Diary of a Badman (2016) Movie Script

(soothing electronic music)
- Sometimes in my own crazy way,
I see myself as a super
hero, fighting crime.
It's not easy being a woman in the force,
a black woman.
I was born and raised in Jamaica,
and life was hard as hell.
Poor was an understatement.
We ain't had no water.
Psh, I had to walk miles just
to fetch water on my head
and carry it back home.
We used to sleep five to a bed,
went around with no shoes.
I was raised by my grandfather,
while my moms was in the
States, makin' ends meet.
My grandfather was everything to me,
always tryin' to help the
boys and girls to be better.
He used to say, if he had enough money,
he would put all the kids through school
and encourage them to come
back and build the community.
That's why I'm so career-driven
and ambitious.
(soothing electronic music)
(car engine rumbling)
- Why these stakeouts gotta be so long?
I gotta take a shit!
- Well, look man, go around the corner
and do what you gotta do.
- Around the corner, you see where we at?
- You ain't gonna do it here.
- Shit, well, gon' open this door,
you gon' cover me,
like a good partner's supposed to do.
- Jackie girl, I am sick and tired
of these low-end, undercover jobs.
This shit don't make no damn sense.
- Girl, you know we got
two things against us,
our complexion, and we don't have dicks.
- Okay, what I'm sayin'
is, I need just a chance.
And I will show and prove.
- Trust me, I know.
- You already know the truth.
- Trust me, if anybody knows, I know.
All right?
- Sheesh, make no damn sense.
I know one thing,
my feet, my dogs are barking.
- Girl!
(feigns barking sound)
- My pinky toe is barkin'!
- Girl.
I can't be doing this, I cannot deal.
(suspenseful techno music)
- Hey, ladies, how's it going?
- What you two white boys up to?
- I wanna show my
nephew, here, a good time
and mix it up a little.
Some miscegenation.
Ebony and ivory
- Miscgena, what?
Baby you're usin' too many big words.
You gonna give us a ride, or what?
- Man, sure. Get in.
(slow reggae music)
- Ooh, real hookers.
I'll bet.
(soft techno music)
- You're gonna have a night to remember,
for your 21st birthday.
- Thanks, uncle.
- You ladies are beautiful!
I always wanted to fuck a black bitch.
- Well, we're some real
wild black bitches.
- Uh-huh.
- We'll make sure you remember this night.
- So, how much you wanted to spend?
- What are you offering?
- 60 for a blowjob, 150 to fuck,
and 200 for a hotel room.
- Ah, all right.
- I wanna fuck you both in
the ass, once he's done.
- [Girls In Unison] In the ass?!
- Are you fuckin' crazy?
I ain't letting you stick
shit in my booty hole, honey.
- I give you more!
- It's gonna be extra.
Do you got condoms?
- Of course!
- Money, first.
- Mm-hm, come on.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- [Girls In Unison] NYPD, motherfuckers!
- Are you serious?
- Mm-hm.
- Fuck!
- I needed that.
(heavy breathing)
- You know, it's a good thing our unit's
gettin' moved to narcotics.
- Mm-hm.
It's about damn time.
Maybe we could start gettin'
some high profile cases.
- Yeah.
I just wish that we had
a different sergeant,
instead of Pikowsky.
- Right?
He's such a asshole.
- Hey, Simone?
- Hm.
- My family, we're havin' a
family reunion, this weekend,
and I was thinkin' maybe you'd wanna come
and meet my parents.
- I'd rather not.
I'm sorry.
I can't have no distractions, right now.
- What?
- What?
You know I'm not where I
need to be, in my career.
- You know,
most women, they just
happy bein' on the force.
But you,
you gotta be some damn
Wonder Woman, or somethin'.
- Oh, that's easy for you to say, right?
The perks of havin' a damn penis.
(waves crashing)
I don't know.
Just to tryna be with
somebody that you work with,
things get all complicated
and, listen, I can't.
- I understand.
I get it.
- Look, here goes Lieutenant Freeman.
Hey Lieutenant!
- What can I do for you two ladies?
- I've been followin' that Bailey case.
- And, Williams?
- The department is
havin' a difficult time
bringin' him down, I'm just sayin',
you give me a shot, I
can get the job done.
- While I appreciate your enthusiasm,
we brought in a veteran, to
get the results we needed.
- Lieutenant, we lost
four officers already.
- This time, it doesn't
work, maybe you should try
a different approach.
- A different approach?
- Like a female's approach?
Plus, we was born and
raised in Jamaica, man!
- Being born and raised
in Jamaica does not
qualify you for this job.
- I was raised in Water House.
And it's notorious for gangstas.
I know, and I understand,
their mentality and lifestyle,
trust me.
- I'll keep a mental note.
Do not get excited.
Like I said, we have a guy in there.
- Understood.
- All right ladies, you know what to do.
- We got this, man!
- As soon as you step out,
we'll get a quick mic check.
- Go get 'em, girls!
- Testin', testin', one, two.
My mic sounds nice, check one.
My mic sounds nice, check two.
- Damn, girls, that sounded kinda good!
- For real?
- No.
- You sure y'all not
crack heads, for real?
- Shut up!
- Shut up, assholes!
- Hey, make sure y'all put
on y'all crack head clothes,
before y'all go out there.
(laid back hip hop music)
(rain falling)
- Hey baby.
You got some of that goodness?
- No, we don't know you ladies, man.
- You can get to know me, honey.
- So, he said he don't know you,
get the fuck outta here!
- Come on!
I just want a little bit.
- You look like fucking cops, man.
- [Girls In Unison] Cops?
- We say no to drugs, man.
- [Girls In Unison] We ain't no cops!
- Look at my sexy ass,
do it look a--
- Make it clap, girl!
- Yo get the fuck outta here, I said, man.
- We just want a little bit.
- Yo, he said get the fuck outta here.
- All right, chill.
- Yeah, girl.
- Look, hey, guess what?
I got munchies.
I got money, honey, I got money.
We got to learn.
Come on, let's get--
(coins clanking)
- Why are you droppin' the money
all over the fucking ground?
I will cut your fuckin' head off!
- Oh, shit!
Please, please.
- Don't touch me.
- I don't wanna die, I got kids.
I'll suck yo' dick.
Just, come on, please.
- Oh, shit, son, this bitch is just why
you're fuckin' babies, kid.
- Hey, put that away.
How much you need?
- Just two.
(muffled hip hop music)
- Fuckin' change, girl, serious?
- It's fuckin' money, right?
- Listen, I don't know about you,
I want some of that hash she
was talkin' 'bout, though.
