Diary of a Chambermaid (1964) Movie Script

Hey, over here!
You from "The Priory"?
Is it far?
You'll find out soon enough.
Get in.
The countryside's always
a bit dreary.
People probably don't have
much fun around here.
Those your only shoes?
What was that?
I didn't understand.
Right, play the innocent.
- What's your name?
- Joseph.
That's all I needed.
Come on, boy!
- What are you doing around here?
- Nothing.
Good hunting?
I ran into her, so I bought
this off her.
As usual.
Did you make that?
It's very nice.
No, Mama did.
You're filthy.
Here, blow your nose.
Now run along.
You're not very clean either.
Why haven't you shaved?
I was up at 4 a. m. and
I've already done 6 miles in the woods.
What did you kill today?
Nothing much.
No, I don't want to see!
Aren't animals more beautiful alive
rather than dead?
Hunting... is hunting.
Careful how you handle this.
It's very fragile.
Father is fond of it and it's costly.
Yes, Madame.
- Do you break things?
- No, Madame.
You all say that.
Unfortunately, the facts prove otherwise.
Take off your shoes.
My father is very strict about that.
This is a valuable Chinese rug.
You'll track dirt in.
Only Father keeps his shoes on.
But he's cleanliness itself.
Be careful with this, too.
It costs a fortune.
The mother of pearl and ivory
easily come unglued.
- Do you keep clean?
- Yes, Madame.
I overlook a good deal
but I'm a stickler for cleanliness.
Is your memory good?
Don't touch these.
I clean them.
You're clearly from Paris.
That dress won't do here.
You'll be in my father's service.
True, I hired you but...
Well, you'll have to please Father.
Father's a delightful person,
the kind you don't find anymore.
He has his whims which are
understandable for his age.
- Try to be very nice to him.
- I'll try, Madame.
Now go change your dress.
Most important, relax!
Fully relaxed!
Hold your breath.
Don't squeeze too hard.
Well, go on!
- You never used a gun before?
- I don't think so.
Nice! But I thought
you liked butterflies.
I do!
I would rather have missed it.
Now go clean up.
That beard is most unpleasant.
What pretty writing paper!
Is that a crown?
It's from the Duchess's.
She wrote your name on the picture!
Who's this on the horse?
William. He won the Grand Prix
at Longchamp 2 years ago.
- Is he English?
- Hardly!
You've known some fancy people!
What's it like here?
Madame's father is very nice.
Very kind, very polite.
- And her?
- Her?
A cow, that's obvious.
She counts the sugar cubes,
locks everything up!
All the same.
And Monsieur?
Thanks for the tip.
It's obvious you're from Paris.
Such pretty things in your suitcase!
Would you like something, Monsieur?
But who are you?
The new chambermaid, Monsieur.
Ah, yes...
Come in.
Good morning.
I'd like my...
my bathrobe.
I left it on my... my bed.
My bathrobe...
What's your name?
Celestine, Monsieur.
Pretty name.
Very pretty name.
Are you settled in all right?
- I just arrived this morning, Monsieur.
- True, true.
Excuse me, Monsieur, but where is
Monsieur's room?
What for, Celestine?
To get your bathrobe, Monsieur.
At the end of the hall.
Where are you going?
Monsieur asked for his bathrobe.
But it's in the bathroom!
Celestine, it was here,
I've got it!
Be careful with this lamp, too.
Be very careful.
The globe has to be
ordered from England.
That will be all.
- I think it's coming out!
- It's in the corner!
It's gone!
Filthy thing!
You'll see plenty of them around.
"Be careful with this lamp!
Be very careful!
"The globe has to be
ordered from England. "
She send her cracked chamber
pots to London too?
I doubt I'll last 3 days in this dump.
They all say that.
But you'll stay.
Madame doesn't seem very keen
on you-know-what.
She have a lover?
- No.
- Why not?
- Apparently she can't.
- What?
She's sick!
It hurts her!
- So what? And Monsieur?
- He's a dead loss.
All he does is hunt.
You're sitting in Joseph's chair.
