moan on her throne
And sob and say boo-hoo
Or find a frock designed to shock
Designed to say
"Eff you-oo-oo-oo"
She could try something sly
A bitch on wheels in six-inch heels
You'll rock the place in silk and lace
That maybe lacks a bit of taste
What better way to impress?
Than to show a flash of flesh
So how about this feck-you dress?
This feckity-feckity
Feckity-feckity feck-you dress
Perhaps I've said too much.
My apologies, and good night.
What can a woman do
When her life goes off the rails?
She wonders why she married
The priggish Prince
Of Wales-ales-ales-ales
She could frown in her crown
And accept her Waterloo
Or flash her smile and use her style
To tell the prince
"Screw you-oo-oo-oo"
She could sport something short
Even bolder
Black chiffon will turn them on
And tick this prince right off
When a girl needs to express
Her proper state of distress
Revenge looks best in an eff-you dress
A feckity-feckity
Feckity-feckity feck-you dress
Now then, the most damaging charge
is that you were persistently
unfaithful to your wife.
Did you at least try
to be faithful and honorable
to Lady Diana Spencer
when you first married?
Yes, absolutely.
And were you?
Until the marriage became
irretrievably broken down.
My son is on the telly
Pouring out his heart
While his wife is on the town
Dressed up like a tart
It's no surprise that
This is a royal tabloid mess
Not the first Windsor
To prefer another missus
Just the first one to confess
Her Majesty is in distress
This travesty, she must address
A princess in a mm-mm dress
A mm-mm, mm-mm
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm dress
Girlfriend in a feck-you dress
Feck-you dress
When a girl needs to express
Her proper state of distress
Revenge looks best in an eff-you dress
A feckity-feckity-feckity-feckity
Fuck-you dress!
Every sexy revelation
Helps the tabloid circulation
The Windsor wars are growing rough
And all you sods can't get enough
We don't say you're to blame
Then again, you fan the flame
Have you no shame?
-I'm sorry, Charles made it impossible...
-Oh, stop whining, Diana.
Every time I pick up a newspaper,
there's another personal revelation
by you or my son.
The both of you would do well
to acquaint yourselves
with the concept of discretion.
We both know the prince
certainly didn't help matters.
And neither did the princess.
In the old days,
we'd have simply chopped off your head
and been done with it.
Sometimes I miss the old days.
Do you have anything else to add, Charles?
I will say this.
I tried my very best
to make this arrangement work.
Arrangement? Funny,
I thought it was a marriage.
If I could've known our ending
before our beginning, I never would've
But then again,
we wouldn't have had the boys. So
You are a wonderful mother.
No one can deny you that.
So, Diana
What is it you want?
To be on my own again.
To be free of it all.
That is a fantasy, Diana.
Don't be foolish.
I realize I must have disappointed you.
No argument there.
Then again,
you never really understood me.
-That is not true.
-I'm afraid it is.
You never listen, Diana.
In fact,
at this moment,
I understand you more than ever.
A long time ago
A princess like you
Was young and so scared
Of all she must do
She married a prince
A captain at sea
The King sent them away
So the princess could be
An officer's wife
Just an officer's wife
They were stationed
at a naval base in Malta,
which was then part
of the King's vast empire.
The day she arrived
She knew things had changed
She was one of the girls
Which seemed rather strange
She made her own plans
She wrote her own rules
She'd drive into town
And leave home her jewels
An officer's wife
Just an officer's wife
And for a time, her life seemed
as ordinary as the other wives'.
At night, she would sleep so soundly
In the arms of her sailor prince
He loved her so profoundly
They haven't felt such happiness since
She and her prince
But then the King died
And she was crowned Queen
Now wherever she went
She caused quite a scene
Photographers snapped
Her every move
This frightened young girl
With so much to prove
An officer's wife
Whatever became
Of that officer's wife?
All right, Diana.
You and Charles are to be divorced.
You will no longer be known
as "Her Royal Highness,"
but you shall retain
your protection services.
No, if I'm to be released,
I'm to be released from everything.
But the way you're hounded by the press.
If I retain my protection services,
they'll only continue to spy on me.
And then report back to you.
Would you care to deny that?
Very well.
No protection services.
And your plans now?
Once the boys are older,
I'd like to go to America.
A country unafraid
to express its every emotion.
You'll fit right in.
And they don't have princesses,
so they'll allow me to be who I truly am.
And perhaps this queen,
perhaps one day she too may rediscover
a bit of who she once was?
As I said,
don't be foolish.