- You nasty.
- Get the fuck outta here, man,
you gon' catch Ebola, or somethin',
fuckin' with these bitches, yo.
- Who says we want to?
(door creaking open)
(suspenseful music)
- Mister Grum.
What do y'all drink?
- Nothin'.
I like to keep my head clear.
- Eh?
(liquid sloshing in glass)
So, what brings you over here?
- Business.
- Business?
- Yes, business, I'm a businessman,
and that's always a priority.
- You wanna do business with me?
- I don't think it's possible
for us to do business.
Do you?
(suspenseful music)
Now, here's the situation, here.
Let's call them new employees.
They're spillin' their
business onto my territory.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Let him cooler, man.
I can handle this.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Da fuck did this nigga say?
Nigga, you better speak English.
- Hey, pussy.
(speaking in foreign language)
- This nigger!
(cocking gun)
- You pussy motherfucker.
- Yo, Jason, Jason.
It's cool, man.
We didn't come here for that, today.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Everything is everything, man.
Cool, man.
(sucking teeth)
Well, Curtis.
- Mr. Graham.
You can call me Mr. Graham.
- They hear me, Mr. Grum.
So, this business we are in.
Come in like the jungle.
And I feel like a lion
enter this bombar clad,
ya understand?
Sometime, my cubs, them get hungry.
And if I'm a goat, I fill
with territory, for eat.
Ya understand?
- Yeah.
It is a jungle, out there.
And, sometimes, you have
hunters with rifles and guns
shooting wild animals, for sport.
You know,
I like watchin' those
wildlife documentaries.
Does my heart good, every time
I seen a lion's cub killed.
- Man, go take some of
the soldiers over there,
and go clean up them bombar clad.
- Hurry, sev man.
Time soon come.
(gun cocking)
- Yeah, man, time for
dominated food chain.
- Come in like you
understand the Grim Reaper.
- Yeah, man.
Pure soul mere snatch from them body.
(phone ringing)
- Yo?
- I need you to come meet me, now.
- What?
- Now.
Dixon's dead.
(phone hanging up)
(suspenseful music)
(car door opening)
(car door closing)
(suspenseful music)
(knocking on window)
(window rolling down)
- Get in.
(window rolling up)
(car door opening)
(car door closing)
Dixon's gone.
- Fuck.
Can't believe it.
He was a good cop.
- We have to nail this guy.
- So, what's the plan?
- We're sendin' in Williams.
- Williams?
- You have a problem with that?
- Hell yeah, I have a
fuckin' problem with that.
- Considering her background,
she's the best option we have.
- She's not ready.
I'm bringing in a guy from--
- No you're not.
Captain's already approved it.
You'll get your team ready, understood?
- Yeah.
(car door opening)
(male muttering under breath)
(car door slamming shut)
- Okay, so as you guys
know, it's election time.
- Yeah, we know.
Let the games, known as politics, begin.
- More like politricks.
- Well, the individuals you see, up here,
are part of a criminal organization
known as the government.
- The government?
Man, these guys watch way too much TV.
- Hey, these guys are ruthless.
It's our job to bring them down.
Winston Bailey.
(tapping on wall)
Also known as Buckey.
(furniture sliding on floor)
He's the leader.
This guy's notorious
for treating his opposition like cattle.
He grew up in a farm, Portland, Jamaica,
cuttin' up meat means
nothin', to this guy.
- Great.
The Jamaican butcher.
- Before the U.S., he
was based outta London,
which is where he started
his criminal organization.
He's educated,
very intelligent.
Do not be fooled by his valiant nature.
Clifton, Kevin Davis.
These guys are tight, first cousins.
These guys are extremely violent.
They take pleasure in killing.
They're known as Rusty and Bones.
These guys follow his
instructions, to the letter.
- So, how are we gonna infiltrate?
- With Simone.
- Simone?
- I heard my name?
- Yeah, he said Simone, what,
you got a problem with my girl?
- As much as I wanted to bring
in someone from the outside,
apparently, you are
the only one qualified.
(reggae music)
Gotta make it this time
Yes I'm sure
Money is on my mind
We wanna be rich and happy
- Yo, we have to get rid
of the Grum, then, yo.
And control this whole blood clot thing.
- See you at stake, man.
We strategize and we'll
move like some ninja, some
Navy Seal type of things.
- Yeah, man.
A killing season.
That's all we need
Money money
Money money
Money money
To fulfill my dreams
Money money
Money money
Money money
Makes no sense to deny
Money money
Money money
- We're here for a drink.
- Distilled.
(reggae music in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
Money money
Money money
Money money
That's all we need
Money money
Money money
Money money
To fulfill my dreams
(speaking in foreign language)
Money money
Money money
(speaking in foreign language)
Makes no sense to deny
Money money
Money money
(singing in foreign language)
- Bitch, you don't know English?
(singing in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
- Eh, boy, you mad?
Take your hand off of me!
(singing in foreign language)
- You rude to her?
Rude fuck.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Real nice.
- I see.
- Bartey boy.
Go fuck your mama.
Money money
(speaking in foreign language)
- Me say Bartey boy.
Go fuck your mama.
Makes no sense to deny
Money money
(speaking in foreign language)
(glass shattering)
- A romp, you wanna romp with me?
Romp you around.
Romp with me?
Eat pussy, one.
- Everything is cool, princess.
Nobody will eat.
(reggae music)
(speaking in foreign language)
You hear me?
Lower yourself, we're
not gonna disrespect you.
Me don't wanna end up like
Ayudeth, on the floor.
- Yes, sir.
As long as you send a
flick, right in the pussy,
while you're up on the floor.
(speaking in foreign language)
- So, enough about me.
Where ya come from?
- We come from Witch Park
Grass Natine in Groiler.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Okay, yeah, man.
(speaking in foreign language)
Ah yeah, and me come from bunny rears,
you're bright and feisty.
- Are you feisty, too?
Feisty, just like how I like it.
(laid back reggae music)
What your name?
- Patricia.
But them call me Munchie.
- Mm, Munchie.
Like that name.
- So?
- So what?
- Ya name!
- Buckey, we call him.
Anyway, where you come from?
And have I see ya around here?
- Me just land, from Miami.
(sucking teeth)
- Miami?
Like that place, there.
Well, they don't remind me of ya.
- So why they call you Buckey?
- What make them call you Munchie?
- Okay, Buckey,
you own this whole establishment?
- Mm-hm.
(sucking teeth)
It's important, to own.
- Yo, Buckey,
(speaking in foreign language)
come in like a blood clot interrogation.
- Cool, man.
She all right.