Get this lamp out of my way.
Bravo, Madame will be pleased.
- As if it was my fault!
- Or mine!
So I'll go to England
to buy a new globe.
They beat up some wops and
kikes in Paris last night.
It's a good start!
Some folks here'll get theirs, too.
Not just wops and kikes!
He never lets up!
What are wops n' kikes?
Look at your mug in the mirror
and you'll see.
- Who's it for?
- For you.
Time for the old man's herb tea.
Listen to this...
"... But for the honor of our country,
an alternative Right does exist.
"Can it stand vertebrally and march
into combat united and determined?"
Just a moment!
Come in, come in.
So you're Celestine?
I really like the name.
Indeed, I do.
Put that down there.
But it's a bit too long,
don't you think?
Far too long.
If you don't mind, I'll call you Marie.
Marie is pretty too and it's short.
Besides, I've called all my
chambermaids Marie.
It's a habit of mine.
And not one
I think I could break.
- How many lumps, Monsieur?
- Two.
So you won't mind
if I call you Marie?
It's understood, then?
- Fine!
- I'll go now, if I may.
Not yet, Marie.
Do you have a moment?
I'm at Monsieur's service.
Tell me now,
do you enjoy reading?
Yes, but I don't have
much time for it.
But you know how to read?
There are evenings when
I'm feeling weary
and I enjoy being read to.
It's so pleasant to listen to
a charming voice.
Why don't we have a little tryout?
Are you familiar with
A fine writer.
I really appreciate him.
Sit down here a moment
and read me something at random.
Sit down.
Read, read.
"Since, in this day and age,
"nothing genuine remains,
"as the wine we drink
and the freedom we proclaim
"are adulterated and derisory,
"and as it takes a good dose
of good will
"to suppose that the ruling classes
are respectable
"and the lower classes worthy
of relief or commiseration... "
Marie, look...
would you mind if I touched your calf?
You've absolutely nothing
to fear from me.
You don't mind?
Keep reading...
"The dreadful,
bleeding head glowers,
"scattering... clots...
"of dark crimson
"over the tips of its beard and hair.
"Visible to Salome alone,
"it neither embraces
in its sinister gaze... "
what size do you wear?
- What?
- Your shoe size.
Just a moment!
Here they are...
"Rose des vents"!
Every evening
when you come to see me
you'll put these boots on.
They bring back memories,
you see?
No need to wear them
during the day,
but in the evening,
I'd appreciate it.
One moment!
Come in.
I asked you to be very careful
with this lamp!
- But I can explain...
- No explanations!
What's the problem?
She broke the lamp globe.
It's of no importance!
I never liked this lamp.
Be more careful in the future.
Always the same thing!
Every time you make an effort...
What pettiness!
My dear Marie, what can I say?
That's all for tonight.
You may go.
Thank you.
Pretty girl.
And good-natured.
Fine, fine.
Do the bedrooms
but don't bother with my bathroom.
Break out the glue!
Did you throw those stones?
Don't like it?
What got into you?
I feel sorry for you.
You're in for it.
You work for a real scoundrel.
In what way?
So there you are at last!
You don't show yourself much.
Sure, you're from Paris...
we aren't good enough for you.
What an idea, Madame!
Not Madame, Mam'zelle!
Mam'zelle Rose!
She's more than just a servant.
She's a rarity among women!
You mad at Mr. Rabour?
Old man Rabour?
Not at all!
I could care less
about that old cobbler!
It's his son-in-law, Monteil!
He's quite a number,
believe me!
He spreads nasty gossip about us.
Like Rose eating at my table.
What business is it of his?
If she shares my bed,
it's my right!
Of course!
It's quite normal
for a single man!
Monteil's a real scoundrel,
believe me!
He's funny. He's such a child.
So young for his age.
You're nice-looking.
Watch out.
There's already talk about you.
About me?
Don't do anything foolish.
They say you and Monteil...
Be careful.
If Madame doesn't fire 'em,
Monsieur knocks 'em up.
No risk of that!
Remember, with that fellow, bang!
The first time... a baby!
