Diana: Life in Fashion (2022) Movie Script

- Do you find
it a daunting experience
that yesterday you were a
nanny looking after children,
now you're about to
marry the Prince of Wales
and one day you would, in
all likelihood, be Queen?
- It is, but I've
had a small run up to it all
in the last six months.
And next to Prince Charles,
I know I can't go wrong.
- She tore out pages
from that dusty old book
and she rewrote those rules.
She changed the
royal family forever.
- Princess Diana's
fashion style is iconic,
and really, it can be divided
into three major eras:
pre-Charles, during the royal
years, and post-separation.
- It was just like a phenomenon.
I mean, people would
scream when they saw Diana,
it was almost like Beatlemania.
- People are
still channeling looks
that she wore decades ago.
She inspires designer
collections from
Off-White to Celine.
- That's a sign
of an icon of our times
because she was truly
inspirational and unique.
In the summer of 1980,
the Queen told me
that a young girl was coming
to stay for the weekend.
- Prince Charles did
give us a hint himself.
He said we wouldn't
have to wait too long.
- Careful!
- He said we wouldn't
have to wait too long.
Was he completely off beam?
- Excuse me.
- Was he?
- Sorry, I, sorry.
- Was he completely
off beam when he said
we wouldn't have
to wait too long?
- No.
- My name is Paul Burrell.
@ For 21 years, I looked
after the British Royal Family.
@ For 11 years, I looked
after Her Majesty The Queen,
and for the following 10
years, Princess Diana.
So I'm standing in the front
hallway of Balmoral Castle,
on the black and white tiles.
Waiting for this car to arrive.
And out of the car
comes a shy, young girl
that nobody knew who she was.
She had one little
suitcase in the back.
"Is that all you've
brought with you?
You're here for the weekend.
You have to go to
hunting, shooting.
You have to go to the
Ghillies Ball, tea parties,
lunch parties, and
that's all you have."
She says, "Will it do?"
I said, "I think we better take
you to a room and find out."
- Well, Princess Diana was
the daughter of an earl.
Her father was Lord Spencer,
and he was a later
Viscount Althorp.
They had a house on
the Sandringham Estate.
And then when Diana's
grandfather died,
they moved to the family
stately home, Althorp.
And the Spencer family
were quite an ancient
aristocratic family,
and Diana was very
proud of her heritage.
@ I mean, they were
actually probably grander
than the royal family.
- So in the early years,
Diana was very much
conservative, very, very shy,
and you can tell from when
she is posing in pictures
in that era, she sort of
had a head to the side,
and she's very stooped,
so it's as if she's
trying to disappear.
@Hi, my name is Penny Goldstone.
I'm the fashion editor
at "Marie Claire UK."
She didn't really deal well
with media attention
at the time.
She saw photographers
following her,
and she said, "Look, I'm
working at this kindergarten.
Do come and follow me,
@and you can take a picture of me
and then sort of
leave me alone."
And she was wearing a
sweater vest over a shirt
and a long skirt
and ballet pumps,
and one of the iconic
pictures of that time,
and it just made headlines.
While she was taking the
pictures, the sun shone,
and she didn't realize it was
shining through her skirt.
So you could see her legs,
which in itself is not
particularly shocking,
but she didn't realize
she was giving the paps
what they wanted,
and she was said to
be horrified by it
and that it was a very
hard lesson to learn.
And you can tell then,
throughout the years,
that she knew what
shots not to give them.
- She grew
up in Althorp Estate,
so she had this country style.
It was more functional
than anything else.
And as she moved
into Coleherne Court,
when she lived with
her housemates, when
she was younger,
her style remains
quite pared back.
It's demure.
She wears pie crust collars
and cardigans and sweater vests
and pleated skirts.
I mean, she works
at a kindergarten.
It's not as much
a focus for her.
My name is Natasha Hardy,
and I'm fashion editor
for "Cosmopolitan UK."
In her early years,
I think the most memorable
style that she wore
was obviously for her engagement
shoot with Prince Charles.
And that dress has quite an
interesting story behind it.
It's a two piece
electric blue suit,
and it's got this glorious white
pussy-bow blouse underneath.
And what originally happened
is she went to Bellville
Sassoon to find her look.
- And the sales assistant
didn't recognize her.
It was a bit like that
"Pretty Woman" thing.
@ They were very much
like, "No, we can't help you,"
@ but luckily David Sassoon
then realized the mistake
and invited to her back.
- From there, the
three of them started to form
quite a glorious
fashion relationship,
and they went on to design
her honeymoon outfit.
But the Bellville Sassoon
outfit that she wore
for the engagement shoot
was quite considered.
It matched her sapphire
blue engagement ring,
and it was the sort of
how we know Diana now,
and she's starting to
use fashion for a reason.
- Well,
now you can appear
in public.
- Yes.