She all right.
- Kay.
Business man.
Ya hiring?
- Can't work for me, you know.
See you resting.
Can't work for me.
(reggae music in foreign language)
(car door slamming)
(shoes clicking on pavement)
- Babe.
(wind blowing)
- Simone, Simone.
Girl, this shit's not lookin' good.
Doesn't look good, at all.
You're not givin' me shit.
I need you to bring me back somethin'
that has some substance.
- It's gonna take some time.
I'm confident that I get can get in close.
- Really?
- Trust me.
- Trust you?
How's that?
Are we workin' in a fuckin' restaurant?
Let me guess,
Buckey's dealin' drugs in
the fuckin' meat patties,
is that it, Simone?
- What?
I know what this is.
I know exactly what this is.
I've lasted longer than any male officer
that has been on this
case, and you know it.
- Ya know, what I don't
need from you right now,
is your fuckin' bullshit,
feminist, fuckin' attitude.
What I do need, is some fuckin' results.
Otherwise, I gotta pull you out.
- What?
This is bullshit!
There's been others, before
me, that all fucked up.
And now, I'm bein' rushed?
I bet they weren't bein'
harassed, like I am.
- Harassed?
- Yes.
- Williams, don't forget
your place in this.
I can end this shit, right
fuckin' here, right now.
Is that what you want?
(shoes on pavement)
(reggae music in foreign language)
(speaking under music)
- Yo, no white people business,
I can't handle them shit, here.
- Yo, Reggie.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Ya know, what's this, here?
(mumbling under breath)
What do you want?
- Graham, we want the same thing,
we all want three chicken patty.
- All right, so make that five patty
and two cocoa bread.
- So happy.
- Everything cool.
- Like what we are workin' on.
Fork, or something?
(speaking in foreign language)
- I think you've outgrown this place.
I want ya to start movin'.
Plug in on my business side.
- Nice.
Suddenly I get approval, now?
- You'll be my Nikita.
- Who Nikita?
- Female assassin.
- Is there no male killer?
- More like a secret weapon.
I love the way Munchie analyze
at the very first time she
stepped foot into my bar.
Many times, we underestimate
the power of a woman.
When you reach Icona,
make a right turn.
- It's tonight, tell me where we are go.
- Just go with it, man.
Have patience.
- Kay.
Me not like surprises.
Me just hopes someday you would
just kill them, that's all.
(tires on pavement)
(birds chirping)
(car door opening)
(car door slamming)
(birds chirping)
(twigs snapping)
(car door slamming)
- I wanna introduce us
to some of my friends.
- You're sure I'm
dressed for the occasion?
We just make sure,
see me don't look chaka chaka, that's all.
- Yeah, ever.
Look good.
- This is what the map looks like, today.
But this is what the map looked like
millions of years ago,
before continental drift.
Akinti, Asset, come to the front
and show the class your presentation.
(shoes clicking on floor)
- The Olmec's original name is Nuvan,
from Nuva, which is a country in Africa.
They were called Olmec's by
their childrens, the Aztecs.
- The word Olmec means
people of the rubber land.
The Nuvan's were called Olmec's because,
when they walked over,
from Africa to America,
they brought along with them rubber trees,
and planted them in America.
- Rubber trees can also be found in
Central and South America.
But, mainly in Brazil,
along the Amazon valley.
Rubber trees can also be
found in African countries.
- The natives called
the rubber trees kaushu,
which also means eating bread,
because it has fluid, oozing
out from the tree's bark.
The natives collected the fluid,
to make many rubber items.
When the Europeans came over,
they saw the natives playing
a game like basketball,
with a bouncing ball, made of rubber.
- That was very good, girls.
(door squeaking open)
- [Children In Unison] Hi, Mr. Bailey!
- Glad to see all of you.
- Hey, Mr. Bailey.
- All right.
- [Children In Unison] Hi, Mr. Bailey.
- Hey.
Come in, all, come in.
- Guess what, Mr. Bailey?
I scored 100, on my math test.
- 100%?
That's really good, Akinti.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Say hi to my friend, Mrs. Campbell.
- Hi, Mrs. Campbell.
- Hi, kids.
- [Children In Unison] Hi, Mrs. Campbell.
- Hi, guys.
- Mr. Bailey, she is very beautiful.
You should marry her.
(children laughing)
- Go have a seat,
go have a seat.
Hey, Mr. Bailey, how are you?
- Hi, Susan, I'm well.
How are things, here?
- Everything is well.
Thank you, for the financial support.
We wouldn't be able to
do it, without your help.
- How rude of me.
This is my friend, Patricia.
- Hi.
- Hi, Patricia, I am Susan.
- Nice to meet you, Susan.
- Hey.
She's pretty good pick, eh?
(shoes shuffling)
- Very intelligent children.
And what they learn here,
they can take right in their future.
- Thanks to you.
- Mr. Bailey.
- Hi, Denise.
Hello, young man.
How are you?
- I'm good.
I'm looking at colleges,
right now, at the moment.
It's a little difficult--
- Okay.
When you make your
choice, you let me know,
and I'll take care of it.
- Okay, I will.
- What's your average?
- Ooh, a 4.0.
- 4.0.
Very good.
And what do you want to pursue?
- I'm thinking about being a teacher.
- Teacher?
Very good.
- Yeah, my parents are
actually really excited
and appreciative, for you taking care of
my school bills, so.
- Don't worry yourself.
When you become a big-time teacher,
just make sure you bring your skills back,
and build up your people, there.
- Okay, I will,
Thank you.
- Good to see you, Denise.
- Good to see you, too.
It was nice to meet you!
- Nice to meet you.
- So, Winston, you own all of this?
- No.
Just take care of yourself.
Stay within America.
- And what you mean, by that?
- The prison industry.
They had a new plantation.
- You and your philosophy,
you think too much.
- I see you resting, now.
Nearly two million people,
in our prison system, America.
Now, mostly black and Hispanic.
I work in, every year, this
industry, for patience.
Rich people, them.
Them invest a lot of prison industry.
And them don't have to
worry about the insurance
or unemployment application, ya know.
Everybody's a full-time worker.
And nobody no show up, yet.
Ya understand?
- Mm.
(laid back hip hop music)
- You sure you don't wanna re-think this?
- Let it roll.
- 'Kay.
He's gonna roll that money,
right down my pocket.
I'm a hustler, baby
I'm about that money
I'm a hustler, baby
I'm about that money
I'm a hustler, baby
I'm about that money
I'm a hustler, baby
I'm about that money
Feel my heart beat
But you gotta be close
- Well.