A downright scoundrel!
So, Celestine,
are you settled in now?
I don't know yet.
Is Monsieur settled in here?
Dammit, Celestine,
you must settle in!
You must!
I'll try.
With Monsieur's help.
I bet you were up to mischief
in Paris.
What must Monsieur
think of me!
Why not?
A lovely girl like you!
I'm all for having fun, dammit!
I'm all for love, Celestine!
For l'amour fou!
I'll tell Madame.
To hell with Madame!
I've had it with Madame!
Think I'll just sit back?
Monsieur exaggerates.
Madame's always been kind.
Listen, Celestine,
she's ruined my life.
I'm no longer a man.
I'm a laughingstock.
Care for a cookie?
I want so much
for you to be happy.
You're not like my wife.
You're so sweet and good.
- If you wanted to...
- What, Monsieur?
You know what.
Deceive Madame with Monsieur?
It's all I think about!
Since you arrived, I haven't slept!
I'm not a brute!
I promise I won't get you pregnant!
Stop or I'll tell Madame everything!
Give me time to settle in.
Kill it!
Don't let it suffer!
They're better when they suffer.
And I like it that way.
The house needs tidying up.
- Is Madame here?
- Next door.
I'm coming, Joseph.
It's fine-looking.
Yes, Madame,
more than 11 pounds.
Put it here.
Do you want something?
Is there something
you want to tell me?
Let's hear it.
It's the new chambermaid.
What has she done?
- She hasn't been here long but...
- But what?
She's always
talking to the neighbors.
Sunday she walked home
from mass with Rose.
Once she even went
into their garden.
Thank you, Joseph.
That will do.
- Can I dunk my bread in the sauce?
- Sure!
What are you doing here?
Know what time it is?
You're not allowed in here.
I told her to come in.
- Why?
- Because!
- So how's your aunt?
- Not very good.
As usual.
Look me in the eye.
Straight in the eye.
What d'you see?
I see me.
That shows I like you.
That I've got you in mind.
- No, thanks.
- Not hungry?
She prefers truffles.
I've eaten truffles before.
No one here can say as much.
- Where's the butter?
- No butter.
Ask next door for the key.
Pass the bread.
While you're up,
pass me one.
I don't wait on tattletales.
On what?
I'll see the neighbors when I like.
So go tell them that next door.
I hear the dogs!
It must be the sexton.
You're sleepy.
Come here.
Take this apple.
Come in.
'Evening, all!
See that rain?
Not very warm either.
Sit down.
Shouldn't the child be home?
She's all right here.
I'd like some cheese.
- Nice and warm in here!
- Have a drink.
I hear that in the Le Havre strike
they wounded
20 blue-collar bastards.
A shame they didn't all croak!
And in Romania they killed 12 Jews.
That makes 12 less!
That's always something!
- And Richard's article?
- Terrific!
Why always talk about
killing Jews?
- Aren't you a patriot?
- Sure!
If I was in Paris,
I'd kill one a day!
The government ministers
and the judges have all sold out.
That's why things are so rotten!
Scratch a Bolshevik
and you'll find a Jew.
They're attacking religion again.
- Oh, priests...
- I know you hate 'em.
But I'm for religion.
We need it.
I told you, the clergy will help
get rid of the Jews.
For me again!
I'll put the kid to bed
in my room.
I can take her home.
She's staying here with me.
- I won't eat her.
- My mind's made up.
Let's get down to it.
I don't want to turn in too late.
Get me some paper and ink.
Don't make any noise.
Tell me, Celestine...
Do maids in Paris
usually wear perfume?
It depends.
Some wear perfume,
some don't.
Well, here we feel perfume
is improper for ladies.
- Especially maids, you understand?
- Very well, Madame.
Take this away.
It stinks.
Take the cups, as well.
- Aren't you overdoing it, dear?
- Be quiet, you!
- And don't hang around that girl!
- Me?
The Jesureau girl last year
cost me 1500 francs!
But, dear, a girl like Celestine
who comes from Paris...
God knows the things she's done!
The diseases she's picked up!