- It must
be a great relief to you.
- Well, it is rather, yes.
- Can you
find the worst to sum up
how you feel today, both of you?
- Difficult to find
the right sort of word,
isn't it, really?
Just delighted and happy.
And I'm amazed that she's been
brave enough to take me on.
- And
I suppose in love?
- Of course.
- Whatever in love means.
- Yes.
- You put your own
- Well, it obviously means
two very happy people.
- Yes, absolutely.
- As you can see.
- Well,
for us, congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
You're very kind.
- No, Diana wasn't
prepared for overnight stardom.
Nobody is.
You know, she was
a country girl.
She was very naive.
She'd never even had
a proper boyfriend.
So she wasn't remotely prepared
for that kind of stardom,
and it was frightening.
There's nobody helped her.
Nobody told her
because this was the first
time it had happened.
- Balmoral is the
Royal Family holiday home.
Every summer, the Royal
family just decamped
to the Scottish Highlands,
and it's actually
said that it's one of
the Queen's favorite
places to be.
They do a lot of
hunting there, walks,
sort of nature
focused activities.
The dress code is
quite laid back.
However, that is very
much during the day,
so it is said that the royals
actually change outfits
several times a day
for various occasions.
So they'll have an
outfit for breakfast.
They'll have an
outfit for going out
and outdoor activities, dinners.
So it's not as laid
back as you would think.
And actually, that
is kind of part of
what they would have called
a bit of a test for Princess
Diana for her first visit there
a couple of months
before the royal wedding.
- "Will you stay for
awhile and have a chat with me?
I'm completely out of
my depth," she said.
So I stayed.
"What time do you
go down for tea?"
"Four o'clock, you go down
to the small drawing room.
The Queen would pour
you a cup of tea."
"I don't like tea."
"I'll make sure she has
coffee there waiting for you."
"Then what happens?"
I said, "When tea is cleared,
you go into the drawing room,
and then the Queen will
pour you a gin and tonic."
"I don't drink."
"I'll make sure there's a
glass of water there for you."
"Then what happens?"
"Then the Queen plays
cards on her card table.
Do you play bridge?"
"Then make sure you're
sat at the card table
to play bridge with the Queen.
That's a good way to
get to know Her Majesty
Then the Queen will take
the dogs into the garden.
Maybe you could suggest you
went for a walk with her,
also a good time to
get Her Majesty's ear.
That's what you want to do."
This young girl was
fascinated by this routine
of royal households.
And as I closed
the door that day,
I noticed the name on the
door, Lady Diana Spencer.
- Diana having
the upbringing that she had,
she passed with flying colors.
And one of the looks
which stands out most
from her trip to Balmoral
is one where she's
standing next to Charles,
and they're posing
front of a fence.
And Diana was wearing this
really kitschy, hot pink jumper.
And she looks really relaxed,
and she's got a
turtleneck underneath,
and she's wearing
these corduroy trousers
and these bottle
green Hunter boots.
And you can just tell by the
outfit that she's wearing,
the way she's holding herself,
she's so relaxed,
she's really at ease.
- For her off
duty look at Balmoral,
Princess Diana was photographed
with the famous Hunter boots.
We all know them now as
a festival essential.
Kate Moss wears them.
All the celebrities wear them,
and they're deemed really cool,
but actually you could
argue that Princess Diana
is the one who put
them back in fashion
because she was
photographed wearing them
at the Scottish estate.
- One of Diana's
most famous pieces
was her black sheep jumper.
And we first see her wearing
it when she goes to the polo,
she's engaged to Prince Charles,
and in the picture,
she's quite shy,
she's not performing
for the cameras,
and she has this little
tiny collar poking out
of the black sheep jumper.
And she's wearing jeans,
she's very casual.
And interestingly, this
Rowing Blazers' design,
she then re-wears
two years later.
- And you can very much tell
that there has been a shift
between the two pictures.
In the second image,
she's standing straighter,
she's kind of looking
at the camera,
and the jumper obviously
has a black sheep on it.
So I think the first
time she wore it,
it was obviously
just, she found it.
It was a cute jumper,
wasn't thinking
anything about it.
The second time, the jumper
is slightly different,
so we don't actually know
what happened between the two,
if she lost weight
or just lost it.
And the sheep is actually
facing a different direction
to the white sheep.
And she was also wearing
a white shirt underneath
with a black bow that sort
of points to the black sheep.
And a lot of people were
saying that it was a statement
at the time because there
were already a few arguments
with Prince Charles,
she was instead
of bit of a rebel,
she didn't wanna follow all
the rules in the family,
so it sort of symbolized
her being the black sheep
of the royal family.
- Well, the cracks
in their relationship,
I think they began
to show very quickly
because Diana didn't understand
after she became engaged
to Prince Charles,
he never seemed to be around.
He was always so busy.