If it isn't lucky.
- Hey, Snorkey.
My governor made the expand, you know.
- So,
what's that got to do with me?
- Yeah, you're a man.
I forgot, come on and eat my jurisdiction.
- Nah, son.
We good.
My wolves,
they good.
Everybody's eatin'.
Nah what I mean?
- You're not rich, high, so no.
This is a dictatorship.
(glass clanking on wood)
- What?
Man, don't fuckin' come
up in here, spittin' that,
fuck that.
- Hey, pussy wall.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Take out the gun, now,
I kick them on the floor.
- We feed pussy.
Put the gun up on the floor.
(dropping gun to floor)
I'm a hustler, baby
I'm about that money
- Yo, kick over the gun.
- Pick up the gun.
I'm a hustler, baby
- Run for the gun.
- Go on, 25 person.
Every week.
- What?
- In stutter?
Ya no understand English.
Make ya talk to Tollson.
- You're the lady.
Talk to Tollson.
- Come here, man.
- See of her pussy.
Yo, tap this.
I told her you would act that way
Stupid ass ain't humble
Sendin' me emails
Nigga I aint phased
Was only tryin' to show you
How to guard your gaze
But that's okay
You could stay broke
I'm 50 rich
I don't run New York City
But I run my own shit
(doorbell ringing)
(floor creaking)
(doorbell ringing)
(doorbell ringing)
(floor creaking)
- Dang, magwan.
- Hey, magwan.
- Nothin' much.
- Are you gonna let me in, or what?
- Oh, yes, sorry.
Come in.
(shoes clanking on floor)
(door slamming)
- This is how you're living?
- What that supposed to mean?
- I don't know, I like it.
It's comfortable.
- Thanks.
- Now, you hear me.
Bartender could get, for you.
- For me?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
(rustling paper)
This is beautiful.
- I'm glad you like it.
- Yeah, this is nice.
Thanks, thank you.
- Now, you hear me.
I wanna take you out, at an earlier time.
- Okay.
- For eat.
- Okay.
- Is eight good?
- Sounds good.
- All right.
I'll text in about an hour.
With a name, man, I just
said a restaurant, all right?
- Okay.
(shoes clanking on floor)
(door closing shut)
(floor creaking)
(tranquil music)
- Good evening, miss.
- Hi, good evening.
- How can I help you?
Do you have a reservation?
- Yes, Patricia Campbell.
- Campbell, okay.
Okay, here you are, miss Patricia Campbell
and Mr. Winston Bailey, is that correct?
- Yes.
- Okay, that's gonna be
table number seven, right this way.
(shoes clanking on floor)
And it's right this way, enjoy.
- Babe, you look fabulous.
- Thank you.
(chair scooting across floor)
Wow, this place classy.
You have taste, man.
- Well, I think we deserve
the finer things in life.
- I don't even know what to order.
Jeez and peas, we can't even understand
and practice our menu.
- Don't worry yourself, I
will order ya somethin' nice.
- You always surprise me.
I never knew you was like this.
I'm impressed.
- Well, it's important to travel outside.
- Good evening.
Are we ready to place our orders?
- No, not yet.
- Okay.
Would you like something to drink?
- Yes, I'll take a glass of water, please.
- Mmkay.
- Two glass of water.
- With ice, okay?
- No, room temperature.
- Yes, ice please.
- Okay.
- You drink room temperature water?
- Yeah.
- So your turn held guru, too?
- Well, ice cold water
not good for nobody.
It's as I was saying.
Black people, them still
confined to them nearby.
That's why they don't know magwan,
and they travel outside.
I'd be killin', where
we eat, where they now.
Come in like a geyser.
Them complain about jobs aren't gone.
We no wanna play, and we no wanna board.
And the government controlling things.
Sometime you have to disembody,
to secure the future, for you.
- What you mean, by that?
- Well, it's that farm you grew up on.
Watched my mama and papa work, all day.
True government corruption.
Them are the real criminal.
- Are we ready to place our orders?
- Yeah.
If you can bring a bottle
of gorolla, please.
- Okay, sounds good.
(laid back r&b music)
(waves crashing)
- It was nothing.
- Look at that face, it looked nice.
It's perfect.
- Me, look nice?
- Yeah.
- You look nice.
If I look nice.
- Thanks.
- So yeah, come upstairs,
and we'll continue the night.
- Kinda tired, though.
Maybe another time?
- All right.
Well, you better get some beauty rest.
And maybe next time.
(soft techno music)
(walking through gravel)
(horn honking)
(pounding on door)
- I got it!
(door opening)
Oh my God!
Everybody, Winston's here!
- What's going on, here?
Now, who this?
(floor creaking)
Don't just stand here,
come be in my lap, big one.
- Hi, grand mama.
- Oh, my son.
- Hey.
(utensils clanking)
- So, did Winston tell you him nickname?
- No.
- Cool it, Theresa, man,
you don't have to go there.
- He was so skinny.
The boy mug, come like broomstick.
And him had these massive
teeth, like Bugs Bunny.
So, I thought I'd give
him the name Buckey.
- Oh!
That's why them call you Buckey?
- Yeah, that's my younger brother.
But, I look up to him.
You must be a good woman,
for him to bring you here.
(clearing throat)
(utensils clanking)
(lip smacking)
- It's about time you give me
some grand children, Winston.
- Yeah, and some baby cousins.
- They used to call him
young guard, with that ear.
My boy's a natural leader.
He used to gather all the youths
and tell 'em they have
to push for liberation.
- That's still the plan.
How the academy go?
- Three more weeks, and I am done.
- Make a difference, man.
Make a difference.
- Yes, uncle.
My goal is to become
the police commissioner.
- Ambitious.
Is he one to make a bro like Eric Ganero?
We need more black police
in a fewer community.
- I was having a debate in class
and, riding and marching
doesn't solve anything.
We need to place ourselves
in positions of power.
- Correct, Kya.
Don't just become a lion.
You have to step up the ladder.
You see, Marcus Garvey opened
up windows we can never close.
- I love this discussion,
it's quite interesting.
I just never think that black people
would wanna see more black cops.
Especially not the criminal, them.
- White police know of our stand.
And freed, are we.
Me's among the advocator,
and believe in education.
But they can't just wanna educate
for the sake of being educated.
You have to have an African mind.
Or they say that's a educated fool.
Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad,
Noble Drew Ali, Malcolm X.
All great leader.
Say we have to do somethin'
for ourself, in our community.
- Yeah, power to the people!
(laughing and agreeing)
I love when you come around, uncle.
- We have to stop make them separate we.