And you accuse me... ?
I know you.
I'd hoped for a pleasant evening
with you after dinner,
but you immediately
start shouting!
I prefer going up to my room.
Good night, Father.
Look, dear,
if you're worried about Celestine...
I'm not jealous,
but I don't want it costing me any money!
"To French patriots!
"France has been delivered to
foreigners and sold for Jewish gold!
"The French army is scorned!
"The Catholic Church persecuted!
"Be prepared!
"The hour of the National
Revolution is at hand!
"Enough lies and treason!
Enough scandals!"
Not "enough scandals. "
"Enough filth"!
It has more clout.
Why are you staring at me?
I prefer "Enough scandals!"
Who asked you?
"The hour of the
National Revolution is at hand!
"Enough lies and treason!
"Enough filth!"
Come in, Marie.
What's this?
What are you doing?
- I was just...
- What?
My shoes!
Yes, Monsieur.
Not tonight, Marie.
You may go now.
Never mind.
You can pick it up tomorrow.
- Coming to see me?
- Don't touch me.
Sweet little Celestine!
Settling in, are we?
Let go!
Monsieur knows I'm a trollop.
- What're you saying?
- A dirty girl!
But, my little Celestine...
- I'm diseased.
- What?
I've got the pox.
Celestine, listen!
Hey, you!
Don't mind me!
Cutting my branches off now?
They're growing into my garden.
Don't like it?
I'm within my rights!
I've just about had it with you!
Just look!
You not only throw me your garbage,
you cut my trees now!
- I'll take you to court!
- You name the day!
I have witnesses this time!
Let's see your witnesses!
Joseph! He cut my branches.
You saw it, no?
You agree?
A servant!
Servants don't count.
We'll see about that,
you scoundrel!
Oh, no,
we won't!
I'll drag you into court.
By force,
if need be.
Anytime you want!
We'll see your nerve,
you big coward!
Dirty Jew!
- Who is it?
- Me, Madame.
What do you want?
I can't do the bathroom now
It's done.
Don't come unless I call you.
Come in here a minute.
Do you like them?
Not very clean, are they?
Would you like to see others?
I think these will do...
But in patent leather.
Fine patent leather!
Yellow leather!
They're the most beautiful!
You'll end up preferring them
to the others.
Thank you, Monsieur.
Give me your hand and come
sit down.
All this must seem odd to you.
But at my age I can indulge
a few whims, can't I?
For example...
Your boots are dirty.
I don't find it proper for a lady
to wax her boots.
I respect women too much for that.
So these dear little boots...
will be waxed by me.
Now get up...
and walk.
Walk over there.
Please lift your skirt a little.
Go on, walk!
Let me see
those tiny boots move.
Let me see them live.
My "Rose des vents. " Rediviva!
Show me the sole.
There are some holes.
I'll mend them
and they'll be like new.
That will do, Marie.
Now come sit down.
Give me those little boots,
right this instant.
I'll remove them
and take them with me,
these dear little boots!
- Who is it?
- Me, Father!
What is it?
Will you have breakfast with me?
Shall I send it up?
No, please leave me alone!
What are you looking for?
Madame wants some
wine for mass.
It's ready.
You only had to ask.
You bastard!
You're the house informer,
are you?
Nothing disgusts me more!
I've worked here 15 years.
I've got their trust.
And that's more important to me
than anything else.
You can't understand.
I have my reasons.
So I take the blame!
Want to know something?
Go ahead.
You're old and ugly,
and you make me sick!
And you're one hell of a
beautiful girl.
The wine!
And you're obedient, too.
I like that.
See you tonight, Monsieur.
That's for you, Father.
I was just about out.
Have some cake, too.
With orange blossom water.
You're spoiling me.
You're too kind.
I saw Mr. Monteil as I arrived.
He's getting some exercise.
He needs to work off his energy.
- Mr. Monteil is a very vigorous man.
- Yes, unfortunately!
Why "unfortunately"?
Come sit down, Father.
He has a strong constitution,
you understand?
This is hard to say...
You can speak to me.