And she was moved into
Buckingham Palace,
and she had her own
apartment there,
and he was sort of
down the corridor,
and she was
absolutely on her own.
I mean, a friend of mine
actually, was her footman
and told me a lot
about her at the time.
And she was very lonely,
she didn't feel she could
have a girlfriend's there,
and I mean, Buckingham Palace
is a quite a strange place
for a teenage girl
to be incarcerated,
which is really what she was.
- I personally think
that Diana fell in love
with Prince Charles.
It's obvious to me that she
was a young, naive girl,
and she fell in love
with the prince.
Now, if you watch
that piece of footage
when Prince Charles is asked,
"Are you in love, sir?"
Princess Diana's beaming,
and she's giggling
saying, "Yes, yes, yes."
And he says, "Whatever love is,"
and she looks at
him as if to say,
"What are you talking about?
Don't you know what love is?"
That was the problem
from the beginning.
Charles didn't really
know what love was.
- I, Diana Frances.
- I, Diana Frances.
- Take thee,
Charles Philip Arthur George.
- Take thee, Philip
Charles Arthur George.
- To my wedded husband.
- To my wedded husband.
- To have
to happen to hold.
- To have
to happen to hold.
- From
this day forward.
- From this day forward.
- According
to God's holy law.
- According
to God's holy law.
- And thereto
I give thee my troth.
- And thereto
I give thee my troth.
- Diana's
wedding dress really
is one for the ages.
It is peak eighties
extravagance and opulence,
and it was a statement.
It is arguably the most
iconic wedding dress
throughout history,
or at least one of,
the reason being
when she stepped out
at St. Paul's Cathedral,
all eyes were on her.
She had these glorious,
huge puff sleeves.
She had ruffles down the
front, a full skirt, sequins,
10,000 pearls, and a train
that ran for 25 feet.
- It was designed by
at the time husband
and wife duo,
David and Elizabeth Emanuel.
@ And really interestingly,
they didn't have a brief for it.
So obviously for the designers,
it was quite a momentous
task to undertake,
@ and the pressure for the
designs not to be revealed
was really quite high.
- David
and Elizabeth Emanuel
set up their fashion business
in London's Brook
Street in 1977.
They're a young team,
specializing in expensive,
high fashion, romantic clothes,
particularly evening wear
and dreamy wedding dresses,
but they've never made a
Royal wedding dress before.
All their designs
are individual.
If you have a dress made here,
you won't see anyone else
wearing the same thing.
Princess Anne shops here, so
does Princess Michael of Kent,
the Duchess of Kent,
and Bianca Jagger.
Although the couple have made
clothes for Lady Diana before,
they never really thought
they'd get this job,
and tonight, they said
it was too early to say
how it might look.
But how did they feel
when they first heard?
- Very honored and very
happy and delighted,
obviously, with the news.
- And what
about you, Elizabeth?
- Over the moon, very thrilled.
- How long will it take to make?
- Early days, from
now till the end,
till the day of the wedding,
we'll be working on it.
- Any ideas at all?
- Not yet because
it's early days,
and a lot of discussion has
to take place, and you know.
- What are you going
to do tonight to celebrate?
- Just go home and see
the children, I think.
- Do they know yet?
- They're too young to know,
but we'll tell them
when they get older.
- It was
such a huge deal.
It was the biggest Royal
wedding in decades,
if not more because the Queen
had quite a pared back wedding
and it wasn't a
televised affair,
whereas this, everyone
was going to watch.
So what they did
is they actually
did a second wedding dress,
which never really
saw the light of day.
It was very similar to
it, but more pared back.
They say it had a
deeper v-neck neckline
and just fewer ruffles, fewer
pearls, more understated.
- Their wedding
marked this new sort of era
in the royal family, so
it had to be a big moment,
and because it was going
to be such a big moment,
the identity of the dress
and what it looked like
had to be kept
really under wraps.
- Although
you don't really see
Princess Diana's shoes in any
of the pictures or the videos,
they were designed by
the Emanuels, as well,
and they were designed
to much the dress,
and they featured
lace, a few pearls,
had a heart on the toe.
And really there was a lovely
little romantic detail to them
because Princess Diana
was rather romantic,
so she had C and D designed
under the sole of the shoe.
So you didn't see it, but
obviously she knew it was there,
and it was a sweet nod
to her husband to be.
Really interestingly, it
said that after her divorce,
Princess Diana didn't want
to wear any Chanel logo items
because it was the
interlocked two Cs,
so it's thought she thought
it was too much of a reminder
of Prince Charles and Camilla.
- I remember the
wedding of Prince Charles
and Lady Diana Spencer very well
because I was at
Buckingham Palace.
At the end of a very long,
red carpeted corridor,
I noticed this ball of
white racing towards me,
and I realized it
was Princess Diana.