Start them off, separation,
divide and conquer,
that them live off of.
And any all them lose, let them fish fry.
Trust me, man.
Them biggest nightmare movement,
like Marcus Garvey,
United Negro Improvement Association.
I'm gonna stop lecturing ya, man.
Let us enjoy this good food.
Pass me a cabbage.
- Here you go.
(utensils clanking)
(clearing throat)
- Ya have to come around more often.
You get enough to eat, son?
- I true, mama.
Me not gonna stay away too long.
So, what do you think of her?
(dishes clanking)
- Me just meet her.
She look like a good woman.
Do you love her?
- Me just wanna bring her,
for get your approval.
- I see a big difference,
with you and this one.
The innocent boy come out in you, again.
(reggae music)
Me no wanna come out
Oh, man, you give me
something to remember
And talk about
- Yo, Reggie.
And I like the way y'all
bring Munchie, now, to set up.
(setting glass on wood)
- She is cool, man.
We like, she all right.
- Yeah?
- Ya fuck her, yet?
- You no gotta worry 'bout that.
A different thing with her, man.
Wife material.
- I not trust it, yo.
- What mean?
- I dunno, yo.
Somethin' hard to explain,
but somethin' just not right, yo.
- Nah, man, she all right.
She all right.
I just need an empress, now.
Dressed to impress.
- Ya have lyrics?
(soft r&b music)
Would you love me for real, baby?
Lookin' all over
But it really seems hard to find you
No trace but in my mind
- You wake up somethin' in me.
Somethin' we did bury.
- What that supposed to mean?
- It mean you have qualities like my mama.
- Wanna say, you're full of surprises.
Deep down, inside of this bad man,
is a very warm, kind,
and compassionate person.
People only think you're
real is 'cause I assure them.
Love the real me, for me
The real, love the real me
Everything would be the same
I'm tired of searchin'
But I'm not givin' up on love
What I want you to do
Love me for who I am
Oh, baby, look what you did to me
I really can't help myself
It's the law of chemistry
Love chemistry
Love me for me, for real
Love the real me
The me, for real
Love the real me
For me, for real
Love the real me
Everything would be the same
Love me for me, for me
Love the real me
For me, for real
Love the real me
For me, for real
Love the real me
Everything would be the same
All I need is love
But nothing else
I don't want from nobody else
All I need is from you baby
All I need is love
But nothing else
I don't want from nobody else
All I need is from you
Love me for me, for real
Real me, me, real
Real me
Me, real, real me
Love me for me
For me, love the real me
For me, for real
Love the real me
For me, for real
Love the real me
Everything would be the same
Love me for me, for real
Na na na na na na na na
'Cause I want you
To love me
(phone ringing over piano music)
- Hello?
- I need you to come meet
me, at the regular spot.
- Mmkay.
I'll be there.
(slow instrumental music)
(waves crashing)
- Here she comes.
Where did she get that?
- Where do you think she got that?
(car door slamming)
- She is lookin' good, though.
- Hey.
- I'm just sayin'.
(heels clanking on ground)
- I don't believe this.
So, what you got?
- Well, his empire's worth 10 million.
He's trustin' me, more
on a deeper level, now.
- Are you gettin' in deep, or is he?
- Ey, boy, what are y'all tryin' to say?
Huh, what are y'all tryin' to say?
- You must be so deep,
all I can hear and see is him.
He's a fuckin' heartless monster,
who has no compunction for takin' lives.
- You don't even know him.
He's more carin' than you fuckin' know!
- Oh.
So is he fuckin' you?
Is he fuckin' you?
- Fuck you!
You don't know what's
goin' on, or who he is.
I'm the one on the inside!
I'm the one fuckin' livin'
this shit, every day.
I'm the boss lady.
- The fuck is wrong with you?
- Hey, hey.
You wanna drop the bullshit?
- Do you fuckin'
hear yourself?
- Cool it, cool it, cool it.
- Look, obviously there's
somethin' going on
between you two.
I don't give a shit!
I don't wanna fuckin' hear about it!
She's gotten closer than
any other agent fuckin' has.
If that shit stings, you
figure out how to deal with it.
Anything else, Simone?
- Yeah.
In a few weeks, he's expecting
an extremely large supply.
And he's plannin' on
knockin' out his competition.
- What are you tryin' to say?
He's gonna murder everybody?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
Well, at least we're
makin' progress, here.
Least, now, I have
somethin' to report back.
You're doin' a great job.
Just hang in there.
(car door slamming)
(engine revving)
- Hey girl, how you doin'?
I missed you.
- I missed you, too, girl.
- Give a sister a hug,
and stop playin'.
- I know it's gotta be tough, in there.
Now, look at me, in the
eyes, and tell me the truth.
Are you sleepin' with him?
I'm your friend, I'm
not goin' to judge you.
I care about you, and
I want you to be safe.
- I know.
- She doesn't even know
who she is, anymore.
- Okay.
That's perfect.
How's that a problem?
- What?
- So, she thinks she's Patricia.
That's right where she
needs to fuckin' be.
That shit's keepin' her alive.
Trust me.
That is a woman, faked us,
so shall she be.
- She's obviously sleepin' with the guy.
- Man, you brought that shit on yourself.
I didn't hear her say that.
- Just remember who you are,
and why you're in there, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
(shoes clanking on gravel)
- Hey, Simone, hold on.
(shoes running across gravel)
- Hey, hey Jerry.
- 'Sup?
You're actin' like you can't talk to me.
- My bad.
- Can I get a hug, then?
- 'Course, silly.
- Look, I just wanna tell you,
I think you're doing an
excellent job, all right?
Don't worry about Louis.
He'll get over it, just
give him some time.
'Cause the most important
thing, right now, is results.
There's no good or bad, here.
It's just about results.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I needed that.
- Be careful, all right?
- Want another hug?
- Yeah.
Damn, you smell good.
- Bye, Jerry.
- Ya know, ya gotta teach me some more
of that Jamaican stuff, right?
- Bye.
(shouting in foreign language)
- Yo, Bones, you sit and
ground on my disrespect,
and I chip on your turf.
- Them have some nerve, eh?
- Yeah, man, pull over.
Imma go witness real badness, man.
Time for bringing out the Grim Reaper.
(car door opening)
(car door shutting)
- Yeah, who the fuck is these dudes, man?
- I dunno, nigga,
but you got that thing
on you, though, right?
- Yeah, always, son.
- Aight, man, Imma get zapped up,
you better let that shit go, man.
- Just get your ass in there.
- For sure.
- We wanna know where
the blood's droppin'--
- Who the fuck is you, man?