I'm not only your confessor but your friend.
It's true, you have my
complete trust.
Please have a seat.
My husband is demanding.
He's very strong and active.
But I'm unable to satisfy his needs.
I can't.
Really I can't!
It's too painful for me.
If I understand you,
I don't see what I can do for you.
Advise me.
But how?
What can I say?
I don't really know.
At times, it's so hard.
I mean,
perhaps there are other ways...
Relations that more...
Certain caresses that...
Be more precise.
There are caresses... and caresses!
How frequent?
My husband's so robust.
Twice a week, perhaps.
Twice a week!
That's too much, much too much!
No matter how robust he is
it's not twice a week that he needs...
In any case,
I'll say this much:
You mustn't derive any pleasure!
On that point, Father,
you can set your mind at rest.
Well, Madame, do you know
our church roof is damaged?
It must be repaired before
winter comes.
can you come upstairs?
What is it, Celestine?
It's Mr. Rabour!
- My father...
- Please!
Monsieur, come out!
I wanted to do his room but
he doesn't answer.
- You sure he's there?
- The door's locked on the inside.
- And through the office?
- Locked, too.
You were with him an hour ago.
Was anything wrong?
No, he was as normal
as he usually is.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Maybe he had an attack.
It's locked?
Then I'll force the door.
Joseph can open it
without much damage.
But he's out delivering
the wine kegs.
You mustn't panic.
Let Mr. Monteil do it.
Come this way.
We should get a locksmith.
No time!
- May I, Father?
- Go ahead, child.
Hello, Joseph!
Roaming around the woods again?
Look, snails!
Want them?
No, thanks.
Some blackberries?
I'll take you back.
No, I'm not finished.
Too bad!
I'm going.
Watch out for wolves!
40,000 francs
in inheritance taxes!
I haven't won a game today.
And 352 francs
for the funeral.
Come in, Celestine.
So you're really leaving us?
Going back to Paris?
For now, yes.
A pity. I'd become used to you and
my poor father was fond of you.
I was pleased with your behavior.
If you ever want to come back,
just write to me.
Thank you, Madame.
- Hello, Adolph!
- How are you?
- Got a minute?
- Why?
- We wanna talk to you.
- What about?
So, Fransois,
found that little girl yet?
- We found her.
- Good!
We found her but
she was dead.
What's that?
What did she die of?
- Murdered.
- Worse still, she was raped.
- If you'd seen what we just saw!
- Horrible!
You talking about Claire?
When did it happen?
The coroner says 6 days ago,
in other words, last Saturday.
The day your employer died!
- Where'd they find her?
- In the Raillon Woods.
So we'd like to know
if you noticed anything that day.
Hey, Rose!
Gossiping again?
- Any letters?
- Two, Captain.
I bet the bastard's still around.
He's not that dumb!
Nobody here
could do such a thing.
If her aunt had raised her right,
she'd be alive now.
She's too poor for 'em
to find her killer.
Hey, you, don't you get snide
about French justice!
So, Celestine,
missed your train?
So stay a minute!
- You staying?
- I changed my mind.
That's great!
Heard the news?
I hear her belly was split open
with a knife.
Yeah, so Pantois said.
He found her.
She was butchered.
Why'd she always go into
the woods alone?
Who could've done it?
And rape her, too!
I say it was those 2 monks
who came through here last week.
They were begging.
Pretty unorthodox!
Monks? You can't mean it!
Such holy souls!
Wanna know what I think?
I'm not sure of this,
but remember the Jesureau girl last year!
She almost got it!
If I was a policeman,
I'd check next door.
You mean Mr. Monteil?
Good Lord,
he'd be too scared!
That don't hold water.
What do you think?
All I know is I was very fond
of that girl.
So sweet and innocent!
If I could get my hands
on her killer!
See you soon.
I gotta continue my rounds.
So long!
Where does she get the money
to dress like that?
Madame doesn't understand
why you came back.
- Why did you?
- Because!
You did right to come back.
That was nice of you.
Let me do that for you.
I like 'em that way too.
You never really know people
when you meet 'em.