She'd rolled her
train up into a ball,
tucked it under her arm,
she had a slippers in one hand,
and she was racing
down this corridor.
She says, "But you know,
the most wonderful thing
was walking down the aisle
of St. Paul's Cathedral
with my father."
She says, "But did you ever
look at the footage of that?"
She says, "Next time you
look at it, watch me."
She says, "Can't you see me
looking from side to side?
Can you see me doing that?
Do you know what I'm doing?
I'm looking for her.
I'm looking for Camilla,
and she was there.
She was even at my wedding."
So this specter of
Camilla was always there
in the Princess's life.
- I think Diana
had terrible jitters
on her wedding day.
@ In fact, the night before,
she'd wanted to get
out of the whole thing.
@ And she'd had a sort of funny
@jokey evening with her sisters,
and they said, "You
can't get out of it now.
Your face is on the tea towels."
And that made her laugh, but
she'd discovered about Camilla.
She discovered that Charles
was giving her gifts,
and she didn't know
the half of it,
but she knew that Camilla
was a very important person
in her fiance's life,
and she says she became
obsessed, absolutely obsessed,
so that when she was
walking down the aisle,
she spotted Camilla
in the congregation.
But she said what sort of
helped her at that moment
was concentrating on her father
'cause he just had a
stroke, and she was really,
and he's a very big man,
and she was really
guiding her father,
and she concentrated on that.
So of course she
got the names wrong,
she was all of a dither.
- Princess Diana
fell pregnant quite quickly
after the royal wedding
with Prince William,
and that was going to mean
the heir to the throne,
the first royal
baby in a long time.
Naturally everyone
was interested
and already in love with her,
so wanted to photograph
her maternity style
at every step of the way.
- Perhaps the most notable thing
about Diana's maternity style
is that she didn't
try to blend in.
- A lot of pregnant
women, even today,
probably don't feel comfortable
or don't want to showcase
their growing bump.
And historically in
the royal family,
you didn't really
show your bump either.
You know, as recently
as the Victorian era,
you had Victorian
pregnancy corsets.
- And she
would wear bright colors.
She would wear prints.
Often she embraced the polka
dot print in her looks,
and she would wear
statement outfits
that didn't try and shy
away from the spotlight.
And one of the most
significant looks
for her maternity wardrobe
was this Catherine Walker gown
that she wore in 1984.
She wore it on the red carpet,
and the gown itself
was incredibly
beautiful and elegant,
and it was powder blue,
and it had a sort of blazer top,
and a dropped waist
and a full skirt,
but the dropped way
served a function
of sort of
exaggerating her bump,
and it really
embraced her shape,
and it was a celebration
of all things to do
with maternity chic.
- The Princess
had left her packing
to the last minute,
undecided as to which
clothes to take with her,
and no doubt, adding
some wet weather gear
for Alice Springs.
Still, the departure
went smoothly.
Among the farewell party,
Australia's High Commissioner,
Sir Victor Garland,
and Lady Garland.
The British press
have dubbed it,
"The Royal Tour Into
the Unexpected,"
making much of the
potential weather problems
and the Republican leanings
of Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.
And as the Prince has long been
a familiar figure in Australia,
there's no doubt in
London that it will be
the Princess and her baby
who captured the limelight
in the weeks ahead.
It will be May by the
time they return to London
after their Australian
and New Zealand tour.
They'll then prepare for
a similar tour of Canada
in mid June.
- The Royal tour of
Australia and New Zealand
was a big deal for Diana.
It was the first
international tour
that she was going to do,
and it wasn't that long
after she gave birth
to Prince William.
And she actually asked
for him to come on tour,
even though it wasn't
the done thing.
- Because the Prime Minister
of Australia wrote to them,
and said, "Would
you like to bring
your little baby with you,"
they also extended the tour,
and they included
New Zealand, as well.
So it was a six week tour,
which is a long, long time.
And it was, you know,
as Diana described it,
as a baptism of fire.
- And then there
was a question and answer
session revealing some
minor royal secrets.
what is prince
William's favorite toy?
- Jamie, he loves his
koala bear he's got,
but he hasn't got
anything particular.
He just likes something
with a bit of noise.
He got a plastic whale that
throws things out the top,
little balls.
- Thank you.
how many rooms are there
in Buckingham Palace?
- I haven't actually
counted them,
and even if I did, I dare
say there'd be quite a lot
that people didn't know about,
but somebody had been
living in for many years,
unbeknownst to anybody else.
- are
you going to get a horse
for Prince William?
- I expect we will.
In England, we have something
called a Shetland pony,
which is just a little
bit smaller than
your idea of a pony.
So we probably will
one day hopefully,
just to encourage him.
Throughout that tour,
you can start to see
the initial signs
that Diana is
embracing her fashion.
So she's wearing
brighter colors.