Big coconut-head-ass-nigga
come over here in somebody's light.
You get blown the fuck up, nigga.
- [Males In Unison] Oh, shit!
- Yo, what the fuck you got me into, man?
- Let me ask, at good.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Man, listen, man.
This fuckin' Mr. Graham, he
put us up to this shit, man.
- Fuck, man!
- Yo, listen man, I don't got
nothin' to do with this shit,
man, I don't even hustle, man.
- Man done piss himself.
- Get up on the ground.
- Yo, come on, don't do me like this, man.
Yo listen--
- You're seein' fists, boy.
You believe that message
from me, you hear?
- Got that, you got that?
- Why did you tell him Graham lives there,
we run this whole blood clot, ya hear?
- I got you, I got you, my dude.
- Fuck you, pussy.
(sirens blaring)
- It's not gonna fall out, is it?
- Um, no.
I know what I'm doing.
- All right, I'm just sayin'.
- This okay?
- Okay, so this is it.
- That's good.
- Big moment, you're waitin' for.
- Yup.
This is it.
- That's it, great.
I figured you'd be jumpin'
over the moon, for this shit.
Miss, here, we're gonna move
this scum off the street.
You understand me?
- Is everything okay?
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- I'm good.
- Look, so, you ready to do this?
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- All right, Simone.
When the deal goes down, I
want you guys to signal us
with these words:
yeah, man.
- Wow.
Very impressive, Jerry.
- I'm glad you like it.
- Hell yeah.
- 'Cause I got somethin' else for ya.
- Oh, what's that?
Back to you.
- Hey.
Let me talk to you.
What's goin' on?
Is everything okay, with you?
- Why does everybody keep askin' me that?
I'm fine.
- Look, you're not fine.
You're not your normal self.
- What?
- Officer Williams,
it's obvious.
It's okay, you've been
under for a long time, but,
doesn't matter how strong you
are, in this game, trust me.
This shit's gonna take a toll on you,
it's gonna fuck with your head.
- I'm fine.
(hip hop music)
- All right.
(hip hop music)
(rustling around)
- Yeah, man.
Worse in shot.
(rustling around)
- Magwan, Munchie.
- Hey.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah, man.
Everything cool.
- It's interesting.
I move up, in a world
different, giving to ya.
- What you mean, by that?
- This thing were dealing with, right now,
is a small thing, compared
to the bigger link.
- So, yeah, somebody else will buy from.
- I told the man, he understands.
Go straight to the source.
- I like that.
(shoes clanking on ground)
(car door opening)
(car door shutting)
- Yo, you ready?
- It's cool, man.
- Munchie?
No, bed-ridden.
Not like the way I move with this gal, yo.
Y'all change up.
See her roasting, man.
(sucking teeth)
- Reggie, just cool it, man.
She shall come.
- No, man.
(waves crashing)
(car door opening)
- Come in, baby.
- For what, everything all right?
(car door slamming)
(sucking teeth)
- Drive the car, man.
(suspenseful music)
- That's right.
(loud banging)
I can't believe we're about
to bust this motherfucker.
How's that wire holdin' up?
- Sounds good to me.
- Let me hear it.
- Yeah, I can hear everybody, clearly.
(rustling around)
- So, magwan, I guess we there?
- Never reach fussin'.
Long time, I deal with him.
And I never reach fussin'.
Last time I deal with the men.
(suspenseful music)
- Yeah, that's right, you son of a bitch.
This will be your last deal.
(cocking gun)
I don't have a good
feeling about this, at all.
- What do you mean?
This is like clockwork, we do
it like this, all the time.
We go in, through the front,
you meet me around back,
after the deal is done, okay?
No problem.
(car door opening)
(car door shutting)
- I don't know.
(car door shutting)
I don't know.
It just feels different, this time.
- Pedro.
- Let me come in with you, as backup.
- Pedro.
- Sarge.
Looks like our guest have arrived.
- Gimme this.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, this is lovely.
Lola, Lola.
Welcome to the church of suicide.
Fuck, this feels better than sex.
(cocking gun)
- Well, sarge might
bust a nut, right here.
(suspenseful music)
(shoes clanking on ground)
Hey, Winston.
How are you, my friend?
- I'm all right.
Magwan is right there.
- I love the way
you Jamaicans talk.
Hey, hey,
don't be too serious,
I'm just having fun, okay?
- Come in.
(rustling around)
- Who the fuck is this?
- Lower yourself, man, she all right, man.
Come in, come do business, yeah, man.
- Winston, you know I don't
like to meet new people.
(suspenseful music)
Are you a cop?
- Police.
(speaking in foreign language)
Carry on with the business, man.
(sucking teeth)
- New people,
bring big problems.
Legal problems.
- I say she good, man.
- So, she's not a cop?
So, then, I can check to see
if she has a wire, right?
- How's about you ignore me, man?
All along the way, the businessman.
- I know you.
I do business with you, and
the other two guys, that's it.
- Same thing, what did I tell you?
- I don't know her.
- You know what?
It's all right.
Me can proves me not have no wire.
- You don't have to do that.
- It's all right, listen,
me want you forget this deal.
I owe our bread and butter.
Me can even take my
shirt off, if you want.
- Okay.
- Man, turn around.
(sucking teeth)
Nobody look, you're still under my--
(speaking in foreign language)
- This doesn't sound good.
We need to get in there.
- Nah.
Let it ride.
- Let it ride?
Are you serious?
Let's get her out of there.
- I will give it a few more minutes.
- A few more minutes?
We need to get in there, now!
- We're not goin' in.
- You will follow my
orders, you understand me?
Do you fuckin' understand me?
- Yes,
(suspenseful music)
(rustling around)
(suspenseful music)
(rustling around)
- Okay.
She's all right.
- Of course, man, we tell
you that, already, man?
- Hey, have to be careful.
This is a very dangerous
business, we are in.
- Where did you put the wire?
- Downtown.
- The fuck is downtown?
- Near her vagina.
- I knew you was a lezzie.
- So, did the carpet match the curtains?
- Shut the hell up, Jerry!
- Great.
Real creative, guys.
Totally uncomfortable, right,
but who gives a fuck, right?
(suspenseful music)
- Boys.
(rustling around)
Come in, Munchie.
(rustling around)
(zipper zipping)
(rustling around)
(loud clanking)
- Very funny, very funny.
(zipper zipping)
America, huh?
She's a beautiful country, huh?
(zipper zipping)
- Yes, it is.
(suspenseful music)
(shoes clanking on ground)
(phone ringing)
- You are in a heap of shit!