Women especially are hell
to get to know.
But now I know you well.
You know me?
Then tell me what I am.
What you are?
You're like me.
Like you?
I don't mean in looks.
I'm old and ugly.
But deep down inside,
we're alike.
I know what I'm talking about.
The boss died on a Saturday,
I think so.
The day you delivered
the wine kegs?
Could be.
It was the day little Claire died.
- Did you go through the Raillon Woods?
- Sure.
It's the shortest way.
You didn't happen to see Claire?
You damn women!
You ought to think about
other things.
But think what you will,
you and I are alike.
Our souls are alike.
Ah, the flowers...
Thank you.
You see?
This time I'll break his neck.
But we're in mourning!
- So what?
- Get in!
Say, Rose.
- I gave you how much yesterday?
- 25 francs.
- I'm 38 cents short.
- I didn't take 'em!
No, the cat did!
This is an unexpected visit.
What brings you here?
I have errands to do.
- Haven't you gone too far?
- Me?
you threw more trash over.
You just missed
hitting my employer.
I won't use kid-gloves
with that bastard!
- Won't you come in a moment?
- I have my errands.
So the cobbler
kicked the bucket!
- Who?
- The old man.
- You've no right to talk like that.
- Why shouldn't I?
- Know what you ought to do?
- What?
File a suit against Monteil.
- A suit?
- You bet. Hit him hard!
- Indecent conduct!
- But there's no reason!
What difference does it make?
- I can't do that!
- But it's easy as pie.
You go to the police
and Rose and I act as witnesses.
We'll swear we saw everything.
- What did you see?
- Don't worry.
A soldier's word means something,
especially nowadays.
And it'll be easy to tack on
that rape business.
- Little Claire!
- You're not being serious.
I'm just saying what I'd do
in your shoes.
One more thing...
When Rose is out,
come by and see me.
- Just a thought, too.
- What an idea!
You must come.
I agreed to answer this summons,
but first I want to know if
the gentleman has witnesses.
The crap he throws all day
is my witness!
What do you say,
On my word as a soldier,
I threw nothing on his property.
That's a bit much!
He never stops,
morning to night!
Everyone know it's his stuff.
You held on to it?
Why hold on to old hats?
I burned them.
Everyone knows he cuts my trees!
He lays traps for my cats!
And he lies through his teeth.
- You calling me a liar?
- And how!
You hooligan!
Hear that?
Keep calm.
Mr. Monteil,
it's most unlikely that a valiant soldier,
an officer who won his stripes
on the battlefield,
would toss hats into your garden,
like a schoolboy.
He's insulted the Army!
Let's keep calm.
And you've brought no proof.
You scoundrel!
I served in the war!
- At the Invalides!
- So? Is that a disgrace?
Enough, gentlemen!
- Miss Rose!
- Hello, Father!
- How's the captain?
- As hardy as ever!
I hope we'll have nice flowers for
the altar at Corpus Christi.
Certainly, Father!
Respects to the Captain!
How did it go?
Tonight you'll cook us a rabbit
in white wine.
Lord, what a child!
Come with me.
Where are we going?
It smells of cows.
But it's so orderly here.
More orderly than you think!
Give me a hand.
I'm not much good at mending.
- Why ask me?
- I'd rather you did it.
Everything's on the table.
I'm not your servant!
If you don't want to, tough!
Next time you snoop
through my things,
leave them the way you find them.
These match boxes were like this.
What were you looking for?
And I see you went through
my chest.
You've got a lot of nerve!
Got some bad ideas about me?
Snoop through everything!
My underclothes, my closet!
Even in here!
You won't find a thing!
- Think so?
- You bet!
Now listen...
I think it was you
who killed little Claire.
It's like I said.
You've got bad ideas
about me.
I know what goes on in your mind.
Your every thought!
- You scare me.
- Why?
I think you're a crook.
A crook, me?
Are you serious?
Look around!
I love the army!
Law and order!
My country,
above all!
Look at me.
Am I lying when I say I love all that?
No, you're not lying.
Would a crook love all that?