She's wearing turquoise,
hot pink, and yellow,
but notably, the silhouette's
still quite feminine.
So she'll wear ruffles, and
she'll have a cinched waist,
and quite a flowy skirt.
So they're still
quite safe looks
considering what
she went on to wear.
But there's one outfit
that she wore in Perth,
and it's a hot pink
dress with polka dots,
and she has a hat to match.
And I think what
people loved is that
obviously, she would
stand out in a crowd,
and what is more
gloriously eighties
than a princess
wearing hot pink?
- In the early days,
Diana's light was small,
but he began to shine brighter
and brighter and brighter,
and it was a sort of a
star is born situation.
Prince Charles would say to
her, "Why, I married you.
I made you a princess.
You weren't born royal.
I'm the royal."
So it would peeve him,
when on royal visits,
people would be shouting
on one side of the street,
"We want Diana, we want Diana."
- I've come
to the conclusion
that really it would
have been far easier
to have had two wives.
To have covered both
sides of the street.
And I could have
walked down the middle,
directing the operation.
- This is a man who
has been born to be king.
This is a man who has
been treated, from
the very beginning,
as a god, suddenly being
eclipsed by this woman.
He wasn't very happy.
- To be engaged as
such a lovely lady,
and my goodness,
I was lucky enough to marry her,
and we have many,
many messages...
It's amazing what ladies
do when your back's turned.
- The royal tour of Australia
sort of cemented this idea
and the start of what we
now know as Dianamania.
What she wore became a focus,
and people wanted
to see her outfit.
She was carving out this
place for herself as an icon,
which we now know and love.
And her looks at the time,
started to show the early signs
what she'd go on to
achieve sartorially.
- Her wardrobe
there was really,
she was pushing the boundaries.
It was really sleek yet bold.
There was a beautiful
sheer blue metallic dress
she wore a ball.
There was the dress she
was photographed in,
dancing with Prince Charles.
There was a bright pink gown,
which she walked with
her Spencer Tiara,
and people loved it.
The pictures just
went everywhere.
- In these six
weeks, the Princess of Wales
has probably become the world's
most photographed woman.
It must have been an ordeal,
but she's rarely shown it.
She's responded to adulation
with modesty and spirit.
The monarchy will
be the benefactor.
And the wearer, of
course, clothes,
fashion with a completely
individual flair,
50 outfits in 42 days.
- Originally, she was
very much the Sloane Rangers,
@ very middle-class conservative
fashion, blazers, high necks,
trousers, long skirts,
very shy, not really
knowing what her style was.
And although her wedding dress
was really the first moment
where she broke boundaries,
actually, there was a
dress she wore just before,
which was also designed
by the Emanuels,
and she wore that to a charity
gala with Prince Charles,
and it was a black sweetheart,
strapless neckline dress,
showed a bit of cleavage,
and even Lord Snowden
actually mentioned
she looked stunning in it.
And really, everyone
looked at her,
and it was so spectacular
that the next day
was meant to be a
reveal of the budget,
but her dress instead
made all the headlines.
So they released the
budget a day later
because this dress
was so phenomenal.
- The eighties
was a significant period
of transformation for Diana.
In this decade, she becomes
a wife, a mother, a princess,
and also an international icon.
At the start, we
start to see her
in a preppy sort of aesthetic.
She's got high cross colors.
She's wearing cardigans,
sweater vests, pleated skirts,
and she'd carry a little
woven basket with her
when she was spotted
around London.
On the royal tour, by 1983,
she starting to
experiment a little bit
and play with her style,
her colors that she's wearing,
and different shapes that
she'll start to experiment with.
By the end of the decade,
she's really hit her stride,
and she is wearing almost
all of the eighties trends,
and she's playing quite
a significant role
in setting them, as well.
She'll wear tailored
angular pieces.
She'll wear block
colors, dropped waists,
padded shoulders.
- As the
eighties went on,
she became
increasingly confident.
So towards the late
eighties, for example,
she wore lots of sequined gowns,
which would perhaps
have been thought to be
more for Hollywood actresses,
but she would wear them
and wear them really well.
And she actually earned
the nickname Dynasty Di
thanks to them.
One of the most famous
dresses of that era
was the John Travolta dress,
which was designed
by Victor Edelstein,
and it was off the
shoulder, long skirted,
midnight blue dress,
which she wore to dance
with John Travolta
at the White House.
- I did
notice that one day,
going through the drawing room,
@ the old Queen Mother,
she passed the magazine table,
@ and Diana's face was on
the front of "Hello Magazine."
And as she walked
past the table,
she flipped the magazine
over onto his backside
and carried on walking.
That to me said she's
not really accepted.
They don't like it.
@ She's beginning to outshine
even the senior members
of the Royal family.
This is dangerous territory.