Are you fuckin' outta your mind?
(suspenseful music)
(car door opening and shutting)
(car door shutting)
- All right, you are fucked up.
What the fuck was that?
Have you lost you're fuckin' mind?
What the fuck were you thinkin'?
I knew this was a fuckin'
mistake, from the fuckin' start.
What the fuck was that?
- I have a good reason.
- A good fuckin' reason?
What fuckin' good possible
reason, could you fuckin' have?
- Well, if you calm down and listen,
I can fucking tell you--
- Calm down?
- Yes.
- I am fuckin' calm!
- Really?
- You don't wanna see me fuckin' pissed!
- He has the bigger deal
on the fuckin' table!
- A bigger deal?
- Yes.
He said this is huge.
And it's takin' place with an
extremely important person.
That's the only reason why I held back.
So we can get the bigger fish.
- Listen to what?
- This is big.
You need to trust me.
- You're kiddin' me, right?
What, are you gonna start fuckin' cryin'?
Is that what you do for Buckey?
'Trust me, Buckey.'
This is fuckin' bullshit.
You want some?
- I'm good.
Next time you pull a move like that,
I'll see to it, you go
back to your uniform
and you'll walk in the street
of some shitty fuckin'
neighborhood, understood?
- Understood.
- Any idea who the connection is?
- No, but he said something about
cutting out the middle man.
Some shit like that.
- Don't pull that shit again.
You let me know what's goin' on,
so I have somethin' to tell Freeman.
- Wait, what are you gonna
tell Lieutenant Freeman?
- I don't know.
Make up something.
You can be brought up in
trudges, for pullin' that shit.
Your wire musta malfunctioned.
Where it was located,
on your body.
Hey, this shit's not funny.
We're way too close to
bustin' this motherfucker,
to stop now, fuck him.
(laid back hip hop music)
- That should work.
(money rustling)
- Make that money.
- I'm losin' money.
What y'all doin', out there?
Yo, have we met?
- No, wrong person, that my girl.
- Nah.
You look mad familiar.
- Yeah?
That's everybody, I'm a twin, right?
- It was my turn.
(money rustling)
- Nice.
All right.
You gonna tell us somebody with
some more glitz, all right?
- All right, cool.
- Hold this.
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
(door shutting)
- Yo, come here.
- Yeah, what's up?
- You know Munchie?
- Who?
- The girl in there,
you was talkin' to, yo.
- I was?
Nah, I just thought I
knew her, from somewhere.
- From where?
Well, listen, Kya trusts
me, but I like her.
- Aight.
Look, this might sound crazy,
but I think she's a cop.
- Police?
What you sayin'?
- I think she's a cop
that broke crack, from us.
- Oh, yeah?
Don't tell nobody about this, ya hear?
- Look, ya ain't gotta
worry about me.
- All right.
I gonna handle this.
(suspenseful music)
(phone ringing)
- Hey, Munchie, come down to that bar.
- I was gonna pick up
something, for Vienna.
- No, I want you to come, now.
- Can I just check you in a few?
- Come now!
(people chattering)
(door slamming shut)
(shoes clanking on floor)
- That's not what I think.
Can't blame me for that.
- Right.
- I'm gonna call you,
I'm gonna call you later.
Yeah, I'm gonna, yeah, I'm gonna call you.
(shoes clanking on floor)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey, babe, what's up?
Everything all right?
(suspenseful music)
- Statue of Liberty
represent the United States,
as a woman.
Shadow always sits on many waters.
Revelation, here to you.
The symbol of all the
dominance, over the world.
She's supposed to represent
the epitome of what the
United States stand for.
Justice, and liberty, for all!
- Winston, me not understand
what ya are chat 'bout.
- Ya know all my stuff.
A justice metal bowl.
Just us.
That not stand for nobody,
not this bombar clad room.
Them can't have more!
But are we still at fight
for freedom and justice,
in this blood clot country?
You overstep.
You overstep.
- Me miss somethin'?
- And farmer, for dead!
Sit down.
Sit down, Munchie.
(sucking teeth)
They're police?
- Winston, me can't believe you just
asked me somethin' like that.
- Munchie, a blood clot police.
- No.
(speaking in foreign language)
(suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
- Repeat what ya tell us.
- I think she's a cop.
- What?
- Munchie, no other woman, yeah?
- No, she didn't tell us about
that she knows somebody
would look like me.
- Did she say she a cop?
- Yeah, I think she's a cop.
(cocking gun)
- Me look like bombar clad police, to you?
- Munchie, put down your things.
Put down your things.
I said, put it down.
Munchie, put down your things!
(suspenseful music)
Repeat what ya tell us.
- I'm about 90% sure she's a cop.
It's the cop that busted JD, Blue, and me.
- Now why you're a 90%?
Mine enough?
Found 100% sure.
Waste my time.
- Yo, Benjamin.
(cocking gun)
- 10% is enough
to shift the blood clots.
- Is that what y'all do?
- Benji, you hear what the
gal says, she a police.
- Man, put on your things, we out.
- Me not put on my things, she a police.
- Big man, if she was a police,
she wouldn't take with that
one, when they do that, as well.
Man, put on your things!
- Yo, Bridgen, what y'all do?
(gun cocking)
- Ooh, boy, me not repeat myself.
- In my life, you wanna take
over some blood clot boom boom.
Put it down.
(suspenseful music)
Ya'll move funny, yo.
The shore?
Ya know how Buckey feel, about that.
- Oh, you mean the great shore.
Of course we should.
I forget we're that his bitch, yo.
None of us stand old Buckey, or move, yo.
- Pressin' gunpowder, maybe.
The wrong thing, that kid.
The wrong blood clot thing, that.
- True.
(muffled hip hop music)
- Yo, ain't that them, right there?
- Yeah, it's the police.
- Fuck these motherfuckers, man.
(speakers drowned out by music)
(hip hop music)
(reggae music)
- No, boy, I like, say yo.
Ya hear me?
Different thing, though, they
don't care, it doesn't know.
(speaking in foreign language)
And I told them.
They say ready.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
(music muffling speakers)
- Magwan.
- Yeah, yo?
- I tell you everything, man.
Start the boat, boss.
(car door opening)
(suspenseful music)
(car doors slamming)
(muttering under music)
(reggae music)
Children are dying
Mothers are crying
- Little boy, them nothin'.
(gun shooting)
Little boy, them nothin'.
(guns shooting over music)
(reggae music)
(screaming and crying out)
- No, no!
No, please!
- Oh, not on this bed.
(mumbling underneath music)
I don't wanna fuckin' die.
Oh, we fucked up.