Come now,
admit you killed Claire.
This has nothing
to do with Claire.
It has to do with
you and me now.
I dream about you.
You set my blood on fire,
my dear Celestine.
For me,
there's no one but you.
We have to
get together right away.
We can't just now.
Why not?
I told you already...
- We have to wait a bit.
- What for?
Wait a bit.
If it was only
to have a little fun,
then why not.
But this is serious.
I want you for keeps.
'Night, Monsieur.
Come in.
What do you want?
- Look, dear...
- Leave me alone!
"Each driver
"must present... "
"his registration papers. "
Is the judge in?
Yes, he is.
You wish to see him?
Yes, it's important.
The death of little Claire.
The judge is busy.
If you'd care to wait...
"... a certificate
"of residence...
"issued by the
central police station...
"and maps of the area...
"bearing the usual stamp. "
"to present these...
"will lead to the refusal
of the stamp...
"and in certain cases...
"the immediate removal of
the vehicle. "
I'm in a hurry today.
I'll come again.
Too bad!
Good to see you.
I need to talk to you.
How are you?
- How about a coffee?
- No, I'm in a hurry.
I'll walk with you.
- How's Rose?
- I threw her out.
- What?
- Exactly.
But she's been with you
for 10 years!
12 years!
Such a good woman!
She knew your tastes and habits
and was so devoted to you.
Sure. I never had asparagus
because Madame didn't like it!
I'd had enough.
She stopped doing work around the house.
Everything belonged to her.
Like my Voltaire armchair, for instance.
She was always in it.
She took everything.
I had nothing left,
And whenever I spoke to you,
I wouldn't hear the last of it.
She was jealous.
What'll you do now?
That depends on you.
On me?
on you alone.
Let's be frank,
like soldiers.
Do you want me
to marry you?
- You, marry me?
- Why not?
I know I'm older.
How old are you?
- 32.
- So?
- I can't cook very well.
- We'll hire a cook.
Besides, there's cooking
and cooking.
That's not what I need from you.
So what do you say?
I don't know.
Let me think it over.
Think it over.
But quick!
What time is it?
Can't you see?
Pass the wine, please.
You drink too much,
I told you.
- Celestine's not here?
- She's in bed with a headache.
That will do.
I told you I hate herb tea
in the evening.
What you're doing's not right.
I mean it.
Like I told you,
if it's just to have some fun,
sure, right away.
I wouldn't hesitate.
I've known women,
but it's not the same with you.
- I got plans for you.
- What plans?
- Plans.
- What kind?
I'd like you to be my wife.
your wife?
I've thought it out.
That's why I'm waiting for the priest to come.
I've found a good deal for us:
a caf, for sale back home
in Cherbourg.
It's a military town.
Business is good.
I guarantee you we can make a mint.
With a wife like you,
and cute!
Would you like to?
You're the kind I need,
a woman of order.
Plus you're nice and not bashful.
You'll have every garrison
at your feet.
You want me to be a whore
for you?
Don't look at it that way.
It's a terrific opportunity.
I'm telling you now but it won't happen
for another 4 or 6 months.
- Why not now?
- Because we gotta wait.
The caf,
needs a paint job.
We could call it
"At the French Army. "
Got the money?
But not here.
I don't know just how much.
But "money begets money. "
And sometimes,
politics pays.
And there's something else,
very important.
I'll tell you another time.
I gotta have that caf.
Revolution's around the corner.
There's nothing better for a caf!
If I say yes to the caf...
Would you want to now?
I'm stubborn.
What I say once, I mean for keeps.
I know!
I've heard it often enough.
I'm fed up with you
and everybody here!
I'm leaving,
and right away!
Find someone else for your caf.
There's no one but you.
Even if you got bad ideas on me,
I'm sure of that.
Listen good!
If you swear...
on this...
that you'll be my wife,
then OK.
You swear?
And now,
my dear Joseph,
tell me you killed little Claire.
Shut up!
You should go hunting
and let me work in peace.
- I'd like to.
- Well then?
I'm out of cartridges.