- Then my favorite look
of Diana's in the eighties,
although I'm tempted to say
the John Travolta dress,
it was actually a
more understated style
by one of her favorite
designers, Catherine Walker,
and she wore it for a
dinner in Melbourne in 1988.
And it was a light pink
kind of ruched dress.
It was strapless, sort of
a column dress, very chic
with pale blue flowers
imprinted on it.
And at the back, it featured
quite a big spectacular bow
that really elevated the dress.
Princess Diana and
Catherine Walker's
relationship really blossomed
in the later eighties,
which is when Princess
Diana really found
her true sort of
permanent style,
and the one that a lot
of people know and love.
Her designs were well known
for being sleek, very tailored,
and a very sort of
minimal aesthetic.
And actually, Princess
Diana was buried
in one of Catherine Walker's
black coat looks in 1997.
- My favorite
Diana look from the eighties
has to be when she
goes to the polo.
And the specific
outfit she's wearing
has got this two piece set.
It's a puffy blouse with a
big print on the front of it.
It's monochrome, and she
wears a black leather belt
with white trousers,
and her hair has
kind of blown out
in this Farrah
Fawcett type vibe.
And I think this signals the
start of another era for Diana.
She's starting to
find her confidence
and starting to use fashion
as a way to express herself.
And the fact that she also looks
quite comfortable and confident,
I think is reflected
in the outfit
and back into how she must've
been feeling back then.
- So after Princess
Diana and Prince Charles
separated in the early nineties,
the Princess's confidence grew,
and that directly translated
into her fashion choices.
So she kind of threw the
rule book out the window,
and that resulted in a
more minimal aesthetic,
but she didn't deprive
yourself of wearing anything,
you know, that would have
been deemed more sexy
or too sexy before.
Sleek, fitted
designs, nude tones,
sort of a pastel color palette,
beiges, blacks, whites,
and very sleek and tailored
designs, more fitted.
- So in the eighties, Diana's
style is quite experimental,
and she's playing around
with the latest trends,
and she's starting to
really hit her stride
in terms of her
fashion, her aesthetic.
By the nineties, her
style matures once again,
and she starting to
dress more for her.
And it's believed that this
is perhaps her freest decade
in terms of what she wears and
why she wears what she wears.
So instead of donning bright
glittery, sequin dresses,
she'll lean in more
towards a less overt look,
she'll go more minimalist,
she'll wear simple
shift dresses,
or she'll wear tailored suits.
- As her
style became simpler,
it was actually more accessible.
So whereas before she was
the unattainable princess,
now she was more of a
chic civilian, as it were.
Her looks were copied,
and they influenced
a lot celebrities
from Madonna to Cindy
Crawford, to Elizabeth Taylor.
Princess Diana revealed
her very famous
nineties sleek haircut on
the "Vogue" cover in 1990,
and that was arguably
her most iconic look
and spurred so many copies.
You know, she was the
original The Rachel.
A lot people went to
hairdressers asking
to copy that look,
and it was beautiful, sleek,
and really went with her
wardrobe of the nineties.
When she was a princess,
she wore a lot of UK brands
and very traditional ones,
but when she left
the royal family,
she became even more of
an international icon
because she embraced
lots of other big brands,
such as Versace and Dior.
And of course, we all
know that they named
a Dior bag after her,
so the Lady D bag.
- There was a memo came
from Buckingham Palace,
"Diana, when you're in public,
please wear a hat and
please wear gloves
because you're
touching the public,
and you might catch something."
- Historically speaking,
the royal family,
when they met with crowds,
they often wore gloves as
a way of not catching germs
and not becoming ill,
but Princess Diana
made headlines
because she chose not
only not to wear gloves
to meet patients with AIDS,
but she also hugged them
and held their hands.
And at the time, there
was still the belief that
that is how you
could catch AIDS,
if you touched AIDS patients.
- HIV does not make
people dangerous to know,
so you can shake their
hands and give them a hug.
Heaven knows, they need it.
What's more, you can share
their homes, their workplaces,
their playground,
and their toys.
We all need to be alert
to the special needs
of those whom AIDS
is the last straw
in an already heavy burden of
discrimination and misfortune.
- We lived in a
world of ignorance.
We lived in a world where
people were not educated.
They didn't know.
The Princess introduced
me to the first person
dying with HIV and AIDS.
She would sit and hold people's
hands and counsel them.
- Diana
really put an emphasis
on coming to contact
with the public
and relating to them
and creating a bond,
and removing the gloves
is symbolic of that.
And there's a picture
of her in 1991
where she's shaking hands
with an AIDS patient,
which was significant
in so far as it helped
dispel a lot of the
misconceptions around
AIDS at the time,
and it was something that
there was a marked departure
from what we'd seen previously
in the royal family.
- She visited a lot
of sick children in hospital.