Now she sometimes reflects
On her unusual life
And that unusual year
She was
An officer's wife
She never complained
She never complained
She was good English stock
She was good English stock
And her citizens saw
She was their rock
The country she loved
The country she loved
Loved her in return
Loved her in return
Her subjects became
Her major concern
An officer's wife
Whatever became
Of that officer's wife?
- Oh, oh
- Oh
- Oh, oh, oh
- Oh
Just an officer's
I offer my goodbyes
Without compromise
A princess moving on
Beyond the palace staffs
Beyond the photographs
A fairy tale, come and gone
All I shall do again
Stand in a queue again
Here's to not making news
A mother full of pride
Her princes by her side
Her life finally hers to choose
And I choose happiness
I choose a fresh new start
I choose whatever lies ahead
- If
- If I can carry on
- If
- Stay calm and simply breathe
- If
- If I devote my soul
- If
- To every child in need
- If
- The Queen bestows her grace
- If
- And places me in charge
- If
- To represent the Crown
- If
- Ambassador-at-large
- If
- I'll be their English rose
- If
- Their proudest shining knight
- And I'll light the world
- If
I'll light the world
It's finally time, Mummy.
Your Majesty, it is an honor to meet you.
Well, I admire your patience.
But how does one begin
To shed her royal skin?
Be better than before
The princess will auction off
dozens of her most famous dresses.
She discards her past
And all that she's amassed
Set free, she'll do even more
Her dress sale has raised millions
of pounds for childhood cancer research.
The National AIDS Trust thanks
Princess Diana for her invaluable contri...
The princess' work for
The Leprosy Mission has revolutionized...
Her work
on the international landmine crisis
has already been credited
with saving thousands of lives.
In an act of extraordinary courage,
the Princess of Wales
walks through a minefield in Angola.
I choose happiness
I choose a fresh new start
I choose whatever lies ahead
- If
- I'll have another child
- If
- An answer to my prayer
- If
- Perhaps a baby girl
- If
- Or, better yet, a pair
- If
- If Charles steps aside
- If
- And lets my William reign
- If
- Then all this suffering
- If
- Will not have been in vain
- If
- My future's my design
- If
- My story, finally mine
- If
- And I'll light the world
I'll light the world
There is breaking news
coming out of Paris.
Flashbulbs fill the air
We are hearing of an automobile accident
involving Princess Diana.
We have no word
on the extent of her injuries.
Frenzy fills the night
A mob of paparazzi
followed her car into a tunnel.
We are getting reports
Princess Diana may be seriously hurt.
A lonely girl aswirl
We are being told now
to prepare for the worst.
There is shock and horror
as the West wakes up to the news.
Lost in blinding light
We can now confirm
that Princess Diana has died.
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
The people who will change the world
Are not the ones you think
Will change the world
Flashbulbs fill the air
Frenzy fills the night
A lonely girl aswirl
Lost in blinding light
Living rather large
Yet feeling rather small
You step up to the mic
But you're not heard at all
Your prison has been built
Your downfall's been devised
Won't they be surprised?
When you're underestimated
They minimize your thoughts
Then maximize your flaws
The trouble you can cause
When you're underestimated
Nineteen and naive
Shy and insecure
Thinking princes never lie
Believing love is pure
Suddenly, a chance
Why not have a go?
The danger you don't see
The sorrow you don't know
So summon up your nerve
Fairy tales exist
And this one has a twist
'Cause you're underestimated
You never once stood out
Hardly passed a test
Sometimes, though, it's best
To be underestimated
Expectations will grow
They'll prey upon the weak
They'll say they love you so
Just as long as you don't speak
So summon up your nerve
Fairy tales exist
And this one has a twist
'Cause you're underestimated
You never once stood out
Hardly passed a test
Sometimes, though, it's best
To be underestimated
Sometimes, though, it's best
To be underestimated
Don't give in to your doubts
They'll find out who you are
An unknown nervous girl
How did she get this far?
So push those nerves aside
Time to get a grip
Just hold your head up high
And pray that you don't trip
I will make him love me
I will prove that I can
And I will be all that they require
All that they require and demand
I will
I will
Try my very best
As I stumble in this dress
I will
I will
Represent the Crown
No time now to back down
A bad time to back down
I will
I will
How did you become
This global fantasy?
No pressure, none at all
I'll plead insanity
I will
Make them love me
I will
Prove that I can
- And I will be more than is expected
- I will
More than is expected
Here I stand
- I will
- I will
- I will
- I will
Rise above their fears
Deserve their deafening cheers
- I will
- I will
- I will
- I will
Be all they've dreamt and more
Somehow better than before
I'll be better than before
I will
I will
I will.
I will
- I will
- I will
I will.