- I need to buy some but...
- I gave you 15 francs Monday.
- All gone.
- Too bad!
Come with me.
What's all this?
Celestine and I
are going to be married.
You're marrying Celestine?
Is this serious?
How nice!
But your service?
Madame needn't worry,
it's not for a while.
Not for a few months yet,
till you find replacements.
For whatever time it takes.
We'll miss you, Joseph.
You too, Celestine.
I hope you'll both be happy.
We may move to Cherbourg.
I'm interested in a business there.
I'll take the dog out.
We should have an engagement party
one of these days.
While you're here,
help me move this table.
Take the vase,
Move that.
it's very heavy.
Watch the rug!
So, Marianne,
laundry all right?
Bet you were up to mischief
as a girl!
Me, Monsieur?
I've worked all my life.
You're a woman like all women.
I like to have fun, too.
I'm all for love.
Amour fou
I mean it, Marianne.
You've been on my mind
a long time.
I've been watching you.
Say I come to your room tonight.
What d'you say?
Around 10?
You little minx, you!
Come here.
What, Monsieur?
Get in there!
Quiet, Bobby!
- Who is it?
- Just the sexton.
Come in.
Don't mind her.
We can talk.
Have a seat.
- The rally still set for Sunday?
- Still.
If we leave here at 4 a. m.
we can be there by 9.
This time their ears'll whistle!
I made myself this.
- Taking it?
- Sure! Got the leaflets?
- How many?
- 250.
We each take half.
We'll hand 'em out to the republicans too
even if they throw us out.
- The police!
- What do they want?
Who knows?
Sit here.
'Evening, Sergeant.
What brings you here?
We were passing by and figured,
"Joseph might offer us a drink!"
- To warm us up!
- I got just the thing here.
Nights are chilly now.
We're OK in the sun,
but at dusk it starts to freeze.
That's how you catch a cold!
Nice place you got here.
If your room was this neat,
you'd find your belt quicker
in the morning!
- Cheers!
- To your health!
Your health,
- A refill?
- No, we gotta go.
Too bad! It's nice and warm here.
But duty calls!
one for the road!
A quick one, then!
By the way,
the poachers are back
in the region.
If you spot any,
give us a call.
And while I think of it...
remember the day
Mr. Rabour died?
Did you go through Raillon Woods
that day?
I'm often in it.
And little Claire?
Did you see her 2 or 3 days before
we found her?
If I did,
I'd have told you.
This piece of metal
mean anything to you?
It's from a shoe.
Let me see.
Everybody wears 'em.
So do I.
On all your shoes?
I lost one.
- It's mine!
- Yours?
Looks like it.
We found it in the grass
this morning,
right where the girl was killed.
Well, well...
You're coming with us.
Bad luck, Celestine.
I didn't wear those shoes that day.
Take him away.
- You, too!
- It's nothing to do with me!
Nobody move!
Captain, I'm late.
Please excuse my wife.
She suddenly felt ill.
I had to stay.
- Nothing serious?
- No, I doubt it.
- You'll join us?
- Of course!
Then kiss the bride.
This way!
Wait for me in the stables.
You start on the seedlings.
Marianne, what are you doing?
You mad?
I'm watering,
Go clean my boots.
It's not warm this morning.
- What time is it?
- Around 9.
Pass me a towel.
the one on the stand.
- You look sad. Something wrong?
- No, I'm fine.
Take the tray away.
I have some good news for you.
I did my will long ago,
but it was a mistake.
I left everything
to the French Academy.
I drew up a new one yesterday.
Wait and see!
I'm going hunting with Monteil
I must admit,
he's a decent fellow!
Not at all like his wife.
A goddamn cow!
And the trial?
Oh, yes.
I forgot to tell you.
Things'll work out for Joseph.
There's no real evidence against him.
He'll be released soon.
He won't even go to trial.
I'm not surprised, I know Joseph.
A true patriot!
Don't you think?
Unless he's a scoundrel.
That's a possibility.
Down with the foreigners!
I'll come by later!
- What?
- See you later!
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Long live Chiappe!