And for those visits,
because it was already
a glum environment,
she chose to wear really
bright, floral, neon dresses
with jangling jewels so that
they would sort of see her
as a bit of a clown and
they could play with her,
and it was, you know,
all about touching the
textures of the dress,
and she made them feel like
they were really
at home with her.
- Single acts
of humanitarianism
were what she brought to
so many people's lives
that she shone a
light on their plight.
She took the world's media
and showed us that we should
do more for these people.
- That's my sister in law.
@ - Did you try
to be faithful and honorable
@ to your wife when you
took on the vow of marriage?
- Yes, absolutely.
- And you were?
- Yes.
Until it became
irretrievably broken down,
I suppose having tried.
- Prince Charles
did an official biography
with Jonathan Dimbleby
and also a TV program.
It was really all about
being Prince of Wales.
@ It was the anniversary
of being Prince of Wales,
@ but of course, Dimbleby
being a very smart operator,
asked him the question,
which was about Camilla
and about his marriage.
And I think that very
honestly, Charles answered it.
He probably regrets
it, but he was honest.
@ - And the Princess, that
evening, was due to go out
@ to the Serpentine
Gallery to see her old friend,
Lord Palumbo and open
his new exhibition.
"I can't go.
I'm not going.
I'm not going, it'll
be too humiliating.
The whole world now knows
that Charles has been
having an affair.
He's admitted it."
"You are going," I said.
"I've got nothing to wear."
"Yes, you have got
something to wear."
I went up to her wardrobe
room and picked out
the Christina Stambolian
dress with a fish tail.
"This is what you're
going to wear," I said,
"I can't fit into it."
"Yes, you can.
Put it on."
So she slipped it on.
"Now to compliment that,
I think we should have the
pearl choker and the sapphire.
That's all you need, high
heels and those jewels."
Right, she put them on, and
she looked a million dollars.
"Remember, when you
go out there," I said,
"you stride, you hold
your head high, you smile,
you engage, firm handshake.
Say to yourself, 'I am
Diana Princess of Wales,
and I'm here to stay.'
Say it to yourself."
- Three years earlier,
she'd had the dress made,
and it was perhaps thought
to be a bit daring.
It was quite fitted.
It was off the shoulder.
- We can't prove that
Diana knew she would eclipse
Prince Charles in the
headlines the next day,
but we do know that
she's told her stylist
that she wanted to look
like a million dollars,
and that obviously
resulted in her pictures
@ being splashed across
all the papers the next day,
and Charles being vilified.
- It really is
a testament to the power
of a particular outfit and
the impact it can have.
- I was told long time
ago, I backed the loser.
I'd gone with a one
who'd be forgotten,
and here we are.
We're still talking about her.
We're talking about her because
she changed the rule book.
She changed the rules for
the women she'd never meet.
- Some of Princess
Diana's most beloved looks
were actually some of her
final looks in the nineties
because she always looked
chic but understated,
and she actually wore some
of her most casual looks
in those days,
especially when she
went to sports days
at Prince William and
Prince Harry's schools
because she didn't want
to draw attention to her
and away from the boys,
so she just wore outfits that
any normal mum would wear.
But even when she was off duty,
Princess Diana's
style never faltered.
She always, always looked chic.
- So in the eighties,
her outfits are very much
the focal point of a lot of
her sort of public appearances.
And she uses it as a tool
to effectively communicate
and express herself
with the public.
And in her final years,
you can see that her style
starts to become
more pared back,
and one might argue
that that could be
because she doesn't
want the focus to be
as much on what she's wearing,
although she looks incredibly
chic in her outfits,
but more what she's doing,
her philanthropic ventures,
and she wants to be forefront.
- Princess Diana had a
bit of an athleisure phase
in the nineties.
The fact that she would
wear slouchy jumpers
and cycling shorts and trainers
and double denim when she was
either doing the school run
or if she was going to the gym.
- These looks have
become kind of cemented
in cultural history,
so much so that years
later, decades later,
people are still channeling
them and paying homage to them.
- So Hayley Bieber's
"Vogue" shoot
@ took some of her most
iconic athleisure wear looks
and re-imagine them today
because the thing
about Diana's style
is that it remains timeless,
and it remains
cool and relevant.
- And actually, that
coincided with cycling shorts
coming back in fashion
across the catwalk
from various
designer collections.
Princess Diana often wore
these cycling shorts,
chunky trainers, which again,
are massively in fashion again,
and a Virgin Atlantic
oversized, baggy sweatshirt.
Princess Diana actually
wore the sweatshirt
to taunt photographers
a little bit
because they were
constantly hounding her,
bearing in mind, this
was after the separation.
So she thought if
she re-wore the same
Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt,
they would grow bored of her
and not photograph her as much.
We all remember the
two iconic swim suits
she wore when she was on
holiday with Dodi Al Fayed.
So one of them was a
leopard print swimsuit
while she went jet
skiing with him,
the other one was a blue swim
suit with a plunging back
that she wore to sit at
the end of a diving board,
and that is a picture
that we all remember.