Oh, we fucked up, man.
(speaker drowned out by music)
- Go onto my lives, yeah?
Anything else dead.
- Yeah, man.
The one time, forgive that pussy, yo.
- Killin' season.
(screaming out)
- Magwan, big man?
People are dying
Mothers are crying
- They look cute.
- I told you, you was a fucking cow.
You're food.
You have us, thank.
What him do.
- Please, please, no.
(loud banging)
(reggae music)
- Why the fuck didn't you stop this?
- Why didn't I stop this?
What should I have done?
What should I have done?
'Cause last time I check, I
didn't get the fuckin' manual
on what to do.
- Jesus.
Well, please tell me, at least,
you didn't take part in this.
- 'Course not.
I can't even get the
fuckin' image outta my head.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- You wrap this up, fuckin' ASAP.
- You what?
- I just not understand.
One minute, you're our top bull.
You're a gangster.
And the next minute, you're a top bull,
liberation, for black people.
- Look at me now.
(speaking in foreign language)
I told Simone I would build
somethin' better for the future,
you want somethin' else.
Many thought them weird,
to Rusty and Bones.
Me can't talk to them, so.
Are you and me tellin'
thing, I understand.
Comin', like my diary.
- So, one minute, I'm Nikita.
And the next minute, I'm
the diary of a bad man?
- You know what you are, a candidate.
Him was a gangster.
A tee, for getting
family and our politics,
and the White House.
Roosevelt, and picking me, now.
I make him the head of the
security's exchange board.
(speaking in foreign language)
Well, me feel the same way.
It take a gangster, for fight
against them gangster-ism,
them have in place.
- And, what, you wanna
work with the government?
- I might.
A suicide.
Malcolm X was in military,
'til them kill him off.
Martin King, him was a peaceful
man, and them kill him off,
same here.
- Ya have more than enough money.
For live, do anything ya want.
We cannot just do somethin' else.
- See the next thing, can have.
Thing we have lined up, right now.
They're gonna put me in a righteous place,
when they come back to
life, ya understand.
But the worry is of, everything all right.
Just give me the good time.
We will work it out.
(reggae music)
- Right on time.
Your kind is usually late.
Come on in, the boss is waiting on you.
(shoes clanking on floor)
(shuffling around)
(loud clanking)
Who's the broad?
- She's with me.
- Well, that's obvious, cool breeze.
But the boss is gonna
wanna know who she is.
He knows of you, but not her.
- If he asks, then I'll tell him.
Cool breeze.
- But we talk, for the boss.
- Then he's not that much
of a boss, then, is he?
- Smart ass.
(shoes clanking on floor)
- So, you are Winston.
- Yeah.
And you?
I wasn't given your name.
- That's because
you haven't earned the
right to know my name.
I'm sellin' product, not my memoir.
(sucking teeth)
And who are you,
beautiful lady?
- Patricia.
- That's some sweet chocolate, boss.
- I'm here to buy your
product, not to disrespect.
- We leave our women at home.
We just wanna know who she is.
- Just don't worry about them.
This is the first time I've
ever done a transaction,
like this, and there's
been a woman present.
It's interesting.
You seem different, Winston.
- Let's do business.
- Yeah, of course, let's do business.
Why don't ya bring the bags.
- Aye, boss.
(loud clanking)
- Yo, Buckey, me not
like the disrespecting.
- The bigger they are,
the harder they're gonna hit the concrete.
- Or so you would think.
- What?
(snapping fingers)
(suspenseful music)
- Yeah, man, a real thing.
(snapping fingers)
(zipper zipping)
- Go get the money.
(loud clanking)
- Ooh.
(rustling around)
- You happy, boss?
- Yeah.
(loud clanking)
- Ya know, I got it.
I don't think you're gonna steal, from me.
Less intelligent people know better than
to cut me short.
And you seem like a
pretty smart guy, Winston.
Do I need to count it?
- It's all there.
- It's nice doing business with you.
(suspenseful music)
- We did it.
- Yeah, man.
(sirens wailing)
- One of you's a fuckin' cop.
- I warned you.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Drop the guns.
(sirens wailing)
(gun shooting)
- You see what I mean?
I tell you about, get shot, police.
(gun shooting)
(sirens wailing)
- Munchie.
Are you all right?
- I'm all right.
(sirens wailing)
- What you do?
(gun shooting)
- NYPD, drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon!
- Drop your weapon!
I said put that shit down,
before I drop you where you stand.
Put it down!
(sirens wailing)
Lower your weapon.
Lower, Simone, it's me!
Lower your weapon.
It's me.
Put it down.
I do not want to shoot you,
put it down, please.
Drop it.
(suspenseful music)
(rustling around)
(rain pouring)
- Hey, nice work, Officer Williams.
You want the honor to read
Mr. Winston Bailey his rights?
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say, can and
will be used against you,
in the court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be provided for you.
You understand these rights,
if I read 'em to you?
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat instrumental music)
It's a diary
Of a bad man
It's inside of me
Do the best I can
We all growin' up
No one's gettin' younger
All I'm goin' through
Only makes me stronger
Time will tell
If I can help
Time will tell
If you never see me do no wrong
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
Hold up, I'm a hustler, girl
You could find out
We could take some time off, time out
Sit down, talk about
what it's all about
Not that rough shit, girl
Imma smooth out
Time goes so fast in the streets, girl
When I'm not with you,
I'm in a different world
Money never changed a
nigger, but the sex did
Made love all night, now we got a kid
run away, girl, never run away, girl
Let's do what we do
Let's play, girl
Let's speak freely
What ya say, girl?
You work for the police, what girl?
Never had anyone I can trust, girl
Now I can't be true, girl
Hush, girl
I believe in you, baby, what girl
You confusin' me
It's a diary
Of a bad man
It's inside of me
Do the best I can
We all growin' up
No one's gettin' younger
All I'm goin' through
Only makes me stronger
Time will tell
If I can help
Time will tell
If you never see me do no wrong
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
Diary of a bad man
You are that itch between my thighs
Those strange butterflies
That imagine in my mind
When I close my eyes
Every bit in pleasure
Down low, hidden treasure
You are a sinful taboo I can't deny
You got that supersonic lovin'
My cravin' body needs
Give me what I need
The kind that'll have me beggin'
And puts my ass to sleep
Lay me down
I'll dream of me tellin' you
Lover, please go deep
You are a sinful taboo I can't deny
You got me piled up in this matrix
Coerced in ecstasy
I wanna make you tie me down somewhere
And let you ravage me
Boy, y'all go down, down, down
Until you release in me