- Hasnat Kahn had been
the Princess's companion
for over two years.
Nobody knew about Hasnat Kahn.
That was not played
out on the world stage.
Whereas after they'd broken up,
the Princess was invited
to the south of France
by the Mohamed Al Fayeds.
Did you know that the
romance of the Princess
and Dodi Al Fayed was 30
days from beginning to end?
It only lasted 30 days.
That was not the
love of her life.
That was not the man
she was going to marry.
That's all fabrication.
I spoke to her regularly
when she was away.
"Have you seen Hasnat?"
I said, "Yes, I went for a
drink with him last night."
"What does he think of me
being here in south of France
with Dodi Al Fayed?"
"Well, he's not too pleased."
"Has he seen the
pictures in the papers?"
"Yes, he has because
you know his routine,
you know every morning he
goes to the corner shop
and sees the press.
You know that, and I know
that's what you're doing.
You're manipulating
the world's media
by having these pictures
taken to show Hasnat
who you're with as sort of a
are you jealous, do you mind,
do you care, are you bothered?"
That's what Diana was
saying to Hasnat Khan
through those pictures
in the world's media.
And of course,
Hasnat was bothered.
And I didn't find
out until recently
that he called her the
day before she died
on her mobile phone.
He called her to try and
patch up their relationship.
Had she returned to London,
I truly believe the
romance between Hasnat Khan
and the Princess would
have been rekindled.
It was too strong.
It was too deep.
They were true soulmates.
- Princess
Diana's style,
especially in her later years,
is still very much
referenced today
and very much influences
designers and trends.
From cycling shorts
to high-waisted jeans,
oversized blazers,
square neck dresses,
a lot of people want to
be like Princess Diana.
- During her life,
Diana wearing some
of the biggest trends
and influencing the fashion
industry is undeniable.
I think her legacy today
is people are still
channeling looks
that she wore decades ago.
She inspires designer
collections from
Off-White to Celine,
to "Vogue" main
cover fashion shoots.
She's still incredibly relevant,
and I think that needs
to be remembered.
Whenever Kate Middleton
or Meghan Markle step out,
and they wear a look
which resembles
something Diana has worn,
the internet goes wild for it
because they love to
see these comparisons
to a person who is
arguably one of Britain's
most famous fashion icons.
She remains relevant,
and she remains part of
the nation's identity.
- It's hard to choose a
favorite look of Diana's,
but if I had to, I would say
one of her final outfits,
which was a blue cocktail
dress by Jacques Azagury,
which she will to a
performance of "Swan Lake"
at the Royal Albert Hall,
and it was very, very simple,
very Audrey Hepburn-esque,
and it had fixed straps,
a square neckline,
which has come back
in fashion again,
another perfect example
of how she's influenced
designers today.
And it was bright blue,
and it was embellished
with sequins,
and it stopped just
above the knee,
and it was impossibly chic.
- While
Diana's revenge dress
is undeniably a favorite
for many Diana fans,
my favorite look is
one that she wore
in the 1988 polo match.
She's wearing this
oversize masculine blazer
over this British Lung
Foundation charity jumper.
She's wearing Levi's with
cowboy boots and a cap,
and part of this look and
why it's become so famous
and so ingrained in
the Dianna history
is because it typifies
her approach to fashion.
She's quite casual,
she's laid back and she
is effortlessly cool,
and I think that's what this
look really sort of represents,
and that is why it's
one of my favorites.
- And we're
still talking about her.
That's a sign of a great woman.
That's a sign of an
icon of our times.
But I'm also talking to
a generation of people
who were never around.
There's a whole new
generation of people
who didn't know Diana,
and I think I have a
moral obligation to say
to those young people,
"I knew her.
I stood beside her.
I could feel the warmth,
which she radiated
because she was truly
inspirational and unique."
- Her journey throughout the
eighties and into the nineties
is one that the nation
watched as she grew
and as she flourished,
and you could see
that very much so
in what she decided to wear.
Her legacy now, the fact that
the outfits that she wore
years and years ago are still
being celebrated or recreated
means that we all agree that
Diana was incredibly timeless
and stylish and iconic.
- How I remember
Princess Diana's style
is bold, chic,
colorful, pared back,
a lot of contradictions
and rule breaking.
- I watched Diana
blossom from a shy young girl,
18 years old at Balmoral Castle.
I watched the years pass by.
She was pushed in the
deep end and told to swim.
She was told to survive.
She was never taught to survive.
She learned very quickly.
And through the romantic years
and then through the
power dressing years
and then the simple
dressing years,
becoming a global business
woman, becoming an icon.
I watched all of that.
Becoming the most famous
woman in the world.
I saw her as beautiful inside
as she was on the outside.
What an incredible human being.